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3 - 9 JANUARY 2013


Expat discovers tax rebate a fraud

A New Year scam alert

A NEW YEAR alert has gone out over an ongoing online UK tax scam! For while email seasonal greetings and cards were being exchanged by thousands of expat families in Spain, fraudsters were once more circulating messages purporting to be from the UK tax authorities to trick expatriates into revealing their bank details. What Costa del Sol resident Rita Arnold thought might be a tax rebate bonus has since been confirmed as a huge scam. She received an email that looked totally authentic from what she thought were the tax authorities stating that she was owed £300 (€372). They requested she fill in a form with her account number, how much money was in her credit card account, and also passwords. Clearly had she provided the details as requested, instead of receiving a £300

(€372) payment to her account, she would have found it rifled by the scam originators. Mrs Arnold decided to check the email with her lawyer son and he immediately identified it as a fraud. She is not the only British expatriate to have received such scam attempts. Six months ago Siobhan Hutton* of Benalmadena received an email seemingly carrying an HM Revenue and Customs letterhead with the subject ‘Unclaimed Tax Refund Notification’. But something did not seem quite right with the email, even though at first glance it appeared authentic. So Mrs Hutton phoned the British tax authorities with regard to the possible £239.41 (€300) rebate. And she was immediately warned it was a scam. “They asked me to forward the email Turn to Page 5

FLASHBACK: Shoppers out seeking bargains at last year’s winter sales.

All geared-up for the winter sales

TRADERS are now gearing up hoping for a business bonanza when the annual winter sales open on Monday. Shoppers able to splash the

Mayor blasts ‘shameful’ binmen REFUSE COLLECTORS who went on strike have been branded ‘shameful’ after a spate of vandalism. During the strike, bins were set on fire or

overturned, rubbish trucks were damaged and paint, plaster and glass were thrown at local schools. The local mayor, Francisco Salado, laid the

blame on the workers, and said their behaviour was shameful and showed an anti-democratic attitude. “A strike doesn’t give anyone the right to

endanger other people,” he said, “especially not children, nor damage public property.” The week-long rubbish strike in Rincon de la Victoria also angered residents and business owners. Locals in areas including Parque Victoria, Benagalbon, Torre de Benagalbon, El Cantal, El Castillon and La Cala del Moral complained that several days after the strike had been called off there were still full containers and refuse on the streets which attracted rats. President of the Business Association (ACERV) Jose Antonio Villodres said more care had been taken to clean up the town centre.

cash - or with plans to hit their credit cards will find many bargains, with discounts of up to 70 per cent. Shops hope - Page 3


Sweet plan A GROUP has been set up to demand that plans for the Sugar Museum go ahead at the old sugar factory instead of the Innovation and Business Management Centre proposed by the local Conservative Partido Popular.

Tasty crumbs TORROX held the 31st edition of its ‘Crumbs Day’, attended by 30,000 people with a love for ‘migas’ made with flour, water, olive oil, garlic and salt.



Law to legalise homes limited RESIDENTS in the Axarquia region are not convinced that the Andalucian Government

3 - 9 January 2013 Axarquía - Málaga East

decree to legalise homes built on nonurban land is effective. Ten months after it came into effect, the majority of owners of illegally built houses in the Axarquia have still not requested their legalisation and only a few town halls have taken measures to help the process. When a General Plan for Urban Development does not apply, the councils are required to DOG OF THE MONTH: Do something that matters. identify areas where there are numerous buildings on non-urban land. Neither have they approved laws regarding AXARQUIA Animal Rescue is a small group of the minimum standards volunteers dedicated to helping and rehoming which houses must meet animals in the Axarquia region. in order for them to be To help raise funds, the charity has considered inhabitable. produced a 2013 Calendar, featuring local Many claim they are men posing with some of the dogs who have waiting for the regional found new families. government to approve The calendar is available for €10, to order a guidelines. copy visit:

Doggy calendar


Budget cave-in THE Nerja Cave Foundation’s 2013 budget has been reduced by €220,000 from last year’s €4.42 million to €4.2 million.

Red aid FOR a sixth consecutive year, VelezMalaga Socialist Youngsters have donated toys and food to the Red Cross’ Regional Assembly to help people in need.

Double luck A ONCE – the lottery run by Spain’s Blind Association – seller in Velez-Malaga has sold for the second time in 2012 a winning ticket with a prize of €6,000 a month for 25 years.


3 - 9 January 2013


Shops hope for sales cash-in

SHOPS throughout Spain are hoping to cash in when the winter sales start on Monday. But many traders predict a similar pattern to buying as last January’s sales when shoppers generally sought bargains at leading High Street brands - including Zara and Mango - while many smaller local traders found it difficult to attract extra business. Discounts ranging from 20 per cent in some stores up to half-price buys, and even 70 per cent off some items, can be found, and some shops even put up the sales stickers immediately after Christmas.

MALAGA Provincial Government is asking the European Commission to fund a €253,000 project to improve the employability of those jobless aged 16 to 24 in Axarquia towns with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants.

Final push A GRANT of €87,000 to complete the equipping of the building destined to host the future Nerja Social Services Centre has been approved by Malaga Provincial Government.

Tapas crawl A NEW edition of VelezMalaga’s Tapas Route kicked off yesterday, going on until Monday (January 7) with the participation of 18 local businesses.

More taxis THE Andalucian Government’s pending decree allowing taxi drivers throughout Malaga Province to carry out prebooked services from Malaga City tourist hot-spots like the airport and the port has been backed by Torrox Council.

Jaime Lissavetzky, Socialist opposition spokesman in Madrid City Hall referring to the Mayor, Ana Botella (pictured) and the Madrid Arena tragedy.

EWN is helping to save planet

predict the sales to boom as they did last year.” Meanwhile, Zara shop assistant Maria Gonzales said she and colleagues expect next Monday’s two-month-long sales to be similar to those a year ago. “We should be very busy, especially with most of our customers in the 16-35 age bracket.” But Pepe Torres from a nationwide electrical store was not too optimistic. “Family budgets continue to be hard hit. While some will have saved to make one-off buys, in general we do not expect business levels to be the same as the good old days five or six years ago,” he said.

ALL 135,000 copies of the Euro Weekly News are from this week onwards being printed on recycled newsprint. In keeping with many major publishing houses, EWN has now switched to the use of recycled paper, adding to increasing global efforts to further safeguard the environment by reducing the amount of trees felled to produce paper of all forms. Changing to recycled paper has in no way affected the quality of printing, or picture reproduction, with many readers not noticing recent trials carried out prior to the now complete full switch. Maddocks’ View on Life - Page 21

Three Kings...bearing gifts and ‘naughty’ black sweets


OUNG and old throughout Spain will flock to see the Three Kings on Saturday evening. This is the highlight of the local non-expatriate festive celebrations as the Three Kings - the Three Wise Men in UK Christian tradition - their pages and cartoon characters, accompanied by floats and music, parade through villages, towns and cities. And annually, wide-eyed children look on as symbolically the Kings distribute thousands of sweets to onlookers, with some youngsters even holding opened umbrellas to catch the goodies as the floats pass. Traditionally Spanish children believe that the Kings - Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar - deliver presents on January 5 night, leaving their shoes on window sills to be filled with gifts which they have asked for. Those who have not behaved might expect to find a sack of ‘coal’, represented by black, sugary sweets, which can be found in many shops. On January 6 morning, when the children receive

Quote of the week SHE should say sorry more often and accept responsibility’

Axarquía - Málaga East


Europe cash call

One Costa del Sol commercial centre trader said she had started her sales offers early “to catch business before the Christmas visitors and tourists returned home.” And Dunnes Stores, an Irish brand with outlets on the Costa del Sol and Axarquia, began small reductions before Christmas “to encourage customers to part with their last bit of cash,” explained Beatriz Garcia. “And on Monday, our main sales of up to 50 per cent will take effect. The past week has been a little quiet. It seems as though people are waiting for the sales before spending any more. We


Water funds flood in AN investment of €15.33 million by The Ministry Of Agriculture, Food And Environment will be made in the modernisation of irrigation facilities near the River Velez.

No reduction SMILING KING: Letters to ponder from children. Rosco de Reyes (left). their presents, many families enjoy the traditional ‘Roscon de Reyes’, a large, ringshaped cake, filled with cream and covered with candied fruit, representing the Kings’ crowns.

Number of the week

the maximum price of a €16.1 isbutane gas bottle, which will

remain the same in 2013, while electricity bills will increase by 3 per cent, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has announced.

TORROX COUNCIL will not reduce by 35 per cent equalling €137,900 the €394,000 annual fee it charges chiringuito owners, after backing an appeal against the proposed measure.

and finally... A MAN, 61, was arrested at Sevilla Airport upon arrival on a flight from Brazil, after police detected 11 kilos of cocaine in his luggage. It was hidden in a sound system which officers noticed was unusually heavy.




PP wants to put the music back in Nerja

A LAW banning outdoor music on terraces at Nerja’s hotels, bars and restaurants could be a thing of the past. The Conservative Partido Popular (PP) in Nerja approved a

measure to make exceptions to the Junta de Andalucia law regarding noise. The aim is to put an end to a situation which the local Councillor for Tourism Development and Beaches

Bernardo Pozuelo referred to as ‘unheard-of’. Nerja, with 4,852 available beds, is the seventh town in the province for hotel availability, beaten only by Torremolinos,

Benalmadena, Marbella, Fuengirola, Malaga and Estepona. It has been a popular destination since the caves opened more than 50 years ago.


2 - 8 February 2012



Axarquía - Málaga East

Collecting bottle tops to help son News watch A WOMAN in Velez-Malaga is collecting plastic bottle tops which can be sold for recycling to raise money to help her son, Ezequiel, who is 11 and has cerebral palsy. The family, who have another two children, mainly need to widen doors, corridors and rooms in their home, as well as adapt the bathroom and other areas to Ezequiel’s special needs.

Civic Centre now officially open THE mayor of Velez Malaga, Francisco Delgado, inaugurated the Cajiz Civic Centre

They estimate it will cost €12,000 and with bottle tops selling at around €1 for five kilos, they will need a lot of plastic lids. They currently have no idea of how many have been collected since November last year, as they are storing them on their balcony and on a plot of land belonging to a relative. Laura told EWN: “it is amazing how people have helped with our cause. I

don’t like asking for money, but collecting the plastic bottle tops, it costs them nothing because they would only throw them away, and it helps us.” Anyone interested in helping can take the bottle tops (any plastic lid is valid) to the Colegio Andalucia in Velez Malaga, Calle Alcalde Manuel Reyna, 8.

A double celebration for Piqué and Shakira

Health centre THE Junta de Andalucia Health Delegation has promised that La Cala del Moral Health Centre will be opened next Monday It will provide

Erotic calls cost €3,460 A MAN from Motril has been sentenced to pay a €540 fine for breaking into a house in Calahonda (Malaga) and spending more than €3,460 calling erotic phone lines over several days in December 2007. He will also have to pay back the money.

Rodent issue VELEZ-MALAGA Town Hall has announced

February 2 Issue 1387 been going on since 2008. The tests are allowing experts to study the extinction of the

CUEVA DE NERJA: Discovered remains being studied. Neanderthal man and how they possibly

cohabited with the Homo Sapiens in the caves.

Axarquía - Málaga East




5 - 11 January 2012



Axarquía - Málaga East

4% property tax increase refused News watch VELEZ-MALAGA Town Hall has announced that it will not apply the four per cent property tax rise announced by the government. The new central government, with the Conservative Partido Popular’s Mariano Rajoy at the helm, announced the rise amongst a series of urgent budget, tax and financial measures to reduce public deficit.

Largest chocolate bar on record MORE than 100 people took part in making the ‘largest bar of chocolate in the world’ in Montilla, Cordoba to help local Alzheimer’s patients. It was 250 metres long and 25 centimetres wide.

The local councillor for Economy and Taxes, Manuel Gutierrez (PP), said that the town hall had approved a measure in 2007 not to put property tax up, and that by Royal Decree, the town is exempt from the new plan. If the tax was increased, local citizens would have to pay €381,000 more. He also said that in the coming weeks, the town hall will pay the aid

A day for the royal radio ham to

for Property Tax to residents who requested it for 2010 and 2011 but who at the time had any type of debt with the local administration or were not registered properly. Now that 800 residents have paid off their debts, they will receive the money from February onwards. This year, the grants will amount to €4 million.

Long wait MALAGA City Hall is still awaiting a final decision on the ownership of the Campamento Benitez military facilities, closed 16 years ago, for which there were plans for it to become a park.

Popular centre

Civil protection new volunteers THE Civil Protection department in Rincon de la Victoria now has 17 new volunteers, bringing the total to 50, who help in rescue and safety operations as well as patrolling the beaches in the summer.

Illegal houses TORROX Town Hall has estimated that there are more than 2,000 illegally built houses within the municipal limits. Taking inventory of the houses will help them obtain benefits

January 5 Issue 1383

However, Pozuelo said: “Imagine what tourists must say of a law which bans music outside at any time of day, even before the time for rest which is 11pm.” In many parts of Spain, the number of open-air Led by Professor Jose terraces with music has led Luis Sanchidrian, the team to complaints but in Nerja took samples from the the PP believes the finanhigher galleries of the cial and social interests are caves and the ‘Sala del more important. But the Socialist PSOE Cataclismo’ which were party said that the rules in sent to the USA for Andalucia are ‘very clear’ analysis, and proved to be and there is ‘no sense in us more than 40,000 years telling the Junta that music old. Garrido explained that now this has been be allowed in certain areas confirmed, research will of hotels’. focus on studying the Hoteliers say that they paintings to ascertain would take measures so that times and noise limits whether they are of a similar age as the remains. were respected.

Cave paintings could be oldest in Europe By Jennifer Leighfield ORGANIC remains found in the Cueva de Nerja suggest that the paintings in the caves could be more than 40,000 years old, making them the oldest known in Europe. Curator at the caves, Antonio Garrido, said that tests have been carried out on organic remains found near the cave paintings, as part of a conservation and research programme which has

3 - 9 January 2013

Fotografía oficial de S.M. el Rey© Casa de Su Majestad el Rey / DVirgili



3 - 9 January 2013


Flood-hit road finally reopens THE A-7202 road between Archidona and Villanueva del Trabuco has been reopened to traffic following the repair of damage caused by the September floods.

Clear path MALAGA City Council has said it will remove chairs and tables from pavements in El Palo and Pedregalejo areas.



Axarquía - Málaga East

Showing the way SIGNPOSTING works on four trekking routes in Almuñecar have been approved by the town’s Sports and Environment

Councillor Luis Aragon. The project, which is 60 per cent funded by the Andalucian Government, will cost €40,000. Every sign will be in Spanish and English and include the name and map of the route, as well as technical information like the slope, length, duration, and difficulty level, with a brief description of the route’s HARDY SOULS: Swedes prepare for the plunge. points of interest. Addresses and telephone A GROUP of Swedish tourists, most of whom are numbers of emergency pensioners and some in their 90s, celebrated services will be listed. The project will also Christmas with a dip in the sea off Almuñecar’s San include two viewpoints of Cristobal beach. local beauty spots

Swedes’ chilly dip

Expat tax scam alert

From Front Page to phishing@hmrc. so that the matter could be investigated further. “They told me they never make contact by email, which immediately alerted me that it was clearly a total fraud and scam.” A pensioner, Mrs Hutton has been in Spain for the last nine years, and lives in semi-retirement. Sadly, her husband Reginald recently died, but this has not put a stop to the scam attempts to trick her. “Since last August I have received four or five more

emails, advising that I still have time to claim the rebate due to me,” she said days after Christmas. “The original, and all subsequent correspondence, at first glance looks authentic, and is in generally good English, though there were minor errors in them, including ‘receiving’ incorrectly spelt twice. “No doubt the scam attempts will continue throughout 2013. “All expatriates should be very cautious and not be tricked,” Mrs Hutton added. *Name changed upon request to retain privacy.





3 - 9 January 2013 Axarquía - Málaga East

Briton is jailed in Nerja fraud case By Jennifer Leighfield



Strong winds thought to be cause of the crash in which

A FLIGHT instructor and a British man were killed when their two-seater plane crashed in Malaga. The accident, thought to have been caused by strong winds, occurred at

around 3pm on Sunday after the light aircraft approached the runway near Velez-Malaga aerodrome, according to a local Spanish daily. The landing was aborted and the British trainee pilot tried unsuccessfully to

regain height, explained Carlos Sedano, VicePresident of the Real Aeroclub de Malaga. On seeing the aircraft go into a spin, witnesses called the emergency services. The aeroplane crashed

1 - 7 March 2012 roweek

lynews. com


Taxi fare ‘do dger’ acqu itted

EWN 3 Axarquí a GRANAD - Málaga A Provinc East acquitted ial Court a man who Chiclana took a taxi has However, in Cadiz he appeale to Almuñec from and the failed to d the sentenc provinci pay the ar and e driver in 2009. favour because al court ruled The court December in his believes as he told beforehand failed to that although He had formerly the abide by he been sentenc fraud for money, he that he did not havedriver service, the terms which he didn’t commit of the any because he did not was required ed for a fine He promise commit fraud. he left his of to fraud d that he compensation €720 and €380 pay arrival in driver. ID card would pay with the Almuñec for the journey as so. ar but failed upon taxi driver. In Accordin to the to do did addition, it was driver to g to the court, he possible intend told the that wait while to get the mother for neither his money but he he asked money to mother nor that pay the fare. his whom he NERJA Town had spokenhis boss, with Hall plans journey, to diversify during the would give its offer for it to him. tourists by opening a TORROX Town hostel from Hall will give which they a month’s can visit the free advertisin Sierras on the municipa g Tejeda, Almijara de station to companiel radio and Alhama Natural s which Park. give jobs of at months durationleast three VELEZ-MALAGA to local residents, has announce Town Hall or three months d it will stop for tho paying th A

ews Nwatc h Mountain refuge

Free advertising

March 1 Is sue 139 A French tou ch to English br eakf t

Settling debts

Too slow

1 failed to pay the service providers. He also took community and maintenance fees from homeowners which he later failed to hand over to the community or presented cheques which were returned for lack of funds. The Briton was arrested in May 2009 and has been in prison on remand for 16 months. He has reached an agreement with the public prosecutor wherein he will also have to pay €151,000 a Briton died for civil liability. The sentence is in El Trapiche, an area considerably less than where other light aircraft the nine and 12 years that the public have gone down in the prosecutor and a past. The two men were private prosecution identified as 35-year-old brought against him Francisco Javier Comes were asking for and Luis Rivera, also 35, respectively, but those the flying instructor and affected by the fraud the Briton respectively. have also agreed to it.

community of 130 homes between 2006 and 2009. He was charged with misappropriation and fraud after keeping money belonging to homeowners, a local Spanish daily reports. The public prosecutor claimed that he took possession of several cheques, claiming that he was going to pay for work to be done, but later

Probe into mystery Velez plane crash By Staff Reporter

April 19 Issue 1398

A BRITISH man, 52, who is the former President of the Capistrano Playa urbanisation in Nerja, has accepted a prison sentence of four years for fraud. The man, who is identified only by the initials M.P.T., was president of the





3 - 9 January 2013


Axarquía - Málaga East

2 held as armed robbery foiled By Linda Hall TWO hooded men took €22,282 after pistol-whipping and tying up a cinema manager at a VelezMalaga shopping centre. The attack took place shortly after 10pm at the cinema complex at El Ingenio as the manager prepared to count the takings from previous days. One of the men threatened the manager with a gun before hitting him over the head with the butt, police sources disclosed. After falling to the floor with a wound


10 - 16 May 2012



Axarquía - Málaga East

7-star hotel works begin soon News watch

By John Jackson WORKS to build Spain’s first 7-star hotel are expected to begin shortly in Almuñecar. This was revealed by Councillor Jose Manuel Fernandez Medina to Europa Press who said the only remaining obstacle is the regional government’s environmental impact report which the council expects are just ‘days away’ from

being produced. Assuming there are no issues with the report, works would begin on the Bahia Fenicia hotel within a couple of weeks. In September last year, Maria Jose Sanchez, the regional government’s delegate in Granada said the Junta would not obstruct the proposed Bahia Fenicia complex if all legal requirements were met.

Mum seeks the truth A CADIZ judge ordered the province’s first exhumation to determine whether two allegedly dead newborns were actually ‘stolen babies.’

There had been earlier doubts on the Malaga and Granada boundary after May 2011’s municipal elections brought changes in the neighbouring province. These, too, had been solved, said local entrepreneurs and the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts’ €230 million investment was set to go ahead. This will be the group’s their first Spanish venture and should create employment for 600 people.

A policeman’s lot... LOCAL POLICE work more than eight hours a day so time sheets are calculated annually. So far, so good – but not in Salobreña, where overtime was eliminated to cut costs. The town’s 22 officers have each worked 576 of their annual 1,272 hours, with only 87 shifts remaining. Unless they work overtime, Salobreña will have no Local Police cover after September. ‘Working out time sheets is always a

May 10 Issue 1401 that later needed seven stitches, he was immobilised with adhesive tape. At this point the second man entered the manager’s office and opened the safe before both departed with its contents. Unknown to the thieves they had

been seen putting on the balaclavas they wore for the robbery and the police alerted. One of them was intercepted on Avenida del Sol. A search of his backpack revealed not only the money but also a balaclava, gloves and plastic restraints. Criminal investigation officers at Velez police station located the accomplice, an employee at the centre with inside knowledge, two days later. The man who allegedly injured the cinema manager was remanded in prison.

IN ACTION: Firefighters extinguish the blaze which destroyed 2,000m2 of land.

Residents flee forest fire in Almuñecar RESIDENTS of Los Pinos Urbanization in Almuñecar had to be evacuated from their homes for several hours after a fire broke out in a nearby pine forest.

E JUN 21 - 27 June 2012 www.eurow eeklynews.c



Colmenar mayor carri es on



THE mayor of Colmenar, Antonio Fernandez, refuses They also accuse to resign although him of chairing his Friday’s council party, the PP, is in last the minority. meeting and introducing declared. He could not understand Fernandez has why the Opposition headed a minority proposals which had not been agreed as irresponsible insisted on labelling him council since last November, supported beforehand and were later defeated. . by just one other He intends to continue Fernandez claimed: PP councillor. The as the head “There are nine ninestrong Opposition, composed of PSOE the town hall, a defiant Fernandez of councillors and they can’t agree over and IU councillors told forming an together with another the Spanish news agency EFE. alternative administratio Together His day-to-day from Convergencia with the other n.” Andaluza, is calling PP councillor, he routine progresses for determined Fernandez to leave ‘with to oversee the running was normality’, he insisted, his post. despite the of the precarious town and protect situation of the residents’ interests, council he he presides over.

Rundown school denounced THE ‘bad’ state of the El Ingenio infant school in Frigiliana has been denounced by various residents and Socialist PSOE party spokesman Adolfo Moyano. “There are wood splinters, screws and nails loose, the slide moves a d th

June 21 Issue 1407


Axarquía - Málaga East

N ews watch Busiest port in province THE dry docks at Caleta de Velez Port received almost 690 boats over last year, making it the busiest in Malaga Province. In the nine dry docks in Andalucia managed by the Junta there were 4,381 boats.

Bilingual bid

PARENTS of students at CEIP Los Llanos School in Torrox-Costa have reportedly decided to ask the Andalucia Regional Education Ministry to i

Some 2,000 square metres of land was destroyed by the fire. It is still being investigated how the fire first started.

Junta asks Colmenar to return €2 million

BLACK PALL: Smoke rising from the affected area. Inset: Palm trees destroyed.

Police investigate blazes A FIRE has destroyed an area of palm trees, avocado trees and bushes near the A-7 ringroad in Torre del Mar. The blaze started at around 4pm between El Ingenio Shopping Centre, the Juan Azuaga football Y L ground and the JU Viña Malaga urbanisation. Due to the o mayor N ej strong winds at rn fa Al ed against Case shelv on the day, the flames reached up to one metre high 9 sue 140 July 5 Is 3

EWN East

Axarq uía



activity. criminal of the part in www. eurow the rest ngly took the denied for knowi mayor and The consistently ered that that money d claims ants had carrie judge consid to prove ent Party with had been had defend tions and the Popular es which were suffici accusa town hall case for servic for the d the explanations nt. They mayor io bills companies mayor ’s accou to his their nce. has shelve that the to pay out by atejo, Anton the paid A court their innoce believ es paid into in order A MALAG mayor of Alfarn had been into The judge own money the of been claimed money it back illor. ed his paid against counc which r ed then accus and also and a forme the report was the providto suppliers and town hall. Benitez. mayor funds father to bills to shelve public court from the The Accor ding the decision ent of account the mayor but the crime his , zzlem that he panied embe that a falsifi cation accom is no proof funds or that docum ent there is no proof public case, there was ed to keep considers committed. the mayorPartido intend has been again st rvative The caseby the Conse presented eekly

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g out Hall is carryinin two cing NERJA Town and resurfa e access roadworks improv order to and El areas in ts in Burriana t for the for residen The budge Playazo. €20,000. works is

Traffickers caught

POLICE NATIONAL seven people arrested n 18 and aged betwee d of drug 42 accuse and illegal in trafficking possession were weapons They Motril. marihuana growing purpose-built in a ouse. greenh


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2012 5 - 11 July news .com

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in parking METERED and La Almuñecar will be in Herradura and August July e in place in not continu the and will In September. area of the commercial will only to centre parking d from 9am

and firefighters found it difficult to put them out. No-one was injured and no evacuation of the shopping centre or nearby homes had to be carried out. Police are investigating the cause of the fire, as they believe it could have been started deliberately, local mayor, Francisco Delgado, announced. Local resident Roland Gillett reported that a lot of trees were burnt or charred and that the flames came very close to a house which he says ‘fortunately was not damaged’. He also confirmed that there had been a spate of fires in the area in the past monthand-a-half which police are now investigating.

THE Junta de Andalucia is demanding that Colmenar Town Hall returns €2 million which it was given in grants but never used. However, PP Mayor Antonio Fernandez says the municipal coffers are in a ‘dire’ state. Mayor Fernandez maintains that the money, which should have been assigned to five infrastructure and equipment projects, was used by the former Socialist mayor, Pedro Fernandez, on other things. The projects included a day-care centre (for €530,000), the municipal morgue (€150,000) and repairs on the Virgen de la Candelaria hermitage,

ST U G AU 16 - 22 August 2012



Church to be restored THE Eastern Costa del SolAxarquia Community of Municipalities has completed plans for the restoration of the Santa Maria Church in Corumbela, Sayalonga, with a budget of €213,000.

Weekend fun AN O tl t F i

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Axarquía - Málaga East

Wine discovered in ancient vase WINE dating from the first century AD has been found in an amphora which was kept amongst the archaeological finds at Velez Malaga Town Hall. Councillor for Culture Antonio Fortes announced that the find comes from the ancient city of Maenoba, where the Manganeta necropolis is located, near the mouth of the Velez River. It was found in the 1960s and kept in the Palacio de

Beniel basement. Work was being carried out to classify the amphora, which has capacity for 30 litres, and was used during Roman times to transport wine. The aim is to put it on show at the City Museum planned for the old San Juan de Dios Hospital. It is only now that it has been found to contain wine, which has been perfectly preserved thanks to the amphora’s

calcium lid and clay and wood covering. The councillor reported that amphorae, like these, with pointed ends, two handles and a long, narrow neck were used to take wine from the Roman wine producers to the homes of aristocrats. Further studies will be carried out to discover what type of wine is within the amphora, and whether it is the typical sweet wine produced in the area.

watch N ews Theatre unsafe A REPORT carried out by the Provincial Fire Consortium has prevented the new theatre in Torrox, which cost €7.5 million to build, from opening, due to fears about its safety.

New space THE old Puntal de Carchuna-Calahonda road in Motril has been renovated and transformed into an area where local residents can enjoy a walk in the new gardens.

Sit-in slated THE general coordinator for the Partido Popular in M l F i

August 16 Issue 1415 none of which was ever started. Others, which were started but not completed, are the turfing of the football ground and the indoor sports pavilion. As these projects were not finished, the Junta is asking for €707,000 back, the figure estimated for

the work. Fernandez said it is unclear what the money was spent on, although it could have been to pay the wages of local employees. The town hall also has a debt of €2.7 million with banks and owes €600,000 to providers. Meanwhile, the former mayor responded that the PP’s complaint is just a “tantrum and a smokescreen to hide their change of opinion regarding the closure of the home for the elderly in the town which has been ordered by the provincial government.” He called upon the current mayor to resign.


3 - 9 January 2013


Couple guilty A COUPLE in Jaen has been sentenced to 20 months in prison and a fine of €115,000 for killing an Iberian Lynx with poisoned bait. WWF Spain reports that the critically endangered species was poisoned on the couple’s property in Andujar. The couple can appeal the sentence, but if it is confirmed by a higher court and they are unable to pay the fine, they could be sent to prison. Spain and the rest of the EU are investing large sums of money to attempt to save the Iberian Lynx from extinction. Guardia Civil from the Nature Protection Service entered a fenced property to locate the lynx’s corpse and gather evidence in 2008. The couple claimed that they did not know who had set the bait.

Axarquía - Málaga East

Abused woman is acquitted of her husband’s death A WOMAN, 66, sentenced to prison for killing her husband, has been acquitted. Maria Pilar Marcos, from

Woman marries 3 men A WOMAN, 40, was arrested in Madrid for being married to three Nigerians who she had charged €3,000 each so they could get Spanish nationality. The investigation began when police discovered irregularities in the request for a residency permit of a Nigerian man. He had married a Spanish

Navarra, northern Spain, was a victim of domestic violence who had been abused by her husband for more than 40 years.

The couple had five children. In November 2009, during an argument, the man hit her, causing her to lose her balance

and fall against a table from which she picked up a knife. When he lunged at her, she held out the knife and injured his arm. He grabbed her and pushed her against the sink, where she allegedly turned and stabbed him in the chest and neck, which led to his death. She attempted to save his life and called the emergency services. In October 2010, she was acquitted of manslaughter charges on grounds of self defence. However, the Supreme Court ordered that the trial be held again, and she accepted three years in prison in a deal which meant she could avoid a trial. FALSE: An investigation began as a result of the marriage certificate. Now, the government has issued an acquittal woman and included the woman was Nigerian men in other which means she will not the marriage certificate registered as having parts of Madrid in 2007 see the inside of a cell. in his request. However, married two other and 2008.


10 EWN


Visitors cut stays by almost half ER B M TE P SE NEWS

13 - 19 September 2012



Axarquía - Málaga East

Tough times see more quitting smoking MORE people in Spain - expats and locals - are giving up smoking. The 3 per cent VAT price increase on tobacco on September 1 had little effect, for it was compensated by a reduction in other government taxes on tobacco. But Spain’s economic crisis and overall high unemployment, plus the ban on smoking in public, have led to more people quitting. Also, according to the OCU consumers’ group, price increases in

March also saw many - especially low income families and the young - quitting. Health warnings on cigarette packets are the least effective way of persuading people not to smoke, experts and others have agreed. But while grisly images do little to dissuade smokers, they help put off young people from starting, claimed Joseba Zabala, coordinator for XQNS, which defends and advances Spain’s antismoking laws.

The biggest reduction in smoking occurred between 2010 and 2011. During this period consumption dropped 17 per cent and 16 million fewer packets of cigarettes were sold, said Dr Rodrigo Cordoba Garcia, a lung specialist and expert in nicotine addiction. He attributed this to the economic crisis and the price of cigarettes. Health warnings on packets account for only 2 per cent of smokers deciding to quit, he claimed.

Malaga CF back in action

watch N ews It’s time to pay up VELEZ Town Council will have to pay €151,941 for land assigned 12 years ago for public works, following an Andalucia Superior Court of Justice order.

Wages plea WAGES and expenses of public officers should in future be published on the Velez Council web page, the IU political party has said.

AFTER no game last weekend because of international callups, Malaga CF return to league action this weekend

Charity drive FOOD and toys are

September 13 Issue 1419 Councillor Rocio Ruiz commented that room rates generally remained stable despite several establishments having to lower mid-season rates to attract visitors due to low occupation. The tourist office

received 7,144 visitors, more than doubling last year’s 3,923, following its relocation to Torre del Mar town centre and longer opening hours. These will now be maintained or expanded in future, said Ruiz. The main requests tourists made at the tourist office were for town maps, and cultural and activity information. Almost 5,000 of the tourist office visitors were Spaniards mainly from Cordoba and Jaen, while Germans, British and French headed the foreign tourist ranks.

Third time unlucky for olive grower A FARMER in Alameda has reported that olives have been stolen from his property three times in less than 10 days. He says he has lost approximately 3.2 tonnes of olives, worth up to €1,700 and complains that because they were ER beaten from the B M trees with sticks, the VE trees were also O N damaged, increasing his losses to almost €2,500. N ews Not only that, on a fourth occasion, he OLIVE BRANCH: Farmer found that 55 olive believes thefts linked to him trees on his property had been cut down November 1 Issue 1426 using foreign workers. with a chainsaw. He believes this was done by local residents The Guardia Civil are still looking for to castigate him for his decision to hire the culprits, although they do not believe foreign immigrants to work on his land. that the same people who cut down the However, the grower defended his trees stole the olives, as the motivation decision, saying the five immigrants in behind the crimes is different. his team of 15 harvesters are ‘good The farmer is now considering people and hard workers’. He says the patrolling his property at night or hiring damage to the trees has cost him up to guards to prevent further loss or €15,000. damage. 1 - 7 November 2012


Bye beach

THE nine restaurants (‘chiringuitos’) on Torre del Mar’s beach will be forced to move 200 metres away from the sand, the Andalucian Government has ruled, although Velez Town Hall is to appeal.

Past caring?

THE 15th century Castle of Torre del Mar is “in a dreadful state, abandoned and neglected, which has led to serious damp problems,” local association Amigos de la Cultura has reported.



Axarquía - Málaga East

Whistling in the dark

Time for new ideas

SPAIN is emerging from the crisis, declared Minister of Labour Fatima Bañez on Monday. Twenty-five per cent of the workforce - 5.7 million people - are jobless and this could rise to 27 per cent in 2013. It is brave of Bañez to insist there are ‘indications’ of improvement but rather than confidence she is more likely to inspire a response of: “Whatever she’s on, we’ll have some too.”

DESPITE unexpected regional semi-victories in Andalucia and Asturias in March, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba led the PSOE to defeat in Galicia and the Basque Region. Ideological renewal is said to be the answer, but what the party needs now is leadership renewal. It’s time for Carme Chacon to step forward, but only if Zapatero’s former Defence Minister opts for federalism and steers clear of Cataluña’s pretensions of grandeur and independence.

EWN Comment


Coastline clean-up

A TOTAL of 588 cubic metres of waste was collected after the summer from the 55 kilometres of coastline from Nerja to Rincon de la Victoria, waste company Elcomare has revealed.

In memoriam

Preventing floods

VICTIMS of the Franco dictatorship in VelezMalaga were remembered in a flower offering at the

THE 146-kilometrelong sewer and drainage system in Velez recently

Axarquía - Málaga East

ER B TO OC 11 - 17 October 2012

TOURISTS to VelezMalaga in July and August cut the length of their stays by almost half this year compared to 2011. Average stays by main summer visitors were between four and seven nights, whereas last year they averaged seven to 10 nights. Even so, overall, hotels, hostels, apartments, campsites and rural housing enjoyed an 80 per cent occupancy over the two months, with four-star hotels and apartments the top choice. Spelling out the statistics, Tourism

3 - 9 January 2013


Traders demand investment BUSINESS owners and entrepreneurs in Velez Malaga are showing their teeth. The project to build a new shopping area in Taramillas after a recent agreement has upset

Golf on hold CONSTRUCTION of a golf course in Nerja which has been on hold since 2006 will be reviewed, the regional government’s representative Jose Ruiz promised in Torrox.

Contract breach AN agreement will be sought with contracting company Floresur by Velez’s administration after breach of contract over personnel, premises and equipment, Mayor Francisco Delgado



Axarquía - Málaga East

Art’s sake A CONTEMPORARY Arts Centre will open in VelezMalaga at the beginning of 2013 with an exhibition by painter Francisco Hernandez, Mayor Francisco Delgado has announced.

smaller enterprises. The town council should take action to avoid damage to traditional commerce, Entrepreneurs’ Association ACEV has claimed. “We have nothing against this new project, provided small businesses get the infrastructure and

equipment first to enable them to compete on an equal footing,” President Juan Fernandez said. “We must get rid of empty shop windows with ‘on sale’ signs,” he added. ACEV is asking for blue parking zones in Velez and Torre del Mar, pedestrianisation of commercial streets, improvement of local markets and parking construction. A plan to create 500 parking spaces at Maria Zambrano park was presented as a closer option than the proposed area in Capuchinos.

watch N ews Health talks A HUNDRED women attended the sixth conference ‘Women, Mutual Help and Mental Health’ last Friday in Nerja, the Healthcare Area Axarquia and Valeriana Association has advised.

Moving fair THIRTY-FIVE companies attended the Third Transport Fair of Axarquia in VelezMalaga last weekend with an exhibition of vehicles and devices over 2,500m2.

E l ti

October 11 Issue 1423

SPRUCING UP: Removing beach debris after the storms.

Clean-up for beaches WITH ongoing hopes of good weather, Almuñecar and La Herradura have carried out beach clean-ups following the recent storms and flooding. Beaches most affected have been cleared of plant debris, and two specialised boats hired to ensure stagnant sea water was dealt with.

“We want our coast in the best shape for bathers,” Beach Councillor Luis Aragon said. Meanwhile, beaches in Malaga are being cleared of debris since the recent flooding. Plant material at La Malagueta and El Palo shared the beach with bathers last Sunday.

British expat sought for child abduction attempt in Velez A MAN named as Robert Edward Bill, a 58-year-old expatriate from St Asaph (Wales), is being hunted by police in Spain. The resident of Torre del Mar has been confirmed by the authorities as the main suspect in the attempted abduction of a 12-year-old girl in Velez-Malaga. Sources at the Press Department in the Malaga National Police’s central station confirmed to Euro Weekly News that the British resident has been under surveillance since last week and investigations are being intensified. “If anyone, be it a Spanish or foreign resident in the area, has seen him or knows anything about where this man could be now, please call 091 or 092 and report it,” police sources said.


6 - 12 December 2012


Bike crash kills one and injures another A YOUTH aged 17 died and another 18-year-old was seriously injured after a motorbike accident in VelezMalaga’s Avenida Juan Carlos I.

Mayoral excuses MALAGA Mayor Francisco de la Torre said: “I can hardly be lectured on honesty. I travel Tourist Class,” referring to accusations his and his wife’s travel expenses between 2001 and 2007 were paid for with public funds.

Game off A BASKETBALL match involving Torre del Mar team Clinicas Rincon was delayed due to the bad condition of Torre del Mar stadium’s parquet floor


Axarquía - Málaga East

Axarquia animal shelters see 874 strays this year IN the first 10 months of the year, 874 stray and abandoned animals were taken to shelters in the Axarquia area. Out of these, 129 were later adopted and 29 were released - all of them cats - after being neutered. Many different species and breeds were cared for including cats, horses, snakes and seagulls.

However, around 90 per cent were dogs, according to figures released by the Community of Axarquia Municipalities. In Velez-Malaga alone, 551 animals were removed from the streets or handed in by their owners because they were unable to take care of them. So Velez has been the area where most animals were

assisted, followed by Torrox (67), Alcaucin (56), Algarrobo (38) and La Viñuela (23). “Great savings are earned by all the municipalities where this public service is provided by the community. Town halls would otherwise not be able to afford the expenses, and they usually have no qualified staff for it,” Community Chairman Oscar Medina said.

watch News Poster proposal THE 2013 Velez-Malaga Easter Festival poster will not feature any local brotherhood or religious procession in particular, but the local residents instead.

Pay-out MORE than €165,000 will be paid in compensation to the family of a man who died as a result of medical negligence in a private clinic in Malaga, a court has ruled.

December 6 Issue 1431 “For all we know, he could have flown back to Britain.” The kidnapping attempt allegedly occurred in Calle Huerto Carrion, near Velez-Malaga Court House. Video footage recorded by CCTV cameras around the building saw a man trying to force a girl into his car, a grey-silver Peugeot 106 with registration 2109BCM. The car had a ‘Baby on board’ (Bebe a bordo)

sticker in the rear window. The girl managed to escape his grip, getting out of the car through the opposite door and running away. Neither the video footage nor the victim’s statements to the police were enough to confirm the attacker’s identity. Robert Edward Bill, a former teacher, is considered a ‘highly dangerous sex offender’ by the British authorities. Before moving to Periana in the summer and later to Torre del Mar - he was found guilty of making and possessing pornographic images of children by Mold Crown Court in Wales, the BBC reported. He had also been convicted of attempted child abduction, as well as assaulting a seven-yearold girl.

3 - 9 January 2013

Stat of week

14.4 per cent fewer mortgages were granted in Spain in October this year than the same month last year, amounting to 19,105, according to the National Institute of Statistics.






Axarquía - Málaga East


Vineyards need to box clever FORGET the Christmas cheer that festive sales annually bring to Spanish wine producers globally. National producers exporting to the UK may have to reassess their long-term marketing strategies following a report that shows just how price sensitive

British consumers are becoming. The traditional stigma against wine in a box or with a screw-top cap is lessening as UK tipplers decide that price is more important than a cork. As many as four in 10 wine users agreed that wine in a box or a pouch is equally as good quality as bottled wine. Just a quarter of wine users thought of boxed wine as inferior. Meanwhile, screw tops are even less of an issue for wine lovers, with just 17 per cent less-than-favourable re- claiming not to trust possession stock and screw cap quality wine. developers who have Chris Wisson, of glocal properties that literally media analysts Mintel, nobody wishes to buy,” said said: “Recent years Nick Stuart, a Marbella- have seen many wine based real estate company drinkers reappraising director. their perceptions and Stuart, of Spanish Hot use of wine in differing Properties, was also quoted formats and packaging as adding: “The Belgians, styles. Dutch, Russians and “Boxed wine has the Scandinavians are hot on added advantage of the Marbella as they realise wine keeping longer, that prices are at their allowing more flexible lowest and represent usage and encouraging incredible value for money.” moderate drinking.”

2013 hope for property firms WHILE real estate will remain a difficult business throughout 2013, some hopeful signs are being reported. Some firms on the Costa Blanca have in recent weeks reported encouraging sales, and now a firm has revealed it feels 2012 could be the last year for price falls in Marbella. “The only people reducing house prices on the Costa del Sol right now are the banks with their

Guilty secrets of office parties

PARTY TIME: But just beware of colleagues.

SIX out of 10 Spanish women say they have been unfaithful to their partners following a Christmas work or New Year party. In a recent study - not just reflecting on parties this festive season - but also in previous years, 57 per cent of men admitted seasonal infidelity, with 42 per cent blaming alcohol. When it came to the women, 84 per cent said their actions were due to alcohol. Also, 94 per cent of men and 98 per cent of women claimed to have fantasies about colleagues. While the figures will surprise many, it should be noted they were gathered from a website specialising in extra-marital relationships with more than 800,000 users in Spain and 16 million throughout the world.


CHEERS: Spanish vineyards need to closely monitor their export markets.



Ignore taxman’s cash demands at your peril Q. I HAVE seen several alarming adverts from Spanish tax consultants and others which state that the Spanish Tax Agency can now take money directly from the bank accounts of people who have not paid their taxes. I think this refers mainly to non-resident property owners and they refer to December 31 as a deadline. In my own small building I know several non-resident owners who say they have owned their property for years and have never paid any taxes at all. Can you clear this up? M O (Costa del Sol) A. YES, we can. First, You and the Hacienda, which is properly known as the Tax Agency, Law in Spain By David Searl can indeed take money from bank accounts. They have always been able to do this, but only after various notifications to pay, leading finally to the seizure and embargo of assets. There is no deadline of December 31, except that another year has passed. Nevertheless, we have a real situation here. These adverts refer to a series of letters which the Tax Agency is now sending out. There are three in the series. The first letter simply states that the recipient is a non-resident property owner and that there is no record of his paying the non-resident property owner’s tax. The second letter describes in detail the total tax owed, and the third letter offers a payment plan. If a non-resident property owner who has never filed a form 210, formerly 214, declaring for Non-Resident Property Owner’s Imputed Income Tax, receives the first letter, then they have been found out. They will receive the second letter, and the third letter. If all the letters are ignored, the Tax Agency will proceed to seize their assets. At the law office I work with, several owners have come in after receiving the first letter. Our advice is always to talk with the Tax Agency and pay what you owe, the sooner the better. David will respond to queries but reserves the right to select letters which will be of interest to the greatest number of readers. You can also consult David through lawyers Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola. or call 952 667 090.


3 - 9 January 2013 Axarquía - Málaga East

A truly festive fling for John Lewis! DEPARTMENT store John Lewis shrugged off the economic crisis with a record festive period, taking £157.8 million (€192 million) in the week up to Christmas, 26.5 per cent up on a year ago.

£££ BRITONS suffered the biggest fall in their finances in seven months in December with a third of respondents to a survey by Markit Household Finance saying their


ritish usiness riefs

economic situation had worsened.

£££ BRITAIN moved up to sixth in the global economic league table during 2012, overtaking Brazil. The

value of the UK’s national output overtook that of Latin America’s biggest economy following a fall in the value of the Brazilian currency, the real, a study by the Centre for Economic and Business Research found.

£££ BIG companies paid £21 billion (€25.6 billion) in corporation tax in 2011/2012, down 21 per cent in 10 years.

Introspective Europe should look to rest of the world THE EU summit a few weeks ago focused mainly upon the structure and management of a banking financial regulator to control, in the first instance, the eurozone’s national banks. The aim is to form them into a single entity that would, in theory, mean that every eurozone bank Jim would, at least in Collins part, be responMONEY MARKET: UK Government looking to safeguard sible for the fiscal Costa Blanca City of London’s status as European financial hub. integrity of all. If, Would China have say, the Bank of France As a respected financial more demanding, requirefound itself moving into a correspondent puts it: “Mr ments of overseas achieved the supereconomy status it now danger zone, the Noyer appears to be more customers. if it had regulator would ensure concerned with underIn an article published enjoys that the entire eurozone mining the City of London in the Daily Telegraph on concentrated its efforts December 17, Professor towards developing only would act to protect it. than anything else.” A good idea perhaps, Clearly, urgent Klaus Schwab, Executive its home market? Of course not; and yet but one riddled with measures are required if Chairman of the World economists pitfalls. Germany, sus- the eurozone is to be Economic Forum, lauded European the ‘success’ of the euro, seem to be, even now, picious of anything that stabilised. the EU’s smells even faintly of There is growing stating that “it has promoting ‘debt mutualisation’ has evidence of economic provided major economic internal market, almost to exclusion of already expressed doubts, recovery in the USA, rewards, and increased the and this plan, raising China and even in Britain, trade within the eurozone everything else. The European problem Berlin’s hackles as it does, where car production and and the more tightly European lies of course in the drear appears to reek quite sales worldwide are up 15 integrated fact that the euro was, strongly. per cent on those of a financial markets.” It makes one wonder if and still is, a political Britain is already year ago, in contrast to threatening to veto the France, where both these experts ever bother project. It is said that entire project unless it Renault and Citroén have to see how other ‘nothing is so bad that political tinkering can’t economies are doing. includes inviolate clauses crashed 19 per cent. Would the USA have make it worse’, and yet, that will protect the City Both companies have of London’s status as made efforts to turn these become one of the richest unfortunately for the most powerful ordinary people of the EU, an independent European figures around, but having and financial hub, thus concentrated for so long nations in the world if it politicians continue to raising the blood-pressure on the European internal had closed its frontiers, fumble and ‘tweak’, of Christian Noyer, markets, they have failed leaving the separate attempting, more in hope Governor of the Banque to recognise the states to trade only with than expectation, to save the euro. de France. changing, and perhaps one another?

3 - 9 January 2013

FINANCE, BUSINESS & LEGAL Here we are at the beginning of another year again, a time when many people reflect on the previous 12 months and look ahead to what they can improve over the coming year and beyond. Do you already have a considered, strategic wealth management plan in place? If not, this is a good time to stop and review your investments, pensions and tax planning to evaluate if they are ready for what 2013 may have to bring and, importantly, if they are designed with a long-term view to preserving your wealth and meeting your objectives. For the most effective results, and peace of mind that you have considered everything and have the most up to date information to hand, you should discuss your current financial planning, objectives and circumstances with a professional wealth manager like Blevins Franks which specialises in providing wealth management and tax planning advice to expatriates. Tax planning One of the key trends over recent years - and which is set to continue is tax rises. Taxpayers across Europe, including here in Spain, are paying more and more tax. Higher earners have been hit hardest, though most people are affected in one way or another. Are you sure that your assets are structured in the most tax efficient manner for Spain, and that your tax



Axarquía - Málaga East

New Year Resolution To Improve Your Financial Planning by Bill Blevins, Financia l Correspondent, Blevins Franks

planning takes all the latest tax changes into account? You should ask a locally based tax planning specialist like Blevins Franks to review your current arrangements and establish if you can lower your tax liabilities on your savings and investments and protect your wealth from capital taxes where possible. At the same time you should consider what you can do to reduce the inheritance tax liabilities for your heirs, both in the UK and here in Spain. Many people intend to review their estate planning but never quite get round to it. Make 2013 the year when you get it sorted, to ensure you leave as much of your estate as possible to your heirs rather than the taxman. Probate can be a lengthy and complicated process, especially when you have assets in a few different countries. You may be able to make

life easier and cheaper for your heirs by using financial arrangements whereby the assets can be passed directly to your chosen beneficiaries. Your wealth manager should advise you on this. In tandem with tax rises, governments across Europe have been clamping down on tax evasion over recent years, and we will see much more of this over the coming years. Whether you are looking to lower your personal tax liabilities or those for your heirs, it is essential to only use arrangements that are fully compliant in your country of residence as well as, in the case of inheritances, where your heirs are based. Here in Spain the new reporting law comes into effect this year, and you have to declare all your overseas assets, from bank accounts to property, worth over €50,000 by 31st March. Failure to do so would incur very costly penalties. This is part of Spain’s latest efforts to recoup unpaid tax and prevent further tax evasion, and is one of the

measures included in its new anti-tax fraud law. Savings and investments Successful investment is about managing risk versus return and having a well thought out portfolio strategy specifically based on your personal circumstances, needs and objectives. Consider the following: Did you buy your current investments according to a strategic overall plan, or have you bought shares and funds here and there over the years? If the latter, it is time for an overall review. Your portfolio may be riskier than you realise, and riskier than it need be to meet your objectives. Are you confident that you have adequate diversification and the right balance between assets to reduce risk? Is your portfolio specifically targeted to your needs? For example, if you require income, do you own assets which produce a natural income so that you do not have to withdraw capital?

Have any of your circumstances changed over the last year or so? If so your portfolio may need adjusting accordingly. Has your portfolio been reviewed over the last 12 months to see if it needs re-balancing to remain in line with your risk profile? Re-balancing helps to control risk and tends to have a positive effect on portfolio performance. Finally, going back to tax planning, how tax efficient are your current investments? You will not want to lose any more of your income and gains to tax than you have to, but are your savings and investments tax efficient here in Spain? What matters are after tax returns. Ideally tax planning and investment planning should be tackled together. The two are inextricably linked and you want to find a wealth manager who can provide both investment expertise and tax expertise. Blevins Franks, for example, have specialised in providing integrated tax and wealth management to British expatriate for decades, and would review all your current financial planning, along with your needs and objectives, and recommend the best way forward for you for 2013 and beyond. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website




3 - 9 January 2013 Axarquía - Málaga East

LONDON - FTSE 100 C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. 3.00 0.82 -20.85 -1.74 -12.50 -0.71 -0.34 -0.03 -3.50 -0.18 6.00 0.44 4.65 0.61 5.00 0.32 5.00 0.17 -2.40 -0.63 6.00 0.62 -2.39 -0.70 -1.70 -0.64 1.00 0.10 2.88 0.13 -0.45 -0.11 4.50 0.14 -2.00 -0.35

NET VOLUME 346.89 78.20 91.64 103.18 247.30 109.82 167.69 76.97 115.34 1,173.81 61.53 576.49 6,601.01 595.20 641.17 2,077.41 291.71 108.66



PRICE(P) C O M PA N Y Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt 368.70 Admiral Group PLC 1178.50 Aggreko PLC 1738.00 AMEC PLC 1019.00 Anglo American PLC 1917.75 Antofagasta PLC 1357.00 ARM Holdings PLC 773.50 Associated Brit Foods 1577.00 AstraZeneca PLC 2931.25 Aviva PLC 378.35 Babcock Intrntnl Grp 979.50 BAE Systems PLC 340.95 Barclays PLC 263.55 BG Group PLC 1008.50 BHP Billiton PLC 2159.75 BP PLC 428.07 British Amn Tobacco PLC 3127.50 British Land Co PLC 569.50


Units per €

United States $......................................................1.31734 Japan Yen ¥ ...........................................................113.626 Switzerland Francs................................................1.20851 Denmark Kroner ....................................................7.46039 Norway Kroner.......................................................7.37050



British Sky Broad Gr BT Group PLC Bunzl PLC Burberry Group PLC Capita PLC Capital Shppng Cntrs Gr Carnival PLC Centrica PLC Compass Group PLC CRH PLC

773.00 235.65 1009.00 1236.00 761.50 361.05 2391.00 337.95 728.25 1250.00

C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G.







MMM 3M Co 92.64 AA Alcoa Inc 8.62 AXP American Express Co 56.69 T AT&T Inc 33.66 BAC Bank of America Corp 11.47 BA Boeing Co 75.83 CAT Caterpillar Inc 87.66 CVX Chevron Corp 108.52 CSCO Cisco Systems Inc 19.65 DD E. I. du Pont de Nemours and C... 45.07 XOM Exxon Mobil Corp 86.86 GE General Electric Co 20.69 HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co 14.04 HD Home Depot Inc 61.07 INTC Intel Corp 20.51 IBM International Business Machine... 192.71 JNJ Johnson & Johnson 70.09 JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co 43.63 MCD McDonald's Corp 88.72 MRK Merck & Co Inc 41.20 MSFT Microsoft Corp 26.96

-0.43 -0.11 -0.44 -0.12 -0.07 -0.19 -0.01 +0.06 -0.27 -0.02 -0.21 -0.08 -0.08 -0.07 -0.14 +0.76 -0.08 -0.33 -0.02 -0.14 +0.10

-0.46% -1.26% -0.77% -0.36% -0.61% -0.25% -0.01% +0.06% -1.36% -0.04% -0.24% -0.39% -0.57% -0.11% -0.68% +0.40% -0.11% -0.75% -0.02% -0.34% +0.37%

2.4M 16.4M 5.3M 24.2M 210.4M 4.0M 4.0M 5.5M 35.3M 6.4M 14.3M 38.4M 16.1M 7.2M 31.7M 4.0M 10.7M 19.6M 4.6M 11.4M 39.4M


-7.50 -1.94 -7.00 3.00 -7.50 -1.80 -3.00 -1.14 -1.50 3.00


-0.96 -0.82 -0.69 0.24 -0.98 -0.50 -0.13 -0.34 -0.21 0.24

NET VOLUME 272.56 1,340.39 28.91 83.44 501.12 106.45 37.94 493.13 136.33 270.43



BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited $ 7.41 Enphase Energy, Inc. $ 3.51 Regulus Therapeutics Inc. $ 5.72 Southcoast Financial Corporation $ 4.76 Deckers Outdoor Corporation $ 38.11 Misonix, INC $ 7.26 First Security Group, Inc. $ 2.26 ATA Inc. $ 6.24 The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. $ 11.47

3.43 / +86.18% 0.48 / +15.84% 0.54 / +10.42% 0.4246 / +9.79% 3.23 / +9.26% 0.58 / +8.68% 0.18 / +8.65% 0.38 / +6.48% 0.66 / +6.11%

Most Advanced

Most Declined Edwards Group Limited Lakes Entertainment, Inc. Mannatech, Incorporated Morgans Hotel Group Co. Caesars Entertainment Corporation Jefferson Bancshares, Inc. GenMark Diagnostics, Inc. Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MGP Ingredients, Inc.

$ 5.82 $ 2.84 $ 5.52 $ 5.31 $ 6.72 $ 2.48 $ 8.77 $ 27.78 $ 3.41

0.72 / -11.01% 0.30 / -9.55% 0.57 / -9.36% 0.54 / -9.23% 0.6207 / -8.46% 0.21 / -7.81% 0.68 / -7.20% 2.12 / -7.09% 0.26 / -7.08%

C O M PA N Y PRICE(P) CHANGE Croda International PLC 2373.00 8.00 Diageo PLC 1816.00 6.50 Eurasian Natl Resources 286.80 -2.80 EVRAZ PLC 256.35 -3.20 Experian PLC 991.75 -0.50 Fresnillo PLC 1888.50 5.00 G4S PLC 257.90 -1.71 GKN PLC 231.35 -0.80 GlaxoSmithKline PLC 1353.50 5.00 Glencore Intrntnl PLC 357.10 -1.00 Hammerson PLC 496.30 -2.00 Hargreaves Lansdown 680.50 -4.00 HSBC Holdings PLC 650.90 -1.20 IMI PLC 1099.00 3.86 Imperial Tobacco Gr PLC 2374.50 -7.00 InterContinental Hotels 1701.00 -0.50 International Consldtd ... 184.60 -3.50 Intertek Group PLC 3143.00 -7.00 ITV PLC 106.35 -0.50 Johnson Matthey PLC 2375.00 2.27 Kazakhmys PLC 777.50 0.50 Kingfisher PLC 283.60 -1.10 Land Securities Grp PLC 825.00 0.00 Legal & General Grp PLC 146.55 -0.80 Lloyds Banking Grp PLC 49.29 0.18 Marks & Spencer Grp PLC 388.70 0.20 Meggitt PLC 386.05 -3.08 Melrose Industries PLC 230.15 -0.50 National Grid PLC 701.75 -3.00 Next PLC 3724.00 -10.00 Old Mutual PLC 178.70 0.06 Pearson PLC 1197.00 0.41 Petrofac Ltd 1645.50 -8.00 Polymetal Intrntnl PLC 1179.50 -10.00 Prudential PLC 869.00 -8.00 Randgold Resources Ltd 6075.00 -15.00 Reckitt Benckiser PLC 3904.00 9.00 Reed Elsevier PLC 640.25 -2.00 Resolution Ltd 248.35 -3.55 REXAM PLC 438.50 -1.80 Rio Tinto PLC 3544.00 1.65 Rolls-Royce Holdings 883.75 -3.00 Royal Bank of Scot Gr 325.00 0.95 Royal Dutch Shell PLC 2217.00 10.00 RSA Insurance Grp PLC 126.60 -0.96 SABMiller PLC 2864.00 24.50 Sage Group (The) PLC 296.60 -0.30 Sainsbury (J) PLC 347.20 0.25 Schroders PLC 1712.50 1.05 Serco Group PLC 538.25 -4.00 Severn Trent PLC 1585.50 -10.88 Shire PLC 1906.00 9.58 Smith & Nephew PLC 688.25 0.70 Smiths Group PLC 1193.50 -5.00 SSE PLC 1438.00 -5.55 Standard Chartered PLC 1581.50 -0.60 Standard Life PLC 336.70 -1.08 Tate & Lyle PLC 773.50 2.10 Tesco PLC 337.68 1.65 TUI Travel PLC 284.40 -1.90 Tullow Oil PLC 1268.00 -2.46 Unilever PLC 2390.00 -4.88 United Utilities Grp PLC 672.50 -4.50 Vedanta Resources PLC 1162.00 -9.00 Vodafone Group PLC 156.42 0.35 Weir Group PLC 1886.00 -6.00 Whitbread PLC 2467.50 -3.18 Wm Morrison Sprmrkts 262.85 1.68 Wolseley PLC 2894.00 -28.00 Wood Group (John) PLC 740.75 -5.00 WPP PLC 893.25 1.00 Xstrata PLC 1071.25 -1.00

% C H G. 0.34 0.36 -0.97 -1.23 -0.05 0.27 -0.66 -0.34 0.37 -0.28 -0.40 -0.58 -0.18 0.35 -0.29 -0.03 -1.86 -0.22 -0.47 0.10 0.06 -0.39 0.00 -0.54 0.37 0.05 -0.79 -0.22 -0.43 -0.27 0.03 0.03 -0.48 -0.84 -0.91 -0.25 0.23 -0.31 -1.41 -0.41 0.05 -0.34 0.29 0.45 -0.75 0.86 -0.10 0.07 0.06 -0.74 -0.68 0.51 0.10 -0.42 -0.38 -0.04 -0.32 0.27 0.49 -0.66 -0.19 -0.20 -0.66 -0.77 0.22 -0.32 -0.13 0.64 -0.96 -0.67 0.11 -0.09

VOLUME 21.29 290.60 492.87 749.60 188.55 35.88 107.81 278.58 569.24 1,990.66 112.30 105.14 1,426.75 68.24 161.81 82.63 560.18 21.03 971.89 12.78 119.00 376.39 203.59 890.84 16,870.84 444.42 78.71 210.78 455.28 22.00 908.17 173.73 68.88 22.81 426.50 45.10 90.59 266.14 142.47 70.42 599.45 190.19 1,489.24 221.83 929.66 224.54 185.46 240.17 20.88 37.17 70.11 189.97 87.69 34.52 120.17 254.53 345.09 52.98 1,430.57 335.92 176.49 202.47 269.56 62.39 9,816.32 56.01 13.54 1,012.77 72.67 70.75 156.93 472.20

3 - 9 January 2013


CORREOS plans to sell newspapers from its 2,300 offices throughout Spain. The Spanish post office network will sell papers, office equipment, stationery goods and computer equipment. The company has presented a plan which is to be completed within 1,500 days, and aims to increase the commercial capacity of its offices and make them the ‘best provider of physical and electronic communication services on the Spanish market’. The measures it plans include providing postal services at ‘competitive’ prices and promoting courier and online services. The president, Javier Cuesta, presented the project before the Ministry of Public Works and the Tax Ministry.


Axarquía - Málaga East

New plans for postal service


Luxury sector on the rise THE Spanish luxury sector has ended 2012 with €4.79 billion in sales.

This is 15 per cent more than in 2011, when the sector sold 20 per cent more than the previous year

thanks to many products being sold internationally. The upward trend is expected to continue in 2013, with a further 15 per cent improvement. Forty per cent of the money made by Spanish luxury product companies is thanks to international sales. However, 55 per cent of tourists visiting Spain purchase international brands which can be acquired here at lower prices and many can also get them tax-free. Meanwhile, according to consultants Bain and Company, Spanish clients buy fewer products but of better quality. The favourite products are those related to food and beauty. Most luxury products are WINNING SMILES: Philip sold in Barcelona (32 per and Vanessa. cent) and Madrid (27 per cent), followed by Marbella, the cake to our exceptional Ibiza and Mallorca, year!” according to Luxury Spain.

Winning ways for PLC COSTA DEL SOL based PLC Advertising and Marketing Agency Managing Director Philip Langley proudly holds the Expatriate Agency of the Year Award he received at the Euro Weekly News (EWN) Annual Party held in Mijas. Also pictured is Senior Account Director Vanessa Alvarez. After being presented with the award by EWN Publishers Michel and Steven Euesden, Philip commented: “We work hard year round to meet clients’ objectives, which means much planning, a high level of creativity and true dedication, so to win this against such strong competition is the cherry on



Amazon tops AMAZON has been voted the best US website for online shopping for the eighth year running.

Sales soar DAIMLER, the world’s biggest truck maker, saw global sales of its six brands - MercedesBenz, Fuso, Freightliner, Western Star, Thomas Built Buses, and BharatBenz - rise to 424,000 vehicles from January-November.

Ford invests FORD plans to invest more than $773 million (€583 million) on new equipment and updated facilities in six factories in the United States as part of a plan to invest $6.2 billion (€4.67 billion) in US plants by 2015.




3 - 9 January 2013 Axarquía - Málaga East

Hard work trying to buy local in a Chinese dominated world IN our house over the last month we set ourselves a challenge to try and buy Spanish, or European, if possible. Boy, has it been hard! First off we needed to buy a fan heater for the bathroom. Every model in our price range came from China. And in the end we couldn’t stand shivering in the shower any longer and settled on a Chinese heater. Next was a form of heating for the sittingroom. We wanted a gas heater and once again nearly every one was made in the People’s Republic of China. Only by chance on the way to the cashier did we spot a heater made in Italy. It was a little more expensive, but the delight of finding something made

Loose change A look at finance for females Jane Plunkett jane.plunkett@euroweeklynews. com

TOO EXPENSIVE: Locally made wooden toys to die for. in Europe was enough to make us buy it. Next were Christmas presents. My husband needed a leather messenger bag for his iPad and bits and bobs because he cycles. Lots of nice and reasonably priced bags are

available online, but what about in Spain? Not a chance! Numerous shops I entered could supply a bag, but at triple the cost of those online. Also, while the leather

was nice, for some reason the bags couldn’t be made with the same secure zipup inside pockets and quality lining. Not wanting to make it any easier for pickpockets, I was forced

to buy online, rather than locally. Then came the task of buying Christmas toys for all the kids in the family. The biggest problem is that anything made locally is much more expensive than what’s available online. A lovely toyshop near us sells beautiful, oldfashioned toys including quality picnic baskets for little girls and lovely, handmade wooden toys. They are to die for, but so are the prices. And while I would love to support this shop, I just can’t afford to. So once again the toys came from Amazon and after opening all the packages, guess what? Made in China! At least the food we ate over Christmas was locally sourced.

Seafood prices soared as Christmas neared THE price of seafood products rose sharply over the Christmas period. Products including eels, sea bream and oysters rose as much as 30 per cent, according to the User and Consumer Organisation, OCU. The report was based on prices at Alcampo, Carrefour, Eroski, Mercadona, municipal markets and other stores

in Madrid and Barcelona in November, early December and on December 21. It showed that to avoid high prices, products should ideally be purchased 15 days before the start of the Christmas period. Baby eels cost €1,660 per kilo in November, whereas by the end of December they had risen to €1,775, while sea

bream rose from €30.12 per kilo to €38.81 and oysters from €24.53 for a dozen to €31.48. Other fish, including bass and hake also rose considerably, as did suckling lamb, barnacles, langoustines, purple cabbage and pullets. The price of clams, beef, pineapple and Iberian ham fell over Christmas.



Pay more MERCADONA will pay €0.01 per litre more to the 2,000 plus Spanish farmers who supply their stores with milk.

Bank deal BANCO SANTANDER has sold the Canalejas Complex where its headquarters were located in Madrid to the Villar Mir construction group for €215 million.

Salary rise THE Spanish Ministry of Employment has proposed increasing the minimum salary by 0.6 per cent in 2013 to €645.3.

Share surge STOCKS of Spain’s major cosmetic surgery companies, Corporacion Dermoestetica, surged by 16 per cent after announcing it was leaving the stock exchange.

Tourism up SPAIN received more than 55 million foreign tourists between January and November 2012, which was 2.9 per cent more than for the same period in 2011.

Financial crisis puts golf in a bunker... THE financial crisis is hitting Spanish golf hard, with the number of PGA professional tournaments plummeting to just the Spanish Open. In 2011, Spain hosted seven European Tour tournaments. SEAFOOD DISHES: Prices of fresh fish shot up.

But now in deep recession, putting up enough prize money to attract golf’s big names is an unaffordable luxury, said Javier Gervas, CEO of MatchGolf, which promoted the former Iberdrola and Castello European Tour events.

Tourist boards that once bankrolled tournaments and companies that provided sponsorship either no longer have the money to do so or do not want to be seen spending it on golf when Spaniards are so hard up, he added.

3 - 9 January 2013




Axarquía - Málaga East






Driving to an unsure conclusion...

YET again I have been rejected. After my fantasy of a romantic Christmas Day liaison had been firmly dashed by Crispin, I excitedly asked him to put aside New Year’s Eve for just him and me. But he turned me down. While I accepted him spending Christmas with his parents,

COMMENT Splendid isolation

As I see it... Ana Jefferson-Smith takes an irreverent look at life as a singleton expat in Spain sharing the entire festive period with family seemed far-fetched seeing as from what I had

gathered recently he is a social butterfly throughout more normal times. If he was as committed to

‘us’ as I am, surely he would have made more effort to see me and spend time with me. Christmas and New Year have always been a time for loved ones... and in my book I wanted to be among his loved ones on New Year’s Eve, and not once more left on the touchline with

MADDOCKS’ VIEW ON LIFE EWN now printed on recycled newsprint

CATALUÑA President Artur Mas is obsessed with going ahead with his independence plans. If every Catalan shared this obsession he would have won the November regional elections with an overall majority. Instead he and the CiU party lost seats. There is a message here, but Mas either does not hear it or prefers to ignore it. Instead of heeding the electorate he is listening to a delirious inner voice.

A healthy attitude THE Constitutional Tribunal (TC) validated the Basque Region’s refusal to cancel illegal immigrants’ health cards. Humanitarian motives apart, assuring them of healthcare will help check the spread of the contagious and infectious diseases that immigrants often bring with them, said the TC. Health Minister Ana Mato does not see it this way and intends to appeal, demonstrating yet again that politicians only accept verdicts that they dictate themselves.

Island vanishes into thin air A SOUTH PACIFIC island, shown on marine charts and world maps as well as on Google Earth and Google Maps for at least a decade does not exist. Australian scientists went to inspect the supposedly sizeable strip of land midway between Australia and New Caledonia but found only ocean. *** CHINA’s rich are paying up to £200,000 (€245,000) for rare

JUST FANCY THAT... bottles of whisky at The Johnnie Walker House that has opened in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. *** AN American dental assistant - fired for threatening her boss’s marriage after his wife complained about his infatuation for her - has lost her discrimination lawsuit.

*** US

PLANE engineers have been using sacks of potatoes as stand-ins for passengers while working to eliminate in-flight wireless signal weak spots as their water content and chemistry absorb and reflect radio wave signals much the same way as the human body does. TWO

*** South Africans

have been arrested for ‘borrowing’ a corpse and creating a fake woman in order to complete a $11,000 (€8,300) life insurance scam payout. *** RANDI ZUCKERBERG, the sister of Facebook co-founder Mark, has tripped up on the social network’s privacy settings, displaying a family photo showing Mark in a kitchen with family members to the public, and not as intended just for friends.

room only for his parents. Anyway, having sat alone at home on Christmas Day, to cheer myself up, I decided to go out with the girls on New Year’s Eve, many of them returning to the coast for the Christmas period, and many of whom I had partly neglected after Crispin first bounced into my life. I wanted to take my wandering mind off him and enjoy myself. That’s what New Year’s Eve is all about. So in true Marbella style, five of us donned our sparkliest frocks, skyscraper Louboutins, longest lashes, and drank Champagne. Some of my favourite moments have been spent with my girlfriends. There was the night we all watched British rap-star Tinie Tempah in a Puerto Banus club and then tried to sneak into his VIP area. And the countless hours gossiping about our latest male encounters, giggling about our conquests. Plus, of course, the hopping from Louis Vuitton to Dior, and from Hermes to D&G, overladen with shopping bags filled with the latest styles and planning when next to show them off. Meeting Crispin was another highlight, although New Year’s Eve wasn’t the time to reflect on that. Instead as the celebrations wore on, we all drunkenly stumbled the night away, until the final destination brought a sense of familiarity over me. For there, in the car park, was Crispin’s Porsche. If he was supposedly spending the evening with his family, why was his car in Puerto Banus? My heart raced as I sheepishly entered the discotheque, unsure of what I would encounter. Limited space means... more anon.


Letters for Your Say should be emailed to yoursay@ euroweekly, posted to Euro Weekly News, C/Moscatel 10, P-62, Polígono Industrial, Arroyo de la Miel, 29630 Benalmadena, Málaga, Spain or faxed to 0034 952 440 887


22 EWN

Airport helper far from being a lady MY wife and I recently had to meet elderly neighbours returning to Spain from the UK. Due to the husband’s difficulty in walking distances, he requested airport wheelchair assistance when booking his flight. The couple were last off the plane, by which time an airport employee was waiting impatiently with a wheelchair. Once the man sat in the wheelchair he was quickly whisked away, with his wife, also in her 70s, left with both her husband’s and her own hand luggage to manage. She soon lost sight of them and was left to guess where they had gone. By the time she caught up, the wheelchair helper was hassling my wife and I to find out where we were parked, saying: “My shift finished three minutes ago. I want to get home.” She seemed determined to make us feel guilty, and while en route to our vehicle continued to make rude and snide comments. N J, Mijas Costa (Malaga)

Ungodly change! EACH year I make an effort to go to church with my wife at Easter and Christmas. After checking on the Christmas Day service at La Cala Church and noting in advance outside on a board on December 22nd that the service was scheduled for 1pm, we arrived at around 12.45pm for the service, but discovered the church was locked. On re-checking the notice board, it was evident the original timing of 1pm had been crossed out and changed to noon. Instead, the 1pm service was indicated as being at Calahonda, and while we had a car and managed to re-route, not all churchgoers would have been in the same position. Also, from the number of people arriving at the Calahonda service midway through, I suspect many others found themselves scrabbling around. Xmas Worshipper, El Faro (Malaga)

Snapped! By John Seymour of Marbella (Malaga)

P pub hotog r l em icati aphs pho ail w on sh for p o ton ews ith a f uld b ossibl e es @e ull e c uro wee aptio nt by klyn n to ews : .com

3 - 9 January 2013 Axarquía - Málaga East I was operated on at the Hospital Costa del Sol (Marbella) where I was the recipient of a new knee. I can only say the treatment I received and am still receiving by way of follow-up has been fantastic. Maybe it is a language problem as a large number of English people have no Spanish. I am by no means fluent but every single person I have seen has been helpful and efficient. Elizabeth Church, Estepona (Malaga)

Pension right

“Christmas morning I went for a walk at the Refugio de Juanar above Marbella. I took this snap. Shame I didn’t wait longer as the sun came out just as I got back home!”


All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

Religious woe I MAKE a point of lighting a candle in church over Christmas. Imagine my disappointment when, on a visit to Malaga two days beforehand, I was barred from entering the cathedral unless I paid the full tour entrance fee. Having toured the cathedral in the summer - a very impressive building - I had only a desire to enter, light a candle, and briefly pray, but an official said this was not possible. Entrance was only for visitors who paid the full price of a ticket. M Haddon,Torremolinos (Malaga)

Help yourself WE all have a duty to look after ourselves and it is naive to put blame on the medical profession when things go wrong, (Letters Issue 1433). If a person spends years over-

indulging with the wrong food and drink, and sits for hours every day, the body is bound to start breaking down somewhere. Knee joints, vertebrae, shoulders, they all need to be kept moving and, apart from housework, walking is one of the best exercises a person can do. S P Kelly, Los Gallardos (Almeria)

Rubbish issue I FEEL that as a boat owner I must comment on your article (Rubbish washed up at Javea, Issue 1433 EWN Costa Blanca North). I have always found that boaters are amongst the most environmentally-conscious people as we get troubled enough by fouled propellers and blocked water intakes without adding to the problem. Tidal streams and winds bring ashore rubbish that is discarded worldwide by the general public. Plastic is the world’s biggest offender; an island of rubbish known as the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ more than three miles deep and six times the size of England is already established in the Pacific Ocean. Ted Milsom (by email)

Hospital thanks IN reply to the letter (Issue 1433) about healthcare problems. In June

RE UK winter fuel payments (Issue 1432), not every pensioner lives in Malaga. I personally have lived several places in Spain and love it all, but believe me it is very, very cold in winter North of Granada. I worked from the age of 14 to 62 and paid for my pension, such as it is. If the powers-that-be paid a decent pension then they wouldn’t have to give a winter allowance. No matter where I choose to live, I am entitled to the pension I paid for. Jean Ray, Turre (Almeria)

Cash raised AS we start a new year I would like to update readers as to what ‘HELP’ achieved in 2012. We have bought 1,800 litres of milk which is being distributed to 60 needy families in Almoradi (Vega Baja, Alicante). And 35 San Miguel families are being given a box of fruit and vegetables, a box of toiletries and washing products, a box of dry goods and meat or fish vouchers. We have also contributed half the cost of school books to Almoradi and San Miguel underprivileged children and made a donation of equipment to ‘Reach Out’ charity in Torrevieja. On top of that more than €500 was raised from a raffle and donations at a recent event at Portico Mar with thanks to many for their donations to the raffle and all the participants and volunteers. Ron (President) HELP Vega Baja (Alicante)

Editor’s note: HELP is a charity that gives assistance on a wide range of subjects from paperwork to hospital visits in the Costa Blanca area around Torrevieja.

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


24 EWN

3 - 9 January 2013


Sad cults get it wrong again and again demise of the planet (and I’ve bought a ticket for El Gordo. There’s optimism for you!). Hundreds of thousands across the world will have woken up in the morning, firmly convinced it would be their last day on earth. Is that depressing or what? Actually I don’t find it all that funny. These cults often have truly disastrous ends. Among others, Wacko, Hale Bopp and the Jones cults resulted in mass murder and suicides. How do vast numbers of the human race allow themselves to become brainwashed by these people, who seem to pluck

Resolutions go digital

LEAPY LEE SAYS IT OTHERS THINK IT some strange idea out of thin air and turn it into a belief that makes people often hand over all their worldly possessions and blindly follow them, often literally to the death? I wish I knew. I’d love to be able to spin a story that made people delighted to give me all their readies. Don’t worry, I’m working on it. I’ve actually had some strange premonitions about

LOONY: Doomsday merchants.

the next leap year. Who better to save you all from disaster than yours truly in my namesake year? All donations and worldly goods gratefully received. Get ready for the deluge, chaps! Dream on, Leapy. Hopefully, you’re all perusing this in the relative safety of a planet still in one piece. Let’s hope this year is a better one for all. Somehow I’m afraid I doubt it. Never mind.

Positive thinking is what we need. Feel secure in the knowledge that a whole new bunch of X Factor contestants are out there just waiting to entertain you. Makes it all seem worthwhile. Amazin’, ennit?

Happy New Year to all Keep the Faith Love Leapy

NEARLY half of New Year’s resolutions are about setting healthrelated goals, and there are plenty of apps to help people achieve them. iPhone applications ‘5K Runner’ helps people to run five kilometres comfortably in eight weeks, and ‘Fooducate’ helps shoppers make healthier purchases by scanning barcodes and getting an insight into how healthy the product is.


T the time of writing, thousands of people will be wondering why I’m even bothering! I know, I know, so what’s new about that? Cheeky! I’m actually talking about the people who believe the world will come to an end tomorrow. Due to the yuletide holidays all column scribblers need to present their copy at an earlier date. This means tomorrow will be December 21, the day literally hundreds of thousands of supposedly sane human beings will tuck their heads between their legs and kiss the world goodbye. If you’re reading this, of course, then yet another loony load of sad idiots will all be wondering what actually didn’t hit them? (If you’re not…!) Seriously, what is wrong with these people? This latest bunch are the believers of the Mayan calendar, which has been in existence for thousands of years and goes out of print permanently tomorrow, presumably along with the

Axarquía - Málaga East

Dating flop A MASS dating event South Korea’s ‘Battle of the Singles’ - organised on Facebook fizzled out with thousands of lovelorn men turning up, but very few women. More than 36,000 people signed up.




3 - 9 January 2013

Visit for more reading

Axarquía - Málaga East

Sleeping pills not effective? RESEARCHERS in the UK and the USA are doubting the effectiveness of sleeping pills, saying insomniacs may get more help from psychological treatments. They carried out a study using sleeping pills and another dummy drug which had no medical benefits for helping sleeplessness. The research found that the placebo effect produced around 50 per cent of the benefits, with the active ingredient in the sleeping pills making up the rest. They conclude that psychological treatment would be just as beneficial for sufferers and would not have any of the side-effects related to sleeping pills such as memory loss and balance problems.

BROTHERS: The more the better.

EASY TEST: New eye scan helps to evaluate progression of MS.

MS eye scan test AN easy eye test can help measure how fast

multiple sclerosis (MS) is progressing. Researchers performed scans on 164 MS patients which measured the thickness of the lining at the back of the eye. They found that patients with thinning of the retina had both earlier and more active forms of the disease. MS affects nerves in the brain and spinal cord, causing problems with

muscle movement, balance and vision. Many sufferers have periods where symptoms are mild, followed by flareups, making monitoring of the disease difficult for doctors. It is hoped this new scan, called Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) could be helpful in evaluating the progression of the condition.

Lots of brothers means fertility WANTING a large family? Well, when searching for your perfect baby-making mate, first count the number of brothers he has. Scientists say the greater the number of male siblings your partner has, the more fertile he is likely to be. The findings were published in the Asian Journal of Andrology.

Unhealthy snacks linked to Facebook USING Facebook could make you more likely to eat unhealthy snacks. That’s the finding by researchers from Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh (USA) who say that regular contact with friends on the social network site left users with higher levels of self-esteem but lower levels of self-control. They found that people were more likely to snack on unhealthy food once they had logged off, particularly if they had been chatting with close friends. The team used five experiments on the behaviour of Facebook users to see how it affected them when they were offline. The studies suggested there was a link between the use of the website and poor self-control over what they ate and how much money they spent, particularly when socialising with close SELF-CONTROL: Poor after using social network site. friends.

3 - 9 January 2013



Axarquía - Málaga East

Expat associations share their padron experience THE EURO WEEKLY NEWS has contacted some of the many expatriates’ associations in Spain, in order to know first-hand their opinions and experiences about the municipal register (padron). Since most of those who replied are established residents in Spain, we expect their thoughts will be of great help for newcomers. 1) What is your personal experience with the padron? It is very easy to register with the padron in Coin. There was some confusion as to whether you had to re-register every now and then. We have since found out that it is done every two years; or if you move or if you need to make some major purchase such as a house or car. It is a matter of taking your passport, house deeds if you have them and residence certificate and all is completed in the town hall’s front office, generally in a matter of minutes.

Life in Spain

- Jo Taylor, Chairman, The Royal British Legion, Coin (Malaga). 2) Why did you register? A weekly focus aimed We had made every effort to at keeping expatriate readers become as ‘legal’ as possible once informed on various aspects of we had decided to live here in Life in Spain Spain. Registration was a simple process. By Raul Candela - Michael Rushbrook, The Royal British Legion, El Campello (Alicante). Civic duty. It enables the town hall to qualify for more money for local services. - Richard Rogers, Public Relations Officer, The Royal British Legion, Marbella (Malaga).

Last minute presents? JUST because Santa has been it doesn’t mean there are no toys left to buy. The Spanish traditionally give gifts on Three Kings Day (Epiphany), so most Spanish families will be gathering together on Sunday. Although the first rule for any good present-buyer is to sort it out in advance, some of us still have a nephew or a cousin for whom we still have to buy a last minute present. So, what to buy? In Alicante, there is the Toy Technological Institute (AIJU), a non-governmental foundation that has given expert guidance on toys since 1985. It runs tests on toys before they are marketed by their manufacturers to make sure they meet all safety measures required by EU laws. AIJU’s staff includes experts on child education and psychology.

Source: shutterstock.

A rough guide for toy buyers:

PLAYTIME: Enjoy the look on his face. During the year more than 15,000 children visit its headquarters to have a day-long play. Also, more than 7,000 volunteer families co-operate with the institute. The AIJU publishes a free annual guide reporting on a wide selection of toys, 140 this year. All of them have passed their quality and safety tests, many manufactured by Spanish companies.


QUESTION: MY wife and I obtained a padron certificate each for residence purposes in November 2010. We had registered with the padron when we purchased our property in October 2005 using our NIE. Do we require to

THE following 10 tips are based on suggestions by the Spanish toy store chain Imaginarium. 1. Buy the toy as soon as possible. Otherwise, the toy you thought of may be sold out. 2. Make a list. It helps with planning expenses and making sure everyone is remembered. 3. Buy quality and safety. Look for quality seals and recommended ages on the box. 4. Go with the child, if possible. It is the best way to get what they want. 5. Look for Special Discount days. Ask the store staff if any sales are coming up. 6. Tell the rest of the family which toy you bought. It avoids repetition. 7. Buy online. It can save a lot of time. But check delivery is not too slow. 8. Buy educational toys. 9. Keep the receipt and check the store is able to replace the toy or refund the money. 10. Ask for advice. Staff at the toy stores can help you decide.

The AIJU also carries out extensive market research to find out the main trends. Children like toys they can play with anywhere; they also like unexpected features to surprise them. Toys based on technology gadgets are popular. Handicrafts and toys like doctor kits, sewing, cooking, and DIY are also in fashion.

Read AIJU 2013 guide at:

re-register and if so at what period of time? Answer: You may indeed need to confirm your registration. Our advice is that you get in touch with your town hall’s padron office or foreign residents department to confirm that. As for the period of time, confirmation is

GOOD ADVICE: The Royal British Legion is one of the expat associations encouraging foreigners to sign on the padron. 3) How has it helped you being in the ‘padron’? By being able to vote. - Frederick Wallis, Vice president of the International Theatre Studio, San Pedro de Alcantara (Malaga). Provides eligibility for: healthcare, car purchase, transfer of English to Spanish driving licences, establishing ‘domestic’ and ‘fiscal’ residency, registering for town hall Spanish language lessons, membership of our association, Imserso (Spanish Government subsidised holidays). - Michael and Penelope Elliott, Pensioners Association, Los Montesinos (Alicante). I can cast my vote at certain elections, I have access to a doctor when I need to and if we have wildfires, there are firemen to help us. I am also ensuring my future – as should my health deteriorate and I need help – being on the padron ensures that I can at least apply. - Margery Taylor, Chairman, The Royal British Legion, Mijas (Malaga). 4) Where did you get the information about the ‘padron’ from? The original information came from the town hall but we are glad to see that the Euro Weekly is promoting the padron. - Mary Le Corney, District Secretary The Royal British Legion, Torremolinos (Malaga). Our information comes in the main from the media, such as the Euro Weekly. - Ken Davis, Chairman, The Royal British Legion, Zurgena (Almeria). 5) Does your association co-operate in any way to promote the ‘padron’ among foreign residents? How? We give frequent reminders to our members to ensure they and their neighbours are registered on the padron, as this enables the local council to obtain maximum benefits from central and regional government as well as to make purchases or register for a SIP card. - Helen Tudor, Secretary Neighbourhood Watch, Vecinos Cooperando, Rojales (Alicante). We at the RBL strongly recommend that all should register themselves on their local padron and have given the reasons why. I would like to say there are still many expats who have been here for many years and still not registered. - Bill Raford, The Royal British Legion, Algarrobo Costa (Malaga). done every five years if you are EU residents and registered with your Certificate of Residence. But if you are non-EU residents, then it is every two years. For EU non-residents who used their passport, it is also two years.

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3 - 9 January 2013

Axarquía - Málaga East

Girls enjoy superior taste buds A STUDY on 8,900 schoolchildren in Denmark has found that girls have a better sense of taste than boys. The findings showed that girls recognised taste much better than their male counterparts, and boys need 10 per cent more sourness and 20 per cent more sweetness to be able to recognise the taste of something. Also, boys have a

sweeter tooth than girls. Carried out by the Danish Science Communication and The Faculty of Life Sciences, each child was supplied with a kit of taster samples. The tests were designed to recognise the ability of the children to discover sweet and sour tastes and to find out what they prefer when each sensation varied in intensity.

The magic of apples APPLES have more uses than for simply consumption. Store cakes with half of an apple and it will retain its moisture. The same with chicken, when cooking one whole, stuff it with an apple to keep it moist. If brown sugar goes hard in the larder, place an apple wedge in the bag, tightly sealed, and a day or so later, the sugar will be soft once more. They also have the ability to ripen tomatoes and soak up excess salt in a stew simply add apple wedges for 10 minutes.

EXCLUSIVE: The cheese could soon be on sale at Harrods.

Donkey cheese is most expensive

THE most expensive cheese in the world comes from the Serbian donkey. The average dairy cow can produce more milk in six weeks than the entire farm of 130 donkeys, outside of Belgrade, Serbia, can produce in a year and 25 litres of donkey milk are needed

to make one kilo of cheese. This could account for its price tag of £1,000 (€1,219) a kilo. The cheese is not commercially produced at present, but there are hopes it could soon be on the shelves of Harrods department store.

World’s largest pizza FIVE chefs in Italy have baked the world’s largest pizza. The world-record pizza is a 130-foot wide margherita and was created in Rome. The dough was baked in over 5,000 separate batches. It was then covered with 19,800 pounds of mozzarella and 8,800 pounds of tomato sauce. The pizza smashed the previous world record set in 1990 in South Africa which measured 122 feet in diameter. Slices of the pizza were donated to local food shelters in Rome.

BIG PIZZA PIE: Anyone for a slice?

30 EWN

3 - 9 January 2013

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Time Out Natural way to stop smoking

Mystery and suspense, comedy When 22-year-old drug dealer Chris (Hirsch) has his stash of drugs stolen from him by his mother, he has to come up with $6,000 quick, or he’s dead. Desperate, he goes to see his father, Ansel (Hayden Church), and lays out the plan. Chris’s mother has a life insurance policy. Enter Detective ‘Killer’ Joe Cooper, a hired hit man, who will get rid of her - for an upfront fee - that Chris and Ansel can’t pay. Just as Joe is about to leave, he spots Dottie (Temple), Chris’s innocent younger sister. Joe makes Chris an offer, he’ll keep Dottie as sexual collateral until the money is collected and his fee can be paid. 1h43 Director: William Friedkin Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple, Thomas Haden Church

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20) A loss of patience with a situation shows this week but is not to your advantage. Whatever you feel, be subtle in your approach. Try to see your position clearly and the result will be that you realise you have more control than you thought.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19) A feeling that you should totally commit yourself to something or someone this week should be avoided. You will come up against a brick wall if a situation is forced. Time is all that is required to see things change for the better.


AN English international author who recently became a resident of Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol has released her first book. Shirley Amy’s The Winning Way to Quit Smoking uses a revolutionary protocol derived from a natural and holistic foundation.

IF ITʼS YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK: The desire to find an ideal mate brings an edge to the months ahead. It is almost as though you are daring fate to tempt you.

Y our S tars

learn the magic word: no. Know your limits and stick to them.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

There may not be enough time to do everything you want, so why can't you just reorganise your life so there is? Not as easy as it sounds, Pisces, unless you

It incorporates health science, and embraces complementary and nutritional therapy with an accent on biological regulation and the intrinsic healing of the mind, body and soul. It is designed to slowly and

Nacho Duato, born January 8, 1957. He is a Spanish modern ballet dancer and choreographer. He was the artistic director of the National Spanish Dance Company from 1990 to 2010. He is currently the artistic director of the ballet at Moscowʼs Mikhailovsky Theatre.


with the physical activities. Set out to become more active, socially, and maximise on relaxation. you?

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21)

Extra pressures at work leave you feeling less than energetic. Check on your health and don't go overboard

systematically change smokers into nonsmokers in around six months without the need for nicotine replacement products and anti-smoking drugs, which is perfect for all those New Year resolutions.

Although health should be good, energy may be a little low. A bit of a mystery surrounds a close friend and your opinion may be sought. Hold fire until all the facts are known and you are sure a person has been honest with you because someone may try to keep you in the dark to get the right answer. .


CANCER (June 22 - July 23) The temptation to run round like a headless chicken is strong this week. There seem to be so many demands on your time that things become confusing. Be sure you are getting enough rest because this time of the year can be fraught for you.

HOW TO PLAY Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

LEO (July 24 - August 23)


A situation could become complicated if you do not plan ahead. With a little thought and planning, matters can be kept simple which is always desirable. Be choosy about the company you keep because a bad character could taint by association.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) A lost cause tries to demand your attention, but you must try to see the situation for what it is. Sentimentality should not come into business or be allowed to upset your home life.

1. Which Norwegian explorer was the first to traverse the Northwest Passage and, in 1911, the first to reach the South Pole? 2. Who, in February 1979, became the first soccer player to be transferred within the UK for a fee of over £1,000,000? 3. According to the Guinness Book of Hit Singles, what was the title of the Rolling Stones’ first British number one hit single? 4. The Norwegian diplomat Trygve Lie was the first person to hold which position? 5. Which sporting first occurred at the Iffley Road Track, Oxford, on May 6, 1954? 6. According to the Bible (John 20 and Mark 16:9), who was the first to see Jesus after his Resurrection? 7. Which famous horse race, first (officially) run in 1839, was won by Lottery ridden by Jem Mason? 8. What was the name of the world’s first orbiting satellite, which was launched by the USSR in October 1957? 9. What was the name of the first First Minister of Scotland at the head of the Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition in 1999? 10. In which south coast resort was Britain’s first nudist beach established in August 1979?

TARGET: Average: 20 Good: 26

Very good: 37 Excellent: 46


ambo, bake, bare, bark, barm, beak, beam, bear, bema, berk, berm, boar, book, boom, boor, bore, brae, kerb, oboe, robe, amber, baker, brake, break, bream, broke, brook, broom, embar, ombre, booker, boomer, embark, bookmark, BOOKMAKER

How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case G) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.

Word ladder

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)





Saturday December 29




Saturday December 29

Friday December 28



17 24








35 36








Saturday December 29

Sunday December 30












27 29













SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) Are you suffering from winter blues? Although it is a common feeling at this time of the year, keep optimistic. There is so much to look forward to, in fact, that you are spoilt for choice.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21) Recent events have perhaps left a gap in your social life that is hard to fill. Patience is needed because it would be foolish to rush into something new if your heart is involved. Concentrating on work and other people will alleviate any loneliness. This may seem a short-term solution but it is all that is needed for now.


Move from the start word (COAT) to the end word (RACK) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.


Ruts are awful things to get into but even more difficult to get out of. Being cosy is one thing, but getting bogged down, mentally and physically, is another. All you need is to keep your optimism alive and use your imagination.

Just joking • What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear. • Why did the man with one hand cross the road? To get to the second-hand shop. • I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but I’ve never had the patience.


not as high as normal, use this week for planning. With holidays in mind, the summer seems far away but maybe a weekend trip will fill the gap.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

Social activities are likely to change at the last minute. If energy levels are

10-star quiz


Killer Joe



3 - 9 January 2013


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Axarquía - Málaga East

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Crosswords CRYPTIC


Across 7 Cooking instructions: pierce bananas (6) 8 Plundered devastated Toledo (6) 9 Being in April, if everything is OK (4) 10 Sounds like this princess is timid when it comes to facing a tribe of Indians (8) 11 Wren set off for action movie (7) 13 Guide one through the story line (5) 15 Fast, first class railway sprite (5) 17 Twelve inch high chaps used as servants (7) 20 Iʼm done, so change the game (8) 21 To incite a dog is naughty (4) 22 Partly taking the reins in this place (6) 23 Actorʼs remarks not for B teams (6) Down 1 Catty remarks from your lifeline (6) 2 Excavation belongs to me (4) 3 Piggy comes from gym class and gets a couple of hundred a year back (7) 4 Football team in the dumps (5) 5 Nationalist opposition leader against

The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English. Across 1 Soup (thick) (4) 3 Hierbas (5) 6 Cebolla (5) 8 Pears (5) 10 Nail (on finger, toe) (3) 11 Serious (problem, danger, illness, mistake) (5) 12 Baile (pieza, arte) (5) 13 Mar (3) 14 Hoja (de papel) (5)

the Spanish is Middle Eastern author (8) 6 Shelter is on late broadcast (4-2) 12 Insects are, perhaps, emitters (8) 14 Lassie from Sirius? (3,4) 16 Shore bird at cove flying

around (6) 18 Paint two women (6) 19 Illegal stash of meat cut for roasting (5) 21 The way I walk gets an immense titter at first (4)

23 Horse barn (6) Down 2 Accomplish (7) 3 Goddess of love (5) 4 Department (7) 5 From that time (5) 6 Desert (7) 7 Irritable (5) 13 Hearten (7) 14 Own (7) 15 Particular (7) 17 On oneʼs own (5) 18 Backhander (5) 19 Shinbone (5)

CRYPTIC Across: 1 Workload, 7 Flute, 8 Nostalgia, 9 Sow, 10 Herb, 11 Wet rot, 13 Gimlet, 14 Lanark, 17 Purdah, 18 Wasp, 20 Leo, 22 Astronaut, 23 Nippy, 24 Teaspoon. Down: 1 Wench, 2 Rostrum, 3 Lead, 4 Angles, 5 Quest, 6 Network, 7 Fairway, 12 Hearsay, 13 Gallant, 15 Arapaho, 16 Castle, 17 Poppy, 19 Piton, 21 Eons.

ENGLISH - SPANISH Across: 1 Book, 3 Blind, 8 England, 9 Tea, 10 Ruler, 11 Broma, 12 Oro, 13 Ciruela, 14 Goose, 15 Sopa. Down: 1 Beetroot, 2 Orgulloso, 4 Ladybird, 5 Nitrogeno, 6 Fabricas, 7 Calabaza.

Play on Words

TUC Answers: Four poster, Cut back

1.Unscramble the name of a famous children’s television programme, first broadcast in 1969 (two words): SEES TEAMSTER 2. Unscramble the name of a retired English rugby union player: TWO MAD ANTS

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 20 represents J and 21 represents W, so fill in J every time the figure 20 appears and W every time the figure 21 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.


QUICK - Across: 1 Twisted, 5 Bliss, 8 Baked, 9 Startle, 10 Obstinate, 12 Gap, 13 Smudge, 14 Escape, 17 Lea, 18 Senseless, 20 Amiable, 21 Trade, 23 Abhor, 24 Torment. Down: 1 Taboo, 2 Irk, 3 Tidying, 4 Dismal, 5 Brave, 6 Integrate, 7 Steeple, 11 Squeamish, 13 Sultana, 15 Sweater, 16 Insert, 18 Sober, 19 Spent, 22 Ape.


Down 1 Esponjas (7) 2 Spring (season) (9) 4 Swords (7) 5 Aubergine (9) 7 Our (7) 9 Más dulce (7)

Co d e B r e a ke r

QUICK Across 1 Fabric used for clothing, chairs, sails or tents (6) 5 Look for (6) 8 Slim (4) 9 Aromatic bark used as a spice (8) 10 Sweat (8) 11 Rush (4) 12 Area (6) 14 Penalise (6) 16 Overtake (4) 18 Infatuated (8) 20 Convinced (8) 21 Simmer (4) 22 Calm (6)

15 Sudor (transpiración) (5) 16 Heat (warmth) (5) 17 To fall (4)


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.’ Jim Rohn (1930-2009) American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.


Hexagram The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 sixletter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (BELLOW) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.




















LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION 1 Longer, 2 Dinner, 3 Wilder, 4 Borrow, 5 Noises, 6 Shrunk, 7 Metres, 8 Wheels, 9 Booths, 10 Mellow, 11 Barest, 12 Writhe, 13 Taller, 14 Lusted, 15 Patrol, 16 Mortar, 17 Either, 18 Sparks, 19 Hasten.






3 - 9 January 2013 Axarquía - Málaga East


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3 - 9 January 2013



RYING to think of a common set of new year resolutions for the EWN readership is not easy as some have large and others small properties, some have long matured gardens and others are just starting to develop new gardens and of course some live in apartments with small storage balconies or elegant roof top gardens. However we hope the following makes sense: • Aim to make all spaces more usable, productive and enjoyable. • Be adventurous but cautious with your plantings. Adventurous in recognising a huge range of flowering and evergreen plants and trees, fruit, vegetables and herbs can be grown in all situations in Spain. • Cautious in focussing on planting mainly drought and frost resistant plants to minimise the cost of losses. • Recognise in all gardens the predominant colours will be the multitude of green tints and hues so add an assortment of leaf colours. Even at Christmas we had getting on for forty types of

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OMES Gardens

Some possible New Year resolutions for gardeners plants in flower. For ideas for new colour schemes read the chapter on ‘Painting with plants’ in our book ‘Your Garden in Spain – From planning to planting and maintenance’. • Finally go eco and avoid using potentially dangerous chemical gardening products. A bottle of neem oil insecticide now widely available since Flower launched two neem products,

a bottle of propolis as a fungicide which if not in your local garden centre is in the health stores and honey shops, a bottle of potassium soap or an eco washing up liquid plus a few cloves of garlic to crush to add to water or to plant in geranium pots or under rose bushes can sort out most garden problems. For snails and slugs try Neudorff’s eco snail pellets which do not end up with

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Plan a colourful garden for 2013.

Gardening Corner

By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Spain’s best known gardening authors who have lived and gardened in Spain for 25 years.

piles of dead snails and slimy snail tracks. • Start to grow a few vegetables even if only in

large size builders’ buckets or window boxes or on a growing table. The illustrations in ‘Apartment Gardening Mediterranean Style’ and ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain’ will give you plenty of ideas. If you like freshly harvested mushrooms, a spore impregnated sack from a local garden centre, agricultural cooperative or animal feed warehouse is a very easy and

productive way to start. If you can’t trace a sack contact or • Add some additional fruit trees bushes or plants for fresh seasonal fruits ranging from peaches to redcurrants and strawberries. • Get out and enjoy the first sunny days of the new year and progress the annual winter clean up and cutback early to create a neat garden and give plants plenty of time to bud up for spring. • If you don’t have room for a veggie plot take on an allotment. • Encourage the next generations to take an interest in nature and gardens beyond growing cannabis. From what we have heard when running question and answer stands at village fairs and flower festivals many youngsters are experts. Whatever your new year plans for the garden and apartment terraces do enjoy them to the full this year. (c) Clodagh and Dick Handscombe January 2013

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3 - 9 January 2013

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3 - 9 January 2013

Axarquía - Málaga




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3 - 9 January 2013

EWN 37 Axarquía - Málaga East SEVEN seater automatic 2008 Toyota Corolla Verso V V T I , o n e o w n e r, o n l y 53,000kms (33,000miles), sale due to relocation, climate control, electric everything, good looking in grey with alloy wheels, now 9,995 euros. Samantha or Gordon Ro b e r t s o n 9 5 2 8 3 2 1 7 3 o r 6 0 8 6 5 8 7 8 5 w w w. r o b e r t (200963)

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3 - 9 January 2013


Axarquía - Málaga East For best rates in motor insurance call: 952 89 33 80

Sponsored by THE bar of safety in Spanish cars has been raised during the last five years. However, there is still a notable gap between the safety equipment of higher and lower segments. In this sense, Germany has been identified as the most advanced country in Europe in terms of car protection systems.

Safety equipment gaps found between EU markets These are some of the main findings in a report by the Fundacion Mapfre’s Instituto de Seguridad Vial, a traffic

safety research institute dependent on insurance company Mapfre. The report analyses how vehicle safety systems

have evolved between 2006 and 2011. “Car producers have made great efforts to enhance safety in the

Christmas comes early for Sir Alex Ferguson MANCHESTER United manager Sir Alex Ferguson took possession of an extended range electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt. Sir Bobby Charlton was given a Captiva. It was part of the club’s partnership agreement with the global car manufacturer. The Volt can travel up to 80 kilometres gas and emission free – and virtually silent – before the on-board generator kicks in to add a further 500 kilometres of extended range. “I think the Volt is absolutely phenomenal. A friend of mine drove one in the States and kept going on and on about it, so when I had the opportunity I said ‘yeah I’m going to try it because it’s the car of the future, really.’ “I’m very pleased with it,” Sir Alex said. The Chevrolet Volt is available in Europe’s largest automobile markets at a base price of €38,425. It won the prestigious European Car of the Year 2012, amongst others. Chevrolet will become the club’s shirt sponsor beginning with the 2014/2015 season.








RED DEVILS: Sir Alex Ferguson (left) and Sir Bobby Charlton with their new cars, the Chevrolet Volt and Chevrolet Captiva respectively.

€306 million investment in Sunderland production plan INFINITI, the car brand of Nissan Motor, confirmed it will manufacture vehicles in Europe from Nissan’s production base in Sunderland, UK. The announcement represents a substantial investment of around £250 million (€306 million) and is expected to create a further 1,000 jobs at Sunderland and across the country. “This milestone, our first premium product to be manufactured at Sunderland, reconfirms our commitment to UK manufacturing and the ongoing success of the plant, which is moving up

MILESTONE: A world first. the value chain,” Colin Dodge, Nissan Motor Executive Vice President, stated. “Just as important, the new Infiniti, is being developed with help from our London design centre

and our European Technical Centre at Cranfield,” he added. Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “Sunderland will be the only place in the world to make this new compact.”

last few years to introduce as many technological innovations as possible with lower costs,” the report states. However, it also reminds buyers they should request more information about safety before buying a vehicle. The report compares three best-seller car models (Renault Clio, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Mondeo) in three different segments. It tries to prove the differences in serial safety equipment of a same car model depending on the EU market. In general terms, the conclusion is that whether in Spain, France, Germany or Britain, cars have similar features. However, significant differences have been found in equipment for lower car segments, such as the Electronic

Stabilisation Programme (ESP), Traction Control System (TCS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD). These features are more common in Germany than in the other three countries. For example, in a same low-segment model, the EBD is scarcely found in Spain, France and Britain, while it is present 80 per cent of the times in German models, the report found. Another finding is that lower-segment cars which are the best-seller models - have a significant safety gap compared to higher segment models. The Isofix international standard for attachment points for child safety seats in passenger cars, for instance, is more rarely found the smaller the car is. In A-segment cars the smallest of all - Isofix can be found in 60 per cent of them. ESP and TCS do not reach 20 per cent of the cases.


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3 - 9 January 2013 Axarquía- Málaga East

FA Cup shocks on the way as big names enter draw T

HIS weekend 32 teams will be participating in the third round of the FA Cup and, as always, there will be a handful of surprises as many top-line clubs play banana-skin ties against inferior opponents. There are four all-Premiership encounters. Seven-time winners and holders Chelsea visit Southampton,

SPORTS SCENE By Tony Matthews A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Manchester United travel to West Ham, there’s a repeat of the Boxing Day clash between QPR and WBA at Loftus Road while Swansea play Arsenal at The Emirates. Potential giant-killing acts could be performed by Brighton (at home to Newcastle), Bournemouth (v Wigan), Crawley Town (v Reading), possibly Burton Albion at Leicester and Luton at home to Wolves. And with Aston Villa conceding goals left, right and centre, they will certainly be tested by Ipswich. Sunderland won’t find it easy at Bolton, neither will Norwich at

Peterborough nor Stoke at Crystal Palace, and I must wish Hastings United, the lowest-ranked team left in the tournament, good luck at Middlesbrough. Elsewhere, Everton (v Cheltenham), Liverpool (v Mansfield), Manchester City (v Watford), Fulham (v Blackpool) and Tottenham (v Coventry) should all go through, but you never know; anything can happen in the third round of the Cup and invariably it does! FA CUP: Upsets could happen in the third round ties.

Festive action

* Manchester United delivered another ‘Fergie Time’ Boxing Day knockout to beat Newcastle 4-3. It was the ‘12 goals of Christmas’ for Aston Villa who lost 8-0 at Chelsea and 4-0 at home to Tottenham in the space of five days (Gareth Bale scored a hat-trick for Spurs). A goal by ex-Manchester City star Adam Johnson gave Sunderland a late Christmas present-win over Roberto Mancini’s men and WBA have now attained their best half-season points tally since 1982. * The big game in the Championship over the festive season saw leaders Cardiff beat Crystal Palace 2-1. Second-placed Hull drew 0-0 with Leicester (5th) and after losing 1-0 at second-placed Middlesbrough, Blackburn sacked their manager Henning Berg. * Sean O’Driscoll was also dismissed as manager of Nottingham Forest just two hours after the Reds had whipped Leeds 4-

2. It’s a precarious job, managing a football team, unless your name is Ferguson, Wenger or Moyes! * Also last week, lowly Peterborough stunned Wolves 3-0 at Molineux in the Championship while League Two strugglers Barnet caused an upset by winning 1-0 at tabletoppers Gillingham. * Former World Cup referee Graham Poll has effectively told PL managers to ‘learn the rules’ of the game and to stop blaming match officials! This followed the remarks made by ranting and raving Sir Alex Ferguson after Newcastle were awarded a ‘fair’ own-goal at Old Trafford on Boxing Day. I know he’s 71 but that’s no excuse. He’s been in football since he was 16 and should know the rules by now. * Sri Lankan batsman Kumar Sangakkara has become the 11th batsman in cricket history to score 11,000 Test runs, reaching the milestone against Australia on Boxing Day. And in the same match, Australia’s captain Michael Clarke became his country’s highest run-maker in a calendar year, scoring 1,545 in 2012, to beat Ricky Ponting’s 2005 tally of 1,544. And staying with cricket, Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar has retired from limited over matches. * Scot Colin Montgomery has emerged as favourite to captain Europe’s 2014 Ryder Cup team in his home country. * Rafael Nadal, who hasn’t played a serious game of tennis since Wimbledon last June, had hoped to take part in a tournament in Abu Dhabi last week but withdrew due to a stomach bug. However, he hasn’t ruled out playing in the Australian Open later this month.

Did you know? Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is married to the daughter of Diego Maradona. And Aguero’s striker-partner at The Etihad Stadium, Mario Balotelli, once had a trial with Barcelona

SHAKY COMEBACK: Rafael Nadal had to withdraw from Abu Dhabi tournament due to a stomach bug.

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