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23 - 29 AUGUST 2012

Tax scam alert British expats warned over fraud e-mails

EXCLUSIVE by EWN Staff Reporter

DENIA PORT: Where the British engineer was last seen.

EXPATRIATES need to be on the alert over the latest on-line tax scam. A British expatriate almost fell for the fraud after receiving an e-mail seemingly carrying an HM Revenue and Customs letterhead and subject ‘Unclaimed Tax Refund Notification.’ But something did not seem quite right with the e-mail, even though at first glance it appeared authentic. So Siobhan Hutton of


Quite a jam in Torrevieja TRAFFIC on the N-332 is consistently the most congested in Torrevieja, with daily jams of up to five kilometres.

Digital update A NEW radiology machine capable of digital imaging has been installed at Almoradi Health Centre, Orihuela.

Cheap service A TORREVIEJA hospital patient has complained the haematology unit is prioritising saving money with cheaper treatments over patients’ health.

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Interpol hunt after €30,000 Denia grab INTERPOL and Spanish police are hunting for a British yacht engineer missing from Denia port since Sunday .... along with €30,000 cash. • Full story: Interpol alert - Page 12.


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23 - 29 August 2012


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Costa Blanca South

What lies ahead?

KING JUAN CARLOS has returned to work following a lower-than-usual profile royal family summer break in Mallorca. Yesterday (Wednesday) he was back at the sharp end of things when he received Mariano Rajoy, president of the Spanish government. Privately, the head of state must be wondering what lies ahead, for at times 2012 has not been a royally happy one. Juan Carlos is respected by the majority of Spaniards, even – or especially – by those with republican leanings who remember his adroit handling of the transition and attempted coup. But initial concern when he broke his hip while in Zimbabwe last May turned to censure when it emerged he went there to shoot elephant. The Spanish media also SUMMER RETREAT: Marivent Palace and King Juan Carlos who is now back at work. broke their habitual silence regarding Juan Carlos’ private life revealing that he was accompanied by his allegedly long-term mistress, Danish-born Princess Corinna of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Say. But the elephant shoot itself caused outrage, on the grounds of expense – although the King was the guest of a Middle Eastern magnate – and because he was then honorary president of Spain’s law Iñaki Urdangarin. He currently faces World Wildlife Fund. charges of diverting public funds from his He apologised publicly for the Zimbabwe ostensibly non-profit making sports episode and reacted with customary foundation, Noos to his own holding courtesy when later ousted from the WWF companies. presidency. Married to Cristina, Duchess of Palma de And as 2012’s royal summer indicates, he Mallorca, they kept a low summer profile and his family perceived that a low-break spending some time alone at their was needed at Marivent Palace in Mallorca Pedralbes (Barcelona) villa, later moving with their maternal grandparents. during a year when many Spaniards will on to the French Basque region before All the royals are said to be tightening have no holiday at all. In recent months returning to Washington and the Duke’s their belts in the present ongoing tough newspaper headlines have all too- well-paid Telefonica post. economic times, with some public purse frequently been dominated by on-going However Cristina did touch down briefly payments reduced in line with national fraud accusations concerning royal son-in- at Marivent when leaving her four children workers.

King returns after a low profile summer

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23 - 29 August 2012


Costa Blanca South

Dogs sniff out trouble for palm trees FOR the first time in Europe, dogs have been trained to detect the red palm weevil, an insect that plagues palm trees worldwide. Valencia palm tree protection company, Lucaplant, began training dogs to recognise the presence of the palm weevil in trees before infestation. “No specialist can be sure if there is a part of a palm tree infected with the red

palm weevil, but a dog can detect it, allowing time to take action and treat the tree,” explained Lucaplant manager, Pedro Hernandez. Though Hernandez states that the company’s dog training techniques are classified as “top secret,” he explained they are not very different from those used to detect bombs or drugs. Currently three dogs of the boxer and border collie

breeds have completed the training. The red palm weevil was discovered in Spain for the first time in Almuñecar (Granada) in 1995. Lucaplant will be presenting this project in Thailand in September and in Miami in 2014, said Hernandez who added the company has received various requests from all over the world asking for their dogs to investigate certain palm trees.

Hole in robbery plans

Waste dump

Soraya closed SINGER Soraya, a former participant in Eurovision, helped close Elche’s festivities with a live performance which included her new song ‘Con fuego’ (With Fire).

Lorry park LORRY drivers arriving in Torrevieja can now be told in advance of availability in 2,000 parking spaces in seven city zones in a bid to cut traffic congestion.

Deadly cost TRIPLING of funeral service fees by the mayor of San Miguel Arcangel has led residents to complain niche tombs now cost €975 rather than €330.

NATURAL SPECTACLE: The Aurora Borealis can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

Heaven’s above! A sky light


TREAMS of light in the sky normally only visible from the polar ice caps can be enjoyed from the comfort of homes until next Tuesday. The natural spectacle is to be shown live online thanks to the Shelios Expedition which is being led by Spanish researchers. The Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis will be broadcast daily between 3am and 3.10am Spanish time with the live video of the auroras in movement, having images refreshed every minute.

An aurora is a natural light display caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. The expedition broadcast has been coordinated by Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute researchers and members of the Global Robotic Telescopes Intelligent Array (GLORIA) operating from near the Qaleraliq glaciar in Greenland. This has been made possible in collaboration with in Spanish and English.

Increase for conference centre

Fire risk

MURCIA’S Victor Villegas Conference Centre earned revenues of €31 million, demonstrating a significant increase over the last 10 years. The number of participants in attendance for various meetings has grown 135 per cent while revenue has increased by 127 per cent since 2000, explained Councillor of Sport, Youth and Tourism, Miguel Cascales. “For the most part, this has been possible thanks to the Conferences Department which analysed the economic impact that the conference market could have on the city,” said Cascales who pointed out that in 2011 conference tourism earned €31,871,315 compared to the €14.3 million in 2000 and the €24.7 million in 2005.

NEITHER the Torrevieja City Council nor Las Lagunas and La Mata Natural Parks representatives have taken responsibility for the cleanup and maintenance of Los Verdes, with this increasing the risk of fire, according to some sources.

Quote of the week

N watch ews

Brave dog protects its owner A 70-YEAR-OLD Spanish woman escaped unhurt when a young man, possibly of African origin, tried to attack her, but ran off when her dog protected her. The incident happened in Montesinos village.

Local watch

THREE men were arrested by police after attempting to rob an industriual warehouse in Huerto de Travalon (Elche) by climbing through a hole in the wall.

HUMAN waste allegedly dumped in Cieza (Murcia) by an Orihuela company’s lorry may be from various Alicante sewage plants, according to the Guardia Civil’s environmental unit.


As soon as Spain’s financial and budgetary situation is back to normal, the idea is to reverse the tax increments

Jose Soria, the Industry, Energy and Tourism Minister. He also said that the Government will ensure businesses do not charge the VAT tax rise until September 1.

Number of the week million more foreign tourists are expected to 1visit Spain this year compared to 2011, which

already reached the record-breaking number of 56.7 million visitors from abroad, recently stated the secretary of the Government’s Tourism Department, Isabel Borrego.

CO-ORDINATORS and residents have assisted reducing vandalism locally without involving the Local Police or Guardia Civil, by keeping watch, sounding whistles, and being good neighbours.

Blaze fright A FIRE in a thicket that spread to near buildings, provoking a female resident to suffer a panic attack, was extinguished by Murcia firemen. A medical team dealt with the woman from Calle Cuatro Vientos in San Gines.

River dump ELCHE municipal cleaning services removed 125 tonnes of rubbish from the Vinalopo River or 41 containers with items including bicycles and other equipment.

Copper stolen THREE men were arrested for allegedly stealing

and finally... A MAN was arrested in Illora, Granada for allegedly setting fire to a family member’s home, which was unoccupied at the time. The accused had supposedly threatened to burn her house down before the incident.




23 - 29 August 2012



Stories making headlines from the United Kingdom

Fewer top marks BRITISH A-level results have dropped for the first time in 20 years due to Government pressure on examiners to restrict top marks. The overall pass mark has increased however.

Suicide plea A MAN from Wiltshire with locked-in syndrome asked a court to grant his doctor immunity from prosecution to carry out an assisted suicide. His plea was denied; judges believe Parliament should decide.

Toys stolen SEX toys worth €14,000 were reportedly stolen overnight from a flat in Gilgal, Stourport where an internet mail order company had been storing the items.

Chinese visas SEVERAL senior cabinet ministers propose to relax the visa system for Chinese tourists to boost tourism. B ut Home Secretary, Theresa May, said it would also bring criminals and asylum seekers to Britain.

Costa Blanca South

‘We never contact by email’ - taxman From Front page Benalmadena, on the Costa del Sol, phoned the British tax authorities with regard to the possible £239.41 (€300) rebate. And she was immediately warned it was a scam. “They asked me to forward the e.mail to uk so that the matter could be investigated further. “They told me they never make contact by e.mail, which immediately alerted me that it was clearly a total fraud and scam.” A pensioner, Mrs Hutton has been in Spain for the last eight years, and lives in semiretirement with her husband Reginald. “While the e.mail at first glance appeared authentic, and was in

generally good English, there were minor errors, including receiving incorrectly spelled twice. “It also advised it was the final notice and that I should respond swiftly, which did not seem to be normal tax rebate procedure,” she said. The message stated ‘you are advised to respond Swiftly to this mail so as to facilitate the process within 72 hours of receiving the information Submitted.’ It then added a list of banks, including Barclays, HSBC, NatWest and Santander, and advised the reference of https://online.inlandr on?namespace=re&origi n should be given. The e.mail also added

that if the account details provided were incorrect, or for an inactive account, that the refund would be forfeited. It also advised that for security reasons the IP address, time and date would be recorded, with deliberate ‘wrong input criminally pursued.’ “Since receiving the original message I was sent another this weekend pointing out I would lose my reclaim if I did not respond within another three days,” said Mrs Hutton, a former nurse who was born in Ireland and who later worked in the south of England.

• Names changed upon request to retain privacy.

THE SCAM MESSAGE with original spellings

Unclaimed Tax Refund Notification

You are Recieving this Notification Because you are yet to claim your tax refund which has accrued up to 239.41 GBP, This is the last and Final notice we will be sending regarding this issue. you are advised to respond Swiftly to this mail so as to facilitate the process within 72hours of receiving the information Submitted. On files dated 07/02/2012, The following Banks are processed within 48hrs of recieving your information due to the system link up. Barclays Bank Plca Co-operative Bank Plc Halifax Plc HSBC Bank Plc Lloyds TSB Bank Plc NatWest Bank Santander Bank other banks are required to allow up 72hrs. You are require to Submit the tax refund request using the reference below pplication?namespace=re&origin Please Note : If the Account provide is incorrect or inactive your refund would be forfeited and also For Security reason we will record ( IP Address, Time and Date ) Delibrate wrong input will be criminally persued Yours Sincerely HM Revenue & Customs


23 - 29 August 2012

6,200 families qualified.

2 men caught ‘red-handed’ stealing chickens TWO men accused of attempting to steal chickens from a poultry farm in Sangonera la Seca were arrested by Murcia local police. The owner called for police assistance around 2:40pm on Monday

The two men broke the fence surrounding the property and triggered the alarm. when he found two men allegedly stealing chickens from his property on Camino Teatinos.


Costa Blanca South

10,000 youths ride bus for free NEARLY 10,000 people under the age of 26 will be able to use Elche’s city bus service for free. A total of 9,726 applications for free bus passes from 6,200 families were approved, while 245 were rejected for not fulfilling the necessary requirements and 333 have not been resolved due to missing documentation. Residents that did not hand in their applications in time for the July deadline or were not eligible can opt to recharge their bus pass quarterly for €20 or €80 for the year, which equates to €6.50 a month.


Upon breaking the fence that surrounds the farm, an alarm was triggered allowing the owner to catch the two individuals ‘redhanded’ according to his report. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the suspects, Spanish men aged 25 and 29, and took them to the Guardia Civil station in Alcantarilla where they were questioned.

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23 - 29 August 2012 A TOTAL of 97 events promoting gender equality were held by the Murcia city council during the first half of this year. Specifically, the Gender Equality Committee of the council was behind the efforts striving for gender equality and fighting against gender violence. The committee informed women in the municipality of their social and legal rights, the services available for victims of gender violence, how gender violence develops in the youth population and how to prevent it, as well as the risk of social exclusion of women in employment. Such services will continue through the end of the summer and beginning in September the committee will present ‘La Otra Historia’ (The Other Story), calling attention to women of economic and cultural importance in the municipality in the last century.

Costa Blanca South

Gender equality is promoted in Murcia



Stories making headlines from Germany

Religious rights HAMBURG authorities have signed an unprecedented agreement with Muslim group representatives to guarantee citizens the right to celebrate Islamic holidays, burial customs, and influence religious lessons at school.

No tattoos JUDGES in Münster and Coesfeld have prohibited a business owner from tattooing a Rolling Stones symbol on his pony’s flank for advertising purposes saying that tattooing animals for fashion purposes violated animal cruelty laws.

Bad cologne EQUAL GROUND – A great opportunity to get to grips with equality.

Justice Council British girl, 17, dies in ordered to pay bill bicycle accident A YOUNG British girl died after falling down an embankment on her bicycle in Pilar de la Horadada. The girl, aged 17, was accompanied by two others who were also riding bicycles. Apparently, the victim who was leading the others did not notice a

sudden curve in the road. Despite her efforts to brake, she lost control of her bicycle and fell down about one and half metres into an embankment. The young Briton hit her head on the pavement below and died instantly from her injuries.

THE Orihuela Justice Council must pay a company €34,717 for interest on delayed payments for the furnishing of the courts. The order made by the Valencia Region’s High Court was in response to the company’s claims

from January 2008 that the council failed to pay principal fees and interest for late payment on furniture supplied to the Orihuela court houses. In 2005 the Justice Council authorised the supply of furniture with the corresponding estimate of €77,894.55. The job was completed in November of that year and the bill was issued in January of 2006. As a result of the Council’s delayed payment and failure to pay consequential interest, the High Court ruled in favour of the company to which the council must pay €34,717.

DISPOSABLE urinal company Adamus is looking to Cologne, where the streets are often filled with unpleasant odours due to many people relieving themselves outdoors, especially during holidays and festivities.

Life sentence THE 26-year-old man accused of allegedly attempting to kill his exwife in a jealous rage and murdering her sister and mother in Berlin, is facing a life sentence in prison.

Best chance GERMAN youth have the best chance of finding employment in Europe, revealed Eurostat statistics authorities as less than 8 per cent of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are jobless.

23 - 29 August 2012



Costa Blanca South



SCANDINAVIAN PRESS Stories making headlines in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Response too slow NORWAY - Anders Breivik, who admitted killing 77 people last year, could have been caught faster, says a report. Police were criticised for taking 35 minutes to reach the youth camp .

Extra school DENMARK - School children in Copenhagen will spend more hours at school than students in other parts of the country. The extra time will be spent studying Danish, English and social studies.

Body found SWEDEN - Polish students stumbled across human remains on a campsite near Galo.

Costa Blanca South

Exporters in Murcia enjoy trading boom BUSINESS is booming for Murciabased exporters. In the first six months of this year,

23 - 29 August 2012

Murcia recorded the second greatest increase in exports in Spain, with the Balearic Islands

topping the tables. Murcia region exported 56.1 per cent more goods than during the same period last year; Baleares was the number one region and exported 76.8 per cent more. The total value of Murcia exports was €4.3 billion according to the Ministry of Economics and Competition. But at the same time the region imported €6.3 billion, a 9.3 per cent increase on 2011 and resulting in a €2 billion export/import deficit. Cataluña, Andalucia and Madrid are Spain’s greatest exporters, CALA BOSQUE: It took four hours for the man’s body to be removed. despite Murcia surpassing them in overall growth. These regions account for nearly 50 per cent of the A DEAD man was left lying on the Costa. He was holidaying with his country’s exports and beach for four hours before being wife and they had gone swimming. experienced increases of removed. However, he disappeared. When 7.4 per cent, 12.2 per The body of the 67-year-old found he was pulled to shore where cent and 3.3 per cent French man was found on Cala medical services tried to revive him. respectively compared to Bosque Beach in La Zenia, Orihuela It is believed he had a heart attack. the same period last year.

Dead man left by lifeguard chair

Stabbing suspect arrested POLICE arrested a man accused of stabbing a Torrevieja resident during a brawl in Benidorm. The suspect, a Bulgarian man aged 29, was taken into police custody for allegedly stabbing a Spanish man, aged 25, in the left arm, stomach, and thorax in addition to causing other injuries to his body. The incident supposedly occurred at 6.34am last Friday during a fight between the two men. Emergency services found the Torrevieja man in a critical condition and transported him to the Villajoyosa Hospital. Police quickly located and arrested the suspect in a bar near the site where the victim was located. The supposed weapon, a 20-centimetre knife was found in a nearby rubbish bin.


23 - 29 August 2012



Costa Blanca South

New parking measures won’t be enforced yet

EARLY DAYS: Full force of parking measures yet to come.

LITTLE has changed since the Parking Control Ordinance (ORA) has come into effect in Callosa de Segura. The 400 paid parking spaces are mainly empty since a good part of the Callosa community is enjoying their summer holiday along the coast. Not until the beginning of September will the true effects of the ordinance measure be realised. Though drivers who park their vehicles on any of the 22 streets now marked as blue zones should theoretically pay, traffic councillor, Gaspar Serrano explained that the law will not

be strictly enforced until September. Until then, “we are in a period of adaptation. Some people are still unsure about how the ticket machines work and traffic wardens are assisting them,” said Serrano who ensured that drivers will not be fined just yet. There will be a total of six traffic wardens monitoring the blue zones from 10am to 2pm then 5pm to 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays. At this time, the council is not considering issuing special parking passes for residents, according to the councillor.

Domestic dispute leads to drug charges A DOMESTIC dispute led to a couple being arrested on drug charges. Police received a call to 092 at around 4am with

a noise complaint at the property in Calle Esperanza in Murcia City. When officers arrived at the property they heard shouting and a

woman crying. Upon entering the property they discovered marijuana plants were being grown as well as dried marijuana. Various

drug paraphernalia was also seized. The 24-year-old man and woman, 22, both Spanish, were subsequently arrested.

SAFETY FIRST: Vehicles are being closely monitored.

Speed alert SPEEDING drivers beware! Murcia is getting tougher on fast drivers. Until this Sunday, the Guardia Civil’s Traffic Unit will continue to monitor vehicles more closely as part of a safety campaign that began on Monday, with 16 speed traps, plus four stationary/mobile devices, checking the speed of passing vehicles. Last year speed was a factor in one third of all fatal accidents in the Murcia region. If average speeds can be cut by 5 per cent, the number of death crashes would be cut by 20 per cent according to Provincial Traffic Headquarters officials.




23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

Children’s fun for all party FINLEY’S FUN DAY is a children’s fun for all party this Monday from 12pm-6pm at the Abbey Tavern Gardens in La Florida. It is being held to mark the first birthday of Finley, a little boy with special needs who lives here on the Costa Blanca. At 19 weeks old Finley was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome Potocki Lupski Syndrome (PTLS) and Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (CMT). PTLS is the duplication of chromosome number 17. It comes with various health concerns including poor feeding, low body weight, low muscle tone, poor fine motor skills, a heart condition and speech delays among others. The condition is

BIG DAY OUT: A fun day out and a great cause. extremely rare and as such much more research needs to be done which is why Finley’s parents are desperately trying to raise awareness and money to enable reseach to help support Finley’s future. Finley is the grandson

of the popular local DJ and entertainer Simon Morton of Sunshine FM. Please come along and support us in this event and make it a special day for all special needs children. Collections have been placed in Iceland since August 14.


23 - 29 August 2012

EWN 11 Costa Blanca South

Translation service improves lives of local immigrants MANY immigrants have received services offered by the Elche city council as a way to become better integrated in their new home. When her daughter, aged two, came down with a 40-degree fever within two weeks of arriving in Spain, Svitlana Golovashchenko did not know what to do, being that she did not speak a word of Spanish. “I came to Elche Acoge (Elche Welcomes) crying because no

one understood me. They called a volunteer translator who quickly arrived and came with me to the hospital where they took care of my daughter,” explained Svitlana who now works as a mediator with the programme that came to her aid during her first weeks in Spain. At times the language barrier can be problematic as was the case for an African man who Svitlana assisted. He was having issues with a neighbour because

46 organisations benefit from social services FORTY-SIX organisations in Elche have been granted €52,000 by the social services department. These include organisations that help protect the rights of people with disabilities, the attention to people with illness and their families including those with Alzheimer’s, cancer, anorexia and bulimia. Others include those people at risk of social exclusion including €3,250 to the elderly, €6,700 to protect women’s rights and €5,200 for work programmes for people in special circumstances.

he did not understand that rubbish could only be thrown away after 9pm. “The man didn’t speak Spanish and didn’t understand what his neighbour was trying to tell him, so the problem was solved with

an interpreter,” she explained. In addition to interpretation services, Elche offers courses for Spanish as a foreign language to help immigrants overcome problems caused by their inability to communicate.



Stories making headlines from Russia

Olympic misery RUSSIA’S Olympic performance was a failure say 32 per cent of Russians. The Olympic Committee President promises a breakthrough at the Winter Olympics.

Syria plea RUSSIA urged the United Nations not to pull out of Syria this week, saying the decision would have “serious negative consequences”. The UN announced its mission would not be renewed due to the violence. SUCCESS: Orihuela’s outlet fair was extended by five days.

Outlet fair extended ORIHUELA’S Outlet Fair at Flamenca Beach was extended until last Sunday due to its success. The Outlet Fair, began on August 3 and was scheduled to close August 14; however, when organisers from LINE group saw

how well it was being received they decided it should be extended in order to coincide with Orihuela Coast’s local festival put on by the Tourism Council. More than 10 shops from the municipality participated in the Outlet Fair.

Fair election BELARUS will be assisted by Russia to monitor its upcoming parliamentary elections. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that monitoring would be "fair and unbiased".




23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

Interpol hunt as yacht engineer disappears along with €30,000 By Nicole Hallett A YACHT engineer has disappeared, along with €30,000 in cash. The money is missing from the yacht on which Briton Paul Scott had been a crew member for six months. Police in Spain and Interpol have now been alerted to be on the lookout for Scott from Manchester, who disappeared on Sunday when the yacht was moored in Denia Port north of Alicante on the Costa Blanca. Interpol believe he is still in Spain, or the EU, as no sightings have been reported at passport controls. In addition to the €30,000 cash, the personal documents of three other crew members including two British and an Australian passport, marriage and birth certificates, the licence of the captain and legal documents for the yacht have also gone missing. Twenty-eight-year-old Scott was one of four crew aboard the Britishflagged yacht hired privately by passengers last week to take them

from Ibiza to Moraira, near Denia. After dropping off the passengers, the yacht docked overnight in Denia before a planned return trip to Ibiza to pick up other clients. All the crew went out in Benidorm, with Scott returning to the boat around 10pm with the chef, Ruth Cherrett, who opened the safe to get money to pay for their taxi. When yacht stewardess, Sian Cameron, who had earlier returned to the yacht, and Ruth went to bed, they said Scott told them he was going on deck. A little later the yacht captain David Cherrett, Ruth’s husband, returned. When he went to the safe the cash was gone and there was no sign of Scott. “Paul had been drinking a lot that night, so we are not sure if it was premeditated or if he found the key and it was a spur of the moment thing,” said Ruth, who is from Australia but who has lived in Mallorca for 10 years with her husband.

“We had lived and worked with him for sixth months and he is a really nice guy. We are devastated.” The €30,000 was made up of crew tips, money from previous clients, a deposit from future passengers plus petty cash. Theft of the passports and other documents meant Russian clients who they were booked to pick up in Ibiza had to book another yacht. “Because of the incident our boss has lost €60,000 worth of business. He is not happy,” said Ruth, who says 15 items of jewellery given to her by her late father and family members are also missing. “They are not particularly valuable, but have great sentimental value.” “We think he may have gone to Benidorm as he doesn’t speak Spanish,” said Ruth. “He has a distinctive tattoo of 11 stars from his wrist to shoulder, standing for Manchester United Premiership wins.”

Paul Scott, pictured on the night he went missing.


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23 - 29 August 2012

EWN 13 Costa Blanca South

Red Cross assist elderly IN a campaign to help elderly men and woman keep cool in the midst of this summer’s heat waves, the Red Cross in Alicante is providing helpful tips. Approximately 1,800 calls are made daily from the Red Cross Coordination Centre in Alicante to senior citizens in order to reduce the drastic consequences the high temperatures can have. Phone operators have been reminding elders to drink plenty of fluids, maintain their homes as cool as possible and avoid going out in the afternoons as it is the hottest time of day. There are about 19,500 people in Alicante province who have been using the telephone assistance service, according to the Red Cross’ data.

Valencia 2012-2013 English helpers programme debate DEBATE is surrounding the 2012-2013 ‘English helpers’ programme after the Education Department of the Valencia Region put an order in place detailing the conditions. The Valencia Regional Government is offering 329 grants to English helpers this upcoming academic year. Grant recipients, who must have at least a level of B2 in the language, will teach English or other subjects in schools. However, these teachers will not have rights to unemployment or Social Security. “There is no payment or salary, but rather economic aid for any expenses during the time of the grant programme,” said the Council in a press release. The order which came into effect last Friday outlined the programme requirements: ‘helpers’ must be under 36 years old and not have received a professional practice grant from the regional government in the last 36 months, the eight-month programme begins October 1 and ends May 31, and the grant of €1,000 per month will be issued in three payments. People interested in being an English helper may apply online (at from now until September 7.

WANTED: English helpers to teach language or other subjects in schools.

Flag-waving fan fined THE Alicante government defended the decision to fine a man for waving the Spanish Republican Flag during an international handball match. The incident took place at the Alicante Technical Centre during a professional handball

match between Spain’s national team and Algeria in April. A fan took out the red, yellow and purple flag that represents the Spanish Republic which “could have been considered a provocation” leading to “violent reactions among the public”.

After police asked the man to put the flag away, he did so, only to take it out again shortly after and waved it about, supposedly “provoking” unrest among other spectators. It was then police decided to remove the man and fine him.




23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

SUPERMARKETS HIT HYPERMARKETS AND CORNER SHOPS FOR SIX WHEN it comes to food shopping, the big supermarkets are hitting hypermarkets and corner stores for six! In 2000 hypermarkets had a 29 per cent share in food sales, but this has since dropped to below 20 per cent. Small supermarkets - those up to 100 square metres - and corner shops are suffering even bigger trade drops , with custom falling from 35.9 per cent in 2000 to just over 21 per cent, according to statistics. In the last five years 3,700 such shops have closed, at the rate of around 15 a week. Changing times, restricted opening hours and an aging population plus the crisis have led to the changes in Spain’s shopping habits. Hypermarkets are still a draw admits large retailers’ association ANGED. But the clear shop winners are supermarket chains with installations of more than 400 square metres, with their market share rising from 35 per cent in 2000 to more than 60 per cent. In the last five years 760 such establishments have opened.


Artists take over SEVEN artists have occupied an unfinished building in Alicante and created what they call ‘Jaula de oro’ or the Golden Cage. The objective is “to call attention to the absurdity of the national urban panorama,” while trying to “compare and contrast nature and brick,” explained the group.

Drugs find FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Large supermarkets are winning over more and more hypermarket shoppers.

Food shop revolution “A hypermarket is a great Sunday destination, but in part falling popularity can be traced to changing consumer habits, an aging population, smaller families and – as always – the economic crisis. “Visiting ‘the hyper’ is now less of a draw with a 20 or 30 kilometre drive meaning little

true difference in prices,” said Jaume Llopis, professor of strategic management. Meanwhile elderly people who consume less and buy more fresh products are forsaking local food markets and shopping at supermarkets. On the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ principle,

hypermarkets are now opening smaller supermarkets. Carrefour now has 80 Carrefour Express and 116 Carrefour Market outlets. And the Corte Ingles, which opened only three new Hipercors between 2008 and 2012, increased its smaller Supercor supermarkets from 74 to 88 over the same period.

MARIJUANA has become the most common drug to be seized by the police in Alicante province according to the Anti-drug Public Prosecutor’s office. During the first half of this year, police collected 325 kilos of marijuana while the Guardia Civil seized 73,402 plants and another 59 kilos of cannabis.

23 - 29 August 2012



Costa Blanca South




23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

Holiday in Spain, Spanish urged! AVOID MOSSIES AND HEAT ABROAD, TOURISM BOSS ADVISES A SIMPLE plea has gone out to the Spanish who holiday abroad. Please holiday in Spain. “Holidaying locally in Spain is preferable to ‘going somewhere obscure’, with many Spaniards seeking ‘sun and sand’ in out-of-the-way places abroad often finding ‘mosquitoes and 40-plus temperatures’ instead,” said Tourism Minister Jose Manuel Soria. “With the disposable income of many Spanish families eroded by the economic crisis, double-dip recession and unemployment, people who need to look twice at every euro they spend are cutting down on holidays,” said Soria. “The 57 million tourists who come each year to Spain cannot be wrong, and probably the Spaniards who holiday abroad ‘are the people making a mistake.’ “Few countries have such diverse locations and landscapes,” said Soria, citing Spain’s gastronomic merits, inland rural tourism and natural spas. “With an 8 per cent increase in tourism following unrest in the Middle East during the Arab Spring, 2011 was a good year,” said Soria. Nevertheless, foreign tourism

SANDY PARADISE: Spaniards who holiday abroad “are making a mistake,” says Soria (insert) increased 5 per cent during the first six months of 2012 and foreign tourists spent 5.6 per cent more, with this helping to offset the downturn in classic destinations including the Valencian community, where domestic tourism fell for the first time since the onset of the

economic crisis. As Spain’s most important industry, tourism brings in €11 of every €100 the country earns through economic activity and provides employment for 2.5 million people, Soria spelled out. He said he was confident that 2012

would be a good year, although he admitted that rather than the sector’s VAT rise from 8 to 10 per cent from September 1 he would have preferred a super-reduced 4 per cent. “But the government had no alternative,” he said.

23 - 29 August 2012



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4.00pm - midnight 4:00pm BBC News 4:05pm I Want My Own Room 4:35pm Splatalot 5:00pm Shaun the Sheep 5:10pm Wingin' It 5:30pm Roy Comedy drama. The local heat of Ireland’s Got Talent has come to Ballyfermot School. 6:00pm Newsround Topical news magazine for children. 6:15pm Pointless 7:00pm BBC News at Six 7:30pm BBC London News 8:00pm The One Show Matt Baker and Alex Jones present the stories that matter from across the country. 8:30pm EastEnders 9:00pm Waterloo Road School-based drama. 10:00pm Crimewatch 11:00pm BBC News at Ten 11:25pm BBC London News The latest news, sport and weather from London. 11:35pm Neighbourhood Watched

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The owners of Heronby, a £75-a-night thatched property in the middle of the Norfolk Broads, go head-to-head with Holland Park, a B&B in west London, and a B&B in Somerset costing £60 a night.

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OFFICE GARDEN FURNITURE SOFAS BEDROOMS WARDROBES KITCHEN The best quality for the lowest prices at HACO Muebles. ROJALES (Also kitchens) Avda. Los Alamos 10 Pol. Los Barrios Rojales (formentera) Tel: 966792435 OPENING HOURS: Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday: 10am-2pm

ALTEA Partida Cap Blanc 77 N-332 – km.155 Tel: 966883406 OPENING HOURS: Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday: 10am-2pm

DENIA Partida Madrigueres Sud 12 Tel: 965065589 OPENING HOURS: Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday: 10am-2pm

TORREVIEJA Calle Apolo 90 (Street with the needle) Tel: 965060733 OPENING HOURS: Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm Saturday: 10am-2pm




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Sick find medicine harder to swallow MORE and more patients are opting out of buying their medication since the introduction of the copayment and now the Healthcare System’s lack of finances. Since July 1 most people who require medication have been paying a co-payment based on their income. Beginning September 1 the Ministry of Health will be adopting another change known as ‘medicamentazo’ in

which 417 frequently used medications will no longer be financed by the National Healthcare System (SNS). Family doctors and pharmacists have already seen some patients in the Alicante province who are unable to pay the new expenses begin to abandon their medication. “Some people come in with their prescriptions and when we tell them their total, they ask us to remove some medication so it costs them less,” said one pharmacist from Cabo Huertas. Even doctors’ offices are seeing a change in patients’ habits. “Patients have said that they can’t pay for treatments. I try to substitute medication with cheaper ones, but it is not always an option which is why most sick people are stopping their treatments,” explained an employee of the Los Angeles health centre. Come September the Health Department will

SMALLER PRESCIPTIONS: Price increases are forcing patients to cut medications. no longer cover common medications for ailments including varicose veins, haemorrhoids, coughs and diarrhoea. One medication which has no substitute may cost as much €69, according to Alicante pharmacies. “I have a box of that medication and I plan to return it because it is clear I won’t be selling it,” said a pharmacist from northern Alicante city upon receiving the definitive list of medications that will no longer be covered.

More than €94,000 towards sports A TOTAL of €94,694 will go toward extracurricular sport activities in 111 schools in the Valencia region thanks to the Valencia Sports Council. To promote physical activity and sport, the government announced that the funds will be delegated to 50 schools in Alicante, 51 in Valencia, and 10 in Castellon. The programme aims to “improve the health of youths, prevent obesity resulting from sedentary lifestyles of boys and girls, and encourage sports and physical activities outside of school,” said head of sports, Mateo Castella. Another €30,000 will be issued to the universities of Alicante, Miguel Hernandez, Jaume I, Polytechnic Valencia, University of Valencia, CEU Cardenal Herrera and the Catholic Founded University of Valencia to also promote healthier lifestyles for young men and women. “The hope is that with this programme, the Valencia region’s youth will lead active lives and delay the abandonment of exercise,” said Castella.

23 - 29 August 2012

Stat of week APPROXIMATELY 20 per cent of companies have been forced to close each year since the economic crisis hit Spain in 2008.



& legal



Costa Blanca South

Madrid needs to add-up cost of an Olympic win New loo!

Truly a seat of power GLOBAL students including some in Europe - have been invited to come up with plans to re-invent the toilet. The US-based Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have launched an international university competition to reinvent the loo! Clearly the winner will be able to take a true seat of power in global business circles!

By Business Editor Brendan Small DOES Madrid really want to host the 2020 Olympics? Many feel winning the bid to host such a costly event would be a poisoned chalice for a nation at present facing economic turmoil from an almost dead-on-its-feet real estate market, plus the ongoing Eurozone crisis. But sports enthusiasts and many business leaders equally identify that if sponsors can be found for the event – despite the difficult economic times then Madrid, which amassed the highest score of 8.08 out of the three candidates in an earlier round of negotiations, could perhaps long-term benefit from being an Olympic winner! Madrid, along with Tokyo (8.2) and Istanbul (6.98) were invited to send representatives to the London 2012 Olympics that have just closed, with many claiming the event a huge success for the British capital.

Those in the know in London remain tight-lipped as to the total cost of this year’s games, which were initially budgeted at £2.4 billion (€3 billion), but this was repeatedly raised to £9.3 billion (€11.6 billion). And some estimate that the final total cost was nearer £25 billion (€31.25 billion). What is certain, the London Games were a lot cheaper than the €35 billion estimated cost of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The next move towards hosting the 2020 games will be early next year when the International Olympic Committee visits the three short-listed cities, and this will be followed by a report and verbal presentation. The final decision will be made in 12 month’s time, by which time Madrid will need to have done all its sums… otherwise the cost could be long-term bankruptcy for the capital.

Big business going up in smoke THE sale of cannabis may be big business in Spain, but potential tax returns for national coffers are going up in smoke. If all the marihuana consumed was bought legally with VAT added to the price, the government would receive €177 million more a year, a consumer survey by cannabis associations has revealed. Spaniards spend

€1,163 million on cannabis each year. If commercially produced legally, more than 38,000 jobs could be created, which would return €400 million to the government and cut back on mafias, says the Catalonian associations that made the survey. While the associations are allowed to sell cannabis to members, they cannot grow it REVENUE BOOST: legally, creating a legal Cannabis tax could boost coffers. gap still to be defined.


2020 VENUE: Madrid could win the right to be Olympic host city for 2020.



Understand which driving licence route is the best


Many people write providing different views with regard to driving licences. And their views differ greatly. Here I provide some of the most common questions Firstly: Is a full time resident in Spain obliged to change their UK Driving Licence for a Spanish Driving Licence? This would be a person who maintains an address in Britain and thus can renew the driving licence and receive notifications. I You and the have read that it formerly Law in Spain was mandatory to By David Searl change such a licence. Secondly: Is it true that a person who holds a Spanish Driving Licence is barred by national law from driving a vehicle that does not have local registration plates? F.S. (Almeria)


No, it is not necessary for a UK citizen, or any other European Union citizen, to exchange their home country driving licence for a Spanish one when taking up official residence here. Remember that it is esssential to pass Spain’s medical exam for licence renewal every 10 years or five years depending on their age. This certificate must be kept with the licence. Perhaps the second question should be phrased differently. A person who holds a Spanish driving licence can rent a car and drive it in Germany, for example. However, a resident of Spain is not permitted to ‘own’ a car on foreign registration. To be more precise, a resident is not permitted to drive a foreign-registered vehicle which they own. A wealthy Spanish businessman who owns a flat in London can keep a British-registered car there for use on his visits. But a resident Briton who wants to keep a UK-registered car here must have it registered on Spanish plates. Full details can be found in the section On the Road in Spain in my book, You and the Law in Spain. David will respond to queries but reserves the right to select letters which will be of interest to the greatest number of readers. You can also consult David through lawyers Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola. or call 952 667 090.


23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

Dark side to woes of sick economy BRITAIN’S economic crisis has led to increased alcohol abuse, mental problems and suicides, according to several studies, however, experts stress there are also frequently added factors.

£££ RETAIL sales volume rose 0.3 per cent last month ,despite predictions of a 0.1 per cent decrease, with the Olympics the possible cause.

£££ THE housing market has been hurt by untrue rumours of a cut


ritish usiness riefs

in bank interest rates, with people consequently delaying remortgage negotiations.

£££ BUSINESSES in Bristol are supporting a plan for

a local currency which will only be usable among member companies and is aimed at retaining local wealth within the city.

£££ UNEMPLOYMENT has dropped 8 per cent due to the London Olympics and a rise in self and part-time employment. SKYLINE: The centre of Bristol.

Future for nuclear power is a dose of common-sense FINALLY, after almost 30 years, it seems at least one local British authority has come to a sensible, practical decision on nuclear power. Even so, it is still sad that the proposed construction of two nuclear power-generating stations on the Bristol Channel is to be planned, financed, constructed and operated by a European, rather than a British company. In the hot seat will be EDF, a French company already among Britain’s major electrical power suppliers. But a definite positive is that the Bristol project could usher in a new dawn, a re-birth, of something that should in reality never have been abandoned. Although the plan is still in the financial negotiation stage, the proposal that the two nuclear power stations should be built on a site at present occupied by a pair of ageing, conventionally-fuelled units, has already received municipal and local public support, especially with the potential of local jobs. They have not followed the route of protest meetings or demonstrations, for after witnessing desecration of coastlines, seascapes and countryside by wind-farms, they want none of it. How refreshing! Part of the ongoing financial negotiations concern what is known as the ‘strike price’ per megawatthour (MW/hr) generated, which is

NUCLEAR PLANTS: Safer and preferred over wind power by many.

Jim Collins Costa Blanca

the guaranteed figure laid down in the contracts, to be subsidised by all UK consumers should the price of electricity fall below that level. This system is already in operation for all low-carbon power suppliers and presently stands at £140 (€175) per MW/hr, due to be reduced to £100 (€125) per MW/hr by 2020, coincidentally by the time proposed nuclear-powered generating stations are expected to come on stream at a cost of £10 billion (€12.5 billion) What a pity it has taken so long for the people in power to stop believing every scare story put out by the antiNO Ikea furniture will be included in 100 nuclear lobbies, budget hotels planned throughout Europe in harking back to a new business venture by the Swedish Chernobyl and furniture chain. The first one will be in Fukushima at Germany. every opportunity.

Ikea hotels, but no flat packs

Chernobyl was a disaster, caused by a Soviet system encouraging shoddy planning and construction exacerbated by inexpert and corner-cutting maintenance. This made the final melt-down almost inevitable. Fukushima was ‘state-of-the-art’, and could have continued efficiently for many more years if maintenance and safety issues had been brought to light; simply because people on the ‘factory floor’ felt that criticism of superiors would indicate a ‘lack of respect’, almost unthinkable in Japanese society. Happily, that is not the British worker’s style. The anti-nuclear lobbyists need to move on. Nuclear power cannot be un-invented, and it’s time to bend efforts, not towards banning nuclear power generation per se, but to ensure design and construction of these new plants – and others that will surely follow – incorporate only the best and most up-to-date practices in both safety and day-to day maintenance. That way lies the future.

23 - 29 August 2012



Costa Blanca South THE Spanish tax system is different from the UK’s and many other countries, so many people moving here find it complex and potentially expensive from a tax point of view. However, they often do not realise that they may be able to protect their assets from many Spanish taxes - you can end up paying less tax here than in countries like the UK. First of all you need to be aware of all the Spanish tax rules and how they affect you. You can then move on to establish if there are ways to minimise the impact they have on your savings and investments and if you can use the rules to your benefit. I do recommend that you take advice here because do-ityourself tax planning often backfires and you cannot be sure you have all the up-to-date information you need to make the most informed decision. Some expatriates living in Spain still do not declare their offshore savings here, even though they are legally obliged to declare all their worldwide income and gains. If they have bank accounts in jurisdictions like Jersey and Switzerland then the EU Savings Tax Directive withholding tax is deducted at source. This is now 35%, which is much higher than the top rate of savings tax in Spain (27% for income over €24,000). The Isle of Man and Guernsey no longer offer the withholding tax option and now


Taxation – A Benefit To Living In Spain? l by Bill Blevins, Financia Correspondent, Blevins Franks

automatically exchange information on interest earnings with the tax authorities of the client’s country of residence. So if you do not declare their interest earnings on your local tax return, the Spanish authorities will find out about it anyway. The moral of the story here is to only use legitimate tax planning; anything else is too risky and does not necessarily save you money. The good news is that it is often possible to legitimately significantly improve the tax position on your savings and investments. If you are a British expatriate you will probably have used ISAs and PEPs as tax planning arrangements, but the tax planning benefits do not carry over to Spain once you are resident here. Income from cash ISAs is taxed as interest in Spain, even if you never withdraw it from the ISA fund.

Likewise, dividends and capital gains within share ISAs and PEPs are taxable as dividends and capital gains in Spain. All is not lost, however, since there are tax-efficient investments available to Spanish residents. These can be structured so that if you do not need income from your investments, any growth is taxfree, while if you do require an income, this can be very taxefficient. Such investments can also be structured so they are outside Spanish succession tax. It is important to use arrangements tailored for your aims and circumstances. For example, offshore insurance bonds can provide many tax benefits for Spanish residents. However, how they are taxed depends on whether the bond is approved for tax purposes (issued by an EU country and compliant with Spanish regulations), or not approved. Approved bonds attract much more favourable taxation – the difference can be significant. Note that the Isle of Man and Channel islands are not part of the EU. Wealth tax was reinstated in Spain as a temporary measure

to apply for 2011 and 2012 to help the Spanish economy (I would not be surprised if it needs to be extended again, however). Although previously an unpopular tax, it affects less people this time - Islas Baleares and Madrid are continuing to apply a 100% credit, so there is no wealth tax in these regions, and the thresholds are higher than they used to be. A married resident couple who jointly own a property have a total threshold of up to €2 million. If you are affected by wealth tax, seek advice to find out if you can legitimately lower your liability. Succession tax can be costly in Spain and the tax is even charged between spouses. However, depending on where you live (the rules vary by region), if you are a habitual resident when you die and your heirs are your spouse and/or children, succession tax can be reduced to very low levels. Again, if your heirs will be hit with high succession tax liabilities, ask a professional tax adviser if you can take steps to lower the liability for them. It is possible to combine your tax planning with your

investment planning. This makes life easier and allows you to plan to fight the twin threats of tax and inflation at the same time. You may also be able to take the opportunity to protect your savings from institutional failure, something which is causing some concern at the moment. Taking the time to understand the rules and taking advice from an experienced tax adviser like Blevins Franks can allow you to hold investments taxefficiently, to minimise your tax liabilities and maximise your income, making your money work harder for you. The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual must take personalised advice.

To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website




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LONDON - FTSE 100 C H A N G E ( P ) % C H G. -0.20 -0.07


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PRICE(P) C O M PA N Y Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt 281.50


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United States $..................................................... 1.23537 Japan Yen ¥.......................................................... 98.2470 Switzerland Francs............................................... 1.20109 Denmark Kroner ................................................... 7.44567 Norway Kroner...................................................... 7.31466





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British American Tobacco 3321.25


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Associated British Foods PLC1314.00 AstraZeneca PLC Aviva PLC












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3.1M 10.9M 3.7M 17.8M 138.3M 3.2M 7.8M 5.6M 55.7M 3.3M 11.2M 30.0M 14.6M 11.3M 30.4M 2.6M 12.0M 17.1M 10.2M 6.7M 14.8M 32.6M 29.2M 9.4M 10.5M 3.2M 4.9M 9.5M 9.7M 6.4M

VOLUME 562.66









Croda International PLC 2438.00




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GlaxoSmithKline PLC Glencore International


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% C H G. -0.06

Burberry Group PLC


MMM 3M Co 94.24 AA Alcoa Inc 8.75 AXP American Express Co 57.59 T AT&T Inc 37.17 BAC Bank of America Corp 8.00 BA Boeing Co 73.91 CAT Caterpillar Inc 90.01 CVX Chevron Corp 112.66 CSCO Cisco Systems Inc 19.06 DD E. I. du Pont de Nemours and C... 50.65 XOM Exxon Mobil Corp 88.40 GE General Electric Co 21.00 HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co 19.52 HD Home Depot Inc 56.73 INTC Intel Corp 26.33 IBM International Business Machine... 201.22 JNJ Johnson & Johnson 67.80 JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co 36.98 KFT Kraft Foods Inc 40.50 MCD McDonald's Corp 87.36 MRK Merck & Co Inc 43.34 MSFT Microsoft Corp 30.90 PFE Pfizer Inc 23.79 PG Procter & Gamble Co 67.00 KO The Coca-Cola Co 39.53 TRV Travelers Companies Inc 65.13 UTX United Technologies Corp 80.37 VZ Verizon Communications Inc 44.06 WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc 71.99 DIS Walt Disney Co 50.46

Compass Group PLC

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51job, Inc. $ 43.84 American Woodmark Corporation $ 20.70 Oplink Communications, Inc. $ 16.31 Education Management Corporation $ 4.03 Dial Global, Inc. $ 2.73 Clovis Oncology, Inc. $ 18.09 Global-Tech Advanced Innovations Inc. $ 8.98 Francesca's Holdings Corporation $ 34.44 NII Holdings, Inc. $ 6.95 Atlantic Coast Federal Corporation $ 2.246 Epocrates, Inc. $ 9.11 Farmers Capital Bank Corporation $ 10.23 National American University Holdings, Inc. $ 4.51

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60,535.31 672.28

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392.78 686.53

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Most Declined Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 21Vianet Group, Inc. Mattersight Corporation International Ltd. Kirkland's, Inc. Mitel Networks Corporation Velti plc Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. Le Gaga Holdings Limited Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation Durata Therapeutics, Inc.


Imperial Tobacco Group 2470.50

$ 10.54 $ 8.93 $ 4.83 $ 4.05 $ 9.92 $ 2.90 $ 7.19 $ 2.36 $ 17.07 $ 3.73 $ 2.47 $ 8.50

1.74 / -14.17% 1.07 / -10.70% 0.53 / -9.89% 0.39 / -8.78% 0.93 / -8.57% 0.24 / -7.64% 0.57 / -7.35% 0.18 / -7.09% 1.24 / -6.77% 0.26 /- 6.52% 0.17 / -6.44% 0.55 / -6.08%

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Royal Bank of Scot









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Royal Dutch Shell PLC SABMiller PLC Sage Group (The) PLC Sainsbury (J) PLC









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Shire PLC




114.82 39.33

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Smiths Group PLC










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121.05 2,282.47

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23 - 29 August 2012



Costa Blanca South

Not all women think pink and handymen WHAT do women want? It’s a question men have hopelessly being trying to answer for as long as time has existed. But now a French bank thinks it has come up with the answer. A look For according to at finance Parisian lender Societe for females Generale, we women want handbag Jane Plunkett insurance and a jane.plunkett@euroweeklynews. handyman hotline. NEW FRENCH IDEA: Modern com In keeping with this banking with women in mind. stereotypical line of thinking, the bank is now offering girls a pink and gold coloured somewhat 1950’s approach to marketing a bank called ‘Por Elle’ (For Her). new product. It is also promising to ‘simplify’ a girl’s life One Parisian businesswoman called the via €200 of handbag theft insurance and a bank ‘cheeky’ for its efforts and rightly phone service that provides for up to two pointed out that many men equally have no handyman call-outs per year. clue how to fix a serious electrical problem. It’s fair to say that the Parisians are The bank, however, has defended itself usually on the ball, but do they really know saying it is not a discriminatory approach, how to attract ladies to a bankcard? stating “those who choose the cards wish It seems not, for not all women are to adhere to their femininity.” happy about being singled out for special If handbag insurance and handymen are help from their bank. something that attracts a woman to a card, While the contents of a woman’s so be it. handbag can add up, not to mention the But do not get drawn in by colours. bag itself if it’s designer, many 21st century Check the fine print, interest rates, girls are a little put out by the banks charges, and check if it’s right for you!

Loose change



3.00 %


during the first three months*

* T.A.E. (Tasa Anual Equivalente corresponds to Annual Interest Rate. Effective Interest Rate 2.9596% for the first three months, on balances up to a maximum of €500,000, with all amounts above said limit accruing no interest. From the fourth month remuneration will be based on tired rates depending on the balance you hold. As of today these rates are from 0% to 1,50% T.A.E. (1.4898% Effective Interest Rate). The applicable rates for each tier are available on www. Interest paid monthly.

Making your day-to-day banking easy and providing a helping hand with life’s other practicalities. Enjoy your Premier Account for free if you keep a minimum average monthly balance of €2,500** and get unlimited Spanish direct debit payments, a debit card and chequebook, and global travel insurance for you and your family all free of charge. Visit your local branch in: Valencia, Denia, Calpe, Guardamar, Torrevieja, La Zenia, Los Alcázares or Mazarrón.

902 024 365 or +34 91 484 81 81 **A €20 monthly fee will apply if the average monthly balance is below €2,500. Lloyds Bank International, S.A.U., with registered offices at Serrano 90, 5ª planta, 28006, Madrid, Spain, Trade Registry of Madrid, T. 6799, Book 0, Folio. 108, Sec. 8, Page M-110714, 1st Entry, N.I.F. (Tax Identification Number) A-80481765.




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20 dodgers UK tax officials have published photos of the top 20 tax fugitives, who together are responsible for an estimated ÂŁ765 million in evasion and fraud.

10 richest TAYLOR SWIFT tops this year’s Forbes Magazine list of the richest celebrities under 30. The 22-year old singer earned an estimated ₏46 million last year. Rihanna and Lady Gaga were also in the top 10.

Wealth scare ADRIAN BAYFORD and his wife Gillian who scooped the â‚Ź180 million Euromillions jackpot admit it is “slightly frighteningâ€? deciding what to do with the second biggest ever jackpot in the UK.

23 - 29 August 2012

Now Spanish banks get taste of success By EWN Business Reporter SOME Spanish banks are beginning to win their fight to improve balance sheets in the present rough-ride economic times. They are not only beginning to reduce their risk, but are additionally getting back into better profit margins for their shareholders. This is revealed in a Top 1000 World Banks 2012 report by the authoritative Banco Santander is placed fourth in the world among banks for decreasing market risk, with the Spanish bank cutting its market risk by 34 per cent and also reducing its risk weighted assets by 9.44 per cent. Both Santander and BBVA foreign owned subsidiaries are additionally generating significant profits for their parent companies in Spain.

SIGN OF SUCCESS: Encouraging indicators from Santander. This is revealed in the top 25 most profitable foreign-owned subsidiary rankings which list Banco Santander and BBVA owned banks seven times, with four of the individual banks in the top 10. A total of around $13bn (â‚Ź10.5bn) in pre-tax profits has been generated through these










operations with approximately 70 per cent of this from many of the emerging South American countries. For all the focus on emerging markets, however, a remarkable aspect of the foreign profit contributions is that Santander UK and US operations have generated a total of $4bn (â‚Ź3.25bn) in profits which demonstrates that markets in the centre of the global economic crisis still generate foreign investor returns. The latest, and heartening listings, come as the majority of Spanish banks continue to face financial challenges amid ongoing uncertainty both globally, and particularly in the Eurozone. While the figures will not immediately ease the national economic outlook nor improve the state of the job market, they could provide a new template for the banking system to reinvigorate the at present ailing economy.


The end is a long way off THE present economic woes in Spain will not end before two more recessions in 2018 and 2020, according to financial anyalyst Juan Ignacio Crespo in his new book ‘Las dos proximas recesiones.’

Less aid THE Labour Ministry granted 30 per cent less money to the main 79 labour unions last year, with a total payout of â‚Ź15.79 million each according to the activities carried out and the people they benefitted.

Job hope DESPITE being traditionally wary of international migration for work, 20.07 per cent of Spaniards indicated a willingness to move anywhere in the world for a job, a Randstad employment survey revealed.

Shady truth of men in designer sunglasses THE looky-looky men who ply our local consumer, product and media intelligence beaches may do well selling designer copy with offices worldwide, including London, sunglasses to tens of thousands of visiting said: tourists and to many expat and Spanish “Men are more inclined than women to residents. indulge themselves with designer But from the latest survey in Britain, it sunglasses, probably because they do not would appear that British men are tend to spend as much on other less likely to line up for fashion accessories or copies than their jewellery.� partners. “Young women look While cool for fun, trendy sunglasses are sunglasses which identified as being don’t cost a fortune among the hottest as they are likely to accessories to have, be viewed as a men have been short-term purchase found to be almost that can both be SUNNY SPECTACLE: Designer twice (20 per cent) as changed regularly, and glasses from Jimmy Choo. likely as women (11 per form part of a cent) to buy true designer ‘wardrobe’ of different sunglass brands. styles to create different Almost 40 per cent of people fashion looks, while men show a surveyed in the UK said that stylish greater affinity for luxury brands.� sunglasses make them feel fashionable, Overall, the value of the sunglasses but while 42 per cent of men spelt out that market has tumbled over the last five high quality is important, only 28 per cent years, with the negative growth fuelled by of women felt the same. a drop in average selling prices as More than one in five British men said consumers rein in their discretionary spend that having genuine designer sunglasses is in the current economic climate. important, but only 17 per cent of women However, Mintel estimates that the felt the same. market is now starting to recover and that Tamara Sender, Senior Consumer by 2016 will have almost returned to levels Analyst at Mintel, the global supplier of in the pre-recessionary climes of 2007.

23 - 29 August 2012


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23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

23 - 29 August 2012


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Richard goes for gold in interview with Olympiad

Spanish radio station owner, Richard Shanley, scooped an Olympic first when a GB gold medallist agreed to give his first interview outside the UK. Nicole Hallett reports. Why did you come to Spain? For the easy life, which it was until three-and-a-half-years ago when I bought a radio station on impulse. Highlight of career? Interviewing Olympic Gold medallist Nick Skelton four days after he won the Team GB showjumping medal at London 2012, in I believe the first interview by any Team GB medallist in Spain during the games. A real scoop for Spectrum FM. Listen as a podcast at Other jobs? Owned a printing business, classic car

showroom and satellite TV company. Aged 10, what did you want to be? A lollipop man because they didn't start work until age 65. Most exciting experience? Competing in the November 1986 Beaujolais Nouveau run. Our car came fourth in the race back to the ferry at Calais with more than 500 cars from the UK taking part. Theme song? ‘Things can only get better’... this is what I think all the time since the recession in Spain began. Invite to dinner? Ayrton Senna (sporting hero) and Margaret Thatcher (political hero)

Read the full interview on

Weather outlook for next 7 days NEXT SEVEN DAYS


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Vital Statistics • Age: 48 • Lives: Vera Playa, Almeria • In Spain: 12 years • From: Stratford Upon Avon, UK • Status: Married • Hobbies: Ski-ing (water and snow) and golf. • Like about Spain: Lifestyle, weather and opportunity for teenage daughters to be bilingual. • Least like: The mañana attitude.

EWN COMMENT Panic in hen-house EARLIER this month the share price for nationalised, rescued Bankia rose sharply and tripled. But then Spain’s state-backed restructuring fund, FROB, stepped in with a reminder that shareholders in banks receiving European bailout money should expect losses. The Bankia shares fell and opportunities for further speculation were nipped in the bud although someone, somewhere, probably made a killing. In and out, just like a fox in a chicken-run.

What’s in a name? FRANCO’S name and titles are mostly obliterated in cities and towns but occasionally endure. Guadiana del Caudillo (Badajoz) voted not long ago to remain as it was, less from regard for leader Franco than because the inhabitants are used to the name. An ability to live with the past is not the same as recreating




it, which doubtless explains why London has no problem with the implications of Cromwell Road.



London Olympics a really great sports education

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THE Olympics was a real education for me. I watched sports I knew nothing about and thoroughly enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed the beach volleyball and the handball. I was amazed at the fitness level of the beach volleyball players. One second diving into the sand and then a second later on their feet knocking the ball over the net. Or the amount of bodily contact involved in the handball. To see these young women charge towards the goal with ball in hand only to end up on the floor felled by the defence, then to get up and continue with the match. I could not help hoping that some of the fairies who call themselves professional footballers were watching. If these girls can hit the deck and be up and involved in the play in seconds, why can’t these overpaid posers do the same instead of writhing about on the floor because another player brushed by him and may have broken his newly manicured nails. Well done Team GB, you did us proud. Tom Hawksworth, Taberno (Almeria)

Sickly fine FURTHER to several recent letters highlighting bureaucratic injustice, last week I paid the tax authorities’ €112.50 fine for not answering a registered letter delivered to my house while I was overseas. As more than seven days had elapsed, the Post Office were unable to assist. Another registered letter arrived three weeks later with the fine. It appears the taxman is empowered to fine you for non-compliance irrespective of circumstances. He is also under obligation to advise you as to what information he was originally requesting. I have been punished without ever knowing what I should have done. So folks, remember then, that should you be lying there in hospital with your plastered limbs up on hoists, then your predicament just is not going to wash with the taxman if you have not answered him in time. Ken Bethell, Puerto de Mazarron (Murcia)

Love is … I HAVE long enjoyed the often light hearted page three articles. Last week’s (Issue 1415) in particular I found funny. It said that in the summer the hormone responsible for love and sexual desire, testosterone, increases and that it makes people

Snapped! By Val Hicks from Huerta Nueva (Almeria)

P pub hotog r l em icati aphs pho ail w on sh for p o ton ews ith a f uld b ossibl e es @e ull e c uro wee aptio nt by klyn n to ews : .com

23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South adjusted depending on the course played. It may be a minor point, but many golfers believe that correct playing handicaps should be shown so that the true reflection of the endeavour on the day can be seen. Mike Burgess, Murla (Alicante) Editor’s note: Under the Spanish Federation system, all the golf courses are given a standard of difficulty rating, which is applied to the exact handicap of each player under the title of ‘slope’, which can put a handicap up or reduce it depending on the rating of the course. These golf societies show the exact handicap of players, correct to a decimal place.

Good samaritan I LOVE the wild life around Huerta Nueva where I live and wish to share this photo of ducks on a lake at the back of my house.


All letters, whether by email or post, should carry the writer’s postal address, NIE and contact number though only the name and town will be published. Letters may also be edited. Readers who have missed earlier correspondence can see all letters posted on:

more likely to be unfaithful. I see this effect every summer. It all makes sense now. In summer resorts, the local men eagerly await the lady tourists. Likewise, tourists from colder climes tend to enjoy this effect when on holiday here too. They cannot help themselves it seems. Laura, Palma de Mallorca

Rowdy crowds READING the article ‘Large botellón crowds affect local tourism’ (Almeria, Issue 1413) reminded me that when we first came to live in Mojacar some 17 years ago, it was called the ‘Corner of Enchantment’. Today is it more like the ‘Corner of Endangerment’. Both residents and holidaymakers, from young families to pensioners, do not like venturing out on to the beach, especially at night. While accurate, the article did not go far enough in highlighting the true horrors. I wonder if readers have any suggestions in stamping out what has now become a massive problem. In other coastal reports I understand they introduced local laws prohibiting the playing of loud music from either cruising or stationary vehicles. Also heavy on the spot fines

to those participating in botellon had the desired effect. Another problem is the large number of hen and stag parties attracted to the town, which drives local custom away. Charles, Mojacar (Almeria)

Sad and angry EVERYTIME I read an article about bull events in Spain I get very sad and then angry. The last was ‘Request to protect bulls falls on deaf ears’ (Issue 1415). Animal rights group Anpba is fighting for cases like that of a bull named Brusco that died when it was forced to run in the streets despite having collapsed from exhaustion just hours earlier. However, the source of the problem is that these events will continue to happen as long as there is demand. Jasmine Forrest, Estepona (Malaga)

Handicap point I READ EWN most weeks and especially enjoy the golf reports from local societies. However, they are always printed with a glaring mistake; the handicap used by the player in achieving the score. For example last week the Orba Warblers report shows the winner at Bonalba as playing off 8.5. Nobody plays with a fraction of a handicap. He actually played off 10. Similarly, the division two winner is reported to play off 21.1 when it was 24. Pego’s winners show 4.6 and 22.4; they should be six and 27 respectively. Montgo’s winner on 9.8 actually played off a handicap of 12. The handicap reported is the players actual handicap which has to be

I WOULD like to thank the person who, on finding my wife’s passport on the ground in the Torrevieja Marina car park, had the decency to take it to the car park attendant, where I thankfully found it when I went to pay my parking fee some time later. When I realised it was lost, I found out that the National Police recently set up a telephone line - 902 102 112 - for anyone wishing to make a ‘denuncia’ of any incident which does not require police attendance, for example, lost property. It is in Spanish and English. On completion of the report I was given a reference number and informed that I had to call at a National Police Station within 48 hrs where my report would be ready for me. I was also given the choice of which station I could go to. L Levett, Catral (Alicante)

Cooling tip HERE is a tip for keeping cool in this hot weather. Get out that winter hot water bottle. Fill it with cold water and place in the bottom of the fridge. Then take it to bed at night. It will keep cool most of the night. Then place it back in the fridge in the morning. This really works and costs nothing. Carol, by email

Changing regimes I HAVE been watching the hypocrite Hillary Clinton running around the world giving her backing to the rebels in Syria and wanting the rest of the world to help with ‘Regime Change’. This is the same Hillary Clinton that wants worldwide gun control, which would stop future citizens of Syria from obtaining weapons to ever be able to effect another attempt at ‘Regime Change’. You can't make it up ... Keith Hallam, Blackpool (UK)

The views expressed and opinions given in Letters are not necessarily those of the EWN publishers. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information, errors, omissions or statements, and reject claims arising out of any action that a company or individual may take on the basis of information contained therein.


23 - 29 August 2012

EWN 31 Costa Blanca South

Olympic shoes to fill


OH THE DRAMA: Football’s image after games might take an effort of Olympic proportions.

upon us by a media, which frankly is not much better. Spitting, snarling and being generally unpleasant, these overpaid uniformed yobs once again brought the game, that in the days of Sir Stanley Matthews and Billy Wright truly could be called a sport, down even below the level of professional wrestling.

These extremely lucky young men have no more sense of sportsmanship than Vlad the impailer. They are all up for the highest bidder and, with very few exceptions, wouldn’t know loyalty if it punched them on the nose. The excuse that they are paid such exorbitant sums of money because their

careers are so short, is total bull. Many of them are being paid ridiculous sums of money at age 16. By the time they are 18 they command hundreds of thousands a month and most of their careers can last 20 years or more, which is the length of the average soldier or policeman’s career. Need I say more?

If I had my way I would put a cap on all professional footballers’ wages, worldwide. I would also cap all transfer fees, bonuses and numbers of foreign transfers. Contrary to how it may appear, I do actually like the game. To see it ruined by billionaire owners and money grabbing mercenaries, truly makes me both sad and extremely angry. Will any of this tirade make any difference? Of course it won’t. Money is still the God of the human race and the answer to it all? Blowing in the wind my friends. Blowing in the wind. As a final matter of interest! I counted 138 ‘amazings’ in the various interviews and commentaries I watched during the Olympics - and now the X factor is back! Whatcha mean, get a life Leapy? Thanks for the mail. Keep em coming, I can take it. Keep the faith. Love Leapy.

LEAPY LEE admits he was wrong about the Olympics, but how about the chart life of his near no 1 hit record in 1968? I presume an inaccurate memory is possible after 44 years. He claims that Hey Jude was responsible for stalling him at No. two for 23 weeks. The Guinness book of British Hit Singles says Arrows was in the charts for 21 weeks, presumably not all at number two. Jude was at number one for only two weeks of its 16 week chart life; so come on, Leapy, how many weeks did Arrow spend at number two? Les Roy, Denia (Alicante) Editor’s note: It should have been ‘in the chart for 23 weeks’, depending on which chart you are following, says Leapy Lee.

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ONE of the truly gratifying things to emerge from the recent games was the pure sportsmanship that prevailed throughout the whole experience. The wonderful feeling of human beings, vying against each other simply to bring out the highest achievements possible and all in the true spirit of mutual respect and honourable competition. And then came football. The day after this wonderfully refreshing and uplifting episode ended, I can quite honestly say my heart sank; there they all were again. All those magnificent sportsmen and women were suddenly replaced by a bunch of mercenary louts who have about as much in common with sport as Pol Pot had with human rights. Back they all were, with their designer haircuts and stubble, pontificating and prancing around the pitch, their inflated egos thrust

Chart life





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Amy Jo Johnson

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Costa Blanca South

34 EWN

23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South


Old wives’ tales

T’S surprising how many people believe in old wives’ tales. You know the ones I mean. If your nose itches, someone’s talking about you. If your right palm itches, you’ll soon be shaking hands with a stranger. If it’s your left palm, you’re about to come into some money. Even though she knew they’re not true, a friend of mine found herself using some of these old wives’ tales on her own children. “Don’t stand in the rain or you’ll catch a cold.” (Meaning: I don’t want another load of wet washing.) “Stop cracking those knuckles or you’ll get arthritis (ie. I’m sick of listening to the noise). “Eat the carrots and you’ll see better in the dark” (just clear that plate I’ve just spent an hour sweating over). “Move back from the TV or you’ll go blind sitting too close” (and then I can see The X Factor!) While many of these tales hark back to medieval times – yawning, for instance, can lead to “evil spirits entering the body unless you cover your mouth with your hand” - others are quite recent. We’ve all heard it’s bad for our eyes to watch TV in the dark and we should have a lamp on. For this, we can thank the salesman with the stock of small lamps that weren’t selling who came up with the gimmick of calling them, yes, ‘TV Lamps’.

Breaking Views NORA JOHNSON Nora, who has lived on the Costa del Sol for a number of years, is the author of psychological suspense and crime thrillers.

Some old wives’ tales, though, do have a nugget of truth. “Kids should eat a peck of dirt before they die.” Good advice: lack of exposure to pathogens is responsible for many of the auto-immune diseases in western society. So, get a dog and let the kids run about and play in the great outdoors. “Chicken soup is good for colds”. Well, any warm, steamy nutritious liquid will do, but it does help open up the bronchial tubes. “Don’t scratch, you will make it spread.” Actually true, not just by spreading the substance that caused the rash, but also the act of scratching itself provokes a histamine response. Now if you’ll excuse me I must go. Both my left and right palms are itching. Which obviously means I’m about to meet a rich stranger. Yawn. Or some rich evil spirits.

Good advice: Don’t stand in the rain or you’ll catch a cold.

Nora Johnson’s thrillers, ‘Soul Stealer’ & ‘The De Clerambault Code’ ( available

from Amazon in paperback/ eBook (€0.89; £0.77) and iBookstore. Profits to Cudeca

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Costa Blanca South





23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South


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Costa Blanca South

No more double standards HAVING lived in five countries over the years and being an immigrant myself, I can’t help but notice that no matter where you live in the world, there always seems to be a double standard: the standard set by the natives and the standard set by the immigrants. In your home country you expect non-natives to respect your laws, your traditions and customs, your language - in all, the whole country’s system and lifestyle. Is it not when in Rome, do what the Romans do? Don’t you feel upset if someone, who is not a native, imposes their way in your country, community and society? I do. It is as if what is yours is no longer relevant. Constantly in the media we can appreciate how money is spent on meeting immigrants’ different demands on social security, benefits, religion, rights, etc. All of this in order to continue living the way they used to in their country. The question is, what makes these people so special that - to top it off the government has to bend over backwards to accommodate? Surely there is something wrong with this picture. Shouldn’t every person strive to blend in, accept what comes with the country where they have chosen to live?

Respect the laws of where you live.

South of the Border KERRY SASTRIAS Kerry Sastrias is a director at language school in Vera, Almeria. Read more on:

Conversely, to mention a couple of examples, UK soldiers who have been fighting abroad come back to no

home, no job and may be ill or disabled and get very little help from the government, if any. Or children who are living in poverty and depend on the meal they receive at school to see them through the day. The need to ‘feel at home’ is understandable but the extremes that people go to appear to be something like this: Laws – What laws?; Customs – What customs?;

Speak the language – they should learn mine!; Mix with the natives – I mix with my community at my ‘local’; Try the native food - I only eat the food which I buy in my country’s food store. The double standard occurs when after being ‘law-abiding’ and ‘respectful’ citizens in their home country - who complained about immigration there – now, in their new country, they behave in the exact same manner: they complain, demand, moonlight, cheat the systems, work and tax evade, etc. Moreover, disappointingly, too many conduct themselves as if the empire still existed, with a ‘conqueror’ attitude with an air of superiority that may have been acceptable in bygone eras, but that sadly now have earned us foreigners in Spain the title of ‘guiri’. As immigrants we should really see the country we live in as more than merely ‘sun and fun’, and ponder on just how far we actually push this double standard to. Ought we not to change and start now?





23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South



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5:45pm 30 Minutes or Less

Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari & Nick Swardson

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The Debacle Debate I’M very partial to the word ‘debacle’, so much so that I am desperate to become involved in one just so I can say “What a debacle that was”. I know that seems a sad ambition for a grown woman but then I have never pretended to be anything other than sad, and though I may look grown up I am not grown up in the societal sense of the phrase, in fact I am still apt to giggle during dinner parties in disbelief at the fact that I am actually hosting one (I can’t get past the image of pouring pretend tea from tiny china cups for an orange haired Troll doll (or was that my younger sister)? I am also fond of the word ‘debauched’ as was Roman emperor Caligula who was oft heard yelling at his horse “Come Dobbin let us indulge in a little debauchery”. In terms of debauched behaviour I am a little in awe of Caligula as I cannot personally be bothered with all that creaking leather, baby oil and constant groaning, give me a good book and a nice cup of tea any day. Caligula however was a great proponent of debauchery and

Suzanne Manners Suzanne has a degree in Fine Art from Goldsmiths and an MA in Writing from Lancaster University. She is currently teaching in Alicante and writing a book for teenagers (which doesn’t have a vampire as its central character).

MEMORIES: I cannot forget the image of pouring pretend tea from tiny china cups. was mightily upset at his friends’ lack of enthusiasm for his 24 hour party lifestyle, which was why he made his horse a general (the horse, however, was once overheard complaining that he never got enough sleep which was his excuse for sending a legion the wrong way during battle). Words have the power to

conjure up a thousand images and the ability to throw a curve ball when you least expect it. The word ‘ashen’, for example, for me always conjures up images of sour-faced priests turning their backs on burning heretics (not only am I sad but I am also odd), which is one step up from the images that the word ‘onomatopoeia’ splats into

my brain. As a child I always thought that ‘Christingle’ was something that made Jesus shudder and that to ‘anoint’ someone involved a squeaky hammer and a rubber duck. Mispronunciation of those highbrow, rarely spoken words has caused me many a red faced moment. Detritus once did for me during a very serious

discussion of educational policy. Having never actually heard the word spoken I wasn’t aware that I had been mispronouncing it as ‘dreetreetoos’ which ordinarily shouldn’t have presented a problem, but on this particular occasion I was desperately trying to impress a man I had taken a fancy to, this fancy rapidly dissipated however after, having stopped laughing long enough to draw breath, he slowly pronounced the word correctly. I was sorely tempted to clobber him with the nearest piece of detritus and demonstrate a few onomatopoeic words, some of which I’m sure he had never heard before. From then on intellectuals were off the agenda. Being the fully formed dilettante that I am, I can’t hear the word ‘intense’ without thinking of flimsy camping equipment and whenever I hear of a bright young artist or writer being described thus, I barely stop myself from reaching for the peg hammer. Anyway, as Oscar Wilde once wrote; “I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.” So what’s my excuse?


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HE US space agency NASA once spent millions developing a pen that would write in a nonatmosphere environment. The Russians replied; ‘we use a pencil.’ A friend once boasted that if you pressed a little button on his new watch the hands lit up. I asked him had he never heard of a luminous watch. Why do we make our lives so complicated and for what purpose? I learn that a single edition of the New York Times contains as much information as would be acquired in an average man’s lifetime a couple of hundred years ago. Adding to my store of useless knowledge, there is more hitech in my mobile phone than there was in the first spacecraft. I suppose in some ways it can be argued that we have all benefited from the remarkable advances that have taken place over the last decades. The next frontier to be broken down is surely the simplification of gadgets. Many of today’s aids to modern living are beyond comprehension. This isn’t my problem; it is our problem, for we are becoming programmed to look for difficult rather than simple

Oh for the simple life

Mike Walsh Mike Walsh. Based the Costa Blanca, international journalist, author and professional writer: ex-business assessment executive Guild of Master Craftsmen. European correspondent Boston Revolutionary Radio.

solutions. Why is there reluctance to explain gadgets in a comprehensible way? I

IN SPACE: To use a pencil would be far too easy. can well imagine someone replying to NASA’s scientists that the pencil solution is too simplistic. Having failed to master all but the basics in many household gadgets, I once conceded that I had technophobia; like any other disability I kept it to myself. That was until a national newspaper tested the general

population on their ability to use gadgetry common to modern households. It was discovered that over 80 per cent of us cannot quite get the hang of programming devices or putting things together. In fact I emerged with honours. I download and print the instruction manual for my very modest digital camera; it is the size of a telephone

directory and largely incomprehensible. There is something about the human condition that strives for change whether it is necessary or not. They boast of multi-million euro fighter jets and state of the art early detection systems. Recently a couple of Swedish self-publicists flew a light aircraft unimpeded in and out of Belarus territory. At the height of the Cold War a German student flew a single seat Cessna across the USSR and landed it in Red Square. Thanks to my PC I can listen to the most obscure radio stations broadcast from the Urals to the depths of the Arizona hinterland. In fact I like two and I have no need for the other million. Two newspapers used to be enough; one national, one local. They kept me occupied for hours. Now I have millions to choose from but I still prefer those two newspapers. As Albert Einstein surmised: “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

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Costa Blanca South

Texts get prisoner more time

Drug barons got inside information from Guardia Civil officer A SENIOR Guardia Civil officer has been arrested along with 30 others in a drugs operation off the Cadiz coast. The arrests took place when a Bulgarianregistered ship with a three tonne cargo of cocaine was intercepted off the coast of Galicia. Jose Alvarez-Otero, a sergeant with the Guardia Civil was with a group of Columbians waiting to receive the contraband when the arrests were made. On board the ship were 21 Bulgarians who were also arrested. Lorenzo was in charge of the Guardia Civil station in Curcubion for 10 years until 2010 and during this time police investigations and antidrugs operations were consistently coming to frustrating dead-ends.

Investigators grew suspicious, but had little to go on apart from rumours that AlvarezOtero had links with drug traffickers. It has since surfaced that the 57-year-old sergeant allegedly cooperated for years with the Colombian Velez Garzon brothers, ensuring that cocaine shipments were brought ashore without interference. He was allegedly heard to boast that other police officers and customs officials were under his orders, according to unconfirmed sources. True or not, the apparent impunity of the drugs barons operating on Galiciaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Costa de la Muerte was â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;legendaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, insiders claimed. Investigators are now looking into assets linked


with the former officer. Alvarez-Otero owns a villa, several apartments, two bars and â&#x20AC;&#x201C; according to some sources, a hotel. All properties are registered in the name of his wife or a business associate. The Udyco organised crime unit is now trying to determine if the sergeantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s assets were acquired with drugsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; money. In October 2010 after suspecting investigators were getting close to his alleged activities AlvarezOtero requested a transfer to Estella, Navarra. His son then took over the post at Corcubion. Alvarez-Otero is currently being held on remand, while his son is on leave. The Guardia Civil declined to give further details at this time.

COCAINE HEIST: The Guardia Civil seized three tonnes of cocaine off the coast of Galicia.

A MAN who threatened to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;unload a magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; of bullets into his girlfriend was sentenced by a Murcia court to three years and four months in jail for various counts of threats of domestic violence and for sending text messages to his girlfriend, which was in violation of a previous nocontact order. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I will unload a whole magazine in you and then kill myself, but you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ever be happy again,â&#x20AC;? said one of the text messages he sent from prison in Villena (Alicante) in 2009.


Inheritance Tax - Wills - Property Legalisation Is my British Will valid in Spain or should I draw up a Spanish Will for my assets in Spain? Save money and hassle for your loved ones by drawing up a Spanish Will. We can answer all your questions about Inheritance Tax. Â&#x2021;,QKHULWDQFH7D[ Â&#x2021;1RQ5HVLGHQW7D[ Â&#x2021;5HVLGHQW7D[



Call us now and we will arrange a meeting at your chosen location.


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In the first episode of the second series, it's a new term at Rudge Park comprehensive and the infamous sociology and geography field trip to Swanage is coming up, with all the boys on board.

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W were shocked how We much we were paying ffor a simple phone call... until we switched to Telitec. T Now we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even tthink about how long weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been talking to w tthe family back home, it really is that cheap!


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Cops and robbers ARE you sleeping soundly at night? Or are you, like me, listening out for the pitter patter of large feet approaching your house at the dead of night? Crime, apparently, is soaring and burglars are no longer waiting for you to visit Aunt Ethel to do their dirty work. Gone are the days when the main-stay of trouble centered on some youth making off with your knickers while skinnydipping after too many sangrias; crime today is ruthless and unrelenting. And I am not thinking of crime à la Sexy Beast, the 2000 film with Ray Winstone, nor the whitecollar version that robs your pension fund rather than your house. House break-ins in Mallorca rose a whopping 60 per cent in the first six months of this year compared to the same period in 2011. One friend, and her young family, was woken before the crack of dawn by the noise of burglars attempting to smash their way through her front door paying scant regard to neighbours, a silent entry or the fact that the family car was

parked in the driveway. Fortunately, the big bad wolf huffed and puffed but failed to tear the house down and police arrived on the scene - albeit too late to cage the animals. They did not offer any hope of catching the criminals, who, unabated, will move on to easier, less fortified targets. Now I am all for the James Bond school of burglar prevention (strategically placed land mines and explosives) but apparently this is not encouraged by crime prevention forces, and, besides, there is a good chance of an ‘own goal’ on the odd occasion when I forget my keys and have to climb over the wall. So, I have done a little research into the best deterrents. Two-thirds of burglars enter through doors and a third through windows, so securing these is your number one mission. A thorny bush around the perimeter of your house is also a good idea or a wall that is difficult to climb (but hold the shards of glass on top or you could end up behind bars yourself). Dogs are a major deterrent,

Expat Strife Swedish-born Ulrica is a freelance journalist living in Mallorca with her family. Her debut novel $Expat Wives is available on Amazon and iBooks.


though a slice of poisoned meat will sadly see the end of Fido, so it may be better keeping him indoors as a warning barker. Automatic low-energy dusk-tildawn lighting is also useful and cheaper and less prone to false alarms than the motionsensitive beams. Feigning madness is also a winning strategy - few robbers would have a go at the house of a potentially axe-wielding vigilante, so a few strategically placed ‘I love guns’ signs or a Zona Militar plaque could be advisable, though a ‘Forget the dog, mind the owner’ is too predictable. Spray-paint motion sensor sprinklers could work; but mainly to change the colour of your garden and Fido. Other than that, you need only watch a re-run of Home Alone for

SECURITY: Two-thirds of burglars enter through doors. some more inventive prevention. If none of these appeal or you still fail at night, move to the of San Marino, where

burglary options to sleep Republic crime is

so low that there is only one inmate in the state prison, or Japan, where the crime conviction rate is 99.8 per cent - a sure deterrent for any would-be robber.


23 - 29 August 2012

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Gibraltar mums join event to promote breastfeeding THOUSANDS of breastfeeding women from 23 countries came together for this year’s ‘Big Latch On’. All of them latched on to their children at exactly the same time in support of breastfeeding. This coincided with the World Breastfeeding Week which was from August 1 to 7. ‘Mummy and Me’ Gibraltar’s Breastfeeding support group hosted one of the only gatherings in the Iberian Peninsula. Joining the event for the first time, 23 women breastfed their infants in Casemate’s square where the mums simultaneously latched on their babies to promote social awareness to the benefits of breastfeeding. Organisers of ‘The Big Latch On 2012’ said breastfeeding is the best gift you can give your baby. Most doctors recommend breastfeeding during the entire first year of a baby’s life and the World Health Organisation recommends exclusively breastfeeding for the first six months of a babies’ life to optimise these benefits. Breastfeeding contributes to the normal growth and development of babies and children, and babies and children who are not breastfed are at an increased risk of infant morbidity and mortality, adult obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular

Breastfeeding helps mum’s recovery from the birth too.

disease, osteoporosis and premenopausal breast cancer and ovarian cancer (both mum and baby). It also speeds mum’s recovery from birth and postnatal weight loss in conjunction with a healthy diet as it can burn up to an extra 500 calories a day! Organiser Tamsin commented “I am very happy with the turnout for the event. Breastfeeding requires patience and support for the mum and social acceptance to become the norm.” She adds “I cannot wait to start organising next year’s event where we can break the local record for simultaneous breastfeeding mums!”

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23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

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Nearly half of drivers do not have annual eye tests FORTY-SIX per cent of drivers who need glasses do not carry out annual revisions. This increases the risk of traffic accidents, according to the Murcia College of Optometrists (Coorm). “Just as we would check the state of a vehicle before going on a journey, we should do the same with our sight,” said Coorm president, Ana Belen Almaida. “Especially for people

older than age 45 who need corrective glasses.” Coorm recommends that drivers carry out “periodic eye revisions” and “should not wait to renew their driving licence, instead having the test done at least once a year.” Nearly a quarter - 24 per cent - of drivers need glasses to drive, according to Almaida. Furthermore, a third of drivers do not make it a habit to protect their eyes from the sun and 12 per cent never, despite Spain being one of the countries with the highest ultraviolet radiation levels in Europe. By not wearing sunglasses while driving, people are risking damaging their eyes. It is “imperitive” that drivers wear sunglasses, especially when the sun

Drivers who wear glasses should have eye tests carried out at least once a year. is out. However, 70 per cent of sunglasses sold in Spain “do not comply with health regulations,”

said Almaida, who points out it is essential to use quality lenses. Motorcyclists should also choose glasses that

stop dust particles from getting into their eyes. It is also advisable to always carry an extra pair of glasses around.


23 - 29 August 2012


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Risk of throat cancer reduced by Aspirin ASPIRIN â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;can reduce the risk of throat cancerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. It does this by targeting cells known to be a high risk factor for throat cancer. The painkiller reduced this risk factor by 44 per cent, an analysis of 434 patients revealed. Men were more than three times more likely to develop the condition than women, the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for


Technology Assessment found. However, researchers warn people should not start taking high doses of aspirin to prevent throat cancer, but say further research is being done to see if it should be a considered treatment. Meanwhile, Aspirin is already known to help stave off a host of diseases, including arthritis, heart disease and strokes.

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5:30am BBC News 7:00am Breakfast 10:15am Heir Hunters Series dedicated to finding the heirs of people who have died without leaving a will. 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer Property experts visit three properties before they go up for auction. 11:58am BBC News and Weather The most up to date news and weather forecasts. 12:00pm Saints and Scroungers 12:30pm Animal 24:7 Series following people who protect and work closely with wild and domestic animals. 1:13pm BBC News and Weather The most up to date news and weather forecasts. 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm BBC News 2:30pm Regional News 2:45pm Doctors 3:15pm Escape to the Country 4:00pm Regional News

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Roschdy Zem, Samy Naceri, Jamel Debbouze & Sami Bouajila

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12:00am Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side 1:00am Cricket on 5 Highlights of the One Day International as England take on South Africa at the Ageas Bowl. 1:55am Super Casino Live interactive gaming featuring roulette, blackjack and autowheel. 4:55am The Great Artists 5:20am House Doctor A special compilation edition of the home improvement series. 5:45am Michaela's Wild Challenge

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5:05am You Again 7:00am Mask 9:00am Win a Date with Tad Hamilton 10:40am 40 Days and 40 Nights 12:20pm Rio Special 12:50pm The Help 3:20pm Beastly

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4:00pm The Man Who Never Was 6:00pm The Hallelujah Trail 8:45pm Cattle Town 10:00pm Road to Perdition

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Costa Blanca South





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FREE 3G Dongle


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Costa Blanca South

Nic Foster joins the Spectrum family!

Tune in to Nic Foster, new to Drive Time every weekday from 4pm - 8pm

Costa Blanca South 106.3 Fm To advertise on the largest English radio station in Spain at competitive prices Telephone 966 260 888 Email:









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Costa Blanca South

Spread the word and find me a good restaurant if you please ARE empty tables at some restaurants a consequence of the downturn? Does the fault lie closer to home? The restaurant was roadside and modest; my companions chose a platter for two priced at â&#x201A;Ź28. Although the description was hardly precise By Mike Walsh they expected more than a euroâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth of various pan-fried sliced vegetables. Jaws dropped, but hardly in anticipation. Management were reluctant to show interest. We persisted and it was finally conceded â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;a problem in translation.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; A plate of selected meats arrived. At another restaurant the â&#x201A;Ź20 change was taken as a gratuity; companionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wallet was left we made a scene to get it back. behind. We recovered it; three On another occasion a â&#x201A;Ź50 notes were missing.

Are empty tables a sign of the times or is the fault elsewhere?

Images of Spain

In Mijas Pueblo some places charge â&#x201A;Ź4.50 for a beer. A pity as the bad behaviour of a few

reflects on the honest ones. If you find a good restaurant, spread the word.

Cars without drivers DO those who rule over us ever stop to think of the consequences of their increasingly bizarre recommendations. Spainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Director General of Traffic (DGT) proposes a total ban on alcohol consumption. Let us put this into perspective. It takes up to four hours to eliminate two 33cl bottles of beer; for a woman up to six hours. In effect it means a ban on all but teetotal drivers. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s see what that does for mobility and tourism. Alcohol actually figures in very few accidents; five per cent if my memory serves me well. There are two solutions. Robotic driverless cars or a single grey cell being implanted between the ears of the Director General and his cohorts.


Hot water all year round !! The lastest German technology glass vacuum tubesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;160 litre pressurised titanium water tank, never rusts or leaks. Complete system installed for â&#x201A;Ź1895

Gas Central Heating System Installed & working for â&#x201A;Ź2995 5 radiators of any size, Combination boiler, 2 gas bottles. No hidden extras

All system sizes & designs, gas or oil, bottles or storage tanks All systems include Cepsa gas certificate ( a legal requirement in Spain )

Free electric for your home We can install solar to supply part or all of your electricity needs Beat the rise in electric costs!!! Specialists in solar, heating and water treatment Free design, survey and quotation.






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5:35am BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather. 7:00am Breakfast The latest news stories and events. 10:15am Heir Hunters Series dedicated to finding the heirs of people who have died without leaving a will. 11:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:58am BBC News and Weather 12:00pm Saints and Scroungers 12:30pm Animal 24:7 Series following people who protect and work closely with wild and domestic animals. 1:13pm BBC News and Weather The most up to date news and weather forecasts. 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm BBC News 2:30pm Regional News All the latest local news. 2:45pm Doctors Drama series set in a busy Midlands medical practice. 3:15pm Escape to the Country

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BBC3 8:00pm Top Gear 9:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 2: The Sequel 9:10pm Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 11:00pm The Revolution Will be Televise 11:30pm Family Guy 12:15am American Dad! 1:00am The Revolution Will be Televise 1:30am Bad Education 2:00am Our War 3:00am Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery 4:00am The Batman Shootings 4:55am Bad Education 5:25am Our War

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Witty and sophisticated romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn as a Long Island chauffeur's daughter who is romantically pursued by two wealthy sons of an upper-crust family and business tycoon, played by Humphrey Bogart and William Holden.

Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn & William Holden

After a roadside incident in 1992, traumatised soldier Jack blacks out and wakes up straitjacketed in a facility for the criminally insane. Somehow he is transported to 2007 where he meets a young woman who can help him alter his terrible past. A time-shifting sci-fi mindbender.

12:20am The Midwives: Delivering Under Pressure 1:20am BBC News The latest national and international news stories, followed by Weather. 5:35am Pages from Ceefax News and information from the BBC's Teletext service.

8:00pm World News Today 8:30pm Top of the Pops: 1977 9:00pm 20th Century Battlefields 10:00pm Jet! When Britain Ruled the Skies 11:00pm Bomb Squad Men: The Long Walk 12:00am Africa's Magnificent Beasts Hippo Beach. Episode 3. 12:50am One Hundred Years of Wildlife Films 2:50am Growing Children 3:50am Top of the Pops: 1977 4:20am Jet! When Britain Ruled the Skies

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2:50pm Sabrina

11:35pm The Jacket


5:45am FIA GT1 Championship 6:40am Ironman 2012 7:10am The Hoobs 7:35am The Hoobs 8:00am Freshly Squeezed 8:30am According to Jim 8:55am Will and Grace 9:25am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:55am Frasier 10:25am Come Dine with Me 10:55am Come Dine with Me 11:25am Come Dine with Me 11:55am Come Dine with Me 12:30pm Come Dine with Me 1:00pm Channel 4 News Includes news headlines and weather. 1:05pm The Odyssey 1:40pm A Place in the Sun Home 2:45pm Teleshopping 2:50pm Sabrina

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12:20am 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 1:25am Jimmy Carr Jimmy Carr performs live at the SECC in Glasgow. 2:20am Summer Daze with Blackberry 2:50am Barclaycard Mercury Prize Sessions 3:00am Itunes Festival 2012 3:15am Spotlight 3:30am Coming Up 3:55am Mesh 4:00am Happy Endings 4:25am St. Elsewhere 5:10am Deal or No Deal

12:10am Celebrity Big Brother 12:35am Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side 1:35am Comedy Kings 2:00am Super Casino Live interactive gaming featuring roulette, blackjack and autowheel. 4:55am HouseBusters Janet Ellis invites three experts to ‘heal’ a house that is making its inhabitants unhappy. 5:20am House Doctor 5:45am Michaela's Wild Challenge

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Extreme World 2:00am The Good Guys 3:00am Sun, Sea and A&E 3:55am Caprica 4:45am Secret World of Magic 5:35am Airline

SKY MOVIES COMEDY 6:00am Summer Rental 7:40am A Nanny for Christmas 9:10am You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger 10:50am Blackball 12:30pm Raising Arizona 2:10pm Take Me Home Tonight 3:50pm Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story 5:30pm Little Nicky 7:15pm Take Me Home Tonight 9:00pm Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story 10:45pm Little Nicky 12:30am Women in Trouble 2:15am Blackball 4:00am Raising Arizona

SKY MOVIES DRAMA 5:25am The Age of Innocence 7:50am Gandhi 11:00am Scents and Sensibility 12:30pm The Karate Kid 2:55pm An Invisible Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams & Harrison Ford Sign

4:45pm Footloose Special 5:15pm You Again 7:15pm Stay Cool 9:00pm Morning Glory 11:00pm Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps 1:15am Hardball 3:10am I Am You

SKY MOVIES ACTION 5:20am Our Man Flint 7:10am Bunraku 9:15am Thunderbirds 10:55am Killers 12:40pm Shanghai Noon 2:35pm Shanghai Knights 4:35pm Faster 6:15pm Resident Evil: Afterlife 8:00pm Shanghai Noon 10:00pm Shanghai Knights 12:00am Faster 1:40am Resident Evil: Afterlife 3:20am Circle of Pain 4:55am American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

TCM 6:00am Who's Minding the Store? 7:30am Gunsmoke 8:35am Maverick 9:35am Cattle Town 10:55am The Hallelujah Trail 1:45pm Gunsmoke 2:50pm Maverick 4:00pm Gunsight Ridge 5:40pm With a Song in My Heart 8:00pm Casablanca 10:00pm The Specialist 12:05am Flashdance 1:55am The Specialist


23 - 29 August 2012

Costa Blanca South

Quiet cats

(From left) Sapphire, Fluff, Tiny, Stripes and Smudge.

A right motley crew HERE is a line-up of my cats. They are all quiet when it is feeding time.

HOSING DOWN: Dogs like to be kept cool.

Heat stroke in dogs

Michael Derek Scarles, Javea (Alicante) Submit fun pet pictures to, in as high a resolution as possible. Please include name of the pet, your full name, where you live and if relevant a couple of lines to explain the circumstances of the photo. Due to space restrictions not all submissions will be used.


EWN 53

F there are signs of heat stroke, cool the dog off by submerging it in tepid water before taking it to a vet. Flap a towel to fan the dog and allow gradual cooling. Cooling a dog that is in shock too fast with cold water can cause further problems, even hypothermia. Certainly do not use ice water, as this could result in a narrowing of the arteries to the skin, meaning the dog will retain the heat longer. Do not leave dogs in

Connie’s Pets Corner For 24-HOUR VETS visit costablanca24hvets.eurowe

If you have any questio ns, please write to me at connie-pets@euro wee I’ll be happy to help.

cars even with the Remember windows down (and do young or small dogs take not allow them to travel 10 steps to our one and with their heads out of young dogs need most the car windows). of their energy for If you see a growing. Dogs dog in an Don’t clip do not unattended long-haired car in hot dogs too like weather for short warm more than five otherwise water. minutes call the there is the police. Keep danger of the skin water in the boot of being sun burnt, their the car and out of the sun, coats are for protection dogs do not like warm or against cold weather and hot water. the sun. Hot pavements, tarmac It is not natural for dogs and sand on a beach can that have been bred for burn paws. Jogging with cold climates, such as your dog running behind Huskies and Akitas, to be is also unwise as is taken to warm climates as making your dog run then behavioural and behind a car. health problems will occur.

54 EWN

23 - 29 August 2012

Costa Blanca South

For solutions:

Time Out Can humanity live in peace?

10-star quiz

IN the future the world is at peace. War is a thing of the past. Global population has stabilised. Global climate is precisely managed. Humans have evolved to be many times more conscious and intelligent than in centuries past. Planetary-wide cooperation has led to an advanced space travel programme. The early 21st century, when a great

VIRGO (August 24 - September 23) With so much energy around you, it will be hard to concentrate on business matters. Finances, however, do require your attention and a brief period of scrutiny will show you why. Someone close may be spending too much or undermining the situation by making big plans.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23) Nostalgia overtakes you and an urge to look back into the past is strong. Perhaps you are thinking of tracing your family tree. It may be that you have received a letter or phone call that aroused your curiosity. Whatever it is, do be aware that any decisions made this week could have far-reaching effects, for the good as well as the ʻnot so goodʼ.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22) When you start to worry too much about things, it is time to take a step back. Senseless worrying is when you really cannot do anything to change the situation. Take into account how, in the past, worrying has affected your wellbeing. Maybe it is time to walk away and take another path entirely. Some may not be happy about this. You must come first now.

Y our S tars


Born August 27, 1976, is a retired Spanish tennis player; one of the few to earn three of the greatest titles in tennis. He won the Grand Slam singles titles at Roland Garros in 1998, the World Number One position in 1999 and contributed to Spainʼs Davis Cup in 2004. He is also known for being Rafa Nadalʼs mentor and for donating the prize money he won at the Chennai Open to the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami victims in 2005.

interest in you suddenly surfaces. You may be unsure of how to react, so save judgment.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21)

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

A need to listen to your innermost feelings and needs has perhaps been overlooked. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, philosophical thoughts are often pushed into a corner. Even so, you owe it to yourself to truly consider what you want as opposed to going along with what others want from you.

Your opinion of someone is in the process of changing. It is not through any particular action of theirs towards you, rather it is a feeling that you should not be involved with their business. Trusting our instincts is something that we do not do enough.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

There is a lightness to this week that is welcome. After more than a little bit of aggravation and frustration of late it is overdue. Someone you believed had lost

There are enough people in this world who will be willing to tell you what to

Someone you would not normally consider to be a friend shows an interest in you. Your immediate reaction may be joy or suspicion. In fact, you are not quite sure what to think. All the same, try to put aside preconceived ideas and give them a chance.


CANCER (June 22 - July 23)


LEO (July 24 - August 23) A close relationship seems to be changing. You need to know why and maybe believe that you do. However, be sure to get all the facts. Asking outright questions of the person involved is your best chance of getting the right answers. Someone may urge you to ʻread between the linesʼ but it is hardly necessary.

Have you got a funny joke? Include full name and town you live in.



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10 13























1. Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation 2. Sure and Steadfast (Stedfast) 3. Nil satis nisi optimum 4. To Protect and to Serve 5. Citius, Altius, Fortius 6. Spirit in Motion 7. Blood and Fire 8. Who Dares Wins 9. Dieu et mon droit 10. In God We Trust



enol, hone, lone, loon, lynx, nope, only, onyx, open, oxen, peon, phon, pone, pony, honey, loony, peony, phone, phono, phony, pylon, looney, openly, phenol, phenyl, phoney, polony, XYLOPHONE

Word ladder






Very good: 57 Excellent: 70



33 36

With which organisations, institutions, municipalities or authorities are the following mottoes principally associated?




Average: 31 Good: 40

Time is of the essence when pursuing a pet project this week. Having been given the opportunity to go ahead with a plan, do not waste time. Some opportunities do not come twice so be sure to show your enthusiasm.

HOW TO PLAY Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3X3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.


Carlos Moya,


do. Although it is in your nature to value your freedom, have you been compromising? Think of the time you have left to get to grips with a particular situation.

joining a club or group. This will enhance your social life and bring you laughter. Although your confidence has been a little lower than usual, you have the chance to impress someone important to you.

Life can get complicated at this time of the year and you may feel pulled in more than one direction. You are perfectly entitled to change your mind about an arrangement. Those who try to make you feel guilty may be thinking only of themselves, and what does that tell you?

This is a creative week and one in which you seek to find your talents. For some time now you have toyed with the idea of

Sam walks into his boss’ office. “Sir, I’ll be straight with you, I know the economy isn’t great, but I have over three companies after me, and I would like to ask for a raise.” After a few minutes of haggling, the boss finally agrees to a five per cent raise, and Sam happily gets up to leave. ”By the way,” asks the boss as Sam is getting up, “which three companies are after you?” “The electric company, water company and phone company,” Sam replied.

Making the most of what you have carries on through into October. You realise how lucky you are and seek to share this with others.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20)

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21)

Just joking


movement towards peace began, is looked at as the pivotal point in human history. The 20th century is looked at as the primitive past, a tragic era before humankind learnt to live in peace. This book is about the nuts and

bolts and the philosophy to bring about this greatest revolution. Let us begin to imagine humanity living in peace: the society of the future, the economy of the future, and the government of the future. This is the blueprint and wiring diagram behind the world of the future. This is your invitation to be a part of this great movement and fabulous renaissance.



Drama, Comedy

BOB MARLEY’S universal appeal, impact on music history and role as a social and political prophet is both unique and unparalleled. Marley is the definitive life story of the musician, revolutionary, and legend, from his early days to his rise to international superstardom. Made with the support of the Marley family, the film features rare footage, incredible performances and revelatory interviews with the people that knew him best. 2h24 m Directed By: Kevin Macdonald Bob Marley, Rita Marley, Neville 'Bunny Wailer' Livingston, Chris Blackwell.


Move from the start word (TALL) to the end word (BOYS) in the same number of steps as there are rungs on the Word Ladder. You must only change one letter at a time.





How many English words of four letters or more can you make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears twice). Each word MUST CONTAIN THE CENTRE LETTER (in this case D) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not allowed.

23 - 29 August 2012


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Costa Blanca South

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Crosswords CRYPTIC Across 1 Some disapproval lets customers try out goods before buying them (5) 4 Poorly? Donʼt start crying (6) 9 Land needs me badly (7) 10 Ms Hird can be seen in Bath or a nearby town (5) 11 Genuine Brazilian coin (4) 12 Six rings around maidens (7) 13 Cherry does not need her blubber (3) 14 Renew whatʼs damaged with something modern (5) 16 Nymph hiding in toreadorʼs home (5) 18 Measure the middle of the paellas (3) 19 First book new sign, see? (7) 20 Smack on the wrist? (4) 23 Rebuilt abode using clay (5) 24 Bad example or examples (7) 25 Deals with sources of gratification (6) 26 Age is a new form of support (5) Down 1 Road inn arranged around the hearth (7) 2 Dad gets a measure of current grass (5) 3 Kiln, as in Old Testament (4) 5 Law agency involved in plot to capture the Queen (8) 6 Funny oldies I hero-worship (7) 7 Scruffy togas for Capricorns (5)

ENGLISH - SPANISH The clues are mixed, some clues are in Spanish and some are in English. Across 1 Bed (furniture) (4) 3 Pajita (de beber) (5) 8 Eyelash (7) 9 Taco (billar) (3) 10 Iris (flower) (5) 11 Milk (5) 12 Gold (metal, commodity, currency) (3) 13 Dentro (7) 14 Ensayo (escuela) (5) 15 To fall (tumble) (4)

Co d e B r e a ke r 8 He and a docked Navy is substantial (5) 13 Redesigned Civil Service Centre is curved in shape (8) 15 Itʼs charming to have the odd victory (7) 17 Fed up with Rayʼs refunds (7) 18 Compound built of trees (5) 19 Enormous soldier ant (5) 21 Take down awful pun, for example (5) 22 Greek goddess is part of the Ram constellation (4)

QUICK Across 1 Quantity of baked bread (5) 4 Damned (6) 9 Put in order (7) 10 Fling (5) 11 Powder (4) 12 Fervent (7) 13 Stinging flying insect (3) 14 Scoundrel (5) 16 Robust (5) 18 Falsehood (3) 19 Genuine (7) 20 Quote (4) 23 Main arterial vessel (5) 24 Attendant (7) 25 Plucked (6) 26 Pay out (5)

Down 1 Lodger (7) 2 Periods (5) 3 Clue (4) 5 Changeable (8) 6 Grave (7) 7 Sediment (5) 8 Grab (5) 13 Drink (8) 15 Broad (7) 17 Gave way (7) 18 Smallest (5) 19 Outer covering of the skull (5) 21 Annoyed (5) 22 Untidiness (4)

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC - Across: 1 Scraping, 5 Ever, 9 Ocelots, 10 Civil, 11 Beef, 12 Calends, 15 Roster, 16 Beggar, 19 Heretic, 21 Gala, 24 Livid, 25 Spotted, 26 Goya, 27 Canoodle. Down: 1 Snobbery, 2 Reefers, 3 Pool, 4 Nassau, 6 Vivid, 7 Rely, 8 Acceded, 13 Beheads, 14 Organdie, 17 Granted, 18 Fiesta, 20 Envoy, 22 Flog, 23 Dodo. QUICK - Across: 1 Cargo, 4 Tsar, 9 Secular, 10 Under, 11 Imp, 12 Agree, 14 Irate, 15 Asked, 16 Kiev, 18 Idea, 20 Egypt, 22 Rules, 23 Yacht, 25 Due, 26 Decor, 27 Algebra, 29 Taps, 30 Seedy. Down: 1 Casual, 2 Recur, 3 Owl, 5 Stupidity, 6 Red tape, 7 Prickly pear, 8 Brief, 13 Eavesdrop, 17 Illicit, 19 Crude, 21 Steady, 24 Cable, 28 Gas. ENGLISH - SPANISH Across: 1 Dark, 3 Campo, 8 Sisters, 9 Ahi, 10 Agrio, 11 Odiar, 12 Gol, 13 Trailer, 14 Cobre, 15 Isla Down: 1 Descarga, 2 Rastrillo, 4 As soon as, 5 Platillos, 6 Reporter, 7 Librería.

1.Unscramble the name of a novel by John Grisham (three words): HEN BIT FIREPLACE 2. Unscramble the name of a famous tennis player: WAS IN MARSEILLE

Play on Words K9 £

IN & Answers: Dog pound In black and white


Down 1 Brushes (8) 2 Setas (9) 4 Move (office, home) (8) 5 Artichoke (9) 6 Petrol (8) 7 Defender (8)


Hexagram The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letter words into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must be written CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (BOTTLE) and one letter in four other cells are given as clues.


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), was an American politician, author and public speaker.

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s puzzle, 7 represents C and 11 represents Z, so fill in C every time the figure 7 appears and Z every time the figure 11 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

BOTTLE (10) Braver Bucked Cancel Events Glance Gravel Hasten Horses Kisses Listen Neatly Seared Senses Sickly Sights Steals Thence Treaty


1 Splash, 2 Healer, 3 Crusts, 4 Hasten, 5 Except, 6 Figure, 7 Scarce, 8 Grapes, 9 Charts, 10 Expect, 11 Tricks, 12 Stench, 13 Heater, 14 Traced, 15 Chaste, 16 Houses, 17 Advent, 18 Spears, 19 Phased.


56 EWN

23 - 29 August 2012


Costa Blanca South




•FUNNY BUSINESS – an evening of comic sketches/monologues by David Whitney - at Casa de Cultura, San Miguel de Salinas on August 23 and Friday 24, 7.30pm. In aid of AFA Alzheimers Association, Torrevieja. •FRIENDS UNLIMITED Quesada: 966 719 862 or •FRIENDS UNLIMITED, the social arm of Help Vega Baja, meets every Thursday between 2pm and 4pm at The Club in Rojales. Call 966 719 862. •LADIES CARD MAKING & CRAFTING GROUP, PAL Social Club, Torrevieja, 2pm-5pm: Call Maureen 966 789 977. •LIONS CLUB Torrevieja Costa: 966 789 571 or •MABS Cancer Support Group meetings: •ROYAL BRITISH LEGION, Orihuela Costa and District meet at Olympia restaurant, Mil Palmeras, third Thursday of month at 7pm. Email

Costa Blanca South’s best guide to local non-profit clubs, charities and societies Email Fax 952 440 887 Post Euro Weekly News, Calle Moscatel 10, P-62, Poligono Industrial Arroyo de la Miel, 29631 Benalmadena, Malaga.

•ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY of St Peter and St Paul in Torrevieja offers services in six locations. •BAKER FOUNDATION for Spiritual Awareness, Playa Flamenca: Sunday Service 11am; Clairvoyance Tuesdays 7.15pm; Healing Thursdays 10.30am12pm. 966 760 665. •CHRISTIAN CHURCH English language meets at Alpha Centre, Los Nietos Viejos (Mar Menor) Sundays 10am: 968 133 724 •CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH Pilar de la Horadada: Sunday service 11am; Thursday Bible Study and Prayer 5pm. 966 769 300/650 509 606

•CHESS CLUB Daya Vieja: 660 825 390. •CYCLING GROUP Rojales: 966 716 442/653 433 933. • C H O I R El Pinar de Campoverde: 966 763 446. •MODEL BOAT BUILDING GROUP Los Alcazares: 968 170 870 or

•VELVETONES LADIES HARMONY CHORUS rehearse at El Paraiso Restaurant, Torrevieja, 2pm4pm. Call 965 327 446.

•PHILIP SCOTT LODGE No 10671 of RAOB now meet at a larger location; Bar Catorce in Benjofor from 7pm – 9pm. Call 653 066 919.

•TORREVIEJA COSTA LIONS CLUB: Meet second Thursday of month, 7.30pm at Cabo Severa Hotel, La Mata. 617 069 064 or

•SHARE & CARE GROUP: An informal get together for anyone affected by cancer at MABS Cancer Centre, San Javier at 11am. Call 693 795 247.



• ALICANTE BUSINESS CLUB – no joining fees or membership – meets first Friday of month at Captain’s Table in Benimar at 1pm. •CANTABILE SINGERS rehearse at Restaurant El Paraiso in Torrevieja, 2pm-5pm. 965 077 457 or or

• MABS BOOKS SALE - weather permitting – T h e A r c h e s Re s t a u ra n t , L o s A l c á z a r e s 10am-1pm. •50+ SOLOS - for singles, divorcees and widowers – meet first and third Saturday of month at different restaurants in Torrevieja.


home groups. or call Reverend Eddie on 966 769 300 or 650 509 606.

or email: •INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY Torrevieja: Sunday service and children’s church 11am; Ladies meeting Thursdays 11am. 966 799 273/660 127 276. •ORIHUELA CHURCH SERVICES: Call 966 733 093. • PILAR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH, Calle Canalejas 3, Pilar de la Horadada: Sundays 11am; Thursdays 5pm Bible study and Prayer; weekday

•ROMAN CATHOLIC MASSES in Orihuela Costa: Don Joaquin Carlos - Fridays 5.30pm to 6.30pm. •ST NICHOLAS ECUMENICAL CHURCH Camposol Sundays 10.30am: 968 138 952 or www. •TORREVIEJA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas 68: Services Sunday 10.30am with Communion and children’s Sunday School plus Wednesday 6.30pm.


•SEEKERS LADIES CLUB Torrevieja: 966 784 033.

•CYCLING GROUP Rojales: 966 716 442/653 433 933.

•SEWING CRAFT CLASSES Torrevieja: 966 708 199.


•SAMARITANS Drop-in Café: Telephone 902 883 535. • S E W ‘ N ’ S O s Sewing Group (MABS): •3A MARINA BAIXA general meetings every fourth Monday of month at Casa del Cultura in Alfaz del Pi at 10.30am.


•ARPO (Association of Retired Police Officers) Costa Blanca South meet second Wednesday of month at Sackos Bar, El Limonar, Torrevieja, at 10.30am. Contact Jim Wood, Secretary on 966 188 369 or email •VE G A B A J A A S T R O N O M Y G R O U P meet second Wednesday of month, 3.30pm-5.30pm at Lo Maribou Restaurant in Ciudad Quesada. Contact 965 720 967 or


•ART WORKSHOP at Cafe Golf, San Javier, 11am – 1pm. €2 donation for by MABS Cancer Support Group. Call 968 192 768.

• KNITTING CLUB Mazarron: 619 493 183.

•BENIMAR SOCIAL CLUB: 660 825 390.

•FREE REIKI by The Reiki Healing Association on the first and third Tuesday afternoons of each month. If not well, three free treatments given. Call Age Concern 966 786 887.

•COMPUTER CLUB Torrevieja: 966 700 041 or •FORTUNA LADIES




a name you can trust


902 887 100

or 966 49 05 09


23 - 29 August 2012

Advertising Feature

Rialto Restaurant is very welcoming


GREAT LOCATION: Located within Urbanisation Benimar. For meat and poultry lovers, the chef recommends the pork fillet medallions or tender fillet steak crowned with a choice of red wine, mushroom or pepper cream sauce; or Pollo Rialto - a chicken breast fillet teamed with mushrooms, onions and garlic with a medium/hot tomato topping. There is a wide selection of fish and sea-food platters including sole with a lemon sauce, as well as endless possibilities for vegetarians. Dessert is an absolute MUST at Rialto, with authentic treats including tiramisu to lead you into temptation. Rialto hosts an extensive choice of fine wines, to accompany your meal, from Italian house red


Costa Blanca South

CLASSIC INTERIORS: Comfortable and air conditioned.

AY “Ciao” to a romantic evening at Rialto Restaurant Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy a delicious meal at Rialto. Located in the pleasant surroundings of Urbanisation Benimar, just outside Benijofar, the restaurant has transported mama’s secret recipes to the Costas, offering a whole new experience in authentic Italian cuisine. Owner Dilbag Singh is also responsible for the popular Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant and with 17 years in the business under his belt, he knows how to take care of his guests. Rialto provides the ideal setting with its delightful terraces allowing clients to dine on the beautiful terrace or go inside to classic interior décor with air conditioning. The ‘A La Carte Menu’, offers a variety of starters, or ‘antipasti’, from homemade soups, to oven-baked bruschetta, grilled garlic mushrooms or mussels in white wine sauce, fused with onion, garlic and pepper. There is a choice of main courses to satisfy any appetite, including pizzas, which are baked to perfection in authentic wood burning stoves; and pasta and noodle dishes crowned with your choice of sauce.


or white to classic Chianti, Pinot Grigio or a bottle of bubbly to add extra sparkle to your meal. A selection of children’s favourites are available to keep the little ones happy for only €4.50 and the full menu can be appreciated either to eat in or take away, with a FREE bottle of wine thrown in for takeaway orders of 15 euros or above. Plus, there is a choice of a three course daytime and evening menu, priced from €9.00 respectively.

Rialto is open throughout the summer period and looks forward to seeing you. So for Italian cuisine at its best, give them a call and reserve your table today on 966 714 284.




23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South Advertising Feature

Restaurante Catorce – Benijofar

FOR those who haven’t discovered this popular award-winning bar/restaurant, Catorce is located behind the Ayuntamiento in Benijofar overlooking a pleasant park and children’s play area. Because of its adjoining function room, Catorce has a constant stream of customers attending the many activities that are held there, including Slimweigh Diet Club, Zumba classes, Spanish classes, an art class for all levels, keep fit/toning and of course, line dancing. The day normally starts early for the team at Catorce with doors opening at 9.30am Monday – Saturday and breakfast being served through until 1.00pm. After that, Catorce caters for those wanting a simple snack through to a three course meal with Menu del Dia or the lunchtime snack menu. From 4.00pm through to 7.00pm the ‘value at Teatime’ menu is available with a wide choice of meals available for just €5.00 each and at 7.00pm the Menu de la

LIGHT AND COSY: Meals to suit all budgets. Noche and a la Carte menus are introduced. On a Friday morning, John and Ann from ‘Funky Bra Straps’ are there to tempt ladies with a touch of ‘bling’ which includes bags, watches, necklaces earrings and of course bra straps. Saturday nights are now busy at


23 - 29 August 2012

GLUTEN FREE IS NOT A PROBLEM. Should you wish to reserve a table for any occasion, or book a forthcoming event – please ring 966 849 030 or email them at Coming soon – Cartorce’s Facebook site – visit ‘Benijofarcatorce’


Costa Blanca South

CATORCE: Just behind the Ayuntamiento. Catorce due to their recently introduced Steak Night menu. Last week you could choose from rump steak, gammon steak, mixed grill or haddock with all of the trimmings plus a bottle of their very pleasant house wine for only €20.00 per couple. Sundays at Catorce involve their extremely popular Sunday Buffet Lunch, three courses for €12.00. The main course is buffet style where you can create your very own perfect meal. There is always a choice of three meats and plenty of fresh vegetables available. Lunch starts at 12.30pm and last reservations are taken at 3.30pm. Booking is advisable. On Sunday evening they have their Fun Quiz and Play Your Cards Right. New to Catorce for the summer is their ‘Family Friendly Dining’. Two adults choosing from the Menu del Dia/ Menu de la Noche or Sunday Buffet menu – the 1st child under 12 years of age eats for free (choosing from the Junior menu). This promotion is available through until the end of September. Catorce are aware of the increase in people suffering from food allergies and the chefs are always available to discuss individual needs and are prepared to alter menus where possible.


For daily news visit




23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

AUTHENTIC: Plush seating and traditional Indian music set the scene. Advertising Feature

Indian Ocean tastes IF you appreciate fine dining and are a fan of Indian food, there is nowhere quite like Indian Ocean to arouse your taste buds. Indian Ocean - Indian Restaurant and Takeaway offers the ultimate experience in Indian cuisine. Located in Urb Dona Pepa cc La Laguna Quesada you will not be disappointed by the fine attention to detail. The deco encourages diners to call and enjoy the wonderful food all freshly prepared. Style and comfort are of utmost importance at Indian Ocean, with plush seating throughout, and traditional Indian tunes playing softly in the background providing great atmosphere, so that clients are never in any rush to leave. However it is of course the food that counts the most,

and Indian Ocean are proud to boast a menu to provide a blend of spices to suit every palate, from mild, creamy Korma to steaming hot Madras, Their special lunch menu served between 12pm and 3pm is fantastic value at only €6.95 this includes any main dish (excluding prawns / king prawns) with rice or naan, glass of wine or beer and to finish a coffee or tea. The evening menu served from 6pm is equally fantastic value at €9.95. Take always are available and offer a free bottle of wine with every order over €20. For more information, to reserve your table or to place a takeaway order, please telephone 966 718 211 or 687 248 213.

23 - 29 August 2012



Costa Blanca South

62 EWN

23 - 29 August 2012


Costa Blanca South


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OMES Gardens

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Create cool shading in your summer garden S

Gardening Corner White stones help keep things looking cool. By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Spain’s best known gardening authors who have lived and gardened in Spain for 25 years.

Mauve plants are good for planting in shaded areas.

UMMER will hopefully still be with us for another six weeks but with temperatures dropping by a degree or two as we enter September. Where else than Spain and other Mediterranean climate areas of the world can one find sunny cloudless skies for so long but still with enviable colourful and productive gardens? Luckily many plants have a defence mechanism when the weather is very hot and slow down their activity with growth and flowering being reduced except for true tropical and semi-tropical flowering plants and trees. But even then most plants welcome shelter from the hottest suns in semi or full shade for at least part of the day. Likewise so do humans, pets, insects and garden wildlife such as geckoes and frogs. But unfortunately over the last 25 years many mature trees have gone or trees have not been planted generally because ‘they drop leaves that need to be swept up’. Twenty five years ago few gardens in Spain would not have been partly wooded with evergreens and flowering and fruiting trees. When we purchased our


23 - 29 August 2012

Costa Blanca South house we kept old trees and planted more, we maximised the use of the natural shade for part of the day on the north side and for much of the day on the western side. Likewise we now take maximum advantage of large trees on the eastern, southern and western boundaries, trailing climbers over pergolas or wires from trees to the house wall. With very few spots in the garden that are not in dappled shade for at least

EWN 63

part of the day, there is always somewhere to rest, read or work in the shade and one can stroll the entire perimeter of the plot largely in the shade. Unfortunately the newly imported sails do not create the same shade or effect and often look out of place except with a plain house in a sparse minimalist garden and if you are planning large umbrellas, green ones blend in best. One thought re pergolas. They create cool shade

SHADE: Have somewhere to read, rest or work surrounded by foliage.

when surrounded by planted areas, but can be very hot if surrounded by large areas of baking hot terraces radiating heat upwards and sideways. Minimise vast areas of baking hot bare tiles, slate and dark, non absorbent, coloured rocks unless you are training for an Indian fire walking demonstration for the village fiesta. And thinking about plantings, plant up some areas of the garden, especially those you see when resting or taking a siesta, with cooling plantings that are predominantly white, grey, blue and mauve as suggested in Chapter 2.6 in ‘Your Garden in Spain – From planning to planting and maintenance’. This was Chapter 4.17 in the earlier version of the book. Possible plants include white and blue agapanthus, mauve talbaghias, white flowering petunias, bignonias, solanum, jasmine and roses, the grey foliage of echiums, lavenders, some gazanias and sages. Likewise white walls, white plant pots, rocks in rockeries, areas of white stone chippings, light versus dark coloured paths and terraces and white washed trunks of citrus trees - which also helps to prevent them from splitting in the sun - can help cool down the garden. Lastly, but not less important, the sight and sound of water can be stimulating, soothing and cooling. A fountain can be purchased and immediately installed, but a pond with a fountain or cascading waterfall is a project for the winter to be ready for next year. Also a shower alongside a main pathway through the garden can provide a welcome cooling off and the draining water can keep a bed of canna lilies of comfrey happy all summer and autumn until autumn rains arrive. Space has run out but we hope some of the above tips help you enjoy your Spanish abode to the full.

Clodagh and Dick Handscombe © August 2012.




23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

New two-star hotel set for city centre THE licence for the construction of a two-star hotel in Alicante’s city centre has been requested. Usually hotels in this

location are of a higher category, but due to the economic crisis the promoter has chosen to go for something more economic for guests. There are currently only five other two-star hotels in the city. There are also 15 three-star hotels and 10 four-star. The promoter hopes that construction can start in the autumn and take 18 months to build. If the building licence is approved, the nine-storey building will be built on

Avenida de Alfonso del Sabio and have 31 rooms. Each floor will have four rooms facing the avenue. The ground floor will include the reception area, cafeteria and there will be an underground car park. This new hotel is a project by Promociones Cortes Candela.The land on which it will be built already has a 135 square metre building on it, which has been denounced by residents due to its ‘abandoned state’.

Santa Barbara Castle, close to Avenida de Alfonso del Sabio in Alicante City.

THERE are few more critical resources to have in life than a good lawyer. This is never more so the case than when you are living abroad where laws, customs and regulations can be bafflingly complicated. It is then that a ‘tame’ and trustworthy lawyer can be a ‘life-saver’, who can prevent a simple misunderstanding from turning into a major crisis. Certainly, the laws and regulations of Spain are very different from the UK and never should you think that just because Spain is in the EU everything operates the same as elsewhere in the Union. It does not! Indeed, Spain’s law is notoriously complicated, not least because some laws and regulations vary considerably even within the country itself, due to the autonomy of the individual Regions. Meanwhile, as we all know, Spain is infamous for having laws that are not enforced or that are enforced erratically, something that has caused innumerable problems, particularly for foreign property owners. The question, of course, is how competent are Spanish lawyers and how do you find one who will be your ‘life safer’ and provide you with a professional, unbiased and objective service? Well, clearly there are some excellent lawyers in Spain, who act with great integrity and who provide a superb service. However, sadly,


23 - 29 August 2012



Costa Blanca South

Lawyers in Spain: the good the bad and the totally indifferent! Nick Snelling Nick Snelling is the author of five books including â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;How to Buy Spanish property and Move to Spain â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Safely!â&#x20AC;&#x2122; and runs the information site Culture Spain

there are some who are far from professional and others who offer a dreadful service. Part of the problem is that many Spanish lawyers are sole practitioners who often do not specialize in a distinct area of the law, such as conveyancing, probate, litigation or corporate law. This means that it can be difficult to find dedicated experts with a genuine depth of experience and knowledge in the subject matter that concerns you. To compound matters further, some Spanish lawyers dealing with the foreign market have tended

lawyer in Spain what should you do? Naturally, using a lawyer recommended by several different (and unconnected) people is always a good idea. However, if that is not possible then make sure

to be young and relatively inexperienced, having naturally gravitated to dealing with foreigners through their ability to speak English (a skill often lacking in their older colleagues). So, if you need a sound

your intended lawyer in Spain: 1. Speaks and writes your language perfectly. 2. Is completely independent of any other party (the seller, an estate agent, other contractual

party etc.) 3. Specialises in the area of work you require 4. Has high value public liability insurance (double check this - as some lawyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s public insurance liability cover can be very low!)

5. Gives a quote in writing for any work, together with a formal IVA invoice enumerating all work undertaken when completed 6. Provides all advice in writing All of the above are vital with the provision of advice in writing particularly important. This is something that is often neglected by lawyers in Spain who sometimes provide their advice orally, without then backing it up in writing. When this is the case there is no â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;paper trailâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; should something go wrong, making it virtually impossible to sue successfully for negligence. Perhaps more to the point is that there is nothing like always asking for advice to be placed in writing to concentrate the minds of even the sloppiest lawyerâ&#x20AC;Ś


We work with over 400 new clients every month who are looking to buy a home in the Costa Blanca.


We collaborate with over 200 agents in Spain and throughout Europe.


Our professional sales staff are viewing with TXDOLÂżHGFOLHQWVGDLO\


We offer a free after sales service to help you with the completion process.

Â&#x2021; generates 60,000 web visitors monthly.


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To Cabo Roig

w w w. h o m e e s p a n a . c o. u k Call us now on: 966 761 545 Email: sales@KRPHHVSDQDFRXN C/Maestro Torralba, 21, La Zenia, Orihuela Costa, 03189, Alicante.

)256$/( - New Listing $UHD&DER5RLJ

5HI +( 3ULFHÂź

A 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom corner townhouse close to shops, amenities, restaurants, bars and beaches. Gated community, four communal pools, balcony and a large terrace with parking.

)256$/(- New Listing 5HIHEDR6493 $UHD9LOODPDUWLQ


A 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom bungalow close to amenities, golf courses and the coast. Includes private garden, shared pool, solarium, air con, heating and comes partially furnished.


23 - 29 August 2012


Costa Blanca South

Whatever your telecoms needs


,97€ 1 LANDLINE RENTAL ONLY 13 /mth (inc FREE mins)

2 MOBILE CALLS from 5cents/min (inc mobiles) 3 EASY ACCESS INTERNET ONLY 1cent/min (dial up) 4 SUPERFAST ADSL ONLY 38,99€/mth (inc line rental)


5 LOW COST CALLS FROM ONLY 1cent (inc calls to UK) ( off payment p y - no monthlyy costs)) only y 299€ fully installed 6 NEW UK TV SERVICE (1


a name you can trust

Terms & Conditions apply on all offers

902 887 100

or 966 49 05 09

23 - 29 August 2012



Costa Blanca South


Ser vices







8mb inc landline! .99€ upto

Let’s keep it simple! call now EWTELCO 902 887 100 / 966 49 05 09 DRAINS


For daily news visit




23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South MOTORING







advertise online


902 887 100


23 - 29 August 2012



Costa Blanca South


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!"'$#"% " !"'$# &!"& a^OW\.PWaV]^a[]dSQ][ eeePWaV]^a[]dSQ][

INTERNET ACCESS for ONLY 1cent/minute Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s keep it simple! 902 887 100 / 966 49 05 09





23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South TV / SATELLITE

INTERNET ACCESS for ONLY 1cent/minute Let’s keep it simple! 902 887 100 / 966 49 05 09



23 - 29 August 2012



Costa Blanca South







Due to the launch of the new high powered Astra 1N Satellite you can now receive throughout the Costa Blanca all the B r i t i s h Te l e v i s i o n a n d R a d i o C h a n n e l s l i s t e d b e l o w i n h i g h q u a l i t y d i g i t a l r e c e p t i o n w i t h t h e n e w F a m a v a l 1 m H i g h - G a i n D i s h


Plus BBC2 –BBC3 –BBC4 – ITV2 – ITV3 – ITV4 – ITV1+1 – ITV2+1 – ITV3+1 – ITV4+1 – E4 – E4+1 – More4 – More 4+1 Also 12 Movie Channels – 12 News Channels – 9 Kids Channels – 13 Pop Video Channels – 30 Shopping Channels – 30 Adult Channels 40 International Channels – 17 Religious Channels and over 70 Radio Channels and all these Channels are TOTALLY FREE


Famaval the largest manufacturer of quality satellite dishes in Europe have just produced a new 1m Hi-Gain Dish, This dish is only 13mm larger than most other manufacturers standard 1m dishes but the design engineers from Famaval have utilized more of the reflective area of the dish which vastly increases the overall gain giving a similar performance of a much bigger dish. We have in the past been installing the standard 1m dish in most areas throughout the Costa Blanca but we have found these dishes are having signal problems with pictures breaking up on BBC, ITV and Channel 4. We have since replaced these standard 1m dishes with the new Famaval 1m Hi-Gain dish with 100% success and now find that there is no picture break up whatsoever on any of these channels. If anybody is thinking of having a 1m satellite dish installed it is important to be able to differentiate between the Hi-Gain 1m dish and a standard 1m dish so the manufacturers Famaval have had a small trademarked Logo printed ‘Famaval High-Gain’ on all these new dishes. Please note that even though these new dishes are considerably more expensive than the 1m standard dishes we will be supplying or installing them without any increase in price.








Please go to our website for full specifications on all satellite digiboxes & our complete range of dishes. So if you already subscribe to a sub standard microwave rebroadcast company now is the time to cancel your payments and receive the high quality digital channels direct to your own satellite dish TOTALLY FREE. We have a complete range of high definition and standard definition satellite receivers (digiboxes) on live demonstration. So why not pay us a visit to our Factory Showroom and check out the picture quality for yourself. Demonstrations always a pleasure! All of which you are not able to do with a lot of other companies!

With all installations you and your property are fully protected by our Public Liability Cover!! Payment by credit card - no problem, all major credit cards accepted



96 585 2251

Factory showroom open Mon-Fri: 8am-4.30pm Ring Steve in Benidorm: Ring Colin in Denia: Ring Phil in La Marina: Ring Dave in Valencia:

96 586 6999

96 585 4528

96 585 2251

96 680 4748





a name you can trust


902 887 100

or 966 49 05 09

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131,281 visits -


23 - 29 August 2012


Costa Blanca South

Your weekly music news with Melissa Jayne Official UK Top 10 1. Rita Ora – How We Do 2. Wiley – Heatwave 3. Emeli Sande – Read All About It Pt. 3 4. Elbow – One Day Like This 5. Calvin Harris Ft. Example – We’ll Be Coming Back 6. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill 7. Florence And The Machine – Spectrum 8. Trey Songz – Simply Amazing 9. Porter Robinson – Language 10. Redlight – Lost In Your Love

Official Spanish Top 10 1. José De Rico – Rayos Del Sol 2. Loreen – Euphoria 3. Fun – We Are Young 4. Maroon 5 – Payphone 5. Carly Rae Jepson – Call Me Maybe 6. Train – Drive By 7. Tacabro – Tacatà 8. Jennifer Lopez – Dance Again 9. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know 10. Gustavo Lima - Balada

Official UK Top 10 Downloads 1. Sam and the Womp - Bom Bom (Radio Edit) 2. Rita Ora - How We Do (Party) 3. Emeli Sandé - Read All About It, Pt. III 4. Wiley - Heatwave (feat Ms D) 5. Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 6. Florence And The Machine - Spectrum (Say My Name) 7. Devlin - Watchtower (feat. Ed Sheeran) 8. Calvin Harris - We'll Be Coming Back 9. Trey Songz - Simply Amazing 10. Angel - Wonderful

‘I miss Chris’ says Rihanna BAJAN singer Rihanna has revealed in a recent interview that there are times when she still misses her exboyfriend Chris Brown. During an appearance with Oprah Winfrey, the star says she often gets reminded of the “good and happy memories” she once shared with Chris. The S&M singer admitted she is reminded of him by a lot of things. “We had a lot of good memories, and even the slightest things can trigger them. You know, hotel rooms, tour venues, music, songs, anything really, and it makes me realise that I do miss him at times.” Rihanna, who split up from ex-boyfriend

Vibe’s Top Tip NE-YO – Let me love you (until you learn to love yourself): is the latest single to be released from Ne-Yo’s upcoming fifth studio album R.E.D. The track is a good club song in which elements of dance and europop are used. Speaking about the lyrical content, NeYo said: “It’s about going beyond the realms of just a normal relationship. It’s understanding what it is that allows the other person to love you”. Let me love you (until you love yourself) will be officially released this week.

Hot Gossip Chris in 2009 after an alleged assault, went on to admit she felt like she had “lost her best friend” and found the whole ordeal immensely hard to overcome. But it seems Rihanna isn’t hoping for a reunion with Chris, as she told chat show queen Oprah she has a clear idea of what she’s looking for in a man. She said: “If I had my way, I would want someone that loves me, cherishes me and values me. I want them to respect me.”

Lady Gaga to wed soon? QUEEN of Eccentric Lady GaGa may soon be able to put her Bad Romance past behind her because according to UK newspaper The Sun, her boyfriend Taylor Kinney might be about to pop the question. The paper claims actor Taylor - who met the singer on the set of her ‘You And I’ music video has been telling friends he’s thinking about getting down on bended knee. A source revealed: “Taylor is so serious about his girlfriend that he’s gearing up to pop the question. He has been discussing ring designs with his mates because he's so worried about getting it wrong.” Despite rumours that the relationship had cooled, it seems things are getting serious between the pair, as

MUSIC NEWS Gaga has admitted to introducing the Vampire Diaries’ actor to her parents. A close friend of the singer said: “They’re more loved up than ever.”

Tulisa: 50 Cent date? FORMER N-Dubz member Tulisa has offered hip-hop megastar 50 Cent the opportunity of a date with her at Nando’s after he revealed in an interview he’d like to take her out. Speaking to a source, the former N-Dubz star was

playing it cool on suggestions that Fiddy had a crush on her - but wasn’t shutting the door on a possible romance either. She said: “It was quite a shock. 50’s someone I grew up listening to. He’s a big star in my eyes so it was definitely complimentary. How cool is that? “Although, I don't know if he has a crush on me – he said going for dinner, but he could mean that he respects me and wouldn't mind working with me. I'm really grateful after the year I've had that someone so big would speak out in the media and support me. 50 admitted to UK newspaper The Daily Star: “I'm going to be over in the UK later in the year and would love to meet Tulisa for dinner.”

EWN 73

23 - 29 August 2012

Costa Blanca South




BOATS | CARS | JOBS | SERVICES | PETS | BIKES | FURNITURE | PROPERTY | MOTORING | FOR SALE ROUNDABOUT CHARITY SHOP. We are now into summer and very soon we will be feeling the heat! It is time therefore for another visit to the shop where you might find a bargain or two. Choose from the clothing selection, jewellery, household goods, books or bric a brac. There is usually something there for everyone —- but not always. Charitable donations have recently been made to The Alzheimers Centre, Cancer Research and The Amigos Ambulance Service. We still need your help with donations etc. Please keep them coming in! During July and August the shop will only be open Wednesday to Saturday from 09.30 until 13.00 (93325)

Airport Transfers AIRPORT TRANSFERS Airport Taxis/Minibuses/Coaches (94916)

Alarms ALARMS: All types, quality systems, very reasonable, guaranteed. Tel: 966 797 370 / 600 237 223 (99185)


Business Opp.

Barbecue Shop BUY ONLINE from Spain’s only specialist 965 836 607 / 608 412 641 (96925)

Beds BRAND new Memory Foam Dream 4’6” Double Mattress, excellent quality, can deliver, only 249 euros. Tel: 607 016 267 (99435)


FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY. Childrens’ 2 level soft play area with slide and ball pool. Dimensions 7 x 4.5 x 3m. Cost new 45K, FOR SALE 17K ono. Ring 722 737 688 or email for more info. (204008)

Buy & Sell POOL TABLES, Snooker Tables, Table Tennis Tables, Darts Tel: 666 933 726 (98424)

Charities/Churches ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS IS ALCOHOL COSTING YOU MORE THAN MONEY? Drinking to excess not only affects your health it can spill over into every other aspect of your life – damaging everything that is important to you. Englishspeaking AA meetings are held throughout the Costa Blanca from Valencia City to Murcia. Anyone wishing to attend a meeting or discuss a possible drinking problem contact Costa Blanca North: *648 169 045* or Costa Blanca South: *625 912 078*. All calls are treated in the strictest confidence. AA in German: 645 456 075; Spanish: 96 521 9471; Flemish: 635 047 053; and Scandinavian: 659 779 222. (93323)

FULL GOSPEL Business Men’s Fellowship International. We are a Christian organisation with a difference. Breakfast meetings for men each month including a testimony time, & time to ask questions for those who seek answers. Info: Stuart 968 575 417 or 664 673 863 (95452) THE SPIRITUALIST CHURCH OF QUESADA, meets at Sociedad Compas, 14 Calle de Toledo, Quesada. Sunday Service at 11.30am. A Tuesday evening of Mediumship at 7.30pm and every Thursday there is an opportunity to develop your skills at the Open Circle at 7.30pm. Spiritual Healing is available Sunday and Tuesday. Contact Wendy on 965 323 028. (95454) THE ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION, Torrevieja Branch, meet at 17.00 on the first Wednesday of each month at the Restaurante Casa Ventura, Calle Arbizu, San Luis, Torrevieja. Contact Mike Wright, Chairman 966 188 701 or Margaret Forshaw, Secretary 966 921 996. (95455) HELP VEGA BAJA. We help anyone, any age and any nationality. 24hr helpline. Offices based in San Miguel at Calle Lope de Vega and in Torrevieja on Rambla Juan Mateo Garcia 4. You can contact us on 966 723 733 between 10am and 1:30pm or online at For emergencies 24hr helpline 965 704 282 (95456) THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Orihuela Costa - covering from Punta Prima to San Javier. The branch meets at Olympia restaurant, Mil Palmeras on 3rd Thursday of each

Buy & Sell

month at 19.00 - 19.30pm. More info can be found on branch website (95457) THE BAKER FOUNDATION for SPIRITUAL AWARENESS. 16 Nicolas De Bussi Ave, Playa Flamenca. Sunday Service every week 11am to 12 noon, everyone welcome. For further details please phone/fax 966 760 665 (95458) THE PHILIP SCOTT LODGE No 10671 of the RAOB meets every Friday in the Bar Catorce, Benijofar. Please call the secretary, Colin Bird on 653 066 919 for further information. (95459) CHARITY BOOK STALL PEGO THURSDAY MARKET. Selection of over 500 books, all proceeds given to the elderly/disabled of Pego and local Animal Rescue. More stock always required please contact Chrissie 965 977 228/617 647 395 (95460) THE ANGLICAN CHURCH, La Fustera. For more info: contact Frank Bentley on 966 495 188 (95461) CANCER SUPPORT GROUP (MABS) MURCIA/MAR MENOR Help and support is just a phone call away, Avda Rio Nalón, Tel: 693 275 779 or 968 432 525 (95462) PILAR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH has moved to: Calle Canalejas, 3. Pilar de la Horadada. Sunday Service 11am & Thursday at 5pm for Bible Study and Prayer. All welcome from any church background or none. Info: PilarChristian.Commu or Eddie on 966 769 300 / 650 509 606 (95463) TCF is a multi-national English speaking church now located on Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas 68, Torrevieja. The Sunday Service, including Communion and Creche/Sunday School, commences at 10.30am with a Bible Study/Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings at 6.00pm. Telephone 966 700 391 or call in to the Church any day between 9.00am until 1.00pm. Monday to Friday to find out more about Church activities. (95464) THE AIRCREW ASSOCIATION COSTA BLANCA BRANCH. Former & serving aircrews of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are welcome to join this convivial & friendly organisation, now in its 21st year. or call the Secretary on: 966 495 042 (95465) HELP MMM CANCER SUPPORT GROUP Appointments for cervical, breast and prostate screening in the Murcia area, please ring 680 393 257 (95466) THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION JAVEA BRANCH meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month @ Scallops Rest on the Arenal at 11.00am. Everyone is welcome to

attend as a visitor and join the branch if they wish. Anyone needing any help or advice on welfare, or any information regarding the branch can contact either Sheila on 965 791 270 or Roger on 965 790 123 (95472) TORREVIEJA STROKE SUPPORT GROUP meets each Friday 3pm to 5pm in The Annex, (behind Age Concern Centre), Calle Paganini, Urb. La Siesta. Our aim is to support stroke survivors and their carers by a range of facilities from speech therapy, rehabilitation exercise, group discussion etc. For info: Louie 96 671 8964 or Carol, Secretary: 966 765 488, e-mail: strokesupportgroup@ hotmail .com Donations and further voluntary helpers are needed and guest speakers with relevant knowledge or experience are very welcome. (95473) THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Gran Alacant Branch meets 1st Tuesday of every month at The Norwegian Club on Sierra Mar Urbanisation at 7pm for 7.30pm prompt. For further info contact Barbara Turnbull, Branch Secretary on 608 994 456 or email CAMPELLO CONTRA CANCER in conjunction with AECC Association Español Contra Cancer has opened a charity shop at C/Virgen de los Desamparados No 13 (next door to Mas y mas) El Campello. The shop is open Mon-Fri 10 2pm and is run by unpaid volunteers and all monies raised goes to the AECC. We urgently need donations of clothes, books, large and small furniture etc, and we will arrange collection of large items. We need volunteers to help out in the shop and also clothes rails, shelves etc. for display. Please support your local Cancer charity and if you wish to obtain literature or simply talk to someone. Please stop by at the shop. Contact Mina or Trisha. Tel 650 071 278 or 610 921 413. e-mail

Friendship FIND LOVE IN THE SUN w w w. i w a n t 2 m e e t y o u . c o m . Browse for free Spain´s No. 1 online dating site. Bringing ex-pats together. (100329)

Gardening GARDENER, 25 years working in Spain. English/Spanish spoken. Private gardens and communities. Free quotes billthegardner@hot Tel 699 682 630 (100317)

General Maintenance QUALIFIED Tradesman - air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, satellite, fencing, painting, balustrades, general maintenance. Small jobs welcome. Torrevieja and surrounding areas. 965 328 361 / 680 934 549 (98422)

Gold GOLD WANTED. English jeweller will buy broken, unwanted jewellery and coins. 664 890 990 (99222)



International Christian Assembly Calle Pilar de Horadada 5, Torrevieja Evangelical non-denominational Sunday services 11am Children’s church 11am House groups in Torrevieja, Los Balcones, San Javier Ladies meeting Thursdays 11am. Pastor, Rafael Restrepo All nationalities welcome 966 799 273 / 660 127 276. (95476)

Computers ThePCshop - Computer Sales and Repairs. Visit or call 966 721 699 (98380)

Electrician UK ELECTRICIAN Fully qualified all aspects of electrical work. Free estimates. 965 725 445 / 616 226 083 (201962)

Price per word: 0,42€ + IVA minimum 15 words - Discount: Book 10 weeks, get 2 weeks free - Deadline: 4pm Mondays




23 - 28 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

Limousine Hire TUXEDO LIMOUSINE CHAUFFEURS we specialise in Limousines, Rolls Royce’s and Vintage cars for hire. Airport transfers Benidorm Palace, birthdays, theme parks, shopping trips, weddings etc. Check our website Tel 968 969 648 / 618 315 933 (101838)

Mobile Homes WE BUY, Sell, Remove all types of Mobile Homes. We pay CASH and cover all of Spain. More details call Suzi Caley 616 250 727 / 951 063 059 or email suzicaley@gmai (100120) T1


WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. Spanish cars bought and sold. All paperwork done. Mazarron to Torrevieja Vehicles also taken away and legally disposed of patrickhur Pat 667 711 380 (92538) SOS INSURANCE. Best prices available. Call us first for all your insurance needs. Including funeral plans. Tel: 966 787 123/622 275 561 (101720) SALT’S BAY INSURANCE BROKERS. Call now for your competitive quotes on insurance for: motor (UK & Spanish plates), household, life, private medical, travel and more. Policies in English. Tel: 965 706 394 E-mail (100320) MARINE INSURANCE - Get an instant quotation for your boat insurance and save money with a UK insurer. Contact Yachtsman Euromarine for an immediate quote on 966 260 423 or email (90210)

MOTOR INSURANCE. For the most competitive quotes in English call Linea Directa on 902 123 153, you could save as much as 30% and you can transfer your existing no claims bonus. Call Linea Directa on 902 123 153 for motor insurance with a human voice in English from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and save money now! (95302)

Euro Weekly News online

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WANTED Cars, vans, caravans, 4 X 4’s British Spanish 600 781 873 ibuyanycar@ (201970)

ELEGANT SLIM SEXY ESCORT LADY available, home/house visits. La Manga – Torrevieja Mazaron area. 693 357 526 (101904)

CASH for cars. Runners/non-runners. Call 607 848 332 (92598)

THAI lady in Cabo Roig. For massage and lots of pleasure. 605 292 304 (99159)

LOOKING for a car ? We have a good selection of RHD and LHD vehicles for sale or exchange from only 1200€ . Www.fwreurocars .com 965 687 976 / 600 726 221 . Ford Fiesta 1,4 Steel , 2005 , 2 owners, 60,000kms, FSH , A/C, CD , Front Fogs , stunning condition, Metallic Silver 4950€ 965 687 976 / 600 726 221 . Salvage Suzuki 1.3 , 2006, only 26,000kms, with service book and all documents. Good engine , gearbox and transmission 600 726 221 (201844)

Pergola Covers SAILS, carports etc. Tailor made durable canvas. POLYETHYLENE SAILS. Exhibiting Procomobel Market Guardamar Saturdays / Camposol anyday. 667 879 399 (98428)


18 year old Spanish girl, big natural breasts, beautiful body, excellent attention. Cabo Roig 637 052 300 (99160) ENGLISH lady, 42, provides various services for mature gentlemen. Torrevieja 681 362 442 CINDY and new beautiful Spanish friend - passionate ladies with wonderful bodies for all your erotic fantasies. La Zenia (close to Consum) 627 203 147 (201923) ASHLEY - 29, English/Mixed Race - Absolutely stunning, near Torrevieja Hospital , 665 883 576

Pet Insurance PROTECTAPET. Spain’s leading pet insurance. 965 756 371. (95962)


BLACK lady, 19, slim sexy body, big breasts, massage, escort services - 636 663 956 (99139) ALICANTE MASSAGE FOR MEN. Qualified masseur in Alicante city, based 10 mins from airport, brings his services for men. Relaxing and sensitive massage, in discreet cabinet, different time sessions and rates, available from 10am to 11pm. Appointments at 649 761 607, more information at www.handsonyourskin.blogspot. com (101964) THE BLUE PILL - NOW EVEN BETTER. From €2, other products available. Don’t miss out. Derek 685 207 378 (98417) SPANISH lady - classic. Playa Flamenca, private house, 35 years, attractive. All erotic services, massage, sexy lingerie. From €40. Ana 680 735 412 (99096) DO YOU want company? Do you want to make your sexual fantasies come true? 2 beautiful girls, Brazilian and oriental, 24 hrs, only home and hotel call-outs. 689 526 354 (98197)

P.E.P.A. VOLUNTEERS & FOSTER HOMES URGENTLY NEEDED. By fostering an abandoned dog, or spending a few hours each week on our telephone helpline, you could help save the lives of many animals. Please call: 650 304 746. For more information browse our website: EURO WEEKLY NEWS CLASSIFAX AGENT (95708) GATAMI ORGANISATION, to help kittens and cats, looking for good homes, also spaying wild cats in the community. Kittens require adoption, fully vaccinated, dewormed, de-fleed. We also need volunteers to help Car boot sale in Polop on Sundays Tel Anna: 966 806 976 / 654 729 977 (95709)

Property for Rent PENTHOUSE APARTMENT, Formentera del Segura (Rojales) available for long term rent. 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen / diner, large terrace with stunning views overlooking the mountains, communal pool, garage space. Available part furnished, references required, contract provided, €300 pcm plus utilities. Tel: 634 365 221/634 358 290 or email da (95710)

Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the advertisements in this section offensive.

CASA ANGELA, TORREVIEJA. Luxury chalet. Exotic girls from South America. Feeling alone or just want some company? We will fulfil your dreams! Call us, come and enjoy. We can come to your house/hotel. Male and Female, discretion. Drinks on the house, easy to find, lots of parking space. Open 24 hours, air conditioning. Address: Avda. Association Victimas de Terrorismo. Tel: 609 573 468 / 639 832 118 (87400)

SPAMA GANDIA SHELTER. Dog and cat rescue registered charity, La Safor area. 500 animals awaiting re-homing. Shelter open 7 days a week 12noon - 2.00pm & 3.30pm - 7.00pm. (Spanish speaking staff) or phone Gail 962 896 118. Visit our website for directions. and view our new blog at PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM (95707)

PET-COURIERS.COM – If you love your pet try us first – we are the best. Door to door service throughout Europe. Specialised vehicles – bespoke service. Full legal service including documentation if required. For further information call or email us: Tel: (0034) 651 033 670 or (0034) 637 066 227. Email: or (95495) SMALL FRIENDLY BRITISH KENNELS individual runs, large exercise area. 25 mins Alicante airport. 628 244 712 (98429) DEES KENNELS AND CATTERY, family run, with total commitment and individual attention, peace of mind guaranteed, ring for visit, 965 996 807 / 659 991 945 or email Digs4Dogs in Dolores, the best place for your dogs when you’re away, a day or a week or a month or more, clean, secure, see our testimonials Call us 966 190 674. Special deals for multi dogs sharing (99429)

Pet Sitting HOUSE & PET SITTING. House secured, pets kept to the same routine in own environment. Andy, ex-forces. 968 182 562 / 699 386 833

Pet Transport EASYHORSE CARE RESCUE CENTRE. We aim to rescue HORSES. If you would like to DONATE please call 965 967 033 or or call Sue 652 021 980 (95706)

TV 117 - 2 bed apartment in Torreblanca area of Torrevieja. Furnished, large balcony, com pool/gardens. 375€ pm + bills. Contract provided. Tel 966 707 074. (89468) TV 118 - studio apartment close to Los Locos, Torrevieja. Furnished, enclosed balcony, com pool, close to all amenities. 295 euros pm + bills. Contract provided. Tel 966 707 074 (89468) SM118 - Villamartin - 3 bed quad, 2 bath, off-road parking, tiled garden, terrace and com pool. 495€ pm 965 720 766 (89468) SM169 - Montebello, Algorfa - 3 bed spacious, unfurnished quad. 2 bathrooms, air con. 550€ pm 965 720 766 (89468) DOUBLE room to rent all year, independent chalet, 5 minutes from beach, all bills included, WIFI, English TV. 683 318 608 (99103) UNIQUE opportunity -2x3 bedroom villas set together in 31.000m2, Catral/San Isidro,pool,garage,stunning mountain views.600€ pcm each. 0044 7797 862 874 (201843)

Property for Sale NEAR Villamartin - 3 bed quad €112,000 including furniture. Discount for cash buyer - 965 696 113 (98394) NEED A UK BASE? 2 bedroom bungalow in Kent. GBP20,000. 965 696 113 ron-elliott1@hot (99181)

Property Wanted SPANISH VISIONS just got bigger by 1,000 new good value properties We are looking for more properties for our new clients, call 670 469 544. We will consider anything that´s good value (99428)

Removal/Storage MAN AND VAN UK - Spain. 2 vans travelling twice a month, Murcia North / South UK. Tel 610 846 260 or 0044 751 918 6355 email (98430) EUROPEAN removals and transport with scheduled UK routes. UK company, fully legal, taking loads from 5kg to 24,000kg. Lowest prices and the best service. 952 816 582 or www.focus-tran (96826) UK-SPAIN-IRELAND all European Destinations. Removals with the personal touch. Pets transported 965 696 750 / 0044 (0) 7554 447 006 e-mail chrisyounge73979 (98370) INTER EUROPE REMOVALS, UKSpain-UK, monthly service from £75 CM3. Door to door service. Full/part loads. Local removals and deliveries. Tlf: 607 016 267 / UK 0044 7791 172 976 (99373)

Sewing QUALIFIED SEAMSTRESS. 40 years experience. Turn-ups to tailoring. Patterns taken from your favourite cloths. Reasonable prices. Torrevieja. Sandra: 966 799 188 / 680 486 336 (94856)

Situations Vacant EARN 200-500€. Part time per month. Independent distributors required to run home based business. Flexible opportunity with well established plc. Call 618 990 571 or register at (99142) CANVASSERS required for Alicante and Murcia airports. Native English speakers only. Good rates. Phone Simon 671 227 230 (99123)

Property Exchange


23 - 28 August 2012

Costa Blanca South

advertise online Wanted

We part ex and buy spas, best prices. Established 9 years in Spain. EUROSPAS 650 722 905 (99051)

Spiritual INTERNATIONAL medium - spiritual readings, healings and teaching. Quesada area. Call Sammy 965 725 424 (98369)

JACUZZI, SPA, HOT TUB WANTED. Working or not. 650 722 905 (99064) KAYAK two person , sit on top with paddles . Call James 676 752 282/966 797 928 (204274) QUAD BIKE and jet ski, UK or Spanish. 650 722 905 (99064)

Situations Wanted



Spas/Jacuzzis JACUZZI, hot tub spas, quality American spas at factory prices, also spares, filters and repairs, used and ex-display spa available.


Tax Affairs

MAN looking for work. 32 years in construction/door work and security. Driver, chauffeur, translator, interpreter. Fluent English/Spanish. Mark 683 318 608 (99191)

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23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

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All new Lexus LS is historic first LEXUS revealed its new LS model range, comprising the LS 460, LS 600h and, for the first time in its history, an F Sport version of its flagship model. The most obvious changes are to the exterior styling, where the new LS adopts the distinctive Lexus spindle

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front grille design. It also includes improved driving dynamics, better sound insulation and more sophisticated and effective preventive safety systems. Lexus has developed the LS’ Adaptive Variable Suspension with a new four-wheel interlock control, which suppresses roll, pitch and heave vibration across all four wheels simultaneously. Revisions to the steering deliver noticeable improvements in accuracy and turn-in response, and the braking system has been adjusted to give more immediate power and better pedal feel. The new LS gains another Lexus first in the

form of its Drive Mode Select, offering five switchable driving modes: Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport S and Sport S+. These help find the driver’s preferred balance of economy, comfort, performance and handling characteristics. A number of vehicle systems that were previously operated independently have now been consolidated within

Lexus F Sport offers a sporting interior and exterior design to its flagship model. the Drive Mode Select for ease of use. Changing modes is quick and easy, using the front console. The new F Sport grade combines more sporting exterior and interior design elements. In a Lexus-first, new hollow chamber noise reduction wheels can be fitted, which cut the

amount of noise experienced in the cabin. The seats have been further improved and, in a world first, the front and rear seat climate control and the steering wheel rim heater can be automatically coordinated using up to 13 sensors around the cabin to deliver prompt heating

and cooling across all cabin zones. The award-winning Remote Touch Interface gives easy and intuitive control of the car’s infotainment systems. This is via a 12.3-inch multi-media display – a screen which is large enough to present two types of information simultaneously.


23 - 29 August 2012

EWN 77 Costa Blanca South

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Volvo aims at business market VOLVO CAR UK announced the launch of Business Edition models in the S60, V60 and V70 line-ups with features aimed specifically at the business driver. With a higher level of specification than the outgoing ES and ES Nav variants, which the Business Editions replace, the models have been designed to make choosing the best company car as straightforward as possible. Fitted with all the features business users

demand, the Business Editions also boast a reduced price tag of as much as £3,000 (€3,800) compared to the ES. In addition to the ES specification, the new Business Edition variant adds company car must-haves including integrated satellite navigation system, high performance multimedia audio system, Bluetooth, and rear park assist. Volvo’s Business Edition variants have been designed to appeal directly to business drivers by combining the right features

The Volvo V70. In tune with today’s business users’ needs.

The Volvo S60 featuring integrated sat-nav, multimedia audio system, Bluetooth and rear park assist. and equipment, with the Benefit in Kind (BIK) benefits of low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. “The business community is vitally important to us at Volvo, particularly as we have seen an increase of nearly a third of business users funding a Volvo through our contract hire and leasing

facilities in the first six months of this year. In order to better represent their needs, we are launching our new Business Editions in the S60, V60 and V70 line-up to make it easier for company car drivers to identify the right model for them,” said Volvo National Corporate Operations Manager, Selwyn Cooper.



23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

23 - 29 August 2012


Costa Blanca South

ITV Orihuela RFC start training in two weeks By Garry Holland IN two weeks time ITV Orihuela RFC will be starting their pre-season training, starting on August 28 after the summer break in preparation for the Murcia league, so fingers crossed there will be plenty of league games next season for our supporters to watch like last year in this league. Looking forward to seeing all the new players at the training as well. The training on Tuesday (August 28) is going to be at 8.30pm at the Polidepotivo Palmeral, then Wednesday 29 down at the beach in Guardamar at 7pm, at the far end away from the bars and restaurants. Finally for the week back in Orihuela at the Polideportivo Palmeral at 8.30pm on Thursday August 30. To find out anything

information about what is going on in the club, you can contact the club by phoning myself, Garry on 692 767 242, and for the juniors contact Oscar on 600 871 606 (Spanish) So come along and join in the fun at a club with a great friendly atmosphere.

NEW SEASON: Players return for the pre-season. about what is going on rugby wise in the area, head on down to the International Food and Trade Fair at San Miguel Castle on August 28 and 29, where there is a rugby branded clothing stall, like the one at Moncayo Market. Alternatively call 692 767 242. Centurion Rugby Summer School is still training down on the beach at Guardamar on Monday and Wednesday between


7pm and 8.30pm in front of the restaurants and bars near the volleyball area. Afterwards those who want to can have a hard earned cold beer. Let Garry Holland know if you are coming down. So if you are interested, dig out those rugby boots and come along and see for yourself what it is like. New players are always welcome no matter what age or skill level you are. If you would like more

50 children take part in tournament A TOTAL of 50 children between the ages of six and 11 participated in the second Football Tournament Sala 5x5. It was held in Plaza Perfecta Rodriguez in La Mata, organised by Torrevieja FS in collaboration with the sports department. The Torrelamata team were the champions in their respective categories and received their prizes from Police Councillor Eduardo Gil Rebollo.

Orihuela managers receive treatment on hunger strike MANAGEMENT of Orihuela CF who have been participating in a hunger strike received IV treatment after six days. The hunger strike began last Wednesday in protest at the football club’s degradation to Division III. Antonio Felices and Luis Terres, president and vice-president of the club respectively, are “very weak,” explained Roberto Muñoz, the team physician. “After a series of tests, we administered a serum based treatment to prevent

greater problems, because the dehydration especially in the president’s case is worrisome,” said Dr Muñoz. Meanwhile, Red Cross personnel are keeping an eye on the strike participants’ condition at the Los Arcos municipal stadium. Antonio Felices showed no sign of backing down, stating, “We are going to maintain our stance.” Had management not taken action as they did, the Orihuela team would not even be in Division III, said Felices.




23 - 29 August 2012 Costa Blanca South

Big wins for Fulham, Swans and Albion but Arsenal stall • FOOTBALL – The 21st Premiership season is under way and only 35 per cent of the players in the opening 10 matches were English. Both Fulham and Swansea began with 5-0 wins; I saw WBA batter Liverpool 3-0 and there were ‘narrow’ victories for Newcastle, West Ham, Manchester City and Chelsea but Arsenal stalled against Sunderland. Everton and Man. Utd played on Monday. • Footy Shorts - Robin van Persie – sold to Manchester United for £24m – will be followed out of Arsenal by Alex Song, while Spurs could sell Luca Modric to Real Madrid. The transfer window closes on August 31. Bolton’s Fabrice For more local sports for this area visit

www.euroweeklynews. com/sports or scan this QR code


By Tony Matthews

A former football player and the world’s most prolific author of football books (more than 100 published), Tony is also the sports reporter for Spectrum Radio and lives in the Cabrera mountains.

Muamba has retired on the advice of a cardiologist. Six players - Jack Butland, John Ruddy, Jay Livermore, Kyle Walker, Tom Cleverley and Ryan Bertrand made their England debuts in last week’s 21 win over Italy. Butland (Birmingham) broke Billy Moon’s 124 yearold record by becoming his country’s youngestever goalkeeper. Portsmouth fielded different teams (22 players) in their first two games of the season - a world record? Last Saturday’s attendance of 49,118 at the Rangers-East Stirling game was the biggest-ever in Scotland’s fourth tier. Celtic, Hearts, Liverpool, Motherwell & Newcastle play in Europe this week. • ROUND-UP – It was not a happy 100th Test appearance for Andrew Strauss as England succumbed to South Africa at Lords, thus losing their number one Test status… Durham’s Graham Onions took a career-best 9-57 v Notts last week and India’s VVS Laxman has retired from international

DID YOU KNOW? FIVE years ago, Arsenal beat Manchester City 10, and only two of the players who starred in that game are still with the same club: Sagna (Arsenal), Richards (City). Meanwhile eight players, who are still at Old Trafford – Carrick, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Giggs, Scholes and Fletcher - helped Manchester United beat Spurs 1-0.

ANDY MURRAY: Now has the US Open in his sights.

MIXED FEELINGS: Strauss celebrates his 100th test appearance but succumbs to South Africa.

FERGIE GETS HIS MAN: Robin van Persie moves to Manchester Utd. competition… European golf team captain Jose Maria Olazabal has named Darren Clarke,

Paul McGinlay and Thomas Bjorn as vice-captains to face the USA in their defence of the Ryder Cup… Dani Pedrosa won last Sunday’s American Motor GP in Indianopolis … Olympian Andy Murray and the men he beat at London 2012, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic,

will be in action at the US Open which starts on Monday… GB sailor Ben Ainslie is competing in the 35th Americas Cup… Bradley Wiggins is not racing in the Tour of Denmark (he’s resting)… Fellow cyclist Chris Froome is riding in the 3,300km Tour of Spain… Italian Valentino Rossi has rejoined the Yamaha team, linking up again with Spain’s Jorge Lorenzo; Rossi spent two years with Yamaha before joining Ducati in 2010… It’s Leeds Rhinos v Warrington in RL’s Challenge Cup final on Saturday… And the 2012 Paralympics start next Wednesday (Aug 29).

LONDON OLYMPICS, EXTRA FACTS THE only country whose athletes came 1-2-3 in any event was Jamaica in the men’s 200m. One athlete was stripped of a medal – Belarusian shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk. If Yorkshire was a country, then its athletes would have won more medals than Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil and Jamaica. Take away their swimming/diving medals, and USA would have finished below Team GB in the final medal table. Chinese Lijiao Gong won a bronze ‘gong’ in the shot putt. The first-ever Saudi Olympian, Wojdan Shaherkani, competed in judo.

8,000 torch-bearers carried the ‘flame’ 8,000 miles around the UK in 70 days, passing through every county and all 33 London boroughs. 4.1 billion worldwide watched the opening ceremony; 4.6 billion the closing one. Almost 10 million attended the 304 ‘live’ events, with a record 1.2 million lining the route for the last race, the men’s marathon. 2.18 million fans attended the 32 men’s and 26 women’s football matches, with the finals attracting Wembley crowds of 86,162 (men) and 80,203 (women). 51.9 million (90 per cent) of the UK population watched some part of the Olympics.

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