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WELCOME TO TALLINN Welcome to the European Jazz Conference 2021. The Conference is the most important annual meeting of professionals from the jazz sector in Europe and beyond, in particular of promoters, managers, agents and national/regional organisations. We are particularly happy to have you with us this year, despite the organisational challenges and after so much time we have been apart, only connecting digitally because of the covid-19 pandemic. We are sure it will be a very special moment for all of us. The Conference is composed of inspiring keynote speeches, high-level discussion groups and workshops, networking sessions for professionals, cultural visits, a showcase festival of some of the best artists from the host country, this year Estonia, and a late-night Fringe programme in some of the city’s best music clubs. Enjoy!



Dear guests, Knowing that today you are here in Tallinn, is the testimony to the fact that jazz is an uniting force and that the people involved in this genre of music stick together, even at a time when travel is tough and last minute flexibility is required to organise events. Estonia is honoured to host you again after 10 years, dear jazz organisers. For one weekend, Tallinn will become the European capital of jazz, a city of creative and forward-looking ideas, where we will enjoy music together and make strategic plans for the coming years. This weekend we won't be looking at the clock or rushing off to rest, because we'll be reunited with good friends and like-minded people. Thank you, good European Jazz Community, for the trust and opportunity to organise the European Jazz Conference. Good luck to the organising team for making the guests' stay here so comfortable that they can concentrate on what is important – fine-tuning the future scenarios of European jazz life. I wish you an enjoyable conference and memorable experiences that will bring you back to Estonia also in the future. Yours sincerely,

Anneli Ott

Minister of Culture Estonia 4

Dear guests, Even though Tallinn is the candidate for European City of Music only now, it has always been a city full of music. Tallinn has been an inspiration for many artists and composers and is home to various important music events. The story of Estonian jazz music can also be traced back to Tallinn – to the summer of 1918, when the boys in one of the city's German-language schools formed a dance orchestra at the initiative of Kurt Strobel, and in the mid-1920s the core of this group formed the first professional jazz orchestra in Estonia, The Murphy Band. Tallinn was the birthplace of Estonian jazz and is still an active hotbed of the jazz scene today – it's home to the Estonian Jazz Union, the live jazz club Philly Joe's and the biggest jazz festival in the Baltics, Jazzkaar Festival. Last time the Europe Jazz Network met in Tallinn was in 2011, when Tallinn was the European Capital of Culture, thus it is even more significant today to host you here again 10 years later, when Tallinn is becoming the European Capital of Music. I wish you inspiration and excitement! Enjoy the opportunity to meet again in person and enjoy the rich musical life of Tallinn, the city of music! Tallinn – full of jazz!

Vadim Belobrovtsev Deputy Mayor Tallinn


PROGRAMME OUTLINE Wednesday 15 September 2021 19:00 -- OPENING CONCERT: Maria Faust "Mass of Mary" Niguliste Museum 22:00 -- FRINGE: Tanel Ruben Quintet feat. Kadri Voorand & Kristjan Randalu Philly Joe's Jazz Club Thursday 16 September 2021 13:00 -- Registration opens Vaba Lava FOR EJN MEMBERS ONLY 14:30 -- Welcome of EJN members & celebration of EJN Awards E. T. Klubi 15:15 -- Working groups on progressing EJN activities E. T. Klubi 17:30 -- Formal EJN General Assembly E. T. Klubi OPEN TO ALL 22:30 -- FRINGE: Tobias Tammearu Trio; Argo Vals Fotografiska Friday 17 September 2021 10:00 -- Registration opens Vaba Lava 10:30 -- Official Opening and welcome speeches Vaba Lava 11:00 -- Plenary debate: Maria Faust & Alexander Hawkins; moderator Helen Sildna Vaba Lava 12:00 -- ZENITH AWARD concert: Trio Heinz Herbert Fotografiska 13:00 -- Lunch Roheline Saal 14:30 -- Discussion groups on the conference theme Vaba Lava & Fotografiska 16:45 -- SHOWCASES: The Free Musketeers; Estonian Voices Fotografiska & Vaba Lava 17:45 -- Free time / Networking 19:00 -- Dinner Roheline Saal 6

PROGRAMME OUTLINE 21:30 -- SHOWCASES: Kristjan Randalu; Sooäär/Yaralyan/Ounaskari; Joel Remmel Trio & Aleksander Paal Vaba Lava & Fotografiska 23:00 -- FRINGE: Rita Ray; Lexsoul Dancemachine Erinevate Tubade Klubi Saturday 18 September 2021 09:00 -- Registration opens Vaba Lava 10:00 -- SHOWCASE: Ramuel Tafenau Quintet Fotografiska 10:45 -- KEYNOTE SPEECH: Prof. Ignaas Devisch Vaba Lava 11:45 -- Estonian presentation: a musical journey with Tormis Quartet Vaba Lava 12:30 -- Group photo Vaba Lava 13:00 -- Lunch Roheline Saal 15:00 -- Final plenary and presentation from EJC2022 hosts Vaba Lava 16:15 -- SHOWCASES: UMA; Kadri Voorand in duo with Mihkel Mälgand Fotografiska & Vaba Lava 17:15 -- Free time / Networking 19:00 -- Dinner Roheline Saal 21:30 -- SHOWCASES: Karja-Renard-Wandinger; Susanna Aleksandra Quartet; Peedu Kass Momentum Vaba Lava & Fotografiska 23:00 -- FRINGE: ImproVoc; Titoks Sveta Baar Sunday 19 September 2021 10:30 -- Cultural tours & visit of the city Park Inn Meriton Hotel 7

Looking into the future when recovering from a severe crisis is good

therapy. That is what Ornette Coleman did when he started working on his groundbreaking record, The Shape of Jazz to Come, which searches for creative ways to steer the past into an inventive future. The record was sandwiched between two others, with iconic titles that could also have served as references to what we are experiencing: Tomorrow is the Question! and Change of the Century. We all agree that, due to this pandemic, tomorrow will be different: just how different is the Question. 2020 was all about finding ways to keep the bond alive between musicians and their audience by streaming concerts to existing, and new, audiences. In parallel, we moved our work and social lives online, still communicating and moving things on, while endlessly caged in zoom. We have learned that streaming a concert is not a replacement for a live concert. Online, you can never experience the same energy, the unique qualities of live music, or the strong feeling of togetherness and ritual that is shared with everyone in the audience. Similarly, reunions with people around a table cannot be replaced by video conferences, despite the fact that many online meetings are effective, can easily cross borders and cultures, and are becoming a more ‘normal’ way to communicate. But as with live music, they miss the crucial human factor. It’s just something else…but also valuable and with new possibilities to discover and develop.


The danger now is that we move too fast and forget too easily. Focus on Sanity was the original title of Coleman’s masterpiece and this should also be our focus. Recent figures indicate that there is a rise in burn-out and depression of around 40%. The artists’ community has been severely affected, and so too have the people who were isolated at home without a job, or deprived of the social contacts that are so vital to their wellbeing. There is the good and the evil – the challenge and the despair. Or as Charles Mingus commented about Coleman: “’s like organised disorganisation, or playing wrong right”. The important questions we need to ask are: How can we learn from this crisis? How can we place more value on what we have missed so much? What should we maintain of the new ways we have developed to deal with our world during this pandemic? How can a crisis make us better, more profound, and shape a new future? This years’ European Jazz Conference will try to answer these questions. And we aim to do it together in Tallinn with all the Europe Jazz Network community - an opportunity to meet in person after such a long time apart. We are sure it will be a very special moment for all of us.




DETAILED PROGRAMME Wednesday 15 September 2021 15:00-22:00 -- Registrations Park Inn Meriton Hotel 19:00-19:50 -- OPENING CONCERT: Maria Faust "Mass of Mary" Niguliste Museum 22:00-22:45 -- FRINGE Philly Joe's Jazz Club Tanel Ruben Quintet feat. Kadri Voorand & Kristjan Randalu Thursday 16 September 2021 - FOR EJN MEMBERS ONLY 13:00-19:00 -- Registrations Vaba Lava 14:30-15:15 -- Welcome of EJN Members & celebration of EJN Awards E. T. Klubi 15:15-16:45 -- Parallel working groups on progressing the main EJN activities: E. T. Klubi 1. National Organisations / Jazz Panorama - Main Hall (peasaal) 1 2. Gender Balance - Main Hall (peasaal) 2 3. Take the Green Train - Small Hall (väike saal) 4. Social Inclusion - Club Room (klubituba) 5. Octopus - collective streaming project - Actors Room (näitlejate tuba) 17:30-19:30 -- FORMAL EJN GENERAL ASSEMBLY E. T. Klubi 22:30-00:15 -- FRINGE - Fotografiska - Tobias Tammearu Trio - Argo Vals Friday 17 September 2021 Masters of Ceremony: Eva Frost (JazzDanmark, Denmark) & Charles Gil (Raahen Rantajatsit Jazz on the Beach Festival, Finland) 10:00-15:00 -- Registrations Vaba Lava 11

DETAILED PROGRAMME 10:30-10:50 -- Official opening and welcome speeches Vaba Lava 11:00-11:45 -- Plenary debate: “Shapes of Jazz to Come” Vaba Lava - Maria Faust (artist, Estonia / Denmark) - Alexander Hawkins (artist, UK) - Moderated by Helen Sildna (Tallinn Music Week, Estonia) Two artists with a creative approach and an acute sensibility for societal change will reflect on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the exceptional isolation and resulting lack of mobility and socio-cultural interactions. The session will address topics such as artist and audience interaction in real and virtual spaces, expectations of artists with regard to presentations, touring and other opportunities, the emergence of new and creative ways of presenting music, and whether now is the time to place greater value on the social dimension of music, and its ability to (re)connect us as human beings, as well as with nature and our surroundings. 12:00-12:45 -- ZENITH AWARD CONCERT: Trio Heinz Herbert (Switzerland) Fotografiska Trio Heinz Herbert from Switzerland is the first winner of the new EJN Zenith Award for Emerging artists established in collaboration with 12 Points Festival. The band was selected by a jury of 6 EJN members from the 12 bands from 12 European countries participating at the festival in 2019. As part of the Award they received support for the organisation of an international tour at EJN member’s venues and festivals and the opportunity to present their music at this European Jazz Conference. Trio Heinz Herbert’s exploratory aesthetic centres on their collective intensity of expression. With traces of '70s free jazz psychedelics and particles of contemporary club culture, this electronics-infused trio’s almost telepathic interplay is all about feel, colouration and texture. 13:00-14:00 -- Lunch Roheline Saal 12

DETAILED PROGRAMME 14:30-16:30 -- Parallel discussion groups on the Conference theme: 1) Rebuilding audiences after covid-19: Once the pandemic is over and we are able to fully open the doors of our venues and festivals to audiences... will anything be different? Vaba Lava With: Mijke Loeven (Bimhuis, Netherlands) & Annamaija Saarela (G Livelab Tampere, Finland) Moderator: Martel Ollerenshaw (Australian Music Centre, Australia) 2) Gender Balance: What effect did the pandemic have on our efforts to address gender balance? Did it increase or decrease the imbalance in our sector? Vaba Lava proov Moderator: Henna Salo (Sello Hall, Finland) 3) New ways and formats of listening: Internet radios, podcasts and social audio provided new formats for sharing music and creating new digital connections. What sort of opportunities do these tools present for creative music in Europe? Vaba Lava STL saal Moderator: Robert Abel (Guardian News & Media, UK) 4) Post-covid programming: What are the new influencing factors when building a programme? International or local artists? Bigger or smaller venues? Tours, individual concerts, residencies? Increased concerns for the environment? Fotografiska Moderators: Piotr Turkiewicz (National Forum of Music/Jazztopad Festival, Poland & Pierre Boulez Saal, Germany) & Carolyn Muntz (Doek, Netherlands) 16:45-17:45 -- SHOWCASES - The Free Musketeers - Fotografiska - Estonian Voices - Vaba Lava 13

DETAILED PROGRAMME 17:45-19:00 -- Free time / Networking 19:00-21:00 -- Dinner Roheline Saal 21:30-23:00 -- SHOWCASES - Kristjan Randalu - Vaba Lava - Sooäär/Yaralyan/Ounaskari - Fotografiska - Joel Remmel Trio & Aleksander Paal - Vaba Lava 23:00-00:45 -- FRINGE - Erinevate Tubade Klubi - Rita Ray - Lexsoul Dancemachine Saturday 18 September 2021 Masters of Ceremony: Karolina Juzwa (International Jazz Platform, Poland) & Murat Sezgi (Bozcaada Jazz Festival, Turkey) 09:00-13:00 -- Registrations Vaba Lava 10:00-10:30 -- SHOWCASE - Ramuel Tafenau Quintet - Fotografiska 10:45-11:30 -- Keynote speech: “Always waste a bad crisis” Vaba Lava - Prof. Ignaas Devisch (Belgium) During crises, it is said things will be different once the crisis has been tackled, but this is not an easy stance to take. To change the way we live or the way a society is organised, we need to undertake action. If not, we will fall back upon patterns we were familiar with before the crisis. Nevertheless, change is needed. This crisis forced us to limit our lives to functionality and digital meetings. It is time to revalue the importance of wandering around in life with specific targets or objectives. Jazz can help us to discover the ‘homo erraticus’ in ourselves.


DETAILED PROGRAMME 11:45-12:30 -- Estonian presentation: A musical journey with Tormis Quartet Vaba Lava A musical journey to the past and present of Estonian music, accompanied by the works of the renowned Estonian choral composer Veljo Tormis (1930–2017). Songs inspired by ancient Estonian folk music are performed by the four-member Tormis Quartet (two vocals, two electric guitars). While Veljo Tormis adapted Estonian folk songs to the context of modern choral music, Tormis Quartet blends his works with contemporary improvisation, making sure that the original ideas of neither the old folk songs nor Tormis’ compositions are not buried under the new layers of improvisational information and electronic possibilities. 12:30-12:45 -- Group photo 13:00-14:00 -- Lunch Roheline Saal 15:00-16:00 -- Final plenary and presentation from EJC2022 hosts Vaba Lava 16:15-17:15 -- SHOWCASES - UMA - Fotografiska - Kadri Voorand in duo with Mihkel Mälgand - Vaba Lava 17:15-19:00 -- Free time/Networking 19:00-21:00 -- Dinner Roheline Saal 21:30-23:00 -- SHOWCASES - Karja-Renard-Wandinger - Vaba Lava - Susanna Aleksandra Quartet - Fotografiska - Peedu Kass Momentum - Vaba Lava 23:00-00:45 -- FRINGE - Sveta Baar - ImproVoc - Titoks Sunday 19 September 2021 10:30-13:30 -- Cultural tours & visit of the city Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Hotel 15



The guided tours of the European Jazz Conference 2021 will take place on Sunday, 19 September 2021. PLEASE NOTE: The tours have limited capacity so please make sure to book your tour at the registration desk during your registrations. Tours will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. All tours start from Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn (Toompuiestee 27 / Paldiski mantee 4, Tallinn).

Option 1: Guided tour to the Arvo Pärt Centre in Laulasmaa, Estonia Start: 10:45 am Duration: 3 hours Maximum bus capacity: 49 passengers

Arvo Pärt is one of the composers in the world whose creative output has significantly changed the way we understand music. In 1976 he created a unique musical language called tintinnabuli which has reached a vast audience and has defined his work until today. Pärt has no compositional school of followers, nor does he teach; nevertheless, a large part of contemporary music has been influenced by his tintinnabuli compositions. We invite visitors to explore the building of the Arvo Pärt Centre and learn more about its daily activities and broader goals. Walking through the centre’s unique building, you will learn about the documents stored in Arvo Pärt archives and what they tell us about the composer’s work. You will also visit the composer’s library to find out who Arvo Pärt himself sees as the most significant interpreters of his work and why the building includes a chapel and a viewing tower. During the guided tour you will get a glimpse of some of Arvo Pärt’s manuscripts. You can also listen to Arvo Pärt’s music and watch a short documentary film (20 min) about the composer and his work. Arvo Pärt Centre is located in Laulasmaa, 35 kilometres from Tallinn, on a peninsula with magnificent natural surroundings in a pine forest near the sea. 17

Option 2: Guided tour to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and the exhibition Jazz idealism 1967 at the Estonian History Museum in Maarjamäe Palace Start: 11:00 am Duration: 2 hours Maximum bus capacity: 49 passengers

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds is a site where the All-Estonian Song Festivals have been held since 1928 along with concerts, festive ceremonies, exhibitions, open-air performances and other cultural events throughout the year. The exhibition Jazz Idealism 1967 introduces a legendary event in Estonian cultural history: the Tallinn ‘67 jazz festival which had a lasting international importance in the confluence of Estonian, Soviet and American jazz and had ripple effects throughout the world. The exhibition focuses on the people who took part in the festival, for whom jazz was a world-view, an ideal and a lifestyle, as well as the basis of their values and self-realisation. The tour is guided by jazz researcher Heli Reimann, curator of the exhibition and the author of the book Tallinn ’67 Jazz Festival: Myths and Memories (Routledge 2021). Both Tallinn Sound Festival Grounds and Maarjamäe Palace are located in Tallinn next to the Pirita Promenade by the sea. Option 3: Guided walking tour in the Old Town Start: 11:15 am Duration: 1 hour

Our one-hour tour in the Old Town will take you through the mazes of local history and also introduces amazing stories and legends about the people of Tallinn. The tour is guided by Tõnu Pedaru, historian, journalist, musician and curator and content creator at Tallinn City Museum. 18



Prof. Ignaas Devisch


Keynote speech at 10:45 on Saturday 18 September 2021 Ignaas Devisch is professor in philosophy of medicine & ethics. Next to that, he is author, opinion maker and corporate consultant in the area of philosophy and ethics. Prof. Devisch holds a position at the medical faculty of Ghent University. He was a research fellow for five years at the Radboud University Nijmegen. He is also involved in public debate and comments frequently on national and international media on philosophical and ethical issues. Since 1999 he has published in scientific journals. Of course, one cannot do everything. He tries to uphold a general view on science and society. As a researcher he is the supervisor of the research group Philosophy of medicine and ethics (PME) at Ghent University. He supervised numerous projects on diverse topics in his area of expertise: autonomy in healthcare, ethics in genetics, medicalisation and the digitisation of healthcare.


Maria Faust

(Estonia / Denmark)

Plenary debate at 11:00 on Friday 17 September 2021 Maria Faust is an Estonian saxophone player and composer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Faust is best known in the fields of third stream jazz, modern big band music, improvised music and other alternative genres. She has made remarkable musical waves that have sent her and her bands on trips to concert halls and music festivals around the world. Maria Faust neither plays nor composes in traditional ways, and has no interest in doing so. Her big breakthrough, the very personal album SACRUM FACERE (Latin: human sacrifice), documents this well. It is an album that gets its inspiration from the culture in and around the Russian-Estonian border region, where descendants of deported orthodox Russians still live. Here, she collected work songs, hymns, and lullabies, and merged the material with classical music and free improvisation. The album received universally positive reviews, culminating in two Danish Music Awards in 2014 (“Jazz Composer of the Year'' and “Jazz Crossover Release of the Year”).

Kaupo Kikkas ©

Boldness is the hallmark of Maria Faust, her music, and her projects with ensembles that explore unusual instrumentations and techniques. She is constantly expanding her sound spectrum, and her new project, MACHINA, consists of an unprecedented mix of traditional musical forms paired with improvisation, jazz and soundscapes. In a musical language of her own invention, she delivers her original compositional ideas, a chamber music universe without drums, but with horns, two basses, cello, and piano, all in a fascinating interaction with the engi- nes of shing boats sputtering their way through the fog, the creaks of old rusty hulls, the hum of the breeze and the call of the birds out at sea.


Alexander Hawkins


Plenary debate at 11:00 on Friday 17 September 2021 Alexander Hawkins is a composer, pianist, organist and bandleader who is ‘unlike anything else in modern creative music’ and whose recent work has reached a ‘dazzling new apex’. Working in a vast array of creative contexts, his own highly distinctive soundworld is forged through the search to reconcile both his love of free improvisation and profound fascination with composition and structure. His writing has been said to represent ‘a fundamental reassertion of composition within improvised music’, and his voice one of the ‘most vividly modern jazz’. As a pianist, he has been described as ‘remarkable...possessing staggering technical ability and a fecund imagination as both player and composer.’ Concerning his organ playing, critic Brian Morton recently commented that ‘[t]he most interesting Hammond player of the last decade and more, [Hawkins] has already extended what can be done on the instrument.’

Francesca Patella ©

He is a frequent solo performer, and also appears in groupings ranging from duo (with the likes of Evan Parker, Louis Moholo-Moholo, John Surman, Han Bennink, Hamid Drake, Sofia Jernberg and Tomeka Reid), through to large ensembles ('Unit[e] a free-jazz masterpiece', Free Jazz). His co-led quartet with the vocalist Elaine Mitchener 'probably [sets] a new standard for improvised music with song' (Jazzism). His most recent work, Togetherness Music, was released by Intakt Records in January 2021, and has been called '[a] masterpiece that can stand next to the best works of Mitchell, Braxton or Parker'.


Helen Sildna


Plenary debate at 11:00 on Friday 17 September 2021 Helen Sildna is one of Estonia’s most celebrated cultural entrepreneurs who promotes and produces concerts, festivals, and social campaigns. She has helped develop the export and marketing strategy for Estonia’s creative sector. Helen has been a music promoter and events producer for 20 years. Having worked at Baltics’ biggest concert agency BDG (currently LiveNation) as an international talent booker, she established her own music promotion company Shiftworks in 2008, which has promoted Morrissey, Sigur Ros, Patti Smith, Feist and Regina Spektor to mention a few. Helen is the founder and owner of Tallinn Music Week. Having started out as a music industry conference and showcase festival in 2009, TMW has broadened its concept further into an all-encompassing city festival, covering arts, design, technology, city space and food culture, and discussing various societal issues within its talks sessions, presentations and conference panels. Helen is a board member of Music Estonia, previously also a member of former President Toomas Hendrik Ilves’ Think Tank. In 2014 Helen was awarded with the Tampere Music Award at Music & Media Finland’s industry gala for Exceptional Achievements in Music Business, in 2015 she was nominated the Citizen of the Year by Estonian Ministry of Culture and in 2016 Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves awarded her the Order of White Star of IV Class for her contribution to Estonian music life and civil society. In 2018 she received the Tallinn City Decoration of Honour for promoting Tallinn through Tallinn Music Week.

Laura Nestor ©

Helen is an outspoken member of the creative community, vocal on equal rights, diversity, social inclusion and global cooperation.


Robert Abel


Discussion group on podcasts & social audio at 14.30 on Friday 17 September 2021 Robert has a 15-year track record of building substantial business growth through world-class audio and radio. Heading up the audio department as a long-standing member of the executive team at content agency Somethin’ Else, Robert was a key player in transforming the company from a start-up sized business into the largest independent audio production company in Europe. He is currently driving commercial and editorial success in podcasting in the UK, US and Australia for The Guardian as their Head of Commercial Audio Strategy. Equally at home in a creative team as a business setting, Robert has devised and led hit shows and formats for brands, broadcasters, on-demand audio and podcast platforms that are listened to and loved by millions of people. Between 2000 and 2016, Robert was closely involved with the BBC’s flagship weekly contemporary jazz radio show, Jazz on 3, as a producer and then the manager of the production team. The remit of the programme was to document the development of the music - from free jazz to fusion - by recording live and session performances and to present the recordings as full, uninterrupted sets. Robert also had the privilege of commissioning new music for the BBC from some of the music’s most creative composers, which premiered on the show. As such Robert worked with hundreds of wonderful musicians such as: Evan Parker, Dave Douglas, Peter Brotzmann, Wayne Shorter, Tim Berne, Michael Brecker, EST, Pat Metheny, Brad Mehldau, and Branford Marsalis.


Nina Sivénr ©

Henna Salo


Discussion group on gender balance & the pandemic at 14.30 on Friday 17 September 2021 Henna Salo is a versatile professional in music and creative industries, who currently works as Production Manager at Sello Hall, a 400-capacity concert hall and arts venue in the second biggest city in Finland Espoo. Henna has a 20 year long history in the field of music and culture. She worked as a producer at the Finnish Institute FinnAgora in Budapest, Hungary in the beginning of the 2000s, when the Institute was launched. At Music Finland (the Finnish music export office and information centre), Henna was the export manager for jazz and world music. Here she among other projects - supervised and produced the large-scale Finnish partner country initiative and Finland-themed festival at Jazzahead! 2017 edition, and played a key role in producing WOMEX World Music Expo in Tampere, Finland in autumn 2019. Now, as the production team leader and operative manager of Sello Hall, she is honored to run a top-notch concert hall and venue that gathers not only local audiences but stages noteworthy domestic and international music acts and performing arts productions. 25


MARIA FAUST “Mass of Mary” Wednesday, September 15th 19:00 -- Niguliste kirik (St. Nicholas' Church and Museum) Maria Faust - alto saxophone & composer Indrek Vau - trumpet Kristjan Kungla - bassoon Andres Kontus - trombone Collegium Musicale - choir Endrik Üksvärav - conductor

Mass of Mary is a sacral musical work by Estonian saxophonist and composer Maria Faust, commissioned by and written for the Estonian chamber choir Collegium Musicale and a small horn ensemble conducted by Endrik Üksvärav. The piece premiered in Tallinn during August of 2020 for a live audience which included Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid and was broadcast live on Estonian National Radio. The year later, Mass of Mary reached many music festivals, amongst the others also Copenhagen Jazz festival. The composition is dedicated to victims of domestic violence and abuse – problems which affect individuals and families across regions, nationalities, races, genders, and economic and educational statuses. In creating Mass of Mary, Faust employed traditional classical mass compositional forms and techniques as well as sacred texts from liturgical masses, then adding original stories from the perspectives of a Mother, a Child, and Society – the latter acting as a vehicle of social judgement, retraumatising victims as they recount their experiences (original texts by Eero Epner and Maria Faust). Maria Faust (b. 1979) is an Estonian-born experimental saxophone player and composer. She is known for her unique, identifiable improvisational and compositional voice which has been influenced by classical music, modern jazz, improvised music, and other alternative music styles. Faust is the recipient of several awards and honours including 5 Danish Music Awards, an Estonian Music Award, and the Danish Composers and Song Writer’s Association Award. 26

Renowned Estonian chamber choir Collegium Musicale has been captivating audiences and listeners since its creation in 2010 by conductor Endrik Üksvärav. Their repertoire extends from renaissance to contemporary music and places a special emphasis on works by Estonian composers. In 2017, Collegium Musicale won the top prizes in two categories at the international EBU/Euroradio Let the Peoples Sing competition. The group has been named Choir of the Year three times by the Estonian Choral Association.

Kaupo Kikkas ©


Conductor Endrik Üksvärav (b. 1980) has received B.A. and M.A. degrees in conducting from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. In 2018, Üksvärav won the Estonian Cultural Endowment award for his promotion and presentation of Estonian choral music in Estonia and abroad. He is the Artistic Director of the Pühalepa Music Festival on the island of Hiiumaa.

Kaupo Kikkas ©

Web: Web:




THE FREE MUSKETEERS Friday, September 17th 16:45, Fotografiska Jan Kaus - vocals Mingo Rajandi - double bass Ahto Abner - drums Ekke Västrik - electronics There is no doubt that the three musketeers are exactly what they need to be: musicians willing to push the limits, searching for new ways to express themselves and taking risks in the hope of reaching an orgasmic state where everything in this world seems right. All this also goes for Jan Kaus, writer and translator, author of novels and poems, articles and essays, and in recent years a performing artist and actor. Together with double bassist, composer and performer Mingo Rajandi they have been experimenting with cross-disciplinary art for some years already, combining music with word, mostly performing at literature festivals and poetry slams. With a background in theatre and music studies, Mingo Rajandi has walked on the borderlines of performative art, theatre and other disciplines for some years now. She has created large stage productions, working with actors, dancers, visual artists etc. Her musical practice includes composing for orchestra, chamber ensembles or her own bands and also playing free improvised music. Since the beginning of her musical journey she has worked with the drummer and producer Ahto Abner, one the most esteemed musicians in Estonia, greatly sought after both as a live partner and recording musician. His refined musical taste and fearless attitude make him a perfect musician for free improvisation. Ekke Västrik is a true electronic music freak who builds his own modular synthesisers and always surprises the audience with new sounds. His sense of humour, which he also brings to music, is an essential part of the performances of The Free Musketeers.

Rene Jakobson ©



Jake Farra ©

ESTONIAN VOICES Friday, September 17th 17:15, Vaba Lava Kadri Voorand - vocals (alto) Mirjam Dede - vocals (soprano) Maria Väli - vocals (soprano) Mikk Dede - vocals (tenor) Rasmus Erismaa - vocal (baritone) Aare Külama - vocal (bass) Praised as one of the most unique-sounding vocal ensembles from Europe, the award-winning a cappella vocal sextet Estonian Voices fuses playfulness with absolute technical mastery, bound together with a cheeky smile and a charming sprinkle of vocal artistry. Their vibrant repertoire includes both original and arranged works of jazz with influences from classical, pop and folk music. Their albums of 2015 and 2018 were awarded Best Jazz Album of the Year. Estonian Voices has performed not only in Estonia, but also in Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, the UK and China. They have collaborated with the Estonian Dream Big Band, jazz vocalist Datevik Hovanesian and former M-pact artistic director Britt Quentin among others. They also performed with New York Voices in 2013 and with Take 6 in 2016. Estonian Voices released their first album Ole hea (Be kind) in 2014, which won the Jazz Album of the Year at the 2015 Estonian Music Awards. In 2016 they were awarded Best Jazz Artist in Estonia. In summer 2018 they released their second album mainly influenced by Estonian folk music, Taat läks lolliks (An old man lost his marbles), which won the Jazz Album of the Year in 2018. Soundcloud: Web: Facebook:


KRISTJAN RANDALU Friday, September 17th 21:30, Vaba Lava Kristjan Randalu - piano Schumann / Randalu, Dichterliebe The Dichterliebe song cycle, Op. 48 (1840), might be Robert Schumann’s most celebrated cycle of Lieder and constitutes part of the central core of the genre in musical literature. Based on German poet Heinrich Heine’s Lyrisches Intermezzo, a 65-poems spanning collection first published in 1823, Dichterliebe in a way even represents the epitome of romantic poetry set to music. Founded in a broad understanding for classical piano tradition, Kristjan Randalu’s variations of the song cycle provide a strictly contemporary vision that elaborates on Schumann’s romantic notions with impressionist design, vast improvisational liberties and the spontaneity and harmonic breadth of jazz. Randalu belongs to the most sought-after pianists of his generation, carrying the torch in both the improvised world of jazz and the traditional realm of classical music. Between creating his own original blend of contemporary jazz as a leader and collaborating with several generations of respected musicians, from the likes of fellow ECM recording artist Trygve Seim to saxophonist David Liebman, Randalu has brought his music to some of the world’s most renowned jazz festivals and concert halls. Web:

Kaupo Kikkas ©



SOOÄÄR / YARALYAN / OUNASKARI Friday, September 17th 22:00, Fotografiska Jaak Sooäär – guitar Ara Yaralyan – double bass Markku Ounaskari – drums Estonian guitarist Jaak Sooäär, Armenian-Estonian double bassist Ara Yaralyan and Finnish drummer Markku Ounaskari established a trio in spring 2016. Since then they have performed in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Estonia and Finland. With their main focus on melody, the trio’s repertoire also includes Armenian music and improvisations on themes by J.S. Bach. In a sense, they can be called a piano trio without a piano, where guitar takes the wide-ranging “orchestral” role of the piano. The trio released their debut album A Shooting Star in October 2018 and their second album Goodbye July in October 2020, both under the German label O-Tone Music. Jaak Sooäär is one of the most active jazz musicians of the Baltic countries, who has performed with Ray Anderson, Anders Jormin, Han Bennink, Will Calhoun, Dave Liebman and Vladimir Tarasov among others. Ara Yaralyan is known as a member of the Kari Ikonen Trio and has also collaborated with Ingrid Jensen, Vardan Ovsepian and Verneri Pohjola among others. Markku Ounaskari regularly collaborates with artists such as Arve Henriksen, Anders Jormin, Nils Petter Molvaer, Trygve Seim, Markus Stockhausen, Tore Brunborg, Mats Eilertsen and Lena Willemark and also appears on several ECM albums

Web: Facebook:


sohvi viik ©

JOEL REMMEL TRIO & ALEKSANDER PAAL Friday, September 17th 22:30, Fotografiska Joel Remmel - piano Aleksander Paal - saxophone Heikko Remmel - double bass Ramuel Tafenau - drums At the end of 2020, Joel Remmel Trio and Aleksander Paal released their joint EP, Sügis (Autumn). Their productive collaboration has also continued on the trio’s latest full-length studio album, Kevad (Spring). Both albums mainly feature Joel Remmel’s original work, which is fresh and diverse. Both albums feature rhythmic and technically challenging material, spanning from lively improvisations and soft grooves to fresh-sounding ballads. Joel Remmel (1989) belongs to the best of the younger generation of Estonian jazz pianists. For the past nine years he has led his instrumental ensemble, Joel Remmel Trio, with Heikko Remmel on double bass and Ramuel Tafenau on drums. Over the years, Joel has been associated with various projects in the Estonian jazz and pop music scene and in 2011 he received The Young Jazz Talent award from Jazzkaar Festival. He draws his musical inspiration from jazz legends like Herbie Hancock, Brad Mehldau and Keith Jarrett, but also from sacred music – from church corals to modern gospel music. Aleksander Paal is a brilliant younger generation jazz saxophonist and composer in an emerging vanguard of exciting young musicians from the Baltic countries. He has participated in numerous local saxophone competitions in both classical and jazz disciplines, and won several of them. Paal studied jazz music at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar and has become a sought-after improviser both in jazz and contemporary music circles. A versatile player, one of his strengths is his ability to comfortably accommodate different styles of music.

Web: Facebook:


RAMUEL TAFENAU QUINTET Saturday, September 18th 10:00, Fotografiska Joel Remmel - keyboards Kalle Pilli - guitar Allan Järve - flugelhorn Mihkel Mälgand - bass Ramuel Tafenau - drums Ramuel Tafenau Quintet will take the listener to a musical journey, featuring original compositions from their debut album Gather Around (2019) which is mainly influenced by Pat Metheny, Bob Reynolds, Antonio Sanchez and Janek Gwizdala. Airy compositions, beautiful and catchy melodies, dynamics and skilful instrument playing are just a few of the keywords that describe the quintet’s stage presence. Ramuel Tafenau has invited his good friends and possibly the most engaged Estonian jazz musicians to play in his group – Joel-Rasmus Remmel on keyboards, Kalle Pilli on guitars, Mihkel Mälgand on bass and Allan Järve on flugelhorn.



TORMIS QUARTET Saturday, September 18th 11:45, Vaba Lava Kadri Voorand - vocals Liisi Koikson - vocals Jaak Sooäär - guitar Paul Daniel - guitar Estonian composer Veljo Tormis (1930–2017) was one of the main choral composers of the 20th century in Europe. The majority of his works are based on ancient Estonian folk songs. Singer Kadri Voorand and guitarist Jaak Sooäär have sung songs by him in choirs since early age and have always loved his music. As a part of the celebration of the 85th birthday of Veljo Tormis, Jazzkaar Festival proposed a concert consisting of his music in a jazzy context for which Voorand and Sooäär were joined by singer Liisi Koikson and guitarist Paul Daniel. The four musicians later decided to continue as a group and have since performed at all main folk and jazz festivals in Estonia, but also in the UK, Israel, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Slovakia and Finland. In spring 2018 the quartet released their debut album Tormisele / Hommage To Veljo Tormis under the German label Nordic Notes. The quartet also received the Etnokulp folk music award as the best newcomer in 2016.



UMA Saturday, September 18th 16:15, Fotografiska Robert Jürjendal - guitar Aleksei Saks - trumpet, corno da caccia Ahto Abner - drums Initiated in early 2007, UMA is the duo project of two Estonian musicians – guitarist Robert Jürjendal and trumpet / corno da caccia player Aleksei Saks. The name UMA comes from the South Estonian Seto dialect and means “one’s own.” Both musicians are classically trained and mix purely produced sound with live electronics, creating a meditative float somewhere between new age, ambient, electronica and the subtle, cool tones of ECM-style jazz. Besides the numerous studio projects UMA have been involved in, their musical journey also includes live performances at Tallinn Music Week, Viljandi Guitar Festival, Jazzkaar, London Jazz Festival, Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Spiegel im Spiegel festival in Moscow, a concert for the King and Queen of Sweden, hosted by the President of Estonia in Stockholm, as well as concerts in St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Brussel, Paris and Athens etc. The duo has released four albums: Civitas Soli (2008; produced by Markus Reuter and mixed and mastered by the noted American ambient artist, Robert Rich), Hymn To Undiscovered Land (2010; produced by Andi Pupato and Andreas Vollenweider), Meeting Unknown (2012) and Peidus Pool (2013) with the outstanding classical singer Iris Oja. In 2021 UMA signed a contract with Myndstream (USA). Their new album, Wishing Well featuring the Finnish drummer Markku Ounaskari is to be released in 2021. Soundcloud: Web:


KADRI VOORAND in DUO WITH MIHKEL MÄLGAND Saturday, September 18th 16:45, Vaba Lava Kadri Voorand - vocals, piano, electronics Mihkel Mälgand - double bass, bass guitar Kadri Voorand is a charismatic singer, composer, pianist and improviser who creates music through strong emotional storytelling, combining catchy rhythms with a completely unique way of blending improvisational pop, jazz and folk elements. Having released her latest album under the legendary label ACT, Kadri has already received much acclaim both in Estonia and abroad, including Best Female Artist at the Estonian Music Awards as well as Best Jazz Album for several of her albums. Award-winning bassist Mihkel Mälgand is among the most active jazz musicians Estonia. He has collaborated with jazz stars like Kurt Elling, Nils Landgren, Dave Liebman etc. Mälgand also appears as an arranger and occasional co-writer on the Voorand’s latest album, In Duo with Mihkel Mälgand. The pop-like melodies of this tight-knit duo are combined with virtuosic improvisations and skilled technique. They perform heart-wrenching power ballads as well as hip grooves with a unique sound and bold, unexpected lyrics. The duo has performed in Estonia and elsewhere, including festivals such as EFG London Jazz Festival, Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Pori Jazz, Jazz Baltica, Tampere Jazz Happening, Marburg City Festival, Südtirol Jazz Festival and Bejing Nine Gates Jazz Festival.



KARJA / RENARD / WANDINGER Saturday, September 18th 21:30 at Vaba Lava Kirke Karja - piano Ludwig Wandinger - drums Etienne Renard - double bass Karja / Renard / Wandinger is a brand new international trio focusing on experimental improvised music. The three musicians started playing together in 2019 and in summer 2021 they will release their dynamic debut album. The trio is lead by the award-winning brilliant Estonian jazz pianist Kirke Karja. Together with French bassist Etienne Renard and German drummer Ludwig Wandinger they focus on extended techniques, elements from free improvisation and contemporary composition. The trio gets their inspiration from artists like Peter Evans, Christian Lillinger, Petter Eldh, John Cage, old creepy silent films and broken machines.


Kaupo Kikkas ©



Kaupo Kikkas ©

SUSANNA ALEKSANDRA QUARTET Saturday, September 18th 22:00, Fotografiska Susanna Aleksandra - vocals Joonas Haavisto - piano Mihkel Mälgand - bass Ville Pynssi - drums Estonian singer, composer and lyricist Susanna Aleksandra keeps her audience enchanted with her effortless and easily approachable performances which combines the influences of traditional jazz, classical music, pop and folk and that together could be described as modern jazz. She started collaborating with Finnish pianist Joonas Haavisto in 2018. They share a common vision in giving music multiple layers by uniting complex harmonies and forms with meaningful lyrics and strong melodies. The quartet’s album Souls of the Night was released in Japan in March 2020 (Blue Gleam), and under the name The Siren in Finland 2021 (Eclipse Music). The critically acclaimed album has received praise from all around the globe. It was also listed among the albums of the month on Jazzwise and European Jazz Network, and was listed among Albums of the Year by the Japanese magazine Jazz Critique. Souncloud:. nal-master/s-YEjUGWg1YvS Web: Facebook:


PEEDU KASS MOMENTUM Saturday, September 18th 22:30, Vaba Lava Peedu Kass - double bass Kristjan Randalu - piano Kaspars Kurdeko - drums Peedu Kass Momentum is a bassist-led piano trio with an adventurous repertoire and spirited stage presence. Audacious rhythms, sparkling virtuosity, and sophisticated compositions are key to the group’s immediate, visceral appeal. The trio was the first Estonian group to perform at the world’s biggest jazz trade fair, Jazzahead! in Bremen, Germany. They have appeared twice at the London Jazz Festival as well as throughout continental Europe and on stages in Japan, Canada, and Australia. Momentum won the Jazz Ensemble of the Year at the annual Jazzkaar festival (Estonia) and was nominated for Jazz Album of the Year at the 2017 Estonian Music Awards. Leader Peedu Kass is a sought-after bassist on the European jazz scene, as well as a versatile, genre-hopping musician whose talents have been engaged in varied contexts around the world. Seamus Blake, Django Bates, Tony Allen, Marilyn Mazur, and Tõnu Kaljuste are just a few of the artists he has worked with. Kass composes most of the group’s all-original book, with contributions from his bandmates. The pianist in the group is the brilliant Kristjan Randalu, an ECM artist and the leading ambassador of Estonian jazz in the West. He performs regularly with jazz giants like Ben Monder, Ari Hoenig, Nguyen Le, Dhafer Youssef and Trygve Seim. Randalu brings dazzling virtuosity and rhythmic intensity to the trio. The newest member of the group is Kaspars Kurdeko who is the bedrock of Latvian jazz drumming. A keenly sensitive listener, he enhances any group’s sound. He is continually in demand as a collaborator on stage and in the studio. The trio‘s self-titled debut album was released in April 2016. A twelve-inch vinyl LP followed in 2018, and the recording was released in Japan by Studio Songs in November 2018.

Soundcloud: Web:




TANEL RUBEN QUINTET FEAT. KADRI VOORAND & KRISTJAN RANDALU Wednesday, September 15th 22:00, Philly Joe’s Jazz Club Tanel Ruben - drums Kadri Voorand - vocals Kristjan Randalu - piano Raivo Tafenau - saxophones Taavo Remmel - double bass Tanel Ruben Quintet first came together in autumn 2006. With a line-up of award-winning jazz musicians, the quintet has previously released two albums: “Kogutud rikkus” (“Collected Riches”) and “Nõiutud veerandtunnid” (“Enchanted Hours”). This time they will present a brand new programme “Kas tahad ma jutustan laulust” (“Would you like me to tell you about a song”). Tanel Ruben has become one of Estonia’s most influential and famous jazz drummers known as an extremely active and versatile musician. He is the creative leader of numerous projects and also actively participates in projects and ensembles called into existence by other musicians in Estonia and elsewhere. The forcefully lyrical repertoire of the Tanel Ruben Quintet is the result of the creative collaboration between Tanel Ruben and Kadri Voorand. As Ruben has always also been interested in electronic music, we can hear an interesting fusion of acoustic and electronic music, mainstream and non-mainstream, jazz and non-jazz, connected into a single whole by his specific way of composing and the strongly unique sound of the quintet.

Web: Facebook:. tet-featKadri-Voorand-Kristjan-Randalu-105945210916297/


TOBIAS TAMMEARU TRIO Thursday, September 16th 22:30, Fotografiska Tobias Tammearu - tenor saxophone, electronics Robert Rebane - bass guitar, electronics Martin Petermann - drums The music of Tobias Tammearu Trio can be sometimes described as spacious and immersive, sometimes as rebellious and confusing. The main focus is being shifted from music to musicians; Tobias will be joined on stage by Robert Rebane on bass guitar and Martin Petermann on drums. There’s only one rule: Don’t expect anything, and let the music guide you. In 2020 the trio released their debut album Bivium which has gained a lot of positive feedback from the local audience and press. According to Vootele Ruusmaa from Müürileht, “Tobias Tammearu Trio experiments well with noise and silence. Given their youth, their approach to rhythm, melodies and blurred soundscapes makes their sound extremely unique.” Tobias Tammearu is a prominent saxophonist of the younger generation who has studied at the Heino Eller Music School in Tartu and Georg Ots Music School in Tallinn as well as Amsterdam Conservatory. He is active in various ensembles including the New Wind Jazz Orchestra and Gather Around by Ramuel Tafenau, as well as Twisted Heads by Jake Victor (USA/BEL/SPA/EST) with whom he won the 2018 DownBeat Magazine Award.


Kretel Kuusk ©



ARGO VALS Thursday, September 16th 23:25, Fotografiska Argo Vals - guitar, loopers, effect pedals, drum machines and synthesised sounds Oliver Kulpsoo - light design Argo Vals is an Estonian composer, guitarist and live electronics artist. His music is characterised by airiness, intensity, tension and release, electronic grooves and constant searches. He has written music for various ensembles, films, TV shows and dance performances, given solo concerts at numerous music festivals and toured in Europe and Russia. Vals has released three full-length studio albums: In Loving Memory Of (2020), Nokturn (2015) and Tsihcier (2012). At the concert Argo Vals (guitar and live electronics) will join forces with the freelance lighting artist Oliver Kulpsoo, who has built a specific, minimalist and playful lighting solution for the occasion, controlled in real time. The two artists have been giving concerts together since 2017 and have preciously performed at the Stockholm Jazz Festival, the Bankito Festival in Hungary and the Baltic Breeze Festival in Munich. Since his graduation from the department of Theatre Technical Arts at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, Oliver Kulpsoo has done light design for numerous theatre, dance and music productions as well as operas. He worked at the Von Krahl Theatre in Tallinn for nine years and was the laureate Production Preparation Worker Award by the Estonian Theatre Union in 2016. Recently he has been more focused on light installations. Soundcloud: Web:

Marens Schröpfe ©



RITA RAY Friday, September 17th 23:00, Erinevate Tubade Klubi Rita Ray - vocals Kristen Kütner - guitar Artis Boriss - keyboards Jasper Alamaa - bass Ott Adamson - drums Rita Ray is a young Estonian singer-songwriter whose strengths are blue-eyed soul, classic R’n’B and disco. She melts the audience’s hearts with her powerful yet touching voice and lyrics that carry an unusual dose of sincerity. Behind a shy small-town girl there is actually a femme fatale singing about life’s experiences. Rita Ray’s solid musical foundation is evidenced by the way she writes her music and lyrics and co-produces her tracks with her close-knit band and the production team of Solid Gold Sound. Her truly soul-stirring live concerts are performed with a four to eight member band. Rita Ray’s this year’s performance will also include music from her new album, to be released in autumn 2021.

Web: Facebook: Instagram:


LEXSOUL DANCEMACHINE Friday, September 17th 23:55, Erinevate Tubade Klubi Robert Linna - vocals Martin Laksberg - bass Jürgen Kütner - guitar Kristen Kütner - guitar, cowbell Joonas Mattias Sarapuu - keyboards, cowbell Caspar Salo - drums Luiz Black - percussion Raw street funk on one side and sweet soul on the other, Lexsoul Dancemachine is a six-man groove band known to tear venues apart with their stage presence. Active since 2013, the group aims to hypnotise the lovers of feel-good music with thumping bass lines, syncopated rhythms, repetitive grooves and soulful vocals. It is the kind of music you can break dance to, although you will also find some more tender grooves between their hard-hitting sounds. The band has released three LPs, toured Europe and the UK and received critical acclaim both locally and internationally. They have been continuously supported by the grandmaster Craig Charles and have also won the Band of the Year at the 2021 Estonian Music Awards. Lexsoul Dancemachine is gearing up to release a new EP this autumn.

Web: Facebook:

Taavi Muide ©



IMPROVOC Saturday, September 18th 23:00, Sveta Bar

Anne-Liis Poll - vocals Sirje Medell - vocals Kärt Sepp - vocals Ivi Rausi - vocals Indrek Palu - vocals Aita Vaher - mime ImproVoc playfully creates spontaneous voice patterns and invite listeners to join them in their musical explorations. Their performances also include a mime who inspires, illustrates and enriches this exciting musical experience. Travelling together through the soundscapes, unique musical images are born from the performers’ imagination and the surrounding space at any given moment. Soundcloud:.


TITOKS Saturday, September 18th 23:55, Sveta Bar

Kristjan Rudanovski - violin Jaanis Kill - acoustic guitar Ainar Toit - acoustic guitar Robert Nõmmann - double bass

Titoks will be celebrating their fifth anniversary this autumn with the release of their second album featuring only original compositions heavily influenced by the legends of gypsy jazz. Titoks’ virtuosic, bright, technically demanding and attention-grabbing music combines the traditional sound with compositional methods rarely used in gypsy jazz. They take the listener on a journey in a time machine, exploring nostalgic melodies and lively swing rhythms from the 1930s while incorporating a modern spark. Titoks has been active as an ensemble from 2016. Since then they have performed on over 106 different stages in more than 11 countries. In 2018 they recorded their debut album “When Day is Done”. .

Rene Jakobson ©



ORGANISATIONS Jazz Estonia Jazz Estonia was established in 2004 and has always been managed by active jazz musicians. The aim of Jazz Estonia is to develop and advance Estonian jazz music both at home and abroad. Jazz Estonia organises concerts and thematic events, collects and shares information about Estonian jazz music and musicians, organises cooperation between musicians and organisations and searches for financial resources for developing jazz music. Since 2006, Jazz Estonia has also been a member of the Europe Jazz Network.

Jazzkaar Jazzkaar is the biggest jazz festival in the Baltic region held every year since 1990 in Estonia. Prime location is the Telliskivi Creative City – a former industrial quarter full of Boho style creative hubs, cafes and studios. Jazzkaar has been recognized among the finest festivals in Europe with the EFFE quality label (2017-2018) and granted the Best Music Festival 2015 award by the Estonian music industry. The artistic director and the founder of Jazzkaar Festivals is Anne Erm. In 2022 the festival will take place for a remarkable 33rd time! The festival celebrates with a phenomenal programme including the world’s leading jazz musicians and outstanding new Estonian jazz albums. In addition to the annual spring festival, Jazzkaar also organizes a Christmas Jazz festival and the concert 49

ORGANISATIONS seasons Winter Jazz and Autumn Jazz. Christmas Jazz is a two-week international intimate and serene-soun ding festival during the Holidays in the end of November and beginning of December. Winter Jazz (January-March) and Autumn Jazz (September-October) are concert seasons that present new projects by local artists and intriguing musicians from Europe.

Europe Jazz Network Europe Jazz Network (EJN) is a Europe-wide association of promoters, presenters and supporting organisations who specialise in creative music, contemporary jazz and improvised music created from a distinctly European perspective. Its membership currently comprises 170 organisations (festivals, clubs and venues, independent promoters and national/regional support organisations) from 34 countries in Europe and beyond. EJN exists to support the identity and diversity of jazz in Europe and to broaden awareness of this vital area of music as a cultural and educational force. It aims to increase the exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals of the jazz sector and to initiate and encourage the development of international exchanges, special projects and collaborations between producers and artists both within and outside of Europe. EJN is one of the 27 cultural networks supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union through its network support for the period 2017 - 2021. 50

CREDITS Programme Committee 2021

Wim Wabbes (Handelsbeurs concert hall, Belgium) Martel Ollerenshaw (Australian Music Centre, Australia) Minnakaisa Kuivalainen (Tampere Jazz Happening, Finland) Lobke Aelbrecht (JazzLab, Belgium) Jaak Sooäär (Jazz Estonia, Estonia) Eva Saar (Jazzkaar festival, Estonia)

Europe Jazz Network

Giambattista Tofoni, General Manager Francesca Cerretani, Event & Office Manager Stefano Zucchiatti, Communication & Content Manager

Jazz Estonia

Kirke Karja, Chairman of the Board Elo-Liis Parmas, CEO Jaak Sooäär, Head of International Relations


Anne Erm, Artistic Director Eva Saar, Producer & Head of Marketing Marti Tärn, Technical Producer Anu Luik, Producer & COVID-19 Officer Maret Mikk, Project Manager Ronja Soopan, Project Manager for Accommodation & Registration Desk Madli-Liis Parts, Estonian Ministry of Culture Rene Jakobson, Photographer Siim Kristjan Pariis, Video editor

Martyna van Nieuwland (Katowice JazzArt Festival, Poland), Estonian showcase programme committee

Matti Lappalainen (April Jazz Festival, Finland), Estonian showcase programme committee

#europejazz21 @europejazznet

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