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at the Cannes International Film Festival 2013

Measures to encourage the development, distribution and promotion of European audiovisual work.

European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture

at the Cannes International Film Festival 2013

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European Film Promotion - the network


Producers in Motion Fourteen years ago saw European Film Promotion (EFP) bring ambitious upand-coming producers together for the first time from various European countries for the PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE programme in Cannes. This year, the members of EFP have again made their selection and chosen 29 aspiring and highly promising producers for the initiative during the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival and Market. A record number! Over the years, EFP has fashioned the event into a unique spotlight, focussing international attention on almost 300 producers from across Europe and helping to support their cross-border cooperation on future projects. The programme will take place on the first and busiest weekend of the festival from May 18 to 21.

EFP will again be creating a highly focused working environment involving project pitching, one-toone meetings, social events as well as extensive promotion of the producers through profiles in the international trade papers. We would like to express our warmest thanks to the MEDIA Programme of the European Union for their ongoing financial support of this initiative. We would also like to thank Eurimages and The Hollywood Reporter for their continuing support and as well our newest partner, the MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg/Germany. Keep an eye on this talented group of producers. They truly are ”movers and shakers“. Christian Juhl Lemche EFP President, May 2013


at the Cannes International Film Festival 2013 – May 18-21

The aim of PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE is to assist European producers in finding partners for their upcoming projects, to strengthen industry networking opportunities and to offer a platform where the producer’s potential can be recognised. Event activities in Cannes ›› round-table meeting / pitching session for all selected Producers ›› one-on-one speed-dating meetings between the participating producers ›› Producers Lunch for 160 European producers ›› production of a broshure and a poster ›› press campaign including producer profiles in three major daily trade papers in Cannes ›› online presentation of participating producers


“To be part of the PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE program was a tremendous and very precious experience. I am still in contact with most of the producers I met there, and with some, I am already working on projects and, with others, we are looking at projects for the future. It was an excellent network and a marvellous platform for producers.” Nicole Gerhards, NiKo Film, Germany Participant in 2012

EFP‘s activities are financially supported by the MEDIA Programme of the EU and the member organisations of EFP. In addition, PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE is supported by Eurimages, The Hollywood Reporter, and the MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg/Germany.




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Belgium Anton Iffland Stettner Bulgaria Konstantin Bojanov Croatia Zdenka Gold Czech Republic Viktor Tauš Denmark Mikael Chr. Rieks Estonia Kiur Aarma Finland Jussi Rantamäki France Mathieu Robinet Georgia Zaza Rusadze Germany Jochen Laube Greece Giorgos Karnavas Hungary Andrea Taschler Iceland Thorkell Hardarson Ireland Conor Barry Italy Viola Prestieri Republic of Kosovo* Valon Jakupaj Luxembourg Gilles Chanial FYR of Macedonia Labina Mitevska Montenegro Sehad Čekić The Netherlands Marleen Slot Norway Hans-Jørgen Osnes Poland Agnieszka Kurzydło Portugal João Matos Romania Anca Puiu Slovak Republic Mira Fornay Spain María Zamora Sweden Erika Wasserman Switzerland Joëlle Bertossa United Kingdom Andrea Cornwell *This designation is without prejudice to position on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.



Anton Iffland Stettner Need Productions, Belgium

Anton Iffland Stettner works at the Brusselsbased company Need Productions which was founded by Denis Delcampe in 1999 and has produced more than 40 feature films since then. In the footsteps of films such as Ursula Meier‘s Home, Vanja d‘Alcantara‘s Beyond The Steppes and Pierre Duculot‘s Miles From Anywhere, he is now in charge of development and production of the next feature projects by d‘Alcantara (Kokoro) and Duculot (L‘ecole au milieu du village).

Selected Films Un Monde Truqué by Jacques Tardi, Franck Ekinci and Christian Desmares (in production) Kokoro by Vanja d’Alcantara (in production) Beyond The Steppes 2010, by Vanja D’Alcantara

Need Productions 9a Rue des Chartreux BE – 1000 Brussels phone +32 2 534 4057 cell +32 478 51 2423 email selected by Wallonie Bruxelles Images

Home 2008, by Ursula Meier


Konstantin Bojanov

Argentum Lux Films, Bulgaria

Selected Films Blinded By The Sun as writer / director / producer (in development) Other Lives as producer / director (documentary, in development) Living Room In Africa as producer / director (in development) Ivan Quits Life by Pavel Vesnakov (in development)


Konstantin Bojanov made his directorial debut with the short film Lemon Is Lemon in 2001, followed by the award-winning documentary Invisible in 2005. His first feature Avé premiered in 2011 at Cannes‘ Critics Week and went on to win over 20 international awards. Konstantin was a co-producer of Eva Prevolovici‘s Marussia and now has a development slate including his features Blinded By The Sun and Living Room In Africa, and Pavel Vesnakov’s Ivan Quits Life.

Argentum Lux Films Sinchets 10, Office # 2 BG – Sofia 1164 cell BG +359 88 678 5534 cell US +1 646 479 9345 email

selected by Bulgarian National Film Centre

Zdenka Gold

Spiritus Movens Production, Croatia

Zdenka Gold had worked as a freelance producer for a decade before she set up her own production company Spiritus Movens Production in 2009. Since then, she has produced two documentaries, Silvestar Kolbas‘ 20 Days In Tibet and Marko Stanic‘s See You In One Year!, and Bobo Jelčić‘s feature A Stranger which premiered in Berlin‘s Forum this year. Zdenka is currently developing her next feature project Family Dust by Nina Violić at EAVE.

Spiritus Movens Production Rakušina 5 HR – 10 000 Zagreb phone/fax +385 1 6145538 cell +385 98 353968 email skype zdenkagold selected by Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Selected Films Family Dust (Obrnuta perspektiva) 2015, by Nina Violić (in development) A Stranger (Obrana i zaštita) 2013, by Bobo Jelčić See You In One Year! (Vidimo se za godinu dana!) 2013, by Marko Stanić (documentary) 20 Days In Tibet (20 dana na Tibetu) 2012, by Silvestar Kolbas (documentary)


Viktor Tauš

Fog‘n‘Desire Films, Czech Republic

Selected Films The Red Captain (Rudý kapitán) 2014, by Michal Kollár (in a final development stage) Clownwise (Klauni) 2013, by Viktor Tauš (in postproduction) Honeymoon (Líbánky) 2013, by Jan Hřebejk (in postproduction) House (Dům) 2011, by Zuzana Liová


A proud member of what Cahiers du Cinéma calls the do-it-yourself generation, Viktor Tauš co-founded the production company Fog‘n‘Desire Films with film-maker Michal Kollár. He produced Zuzana Liová‘s awardwinning House and currently has several films in postproduction, including Jan Hřebejk‘s Honeymoon and his own film, the international co-production Clownwise. Viktor is also developing new projects by Michal Kollár and Juraj Nvota. Fog‘n‘Desire Films Voroněžská 24 CZ – 101 00 Prague 10 cell +420 775 204 809 email

selected by Czech Film Center

Mikael Chr. Rieks

© Isak Hoffmeyer

Nordisk Film Production, Denmark

A graduate of Copenhagen‘s Media and Television School, Mikael Chr. Rieks was a leading TV and documentary producer before he entered the film industry by joining the production team of Nordisk Film in 2003. He set up his own company Koncern Film and also worked for Cosmo Film before returning to Nordisk in November 2012. Mikael currently has projects in development with Martin P. Zandvliet, Asger Leth, Paprika Steen and Charlotte Sieling. Nordisk Film Production Mosedalvej 14 DK – 2500 Valby/ Copenhagen phone +45 36 188 265 +45 60 351 735 cell email Follow!/RieksMikael selected by the Danish Film Institute

Selected Films Applause 2010, by Martin P. Zandvliet Ghosts Of Cité Soleil 2007, by Asger Leth (documentary) A Place Under The Sun by Martin P. Zandvliet (in preproduction) The Great Americans by Martin P. Zandvliet (in development)


Kiur Aarma

Traumfabrik, Estonia

Selected Films The Hoppers by Jaak Kilmi (shooting in 2014) The Gold Spinners (Kullaketrajad) 2013, by Hardi Volmer Underwater Flights (Allveelennud) 2012, by Jaak Kilmi & Kiur Aarma (ten short films) Disco & Atomic War (Disko ja tuumasõda) 2009, by Jaak Kilmi & Kiur Aarma (documentary)


A graduate of Tartu University and the Baltic Film & Media School master class, Kiur Aarma has produced and co-scripted documentaries and shorts by such filmmakers as Hardi Volmer and Jaak Kilmi. These have included Kilmi‘s awardwinning documentary Disco & Atomic War and Underwater Flights, his collection of ten short stories depicting events occurring between 1820 and 1940. Kiur is now preparing his first fiction feature, The Hoppers, with Kilmi to shoot in 2014 and is developing a documentary with Marianne Kõrver.

Traumfabrik Müürivahe 17-3 EST – 10140 Tallinn phone +372 565 1560 email selected by Baltic Films

Jussi Rantamäki

© Lasse Leckilin

Aamu Filmcompany, Finland

During his studies in Cultural Management, Jussi Rantamäki worked as a freelance assistant director and location manager in various companies. In 2008, he joined Aamu Filmcompany and saw his first two productions, the short Whispering In A Friend‘s Mouth and Juho Kuosmanen‘s The Painting Sellers, premiering in Berlin and Cannes in 2010, respectively. This year, his production of Matti Ijäs‘ Things We Do For Love had its world premiere in Gothenburg.

Aamu Filmcompany Ltd. Hiihtomäentie 34 FIN – 00800 Helsinki cell +358 40 7355 977 email selected by The Finnish Film Foundation

Selected Films The Boxer by Juho Kuosmanen (in development) Heidi (working title) by Hannaleena Hauru (in development) Things We Do For Love 2013, by Matti Ijäs The Painting Sellers (Taulukauppiaat) 2010, by Juho Kuosmanen


Mathieu Robinet Révérence, France

Selected Film Love Is In The Air (Amour et turbulences) 2013, by Alexandre Castagnetti

Mathieu Robinet had worked as a production executive at the UK‘s Future Films and at the French mini-studio MK2 as well as for sales agent Funny Balloons. He also headed a new sales venture dedicated to genre films, Overlook Entertainment, before launching his own production company in 2010 with Julien Ralanto. This year, he produced his first film Love Is In The Air and was also appointed the CEO of the distributor/sales agent Bac Films Distribution.

Révérence 45 Avenue Simon Bolivar F – 75019 Paris cell +33 6 98 54 53 28 email


selected by Unifrance films

Zaza Rusadze Zazarfilm, Georgia

Zaza Rusadze graduated in Directing from HFF Babelsberg in 2003 and founded his company Zazarfilm in 2007, debuting with the short Folds And Cracks which received the Discovery Award in Cottbus in 2009. Zaza then produced his feature debut A Fold In My Blanket, the opening film of the Panorama in Berlin 2013. He is currently developing two feature and two documentary projects for himself as well as an animation feature by Nika Machaidze.

Selected Films Negative Numbers, by TBA, screenplay by Uta Beria (in development) Doll On A Music Box, by Zaza Rusadze (in development) A Bear Over Our Heads, by Zaza Rusadze (documentary, in development)

Zazarfilm LTD Arsena Street # 29 GE – 0108 Tbilisi phone +995 599 68 90 03 cell D +49 179 19 62 154 email selected by Georgian National Film Center

Ulayah Saba, by Nika Machaidze (animation, in development)


Jochen Laube

teamWorx, Germany

Selected Films Coconut Hero 2013, by Florian Cossen (in preproduction) Zapped 2013, by Thorsten Schütte (documentary, in production) Five Years 2013, by Stefan Schaller Cracks In The Shell 2011, by Christian Schwochow


During his studies at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, Jochen Laube worked as assistant producer on Peter Greenaway‘s The Tulse Luper Suitcases, was involved in the UNESCO’s The Magic Lantern children‘s project, and founded his company summerhouse. He has also worked for teamWorx since 2010, producing award-winning films by Florian Cossen, Christian Schwochow and Stefan Schaller, and is now producing Burhan Qurbani‘s second feature We Are Young. We Are Strong.

teamWorx TV & Film GmbH Alleenstrasse 2 D – 71638 Ludwigsburg +49 7141 979 210 phone cell +49 151 504 674 48 email www. selected by German Films

Giorgos Karnavas Heretic, Greece

Giorgos Karnavas began working in film production in 2010 and has collaborated with some of Greece‘s biggest directing talents. He has produced such films as Boy Eating The Bird’s Food and The Eternal Return Of Antonis Paraskevas, and is now developing new features by Elina Psykou (Ivo & Sofia) and Wasted Youth director Argyris Papadimitropoulos (Hungry Mouth). Giorgos has just established Heretic with his partner Konstantinos Kontovrakis.

Selected Films in development Ivo & Sofia by Elina Psykou (aimed for shooting in 2014) Hungry Mouth by Argyris Papadimitropoulos (aimed for shooting in autumn 2013) completed

Heretic Promitheos 18 GR – 152 34 Halandri, Athens +30 69 4567 6069 cell email

selected by Greek Film Centre

Boy Eating The Bird’s Food 2012, by Ektoras Lygizos The Eternal Return Of Antonis Paraskevas 2013 by Elina Psykou


Andrea Taschler

Mirage Film Studio, Hungary

Selected Films Mirage by Szabolcs Hajdu (in preproduction) Heartsnatcher by Pater Sparrow (in development) That Trip We Took With Dad by Anca Miruna Lâzârescu (to be co-produced, in development) Bibliothèque Pascal 2010, by Szabolcs Hajdu


After graduating from the University of Theatre and Film, Andrea Taschler began her career in 2000 with such film-makers as Bálint Kenyeres, György Pálfi, and Ferenc Török. After working together on White Palms and Bibliothèque Pascal with Szabolcs Hajdu, they decided to found Mirage Film Studio together. She is currently in preproduction on Hajdu‘s new project, the contemporary Western Mirage, with partners from Hungary, Slovakia and The Netherlands.

Mirage Film Studio Eötvös street 35. 4/2 HU – 1067 Budapest +36 30 270 0270 cell cell +36 20 389 1528 email selected by Magyar Filmunió/Hungarian National Film Fund

Thorkell Hardarson Markell Productions, Iceland

Thorkell Hardarson is one half of the Markell Brothers with director Örn Marinó Arnarson. They started out with rockumentaries such as Punk In Iceland and then turned to the issues of geopolitics and terrorism for Feathered Cocaine about the true location of Osama bin Laden. Since then, they made The North Atlantic Miracle about the lifespan of the Atlantic Salmon and are now working on two new projects Trend Beacons and New Hands.

Markell Productions Langholtsvegur 171 IS – 104 Reykjavik phone +354 777 0842 / +354 777 8340 cell +49 176 7546 2751 email selected by Icelandic Film Centre

Selected Films (all documentaries) New Hands 2014/15, by Örn Marinó Arnarsson, Thorkell Hardarson (in production) Trend Beacons 2014, by Örn Marinó Arnarsson, Thorkell Hardarson (in production) The North Atlantic Miracle 2011, by Örn Marinó Arnarsson, Thorkell Hardarson, Arnar Thorisson Feathered Cocaine 2010, by Thorkell Hardarson, Örn Marinó Arnarsson


Conor Barry SP Films, Ireland

Selected Films Pilgrimage by Brendan Muldowney (in development) Brand New U by Simon Pummell (co-producing, in production)

A graduate from Ireland‘s film school IADT in 2000, Conor Barry has worked very closely with the writer-director Brendan Muldowney by founding SP Films and producing award-winning shorts and his feature debut Savage as well as Muldowney‘s latest film Love Eternal. Conor is currently serving as the Irish co-producer on Simon Pummell‘s transmedia project Brand New U and is now in advanced development on Muldowney‘s next project Pilgrimage.

Love Eternal 2013, by Brendan Muldowney (through Fastnet Films) Savage 2009, by Brendan Muldowney


SP Films T/A (Savage Production LTD) 20 Herbert Place IRL – Dublin 2 phone +353 1 639 4003 cell +353 86 368 2654 email selected by Irish Film Board

Viola Prestieri Buena Onda, Italy

Viola Prestieri graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and has been the executive producer on many awardwinning films, including Paolo Sorrentino‘s Il Divo, This Must Be The Place and, most recently, the 2013 Cannes Competition title The Great Beauty. In 2008, she founded the production company Buena Onda, together with Valeria Golino and Riccardo Scamarcio, and has produced Golino‘s short Armandino e il Madre and feature debut Honey, which premieres in this year‘s Un Certain Regard.

Buena Onda srl Piazza del Colosseo 4 I – 00184 Rome phone +39 06 7725 0255 email selected by Istituto Luce Cinecittà

Selected Films Honey (Miele) 2013, by Valeria Golino The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza) 2013, by Paolo Sorrentino (executive produced through Indigo Film) Double (L’uomo doppio) 2011, by Cosimo Terlizzi (documentary) Armandino e il Madre 2009, by Valeria Golino (short)


Valon Jakupaj

Gegnia Film, Republic of Kosovo*

Selected Films Gold 2013, by Bujar Alimani (to be co-produced) Hope (Shpresa) 2009, by Valon Jakupaj (short) To Be Or Not To Be 1244 2005, by Valon Jakupaj (short) Adventures Of Santa Clause 2001, by Valon Jakupaj

*This designation is without prejudice to position on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.


After graduating from London‘s College of Printing in 2001, Valon Jakupaj produced his first feature film Adventures of Santa Clause and helped set up the first Albanian production company Scanderberg Media in 2003. He then launched Gegania Film whose subsidiary Gegnia Film has produced shorts, music videos and TV commercials. Valon is currently preparing Bujar Alimani‘s Gold which is a co-production between Albania, Kosovo, France and Greece.

Gegnia Film 32 Azem Jashanica, Arberia II RKS – 10 000 Prishtina phone +381 38 238 535 cell +386 49 453 499 email selected by Kosova Cinematography Center

Gilles Chanial

Red Lion, Luxembourg

Gilles Chanial initially worked in physics science and distribution before turning his focus to production. In 2007, he moved to Luxembourg to join Red Lion where he concentrated on script development and feature debuts. Gilles served as associate producer on Brendan Muldowney‘s Love Eternal, and Thomas de Thier’s Le goût des myrtilles, and currently has three coproductions in postproduction, including Frank Hoffmann and Pol Cruchten‘s Les Brigands.

Red Lion S.à r.l 16 rue Alzingen L – 3397 Roeser phone +352 26 36 16 07 fax +352 26 360 149 cell FR +33 6 44 24 8531 cell LUX +352 661 520 304 email selected by Film Fund Luxembourg

Selected Films Brotherhood Of Tears (La confrerie des larmes) 2014, by Jean-Baptiste Andréa (associate producing, in postproduction) Les Brigands 2014, by Frank Hoffmann, Pol Cruchten (delegate producing, in postproduction) Le goût des myrtilles 2014, by Thomas De Thier (associate producing, in postproduction) Love Eternal 2013, by Brendan Muldowney (associate produced)


Labina Mitevska

Sisters and Brother Mitevski Production, FYR of Macedonia

Selected Films Apartment by Teona Strugar Mitevska (in development) Man Whole Day by Teona Strugar Mitevska (in development) The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears 2012, by Teona Strugar Mitevska I Am From Titov Veles 2008, by Teona Strugar Mitevska


Actress Labina Mitevska, her sister Teona and brother Vuk launched their Macedonia-based company Sisters and Brother Mitevski in 2001. To date, Labina has produced three features by Teona, including I Am From Titov Veles and The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears. They are currently finishing Vuk‘s animation short Alerik and have two new feature projects for Teona in development. Labina has been the director of the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival Brothers Manaki in Bitola since 2009.

Sisters and Brother Mitevski Production F. Ruzvelt 4-38 FYRoM – 1000 Skopje phone/fax +389 306 4455 cell +389 776 90688 email selected by Macedonian Film Fund

Sehad Čekić

Cut-Up Production, Montenegro

A graduate in Production from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Montenegro‘s Cetinje, Sehad Čekić served as executive producer on Marija Perovic’s Look At Me and was one of the producers of Nemanja Becanovic’s The Ascent. He is currently developing Odysseus by Andro Martinovic and recently launched his own company Cut-Up which is focused on young authors and co-productions. In addition, Sehad works at the faculty as an assistant professor.

Selected Films Odysseus by Andro Martinovic (in development) The Ascent (Posljednje poglavlje) 2011, by Nemanja Becanovic (through Artikulacija Production) Look At Me (Gledaj me) 2008, by Marija Perovic (executive produced through Katun Movies)

Cut-Up Production Miljana Vukova 39 MNE – 81000 Podgorica phone +382 67 808 991 email selected by Ministry of Culture of Montenegro


Marleen Slot

Viking Film, The Netherlands

Selected Films Zurich by Sacha Polak (in financing) Leones 2012, by Jasmin Lopez Taking Chances 2011, by Nicole van Kilsdonk (through Lemming Film) My Joy 2010, by Sergei Loznitsa (through Lemming Film)


Marleen Slot founded Viking Film in 2011, having already completed the co-production Leones and preparing several other films like Zurich from director Sacha Polak and Gabriel Mascaro‘s Bull Down!. She worked as a producer at Lemming Film for many years with such productions as Mischa Kamp‘s Tony 10, Nicole van Kilsdonk‘s Taking Chances, Meral Uslu‘s Snackbar and Hans van Nuffelen‘s Oxygen, which won the European Film Academy Discovery Award.

Viking Film Lindengracht 17 NL – 1015 KB Amsterdam phone +31 20 625 4788 email

selected by EYE International / Netherlands

Hans-Jørgen Osnes

Motlys, Norway

Hans-Jørgen Osnes has worked his way up since entering the film industry in 1996 and made his debut as producer with Joachim Trier‘s Oslo, August 31st which was selected for Un Certain Regard in 2011. He recently completed his second feature film as producer, Eskil Vogt‘s Blind, and now has new projects in development at Motlys, including Anders T. Andersen‘s psychological drama Lex Rinnan and Joachim Trier‘s family drama Louder Than Bombs.

Motlys A/S Sagvn. 18 NO – 0459 Oslo +47 22 80 83 82 phone +47 41 42 30 60 cell skype Hans J. Osnes email selected by Norwegian Film Institute

Selected Films Louder Than Bombs by Joachim Trier (in development) Lex Rinnan by Anders T. Andersen (in development) Blind 2013, by Eskil Vogt Oslo, August 31st (Oslo, 31. august) 2011, by Joachim Trier


Agnieszka Kurzydło MD 4, Poland

Selected Films Red Spider 2014, by Marcin Koszałka (in production) Kebab & Horoscope 2014, by Grzegorz Jaroszuk (in production) In The Name Of 2013, by Małgośka Szumowska Baby Blues 2012, by Kasia Rosłaniec


Agnieszka Kurzydło has been working in the film industry since 1992 and managed Zentropa International Poland which was launched in 2008 and co-produced Antichrist and Elles, among others. In 2011, she established her own company Mental Disorder 4 and has produced such films as Kasia Rosłaniec‘s Baby Blues and Małgośka Szumowska‘s In The Name Of. She is now preparing films by Marcin Koszałka and Grzegorz Jaroszuk.

MD4 Sp. z o.o. ul. Narbutta 25 A PL – 02-536 Warsaw +48 22 646 55 93 phone fax +48 22 646 34 80 email selected by Polish Film Institute

João Matos

Terratreme filmes, Portugal

João Matos has worked as a producer since 2002, collaborating with directors such as Susana Nobre, João Vladimiro or Leonor Noivo, and companies like Artistas Unidos and Alfama Filmes. He is currently based at Terratreme filmes where he produced Pedro Pinho‘s debut feature The End Of The World and João Vladimiro‘s docufiction Lacrau. João is now in preproduction on Jorge Silva Melo‘s realist musical The Nothing Factory, scheduled to shoot in 2014.

Terratreme filmes Av. Almirante Reis, 56 3º Dto. P – 1150-019 Lisbon +351 21 241 5754 phone +351 96 301 26 66 cell skype joao.matos.six email selected by ICA I.P. / Portugal

Selected Films The Nothing Factory 2014, by Jorge Silva Melo (in preproduction) Lacrau 2013, by João Vladimiro The End Of The World 2013, by Pedro Pinho Bab Sebta 2008, by Frederico Lobo and Pedro Pinho (documentary)


Anca Puiu

Mandragora, Romania

Selected Films The Manor House 2015, by Cristi Puiu (in development) Sierra Nevada 2014, by Cristi Puiu (in development) Rocker 2012, by Marian Crisan The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu 2004, by Cristi Puiu

In 2004, Anca Puiu founded the production house Mandragora with her husband, filmmaker Cristi Puiu, making their debut with his award-winning feature The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu. She has since produced further sucessful films by Puiu as well as Marian Crisan (Morgen and Rocker), Peter Kerek (Adultery), Andrei Cohn (Family Pictures) and documentaries by Ana Vlad and Adi Voicu (Metrobranding, Victoria). Anca has new projects in development by Puiu and Kerek, and two documentaries by Vlad and Voicu.

SC Mandragora srl Str. Ghe. Bratianu 4, Apt.2 RO – 011413 Bucuresti, Sector 1 phone +40 21 222 0558 cell +40 72 2364 132 email


selected by Romanian Film Promotion

© Peter Prochazka

Mira Fornay

Mirafox, Slovak Republic

A graduate from Prague‘s FAMU and the UK‘s NFTS, Mira Fornay‘s debut feature Foxes premiered in the International Film Critics‘ Week Venice IFF 2009. She not only wrote and directed, but also co-produced her second feature My Dog Killer which won the Hivos Tiger Award at the 2013 Rotterdam International Film Festival. Mira‘s company Mirafox is currently developing three new projects for her, including the drama Bernarda – Frogs With No Tongues and the absurd comedy Cook, F**k, Kill.

Selected Films as writer/director/producer (in development) Bernarda – Frogs With No Tongues Dad‘s Record as director / co-producer My Dog Killer (Môj pes Killer) 2013 as director Foxes (Líštičky) 2009

Mirafox Majakovskeho 19 SK – 902 01 Pezinok cell SK +421 910 176 857 cell CZ +420 603 745 519 email selected by Slovak Film Institute


Maria Zamora Avalon, Spain

Selected Films Todos están muertos 2013, by Beatriz Sanchis (in postproduction) MAP (MAPA) 2012, by León Siminiani (documentary) The Hidden Face 2011, by Andrés Baiz Woman Without Piano 2009, by Javier Rebollo


A graduate in Business Administration, Maria Zamora started working at Avalon in 2001 and became a partner in the company in 2007. She has served as a co-producer on films by such directors as Federico Veiroj, Javier Rebollo, Andrés Baiz and León Siminiani. Maria is currently in postproduction on the SpanishMexican-German co-production Todos están muertos, the feature debut by young Spanish director Beatriz Sanchis.

Avalon P.C. Plaza del Cordón, 2. Bajo Izqda. ES – 28005 Madrid phone +34 91 366 4364 cell +34 619 97 45 97 email selected by ICAA / Spain

Erika Wasserman Idyll, Sweden

In 2009, Erika Wasserman founded her production company and premiered Henrik Hellström and Fredrik Wenzel‘s Burrowing at the Berlinale. She has since worked with these directors on The Quiet Roar, currently in postproduction. Erika also produced Axel Petersén‘s Avalon which won the FIPRESCI Prize in Toronto in 2011 and won two Guldbagge awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. She is now developing Petersén‘s new feature Under The Pyramid.

Idyll AB Stora Nygatan 33 SE – 111 27 Stockholm +46 70 4244262 cell email selected by Swedish Film Institute

Selected Films Under The Pyramid 2013, by Axel Petersén (in development) The Quiet Roar 2013, by Henrik Hellström (in postproduction) Avalon 2012, by Axel Petersén Burrowing (Man tänker sitt) 2009, by Henrik Hellström, Fredrik Wenzel (through Fasad)


Joëlle Bertossa

Close Up Films, Switzerland

Selected Films For This Is My Body by Paule Muret (in development) Body by Halima Ouardiri (in development) In Art We Trust by Benoît Rossel (documentary, shooting starts in July 2013) Aisheen, Still Alive In Gaza 2010, by Nicolas Wadimoff (documentary, through Akka Films)


A graduate from the film school INSAS in Brussels in 1999, Joëlle Bertossa worked on several films as a first director‘s assistant before being hired by Nicolas Wadimoff at Akka Films in 2003 where she produced such films as his Aisheen, Still Alive In Gaza. Last year, Joëlle founded Geneva-based Close Up Films, completed Michele Pennetta‘s documentary Mal Della Luna and is currently developing international co-productions with France, Germany and Canada.

Close Up Films 20 rue du Clos CH – 1207 Geneva cell +41 78 665 0512 email selected by Swiss Films

Andrea Cornwell

Lobo Films, United Kingdom

Andrea Cornwell worked at the First Film Foundation before moving into production. As a producer and line producer, she has worked on such films as The Scouting Book For Boys, Micro Men, She, A Chinese and The Yellow House. Andrea recently completed the scifi thriller The Last Days On Mars through Qwerty Films, which is showing in this year‘s Directors Fortnight, and is currently in preproduction on Suite Francaise and developing Invented Eden with screenwriter Guy Hibbert.

Lobo Films Ltd. 23-31 Great Titchfield Street, 6th Floor UK – London W1W 7PA email selected by British Council

Selected Films Suite Francaise 2014, by Saul Dibb (in preproduction, through Suite Distribution Ltd.) The Last Days On Mars 2013, by Ruairi Robinson (through Qwerty Films, c/o Focus Films International) Micro Men 2010, by Saul Metzstein (TV, through Darlow Smithson Ltd.) The Scouting Book For Boys 2009, by Tom Harper (co-produced)


European Film Promotion e.V. Friedensallee 14 -16 22765 Hamburg Germany phone +49 40 390 6252 fax +49 40 390 6249

EFP President Christian Juhl Lemche Danish Film Institute EFP Vice President Claudia Landsberger EYE International / Netherlands Managing Director Renate Rose Team PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE Jo M端hlberger Project Director Sabine Rolinski Project Coordination Mareen Gerisch Head of Press 42

contact in Cannes +49 160 440 9595

European Film Promotion – Initiatives in support of the European Industry

European Film Promotion (EFP) is the only existing international network of organisations promoting and marketing European cinema worldwide. Founded in 1997, the EFP network now comprises 35 professional organisations from 36 European countries, who are experts in promoting and marketing their own national cinema. Under the EFP umbrella, all of these organisations work together on the promotion of European films and talent around the world. To this end, EFP devises, organises and carries out promotional activities and events on behalf of films, directors, producers, actors and other film professionals. EFP‘s activities are financially supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the EFP member organisations. EFP‘s promotion and PR activities are backed by private and public sponsors. The Hamburg-based office is supported by the German Minister of State for Culture and the Media (BKM) the Ministry of Culture of the City of Hamburg and the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.

The aims and objectives of these activities are ››

to increase the competitive opportunities for European films in the international market place

›› to improve access for European film professionals to the international market place ›› to support the development of new up-and-coming talent ›› to contribute, where possible, to the opening of new markets for European film ›› to enhance the distribution and visibility of European film worldwide ››

to further share the accumulated knowledge and experience of the association via its European-wide network 43

The EFP Network Albania Artan Minarolli Albanian National Center of Cinematography/ANCC www.nationalfilmcenter.

Czech Republic Markéta Šantrochova Czech Film Center Denmark Christian Juhl Lemche The Danish Film Institute

Austria Martin Schweighofer Austrian Film Commission Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania Tristan Priimägi Baltic Films Belgium Christian de Schutter Flanders Image Finland Jaana Puskala Belgium The Finnish Film Eric Franssen Foundation Wallonie Bruxelles Images Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Bulgaria (FYRoM) Irina Kanousheva Darko Basheski Bulgarian National Film Macedonian Film Fund Center


Croatia Ivana Ivišić Croatian Audiovisual Centre

France Régine Hatchondo Unifrance films

Georgia Tamara Tatishvili Georgian National Film Center Germany Mariette Rissenbeek German Films Greece Stavroula Geronimaki Greek Film Centre Hungary Katalin Vajda Magyar Filmunió /  International Division Hungarian National Film Fund Iceland Laufey Gudjónsdóttir Icelandic Film Centre Ireland Teresa McGrane Irish Film Board

Italy Griselda Guerrasio Istituto Luce Cinecittà Luxembourg Françoise Lentz Film Fund Luxembourg Montenegro Ilija Subotić Ministry of Culture The Netherlands Claudia Landsberger EYE International Norway Stine Oppegaard Norwegian Film Institute norwegianfilms Poland Izabela Kiszka-Hoflik Polish Film Institute (PISF)

Portugal Vítor Pinheiro Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, I.P./ ICA Republic of Kosovo* Fatos Berisha Kosova Cinematography Center

Slovak Republic Alexandra Strelková Slovak Film Institute Slovenia Nerina T. Kocjančič Slovenian Film Centre

* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence

Spain Rafael Cabrera Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales/ICAA

Romania Cristian Hordilă Romanian Film Promotion

Sweden Pia Lundberg Swedish Film Institute

Russian Federation Anna Arutyunova Russian Cinema Fund

Switzerland Maria Stergiou Swiss Films

Serbia Miroljub Vučković Film Center Serbia

United Kingdom Briony Hansony British Council 45

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EUROPEAN FILM PROMOTION friedensallee 14-16 22765 hamburg / Germany Phone +49 40 3906252

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EFPs Producers On The Move at the Cannes International Film Festival 2013


EFPs Producers On The Move at the Cannes International Film Festival 2013