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Vente Drakkar ‘11

26th of August 2011 | Honfleur (France) | - All animals will be Genomic tested prior to the sale -

Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94-CAN The One Million Dollar Cow Grand dam to LARSON RC & LAVAMAN @ Semex GTPI +2146 Gerard x VG-87 2yr. Bolton

Ronelee Toystory Darva VG-88-USA EX-MS Nova-TMJ Golden Echo VG-88-USA 2yr. DKR Bayla - GTPI +2368 Bayla is the #1 Garret dtr in the World!!! She is out of From the awesome UFM-Dubs Erioy cow family Full sister to DOMAIN and maternal sister to DURABLE RC the former #1 GTPI cow Baviere from the Sunnylodge Mat. sister sold for € 36.000! Extremely HOT family 1st offering of the Ronelee family on a European auction Her Alta ROSS dtr sells

Her lovely JAKE dtr sells

Lilac VG-89-CAN & Lila Z EX-94-CAN Scientific SS Debut Red EX-90-USA #9 GLPI Cow Canada! Twin sister is dam to Lavaman! Next dam Sceintific Debutante Rae EX-92-USA Her VG-86-FR 2yr. BAXTER dtr sells and Sister to DESTRY, DEUCE, DUSK & more!!

Prelude Spottie’s! BAYLA SELLS!!!

Brigeen Integrity Robin EX-95-USA Fantastic branch of the ROXY family Great production and brood cow

her Superstition grand dtr

R&W heifer out of Debut’s VG 2yr. Advent

SHOW Heifer out of Robin’s EX Durham!!

Windsor-Manor Rud Zip EX-95-USA Sire FREDDIE is not available in Europe Grand dam Zeebee sold for $ 51.000

Favi Baronne EX-90-FR The only EXCELLENT 2nd calf cow in France!! National Champion ‘11!! From the Dellia family!!

Giessen Cinderella 17 EX-90-NL Cinderella is one of the greatest Goldwyn dtrs Genomic & Type combined

FREDDIE x Toystory x EX x ZIP EX-95

ROSS from Baronne’s VG 2yr. sister sells

Her fancy Jeeves dtr sells

26th of August 2011

Ca 25 top animals selling like the World’s #1 GTPI Garret (GTPI +2368), lovely heifers out of cows like UFM-Dubs Echo VG-88-USA 2yr., members of the Lila Z’s, Bizou’s, Faith’s and more! Enjoy a great day or weekend a few miles from the fantastic French city HONFLEUR and the Normandy Beach




- We will take care of the export of your animals until the final destination - Organized tours will go to the sale - Do not hesitate us for travel arrangements Jan de Vries Jan v.d. Oord Arjan v.d. Vlis Louis Jaquin

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VISIT WWW.DRAKKARHOLSTEINS.COM for contact persons in all countries

Ord Bizou VG-88-FR 2yr. Bizou is due again in the summer and looks great!! HOT new cow family! Embryos exported to Japan

GS Buckhorn Acres Adn Aneta Full sister to Parker @ CRI (US 04/11 GTPI +2252) Auden (not available in Europe) x Oman x EX Durham

Venise VG-86-FR 2yr. Venise is the full sister to VAUCLUSE @ Genes Diffusion! Naurine cow family!!

Bizou her Jeeves dtr sells

This superb heifer sells

Her Ashlar dtr sells!!

Ralma Goldwyn Clarinet EX-90-USA Goldwyn sister to COOKIE VG-89, dam to Carmel and Crown @ Select Sires!!

Langs-Twin-B CS Ashlyln VG-86-USA Still +2082 GTPI and her Planet son A-P @ CRI has almost GTPI +2300 and over 3 points PTAT!!!

GS Langs Twin B Alx Adela Alexander from the Ralma Juror Faith cow family Dam is a VG Mac x Shottle x FUDGE!!!

Her Man-O-Man dtr sells

DORCY out of Ashlyn’s VG 2yr. Pontiac

This stylish heifer sells!

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