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This questionnaire is so that we get know a bit about you and the expectations you have for the training course. We would be thankful if you consider your answers carefully. Thank you! The Team of Loesje Armenia and BRiDGE

Personal information

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Special needs





Please indicate if you have any special needs like food allergies, mobility problems etc.

1. Who are you? What do you do in life? As studies? For work? What are your passions / interests?

2. What is your experience as a trainer / youth worker?

3. What is your role in your organisation?

4. What do you want to learn or which skill(s) do you want to develop in this seminar? (Be specific)

5. Describe how you are going to use what you will have learned during this training course, in the future.

When completed, save and send this file to before June 19th. Soon after that you will be contacted about selection results.

Tools&skills participation form  
Tools&skills participation form