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13 Low key Comedian Steven Wright is the master of monotone

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SEPT. 13-19, 2017

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ORLANDO WEEKLY ● SEPT. 13-19, 2017

Readers react to blog posts and stories from the Aug. 30 issue. On Aug. 31, news writer Monivette Cordeiro reported that the Winter Park City Commission had voted against equipping the city’s police officers with body cameras, after Police Chief Michael Deal requested them for fiscal 2018. Vice Mayor Pete Weldon said he couldn’t support the police wearing cameras, adding, “I don’t want our public safety to be a political football.” @Bobby Withers Oh hey look, a political football … let’s fumble it! Who does this benefit? Not wrongfully accused LEOs. Not wrongfully accused civilians. What ever happened to “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to hide”? All first responders should be protected by body cameras. @Harriet Duncan It’s like Palm Beach. The wealthy don’t get arrested. They don’t want to record drunk-driving millionaires.

UNAFRAID @JH Kendall A political football? They just don’t want to be sued – it’s criminal not have the police wear the cameras – and most officers that are worth their shirt want them too. @Sarah Vitol Damn. Retrain your officers if they are doing such a shameful job that they can’t be filmed doing it. These are peace officers, paid by the public to protect the public, and they need to be honorable. @Deryk Banks Well with senators’ kids going to school down the street from the police department, you can’t be too careful. You don’t want to have to explain a video of anything they might do. @Hunter Lyon Winter Park: “Please forget the period of history when we arrested certain-shaded people for being on the wrong side of the train tracks after a certain hour.” @Charles Koppel Somebody should make an issue of this come election time. It’s an opening for people who want to be elected commissioner.

Central Florida undocumented youth to Trump: ‘You have no idea who you messed with’ BY M O N I V E TTE CO R D E I R O


entral Florida’s undocumented youth remained tearfully defiant last week after President Donald Trump announced an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that protects almost 800,000 immigrants from deportation and allows them the chance to get work permits. “You have no idea who you messed with,” says Anallely, a Central Florida DACA recipient who asked to be identified only by her first name, to a crowd outside Orlando City Hall last week. “They better get ready for this fire.” More than 100 people gathered in Orlando on Tuesday after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration would rescind DACA with a six-month delay to give Congress a chance to pass a bill to protect recipients. Anallely is one of nearly 33,000 DACA recipients who call Florida home. The program has allowed her to get a driver’s license, attend a local college and even help her parents buy their first home. Losing DACA would be “disastrous” for her family, she says. “I’m so exhausted of all the things I have to go through because of a paper,” she says. “A paper does not define me. A paper does not define any of us. … We’re going to be right here until the day you pass something that’s going to actually give us a future and a path to citizenship, not just for us, but for our parents, because they were the original Dreamers.” Anallely says she wants the media to stop demonizing the parents of undocumented youth who brought their children to this country for a better life without the proper documentation. “We’re not criminals,” she says. “We’re not stealing jobs. We’re just here like any other American, and we’re here to fight.” Undocumented young people and other immigration advocates are ramping up efforts to persuade Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform not only for themselves but also for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants who live in the U.S. In Orlando, advocates were also concerned with the end of Temporary Status Protection, also known as TPS, for immigrants from Haiti, Sudan, South Sudan, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Isabel Sousa-Rodriguez, an organizer with the Florida Immigrant Coalition, says since the Trump administration came into office, the

rhetoric has been hateful and divisive. “We don’t stand for it,” Sousa-Rodriguez says. “They are saying that they will no longer issue any new renewals for any of the youth who have benefitted from it, nearly 900,000 young people who have received temporary work permits and have been able to buy homes, buy cars, get jobs, pay taxes and contribute billions of dollars into our U.S. economy.” United We Dream, an immigrant youth organization, points out that DACA paperwork and work permits are valid for recipients until their expiration dates. If your DACA filing expires between now and March 5, 2018, you have until Oct. 5, 2017, to file for a two-year renewal. The Trump administration has indicated that no new DACA applications will be accepted in these six months. United We Dream also notes that the Department of Homeland Security will no longer allow DACA recipients permission to travel abroad. Eli Garcia, of the Hope CommUnity Center in Apopka, had tears in her eyes as she thought about telling her mom the program they had all benefitted from would be ending. “Whatever is going to happen, we’re still going to be here,” she says. “I feel sad that this happened, but we were predicting it – DACA was not a permanent solution.” Garcia says the Trump administration’s decision to rescind DACA makes her angry, but it also gives her the energy to fight. “We shouldn’t give up,” she told the crowd in Orlando. “These are times when Dreamers like myself need to be together to stand up, and allies need to build the bridges with us to continue fighting against this.”

SEPT. 13-19, 2017




ORLANDO WEEKLY ● SEPT. 13-19, 2017


The thing about that, though, is that Obama spent years practically begging Congress to pass a bill. Republicans refused. They spiked the DREAM Act, The GOP is using the lives of 800,000 residents as a which would have granted undocumentbargaining chip for an unacceptable, immoral ‘compromise’ ed kids legal status, and refused to even countenance codifying DACA into law. So what makes us think they’ll do it With a glint in his eye befitting Sessions said about the program during a teenage boy who just discovered Pornhub, his speech was blatantly false. DACA does now? The fact is, while a clean DACA bill Attorney General Jeff Sessions – a man not provide “legal status” to undocumentdeemed too racist for the federal bench 30 ed immigrants. Unlike those with legal would likely pass both the House and years ago – announced last Tuesday that the status, DACA recipients don’t automati- Senate, it might not win support from Trump administration was ending Deferred cally receive work permits; they have to a majority of each chamber’s GOP cauAction for Childhood Arrivals, an Obama apply every two years, at a cost of $500. cus, which means Speaker Paul Ryan and program that protected nearly eight hundred And DACA didn’t contribute to a surge Majority Leader Mitch McConnell might thousand immigrants, including 33,000 in of unaccompanied minors crossing the not want to bring it up for a vote. Besides, the GOP would rather use Florida, who came to the U.S. as children southern border; that had more to do from deportation and granted them two-year violence and poverty inside the minors’ DACA recipients as bargaining chips. So what you’re likely to see is an attempted work permits. He did so because President countries of origin. Sessions was correct, however, that “compromise” – emphasis on the scare Trump was too chickenshit to swing the ax himself, instead shuffling off the duty to a DACA is under legal threat, with a hand- quotes – in which the lives of 800,000 small-minded bigot who receives a peculiar ful of Republican state attorneys general people are bartered for either funding for threatening to sue over the program. And Trump’s idiotic wall or bill to limit legal thrill from screwing over brown people. Three facts about DACA we should he’s not wrong that DACA would be on immigration and effectively restrict it to keep in mind before moving on. One, thin ice before the Supreme Court. Still, English speakers. Neither is acceptable. Neither is moral. 100 percent of DACA recipients have no it’s not like Sessions’ claims about the bill’s If that fails, Trump tweeted Tuesday, criminal record; if they have a criminal constitutionality are indisputable; a 2014 record, they’re ineligible for the program. Department of Justice memo conclud- he’ll “revisit this issue” in six months – Two, 97 percent have jobs or are enrolled ed that the program was constitutional, cold comfort to the immigrants now left in limbo, their futures in school. They’re not a drain on our after all. and dreams left In any event, economy. In fact, one estimate says that KICKING THEM OUT WON’T to the president’s losing DACA will cost the U.S. $460 bil- the administration MAKE OUR COUNTRY caprice. And it’s lion in GDP over the next decade. Three, gleefully refusing to not like Trump’s their average age of arrival is 6. They don’t even try to defend ANY SAFER OR MORE decision won’t know anything about their country of ori- DACA gives the PROSPEROUS. IT WILL, have immediate game away: They gin; this is their home. HOWEVER, DEMONSTRATE impacts. Indeed, Kicking them out won’t make our didn’t have to do THAT WE ARE PROFOUNDLY the government country any safer or more prosperous. It this. They chose MEANER THAN WE IMAGINE will stop taking will, however, demonstrate that we are to do it. And now DACA applicaprofoundly meaner and more capricious we have a crisis of OURSELVES TO BE. tions, will prevent than we imagine ourselves to be. That’s Trump’s own makmost recipients especially the case if the administration ing. The Republican spin is that they’re not from seeking two-year extensions and decides to use the DACA data recipients have submitted over the last five years to targeting Dreamers, but simply restor- will stop processing DACA renewals next expedite their deportations, something ing the rule of law and the separation month. Some DACA recipients will be elithe talking points the White House cir- of powers. President Obama, they argue, gible for deportation come March. Also, it’s not altogether clear how culated after Sessions’ announcement acted improperly when he took executive action. The better route is for Congress to Trump will even be able to revisit DACA indicated was a distinct possibility. after his attorney general spoke at length I should also note that much of what pass a bill.

about how it was unconstitutional. That, in fact, is the administration’s entire rationale for its action: The threat of a lawsuit forced its hand. But either the program is legal or it’s not. If it’s not, there’s nothing to revisit. If it is, then what the hell are we even doing here? What we’re seeing is the unavoidable result of government by horrible people, bullies without a scintilla of empathy or compassion who’ve gained power by appealing to America’s basest impulses – bigotry, nativism, fear of the other – and aim to keep it by gut-punching the vulnerable. Dreamers deserve better. America deserves better. Actually, America is better than that: 76 percent support allowing Dreamers to stay as legal residents, according to a new NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll. Fifty-eight percent believe they should be eligible for citizenship. But instead of listening to them, the president is catering to the 24 percent of Republicans who want Dreamers deported. In a statement last Tuesday, Barack Obama pinpointed the root issue: “Ultimately, this is about basic decency. This is about whether we are a people who kick hopeful young strivers out of America, or whether we treat them the way we’d want our own kids to be treated. It’s about who we are as a people – and who we want to be.” The White House, unfortunately, is devoid of that basic decency. It proved that last Tuesday. It proved it last month after Charlottesville. It proved it when the president attacked transgender service members. It proved it when the president sought to finance a tax cut for the rich by eviscerating Medicaid. It proved it with the Muslim ban. It proved it when Trump hired Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller. In less than eight months, the White House has given us all the proof we need: the administration has a festering moral rot, and, like a fish, the rot starts at the head.

SEPT. 13-19, 2017

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H2no, tHanks A private company wants to charge an east Orange County neighborhood more money for their water – even though some residents refuse to drink it By Mon ivette Cor d ei r o


Natalie Mariko, another resident, says she’s am DiMarzio’s three boys know the drill – when mommy sticks strips angry she’ll have to pay more for water she won’t of blue painter’s tape over the bath- even let her pets drink. “This rate increase is covering Pluris’ misroom faucets, the kitchen sink, the fridge and the shower, it means one take,” she says. “Why should we pay for that? It’s not our fault that you don’t know how to run thing: Don’t touch the water. Those are the precautions DiMarzio has your plant.” The Florida Department of Environmental learned to take since moving in 2005 to the Wedgefield neighborhood, a lonesome commu- Protection says that currently, Wedgefield’s nity in east Orange County about 30 minutes water does not pose an immediate health risk, from downtown Orlando. She had just given and residents don’t need to find an alternate birth to her first son when she got a notice from source of water unless that’s their personal prefthe former private utility that provided water erence. Dave Herbster, a spokesperson for the to more than a thousand local residents that a DEP, says the state already stepped in after water test had come back positive for coliform 2016 water tests done by Orange County on bacteria – also known as fecal bacteria. DiMarzio 18 Wedgefield homes found elevated levels of rushed to get bottled water and started getting trihalomethanes, or TTHMs, and several of halocases of Zephyrhills water delivered to her door. acetic acids. Two homes, including DiMarzio’s, For a while, she even used a filter, but now, the also tested positive for bacteria in the tap water. only water she and her three children drink Herbster says TTHMs and haloacetic acids comes from Publix, which has cost her up to are byproducts created after using chlorine to disinfect the water pumped from the Floridan $200 a month. “No one here drinks this water,” she says. aquifer. Cancer research studies and the federal Environmental Protection Agency have suggest“Nobody.” DiMarzio and other residents have been fight- ed there may be a potential link to liver, kidney or ing for years now against a newer water provider, central nervous system problems and increased Pluris Wedgefield Inc., a private, Dallas-based risk of cancer from long-term exposure to a company that has provided water to the neigh- certain amount of TTHMs. News 13 reports borhood since 2009. Neighbors say the water can the state DEP ultimately fined Pluris more than be cloudy and at times comes out with a brown $1,200 for low chlorine residual levels. Herbster says the DEP has worked with Pluris tint. Sometimes it tastes like metal. People comon a new pilot program to treat the water with plain it has a foul smell and reeks of chlorine. After scores of complaints, Orange County chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant. Herbster is considering taking over the private utility – says the program started last March and the though Pluris has indicated it doesn’t intend to results, so far, have been promising. The DEP sell. In fact, some local residents are infuriated is working with Pluris on the process to permaafter learning the private company is actually nently make chlorine dioxide the disinfectant for trying to charge them more for water they won’t Wedgefield’s water. “When we began getting test results that drink. In late July, Pluris filed documents with the Florida Public Service Commission indicat- showed if they continued with what they were ing it would seek an almost 21 percent rate hike doing there would be a potential violation of in order to recover the costs associated with federal safe drinking water standards, we moved installing new water meters. The new rate would on it,” Herbster says. “They moved on it. We had charge customers who use up to 5,000 gallons a month $9.01 per 1,000 gallons of water, an increase from the $7.86 currently paid. By contrast, Orange County Utilities’ 2016 rates charge customers who use up to 3,000 gallons a month $1.10 per 1,000 gallons of water. Orlando Weekly reached out to Joe Kuhns, the company’s Lakelandbased regional manager, for a comment but did not The Pluris plant at Wedgefield receive a response by press time.


orlando weekly ● Sept. 13-19, 2017

to change what we’re doing here. The most important thing we can provide is accountability to make sure they have safe drinking water, and we think we’re moving in the direction of that. We share an interest with residents for safe drinking water, so we want to work with them and work with the utility to make sure that’s what they get.” Still, some residents have continued to find problems with the water – now it’s bleaching their clothes. Whether Pluris has fixed the issue or not, it clear from speaking to neighbors that the problem isn’t only what’s in the water – it’s also a loss of trust between people and a company that provides them a service necessary for survival. DiMarzio says more than 800 residents have already signed a letter to get Orange County to start negotiations to take over the private utility. Todd Swingle, deputy director of Orange County Utilities, says Wedgefield residents need almost 1,200 signatures from the estimated 1,800 current Pluris customers for the county to investigate what it would take to improve and operate the current facilities and evaluate Pluris’ willingness to sell. Swingle also says at this point, the county does not foresee extending its utility lines out to Wedgefield because of costs. The non-binding signatures from residents would be the first of many steps to a long process. Orange County District 5 Commissioner Emily Bonilla, who represents the area, says she’s looking into another option of the county taking over jurisdiction of the utility from the state, but those talks are very preliminary.

Sept. 13-19, 2017 ● orlando weekly



orLando weekLy ● SePT. 13-19, 2017 ●

[ arts + culture ]

Low key

By Seth KUBerSKy

Comedian Steven Wright is the master of monotone

Playwrights round table is currently accepting 10-minute short plays for its 2018 Launch showcase. Send your script in PDF or Word form to by Sept. 30; there’s no entry fee, but you must have a (free) PRT membership. Female and POC authors are especially encouraged to apply.



f you call Steven Wright and he doesn’t answer, you’ll be forwarded to his voicemail message, which is him muttering something unintelligible for three seconds before the beep. That’s exactly what you’d expect from the 61-year-old stand-up veteran whose deadpan, cerebral one-liners put him on the map in the early 1980s and have influenced countless comedians over the past 38 years. Wright’s career is a mishmash of critical acclaim (his 1985 Grammy-nominated comedy album, I Have a Pony, his Oscar-winning short film, The Appointments of Dennis Jennings, Emmy nominations as part of the producing team for Louie) and oddball roles he does for fun (The Guy on the Couch in Half Baked, Mel Meh in the recent Emoji Movie). Wright keeps a lower profile today than he did in the ’80s and ’90s, but his influence on modern alt-comedy is unmistakable.

Orlando Weekly: When you started, people hadn’t heard anyone like you. Did you get any resistance? Did anyone tell you to be more animated? Steven Wright: No. I started in Boston

in 1979 and there was no show business in Boston. There was no one to say that. The club owners would never suggest anything to the comedians. There were no agents, no producers, no anyone. In hindsight, it was like being on an island. We were shipwrecked on an island and we were just all learning how to do it.

OW: I read in an old interview that part of the reason you were so monotone when you started out was because you had stage fright. Does that still affect you? SW: It took me years and years to be

comfortable onstage. I would just be concentrating and you have to say the joke the exact correct way, one little wrong thing and it won’t work. So I’d be concentrating on saying a joke and thinking, “What is the next joke?” I’m focused. I’m doing a serious thing up here. I didn’t fake anything; it was real. My face was seriously concentrating even though what I was saying was insane. So it became a style by accident. Nothing I ever did was planned, like calculated, “I’ll do this because nobody does this, I’ll talk like this,” none of it. I just wrote things down I thought they might laugh at and then I said them.

When I still do the jokes, I’m just concentrating. I’m comfortable, but it’s never going to be normal because it’s not normal. Standing in front of people talking is not normal.

Magic and Mayhem Productions, whose bunny-rabbit star ChaChing was the hit of the Kids Fringe, is presenting Harry Potter-inspired “Wizard Schools” at Orange County Library System locations in celebration of the book series’ 20th anniversary. The next performances (which continue through Nov. 20) are Sept. 16 at the Herndon Branch and Sept. 29 at the Washington Park Branch; shows are free but B.Y.O.Wand.

OW: Do you pay attention to who is coming up in stand-up now? SW: No, I don’t. I started

watching The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson when I was 16. I was immersed, I was passionate. I’d have a radio in bed with me listening to the Bruins games, and one night I turned the dial and accidentally came on this show where a guy played two comedy albums every Sunday night. I stumbled on it and I tuned into it for a couple of years, every Sunday night. So I’m laying there in the dark, and I didn’t know it, but I was studying it. Two years of listening to it every Sunday on the radio. Then I started doing stand-up and I still watched it all the time on TV. Then in my mid-30s I’ve been watching comedians on television for 20 years and I just changed as a person. I lost interest. [But] writing never got old to me at all.

At the 2012 Orlando Fringe, I gave a positive review to Blood Sisters, a soulful musical about five African-American siblings struggling with their parentage. Author Malikah Harris recently published Generational Curses, a novel inspired by the same story; visit motherearthproductionsllc. com for more information.

Producer Michael Wanzie is presenting a new Sunday evening cabaret series at Ivanhoe Village’s Savoy club. “Twilight Cabaret at the Starlite Room” kicks off Oct. 1 with Ron Miles and Billy Flanigan, and will continue through the winter with Natalie Doliner, Micky Layman, Shari Skaling and Sara Jones (dates TBA). All cabarets in the Twilight series will be presented on Sundays at 6:30 p.m.


OW: What’s the most excited you’ve ever been in your whole life? SW: Why are you asking me trick



OW: What made you decide you to do that movie? SW: They were the ones who asked me.

I didn’t really know what an emoji was when I agreed to do that. I knew 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 15 there were things on the The Plaza Live, 425 N. Bumby phone, but I didn’t even Ave., 407-228-1220 know they were called that. It’s just a different, Red Sox won the World $29.50-$49.50 fun experience. I’m saySeries. But when I met ing stuff I didn’t write, the Bob Dylan, he was one of the top five most exciting people I ever director’s guiding me on how to say things, met, because I love him so much. That’s you don’t even meet the other actors and very exciting, but I wasn’t high-fiving him. then it’s all cut together. You go see your voice coming out of a 20-foot round animated thing and you’re in the theater and OW: Any big things coming up? SW: More live shows. I was just in The you’re not even on acid. Emoji Movie. OW: Well, you’re known for being monotone so I’m trying to imagine a situation where you’re showing excitement. SW: Probably when the

UPCOMIng Iphigenia and Other Daughters, Sept. 14-24 at UCF … Life Could Be a Dream, Sept. 15-Oct. 8 at Winter Park Playhouse … Grindr the Musical, Sept. 15-30 at Parliament House … The Vagrant, Sept. 15-Oct. 14 at Dangerous Theatre Sanford … Potholes and Reprogramming, Sept. 15-16 at Blue Bamboo … Janine Klein: Nobody Does It Better, Sept. 20-21 at Winter Park Playhouse … Of Mice and Men, Sept. 22-Oct. 8 at CFCArts … Sleepy Hollow, Sept. 22Oct. 1 at Gateway Center for the Arts … emotions Dance: The Shift, Sept. 22-23 at Orlando Shakes … Big River, Sept. 22-Oct. 22 at Mad Cow … Winnie & Billy: A Spell-Crossed Lovers Cabaret, Sept. 25 at the Venue … The Gospel According to My Old Man, Oct. 1 at Savoy.

Steven WrIght

Varietease: Room 100, through Sept. 16 at the Venue … Play in a Day, Sept. 16 at Lake Howell High School … The King and I, through Sept. 17 at Dr. Phillips … The Marvelous Wonderettes, through Sept. 17 at TheatreWorks … Jesus Christ Superstar, through Oct. 1 at Garden Theatre … Man of La Mancha, through Oct. 8 at Orlando Shakes.

SePT. 13-19, 2017 ● orLando weekLy



orlando weekly ● SePt. 13-19, 2017


There are few things as awk-

ward as being introduced to the potential love of your life while the shadow of another woman is hovering over your head like a storm cloud. So it’s appropriately ironic that I interviewed director Kenny Howard about First Date: The Musical on the eve of Hurricane Irma’s arrival on our shores. While most of us were scrambling to stock up on hurricane supplies and practicing our “hunker down” positions, Howard was trying to accelerate his latest show’s loadin at the Abbey, in hopes of still opening on schedule Thursday night, Sept. 14. If this is the first time you’re hearing of First Date, which had a five-month Broadway run in 2013, you’re not alone; Howard himself was unaware of Austin Winsberg’s play (with music and lyrics by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner) until Generation Productions’ Aaron Safer brought it him. “We’ve always talked about shows that would be a good fit for the Abbey, like Cabaret was,” Howard says. “If there’s a setting that we can incorporate the look and feel of the Abbey into, that’s of interest.” Even if the show’s title wasn’t already familiar to you, the names of First Date’s composers should ring a bell for theme park fans. Zachary and Weiner are Disney fan favorites, having been tapped to score both the charming Twice Charmed Cinderella sequel for Disney Cruise Line and the lauded musical episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. If Universal is more your style, Zachary and Weiner also wrote the swinging Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees show inside Diagon Alley at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. One person who does have prior experience with Zachary and Weiner’s work is actress Kellie Rhianne. She stars

Director Kenny Howard discusses his First Date, an in-the-round staging of the hit Broadway musical opening at the Abbey Thursday (Irma willing)

in First Date as Casey, a single girl in the city looking to settle down with a nice guy after a string of bad boys. A relative newcomer to Orlando’s theater scene, Rhianne performs with Universal’s Celestina Warbeck show and “has pipes for days,” according to Howard. Her nebbishy beau, Aaron, is played by Michael Knight, who wrote the surreal satire Now With Chikin for the 2017 Orlando Fringe. “I hadn’t seen him act,” Howard admits, but explains that he was drawn to Knight’s “nervous, somewhat neurotic, self-deprecating” sense of humor, adding, “He’s really got a handle on the rhythm of the piece.” Rhianne and Knight are aided by an ensemble that includes Blake Aburn as Casey’s gay BFF, Jerry Jobe Jr. as “the bad angel on Casey’s shoulder” and Alexandria Grace Williams as Aaron’s intrusive ex. In addition, First Date’s restaurant setting gave Howard the opportunity to adapt the Abbey for an in-the-round staging, with a quartet of dancers (Theresa Hanson, Jordan Little, Mari Devi Haze and Chelsea Hupalowsky) embedded among the patrons. “They don’t even make themselves known until [about] halfway through the show, so you just think

you’re sitting with other patrons next to you, until they’re climbing on tables and dancing.” This immersive innovation, though not an element of the original Broadway staging, is a perfect fit for the show, according to co-composer Zachary, who says, “When we first started writing First Date, one aspect we were really excited about was the voyeuristic quality of the show. Everyone has had the experience of being out at a restaurant and overhearing a conversation at another table. “It got us thinking how cool it would be if the show was staged in an immersive environment – maybe even an actual café or bar – so the audience could feel like they’re listening in on those delightfully awkward ‘first date’ moments. While we never got to try out the idea ourselves, we’re beyond thrilled that, since Broadway, productions of First Date like the one at the Abbey have been so creative in staging the show and finding clever ways of thrusting us into the action of Aaron and Casey’s emotional roller coaster of an evening.” Speaking of emotional roller coasters, many Orlando arts events were being rescheduled ahead of Hurricane Irma as we went to press, but Howard was still cautiously optimistic for First Date’s debut when we spoke. “I don’t think we’re going to cancel opening because hopefully a week will have gone by,” he said. “If it’s as bad with as much damage as Charley, we’ll probably rethink our opening weekend.” Either way, Howard won’t be getting a break, because his October production of Hand to God at the Dr. Phillips Center begins rehearsals just three days after First Date opens. And his plans after that? “I hope to disappear for a week.”

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[ food + drink ]

by Faiyaz Kara

oPENiNGS Bocas Grill & Bar, a Venezuelan restaurant serving up everything from arepas to wagyu burgers to churro shakes, has opened in the old Bistro CloClo space in the Marketplace at Dr. Phillips … Over in the 1st Oriental Supermarket Plaza on West Colonial Drive, BBQ Tofu House, specializing in Korean fare, has opened … Paloma Coffee Co., a slick cafe a la Winter Park’s New General, has opened on Main Street in Windermere … Nearby, agave azul Cocina Mexicana will open its second restaurant in the upscale Windermere Village next summer … Create your Nature has opened an outpost inside the Island Soul Surf Shop on Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. CloSiNGS NyPD Pizza in College Park has closed. PHOTO BY ROB BARTLeTT

EVENTS On Saturday, Sept. 16, Trail of Tears Commemoration Day will be observed at Cress restaurant in DeLand with a special Native american Dinner. The family-style, BYOB meal is $40 all-inclusive … The Strand’s Joe rees hosts Chef Night Sept. 25 at the Emeril Lagasse Foundation Kitchen House & Culinary Garden. Cost is $65 … Ten10 Brewery hosts Ten10 Fest, featuring 10 bands and special craft ales, in celebration of their two-year anniversary. The event costs $10 and takes place in the back parking lot … Mark your calendars: Highball & Harvest hosts its first annual Homestead Harvest Dinner Oct. 26 in support of Fleet Farming. The outdoor feast will feature such chefs as Kenny Gilbert (Top Chef, Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen and Gilbert’s Social), Kathleen Blake (The Rusty Spoon), James Petrakis (The Ravenous Pig), Kevin Fonzo (previously of K Restaurant) and austin Boyd (Osprey Tavern). Cost is $135.

fragrance wall, but not so. Too good a ventilation system, perhaps? Whatever the reason, I’ll just refer you back to the opening sentence of this review. One thing OMG! has that its halal cart brethren don’t, however, is a selection of Family-run resto brings the comfort of halal-cart fare indoors below-the-fold Indian fare – like plush mushkaki ($12.99), grilled cubes of mariBy Faiyaz Kara nated beef served with a zippy tamarind find the allure of purchasing and eat- a market for this quick-and-cheap on-the- sauce that’s really more an Indo-African ing street meat, be it hot dogs, tacos go halal meal (halal referring to meats staple; shami kebab ($4.99), cakes of minced al pastor, döner kebabs or what have ritually slaughtered according to Islamic beef and yellow split pea; and samosas, you, is diminished somewhat when doors, jurisprudence), which led to their subse- of which the mushy veggie versions were windows, walls and a ceiling are intro- quent popularity amongst the city’s club largely forgettable. Also forgettable: a spicy duced into the picture. The romance of the kids and street-food cognoscenti. Creekstone Farms Angus burger ($6.99) – impromptu streetside nosh as you scoot Platters at OMG! can be had for $6.99 it lacked depth in both flavor and stature. back to the car on a chilly night, or as you (small) or $8.49 (large) with your choice of For a burger with an Indo-Pak twist, OMG! trudge back home after swilling a few too chicken, gyro or falafel. We chose a com- might want to use Charcoal Zyka’s “chapli many, is lost; the experiential aspect nega- bination of chicken and gyro meats, but kebab burger” for inspiration. tively altered even when offerings inside the delicate, turmeric-tinged basmati rice There are plenty of Indian sweets, or the brick-and-mortar operation are of a damn well stole the show. I will say that “mithai,” to be had here – five types of kulfi seemingly higher quality. I don’t want to without the white sauce (and an absolute- (frozen dairy dessert), assorted barfi (conplop my arse in a chair to sip espresso any ly infernal red sauce fections made from more than I want to devour shawarma at served on the side), the sweetened condensed a table. milk) and three types chicken veers towards OH My GyrO! of gulab jamun (fried But trends say otherwise, and street food the humdrum – unlike 1150 W. State Road 434, Longwood milk balls in syrup). is getting its moment in the indoor sun. the lamb gyro, which 407-960-4496 Oh, and mango lassi Over in Longwood, Oh My Gyro! has fol- stands on its own. ($2.99) and freshly A rice-less sandwich lowed in the cart tracks of the Halal Guys $ squeezed sugar cane (which recently opened on North Alafaya ($9.99) comes enveljuice ($4.99), delectaTrail) offering a straightforward menu of oped in doughy pita halal cart fare the likes of which you’d find stuffed with fresh tomato, lettuce, onions bly sweet indulgences in their own right. on the not-so-mean-streets of Manhattan. and, yes, that lemony, slightly peppery It all makes for an intriguing, diversified If you’re unfamiliar, halal cart fare white sauce. It comes with fries and a menu lineup, which is key for OMG! As amounts to round tinfoil containers of drink, but what’s missing here is the aroma. many eateries (cart-to-table or otherwise) rice, meat and cut-up pita drizzled in a I can smell a halal food cart a mile away, have come to learn, in this business things mayo-based white sauce and served with and when opening the doors to OMG!, I can change in a New York minute. a salad. NYC’s Muslim cab drivers created expected to be hit by a tongue-unfurling

To halal wiTh iT


NEwS Luma on Park now offers a happy hour menu, with light bites alongside $6-$8 cocktails, $20 bottles of wine, $5 glasses of wine and $5 drafts … Norman Van Aken’s Florida Kitchen, the latest book by the Florida cooking legend, is now available for purchase. Got restaurant dish? Send tips to

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$$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$

$10 or less $10-$15 $15-$25 $25 or more

The price range generally reflects the average cost of one dinner entree. Bakeries, ice cream shops, etc. reflect relative cost for one person. Search hundreds more reviews at

Zeytin turkish Cuisine

consideration. The cheeseburger is a knockout. Open daily. 4201 S. Orange Ave., 407-866-0468; $$

Big kahuna’s island style BoWls Welcoming Winter Springs poké joint does it right with fresh seafood options (ahi tuna, hamachi, salmon, shrimp and octopus) and a bevy of marinades, sauces and toppings from which to choose. Forgo the set bowls on the menu and have fun customizing your bowl. Don’t leave without a Dole Whip indulgence. Open daily. 1450 Tuskawilla Road, Winter Springs, 407-543-3700; $

the polite pig

It’s a hit and miss affair at this Turkish resto situated in the shabbier sector of College Park, but there are dishes that make it worth the visit. Doughy lavash with a racy ezme salad, for one, and a stellar pide (flatbread) stuffed with plush roasted beef. Kebabs like the chicken and lamb shish are worth a look, but prices force you to think twice. Pass on the moussaka. End with kunefe and a demitasse of Turkish coffee. 4439 Edgewater Drive, 407-988-3330; $$$

Local notables James and Julie Petrakis of the RavPig are joined by James’ brother Brian to bring the flavor of proper Southern ’cue to the international masses at Disney Springs. Of note: luscious brisket and pork shoulder; smoked chicken wings; crispy Brussels sprouts; and the sausage hoagie. Our baby back ribs were dry, even after a trip to the sauce bar. Cask & Larder brews, as well as a bourbon bar stocked with Pappy Van Winkle, will properly whet the whistle. Disney Springs, 1536 Buena Vista Drive, 407-938-7444; $$

nine spiCes hotpot

the pie orlando

At this MetroWest hotpot house, a conveyor belt transports ingredients from table to table for gluttonous all-you-caneaters. There are six soup bases to choose from (the spicy veers toward the infernal end of the pepper spectrum), a dozen or so sauces and condiments, and more than 50 pot-dunking meats and veggies. Fine dining it’s not, but if you haven’t eaten for a day or so, this is just the place for you. Open daily. 5320 S. Kirkman Road, 407-704-1033; $$

The Pie offers vivid, sensual, Romanstyle pizza al taglio (by the slice) to the fortunate denizens of College Park, so if you’re in the area, pop by for a squarish slab of potato pie (our fave), or a protein-packed “meat lover” with pepperoni, sausage, meatball, mortadella and prosciutto. Slices vary from day to day, but pies are also available in personal size (four slices) or large (eight slices). The margherita, our go-to takeout order, is stellar. Open daily. 2429 Edgewater Drive, 407-757-2426; $


tin & taCo

This three-story floating fortress is the best place for seafood in Disney Springs, though the prices may have you abandoning ship. Still, the palatable fare – lobster corn dogs, fried green tomato crab cakes, striped bass en papillote, and delightful seafood boils – make the prices easier to stomach. Strawberry shortcake and a chocolate-bourbon tart with candied bacon also help. Some rooms can be louder than others, so don’t hesitate to request a quieter spot if desired. 1670 Buena Vista Drive, 407-934-2628; $$$$

the Waterfront The fare coming out of the kitchen of this lakeside bar/restaurant isn’t just a notch above its Julie’s Waterfront days, but downright impressive. Korean pork belly with house kimchi, sesamecrusted ahi tuna with seaweed salad, and tuna poké bring an undeniable Asian bent to the menu, but fish camp classics like blackened catfish and stellar fish (haddock) and chips are worth

Hearty, filling tacos are the calling card for this bustling downtown taqueria. Eight bucks scores your choice of two tacos, or the same ingredients in a burrito, in a rice bowl, or tossed in a bag of Doritos. Stick to the tacos – the tortillas are sprinkled with cheddar and fried before being stuffed with sundry meats. Pass on the chips and queso. A nice selection of craft beer and sodas by Caleb’s keep things appropriately crafty. Closed Sundays. 40 W. Washington St., 407-425-4340; $

rasa asian street food

Rasa’s focus is the best dishes from Malaysia’s hawker stalls and, for the most part, they succeed with such dishes as kari puffs, hakka noodles and “luse chicken,” greened in a marinade of cilantro and basil. The digs are slick, and the inviting bar begs for a cocktail program, though the sake, craft beer and wine crowd don’t seem to mind. Open daily for lunch and dinner. 7730 W. Sand Lake Road, 407-930-0402; $$ n

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[ film review ]

Clue Comic send-up of classic murder mysteries staged as a live-action version of the family favorite board game. Wednesday, 7:30 pm; The Swirlery, 1508 E. Michigan St.; free; 407-270-6300;

tion.” She literally does nothing but serve him: She is renovating the house, which burned down before they met. She wants to “make a paradise” for him. She has no other desire. But paradise is invaded. One of Him’s stalkerish fans, Man (Ed Harris), stops by for a visit and won’t leave. Later, Man’s wife, Woman (Michelle Pfeiffer), arrives and makes herself obnoxiously at home. Woman is also pretty much defined solely as a mother, to adult sons Oldest Son and Younger Brother (played by real-life brothers Domhnall and Brian Gleeson). If that “paradise” was a tip-off, the Cainand-Abel dynamic between the adult sons cements it – Aronofsky is going to wallow in a tortured literalism not only about literary creation but capital-C Creation, but only from a narrow and abhorrently misogynistic perspective. Men create, and Create, and women suffer for men’s art and for men’s religion. In Aronofsky’s eye here, there is no vision or imagination that comes from the mind of a woman: Mother dresses in drab grays, and she’s painting Him’s house in the same noncolors. The creativity of men, however! Wow: It is chaotic and violent, apocalyptic, even. It’s an excitement that Him craves, and encourages, and too bad if Mother will become a victim of it. Mother exists for no purpose in this tale except so that abuse may be heaped upon her, and so that she may be venerated by Him for it. But that is also the purpose of Mother to Mother! The most generous interpretation of Aronofsky’s intent here Darren Aronofsky’s latest, Mother!, slathers an arty veneer is that he wants to condemn the reduction on ages-old misogyny of women to dehumanized objects and brutalized symbols in both the overarching By Maryann Joha n son mythology of our culture and in the prosaic cannot recall the last time a film made Nothing here makes a damn lick of sense daily operations of Big Entertainment. Aronofsky may even think he is sympame as angry as Darren Aronofsky’s except the literal sequence of events that Mother! has. Maybe never. As Mother! plods across the screen, and the “charac- thetic to Mother. The entire film is seen unfurled over its two-hour runtime, I ters” are nothing more than cardboard through her eyes, and intimate handheld found myself actually clenching my jaw stand-ups representing themselves. No one cameras give us her sickened perspective with ever-increasing fury as Aronofsky’s has a name, but the credits refer to Jennifer on events that are menacing her. But it’s the same hatred for women head wended its way further and further Lawrence’s character as masquerading as femiup his own cinematic ass only to declare “Mother,” even though nism that a slasher flick she does not become a just how delicious his farts smell. Mother! engages in when it sexuThis is a filmmaker for whom mysticism mother until halfway Opens Friday, Sept. 15 alizes a final girl’s terror and trippiness have been essential compo- through the film. Mother for the titillation of the nents of his work since his feature debut has no existence outside audience. with 1998’s Pi. But never before has an the huge, rambling manYou don’t counter the uncomfortable ugliness he was exploring sion in the middle of awful crap that gets piled landed with such repulsive pointlessness. nowhere where she lives on women by our culture, High or Low, Aronofsky is intent on presenting to us in with her husband (Javier Bardem). He does have an external existence: He by piling on more of the same awful crap. faux metaphysical trappings a “truth” he seems to believe is secret and cryptic, yet is not “Father” but “Him.” He is able to If Mother! really wanted to decry the way leave the house – she never does – and he women are abused and men are deified, it is, in fact, utterly banal. Mother! is not an allegory, and it is not is a writer, a poet, someone with work that wouldn’t merely slather an arty veneer on metaphorical, though I’m sure Aronofsky, bears no connection to her, beyond how, of more of the same-old same-old. as writer and director, would say it is. course, she serves as his muse, his “

David Gilmour Live at Pompeii Live concert recording of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. Wednesday, 9:30 pm, Saturday, noon; Enzian Theater, 1300 S. Orlando Ave., Maitland; $11; 407-629-0054; E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Three kids help E.T. find his way home. Sunday, 2 & 7 pm; multiple locations; $13.31; Global Peace Film Festival Films from around the world that promote cross-cultural understanding and peace. Tuesday-Sept. 24; multiple locations; free-$40; The Heart of Man A cinematic retelling of the

parable of the prodigal son juxtaposed with interviews featuring real people struggling with their faith. Thursday, 7 pm; multiple locations; $15.98;

I Dream in Another Language Martin arrives in a remote Mexican village to record a dying, ancient indigenous language. He finds the last two speakers of the language, but they refuse to speak to each other because of a 50-year grudge. Opens Friday; Enzian Theater, 1300 S. Orlando Ave., Maitland; $11; 407-629-0054; The LEGO Batman Movie There are big changes brewing in Gotham, but if Batman wants to save the city from the Joker’s hostile takeover, he may have to drop the lone vigilante thing and maybe learn to lighten up. ThursdaysSundays, 5:10 pm; Orlando Science Center, 777 E. Princeton St.; $20.95; 407-514-2000; Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro Hayao

Miyazaki’s directorial debut in which secret agent man Lupin III gets involved with European counterfeiters. Thursday, 7 pm, Tuesday, 7 pm; multiple locations; $13.31;

One bad MOther!

one Minute Film Festival Selection of

one-minute films. Saturday, 11 am-12:30 pm; Orlando Public Library, 101 E. Central Blvd.; free; 407-616-9720;

Popcorn Flicks in the Park: The Spy Who Loved Me James Bond unites with a sexy Russian

agent to defeat a megalomaniac shipping magnate. Thursday, 8 pm; Central Park, Winter Park, North Park Avenue and West Morse Boulevard, Winter Park; free;


SpacePOP: Not Your Average Princess Five

teenage princesses join a rebel resistance force and spread the message of freedom through music. Saturday, 10:30 am; Multiple locations, Various local venues; $13.31;

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 35th anniversary Director’s Cut Admiral Kirk

must stop an old nemesis from using the life-generating Genesis Device as the ultimate weapon. Wednesday, 2 pm; multiple locations; $13.31;


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre A disturbing and

mesmerizing saga of gore, flesh, mayhem, and violence, this influential horror classic by Tobe Hooper was inspired by the exploits of real-life killer cannibal, Edward Gein. Thursday, 9:30 pm; Enzian Theater, 1300 S. Orlando Ave., Maitland; $11; 407-629-0054;

The Trip to Spain Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon embark on a road trip through Spain, sampling restaurants and sights along the way. Through Thursday; Enzian Theater, 1300 S. Orlando Ave., Maitland; $11; 407-629-0054; ●

SEPT. 13-19, 2017

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American Assassin

By st eve sChn eiDe r this WeeK: All I See Is You You have to give filmmaker

Marc Forster credit: He’s always on the lookout for new and challenging ways in which to suck. His oeuvre runs the gamut from pointless, overvalued race drama (Monster’s Ball) to tepid latter-day Bond (Quantum of Solace), with a detour in the middle into pretentious psychological suspense (Stay – a movie that, as I never get tired of telling, was so incomprehensible that one of the reels at our critics’ screening was placed in the projector upside down and it took us a good few minutes to notice). Now he’s apparently on some sort of quasi-Wait Until Dark kick with All I See Is You, in which Blake Lively plays a woman who has been blind since childhood but regains some of her sight thanks to a miracle procedure. That strains her relationship with her husband (Jason Clarke), who might have preferred her when she was a bit more dependent. Sure enough, advance reports on this flick indicate Forster has retained his title as a renaissance man of epic fail, with numerous walkouts having been noticed during the picture’s Toronto International Film Festival showing. Hey, wouldn’t it if have been funny if a bunch of them had bumped into the wall on the way out? (R) American Assassin I still haven’t gotten over the recasting of the American soldier as a “warrior” – a neat feint of nomenclature that glamorizes the transition of American military culture from dutiful protectiveness to aggression for its own sake. Now we have to applaud our men and women in uniform as “assassins,” which, believe it or not, was kind of a pejorative not too long ago. Screw director Michael Cuesta for signing on to this cynical and opportunistic MAGA fantasy about CIA-sanctioned killers working to take out the ragheads

who threaten our way of life by … um, being ragheads. Screw Michael Keaton for agreeing to star in it. And screw the ghost of late author Vince Flynn, whose portfolio of terror porn is going to be yielding antisocial popcorn flicks like this one for maybe years to come. On to North Korea! (R) I Dream in Another Language In this audience favorite from the 2017 Florida Film Festival, the two remaining speakers of a dying language refuse to communicate with each other. And it’s all due to a fight they had decades earlier – over a woman. Chicks, man. (NR) also PlayinG: 9/11 Real-life truther Charlie Sheen plays one

of a handful of New Yorkers who are trapped in an elevator as the World Trade Center towers come down on that fateful day. The picture got a limited yet nationwide release last weekend, just in time for the 16th anniversary of the tragedy it depicts. File this all under “stuff that actually happened.” (R) Fallen A young woman sent to reform school finds herself in the middle of a romantic triangle that may represent the culmination of an age-old battle between good and evil. (That lucky Linda Blair – she just got diddled with a plunger!) (PG-13) I Do … Until I Don’t Three couples agree to be

the guinea pigs for a documentary filmmaker’s thesis that marriages should have to be renewed every seven years. Writer-director-star Lake Bell got better notices for her previous outing, In a World … : “It’s hard to tell who’s being lampooned and who’s being treated with sincerity at any given point,” Slant’s Christopher Gray says of the new film. Hey, that sounds like marriage to me! (R)

SEPT. 13-19, 2017

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Marc Anthony

Concert Preview Giraffage


From underground to superstar to legendary, the sho you won’t want to miss


s the summer theoretically

approaches – if we actually

7 p.m. at the Social,, $25

had seasons, of course – the

The only Florida show for these reunited British shoegaze-noisemongers is shaping up to be mind-blowing and eardrum-rupturing in equal measures. The band promises to run through epochal and muchloved albums Raise (1991) and Mezcal Head (1993) from start to finish. Prepare for bliss through punishment.

concert season heats up as

back varieties hit the road in a mad rush to beat winter. (Or to spend winter in our sunny climes.) It makes for about three packed months of live music this list – the truly adventurous should treat it like a scorecard and try to catch ’em all! ●

SEPT. 16


musicians of the underground, superstar and throw-

ORLANDO WEEKLY ● SEPT. 13–19, 2017

By Matthew Moyer

draws to a close and autumn

of all stripes. There’s something for everyone on


J Balvin

SEPT. 24

Nas 8 p.m. at the Hard Rock Live,, $38-$115 One of the all-time greats in hip-hop, New York MC Nas has been honing his craft relentlessly since the early ’90s, hitting an early peak with 1994’s instant classic Illmatic. However, Nas’ rhymes were built to last, as he followed up that album with seven other platinum releases. Still relevant decades later – soundtracking The Get Down and collaborating with Lin-Manuel Miranda – Nastradamus hits town with cutting-edge MCs Wale and Nick Grant.

Sept. 14 Tove Lo 8 p.m. at the Plaza Live,, $27.50-$47.50 Sept. 16 2 Chainz 8 p.m. at Venue 578,, $42.50-$60 Sept. 17 Nicky Jam 7 p.m. at Amway Center, amwaycenter. com, $40-$141 Sept. 17 Bleachers with Tove Styrke 7 p.m. at the Beacham, thebeacham. com, $9.99-$31 Sept. 18 The Melvins 7 p.m. at the Social,, $20 Sept. 21 Mumford & Sons 8 p.m. at Amway Center, amwaycenter. com, $42-$62 Sept. 21 Young the Giant, Cold War Kids 7 p.m. at Hard Rock Live,, $35.50-$47.50 Sept. 22 Psychedelic Furs 8 p.m. at Hard Rock Live,, $36-$38 Sept. 23 Luis Fonsi 8:30 p.m. at Hard Rock Live, hardrock. com, $49.50-$100.50 Sept. 23 The Church, the Helio Sequence 7 p.m. at the Social,, $25-$99



SEPT. 29

OCT. 10

Sept. 26 Mastodon, Eagles of Death Metal, Russian Circles 7:30 p.m. at Hard Rock Live, hardrock. com, $35-$70.50 Sept. 27 Alison Wonderland 7 p.m. at House of Blues, houseofblues. com, $20

Café Tacvba


8 p.m. at House of Blues,, $39.50

8 p.m. at the Beacham,, $20-$25

Widely considered the most important rock band to emerge from Mexico, Café Tacvba have been fearlessly stretching the boundaries of rock & roll since the early ’90s. From raw, folk-punk beginnings, the band has since restlessly experimented with genres as diverse as hiphop, tejano and electronic music. They’ve won Latin Grammys and played Coachella, and the irony of them doing a triumphant U.S. tour as Trump continues blathering on about a border wall with Mexico will not be lost on any of the attendees at their shows.

On his way down to play Miami’s absolutely bonkers III Points electronic music festival, the enigmatic bassist/producer Thundercat touches down in Orlando for a hotly anticipated solo stand, touring his new album Drunk, an all-star affair featuring cameos from Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins and Wiz Khalifa. Yet despite all that guest starpower, on record and on stage alike it’s Thundercat who commands all attention.

Sept. 24 Together Pangea, Tall Juan, Daddy Issues 6 p.m. at the Social,, $12-$14

Sept. 28 Mutemath 7 p.m. at House of Blues, houseofblues. com, $22-$35 Sept. 29 The Billy Manes Foundation Presents: Five Eight with the Pauses 9 p.m. at Will’s Pub,, $8-$10

SEPT. 13–19, 2017



Sept. 29 Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull 7:30 p.m. at Amway Center,, $36-$376 Sept. 29 Foster the People 8 p.m. at Hard Rock Live,, $29.50-$37 Sept. 30 Mark Kozelek 8 p.m. at Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater, Dr. Phillips Center,, $35-$40 Oct. 1 Clean Bandit 6 p.m. at the Beacham, thebeacham. com, $25-$28

Hundred Waters

Oct. 2 Lany 7 p.m. at the Beacham, thebeacham. com, $20-$25 Oct. 4 Robert Randolph & The Family Band 8 p.m. at the Plaza Live,, $22.50-$89 Oct. 7 Com Truise, Cleopold 9 p.m. at the Social,, $18-$20 Oct. 7 Ten10 Fest 1 p.m. at Ten10 Brewing,, $10-$30 Oct. 7 Band of Horses 7 p.m. at House of Blues, houseofblues. com, $29.50 Oct. 9 Joyner Lucas 7 p.m. at the Social,, $12-$50 Oct. 11 J Balvin 8 p.m. at Hard Rock Live,, $65-$75 Oct. 12 The Growlers 8 p.m. at the Plaza Live,, $25-$39.50 Oct. 12 Chris Isaak 8 p.m. at Hard Rock Live,, $45-$65 Oct. 14 Thievery Corporation 7:30 p.m. at House of Blues,, $38 Oct. 14 Bruno Mars 8 p.m. at Amway Center, amwaycenter. com, $45-$135

OCT. 12

OCT. 16

Hundred Waters

Perfume Genius

7 p.m. at the Social,, $15

8 p.m. at the Social,, $21

Though they call Los Angeles home now, electronic inner travelers Hundred Waters are Florida through and through, having got their start in Gainesville and recording for homegrown imprint Elestial Sound. They’ve come a long way, captivating a much wider audience, organizing the FORM Arcosanti festival and even signing with Skrillex’s OWSLA label. See how far Hundred Waters has come when they play this Social show, one of only two Florida dates.

Indie-pop enigma Perfume Genius slots in an intimate solo show at the Social in between bigger dates supporting British group the xx. The heartbreak maestro is touring behind critically lauded new album No Shape, which expands his usual ghostly vocal-and-piano hymns into full-blown outsider anthems. A night sure to break hearts.

OCT. 15

Willie Nelson & Family 8 p.m. at Walt Disney Theater, Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts,, $59.50-$323

Perfume Genius

One of the most hands-down beloved and legendary figures in country music rolls through town as part of a truly never-ending tour. The (not quite) Red-Headed Stranger will be touring behind his newest release, God’s Problem Child, but the man has a lifetime of classics to draw from. The chance to see an icon in such an intimate theater venue (instead of, like, an enormodome) is not to be missed. PHOTO BY INEZ & VINOODH


ORLANDO WEEKLY ● SEPT. 13–19, 2017

SEPT. 13–19, 2017



Oct. 14 Kali Uchis 7 p.m. at the Beacham, thebeacham. com, $20 Oct. 15 Ricardo Arjona 8 p.m. at Amway Center, amwaycenter. com, $51-$150 Oct. 19 Conor Oberst, The Felice Brothers 7 p.m. at the Beacham, thebeacham. com, $29-$31 Oct. 19 Gost, Dance With the Dead 8 p.m. at Will’s Pub,, $15-$18 Oct. 19 Between the Buried and Me 7 p.m. at the Plaza Live,, $22-$35

L.A. Witch

Oct. 20 The Underachievers 8 p.m. at the Social,, $20-$85 Oct. 20 Superjoint, Devildriver 9 p.m. at the Plaza Live,, $26.50-$50 Oct. 20 Descendents 8:30 p.m. at House of Blues,, $29.50-$34 Oct. 21 Tim McGraw & Faith Hill 7:30 p.m. at Amway Center,, $66.50-$116 Oct. 22 Matisyahu, Common Kings 8 p.m. at the Plaza Live,, $31-$139 Oct. 25 Bleached 8 p.m. at Will’s Pub,, $12 Oct. 23 Foreign Dissent 4 7 p.m. at Will’s Pub,, $10 Oct. 26 Santana 7 p.m. at Amway Center, amwaycenter. com, $67-$460 Oct. 27 Trivium, Arch Enemy, While She Sleeps 6:30 p.m. at House of Blues,, $25-$35 Oct. 31 Turnover, Elvis Depressedly, Emma Ruth Rundle 7 p.m. at the Social,, $17.50-$20


OCT. 22

Halsey 7 p.m. at Amway Center,, $26-$300 Electropop chanteuse Halsey will be crossing the country in the company of Charli XCX and PartyNextDoor to promote her new album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, the follow-up to 2015’s concept album Badlands. She’s come a long way since her first big hit, the Chainsmokers collaboration “Closer,” so expect a future-forward dance party of the highest order. OCT. 25

L.A. Witch 9 p.m. at the Henao Center,, $10 Switchblade-sharp rock & roll coven L.A. Witch conjure up a narcotic, reverb-drenched haze that swaps cigarettes with the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain and Dirty Beaches. The trio embodies the druggy and culty dark side of the Hollywood dream better than any other young band today, all out-of-time-and-phase mystique and menace. Live they’re all leather, swagger and extremely ill intent. Come get destroyed. NOV. 7

Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie 8 p.m. at Walt Disney Theater, Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts,, $59.50-$99.50 Out of all the permutations and pairings – both creative and not – among the core Fleetwood Mac quintet, this somehow seems both


ORLANDO WEEKLY ● SEPT. 13–19, 2017

the unlikeliest and yet it is absolutely bursting with potential. The Mac’s tormented creative guiding force, singer-guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, teamed up with semi-retired singer-keyboardist Christine McVie to cut a surprise album earlier this year, and now they’re taking it on the road. And if past Fleetwood Mac history has taught us anything, it’s that nothing ever lasts, so you’re advised to check out this duo while you can. NOV. 11

Jonwayne 7 p.m. at Backbooth,, $12 On the same night that Jay-Z holds court at the Amway Center, down the street at Backbooth another crucial MC will also be making a very rare Orlando appearance. Jonwayne, the mysterious Californian rapper and producer, first came to prominence through his stint with influential hip-hop label Stones Throw Records, but quickly made his own reputation with innovative, eclectic productions and a surprisingly resonant and unique delivery. Titling his 2015 mini-album Jonwayne Is Retired gave many fans more than a little worry, but luckily he came roaring back earlier this year with Rap Album Two, released on his own Authors Recording Company. Step to this. NOV. 15

Son Volt 7 p.m. at the Social,, $25-$30 Before “alt-country” became the provenance of modern boy-bands like Mumford & Sons and even the qualifier “alt” just seemed wrong, cosmic cowboy Jay Farrar was setting the twangy, melancholic template with his Son Volt. Though still indelibly associated with his first band, country-punk godfathers Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt has been going for far longer – since 1995, in fact – and 10 albums in, Farrar’s work speaks for itself. Ragged glory all the way.

daughter Diva Dompé) running through the greatest moments of all three groups. Expect a postpunk primer. Of Montreal

DEC. 8

The Kills

Nov. 7 Tera Melos, Speedy Ortiz 6:30 p.m. at Backbooth, backbooth. com, $14-$16

6 p.m. at the Beacham,, $25 U.K. vampire-blues duo the Kills descend upon the Beacham for a special one-off Orlando show as a warm-up for their appearance at the Off Weekend Festival in Miami. Although the Kills live are a full band now, the full sonic and visual focus is still on the sweaty, psychosexual chemistry between mainstays Alison Mosshart and Jaime Hince. Sure to fry our little brains. DEC. 11 PHOTO BY BEN ROUSE

NOV. 16

Waxahatchee 7 p.m. at the Social,, $15-$17 Katie Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee has come a long way from spirited beginnings in the DIY punk cassette underground. Now Waxahatchee record for Merge and share stages with New Pornographers, richly deserved rewards for a songwriting talent as singular as Crutchfield. Crutchfield and Waxahatchee are touring behind fourth album Out in the Storm, an emotional tour-de-force that melds sharp pop sensibilities with an even sharper production. DEC. 1

Poptone 6 p.m. at the Beacham,, $30-$40

Of Montreal

Nov. 7 Iron & Wine 7 p.m. at the Beacham, thebeacham. com, $32.50-$40 Nov. 10 Primus 8 p.m., Hard Rock Live,, $47-$64 Nov. 10 Imagine Dragons 7:30 p.m. at Amway Center,, $26-$398

7 p.m. at the Abbey,, $20-$23 Indie-pop darlings and fearless innovators Of Montreal are revisiting their past and future simultaneously with this tour supporting their newly released album, Rune Husk, and the reissue of Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer. Last year, the Kevin Barnes-fronted outfit captivated a sold-out Social with a phantasmagoria of sound, lights and dancers in the audience. Who knows what they’ll pull off in the larger Abbey venue? DEC. 14

Nov. 10-11 Electric Daisy Carnival 1 p.m. at Tinker Field,, $169-$319 Nov. 11 Jay-Z 8 p.m., Amway Center, amwaycenter. com, $26.50-$172 Nov. 15 Grizzly Bear 7 p.m. at House of Blues, houseofblues. com, $33

Harley Flanagan 8 p.m. at Will’s Pub,, $15-$18 Harley Flanagan, bloody-but-unbowed NYHC pioneer and former CroMags mainstay, has lived the kind of life that’s impossible to breezily sum up. Fortunately, he did it himself with his candid memoir HardCore: Life of My Own, which we reviewed excitedly last year. But now Flanagan is returning to his primary vocation – music – and hitting the road solo for a string of Florida shows this winter. The man is kinetic intensity defined.


A dream come true for goths and college rockers “of a certain age” and darkly inclined young’uns: Poptone is Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus, Love and Rockets and Tones on Tail ( joined by Haskins’

Nov. 3 Bad Suns 6 p.m. at the Beacham, thebeacham. com, $22.50-$25

Nov. 19 The Front Bottoms 6:30 p.m. at House of Blues,, $25 Nov. 19 Marc Anthony 7 p.m. at Amway Center, amwaycenter. com, $61-$496 Nov. 30 The Drums, The Hoops 7 p.m. at the Social,, $16-$18


Dec. 3 Wynton Marsalis 8 p.m. at Walt Disney Theater, Dr. Phillips Center,, $45-$75 Dec. 12 David Ramirez 7 p.m. at the Social,, $15-$17 Dec. 13 Giraffage 10 p.m. at the Social,, $15-$20 Dec. 17 Katy Perry 7 p.m. at Amway Center, amwaycenter. com, $47-$431

SEPT. 13–19, 2017




OrLAndO WEEkLY ● Sept. 13-19, 2017

BY B AO L E - H U U AfGhAn WhiGs | photo by Michael lothrop


A true cult band by definition and following, the Afghan Whigs are one of the few acts that can lay claim to their own, nearly exclusive, realm. Now, the influential ’90s indie-rock group are reactivated and two albums into their creative revival. Though perhaps not prime, the new work is substantive. Just listen to the rumble and torque of “Arabian Heights” on this year’s In Spades, which rocketed their set right out of the gate with force and command. Solid work from an exceptional band still good by any metric. But for all the retooling they’ve done on record, this live performance was a roaring, virile beast that kept it hot and heavy for an impressive opening stretch. Regardless of what age might suggest, they gave no hint this night of a band – or singer – in twilight. Their sound was as thick and carnal as ever, and Greg Dulli’s soul howl can still cut with rage and style. Opening was quasi-novelty act Har Mar Superstar. Back in the early 2000s when I first and last saw it, his solo stage show was more persona than performance and seemed like an ironic stunt. Now, the R&B crooner comes winged by a deluxe fivepiece band, which is just as notable for its size as its earnestness. With gimmick replaced largely by straight, old-fashioned instrumentation, the truth and shine of his silky soul singing was irrefutable. But, fortunately, you can’t keep good showmanship down. And he eventually uncorked his iconoclastic charisma and climbed up on the bar to belt it out, ordered a shot without missing a beat

Regardless of what age might suggest, Afghan Whigs gave no hint of a band in twilight. Their sound was as thick and carnal as ever, and Greg Dulli’s soul howl still cuts.

and even wound up shirtless. It doesn’t get any more now than Har Mar Superstar’s purely earned and democratic ideal of fab.


It’s been practically a lifetime – or at least a significant career cycle – since I last saw Manchester Orchestra just over a decade ago. In that time, the Atlanta band have gone from scrappy though sometimes unoriginal and schizophrenic upstarts to an accomplished act of real range. The band have cited their recent soundtrack work on the Daniel Radcliffe movie Swiss Army Man as a pivotal experience. That level of musical setting has apparently imbued their new band work with an extraordinary sense of structure and drama. On their latest album, A Black Mile to the Surface, this newfound magic has given their scattered ambitions the superpowers of coherence, constitution and overarching purpose. The result is a set of focused and incredibly cultivated

songs that looms like a mountain range. It’s a widescreen sound that can scale heights that steal the breath, especially live. With a watershed degree of maturity and decision, Manchester Orchestra have really, finally, come into their own. And they’ve crystallized into a thing of such sonic and emotional majesty that the experience of both this show and this new album is like checking back in on an iffy house plant only to discover it’s grown into a redwood. Pennsylvania openers Tigers Jaw are looking to transcend their own emo and pop-punk origins. Those are two genres that can breed intense fidelity, and your allegiance to either of them may well dictate your reception of this act’s evolution. But if you can see beyond, you’ll understand the potential of their ringing, tender rock. The very idea of applying mainstream shine to fare that’s already sentimental seems dubious. But when you’re a band with the natural pop aptitude and tight balance of Tigers Jaw, it makes perfect, and possibly next-level, sense. And they proved it onstage, delivering a streamlined indie rock sound of affecting melodies, measured feeling and keyboard-augmented instrumentation with clarity and cogency. Only the genre diehards can forever be satisfied with the same old guitars and feels. But with a centered melodic core that doesn’t need to try so hard to punch above its weight, Tigers Jaw’s anthems penetrate with intrinsic ease without having to squeeze out their heart like a tired, old lemon. It’s at least a viable vision beyond just the emo revival.

Sept. 13-19, 2017



Thursday, Sept. 14

Café con Leche With Aramis Ayala CiviCs

In case you didn’t know, the best way to discuss local politics is over café con leche and guava pastries. With a mouth full of Melao Bakery’s pastelillos, you’ll do more listening than talking, and you’re going to want those ears to listen to Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala speak candidly at an event hosted by the Central Florida chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. The embattled prosecutor stood up to Gov. Rick Scott when he removed her from first-degree murder cases after she stated she wouldn’t pursue the death penalty under her administration. Ultimately, she lost her petition to stop the governor from taking her cases away before the Florida Supreme Court. Between that and her efforts to improve the juvenile justice system, we’re sure she’s got a lot to talk about. – Monivette Cordeiro 9-10 a.m. | Melao Bakery, 2001 Consulate Drive | | $5

Thursday, Sept. 14

Warpaint musiC

California’s Warpaint bring their moody summations of love – both of others and the self – off their 2016 album, Heads Up, to the Southeast this week. Oscillating between stark declaration and yearning inquiry, the musicians of Warpaint sing, chant and whisper serious and existential questions, such as the hypnotically confrontational “Did you come undone?” on the subtly hip-hop derived track “By Your Side,” or the vulnerable probe at human connection “How to make you feel all right?” on “The Stall.” The answer key leaves listeners with equal parts hope and a need to stay after class. Warpaint have been honing their live chops on big stages opening for Depeche Mode, so expect arena moves in intimate miniature. – Nicolette Shurba with Swimm | 7 p.m. | The Social, 54 N. Orange Ave. | 407-246-1419 | thesocial. org | $20

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orlando weekly ● SEPT. 13-19, 2017

Friday, Sept. 15

Baggage Claims and Virtual Views Opening Night Party art

Hybrid vigor! Orlando Museum of Art opens two new exhibitions Friday and both of them are group shows, which always lends a lively dynamism. Expect sparks to fly – of the creative kind, not the-art-is-malfunctioning kind – at Virtual Views, a collection of electronic, digital, light-based, interactive and internet art that spans the history of the electronic medium from the 1960s through the present. Baggage Claims presents work by 18 artists exploring the effects of mobility on global culture (and this reporter is unreasonably excited to hear that a work by Andrea Zittel, her favorite artist, will be in the show, as well as a photographic documentation of the famous Hussein Chalayan “Afterwords” runway show from Spring/Summer 2000). A performance of “Arranging Suitcases,” by Avery Lawrence, is scheduled during the opening party. – Jessica Bryce Young 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Orlando Museum of Art, 2416 N. Mills Ave. | 407-896-4231 | | $10

Saturday, Sept. 16

Saturday, Sept. 16

Cheese for Charity

Felt in the Jaw Book Release Party



Mac & cheese may be the ultimate comfort food. No matter what variation you try – baked, fried, slow-cookered – every gooey bite takes you back to mom’s table, even if your mom was more of a Kraft dinner kind of gal than a from-scratch béchamel dame. And we can’t think of many dishes whose basic outline – pasta and cheese – lets home chefs put their own fingerprints all over a dish while still creating something that most people would recognize as the same dish. This weekend, Dead Lizard Brewing invites you over to try a slew of recipes from home cooks – or even enter that pizza-themed variation you’ve been working on at home – to raise money for Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Even if you’re not normally lactose-intolerant, it might be a good idea to pocket some Lactaid for this ooey, gooey afternoon. – Thaddeus McCollum

Orlando literary luminary Kristen Arnett celebrates the publication of her debut collection of short stories, Felt in the Jaw (published by Split Lip Press), in requisitely absurdist fashion: with a Saturday-night reading at her local 7-Eleven. The Best of Orlando Readers Choice “Best Local Author” winner invites the public to grab a hot dog off the rollers, pop the tab on a Steel Reserve malt liquor tallboy, and take a big gulp of delicious fiction. The event has garnered national attention, with a write-up in the New York Times, so be sure to show up before the hot dogs sell out. – Leah Sandler

noon | Dead Lizard Brewing Company, 4507 36th St. | 407-777-3060 | | $5-$10 suggested donation to enter, donations encouraged per tasting

7 p.m. | 7-Eleven, 481 N. Orlando Ave., Maitland | | free

Saturday, Sept. 16

Black Witchery & Caveman Cult musiC

Florida has been the reluctant birthing ground of some of the most disgusting, antisocial, occult and (so it follows) good underground metal for the past several decades, from Nasty Savage to Gruesome. But this Backbooth show is like a pristine showcase of truly fuck-you South Floridian heaviness. Miami’s Caveman Cult might have some Torche personnel, but they lack any of that heavy groove. Instead, Caveman Cult are like a primitive, bestial whirlwind

of noise, blood and distortion. They mean it. Black Witchery are on a whole other level, delving deeply into occult and satanic imagery (and practice) for a truly committed, black-robed visual spectacle backed up by screeching, evil, hyperspeed black metal just the way Sarcofago and Beherit used to do it. On Sunday, both bands decamp to Tampa to open for next-level Colombian black metal duo Inquisition. If you like your metal raw and bloody, consider this your tip-off. – Matthew Moyer with Koroidia, Grave Ascension | 7 p.m. | Backbooth, 37 W. Pine St. | 407-999-2570 | | $12-$15

Monday, Sept. 18

War on the Catwalk theater

Get your red M&Ms and champagne ready – the Shakespearean drama that is the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race comes to Orlando for a literal drag war on the catwalk in glitzy costumes and fabulous wigs that will leave you tongue-popping the halls, as mother Alyssa would say. Current f***ing reigning champion Sasha Velour competes against Aja, Nina Bonina Brown, Shea Coulee, Farrah Moan and Alexis Mateo, while former competitor Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor hosts. Get ready to be snatched – and for a 20-minute read by each queen on everyone’s favorite Miss Congeniality. – MC 7 p.m. | The Plaza Live, 425 N. Bumby Ave. | 877-435-9849 | | $22-$159

SEPT. 13-19, 2017

orlando weekly



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wedneSday, Sept. 13-tueSday, Sept. 19 CoMpiled By thaddeuS MCColluM

MuSiC wedneSday, Sept. 13 Carol Stein & Friends 8 pm; Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave., Winter park; $15; 407-636-9951. Eat to the Beat: Plain White T’s epcot, 200 epcot Center Drive, Lake Buena Vista; price of admission; 407-824-4321. Eugene Snowden’s Ten Pints of Truth 10 pm; Lil Indies, 1036 N. Mills Ave.; free. Fusion Showcase 7:30 pm; Backbooth, 37 W. pine st.; $10; 407-999-2570. Lydia Loveless, the States 8 pm; the social, 54 N. Orange Ave.; $15-$17; 407-246-1419. Reggae Night with Hor!zen and DJ Red I 10 pm; the Caboose, 1827 N. Orange Ave.; free; 407-898-7733. Sarah and the Safe Word, A Sunday Fire, Rushmore FL, Dial Drive 8 pm; Will’s pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $7.

[MUSIC] Melvins Monday at the social

thurSday, Sept. 14 The Beautiful Bastards Jam Night 9:30 pm; the Haven, 6700 Aloma Ave., Winter park; free; 407-673-2712. Beyond Peace, Hot Boy, Problem Pack 10 pm; Uncle Lou’s entertainment Hall, 1016 N. Mills Ave.; free; 407-270-9104. Create: Chocolate Puma 10 pm; Venue 578, 578 N. Orange Ave.; $10-$15; 407-872-0066. Eat to the Beat: Plain White T’s epcot, 200 epcot Center Drive, Lake Buena Vista; price of admission; 407-824-4321. Faculty Recital: Thad Anderson 8-9:30 pm; University of Central Florida Rehearsal Hall, 4000 Central Florida Blvd.; free; 407-823-1500;

orlando weekly ● sept. 13-19, 2017

P.O.D., Alien Ant Farm, Powerflo, Fire From the Gods 6 pm; House of Blues, Disney springs, Lake Buena Vista; $24; 407-934-2583. Raleigh Estes and Friends 8 pm; Muldoon’s saloon, 7439 Aloma Ave., Winter park; free; 407-657-9980. Ritual 10 pm; Vinyl Arts Bar, 75 e. Colonial Drive; free. Tove Lo, Daye Jack 7 pm; the plaza Live, 425 N. Bumby Ave.; $27.50-$47.50; 407-228-1220.

Jason Richardson, the Reign of Kindo, Stolas 6:30 pm; Backbooth, 37 W. pine st.; $13; 407-999-2570.

Warpaint, Swimm 7 pm; the social, 54 N. Orange Ave.; $20; 407-246-1419.

Kaleigh Baker 10 pm; Lil Indies, 1036 N. Mills Ave.; free.

Friday, Sept. 15

Larry Fuller Trio 8 pm; Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave., Winter park; $20; 407-636-9951. 36

The Mellow Relics 10:30 pm; tanqueray’s, 100 s. Orange Ave.; free; 407-649-8540.

Ashes Fall, Sacred Owls, Somber 8 pm; Coffins print shop, 719 23rd st.; free. Clüj, Princetons Guff, David Dondero 9 pm; Will’s pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $10.

Control This!, Sketchie, the Hoverounds, Florida Man 7 pm; West end trading Company, 202 s. sanford Ave., sanford; free; 407-322-7475. Dr. Phillips Center Jazz Orchestra: The Vocal Jazz Summit 8 pm; Alexis & Jim pugh theater, Dr. phillips Center, 445 s. Magnolia Ave.; $39.50. Eat to the Beat: Plain White T’s epcot, 200 epcot Center Drive, Lake Buena Vista; price of admission; 407-824-4321. Faculty Recital: Nora Lee Garcia 8-9 pm; University of Central Florida Rehearsal Hall, 4000 Central Florida Blvd.; free; 407-823-1500; Fantastic Voyage: Kimball Collins, Romano Arcaini 10 pm; Vinyl Arts Bar, 75 e. Colonial Drive; contact for price. Late Night Social 11 pm; the social, 54 N. Orange Ave.; free; 407-246-1419. Motivated by Silence, A Killing Tradition, Coagulate, Fleshwelc 9 pm; the Haven, 6700 Aloma Ave., Winter park; $8; 407-673-2712. CONTINUED ON paGe 39

Eugene Snowden Salutes Otis Redding the Garnish Guy Josue Romero, bartender at st. Augustine’s Odd Birds Bar, is known for his use of garnishes, whether for flavor or aesthetics. He stops into Baldwin park’s newest craft cocktail bar, the Nest, for a special night sponsored by Beam suntory. the menu features plenty of bourbon, like Makers Mark 46, Jim Beam Black and Knob Creek, but the real highlight is seeing Romero work his magic by adding creative flourishes to each drink. 8 p.m. Wednesday; the Nest, 4953 New Broad st.; various menu prices;

the Courtesy Bar Fifth anniversary One of downtown’s first bars to cater to the craft cocktail crowd celebrates its wooden


anniversary this week. Cram into the Courtesy to raise a glass to all they’ve done for serious

Nov. 16 at the Social

drinkers, and enjoy complimentary food, champagne and more all night long. 8 p.m. thursday; the Courtesy Bar, 114 N. Orange Ave.; free;

eugene Snowden Salutes otis redding thankfully, it takes more than a hurricane to dissuade eugene snowden from playing a show, even if he has to reschedule it. the Legendary JC’s frontman and human cone of uncertainty pays tribute to the Mad Man From Macon, Otis Redding. snowden’s performing with just a small band, but anyone who’s stumbled into Lil Indies on a Wednesday night knows that snowden doesn’t necessarily need a horn section to electrify an audience. 9 p.m. saturday; the Imperial at Washburn Imports, 1800 N. Orange Ave.; free;

Southern Belle Ball southern Fried sunday devotes this month’s 22nd anniversary event to female musicians. A powerhouse lineup of 11 women, including Hannah Harber, Kaleigh Baker, terri Binion and Beth McKee, grace the stage while swine & sons provisions serves up barbecue platters and Jack Daniels pours cocktails out of their mobile Airstream bar. sounds like a perfect down-home, post-hurricane get-together. 4 p.m. sunday; Will’s pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $10-$15;

Epica, Lacuna Coil, sept. 24 at the plaza Live Misterwives, sept. 24 at the Beacham Pitbull, sept. 29 at Amway Center Foster the People, sept. 29 at Hard Rock Live Cafe Tacvba, sept. 29 at House of Blues Mark Kozelek, sept. 30 at the Dr. phillips Center Tesla, sept. 30 at House of Blues Clean Bandit, Oct. 1 at the Beacham Band of Horses, Oct. 7 at House of Blues Thundercat, Oct. 10 at the Beacham Hundred Waters, Oct. 12 at the social The Growlers, Oct. 12 at the plaza Live Needtobreathe, Oct. 13 at House of Blues

Bruno Mars, Oct. 14 at Amway Center Kali Uchis, Oct. 14 at the Beacham Thievery Corporation, Oct. 14 at House of Blues Perfume Genius, Oct. 16 at the social Neil deGrasse Tyson, Oct. 18 at the Bob Carr theater Conor Oberst, Oct. 19 at the Beacham

John Bellion, Oct. 30 & Nov. 2. at House of Blues

The Drums, Nov. 30 at the social

Bad Suns, Nov. 3 at the Beacham

Poptone, Dec. 1 at the Beacham

Wax Tailor, Nov. 3 at the social

Gabriel Iglesias, Dec. 2 at Amway Center

Iron & Wine, Nov. 7 at the Beacham

Wynton Marsalis, Dec. 3 at the Dr. phillips Center

Jethro Tull, Nov. 8 at the Dr. phillips Center Imagine Dragons, Nov. 10 at Amway Center

Giraffage, Dec. 13 at the social Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Dec. 16 at Amway Center

Descendents, Oct. 20 at House of Blues

Jay-Z, Nov. 11 at Amway Center

RuPaul’s Drag Race, Oct. 21 at the plaza Live

Grizzly Bear, Nov. 15 at House of Blues

Reverend Horton Heat, Dec. 22 at House of Blues

Halsey, Oct. 22 at Amway Center

Son Volt, Nov. 15 at the social

Say Anything, Jan. 9-10, 2018, at the Beacham

Bleached, Oct. 25 at Will’s pub

Waxahatchee, Nov. 16 at the social

Shakira, Jan. 9, 2018, at Amway Center

Marc Anthony, Nov. 19 at Amway Center

The Zombies, Jan. 10, 2018, at the plaza Live

The Front Bottoms, Nov. 19 at House of Blues

Rufus Wainwright, Feb. 8 at the Dr. phillips Center

Santana, Oct. 26 at Amway Center Toadies, Local H, Oct. 27 at the plaza Live Third Eye Blind, Oct. 28 at House of Blues

Katy Perry, Dec. 17 at Amway Center

sept. 13-19, 2017

orlando weekly



orlando weekly ● sept. 13-19, 2017


Lydia Loveless MUSIC

With a voice that’s pure muscle in a bottle, Midwestern kicker Lydia Loveless first knocked us down in 2012 as a 21-year-old phenom at a Bloodshot Records showcase at the social where she managed to shine even alongside the usually eclipsing spectacle of wild-man labelmate scott H. Biram. Her distinctive brand of country-rock has always been the bridging of her two poles of influence: country and punk. And she’s made such a bright career working the rich ground between them that her music is now approaching a more synthesized and nuanced place all its own. But none of it’s at the cost of edge. Loveless may be adding more hue and shade to her expression, but she’s still interpreting the American roots with toughness and expansion. And she remains an icon of heart, nerve and steel. – Bao Le-Huu with the states | 8 p.m. | the social, 54 N. Orange Ave. | 407-246-1419 | | $15-$17 CONTINUED FROM paGe 36

Move: Stevie Cee 10 pm; the swirlery, 1508 e. Michigan st.; contact for price; 407-270-6300. Oak Hill Drifters 9 pm; Ace Cafe, 100 W. Livingston st.; free; 407-996-6686. Walshy Fire 10 pm-3 am; Rum Jungle, 5533 International Drive; $20; 407-490-2862.

Saturday, Sept. 16 2 Chainz 8 pm; Venue 578, 578 N. Orange Ave.; $42.50-$60; 407-872-0066. Astari Nite, Missfit Toys, J.A.S.O.N., DJ Lavidicus 8 pm; Will’s pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $8-$10.

Black Tent Revival 9 pm; the Haven, 6700 Aloma Ave., Winter park; $5-$7; 407-673-2712. Black Witchery, Caveman Cult, Koroidia, Grave Ascension 7 pm; Backbooth, 37 W. pine st.; $12; 407-999-2570. The Company 10:30 pm; tanqueray’s, 100 s. Orange Ave.; free; 407-649-8540. Dr. Phillips Center Jazz Orchestra: The Vocal Jazz Summit 8 pm; Alexis & Jim pugh theater, Dr. phillips Center, 445 s. Magnolia Ave.; $39.50. Eugene Snowden Salutes Otis Redding 9 pm; the Imperial at Washburn Imports, 1800 N. Orange Ave.; free; 407-228-4992. Five Time Shap 8 pm; Muldoon’s saloon, 7439 Aloma Ave., Winter park; free; 407-657-9980. CONTINUED ON paGe 40

sept. 13-19, 2017

orlando weekly



Late Night Social 11 pm; the social, 54 N. Orange Ave.; free; 407-246-1419. R3hab 10 pm; Gilt Nightclub, 740 Bennett Road; $10-$30; 407-504-7699. Swervedriver 7 pm; the social, 54 N. Orange Ave.; $25; 407-246-1419.

Sunday, Sept. 17 Ancient Sun 10:30 pm; tanqueray’s, 100 s. Orange Ave.; free; 407-649-8540. Bleachers, Tangerine 7 pm; the Beacham, 46 N. Orange Ave.; $10-$31; 407-648-8363. Craig Xen 7 pm; Backbooth, 37 W. pine st.; $20-$50; 407-999-2570. Gwadcip$ 9 pm; Lil Indies, 1036 N. Mills Ave.; free. Make America Rock Again: Scott Stapp, Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Trapt, Adelitas Way 5 pm; Orlando Amphitheater, 4603 W. Colonial Drive; $15-$100; 407-295-3247. Nicky Jam & Plan B 7 pm; Amway Center, 400 W. Church st.; $40-$141; 800-745-3000. Southern Fried Sunday’s Southern Belle Ball 4 pm; Will’s pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $10-$15. Tropical Latin Jazz 2 pm; Orlando public Library, 101 e. Central Blvd.; free; 407-835-7323. Ukulaliens Ukulele Jam 2 pm; Deadly sins Brewing, 750 Jackson Ave., Winter park; free; 407-900-8726.

Monday, Sept. 18 Deaf Poets, the Wildtones, Bubble Boys 8 pm; 64 North, 64 N. Orange Ave.; $5 suggested donation; 321-245-7730. The In-Between Series: Crux 7 pm; the Gallery at Avalon Island, 39 s. Magnolia Ave.; free. Jazz Meets Motown 7-10 pm; pacino’s Italian Ristorante, 5795 W. Us Highway 192, Kissimmee; $10; 407-747-7223. The Melvins 7 pm; the social, 54 N. Orange Ave.; $20; 407-246-1419. Memento Mori Monday, 10 pm; Independent Bar, 70 N. Orange Ave.; free; 407-839-0457. Open Mic Hip-Hop 9:30 pm; Austin’s Coffee, 929 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter park; free; 407-975-3364. 40

orlando weekly ● sept. 13-19, 2017

Open Mic Mondays 6:30 pm; West end trading Company, 202 s. sanford Ave., sanford; free; 407-322-7475. Open Mic Night 8 pm; Will’s pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; free.

tueSday, Sept. 19 Hear Me Out Showcase 8 pm; Backbooth, 37 W. pine st.; $10; 407-999-2570. Jazz in the Courtyard with the DaVinci Jazz Experiment 7 pm; Cafe DaVinci, 112 W. Georgia Ave., DeLand; free; 386-873-2943. Music Remembrance Jazz Trio 8 pm; paradise Cove Restaurant and Bar, 4380 Carraway place, sanford; free. Singer-Songwriter Open Mic 7:30 pm; Austin’s Coffee, 929 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter park; free; 407-975-3364. UCF Brass Chamber Concert 8-9 pm; UCF Brass Chamber groups including tubaeuphonium ensembles, Brass Quintets and more. University of Central Florida Rehearsal Hall, 4000 Central Florida Blvd.; free; 407-823-1500;

theater GRINDR the Opera A daring, humorous look at the changing landscape of gay relationships, and the greatest catalyst for the shift: GRINDR. Friday-saturday, 7:30 pm, Monday, 7:30 pm; Footlight theatre, the parliament House, 410 N. Orange Blossom trail; $20; 407-425-7571; Iphigenia and Other Daughters A modern retelling of the fall of the House of Atreus about siblings who are both players and victims in their family’s tragedy. thursday-saturday, 7:30 pm, sunday, 2 pm; University of Central Florida, theatre UCF, 4000 Central Florida Blvd.; $10-$20; 407-823-1500; Jesus Christ Superstar A rock opera from the perspective of Judas Iscariot follows Jesus Christ during his last seven days on earth. With material borrowed from the four Gospels, this musical follows the meteoric rise of Jesus’ popularity. thursday-Friday, 8 pm, saturday, 2 & 8 pm, sunday, 2 pm, Monday, 8 pm; Garden theatre, 160 W. plant st., Winter Garden; $29-$34; 407-877-4736; The King and I Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical about the unconventional relationship between the King of siam and Anna Leonowens. Wednesday-Friday, 8 pm, saturday, 2 & 8 pm, sunday, 1 & 6:30 pm; Walt Disney theater, Dr. phillips Center, 445 s. Magnolia Ave.; $34.25-$149.25; 844-513-2014; CONTINUED ON paGe 43

sept. 13-19, 2017

orlando weekly



orlando weekly ● sept. 13-19, 2017


Life Could Be a Dream An upbeat musical comedy about a doo-wop singing group preparing to enter a radio contest. Friday, 7:30 pm, saturday, 2 & 7:30 pm; Winter park playhouse, 711-C Orange Ave., Winter park; $32-$42; 407-645-0145; Man of La Mancha trapped inside the walls of a dungeon during the spanish Inquisition, Don Quixote transforms his surroundings into a magical landscape of epic battles, majestic lords and ladies, and beautiful dreams. Wednesday, 2 & 7:30 pm, thursday-Friday, 7:30 pm, saturday, 2 & 7:30 pm; Orlando shakespeare theatre, 812 e. Rollins st.; $35-$65; The Marvelous Wonderettes this smash off-Broadway musical hit takes you to the 1958 springfield High school prom with more than 30 classic hits. Fridaysaturday, 8 pm, sunday, 2 pm; Davenport Community Campus, 8 W. palmetto st., Davenport; $24; Newsies: The Broadway Musical Musical based on the 1992 film of the same name that follows the story of the Newsboy strike of 1899. saturday, 1:30 & 6:30 pm, sunday, 1:30 & 6:30 pm; Orlando Repertory theatre, 1001 e. princeton st.; $15-$25; 407-896-7365; Potholes and Reprogramming two comedic one-act plays. Friday-saturday, 8 pm; Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave., Winter park; $20; 407636-9951; Russian-Gypsy Show Dinner theater with an all-you-can-eat buffet and Russian and Gypsy dancing and singing. saturday, 6:30 pm; Alibaba House of Kabob, 1155 W. state Road 434, Longwood; $35; 407637-2890; War on the Catwalk Contestants from season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race perform live. Monday, 7 pm; the plaza Live, 425 N. Bumby Ave.; $22$159; 407-228-1220;

CoMedy Broken Cauldron Comedy Showcase thursday, 8 pm; Broken Cauldron taproom & Brewery, 1012 W. Church st.; free. Bruce Bruce Friday, 8 & 10:30 pm, saturday, 7 & 9:45 pm, sunday, 7 pm; Orlando Improv, 9101 International Drive; $25; 407480-5233; Carmen Vallone, Brett James thursday, 8 pm; Orlando Improv, 9101 International Drive; $8; 407-4805233;

THEWEEK Hook Line and Sinker: End of Summer Show Comedy showcase. tuesday, 9 pm; Little Fish Huge pond, 401 s. sanford Ave., sanford; free; 407-963-5522. J.B. Ball Wednesday, 8 pm; Orlando Improv, 9101 International Drive; $8; 407480-5233; Shit Sandwich probably the best comedy showcase in town. show up early to grab a good seat. saturday, 9 pm; Bull and Bush, 2408 e. Robinson st.; free; 407-896-7546. Steven Wright Friday, 7 pm; the plaza Live, 425 N. Bumby Ave.; $29.50-$49.50; 407-228-1220; Terry T Harris Friday-saturday, 7:30 pm; Bonkerz - Boardwalk Bowl, 10749 e. Colonial Drive; $10; 407-629-2665; Tommy O’Neill Friday, 7 pm; Bonkerz - Harry Buffalo, 129 W. Church st.; $10; 407-629-2665; Warren Durso, Chris Buck Friday-saturday, 6:30 pm; Bonkerz - Otters on the River, 4380 Carraway place, sanford; $10;

danCe Ballet on the Big Screen: Le Corsaire A ballet about a dashing pirate and his love for a harem girl. saturday, 11 am; enzian theater, 1300 s. Orlando Ave., Maitland; $20; 407-629-0054; Varietease: Room 100 Dance performance that tells stories of the Chelsea Hotel set in the 1970s. thursday, 7 pm, saturday, 7 pm; the Venue, 511 Virginia Drive; $18-$20; 407-412-6895;



orlandoweeklytiCketS.CoM FEATURED EVENT BlUe lala entertainMent preSentS: varieteaSe rooM 100

SepteMBer 16tH
















8x10 Inches of Art Group art show with pieces no larger than 10 inches, all priced at $100. saturday, 6-9 pm; McRae Art studios, 1000 Arlington st.; free; 407601-5152; Artist Critique & Conversation: Developing a Body of Work these quarterly conversations bring together art professionals, arts leaders and artists for a lively discussion. Wednesday, 7 pm; Art & History Museums - Maitland, 231 W. packwood Ave., Maitland; free; 407-539-2181.









Sell yoUr event tiCketS on & get FREE PROMOTION in Orlando Weekly.

Call Brad: (407) 377-0400 ext 204 or email


sept. 13-19, 2017

orlando weekly



Art Right MEOW through sept. 16; CityArts Factory, 29 s. Orange Ave.; free; 407-648-7060.


Best of DTO Photo Contest through sept. 16; the Gallery at Avalon Island, 39 s. Magnolia Ave.; free; 407-246-3387;

Baggage Claims this exhibition presents the work of an international group of 18 artists who explore the impact of the vast scale of commerce and immigration worldwide on contemporary life. Opens Friday, through Dec. 31; Orlando Museum of Art, 2416 N. Mills Ave.; $15; 407-896-4231.

Horror by Design through Oct. 31, 9 am-6 pm; Orlando public Library, 101 e. Central Blvd.; free; 407-835-7323;

Joey Chase Gritty lifestyle and landscape images from photographer Joey Chase. Opens Friday, 6 pm, through Oct. 15; Lil Indies, 1036 N. Mills Ave.; free;

Hye Shin: Embrace the Hope through Oct. 19; Anita s. Wooten Gallery, 701 N. econlockhatchee trail; free; 407582-2298;

The Lake: A Documentary Exploring the Land and People of Lake Apopka this newest collaboration between Crealdé school of Art and the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation offers a contemporary and historic window into the culture and landscape of Central Florida’s Lake Apopka. Opens Friday, 7 pm, through Jan. 13; Crealdé school of Art, 600 st. Andrews Blvd., Winter park; free; 407-671-1886;

John Briggs: Casting for the Unknown through Oct. 1; Museum of Art DeLand, 600 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand; $10; 386-734-4371;

Myths and Machinery All new paintings by Michelle evans and Jeff Wilfong. thursday, 7 pm; the Hammered Lamb, 1235 N. Orange Ave.; free; 352-223-9248.

Oded Halahmy: Babylonian Odyssey through Dec. 31; Orlando Museum of Art, 2416 N. Mills Ave.; $15; 407-896-4231.

Virtual Views: Digital Art From the Thoma Foundation explores the growing importance of electronic media in contemporary art as seen in the work of artists who are pioneers in the use of LeDs, LCDs and computergenerated imagery. Opens Friday, 6:30 pm, through Dec. 31; Orlando Museum of Art, 2416 N. Mills Ave.; $15; 407-896-4231. ContinuinG thiS week

Adolf Dehn: Painter of America through Oct. 1; Museum of Art DeLand, 600 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand; $10; 386-734-4371; Art in Motion through sept. 30; Artisans on Fifth, 134 e. Fifth Ave., Mount Dora; free; 352-383-0880; Art Is Moving Ongoing; various locations; $4; 407-398-2862; The Art of Alison LaMons through sept. 29, 9 am-8 pm; Orlando public Library, 101 e. Central Blvd.; free; 407-835-7323; orlando weekly ● sept. 13-19, 2017

Bravo! Chris Raschka through Oct. 29; Orlando Museum of Art, 2416 N. Mills Ave.; $15; 407-896-4231.

BASE: Around the World Body painting show with a global theme. thursday, 8 pm; DRIp, 8747 International Drive; $10-$15; 347-855-3747.

Time & Thought American art from the collection of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. Opens Friday, 6:30 pm, through Jan. 7; Mennello Museum of American Art, 900 e. princeton st.; $5; 407-246-4278;


Boarded Up 6 through sept. 16; CityArts Factory, 29 s. Orange Ave.; free; 407-648-7060.

Larry Griffin: Paintings 2001-2005 through Oct. 1; Museum of Art DeLand, 600 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand; $10; 386-734-4371;

Once More With Feeling through sept. 16; CityArts Factory, 29 s. Orange Ave.; free; 407-648-7060. Roberto Edwards: Cuerpos Pintados - Painted Bodies through Oct. 8; Museum of Art DeLand – Downtown, 100 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand; $10; 386-734-4371; Sanford Art Walk saturday, 6-9 pm; Downtown sanford, sanford Avenue and First street, sanford; free; 407323-2774; Sketch & Kvetch thursday, 7 pm; Rabbitfoot Records Coffee Lounge, 307 e. second st., sanford; free; 321926-3417; Snap! Summer Selection through sept. 30; snap Downtown, 420 e. Church st.; free; The Stephen King Art Show through sept. 29; the Hourglass Brewery, 480 s. Ronald Reagan Blvd., Longwood; free; 407-719-9874. Summer Exhibition 2017 Ongoing; the Art Gallery at Mills park, 1650 N. Mills Ave.; free; 855-336-3653; CONTINUED ON paGe 46

sept. 13-19, 2017

orlando weekly



Weavers of Orlando saturday, 9:30 am-1 pm; Winter park towers, 1111 s. Lakemont Ave., Winter park; free; 813-505-1577;


Corks for Cancer Benefit with wine, cheese, live entertainment and more. saturday, 10 am; Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards, 19239 N. U.s. Highway 27, Clermont; $3; 800-768-9463.

The Garnish Guy Guest bartender Josue Romero from st. Augustine gets behind the stick for a special bourbon-heavy menu. Wednesday, 8 pm; the Nest, 4963 New Broad st.; various menu prices; 407-629-6601;

Local Brews Local Grooves Beer festival featuring local beers and live music from local bands. saturday, 4 pm; House of Blues, Disney springs, Lake Buena Vista; $15; 407-934-2583;

The Courtesy’s Fifth Anniversary Celebrate the Courtesy’s wooden anniversary with complimentary food, bubbles and more. thursday, 8 pm; the Courtesy Bar, 114 N. Orange Ave.; free.

Halloween Horror Nights themed haunted houses, scare zones and shows open select nights. starts Friday, through Nov. 4; Universal studios, 6000 Universal Blvd.; $69.99-$80.99; 407-3638000;

Local Seafood, Craft Beer & Wine Festival Food and drink festival with raw oysters, a shrimp boil, local beer and wine, and more. Food and drink tickets sold on site. saturday, noon-4 pm; east end Market, 3201 Corrine Drive; various menu prices; 321-236-3316. Margarita Festival Celebration of margaritas with live music, kids activities and a variety of margaritas. saturday, noon; Agave Azul, 4750 s. Kirkman Road; various menu prices; 407-704-6930;

Bangrak Thai Street Kitchen Pop-Up Bangrak t.s.K. settles in with their best friends at swine & sons provisions to bring you regularly scheduled regional thai street food goodness. Wednesday, 5 pm; swine & sons provisions, 595 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter park; $5-$15; 407-636-7601;

The Dinner Party Project Third Anniversary Anniversary party with food from smiling Bison and Wondermade, drinks from Woodford Reserve, and a fabulous Art Deco theme. saturday, 6:30 pm; Venue 1902 at preservation Hall, 301 W. seventh st., sanford; $100; 407986-8600;

Health, Wellness & Community Resource Fair Health fair from QLatinX with free HIV testing and prep resources onsite. saturday, 11 am; Henao Contemporary Center, 5601 edgewater Drive; free;

Bring your Own Vinyl Bring some records from your collection and play them over the shop’s system. Friday, 8 pm; Uncle tony’s Donut shoppe, 703 N. Orange Ave.; free; 407734-0034;

Florida IPA Challenge A series of blind tastings of the best IpAs in Florida. saturday, noon; GB’s Bottle shop, 531 Virginia Drive; various menu prices; 407-634-0110;

International Food & Wine Festival sample international cuisine at 35 different kiosks, watch culinary demonstrations, or take a beverage seminar. through Nov. 13; epcot, 200 epcot Center Drive, Lake Buena Vista; price of admission; 407824-4321;

Cheese for Charity Mac & Cheese CookOff Home chefs compete to raise money for second Harvest. saturday, noon; Dead Lizard Brewing Company, 4507 36th st.; $5-$10 suggested donation.

Food Truck Tasting Festival sample bites from dozens of food trucks. Unlimited drink package available. saturday, 11 am-7 pm; Festival park, 2911 e. Robinson st.; free-$20; 407-381-5310;


orlando weekly ● sept. 13-19, 2017

Job Search Seminar Industry professionals provide information for job searches. Bring resumes. thursday, 6-8:30 pm; Church on the Drive, 1914 edgewater Drive; free; 407-834-4022;

Mario Party super Mario-themed party with game stations, music, live entertainment and more. saturday, 9 pm; the Geek easy, 114 s. semoran Blvd., Winter park; $5; 407-332-9636. Oktoberfest Celebration Ceremonial tapping of Oktoberfest märzen lager, German food trucks, and live music & games. saturday, 1 pm; Orlando Brewing, 1301 Atlanta Ave.; free; 407-872-1117;

Orlandough Vegan Doughnut Pop-Up Breakfast pop-up with vegan and gluten-free doughnuts. saturday, 9:30 am; the District at Mills 50, 1221 N. Mills Ave.; various menu prices; 407-601-3363; Piraat Festival pirate-themed costume party with plenty of themed drinks, food and piraat beer. saturday, 2 pm; Cloak and Blaster, 875 Woodbury Road; free; Post-Apocalyptic Pirate Party pirate-themed party with cage dancers, DJs and more. saturday, 8 pm; Gods & Monsters, 5421 International Drive; free; RME Anthem Music industry networking event with live performances. sunday, 7:30 pm; the Abbey, 100 s. eola Drive; $20; 407-704-6261; Second Thursday Art and Wine Walk Walk around thornton park to check out art and wine at various stops. thursday, 6:30 pm; thornton park, summerlin Avenue and Washington street; $15; The Swirlery’s Second Anniversary A grand tasting with wines from France, Italy, spain and portugal. saturday, 4 pm; the swirlery, 1508 e. Michigan st.; $25; 407-270-6300; yuki Hana Pop-Up Weekly Japanese fusion pop-up kitchen. thursdays, 5 pm; the Brewstillery, 1288 N. Orange Ave., Winter park; various menu prices; 407-801-2714;

learninG Cuisine Corner: The Perfect Fall Chowder Chef Jenn demonstrates how to make a creamy, dreamy roasted corn chowder, perfect for fall. Wednesday, 6:15-7:15 pm; Orlando public Library, 101 e. Central Blvd.; free; 407-835-7323; Macrame Momma Learn how to macrame your own plant hanger. Materials and drinks included. saturday, 5:30 pm; Lil Indies, 1036 N. Mills Ave.; $35; your Bespoke Business: From Idea to Enterprise Free seminar to help get your startup off the ground. tuesday, 6:30 pm; stardust Video and Coffee, 1842 e. Winter park Road; free; 407-623-3393;

CiviCS Café con Leche With Aramis Ayala A candid conversation with the state Attorney over café and pastelillos. thursday, 9 am; Melao Bakery, 2001 Consulate Drive; $5; 407-859-0018;

THEWEEK literary Diverse Word spoken word open mic. tuesdays, 8 pm; Dandelion Communitea Cafe, 618 N. thornton Ave.; free; 407-3621864; An Evening with Margarita Engle & Mike Curato Author Margarita engle and illustrator Mike Curato explore their picture book, All the Way to Havana. Wednesday, 6:30 pm; Chickasaw Library, 870 N. Chickasaw trail; free; 407-835-7323; Felt in the Jaw Book Release Book release party in a convenience store. First steel Reserve tallboy is on the author. saturday, 7 pm; 7-eleven (Maitland), 481 N. Orlando Ave., Maitland; free; 407-644-7804; Local Author Festival Authors from a variety of genres share their experiences and books. saturday, 2 pm; Orlando public Library, 101 e. Central Blvd.; free; 407-835-7323; A Night of Art, Literature and Music A night of literary and musical performance from Ghost parachute and sinkhole. Monday, 7 pm; the Falcon, 819 e. Washington st.; free; 407-423-3060. SAFE Words Poetry Slam Competitive poetry slam with featured reader Dennis Amadeus. thursday, 8 pm; the Milk Bar, 2424 e. Robinson st.; free; 407-896-4954. The Short Attention Span Storytelling Hour Literary storytelling open mic. Wednesday, 7 pm; stardust Video and Coffee, 1842 e. Winter park Road; free; 407-623-3393;

SportS Canelo vs. GGG Supremacy Live simulcast of boxing match between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. saturday, 8 pm; multiple locations; $18; Florida Hospital Battle of the Bands 5K Local bands duel it out at every mile. saturday, 7:30 am; Lake Concord park, 127 Quail pond Circle, Casselberry; $30; 407-896-1160; The Orlando (Afternoon) Shuffle saturday, 3-5 pm; Beardall senior Center, 800 s. Delaney Ave.; free; 407-230-5356. St. Andrew’s Tavern vs. Will’s Pub Baseball Charity baseball game with teams of local celebrities to raise money for a child with cancer. saturday, noon; Blue Jacket park, 2501 General Rees Ave.; $10 suggested donation; n

sept. 13-19, 2017

orlando weekly



I have been in a long-term relationship with a wonderful woman who doesn’t have a lot of people she socializes with in her daily life. She is a Burning Man person and converses online with other “burners.” I confronted her when I realized she was discussing the ups and downs of our relationship in a public online forum. She still hung out on that forum, but her presence diminished. I assumed she was socializing in private emails. A few months later, I discovered that she was actually moderating a different forum. I deleted the site from my history and decided to avoid it. Last week, while she was at Burning Man, I checked out the forum she moderates, even though I knew I shouldn’t have. What I found was that she never mentions having a boyfriend, even when it might be relevant to a discussion. I was never mentioned, not even in passing. I don’t mind that guys compliment her, and I understand the benefits of positive attention from the opposite sex. If she came to me and told me that is what she was seeking and that it was chaste, I would be fine with it as long as she made that clear to other forum members. We are both attractive, and I get attention at times from other women. I often mention that I have a girlfriend to avoid someone getting the wrong idea. I also feel like she saves the spontaneous, uninhibited and adventurous part of herself for these people at Burning Man. Does it sound like she is cheating emotionally? How can I bring this subject up in a way that doesn’t make me seem like just more of a depressing part of her life? I don’t want her to lose her outlet, but I feel like she is not showing me the respect one should show a partner of 10-plus years. Her Burning Man I don’t want to alarm you unnecessarily, HBM, but partnered people who go to Burning Man sans partner are typically planning to cheat-cheat, not cheat-emote. Casual straight sex, like sandy ass-cracks and seeing my friend Eric naked, is a huge part of the Burning Man “experience.” But the kind of straight guy who goes to Burning Man for casual sex – and the art and the experience and the transcendence – doesn’t give a shit if the girls he fucks have boyfriends back home. Or in the next tent. Your girlfriend could post your picture to Burning Man forums, mention you in every face-to-face conversation she has and wear a shirt with your picture on it everywhere she goes on the playa, and she’d still find plenty of guys willing to fuck her brains out. Mentioning you in online forums, not mentioning you in online forums – neither action is proof that she plans to cheat or not cheat. So I’m sitting here racking my brain trying to come up with some other reason why your girlfriend might not have mentioned


ORLANDO WEEKLY ● SEPT. 13-19, 2017

you in an online Burning Man forum that she moderates. Thinking, thinking, thinking. Hey! Maybe it’s because the last time you caught her talking about you and your relationship in a public online forum, YOU BLEW THE FUCK UP AT HER. Remember? You were angry then because she was talking about you on the interwebs. And you’re angry now that she isn’t talking about you on the interwebs. If you’re looking for a reason why your girlfriend feels inhibited around you, maybe it’s the mixed signals. She gets in trouble for talking about you; she gets in trouble for not talking about you. If your girlfriend feels like she’s going to be in trouble with you no matter what she does, then she’s going to feel inhibited around you. And she’s going to err on the side of sharing less of what she does with you. When your girlfriend gets back from Burning Man, here’s what I think you should say: “I realize this makes me sound crazy, and maybe I am crazy. But remember when I was upset about you talking about me – about us – in that public online forum? Well, I stumbled on another online forum and you weren’t talking about me. And that upset me, too.” Acknowledge your insecurities, HBM, take some responsibility for the impact they may have on her behavior, and then have a long talk about how you can both enjoy a little attention from members of the opposite sex without making the other person feel like shit. I’ve been dating someone for a little more than two months. After the second week, he was saying things like “We need a word between ‘like’ and ‘love’ because ‘I like you’ doesn’t seem sufficient.” After weeks of telling him to slow his roll, I agreed to make it official and stop dating and sleeping with other guys because he wanted to “lock it down.” It’s been a week, and he’s still on Scruff and Growlr. I’m a little put off because he was the one who pushed for exclusivity. Should I be concerned? Can hookup apps be part of a healthy, monogamous relationship? Obviously a talk is needed. Sick of Scruff Obviously. Maybe your boyfriend wants to cheat, SOS, but doesn’t want to be cheated on – he wants his boyfriend locked down, but doesn’t want to be locked down himself – or maybe he thinks it’s too soon to delete his online personal profiles. Or maybe, like a lot of gay men, he treats hookup apps like a virtual gay bar, i.e., a place where he can hang out and socialize with friends and exes and, perhaps, get his flirt on now and then.

“ B U R N I N G LOV E ”

But if lurking on Scruff and Growlr makes his newly locked-down boyfriend feel insecure, he should stay off hookup apps. Or, if he simply can’t give ‘em up, your new boyfriend should allow you to look at his chats whenever you care to so you can see for yourself that they’re either wholly innocent (just talking with friends) or wholly innocent flirting (swapping photos and compliments with hot guys but not making plans to hook up). I’m a gay man who gained 30 pounds after I met my current boyfriend. I started dieting about a week before you ran a letter from a woman who was wondering about withholding sex until her husband lost some weight. I told my boyfriend not to have sex with me until I lost 15 pounds. It took me three and a half weeks to lose the weight, but it really strengthened our relationship. He was supportive of my weightloss goals, he had an incentive to help me make healthier choices, and it brought an erotic tension to the process that we both dug. My only suggestion for the woman who wrote you: Don’t tell people about it! The people we told were angry at my boyfriend for “withholding” sex unless I lost weight. But, hey, it worked! Lighter In Loafers As I said in my response to Like Boys Slimmer, if a couple can make the withholding of sex into an erotic game that they’re both playing and enjoying – not an asshole move one partner is pulling – I could maybe see this sort of arrangement working, LIL. And I’m pleased to hear that at least one couple out there was able to successfully eroticize a diet by combining it with chastity play.

Are you looking for sweet kitty friend? Meet Havana!

Havana (A384054) is six months old and recently returned from foster care. This girl absolutely loves to play with all types of toys and has a ton of energy! She’ll be sure to keep you entertained. She is super sweet and will purr as soon as you pet her. She is ready for immediate adoption For the month of September, make your pet the star of the show and take part in our Petflix adoption promotion! All adopters will get a themed goody bag. Adoptions will be the standard fee of $55 for dogs and $40 for cats, and cat adoption fees will be reduced to $10 on Tuesdays. Fees include sterilization, vaccinations and a microchip.    Orange County Animal Services is located at 2769 Conroy Road in Orlando, Florida near the Mall at Millenia. The shelter is open 10 a.m. through 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. For more information, please call 407-8363111 or visit

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Legal, Public Notices IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA DIVISION: 7/ DAWSON PINE HILLS ADVOCACY CENTER CASE NO.: DP13-569 In the Interest of: B.S. DOB: 06/24/2011, MINOR CHILD SUMMONS AND NOTICE OF ADVISORY HEARING FOR TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS STATE OF FLORIDA TO: Sierra Shavers, Address Unknown WHEREAS a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights under oath has been filed in this court regarding the above-referenced child(ren), a copy of which is attached. You are hereby commanded to appear before Judge Daniel Dawson, on Friday, October 13, 2017, at 11:30 a.m. at the Juvenile Justice Center, 2000 East Michigan Street, Orlando, Florida 32806, for a TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS ADVISORY HEARING. You must appear on the date and at the time specified. FAILURE TO PERSONALLY APPEAR AT THIS ADVISORY HEARING CONSTITUTES CONSENT TO THE TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS TO THIS CHILD(REN). IF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR ON THE DATE AND TIME SPECIFIED, YOU MIGHT LOSE ALL LEGAL RIGHTS AS A PARENT TO THE CHILD(REN) NAMED IN THE PETITION ATTACHED TO THIS NOTICE. Pursuant to Sections 39.802(4)(d) and 63.082(6)(g), Florida Statutes, you are hereby informed of the availability of private placement with an adoption entity, as defined in Section 63.032(3), Florida Statutes. WITNESS my hand and seal of this court at Orlando, Orange County, Florida this 31st day of August, 2017. This summons has been issued at the request of: Jennifer S. Robinson, Esquire Florida Bar No.: 0106631, Children’s Legal Services, State of Florida Department of Children and Families, 882 S. Kirkman Road, Suite 200, Orlando, Florida 32811, (407) 563-2380, jennifer.robinson@ CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: /s/ Deputy Clerk (Court Seal).

NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned, 1) Second Image National, LLC, 2) Keais Records Service, LLC and 3) National Document Services, LLC, of 1) 170 E. Arrow Hwy, San Dimas, CA 91773, 2) 1010 Lamar Street, 18th Floor, Houston, TX 77002, 3) 500 Redlands Ct., Suite 211, Owings Mills, MD 21117, pursuant to the requirements of the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, is hereby advertising the following fictitious name: Ontellus It is the intent of the undersigned to register “Ontellus” with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. Dated: 8/31/17

NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned,WINDERMERE CUSTOM HOMES, INC., of 277 Olivia Rose Ct, Lake Mary, FL 32746, County of Seminole, Division of Corporations, is hereby advertising the following fictitious name: Windermere Construction Group Inc. It is the intent of the undersigned to register “Windermere Construction Group Inc.” with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. Dated: 9/5/17 NOTICE OF AUCTION Personal property of Wil and Yolanda Santiago, Units 14,23,41,and 42 will be sold for cash to satisfy owner’s lien in accordance with Florida Statutes Self Storage Facility Act on September 30, 2017 at 9:30 AM. Property consists of household items and tools. Sale to be held at premises of South Pinecastle Mini-Warehouse, 6440 Pinecastle Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32809 NOTICE OF AUCTION Personal property of Wil and Yolanda Santiago, Parking Space #13 and 14, will be sold for cash to satisfy owner’s lien in accordance with Florida Statutes Self Storage Facility Act on September 30, 2017 at 8 AM. Property consists of box truck, car and pickup truck. Sale to be held at premises of South Orlando Mini-Warehouse, 414 Fairlane Avenue, Orlando, FL 32809

NOTICE OF PUBLIC AUCTION FOR MONIES DUE ON STORAGE LOCKERS LOCATED AT UHAUL COMPANY FACILITIES. STORAGE LOCATIONS AND TIMES ARE LISTED BELOW. ALL GOODS SOLD ARE HOUSEHOLD CONTENTS, MISCELLANEOUS OR RECOVERED GOODS. ALL AUCTIONS ARE HELD TO SATISFY OWNER’S LIEN FOR RENT AND FEES IN ACCORDANCE WITH FLORIDA STATUTES, SELF STORAGE ACT, SECTIONS 83.806 AND 83.807, STARTS AT 8 am and RUNS CONTINUOUSLY. Uhaul Ctr Clermont-13650 Granville Ave Clermont 10/11/17: 1070 Tirrell Anthony 1169 Sean Alderman 1003 Phillip Auer Uhaul Ctr Ocoee-11410 W. Colonial Drive-Ocoee10/11/17: 3312 Tapika Thomas 1301 Mary Money 2525-29 Carlos Gomes 3507-09 Dale Vied 1208 Jeremy Varner 3010 L’oreal Browder 3398 Carlos Gomes 3386 Alfonzo Daniels 3367-71 Janice Okoye 1575 Khalilah Martin 1011 Precious Carter 2471 Maricela David 1303 Walter Brown 3021 Colleen Spotts 1560 Domonic Robertson 2314 Tony Washington 1579 Recovery Truck Glen Thomas Uhaul Stg Haines City-3307 Hwy 17-92 W-Haines City 10/11/17 G0739 Lorianne Johnson H0901 Amanda Miller G0792 Laron Givens G0746 Yazman Quirino Valle G0715-03 Samuel De La Rosa E0511 Stephanie Wooten G0768 Angie Johnson A0055 Shane Misenar G0771 George Gambino G0767 Jose HernandezE0515 Claude Laguerre Uhaul Ctr Hunters Creek-13301 S. Orange Blossom Trail-Orlando 10/11/17: 2407 Nelson Perez 1504 Amanda Hitzeman 1246 Bradford Ingram 1613 Glenda Rodriguez 1240 Ted Neumann 1012 Dawn Schirmer 1719 Belgret King 3502 Dawn Schirmer 2020 Peter Pomaro 1605 Sandra Herrera Uhaul Stg Gatorland- 14651 Gatorland Dr-Orlando 10/11/17:106 Jenny Jaehnke 550 Leah Mcqueary 267 Melitza Perez 108 Jenny Jaehnke 300 Brian Kuhl 865 Moise Paulissaint 368 John Eustace.

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NOTICE OF AUCTION Personal property of Wil and Yolanda Santiago, Unit 2, will be sold for cash to satisfy owner’s lien in accordance with Florida Statutes Self Storage Facility Act on September 30, 2017 at 8 AM. Property consists of car parts and scrap metal. Sale to be held at premises of South Orlando Mini-Warehouse, 414 Fairlane Avenue, Orlando, FL 32809.

SEPT. 13-19, 2017



Legal, Public Notices NOTICE OF PUBLIC AUCTION FOR MONIES DUE ON STORAGE LOCKERS LOCATED AT UHAUL COMPANY FACILITIES. STORAGE LOCATIONS AND TIMES ARE LISTED BELOW. ALL GOODS SOLD ARE HOUSEHOLD CONTENTS, MISCELLANEOUS OR RECOVERED GOODS. ALL AUCTIONS ARE HELD TO SATISFY OWNER’S LIEN FOR RENT AND FEES IN ACCORDANCE WITH FLORIDA STATUTES, SELF STORAGE ACT, SECTIONS 83.806 AND 83.807, STARTS AT 8 am and RUNS CONTINUOUSLY. Uhaul Ctr Kirkman-600 S Kirkman Rd-Orlando 10/4/17: 2017 Synoria Anderson 3003 Frederick Dauley 2103 Karen Dunbar 8012 Shatara Turner 1076 Stephani Ross 2003 Monica Streets 2002 Christian Vazquez 3061 Isaiah Hernandez 1089 Kimberly Mardenborough 5017 David Dean 5020 Crusaders For Christ 6025 Neal Heflin 3066 Cindy Bostick 3002 Wanda Jones 1020 Sherline Ulysse 3015 Jamie Mcintosh 1055 Romean Hamzehloui 2124 Florence Jones 2025 Stephanie Succes 2053 Sabrina Collins 2110 Lahoma Young 8014 Amoy Sandiford 2120 Winston Fortune 1064 Nancy Ashmore 2095 Guinotte Francois 1049 Dale Thomas 3011 Gina Van Epps 6050 Gregory Garner 1119 Moses Scott Uhaul Ctr Orange Ave-3500 S Orange Ave-Orlando 10/4/17: AA6582D Claude Fleury1809 Oranusi Obiora 1447 Dashawn Glover 2109 SueAnn Bradford 1917 Recovery Truck DC4415T Jose Vargas Uhaul Ctr Baldwin Park- 4001 E Colonial Drive-Orlando 10/4/17: C177 Ann Gallagher D230 Carlos Bevan B128 Jill Stamey D125 Elyssa Baity D183 Tatiana Noelia D232 Orlando Ojeda A121 Fernando Bouffard C116 Johnathan Richardson D150 Tammy Sheffield B146 Kristal Stewart Uhaul Ctr Goldenrod-508 N Goldenrod Rd-Orlando 10/4/17 427 Mario Chavez 1210 Juan Rodriquez 642 Yahaira Colon 101 Anthony Tompkins Jr 539 Sandra Wadsen 616 David Torres 518 Fritchie Bayan 731 Delphine Speed Uhaul Ctr Alafaya-11815 E Colonial Drive-Orlando 10/4/17: 1237 Kaeishma Santdani 1216 Randy Schattner 1225 Jermaine Adams 1205 Akiyaha Brown 1132 Cory Emerson 1264 Tiacia Carter 1807 Kishma Ottley 1910 Juan Pantoja 1611 Stephanie Barton 1522 Shawna Kay Barbagee.


Notice of Public Auction for monies due on storage units located at U-Haul company facilities. Storage locations are listed below. All goods are household contents or miscellaneous and recovered goods. All auctions are hold to satisfy owner’s lien for rent and fees in accordance with Florida Statutes, Self-Storage Act, Sections 83.806 and 83.807. The auction will start at 8:00 a.m. on October 5, 2017 and will continue until finished: U-Haul Moving and Storage of Maitland, 7803 North Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32810; F08 Camella Smith $472.80, C22 Dean Tavares $685.85, F12 Camella Smith $239.69, D42 Norman Causey $582.35, L55 Denice Jackson $175.70, U115 Julie Fitzgerald $279.56, C36 John Hancock $958.80, B10 Kathy Riggins $282.10, R046 John Sykes Jr unit containing 1989 Celebrity 28’ Boat VIN CYG25932G889 (Title included) $790.76 U-Haul Moving and Storage at Apopka, 1221 E Semoran Blvd, Apopka, FL 32703; 1051 Taneka Grant $861.60, 1000 Taneka Grant $757.12, 1323 Cindy Garcia Saucedo $845.92, 1251 Jesus Rivera Reyes $665.40 U-Haul Moving and Storage of Altamonte Springs, 598 W Highway 436, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, D100 Sheryl Dowling $1534.80 U-Haul Moving and Storage of Semoran, 2055 N Semoran Blvd, Winter Park, FL 32792; 1422 Jay Williams $409.05, 1409 Yvrose Jean $534.50, 2657 Mario Barbur $427.50, 1683 Patrick Freiwald $208.30, 1043 Dolores Lentz $646.80, 1553 Michael Strozewski $625.40, 1406 Darron Lee $409.05, 1685 Jon Barahona $336.60, 1167 Gelisa Oliviera $828.25 U-Haul Moving and Storage of Longwood, 650 N Ronald Reagan Blvd, Longwood, FL 32750; A001 Matthew Dowd $579.00, A012 Linda Sallee $518.05, E027 Tiffany Tousel $723.00, E029 Lisa Saunders $668.25 U-Haul Moving and Storage of Lake Mary, 3851 S Orlando Ave, Sanford, FL 32773; 1210 Freddy Mobley $236.60, 1641 Kyesha Brinson $989.90, 2440 Brett Gopp $604.70, 1488 Jermine Mikell $400.75, 1217 Gina Culpepper $761.50, 2614-18 Aneca Lindquist $1184.60, 1591 Ramonita Cancel $330.50, 1043 Natalie Paradise $636.00, 1019 Jessica Sajeski $815.00, 2524 Demetrice Fed $467.25, 1075 Madeline Brown $668.00, 1164 Tijuana Gilley $454.30, 1485 Selam Ortiz Ferrer $656.80, 1007 Mary Thomas $680.00, 1441 Heather Patten $400.75, 1525 Cathy Ross $1039.10, 5052 Jasmyne Smith $674.00, 2029 Michael Campbell $426.38, 1069 Joseph St Cyr $651.20, 1126 Juan Cotto $676.20, 1288 Glorivee Perez $380.40, 1477 Dorothy Anderson $302.45 U-Haul Moving and Storage at Rinehart, 1811 Rinehart Road, Sanford, FL 32771;2075 Jay

ORLANDO WEEKLY ● SEPT. 13-19, 2017

Lewis II $628.80, 4026 Gladymer Sawyer $376.20, 2085 Keanu Jordan Ballboda $690.90, 3034 Brant Ballard $400.80, 1056 Brant Ballard $482.20, 1105 Brant Ballard $912.80. NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that on Extra Space Storage will sell at public auction at the storage facilities listed below, to satisfy the lien of the owner, personal property described below belonging to those individuals listed below at the following locations: September 29th, 2017 at the times and locations listed below. The personal goods stored therein by the following: 11:00a.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 2631 E Semoran Blvd. Apopka, FL 32703 (407) 818-1681 #2025-Roberto Ortiz-Household #2337-Brandon JamersonHousehold #2238-Jordan Caylor- Furniture #1116-Jennifer Hightower-Household #1304-Phyllis Reed-Boxes #1000-Debra Chester- Household #2246-Shirley Sanchez-Furniture #2317-Joshua Yasses-Paperwork #1416-Elizabeth Balaguer-Household. 12:30p.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 831 N Park Ave. Apopka, FL 32712 (407) 450-0345 #2203-Leisa Whitfield-Household #1104-Gladys Stephens-Household #1008-Regina Roundtree- Household #2819-Maija Collier-Household 2:30p.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 610 Rinehart Rd. Lake Mary, FL 32746 (321) 420-1686 #0672-Ayana Outerbridge-household items #0354-Julio Rojas-household goods #0323-Joe Ferri-unknown #0142-Tremaine Smith-event and party supplies; books #0256-Tawanna Oatman- household goods #2057-Joanna Snell-household goods #0479-Dawn Newell-furniture #1083-Erika Puttin-Household items #0505-Joe Rosado-mattress. Purchases must be made with cash only and paid at the above referenced facility in order to complete the transaction. Extra Space Storage may refuse any bid and may rescind any purchase up until the winning bidder takes possession of the personal property.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY OF THE FOLLOWING TENANTS WILL BE SOLD FOR CASH TO SATISFY RENTAL LIENS IN ACCORDANCE WITH FLORIDA STATUTES, SELF STORAGE FACILITY ACT, SECTIONS 83.806 AND 83.807. CONTENTS MAY INCLUDE KITCHEN, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, BEDDING, TOYS, GAMES, PACKED CARTONS, FURNITURE, TOOLS, TRUCKS, CARS, ETC. THERE’S NO TITLE FOR VEHICLES SOLD AT LIEN SALE. OWNERS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO BID ON UNITS. LIEN SALE TO BE HELD ONLINE WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 AT THE TIMES INDICATED BELOW. VIEWING AND BIDDING WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE ONLINE AT www.storagetreasures. com BEGINNING AT LEAST 5 DAYS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED SALE DATE AND TIME. PERSONAL MINI STORAGE FORSYTH - 2875 FORSYTH RD. WINTER PARK, FL 32792 - AT 10:00AM: #121-Adam Joshua Garrett; #227- Gregory Dane Calder; #228- Ronald Eric Lester; #306- Colin Anderson; # 341- Lilliam Agosto; #564- Dee Deals MICHIGAN MINI STORAGE 200 W. MICHIGAN ST ORLANDO, FL 32806 - AT 10:30AM: #186-Samantha Sterling PERSONAL MINI STORAGE LAKE FAIRVIEW - 4252 N ORANGE BLOSSOM TR. ORLANDO FL 32804 - AT 11:00AM: #131-Depieza,Roswell Maranda;#277-Cann,Kimberly Lynn;#287-Franklin,Virginia Lee;#331-Patha,Rosalee;#340Bolton,Sharon Denise;#419Williams,Tammy Antoinette;#483-Dorner,Joyce Johnson;#597-Rothrock,Marilyn Ruth;#614-Whipple II,Mark;#667Baker,Shomarah Yvonne;#928Gonzalez,Erica Fairview Mini Storage 4211 N Orange Blossom Trail Orlando FL 32804 At 11:00AM #C01Stephens,Mark Anthony PERSONAL MINI STORAGE WEST - 4600 OLD WINTER GARDEN RD. ORLANDO FL 32811 AT 11:30AM #10-Vince Delrenard Brown; #78-Leslie Bouie; #127-Libby Williams; #130-Alphonso Howard; #168-Rodney Zeune; #200-Terry Beden; #204-Terry Beden; #234-Charles Edwin Jenkins Jr.; #238-Stephanie Evans; #246-Luiz Jose Antonio Filho; #281-Ayouna Brown; #307-Laquita Wilson; #320-Frederick Key; #328-Margue Ware; #383-Perry Lettsome; #433-Lawonda Antoinette Gandy; #436-Annie Johnson; #439-David Edwards; #503-Evangeline Scott Harley; #521-Barbie Slade; #525-Latasha Williams; #537-Octavia Peterson; #584-Kietta Mayweather Gamble; #609-Sianie Melisse Stella Diaz; #626-Andre Decells Miller; #248A-Jarine Bennett; #727-Stephen Davison McClintock Collazo-J E C Auto Sales(Ocala 34474) White 2008 4D Suzuki SX4 VIN:JS2YC415985105314; #471-Bella Wynter.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that on Extra Space Storage will sell at public auction at the storage facilities listed below, to satisfy the lien of the owner, personal property described below belonging to those individuals listed below at the following locations: September 28th, 2017 at the times and locations listed below. The personal goods stored therein by the following: 9:30a.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 1101 Marshall Farms Rd. Ocoee, Fl. 34761 (407) 877-0191 #B122Jason Todd Grace-house items, antiques #D277-Derilien VincentScrap metal #H446-Francesco Carnevale-Office furniture and files #B087-Dawn SwaimHousehold goods #B178-Nellie Hebert-Household #B119-Juan Corrales-Tools #E316-Debra Clark-Household items #H467Jeffrey Rego-Household items #A002-Mark Godley-Borgat Custom Chopper and household items #C193-Aiysha Lang-Household furniture #A017-Jason McConnellHousehold goods Tools #D267Sollostine Gran-Boxes 11:00a.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 5603 Metrowest Blvd. Orlando, FL 32811 (407) 445-0867 #07011 Carolyn Rozier Hsehold goods; #02105 Michelle Hopkins boxes, bags; #08009 Esther Jones hsehold goods; #02115 Tricia Slavin hsehold furniture, items;#07039 Daniel Reising hsehold furniture, items; #08015 Gloria Phillips one bedroom, hutch; #05036 Joseph Williams beds, furniture, boxes; #01002 Marika Napper hsehold furniture, items; #09119 Nicole Macarthur bins, tv, chest; #05032 Madelyn Springer bedroom, living room, dining room, boxes; #09115 Lois Hill boxes, bins; #06098 Patricia Himmel boxes personal items, art. 12:30p.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 5592 L. B. McLeod Rd. Orlando, Fl. 32811 (407) 445-2709 #110 Channa Llloyd-HHG #656 Katina Young-Vehicle #227 Moseline Metrius-HHG #780 Ten 55 Productions Inc- Furniture, Electronics #682 Michael Davidson–HHG #826 Rafael Sarcos–Pressure/ business goods #623 Chantale Beauregard–HHG #1002 Shereash Campbell–HHG #100 Nikolas Krasnove– HHG #275 Denetress Scott– HHG #836 Alexandria Jones -Boxes & Bags #278 #500 Barak Sharon-supplies medical 1:00p.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at 4601 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32839 (407)4227737 #0P003 Renee Hallbackhousehold items. #0I054 Keith Lamar Johnson- household goods. #0D042 Shirley St Clairhousehold Items. 0F007 Gina Francois- household goods. #0G055 Timothy Keith- household item. #0B026 Bryan Micheal Mcdowell- household goods. #0I034 Natacha Pompilus- household items. #0I012 Jorane Louis-

household goods. #0D027 Kraus Ralph-household items. #0P014 Ronald Lee Yeazel- household items. #0J022 Asiaanna Amiya Andrell Hill- household items. #0J008 Mizel Tommy Lee Poindexter- household items. #0H007 Imadrere C Toussaint- household good. #0I053 Dennis Wayne Edwards- household items. #0C009 Shaun Robert Fisher- household items. 1:30p.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at 3501 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL. 32839 (407)839-5518 #1059 David Jolly couches, queen bed #4018 Andrew Thomas Dickson HHI #3028 Josephine Simmons HHI #3137 Kirk Shields HHI #1104b Eddie Brown HHI,# 4050 Shondora Russell HHI,#1017b Amitra Alexander HHI #1031 Roslyn Scott HHI # 4099 Tarhonda Thomas 2 bedroom #3103 Delroy Woolery furniture, boxes #4057 Bernard McDonald HHI #1073 Latrisha Battle HHI #3135 Donald Wilson HHI #2115 Divida Daniels clothing #3034 Anabelle Mena HHI #1057 Subrina Tonina Varnado HHI #1009a Ezell Cuttray clothes #2094 Lauren Martin HHI #1009b Mathis Sapp HHI #1032 Silvania Richard Clothes and bikes 3:00p.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 1420 N Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 650-3739 #733 David S Glicken – Furniture, Boxes, Sports Equipment; #416 Terrell Smith – DJ equipment, household goods; #734 Demetrius Frazier – Boxes; #463 Michael Parker – Household goods; #827 Crystal Serena Williams – Furniture, Boxes, Household items; #316 Frederick Patterson – Furniture, Household goods; #177 David S Glicken – Furniture, Boxes 4:30p.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 1001 Lee Rd. Orlando, FL 32810 (407) 539-0527 #1047 Keionna Dionne Jensen-furniture bedroom set sofa boxes bags house hold items, #3004 Curtisicia Renee Waller-Boxes and clothes,#2045 Marquice English-Deep freezer, Grill, boxes and house hold goods,#3049 Xykeva RandallBags and totes,#1099 Roberts & Roberts Management-occasion Supplies,#2086 Roberts & Roberts Management-Showcase items,#4011 Ivory Thomas-tv, mirrors, and boxes, #2057 Gordon Arthur Lafaye-Tools, Homegoods, Fishing gear, Appliances. Purchases must be made with cash only and paid at the above referenced facility in order to complete the transaction. Extra Space Storage may refuse any bid and may rescind any purchase up until the winning bidder takes possession of the personal property.

Legal, Public Notices NOTICE OF SALE PS ORANGECO, INC. PERSONAL PROPERTY CONSISTING OF COUCHES, BEDS, TV’S, CLOTHES, BOXES OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS & OTHER PERSONAL ITEMS USED IN THE HOME, OFFICE OR GARAGE WILL BE SOLD FOR CASH OR OTHERWISE DISPOSED OF AT PUBLIC SALES ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 AT LOCATIONS & TIMES INDICATED BELOW, TO SATISFY OWNERS LIEN FOR RENT & FEES DUE IN ACCORDANCE WITH FLORIDA STATUES, SELF STORAGE ACT, SECTIONS 83.806 AND 83.807. ALL ITEMS OR SPACES MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF SALE. ORIGINAL RESALE CERTIFICATE FOR EACH SPACE PURCHASED IS REQUIRED 1051 BUENAVENTURA BLVD – KISSIMMEE, FL 34743 – AT 9:30AM: 01311 - Copeland, Tammy, 02115 - Hyde, Summer, 02118 - Vanegas, Henry, 02146 Green, Jasmine, 02149 - Stees, Jenny, 02205 - Olmo, Daniel, 02217 - Murray, Stacy, 02223 Velez, Jeremy, 02325 - Rivera, Sherlyn, 02329 - Messenger, Natasha, 02334 - Illera, Vivian, 02335 - Benitez, Andrew, 02610 - Pineiro Vazquez, Ivan, 04110 Hesler, Brittany, 04113 - Narvaez, Edwin, 04116 - Torres, Alex, 04123 - Ortiz Orellanes, Martha, 04125 - Santiago, Jorge, 04133 gonzalez, jeanne, 04427 - Jenkins, Bill, 04431 - Narvaez, Rois, 04525 - Raising knowledge academy, 05107 - Juma, Nasirdin, 05109 Juma, Nasirdin, 05118 - Gonzalez, Ronald, 05142 - Concepcion Roman, Daisy, 05162 - Diaz, Juan, 05216 - Ramirez, Luis, 05218 - Nunez, Julie, 05250 Castro Lopez Jr, Michael, 05307 - Valladares, Ricardo, 05362 Christian, Darius, 05406 - Darnel, Edward, 21292 - Reese, Akia, 21621 - Ramirez, Giovanni 1800 TEN POINT LN – ORLANDO, FL 32837 – AT 9:40 AM: 0121 - TORRES, CARLOS, 0160 - MOLINA SUAREZ, CARMEN, 0173 - RILEY, LARRY, 0182 - RESTITUYO, STEVEN, 0215 - ROJAS, PRISCILLA, 0255 - MORALES, WILFREDO, 0261 - RUSSO, WALTER, 0300 - ARRIBAS, MARISOL, 0306 - KLEIN, MICHAEL, 1013 - WEBSTER, ELIZABETH, 1024 - ROJAS, MARCOS, 1025 - HERNANDEZ, ANGELA, 1026 - NUBRITE PAINTING INC, 1050 - POYNTER, ANTHONY, 1067 - SAYAGO, MANUEL, 2019 - FALQUEZ, JULIO, 2034 - DALI, ABDERRAHMAN, 2070 - DAVIS, ANTOINIO, 3014 - MENDOZA, LEYDA, 3042 - CASIMIR, LAURENT, 5025 BAEZ, ERIC, 5028 - GRIDER, LINDA, 5030 - RESTREPO, TATIANA, 5031 - HERNANDEZ, KIMBERLY, 7004 - BOOR SANS, KELLY, 7008 - VOLTAIRE, RICARDO, 7018 - ALVERSON, MATTHEW, 7027 -WEDERBRAND, MARK, 7034 - MARTIN,

AUNDREA, 7079 - DAHOU, SIHAM, 7083 - FRANCIS, OWEN, 7085 - RIVERA, YVETTE, 7090 ABREU, RAFAEL, 7113 - FELCE, ALEJANDRO, 7157 - RODRIGUEZ, JOIE 2783 N. JOHN YOUNG PKWY – KISSIMMEE, FL 34741 – AT 10:50 AM: 1008 - Garcia, Carmen, 1009 - Ayala, Fernando, 1010 - Thompson, Phillip, 1020 Campos, Alberto, 1021 - Guzman, Erbanelys, 1065 - Russell, Jarold, 1066 - Colon-Robles, German, 1071 - Negron, David, 11005 Villalba, Nory, 1103 - Rivera, Jose, 1107 - Carrigan, Erin, 11102 Perez, Pamela, 11117 - Gonzalez, Ana, 1151 - Antunes, Holly, 1157 VELEZ JR, DAVID, 12013 - Virola, Lynette, 12024 - Milyani, Mohammedsaleh, 1204 - Lopez, Elisa, 12051 - Hernandez, Iris, 12109 - Barnes, Natisha, 1218 - Turpin, Marshawn, 12202 - Cartagena, Luis, 12213 - Radinson, Richard, 12403 - Collazo, Ivette, 12418 Neyra, Jean, 12503 - Sanchez, Aracelis, 12505 - Harvey, Sean, 12514 - Morales, Oscar, 12605 Jarvis, Rebeca, 12615 - Valentin, Sheila, 1262 - Falcon, Pedro, 355 - Rodriguez, Sinead, 392 Primrose, Shannon, 397 - Ferrera, Keyla, 443 - Gomez, Edgar, 472 Oconnor, Shezwae, 487 - Conwell, Bernadette, 513 - Mabson, Laverne, 514 - Rahali, Rachid, 581 - Cajuste, Lori, 712 - Morales, Carmen, 802 - Sanchez, Bryant 1701 DYER BLVD, KISSIMMEE, FL 34741 – AT 10:00 AM: 0009 - BAEZ, SUSINDY, 0029 - GAY, TRINITA, 0041 - SALDANHA, ROBERTA, 0045 - BIELE, FRANCISCO, 0050 - VAZQUEZ, JOSE, 0060 - BLIZZARD, PAIGE, 0065 - GUERRA, DAVID, 0088 - BALLARD, ZENOBIA, 0089 - THOMAS, VALERIE, 0105 - CARRIS, JUSTIN, 0135 CALIMAN, ANDRE, 0145 - PATE, PAUL, 0172 - SINGLETON, TWANESHIA, 0178 - TALBOT, YEHOSHEBA, 0302 - MARTINEZ, NELSON, 0305 - LOPEZ, WILLIAM, 0314 - HICKMAN, JEANETTE, 0318 - RAMOS LOPEZ, IRIS, 0328 - FELTON, EDGAR, 1016 - CARBONE, ERIKA, 1025 - GARCIA, CARMEN, 1028 - WALTERS, MARIA, 2006 - MCELORY, KAREN ANEIA, 2010 - VEGA, ZULEYKA, 2021 - PENA, BETSY, 2056 - BURKE, HEATHER, 2096 - GUERRA, ROBIN, 2099 RUIZ, AMANDA, 2113 - RIVERA, ADRIAN, 2119 - RAPP, MICHAEL, 3014 - INDARTE, DIANA, 4017 - JOSEPH, CHANTAL, 4030 - BURGESS, TIFFENY, 4038 - DAVILA, MICHAEL, 4040 - SANCHEZ, JOSEPH, 5013 - GUILAMO, RICHARD, 6002 GEBREHEWET, AZMERA, 6035 - IKE, TERRENCE, 6075 - GRAY, ALFIE, 6076 - KISSIMEE FAMILY MISSION INC , 6076 – BOLDES, BRANDON, 6095 - GOMEZ, FRANK, 6098 - POLOVNUK, JERRY, 6160 - RAMIREZ, MYRA, 6163 - BATTLE, KAREN, 6166 - TORRES, CARLOS, 6175 - SERRANO, VERONICA, 6188 - RIVERA, MAGALI, 6195 RICHARDSON, FRANCINE, 8009 - ROCHESTER, SADE, 8024 PENA, PEDRO, 8060 - VENABLE,

LISA MARIE, 8076 - CRESPO, JORGE 951 S. JOHN YOUNG PKWY – KISSIMMEE, FL 34741 – AT 10:10 AM: 1002 - RIVERA, CARLOS, 1008 - ROMAN, ROBERTO, 1126 - SOUZA, MELISSA, 1208 - JAMES, KELLY, 1236 - GORDON, ROHAN, 1510 - PEREZ, JENNIFER, 1522 - TORRES, JASMIN, 1537 - CARRILLO, JOSE, 1612 - LEMON, ANGELIQUE, 1700 - PALMA, ROSSNER, 1806 - FERGUSON, MARLON, 1812 - PEREZ, EDMUNDO, 2014 - OCASIO, SONIA, 2020 - LLOYD, CARLENE, 2034 ARMSTRONG-BRITT, VALESHIA, 2038 - PIERRE, RICARDO, 2044 - CARRASQUILLO, MELANIE, 2047 - BRITT, JANECIA, 2060 - SANTILLANES, RUTH, 2061 - EGIPCIACO, MELISSA, 2065 WALKER, CAPRICE, 2107 - WILSON, SHAUNA, 2129 - ROBVAIS, LAKEISHA, 2145 - HAMILTON, JAMES, 2150 - JONES, SHONASCE, 2169 - QUESTELL RODRIGUEZ, MARSHA, 2174 - FISHER, PATRICK, 2194D - WILLIS, CONSTANCE, 2200 - ROGERS, MALINDA, 2254 - REDDING, JOHNNIE, 2300 - RIVERO, ANGEL, 2306 - NEGRON, MAGDAELENA (MAGGIE), 2321 - ALVAREZ, EMELYN, 2332 - GREEN, NATHALIE, 2351 - PEREIRA, KEISHA, 2357 - MAHONEY, MARGARET, 2409 - SAT’HERU, RAVEN, P08 - JIMENEZ, TAINA 227 SIMPSON RD - KISSIMMEE, FL 34744 –AT 10:20 AM: 008 - Velez, Frances, 013 - Francis, Denee, 023 - Quiros, Thomas, 036 - Santiago, Pablito, 049 - Garrastegui, Sonia E, 062 - Vasquez, Leticia, 077 - Peterson, Mark, 087 - Loiz Alicea, Dayme, 100 - Garcia, Olga, 103 - Spencer, Jean, 127 Alava, Mary, 157 - Baldwin, Alicia, 203 - Tobias, Brent, 204 - Marrero, Carmen, 219 - Malavez, Jose, 241 - Ocasio, Iris, 263 - Carde, Rafael, 268 - Briscoe, Nigel, 309 Betances, Mayline, 314 - Munoz, Edwin, 322 - Flores, Ralph, 337 Locke, Hailee, 351 - Villalba, Nory, 352 - Sanpedro, Kristal, 356 Senabre, Miguel, 357 - Rodriguez, Tiffany, 419 - Williams, Lilkeasha, 422 - Acevedo Jr., Ceferino, 452 Garcia, Edwin, 454 - Rivera Trabal, Orlando, 501 - Real, Juan, 549 - White, Sonora, 557 - Persons, Justin, 564 - Howells, Kelly, 579 Hernandez, Ivan, 605 - Gonzalez, Eduardo, 705 - Nabut, Laith, 712 Schaffer, Joanna, 720 - Pulsipher, Louise, 802 - Resto Cortes, Jorge, 807 - Colon, Keyla, 813 - fabian, bladimir, 815 - Williams, Marcia, 824 - Sierra, Sandra, 838 - Soto Ayala, Angel, 861 - Gomez, Liz, 863 - Rodriguez, Lazaro, 865 - Castillo1, Juana, 887 - Diaz Martinez, Pablo, 896 - Rivera, Alfredo, RV11 - Torres, Kevin, RV3 - Thomas, Sumpter, Haulmark CR6XWIT, 1997 Vin#6839.

In order to satisfy a contractual landlord’s lien, under the provisions of the Florida Self­ Service Storage Space Act, public notice is hereby given that the following described property will be sold at public sale to the highest bidder for cash only. The sale will be held at the times and locations listed below: A-AAAKey Mini Storage 1001 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando, FL 32807 SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2017@ 9:30am Anthony R. Pagan-Bags, Boxes and Totes and Clothes, Mercedes Vega-Dresser, Cassettes, Bags, Boxes and Totes, Ruben Alers-Luggage, Electronics, Furniture, Boxes and Bins, Laizette M., Texeira-Lawnmower, Furniture, Plant Stand Boxed Mini Blinds, Workbench, Tools and Holiday Decorations, Luis A. FelicianoIndustrial Wet Vac, Boxing Dummy, Kitchenware, Misc. Furniture and Artwork, Edward D. Mara-Dell Computer, Computer Chair, Mattresses, Holiday Decorations, Board Games, Maricelly Reyes-Poles, Wood and Entrance Door, Cristobal Flores-Sofa and Loveseat, Chairs, Dresser, TV, Artwork, Computer and Totes, Denny King-Sofa, Box Spring and Outdoor Chairs, Corey Adams-Skateboard, Dressers, Tables and Totes, Damaris Britton-Table, Chair, Shelf, Lamp, Shoes and Totes, Iris Bruno-Table, Clothes, Mattress and Boxes, Stephen Tritch-Ladder, Dressers, Coolers, Mattress, Vacuum, Misc. Totes and Boxes, Waleska ReyesMicrowave, Dresser, Clothes, Boxspring and Mattress, Eduardo

Villasenor-Mirror, Shelf, Misc. Boxes and Totes, Jose GarciaWeights, Printer, Microwave, Misc. Boxes and Bags, Dayvelisse Hernaiz-Motorized Kids Cars, Outdoor Chairs, Toys and Boxes, Erica Long-Speakers, Shelf, Lamp, Misc. Totes, Boxes and Books, Anthony Gallo-Kids Toys, Mattress, Boxes and Books, Jacqueline W. Fargo- Multitude of Boxes, Michael Robinson-Shop Press, Hydrolic Jack, Shop Vacs, Industrial Paint Sprayer, Tanks and Trunk, Leslie Terry-Stand-Up Arcade Games, Helmet Wall Decoration, Totes and Boxes, Elvia Velez-Wheelbarrows, Hoses and Tools, Carlo CentenoWorktable, Occasional Table, Kitchenware, Books, Dennis Gonzalez-Speakers, Suitcases, Artwork and Boxes, Jessica Figueroa-Mattress and Boxspring, Bed Rails, Misc. Totes and Boxes, Jocelyn Bonilla-Dresser, Disney Dolls(Frozen), Mattress, Table and Boxes, Theresa J. Wade-Dresser, Snow Skis and Boots, Artwork, Shelves, Vacuum, Clothes and Shoes, Many Boxes and Totes, Sally Nicholas-Fishing Rods and Equipment, Toys, Clothes, Bins and Boxes A-AAAKey Mini Storage 5285 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32839-2307 SEPTEMBER 28th @11:00am Carrita CooleyCar Seat, Stroller, Suitcase, Mattress and Boxspring, Misc. Boxes, Bags and Tubs, Jennifer Grant-Couch Set, Queen Mattress, Dresser, Misc. Boxes and Tubs, Carolyn Slay-Antique Table and Chairs, Antique Cabinet, Frederick A. Murray Sr-Twin

SEPT. 13-19, 2017

Mattress Set, Headboard, End Table, Misc. Boxes and Tubs, Kyetheus Monteiro-Coat Rack, Weight Bench, Two Book Shelves, Suitcases, TV and Boxes, Angela R. Montes-Bicycle, Large Ice Chest, Table, Misc. Tubs, Bags and Boxes, Gina Jean- End Tables, Dresser, Misc. Luggage and Boxes, Coffee Table, Brittany Nicole Snipes-Playhouse, Mattress Set, Misc. Boxes and Bags, Amy Feliciano-Step Ladder, TV, Misc. Totes, Boxes and Suitcases, Blondine Castor-TV, Stroller, Misc. Boxes, Bags and Tubs, Jose Rotas-End Table, Luggage, Bike Helmet, Misc. Bags and Tubs.



Legal, Public Notices NOTICE OF SALE PS ORANGECO, INC. PERSONAL PROPERTY CONSISTING OF COUCHES, BEDS, TV’S, CLOTHES, BOXES OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS & OTHER PERSONAL ITEMS USED IN THE HOME, OFFICE OR GARAGE WILL BE SOLD FOR CASH OR OTHERWISE DISPOSED OF AT PUBLIC SALES ON SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 AT LOCATIONS & TIMES INDICATED BELOW, TO SATISFY OWNERS LIEN FOR RENT & FEES DUE IN ACCORDANCE WITH FLORIDA STATUES, SELF STORAGE ACT, SECTIONS 83.806 AND 83.807. ALL ITEMS OR SPACES MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF SALE. ORIGINAL RESALE CERTIFICATE FOR EACH SPACE PURCHASED IS REQUIRED 5401 L.B. MCLEOD RD – ORLANDO, FL – 32811 – AT 10:30 AM: 1104 - Johnson, Lakarra, 1155 - Palmer, Trina, 2202 Chavanne, Nicole, 2205 - Nelson, Damastis, 2216 - Ben faraj, Ismail, 2218 - Woodson, Karensa, 2260 Porter, Naomi, 2277 - Otero, Candie, 2289 - White, Patrick, 2294 - Matus, Genesis, 2305 - Chaves, Marina, 2309 - Powel, Keisha, 2312 - Williams, Tevin, 2317 - Susana, Michael, 2321 - Fouladgar, Anthony, 2322 - Graham, Earl, 2328 - fikes, veronica, 2333 Buggs, Tiffiney, 2334 - Garcia, Marcilas, 2338 - Smith, Marnita, 2341 - Taylor, Antwon 4508 S. VINELAND RD – ORLANDO, FL 32811 – AT 10:45 AM: 0112 - WALDEN, JEANNELL, 0118 - Willliams, Leslie, 0213 Roman, Lyllique, 0220 - Williams, Dyana, 0302 - Walden, Jeannell, 0313 - Walden, Jeannell, 0504 Walden, Jeannell, 0601 - Wiley, Wanda, 0611 - Engram, Anderana, 0708 - Borges, Daniel, 0712 - FUTURE TRONICS, 0712 – JOHNSON, ALAN, 0806 - Phanor, Lucianie, 0815 - Jackson, Duane, 0818 - Service, Leo, 0826 - Holloway, Timothy, 0832 - Testoni, Albra, 0904 - Soules, Unissa, 0916 - Johnson, Monica, 1005 - Hayes, Omega, 1006 - Moore, Sarah, 1024 - Yanira, Elizabeth, 1026 Adderlini, Michael, 1030 - Hart, Matilda, 1034 - Mills, Lashonda, 1109 - Fraites, Chinelle, 1110 - Torres, Jonathan, 1117 - Kalaba, Emmanuel, 1134 - Strickland, Mayda, 1203 - Oliver, Tymessia, 1209 - Noland, Michael, 1213 - Atilus, Joachin, 1214 - Langford, Hydee, 1218 - Saint Pierre, Peterson, 1238 - Young, Randy, 1309 - Phillips, Jeremy, 1316 - Hutchison, CoCintheane, 1322 - Mabson, Simon, 1331 - Jefferson, Cora, 1403 - Fleuridor, Alibert 5900 LAKE HURST DR – ORLANDO, FL 32819 – AT 11:00 AM: A002 - Negron, Luis Santana, C146 - Compass Group, C146 – MANGANELLI, DAVID, C184 Hixon, Jacquelyn, C191 - White, TaRay, D112 - Ellis, Rhiannon, D139 - Daniels, Josef, D140 Ross, Margaret, D153 - Deceus,


Audrey, D175 - Duval, Melvin, E230 - Williams, Askia, E238 Milliken, Chelsea, G048 - Ford, William, H083 - Zambrano, Gabriel 6040 LAKE HURST DR – ORLANDO, FL 32819 – AT 11:15 AM: 0001 - Aponte, Arturo, 0017 - Ayala, Sonia, 0038 - Higginbotham, Paula, 0051 - Clark, Patrick, 0065 - Brown Jr, Robert, 0101 - Straker, Tresaund, 0112 - Orlando Eye On Talent, INC, 0112 – MENDES, ELISABETH, 0114 - CHMAKOVA, IOULIA, 0132 - MAHFOOZ, YAHIYA, 0133 - Rodrigues De Melo, Carlos, 0166 - Mendes, Elisabeth, 0203 - Juliana Ticzon, 0205 - Juliana Ticzon, 0220 - Young, Eva, 0226 - Matthews, Catherine, 0230 Tiara’s Water Ice Company, 0230 – OEMRAWSINGH, KENNETH, 0248 - Garrett, Adrienne, 0295 - Wright, Ronald, 0351 - Arnett, Rachel, 0409 - Hawkins, Kerri, 1026 - Phillips, James, 1105 NAJJAR, SAMIR, 1109 - Beaulieu, Dominique, 1124 - Neal, James, 1135 - Ward, Quienton, 2047 Hendry, Daniel, 2053 - Joseph, Toccara, 2150 - Zimmer, Patricia. Notice Under Fictitious Name Law Pursuant to Section 865.09, Florida Statutes NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, desiring to engage in business under the fictitious name of Amy’s Hallmark #936 located at Waterford Lakes Town Center, 485 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828 in the County of Orange in the City of intends to register the said name with the Division of Corporations of the Florida Department of State, Tallahassee, Florida. Dated at Orlando Florida, this 6th day of Sept. 2017 Hallmark Retail, LLC NOTICE Under Fictitious Name Law Pursuant to Section 865.09, Florida Statutes NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, desiring to engage in business under the fictitious name of Crayola Experience located at c/o Hallmark Cards, Incorporated; Sara Grabill 2501 McGee Trafficway, MD 339, Kansas City, MO 64801 intends to register the said name with the Division of Corporations of the Florida Department of State, Tallahassee, Florida. Dated at Orange County Florida, this 6th day of Sept. 2017. Crayola, LLC NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that on Extra Space Storage will sell at public auction at the storage facilities listed below, to satisfy the lien of the owner, personal property described below belonging to those individuals listed below at the following locations: September 27th, 2017 at the times and locations listed below. The personal goods stored therein by the following: 12:30p.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at:

ORLANDO WEEKLY ● SEPT. 13-19, 2017

11971 Lake Underhill Rd. Orlando, Fl. 32825 (407) 380-0046 #130-Stacey Leahy-Dresser, Bags, Boxes,Totes,Holiday Decoration,Chest,Cooler #131Khalia Scarbrough-Bed,Dresse r,DVD,TV,Boxes,Shoes,Totes,B ed Frame,Luggage,Lamp,Guitar #706- Beverly Rodriguez-Bed,Ta ble,Bags,Boxes,Pictures,Totes,La mp,Holiday Decoration,Luggage #1321- Francheska GonzalezDresser, Mattress.Table, Bags,Toys,chair,Bed Frame #1323- Aaron Martirano- Chair,Co uch,Table,Printer,Boxes,Totes,T.V Stand,Piano,Ladder,telescope,Va ccuum #1346-De Ja Stephens-Ch air,Table,Dishwasher,Microwave, Washer,Dryer,Stove #1359-Tania Sanchez- Couch, Dresser, Table, Boxes. 2:00p.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 11071 University Blvd. Orlando, Fl. 32817 (321) 320-4055 #2188-Michael Shipley- Homegoods. Purchases must be made with cash only and paid at the above referenced facility in order to complete the transaction. Extra Space Storage may refuse any bid and may rescind any purchase up until the winning bidder takes possession of the personal property. NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that Extra Space Storage will sell at public auction, to satisfy the lien of the owner, personal property described below belonging to those individuals listed below at the following locations: September 27th, 2017 at the times and locations listed below. The personal goods stored therein by the following: 9:30a.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 13125 S. John Young Pkwy. Orlando, Fl. 32837 (407) 240-0958 #00702-Garvey Johnson- Piano, Cabinets, #00613-Apolonio Suarez- Two bedroom Apat, #00164-Jacqueline Quiles-Household items, #1115FArturo Vargas- Household Items, #00115-Ingrid Acevedo- Home Items, #00535-Renier MaiguelHousehold Items, #00908-Marguerite Murray- Home Items, #00227-Luisa Bastian- Household Items, #00622- Delbert RobertsonHousehold Items, #00811-Christiano Bruns- Home Items, #00716-Wilson Pineda- Tools, #00401- Giovanna Gaud- Household Items. 11:00a.m. at the Extra Space Storage facility located at: 5753 Hoffner Avenue Orlando, FL 32822 (407) 212-5890 #6009-Melissa Oconnell- Office supplies, #5005-Tiffany Gracia- Household goods, #4006-Marie Benilla Guss- Household goods, #1029EJose Mercado- Household goods, #1340-Adrian Robinson- Household goods. Purchases must be made with cash only and paid at the above referenced facility in order to complete the transaction. Extra Space Storage may refuse any bid and may rescind any purchase up until the winning bidder takes possession of the personal property.

NOTICE OF SALE PS ORANGECO, INC. PERSONAL PROPERTY CONSISTING OF COUCHES, BEDS, TV’S, CLOTHES, BOXES OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS & OTHER PERSONAL ITEMS USED IN THE HOME, OFFICE OR GARAGE WILL BE SOLD FOR CASH OR OTHERWISE DISPOSED OF AT PUBLIC SALES ON SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2017 AT LOCATIONS & TIMES INDICATED BELOW, TO SATISFY OWNERS LIEN FOR RENT & FEES DUE IN ACCORDANCE WITH FLORIDA STATUES, SELF STORAGE ACT, SECTIONS 83.806 AND 83.807. ALL ITEMS OR SPACES MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF SALE. ORIGINAL RESALE CERTIFICATE FOR EACH SPACE PURCHASED IS REQUIRED. 4729 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL, 32839—AT 9:30AM: 0101 - Castilho, Saara, 0102 - Riley, Brittany, 0107 - Fauntleroy, James, 0113 - Jackson, Destiny, 0114 - Kornexl, Joseph, 0132 - Washington, Jeremiah, 0133 - Roberts, Tyshara, 0141 - Brown, Deborah, 0150 - Baez, Pamela, 0158 - Charles, Kevin, 0159 - Caffrey, Marianne, 0203 Paige, Gabriel, 0205 - Louissaint, Guerline, 0213 - Adams, Aneisha, 0215 - Payne, Stephanie, 0217 Shockley, Danielle, 0237 - Lass, Mariana, 0241 - Jones-Biddings, Djuanua, 0305 - Irving, Dwan, 0311 - Ousley, Baretta, 0312 Shield Jr, Ken, 0314 - William, Willie, 0315 - Brisbane, Harold, 0321 - Knight, Shalaja, 0343 - Davis, Randi, 0352 - Jean, Diana, 0353 Naylor, John, 0356 - Scarborough, Carrie, 0414 - White, Estella, 0434 - Kaba, Mark, 0435 - Williams, Edith, 0506 - Lord, Angela, 0508 Gonzalez, Lisandra, 0511 - Collins, Tim, 0513 - Cameron, Noreen, 0519 - Melendez, Fernando, 0604 - Maragh, Courtney, 0610 Northern, Eugene, 0621 - Bridley, Michael, 0622 - Ortiz, Josue, 0624 - Weeks, Tylishia, 0701 - Mack, Lillian, 0706 - Desir Israel, Anne, 0711-Knight,Mary, 0732 - Perry, Lakenya, 0803 - Jean, Germine, 0816 - Cuencas, Gymarie, 0819 - Souza, Zelismar, 0820 - Pherai, Dian, 0834 - Jordan, Glynn, 0837 - Williams, Raquel, 0838 - Tobin, Egypt, 0847 - Strouse, Ashley, 0903 - Jackson, Santana, 0904 - Delancy, Marie Renee, 0908 - Robinson, Johnny, 09105 - Martinez, Jellitza, 09110 - Arduc, Ali, 09112 - Joseph, Lucie, 0912 Sansur, Lindsey, 09120 - Barreto, Katia, 09121 - Morrison, Shemela, 09125 - Dais, Julius, 09128 - Reid Jr, Berry, 0922 - Ballou, Jay, 0926 - Sublet, Glender, 0930 - Collins, Tiana, 0940 - Fisteac, Jose, 0944 - Parks, Michelle, 0949 Mitchell, Roger, 0954 - Walsh, Richard, 0955 - Butler, Cordice, 0960- Lesene,Angelina, 0964 Bryant, Tamiko, 0981 - Wilson, Brandee, 0983 - Kline, Jason, 0988 - Brooks, Vernesheya, 1004 - Dodds, Jeffrey, 1008 - Yarber, Kelly, 1014 - Mcneil, Latanza, 1019 - Arguelles Tirado, Erline, 1041 - River Garcia, Chailyne, 1048 Standifer, Lester, 1061 - Walker,

Angellia, 1062 - Zayas, Jerry, 1063 - Cadely, Dunel, 1064 - Burke, Kaishma, 1103 - Gregory, Jacinth, 1113 - Jenkins, Brianna, 1129 Brown, Suddaney, 1130 - Greggs, Joshua, 1132 - Wheeler, Brian, 1139 - Vear, Emily, 1147 - Cudjoe, Richard, 1150 - Hanson, Kimberly, 1162 - Peterkin, Aubrey, 1168 Lavigne, Lawrence, 1170 - Padilla Colon, Angel, 1186 - Louijuste, Louivens, 1209 - lopez, claribel, 1216 - Perez, Monica, 1221 Caldwell, Denitra, 1222 - Dean, Terry, 1231 - Porter, Ken, 1233 - Fedd, Tawanda, 1234 - Nelson, Jeanette, 1236 - Duverceau, Yves, 1249 - Bracey, Phillippa, 1251 - Mcwhorter, Toni, 1253 - Felix, Ebony, 1255 - Baptiste, Rosita, 1268 - Blue, Shiwan, 1269 - Townsend, Zandrya, 1276 - Martinez, Cherry, 1277 - Joseph, Antonio, 1304 Saint Charles, Sondline, 1308 - Brown, Octavian, 1321 - Ortiz, Ramon, 1332 - Mcmillian, Lizette, 1336 - Lindsey, Eyvaine, 1337 Smith, Charles, 1362 - Brevard, Wakemah, 1369 - Silva, Vilma 235 E Oak Ridge Road, Orlando, FL, 32809AT 10:30AM- A116 NADEGE, LAMOUR, A125 - HENRY, SANDRA, A131 - NEGRON, GIOVANNY, A138 - BULLOCK, GARY, A144 - BRYAN, PEARL, A145 - GUZMAN, JOSUE, A157 SILLS, KARI, B205 - CALDERON, JOSE, B210 - MARTINEZ, ERICA, B217 - YARBROUGH, CYNTHIA, B243 - MCCAULEY, SEAN, C315 - GARCIA, JENNIFER, C323 - BENNETT, ANQUNETTE, C324 - WILSON, MADRIA, D409 - RIVERA, JENNIE, D419 - MARTINEZ VAZQUEZ, MARIA, D423 - NARVAEZ, RUBYMAR, E506 - REGIS, FELIX, E533 LEWIS, APRIL, E544 - VALENTIN, EDDY, F609 - GARCIA, MIGUEL, F613 - ARIAS, MARK, F615- BENNETT, DENISE, F630 - ECHEVARRIA, SALLY, F636 - MARCELIN, IMMACULEE, G711 - DIAZ, RANDY, G713 - MAYO, SHAWN, G724 - ALLEN, MICHELE, H806 - BURNES BOWLES,KIMBERLY H807 - ETIENNE, KENIA, I919 - DIEUVEUIL, ANNA, I924 - LALANNE, VEDETTE, I931 - THIELE, THOMAS, J010 - HILARIO, ELVIN, J022 - NUNEZ, VIVIANA, J034 - SHAFEI, NOUR, J037 JANICKE, DINA, J040 - LUNA, IRIS, K109 - GIPSON, JAMES, K110 - DORSEY, ERRICK, K112 - MIRANDA, ALEXANDER, K113 - NARVAEZ, RUDY, K114-MITCHEL, SHAVETTA, L221 - SHAW, WILLIAM, L224 - ROMERO, SOLAMAN, N405 - FONSECAGARCIA, HECTOR, N407 - MUNOZ, DANIEL, O515 - WRIGHT, SHAYLA, P005 - RODGERS, RONN, P032 - ROMERO, FELIPA, P053 - PEREZ, JUAN CARLOS, P068 - DE SOUZA, EDSON 1801 W Oakridge Rd Orlando, FL 32809 AT- 11:30AM- B012 - Smith, Eric, B021 - Willaims Merchant, LaShawncia, B028 - Loyd, Pauline, B041 - Oliver, Barbara, B044 - Guaman, Juan, C005 - Darthhard, Levon, C015 Rodriguez, Rene, C018 - Reese, Destiny, C024 - Lee-Williams, Precious, C036 - Joseph, Jolaine, C040 - Despeines, Jean, D008 Torres, Miguel, D011 - Mc Leod,

Juliet, D015 - St fleur, Herica, D031 - Greene, Sherman, D037 - Gonzalez, Michelle, D039 Johnson, Kimberly, D044 - Young, Anthony, D054 - Fauntleroy, Jeffery, E004 - Giles, Nadege, E007 - Ortiz, Yamary, E012 - Phillips, Millie, E032 - Lavache, Gina, E038 - Townsend, Jeffery, F012 - Gresham, Brittany, F028 - Jones, Patricia, G003 - Noel, Jean, G008 - Matthews, Tonya, G031 - Anderson, Shimara, G032 - Joseph Jr, Martin, G034 - Barrios, Rebecca, H002 - Louissaint, Marie, H005 - Sneed, Audrey, H020 - Alexis, Annie, H025 - Washington, Raniskia, H027 - Ortega, Kiaraly, H028 - Rivera, Felisha, H038 - Rakes, James, H042 - Cameron, Levene, J002 - Ulneus, Rosemaine, J009 - Brewer, Daquan, J014 Cartaxo, Cynthia, J030 - Resto, Jose, J032 - Brown, Tanzy, J035 - Adams, Danny, J039 - Caldeyant, Christella, J042 - Diaz, Antonio, J056 - Smith, Damien, J060 Vasquez, Maribel, J090 - Roman Borrero, Javier, J091 - Johnson, Kenya, J104 - Williams, Kayla, J110 - Anty, Rebecca, J112- Pinnock, Carlington, J116 - kanarick, yvette, J118 - Danza, Michelle, J152 - Richardson, Cheva, J160 - Rivera, Sonia, K009 - Pierre, Duguet, K025 - Cobb, Breandra, K036 - Ellis, Jadae, K080 - Pines, Major, K082 - Lingard, Jaqueline, K104 - brennan, larissa, K108 rodriguez, oscar, K109 - Danza, Michelle, P004 - Fils Aime, Kepler 1313 45th Street, Orlando, FL 32839-AT 12:30PM: A107 - ROMELUS, DIEUJUSTE, A114 - POLLACK, RONADA, A121- LAURY, SAINNELHOMME, A126 - BRUMMITT, VALISHIA, A190 - DENICOLA, JANEL, A195 - CHERI, ANGIE, B205 - SIMON, KYLE, B212 - BERNARD, JONATHAN, B214 - SAMUEL, SANDRA, B226 - SANDERS, SHANEKA, B230 MONROE, CY, B237 - YOUNG, TASHIEKKA, B238 - DABNEY, KAREN, B250 - KILLINGS, WENFORD, C302 - ROMAN, EVANGELINA, C305 - OWENS, LEE, C307 - RENE, NICOLE, C310 - CRUZ, SANDRA, C315 - GARDNER, SIMON, C316 - COLIN, JEAN, C317 - WILLIAMS, ZARNICA, C324 - HENDERSON, TONY, C328 - PIERRE, EMMANUAEL, C333 - JORDAN, JENNAY, C381 - FEQUIERE, STEPHANIE, D403 - NEELY, DONNA, D409 - WOODSON, LESINE, D411 - BELLEVUE, MAKENTIA, D425 - ASHE, KENNETH, D429 - WOODS, REESE, D435 - ALBERTO, FRANCISCA, D436 - PATTERSON, HARRY, D438 THOMPSON, TRENTON, E504 - ISRAEL, MEUSE, E509 - DEME, SEVERE, E520 - WILLIAMS, KIYA, E530 - LAINE, JOSEPH, E541 - ANDERSON, RUBY, F608 - CLAIRE SAINT, EMMANUEL, F622 - COSTA, FRANCISCO, F624 - SANDERS, LAQUANDA, G722 - RICHARDSON, MICHAEL, H828 - ALEXANDER, DEBORAH, H846 - HAMILTON,TERRENCE.

Legal, Public Notices NOTICE OF SALE PS ORANGECO, INC. PERSONAL PROPERTY CONSISTING OF COUCHES, BEDS, TV’S, CLOTHES, BOXES OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS & OTHER PERSONAL ITEMS USED IN THE HOME, OFFICE OR GARAGE WILL BE SOLD FOR CASH OR OTHERWISE DISPOSED OF AT PUBLIC SALES ON SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2017 AT LOCATIONS & TIMES INDICATED BELOW, TO SATISFY OWNERS LIEN FOR RENT & FEES DUE IN ACCORDANCE WITH FLORIDA STATUES, SELF STORAGE ACT, SECTIONS 83.806 AND 83.807. ALL ITEMS OR SPACES MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF SALE. ORIGINAL RESALE CERTIFICATE FOR EACH SPACE PURCHASED IS REQUIRED. 08714- 8149 Aircenter Court, Orlando, FL 32809-7414 AT9:30AM- 1011 - Mayo, Chrystal, 1018 - Segui, Angel L., 1107 Rivera, Jennifer, 1115 - Passalacqua, Mirtha, 1119 - Agosto, Edwin, 1121 - Porter, Angelica, 1175 - Heslin, Charlotte, 2016 - Claudio, Catheryne D, 2031 - Perez, Maria, 2064 - Williams, Barnett, 2106 - Torres, Geomares, 2119 - Heidkamp, Christopher, 2136 - heifetz, avee, 2139 - Delgado, Luis, 2190 - Rabassi, Rick, 2216 Mackey, Gregory, 2264 - Dodson, Anna, 3020 - Witt, Tammy, 3047 - winslow, Jessica, 3058 - Watkins, Timothy, 3072 - Rodriguez, Maricarmen, 4036 - Akuicabanilla, Kalae, 4050 - Mendez, Luis, 4065 - JNS PROFESSIONAL FLOORING INC, 6005 - SantaRosa Silva, Melanie, 6010 - Ross, Teresa, 6017 - malave, jorge, 6102 - Rosado, Jose, 6114 - Acree, Christina, 6121 - Sorrell, Miriam, 6153 - Ruiz, Xavier, 7209 - Rogers, Adrain 08726- 4801 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL, 32822-2316 AT- 09:45AM- 0112 - Melton, Donnie, 0150 - Larribeau, Annelle, 0154 - Campbell, Roseannne, 0180 - Stevens Jr., James S., 0208 - Obrien, Douglas, 0209 - Distribuidora el Boricua, 0216 - sanchez, felix, 0221 - Matos, Lisette, 0260 - Kinard, Alyson, 1019 - Brenner, Evelyn, 2003 Ysabel, Ramon, 2011 - Teague, Joseph, 2013 - Demaintenon, Heidi, 2021 - Ruiz, Carolina, 3029 - Florence, Natacha, 3074 - Kuhn, Donna, 4011 - Lamrani, Zohra J, 4025 - Ayesse, Alphonse, 6021 - Areizaga, Anthony, 6026 - Dan Casto Wallcovering, 6027- Ford, Shawn, 7002 - Fleming, Glenn, 7008 - Ewen, Monica, 7022 - Aquino Perez, Reynaldo, 7024 - Rosa, Eduardo, 7027 - Dyer, Shankara, 7042 - Weiss, Kayla Marie, 7043 Gulbronson, Ashley, 7051 - Trent, Matthew, 7052 - Rodriguez, Jilka, 7053 - Joseph, Macdarlie, 7064 - Garcia, Wilda, 7100 - Stillwell, Kealin, 7123 - Cusiccanqui, Cammie, 7129 - Booth, Zachary, 7135 - Rivera Santiago, Julia Enid, 7149 - Rodriguez, Diana, 7150 - Green,

Thaddeus, 7156 - Dan Casto Wallcovering, 8013 - Rincon, Carlos, 8038 - Vegerano, Dannie, 8092 - Irizarry, Chris, 8094-Rojas, Hector, 8123 - Sanchez, Felix, 8175 - Ruiz, Carmen, 8181 Abreu, Aurora, 9015 - Silva SR, Mauricio, 9021 - Soriano, Luz, 9027 - Sanchez, Francisco, 9028 Sanchez, Francisco 28084- 2275 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando FL 32822 at 10:00AM:, A107 - Commock, Gary, A130 Wilcox, Kimberly, A135 - Williams, Lynette, B105 - Viering, Christine, B118 - Wellesley, Brandon, B141 - Patterson, Carlos, B152 - Smith, Marisha, B157 - Elorre, Natalie, B163 - Perez, Joel, B170 - Parker, William, B179 - Morphew, Marcus, B185 - Leonard, Gwendoline, B201 - Flanagan, Christy, B218 - Lopez, Ileana, B224 - Conley, Christopher, B226 - Cruz, Ismael, C111 - Morales, Olga, C124 Daniel, Robert, C136 - Brevil, Natasha, C137 - Samaroo, Winston, C144 - Gilchrist, Sheronne, C147 - Steighner, Connie, C162 - Phillips, Renee, C166 - Brent, Ellyse, C195D - Martinez, Tricia, C195G - Thomas, Terrell, C195I Cesareo, Samantha, C201 - Zayas Gonzalez, Ivonne, C203 - Dowdye, Cecelia, C207 - Brown, Chris, C208 - Shomefun, George, C211A - Figueroa, Francisco, C212B Nichols, Melissa, C212C - Lopez, Maria, C212E - Weber, Jazmin, C220 - SOSA, JENNIFER, C230C - Wright, Danny, C230F - Williams, Taylor 20179- 903 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando FL, 32807 at 10:30AM: A004 - Rivera, Miguel, B001 Lozado, Susana, B004 - Oquendo, Judith, B017 - Albaladejo, Barbara, B023 - Faraldo, Jessica, B039 Oquendo, Frank, C010 - Read, Micheal, C012 - Comcepcion, Samuel, C015 - TEJADA, MARITZA, C041 - Astacio, Angel, C050 - Locke, Brian, C054 - Lewis, Kelly, C076 - Quiles, Jeamy, C079 - Taft, Andre, D013 - Wagner, Tonya, D027 - Conway, Leon, D053 Edwards, Katrina, D057 - Romero, Ramona, D059 - Lewis, Tomise, D076 - Cabrera, Christine, D083 Black, Austin, D101 - Nesbitt, Sharon, D106 - Brandenburg, Dylan, D107 - Cordova, Amilcar, D120 - Newlan, Cynthia, D127 - Alam, Trisha, D154 - Mann, Ted, D161 Perrone, Danna, D162 - Turnbull, Kristine, D163 - Rodriguez, Krystian, D182 - Chaisson, Michelle, D183 - Kipp, Ronald, D196 Smith, Zachary, D203 - Benjamin, Danny, D209 - Jackson, Justen, D227 - Spruell, Shelley, D228 Slayton, Victoria, D231 - Stokes, Monica, E019 - Rivera, Christian, E020 - Norman, Nora, E033 Regueira, Toby, E037 - Green, Tiffany, E040 - Rodriguez, Aimara, E042 - AGOSTO, LILLIAN, E058 - Perez, Yomarie, E065 - Mitchell, John, E082 - Mcrae, Channing, E094 - Hagy, Susan, E099 - Connolly, Madeline 25850- 2525 E. Michigan St, Orlando FL 32806 11:30AM: 1005 - Guadagnoli, Robert, 1027 - Melendez, Wanda, 1031 - Desormier, Robert, 1032 - Gilliland, larry, 2001 - Tavera, Doris, 2004 - Williams, Chad, 2021 - Maldonado, Marisol,

2032 - Lill, Kristin, 2033 - Lynch, David, 2043 - consumer electrical services, 3017 - Francis, Aaron, 4002- O’loughlin, Daisha, 4037 Atkinson, Jon, 5049 - Musgrave, Shannon, 5053 - Hinson, Christina, 5055 - Alves, Melanie, 5337 - Barrow, James, 5345 - Davis, Bradley, 6218 - Vanasdale, Carianne, 6432 - Mitchell, Tiffany, 6449 - Nerette, Jean Emmanuel, 6501 - Pinkney, Prince, 6502 - BJanes, Beth, 6513 - Quandt, Ashley, 6522 - Wiles, Brooke, 6529 - Smart, Judy. NOTICE OF SALE Vehicles will be sold as is, no warranty. Seller reserves the right to refuse any bid. Terms of bids are cash only. Buyer must have funds on hand at time of sale: 1994 Ford VIN# 1FTHS24H1RHA40255 2003 Chevy VIN# 2G1WF52E039112282 1996 Nissan VIN# JN1CA21D7TT169669 1997 Mercury VIN# 2MELM74W7VX696095 1998 Mercury VIN# 4M2ZU52E2WUJ43254 1999 Toyota VIN# 2T1CG22PXXC225430 2002 Ford VIN# 1FAFP53U52A198384 1999 Plymouth VIN# 2P4FP2535XR475675 To be sold at auction at 8:00 a.m. on September 27, 2017, 7301 Gardner Street, Winter Park, FL. 32792 Constellation Towing & Recovery LLC

Pursuant to FLS713.585, lienor GS Auto Center, 5293, South Orange Blossom Trail-32839/ Orlando-FL will sell at public sale at lienor’s address on September 29 2017 at 5PM for cash to satisfy a claim of lien the following car:2005 VOLK,vin # 3VWRF71K45M626280.It is located at lienor’s address. Said vehicle may be redeemed by satisfying the lien prior to sale date. You have the right to a hearing at any time prior the sale date by filling a demand for hearing in the circuit court. Owner has the right to recover possession of vehicle by posting in accordance with FS 559.917. Any proceeds in excess of the amount of the lien will be deposited with the Clerk of Circuit Court in the county where the vehicle is held.

SEPT. 13-19, 2017



ORLANDOWEEKLY.COM/JOBS Pastry Sous Chef Walt Disney World Resort 6272696

Employment Williams Dairy Trucking Is looking for a yard truck driver to work at TG Lee Orlando. Must have CDL. For info call 912-367-9160

Cosmetologist - Full Time Walt Disney World Resort 6272623 Lobby Attendant (AM shift) Caribe Royale Orlando 6275879

NEEDED IMMEDIATELY! Experienced House-Keepers/Cleaners Vacation homes, Residential homes, Move-out/Move-ins, Post-construction. Must have transportation and Valid DL, English/ bilingual. Flexible hours, F/T & P/T Available. Competitive wages Please call Lisa today! 413-355-6525 Medical Assistant - Internal Medicine Orlando Health Physician Associates 6275415

Online Instructors - Digital Filmmaking The Los Angeles Film School 6272515 DevOps Engineer Cru 6276176 Account Executive Summit Broadband 6272514 Analyst IT Field Services Universal Orlando 6274957

Sampler Manager Diamond Resorts International 6275891

Associate Hardware Manager Universal Orlando 6274266

Gate Attendant City of Orlando 6275850 Utility Heavy Equipment Operator City of Casselberry 6274669 Guest Experience Host Merlin Entertainments 6273805 Product Manager Tourico Holidays Inc. 6273793 Course Director - FPR610 Film Production Thesis I: PreProduction Full Sail University 6265535 Content Developer Full Sail University 6265525


Housekeeper Westminster Services 6275589 Content Writer 6274234 Early Childhood Development Teachers YMCA of Central Florida 6249586 Director of Nursing Orlando Health 6275053 Child Development Staff YMCA of Central Florida 6272072 Account Manager - Sales US Health Advisors 6272070

Nurse Administrator - Sanford DaVita 6272047 Accounting Analyst SECO Energy 6272032 Digital Signage Developer Event Technology 6275452 Accounts Receivable Analyst Bilingual English / Portuguese Hotelbeds 6275340

Maintenance Technician County Materials Corporation 6275342 Customer Service Representative - Spanish Bilingual Healthcare TeleTech 6270151 Composite Manager Nautique Boat Company 6274255

Design Development Manager Tavistock Development 6272024 Sales Representative David Maus Volkswagen North & South 6273868 Guest Event Expert Marriott International 6275495 Refrigeration Tech Smart Ride, Inc. 6272003 Nurse Practitioner ARNP - NP-C Rita Laracuente, MD, PA 6272023 Line Cook Rubys Downtown Mediterranean Grill 6271287 CNC Lathe Machinist Pro Image Solutions 6271855 Advertising Sales Representative Welcome Wagon 6275454 Word Processor ProActive Technologies Inc. 6275448

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Steward Isleworth Golf & Country Club 6275402

Child Care Teacher Ladybird Academy of Winter Springs 6275338 Project Manager Commercial Construction Williams Company Management Group 6275225 Sonographer Women’s Care Florida 6275019 HVAC Superintendent / Foreman DHR Mechanical Services 6275001 Service Technician - Electrical Millennium Electric 6270823 Sales Representative Live Buzz Interactive 6273779 Project Manager (Highways) Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson 6270607 Dishwasher Lake Nona Golf & Country Club 6274182 Sales Project Director Vistana Signature Experiences 6270304

enter job number to locate position Assistant Vice President Branch Manager CFE Federal Credit Union 6270117 Account Executive - Sales US Coin Bullion 6272999 Financial Services Representative Levin Financial Group 6270081 CDL Class A Driver DS Services of America 6273711

HVACR Mechanic Rollins College 6273112 Business Development Manager Commercial Lines Insurance Vision HR 6272758 Nursing Professors - Mental Health & Medical/Surgical Seminole State College of Florida 6272848

Early Childhood Screening Specialist Community Coordinated Care for Children, Inc 6273234 Delivery Driver Panera Bread 6273162

Sales Consultant - Distributor TruStar Salon Services 6270899 Maintenance Technician HVAC Avalon Park Group 6271008 Staff Writer - News Orlando Weekly 6272688

Make $4500 GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE! Healthy women aged 21-30 Easy 3 step process: 1. Application 2. Screening 3. Treatment $4500 compensation upon completed cycle All visits done in one easy location Donors have the potential opportunity for complimentary egg freezing/preservation

407.603.7551 • IVFORLANDO.COM •


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Orlando Weekly September 13, 2017  

Orlando Weekly September 13, 2017