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Orange County Brewers:

Hip Beers in the Heart of Downtown Downtown Orlando is known for its boozy block-rager weekends, dance clubs, and fine dining, but for a long time downtown nightlife didn’t party with uniquely brewed beer. Michigan native Jeremy Roberts changed all of that when he moved to Florida and teamed up with Brewmaster Amanda Roberts, who cut her teeth on an apprenticeship at Sea Dog Brewing Co. and has been whipping up tasty suds ever since. Some of Orange County Brewers’ standout beers include the top-selling Ultimate Warrior Citra IPA, the Gangster Love Double IPA, their unique Green Tea IPA that blends green tea and orange peel for an earthy balance, and their Perculator milk stout—cleverly named after the ’90s hip-hop anthem “Regulate.” Downtown was once a craft beer desert, but brewing expertise and oneof-a-kind blends make Orange County Brewers a true oasis for IPAs and beyond.

Ocean Sun Brewing:

True-to-Style Beers on the Central Florida Ale Trail

Five-year-old brewpub Ocean Sun Brewing was already on the map a year

ago as an Orlando beer destination. Their commitment to serving clean, simple beer without the trappings of complex fruit flavors or intense barrel aging gave them a strong foothold within their brewing niche. Their beer’s simplicity and quality has helped them convert more than one hesitant patron to a craft beer believer, and over the past year Ocean Sun has seen more and more of their beers distributed at venues around the city. The addition of the Central Florida Ale Trail—a map of notable local breweries that lager lovers can follow to discover new destinations—has helped the Orlando brewing community grow together and connect with other people who share their love of kicking back with a cold one. Ocean Sun Brewing generally releases one new beer per month, so there will be no shortage of options for you to sample when you stop into their Curry Ford location.

Partin Liquors:

Turning Domestic Draught Fans into Craft Beer Buffs

When Anup Jetwha moved from Kenya to Kissimmee in 2012, he saw a void in his local liquor stores—they had dangerously low levels of craft beers. So he grabbed the opportunity to stand out and started a store that supplied a wide collection of craft beers, from local brews to imports to international specialties. Jetwha’s sharp eye for business was on target, and his own love of trying new beers has earned him a client base that trusts his taste. When choosing beers for his store, Jetwha prefers smaller craft breweries that produce unique flavor profiles over their larger competitors. He’s sampled 95 percent of all the beers in Partin Liquors himself, giving him an especially refined beer palate that helps him match customers to their new favorite drink. He also

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