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portfolio 2020 winter

what is design?


a form of communicate.


problem solving.


bring imagination of life.


propose new values, make values last.

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introduction 彭 程 Chen Peng national cheng kung university MA industrial design class of 2022 dept. of industrial design class of 2020 1997.12.17 taipei, taiwan +886-956-700808


emotional design


creative planning sw



craft design





languages_ 中文




toeic 920 ielts 6.5





experiences_ internship_

tokyo central research laboratory 2019. aug. 26 - sep. 6

new dimension design consultancy 2019. jul. - aug.

2018. jul.


scholarship program for oversea study in art & design xiao-ching-she 3 universities joint emotional design workshop singapore asia 7 universities joint workshop tsutsumu food wrapping design workshop two sides of brain fashion x industrial design workshop creating alternative worlds workshop marketing workshop


green cumulus 2020 braun prize hua nan bank fintech competition


xiao-ching-she 3 universities joint emotional design workshop leader nckuid student association leader nckuid welcoming camp leader


selected works

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product design

Yun-Yunn ceramic teaware set 品人生菁華 , 泡人生好茶。 taste the essential of life, steep the tea of life.

designed by Chien-pin Chiu, Ting-yu Hsu Wen-hsuan Chou, Chen Peng design context by Chen Peng form by Wen-hsuan Chou, Chien-pin Chiu photography & video by Ting-yu Hsu craft by Tu Fang Ceramic Studio



product design

「人生的旅程好似泡一壺好茶。」 "the journey of life is like making a nice pot of tea."

The process of life is smoothly constructed by time fractures. These processes of birth, thrive, steady and mature, share the same warmth as the making of chinese tea. Among the long river of life memories, we select 4 primary stages of status transferring, from traditional chinese customs. By rubbing culture into honest ceramics, we expect Yun-yunn to bring diverse sensations of life.

the Birth

the Settle

the Belong

the Mellow


product design the Birth

Leaves stretched, pure water flows in, and slowly transfer into tea.

茶壺。 tea pot.

Before steeping, awake the utensils by pouring on hot water. Be ready for the coming new life. A round pot embraces the impulse and swirl of hot, pure water rushing in. Fregrance, color and blessings bloom with the leaves' stretching. The new-born thrives with family's blessing surrounds, and slowly transfer into tea.


product design the Settle

Leaving the pot, experience bump, mixture, sediment, then receive balanced and steady tea.

濾杯、 filter cup, 茶海。 serving pot.

As the tea get adequate soaking, it must move forward from the tea pot's shelter. Hills stand as the challenges we face during growth. After overcoming the frustrates, the tea mixes and settles. The experiences helped us become smoothier persons, as well the tea.


product design the Belong

Dividing into several small servings, as if it's gotten new belongings. Partners support and flip.

聞香杯。 fregrance cup.

Dividing into several small servings, as if it's gotten new belongings. Build up a new family, and support each other, face every conflict tegether. Then flip the fregrance cup with tea cup.


product design the Mellow

the lasting fregrance, and the crystal-like color, together merge the bitter and sweet of lifetime.

茶杯。 tea cup.

The tea has been fused in with numerous experiences of life, eventually brings out the richness. Hold the fregrance cup, feel the great smell that the tea has left. Observe the translucent color. Lastly, savor the bitterness and the sweetness which comes along after time. By vision, olfactory and taste, sense the whole flavour comes with life.


product design

designed by Chien-pin Chiu, Ting-yu Hsu Wen-hsuan Chou, Chen Peng craft by Tu Fang Ceramic Studio 2019


product design

double exposure phtography splitzer

designed by Chien-pin Chiu, Chen Peng design context by Chen Peng form by Chen Peng mechanism by Chien-pin Chiu craft by Zhi-jen Glass Art & Yi-chia Huang


product design

Dynamic & Static of Memories The delicate process of carving lights and shades into physical objects, is what we worship in analog photography. Films write down the very moment of capturing memories. Blendy reflects the relationship between memories. By using the technique of double exposure, we defined 2 forms, Blur and Be-live, to solidfy lights of different moments. Through the lens, we aim to explore posibilities of images and photography. Blur

Memories are not seperated to one another.

Memories are not seperate another. What films record flashes, but stream-like, ov memories.

Blur shows a gradient shad glass spraying technique, h merge tenderly together.

ed to one d are not just verlapped

de made from helps images


The effect past memories bring to present and future is unpredictable.

The effect past memories bring to present and future is unpredictable. So are the relationship between fragments. Be-live creates irregular double exposure effects each time by free movement of liquid. Aura sparks.


product design

instant photo tests 2019

shade testees

liquid tests




product design

designed by Chien-pin Chiu, Chen Peng craft by Zhi-jen Glass Art & Yi-chia Huang 2019


product design

rain coat x pannier for ciy fixed gear riders

designed by Chen Peng patent functional fabric by Hyperbola.Co


product design

why stop?

don't stop riding. explore the city with style.

B i k i n g i s a n e x ce l l e n t e x p r i e n ce o f e x p l o r i n g c i t i e s a n d h a v i n g the time of your life. Howe ver, ridings often get interrupted due to s u d d e n w ea t h e r c h a n ge s . Ra i n n i e r i s a ra i n coa t w i t h pa n n i e r attachment , which provides biker a solution with style and attitude.


product design

" Fold the wet outside in, makes your ride fresh as ever! "

Clutch sleeves, prevent rains and wind.

High collar, velcro, keep warm.

Attach to bike, pocket as pannier.


product design

harder to fold properly

interfering heavy

Design Process

prototype tests


product design

designed by Chen Peng patent functional fabric by Hyperbola.Co 2018


graphic design


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With the desire of meeting craft design, went to 22studio and spent time with concrete boutiques. By calmly gaze at the works, the strength of abstract concept hit m e i m m e d i a te l y. T h e co n n e c t i o n b et w e e n concept and human sensations is direct and crucial. Also, by obser ving designer as a bussiness starter and practicing exhibition display, learned how to communicate with the public.




new dimension design The eager of knowing different work types of designing, and also culture, craft issues led m e t o n d d d e s i g n . T h e e x p e r i e n ce ta u g h t me how to think more from the clients' p e r s p e c t i v e s , i n o r d e r t o p r o v i d e h e l p fu l proposals. Also enhanced the technique of keynote speech.




o central research laboratory

The internship at Hitachi is a challenging, but also fascinating experience. It's a chance of getting out of comfort zone, and communicate with designers from different culture, thinking discipline, also language. Additionally, tried a brand new topic t ra i n . W e w e n t t o K y u s h u a n d Ya m a g u c h i for field trip, in order to know and feel the concerns of designing trains. Then work on our projects of enhancing touring quality of Taiwan. Not only design is improved during the 2 weeks, but learning from culture, thinkings.




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Peng Chen 2020 winter portfolio  

Peng Chen 2020 winter portfolio