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From Me To You...

One of our dogs passed away this week. Even though he was getting on in years - he made it to the grand old age of 73ish in dog years - it was unexpected. What was worse is that he was living at college with my son, and I had to help him (my son, not the dog) navigate emergency vets and momentous decisions about his childhood pet from a distance.

I learned several things during the process, the most important is that letting go can be a blessing. Hank was in pain and I was glad that his suffering was brief, and letting go of him was the right thing to do. My son is now a man and is very capable of making important decisions, navigating the world with the information he has at hand. I discovered that letting go of control where he is concerned was the right thing too.

Hank (the dog) had slipped into the role of old man when he lived at home with us, but once he got to Pullman at the tender age of 9, he joined a Fraternity and began his teenage years all over again. He chased stray dogs off his property, became a great wing man for his roommates, helped raise money for their philanthropy - Special Olympics, joined his frat brothers on the Fraternity composite portrait, and

I am sure lapped up a beer or two in his time there. He was a blessing for my son, a reason to stay on the straight and narrow - you can’t party too hard when you have to take the dog out for a walk when you get home - and above all a friend who always had his back when classes, work, and relationships seemed to much to handle.

So I want to say ‘Thank you, Hank’ you were a good dog and we will miss you.



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Go Wild!

On Saturday, May 11 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. the Phoenix Zoo will be having our firstever Teacher Appreciation Day sponsored by Desert Financial Credit Union. The first 300 teachers will get free entry, and additional teachers will receive 50% off general admission. Teachers must present their teacher ID.

Enjoy a day at the Phoenix Zoo with likeminded professionals. We invite you to explore Zoo trails at your leisure, or join us for a tour to learn what it’s like when you book a field trip for your class.

You will have the opportunity to:

Learn how the Phoenix Zoo partners with teachers

Experience amazing animal discoveries

Visit your favorite animals

Enter for a chance to win a Backstage Adventure

To learn more, visit: phoenixzoo.org/events/teacherappreciation-day/

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Just Listed!






To deliver maximum results to my sellers, I maximize my marketing, showcasing my listings on 1,300+ websites around the world! Ready to sell YOUR Estrella home? Call me directly at:



* To the Estrella Mountain Elementary School cast, crew and director of the “Willy Wonka Kids” musical: Congratulations on a magnificent performance! *

We are looking forward to “Wonka” Estrella’s next outdoor movie Friday, May 10th, starting at dusk on the lawn at North Lake! See you there neighbors!

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DATE TIME PLACE May 10th 5:30 pm Estrella’s North Lake
A L L E N T U R N E R L o a n O f f i c e r | N M L S # 2 1 2 7 6 2 Cell: 602-290-9392 eFax: 866-448-6845 ALLEN TURNER@FAIRWAYMC CO M WWW.YOURHOMELOAN.TEAM

The Bug Guy

As the sun beat down on the scorching desert of the West Valley, the residents were dealing with a different kind of heat - a pest infestation. It seemed that no matter what they did, the bugs just kept coming back for more.

One resident, Sarah, was at her wits’ end with the constant stream of creepy crawlies invading her home. She had tried everything from sprays to traps, but nothing seemed to work. In desperation, she called in the pest control experts.

When the team arrived, they were prepared for battle. Armed with their trusty bug spray, they set out to conquer the critters once and for all. However, what they encountered was unlike anything they had seen before.

The bugs in the West Valley were not just any ordinary pests - they were armed and dangerous.

The cockroaches were equipped with tiny swords, the ants had miniature shields, and the spiders had built intricate web fortresses. Undeterred, the pest control team sprang into action. With a combination of quick thinking and sheer bravery, they managed to defeat the bugs and restore peace to the valley.

As Sarah watched in amazement, she couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. With the bugs vanquished and Sarah’s home once again bug-free, the pest control team bid farewell and rode off into the sunset. As they disappeared into the distance, Sarah couldn’t help but feel grateful for their heroic efforts.

From that day on, the residents of the West Valley knew that they could count on their trusty pest control experts to protect them from any future bug invasions. And as for Sarah, she had learned an important lesson - never underestimate the power of a determined pest control team in the face of an army of armed bugs.

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Submitted by Larry Cash, of Estrella Mountain Pest Control, Estrella resident

Fun In The Sun

As the temperatures rise in our communities and the sun beats down with intensity, it is crucial to understand the importance of sunscreen and the role it plays in protecting our skin. Sunscreen is not just a cosmetic product, but rather a vital tool in preventing skin damage and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

One of the key components of sunscreen is the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), which measures the level of protection it offers against harmful UV rays. The higher the SPF, the greater the protection. Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, which blocks 97% of the sun’s UVB rays. The Higher the SPF factor, the more of the sun’s UVB rays. However there is no sunscreen that can block 100% of the sun’s UVB rays.

Sunscreen not only helps prevent sunburns and premature aging, but it also plays a critical role in reducing the risk of skin cancer. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can damage the DNA in our skin cells, leading to mutations that increase the risk of developing skin cancer. By consistently applying sunscreen, we can protect our skin and lower the risk of skin cancer.

It is important to note that sunscreen should be applied generously and regularly, especially when spending extended periods outdoors in Arizona’s scorching heat. Reapplying sunscreen every two hours, or more frequently if sweating or swimming, is crucial to ensure continuous protection against UV rays.

The importance of sunscreen in Arizona’s hot weather cannot be overstated. By incorporating sunscreen into our daily routine and making it a priority when spending time outdoors, we can safeguard our skin against sun damage and reduce the risk of burns and skin cancer. Remember, protecting your skin today can have long-lasting benefits for your health tomorrow.

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Stroke Awareness Month

May is National Stroke Awareness Month, when health care professionals stress that stroke is a medical emergency and a leading cause of death and longterm disabilities in this country. Stroke affects the arteries leading to the brain and the arteries within the brain. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or bursts.

It is important to know the signs of stroke and seek treatment as rapidly as possible, according to Abrazo West Campus Interventional Neurologist Dr. Sushant Kale. During a stroke, part of the brain cannot get the blood and oxygen it needs, and that part of the brain starts to die. “It’s important to recognize that a stroke is happening, because you can save a life, including your own,” said Dr. Kale. “The point to remember is that ‘time equals brain.’ A delay of even five or 10 minutes can make a big difference in a patient’s

outcome. Every minute in delay to treatment leads to 2 million neurons dying.”

Advanced stroke centers are able to treat patients with ischemic strokes, large vessel occlusions, hemorrhagic strokes, or strokes from unusual causes that may require specialized testing or interventional therapies, as well as provide post-acute care.

“Every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a stroke, and one in six people will suffer a stroke in their lifetime. When it comes to spotting stroke symptoms, BEFAST and seek help,” said Kale. “Time lost is brain lost.”

Eighty percent of strokes are preventable through healthy lifestyle changes and controlling conditions that raise the risk for stroke such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Simple lifestyle changes can make a big impact on your risk for stroke such as choosing healthy meal and snack options, lowering your BMI, exercise regularly, limit your alcohol consumption, stop smoking and get regular checkups with your doctor.

BE FAST to recognize a stroke

B - Balance: Watch for sudden loss of balance

E - Eyes: Check for vision loss

F - Face: Look for an uneven smile

A - Arm: Check if one arm is weak

S - Speech: Listen for slurred speech

T - Time: Call 9-1-1 right away

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Home Sweet Home

Breaking Down the NAR Commission Lawsuit

You may have heard about the recent developments regarding the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Lawsuit. While nothing has been finalized at this time, buyers and sellers should be aware of some insights into how this could impact the housing market.

For Buyers: If you’re looking to purchase a property starting mid-July, if not sooner, you’ll need to sign a Buyer Broker Agreement before viewing any properties. These agreements can be customized for a designated period of time, including only a day if needed. You will negotiate the commission or compensation with your buyer’s agent through this agreement before any property tours take place. This commission can ultimately be paid by the seller, buyer, or a combination of both. There are no rules that a seller cannot pay a buyer agent’s compensation.

For Sellers: Starting in mid-July, listing agents will not be able to advertise a cooperating broker compensation within the MLS (which is the current standard). This change means that any seller incentives for buyer’s agents will be handled outside the MLS. The means by which this information will be

communicated has not yet been determined. While sellers are no longer required to offer cooperating compensation, it may be in the seller’s best interest to continue to do so in order to broaden the number of buyers who can afford to purchase the home.

Key Takeaways: As more solid information emerges and things settle down, this development should be good for the housing industry. It will bring about full transparency for consumers, allowing both buyers and sellers to tailor their experiences and arrangements to their liking. Furthermore, it will push agents, especially those who aren’t performing at their peak, to showcase their worth more than ever before. Agents will be expected to prove their value by securing the best deals and providing high-level guidance for their clients when buying, as well as effectively communicating the advantages and drawbacks of various strategies when listing properties. This includes maximizing market exposure and ensuring sellers get the highest possible net profit, even if it means considering buyer’s commissions. In the end, the goal is to make the housing industry better for the consumer.

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Spring Football

The Highs and Lows of the Offseason

It is a crisp sunny day around most of the country and college campuses are buzzing with excitement. No, not because of the end of the semester, or how much they love their professors – it is spring football time. As a Junior currently enrolled in University, I have been through this ritual before, but the energy and anticipation never gets old.

The players are working tirelessly in the weight room and on the practice field, determined to be better than the day before. The coaching staff is always busy, trying to create the best plan for success leading into the next season. Expectations will always be high, with the goal of an accomplished season. Of course, this process is not all sunshine and rainbows physically and mentally (farther north, you quite literally never have sunshine). Practices in about any weather, and the early mornings and late nights can leave the players drained, and minor injuries will start to compile. The competition for the starting job is fierce, and some guys who were once key parts of the team may have to prove themselves over again. The staff will be analyzing every rep, evaluating which players have the talent to help the team.

As an avid fan, I make it a point to attend as many open practices as possible. Seeing the team in action, even in a non-game setting, can be exhilarating. The sound of pads cracking together, the passion of the

coaches, and the roar of the crowd (okay, it is mostly just a few people) fills me with a sense of school pride. I love watching the young players stepping up, the vets providing leadership, and the coaching staff fine tuning the game plan.

But spring football is about more than just on-field work. It is also critical timing for a team to bond and build chemistry, especially for the transfers and firstyear students. These players go through grueling workouts, eat together, and even share dorms. For a lot of them, it is not about being teammates as much as being brothers. That specific camaraderie is vital to the success of the team. This annual scrimmage is the culmination of months of challenging work, and the players are eager to show the fans what they are capable of. The stadium will be filled, music will be loud, and hot dogs will be expensive. It is a preview of an exciting season for whatever team you are rooting for.

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Getting Creative in Today’s Housing Market

Ready to take a big leap in today’s housing market? You just might be eligible for some fantastic programs putting more money in your pocket along the way. First thing’s first. Paint color, appliances, and decor style can be changed. But location and HOA fees are forever. Ready to make that move? Here are two great programs taking the hassle out of securing a home loan.

Buy Before You Sell

Downsizing? Upgrading? Looking for peace of mind leaving a vacant home? You can buy a house before you’ve sold the one you already own!

“According to property analytics company CoreLogic, the average U.S. homeowner has racked up a cool $274,000 in equity, up from $182,000 since before the pandemic,” reports HomeLight.

Act fast on your dream home by unlocking a portion of the equity you’ve built over the years with an

innovative program called HomeLight. It provides you the confidence to make a strong offer on your new home while attracting the strongest offer on your vacant home.

First Time Homebuyers

We’re super stoked about the innovative “Home in 5 Platinum” Program! If you’re a first-time home buyer in Maricopa County, you can lock in a 5.9% interest rate under qualifying terms. Here are a few:

Minimum FICO credit score of 640

Annual income up to $138,600

New or existing houses, condominiums, or townhouses

Complete Homebuyer education

K-12 teachers, first responders, U.S. military personnel, veterans, and income qualified individuals who earn up to $49,500 annually get ANOTHER 1% in assistance.

How To Get Started

Where does your bargaining power begin? Find a Realtor® with experience and ask for a market analysis to start your house hunting journey.

Submitted by Martin C. Sears PC

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Estrella Publishing - Up The Hill magazine May 2024 17 S e r v i c i n g t h e W e s t V a l l e y f o r 2 0 y e a r s !

Cook With Zona

Pasta Salad

As this is my third recipe in the Estrella Publishing magazine, I thought this would be a great time to introduce myself. My name is Arizona, I’m a former preschool teacher, and a mom of three adult children. My husband and I are officially empty nesters living here in the West Valley. My favorite things include pickleball (I know, real original), dark chocolate, and reality tv. I’m choosing to remain semi-anonymous for the fun of it but you can call me Zona. I’m always on the hunt for new recipes too, so if you have any recipes you’d like to share with me I would love to try them out! Email me at ArizonaCooks71@gmail.com.

Pasta salad is one of my favorite dishes to meal prep for lunches or bring to a big gathering! With the weather warming up it’s time to have a backyard BBQ or maybe a pool party and this dish will be a big hit! And a little advice, you do not need to wait to be invited to a picnic or potluck to get some pasta salad magic in your life!

Prep time: 10 mins | Cook time: 12 mins | Total time: 25 mins

Ingredients (5-6 servings)

1 box of tri-colored rotini pasta

1 red bell pepper

1 English cucumber

Mozzarella cheese block


Olive Garden Signature Italian dressing (measure with your heart)

Italian seasoning

Salt & pepper


• Cook pasta according to the box.

• While pasta is cooking, we’ll chop up the rest of our ingredients. I like to dice my ingredients into bite-size pieces and we’re aiming for about the same amount of all the chopped ingredients.

• When pasta is done, rinse it with cold water to help it not stick together.

• Add all your chopped veggies, as well as the mozzarella and pepperoni to the pasta.

• Pour in your dressing, mix it all together, and don’t forget to season!


We love to see our neighbors’ delicious creations, so send us a picture of your colorful pasta salad or tag us on social media @ EstrellaPublishing.

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Find 10 differences in the two pictures

20 Estrella Publishing - Up The Hill magazine May 2024 Puzzle Time Solutions are on our website www.EstrellaPublishing.com

Pen Pals

Remember Sherman, Mr. Peabody, and the Wayback Machine from The Rocky and Bullwinkle TV show? If the Wayback Machine transported us back to the 1950s and 60s, we would see that long distance calls were very expensive, and letter writing, including addressing and stamping envelopes, was the best way to communicate with friends and family.

These days, some call letter writing a lost art. The Estrella Mountain Elementary (EMES) fourth graders beg to differ. They’ve been practicing letter writing by corresponding with adult pen pals since last November.

The Pen Pal Project originated with the EMES 4th Grade Team, Angela Duarte and Adrianna Tinguely, and Monica Landaiche the K-8 music teacher. They recruited adult pen pals from Cougar Community Volunteers, Canta Mia Cares and Estrella church groups.

After pen pals were assigned, students wrote to their adults about favorite subjects, their families and pets,

and gifts they might receive for December holidays. They also asked their adults questions about what their lives were like way back when they were in 4th grade.

The student pen pals recently treated the adults to a command performance of “The Circus” by the EMES 3rd and 4th grades. This ingenious production included performances by lions, clowns, acrobats, hula-hoopers and choreographed scarf dancers. After the performance the Ring Master and Producer, Mrs. Landaiche, took photos of the entire 4th grade and the adult pen pals.

Volunteers are key to the success of EMES students and teachers. To volunteer, contact Kellie Zimmerman, Volunteer Coordinator, at kellie.zimmerman@gmail. com.

15350 W McDowell Rd. Goodyear, Az 85395 w w w o s b o r n e j e w e l e r s i n c c o m 623-925-1815 S h o p I n S t o r e & O n l i n e S o m e I t e m s A r e S u b j e c t T o S p e c i a l O r d e r
Submitted by Cougar Community Volunteers

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Off The Hook Meat Shop

Osborne Jewelers

We Want Your Timeshare

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