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Plebiscite Coming in Roche Percee

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HOPE for All

Hope was the message delivered during the annual mini Relay for Life held Friday at Westview School. The students of Westview held a number of activities and fundraisers and were able to collect over $4,200 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

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Estevan Teen Wins Gold

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Newest Doctor Welcomed to Estevan WEATHER & INDEX Thursday


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May 23, 2012

Woodlawn Hosts Marv Symons Memorial



Grand Opening Issue 3

Mining Week & SETI Grand Opening

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“He saved our lives”

Four local residents are safe and sound today thanks to the quick actions of an Estevan Police Service officer. Const. Steven Enns is credited with saving the four people from a house fire in the early morning hours on Friday. Enns was patrolling a back alley on the 1200 block of Sixth Street when he noticed a fire at the rear of a house. He was able to wake the occupants and help them flee the home with no injuries. “He saved our lives,” said the owner of the home Warren Sukich. “You can’t speculate (on what might have happened) but chances are … five, six minutes later how much more smoke would have been in there, could have we been overcome by it, I don’t know.” Although he is still piecing the events together in his mind, Sukich esti-

This home on the 1200 block of Sixth Street suffered extensive damage from a fire Friday morning. The occupants of the home were able to escape without injury thanks to Estevan Police Service Const. Steve Enns who happened by the fire and was able to get the four people out in time. mates that the fire began around 3 a.m. His girlfriend was awoken by the barking of their dogs who were

reacting to Enns knocking on the door. “He was banging repeatedly on the door and he

wasn’t getting any response and was about to kick it in. (His girlfriend) got out of bed, woke me up and ran to

the door to let the officer in. “He asked who was in the house and she said our kid was upstairs, ⇢ A2

Most public board trustees ready to run again by Norm Park of The Mercury One Estevan city public school board trustee has confirmed that she will be seeking a return to the board table while the other is still contemplating the situation. Janet Foord, who has served on the South East Cornerstone Public School Division’s board of trustees

since amalgamation and for 19 years on a rural school division board prior to that, said she will be seeking another term at the table. Foord has an additional interest in this year’s election since she is currently serving out a term as the vice-president of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association and would eventually like to climb

the final rung of that ladder while continuing to serve the local electorate. Estevan’s other representative on the board is City employee Pam Currie who informed The Mercury that she is “seriously considering another run at it.” Currie said her current work schedule with the City of Estevan does restrict her attendance at all regular or







2012 F-150 5.0L AMOUNT SHOWN


special meetings, but not to the extent she doesn’t feel she is filling the role responsibly. Currie is also the vice-chairwoman of the Cornerstone board of trustees, a position she has held for the past two years. “I do have some workrelated pressures, but I am very interested in this. I just wish more people were as interested as we are. I would










encourage more of our community-minded people to step up and get involved at any level of our education system,” Currie said. Subdivision 4 trustee Kevin Keating indicated he will definitely seek reelection. Keating represents schools in Alameda, Oxbow, Lampman and Bienfait. Keating was a rookie trustee ⇢ A2

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Ford Sales Ltd.

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A2 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

Public school voters will go to polls in October

⇠ A1 three years ago, replacing former trustee Gary Hammett in the last general election. Harold Laich, who outpolled former trustee Shelley Slykhuis in that

same election year in Subdivision 2, which includes schools in Arcola, Carlyle, Manor, Maryfield, Wawota and Parkland, said he is also seriously considering running again, but wasn’t

POLL RESULTS Given the increase in traffic at the Estevan Highway Border Crossing, do you feel the hours of operation should be expanded?

This poll was posted on from May 15 - 22 This week’s poll question: Do you feel spending tax payers money on a royal visit is a prudent use of these funds?

prepared to confirm his status completely. Meanwhile Subdivision 5 (Fillmore, Macoun, Midale, Stoughton) representative Audrey Trombley said she is also considering another run at it, but noted she had some other items pending that needed to be addressed before she could give another run a thumbs-up or thumbsdown. Trombley served as the first chairwoman of the Cornerstone system that came about through the merger of seven smaller public and rural school divisions in southeast Saskatchewan in 2006. Daryl Harrison, Subdivision 3 (Carievale, Carnduff, Redvers) said he was still undecided about an attempt to regain a seat at the table.

Janet Foord

Pam Currie

The Mercury was unable to get responses from trustees Bryan Wilson and Len Williams representing the city of Weyburn; Bruce Wagner in Subdivision 6 (Gladmar, Oungre, Ogema, Pangman, Radville, Yellow Grass) and chairwoman Carol Flynn, Subdivision 1 (Moosomin, Rocanville, Wapella) prior to deadline,

but there were indications that all four might be inclined to run again, which meant that none of the 10 public board trustees have given a definite no to the prospect of being a candidate once again. The next general election for civic councils, public and separate school boards across the province

will be in October this year. Flynn had reflected earlier during the course of a general meeting May 17 that “this board is one that gets along with one another pretty well and I think the people who come to our boardroom for whatever reason, seem to sense that very quickly.” Flynn said that while the trustees have certainly had their differences and aren’t afraid to air them publicly, when it comes down to the final debates and decisions they emerge with mutual respect for the opinions that come from their fellow board members and that is reflected in the positive outcomes that the school division has been able to achieve over the past four years.

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Who’s Out There?

Unable to see over the gate, this pony took the low road to try and watch some of the action during the Sam’s Trucking Barrel Racing Extravaganza Saturday. For more on the event see Page B2.

No injuries reported in house fire Friday, May 25 - Saturday, May 26 • 7 pm & 9:15 pm Sunday, May 27 - Thursday, May 31 • 8 pm

Sunday, May 27 • 2 pm

**On Wednesday, May 30, MIB 3 will be shown in 2D.

All seats $9.00 for the matinee. PG Violence; Drug Use

⇠ A1 he’s two, and he immediately ran upstairs, grabbed him, woke up my friend from upstairs and then ran outside.” Sukich said by the time


Westview School Mini Relay For Life

Pictured Left-Right Brandon Rosengren (AVU), Mackenzie Gange and Dawson Nobiss, (Mini Relay event co-chairs) Mary-Lou Resengren (AVU)

Representatives from Audio Video Unlimited presented the two grade eight students from Westview School a sponsorship donation for the Mini Relay for Life event held at Westview School Friday, May 18th.

he got out of the house, the flames had already begun to reach the roof. As well, since the fire appears to have begun on the back of the house the alarms did not go off. “If he was 10 to 15 minutes later, who’s to say what would have happened?” Sukich said the damage

My name is Memphis, I am a female. I am a very active dog so I would also love to live on a farm or be with a very active family.

to the home is extensive and is waiting to hear from his insurance company if it will be a total loss. “It’s pretty bad. When you look inside, it’s pretty depressing,” he said. “The firemen said it was an electrical fire from an outlet box that started inside the wall. That particular breaker on the panel was tripped and

My name is Percee, I am a Shepherd Cross, male a couple of years old. I would love to live on a farm. I think that would be the best thing since sliced bread.

that is where the fire started. It started inside the back wall there and proceeded up inside the wall and onto the roof.” Sukich said that although the fire is a bit of “a pain in the ass” everything they lost can be replaced and all involved are safe, something he credits Enns for. “He’s a hell of a guy.”

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Thank you Owen for picking the Humane Society to help on your birthday, the kittens, cat, puppies and dogs all thank you Owen!! The Estevan Humane Society reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

Thank you for your continued support!


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May 23, 2012


“We are giving not only to our students, but we are giving to the community as well and to our world if we find a cure for cancer.”


– Westview Prinicipal,

Cheri Haberstock

Dr. Daniel Crooks, DMD

Accepting new patients & welcoming back Doctor Blue’s and Dr. Chow's former patients 634-5018 ~ Formerly Dr. Blue’s Clinic 634-5515 ~ Formerly Dr. Chow’s Clinic

Westview steps up to fight cancer The students and staff at Westview School threw their hats in the ring in the fight against cancer Friday. The school hosted the mini Relay for Life which is an annual event held at a different Estevan school each year. The event was a massive success as the students raised over $4,200 through various activities and fundraisers. A f t e r k i c k i n g o ff around noon with opening ceremonies and the always emotional survivors’ walk, the event carried on throughout the afternoon. The day had many highlights including an opportunity for some students to toss a pie in the face of their teachers. “I think it went really well, lots of kids participated and it was fun for everybody,” said Grade 8 student Mackenzie Ganje who co-chaired the relay with Dawson Nobiss. “Every time we had a fundraiser, mostly everybody participated,” added Dawson. “It’s great to have a school that will support it.”

While teachers and local volunteers from the Canadian Cancer Society assist with the planning of the relay, the bulk of the work is done by the students themselves with an aim towards teaching them about volunteerism and getting involved in their community. Mackenzie said in the lead up to the event, the students worked every day and held a number of meetings to get ready. She said the work was worth it. “It’s just a great way to raise money for a great cause,” said Mackenzie who added that she has a personal connection to the event as her grandmother has had a number of battles with cancer but is “still going strong.” Westview principal Cheri Haberstock said the entire week of events that were part of the relay made for an amazing week at the school. “It was just such a whirlwind of activity and excitement right from day one,” said Haberstock who added the students deserve a lot of praise for

the hard work they put into the relay. “Our kids at Westview are so wonderful, and we are so proud of them. This was educational, fun and a leadership opportunity for our students. We are giving not only to our students, but we are giving to the community as well and to our world if we find a cure for cancer.” Pat Steinke, who is the local youth co-ordinator for the cancer society, said she truly enjoyed the week she spent at Westview working with the students and staff. She noted one of the focuses of the week was the need to eat right and exercise. Steinke said Westview welcomed her and the students from Team ECS with open arms and did a fantastic job hosting the mini-relay. More importantly, they learned about the power of volunteering for a good cause and were able to see first hand that they can make a difference. “They learned that they are part of this community and they are the

people that will make changes. They are the people that will decide their fate and will decide what kind of world they

Estevan’s newest physician is a veteran doctor who has practised in large emergency room settings and built a business of helping others in cities with teeming populations. Dr. Jimi Akinsete, who joins the physician team at Estevan Medical Group, said he and his family are looking forward to establishing a new pace and lifestyle in the Energy City. Even with years of medical practise behind him, Akinsete said the certification process that allowed him to set up in Saskatchewan was detailed and vigorous, but that was something that any physician should expect when seeking to practise in Canada. Trained in South Africa and the United Kingdom, Akinsete has 22 years of medical service in his resume. He received his family medicine degree and master’s in medicine, specializing in family medicine, in South Africa. He received his clinical fellowship in the United Kingdom, specializing in accident and emergency trauma services. After serving for several years in the city of Manchester, Akinsete said, “I was happy in the UK, but it’s

very crowded, it was almost like I was being squeezed. I like it here,” he said, glancing around the open spaces adjacent to the Medical Group’s parking lot next to the clinic where he was meeting members of the welcoming committee. “Canada was our first choice, and Saskatchewan was my first choice in Canada. The people sold me on Saskatchewan as a beautiful place with a growing population. I never explored any other option.” Akinsete is residing in an apartment provided by the local physician recruitment and retention committee and will be moving into a home later this summer when his family join him. Akinsete and his wife, Toyin, have five children, the oldest being a 16-yearold girl and youngest being seven-year-old twins. “They’ll join me in July after school lets out in Manchester. They’re all anxious to come. Well, our 16-yearold daughter wasn’t that sure about it, you know, it’s a big change for her and she’s made her friends there. But we believe she’ll get along OK once she gets here and gets settled a bit. We keep in contact daily through Skype, actually two or three times a

day it seems,” he said with a laugh. Akinsete said he will be established in a family medicine practice with focus on obstetrics, so he’s happy to see the local hospital equipped with ultrasound imaging. His work in the emergency medical and trauma units elsewhere has provided him with a wealth of experience in that area of service. “What we really need here is a CT scanner though, definitely ... to work with trauma incidents, it makes a difference.” Akinsete agreed that he felt the stress factors on local physicians will be reduced somewhat now that there are 11 of them working in the city, but he knew the clinic in which he works is still looking for one more. When he’s not busy being a doctor, Akinsete said, “I’m a church man, I work with the church, and I like to play tennis.” Greg Hoffort, executive director at St. Joseph’s Hospital where Akinsete will seek privileges as a matter of course, said the vigorous assessment will continue even with the announcement made by the provincial government about the SIPPA (Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment)

program. Estevan is one of several communities that has now welcomed physicians under the new program. “It would be even greater if we were consistent across the country,” said Hoffort, regarding the physician skills testing systems. Hoffort said Estevan is still seeking a family physician training program and noted that, “we have some Estevan people in medical training right now, so why couldn’t we give them their residency here?” Bridget Bittman, manager of the local recruitment team, said the SIPPA program allows the physicians to clear through their practical and theory classes for certification within three months, then close them out by taking the exams that allow them to take the next step which requires placement within a medical group. At that point they are paid a stipend and living allowances, but for someone like Akinsete, she said, “that’s not very adequate, but we also understand governments insist on certain standards. We just wish there were more efficient ways. We lost a potential anesthetist because of the system.” Bittman said Akinsete has now cleared the hurdles and is accepting new patients

want to live in because they are the future,” she said. “It shows the children how they are valued. It

shows them that it doesn’t matter what size you are … you can make a difference; it’s all a matter of choices.”

One of the fundraisers held for the relay was selling tickets to throw a pie in the face of a teacher. Anyone buying a ticket had the chance to put it in a jar for any of the school’s teachers. Relay youth co-ordinator Pat Steinke had her name pulled and threw a pie in the face of Westview principal Cheri Haberstock.

Estevan’s newest physician welcomed by local committee


every day. “We have welcomed four new doctors just lately. We want them to feel comfortable, establish ties to the community. We could still use another general practitioner/surgeon and maybe another anesthetist to take some pressure off the existing system we have. We have another veteran doctor coming in September for a look at the situation. They’ve noticed a lot of pressure has been taken off the local emergency room now that we have more doctors set up in clinics, so that’s

saving everyone a lot of time and a lot of money too,” Bittman said. The SIPPA program in Saskatchewan has been under assessment since early 2011 with 25 doctors having successfully completed the requirements. The new assessment process gives arriving doctors orientation to the Canadian practice environment prior to assessment and a larger volume of candidates can be assessed throughout the year, not just at specific times.

Dr. Jimi Akinsete was welcomed into the local medical community and the City of Estevan and area last week as he began his duties at the Estevan Medical Group clinic. Joining in for the welcoming party were, from the left: Dave Hoffort, RM of Benson; Gary St. Onge, mayor of Estevan; Dr. Aikensete, Roy Ludwig, city councillor and member of the physician recruitment committee; Bridget Bittman, manager of the local recruitment committee and Greg Hoffort, executive director, St. Joseph’s Hospital and committee member.

A4 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

Plebiscite to be held in Roche Percee

The Mercury has a learned that a plebiscite will be held to determine the future of Roche Percee. In an interview Friday, Mayor Reg Jahn said that a vote will be held in the near future to decide whether or not the village should move ahead on a land swap proposal that is currently in the negotiation stages with the provincial government. “A lot of people said that there wasn’t enough information to make an informed decision,” Jahn said. “We had very little information available. We have a citizens group that calls themselves the Grey Committee because they are dealing with the grey areas of how this land swap will work and the grey area of the new subdivision. “So we’ll put together a package and then there will be a plebiscite so they

Reg Jahn can decide what they want and which way they want to go.” The plebiscite is the latest chapter in the ongoing story of Roche Percee’s recovery. After little to no action for months, a meeting was held earlier

this month in the village to inform residents that the Commonwealth Group, which was hired by Roche Percee to assist with the recovery, was working on a land swap deal. Under the terms of the pact, landowners who

lost their homes in last year’s flood would be offered a parcel of land in a new subdivision, which would be built on the village’s south hill, out of the flood plain. It was also announced that a decision must be made by May 15.

Since that initial meeting, the Village and Commonwealth had been apparently continuing to work on the deal and it was expected that a proposal would be submitted to the provincial government by the deadline. However, Jahn said there was a feeling that the timeline was too tight to make such a big decision. He added there was also a feeling among village residents that they weren’t receiving all of the information they needed. “People get paranoid that you are trying to slip something by them,” said Jahn who added he hoped the plebiscite would happen as soon as possible. “And everybody should be suspicious of everything. I am suspicious of everything and so should everybody else be. Everyone has the right to make an informed decision and that is what we’ve tried

our best to do.” Jahn said some residents have already expressed interest in rebuilding in a new subdivision but there were also some who were very hesitant. He also noted that others who have already moved on and rebuilt their lives elsewhere, but are still eligible for the land swap should it go ahead, also have some reservations. “This is kind of hard for me to swallow. (Residents) feel better going to other citizens than to us as a council. I always thought we, as a council, were very approachable. But everybody has been through a lot and you gotta blame somebody. “All things aside, we have to work for the best of Roche Percee, especially those that wish to stay. And for those that have moved on, they still have to be compensated for their property.”

Student support team provides update for trustees was interested to see how the project will play out as it advances toward high school level. She noted that although she is retiring at the end of this year, she will still be avidly interested in the program that has captured her attention for the past few years. Kiliwnik said the support teams have been meeting with Education Ministry officials all along to ensure needs are being met from a provincial perspective. She said there are 370 intensive needs students currently enrolled in the lower grades in Cornerstone schools, therefore there is a need to keep training support staffers such as educational assistants, bus drivers and custodians since they too, have to deal with and be engaged with these students. The two women said there are several collaborative team meetings to provide direct support to one another since the classroom teachers are

Tracey Kiliwnik (left), learning support co-ordinator and Donna Steeves, student services co-ordinator, provided an update on student services programs to the South East Cornerstone Public School Division’s board of trustees. directly involved and need to know what needs to be implemented with each

case. That will be done with a core team who, in turn, will develop a

collaborative team plan that can be rolled out at a number of levels or tiers

... whenever intervention or special supports are required.


Please recycle this newspaper.

A report on student services and learning supports was delivered to the trustees of the South East Cornerstone Public School Division on May 17 during their regular business session. Donna Steeves, student services co-ordinator, and Tracey Kiliwnik, learning support co-ordinator, provided a powerpoint update to a report they had made last year, noting the progress that has been made on their assessments and program deliveries. Students from Grade 1 to 3 have been screened and Grade 4 will be added next year, said Steeves. Reading fluency is an ongoing issue for assessment, she said, while pointing out how results from each of 10 sample schools are used to enhance future programming since the consultants can zero in on particular needs. “We learn where supports have to be applied ... when an intervention team plan needs to be implemented,” Steeves added. Intervention coaches have been identified in the schools throughout the division and there had been 1,327 interventions made, some being students who needed to be instructed after being pulled out of a classroom setting while others could be addressed within the class. Steeves said 77 per cent of the students engaged in intervention plans are now meeting the expected goals and she


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May 23, 2012 A5

No math red flags in local public schools after consultations by Norm Park of The Mercury Are there problems brewing with the new mathematics curriculum in Saskatchewan’s schools? Education Minister Donna Harpauer received results of the recent math consultations with frontline educators, as well as feedback from parents and the dialogue provided some common themes where the Education Ministry can seek to strengthen supports for the renewed curriculum, she said. Lynn Little, superintendent of education for the South East Cornerstone Public School Division, participated in one of the two sessions conducted in the Cornerstone division. Both of which were held in Estevan in the recent past. “One session was for leadership groups and prin-

cipals and the other was for the K-to-12 teachers,” she said. She was involved in the leadership workshop. “The consensus coming from our meeting was that the public has questions about the delivery of the math curriculum. It pits the new delivery system up against the traditional and the pot was being stirred a bit,” said Little. Earlier in the academic year, the ministry made an effort to address parental concerns and a petition that came from the Western Initiative for Strengthening Education in Math. Two provincial MLAs, Russ Marchuk and Gene Makowsky, hosted the eight provincial consultation meetings with teachers and administrators. “Feedback was generally positive regarding the curriculum but with caveats

that additional instructional supports may be required for teachers and parents,” Harpauer said. “After hearing from the front line, we have identified specific areas where the ministry can be more responsive in the implementation of renewed curriculum.” The ministry said it would focus on professional development for math teachers and ensure teaching supports are in place including professional development and partnerships with school divisions to develop resources. Harpauer said the ministry works at interpreting and implementing the curriculum using best practices to achieve consistent and comprehensive strategy for curriculum rollout and to connect with parents through school community

The Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA) is organizing a meeting of provincial trustees this summer with the expectation of finding some common ground regarding the province’s new funding model and labour legislation for school divisions. Estevan trustee Janet Foord, who is vice-president of the SSBA, said the June 20 meeting in Saskatoon will allow the trustees to discuss “what’s working and what isn’t,” with the new model that has taken the funding capabilities away from the school divisions and placed it in the hands of the provincial government. But Foord warned that the meeting is not going to be just about the funding, but also “labour legislation and what voice the school boards will have in the legislative picture,” as it is revealed. “We need to be more nimble and responsive to questions and challenges we

all will face in the future,” said Foord, referring to her fellow trustees. Weyburn trustee Len Williams said he hoped theSSBA would send out some materials regarding the agenda ahead of time since the local board would probably want to discuss an overall stance they might take prior to the Saskatoon session. A u d r e y Tr o m b l e y, trustee for Subdivision 5 (Fillmore, Macoun, Midale, Stoughton), wondered if there was a specific reason for the gathering and Foord replied that there are weekly challenges coming to the SSBA office regarding programs that are having to be cut in other divisions ... programs such as those previously offered to immigrant students. “Then is there is a need for more money for education?” asked Trombley. “No, but there is a need to discuss labour legislation and processes and the SSBA is being asked to change

direction, so we want to collect data for consultation on funding for the future,” Foord replied. “While that’s going on, the Education Ministry is dropping personnel,” said Williams. “It appears as if the government is bypassing school boards in some ways, going directly to programs in specific schools. That relates to the strategic direction for the SSBA,” said Foord. “Maybe they’re (provincial government) working toward no school boards,” said Williams. With those questions in mind, the Cornerstone trustees will be contacted by administration in the near future to see how many of them can attend this special working session. Foord said the Saskatoon venue had not been determined as of May 17, but more details about the starting time and place would be released within a day or two.

Public board trustees asked to attend province-wide strategy session

Lynn Little, superintendent of education for Cornerstone Public School Division.

councils to ensure supports are in place to provide math assistance in the homes. “We talked at length about that area,” said Little, referring to the home-based supports. “How do we do that, and what do you see ... what can you see as a result?” Little said that the local consultation processes led to the suggestion to

provide further support for the school system that will enable those who deliver the courses to help explain what goes on in the new math programs even better. “In other words, the students are learning the new direction and so are some parents,” said Little. “And no, no, no, we are not removing drills and practical algorithms. Those

are still core skills. But what we are doing is having some very healthy conversations and I can say that there are no major red flags being waved in the Cornerstone School Division regarding mathematic outcomes. But the sessions proved we can improve in some areas so we are identifying when and how we can do that.” From a provincial perspective, changes have been made to the structure within the ministry to better align with goals for improved student achievement across the province. In the Student Achievement and Supports branch, individual units are now responsible for curriculum, instruction and assessment. The result of the new balanced approach is better focus and strategic support for teachers and school divisions, said Harpauer. “While there is good work taking place in the province, there is need to ensure consistency across all 28 school divisions,” the education minister said.

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May 23, 2012



Canada’s great divide With the discussions Canadian politicians and business people are having about the Dutch disease, (resources and higher dollar values undermining manufacturing), maybe it’s time for Canadians to revive our moribund manufacturing sector with a little good old-fashioned Canuck resolve. We could begin with “buy Canadian” policies, and that would include our resources and environmental projects. We would not be defying any free trade agreements currently in place since no country involved in any free trade agreement with Canada has had any problem in breaking the spirit of the agreement whenever they find it convenient. Our foremost trading partner, the United States, has no compunction in implementing America First policies when they find it to their advantage and nobody holds them to task for it, nor do we blame them. They wear their patriotism on their sleeves. Ours occasionally shows up during international hockey tournaments. International trade agreements should always be about making deals and we need not make excuses for taking hard-line stances. Most of the time these deals and contracts work well for both sides. You get what you want in goods, money, service or future considerations. As long as all those who sign the agreements live up to the commitments, there should be no major problems. So signing deals within and then from beyond our borders could be the first priority. If the resource sector in Western Canada is really to blame for manufacturing malaise in Eastern Canada and the high value of the Canadian dollar that supposedly restricts foreign trade (debatable), then maybe we should do something about it. Are all our oil and gas drilling rigs made in Canada? Who builds our coal haulers and locomotives? We have the capabilities to make that happen in Canada, but do we? Do we keep the higher valued Canadian dollar circulating in Canada, or do we ship it out to the slightly lower bidder in another country? What are the consequences if we keep the manufacturing business at home at the expense of a higher price? What does that do to our international reputation as fair traders? Do we even have a positive international reputation these days? What’s so wrong with Canadian-made tractors and combines? Could we prove we can build something more than grain storage bins? Are Canadians capable of mass producing anything other than a few automobiles anymore? Can we even identify and manufacture anything for niche markets? If we, in Western Canada, are to be relegated to the ranks of being simple hewers of wood and haulers of water, then perhaps someone in Eastern Canada should be manufacturing axes and buckets for us, or we’ll have to do that ourselves too. In other words, instead of whining about the current imbalance in our country’s set-up, maybe we need to get the inventive and entrepreneurial juices flowing again with, or without, the politicians on side. What we do know for sure is that this current situation of one side of the country pointing at the other side of the country crying that “they got the bigger piece” isn’t serving anyone any good and is only dividing us into the old have and have-not arguments that only politicians can mine for their own benefit. They won’t be looking for the solution, therefore we have to find it.

Prairie Perspective MURRAY MANDRYK Murray Mandryk is a political columnist with the Leader Post

SMA winners offer inspiration

“When someone tells you that your community isn’t big enough or it won’t work here, they are almost always wrong. “When someone tells you that it is too expensive or you won’t find the money, they are almost always wrong.” The above statements came from Maple Creek’s successful entry in the 2012 Saskatchewan Municipal Awards honouring excellence in local governance. And while it may have been the above words that caught the judging panel’s attention this year, even more inspirational was the determination and optimism in overcoming adversity that was reflected not only in Maple Creek’s entry, but also in several other entries for this year’s SMA awards. In fact, as solid and successful a submission as Maple Creek’s entry was, it wasn’t even the biggest winner. In a year that seemed all about rural communities overcoming adversity, there was an even more impressive entry. For the sixth consecutive year, I was honoured to be on SERVING CANADA’S SUNSHINE CAPITAL

Volume 110 Issue 3

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It’s hardly a jungle out there

Sometimes technology gets so advanced, we lose sight of the original goal. Take distance education for one example. The instructor need not be physically present in the time and space where the students are. So by extrapolation, nor does the student. He or she can pick up the lecture or lesson later on the ‘puter. Sort of like taking a textbook home, isn’t it? Only with more pictures. You can listen to the lesson later, or you could read about it. Ergo, we need not build any more schools. Of course not too many people want to read these days, or they don’t like to read very much. According to current technology, if you’re over 140 characters in your message, you’re taking up way too much time and space. But not really ... because what happens is, you send out your 140 character message, receive a 132 character response, send another, receive another, send another and ... before you know it, the morning’s gone. Yay ... efficiency! Speaking of wasting time and short attention spans ... I was studying my corn flakes the other day and son of a gun, there was one flake that looked like Jesus, or maybe it was Moses. I picked it out of the bowl and preserved it in a jelly jar to show all my friends on Facebook, but then remembered I’m currently shut out of that place because I’ve been compromised or something. Whatever it is, it doesn’t bother me, except for the fact that I cannot share my corn flake messiah with others who I am sure are anxious to check

Norm Park All Things Considered on my most current status. Well, my recent status is ... I’m fine, a little overweight and a bit tired from yard work and I need a haircut, OK! Now back to the corn variety of flakes. No sooner had I preserved the Jesus flake, when lo and behold, my next spoon full of milk and flakes brought forth another revelation. This time the flake from corn totally, and I mean totally, resembled Julia Roberts. Then I burned up some toast, and darned if I didn’t get an image of Aunt Eileen. Then I went back to the corn flakes and whoops, there it was, I kinda blushed because it was Madonna in her bustier ... no, no, no, not the real Madonna, but the sing-

Dive bombing robin attacks columnist.

SMA’s selection committee along with fellow judges Holly Hetherington, president of Executive Source; Jim Angus, RM of Harris administrator; Bob Linner, former City of Regina manager and Senator Pamela Wallin. In the Heritage Conservation category, Maple Creek won for its Main Street revitalization program that emphasized restoration as a means of tourism development. The determination in getting this accomplished - especially while this community also coped with the impact of severe flooding - was truly impressive. The runner-up was a solid entry from Moose Jaw featuring the restoration of the 1949 Peacock War Memorial. The judges further recognized the Maple Creek entry as the winner of the Economic Development Leadership category where it topped the solid entry from the Town of Assiniboia, Village of Limerick and RMs of Excel, Lake of the Rivers and Stonehenge that joined together to create a regional economic alliance to support local development and policy making. In the Municipal Innovation and Service Excellence category, the Town of Carrot River and RM of Moose Range won for their Pasquia Trust. A first of its kind in this province, the trust has become an investment vehicle for worthwhile community development projects. The runner-up entry was from the Village of Paradise Hill and the RM of Frenchmen Butte for their project that resulted in the conversion of their closed hospital into a Level 1 and Level 2 facility. In the Regional Leadership and Partnership category, the Town of Fort Qu’Appelle, RM of North Qu’Appelle, and

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ing Madonna who just likes to sing about virgins. I gave up and went outside and noticed the two tulips we have in our pretend garden were blooming and one totally looked like Donald Duck ... I swear to you ... four epiphanies in one morning. It was much too exciting. Because of these diminishing attention spans, I was going to swing into yet another tale of my friend, the dive-bombing robin, that has set up a nest on my back fence. She is now feeding tasty insects to two little ugly robinlettes who will no doubt thrive while I retreat into the front half of the back yard that the mother robin has allowed me to use. I never imagined how threatening robins could be. This one has certainly gained my attention and respect. If you need to talk with Park about anything regarding education, images in cereal, limited attention spans or wildlife, you can reach him, sometimes, at normpark@

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communities of B-Say-Tah, Katepwa, Fort San, Lebret and Lipton won for their Calling Lake Planning District Commission. The runner-up was the joint entry from Towns of White City, Pilot Butte and Balgonie and Village of Edenwold that got together on the White Butte Regional Commission to enhance local fire and protective service, utility service delivery and highway safety. The Environmental Stewardship Award went to the Town of Unity that worked with Sifto Salt Plant to build a six-kilometre underground pipeline to carry town wastewater to the mine where it is utilized in their operations. Unity was also the runner-up in the Community Life Enrichment Award category for its compelling Unity Community Resources Centre - a non-profit, volunteer-run facility that now houses a food bank, second-hand clothing store, toy exchange, parent mentoring and support programs and a high-school equivalency program. In a normal year, Unity might have been the handsdown winner, but it had to compete with City of Yorkton’s Aviva Project that turned the devastation in that city’s downtown after the July 2010 flood into a skateboard park. Using social media, Yorkton secured a $150,000 prize needed to finance the construction. And for turning the devastation into something productive, the Yorkton project was presented with the special judge’s award only handed out on two other occasions. This was indeed a great year for rural communities showing what they can accomplish - especially in the face of both the elements and naysayers suggesting they couldn’t.

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Letters to the Editor

May 23, 2012 A7

Thanks from a grateful Inequities in the system dad and grandpa The Editor: Far too often when issued a traffic citation, we fail to realize these men and women are serving and protecting. In the early morning hours on May 18, an Estevan police officer patrolling the streets and alleys spotted flames at the back of a house in the 1200 block of Sixth Street. The officer ran to the house and started banging on the door to wake the oc-

cupants who were sleeping inside and happened to be unaware that the house was on fire. A female opened the door and the first question from the officer was “are you alone in the house? “ She said “no there’s my baby and an adult in the bedrooms upstairs and another sleeping in the main floor bedroom.” Without hesitation the officer ran up the stairs to wake the adult and grabbed

the two-year-old child and brought it to safety. Hooray for the big blue and I don’t mean the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. If not for the swift actions of this police officer, the lives of three adults and an infant would have been much different today. Sincere gratitude to Estevan Police and fire departments and Red Cross. Joe Sukich Winnipeg, Man.

Komarnicki’s hidden agenda to slash protection for the environment

The Editor: Recently, MP Ed Komarnicki voted in favour of a 400 page budget bill that amends over 70 different acts and devotes an astonishing 150 pages to weakening laws to protect our environment. The Conservatives claim that this “streamlining” of environmental legislation is so important that it has to be passed right away. So why didn’t we hear about it until now? Why didn’t they campaign on

it in the last election? And why are the Conservatives ramming all these changes through Parliament and refusing to break up the mammoth bill so that all its parts can be properly studied? The Conservatives are trying to avoid public scrutiny by cramming major environmental changes into a sweeping “kitchen sink” bill. They want to eliminate federal environmental assessments for all but a few projects and do less com-

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prehensive reviews where they still occur. They want to eliminate protection for fish habitats, despite the fact that you don’t have fish without a habitat! All of this comes on top of announcements of 900 positions to be cut at Environment Canada. Mr. Komarnicki and the Conservatives didn’t campaign on gutting environmental regulations, yet they are trying to pass them under the radar. Mr. Komarnicki needs to come clean to his constituents about his hidden agenda of environmental destruction. Yours sincerely, Kirsty Duncan, MP, Liberal Critic for the Environment

The Editor, SaskEnergy recently announced that its price for natural gas for residential customers has decreased by 16 per cent and its monthly basic charge has increased by 6.7 per cent resulting in the average annual bill dropping by $50. Is this good news? Not necessarily. Under the SaskEnergy rate structure, the monthly service charge is about 47 per cent of the average residential bill. No matter how much you cut back on your energy use, those monthly charges will not be reduced. The increased reliance by SaskPower and SaskEnergy on monthly service charges is a disincentive to energy conservation.

A high efficiency furnace that reduces total household gas consumption by 40 per cent does not yield a 40 per cent reduction in your SaskEnergy bill but rather it yields only a 21 per cent reduction. Expressed another way, the payback period doubles for that high efficiency furnace or for any other residential energy efficiency project. Another way to describe the inequity of the monthly service charge is to consider the cost per unit of energy consumed. I have a friend whose energy efficiency improvements to his home dropped his annual electrical consumption from 9,320 kilowatt-hours (kWh) to 4,822.5 kWh, a reduction

The Editor: It was my first time at this doctor’s office in Estevan and I waited some 40 minutes after my expected appointment time (not unusual but a tad annoying), before I was called. Before I was allowed to go through to see the doctor, I was asked to remove my shoes and I was not wearing socks because it was a hot day, like so many patients I noticed before me.

I asked, do you have slipovers or slippers? They said no quite sternly and said I couldn’t go through with my shoes on. Naturally I felt hurt having waited so long then to be rejected because of footwear. I have never been to a hospital or doctor before where this has been asked and it was not mentioned when I made the appointment. I was just told to bring my medical card. It was a hot day and

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with sweaty feet and sick people, it was the ideal conditions for viruses to be passed. I shall not go there again as I have no intention of catching something that can be so easily avoided. How clean is your doctor’s surgery? Surely there are health and safety hygiene regulations for surgeries regarding barefeet. Theresa Williams, Estevan, Sask.

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They all start SOMEWHERE

Jack Jensen, Prince Albert, Sask.

Concerns about hygiene

Box 730, Estevan SK S4A 2A6 68 Souris Ave. N., Estevan, SK e-mail:


of 48.3 per cent. However, based on 2010 rates, his electrical bill only dropped from $1,243.68 to $805.87, a reduction of 35.2 per cent. Most importantly, his cost per kWh consumed rose from $0.1334/kWh to $0.1671/kWh. Because of monthly service charges, the more energy efficient you make your home, the higher the per-unit cost of the energy you consume. To encourage conservation, SaskPower and SaskEnergy should rely less on monthly service charges and put more emphasis on charging for actual energy consumption.

A8 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

False declarations lead to hefty penalties Canada Border Services Report for April Business was brisk and the volume of work was hefty at the international border crossings at North Portal and Estevan Highway this past month. April traffic was up significantly and a number of immigration matters were handled along with more than a few customs incidents that required action and penalties. In their April report, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said that 64 foreign nationals were refused entry at North Portal while four were refused entry at the Estevan Highway station. Of the 64 at North Portal, 39 were denied entry due to previous criminal offences while six were not considered genuine visitors to Canada and another 19 were denied for a variety of other reasons. At the Estevan Highway, one of the four who was refused entry had a previous criminal record. A sampling of the cases that were considered by immigration officers included a person living in New York who stated he was going to northern Alberta to visit a friend for three weeks. The New Yorker attempted entry on April 19. While questioning the

subject and examining the vehicle, CBSA officers determined that the man was actually attempting to move to Canada so he was refused entry and issued an exclusion order that bars him from access to Canada for one year. On April 23, a commercial driver from Washington sought entry to pick up a load in Saskatchewan. During a background check, it was discovered he had been convicted of negligent homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol. He was refused entry into Canada and returned to the United States. On April 26, a Montanabased commercial driver was refused entry due to a serious criminal background that included two counts of assault, assault causing bodily harm to a child, criminal endangerment, probation violation and possession of methamphetamines with intent to deliver. On April 27, three Wisconsin residents who had apparently been contracted to provide training in northern Alberta were refused entry at the North Portal port. Two of the people had drug/alcohol related convictions while the third did not have authorization to work in Canada. Upon examination of their vehicle, CBSA officers discovered 13 grams of synthetic cannabis.

As a result of this activity, two men were returned to the U.S. while the third was arrested and turned over to the RCMP. On the customs side of the business in April, CBSA officers at North Portal seized more than $185,000 in undeclared goods and weapons resulting in over $66,000 in penalties being levied against travellers entering Canada. Several incidents are also being investigated for criminal prosecution by the CBSA investigation branch. All of the following could have been avoided had proper declarations been made: On April 2, an Alberta resident returning to Canada with a horse trailer declared $22,000 in various goods. When CBSA officers carried out a secondary examination they discovered the truck pulling the trailer had actually been purchased in Oklahoma for $45,459 and was not being declared. The truck was seized and a penalty of $25,002 was assessed for its return. A further investigation into this matter is ongoing. If the truck had been declared, the importer would have paid a total of $2,372.97 in GST. Two Saskatchewan residents returning to Canada on April 4 after being away for

one day declared fencing material, alcohol and a dog that had been given to them from a person in Florida who apparently had an allergy to the pooch. Through further questioning and examination, CBSA officers determined the couple had actually paid $1,000 for the dog and had it shipped to North Dakota. The couple was penalized $545 for not declaring the purchase of the dog. If they had done it properly, the amount due would have been just under $50. On April 10, two Alberta residents returning from Michigan with a boat trailer valued at $1,750 stated the boat aboard the trailer had been purchased in Canada. After examining their import documents and through

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further questioning, it was determined the boat had also been purchased in Michigan for $19,607.80. The boat was seized and a penalty of $10,784.29 was applied and paid before the boat was returned. The driver of the vehicle later told CBSA officers he was attempting to save money. If the declaration had been carried out truthfully, the GST bill would have totalled $980. On April 17, an Alberta resident was importing a limousine into Canada which he undervalued by $7,000. The vehicle was seized and a penalty was applied for its return. Subsequent investigation revealed the limo was inadmissible to Canada since it did not meet Transport Canada specifications. On April 23, a Saskatchewan man who was trying to save money on taxes, undervalued a boat and trailer by $31,745.42. Had he declared the true purchase price of just under $59,000, he would have paid about $2,950 in GST. Instead he was required to pay a penalty of $17,460 for the return of the goods. On April 30, CBSA officers found two prohibited switchblades that were concealed in a false compartment within the vehicle occupied by two Saskatchewan residents. The weapons and vehicle were seized and the

driver paid a $1,500 penalty to reclaim the vehicle. On the commercial side of the border business in April, it was noted that $24,950 in penalties were issued against commercial importers. In one instance, CBSA officers became engaged with an importer with a unique reason for undervaluing a bull by $10,000, stating he was only the co-owner of the bull which had a full value of $20,000. A $2,000 penalty was paid. On April 17, a commercial carrier from North Carolina was issued a $16,000 penalty for not declaring a shipment of chemicals bound for Alberta that was valued at just over $22,000. CBSA officers examined the trailer and found the chemicals loaded midway in the trailer, tucked behind a load of insulation. The officers noted that it was the third offence of not reporting goods for this particular company. The CBSA reminds Canadian residents that if you are buying online and are picking up your goods in North Dakota, make sure you have a printout of the online receipt and take it with you to present to CBSA officers upon your return to Canada. Not all shippers send a receipt with the product and this information regarding the sale and the goods is necessary for proper processing at the border. CBSA also noted that as of June 1, there are new personal exemptions going into effect. After an absence of 24 hours, a person may now bring back $200 worth of goods duty-free and tax free. After 48 hours, the personal exemption is now $800. There are no exemptions for same-day travel. Questions concerning immigration, customs and commercial transactions may be directed toward the CBSA at their information line 1-800-461-9999.

Thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers and anyone who helped to make our

Football Family Fundraising supper a huge success.

Penta Completions Estevan Minor Football and ECS Elecs Football

would like to thank all the sponsors, donors and anyone who supported our football supper on April 14. Also a thank you to the volunteers and anyone who donated or helped in anyway! We will be back next year!

Thank You!


May 23, 2012 A9

Tourism info booth open for season With the tourism season slowly ramping up, the staff at the Estevan Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Information Centre is ready to promote everything the area has to offer. The centre, which is located on Highway 39 west, officially opened for the upcoming season with a barbecue Saturday. Tourism co-ordinator Kevin D’Souza said he and the centre’s two staff members are looking forward to the season. “We are definitely trying to make (the centre) better every year,” D’Souza said. “We’ve hired two staff and it’s great.” Since the facility opened two years ago, D’Souza said the chamber has taken strides to continually improve the centre and the service they offer to tourists. Among the changes this year, is streamlining their signage and the introduction of a mobile website which can be accessed by smartphones. “We are making sure that people know that it is not just a town to (drive through), there are things to do,” he said. “There are free tours of the mines. You’d be surprised how many people are fascinated by it. In addition to that we’ve got the leisure centre, the three races, Boundary Dam, Rafferty Dam; when you think about it there is so much to do here.” D’Souza said although they are happy with the services they have to offer, they are continually looking for ways to improve. “We are constantly looking at ways to make things better, to evolve and go two to three steps ahead.” One of those steps is the previously mentioned mobile web site. The site is a fairly comprehensive source of information that allows the user to thumb through the various accommodations and attractions the area has to offer. D’Souza said they were looking for a site that wasn’t content heavy but still offered all of the applicable information to tourists and is happy with the finished product. He added the site is also a rarity among other Saskatchewan tourism groups. The Souris Valley Museum, which is located next to the centre, officially opened for the season on Friday.

The Estevan Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Information Centre opened for the summer on Saturday. From left to right are centre staff members Myla Muli, Kevin D’Souza and Kelsey Schick.

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A10 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

Trio of fires and a busy weekend for Estevan Police Service A trio of fires that could have resulted in more serious consequences attracted the attention of Estevan Fire Rescue Services and the Estevan Police Service (EPS) on May 17 and 18. The May 18 fire occurred in the early morning hours in the 1200 block of Sixth Street when the back portion of a residence caught fire. EPS officers were able to wake the residents of the home and get them out of the building as well as those in a neighbouring house. When the firefighters arrived on the scene, they extinguished the flames in an efficient manner. Police report that one resident sustained minor injuries due to broken glass that occurred when the heat caused a window pane to burst. The house sustained major damages and the exact cause of the fire is under investigation. (See related story on front page). The previous night, EPS and Fire Rescue Services responded to a fire in the west central part of the city. This blaze, which was extinguished quickly, was more minor in scope and the individuals at the scene were warned about local fire regulations. The third fire occurred at a hotel in the central part of the city that same night. A man was removed from his room due to a sub-

stantial volume of smoke that was resulting from food left unattended in a stove. Firefighters used fans to eliminate the smoke, and it was noted that no injuries were sustained as the incident came to a conclusion. There was one police enforcement issue to tend to on the night of May 17 when a motorist was handed a 24-hour licence suspension due to the level of alcohol in his blood. During a day shift on May 18, EPS members responded to a call regarding a seriously injured male who had run into a convenience store at King Street to seek help. The 34-year-old victim was taken in an ambulance to St. Joseph’s Hospital and later that day was transferred to a Regina hospital for further treatment. Police opened an investigation into the matter and learned that the man had been assaulted and severely beaten by three other men at a residence in the 900 block of King Street. A search warrant was executed for the residence and two 33-year-old suspects were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and were remanded in custody until their May 22 court date. A third man is still at large and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. On the night of May 18, police were called to a residence in the central part of the city to follow up on


a report of a man who was spotted looking into a basement window. Police were not able to locate the intruder at the time but state that they have a suspect now and he will be interviewed about the incident. A noise complaint coming from the city’s north side on the night of May 18 attracted police attention. The occupant of the residence was warned about the city’s noise bylaw and the loud music, which was the subject of the complaint, was reduced in volume. A report of a possible impaired driver was looked into that same night, but police were unable to locate a suspect. On May 19, a 19-yearold man was arrested near a local convenience store after police identified him as a person who was not supposed to be out at that hour due to a court imposed curfew. Police spoke to the man and determined that he had also been consuming alcohol which was another breach of the court order, so he was remanded into custody until his May 22 court appearance. A fight between two patrons at a local nightclub attracted police attention on the night of May 18. The two combatants had left the scene prior to police arrival so no further action was required. The night time activities on May 18 continued

to pile up on police as they were next called to a local hotel after an intoxicated man approached the front desk and created a scene. He was taken into custody and charged with being intoxicated in public. Police were then called to a residence in the central part of the city regarding a call about a man trespassing on private property. The man initially did not leave when asked to do so by property owners, but had left prior to police arrival. A search of the area did not turn up any suspect. A report of a potentially impaired driver leaving a restaurant on the night of May 18 drew police attention. The vehicle that had been described was stopped, but police determined the driver was not impaired, however he was driving an unregistered vehicle so he was issued a ticket to address that matter. A complaint of criminal harassment was reported to police by a local family that had received numerous phone calls from a known individual. Police contacted the subject and instructed him to cease the calls or face charges. Police attended to a residence on the north side of the city in response to a call regarding residents of the home harassing a delivery person. The matter had been resolved prior to police arrival, but police noted that

a large, noisy party was in full swing so they spoke with the homeowner and the party was broken up with several young people being sent on their way. Police were then called to a local convenience store following a report of another fight breaking out at that location. Several young people were spoken to and the matter was resolved while police learned that no actual fight had occurred. A theft of a large amount of cash from a local convenience store was reported to police on the night of May 18. EPS members took control of the surveillance video that will help them with their investigation

and are now tracking down the suspects. Police then noted two men walking along Fourth Street on the night of May 19. One of them was seen to be consuming alcohol so police approached the two who became unco-operative. The two were noted to be very intoxicated so were arrested and lodged in cells until sober. During the incident and background investigation, it was noted that one of the men had a warrant out for his arrest from Borden, Sask., so, he was processed accordingly while the second man was charged for consuming alcohol in public and for being intoxicated in public.


May 23, 2012 A11

Retail customer service workshop slated for Estevan Customer Service, Simple and Easy, is the title for a business workshop scheduled for the Estevan Public Library on Tuesday, June 5. The session will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be delivered by the Community Futures (CF) Sunrise and the Estevan library. CF Sunrise staff and session facilitator, Verna O’Neill, will take participants through the time-tested easy customer service techniques that are sure to connect with clients. “As the economy in the southeast region continues to thrive, business owners and managers

are extremely busy with day-to-day operations. It’s difficult to carve out time for staff training, especially on the soft-skills of customer relations and client service. But frontline staff are the faces our customers see, so their friendly and efficient service and great attitude are a must to keeping customers happy and coming back,” said O’Neill. Session topics will include the key skills that create outstanding customer experiences, the four components of a customer service strategy, ways to keep customers coming back and how to encourage the potential of your customer service

team. “We look forward to hosting this session and encourage not only frontline staff to attend, but hope managers and owners will come out and refresh their own customer service knowledge. Many of the activities planned during the workshop can be taken back and shared with other employees at staff meetings,” said Kate-Lee Donohoe, branch manager of the public library. Spaces will be limited so pre-workshop registration is required. This may be done by contacting the library branch at 636-1621 to reserve a seat.

Work Continues

Crews from Glen Peterson Construction are continuing to work on laying the curbs along Souris Avenue.


A12 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

Spring legislature session over with The spring session of the Saskatchewan legislature is finished and both of the province’s two main political parties are declaring it was a success. The Sask. Party government issued a press release last week that touched on the session and the fact that Saskatchewan was the only province to pass a balanced budget. “While other provinces and other countries are struggling with huge deficits and growing debt, Saskatchewan is a different story,” Premier Brad Wall said. “Our budget is balanced, our finances are sound and we are on the right track.” Among the other highlights were: • Introducing a new “Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship” that will provide up to $2,000 over four years to new high school graduates to reduce the cost of post-secondary education in Saskatchewan; • Expanding the active families benefit and the PST exemption on clothing to include all children under 18;

• 500 new child care spaces; • A new $10,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers; • Launching the STARS emergency medical helicopter service; • F o rg i v i n g u p t o $120,000 in student loans for new doctors and up to $20,000 for new nurses and nurse practitioners who practise in rural and remote communities; • Providing the first year of the government’s four-year commitment of $2.2 billion to repair and maintain Saskatchewan highways. “Last election, we campaigned on a platform of sustainable spending, balanced budgets and a number of targeted promises to help keep life affordable for Saskatchewan people,” Wall said. “In this session, we did what we said we would do.” Interim NDP leader John Nilson was also eager to speak about the session and said the government has continued to send mixed messages to the people of Saskatchewan.

John Nilson

He said on one hand, they are speaking about the prosperity of the province while on the other hand they are making cuts to services. “It’s prosperity for

the government, they are spending more than any other government in the history of Saskatchewan and (May 16) they passed a bill to spend millions of dollars to add three more


three politicians to the legislature,” he said. “But it’s austerity for you and your neighbours.” Although they were severely outmanned after getting trounced in the last provincial election, Nilson felt the NDP’s nine MLAs did an excellent job of taking the government to task for some of their decisions. Among the areas Nilson and the NDP hammered the government on were the addition of three new MLAs, the elimination of the Saskatchewan film tax credit and changes to the immigration program that could prevent newcomers to the province from bringing their family members to Sasaktchewan. “Everybody worked very hard,” Nilson said of the NDP MLAs. “They are caring, passionate, tireless MLAs that formed our caucus.” Nilson said the Sask. Party government lacks a vision for the future of Saskatchewan and also criticized them for springing controversial mea-

sures such as possible new labour legislation on the province after not mentioning them in the election. The long-time MLA also alleged that with his party making noise about the government’s controversial measures, Wall attempted to draw attention away from their troubles by taking on federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair over his comments about the resource industry in the west. “The premier had a really bad week about two weeks ago so he tried to change the channel by going to the new film tax credit. That blew up in his face so then (Mulcair made his comments) so (the following) Monday and Tuesday he was going on that once again to distract from the troubles again here in Saskatchewan,” Nilson said. As for the summer, Nilson said he and his fellow MLAs will spend the time preparing for the next session and continuing to listen to the concerns of Saskatchewan residents.

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Public school trustees hear community reports Wapella seeks enforcement of boundary regulations School Community Council members from Ogema and Wapella made presentations to the board of trustees of the South East Cornerstone Public School Division on May 17. The Ogema duo provided an update on an earlier visit, noting some special programs that had been implemented such as social problem solving at the elementary level and the high school students paying a visit to another school for idea exchanges. The SCC in Ogema is implementing an English as another language program for new immigrants in co-ordination with the Southeast Regional College. The classes would be for adults and some new students too. With a strong mentorship program in place that matches high school students with elementary students during lunch breaks and other free times, there are no major bullying incidents, they said. They added that the young students are feeling a definite connection to the high

Marc Casavant school and are not intimidated by the presence of the older students and the high school itself. Ogema School now has 108 students which is about double what it had three years ago. The SCC reported that the town’s population has risen by 22 per cent with five new residences under construction along with 25 more camp sites. As well, a local tourist attraction that includes train rides using an old locomotive will be ready to launch on June 22.

The Wapella delegation of six also noted a significant population increase of over 20 per cent with several young families moving in and four new homes under construction in the town with a population of just over 500. A recent poll showed that 75 per cent of the town’s population is under the age of 55. Unlike Ogema though, Wapella spokeswoman Tammy Statz, said they struggle with retention of students in the school

since there appears to be a tradition of sending Wapella students on down the road to attend school in Moosomin. There are now 26 child daycare spaces filled in Wapella, so Statz and others in the Wapella delegation said they hoped to retain these kids and sought the assistance of the trustees and Cornerstone administration in enforcing the guidelines that call for students within a school boundary to actually attend that school. Statz said under the current situation, with the all the stress placed on the principals and teachers to teach as many as four grades in one room, there is a continual loss of educators and administrators which, in turn, makes it difficult for youngsters to get to know and feel comfortable with their teachers and principal since they change every year. With many community based functions already focused on youngsters and the family, Statz said now was a prime time to move the school forward. The kindergarten to

Grade 9 Wapella School currently houses 48 students and Statz said there are also 26 students attending other schools and they are being delivered to these schools by Cornerstone buses that pick them up at the Wapella School. “In the past, Wapella School has had over 105 students, so we’re seeking help from the division. We have 14 kids right now in Wapella who have never attended Wapella School,” Statz said. The Wapella group said they understand that Moosomin’s elementry and high school are now near or over capacity, so this would be a good time to begin enforcing the attendance area rules. Statz went on to note the trustees were faced with a big dilemma since they ended up dealing with each request from each family seeking a bus ride for their kid to another school area, but a better enrolment in the Wapella School would probably address the teacher turnover problem if there were more students. She said the lo-

cal SCC has identified as many as 66 students for Wapella School if they just maintained the current enrolment numbers plus the expected and identified newcomers. “If we don’t lose any more to Moosomin and keep the kindergarten kids from the town and area coming to Wapella School, that enrolment will go up quickly,” said Statz. “So we ask you to maintain and enforce attendance boundaries and clarify the transportation policy so our school can grow with the community.” Carol Flynn, Cornerstone’s chairwoman said she understood how their decisions affect people in many ways and while there were never any clear-cut solutions, the board could definitely re-address the policy regarding transfer requests. Marc Casavant, director of education for the division added, “we can continue the conversations to persuade people to keep their kids in the Wapella School if they are residing in that region.”




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School reviews and construction contracts for Cornerstone The South East Cornerstone Public School Division trustees spent some time on May 17 discussing the timing of notices that could be sent out to all the division’s school community councils. The public board of education wants to ensure that the communities associated with all 38 schools in the division are aware of the school review process so that communities will no longer arrive at the boardroom tables in October or November claiming they were caught unaware of

the fact that their school was under review for possible closure or changes. “ We d o n ’ t h a v e schools listed yet, we’re just wanting to outline policy and parameters,” said chairwoman Carol Flynn. Some trustees felt it would be a good idea to send out the information notices regarding review policies immediately while others felt the notifications would be lost in the school year-end shuffles and would lose their impact over the coming summer months.

Coming events Thursday, May 24: *Relay for Life Survivor Tea Taylorton Room, Days Inn 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday, May 26: *Drewitz School of Dance 29th Annual Recital - Estevan Comprehensive School Matinee - 2 p.m., Evening Performance - 7 p.m. Sunday, May 27: *Estevan Idol Auditions - Exhibition Hall. Senior Auditions (16 years and up) 2 p.m.; Junior Auditions (Under 15 years of age) - 3 p.m.

But some trustees felt that issuing the notices in mid-September in the new school year would once again lead to accusations of the board not giving a community any lead time in which to mount a defence for their school. Trustee Harold Laich said he felt the board needed to discuss in more detail “what makes a school viable or not,” other than enrolment decreases. It was finally decided that a letter explaining the school review process will be sent to the principal in

each of the schools and it will be their responsibility to bring it to their respective school community councils in a timely manner. The notices and review process will be sent to each and every school, regardless of its size and current status within the division. In other business, the trustees approved a motion to award the tender for the construction and placement of two relocatable classrooms in the division. One classroom is be-

ing added to MacLeod Elementary School in Moosomin while the other is being added to Arcola School. The $858,751 contract was awarded to CCR Construction Ltd. of Regina which was the lowest of four bids received for work. April Lawrence, the board’s communications and media manager provided an update on the division’s website activities including unique visitors. She reported that the visitor list is up by 25 per cent compared with

Bridal Guide 2012

Kimberly Fonstad & Marcus Friess......................................................June 9, 2012 Jenna Henton & Chris Lesy ...............................................................June 16. 2012 Louise Lotten & Jeffrey Cleveland .....................................................June 16, 2012 Andrea Mantei & Preston Leatherdale ..............................................June 23, 2012 Gina McCutcheon & Garrett Kapustinsky ..........................................June 23, 2012 Dalene Breault & Rick Taylor ............................................................June 23, 2012 Nicole Lynn & Dan Dyck ....................................................................June 23, 2012 Teneil Hunter & Jacob Sailer .............................................................June 30, 2012 Melanie Halborg & Todd Brandow...................................................... July 14, 2012 Megan Van De Woestyne & Jay Vanstone ........................................ July 14, 2012 Mayra C. Gonzalez & Anibal Bravo .................................................... July 21, 2012 Marlene Taylor & Todd Adams ........................................................... July 21, 2012 Jessie Elias & Andrew Smoliak .......................................................... July 28, 2012 Amanda Henton & Dustin Mack ...................................................... August 4, 2012 Janelle Daae & Tristan Mack........................................................... August 4, 2012 Ashley Forrester & Danial Bayliss ................................................. August 11, 2012 Rachelle Kickley & Craig Caissie .................................................. August 11, 2012 Sarah Monteyne & Kory Clearwater .............................................. August 17, 2012 Katelyn Hersche & Mike Bender.................................................... August 18, 2012 Amanda Lindenbach & Adam Lojewski ......................................... August 18, 2012 Channy House & Aaron Mack ................................................... September 1, 2012 Jenna Heidinger & Kyle Luc ...................................................... September 4, 2012 Amanda Luhr & Chad Munro ................................................... September 14, 2012 Tracey Donais & Jeff Ward...................................................... September 15, 2012 Tracy Tytlandsvik & Robert Blowatt......................................... September 15, 2012 Christina Dorward & Jeremy Strong ........................................ September 15, 2012 Lacey Gill & Scott Sykes ......................................................... September 22, 2012 Jamie Campbell & Kevin McCurdy .......................................... September 29, 2012 Darcy Pierson & Eric Lorange ................................................. September 29, 2012 Adrienne Dawson & Brad Dixon .............................................. September 29, 2012 Amber Fleck & Jason Kuchinka................................................ November 10, 2012 Shelagh Bangsund & Aaron Eskra ........................................... December 28, 2012


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There will be 2 scheduled passes after the Spring Clean-up. They are outlined as follows, with the dates listed as TENTATIVE


y y May 22nd – May 25th May 28th – June 1st June 4th – June 8th

4 5 1


SE Corner SW Corner NW Corner


WEEK 2 3 4 1


2012 TENTATIVE DATES Aug 13th – Aug 17th Aug 20th – Aug 24th Aug 27th – Aug 31st Sept 4th – Sept 7th

AREA NE Corner SE Corner SW Corner NW Corner

NORTH WEST June 4th – June 8th September 4th – September 7th

NORTH EAST May 14th – May 18th August 13th – August 17th SOUTH WEST May 28th – June 1st August 27th – August 31st SOUTH EAST May 22nd– May 25th August 20th – August 24th

The City of Estevan and Province of Saskatchewan Rental Construction Incentive Program is now taking applications for funding. The Rental Construction Incentive Program provides a $ 5,000 grant per door for new rental units or conversions of housing to rental units. This $ 5,000 is matched by the City of Estevan through the CANDO Rental Construction Program full property tax abatement for the year of construction and 1st four years after.

To be eligible:

- The housing units must be rental and cannot be converted to condos for a minimum of ve years - This grant cannot be stacked with other rental grant programs For further information please contact: Jim Puffalt, City Manager 1102 - 4th Street, Estevan, SK, S4A 1Z9 306-634-1802

KENSINGTON AND ROONEY ROAD The City of Estevan is undertaking construction for Concrete and Surface Works The affected area includes Rooney Road and Nesbitt Drive and Kensington Avenue intersection. Property access and parking restrictions are to occur. This work will commence April 2, 2012 and will take approximately four (4) weeks to complete (subject to weather) Glen Peterson Construction Ltd and Souris Valley Paving will perform this work within the current Bylaw regulations and specications. Water Main Replacement The City of Estevan is undertaking concrete work and road works at: Souris Avenue – Seventh Street to King Street The purpose of this work is to provide timely and cost effective replacement of existing cast iron water main with PVC pipe, replacement of existing water and sanitary sewer services from water & sewer main up to the property line and surface restoration. This work would require closure of immediate areas of excavation and may necessitate parking restriction in adjacent areas. This work will commence during the week of April 9, 2012 (from Seventh Street) and will take approximately Four (4) Weeks to complete (subject to weather). Glen Peterson Construction Ltd. will perform this work within the current Bylaw regulations. George Street – Dufferin Avenue to Bannatyne Avenue The purpose of this work is to provide timely and cost effective replacement of existing cast iron water main with PVC pipe, replacement of existing water and sanitary sewer services from water & sewer main up to the property line and surface restoration. This work would require closure of immediate areas of excavation and may necessitate parking restriction in adjacent areas. This work will commence during the week of April 9, 2012 and will take approximately Three (3) to Four (4) Weeks to complete (subject to weather). Glen Peterson Construction Ltd. will perform this work within the current Bylaw regulations. Woodlawn Reservoir The City of Estevan is undertaking construction of a Treated Drinking Water Reservoir. The affected area includes The Woodlawn Avenue Right of Way North of the St. Joseph’s Hospital. This Right of Way is not a though road and no trafc will be allowed in the area that is not involved with the reservoir construction. This work will commence March 5, 2012 and will take approximately ten (10) months to complete. Ledcor Construction Ltd. and JV&M Constructors Inc will perform this work within the current Bylaw regulations and specications. Safety Construction site could be dangerous. If you have children, please ask them to keep a safe distance from the site. We will take every precaution to ensure public safety, but we need your assistance to constrain the natural curiosity of younger children. Please DO NOT attempt to go close to areas affected. Theft or Vandalism If you see any act of vandalism, theft or anyone suspiciously tampering with equipment, signage or barricades please contact call Police. Questions and Concerns The City of Estevan, Engineering Services apologize for any inconveniences that this work may cause and thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience. If you have any question or concerns, please call at 634-1818 or approach the supervisor or foreman on site.



2012 DISCOUNTS Tax notices will be sent out in June, once taxes May .5% have been levied

Taxpayers are encouraged to take advantage of the pre-payment discount the city offers on 2012 Property Taxes if paid before June. Please note that you will not receive a prepayment notice. If you wish to take advantage of the discount please stop into City Hall or call 634-1812 or 634-1811 to determine what your 2012 discount will be.





Construction Bulletin









last year. She noted that of the Google visitors to the Cornerstone website, 98 per cent were from Canada. Lawrence also noted that as well as hundreds of internal communication items, there were seven board highlight packages sent out to media outlets in the division and 434 newspaper articles and radio station reports focused on Cornerstone activities and there had been five other non-board press releases issued during the past academic year plus 23 media interviews.

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If you are interested in volunteering or know of an organization that would like to help out at any event at Spectra Place please contact: leisure.ofďƒž


(67(9$16. At The Library..... KWWSVSHFWUDSODFHFD S


Mondays & Wednesdays, @ 3:00, 3:30 & 4:00 pm – Hello Computer! – Come and get answers to your computer questions in one-on-one sessions. Bring your laptop or use a public computer. **When registering please indicate what you would like to learn. Thursday, May 24th @ 5:30 pm – Adult Movie Night: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (94 minutes - Rated PG-13) – May is Holocaust Remembrance month. Commemorate the occasion by viewing The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The film is set during World War II, a story seen through the innocent eyes of Bruno, the eight-year-old son of the commandant at a concentration camp. Bruno is forbidden friendship with a Jewish boy on the other side of the camp fence has startling and unexpected consequences. Refreshments will be provided. Call 636-1621 to register. Tuesday, May 29th @ 2:30 pm – Tuesday Afternoon Book Club: the Uncommon Reader – Can’t make it to Cover-to-Cover Book Club Thursday evenings? No problem! To accommodate your busy schedule Jill is hosting a Tuesday afternoon book club focusing on an alternate title. This month we will be discussing The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom becomes obsessed with books after a chance encounter with a mobile library. The story follows the consequences of this obsession for the Queen, her household and advisers, and her constitutional position. Call 636-1621 to pick up your copy today. Thursday, May 31st @ 6:00 pm – What to Read Next? – Unsure what to read next? Jill will introduce you to reader’s advisory databases, focusing on Novelist and Fiction Connection. She will teach you how to select new titles based on your favourite books and authors. Come and learn how to select books you enjoy. Don’t miss out on your next great read! Call 636-1621 to register. Tuesday, June 5th @ 6:30 to 8:00 pm – Customer Service: Simple & Easy – Join Verna O’Neill of Community Futures as she takes you through time-tested, easy customer service techniques that are sure to connect with your clients. Session topics will include four components of a customer service strategy, key skills that are a ‘must’ to create outstanding customer experiences, ways to keep customers coming back, and methods that encourage the potential of your customer service team. Send your front-line staff to this workshop! Or come and refresh your own customer service knowledge! This session is free to attend. Materials will be provided. Registration is required as space is limited. Call 636-1621 to pre-register today! Thursday, June 7th @ 6:30 to 8:00 pm – Geo-caching in Partnership with Active Estevan – Curious about geo-caching? The library now has GPS units for patrons to borrow. Come to the library and join Barb Wright, who will be teaching how to geo-cache – learn how to use a GPS and have fun at the same time! Families welcome! Saturday, June 9th 2:00 pm – Armchair Travel Russia & Ukraine – Curious about Eastern Europe? Join Irene Roy for an informative discussion about her experiences in Russia and the Ukraine. She toured St. Petersburg and Odessa at the point when communism was being overthrown in Eastern Europe. Her discussion will shed light on Eastern Europe politics, history and culture. Don’t miss this opportunity! Tuesday, June 12, 19, 26 @ 5:30 pm – Knitting for Beginners – Interested in knitting but not quite sure where to start? Join experienced knitter Shauna Stock who will be teaching basic knitting skills in three sessions. Participants are encouraged to practice what they learned following the program and voice questions or concerns in subsequent programs; Shauna can help! Adults only please. Participants must bring their own yarn and knitting needles, call the library for details. Thursday, June 14th @ 9:30 to 10:30 am – Sunrise Program: Music for Young Children with Joanna Smith – For Ages 2 ½ to 4 yrs. Sunrise ÂŽ is an exciting and innovative pre-school music program offered at Music For Young Children ÂŽ Studios. Children are introduced to the exciting world of music through singing, rhythm and listening activities. Group instruction enhances the development of listening awareness, fine motor skills, attention span and social skills. Join us for this free one session demo class and get a taste of what MYC ÂŽ has to offer! Thursday, June 14th @ 6:00 pm – Food Fear Factor – Are you fearless? Do you have an iron stomach? Test yourself. Come compete in Food Fear Factor at the library – a race through five rounds of creatively disgusting food to make it to the final “Gross-Outâ€? table, where finalists will compete to be named champion gastronome. Please indicate any allergies. Adults only please. There will be no Baby Time, Toddler Time or Story Time Programs for July & August. Regular sessions will start in September.

The Library will be closed Sundays starting June 17th. Please pre-register for all programs unless otherwise indicated. Call 636-1621. The library will be closed on May 20 & 21.


Southeast Regional Victim Services is looking for volunteers in the Estevan City Police / Estevan RCMP detachment area to work with victims of crime and traumatic events by providing information, advocacy, support and referral. Victim Services is a policeafďƒžliated program. The following qualiďƒžcations are needed: * 18 years of age or older * pass a police security screening and take an oath of conďƒždentiality * sincere interest in and the ability to work with people * successfully complete initial training program and participate in ongoing training and staff meetings Training is provided free of charge. Funded by Saskatchewan Justice. For further information, please call 634-8040.

The Estevan Police Service was established in 1906 and has been built on a tradition of excellence. The City of Estevan has experienced a great deal of growth in the past three years, especially in the energy sector including oil, coal mining and power generation. This growth and economic boom has created several challenges within the City of Estevan including the Police Service. The Estevan Police Service is increasing the size of the Police Service and currently has two vacancies for the position of Constable. The Estevan Police Service has a rigorous application process; however, this process is to ensure that the people we hire to wear the Estevan Police Service uniform are the right people for the job. If you are hired as a new recruit you will enter a rigorous training period of 42 weeks. The ďƒžrst 18 weeks will be at the Saskatchewan Police College in Regina, Saskatchewan where you will receive instruction in criminal law, ofďƒžcer safety, self defence, ďƒžrearms, report writing and cross cultural training. After graduating from the Police College you will receive a further 24 weeks of ďƒželd training under the guidance of a Field Training Ofďƒžcer. Experienced members are encouraged to apply. The Estevan Police Service offers an exciting career in law enforcement with excellent beneďƒžts and a competitive salary.


Duties and Responsibilities: The successful candidate will demonstrate excellent interpersonal communication skills. This person will handle incoming telephone calls, general public inquiries and complaints, and will communicate via radio transmissions with members on patrol. Must be able to work independently under stress as well as produce a high degree of accuracy.

To apply or receive further information please see contact information below.

Application packages can be picked up at the Estevan Police Service or mailed out upon request. Please return the completed package with an updated resume in a sealed envelope to:

Estevan Police Service

301-11th Ave., Estevan, Saskatchewan. S4A 1C7 or call 306 634 4767. You can also email: or Del Block – Chief of Police, Estevan Police Service Only successful candidates will be contacted.

Tip of the Week

The Estevan City Police would like to remind the residents of the following regarding PEDESTRIAN SAFETY. Pedestrian Safety is for ALL ages. Unfortunately, in trafďƒžc accidents involving pedestrians and motorists, it is the pedestrian who suffers, often with tragic results. In many cases it is not the driver’s fault. It is the responsibility of both driver and pedestrian to ensure each others safety by the following some simple rules. PEDESTRIAN: Cross at marked crosswalks or trafďƒžc lights, not in the middle of the block or between parked cars; -make sure drivers see you before you cross; -Cross when trafďƒžc has come to a complete stop; At a trafďƒžc light, cross at the beginning of a green light. Do not cross once the “Don’t walkâ€? signal begins to ďƒ&#x;ash or once the light has turned yellow. NEVER cross on a red light; -Watch for trafďƒžc turning at intersections or entering and leaving driveways; -Wear bright or light-coloured clothing or reďƒ&#x;ective strips, when walking in dusk or darkness. MOTORIST: Be patient, especially with older pedestrians who need more time to cross the road; -Always look for pedestrians, especially when turning; -Remember, stay alert and slow down on residential streets and through school zones. Fines for these offences (motorists or pedestrians) range from $70.00-$230.00. AS A PARENT OR CAREGIVER: -Teach and reinforce the proper techniques for crossing the road safely with your child. -Stress the importance of walking on the inside of the sidewalk, or where there are no sidewalks, as far away as possible from the travelled portion of the road: -Stopping before the edge of the sidewalk at all times; -Being alert and stopping at driveways and where there are no curbs. Thank you, Cst D STEPHANY #44 Estevan Police Service


PUBLIC NOTICE The Council of the City of Estevan, pursuant to Section 209 of the Saskatchewan Planning and Development Act, 2007, gives notice of its intention to amend Zoning Bylaw #20101834 as hereinafter provided: Consideration is being given to make a number of amendments to the Zoning Bylaw #2010-1834 which are of a minor nature – speciďƒžcally errors and omissions that have been discovered since the passing of the Zoning Bylaw (2010). The amending “housekeepingâ€? bylaw (No.2012-1876) may be inspected by any person at the Legislative Services Business Division, 1102 4th Street, Estevan, Saskatchewan, between the hours of 9:00am and 12:00 noon, and 1:00pm and 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. City Council, at it’s meeting to be held on June 11, 2012 at 7:30pm in the Council Chambers, City Hall, will consider any written submissions respecting the proposed bylaw, provided such submissions are received by the City Clerk, Legislative Services Business Division, City Hall, 1102 Fourth Street, Estevan, Saskatchewan, no later than 4:00 pm on June 6, 2012. Dated at the City of Estevan this 8th Day of May , 2012.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday May 22, 23, & 24, 2012 Trojan Subdivision, including 9th Street, 8th Street and 7th Street Centennial Park Areas and Soo Industrial Subdivision Friday, Monday, Tuesday May 25 & 28, & 29, 2012 Area bounded by Valley Street and 1st Street, Souris Avenue, 6th Street, Alice Road, including Westview Place Wednesday, Thursday, Friday May 30, 31, June 1, 2012 Area bounded by Souris Avenue, Kensington Avenue and 6th street, Perkins Street, including the Valleyview Subdivision, Jubilee Place and Bay Meadows Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday June 5, 6, 7, 8, 2012 East of Kensington Avenue (within city limits)


More than a great paycheck, a career with a difference. Permanent Full Time Positions • Ensure the safety of Aquatic Centre Guests • Instruct lessons for children and adults alike. • Administer First Aid in the event of an emergency Enjoy • Keep environment clean, and free of hazards. • Great work environment

Requirements • Current Certiďƒžcation in • National Lifeguarding Services (Bronze Cross/Medallion) • Assistant Water Safety Instructor/WSI • First Aid/CPR

• Continuous learning opportunities • Outstanding beneďƒžt package • Working with great people

Apply to: Kelvin Pillipow - Human Resources 1102 Fourth Street, Estevan SK S4A 0W7 Phone: 306-634-1842 Fax: 306-634-9790 Email:












May 23, 2012


“SaskPower’s electrical infrastructure and energy efficiency expertise are crucial for our province’s growing business sector.”

YOUR QUICK LUBE SERVICE SPECIALISTS Lube Hours: Mon. - Sat. 7 am - 5 pm

- Rob Norris, minister responsible for SaskPower.


238 4th Street, Estevan Phone 634-6276

New programs to save money for business SaskPower is expanding its energy efficiency programs to help large commercial and industrial customers reduce electricity use and upgrade lighting.

“SaskPower ’s electrical infrastructure and energy efficiency expertise are crucial for our province’s growing business sector,” said Rob Norris, minister respon-

sible for SaskPower. “The new programs will ensure businesses and industrial customers are getting maximum value for their energy expenses and access to discounted energy

STARS launches lottery Now that the STARS service is available in the province, Saskatchewan residents are being asked to throw their financial support behind the program. The first ever STARS lottery in Saskatchewan officially launched last week with 2,206 prizes worth over $3.4 million. “STARS came to Saskatchewan through partnerships with corporate donors and government. Now that we are here, the success of STARS depends on additional support from the community,” said Rod

Gantefoer, executive vice president for the STARS Foundation. “The STARS lottery is an integral fundraiser to generate the necessary revenue to keep STARS operating.” The STARS lottery includes three grand prizes worth over $2.4 million, including two beautiful million dollar show homes in Regina and Saskatoon, and a home-away-from home truck and fifth wheel combination worth nearly $200,000. There is also an early bird package to be won: a

2012 Mercedes SLK350, as well as a four night geta-way for two at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, plus $5,000 in fun money. In addition to the grand and early bird prizes, there are five vehicles, 11 vacations and 2,186 other great prizes including cash, furniture, jewelry and luggage. Two lucky winners can also enjoy a flight of a lifetime aboard a STARS helicopter. All proceeds from the STARS lottery will stay in Saskatchewan to support both bases.

SaskEnergy warns of scam SaskEnergy is warning its customers of a telemarketing scam occurring in various areas of the province. SaskEnergy has received reports from several customers that they were contacted by phone and encouraged to purchase a device that the caller claims will help them save electricity or

energy. The caller claimed to be a SaskEnergy representative. This is not a SaskEnergy offering. SaskEnergy does not contact customers by phone to promote or sell products, with the exception of conducting surveys for research purposes. Anyone who has received calls of this nature should report the call to

Phonebusters (the Canadian Anti-fraud Call Centre) at 1-888-495-8501. If a customer has provided personal financial information, including bank account or credit card information, over the phone, they should report the matter to their local police, as well as immediately contact their financial institution.

AMPSCOT® PUMPJACKS Artificial Lift Systems

Proudly made in Canada

Phone: 637-6055 Fax: 636-2606 400 Kensington Ave., Estevan


Twenty-six licenses issued to Tuesday, May 22, 2012

12E157 - Highrock Manor Hz .......................................................................................................... 2A2-36-3A10-25-7-1 12E178 - VOC Souris Flat Hz......................................................................................................4D16-14-2D16-13-1-34 12E177 - Elkhorn Northgate Hz.......................................................................................................1A2-29-2D13-28-1-2 12E172 - CNRL Steelman Hz............................................................................................................2A11-2-3D16-2-5-5 12E169 - Williston Hunter Tableland Hz..........................................................................................1A1-14-4D16-2-1-11 12E168 - Williston Hunter Tableland Hz............................................................................................ 4A1-16-1A1-9-1-11 12E176 - Vale Mclean Re DD ....................................................................................................... 1B5-29-2A5-29-18-15 12E175 - Vale Mclean .................................................................................................................................... 5-29-18-15 12E174 - Geopetrol Coteau Lake Hz ..............................................................................................2C7-10-1B8-10-1-20 12E188 - BDOG Mair 2Hz ...........................................................................................................2C10-27-1C12-27-8-32 12E196 - PBEN Clarilaw W 2Hz........................................................................................................ 3A2-32-2A2-29-7-5 12E190 - Harvest Corning West Hz ..................................................................................................3C13-8-4A9-7-11-7 12E205 - Triwest Parkman South Hz .............................................................................................. 5A1-22-2A3-23-8-33 12E206 - Renegade et al Crystal Hill 2Hz ..................................................................................... 4A9-26-3A11-25-10-2 12E231 - BDOG Mair SWD ................................................................................................................................ 4-2-9-32 12E210 - Triwest Hastings Hz ...........................................................................................................2B12-2-4C7-3-3-33 12E237 - Fire Sky et al Cantal S 2Hz ............................................................................................8D16-11-3A3-13-5-34 12E218 - Elkhorn Northgate Hz............................................................................................................. 1B4-7-4B4-6-1-2 12E229 - Elkhorn Northgate Hz.......................................................................................................4D1-29-2D14-28-1-2 12E233 - PBEN Kisbey 2Hz ..............................................................................................................2C14-4-1C12-5-8-5 12E216 - PBEN Kisbey 2Hz ..............................................................................................................5C13-4-1C13-5-8-5 12E213 - Spectrum et al Viewfield Hz .............................................................................................2D16-22-2D8-27-8-5 12E222 - Williston Hunter Tableland Hz.............................................................................................. 4A1-2-3A1-1-1-10 12E226 - Williston Hunter Tableland Hz................................................................................................. 8A1-4B4-2-1-10 12E224 - Williston Hunter Tableland Hz.......................................................................................... 3B4-16-3A1-16-1-10 12E221 - Husky Oungre Hz............................................................................................................. 1B4-25-4A4-24-1-13


12A130 - Vortex #2 ................................................Triwest Hastings Hz.......................................... 5B1-10-3A9-3-3-33 12B398 - Nabors #24 ................................................. BHPB Melville ............................................................. 1-28-20-3 12B133 - Canelson #11.......................................... VOC et al Pinto Hz...........................................2C16-4-6C16-9-1-4 11F092 - Precision #381 ........................................ CPEC Viewfield Hz ........................................ 3B4-20-3A1-20-10-9

efficient lighting.” Delivered in partnership with ICF Marbek (an environment and energy management consulting firm) the Industrial Energy Optimization Program will: • Offer the technical assistance of a dedicated energy support team to industrial customers, in order to identify energysaving opportunities that qualify under the program; • Provide financial incentives that help advance the adoption of energy efficient practices; and • Support the development and implementation of energy-saving

capital projects. The expanded Commercial Lighting Incentive Program will give the province’s 30,000 businesses access to more than 30 choices of premium energy efficient lighting. Businesses can start saving on their lighting bills as soon as their electrical contractor purchases products through participating lighting distributors. “Improving energy efficiency programs for our industrial customers is an environmentally sound and cost-effective way to meet our province’s growing electricity needs. The more our customers can cut consumption, the

better we can manage the number of power stations and power lines we need to build,” said Robert Watson, president and CEO, SaskPower. Depending on customer response, the Commercial Lighting Incentive Program could deliver 12 megawatts (MW) of energy savings by 2017, while the Industrial Energy Optimization Program could deliver 10 megawatts of energy savings. SaskPower ’s long-term goal is to reduce customer demand for electricity by 100 megawatts by 2017. For details about these programs, visit

Vehicle sales continue to rise The Saskatchewan economy made gains in both manufacturing and new motor vehicle sales according to two reports released by Statistics Canada. Manufacturing shipments were up 20.5 per cent in February 2012 over February 2011, the second highest percentage increase among the provinces. New motor vehicle sales were up 19 per cent in February when compared with February last year, the second highest increase among the

provinces. “The early economic indicators for 2012 are showing Saskatchewan as an economic leader in Canada, just as many major forecasters have predicted,” Enterprise Minister Jeremy Harrison said. “Our manufacturing industry is seeing strong growth, creating new jobs and opportunities for people across the province.” On a monthly basis, manufacturing shipments were up 2.9 per cent in Feb-

ruary 2012 when compared to January 2012, the highest gain in the nation. New motor vehicle sales in the province jumped by 2.6 per cent in February. That was the highest percentage increase in Canada, and well ahead of the 6.7 per cent decline on a national basis. “New vehicle sales are proof of the confidence Saskatchewan consumers have both in their personal finances and in the state of the provincial economy,” Harrison said.

THE ESTEVAN MERCURY DRILLING REPORT 12C287 - Lasso #1 ..............................................Flagstone Hitchcock Hz .....................................3D8-36-2D16-36-3-9 12C393 - Panther #2 ......................................Williston Hunter Tableland Hz ................................1D1-15-4B4-15-1-10 12A094 - Canelson #23............................................ CPEC Hoffer Hz........................................... 2A2-14-3A3-11-1-14 11I245 - Panther #1 ...............................................T-Bird et al Hoffer Hz ....................................... 4B2-32-4B4-32-1-15 12C007 - Vortex #1 ................................................... Spartan Ceylon .............................................................. 4-6-7-18 12D084 - Horizon #34 ........................................ Co-op Regina WDW DD ......................................4D2-5-2B4-4-18-19


12B258 - Questerre at all Frys East DD ....................................................................................... 1B11-31-1C6-31-8-30 11D053 - Spectrum et al Ingoldsby East ....................................................................................................... 11A-4-4-30 11A096 - Fort Calgary Moosomin ................................................................................................................13-23-14-30 12B457 - Highrock Ryerson .............................................................................................................................4-24-9-31 11L193 - Questerre et al Ryerson Hz........................................................................................... 2C12-23-2D9-23-9-31 11K442 - Epping et al Bellegarde SWD .........................................................................................................13-15-6-31 11B210 - Mosaic K2 Esterhazy 6 WSW .......................................................................................................12-26-19-32 10E269 - Mosaic Esterhazy 2 EH.................................................................................................................12-22-19-33 10G299 - Reliable Wawota.............................................................................................................................8-13-12-33 10D050 - BDOG Parkman ..............................................................................................................................15-13-9-34 11J193 - Triwest Alameda East SWD ................................................................................................................16-9-4-2 11H433 - Kinwest 08 Alameda .........................................................................................................................11-28-3-3 11J007 - CPEC Viewfield Hz.......................................................................................................... 1A4-33-1D13-33-8-6 12B200 - Arruga Viewfield Hz .......................................................................................................2A16-16-1B13-16-7-6 11C301 - Spectrum et al Viewfield Hz .................................................................................................. 2A4-3-1C4-4-6-6 11K446 - CPEC Viewfield Hz ........................................................................................................... 4C14-5-1C14-8-9-7 11F026 - CPEC Viewfield Hz ...............................................................................................................5B1-16-2D16-9-8 12A379 - CPEC Viewfield Hz ....................................................................................................... 3C13-26-2C13-35-8-8 12B186 - CPEC Viewfield Hz ............................................................................................................7B4-25-4B4-26-8-8 12B140 - CPEC Viewfield Hz ......................................................................................................... 4C13-12-4B4-12-7-9 11K397 - CPEC Viewfield Hz ....................................................................................................... 4C15-10-2D15-15-9-9 12B142 - CPEC Viewfield Hz ....................................................................................................... 2C4-28-4B4-29-10-10 12B132 - Williston Hunter Tableland Hz .........................................................................................8A8-15-4B5-15-1-10 10B263 - Arc Tribune .....................................................................................................................................15-32-3-14 12A364 - Rio Tinto Sedley .............................................................................................................................4-20-14-16 12B199 - Sparton Ceylon ...............................................................................................................................16-29-6-18 11K043 - PBEN Pangman DD ................................................................................................... 4B16-15-2D15-15-7-20 11A096 - CEEI Hardy South ............................................................................................................................5-17-5-21

Industry Safety Training

Skid Control Training (1/2 day theory, 1/2 day practical)








Our full-size SUV and a state-of-the-art SKIDCAR system is designed to evaluate your driving skills and practice different skid control maneuvers. The theory portion includes topics such as driving on gravel roads, winter roads, 4x4, fatigue management, texting, cell phones, wildlife, collision avoidance, and substance abuse.



SRC SKID Control banner 10” x 2”

To schedule a course for your employees, please contact Ken, Paula, or Faye toll-free at 1-866-999-7372

A demo of our SKIDCAR simulator can be seen on Visit

May 23, 2012 A17

Meals on Wheels volunteers thanked for their dedication

The very popular luncheon that is scheduled every spring to thank a whole host of volunteers who provide Meals on Wheels for shut-ins was held in the Taylorton Room at Days Inn on May 16. Debbie Augey, volunteer co-ordinator for the service, served as emcee for the short program that included the presentation of plaques and certificates of recognition to the various organizations, businesses and individuals who donate their time to drive around the city delivering noon meals to those who are unable to be mobilized, especially during the winter months. Prior to the actual program, the 80 or more volunteers were entertained by the local chapter of the Red Hat Ladies accompanied by organizer Wilma Bjorndalen. They sang a number of old-time favourite tunes and on some occasions were joined by members of the audience. Bernadette Wright, manager of home care south for the Sun Country Health Region, acknowledged the assistance the service receives from the local United Way and reminded the volunteers that “a lot of the clients wouldn’t be able to stay in their homes without Meals on Wheels.” Lori Carr, Estevan’s lone representative on the Sun Country board of directors, also thanked the volunteers for their untiring efforts throughout the year and in some instances

throughout several years. Augey noted that five new corporate volunteers were being welcomed into the fold with Kohaly and Elash law firm, MNP accounting and the United Way checking in during the 2011 schedule and McGillicky Oilfield Construction and H&R Block more recently. “They are giving us another five-and-a-half weeks of new drivers,” said Auger, referring to the additional teams. Augey then noted that fewer meals were delivered this year, but said that this did not mean a drop off in the need for volunteers since the numbers are known to fluctuate. She said, though, that in 2008 there had been over 5,000 meals delivered while last year there were 3,600 taken to the doors of those who required the service. “We try to keep the delivery numbers for each team to 15 or less so you can get the job done in an hour,” she said. The presentation of the thank you certificates began with the corporate groups that numbered 17, followed by nine church groups who were involved in the delivery program. A number of individuals

who donate their time as meal deliverers and drivers were also acknowledged for their dedication and flexibility as they are able to respond quickly when one of the scheduled teams are unable to make a round. Small gifts of appreciation for the volunteers who were able to attend were found at each luncheon place setting.

Southeast Saskatchewan Airshed Association

CleAN Air DAy Workshop

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute 532 Bourquin Road (East Industrial Area off Nesbitt Drive) Estevan, Saskatchewan

June 6, 2012 is Clean Air Day in Canada "For all your Oileld Construction, Maintenance & Pipeline needs!" Randy: 634-5405 Cellular 421-1293

For all of your local news as it happens, check out:

Three key people in the Meals on Wheels program in Estevan took time for the camera last week during the service’s volunteer appreciation luncheon in the Taylorton Room. From the left: Bernadette Wright, manager of home care services south for Sun Country Health Region; Debbie Augey, volunteer co-ordinator for Meals on Wheels and Lori Carr, Estevan’s representative on the Sun Country board of directors.

Darcy: 634-5257 Cellular 421-1425

24 Hour Service - 634-8737 LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED FAX # 634-4575 BOX 843, ESTEVAN, SK.

Come help us celebrate this very important day. The SESAA is hosting a day long workshop for those interested in learning about the initiatives being undertaken by Association members and governments to maintain air quality in the southeast part of the Province. There is no charge for the workshop, however you must register as there is limited seating. The day also includes lunch and refreshments at no charge. To register for the workshop, please send an email by May 31, 2012, to Charlene Nelson at

Hwy. 361, Lampman, SK Phone (306) 487-2525 Cell (306) 487-0528

indicating the name(s) of the attendee(s), and their contact information. Additional information about Clean Air Day or the SESAA is available at:

May Contract


(A Division of Total Energy Services Ltd.)


• Pickers • Bed Trucks • Winch Tractors • Texas Beds


• 400 BBL Tanks, Lined, Sloped, Steam Coiled, Sumped & Sour Serviced, ACID Enviro-Vac Units, Flare Tanks • Rig Mats • Invert Systems

MIDALE 306•458• 2811

• Surface Sump Tanks • Caterpillar Loaders • Vapor Tight Equipment • Portable Flaring Equipment • Flow Back Separators • Pre-Mix Systems


g Service L.P n i r a e . Sp 483-2848

Quality Controlled Safety Co-ordinated Serving Southeast Saskatchewan, Southwest Manitoba, & North Dakota since 1956.




PH: 637-2180 FAX: 637-2181 LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED

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Closing price as of Friday, May 18, 2012


$ Sponsored by


Oileld Electrical Construction & Service

*Instrumentation * Motor Sales, Rewinds & Repairs 310 Kensington Ave., Estevan, SK

(306) 634-5617


May 23, 2012



Car seats or booster seats made before January 1, 2012 may not meet the latest requirements set out by Health Canada and Transport Canada.

Work on Reservoir Continues

Crews are continuing with the iron work on Estevan’s new reservoir which is currently under construction behind St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Some garage sale items not safe Garage sales are often an excellent place to pick up items on the cheap. However, Health Canada is reminding the public to put safety ahead of savings and to use caution when buying or selling certain items at garage sales or second-hand stores, particularly if they are intended for use by children. The government agency recently issued a warning to people who buy consumer products at garage sales or second-hand stores. Health Canada advises that both buyers and sellers should: • Stay informed about product recalls, advisories and important regulatory changes. To find out if a product has been recalled by the manufacturer and for information on corrective action, please contact

the manufacturer, importer or retailer or check Health Canada’s consumer product recall database. • Carefully inspect all products to ensure they are not damaged, cracked, have missing or loose parts, or missing instructions. • If you have a prohibited product, such as a baby walker, Health Canada advises you to destroy the item to prevent its future use, and to dispose of it in accordance with municipal and other applicable requirements. What Health Canada is doing: To assist buyers and sellers, Health Canada has released two publications: a booklet entitled Information for Shoppers of SecondHand Products; and a fact sheet, Facts for Garage Sale Vendors. The booklet and

the fact sheet contain information about the health and safety requirements of products such as: cribs, children’s sleepwear, toys, children’s jewelery, window blinds, hockey helmets, and face protectors, as well as information on products that are banned in Canada. On June 20, 2011, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) came into force. Its purpose is to protect the public by addressing and preventing dangers to human health or safety that are posed by consumer products in Canada. There is no distinction under the CCPSA and its regulations between new and used products. Any person who sells, distributes, or gives away consumer products that do not comply with the act or its current regulations is break-


ing the law in Canada. Buyers and sellers are urged to exercise caution regarding all consumer products, but Health Canada is warning consumers about the following products, in particular: • Cribs, cradles and bassinets Cribs, cradles and bassinets that do not meet stringent regulatory requirements can pose a health hazard to infants and young children. Health Canada does not recommend using cribs older than 10 years, as they are more likely to have broken, worn, loose or missing parts, and be missing warnings or instructions. Cribs made before September 1986 likely do not meet current regulatory requirements and therefore should not be sold or bought. Cribs, cradles and bassinets should be carefully inspected for visible signs of damage, such as loose or missing parts or tears in the fabric. They must include, at

the time of sale: information that identifies the manufacturer, model name and number, date of manufacture, instructions for assembling and using the product, as well as warning statements. For information, please visit the Health Canada website on how to select a crib or cradle. • Corded window coverings Health Canada does not recommend selling or buying second-hand corded window coverings because safety devices, warning labels, and instructions to keep pull cords out of the reach of children are often missing. Children can strangle on cords and bead chains of blinds and curtains. Looped cords and long pull cords can wrap around a child’s neck and act like a noose. • Costume jewelery Lead and cadmium are soft, inexpensive metals often used in the making of costume jewelery. Both are highly toxic, even at low levels of exposure, and

especially to children. Do not give young children jewelery to wear or play with. If your child has sucked or chewed on jewelery which you think may contain lead or cadmium, ask your doctor to test your child’s blood for lead or other heavy metals. • Car seats It is important to note that car seats or booster seats made before January 1, 2012 may not meet the latest requirements set out by Health Canada and Transport Canada; therefore, you may not be able to advertise, sell or give it away (including lending). Before selling or giving away a used car seat check with Transport Canada (1-800-333-0371 or the Transport Canada website) for more information and to find out if the car seat meets the latest requirements or has been recalled. Buyers should also be aware that a second-hand car seat should not be used if it was installed in a vehicle involved in a collision.



Let’s celebrate the retirement of two dear friends. Please join MNP as we say goodbye to Blair Bergen and Earl Bremner as they prepare to retire on June 1.


It’s a bittersweet occasion for those of us who have worked with and developed friendships with Blair and Earl over the years. They have been an integral part of MNP, as well as the community of Estevan and surrounding area. Like you, we will miss their friendship and support.

All inventory is on sale until our final day

May 31, 2012

Blair and Earl wanted to slip out quietly, but we think a ‘Come & Go’ get together will make all of us feel better about their retirement. We hope you can join us as we toast Blair and Earl on their many accomplishments.

Blair Bergen

Time: 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Date: Monday, May 28th, 2012 Location: Taylorton Room, Days Inn 1305 - 9th Street, Estevan

Wayne & Deb would like to thank all of their customers for their support over the years

Refreshments will be served.

Earl Bremner

122 Perkins Street Estevan




May 23, 2012 A19


A20 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury


May 23, 2012



“It was just a brutal game from start to finish. It was pretty awful. It was one of those games that every coach looks at and says, ‘Just forget about it, we’ll forget this ever happened.’” — Big Dogs head coach Evan Handley on a 26-3 loss to the Regina Riot on Friday that saw his team dress only 12 players.


(306) 634-2654 • •

See Us for ALL of Your Bicycle Sales & Repair & Baseball Equipment!

“It was steady. Not a lot of birdies, just a lot of pars and a couple of birdies and a few bogeys. It was just steady, more than anything.” — Scott Blackstock on his round of 72 after winning the Marv #2 - 938 Eva Street, Estevan • 634-8006

Symons Memorial Open on Monday.

Blackstock fires 72 to win Marv Symons Memorial Tie with Wood broken on countback Scott Blackstock showed the young’uns that he’s still got some game. The veteran golfer won another Marv Symons Memorial Open championship on Monday after shooting an even-par 72 in the 18-hole event at the Estevan Woodlawn Golf Club. Walter Wood finished second in the championship fl ight. He also shot a 72, but Blackstock won the tie-breaker on a countback. Kim Morrissey had the lowest round on the women’s side in what was the first major tournament of the year at Woodlawn. Blackstock, who tied for second at the last Marv Symons tournament in 2010, said the key to his round was being consistently solid throughout the day. “It was steady. Not a lot of birdies, just a lot of pars and a couple of birdies and a few bogeys,” he said. “It was just steady,

Rick Rohatyn chips onto the green from behind a tree on his second visit to the eighth hole Monday afternoon during the Marv Symons Memorial Open. more than anything.” He added that playing in a competitive group raised the ante, helping him to a strong finish. “The guys I was playing with, I played with a couple that shot 73. We were really close coming up to the last two holes,” Blackstock said. He added that a clutch

putt on the second-last hole of the day was crucial. “I did make about an eight-foot (putt) saving par on number eight that maybe made the difference there,” he said. The first group teed off at 9 a.m., the last group hit the course at about 10:30 and the tournament

wrapped up around 3 p.m. The field of golfers had ideal weather for the tournament, as the temperature hovered in the high teens, with only a brief spattering of spitting rain in the afternoon. “The weather was great. Sometimes we can have bad weather, but today (it) was beautiful out

there,” said Blackstock. With the tournament’s format changing slightly due to the back nine not being available, Blackstock said playing the front nine twice didn’t require an adjustment. “ I t d o e s n ’t r e a l l y change much because we’ve played the front nine for so many years, so

you know what to expect. You just play both (trips around) the same way,” he said. He added that he’s impressed with the shape Woodlawn is in, considering the flooding that damaged the course last year, and the quick turnaround from the end of last summer when offi cials were able to start restoring the grounds. “The golf course is really coming around. We just really got going late last summer; for what we’ve had, the golf course is in great shape and that makes it more fun for golfing,” said Blackstock. “A lot of people would be pleasantly surprised if they came down, (to see) that the golf course is coming along really well for what we went through.” Monday’s tournament was just the beginning of a busy week at Woodlawn. The Estevan Comprehensive School Classic runs today, the Bruins Alumni par-3 event is slated for Saturday and the 17th annual Rondeau Cup junior tournament is on Sunday.

Shorthanded Big Dogs get pounded in Regina The night began poorly for the Estevan Tarpon Energy Big Dogs and things didn’t get any better from there. A shorthanded Big Dogs club got trounced 26-3 by the Regina Riot in their second game of the Prairie Gold Lacrosse League season on Friday night in Regina. With only 12 players showing up for the game, the Big Dogs had their work cut out for them from the start. “When you’re missing guys like Dylan Smith, Ryan Frehlick, Wayde Curzon, and there were three or four other guys missing ... it’s such a fastpaced game that when you go down to two lines, you just can’t do it,” said Big Dogs head coach Evan Handley. And it only went downhill from there as

key player Marshall Holzer dislocated his shoulder on the second shift of the game. “It was just a brutal game from start to finish. It was pretty awful,” said Handley. “It was one of those games that every coach looks at and says, ‘Just forget about it, we’ll forget this ever happened.’” Rhett Handley scored the Big Dogs’ first goal at 10:18 of the opening period, cutting the Riot’s lead to 3-1 at the time. Mark Moriarty would score two goals of his own later in the game to account for the rest of Estevan’s offensive output. Moriarty netted the team’s second goal at 6:53 of the second period and scored again at 10:46 of the third. Ryan Curzon added two assists while Ryan

Kenzie and Tanner Froese also picked up helpers. “ We d i d d o s o m e things well on offence at times,” said Handley, who said the size of Regina’s goalie made it tough to get balls past him. “Their goalie played

Champions Mark Moriarty of the Estevan Big Dogs carries the ball in the corner during a recent game. (File Photo)

really well and made a number of big saves off guys like Curzon, (Kelsy) Omland and Rhett.” Handley said the officiating in the game was “horrible,” adding that Regina went after the Big Dogs’ top players and that

Curzon in particular took a lot of abuse. The Big Dogs were assessed 47 penalty minutes while the Riot received 38. Handley said Kenzie, Dustin DeBruyne and Kaitlin King were among the standouts for his team.

The Big Dogs are back in action on Sunday when they visit the Moose Jaw Mustangs. Their next home action is the following weekend when they host the Prince Albert Predators on June 2 and the Riot on June 3.

Elecs football graduates Stefan Seipp, left, and Chris Strongeagle were members of the South team that won the 28th annual Ed Henick Senior Bowl 15-11 on Monday. Seipp also recently found out that he has made the Regina Thunder junior team.

B2 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

Sam’s Barrel Extravaganza barrel racing results The annual Sam’s Barrel Extravaganza barrel racing event was held in Bienfait on Saturday and Sunday. Open saddle winners were Cassandra Peters with Malibu Rum (1D), Shasta MacNaught with Echo (2D) and Brenda Noble with Winken Wiggins (3D). Peters also won the youth high point saddle. The peewee saddle winner was Baylee Moore with Miss Snazzy Chick and the Sask. Bred high point saddle went to Tressa Moore with A Ghost Dash n Dude. Here are the rest of the results: Open Go #1: 1. Cassandra Peters, 14.293; 2. Shauna Peters, 14.445; 3. Karlee Luchenski, 14.460; 4. Sherri Moffatt, 14.490; 5. Ashley Galloway, 14.561; 6. Sam Peters, 14.590; 7. Jordan Lonsberry, 14.628; 8. Rachelle McCannell, 14.640; 9. Ashley Potvin, 14.705; 10. Korilye Kundert, 14.747. Open Go #2: 1. Shau-

na Peters, 14.209; 2. Sharra Sage, 14.247; 3. Cassandra Peters, 14.298; 4. Sherri Moffatt, 14.432; 5. Sam Peters, 14.449; 6. Caron Pingert, 14.571; 7. Kyra Block, 14.609; 8. Lynn Constantinescu, 14.783; 9. Shyla Fuchs, 14.814; 10. Jane Claffey, 14.824. Open Short Go: 1. Cassandra Peters, 14.405; 2. Sharra Sage, 14.454; 3. Jane Claffey, 14.469; 4. Lynn Constantinescu, 14.570; 5. Karlee Luchenski, 14.594; 6. Shyla Fuchs, 14.602; 7. Paula Mohagen, 14.780; 8. Cindy Brock, 14.805; 9. Melissa Harding, 14.814; 10. Leah Obach, 14.858. Youth Go #1: 1. Cassandra Peters, 14.529; 2. Ashley Cleveland, 15.099; 3. Karlee Luchenski, 15.124; 4. Hannah McCannell, 15.219; 5. Chasity Barber, 15.223; 6. Kianne Schlamp, 15.232; 7. Brooke Dudar, 15.418; 8. Justiss Daoust, 15.497; 9. Amy Kapeller, 16.207; 10. Cassandra Peters, 16.634. Youth Go #2: 1. Cassandra Peters, 14.442; 2.

The Sam’s Trucking Barrel Racing Extravaganza was held Saturday at the Prairie Equine Centre outside of Bienfait. The event included traditional racing as well as a bareback race that included both male and female riders. Brooke Dudar, 14.485; 3. Kianne Schlamp, 15.237; 4. Hannah McCannell,

Twins win three of four in Moose Jaw The Southeast Legacy Twins met with some success at the annual midget AAA selects baseball tournament in Moose Jaw on the weekend. The Twins won their first three games before losing their last game to one of the top teams in Saskatchewan. Twins head coach Tom Copeland said his team was solid defensively and did a decent job all-around. “We got out of some jams. We continue to do that very well,� he said. “We pitched reasonably well, probably not their best performances but it’s mostly the second time out (this season for each Twins pitcher).� The Twins started by edging Okotoks 4-3 in their tournament opener on Saturday morning. They followed that up with another tight win, 5-4 over the Regina Mets, as the Twins rallied for three runs in the top of the sixth inning.

A member of the Southeast Legacy Twins makes contact with the ball as a runner on third base contemplates coming home. (File Photo) The Twins won yet another one-run contest on Sunday morning, defeating the Saskatoon Cubs 6-5. The Cubs had beaten the Twins twice in a doubleheader one week earlier. In their final roundrobin game, the Twins lost 9-4 to the Regina Athletics, a team Copeland described as a powerhouse. “The Regina A’s are the team to beat in the province,� he said. The Twins finished in a three-way tie atop their pool but lost the tie-breaker. Copeland said he’s happy with his team’s weekend

but cautioned that it will get harder. “One of the things that’ll happen is because we were a last-place club (last year), we don’t necessarily see the best pitchers. That’ll start to change.� Carver Krafchuk led the Twins at the plate, hitting 5-for-13 with three stolen bases and getting on base 10 times. Estevan’s Austin Orsted went 4-for-12 with three runs batted in and a stolen base, while Bienfait’s Lucas Lafrentz was 4-for-8 with a stolen base and two runs scored.

1 in 3 Canadian families cannot afford organized sports for their kids.

15.459; 5. Chasity Barber, 15.643; 6. Justiss Daoust, 15.747; 7. Cassandra Peters, 15.781; 8. Amy Kapeller, 15.985; 9. Justiss Daoust, 16.062; 10. Danielle Galbraith, 16.331. Youth Short Go: 1. Cassandra Peters, 14.405; 2. Hannah McCannell, 15.166; 3. Brooke Dudar, 15.373; 4. Chasity Barber, 15.489; 5. Amy Kapeller, 15.502; 6. Justiss Daoust, 15.521; 7. Ashley Cleveland, 15.820; 8. Cassandra Peters, 15.839; 9. Danielle Galbraith, 16.899; 10. Casi Schlapkohl, 17.314. Select Sidepot: 1. Lynn Constantinescu, 29.557; 2. Tressa Moore, 30.191; 3. Brenda Noble, 30.457; 4. Cindy Brock, 30.925.

Open Sask. Bred: 1. Tressa Moore, 30.191; 2. Jackie Edwards, 31.095; 3. Laura Procyshyn, 31.15; 4. Shasta MacNaught, 31.152; 5. Brent Nostadt, 31.43; 6. Rhonda Daoust, 31.883; 7. Tressa Moore, 31.964; 8. Carmen Jackson, 32.806; 9. Darla Knutson, 33.036; 10. Kristeen Lester, 34.279. Youth Sask. Bred: 1. Kianne Schlamp, 30.469; 2. Justiss Daoust, 31.244; 3. Justiss Daoust, 35.421. Men’s: 1. Curtis Harding, 15.098; 2. Brent Nostadt, 15.489; 3. Tim Buchanan, 15.975; 4. Joe Kress, 16.336; 5. Jason Heaman, 16.891. Bareback: 1. Cassandra Peters, 14.065; 2. Shyla Fuchs, 15.228; 3. Jordan

Lonsberry, 15.663; 4. Brent Nostadt, 15.838; 5. Larae Wingert, 16.215; 6. Cassandra Peters, 16.337; 7. Jenna Watamanuk, 16.949; 8. Shasta MacNaught, 18.558; 9. Kaley Keller, 18.907. Open Poles: 1. Shauna Peters, 20.296; 2. Sam Peters, 20.827; 3. Leah Obach, 21.811; 4. Jenna Watamanuk, 22.513; 5. Jackie Edwards, 22.978; 6. Brenda Noble, 23.262; 7. Breann Woolsey, 23.941; 8. Kaley Keller, 24.014; 9. Sarah Yoner, 24.392; 10. Terri Schaeffer, 24.657. Youth Poles: 1. Cassandra Peters, 22.284; 2. Karlee Luchenski, 23.210; 3. Amy Kapeller, 29.751; 4. Kyan Harding, 32.310; 5. Brooke Kruger, 36.537.

SJHL star signs with Flyers For the second time in three years, a Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League player has signed a contract with an NHL team. Humboldt Broncos left winger Andrew Johnston came to terms with the Philadelphia Flyers on Monday, the team announced.

Johnston, 20, had 29 goals and 81 points for the Broncos, who won the league championship and the Anavet Cup en route to a semifinal loss at the Royal Bank Cup. Johnston also led the RBC Cup in scoring with five goals and nine points

in five games. Contract terms were not released. Johnston’s signing comes two years after La Ronge Ice Wolves defenceman Dustin Stevenson signed an entry-level deal with the Washington Capitals.


Jumpstart changes that.

JUMPSTART DAY! Visit us on Jumpstart Day, make a donation and help get kids off the sidelines. 100% of your donation stays in this community. Thanks to your generosity, the Estevan Chapter helped 30 kids in 2011 and 114 kids since inception in 2005. For more information on the Jumpstart program, visit

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Join in the celebrations at:

200 King Street ÂŽ Trademark of Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited

May 23, 2012 B3

Haulers, Tornados struggle at Legasse tournament

The Estevan Sherritt Coal Haulers and TS&M Tornados both failed to advance to the playoffs at the annual Legasse AAA baseball tournament in Regina on the weekend. The tournament attracts bantam and peewee teams from across Saskatchewan and out of province each year on the May long weekend. All three of the bantam Haulers’ games saw the winner top double digits in runs. Unfortunately for the Haulers, they only came out on top in one of them, posting a 1-2 record. In their first game on Friday night, the Haulers faced a Baseball Regina league opponent in the Regina Pacers. The Pacers exploded at the plate to earn a 15-5

victory. Saturday morning’s game brought the Haulers their only win of the tournament, an 11-4 beating over the St. James A’s from Winnipeg. But the Haulers could not build off that in their second game of the day that evening, as they lost 12-2 to another regular season opponent, the Regina Buffalos. Meanwhile, although they came closer to winning with each game they played, the peewee Tornados failed to come up with a victory at the Legasse tournament. In their first game on Friday night, the Tornados lost 19-6 to St. James. On Saturday morning, the Tornados faced a familiar foe in the Pacers, who they had split with in

Estevan Haulers baserunner Preston Hutt gets back on a pick-off attempt at first base. (File Photo) their opening doubleheader of the season. Estevan made it closer this time, but still wound up on the losing side in a 10-6 defeat.

In their final game on Sunday morning, the Tornados took on the Saskatoon Cardinals and narrowly lost a 7-6 final. The Haulers and Tor-

nados are both back in regular season action this week. The Haulers host Carlyle tomorrow at 6 p.m. at Cactus Park and visit the Buffalos for a doubleheader

on Sunday. The Tornados host a doubleheader against the Regina White Sox on Sunday. Game times are 1 and 4 p.m. at Cactus Park.

Tower Wolves play home opener Thursday Estevan modified driver Aaron Turnbull won features in Williston and Minot over the weekend. (File Photo)

Turnbull wins twice in North Dakota Aaron Turnbull certainly made the most of a tough start to the weekend. After Friday’s races at Estevan Motor Speedway had to be called off following a lengthy rain delay, Turnbull took his car and his crew across the border and won on back-to-back nights. On Saturday at Williston Basin Speedway, Turnbull worked his way up from a starting position of 24th to win the feature, edging John Flory. The next day at Nodak Speedway in Minot, Turnbull started in 12th but quickly took the lead and was not challenged until the last few laps when he held off Marlyn Seidler and Steven Pfeifer. Several other local drivers were at both tracks on the weekend.

At Williston, Lampman’s Kody Scholpp finished seventh in the mod feature, followed by Tyson Turnbull in 19th, Ed Turnbull in 20th, Kyle Scholpp of Lampman in 24th and Jim Harris in 25th. S t o u g h t o n ’s G a r y Goudy Jr. was 10th in the hobby feature, followed closely by Gary Goudy Sr. in 11th. Estevan’s Keith Cassidy finished 12th. At Minot, Les McLenehan was eighth in the mod feature, followed by Ed Turnbull in 10th, Harris in 11th, Tyson Turnbull in 21st and Kody Scholpp in 24th. Cassidy was the lone local driver in the hobby feature and finished 10th. In the stock feature, Austin Daae was 19th, Gregg Mann was 20th and Jim Mann of Bienfait was 21st.


The Estevan Tower Wolves are back on the field this week as they kick off the Saskota Baseball League season. The senior ball club was scheduled to play its season opener last night on the road against the Lampman Cubs. The Wolves’ home opener is tomorrow night against the Kenosee Cubs. They will follow that up with a home date against the Redvers A’s on Tuesday.

Both games start at 7:30 p.m. at Lynn Prime Park. The Saskota circuit is up to 10 teams this year with the Arcola Threshers joining. Justin Kendall is taking over the role of managing the Tower Wolves from Devin Aspinall, who remains with the team as a player. Kendall said the team is young and, he expects, will likely take a step back from last year’s 9-7 finish,

which put them in third place. “I’m not really expecting to be as much of a winning team as we were last year,” said Kendall. “Basically, our team is young so I think this year we’re just going to focus on practising, getting our repetitions in and trying to build the team for the next couple of years.” The team has four new players this year. Kendall said the team

is a work in progress both on the mound and at the plate. “We’re kind of lacking on the pitching end. We only have four dedicated pitchers. We’re going to struggle in that area,” he said. “As far as hitting goes, we’re going to be a little weaker on the bats this year but we’re going to have to hit the cages once a week, get our repetitions and (try to get better).”

17th Annual


Sunday, May 27, 2012 Estevan Woodlawn Golf Club 3:00 p.m. – Rules/Etiquette Clinic 4:00 p.m. – Shotgun Scramble

NINE HOLES 5 PERSON TEAM TEXAS SCRAMBLE (Please enter as individuals. Teams will be drawn up)

Pictured behind Mayor St. Onge L-R • Roberta DeRosier, President • Christa Morhart, Board Member • Lori Buchannan, Executive Director

United Way

WHEREAS: The United Way Estevan raises funds in Estevan to assist in the development of services to aid the community in growth and prosperity; and WHEREAS: The United Way stands for working together for the good of our communities; BE it tHEREfoRE RESolvEd: “I, Gary St. Onge, Mayor of the City of Estevan in the Province of Saskatchewan do hereby proclaim May 30, 2012 as United Way Estevan Day of Caring” and urge all citizens of Estevan to recognize and support the goals and objectives of United Way Estevan. Gary St. Onge Mayor

~ Meal & Awards to follow ~ Members $5 • Non-Members $15

Register by Saturday, May 26, 2012 at the Pro Shop or call 634-2017

Don't miss it! Fun for everyone! Great prizes! There will be a rules/etiquette clinic for all participants prior to the scramble at 3:00 p.m. on the practice green.

All Juniors Welcome! Parent Supervision Welcome!

B4 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

Seven locals highlight Hard Knocks 24 card Estevan’s third Hard Knocks Fighting Championship event is only 10 days away, and the mixed martial arts promotion recently released the tentative fight card for the night. Seven local fighters are on the Hard Knocks 24 card slated for June 1 at Spectra Place. Four of them are returning from previous fights in Estevan. All eyes will be on Estevan’s Derek Daku, who will fight Devon Smith of La Ronge for the Hard Knocks heavyweight title. Smith and Daku both won their first two fights

in Estevan, with Smith — who is almost literally half the age of the 46-year-old Daku — knocking out a pair of local opponents. Meanwhile, Estevan’s Wade Baldwin will be looking for his first career win in his third fight. He will take on Damon Steadman of Humboldt in another heavyweight bout. Local heavyweight Felix Jimenez is also looking for his first win and will take on Moose Jaw’s Steven Arens, who survived a long, bloody fight against Baldwin at Hard Knocks 21 and won by technical knockout.

Estevan’s Craig Gaudry won his first career fight in March and is back for more, taking on Mike Geib of Leduc. First-time fighter Josh Heinz, who runs Estevan Combat Sports and Fitness, will fight Lee Ruff of Brandon. Local fighter Grant Dube will also make his Hard Knocks debut against Anthony Isbister. The other Estevan entry is one of the fighters in the first-ever junior bout in Saskatchewan. E s t e v a n ’s R o a r k Franke will face Christian



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Father Son

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Deanna Tarnes

Candace Wheeler

Teresa Hrywkiw

against Kenora’s Rodney Dela Rosa; Regina’s Adam Wayne against Kenora’s Madison Mejia; Regina’s Ron Gonzales against LaRoche’s Jules Boucher; Brandon’s Derek Lapierre against Winnipeg’s Adam Zarillo; Edmonton’s Blake

Cooke against Kenora’s Dave Sternberg; and Kenora’s Travis Triskle against Winnipeg’s Ryan Starkell. The Kenora fighters are part of a group being taken by former UFC fighter Jesse Bongfeldt, who runs a gym there.

Archery and rugby added to public school programs Archery and rugby, a couple of sports that are designated as high risk activities, can now be offered as part of the physical education programming in South East Cornerstone Public School Division schools. The two sports received unanimous approval from the trustees attending the May 17 board meeting in Weyburn. A presentation regarding archery and its unblemished safety record was made to the board a couple of months earlier with the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation even offering some financial support for training the teachers as part of their presentation. Lynn Little, superintendent of education for Cornerstone, returned to the board last Thursday with the recommendation to accept the sports with conditions. She noted that neither sport is currently a priority in physical education programs and nothing has been allocated in the budget, but noted the offer to pay for training. She also

said that archery equipment would probably be donated and a few schools already had some and a request had come from one school, asking that archery be included as part of the phys. ed. curriculum. Little said she checked with other school divisions and three use archery as an extra curricular offering while four included it within the phys. ed. program. She said with proper administrative procedure and a school plan that would include archery in the budget, the recommendation would be made to offer it at the Grades 10 to 12 levels, not at the elementary schools. Trustee Daryl Harrison said he knew kids at much earlier ages are already involved in the sport outside of school. He said he felt it could be offered as early as a Grade 5 level, but would not oppose a motion to provide it at least at the higher grades. Estevan trustee Janet Foord was assured insurance providers had been checked. Trustee Len Williams said he could not support

a motion that would go against an Education Ministry guideline ... i.e. offering the sport to students in grades lower than 10, so he would support a motion to offer it in Grades 10 to 12 and leave it as a schoolbased decision to include it or not. Trustee Kevin Keating said as long as its inclusion did not threaten budgeted money for other new programs, such as a band program for Oxbow, he would be in favour of the motion. He was assured by chairwoman Carol Flynn and Shelly Toth, the vicepresident of finance, that the budgeted amounts for the Oxbow band project were assured. Rugby was also approved based on one application to have it offered in the program. “My one question, ” said Williams, “if one team is started up, and no others ... who do they play? Just curious. I’m not opposed to the idea, though.” When the vote was taken there were no dissenting hands raised.



Cindy Beaulieu

Crowthers of Regina in a 130-pound weight class. No strokes to the head are allowed in the junior fight. Other fights tentatively scheduled are Brandon’s Bob Macumber against Harold Brun of Kenora, Ont.; Brandon’s Mike Papequash

Kristen O’Handley

Phone: 634-2654 Email:


Beer gard all & booth open ! d n e week

To enter a team call Robin at 487-2264. Deadline to enter a team is May 28th.

May 23, 2012 B5

Rough start to 2012 for EMS We are into the fourth week of May and Estevan Motor Speedway has yet to host its first race night of the season. The track’s original opening date of May 5 had already been washed out, postponed over 24 hours in advance due to heavy rainfall. On Friday, everything looked good for the Speedway on its second try. The skies were clear, it was not raining and had not rained in the past 24 hours, and the track even posted the following on its Facebook page: “We are racing tonight! It is NOT RAINING!” Mother Nature, being the sadistic enigma that she is, had other plans. The rain didn’t begin until after supper, but it didn’t let up. The race time of 7:30 p.m. came and went, the stands filled up, Gainer the Gopher entertained, but the weather continued to filibuster the plans for the evening. Following a delay of 45 minutes, the race was postponed at about 8:15 p.m.

Josh Lewis Hear Me Out as the rain continued to fall and gave track officials no choice. Rainouts are not uncommon at the track, particularly early in the season, but this was the first time in recent memory that the races had to be called off after race time. With some drivers and fans coming from Minot and even further away, and the track putting on a Riders promotion with Gainer and members of the cheer team in attendance, it was a shame that the weather again refused to cooperate. On the bright side, many local drivers antsy to do some racing went down to Williston and Minot and placed well in those races later in the weekend.

Scott Schultz camp A football camp to be hosted by former Saskatchewan Roughriders star Scott Schultz has been cancelled due to a lack of enrolment. Schultz was set to bring his camp to Estevan on June 2-3, with several practice sessions for atom, peewee, bantam and high school-

aged players. Penta Completions Estevan Minor Football will still host the Big Play Tackling Camp on June 9. The camp will include a two-hour coaching clinic and four hours of on-field drills.

A makeup date will be determined at the track’s board meeting on Monday. The Speedway already had to fight to get dates this year from the North Dakota tracks, so any more postponements and it will no doubt be tough to get all of their scheduled race nights in. The track’s third attempt at a season opener comes this Saturday with the McComb Automotive Fast 40, the annual $3,000-to-win feature. Josh Lewis can be reached by phone at 6342654, by e-mail at sports@, on Twitter at or on his Bruins Banter blog at estevanmercury. ca/bruinsbanter. OK, hands up if you thought Adam Lind would go from batting cleanup to being placed on outright waivers in less than a week.

Taking The Leap

Brody Geddes competes in the long jump during the district track meet for special education students held Thursday at Estevan Comprehensive School.

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Rumble in the Dirt Cabaret Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Estevan Curling Rink

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B6 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

How does mining affect each of us in Saskatchewan?

Mining provides an economic foundation for all of Saskatchewan residents – northern, rural and urban. Mining companies in Saskatchewan directly contributed almost $2 billion in revenue to the pro-

vincial government in 2008. These revenues support government programs and services such as health care, education and infrastructure development. Globally, the mining companies in Saskatchewan are feeding and

fueling the world. Potash is used as a fertilizer to improve crop quality and quantity to feed the world’s growing population on a decreasing area of arable land, and uranium is providing a source of non-GHG

Management and staff is saluting the mining industry in our community. We are proud to supply your commercial printing needs!

emitting energy to countries all over the world. Closer to home, coal mined from southern Saskatchewan provides almost 60% of the base power load for Saskatchewan’s electrical energy. Virtually everything

around us from computers, jewelry, cars, windows, cellphones, wall board, cosmetics, medical treatments, vitamins, toothpaste all contain components of minerals. We have a saying in the industry, “if

it can’t be grown it was probably minedâ€?. And as noted above, many of the fertilizers that help things grow are mined right here in Saskatchewan. The beneďŹ ts and products from mining surround us every day.

It is an honour and pleasure to work with Sherritt Coal. “We install what we sell.�

634-7977 441- 4th Street, Estevan Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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E Mis Ia gN re at c a re e r

The mining industry is a critical partner in SaskPower’s plans to power the future. Saskatchewan coal has long been the base fuel at our Poplar River, Boundary Dam and Shand power stations. Over the past 50 years, we have purchased more than 300 million tonnes of lignite coal in southeast Saskatchewan. Today, we’re building the world’s first integrated carbon capture project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and produce carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery operations. Our goal is a cleaner, greener Saskatchewan while o provide customers with we continue to safe, reliable and sustainable


power well into to the future.


Rede-Mix Concrete Gravel Crusher & Finishing Division 446 6th Street, Estevan • Ph: 634-5224 (office) or 634-3346 (plant) Sand & Gravel Division 314 4th Street, Estevan Ph: 634-2741 (office) or 634-3442 (plant)


Excavating, sand and CONSTRUCTION LTD. gravEl rEdE-mix concrEtE

Proud to serve the mining industry in our community. Thank you for your patronage.

May 23, 2012 B7

Saluting the Mining Industry in our Community doreen eagles, mla esTeVan ConsTiTuenCy offiCe #1108 4th Street, Estevan Phone: 1-306-634-7311 Toll Free: 1-866-284-7496

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Collecting Coal

An aerial shot of this dragline shows part of the coal mining operations in the Estevan area.

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MINING INDUSTRY D & C Wanner Construction Ltd. Business 634-5901

Cellular 421-1444

Phone: 634-9846 Visit us at 405 Kensington Ave.

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MAY 20 - MAY 26


FREE PUBLIC TOUR THURSDAY, MAY 24 9:00 a.m. Bus departs Estevan Shoppers Mall’s main entrance and tours Sherritt Coal's Boundary Dam Mine and SaskPower’s Shand Power Station. 11:00 a.m. Complimentary Lunch at Boundary Dam Mine 12:00 p.m. Back to Shoppers Mall

To Sign Up for a Tour Call


Boundary Dam Mine • Bienfait Mine



To Be Of Service To The Mining Industry

1010 6th Street, Estevan

Ph: 634-6060

Fax: 634-8340

Proud to Partner with the Mining Industry “Serving Estevan & Area for Over 50 Years”

Corner of Kensington Ave. & King Street, Estevan Phone: 306-634-3783

B8 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

Miners have impeccable safety rating · Safety is first and foremost for all members of the Association and member companies invest their time and effort in developing and maintaining a positive safety culture at all their operations. · Mining is one of the safest industries in the province, averaging less than one Lost Time Accident (LTA) for every 200,000 hours or 100 years worked, for the past 17 years. Our industry is continuously striving to improve upon its safety record. · The Saskatchewan mining industry is a safe industry – WCB statistics illustrate that the mining sector has a lower time lost injury rate than the provincial average, including lower than either the health or gov-

ernment sectors; a result of continuing efforts to reduce accidents through improved training and safe workplace practices. · Saskatchewan mines have been frequent winners of the National J. T. Ryan Safety Awards sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum. Cameco’s McArthur River mine was awarded the National John T. Ryan Trophy for the metal mine with the best safety record in 2009, with 1 reportable incident in over 750,000 hours worked and were also awarded the John T. Ryan Regional metal mine trophy in 2011. In 2009, Cameco’s Cigar Lake Mine was awarded a Special Award Certificate

for their Safety performance and AREVA’s McLean Lake milling operation had no reportable injuries in over 616,000 hours worked. In 2006 the Mosaic Esterhazy K1 Mine won the John T. Ryan National Award in the Select Mine category. · Saskatchewan’s mining industry is a strong supporter of the Saskatchewan Safety Council’s “SAFE SASKATCHEWAN” initiative, and the SMA works with other like-minded Safety Organizations to promote the culture of safety at the workplace, and at home. REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT · The Mine Safety Unit, Occupational Health and Safety Branch of the Minis-

Proud to support Mining Week! Progressive Realty Independently Owned & Operated

902-4th Street Estevan, SK S4A 0W3


(306) Fax: (306) 634-6862 Email:

try of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour, inspects all mines in the province on a regular basis. The mining industry is the only industry that has a dedicated government safety unit. · Saskatchewan mine supervisors are required to hold Department of Labour certification of their knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, certification in First Aid, and certification in Supervisory Duties in an Emergency. No other industry in Saskatchewan has these safety requirements. · Active Occupational Health and Safety Committees are an important part of Saskatchewan mines’ efforts to reduce accidents in the

workplace. WORKPLACE TRAINING ·  New workers have between 32 and 40 hours of initial safety orientation training which is followed by mentoring time with trainers until they achieve a level of proficiency in their work area. · Safety training at Saskatchewan mine sites is continuous with workers initially having an extensive safety training orientation that is reinforced by ongoing safety programs. All crews have regular safety briefings to ensure that safety is the first criteria considered before any task is undertaken. SMA SAFETY FRAMEWORK

· Saskatchewan mining companies have over 130 safety professionals at the mine sites, and upwards of 1000 trained emergency response people. · SMA Safety Committee is comprised of dedicated Safety Professionals from all mine site operations. They meet monthly to share information pertaining to their sites to enhance health and safety at mining operations. · A recent initiative of the Safety Committee is the organization of the Industrial Safety Supervisor Course – a 3 day course dedicated to improving safety and the management of safety, for supervisors at the mine sites. To date over 400 supervisors have completed the course.


Lorna Pylychaty Broker/Owner

NEW LOCATION! 516 Nesbitt Drive (behind Power Dodge), Estevan • 634-2631

May 23, 2012 B9

Proud to support the mining industry in Southeast Saskatchewan.

We recognize and appreciate the importance of the mining industry to our community.

Designing One Room at a Time 1216 4th Street, Estevan Phone: 634-3151

Hwy 39 East, Estevan Phone: 634-4775

D.B. Safety Solutions Inc. Provides Industrial Supervisor Training Don Beahm, CRSP, CHSC, CSO D.B. Safety Solutions Inc. The Saskatchewan Mining Association 659 Butters Bay has adopted this training for the core Weyburn, SK S4H 3L3 supervisory training for all participating Home: (306) 842-3584 mines in Saskatchewan. Cell: (306) 861-7093 See what we can do for you!

1305 6th Street Estevan Phone: 636-2444 FREE DELIVERY

Proud to be a part of the Mining Industry in Estevan!


Division of Sonepar Distribution Inc. Box 1518, 101 6th Street Estevan, Saskatchewan S4A 2L7 Tel: (306) 634-8655 Fax: (306) 634-8028

This course is intended for new and experienced supervisors and workers transitioning into supervisory roles. These courses cover the aspects of what makes in industrial supervisor effective in dealing with workers, workloads, tools and equipment while staying compliant to occupational health and safety law. We can customize courses to the client’s needs.

Visit us at:

The management & staff of the Days Inn are proud to be of service & salute the mining industry.

1305 9th St., Estevan, SK


Call Toll Free 1-800 DAYS-INN (329-7466) Book Online:

Mining Facts:

• The provincial mining industry is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced in the world.

Proudly Serving our Mining Industry

Proud to serve the Mining Industry with Steel & Aluminum Fabrication!

KENDALL'S AUTO ELECTRIC LTD. 1020 6th Street, Estevan


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Office: 634-9955

Randy Franke: 421-2244

Estevan, Sask.

B10 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

Proud to be of service to the Mining Industy! Complete Paint Service Expert Collision Repair • Guaranteed Work Fast Friendly Service • Courtesy Vehicles

Salute to One of our Community's Greatest Contributors


601 - 5th St., Estevan, Sk.


24 Hour Service Phone: (306) 388-2652 Fax: (306) 388-2345 •

Girard Bulk Service Ltd.


ESTEVAN 134 4th Street • 637-4370


5 STREET Autobody 634-7101

Saluting Estevan’s Mining Industry!

Serving Estevan & Area Since 1967


Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 1037 - 5th Street • Estevan - Ph: 634-5172


The City of Estevan

acknowledges & appreciates the contribution the mining industry makes to our community

Ed Komarnicki, MP Souris-Moose Mountain

Celebrating a proud mining heritage and a bright future for mining in Saskatchewan and in Souris-Moose Mountain in particular. Your Member of Parliament

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May 23, 2012 B11

Think of all the things in your daily life that depend on the availability of reliable, stable sources of electricity... like lights, computers, schools and hospitals. Now consider where all that electricity comes from. The majority of the electricity used in Saskatchewan is generated by coal mined right here in our province. With modern technology coal is a clean source of energy.

Sherritt Coal is proud to celebrate Saskatchewan Mining Week.

Bienfait Mine Boundary Dam Mine Poplar River Mine

May 23, 2012


“I thought I might have a chance but I didn’t think I was going to get gold.”

• Carpet • Linoleum • Laminate • Hardwood • Ceramic Tiles • Paint • Window Coverings • Granite Professional Installations - Free Estimates 104 - Hwy. 47 South ESTEVAN, SK 634-5588 Bay #1 - Hwy. 13 CARLYLE, SK Ph: 453-2519

- Tiana Whitman


Whitman captures gold at Skills Canada

The second time proved to be a charm for Tiana Whitman at the Skills Canada competition. In just her second appearance at the national event, the Grade 11 student at the Estevan Comprehensive School captured first place in the secondary hairstyling division. Fresh off winning gold at the provincial competition, Whitman travelled to Edmonton last week and was announced as the winner Wednesday. She also won the best of the region award which went to the person with the highest mark from both the secondary and postsecondary divisions. Whitman said it was obviously exciting to capture the gold medal but admitted she was surprised to finish first. “I was more confident this year, than I was last year,” she said. “The heads (of her competitors) were messier than last year so I thought I might have a chance but I didn’t think I was going to get gold.” The event is a somewhat of a grind for the students as they competed for six hours on each of the two days. During day one, they worked on different types of men’s hairstyles while on day two, the focus was on women. “It was hard on the back and I had sore feet,” said Whitman who placed fourth at nationals last year. Joyce Mack, the hairdressing instructor at the

limit they had for us,” she said. “You have to really watch when you are getting to the end of your time. If you don’t have everything fi nished, you have to completely finish it or if you have hair (undone) you have to cut it off and make it look neat.” Mack said they entered the competition with an idea of how they planned to style the heads assigned to them. She said colour and shapes are two major components for the judges. “I would say colour is one of the selling points, what you choose for colour. And then it is how

you create different shapes and how clean you make it and how accurate you can get it in the time you’ve got. “And then there are 20 competitors out there and they are sharing five sinks. So you have to plan when you can get to the sink and do different things at different times which keeps you on time.” Whitman said she plans on defending her title at next year’s Skills Canada competition. Despite her success, Whitman doesn’t plan on making hairdressing her career as she has aspirations of becoming an electrician.

Estevan Comprehensive School student Tiana Whitman recently captured the gold medal in hairdressing at the Skills Canada competition in Edmonton. Estevan Comprehensive School, said the men’s portion of the competition was broken up into two styles - bombage and progressive. “The best way I can explain (bombage) is it’s like an Elvis hairstyle,” she said. “Progressive is a very extreme, colourful, many textures, many

lengths (hairstyle). It’s something you would see more in Europe. “For the women, you had ladies’ hair where you have long hair and cut it short. You also colour hairpieces in that time. The next test in the afternoon is you have to take that short hair and make it look like long hair by put-

ting hairpieces in.” Whitman said the biggest challenge for her was keeping track of her time. In fact, she noted that the Edmonton competition was the first time she had completed all of her work in the allotted timeframe. “The week before we were practising and I had never done it in the time

Whitman poses with the gold medals she captured at provincials and nationals.

Generosity of spirit drives Day of Caring The future for Day of Caring, at least foreseen by United Way Estevan’s president, is a communitywide event in the spirit of volunteerism. “That’s ideally what we want this to evolve into, or my vision anyway,” said local president Roberta DeRosier. “It’s for us to only be a part of this day, where everybody in Estevan is doing something. The United Way is doing something, but pay it forward. (It’s important) that everybody takes that one day out of the year to make a conscious effort to help somebody.” The Day of Caring is an initiative by the United Way to bring volunteers together in an effort to get projects, both big and small, completed for others who maybe wouldn’t be able to do the work themselves. A lot of the jobs involve spring cleanuptype work, landscaping and other yard work, as well as cleaning out eavestroughs. Lori Buchanan, United Way Estevan’s executive

A group of volunteers at last year’s Day of Caring completes some finishing touches on a fire pit after planting a few trees. United Way Estevan’s Day of Caring is on May 30. (File Photo) director, added their mission is partly to create a desire to help out. “The biggest thing is trying to turn people on to the idea of helping someone out, someone that could just use a hand or a brighter day,” said Buchanan, “and yet, then to continue that throughout the year. We’re just encouraging people to carry it on year round, and

give a hand when they see a need.” DeRosier added, “Eventually, we’ll just be one part of that. Everybody will be doing their thing, and we’ll be one part of that.” The organizers have already extended the organization of projects beyond themselves this year, asking schools to take part in

projects of their own. Each school will be organizing their own initiatives in the spirit of Day of Caring on May 30. Some of the projects will be done for the regular customers of Day of Caring. Places like Creighton Lodge and the Estevan Regional Nursing Home always have something for the United Way volunteers

to do, and DeRosier said those projects are often some of the most rewarding. “Those ones are always a hit. The residents there just love having somebody come in, and you’re working, but you get to visit too, so it’s always a highlight to work at one of those.” DeRosier also said this year they have seen more support than they have ever received previously from the business community, a sentiment echoed by Buchanan. “(There has been) lots of interest, that’s for sure, from businesses, and we’re getting a lot of individual volunteers now, which is wonderful towards crunch time,” said Buchanan. The deadline for projects and volunteers was May 15. While they are more strict about not accepting new projects after that date, they won’t turn away any volunteers who step forward in the next few days. Organizers were matching people to projects

earlier this week, however. Buchanan noted they have close to 100 volunteers to take on about 18 projects. “We still really, really encourage people to do their own, like if they’re working that day and can’t join us, to do their own project and help out a neighbour friend,” added DeRosier. Everyone is encouraged to take some time to help out another on the Day of Caring, even if it is completely separate from United Way’s efforts. For those who do their own project, they can let United Way know, so the local branch can post it with the other projects done that day. There will also be an Enbridge-sponsored community barbecue from noon to 1 p.m. at the Alliance Church. While it’s complimentary for all volunteers, donations from the public will be accepted. If you would like to volunteer for the Day of Caring, contact Buchanan at 634-7375.

May 23, 2012 B13

Midale community happenings Club is holding a steak night on Saturday, June 2 at the 39er’s Centre. Doors will open at 5 p.m. Tickets are $20 and are available from any Midale Lions Club member or most local businesses. Mainprize Marketplace will run on May 26, June 16, July 14 and August 25 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Pederson Place. For more information or

By Catrina Moldenhauer Midale Correspondent Bev Sobush-Melby will be displaying her Horse Play themed art at the Weyburn Credit Union Art Gallery for the months of this month and in June. The display includes artwork with rodeo, trail rides and family pictures. The Midale Lions

to book a table call Julie VanAlstyne at 458-2535. The school yard has new swings, a teeter totter, picnic table and two garbage stands that were installed by Gregg Prawdzik, Darren Moldenhauer, Calvin Erickson, Tyler Hoium, Les Weger, Albert Carlson, Rylan Kolke, Colton Ganson, the RM of Cymri and Lynco Construction Ltd. The

60 and Over Club notes do with our “Christmas tree.” The tree stays up all year, and is appropriately decorated for all special holidays. Right now we are celebrating “spring”, with bees and butterflies. Thank you, Charlene and Al. We w e l c o m e o u r “snowbirds” back to join us for bridge. The winners on Wednesday, May 16 were: Margaret Sawyer, first; Lorna Stubel, second; and in third place was Joe Claude. The Thursday, May 17 cribbage winners were as follows: Finishing in first place were June Engelke and

Submitted by Shirley Graham Club Secretary

Father’s Day is coming; can I start now? A fellow came home from his golf game one day and the neighbour asked, “Well, how did it go?” “I shot a 70!” the golfer replied. “That’s great,” said the neighbour. “Yeah, and tomorrow I’ll play the second hole.” Every once in awhile I like to draw your attention to the wonderful job that our “decorating duo”

• Born to Cory and Michelle Irwin, Oxbow, Sask., on April 25, 2012, a daughter, Paris Autumn. Proud grandparents are Reg and Cheryl Faber, and Bob and Cathy Irwin.

We won’t leave you hanging!

Call today to book your doggy day care!

All Creatures Training & Boarding

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Minor Football Registration Wednesday, May 30 Chow Practice Field

(across from Woodlawn Golf Club)

6:00 - 9:00 pm

For further information go to:


Enjoy the food and the fresh air on our beautiful outdoor terrace

634-2220 Downtown Estevan

Bert Parent, second went to our new friends, Arlene Wetsch and Marg Cantlon, and coming third were Pat Parent and Angie Friesen. Don’t forget the potluck supper on Thursday, May 24. The meal is at 5 p.m., and cribbage will be played at 6 o’clock. Also remember the cribbage tournament on Saturday, May 26. Registration is at 12:30 p.m., with play to begin at 1 p.m. Cost is $5, and includes lunch and door prizes. A husband and wife were getting ready for bed. The wife was standing in front of a full-length mirror taking a long, hard look at herself. “You know, dear,” she said, “I see an old woman! My face is wrinkled, my hair is grey, my legs are fat and my arms are flabby.” Turning to her husband, she said, “Tell me something nice so I can feel better about myself.” He studied for a moment, and said, “Well, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes!” Services for the husband will be held Saturday Morning at Hall’s Funeral Home. Have a good week!

equipment was purchased by the SCC and these individuals and companies graciously donated their time and equipment. Without volunteers like these, projects like this would be impossible to complete. An apology if anybody was missed. Midale Central School has a number of computers to donate to students who may not otherwise have access to technology. They will be donated “as-is” and not sold. No more than one computer is available to a household/family. A computer request application form may be picked up at the office. Mr. Rau will be running a golf program at the school until June 14. Grades 3 and 4 will practice Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m., Grades 5 and 6 will go on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. and Grades 7, 8 and 9 will practice Tuesday from 4:30 to 5:45 p.m. Thursday

practices will be at Mainprize Golf Course from 3:45 to 5:30 p.m. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own sets of clubs to practices as there are limited sets available at the school and park. Students in Grades 7 to 9 should bring money to purchase a set of range golf balls to practice with. The 2012-2013 school calendar is available on line at and follow the links. Some of the high school students have entered a team in this year’s Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life. The elementary students will be pledging money to represent their high school relay team. Members of the team are: Captain: Amanda Mohr; co-Captain: James Messer; along with Tia Schmidt, Brett Messer, Shayna Prawdzik, Kassidy Sjostrand, Torilee Scharnatta, Taylor Hoium, Tamaira Backlun, Autumn

Wiens and Selena Wiebe. Mrs. Klemenz has challenged the elementary students to raise $500 in support of this and if they achieve it, she will shave her entire head. All forms are due back May 25. Cymri 4-H Beef Club will be holding their annual Achievement Day on Saturday, June 30 at 1 p.m. at Ron Emde’s farm. Lunch will be available for purchase. This event is open to everyone. Becca McDiarmid and her dog Keyley will be attending the Agility Regionals in Moose Jaw on May 26 and 27. They are trying to qualify for Nationals in Nanaimo in August. The Midale Oilmen’s Association have set July 27 as the date for their annual fundraising golf tournament at Mainprize Park. Contact Darren Moldenhauer at 458-7780 or Catrina Moldenhauer at 458-2887 to enter or for more information.

Thank You To Our Sponsors 5th Annual Coal Country A heart-felt thank you goes out to all of our sponsors. Without your generous support we could not have achieved the success we enjoyed on Saturday, May 12 with our fifth annual 5K, 10K and Mini-Mile ran/walk • Murray Arnold • Sherritt Coal • Gem Well Maintenance Inc. • Wal-Mart • KO Advertising • K5 Water Supply • Southern Plains Co-op • Penn West Energy Trust • Town of Bienfait • Spectra Credit Union • Regina Running Room • Sobey’s Ready To Serve

• Curves • Peavy Mart • Canadian Tire • Aero Advertising • Stan’s Plumbing & Heating Thanks again for • Dayman Trucking the support! • Home Hardware Building Centre • Better Homes & Garden Real Estate Sales • Fiberspar LinePipe Canada • SaskPower • Crown Advertising

B14 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury




WIDTH - 38'- 0" (11.6M) DEPTH - 54'- 0" (16.5M)

PLAN NO. 7-3-927


TOTAL 2296 SQ. FT. (213.3 M2 )

1090 SQ. FT. (101.3 M ) 9'-0" CEILING HEIGHT 2



Home plan of the week ROOMY TWOSTOREY HOME Plan No. 7-4-927 This roomy two-story Craftsman-style home, with three bedrooms and a den, cleverly combines the more formal requirements of entertaining with lots of family space for today’s relaxed lifestyle. The covered entry, with a generous porch to the left, leads into a compact foyer. A powder room is tucked into the angle of the L-shaped stairway, with a display case for collectibles along one wall and a coat closet nearby. Directly ahead is a formal dining room, separated from the kitchen by a door, with a partly vaulted ceiling. French doors open to the front porch and a builtin buffet provides storage and a serving area. No cook will feel isolated in the open-plan kitchen, which flows into a nook for informal family dining, as well as into the great room beyond.

It boasts a prep island, a pantry and a step-saving U-shaped counter configuration. Both nook and kitchen enjoy access to a covered outdoor area, as well as a generous patio, for al fresco meals. The great room features a fireplace and windows that look out on the back garden. Completing the mainfloor amenities are a den and a laundry room. Upstairs, the master suite boasts a graciously vaulted ceiling, as well as space for a window seat. The walk-in closet is reached via the en suite, which includes a soaker

tub and a shower stall, plus double sinks and a makeup area. Two smaller bedrooms share a bathroom, conveniently placed between them. A linen closet is nearby. At the top of the stairs is an area for the family computer, with room for a desk and shelving, as well as a display case. The home’s exterior finishes included riverrock accents, painted trim, vertical siding and cedar shingles, as well as wooden beams above the covered entry. The home measures 38 feet wide and 54 feet deep, for a total of 2,296 square feet.

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PLUMBING & HEATING LTD. Serving Estevan & Area since 1967 1037 - 5th Street • Estevan - Ph: 634-5172 E-mail:

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Plans for design 7-4927 are available for $746 (set of five), $835 (set of eight) and $890 for a super set of 10. Also add $30 for Priority charges within B.C. or $55 outside of B.C. Please add 12 or 13 per cent HST, or five per cent GST (where applicable) to both the plan price and Priority charges. Our 44th edition of the Home Plan Catalogue containing over 300 plans is available for $13.50 (includes taxes, postage and handling). Make all cheques and money orders payable to “Home Plan of the Week” and mail to: Home Plan of the Week,

c/o The Estevan Mercury, Unit 7, 15243 - 91st Avenue, Surrey, B.C., V3R 8P8; or see our web page

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May 23, 2012


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B15 In MeMorIaM


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HOME FOR SALE In Bienfait: 1376 sq. ft. Bi-level house, completely finished inside and outside. 5 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, energy-efficient. Double detached garage. 1 block from school. Located at 722 Bradley Avenue. Phone 388-2733 for more details.

Houses for sale

Christa Dawn Wock March 19, 1977 - May 26,2006 We thought of you today, But that is nothing new; We thought about you yesterday, And days before that too. We think of you in silence, We often speak your name; All we have are memories, And a picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake, From which we’ll never part, God has you in His arms, We have you in our hearts. - Lovingly remembered and greatly missed by husband Tim, sons Bailey and Trey and special niece Allysa; The Wocks and The Weimers.

Coming EvEnts Arcola’s 14th Annual TOWN WIDE GARAGE ARCOLA’S 14th ANNUAL TOWN WIDE GARAGE SALE Saturday, Jun 2, 2012 9am 3pm Garage sales all over town ( 41 locations last year!) Goodies & Books for sale at Arcola Library Shockwave Youth Centre Burgers & Hotdogs at Optimist/Legion Hall. Maps available at Michael’s Bakery

FOR SALE: Brand new 3 Bedroom, 3 bath, 1800 sq. ft. house on 10 acres. Fully fenced, with double car garage. Sunny kitchen has walk-in pantry and large island. Vaulted ceilings throughout kitchen, dining room and living room. Large master bedroom with walk-in closet. Basement dry walled and painted. 7 miles west on Hwy. 18 and 1 1/4 mile south. For viewing call 634-9305. FOR SALE: Over 800 sq. ft. two bedroom home with detached garage. The main floor consists of kitchen, dining room, 2 bedrooms, full bath, and good size front porch. Laminate flooring throughout the main. Partially finished basement with bedroom, laundry area, and plumbed in for bathroom. The back yard features a large covered patio, fully fenced 6’, stone driveway, and many trees and vines. New 30-year shingles. Central air, garburator, built-in dishwasher, fridge, stove, washer, dryer included. Phone 634-5774.

HOUSE FOR SALE: Mesa, Arizona. 1807 sq. ft., 2 BR, two baths On Golf Course, gated community, built 2005. Has listed $380,000 Now for $310,000 - Trades considered from Estevan Area. Call Ron 306-421-6223.

ApArtments/Condos for rent HARVEST HEIGHTS APARTMENTS 1 & 2 Bedroom Units. Utilities included. Air conditioning, fridge and stove, laundry facilities in building. Ample parking and plug-ins. Security entrance. No pets. See our Web Site at: Call 634-5800 110 - 542 Bannatyne Avenue PARK PLACE 405 PERKINS STREET FOR RENT: 1, 2 BR Apartments. Air conditioning, 5 Appliances. Fireplace in suites; Security doors. No Pets!! For more information, Phone 634-4010 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. only, or see our Web site @

Wanted to Rent LOOKING FOR A Sleeping Room or room and board for several months for man working at Boundary Dam. Phone 306-531-8430.

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HOUSE FOR REMOVAL & GRAIN STORAGE AUCTION Rudy & Joan Hanelt, Thursday, June 14, 2012, 3:00 p.m., Benson, Sask. Directions from Benson, Sask.: 2 Miles North on Hwy. 47 and 3 Miles East - Watch for Signs!! Open House Sunday, June 10, 2012, 1:00 p.m. House for Removal: 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Approx. 1132 sq. feet, 2x6 construction, X-90 siding. Also selling 7 Grain Bins and Aeration Fans. Mack Auction Company 306-634-9512 PL 311962

Mobile/ Manufactured

CUSTOM BUILT READY TO MOVE HOMES: R. Barkman Construction, Cromer, Manitoba. Quality workmanship and materials. Please Phone Randy at 204662-4561 for Estimates and Design or Stop in to Visit Our Homes.

NEW MODULAR HOMES: 16x80 1216 sq. ft. from $69,900; 20x80 1520 sq. ft. from $94,900. All 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, includes 3 appliances. Call 1-587-434-8525.

Business OppOrtunities FREE FREE VENDING MACHINES Just Collect the Cash Up To $100,000.00 + Per Year. Exclusive Protected Territories. For Full Details CALL NOW 1-866-6686629 Website WWW.TCVEND.COM SEISMIC DRILLING EQUIPMENT for sale. Turnkey purchase opportunity could position you for entry into lucrative seismic drilling sector for reasonable investment. Low impact equipment, support vehicles, extensive parts and drilling supply + available. Contact Seller: for complete details.

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FOR SALE. WARMAN 55 PLUS ACTIVE ADULT LIFESTYLE Large Ground Level Townhomes 306 241 0123

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FOR SALE In Stoughton: New modular home on own lot. 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths. Vacant. $8,000 down; Payments $800/month. Must have good credit and be able to bank qualify. Phone 1-587-4348525.



CONDO FOR SALE: 2 Bedrooms, 5 appliances, natural fireplace, electrified parking, balcony. $158,000. Apt. 101, 306 Perkins, Garden Place. Phone 306-6342519.

Renos & Home ImpRovement


NEW 20’ wide Manufactured Mobile Home, 20x76, 1520 sq. ft., 4 Stainless steel appliances, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths. Delivered, levelled and blocked within 100 miles of Estevan starting at $99,900. New 16’ wide Manufactured Mobile Home, 16x76, 1216 sq. ft., 4 Stainless steel appliances, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths. Delivered, levelled and blocked within 100 miles of Estevan starting at $75,900. Phone 1-587-434-8525.

ApArtments / Condos-For sAle

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At the Estevan Mercury Pay Full Price for a CLASSIFIED in

Moving your mobile home? Over 13 yrs exp, new equip, competitive rates and professional service! Call (780)265-1785 for quotes, availability, and fast, friendly service!

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HOUSE FOR SALE at 305 Poplar Bay,1238 sq.ft. Location! Location! Location! Close to Elementary and Public Schools and Shopping. Renovations include windows, siding, air conditioner, flooring upstairs and downstairs, furnace, water heater, water softener, dishwasher, stove. There is a large 2 car garage with a furnace! A must see! Phone 634-6691.


Mobile/ Manufactured

2012 Modular Homes have arrived! VESTA HOMES INC has 16, 20 & 24 wide homes in stock. Visit us in Vanscoy, or visit us on the web: 306-242-9099

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B16 May 23, 2012 LAND WANTED

Estevan Mercury For Sale - MiSc

Adult PersonAl MessAges LOCAL HOOKUPS BROWSE4FREE 1-888-628-6790 or #7878 Mobile **************** HOT LOCAL CHAT 1-877-290-0553 Mobile: #5015 **************** Find Your Favourite CALL NOW 1-866-732-0070 1-888-544-0199 18+

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FOR SALE: 2008 Ford Escape, V6, 4-Wheel drive, 32,255 km. Asking $23,000. Phone Sandy: 421-0630.

PROFESSIONAL SALES CONSULTANTS required. Be a part of Central Alberta’s largest volume Ford dealer. We offer a competitive pay plan with aggressive bonus structures, vehicle allowance and Central Alberta’s largest inventory of new and used vehicles. Relocation assistance and salary guarantee available to the right candidate. If you are looking to be part of our winning team: Please forward your resume: Attention: Dean Brackenbury, GSM. Email: Fax 780-352-0986. Toll free 1-800232-7255.

Taber Times/Vauxhall Advance Is seeking an Editor to lead a three-person newsroom. Candidate must be able to multi-task, produce a quality newspaper and maintain online presence. Send covering letter and resume to: Coleen Campbell, Publisher Email: Deadline Thursday, May 31.

FOR SALE: 2003 Winnebago 31 ft. Class C Motorhome, 12. ft. slide-out, walk-around bed, light plant. Mint condition. Loaded, with many extras. Sleeps 8. Phone 306-634-3988.

Career OppOrtunities

D. HEIN TOWING will hold an Auction June 1, 3 p.m., at Broken Horse Auto Salvage, Northeast of Midale, 6 km north of Westspur Pipeline turnoff. Auctioning: 2003 Chevy Hummer H2, Black, B.C. Plate #308 FRS, VIN # 5GRGN23U93H144581 For more information, call 306421-1090. Guaranteed approval drive away today! We lend money to everyone. Fast approvals, best interest rates. Over 500 vehicles sale priced for immediate delivery OAC. 1-877-796-0514.


Career OppOrtunities


Domestic cars


Trucks & Vans

EXPERIENCED WINCH TRACTOR and Bed Truck Drivers for drilling, rig moving trucking company. Phone, fax, email or mail. Email: Phone 780-842-6444. Fax 780-842-6581. H & E Oilfield Services Ltd., 2202 1 Ave., Wainwright, AB, T9W 1L7. HEAVY EQUIPMENT REPAIR in Slave Lake, Alberta requires heavy duty mechanic and industrial parts person. Experienced apprentices may apply. Call Herb 780-849-0416. Fax resume to 780-849-4453.

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Utility trailers

Utility trailers


From the former Estevan Brick Plant

Approximately 35,000 Cu. Yards

Please advise if interested in Raw State or Crushed Phone Ron at


Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’ s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE, 2 year old: $1.49/each for a box of 100 ($149.). Also full range of trees, shrubs, cherries & berries. Free shipping. 1-866-873-3846 or DISCONNECTED PHONE? ChoiceTel Home Phone Service. No One Refused! Low Monthly Rate! Calling Features and Unlimited Long Distance Available. Call ChoiceTel Today! 1-888-3331405. HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colours Available. Call 1-866-652-6837 PROVINCE-WIDE CLASSIFIEDS. Reach over 350,000 readers weekly. Call this newspaper NOW or 306-649.1405 for details.


441 - 4th Street - Estevan 634-7977

Haulmark 7x12 V-Nose Low Hauler $8495.00



2012 Haulmark 7x22 Sled ATV Aluminum Wheels ......................... $8,649 2012 Haulmark 8.5x20 Sled ATV ...................................................... $9,499 2012 Haulmark 8.5x24W 10400 GVW ................................................ SOLD 2012 Haulmark 8.5x20 Deluxe, VNOSE ..............................................CALL 2012 10ft. Aluminum 13” Wheels ..................................................... $2,300 2012 Haulmark 5x8 V ......................................................................... $3,499 2012 Rainbow 7x14 Dump, 14K GVW .............................................. $9,700 2012 Rainbow 7x12 Dump ................................................................ $8,600 2012 Rainbow 18’ Dovetail C&E 14K GVW ...................................... $4,699 2012 Rainbow 18’ Car Hauler 7000 GVW ......................................... $3,400 2012 Rainbow 16’ Car 7000 GVW ..................................................... $3,100 2012 Rainbow 22’ Partial Tilt 14K GVW ........................................... $6,700 2012 10ft. Aluminum, tilt /10” Wheels .............................................. $1,795 2011 Haulmark 7x14 Aluminum Wheels .......................................... $6,600 2012 10ft. Aluminum 10” Wheels ..................................................... $2,150 2012 Flip Up Ramp 6x12 (3500 axle) ................................................ $2,150


2007 Dodge 1/2 4x4 ......................................................................... $12,000 2006 Dodge 1/2 4x4 ......................................................................... $10,000 2006 Chevy 15 passenger van........................................................ $12,000 2005 15 Passenger Van 153,000 kms............................................. $13,000



Seasonal full time truck driver and/or general labourer required for the 2012 season. Successful applicant must hold a valid 1A license. Competition closes June 8, 2012. Contact RM of Longlaketon No. 219 for complete details: 306939-2144 or email:

Domestic cars

TABER TIMES/Vauxhall Advance is seeking an editor to lead a three-person newsroom. Candidate must be able to multitask, produce a quality newspaper and maintain online presence. Send covering letter and resume to: Coleen Campbell, Publisher. Email: Deadline Thursday, May 31.

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Senchuk’s Super Deals! Used Cars

2010 LINCOLN MKS, Loaded w/power roof, navigation, 25,000 km ........................................................................................$33,995 2011 FORD MUSTANG V6 5 speed, loaded, 26,000 kms..............$21,995 2010 MUSTANG V6, Auto, loaded with only 54,000 kms ...............$17,995 2009 MUSTANG V6, loaded, only 7,500 kms .................................$17,995 2008 CHEVROLET COBALT SPORT, 2 door, loaded, 55,000 kms ......................................................................................$12,995 2006 BMW Z4 3.0I CONVERTIBLE 38,000 miles ..........................$22,995 2006 TAURUS SE, fully loaded with only 72,000 kms ....................$10,500 2003 MONTE CARLO LS V6, 2 Door, loaded, Auto, 118,000 kms ......................................................................................$6,995

Used Trucks, SUVs & Vans

2012 RAPTOR SUPERCREW 4x4 only 1,075 kms ........................$64,995 2011 EDGE LIMITED ALL WHEEL DRIVE, fully loaded with Navigation & moon roofs, only 26,000 kms .....................................$38,995 2011 EXPEDITION MAX, loaded with Navigation, 23,000 kms .........SOLD 2011 CHEV EXTENDED CAB 4x4 loaded, only 11,000 kms ............SOLD 2010 F150 PLATINUM SUPERCREW 4x4, loaded with 30,000 kms...............................................................................$41,900 2010 F150 XLT CREW CAB 26,000 kms .......................................$29,995 2009 EDGE SPORT ALLWHEEL DRIVE loaded with navigation & moonroof, 55,000 kms .....................................................................$27,995 2009 DODGE RAM LARAMIE QUAD CAB 4x4, loaded with 142,000 kms ....................................................................................$22,995 2009 ESCAPE XLT 4x4, 3.0L V6, loaded, with 100,000 kms .........$17,995 2008 NISSAN FRONTIER CREW CAB 4x4 LE loaded with leather & power moonroof, 55,000 kms .....................................................................$23,995 2008 F150 LARIAT SUPERCAB 4x4 5.4L, V8, loaded with only 54,000 kms .................................................................................SOLD 2008 EXPEDITION LIMITED MAX 4x4, fully loaded with 126,000 kms.............................................................................$29,995 2008 GMC 2500 SLE CREW CAB 4x4, 6.0L, V8, 86,000 kms ......$24,995 2008 F150 XTR SUPERCREW 4x4 113,000 kms ..........................$18,995 2008 DODGE LARAMIE QUAD CAB 5.7L Hemi loaded with leather, 83,000 kms .........................................................................$22,995 2008 F350 XLT CREW CAB 4x4 6.4L Diesel, loaded with 168,000 kms ....................................................................................$19,995 2007 ESCAPE XLT 4x4 only 90,000 kms ..........................................SOLD 2003 FORD EXPLORER XLT 4x4 loaded, 4.0L, V6, only 65,000 kms ..............................................................................$11,995

Senchuk Ford Sales Ltd.

Your home of after sales service

118 Souris Avenue North – Estevan, Sask.


Rentals for Business, Leisure, Weddings or School Sports Teams.

WE ARE JUST A CALL AWAY! Domestic cars Steel BuildingS / granarieS STEEL BUILDING BLOWOUT SALE! 20X26 $5,199. 25X28 $5,799. 30X42 $8,390. 32X56 $11,700. 40X50 $14,480. 47X76 $20,325. One End wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

SELLS BY MACK AUCTION June 23 at Estevan Motor Speedway 20’x50’ Shop for removal before October 31, 2012. Wired, Ventilated, Insulated & Lined, Overhead Door. Mack Auction Company 634-9512 for Viewing PL 311962

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Domestic cars

LONG CREEK MOTORS Auto Sales & Service Since 1970


11 Chev Impala LS 4Dr factory warranty 45,000km ................................ $17,995 07 Pontiac G6 SE 4dr factory warranty, loaded ....................................... $11,995 05 Chrysler Sebring 4dr 37,000km warranty ............................................ $8,995 04 Chev Monte Carlo SS 2dr Dale Earnhardt Jr. Series warranty ........ $11,900 04 PT Cruiser loaded, warranty ...............................................$114 Bi-wkly OAC


11 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Stow-n-go factory warranty..................... $22,995 11 Mitsubishi RVR SE 4WD factory warranty .......................................... $24,995 10 Chev Silverado LS Crew Cab 4x4 factory warranty ........................... $25,995 10 Dodge Dakota c/cab SXT 4x4 factory warranty.................................. $23,995 09 Dodge Journey SXT AWD loaded, warranty, 7 passenger ...$173.78 Bi-wkly 09 Ford Escape EXT 4WD factory warranty ............................................ $20,995 09 GMC Sierra SLE Ext/cab 2500 HD 4x4 6.0 V8, factory warranty .....$174.70 Bi-wkly 08 Chev Trailblazer 4x4 71,000 kms, factory warranty............................ $19,995 08 GMC Canyon SLE crew/cab 4x4 loaded, factory warranty ...$201.65 Bi-wkly 08 Honda CRV LX AWD loaded, warranty ............................................... $17,995 08 Nissan Rogue SL AWD sunroof, warranty.......................................... $19,995 07 Chev 2500 HD crew/cab Diesel warranty ........................................... $26,995 07 Ford F150 XLT Ext/Cab 4x4 loaded, warranty....................... $181.80 bi-wkly 05 Buick Rendezvous AWD CXL, 4dr, 7 pass, warranty ......................... $6,995 04 GMC Denali AWD 7 pass., leather, sunroof, warranty ........................ $17,995 03 Dodge Dakota Club Cab SLT 4x4 loaded, warranty .......................... $13,995 03 Chev Venture Van EXT 8 pass, 92,000 km, warranty........................... $7,995 03 Chev Silverado LS E/Cab 4x4 loaded warranty ................................. $13,995 02 Pontiac Montana Ext Van loaded, warranty ..........................$107.60 Bi-wkly 99 Ford Ranger Stepside SLT warranty.................................................... $5,995 96 Saturn 4 door, 5 speed, warranty ......................................................... $3,495

Most of Our Vehicles are Covered by Lubrico Powertrain Warranty

Prices Reduced! ~ We Take Trades Reasonable Offers Considered PHONE COLLECT FOR KEN 634-7231 AFTER HOURS: Cell: 461-7805

421 - 4th Street – Estevan, Sask. e-mail:

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Family Owned Dealership Since 1937 1021 - 4th STREET, ESTEVAN PHONE: (306) 634-3629


2009 MAZDA CX-7 40,000km......................................................... $29,900 2009 SEBRING TOURING Very nice car ....................................... $15,995 2008 DODGE CHARGER 68,000 kms............................................ $17,500 2008 VW NEW BEETLE CONVERTIBLE 64,000 kms ................... $17,995 2008 CHRYSLER SEBRING Only 20,000 kms .............................. $14,995


2011 FORD F150 CREW CAB 24,500 kms .................................... $32,995 2011 TOWN & COUNTRY .............................................................. $31,900 2011 GRAND CHEROKEE ............................................................. $39,500 2011 DODGE 1500 CREW CAB BIG HORN 49,800 kms .............. $33,900 2010 DODGE JOURNEY SE .......................................................... $16,995 SOLD 2010 FORD XLT SUPER CAB ....................................................... $21,900 2010 GMC SIERRA 1500 CREW CAB 59,000 kms ....................... $27,995 2010 DODGE CALIBER ................................................................. $13,995 2010 RAM 3500 Diesel SLT ............................................................ $36,995 2009 RAM 1500 CREW CAB LARAMIE Loaded ........................... $32,500 2009 DODGE JOURNEY RT Loaded ............................................. $27,995 2009 JEEP PATRIOT LTD.............................................................. $21,995 2009 CHEVY UPLANDER LT 69,000 kms, DVD............................ $11,995 2008 FORD ESCAPE...................................................................... $13,900 2008 FORD EDGE LTD 62,000 kms............................................... $22,995 SOLD 2008 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SXT ......................................... $15,995 2008 GRAND CARAVAN 78,000 kms ............................................ SOLD $16,995 2007 GRAND CHEROKEE 57,000 kms ......................................... $19,500 2007 TOWN AND COUNTRY ......................................................... $12,995 2006 GRAND CARAVAN 40,500 kms ............................................ $10,995 SOLD 2006 RAM 1500 ST 4X4 Nice shape .............................................. $17,995 2005 GMC 1500 CREW CAB ......................................................... $19,995 2005 DODGE 1500 Q/C SLT 87,000 kms....................................... $14,995 2003 FORD F-150 XLT ................................................................... $13,995 2003 DODGE 1500 Q/C SLT 2WD ................................................... $9,900


2008 RPM TOY HAULER, 26 Ft. .................................................... $24,900 2008 ROCKWOOD WINDJAMMER, 28 Ft. .................................... $20,900 2006 ROCKWOOD TRAILER, 26 Ft. Bunks & slide out................ $16,500 2006 BRISTOL BAY 5TH WHEEL LOADED ................................. $31,995 1980 TRAVEL AIR MOTORHOME, 24 Ft. ....................................... $6,500


2007 HARLEY STREET GLIDE 10,000 miles, mint, 96 cubic inch, GSP trans, chipped and piped......................................................... $17,900


May 23, 2012 B17 Domestic cars

Domestic cars

Domestic cars

Used Cars

2009 DoDge Challenger White, 83,005 kms..........................$22,900 2008 CheV MalIBU lT Silver, 72,340 kms...................................$14,900 2004 ChrYSler CroSSFIre Black, 66,000 kms .......................$12,900

Used Trucks, SUVs & Vans 2011 ForD eSCaPe XlT Leather, red, 10,758 kms ........................SolD 2011 JeeP granD CheroKee lareDo Black, 30,078 kms ....$36,900 2011 CheV TraVerSe Loaded, white, 21,000 kms .....................$34,900 2011 CaDIllaC eSCalaDe White, 39,500 kms..........................$59,900 2011 JeeP PaTrIoT Silver, 17,444 kms .......................................$23,900 2010 DoDge JoUrneY rT Red, 41,021 kms ..............................$27,900 2010 raM 3500 CreW long BoX Tan, 67,000 kms ..................$39,900 2009 DoDge granD CaraVan Red, 47,000 kms .....................$19,900 2009 JeeP CoMManDer SPorT Leather, 59,000 kms ..............$23,900 2009 ForD eSCaPe XlT Red, 65,761 kms..................................$19,900 2009 JeeP PaTrIoT Red, 46,905 kms .........................................$17,900 2009 ForD eSCaPe XlT 86,507 kms ..........................................$19,900 2008 CheV aValanChe lS Tan, 108,013 kms...........................$24,900 2008 ForD F350 larIaT DUallY Black, 170,000 kms ..............$32,900 2008 ForD eSCaPe XlT Red, 57,258 kms..................................$17,900 2008 CheV SIlVeraDo lT Blue, 82,385 kms .............................$18,900 2008 JeeP lIBerTY lTD Black, 78,987 kms, leather...................$22,900 2008 CheV SIlVeraDo lT 2500 60,821 kms..............................$29,900 2007 DoDge raM SPorT reg CaB White, 48,382 kms ...........$17,900 2006 JeeP lIBerTY lTD Red, 101,000 kms ................................$12,900 2006 DoDge DaKoTa CreW CaB Grey, 76,000 kms ................$15,900


409 Kensington avenue ~ estevan, Sask. Phone: 634-3221

If you haven’t shopped PoWer DoDge you may have paid too much!

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Estevan Gospel Chapel 1202 - 2nd Street Phone: 634-3761

“Equipping God’s people to think biblically, to live godly, and to serve effectively – inuencing our world for Christ”

Pastor: Josh Permann Sunday: Family Bible Hour 10:00 a.m. Worship 11:00 a.m. Weekly: Bible Studies, Youth Group, Prayer Meeting An Associated Gospel Church

St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church Corner 12th Avenue & 2nd Street Phone: 634-2190 Fax: 634-6845 Pastor: Reverend Joel Rama Associate Pastors: Reverend Peter Nijssen Father Thomas Mutavanathu

MASSES: Saturday: 7:00 p.m. Sunday: 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.

ST. GILES ANGLICAN CHURCH Parish of Estevan-Bienfait

Sunday Worship Times:

St. Giles, Estevan: 317 - 12th Ave. 8 a.m. 10 a.m. with Sunday School ALL ARE WELCOME! Church Ofce: 634-4113

Faith Lutheran Church Nicholson Centre, Estevan

Sunday Worship & Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Evening Worship 7:00 p.m.

Pastors: Bob Schultz, Daniel Krauss & Caleb Rieger Phone 634-4757 Check Out Our Website

Come and Worship With Us

801 13th Ave., ESTEVAN Ph: 634-3661 or 1-888-634-3661


General employment CRIMINAL RECORD? Money-back Guarantee. 100,000+ Record Removals since 1989. A+ BBB Rating. Only $45.50/month - Assures EMPLOYMENT & TRAVEL FREEDOM. Call for FREE INFO BOOKLET 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366) INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL Sites in Alberta & B.C. Hands on real world machine training. NO Simulators. Start any Monday. Funding Options. 1-866-399-3853

2011 CHEV MALIBU PLATINUM EDITION 30,000 kms .......................... $18,900 2008 CHEV COBALT 4 door, sport red, 56,840 kms ...................................... $12,700 2008 CHEV COBALT COUPE auto, power roof, 40,800 kms ......................... $12,700 2006 BUICK ALLURE local trade, 124,000 kms .............................................. $9,950 2004 CHEV CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE auto, leather, chrome wheels, Sale $32,300 $33,900 8,600 kms .....................................................................................................


2011 GMC YUKON cloth, 20’s, white, 54,000 kms ...................................... $36,700 2011 DODGE DAKOTA CREW 4X4 19,200 kms....................................... $26,900 2011 CHEV SUBURBAN leather, 4x4, 34,000 kms ...................................... $39,700 2011 GMC TERRAIN SLT2 V6 leather, roof, dvd, nav, 2,200 kms................. $38,700 2011 FORD ESCAPE LTD loaded, leather, power roof, only 15,500 kms .......... $29,900 2011 CHEV TRAVERSE AWD, LT, quad, buckets, 43,400 kms ........................ $29,900 2010 GMC CREW 4x4 1500 leather, power roof, 91,000 kms .................... $26,900 2010 CHEV 1500 CREW 4X4 6.2L, max pkg, 134,000 kms, local trade ...... $21,980 2009 BUICK ENCLAVE CX AWD 64,685 kms, very well equipped ................ $32,880 2009 GMC SIERRA SLT 1500 72,785 kms, Crew, loaded ........................... $25,900 2009 GMC R/C lwb, V6, auto, air, cruise, tilt, 69,500 kms ............................. $14,980 2009 CHEV UPLANDER SWB quad buckets, very nice, 59,300 kms.............. $15,500 2008 HUMMER H3 fully loaded, cloth buckets, very clean, 69,000 kms........... $28,600 2008 SATURN VUE AWD a/c. cruise, tilt, pw, pl, 78,000 kms...................... $18,990 2008 DODGE NITRO 4X4 loaded, only 48,911 kms .................................. $21,800 2008 FORD EDGE LIMITED AWD, black, local trade, 101,300 kms ................ $19,900 2008 ACADIA SLT AWD, Red Jewel, tint coat, leather, local trade, 93,000 kms.. $26,900 2008 ACURA MDX leather, power roof, only 102,000 kms ............................ $19,700 2007 GMC CANYON CREW 4x4 local trade, only 54,000 kms ................... $19,900 2007 CHEV TRAILBLAZER SS AWD 395 HP, leather, power roof, 100,000 kms ................................................................................ $23,700 2007 PONTIAC TORRENT A/C, pw, pl, cruise, tilt, AWD 110,000 kms ........ $15,700 2005 PONTIAC MONTANA EXT 105,300 kms .......................................... $10,700 2004 CHEV AVALANCHE 4x4 only 117,314 kms....................................... $15,700 1994 CHEV E/C 4X2 very clean, 209,000 kms ............................................. $4,995


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General employment HELP WANTED!!! Make up to $1000 a week mailing brochures from home! Helping Home-workers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately! www.MailingBrochures.NET TDL GROUP CORP o/a Tim Hortons, 400 King St. E, Estevan, SK. Hiring Food Counter Attendants. Full Time/Shift Work. $11.01/hr. + Benefits. E-mail resume to: recruitmentcanada@ Or Fax resume to: (403) 203-7430.

Work Wanted ATTENTION WIDOWS and Women living alone. I am a retired gentleman willing to do Household and Yard Repairs at reasonable rates. Save money on all your renovation or repair needs. Give me a call at 306-531-8430 after 4:30 p.m. please.

ST. JOSEPH’S HOSPITAL FOUNDATION (ESTEVAN) St. Joseph’s Hospital relies on donations to fund equipment purchases. Your Memorial Gift honours your loved one and makes it possible for our hospital to continue providing quality care for Estevan and area residents. A letter will be sent to the family acknowledging your gift; please include their name and address as well as your own. You will receive an income tax receipt. Please send your donation to:

St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation Box 5000-203, Estevan, SK S4A 2V6

• Manufacturer’s Warranty • Exchange Privilege • 150+ Point Inspection • 24hr Roadside Assistance

~ Phone: 637-2474 ~ ~ e-mail: ~

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church

CHURCH OF CHRIST 1302 - 8th Street, Estevan

L.C – C. Isabelle & Souris Church Ofce: 634-2024 Reverend Randy Kleemola WORSHIP SCHEDULE 9:30 a.m. - Bible Study 10:30 a.m. - Divine Service with Holy Communion and Sunday School

Tim Pippus

Ofce: 634-3116

Sunday Services:

Bible Class - 10:00 a.m. – Worship - 11:00 a.m. Evening Worship - 7 p.m. Wednesday Meeting - 7 p.m.

Free Clothing Outlet

Caring About People – Sharing About God

First & Third Thursday of Each Month - 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Sunday Morning Service - 10:30


“... times of refreshing shall come from the Presence of the Lord.”

Now offering Russian translation of services


100 King Street Estevan, Sask. 306-634-8133/634-3405

Pastors: Majors Len & Ros Millar SUNDAY: 11:00 a.m. Worship Service

Phone: 634-2074 1107 - 4th Street



Church of God

Corner of 14th Avenue & 3rd Street Phone: 634-2885 – Fax: 636-2611


Coffee Fellowship Before Church



Senior Pastor: Geoff Thiessen Music /Youth Ministries: Josh Marvin Ofce Admin./Kidz Clubz: Alicia Kavalench

Sunday Services:

10:30 a.m. - Worship Service with Children’s Church (Ages 3-11) • Nursery Provided Family Focus Night: Tuesday at 7 p.m.

1920 Wellock Road – 634-7955

Trinity Lutheran Church E.L.C.I.C.

738 - 2nd Street, Estevan

Church Office: Phone: 634-5684

Pastor Stewart Miller SUNDAY WORSHIP 10:00 a.m. - Family Worship


email: •

Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. Nursery provided to ages 0-23 months Treasure Seekers for ages 2-3 Caraway Street programs for ages 4 - grade 4

Pastors Rev. Christopher Smith Pastor Waylon Klix

Sunday School for all ages 9:30 am

Relevant Teaching, Meaningful Worship, Caring Community 140 King Street, Estevan 634-2601 Check out our website at: For coming events, recent messages and information about programs and ministries

Join us on facebook at

B18 May 23, 2012 Obituaries

Estevan Mercury Obituaries



Evelyn Opal (Hillesland) McDougall

Evelyn Opal (Hillesland) McDougall, 96, Halifax formerly of Estevan, passed away July 31, 2011 in Halifax following a stroke. Evelyn was born near Douglas, North Dakota to Ole and Annie Marie Hillesland. She married “Mac” in 1938 and moved north of the border. She moved from Estevan to Halifax in 2004. She is survived by two daughters: Laura Ann Wright of Jacksonville, Florida and Janet (George) MacDonald of Chester Basin, Nova Scotia; and five grandchildren: Sarah (Wright) and John Rice and their daughters Genevieve and Nadine, Jacksonville, Florida; James and Rochelle MacDonald, son Michael and daughter Jordyn, Stonewall, Manitoba; Heather (MacDonald) and Dr. Robert Vandorpe and daughter, Jade, stepsons Ben and Matt, Bedford, Nova Scotia; Heidi (MacDonald) and Stefan Leslie and daughter Annika and son Mattias, Halifax, Nova Scotia; Laura (McDougall) Legere and sons Luke and Jesse. Her sister, Dorcus Sullivan, Portland Oregon, is the sole surviving sibling. She was predeceased by her husband, Frederic S. “Mac” McDougall; son, Allan Frederic McDougall; two sisters: Otellia and Leota; and four brothers; Spencer, Boyd, Linton, and Odean. Evelyn attended the State Normal and Industrial College in Ellendale, North Dakota and taught for many years first in Ambrose, N.D. and then in Torquay and Estevan. She directed choirs in the Lutheran and United Churches and taught piano lessons for many years. She was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star. She was an avid reader and loved to play bridge. Cremation took place in Halifax. A memorial service will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church, 738 - 2nd Street, Estevan, Sask. on June 6 at 2 p.m.; Pastor Stewart Miller officiating. Memorial donations may be made to any music program in your church or community.

Elizabeth Ann (Betty) Cheah

(June 16, 1933 - May 13, 2012) Elizabeth Ann (Betty) Cheah passed away peacefully at Juravinski Hospital on Sunday, May 13, 2012 at the age of 78 surrounded by her loving daughters Elizabeth (Wilson) and Catherine (Jason). Betty was born in Dublin, Ireland. It was there that she met her beloved husband, Donald, while he was studying medicine at Trinity College. Betty and Donald were married in 1964. They lived in England, where their daughter Elizabeth was born, and Singapore, where their daughter Catherine was born, before settling in Canada in 1974. Donald worked as an anesthetist and family doctor in Estevan, Saskatchewan until his sudden death in 1988 after which Betty moved to Ancaster to be close to her daughters. Betty was a devout member of St. Ann’s Parish and throughout her life inspired many with her strong faith. She also loved to sing and was a member of many choirs in her life including being a loyal member of St. Ann’s Senior Choir

until her death. Betty will be dearly missed by her sons-in-law, Wilson and Jason, her grandchildren Sarah, Aidan, Catherine, and Michael, and by her family in Ireland including sisters Gertie and Terry and brother Leo. Betty was loved by everyone she met and she will be greatly missed by many family and friends. Friends and family were received at the DODSWORTH & BROWN Funeral Home, ANCASTER CHAPEL, 378 Wilson Street East, Ancaster on Friday, May 18 from 7 to 9 p.m. A Funeral Mass was held on Saturday, May 19 at St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church, 11 Wilson Street West, Ancaster at 10:00 a.m. Cremation followed with interment at a later date at Resurrection Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. The family would like to thank Dr. Graeme Fraser, Dr. Michael Stephenson, and all those who cared for our mum with such kindness throughout her treatment and hospitalization, especially the staff at Juravinski Hospital. On-line book of condolences at

“In the business of creating , enhancing and insuring client’s net worth” Reynold Bert Certied Financial Planner

Ron Areshenkoff Mutual Fund Advisor Life Insurance Representative


403B 9th Avenue, Estevan, SK S4A 2V4 PH: (306)634-7979 Toll Free: (877)779-0948 info@spectra Insurance Offered Through Spectra Financial

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Pongo Holdings Ltd. 421-9576 or 421-2244

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May 23, 2012 B19

Warm weather helping seeding

The recent run of warm weather has been a huge benefit to Saskatchewan’s farmers. According to the weekly crop report, 22 per cent of the 2012 crop has been seeded. The five-year (2007-2011) average for this time of year is approximately 18 per cent seeded. Significant seeding progress was made during the past week. Forty-two per cent in the southwest, 12 per cent in the east-central area, 17 per cent in the westcentral area, 21 per cent in the northeast and 28 per cent in the northwest. Provincially, 58 per cent of the field peas have been seeded, 40 per cent of the

lentils, 25 per cent of the durum, 23 per cent of the spring wheat, 18 per cent of the canola, 18 per cent of the chickpeas and two per cent of the flax. Here in the southeast, 14 per cent of the 2012 crop has been seeded up from five per cent last week. The five-year (2007-2011) average for this time of year is 23 per cent of acres seeded. Twenty-seven per cent of the field peas have been seeded, 22 per cent of the lentils, 18 per cent of the canola, 14 per cent of the wheat, 10 per cent of the durum and five per cent of the chickpeas and flax. Only small to trace amounts of precipitation fell on the region, allow-

ing farmers to get back into some drier fields. The Maryfield area recorded the greatest amount of rainfall this past week (15 mm). Most fields are drying up with the warm, windy weather and many crop reporters have indicated that field conditions are better than this time last year. More warm weather is needed in the coming weeks to dry up wet fields. There are indications that there may still be some fields that will remain unseeded due to excess moisture. Topsoil moisture conditions on cropland have greatly improved from last week. Twenty-eight per cent of the acres are rated as surplus while 72 per cent are


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rated as adequate. In some areas, 55 per cent of acres have surplus moisture, down from 80 per cent last week. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture conditions have also improved, with 15 per cent rated as surplus and 85 per cent as adequate. Many farmers have been tilling wet areas in an effort to dry the fields out. There have been reports of emerging pulses being drowned out in low spots. Pastures are growing nicely and cattle are now being moved. Winter wheat crops are able to be sprayed in drier areas of the field. Farmers are busy seeding, controlling weeds and rolling pulse crops.

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B20 May 23, 2012

Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 140 Applications are being accepted for the following position:

Temporary Part-Time Caretaker (50%) St. Mary’s School, Estevan, SK. For full details on this position go to:

Housekeepers Needed • 3 vacancies • Full time positions • Experience an asset, however, employer is willing to train • No formal education required • $13.50 starting wage 40 hours per week with benefits Please fax Resume to 634-2019 or email to

Uptown Motel

1401 - 2nd St, Estevan • 634-2624

Maintenance Person Required for Days Inn & Sussex Arms. Full time hours. Apply in person to: 1305 - 9th St. Estevan, SK.

TOWER CAFÉ Help wanted for 5 food and beverage servers. Full time permanent employment to serve food, greet customers, present menu and bill. Salary $11.00 per hour. Previous experience preferred but not required. Contact Pete at 634-2220 or apply with resume in person.

Triple J Pipelines is now accepting resumes for the following positions for the Estevan division.

• FOREMAN • LABOURERS • PIPEFITTERS • HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATORS Experience is an asset. Please fax resume to:


or Please drop off resume at at

Hwy 39 west, Malmgren Drive

STC Bus Depot Delivery Driver • 1 full time position • Monday to Friday • Must have a valid or class 5 Drivers License • Experience an asset, however, employer is willing to train • Good Communications skills required • $15.50/hour starting wage. 40 hrs/week with benefits

Motel Supervisor • 1 full time position • Minimum grade 12 • 2-3 years experience • Good communication and basic computer skills • $15.00/ starting wage with benefits

Please fax Resume to 634-2019 or email to

Uptown Motel

FOOD SERVICE WORKERS We are accepting resumes for part & full time positions. Duties include: Food preparation, stock and inventory, serving customers, some baking, making sandwiches, operate cash register and be able to give proper change as well as general cleaning and equipment maintenance

Starting wage - $11.01/hr. If you are interested in joining our team apply in person with resume or call: Margaret - Subway 517 - 4th Street, Estevan • 634-6616


The R.M. of Benson No. 35 requires a

full-time equipment operator until freeze-up, for road repairs, fixing culverts, mowing, rock picking and other miscellaneous duties. State qualifications, hourly wage expected and references. Forward applications by:

June 5, 2012

To Box 69, Benson, Saskatchewan, S0C 0L0 (634-9410) or fax to 634-8804 or

1401 - 2nd St, Estevan • 634-2624

Territory Manager Pratts Food Service, Western Canada’s fastest growing family owned and operated broad line distributor, supplying restaurants, hotels and institutions, requires a sales professional to maintain and continue to grow our business in Estevan and surrounding area. Selection priority will be given to those applicants who have a minimum 3 to 5 years Food Service experience in such areas as food service sales, Chef, front of house manager and restaurant owner. You must also be self motivated, goal oriented and dedicated to customer service. Computer knowledge is required. Overnight travel maybe required. Excellent compensation package to include salary, commission, car allowance, etc. Only successful applicants will be contacted. Please forward resumes to:

Tri-Alta Oilfield Industries is currently seeking an individual for Full Time Employment. • Position includes shop duties & driving 6-9 days/ month. • Class 1A an asset but would be willing to have the right person put through the 1A Drivers Course • Benefit Package available • Wage Negotiable

Fax resume to: 634-5602

Lavoie Mobile Cleaning is currently accepting resumes for the following positions:

• Vacuum Truck Operator • Steamer Swamper Both positions require the following:

• Class 1A or 3A drivers licence with good drivers abstract • H2S Alive, First Aid/CPR and Confined Space Entry (only for Steamer Swamper position)

Wage negotiable depending on experience and qualifications. Benefits package offered after 3 months. Email resume to: OR fax to: 306-634-1210.

Temporary Full Time Position Smile Services Inc. is in the process of hiring a candidate to fill a temporary full time position for 37.5 hours/week. The successful candidate will be required to administer the Acquired Brain Injury Independent Living Program, which includes working with clients in the program. Qualifications: Applicants must clearly demonstrate their relevant work experience and education in the area of Acquired Brain Injuries. Preferences may be given to a candidate possessing post secondary education in a related field, such as occupational therapy. Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to drive into the rural area. Must be in possession of a Police Record Check. Please forward resume to the manager: SMILE Services Inc. 1201 - 2nd Street Estevan, SK, S4A 0M1 Fax: 306 634 8535 Application Deadline is May 31, 2012 at 4:00 pm


Experience in concrete construction and general building construction. Competitive wages, benets program and more for the right candidate.

Call: 634-7276 or email:

Shaw Earth Moving is a family owned business in South East Saskatchewan. Shaw Earth Moving offers an array of equipment and services that caters to both the needs of Oilfield construction and RM road building. We are a diverse company looking to hire heavy equipment operators and 1A operators for both divisions. We offer competitive wages based on experience and ability. Safety tickets and training are an asset but not crucial. As well as competitive wages we offer a group benefit plan. We are now accepting applications for the following positions:

Cat Operators, Grader Operators, Track Hoe Operators, Scraper Operators, Tandem Gravel Truck (3A), Heavy Equipment Haulers (1A) Please fax or email resumes to:


May 23, 2012 B21

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Dempsey Laird Trucking Ltd. is seeking

Oilfield Drivers 1A or 3A license. Safety tickets and oilfield experience would be beneficial. Scheduled hours and days off. Competitive wages and benefit package available.

For more information on the positions below visit

Fax resume Attention Richard to (306) 458-2996 or email or phone for appointment to (306) 458-2331 SEIU 56 ASSOC 60

Permanent Full-Time Caretaker Estevan Comprehensive, Estevan, SK Summer Students (2) Estevan and Area Schools, Estevan, SK

Part Time and Casual

CLEANERS wanted in North Portal, SK.

Job consists of:

Certified Energy Services is looking for experienced service rig personnel

Positions Available: driller derrick hand floor hands

Join a small locally owned and operated company that will value and reward your efforts and contributions. Become a key element of a growing company and be rewarded with growing opportunities. Certified Energy Services is 100% committed to its employee’s health, safety and well-being

Wages negotiable and comprehensive benefits package To apply: Phone: (306) 471-7799 Or Fax to: (306) 634-3636 Mail resume to: Po Box 1720 estevan, sk s4a 1c8 Or email to:

• • • •

Making beds. General, light, and heavy cleaning. Must be able to work weekends. Must be detail oriented.

Starting Wage $13.50/hr. To apply send resume to:

For more info:

Call Bruce: 306-927-2088 or Chris Brown: 519-719-8839

Penta Completions requires a

Warehouse/Yard Assistant

•Grade 10 •Fireman’s certificate. •Refrigeration certificate. • Basic computer skills. •Ability to work independently. •Organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. •Intermediate knowledge of tools and equipment. •Valid drivers’ license. Interested applicants should apply in writing to: Human Resources Sun Country Health Region Box 2003, Weyburn, Sk S4H 2Z9 Fax: (306) 842-8740 Email:

Penta Completions requires a

Field Service Tech for our Estevan operation.

Permanent Full-Time

Maintenance Service Workers: Sun Country Health Region looking for a permanent full time Maintenance Service Worker


for our Estevan operation. Duties Include

Applicants should possess oil well operation knowledge, related industry service experience or technical certicates and practical experience. You should possess good communication skills, organizational, problem-solving skills and be able to work in a team environment. Computer experience would be an asset. Duties to include dynamometer data collection, analysis, optimization, rod string design, sucker rod eld service tech, installation and servicing of oil well automation and variable frequency drives. We offer a competitive salary plus eld bonus & service vehicle.

• Shipping & Receiving • Inventory control • Invoicing • Some on call work is required

Penta is an industry leader in all aspects of rod pumping sales, applications, analysis and automation. This is an opportunity for the right individual to acquire skills and knowledge to enhance their qualications in technical eld service.


Please forward resumes via e-mail, fax or in person. Qualied applicants will be contacted for interviews.

• Valid Class 5 drivers licence Estevan Mercury • Computer experience would be an asset • Successful candidate 3.125 will earn a current x 5.75” WHMIS and TDG certicate jb

Submit resume including references to: Penta Completions Supply & Services Ltd. 58 Devonian Street P.O. Box 667 Estevan, Sk. S4A 2A6 Fax: 1-306-634-6989 or Email:

CAL009147B 1 Penta Completions Supply & Services Ltd. 2/29, 3 58 Devonian Street LECUTSHA P.O. Box 667 Esteva Estevan, Sk. S4A 2A6 Attention: Lyle Haukeness Fax: 1-306-634-6989 Email:

*We thank all applicants but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Journeymen Electricians and Apprentices PowerTech Industries Ltd. in Estevan is seeking Journeymen Electricians and Apprentices for work in the Estevan and Carnduff areas. Experience: Safety Certificates are needed. 1st Aid/CPR, H2S. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license. Full benefits packages and RSP plan. Duties: Day to day electrical construction and maintenance in the oilfield. Wage/Salary Info: Depending on experience & qualifications. To Apply: Fax: (306) 637-2181, e-mail or drop off resume to 62 Devonian Street, Estevan, SK.



Boundary Dam Mine Sherritt Coal is Canada’s largest thermal coal producer, with nine surface mines in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Producing more than 94% of the thermal coal produced in the country, Sherritt currently supplies domestic utilities and international companies with fuel for electricity generation. Boundary Dam Mine has an immediate opening for an:

Administrative Assistant

The position is a temporary full time position. Sherritt Coal offers competitive wages. Interested candidates should email or fax a resume and cover letter. E-mail: Fax: 306-634-7058. Applications may also be submitted in writing to: Human Resources, Sherritt Coal, Boundary Dam Mine, Box 3000, Estevan, SK S4A 2W2

We thank all candidates for their applications, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Halliburton is hiring Operator Assistants, Service Operators, Heavy Duty Mechanics and E-Techs for Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, Regina and Estevan. We’re looking for people who want the challenging work and deep rewards that are a part of Halliburton’s culture. We also want people with great communication skills and who enjoy working as part of a team. This position will require relocation to either Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, Regina or Estevan. Relocation assistance is provided. Requirements • A valid class 1 or 5 driver’s license with good driving record • Ability to promote safety awareness • Actively participate in quality improvement process Halliburton offers a competitive salary and benefits package, a challenging work environment and countless pathways for professional growth. Candidates can apply by visiting Medicine Hat office Address 2175 Brier Park Place NW Fax 403-526-3750 Halliburton is an equal opportunity employer.

Book Your Career ad today! Call 634-2654


B22 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury


Keneco is a fully integrated environmental service company which provides exemplary service to the upstream oil and gas industry throughout western Canada. Since its inception in 1994, Keneco has established itself as a proven leader in the environmental industry offering services from regional locations throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Keneco is comprised of a highly skilled management team and experienced staff who provide incomparable service in drilling waste management, reclamation /remediation, environmental assessments, site investigations and environmental management services. Keneco Environmental Services (2000) Inc. requires the following;

Environmental Field Technicians – Consultant Positions Location: Weyburn / Estevan Saskatchewan Keneco Environmental requires Drilling Waste Disposal Technicians. Knowledge in applicable regulatory guidelines and legislation is preferred. Waste disposal technician duties will include drilling fluid sampling, testing and disposal coordination. Candidates will be required to represent Keneco during discussions with landowners, agents of regulators, and representatives of Keneco’s customers. Successful candidates will have a working knowledge of computers and possess a science related degree or diploma. Position requires a willingness to travel. Experience is an asset but not required. Consultants will be required to have a valid consulting company with:

• • • • • 12054DS03

  WCB #

  GST #    Newer Model 4X4 Truck    Laptop Computer    Technical Field Supplies (Clinometer, Range Finder)

Consultants will also require the following tickets:

• • • • • •

  H2S    Level II Ground Disturbance    Standard First Aid and Level C CPR    Valid Driver’s License    Automobile Coverage – Two Million    Comprehensive General Liability Coverage – Two Million

To apply for these positions, please submit your resume (with title in the subject line) to: Human Resources at or fax to (403) 770-4003 We thank all those who apply, however only selected candidates will be contacted for interviews.

See career ads online! SPECTRUM RESOURCE GROUP INC. Box 1270, 204 Main Street Carlyle, Saskatchewan, Canada S0C 0R0 Spectrum Resource Group Inc. is a privately owned oil company located in Carlyle. They have been operating for over fteen years and have consistently grown their exploration of oil and gas in South Eastern Saskatchewan. The team is growing and the ofce operations are expanding. Spectrum provides a work environment where you will be working with talented people. The goal is to provide interesting and challenging work while at the same time have fun and celebrate the successes. We require a full-time Mineral & Joint Venture Contracts Administrator, to be located in Carlyle, for an eighteen month contract term, with the potential to work into permanent employment. This is an excellent opportunity for a highly motivated and organized individual interested in making a difference. This is a key position accountable for the acquisition, management, retention and evaluation of Spectrum’s mineral rights and Joint Venture agreements. Responsibilities include: • Prepare, draft and/or review agreements for PNG leases, addendums, farm-ins, farm-outs, joint venture partnerships and operation notices • Monitor and handling of multiple operation notices, contract obligations and expiries • Communicate regularly with brokers, Spectrum’s geologist and staff, lawyers and mineral owners • Facilitate negotiations with mineral owners (either directly or through broker) and with other oil companies • Work closely with operations department and review agreements prior to drilling • Communicate pertinent contract changes and details to internal and external stakeholders • Ensure contract details are correctly reected in our land and production systems and provide assistance to ensure royalties are calculated and paid correctly • Understand the Saskatchewan Crown bids process and prepare land sale bids Qualications: • Minimum 3 – 5 years experience as a Landman/Land Administrator • University Degree (B.Comm) with a Petroleum Land Management concentration (or equivalent) • Working knowledge of surface regulations, negotiations and associated agreements • Strong working knowledge of Accumap, Word & Excel • Strong working knowledge of CAPL Precedents (PNG leases, Operating, Farm-out & Royalty Procedures, etc) (current and older versions) is required • Exceptional attention to detail with strong interpersonal and communication skills • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks, as well as work independently Wages are competitive and based on experience.

Please email resumes to

May 23, 2012 B23 Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd. has two

Administrative Assistant


Kitchen Helpers/ Short Order Cooks Tower Cafe is looking for 2 cooks for permanent full-time employment

Prepare & cook pizzas, salads, sandwiches as ordered. Set up & stock line to maintain proper levels of ingredients required. Train new staff. Use proper weights & measurements to make/prepare consistent product. Clean equipment & clean line & work area as required. Must be available to work until midnight. $13.00 per hour permanent full time available. Apply in person with resume to

1124 4th Street Estevan

Book Your Career ad today! Call


Has an opening in their

Production Department

positions available in Estevan, Sk. KPCL is looking for self-motivated, organized, and conscientious people who pay attention to detail and are willing to follow directions accurately. Some office work may be required on jobsites near Estevan. Temporary and full time positions are available for local residents. Accounts Payable, Data Entry, Excel and Word experience is necessary. A valid driver’s license is also required.

The Estevan Mercury requires a full time ad builder in their production department for a maternity leave position. Applicants must be able to muti-task in a fast paced, deadline driven environment, He/she must be a team player with an eye for detail. Knowledge of Mac Computers and Adobe Creative Suite is an asset, but we are willing to train the right applicant. The position is Monday to Friday during business hours. Our company offers a health benet package.

KPCL offers competitive wages, with overtime paid after forty hours per week. Forward your resume, complete with references to: Attention: Elly Panteluk No phone calls please.

Please mail or e-mail resume to:

Melanie Tribiger, Production Manager The Estevan Mercury Box 730 Estevan, SK., S4A 2A6

Big on Career Satisfaction. Big Country Energy Services LP is a premier pipeline and facility construction company servicing western Canada, and we’re opening our doors to exciting new career opportunities in our Estevan division. Built on the foundations of safety, quality and teamwork, Big Country understands that people and commitment to the community are the most important parts of our business. If you desire a rewarding career you can be proud of – then look our way. We’re currently building our team with dedicated and innovative professionals, who will prosper with us and share our focus of dynamic customer service.

Field Safety Advisor Possessing vision, drive and discipline, your role will be to effectively champion our safety programs in order to maintain and improve upon our best-in-class safety performance. Embracing a mentorship role, you are able to lead and guide employees on company and industry specific safety policies and procedures. You will be responsible for gaining safety compliance on the jobsite, reviewing and maintaining policies and procedures, advising on proper completion of all legislated paperwork, conducting inspections and audits, facilitating incident investigations and managing WCB claims. As our ideal candidate for this position you will possess a minimum two years proven proficiency in the safety advisory field, supplemented by previous experience in pipeline and facility construction. You demonstrate an above-average understanding of WCB principles, provincial and federal legislation, and industry best practices. Delivery of orientation and in-house safety training is required – a current NCSO or CRSP with trainer certifications is a definite asset. You have exceptional organization, analytical and investigative skills, and the ability to effectively communicate on all levels. Solid decision making and problem solving skills are vital – and the ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment and meet deadlines is essential. In return for your enthusiasm and talent, Big Country offers a highly competitive compensation and benefits package, combined with long-term career development. Candidates who see this position as an opportunity to further their already successful careers are invited to submit a resume with cover letter to: Big Country Energy Services LP Attention: Human Resources Manager Box 38, 350 Aquaduct Drive Brooks, AB T1R 1B2 Fax: (403) 501-5505 Email:

TRICAN IS HIRING Trican Well Service is Canada’s largest pressure pumping company, with operations in Canada, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, North Africa and Australia. Trican is founded on the principles of service excellence, operational safety and technical expertise, and is recognized as a technical leader and innovator within the oil and gas service industry. Trican has received numerous accolades as a top employer, offering an excellent base salary with one of the best benefit programs in the industry. If you are a motivated, service-oriented team player, we invite you to apply for one of the following positions:











Candidates selected for an interview will be required to present a current drivers abstract. For more details, locations, and other Trican opportunities, visit FRACTURING | COILED TUBING | CEMENTING | ACIDIZING | NITROGEN | MICROSEISMIC | INDUSTRIAL & PIPELINE

Fuelled by Growth – Driven by Opportunity

B24 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

Public warned of hantavirus concerns

Saskatchewan residents are advised to take precautions to minimize the risk of exposure to hantavirus with the camping and seeding season now unfolding. “Hantavirus infection is a rare but potentially fatal illness,” deputy chief medical health officer Dr. Saqib Shahab said. “Symptoms include fever, muscle aches, cough, headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Individuals who develop fever, coughing and shortness of breath within one to six weeks of potential exposure should seek immediate medical at-

tention.” In rare cases, symptoms may get worse and lead to hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, a rare but often fatal illness. HPS can progress rapidly into serious lung complications. Humans are most often exposed to hantavirus after sweeping or vacuuming rodent infected areas. The virus is transmitted by breathing in contaminated airborne particles from the droppings, urine and saliva of infected rodents. A person can also be exposed to the virus through rodent bites, if the skin is


MLS# 429230

160 Railway Avenue, Glen Ewen

broken, or through ingestion. Residents can minimize the risk of becoming infected with hantavirus by avoiding contact with deer mice. Farmers, grain handlers, cottagers, campers and home owners, who are most likely to be exposed, should take precautions when cleaning rodent-infested areas to prevent direct contact and breathing in of air particles that may be contaminated. This includes ventilating the building by opening doors and windows for at least 30 minutes before cleaning, using wet mopping methods


310 Railway Avenue, Lampman


Mackenzie Towing, Bienfait

254 Michel Avenue, Macoun

1,500 approx. sq. ft. home situated on a 2.36 acre lot on the outskirts of Macoun. The main floor features a large, eat-in kitchen, bdrm w/bath ensuite, living room with wood floor, office, laundry w/ half bath & a large back deck.



MLS# 422735

1908 Matte Court, Estevan

2,771 sq. ft. Royal Oak custom home with 3 bdrms, 4 baths. Built in a quiet cul-de-sac and backs onto Lynne Prime Park. Gourmet kitchen, granite counter tops, triple attached garage.


MLS# 430749

110 Perry Crescent, Estevan

Priced to SELL! Wonderful bungalow on a spacious diamond shaped lot with mature landscape, single attached garage, RV parking, patio, covered deck, large fire pit area. Extra parking in the back as an added bonus!


MLS# 421102

21 Sir Charles Estates, Estevan

Beautiful & affordable mobile home located on a nice corner lot in Sir Charles Estates, also known as West Valley Edge. Built in 2008, this 20’ wide includes 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths.


MLS# 426234

#2 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

2,212 sq. ft. 3 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eat-in island. Three plans available, all with 3 bdrms & 2.5 baths.


MLS# 426245

#7 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

2,212 sq. ft. 4 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eat-in island.


MLS# 426254

#12 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan


1910 Matte Court, Estevan

Beautiful 2,745 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 3 bath, Royal Oak custom home. Located in a quiet cul-de-sac that backs onto Lynne Prime Park. Gourmet kitchen, granite counter tops, 3 car garage. 2nd floor laundry & much more! A must see!

268 Sereggela Place, Estevan


830 Albert Street, Estevan

Well kept approx. 998 sq. ft. 3 bdrm home. Many upgrades in the past 10 years including: PVC windows, rear door, garage vinyl siding, shingles, soffits, fascia & eaves, kitchen cabinets. Single 14’x24’ detached garage and double rear parking.

602 Albert Street, Estevan

Close to 3 schools, this 3 bdrm, 2 bath bungalow has 1,224 approx. sq. ft. and would make a great family home and is priced to sell. Double detached garage. All but 2 windows have been replaced.


407 Willow Park Greens, Estevan

41 Royal Heights Home Park, Estevan


#3 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

#4 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan


#8 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

#9 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

#13 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

6 West Valley Edge, Estevan

426 Third Street, Estevan

Very beautiful mobile home. This 3 bdrm, 2 bath home has approx. 1,520 sq. ft. and is laid out very nicely. The open concept makes this mobile very inviting and cozy.



MLS# 430461

MLS# 426232

330 Poplar Bay, Estevan

#1 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

Great family home on a quiet bay! This 1,175 approx. sq. ft. home is nestled deep within Poplar Bay. This home features many upgrades including soffit, fascia, vinyl siding, triple pane windows, exterior doors, flooring as well as some doors. www.330 Poplar

2,266 sq. ft. 4 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eat-in island.



MLS# 426243

MLS# 426244

#5 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

#6 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

2,212 sq. ft. 3 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eatin island. Three plans available, all with 3 bdrms & 2.5 baths.

2,212 sq. ft. 4 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eat-in island.



MLS# 426249

MLS# 426251

#10 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

#11 - 697 Sun Valley Drive, Estevan

2,212 sq. ft. 4 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eatin island.

2,212 sq. ft. 3 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eat-in island. Three plans available, all with 3 bdrms & 2.5 baths.



MLS# 422732

MLS# 422734

1916 Matte Court, Estevan

1910 Jesse Bay, Estevan

1906 Jesse Bay, Estevan

Beautiful 2,492 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 4 bath custom home. Built on a large pie shaped lot, backing onto Lynne Prime Park. Gas fireplace, gourmet kitchen, granite counter tops. All the luxury touches!

2,154 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 3 bath home. 18’ ceilings and a gas fireplace. Gourmet kitchen that features custom maple cabinets and granite counter tops.

Jackie Fitzsimmons 421-6636

Estevan’s newest Brokerage ~ Estevan Shoppers Mall ~ 306•634•5900 ~

MLS# 430232

This recently upgraded 2 bedroom home includes a new high efficient furnace & water heater. Exterior is maintenance free. Hardwood floors through out & new kitchen.

MLS# 428638 Locally built, 2,054 sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 3 bath custom home. Enter into the foyer with soaring ceilings leading to the front den/bedroom. The open concept living room features a gas fireplace for those cold winter nights.





1906 Second Street ‘A’, Estevan

3 bdrm bungalow located on a very quiet street in Westview. This home is in excellent condition and ready to move in to. Original hardwood floors in the living room, dining room & 3 bedrooms.

MLS# 425606


MLS# 426255

2,212 sq. ft. 4 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay 2,393 sq. ft. 4 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eatin island. eat-in island.

304 Abbott Bay, Estevan

MLS# 426248 2,212 sq. ft. 3 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eatin island. Three plans available, all with 3 bdrms & 2.5 baths.


MLS# 430758

Immaculate approx. 2,767 sq. ft., 2 storey home in Trojan area. 4 bdrm, 3 bath home custom built in ‘07 by South Sask. Builders, Radville. Double attached garage. Completely fenced and landscaped yard.


MLS# 426246 2,212 sq. ft. 3 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eatin island. Three plans available, all with 3 bdrms & 2.5 baths.


MLS# 426242 2,212 sq. ft. 3 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eatin island. Three plans available, all with 3 bdrms & 2.5 baths.

305 Heward Street, Stoughton

Located in the busy Town of Stoughton, this good size home is available for immediate possession. Approx 1,024 sq. ft. with 3 bdrms on the main floor, large living room and kitchen with dining area.

MLS# 426515


MLS# 426239 2,212 sq. ft. 4 bedroom locally built townhouse in Bay Meadows. Includes gas fireplace, composite decking & aluminum railings. Kitchen features maple cabinets and eatin island.

Eckert Acreage, Stoughton

MLS# 429507 Spacious , affordable and very well maintained 3 bedroom, 1 bath mobile home in Royal Heights Home Park. Situated on a large lot overlooking the valley.


MLS# 427878

This well maintained acreage is located in the heart of the Bakken oilfield, only 2.5 miles east of Stoughton along Highway 13. 40 acre parcel w/ approx. 2,048 sq. ft. bungalow. 4 bdrms, 2 baths, eat-in kitchen, living room w/ fireplace.

MLS# 420927

MLS# 426614 REDUCED! Ready to move! 1,216 square foot, 2008 constructed, superior workmanship, local built manufactured home. This immaculate 3 bedroom home is ready to be moved in to.



MLS# 428293

Whistle Stop Toys

Great investment opportunity! The sale includes the business, shelving and equipment currently used to run a great learning based toy store. Move this expanding store to a new store front and the possibilities are endless!

MLS# 430616

MLS# 422731 Welcome home to this beautiful 3,289 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath custom home. Gourmet kitchen, granite counter tops, gas fireplace, triple garage. Completed basement has a rumpus room, additional bedroom & 3/4 bath. Room to Grow!


1215 Fourth Street, Estevan


MLS# 422733

$99,900 + Inventory

Location, Location, Location! This approx. 2,448 sq. ft. internet cafe & coffee shop is in the heart of downtown Estevan. This local coffee ship is well known for their high quallity coffee, fresh baked items and good service.


10 Acres, Bienfait

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MLS# 429257

MLS# 421309

Here is a great opportunity to own and operate your own Close to Torquay & Rafferty Dam. The beautiful kitchen Nice 10 acre parcel, located close to Bienfait. Fantastic business. A fantastic family business that would, could be features oak cabinets, window bench and garden door access location for future residential development. Utilities nearby. to the 14’x34’ deck. The upstairs features 2 bdrms that share a yours. bath. The master bdrm has ensuite and bay window & jet tub.

For more information about hantavirus and how to prevent infection, visit the Ministry of Health’s website at hantavirus and HealthLine Online at Guidelines for workplaces with heavy infestations are available at http://


MLS# 428440

MLS# 428717

T&E Acreage, Torquay

exposure. • Dampening areas contaminated with rodent droppings with bleach disinfectant and removing droppings with a damp mop or cloth to reduce the chance the virus may become airborne. Avoid using dry cleaning methods such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming or air-hosing. There have been 23 cases of hantavirus reported in Saskatchewan since 1994: four cases in 2004, one case in 2008, one case in 2010 and three cases in 2011. The most recent cases have been found in central parkland areas.


MLS# 425567

This 896 approx. sq. ft. 2 bdrm home is in the heart of Two bedroom mobile home on an owned lot in Lampman. the oil industry. It is situated on 8 lots totalling 23,000 If you are tired of paying rent, this is the home for you! sq. ft. The three outbuildings include a single 12’ 2” x 22’ garage, 32’ 2” x 28’ 2” shop/shed & a 12’ x 8’ garden shed

MLS# 423693

and wearing gloves. Exposure to hantavirus can be reduced by: • Blocking openings that might allow rodents to enter a building. • Storing human and animal food, water and garbage in containers with tightly fitted lids. • Keeping yards clean, and storing woodpiles above the ground and away from the home. • When cleaning a home or community, be aware of animal droppings and nesting materials, and take appropriate precautions to avoid

Matt Dominquez

Director of Real Estate

Melanie Peters 421-6279

Lori Gonas 421-9884

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Meigan Gedak 421-3982 (part time)

Jamie Dyer 421-3902

Josh LeBlanc 421-6778 (part time)


a Bright Future

Grand Opening

C2 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

Estevan landed the prize, and now it’s complete By Brian Zinchuk of Pipeline News It wasn’t a sure thing that the new Saskatchewan Training Institute would end up in Estevan. Indeed, during early discussions, Weyburn was also under consideration. However, the Energy City fought hard and landed the big prize. Estevan Mayor Gary St. Onge said, “It’s huge. We’ve been working for a long time on it. “It’s a natural fit, when you look at the energy in the area, not just oil, but coal and SaskPower. In the past, people have been sent away for training as far as Alberta. Hopefully they can do most of it here now.” “We encouraged the community college to put it in Estevan,” said city manager Jim Puffalt. “Logi-

cally, this is the centre of the Bakken oil play and a lot of the service industry is based here.” “It was important enough for use that we provided the land,” St. Onge said. The City contributed one lot in its then-brand-new Glen Peterson Industrial Park, on the east side of the city, south of Walmart. The land was valued at $750,000. “I think the land helped it along,” Puffalt said. “It’s a really impressive building,” St. Onge said. Indeed, St. Onge’s own daughter, Lori, is one of the first students, taking the office education course. She was awarded a scholarship on March 1. St. Onge also spoke about the possibility of offering training to people south of the border.

North Dakota’s Bakken Craig Brown, who spear- with other people.” play is one of the hottest in headed the project. “We owe St. Onge noted local oilNorth America. The state him some thanks here,” St. men Jim Wilson of Wil-Tech has more than doubled its Onge said. “He worked very Industries, Kelly Lafrentz production in the past two hard to get it here, along of Kelly Lafrentz Truckyears. Issue 6 • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 2009 SERVING CANADA’S SUNSHINE CAPITAL SINCE 1903 As for the late compleECS HANDS OUT AWARDS C1 tion of the facility, he noted, “It was longer than anyone TURNBULL WINS MODIFIED FEATURE B1 expected, but so was everything else,” he said, alluding to the challenging weather Estevan has had during the Phone: (306)634-2654 Fax: (306)634-3934 construction phase. Puffalt said, “It’s a great opportunity to move our Off the Top economy into a learning atmosphere. It takes advanChild tage of the resources around porn case here. “It helps our whole adjourned Southeast Estevan will be home to the cause, of course, that is the heart Community College’s of the energy sector. But, as far The case against an Estevan expanded Energy Training In- as we’re concerned, this isn’t a area, and can help get people man facing two child pornog- stitute. Southeast College project as much raphy-related charges has been An announcement on the site as this is a provincial project.” and start their training. adjourned. If Friday’s announcement was of the new ETI campus was made Bernard William Sterling was Friday, ending months of delib- certainly music to the ears of in Estevan Provincial Court Thurs- erations by the College as well as mayor Gary St. Onge who said you can find people, you can day. Sterling appeared on his own politicking by both Estevan and he was thrilled not only with the behalf and requested an adjourn- Weyburn, the two communities announcement that the ETI will train them here.” ment of one month which was that were in the running for the be located in Estevan but with the Judge James Benison. coveted project. show of support by the federal and St. Onge pointed granted tonextbyscheduled His court appearAlong with word that Este- provincial governments. ance is July 9. “The fact that it is going to van was chosen as the site for the The 38-year-old is facing one ETI, it was also announced that be here is great,” said St. Onge. former Southeast Regional charge of possession of child por- both the federal and provincial “We have a lot of variety in our nography and one charge of mak- governments have thrown their job market here and a lot of people College president and CEO ing child pornography available to support behind the project. that need training. It’s big and we PAP Registration No. 10769

others. He was arrested in March as part of Operation SALVO, a nationwide child porn crackdown that involved law enforcement agencies from throughout Canada. In all 57 people were arrested as part of the crackdown and over 100 charges were laid. The Saskatchewan portion of Operation SALVO was handled by the Saskatchewan Integrated Child Exploitation Unit. The ICE Unit, which was formed in October 2008, identied ve targets in Saskatchewan, one of whom was Sterling. Following an investigation by the ICE Unit’s Regina-based south branch Sterling was arrested with the help of the Estevan Police Service.

Career Training Opportunities

Office Education Certificate

ing, and Bernie Bjorndalen of Panther Drilling were among those who worked hard to make the project a reality.

ETI campus to be located in Estevan

The two sides will each provide $7.092 million for the project for an impressive total of $14.185 million. Craig Brown, the CEO of the College, said their staff has been working on the ETI expansion project for three years and he is thrilled to see their efforts come to fruition. Brown added that although the ETI will be located in southeast Saskatchewan, it is a facility that will benefit the entire province. “This is an institute that will provide training to continue to allow the energy industry to grow and ourish and that will benet the whole province,” said Brown. “It’s located in Estevan be-

are really glad to hear it.” Asked what tipped the scales in Estevan’s favour, Brown said although there was a lot of lobbying by both communities for the ETI, their nal decision was based on business case review which evaluated the merits of both cities. “We had a detailed checklist and Estevan came out on top in almost all categories,” said Brown. “Also, we see the training institute as not only being just for Saskatchewan but hopefully it will service also the northern part of the United States and Manitoba so Estevan just seemed to be centrally located for that. “There was lot of lobbying and I was really pleased that both

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(GST included)





A3 68 SOURIS AVENUE N. ESTEVAN, SASK S4A 2M3 email: classi website:

A Fair Ride

People attending the Estevan Fair got ipped upside down and all around on the Spin Out ride on Monday.

The June 1, 2009 edition of the Mercury heralded the announcement that the Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute would be located in Estevan. WEDNESDAY

Enterprise Sask. ofce coming to Estevan

Risk of thunderstorms High 26 Low 16 POP 40%


By Chris Jaster of The Mercury

Chance of thunder-showers High 26 Low 15 POP 40%

This 32-week SIAST accredited certificate program provides FRIDAY practical and applied training related to the business environment. Graduates are prepared for employment as administrative SATURDAY assistants, administrative support staff or receptionists in fields such as government, education, law, medicine, engineering, Inside manufacturing, travel, insurance, banking and business. Register now as seats are limited!

A round of applause erupted at the Elk’s Club on Wednesday when Michel Cyrenne announced Estevan would be home to the South East Enterprise Saskatchewan Regional headquarters. The announcement came at the conclusion of a speech he gave at the Estevan and District Board of Tourism, Trade and Commerce luncheon. “I think it’s great for the community to have that headquarters in Estevan. It provides that presence from that economic development side in the community,” said Cyrenne, the community development manager for the TTC, after the meeting concluded. In addition to the headquarters, Estevan gets four more jobs and the respect from the rest of the province for hosting a regional office of Enterprise Saskatchewan. The decision for the ofce to be based in the Energy City was not easily made. A group of six people, including Cyrenne, looked at a number of factors before reaching their decision.

Cloudy with showers High 21 Low 14 POP 60%

Sunny High 27 Low 13 POP 0%


Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute Campus, Estevan

September 4, 2012

TTC would not be sharing its ofce space with the regional headquarters due to lack of space. The TTC and Enterprise Saskatchewan regional office will have a close relationship, however, as the regional ofce will provide an overall economic development service for the regions as a whole. This is similar to the TTC’s role to the RM and City of Estevan. Thus, the two organizations will be working side by side on any project in the Estevan area, but Cyrenne thinks sharing the city can have an added bonus by playing host. “I suspect we’ll be having a very close, positive relationship and I think that’s probably where the benet of having them located here in Estevan is,” he said. “It will give us the opportunity to build a stronger, closer relationship with the Enterprise region.” Edie Spagrud was named the CEO of the Enterprise region on Monday. Spagrud, who is coming from Humboldt, is a certied professional economic developer that was the CEO of Carlton Trail REDA for ve years. Spagrud was unavailable for comment.

Congratulations on your new bu 0il 0d 0in 0g 0

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Relay Cowboy

Scott Slager is riding a stuffed cow at the Barnyard Buddies camp at the 2009 Relay for Life. The Buddies were one of 38 teams to take part in this year’s relay. For the story on the relay and more photos see page A3.







Start Date:

The group looked intensely at centrality in the region, services in the community, the community’s ability to attract and maintain staff and it wanted to take into account the CEO’s preference for where the headquarters should reside. They determined an urban setting was best suited which narrowed the field to Weyburn and Estevan. After that, it was simple mathematics. “We drew a 100 kilometre radius around Estevan and Weyburn as well as a number of other communities,” Cyrenne said. “When we did that around Weyburn, we were eliminating about a third of the region. When we did it around Estevan, there were small parts of the region outside that radius, but for the most part it captured most of the population.” Cyrenne maintains he tried to remain as neutral as possible in the decision-making process although he did research the benets to the ofce coming to Estevan. A number of properties have been identified as the potential home for the Enterprise regional headquarters, but nothing has been conrmed. Cyrenne conrmed the








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Contact our registrations department to have a course package mailed to you, or visit our website for more information. The new Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship could save you $500 in tuition for this program! Contact our Career Counsellors to learn more.

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1/3 page SRC Office Education Certificate ad 5” x 10”

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May 23, 2012 C3

Sask Energy Training Institute now in operation By Brian Zinchuk of Pipeline News The new Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute, a division of Southeast Regional College, is a sight to behold. Moving out of its former location in the Estevan Comprehensive School building, the new facility will allow the Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute to spread its wings, offering more courses to more students. The facility had a $14.2 million budget, and was announced as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, with funding from the provincial and federal governments. The City of Estevan donated the land and utility services, which was worth approximately $1 million. Keith Madu, director of SETI, has been with the project from the beginning, acting as Southeast Regional College’s man on the ground during the construction. He explained for Pipeline News some of the new facility’s features. Alton Tangedal and Kurt Dietrich of A+K Architects, Regina, acted as the architects for the project. Quorex Construction, also of Regina, was the general contractor. A number of local subtrades worked on the project. Bob’s Electric handled the

electrical work. Turnbull Excavating handled the excavations and backfill. Souris Valley Paving took care of granular surface area. F&L Concrete Services tackled the concrete finishing work. Jay’s Welding of Bienfait did miscellaneous metal installations. Midwest Surveys acted as surveyor. The building has a total area of 41,306 square-feet, with 27,247 square-feet on the main floor. There are three labs of varying sizes. One is very large, with a tall and wide bay door that allows the confined space simulator trailer and the fall arrest simulator to be brought indoors. That allows for training to take place even when the weather isn’t agreeable. There are six classrooms on the main floor, including three that are adjoining the aforementioned labs. The one adjacent to Lab 1, for instance, has numerous fall-arrest harnesses on racks along the wall. Six classrooms can be found on the second floor. Two of the larger classrooms in the west wing are largely used for safety training classes like first aid and H2SAlive, with racks in the back of the class for the training dummies and goodsized open areas to practice on them. There is a small meeting room on the main floor

Congratulations! Proud supplier of furniture & appliances for the new Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute.

that is equipped for video conferencing, as well as a cart-based video conferencing system for the second floor. This is important because Enform, one of SETI’s training partners, has structured many of their programs to be done through distance learning. Instead of students all driving to a site in Alberta, for instance, a handful of students can partake in a class through a video conference. There’s a resource room full of computers on the main floor. Adjoining the office is a small testing room with a handful of computers. For many recertifications or courses that can be taken on a computer, a quiet room where the student can be monitored is needed. This room serves that purpose. C4 ⇢

Students have been taking classes at the institute since March.

! s n o i t a l tu

a r g n Co

It will be a pleasure to use

Your New Facility! 311 Kensington Avenue


C4 May 23, 2012

Estevan Mercury

The new facility offers ample space for storage, something that was lacking in their previous location.

A centre of excellence for the energy sector ⇠ C3 “We’re certified as invigilators. Whatever program you’re taking, either through the college or otherwise, you can take your test here. Guys even come for their chemical applicators course or real estate licence.” (SETI is also affiliated with SIAST, the University of Regina, and the University of Saskatchewan, as

well as Enform and a number of other organization). A boardroom can also be found on the second floor. “All our classrooms are multi-functional in capacity,” Madu said. “We can turn the auditorium into a classroom. The auditorium is most definitely the showpiece for the facility. It played


host to the Southeast Environmental and Safety Seminar on March 21, and it schedule to host an open house for the Petroleum Technology Research Centre on April 11. Approximately 50 feet high, its walls, both inside and out, are nearly all windows. The roof slants at an angle to the southwest. When one walks into the

building, the first view is of the auditorium. The mezzanine between the wings on the second floor curves around the inside wall of the auditorium. Originally planned with stadium seating, it was reduced to a flat floor as one of the cost-reduction measures. But having a flat floor has its upside, too. SETI has both round

Congratulations of your Grand Opening!

on your Grand Opening! Bob’s Electric 634-9707

306-536-3658 A


and long tables available for various functions. If just chairs are used, it can accommodate 250 people. In a banquet setting, that number varies from 150 to 180, depending on the tables and configuration. There is a 15-foot wide screen that can be lowered, as well as two 70-inch flat panel screens mounted on the side walls. Motorized blinds can be raised or lowered quickly, allowing the room to be darkened as need be. Madu said, “You can do your PowerPoint on the projector and the two TVs. You can repeat on all three screens, or we can put the two TVs on the laptop, and the main screen on a video feed. There are two exits to the courtyard to the south, which is yet to be landscaped. The concrete curbing is in place, but the rest of the landscaping work remains. Eventually a barbecue and picnic benches are planned. A small food services area is adjacent to the auditorium. It is meant for caterers to set up, but Madu noted, “It’s not a commercial kitchen.” There is a small range, fridge, freezer and microwave, but it is not a cafeteria. The food services area was designed so that it could be revamped as a commercial kitchen, if needed. On the opposite side

of the building is the coffee area, equipped with vending machines, an automated coffee machine and several tables. There are lounge areas on the mezzanine flanking both sides of the auditorium. With large windows, it’s the perfect place to take a break between classes. “During spring breakup, we’ll open up the auditorium to the public as an extension of the coffee area,” Madu said. Indeed, Madu expects the building to be “right full” during spring breakup, the time when most oilpatch companies do their periodic safety training. Power engineering students were the first to move in, when the college took official possession of the building on Jan. 20. At their old campus, basic adult education is still offered, as is English as another language and the newcomer centre. Where the other Southeast Regional College courses will be offered in the future is yet to be determined. There are some items remaining to be completed. There’s landscaping work, and curbs and sidewalks still to be done. Exterior doors and frames need to be painted, and some roof work is being done. The parking lot is not paved. That was one of the items lopped off when budget decisions had to be made.


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Power engineering course entry level to the trade By Brian Zinchuk of Pipeline News D o n Va t a m a n i u c k didn’t spend a lot of time in retirement after leaving SaskPower. Now he’s the instructor for the fourth class power engineer course at the Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute. “I have my first class ticket,” he said. “I worked for SaskPower for 25 years at Boundary Dam right here in Estevan. I was a charge engineer. I retired in 2005.” After a stint work-

ing at an ethanol plant at Weyburn, he soon found himself instructing the power engineering course for SETI. This is his fifth year in that capacity. Va t a m a n i u c k e x plained the fourth class ticket is the entry level for the power engineering trade. Such students are generally supervised by a third class ticket holder. “It goes according to the pressure of the vessel,” Vatamaniuck said about the variations of requirements for different levels of tickets. With a first class ticket,

Power engineering instructor Don Vatamaniuck shows off some teaching tools for his class.

one can operate a boiler of any side and pressure and a refrigeration plant of any size. Asked if the course is directly applicable to oilfield batteries, he said, “I think in the future we’ll be touching more on that, but right now it’s really not taught.” The foruth class power engineering course is run through the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (SIAST). “The total course is 36 weeks. Of that, they spend

six weeks in Saskatoon operating boilers on the SIAST campus,” Vatamaniuck said. “We started with 12 (students). We’re down to nine. They got hired out and decided to take off,” Vatamaniuck said of those who left the program. “They got hired on at the Co-op upgrader.” All but one of the students are men. They come from Regina, Assiniboia,

Coronach, Estevan and elsewhere. “I’ve had as far away as Esterhazy, Moose Jaw and Lumsden,” Vatamaniuck said. “There’s a lot of homework involved in this class, there’s no doubt about it,” Vatamaniuck said. “Probably two to four hours a day would be adequate.” There are 30 hours of class time a week. Lab time is done during the Saskatoon visit.

The new school is a step up, according to Vatamaniuck. “It’s nice compared to our other classroom. We basically didn’t have a window. The first day we saw 30 deer run by. Noting the building is still something of a work in progress, he added, “It’s a marvelous place for training. It’s got lots of capability, for sure. Once the community gets behind it, it will be a driving force.”

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Putting the programming in place By Brian Zinchuk of Pipeline News Now that the building is in place, the Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute can begin expanding its program offerings. Sheena Onrait is the campus manager and looks after programming. “I’m responsible for the instructors and students,” she said, sitting down with Pipeline News in the schools Lab 3, which is home to the introduction to electricity program. The academic side of the Southeast Regional College, SETI’s parent organization, determines when and where programming will be offered. Currently SETI offers 4th class power engineering and office education as full time classes. The electrical program is just starting, and will be the equivalent to a first year apprenticeship. It will run from March until October. Note that is an electrical, not instrumentation, program. But SETI would like to see an instrumentation program set up in Lab 2. “We would eventually love to house an instrumentation program here,” Onrait said. She added the right equipment and instructor are required first, however. “Of our office ed program, I would estimate at least three-quarters of those students would end up in the energy industry,” she said. Predominantly the de-

Campus manager Sheena Onrait is responsible for the programming at SETI. mand is for basic safety training, Onrait said. “Businesses in Estevan and area are expanding and the people brought in don’t have the safety training. They’re coming from Newfoundland, Ontario. We’re going to fill this building during spring breakup. We’re going to fill all the classrooms and conference rooms.” Safety courses are “huge” for SETI, and indeed, its first spring breakup in the new building will see it chock-full of students either getting their certifications for the first time, or recertifying. On April 17, for instance, there are courses in well servicing blowout prevention, fall protection, resource industry driver enhancement, rig rescue, H2SAlive and a CPR/first aid refresher. The following day is a continuation of

the BOP course, and adds rig rescue, fatigue management and hours of services, and another round of CPR/ first aid. That’s just a sampling of the courses. The school also offers specialty Enform courses like safety management and regulatory awareness for well site supervisors, and detection and control of flammable substances. Two colleges in Saskatchewan offer the Saskatchewan version of the rig technician course – Southeast Regional College (via SETI), and Great Plains Regional College, at its Warman campusent. “There are three levels. The registrations and coordination of programming is done through the apprenticeship department,” according to Onrait.

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Each round of training is three weeks in length. There’s a snag this year, however. Despite the extraordinarily high activity level in drilling, the first two levels will not be offered this year. “They’ve already cancelled the first two levels for this year. The last one had seven students,” Onrait said. The Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission told Pipeline News the programs for Levels 1 and two were cancelled due to very few people signing up. Only one person asked to take Level 1, and seven registered for Level 2. They are waiting to see registration levels for Level 3 to determine if it will go ahead. Levels 1 and 2 are expected to resume next year.

The plan is to run this course in Lab 2 of SETI. One of the reasons cited for building SETI in Estevan was the training needs of SaskPower, which has two major power stations within sight of Estevan. Indeed, one SaskPower representative could be seen checking out the college during one of Pipeline News’ visits. Onrait said they have talked to SaskPower, and added, “We provide training to a number of Crown corporations around the Estevan area in energy and safety.” Typically for SaskPower that has meant safety tickets, but Onrait noted, “We have done some overhead crane training for SaskPower as well.” “We see an increase in the training they don when they do shutdowns. There’s

been nothing for the new CO2 plant yet, but I anticipate there will be.” Asked if there will be any specialized courses for the under-construction carbon capture project, she said, “I would anticipate we will research if a program exists somewhere, and if not, we would look into the development of a program.” Training in “green” energy such as solar, wind and geothermal was mentioned as a possibility when the new campus was first announced. However, there is nothing in the works right now, according to Onrait. “All of our safety programming has come from industry. ‘We need this. We need somebody to specialize in energy training,’” she said. “I see us developing more of that specialized programming in the future.”

Thank you!

Southeast Regional College would like to thank all those who contributed to making the Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute a reality. As we look forward to a new era of energy training and education at this new facility, we also take great pride in the past 35 years of leading the way, reaching people and communities through the power of learning.

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Spinning out of control, on purpose By Brian Zinchuk of Pipeline News Estevan – If you’re working in the oilpatch, most likely you are spending a lot of time behind the wheel, in all sorts of weather. How do you deal with ice and snow, where the truck is about to go into a skid? If you take the skid avoidance training course with the Saskatchewan Energy Training Institute, you may have a fighting chance. The program was launched last year, when SETI acquired a 2011 Chev Tahoe. This is not your normal Chevy, but rather one equipped with outriggers. Each corner has a hydraulically driven ram which allows the instructor to independently raise or lower each wheel. “They can simulate front wheel skid, rear wheel skid, or all wheel skid,” said Ken Shackel, lead consultant with Southeast Regional College, parent entity of SETI. Training takes place at the Estevan Airport’s apron. “We need a fairly large, smooth, paved area,” he said. If, and when, traffic increases at the airport, they may have to find another home. “It’s going to get busier and busier, and I would anticipate more traffic. It’s probably not forever,” he said. “Right now our main customer has been Penn

West,” Shackel said. “We have had other inquiries.” Indeed, the school is considering taking the program on the road, possibly to Regina or Weyburn. They have found that could weather affects the performance of the hydraulic system, so training will take place in warmer weather. “This is our prime season right now,” he said, with four groups of four lined up. A training session is a day long, starting with theory in the morning and driving in the afternoon. With two instructors, one group goes for a drive in their own company truck, and the second group uses the skid car. They then switch. The group in the work truck drives a course in the city and rural areas. So why would a company send its workers to take a day’s training? “Look at the statistics,” Shackel said. “For lost time, injuries, the numbers are staggering.” Workers travel every day, even in snowy, icy conditions, he said. “For some, you’re looking at three hours a day behind the wheel.” Reduction of injuries, lost time accidents, and damage to equipment are just some reasons to take the course, he said. “What price to you put on an employee?” Shackel asked.

Former Southeast Regional College president and CEO Craig Brown puts the skid car through its paces during a demonstration at the Estevan Airport on Sept. 27, 2011. File photo

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