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Paint And Stain Recycling At Estes Recycles Day June 8 By: Timothy Stolz, Bestway Painting

We do our best to put to use all products that can be salvaged. We save good latex paint and usable stain for low-income, senior and non-profit projects. Ninety-five percent of what we recycle is picked up by Paint Care Colorado and hauled to Denver. Latex products can be re-mixed if usable, or re-made into road base and other useful products. Oil and stain products can be re-mixed, refined, reused, or if bad, used as a fuel supplement at area coal-fired power plants. We collect our own used mineral spirits and what is brought to us for recycling, then take a truck load to the hazardous waste facility in Fort Collins once a year at our expense. We do accept spray-can paint, although there is no good resource for it to be recycled. We assemble one load a year and take it to Fort Collins, at our expense. We would rather provide this service to our community than have these products disposed of improperly. The really cool thing about paint stains of all kinds, mineral spirits, varand stain recycling is that once recycled, nish, log oils, lacquer, turpentine, lacit’s gone forever! Done! Gone! Never quer thinner, muriatic acid, linseed oil, again a threat to our environment. wood softeners, wood cleaners, sprayIf you are unable to attend the recycle can paint, and deck cleaners. event or need to arrange for us to pick Please, we cannot accept pesticides, them up, call Bestway Painting at 970motor oil, gasoline, propane, household 518-4001. We will come to you! cleaners, floor polish, or any hazardous Other stations at Estes Recycles Day, 9 waste products! These products must be a.m.-12 noon at Presbyterian Commutaken to the Larimer County Haz-Mat nity Church of the Rockies include Center, 5887 S. Taft Hill Road in Fort Freecycle, Shred-a-thon, and recycling Collins. Reference of Metal and Electronics. (Mattress cycling is off property and requires prehold for information. registration.) Use If you have a container of any unknown for substance (no label) bring it by our table more information. For those who are inand let us try to identify what can be terested, the next League of Women done to properly recycle or dispose of Voters and Community Recycling Comwhat is inside that container. Please do mittee will be 10 a.m. June 5 at the EV not just throw it away or pour it down Library in Wasson Room. your toilet! Bestway Painting is proud to participate in this important event. We consider our free paint and stain recycling program as one way to give back to our community and protect our fragile environment. Please bring to us the following products on Estes Recycles Day! We will accept latex paint products in sealed containers. We will accept wood fillers, wood putty, caulk, spackle and wood-paste stains. We will accept interior and exterior

Community Yard Sale Next Weekend! Community Yard Sale Friday and Saturday May 31 & June 1 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. *Talons Pointe @ 1715 Red Tail Hawk Drive

*Falcon Ridge @ 1629 Soaring Circle *Lone Tree @ 1310 Manford Avenue Join in on the fun and see what fabulous finds are available.

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Estes Park News, May 24, 2019  

Estes Park News, May 24, 2019