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portfolio Matilde Igual Capdevila Architect ETSA- UPV

01 Arts Laboratory Valencia Diploma Project In the outskirts of the city, nearby the soon to be demolished former main hospital, this urban proposal offers a new active center to act as a substitute. At the urbacn scale, there’s a reinterpretation of block housing in order to densify and to give some homogeneity to this very chaotic neighbourhood. The research center I designed is devoted to both production and research in the Arts field. Its situation, peripheric albeit just a short walk from the Modern Art Museum (IVAM) was key in deciding its use and purpose and in defining its volume. It works mainly as a cultural container, the interiors are structured by functional strips in which installation systems, restrooms and other auxiliar uses are included. A series of thin columns following a strictly gridded plan are used both for structural reasons and as a way to create different spaces.

The volume, carved to generate three different pieces, responding to three different uses (library and ateliers, conference venue and cafeteria and offices), opens up to a central patio which acts as an open air lobby.


Design Market Valencia 4 year

On this project we were asked to develop a new program based on the idea of a “cultural market”. I choose industrial design as a theme because it fits the city: Valencia has excellent design schools and a strong tradition in producing furniture; albeit it lacks a proper distribution network and promotion. On the given territory there’s an old gas-meter to preserve, and the council’s urban plan allowed only underground space to be built on the spot. A very simple geometry is proposed in order to shape functional spaces; the materials highly transparent try to allow as much light as possible into the -1 level, and the whole market articulates itself around an excavated street. On the north side of this open air corridor are the administrative functions and other private facilities; on the opposite side, I located the commercial area and a small restaurant. The diverse sized shops are designed so as to be communicated by patios which provide natural light and ventilation, as well as showroom space. The goal was to allow diversity, from big distribution sellers to small coops. Special attention was focused on the accesses, the market entrance should be easy and accessible.


Primary School Geneva Competition

On Geneva’s green corridor the Council wants to build a school and a kindergarten, while keeping the atmosphere of a park. We proposed to create a street, not just as a space to walk by but as a real open door to the park, where the pedestrian areas become larger and act as a landscape in this particular spot where the city and the green open space meet: the new school complex. On the street side the volume gives up space to the city, so as to gain presence. Our priority on the building was to work on the gemoetry and the solar orientations, give a series of proper, suitable and daylight filled classrooms.

04 Residential and Cultural Center Trondheim Europan10 competition

The area on Trondheim’s harbour needed to be re-designed in order to improve its conditions. Due to its difficult location (by the railway line and the industrial coastline). There is also a ww2 german bunker which needs to be refurbished as an arts and culture center. We created a surprise park, wooden paths link the city to the bunker. Playgrounds, picnic areas, a swiming pool... are placed close by these new pedestrian axes. The housing unit is to be found on a narrow plot between previously built spaces and its design allows a pedestrian corridor on greound level. The wooden façade is used as a philter for privacy.


Social housing & Cultural Center. Valencia 4 year

On a vast empty lot in the old city we were asked to design a series of projects during the year. A social housing building was the first request. The project is organized around an inner court, where a simple, useful garden is proposed as a strategy for the very dense neighborhood which completely lacks of green spaces. We were then to propose a small scale equipment: a cultural center. It is designed so as every function is contained in one of the boxes, taking care of minimizing the needed surface in order to leave plenty of it empty. A sculptural roof adapted to the contours of the square covers the whole public area surrounding the built elements. That way, given mild Mediterranean weather conditions, main activity would take place on the public space, whereas the built pieces would work as containers and warehouses.


Installation THE RED FLOOD Valencia

We were asked to develop a urban intervention in the Turia’s old river bed (now a park). The first idea came up from a simple observation while walking around the park’s central area. In this part, one of the first to be designed, every function envisaged has its space,closed, gated. There are places for sports, places for temporary events, a cafeteria surrounded by bushes, a cycling path, several pedestrian ways and a playground; all of them strictly kept appart from the others. To a larger scale, and much more theoretical approach, we realized that there’s a constant lack of freedom coming from the way cities are planned, public space tends to be incerdibly fragmented and organized in an unflexible way, there’s no a fluid connection between zones and every activity is enclosed in its own ghetto. Living under these conditions can prove to be very alienating. We proposed to use and subvert the existing element in the playground: the piramyds. Prolonging the ropes outside the delimited area, the other spaces would be transformed into a playground and its festive ideals would conquer everything.

City limits.



The basic idea of the project comes from a urban accident. Sometime ago I noticed one of the streets in my neighbourhood had no end, it ended where the city did, the perspective was clean and no building interfered. This means I could actually see a blank space at the end of the street and the horizon line. Valencia´s urban fabric is complex ,it’s not the result of a single plan but rather a mix of contradictory plans, informal growth and former independent villages. This is the only street that goes straight from the center to the outskirts, to the end of the city. Another particularity of the city: its flatness makes disorientation very easy, it’s hard to comprehend its size, at its limits. From inside, Valencia could be unlimited and eternal, giving an opressive feeling, like if there were no way out, no evidence of the external. There’s something peculiar in straight ahead walks, like standing on a moving walkway, the surroundings just scroll and keep on changing while the direction remains the same. The walker traces a section through the city and percieves the urban layers in their whole complexity.



workshop : encounters Valencia

avec: Jakob Simonsen/ David Steen Hansen/ Andrea Ronzino

The purpose of the international workshop ALTER+ACTION. Mediterranean follies is to work and create proposals to alter specific urban nodes in the Mediterranean city with architectural designs and actions. Teams of four students (a mixture of nationalities) have to prepare an ACTION PROJECT in a place of the city centre in order to answer questions such as: Where am I? What do I need? How can I distort this urban node? What is my sense of alteration? What is my architectural proposal? How I can communicate it? What movement explains my action project? The corner assumes a key role in the Mediterranean city. Its configuration talks about transit confluence, meetings, relax, dynamism‌In the city of Valencia, and especially in its historical center we can find several approaches of urban corners. Students will register those singular meeting points and study the possibilities of the corner and also its conflicts, and then propose a micro-architectural project aiming not only to solve those conflicts but enriching the corner possibilities as well.

asking local amateur musicians to play or music lovers from different origins to play their own favourite tunes; preparing together our best meals and enjoying the food together; organizing sports tournaments…A chance to get to know the strangers that live just across the street.



culburb competition Vienna avec: Yoana Milián

Project Culburb aims to activate a public realm in the suburbs of central European capital cities, by minimal means, and to start the cityfication of suburbia. A first step in such a process is the improvement of public spaces in the suburbs. We start this process through acupuncture interventions in six localities around Central European capitals.


streethouse, a one day event. The whole neighborhood is invited. Bringing together different generations and social classes, new and old neighbors, through daily activities. Cooking, playing, reading, listening to music, sleeping or just relaxing; take it to the streets! Private gated gardens become public domestic spaces. Raising up questions on privacy, community, difference, fear and respect. , a Ottakring one day event. Involving people from in The whol invited. Bringing together different generations the quest for old, discarded furni- and so and neighbors,local through daily activities. ture;oldasking amateur musi- Cooking listening to music, or justlovers relaxing;from take it to the str cians to play sleeping or music Private gated gardens publicown domestic sp different origins to become play their favourite ontunes; together fear and r questions privacy, preparing community, difference, our best meals and enjoying the for old, d Involving people from Ottakring in the quest food together; organizing sports asking local amateur musicians to play or music lov tournaments… A chance to get to origins to play their own favourite tunes; preparing togeth know the the strangers thatorganizing live just and enjoying food together; sports tourna across the the street. to get to know strangers that live just across the stre



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