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1936 GEM



Aero•• the Campus Lawn









."• ......• ~."""Ql."" . •. ~


, (


L \

"Came a tribe from the North"-so chant

the united vak. . of the fighting Vand.l•. Like ancient forerunners, the Van-

d.l. of old, th••• modern Vand.l. 6qht on undaunted, glorious both in defeat and victory. The Idaho spirit present where-

ever Vandals go into action has been the motivation behind the planning and proScience entrance-"Prove AU Thing."

duction of Volume 34 of the Gem of the Mountaine. W. recoVnillie a new spirit, •

Nlvh,.l of the Idaho .pint of old in a new end mol'll inspiring forzn than ever. This


i. by placing our Hngers upon the

put. . of student opinion and activity, it

be.t. anew



vigor and

rhythm-the Spirit of the Vand.lI:.

• •

Th. editon and the ,t.H hava attempted to captu'"

tM. new f •• linq in The Gem,

truthfully picturing the y••r', evenb in their inepired form. The Gem of the Mountaina, too. had to take on • note of inapiration and Ipil'it in order to renect

thi. new and gr••ta.. Vand.1 epirit. The reault h . . be.n a . . .reh (or modern, .mart typoqraphy





A .lent at Forney Tower

believe truthfully and entertainingly preAnt. • pictun of the modern Vand.b in

action, inapiNd by hi.torieal counterpart. as repr... nt.d by the arHat', creation of •

na",. collegiate Vand.l,

which wa oHar . . . .ymbol of the true

Idaho .pirit.



To the parents of the graduating class of 1936, Loyal Vandal supporter-The Gymnasium Gargoyle


this, Volume 34 of the Gem of the Mountains, is respectfully dedicated

To th......a lTLust credit the true Idaho spirit. Not only from the North, but from the direction. of the fou... wind. th... fightinV Idaho parents . .nt • cI... of

Vand.l, to the University of Idaho four yaan _,,0. From experience we know that


not four ordinary y.a

, but

• period marked by economic and loci.l

unr. . t and difficulty. Tho\lgh oppr....d

The Memorial Gymnaaium Towe.. looking W. .t

and har••aed by economic misfortune,

th••• parents have sacrificed for Idaho, lind th•••••niou, to become the CIa..

of '36. Itand .s a living tribute to th.s. Idahoans who have 80 steadfastly main. tained highest interelt lind support

of highe.. education.


Th. Campus nag framed by tr•••


• ROBERT JAMES LITTLE November 24, 1914 I

August 6, 1935 Si9ma Chi Senior Track Manager

Memorial window .t night



















Medieval Engin••ring building towers




Book I



BOARD OF REGENTS • • • To execute the University's "New

Deal." the "Brain Trust" has been the Idaho Board of Regents-builder of the University's financing and administra~ tion policies and final arbiter in state educational matters. The glorifying step taken by the board during the year was the authorization to build a new university infirmary. Working with M. G. Neale, president of the University, the regents carried the proposal for a $118,000 building through . financial and legal entanglements to a successful conclusion.

Jerome Day Asher B. Wilson

J. F. Jenny

John W. Condie

Mra. A. A. Steel

Clancy St. Clair

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS ••• Managing a library of 100,000 volumes-that is the task of Mary Belle Sweet, an Idahoan since 1905. Since 1927 Oren A. Fitzgerald has reen university editor. The man who takes your money and keeps a record of each student's financial status with the University is Frank Stanton, a Drake University graduate, who has been at Idaho since 1911. Floyd L. Packer toils as chief accountant and purchasing agent. R. W. Lind, since 1929 has superintended the buildings and grounds on one of the nation's most beautiful campi. George E. (Cap) Horton is graduate manager of student activities. Proctor of Men-that's "Good Scout" Robert F. Greene. Ella L. Olesen, at Idaho since 1915, expects more than 2,500 men and women to complete checking through her registrar office next fall as students of Idaho.

Frank Stanton

Ella L. Olesen

O. A. Fitzgerald

M. Belle Sweet

R. W. Lind


COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE ••• Edward John Iddings is dean of Idaho's nationally-renowned College of Agriculture, which offers courses in fourteen major fields of study. The Extension Service aids farmers of the state, while the Agricultural Experiment Station carries on research in more than 140 problems of interest to the farmer. During the year about 220 students have been enrolled in the College of Agriculture. Dean Iddings received his B.S. and M.S. d.egrees from the Colorado Agricultural College. His spec,ial hobbies are golf and hunting. Dean \ddings came to the University of Idaho in 1910, where his extensive duties place him as the dir-edor of the Agricultural Experiment Station and also the Extension Service. Edward John Iddinqs

C0ItL EGE 0F LET TERSAN D SCI ENCE ••• John Anton Kostalek, dean of the College of Letters and Science, except for one year when he was with the Chemical Warfare Division of the United States Army, has served continuously as a member of the Idaho faculty for twenty-five years_ The Northwest Science Association recognized Dean Kostalek's contributions to, and interest in science, by electing him president for the year 1930. The years he devoted to scientific experiment in a commercial field are reflected in the thorough and accurate manner in which he has

filled lhe position as dean of the School of Letters and Science. Before he came to Idaho, Dr. Kostalek received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Wisconsin, and his Ph. D. degree from the University of Illinois. John Anton Kostalek



COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ••• A tense, energetic manner distinguishes Ivan C. Crawford, dean of the College of Engi. neering, as one of the University's best-known men.

Dean Crawford received his degree from Colorado. He was graduated from the War College at Washington, D. C., and during the war completed the course of training at the Army School of the Line, at Langres, France. He was chief of the Building Section of the Belgian Mission, and later a member of the American commission to negotiate peace.

Two hundred and seventy-nine students are enrolled in the five divisions of engineeringchemical, mechanical, agricultural, civil, and electrical. Ivan Charles Crawford

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ••• Enthusiastic and alert, Ralph Hunter Farmer has been dean of the School of Business Administration since 1927, when he came to Idaho from the University of Minnesota. Although especially interested in banking and taxation, Dean Farmer watches eagerly for any improvement in his school. During the last few years there has been a marked increase in interest and enrollment in graduate work in statistics and in a course which makes it possible to combine law with business. At the present, with 102 enrolled in senior college and 225 enrolled in pre-business, the School of Business Administration is the University's third largest division.

Ralph Hunter Fanner


SCHOOL OF EDUCATION ••• James Franklin Messenger, dean of the School of Education and director of the summer session, says his greatest interest is the same as

that of many other deans-"the hope of advancing education and promoting a finer. more

beneficial school system." Dean Messenger received his A.B. degree from

the University of Kansas. his A.M. from Harvard, and a Ph.D. degree from Columbia. He carne to Idaho from Vermont in 1920. Enrollment in the summer school during the summer of 1935 was about 890, which is almost three hundred more than were enrolled in the summer of 1934. The enrollment of the School of Education was 470 this year.

James F"ranldin Me.senger

JU NI 0R COLLE GE ••• An Idaho facultyman since 1924, and dean of the Junior College since 1929, T. S. Kerr rep· resented Idaho as a speaker at the Institute of World Affairs held in California this winter. From the Institute he went directly to a meeting of the National Business Law Association in New York City, where he again spoke. As Chairman of the public events committee, Dean Kerr has brought such speakers to Idaho as General Hugh S. Johnson, former NRA chief. The dean says: "The Junior College curriculum is being devel· oped for the student who hasn't yet discovered his calling; by employing individual guidance, the course gives such a student an opportunity 'to find himself'." Thomas Stone Kerr


COLLEGE OF LAW ••• By offering new, up-to-date courses in the curriculum, Dean Pendleton Howard retains for his College 01 Law the highest respect 01 all capable critics-student lawyers and professional members of the bar. To meet the pace of increasing complexities in laws passed by local, state, and national agencies, Dean Howard has "stepped up" the courses offered in the school's curriculum. Fifty-eight students are now registered in senior

Law College, an increase of five over last year. About twenty will be graduated in June. Dean Howard, who has studied closely the development!:: in such New Deal legislation as the NRA and the Securities Act, gained his LL.B. degree from Texas, and his Ph.D. from Columbia.

Pendleton Howard

GRADUATE SCHOOL ••• Charles William Hungerford is dean of a school which offers courses leading to the degree of Master of Arts and the Masters' degrees in the various sciences. He holds a B.S. degree from Upper Iowa University, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Wisconsin. He has been with the University of Idaho since 1919, and is now professor of pathology and vicedirector of the agricultural experiment station. He is interested in plant study and has as his hobby the collection of exceptional irises. There are now 103 students enrolled in the Graduate School-a slight decrease compared with the 1934 enrollment. The decrease has resulted from more students having secured positions at the close of each year. Charles William Hungerford


DEAN OF WOMEN ••• Permeal J. French, dean of women, has served the University of Idaho for more than a quarter of a century with an enviable understanding and ability. Her remarkable memory. interest, and alertness have made her one of the most widely known women in Idaho. Miss French is a true Idahoan, being educated in the public schools of Idaho, and having received her M.A. degree from the University of Idaho. She became dean of women in 1907, after serving as State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Through her activity in the administrative and social affairs of the campus, Dean French has made herself a vital and indispensable part of campus life. Permaal J. French

DEAN OF FACULTY ••• The dean of them all in point of strictly continuous service on the faculty, Jay Glover Eldridge, came to Idaho in 1901, and was in 1903 made dean of the university faculty-a title which he has never relinquished. From 1903 until 1909 he was the one and only dean at Idaho---direding the "ags," the engineers, the scientists-all students. Dean Eldridge, a professor of Modern Lan· guages, presides at academic council meetings in the absence of President Neale. Add to his Phi Beta Kappa key and a Yale Ph.D. degree his latest achievement in the schol· astie field-being initiated as an honorary member of Phi Eta Sigma, national scholastic honorary.

Jay Glover Eldridge

.. .

SCHOOL OF MINES ••• Arthur William Fahrenwald acts as dean of the School of Mines and professor of metallurgy and ore dressing. His B.S. and Met.E. degrees were received from the South Dakota School of Mines; his Engineer of Mines degree from the New Mexico

School of Mines. Coming to the University of Idaho in 1929, Dean Fahrenwald has made a brilliant record as "one of the boys on the hill." His hobbies are golf, tennis, fishing, and hunting. In the fall of 1935 he turned "navigator" as guest member of the National Geographic ,expedition down the Salmon river. The enrollment of the School of Mines is ninetyfour, with fourteen to be graduated in June. Arthur W. Fahrenwald

SCHOOL OF FORESTRY ••• Dwight S. Jeffers is dean of the School of Forestry, and professor of forest management.

He is a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan and the Yale Schools of Forestry, receiving his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University. Dean Jeffers came to the University of Idaho in September, 1935, from the University of Wash· ington. With him came the highest recommenda· lions. An enthusiast for outdoor life, he has as his personal hobbies camping and hiking. A recent survey revealed that all Idaho Alumni Foresters are employed. The School of Forestry now has an enrollment of 323 students. Twenty of these foresters plan to be graduated in June.

Dwight S. Jeffers


PHYSICAL EDUCATION ••• Besides training many students for teaching and coaching positions, the physical education program has as its purpose the regulation of facilities for affording every student-man or womanadequate exercise. Ted Bank, head football coach, is alsc the nominal head of the men's Department of Physical Education. To Percy Clapp, head of the intramural sports program, he has delegated the direction of many maneuvers of the department. Direct-

ing women's physical education is L. Janette Wirt. Compulsory during the freshman and sophomore years, physical education offers everything

from Danish gymnastics and folk dancing for women, to gall and boxing for men. With these play facilities "Jack should nol be a dull boy." Ted Bank

SOUTHERN BRANCH ••• Students and faculty at the Southern Branch were faced in the fall of 1934 with what they thought would be a difficult task-finding a new man to fill the vacancy created by the untimely death of beloved Dean John R. Dyer. The man chosen was John R. Nichols. Students who transfer from the Southern Branch, to the University proper, now comment:

"Dean Nichols has gained respect and admira-

tion; capable, cheerful, and obliging, he has assumed his many responsibilities and fulfilled them all." This year's enrollment at the Branch was about 900. The institution's steady growth has given impetus to a drive for a full four-year curriculum. John R. Nichols




GRADUATE MANAGER ••• Back when football players wore lengthy pantaloons, their "I" sweaters for

jerseys, and no shoulder pads-that's when the Vandals were captained by a gangling kid named George Horton. The year was 1900; Idaho was champion of the Pacific Northwest.

George E. Horton

Cap's office, always busy, but unusually busy for the cameraman . . Election day . . . When A.S.U.I. "big shots" are chosen for next year by hook or crook.




Today the Vandals think they still have a champion in that same George E. (Cap) Horton as Graduate Manager of student activities. He is "Cap" to everyone. "Cap" still plays a square game in football and other athletic contests at Idaho, but he now works as "captain of the pocketbook." When it is a question of disbursing funds for student activities-such as athletics, publications, and a score of others~"Cap" Horton is the authority for making the move.

STUDENT BODY OFFICERS • • • The authority for filling appointive

positions and making appropriations from student body funds, the 1936 student executive coard purchased a source of lasting enjoyment


the "Lawson


the site for a hundred·acre golf course. Heading the board are: the president, Theron Ward; vice president, Russell HonSQwetz, and secretary. Dorothy Brown. Other members are Carl Buell and Ralph Jensen, senior men; Jane Post and Wilma Mitchell, senior women; Bert Larson and Victor Thompson, junior men; Dorothy Rosevear, junior woman; and Robert Morley, sophomore man. Ex-officio members include a faculty advisor, editor of the Idaho Argonaut, a resident alumnus, and the president of the Associated Women Students.

Theron Ward

The EIecutive Board in action . . . around the tabl",: R. Jensen, D. Rosevear, R. Morley, D. Brown, "Cap" Horton, T. Ward, V. Thompson. C. Buell, B. Larson, J. Post, W. Mitchen. and R. Honsowetz;.



Book II




Oeorqe R;<:h Eleanor l:<:htarna"h William Simon


Theron Ward-Sig"", Nu; Foollxoll;




DON>thy Dole-K~ppa K~pp" G~m"",;


Presiden~ Dr~m~t":3.

" â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ Four years-time passes sWiftlyand freshmen of four years ago now are seniors. Their hopes have been realized, or they have been disappointed-wouldbe "big shots" have fallen along the way, but the class has had its leaders, and they have been crowned. Athletes, editors, politicians, and students, all have given their bit to the school and have kept alive during their four years the Vandal spirit. Seniors now look forward to a new experience, graduation, and then to a new and bigger experience, life in the wide world. They will carry with them what they have learned in these four years, they will carry with them the Vandals' fighting spirit. The spirit will never die, Idaho seniors will succeed in life and build a bigger and better Idaho in their success-here's wishing them well--.

The Senior Ball Committee

SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ••• The senior class has been active this year. Its members have been leaders in campus undertakings and activities,

and as a group its experience and power

have been felt. Officers for the first semester were: president, George Brun-

zeB, also president of the Associated Engineers; George Rich was vice president, proving his merit as an executive

as well as an athlete; Eleanor Echternach was secretary, and Bill Simons was the treasurer. The seniors staged success-

fully the annual Senior Ball. Wallace Geraghty was general chairman of the affair, and with a corp of assistants made the ball a social "standout." Officers were chosen for the second semester with these seniors winning the positions: Sam Johnson, president; Alline King, vice president; Betty Bandelin, secretary, and James Miller, treasurer.



MORTAR BOARD National Honorary Society for Senior Women

Dorothy Dole


Wihna Mitchell

••• The National Mortar Board Society is an honorary society for senior women. The Idaho chapter was installed in 1923. The purposes of the organization are to promote scholarship, to render service, and to further good fellowship among the women of the University. Members are chosen from women who are outstanding in scholarship, service, and sociability.











r ...ney

SILVER LANCE Loca.l Honorary Society for Senior Men

Hugh Eldridge Th.ron

F".nl. B<ovington Mauriee Malin

R ll Hon..-watz WHlI

••• Silver Lance is a local honorary society for senior men. It was founded in 1923. The members of the organization are selected each Campus Day from men who have been outstanding in scholarship and activities. The organization is purely honorary. Its purpose is the recognition of service to the University or to the Associated Students.

Honorary Members











Allee Acuff. B.S.a:d.) l1:upert Hlqh School Uni""....', oIldoho. Southern B'<lnc:!'l K"pt><O K.. ppoo Gemma; Kapp<> PhI; Ar'qONI"t.


Joe R. Aeuff. 8.8.(AoJr.) l1:upori H""h School Un'....... ty oIld<U>o. Soulh.m Btanch 8M.. Theto PI; H""h Honan, 2; Aqncullure Dub 2-3-4; Aru t Huob.nd..., Judo;llnq TM"" 4 M

l. Ad....... B.S. Ed.) A.-rlO/iln H";Ih School


Hoodjl Aaadi

"lahar. S.8.(Min.)

Io4emonol H.oqh SchooL T6bou. I,,,,,

Inle1'M'lOn<lIl /<01..... 3.


Dub; "-x:Ialed M,,-.; ld<lho

Ahlqu"t, B.$.(Ed..)

C'i::;'~;:.~ ~


,",hila Cohlonuoo AIpIwo Phi; W _ _ Gu,ld.

rrotd......,l< Will ..... Ah....."ol•• B.S.(J"o.J K.......... W - . ,

Ellia Joh.. AlJ-ol., B.8. Ger<hwt H'<Ih School. Gordrwr. ~_ Vlr'QIlUA lulUQlr V"''J,nla. lindley Halt ~ oub. ::1; S.......... nq 2.



0.... O. Allioon. B.A. fUer .~>qh School AI'pIwI Epoolon,; Bench.nd 6or.


At.... Al...",,1et, B.8.{H.J;c.J Mullan Hogh School

""'- £conoiouco aut-- WAA

fMno; W.A.A. Ed=h. . Boord.

W.",...·. ''I'' Dub; idle

HW:rI,,~'m ~r&~.S.


PhI G"mm"

H,,,h Honon. \.2: Gem of the Moun-

t.oln., 1.:203·4; Rho<leo 5<:hol<lo; Phi Bet" K"pp<!.

0"""'''7 E. A,m..tronll. B.S.tEd.) Rupert H!<.Ih Sehe.:ll Unl"""I!y 0/ [doh... South.,n B'<lnch Forney 11,111, H"II Dlv"..; Women'. "/" Club; W.A.A. R.I~h


Ar"""ro,,lI', LL.B.

Be~~":.'::d·8<lr~ohI""'lOr> Don.ld c. Arn~ld\ B.8. Sol.. Hlqh ScIIOOI

Robart t...... Aahbroolo. B.8.(8"•. ) Lawl. 81><1 Clark Hlqh School. Spoke"". Woohll>9lon U>ng 8Hch 11l"1or CoI~ Alpho TOil 0..-; Hlqh Horoora, 3; Alpho K"PI>" Pol; An)OI'Iallt. I; u.fIClJtI .... eo.rd 2. Allan H. Aah.r. LL.B. H'9h School Whllmon CoIleqe. 8.A. !lela Th<oto PI.

N.""n oJ...... Aaloott. B.B.(A.£.l Pocalello HlQh School

&elwin N. At..ood. B.8.(£.I:.) Nonh Centr"l Hlqh School. 5po........ W_lunqlon ~Unl_tr

T.......... Aleph; A.I.E.E.;



Ri.chard W. Aatall. B.A . ........... HlQh School !lela PI: Hlqh Iionon. 2-4; T _ Team. 2; M,,·'1" Club. ~14.




Lo.".....,. Edwin BaUd. B..... BcUe Hoqll School

a.... "-PI.

&.tty Banull", B.8.1M....Ed.1 s.ndpotnl H~h School 1:.<0""," Alpha Thele; K.opps Della PI; Hell 0......... W.A.A, Boo; So-. 00.,..,.,. ~; 2; T..-,.. a.t 1-2·3-4 A~,,~ l. P........ ~.:l. Aid..... Oill.... 8eTn_. B.S.,ClMm.&.1 FlaIhMd County HlQh School. LoI~I. Mon ..... ~mbcLo 011 Alpha.

r V.kl

8aT....... tt. B.5.(Ed.) Hoqh School. V..k,...... W..... ,r>(J\On

Lord 8&l'T'On.n, B.S.lEd.) c..nlr"l", Hlqh School. 00,,1...10.., W..... ,nqton o.belOo,4

0-" Ray Buom, B.S.(M.E.) N"mpo Hl~h School

CoIl.,. ell [doh<>

Undl..y Hftll.

Wlnlb.-l. Ba'.",.n, B.A. M"..",w H,,,,II School

Walt_.\, B,S.(A'I") Mod,oon Hlqh School. R"Iburv Sioo_Cht 1.0 Cub; Ani_) HuobBndl1' Iudqlnq Tefton. 3-4.

Elba Bo)'d Ba.olu, B.S.lAvr.l Chell ... H'Qh School Un'_1f 01. kJ,."ho. Southern Branch Alpha z.c.., AQ Oub: 1..."",,1 Huobend,., JudQ,nq T.... qo; SoQ_


OI"l\n Ha... s..:•. B.S. Aqr.) ... ~ Hoqh School IOd.nbooUQh HeD•

•"*''' M.l,.j" a.e•. Sd>ool B......,. H>Qh


L.D.5. IMb'u. Alpha Zeta; Aq Oub.

s.,.-mour M01J-oooIBoclo. B.S.(Av-t.J Rupert Hoqh Un'.....,. d Idaho. Southern Branch R>cienbouqh H.Il: Aq Qub; A.S A.[. 1"••" .. Ciarlo Beri"... '"n, B.S. Sua.) H.mpa Hoql\ School Daolta T.u 0.11.; H,ql\ Honon. 1·2: Alpha K.ppa Pol; 5,1..... IAnoa; 81 .... K..,.: Inrercolleql.1e Knlql\lI. Duk. 3. H"tioruol ~nt I: Soc>l>omore Presldont 4; MInor 'T' Oub: M.n. E>tacu!ov. Boord: G6m 01 tl\e Mount"ln.. Bu... Men<lq<e. 4. A.lo\<Int Buoi_ M"n"'l"r J; Blu. Bucket. l.


Richerd Bickford. B.S.(For.) e;.,mbrldq•. M..... chu... tt.

Senior H"IL AllMrt Oarrl...n Blair. B.S.(M.I:.) Prl_ RI ••• Hl<;lh School

S,q"", All>!"" Ep.lIon; A.5.M.E: Aoooc:i"ted Eng,""".... 1·2· 1-4; V"nd"I...... 2-3-4; Pep &nd. 3-4.' ldloho FJoq'''''''' 1·2. A.-x:1<01& Ed,1Or 3.

Alle<o VioLa 8oh....... B.S.{PTo..Nu ...) Tl"Ol' Hoqh School He,.. H.II. 1:...1,.. 01_.. Boo......, B.S. Pe, Hoqh School

Alpbo Phi.

. ..

OMnn E",.". Brado. B.S.lra•. J

Al»rdean HlQh School Footboll. 3-4, !loxlTIQ. 3; W....tlinc.,. 4; ''I'' Cub. M .......t M, Brod..-chl. B.8.(£:I..) North e-Iral Hl<;Ih School. 5p:Iu.... W>Qton Gom""" Phi fle4a; Panhlloonl" "-><:La",,", ~ I 4: W.A.A.; Table: Af9CIII4U~ 1·2-3; Iliq S&sIe<,in.


Chari.. OU"rt Bro.n, B.S.(rorJ _ WoO"",lO. W . ."nqton

Kldenbe"9h HalL

w.n..... M. 8n>wn. 0.8.<M.&.1 Port T_-..I H.lqh ScnooI. Pool Tow.-nd, Bela n- PI.


Ad. e.u. B.....-h, B.A. Ah_ HlQh School

He,. Hall. 0"'

M. Bl'Un_l1, B.S.(E.J:.1 "" HlQh School

c.I'" T... Dol"" A.U:.t-; "-'cl41oo Enqi..-... PreoIdenI 4; Idaho ~I_. On;ulabOn M"""9'O" :::1. Bus.. . . M"n_ _ 3; a;.. PNelden~ 4. Harna. H .....ld B .... ~. LL.B. Bol-. H"iIh School S"'nlotd Unl...... Siq..... Alplwo [poIl1on; Bench and e..r. 0I1el Ju.tIce; In..... 1'.lernUr Councll.


Cwl Mon..- 0 ...11, LL.B. $l. M...... Hlqh School Undloor Hall, Ta" Morn Aleph; Hlllh Honon. I; MOnbqerl' aub; s.n..,.. e....boll M,,""'l"". 4, n..b<ol•. 1·2, Som,or Man Executlve Boord; Bench and a.•. Chlell".Uoe 4; Phi "Iph<>

Dell.., s.cretor, ...

Thoma. Bond Burnam, B.A. Cork.ton HIQh

Schcd. a.rbton. W".hlnt,llon

u.wlolQn No""",1 PhI Gammo; EngHlh Oub; Dr"mollco. 34.

F ••nll P. Bu ... t.dt. B.8.{AlI"} Ch"lh. HllIh School Unlvarrlty oIld<lho, Southern Brench SlQma Chi; All Oub; Ani"",) Huo<"mdry loo.;.ln<;I T....m. Mary Loul.. Bu.h ( M"..,.,w, Idaho Byron C.U.h.n. B.8. M"..,.,w High School W,....ulnq. 2.;J4. Ch••I.. £<! ••rd M.lcolm C ••bon. B.8.(1'0•.) Ja...-lOWn HlQh School. lame_n. Haw York SlQ"'" Chi; HlQh H I. XI SlQ"'" Pt. LllU.n Ch ••lou. C laon !LL.B.} i'oc<IteUo Hl<Ih School Unl ... nlty '" Idaho. Southam Br"nch W....-·, CoIl.oQe aul>; X"""" PhI. John 8al'tlw, c.r~nt.r. B.8.tAlIr.} B<:W. HlQh School Beta Thet.<l PI; AlpM loN. MUch""" M.d.Una c...... n. B.A. "'-'owH'9h Schooi Deleth Teth G,mal; HIQ~ Hor-o, 2.J-4; HlQh H.......... I; Phi Beta 1Uo""", ThaI<o 510....; AlpM LoJnbcI<o Della: Cor· do",,1 Key; IUoppa Phi; A.l'<lO""ul, 1·2-4; Fnql..h QuI>; A WS. Counctl: N"rth<u TabM; BoQ 50_ Copl<ltn. NlOnCy Ball Ch..",barlJn. B.8.{Ed.l J..w_ HlQh School LowoalOn SUo.. NonMI lI:e""" IUoppa Gcomma; Enqlidl. Qui>; Gem d the Moun· !<u..... 3-4. Arqc>n&ul, 3. N••I011 B. Ch.&ndler. B.8.(C.I:.) Bot.HlqhSc:hool Tau M-. AIaph; Siqm& Tau; AS.C.£.




E N I "lJ R

·' Howal'd. Roh.rt Chapman, B.S.(Ch.",.E.) Rigby HIgh School L.C.S. Institut... William Ch. .laa Che.rinlton, B.S.(Ed.) Leon HIQh School. Leon. ow. low. S..t. Coll_ Alph. T.u 0""'<1.; Int..,oollegl.te Knight.. 1·2; Juntor M.n, 3; Engli.h Club; Or.m.tiCII. 1.2·3; Gem 01 th.. Moun· "Ino, 1.2; A.S.UJ. M.l. Chorul. 2. demea Floyd Cleypool, B.S,(A", •.) J.. rom.. High School T.u Mem Aleph, Nolion.J T_lurer, 3-4; Alpb. Zel<>; Ag Club; C10.. T""""\lrer, 3. Oal. CI.mon., B.A.(Law) Good,n", Hi9h School Slg"", Alph. Epoilon, Ma'lor'. Patricia Comn., B.A. Poe.tello High School Unlv..rolty <>Ild.ho, Soulhern Bronch De1t. Gom"",; HIgh Hono,", 3. day, Conq"..t, B.S. (A", •. ) Atwood Community High School. A'wood, KonOl>. Went"'orlh MI1I\<Iry Ac<>deml CoIo'<>do St.1e T"""h"'" Co leg" Rldenb<oJuQh Holl; Aq Club. Ho"'''l'd. Loren Cook, B.S. Coeur d' Alen.. Hlgb School Alph. T.u Omego; B1u" K"y; M.yo Fr.l"mlty; H..ll Div..., 2·3; M.nog.....' Club. 1·2-3; Al1lc Club; lnt&1'COIieg-lnl.. Knlghto; Sophomore M.n; E..ecut;ve Boord; Inlerlr..t.,mlly Counc!l, 3-4; Junior Tr<>et M.noqer; A!'Qonout, l. Lorna Jane Cornell, B.A. P""el"llo High School Unlv"rolty 0/ Id.ho. &>uthem Br..nch Alphe Phi; Slg"", Alf.ho loto; W.A.A.; V.nd.l_ro; A Coppello Choir; Yond...lies. doaa Moral.. Corpu,", B.S.(C.E.) Lo UnIon High School. Ho"'oll W.oh",g!"" S\<Ile College A S.C-1\.; Fll!plno Club, Preold..nI3; Cosmopolit..n Club, Glenn A. Co"",hlan, B.A. Mon!peli..r High School S1g"", Nu; Phi Alpho Delio. K.nneth d. Cre.wfol'd.. B.S.(For.} O..rlinglon H1lh School Rldenb<oJugh Hoi. dohn Hinchley Cro",., B.S.(C.E.) BoI"" High School Slgmo Alpho 1':oo1lon; Sigmo Tou; Biutl K..y; Scobbord .nd Blocle; Jnt"l'COlleglole Knlghto; A,S.C-F,; Aoooclo!&d Engl· nee...; lnt..rlro'..rnlty Council; C10.. T"""ourer. 2; R,O.T.C. Rifle T.... m. Cha,le. Raymond Crowley (G,.d.) Idaho Fon. High SchooL Alph<> Tou Om"',1'" deck C. Cummock, B.S.(B"a.) Bot"" High School Boi"" )unlo, Coll_ Keppa Sigmo; lnler<:<:>lleQlole Knlghl., Minor "I" aub Allnd Cuoio, B.A. Pocot..))o High School Llndley H.. ll; Bo ...b<oJll, 3. F •• nkl'" C. David, B.S. Moec<>w High School Phl Delle Th.. \<I; Hlqh Honoro. 2; M..n"ll.....· Club: Al"QOnout I. Sport. Editor 2; Gem of the Moun\<llna, 1-2-3; Footh<oll M.n.qer. 2-3; Sanlor T,.. d M.fiOQtIr, 4. Lol. Eleine Oav'''' B.B.(Ed.) Wolloce High School Phi Beto; Hlg..... t Honoro 4; H!qh Honoro 3; Spun, JunIor Ad.l""" 3; J:::oppa Delio Pi; Ep!ocopIIl Club; Art;JOnoul I; Gem of tM Mountoi". I; A.W,S. Council. Wendell L. Dayton, B.B. M"""""w High School "I" aub 3-4; Footb<oJll 1·2-3·4; Trod 2-3; Bo ...bIIll 4; 801i''ll 1·2. H ....ry F.ancie Dalo, B.S.IE.E.)

Duqu...n.. High SchooL Duqu&o...., P"nnoyl."ni.. John J.cob Oelo, B.S.(Bu.,) Duqueo.... High School. Duque."", P"" Loul. M. Denton. B.S.(Ed.) Kimberly Hl'lh School &1.. Thet. Pi; Minor "t" Club: 8011"11 1·2-3-4; C.ploln 4.




Dorothy Pad<i"o Dol•. B.A. !.ewlSlOn High. School Koppo KoPlX' Gomm,,: Mortor Bo<.rd, <Amlnol Key; Cur-

!-aln; Spurs; Hell Divers: f.nqllsh Oub; Ponh"Ue"ic 2.); Treble Clef Club L AI"qOMUI I: Gem ollhe M"""laln. 1-2. 3; A.W.S. Preoldenl 4; Big Siste, o.pldin 2; A.W.$. c"blnel. AIf.-!. Ch.rl.. Dunn. B.A.

Twln Foil. High School

Gem "I the Mounlaln. 2.

Or. Lucille Curh...... , B.S.(Du•.) Gooc!lnQ. High Sch<:w:>l

Women', CoII_ Club; Phi Chi The1o. President 3; A.W.S.

c..blnet 4,

Donna Ge<\d.. Ea ....... , B.S.(Ed.) Pre,ton High School U\<Ih Stohl AgneuHu,,,1 CoII"'9& Hays HolI; Enqlish Club.

El.anor Loui_ Ec:ht.."..,h, B.A. Lewiston High School Lewioton Slol.. Normol Kopp" K~pp,o GamIne; c"rdlnal K..y; Ef\Qlioh Club; Arqo-

Mill 3: 00" SecretMY 4; l"tr"mu,,,l Oeb<l!e 3.

Mary M.!'9..... t Ec:htarnach. B.A. Lewiston Hl'lh School

Kopp4 Koppll Gom"",; Engll,h Club; Gem ol lh.. Moun-

loin•• Actlvitl.. Editor. 4; Blu<> Bucket. 3; Arqoneut. 3; Jntramurel ~bel.. 3.

HU\lft Well.c. EJdridg•• B.A. Moscow Hlqh School B<>te Th"Ie PI; Jnl<>rooIl"'1tel.. Kni<lhbl. Juntor Men :1; Blu.. K"y; P...... aub, p,..,.ldtlnl 4; ArqoMut 1·2-3 MaMgtnq Editor 4, Edttor 5; G'lm ol Mounl<otn., 3·4; Blue Bud"t, 3. Mild.-.d rlOdM Elliot. B.S.(Ed.) Lowl. and Clerk Hlqh School. Spoh"", W,..hlr;qton G.. mm.. Phi Beta; EnqU.h aub; An;IOfleut; G'lm oj th" Moun~ln•. L.wia P. Enai\ln. B.A. BoI ... HI<lh School &ole Th"", PI; Hlqlltoot HonOl'S 2; Hlqh Hono.. 3; Phi Et.. SIQme; Minor "J" aub; Rill.. T....m 1·2·3; B.,nch end Bac; Argon"ut 1·2; G'lm ot the Mount..!n. 1-2·3, P.tride Eopa, B.S.(Ed.) St. MMle. Hlqh School Mount St. Mony·. Colleq" 1.00 Ar;qel". c"lIlocnte Delt.. Deli" Delt..; W,A.A,; Rill" T""m; T"p" end T"rpa 3·4. Devld Lloyd Ev."", B.S.(Bu•. ) Meled Htgh School Alphe T"u Omege. Duid W. Even., B.S.(B u •. ) Centr.. 1 High School Scranton P<>nn.ylvenle Alphe Teu Omega; Min..,. ''I'' Club, Ruth d. Evan., B,S.(Agr.) [ntermoun"'ln [""mule Wel ...r ld<lho DeJk! Delta Delte; c"rdtnel K"y; Women'. 'T' aul::; G'lm ol th" Moun"'ln. 1·2 Compooltlon Editor 3·4; W,kA F.~. ""'uttve Board 2·3·4, P...mdent 4, MilIic.nt Ew...n. B.S.(Ed.) Moscow Hiqh School

Ollie Ew._n, B.S.• M.S.. B.A. Moscow High School Attic aub; Engll.h aub; Argonaut Ruth . F.rley, B.A. Boi... Htgh School Gemme Ph! Beta; Hlqh 1 Honor. 1·4; HIQh Hono.. 2-3; Mocl<or Board; c"rdl l K..y; Pht Bale Kappa; Alphe Lombdo Delle; EnQII.h aul>: Gem ot tllto Moun"'ln. 1·2-3; ae.. Presld&nt 2; Nerlhe~ Tabl,,; Malcls T"bl,,; Big Si.l<'Ir c"ptom; W.A.A. F.x""utl ... Board; A.W.S. Counctl Halan Ma'Vu••it. F.r"'••• B.S.(Bu•.) Id<lho hll. HIQh School Uni"""ily oJ Ideho Southern Branch Forney Hell; A.W.S. Council. Ruth Fa.ney, B.A. St. Anthony Hlqh School Alphe Phi; Hlqh Hono.. 1·2-3-4; Alphe Lombd<l Deile; Spu ..; c"rdinel K"y, Prestdent 4; Morlar Board· H"lldiv"", EnQlIoh aub; Panh"lIentc, Vice P.....tdtlnt; W.A.A.; Worn· en'. "I" Club; 0 .... VI..., i'T<>oidenl 2; Gem ot Ihe Moun· leln. 1.2; Dramah~ 3·4. M.rla CUnton n.h••. B.S.(Ed.) S&quim High School. Sequim, WashinQton Phi G .. mm.. Delt..; 'T' Qub. Pre.ldent 4; Basketboll 2-3-4. d.rry do_ph Fogerty (Grad.) WHsoll, Monk!M Jama. Gareld Fogla, B.S.(C.E.) Moocow Hlqh School Kepp" Si<;lme; Scehbord ~nd Bled<>; A.S.C.E.

.. .


Orlando Fore, B.S.lro•.} Pocftlello H (lh School

Maryben. Fulton, B.A. Moooow HiQh School William Fur<:hnar. B.A. BI""klool High School

Leonard Oillina.... Oaffney, B.S.(Bu•. ) Weippe HIQh School

Lewloton Slftte Nonnol

0..114 Tau DeII4; Alpha Kopp" Pol; Vice Preoldenl 4; JunIor &.~"lb<lll

Monoqer 4; Mon<>Qe.' Club.

°Bi~kl~Yi~nht~~·E.) Unlv....ily d'ld<lho. Southtlrn Bronch Alph.. Tau 0""'90; A.S.C.E. Ruth Oardner. B.S.(Ed.) Bel... Hklh School


Norm"l Hoy. Hoi; W.A,A. Sam.uel Bond G.r..-tt, B.s. P"""tello High School B ••b.r. O.dd_. B.S.lEd.) Winch...l", HIQh School

Alph.. Chi Omeq,,; Phi Upollon Omicron; Home E:conomlco Club l.2·3; Treble C1el Club I; V..ndel",,", ].2.3; Pon· h..llenlc 3·4; ATQOfloul )·3; Blue Bucket 3.

M•• ian Ginde •. B.S.tEd.} Coeur d' AI""" HIgh School Forney Holl; W.A.A.; Topo end Terpo I; University Orch....

lro 1-2.

H ••• l rlo ...nce Genlry, B.S.(Bua.) Wollo"" Hlqh School PI Belo Phi; Hiqh...t HOllO" 1·3; Hlqh Honon 2; Alpho t.ombdo o..lto; Phi Chi Thet1l; MOrlor Boord, Vi"" I'reoldent; Spurs; E:nqllsh Club 1·2; A.W 5.; Ponhellonic Council 3·4; Closs Treasurer I; AJVOIlout; Mold 01 Honor 3. W.llece Norb..t G".lIhty, B.S.(Bu•.} lewis ond C1or. Hlqh ~hoot Spokane, Woshln<;llon Phi Deha Theto; 'r Club; Senior Boll, Cholrmon; Bos.e!boll 1.2·3-4; Bo...I>oIlI·2-3-4; Closs Tr""surer 3. AI£.acl E. Gi_. B.S.(Ed.) Twin Falls Hlqh School Koppo SIQmo; Scabbord ond Blade: RI/le Club; Enqllsh Club; Gem oIlho Moun"'l ... 2·3.

rred.rick Williem. Goann•• B.S.(For.) I),.venporl Hlqh School Idoho Club; XI Stqmo Pl; Anocioted Foreste... Batty Lano... Goodwin, B.S.tEd.) Horn"'" Hlqh Schoo! Alpho Chi Omeqo; Cardino1 Key; Blue Bude! 1.2.3; A1'QDnoul I; R,f1e T""m t W.A,A. 1·2·3; A.W.S. 3-4; Closs Secre"'rr 3; Northe. Table 3, M.ri.n G ••h.m., B.S.(Bu.,} Twin Foils Hlqh School Gommo Phi Be"" Phi Chi The!o; W.A.A.; Westmin.!ltr Guild; A1'QOnoui 1.2; Gem oj lho Mountolns I; Blq Sister Captoln. M ..rill G.--n B.S.(Bus.) M"""""w Hlqh School Phi Delio TheTo. 101. M.ri. Gro".•• B.S.(Ed.)

tclll1o~dll~~n:hool Alpho d i Omeq,,; Al'Qonout 3; Enqll,h Club 3; W.A A. 3·4. Bruce V..n<>n Grov.s. B.S.Wor.) Winch.oIer Hlqh School Tou Koppo Ei*lon; A-.c:Iok!<! Foreole...


Don.ld Ern_I H • B.S.(E.E.) Twin Foils Hiqh School Belo Iheto Pi; SIQmo Tou; Generol Cholrmon "Enqinee..' Show 4; Footboll M"noqer 1-2; A.l.F..E. 3·4; A..,."o!o<l Enqinee.. 3-4. R.ub.n W. H.I/.r, B.S,(Ed.) M"""""w Hillh School Slq"", Chi; FooIboU 1·2-3; Bo.lnq 3. Albert dohn H.ll B.S.(E,E.) M"""""w Hillh School


s Sa......1 Hal.... B.s.(Bua.) Honolulu. Hawa!l

Wa:,:,:,and.U H .... pton, B.S.{Ed..) Hlqh School Sjq"", Nu; Phi Mu [po:Ilon, Vandao.... 1·2·34 n......boll 3; Ma'1.2.3; A a.ppalla ChoI •.


J ...... John Hann.h. B.S.(Bua.} Oro/n'''' Hlqh School Della Tau Del"', Alpho Kapp" Pol.

RocIn.y A. H .....n, B.S.(A'lF.) Flrlh Hlqh School

ldoho Club; Alpha Zela; Aq Club;


4 Manaqer

lud<;!I"IIT....... 4. Robart WilUlton Hania. B.S.IEd.) PlumtlWf HlQh School lAmbda Chi Alpha; Mmo.·'I" C1ul>; Vandaoleen: l,a; Male O>orua.



O. H...-,. B.S.tEd.J K.allU4h H.....h Sc:hcd

Idaho Club.

Batt,. H.tJioold, B.s.(8-.j w.:-::..w H..... h Sc:hcd Go........ PhI Bet.; Hlqh Honon 1·2-3; Alpn.. lAmbda D"lta; Phi au n-; n..t.oth Teth GilllOll; AtQOfI"ull·2·3, W.A.A WlIlla... "-aeoh H • ...,lo. B.8.(&.&.1

A _ Falll H.....h Sc:hcd U"' ......'" olld.oho. Sout'-" Branch iIcIenbIluqh Hall.

Hal.n H.ynaa. B.S.lEd.) MOKlOW Hlqh School

Dawld M •• lo H~I.d. B.S.tAg•. ) M6d(aon H'Qh School. llad.>urq Slq"", Alpha Er-Ilon; Hlqh.. t Honon 1·2·3-'1; Alpha ZeI4: Aq Club; In .....eoUeglale Knlqhto. Junior Mon. J.e. Milton H.ln'-Fling. B.S.tEd.) Culdeooc HIQh Sch<x>1

Ma,..,. E•• lyn Ha"l. B.S.(H.Ec.) Shoohonto High School

Col*" 01 lclaho Kapp" Alpha Thela: Home EoonomICll C1uh: W,A A.

O_rv- Mil.. Handanon. B.S.{Ed..l Lewl.lton Hlqh Scboot

r ....nlo Martin Hi",,;IUI. B.S.CBWI.) Ma.oow H.....h School

Mild.-.d Lou Hi ....., B.S.(H.Ec.) lUI rolll H h School. Do\eth Teth Gi~; H<>o>e Economlal Club.

.. .


Ham)' Carl HolUnqo.., B.S.(Ag••)

Rupert HlQh School Senior Holl. AO Oub; Helld,ven.

1-U. Harold Holm_. B.S.(Ed.) Nom"" H'SIh Scl>o:>l f'ooIbo.lI ].2.,J-4; "[" Club; MIn<>< ''/"' Club. Dorothy M. Holt. a.s.ts....) Mc.:ow HlQh School


n-; o.Jeth Tooth Gi-'_

Boon,. ........ HoMon. " ' - - ' HlQh School Go",,,,,, Phl IleI<l; Delelh Tooth Gl_l A"9O""'ul I. Ho rd Ct.-tar Hubbard, B.A. H" n, ldeho Mary LouiM Iddlnq., B.S.(H.Ec.l Butler Town.hlp Hlqh School. Ptorn IndioM KePI><' Alpho Thet<>; Phi Upollon Omicron; W.A.A.; Rille T.... m.

Alel.. 1:1_...... 1"91., B.S.<Ed.1 Kendrid.. lclo.ho Hlo,. HaU.

J.... r .....c . I ........ D.S-mULI s..lmon Hlqh School U"'.....ty cot Id.tho, Souu-n Branch PI Beloo PhI.; Phi n-; ~PPI' PhI.



L1o,.d 1_"" B.S.(Ed.l Snoq ~ Hogh School Sncx>....I_. W....."'9'on Ou; 8l~ 1:..,.: 'r Oub; tootbolll.:M-4, s-keIb<ill 1.:1-3-4. ~ I 3; lumor Serenodoo a..,..-n.



Roct..r H.



Burke Hklh School 0..11<1. C1>1; H"OJh Honon 1.2; Alph.o l::oppo PIl.

AII.n Proctor J.flri_. B.S.lEd.) GoocIlnq HlQh School Sonl<l MoniCo JunlOT CoJleqe

Deltll ChI.

Arnold Meln" oIoh......... B.S.(Ed.l Coeut d' ....lenoo Hlqh School Siqma Mu; X:.ppo Doolta Pl.: PNoldenI 4,


"_n. "'-'"

Donald O . .Ioh.....n. eS.(f"or.) k o - . . Hlqh School York Loppo ~ ln~,", J::niqh... "->c:l.oled F..-..

Lucia ",o""-on. B.8.tH.Ed.) In_nl4ln l...utu,",. W_ Forner Hooll.

Marlon Joh .....n. B.A. Burler Hlqh School Doolta Delta Doolta; High Hon<>r1I 3: Spun; Theta Sigma: Arvonoul 1·2-3-4; Edilor Co-Ed A ~ut Gem 01 the MountaIn. 1·2-3. Orq~nl ... tlon. Editor 4; W.S. OoblnolJ; P~nh.ll.nlc: J.4; BlU<'> Bucket I.

R=~tr;ho~~.B.S.(E.E.) T~u Mom .... leph; ldtlho a~n; .... lKICI<ltod Enqlooero; .... IE-E. Willl.n> 10M .Joh..... n. B.S.lEd.) Mom"" Hogh School !..D.5. l...ulu,""



Don.ld Kally "01... , B.A. l;I<»;<>w lIi9h School M.rion G ..... "on... B.S.(Ed.l A ~ Hlqb School Col*"" 01 kl..ho


Roy William "ump. B.S.(£.E.) W,nchester H1911 Scbool !l<>,~ Thtol<l Pi; A_~1oKl E'.n<;Jin_..; A IE-E. M •• latt. Saburn ....., B.S.IEd.} !lolM Hiqh School PI 8eI<I Phi; Spurs.

Mary E.i.laan Kannad,. B.A. Cl8'ktlon Hoqb School Gdmm8 Phi !l<>1a; Spu", TheIa Sl<.lma; Engll.h Club; DI....; T,..,bl<l Claf Club; W.A.A,; Al"QOfl.<Outl.2.



"ohn K ...... B.8.(E.E.) Hoquiam H'9h School, Hoquiam, W"",,Ir><;l1on RoiMrt Mari... Ke..... B.A.

Ra>.burQ H>qh School LD.S. [nolo'u"


Fr.n" Hobn. . B.S.le.E.) Pocatello H"lh School Aaaad Moh.mmad Khalapur. B.$,("'9',) Tabri .. J.8n

Allin. f'lo.-.noa Kinq. B ..... Pooalallo Hlqh School Un'_1T 01 k1aho. Southern Br"nch Dell<o G..DlrD8; Card!..... l Kay: Cul1<O,,'; [nell.... Club; Gam 01 ,he MounlallUl; A _ _ul; Bl_ Bucket; Dr,,""'bca; V~ P.-klent 4; 'T' Club Quaan 4.


"o~l:;w~rdJI ~t~~·) J1:.~.T.C. Cad<>t

Ba!<I Omi<;1'Ol\;


Erling Norm.n Landa. B.8.(S s.-HiQhSc:hooI I<WIaOub.

nl Color-...l. )

K.lh..,... Fal"'ar Loa..., B.A. Lawt.klnHlQhSchooi J:.oPP'l l.ooPP'l G.......... Enq~ Club Robart Scott Lang. B.S.CM.t.) Coeu. d' ... 1.... H,qh School Del:.. T~u DelUo; [nl.,collaqlata Knl9ht.; A_aloKl MI ...... G.aca La...... B.$.(BuI.) Pr.ton 1119h School UUoh SUota "'ql1",,1Iu.,,1 Colleqa. !.o<l,m, UUoh Alpha eM 0maQa; Phi Chl ThaUo; SpoJ", EnQI .... Club: A_ _ uI3; BI ... Bucket 3.

Eoorl 0 . - LoNI"..... B.s. Gaol.) 2a_hna fIJqh ScbooI. ~_l.ns W"""""'" lbdanbeuqh H"l~ W.-t!lI>q Co<>ch 3-'l Orrin Earl t- IGrad.) Rasburq H>qh ScbooI UnlVOlmlJ M",,'.Cluh. Hyru'" R . . t-. B.S.\AlIr.) Rlqby Hlqh School [doho Club; Al,*,8 leUo; Aq Club.

.. .

Elton Raymo"d Lotit"•• , B.S.(C.E.} 801 Hi'lh Sch<Xl1 U"i ity 0/ ld~ho. South<lrn B,~nch Dell<> Chi; A,S,C.E.; A"""",i8te<l En'lln.....; Id8ho Engi.-T. A"""",i8le Editor 3, Editor 4; Gem 0/ the Mount8ins 1·2; GI... Club I; Inlerlr8lernily Council. Vil"9i1 1.._1., B.S. fll.., High Sch<Xl1 Lindl..y H811, A.i.l B..nicoo Lotwy, B.A. Goodlnq Hiqh School H8Y' H811. H.I." EU ....booth LI"d"""'an, B.S.(Ed.) o..rlinglon High Sch<Xl1 forney H811. Edward Ch..ter Lownick, B.S.(Foe.} M"'OOw High Sch<Xl1 John F. Luk""", B.A. 801 ... High Sch<Xl1 Be\<I Th.. 1.<1 Pi; Blu.. Key. s..c,.,tMy 4; lntorcolleql<>t.. Knighto. Histori8n 2; JunlOT M<>n 3; P...... Club, Monoging Ed,tor 3; English Club; InlerJroternity Council 3-4, Cia.. VI"" Pr",id..nt J. ArQonaut 1-2, Makeup EdilOr 3. NiQht Edilor 4. Chnl.. Jo••ph L"mpk;", B.A, Lewi.lOn High Sch<Xl1 Unl .....ny M.. n·. Club. K""".th O. l.undbul"9, B.S.(Bu•. J ldoho Foil. High School Univ....lty 0/ Idoho. Soulhern BT"nch Si\lm8 Nu, Oani.l Milton Lyon., B.S. Southwick Hiqh School Jern.. Vil"9il McC.b. (I.L.B,) Plummer Hiqh School Alpho Tou Omeg8; Bench ond Il<lr. Eld.n H.nry McConn"ll. B.S. 801 HiQh School BoI JunlOT College Idaho Club; Symphony Orch",t,,, 3·4; Unl.erslty a"nd 3. William S. McC.... B.A. Coeur d' Alene HiQh School SI\lTIl<l Nu' Blu.. K..y. 4; InleToollegl"te Knight•. junior Knlghl 3; P...... Club, N..w. Editor 4; Engllsh Club l; Gene,,,l Homeoornlng Ch"i,,,,,,n 4; Homecoming Mis..r Chalr""'n 3; AI"\IOT1"ut 1·2; Spo,," Edllor 2; Gem 0/ th.. Mounl<lln.3; Deblole 1-2. Robs.t Oanial MoCua. B.S,(Ed,) South P" ....deno High School, Soulh P"...dena. c"1I1om1,, Lindl..y H811; Footbloll 2·3-4K.ith K"nd.lck McOani.l. B.S.(C.E.) Spok""", W".hlnglon K8PJX1 SiQme, Interfroternity Council. J.y C. McOow.ll, B.S.tEd.) Rockford HiQh School, Rockford, W8mlnglon Idaho Club. 1..ura, B.S.(Ed.) Lapw"l H,qh Sch<XlI Teth Glm..l. P_ident 3; Spu...; En\lliro Club. Lodi. MoG ••th, B.S.(Ed.) Hiqh School Delt<l Del18 Dello; Ent"llsh Club. Don.ld D"ff McK••. B.S.(I:d.) Lewiston Hiqh School Lew;ston £tol.. Normol Sch<Xl1 Dan.ld Glb.on M"K_...., B.S.(F....) Wilkinsburg H;gh School. WilkinsbuT9. P"nnsylv"nla Pennsylv8nl" St<lte Forest School P..nn,yl."nl" Slate College Senior Holl; Xl SI'lm8 Pi. R8ng..r 3: A"""",i"led Fo_t..... ROn<,1..r 4: Enqllsh Club 3; Id"ho FO_ler, Busine.. MM<lQ<lr 3-4; ArQO""ul 3; W_Ulng 2. H.l.n Ell.... Madaon. B.A. Oqden Hilh School. Ogden. Ul<Ih Weber Co 1"',Ie. OQden, Ut"h Pi Bet8 Ph;: English Club; Internotlonol Relallons Club; AI"\IOT1"ul; Gem 0/ the Mount<llns; W.A.A. Hugh Ch••l•• M.lI"i .., B.A. Buhl High School Alpho T"u Cmeq,,; Hell D,v.. n 2: Yell Duke 2; Ar9"n<lull·2.


Ja....... H. Ma\lui..a, B.5.(Oaol.)


Anoconda Hlqh School. AMc:ondO. Monl<>M Mauri". Ed..... Malln, B.S.(Bua .) Kellogg High School Delio T<lu 0..11<1; Silver I,..,nce: Blue Key, Sec~lMY 3. T......... ti ..... 4; Alpha Kopp" Pol; P,&SlI Club: Engh,h Club: 1"1,,,· fratemity Council 3-4; Vice P",.ldenl 4: Gem 01 Ill" Moun· tolns. Editor 4, A'"I<>C!ot<o Editor 3. ["de. Editor 2: ArgOMU! 1.2; Blue Bucket I: Unlve'"lly Orch""lr" 1-2-3: Alpha Kopp" Pol Medollion 4. Oon Carl". Ma.lay, B.S.{Agr.) M<:C4mmor> High School L.D.$. Inotilu\<I.

Boyd Areh•• Martin, B.S.(Ed.) N". Per<;<> High School Earl Barlow Martinaen, B.S.(Ch..-".)

St. Mori"" High School

Erlnal P.arl Mattaon, B.S.(Ed.) CUlde....c High School K"pp<! Alph.. Theto,

M ........... Maud. Matthewe. B.S.(H.Ec.) 51. M.. rg".... ro Acodemy, Bol..., Idoho Dell" Dell<> Dell,,; Hom" Economics Club. Lyl.. Raymond Maullhan, B.S.(Aq•. ) Lov.. Hl'lh School

Brl<;lhftm YOUl"lQ U"lverally IIldenbo.u<,1h Hall; A<J Club; Chalnnan, pounry Float Corn· mlU.....

Erl. N.wton M.n. .lr' B.S.(M.E.) Moeccw HI<Jh Schoo Tau Mem Aleph: A""odattld Engl"....r. 2-3·4; A.S,M.E. 3.4: $<o<;ralary and T""".u ....r 4: TumbHnq 1-2-3; Wr...t1lng 4. Elwyn J. M.n::.r. B_S.(M.E,} Moeccw Hl'lh School Chi Alpha Pi; A.S.M.E.; Aoeocl"ttld Enql"""ro: W...l"y Foundallon. 0.1. C. M;ch. .l, B.S.(Ed.) Lewiston High School Lewl.ton Slale Normal Alpha Tau OTrulqa: High Honon 2.3·4; T,,,d 1. Frank Elton Mll••. B.S.(Ed.) Lewi"'"" High School

Clyde John Miller. B.S.(£<1.) Plummer High School Jam.. H.nry Mm... B.S.(E.E.) Gibbs Hiqh School CIa•• T"",.u",' 4. Edith Luclile Milia. B.S.(EcI.} Moocow High School JOMphlne C. Mitchell. B.S.(Ed.)

Wildo, High School College 01 ldaho Forney Hall; Delto Sigma IIho: Women'. "I" Club 3-4; ~~~~3~ lIolal<O". 4: W.A.A. 3·4; Vo ..ily Debo.le 3·4: A'9o Marie Mitchell. B.S.(£d.) Orofino High School Wilma E. Mitchell. B.S.(Mu•.l Shoohone High School Hay. Hal~ Spur: Cardinal Key; "opl>'> DelLs Pi: Sigma Alp"" lola: Morta, Boord; Kappa PhI, Pt-e.,denl 3; W A.A.: A.W.S,: Ol'<:h"'l,o 1.2.3·4; Treble Clel: B(q Si.ler 2-3-4_

Woodrow wneon Mitchell, B.S.(Alrr.) Ne. Pe,c<> HiQh School Betty Mi". B.S.(Ed.} Moeccw H'qh School Gamma Phi Bala; W.A.A.; Epiocopol Club; Al"QOI'lo,,1 l.

Do y C. Moo.... B.S.<P... _Med.) Sol Hl<;lh School Si<;lma ChI.






P ....d.n...




H>Qh Schocl

Robert "am_ Mol"I'b. B.s. Cham.C.} Potla! h Hoqh Schocl To .. .:.""" ~Ion. SIoQ_ Tou; ldooho tloolld>ool< 2

TMlrna Hlna Mo... B.S.<Ed. Moecow H"lh School

H ....1d O. N.t-n, B..... 11.11...... Hoqh School Unl...,.,t, aI.ldaho. Southern Bronc" T." Moon Aleph

r. N.l_n, 8.8.(1'0'.) W"ohlnqlon P.rk "";lh School. R6Clne, W,ooon.. n [<!<Iho Club: A.-oet.WI<l Fonoolen: W..ley Found<!t,on; Unlyerolty Or<:heotr. )·2·3; Mill.,,,.,. &on<!; Pep &nd 3. IdahO FOf'Ml'llr 3. H.'-'7

Lewle Balloy NoLlOOn, B.S.(A\I'.) Emmett HI(lh School RI<!enbouqh Holi.

Luclll. Ell. .beth N.!.u>n, B.S.IEd.) Iloi. Hkqh School"""".

Rudolph Victor N.J..on, B.S.(S....) Moecow HlQh School

l"'a..cle "oh.. Nawto .. , B ..... Mooa>w H>qh So:;hooI Baebelt 'r Club: PI'" BoN K.oppoo.

lAno... Ni.... B.S.lEd.) North Puwder H>qh School. Norlf Po-der. 0 _ Eaotem 0 . - Horm.ol F~ Hoolt EnQl.... Club. E~.

CortJ..nd "ann... Northrop, B.s. S .... , H'9h School PIu DooII<II n-; Kappo. Pol.



Virian No~r. B ..... BlacUool Hoqh School $<In Mateo)"....,.. Hiqh ScbooI. $on M.teo. Col, ......... Delloo Go""",", Enq.. oh Club; ~ I C1ul>, Af'QONIut Gem of th4t Moo.lnldllW I; o...;"""'n. JunlOC' W . .k M'IUlr; Phi Bet. K."",,_

AIf..-d &"go.M NU(I<Ont. B.S.(Geol.l w.n_ Hlqh School

R,danbaugh tf.n

Edwin Olh•• Nu .....I, B.8.(AII'.) K.IlO99 lllQh School C..,11 1.01. O·M..... B.8.(H.£<:.)

M<»<:<>... Idaho Home Eoonomlco Oub; Ph! Upailon Oml"""" Q;.£d Pn.rn Choir"",n 4. M • ..,. O·N.lI. B.S.<Ed.) A<:adorny ot l""""""lole H...rt 01 M.ry, Coo-ur d" 1.1_ "''''t.woocI CoI'-. Sc:r"nlOn, Perm.y).. on.. Home Eo<:>nomi<:o Club: A'9O""UI 3; B)ue Bud~ 3. Will.i..... Jo...._ O·NAill. B.S. Lew, .nd a..k Hoqh School. Spobn.. Wah'".,...n T"u IC..""," Epoolon: [nla<t•• lemJty Counal 3: H.oII 0....." 1·1. ~l 3: a.. ~ l 3; Tr.d 1-1-3-4. £."a. mln<;J 23; W. . . r..... 3: A'9O""ul3; er.:- CounlTy ;:>-4 &... Vict.. ria Obo.,.. B.S.<EdJ

Moocow Hoqh School Del.. Dell" Delio; H>qh Iionon 3; Spun;: T. . . Clef Oub L

T......nd T - . 12.: i'@p&nd$bow2

r ......o"t La ••

T_hlo o...wo. B.S.,M".1

Hot Sprt...... HlQh School

Lucill. &_Iyn 0..-. B.A. Pac:.t>ellr:> k>qh School f~Holl

O'...I'Ud. L. 010..", B.S.CEd.)

M.,.,.,. HlQh Schod Spurs; ''1'" Oub 2.3, Vice Pteooiden13: Hell o... e" 2-3: Oolelh Teth Grrnet, Preoiden13: W.A A. [.1·3: E..""". t, .... Boord 2.: BIQ S.......



.... F..-d"ric:lr. R..-U Oagood. B.A. Tw,n H>Qh School

c..-l &d ......d o.terhout. B.S. &d.l o.cJo H>Qh School Idaho Oub: "r' Oub: ...OCICbltll 3; s-boll 3. 0 ;"'~H ~i,;J.S.(Ed.l ptu Gamnwo D:l"ta.<ord "nd BIedr. ..... Oub: ...ooIbell 1·2-3-4, &sI:etb<ill1.

Mary .I" P..,.. B.S.tEd.) Bonne ....,.., H>qh School Hap Hall; Spur. C<ord,nal hy; Kappa PI" 1·2·3; W.A.A.; Er>qll.1I Oub 2-3-4; 1U.u. Club 2; JunIOr Womon; A.S.U.I. &,-=h_ Boord 3; Btq 2-3"',


Do.... M. P._h, B.S.(H.Ec.) K"lIoqg High School

Della Gemma; Horne £conomlco Club: Argoneul 1·2; Gem oIlh" Mountain. I; W,A.A. 1.2; Penh"lI"nlc 4. Me••,. Auatin Pa.k. B.S,IMln.) 800thwyn. Penn,,,!.enle Rld"nbaugh Hell.

I...n" Parrott. 8.S.(B .... ) Twin Fell' High School Keppa Alphe Theta.

Willi.rn N.1aon P.ulq. B.S.ICh.rn.E.) Bolsoe Hlqh School 6oI.. lu",00" C>ll""", Phi Delta Theta; Hlqh H"..,.,... 3; A.-::woled Enq,.-rs.; p,... Oub; English Club; l>Ia.-.· Cun P..-ient <I; A_ul 2-3-4. Sp:wm Ed,loo" 4, 01 the MO\IntatnS 2-3; s.........ll l>Ie_ 4; telaho Enq,.-. 2. A-.cI<ote Ed,1Or


3; T,eck 2.

P.",.La Paulina P .......... B.S.r&d.l I'Oorth Centrel H>qh School. SpcoUne W ..... ,nq'.on

Hoi, N _ Acaeiem,. SpcoU..... W...... nqIon Phi Bet.; e- o! i'- Mounta".. 3-4


Be Mille, P.t....,n, B.S.r&d.) Moecuw H><jh School Teu W- Aleph; lnten:ol\eq<.... Kruqhls; A S.U.I. u.euh_ Boord:3: Tud.4; fl<>nnQ I. Don And.... Pa._n. B.s. Aqr.l Rupeo1 H>qh School High Honors 3-4; Alphe ZMa; Aq Club \·2-3-4, V..... ty DoobIo.. 3; Li-*'<:k Jud9ln<;l T 4,

Ka"t F. Pat....,n, B.S. B l BLecU""," H>qh School UnJ .......ty '" Idaho. South<ml S.onch

SIqma Alpha Eps:Ilon; lnlftCOlloqlale Knlqllto.

Ethal r.rn Philp". B.A. Cholll. HiQh School

.I_ph &.lvi" Pi",.n ••1. B.S.ICham.1

Shoahon.. HIgh School Delio ChI; lnte,lr"t.. rnlly Council; [cIaho EnglneeT.

WIllI.m N.I,..n Pittm.n. LL.B. Nempe High School Coli""", 01 Ideho Della T"u Della.

Don.ld B. Porter. B.S.lro••1

R"",.n<;llon Hiqll School. Roemlngton. Indlona Purd"" Un,_ty Unl ....... ty 01 An........ Lindley H"lI; "->cIoted ForwIan; Delta Upsillon.

oI.n. P_t. B.S.tEd.! Ralhdnm' H><jh School


Hall; C<ordtnel Kay; H..n o.~ W A_A, 3; Sen..,. Woman: E1IOc:ub_ Boerd.


a.- Vooa

Doroth, E",,,,. P ........ B.8.<H.Ee.1

l.mcoln H>gh School. T...,.,..... Weohu1qIon Urn........,. d W...... ngoon Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpbe Lalllbde Delta ptu UJ*lon Omicn::a't; W.A_A.; EnalYh Oub: A W.s WA,A, Man· _ 2-3. V_ Pr.lden\ 4; Home Eoonomw::s Club: W"....,·, 'r Club: Mor1~. Rooszd. Clinton C"-ter 0..-....1. B.8.<ro.-.1 """,,-H>g:IISchooi .h.n.

0...,.1.. B.s.I&d.l

Montpel.... High School

PI fleIa l'tu.

M _ _ t A. 001.... B.S.(Ed.1 K"""klO H>qh School Whll_hC>l~

PI Beta Phi; Er>qhah Club; A C<opstne Chou; V"ndalaen; V"ndalett<t.



EcL;,at I:arl Rani..... , B.S.

Pollok" Hloh Schc>ol

Phi Gom"", 0.1 ...; Chern Club; BI ..... Buckel

Dorothy RNJua, B.S.lEd.) K!mberly Hlqh School Spok"ne Unlv....lly

forney H"I~ High Hono.. 2; K"PP'I Delio PI: 0 ..... Sec....




Erna". L. Ri.,.. B.S.lAgT,) Eoqle High School Oreqon Sla'" AlpM au Rho; ............. "1 4; A CoppelL.o


~ Club.

o-.".o....w JUeh. B.S.tEdJ

Filer Hiqh Sdoool AI""" Epoilon,; 81...., ~ Soo.bberd and Bleck "T Club: fOCllblll 1·2-3-4: Tracl 2; V.c. E'readent <I. lnlftfr.tM ly Council.



Loa"d. Ric a.8.(Bua..} M<Ki;.,n HlQh School. Rezburq Ricke CoIleqe. R....bul'll Alpl>,. 0.1 Ome<.le, Pili Chi TbeIa, P........14; A'von'lUl 4, Harold Goldlno."" Riley, B.S.(8.. 0.) Ml>dloon High School. Red>\Hv Unl ......lly Men'. Club; Alp/l. Kopp<! Pol,

Mary K. RHo" B.A.

Saint 0..1.... Academy, Sind........ Wlooonaln G.omma PM &1<0, COtdl....1 Key; ~ Soqm.; Enghoh Club; 511.. Buck,"" 2; Al'QO<l<Iut I':':' Dey Echlor 3; Copy o.k Echlot 4.

OAn'lOlt Ada~ Rohe>Uon. B.S.(r.....l , Campbell CounlT H.Qh School. W ~ twt.""", Col• . ~ Hebr.... "-:x::ioolecl f _ 3-4: Idaho F . . - 3-4 Mal')' Mazv....t R_o..ugh, B.S.(Ed.) Ilc:In.-. f,,"", HlQh Sc:ftooI. t...lolon SO,"I<O Hormel School Kopp" Al.,n., Thela; EnqUah Club; Inl... m.....l Deboo'" 3-4; W.A.A.; R'1le T"'1Il; ArqoMuL John Le.o B.8.(Gool.l Wall",.,. Hlqh School Alph", T",u 0meo"'; A.,.,l",lec\ M,nors; Football M",n.


E:cI.ord R..-II. B.8.(&.I.)

Poormoo HlQh School UnlYeroily oIlcL.ho, K..oW" $oqmo.



Lo'- Volrn. R_U, B,8."Ed..J H.rriocn HJqh Sc:hooI W_'.~Ouh.

Barn;.,. Maria R,.dholm., B.8.,&.I.) Mccaw HlQh School Rolph 8. Sam....n. B.8.{Agr.) MountaIn Home HIQh School ldohoOub; Alpho Zot"', T.......ure• 4; AQ Qub. T,......u,.., 4; AQ"",orny /udQlllQ T... rn 4; Footboll l.

Tr.nll. H)'r'\'m. Sa~, B.S. E.E.) Mccaw HiQh Sc:hooI

H.nry E. Schl'"li!"I. 8.8.(P.....Mad.) Gronl High School. Por1lnnd. 0 _ 0 _ SI.. te CoII"9" K.. pp" Slqrn.. S••b.u. Lou. . Schm.ldt. 8.8.(8,...) G.onlll P.... Hlqh School. Gr.. nt. P_. 0 _ CoIor<>clo State TM<:htt•• Col..,., G looy. Color<>clo UnlYeroitl- 01 Waahlr>Qlo<I. S-itle. W hhqtcn o.lto o.lto; Phi 0Ii Thew.

HoLon 1.. Sch_fth.ala, B.A. l1upart H>qh Sc:hooI Urn_ _ !}' 01 Ulah

F........,. Hail. Konn"th L""i Sch"M". 8.8.(£.E,)

F",'lIand HOlJh Sc:hooI "-><:lalad Enql_ A I E.E.


s W~~OH·~~E')

Soqma O>~ a-~

_ _. 4.

ViJ-qilSipl.:S.8. Ap.l Ne. P1,., H><I'II School ~ppe. Epoolon; "T" Oub: 1.",,1< 1·2;


c.... Country


r..-d Skin•. 8.$.(£.1::.) W..Uooe High School

0..:... Sm"t, B.s. Potlalch H....h SehooI T"u "'-PI'" EQolIon. Earl S ...lth, B.S. C.t:.) Twtn r"llo H....h Schad Sen..... H.lI, A.S.C-E.; Wea.y Found<>hon,

""'-~ Ru_l E, Smlth, B.S.W"r.) Glenn. rerry High School Unl 01 Idaho. Southern Branch Idaho Oub; A _..1ood Foreot.en 3-4

a.........t Snow.

B.8. B....)

Council HlQh School DelIlo T.", D.l1Il..

Roland Snow. B.8.(Ag •.) Burlot, "I<lll. Schad


Opel Snyd.r, 8.8.(&d.) OroIlno HI<;III School ~ ..loton NOr"IlIaI

Forney Hall.

Ed ••rd 8poor.coo.. , B.S.IAgr.J Poll"l"h High Schc.:>l Kepp<> 51... ""'; !MIry Produclo JudQlng T""m 4

G....ld•• <LL.B.) s..ndpolnt High School

DeI ... C!lI,




Lo..n O. Str...n. B.A. c...c..eloo H...,h School

800... Junior CoI'Lindley H~II: Hiqh Ifono.. 34.

C"rtla Ray Taylor, 8.8.(1011")

RlQby Hoqh School

L.O.5. I_lui•.

Alana P.ull .... Thl_n, B.S.lEd.)

CuldeMc HIOh School Forney H~IL Donald Ric:hanl Thorn_. B.S.tEd.) St. 140.... HlQh School o.Ita Tou<o

R"tt.rt Mark Thomp-n, B.S.{Ed.l Poot Fall. High School

Ph! Gam"", Della:



v...... A. Thorall.

B,S.CI:d.) Co<v"U" HlQh School. Conan... 0r*l0t' SUM CoIIeoe. f........, H.oll W....., Y~bon.


Rlehan:l Antho,,)' TI.....,. B.S.(Ed..l, W..... inqlOn

Howard W. Tirnkan. B.S.(O.ol.) Kalloqo Hoqh School Ph> 0001100 TheW; $Iqawo Goa"""" Ep.llon; A.ocIated MI.......

'rank A. TIt...., B.S.IEd.) N"mpo Hlllh School Sill"'" Nu.

Marjorie L'H."'-on Titus, B..8.(Ed.1 Jetome H...,h School. A.I"""OIJ.~

Inn.. TOM" B.8.(A9'.) Malad HlQh School Rldenb<lUQh H"II; Aq aub. Wlllla ... C. Trud.. B.S.(e.E.) Aohlon H""h School

1.Jndl., H,ill.

Robert Clifton Tuell.'. B.8.(AO'.) ~It H><.Ih School Beto. Thel<> PI.

Maur'''' W..l.,. Tull.y, B.S.(Ed.) Worley Hoqh School

Edmund L. Turn"., B.8.(AlP".1 TWIn Fen. H"lh School a.... n- PI; Vnl-"IT RIO. T_"" &.booll




G_roe Tho ..... T .. ~ne., B.S.(f'o~.}

Kimberley Hlqh School Kapp<l SIq""" Xl $Iq""" PI, A...::oelal6d FO,,"lfIn. William L. T..-n (LL.B.) KeI~ H>qh School Siqtr"e Nu: Plu Alpha D.ltoo. ~. 4, In'eriratem>1T Couno::il; ~ I 2. Wilbur O<I.e1o. Vln.,.nt, B.A. H""h School Alpha Tau Omaqll.; H""h Honon \·2·3-4. Blue "ay; Scabbard and 81"",", PT- Cub. Prealdenl 3, Arqonaul l. E". chanoa &:hlOr 2. Naw. Editor 3. Manaqlnq Ed,lor 4, Inter· lraternity Councll 3, Junior &oeboll Manaqer.





Th....... Willi.", W • ..d, B.A, J->me H....h School $oqme NU; BI... r:.,. 3-4; Sol..... La..... " s.c..bboord..nd BIadoo 3-4, Cep&am " "T" Cub 2-3-4, ,,,,-".........,,, Council 3-4 FoolboU 2~, Track 2-3-4, A.S.UI. ~ t 4. Walta. MUa .. Ward. B.8.(To•.) Blomar'(:I, North o..kol<o J .. m .. Po.t Wall.., B.A. w.... Hi'll> School

"O~~T~~.S. Geol.l lclooho Oub:Soqrna Gam..... Ep.U",..; M,.- ' r Oub

J_ Burton Wh. .l.r, B.S.cro•. ) B<oldwm PMI, Ct.lIfornia "t" a,,~ F_II 2·3-4. A. C. Whi

u, B.a.{eh.,m.)

W neWl H h School

UN""'" 01. Ido.ho. Llppoo s.q.,....



Dorothy Cl••• Willlama, B.B.(Il"•.} Bell"v".. HI'll> School Delta Delu. Delt.o; Phi Chi Thelll 34; Women', ' r Club. ~ I 4; ArqonlIUI 1·2.: Gem 01 Mounl<llna 1·2; WAil.. 1·:;1-3-4. aa. T.-.u... :I.


M...,. Cd..;... Willi....., B.S.tH.&eJ Mo.:>c>w H>gh School

O.I"n N....ltt wm..... LL.B. R"pe,'l High School UnlVilnllyof W".hlnqlon

&!<1 TI,.,l<l Pi; Phl Alpha Doth.; &",,11 ,,00 B.... Bern>.A N. Wu.on. B.S.(M....Ed.) """'" H..,h School ~otld.oho PI!lello Ptu; Glee Club 1·2; Goo>doIIen 3; W.A.A l. .. Paulina Wll..,n. B.A. Lewlrton High School Lawillon Sl~le No,,,,,,l Scho:>l Del!<l G~m"",; Tt>. Cumin; Dramall<:o 2·3·4: ArQOnaul 2·3: Ptop Bo.nd Show 2: Ta~ and Te~ 2. Ma>1erie I:l_.. or Wi"", B.S.IEd.) Te~ Hiqh Sc:hool. Tetoe. WealutlQ1lCln D.oI"" Del"" D.oII.o: (M1eIh Teth G,mel; KaJlP" PhL V_ ~ t 1n_ _1 Rela_ Cub;; WA A, I; Tep' and T _ 2; T..-. 0eI Cub 1-4. "'. . neue Ed. W'ne., B.S.(I:d.) 801_ High School Forney H.. I~ HIQh Hc;>n<>ra 1--3; "~PP" W A_A.; T..~ and Te~


PI; "a""" Phi;

&othu M_ WohlWb. B.8.(H.EcJ

Twln Fel" HlQh Sc:hool Anoh Bert....... Wood, B.A. Twin Fall. H,gh School Bell> The'... PI; Blue "ay; Pre. Cub; Ber>ch ~nd &r; [nle... lralernlty Council; Argon"ut 2--3; a .... P,....lden13: Chal,. "",n Junior Prom.: Gem alIt>. Mounl<>ln. 3. l.yneUe Worley, B,S, ~Ian. Sllollon. Ohio






Charl_ Collina Earl Bulloc,"

.. .

r., nenn.r P.ttijohn

••• The junior year might well be termed the coming-out year. Like debutantes making their bow to society, the leaders in the class come strongly to the fore. and in the junior class we can see the officers. editors, politicians. and powers for the following year. Student I:xx:ly prexies become cinches enough to be rated as such by the campus paper and the wagging tongues of would-be politicians. Blue Key, coveted. mostly for the sake of wearing the charm, picks the leaders from this class, and big shots are at last "full-fledged." Juniors are glad to assume their new position on the campus, being a junior eml::xxiies all relief from the humble submissiveness of freshman days, the struggle for recognition as sophomores, and the future of filling the places of the most revered and honored. seniors.

W.II.". Ro .. n ••••11 -Phi Go_ DotIt.; "->cI.s1e Ed,lOr. Ge<n; P.-

Oub" Inlerlro.......'" Council.


CLASS OFFICERS ••• One of the biggest Junior Weeks in history was the contribution of this junior class to the University's activity

for the year. Based upon the Irish and St. Patrick's day, the juniors went to town on the idea and showed everyone what a real Junior Week is like. With the program including a mixer, a parade. an assembly, a serenade, the Prom, and the cabaret, there was no doubt that these juniors knew how to entertain.

Bert Larson was general chairman with Earl Bullock, Winston Goss, Robert Krummes, and Jack Dyer as assistants. Junior officers for the first semester were: Earl Bullock, president; Charles Collins, vice president; Esther Flenner, secretary; and

Cy";'l Adki... M.r1on S ••naon Tad Br....,h

C1...noo o..lin

Fay Pettijohn, treasurer. Officers for the

second semester were: Clarence Devlin, president; Cyril Adkins, Marion Swanson, and Ted Brasch.


B40rt Larwon AI""" Ta" e....ketbolJ; ... Board; J"nIOt W. .kO>aI,........

• so

Cyril 1.. Adltl..., B.S.IEd.l Filer HlQh School lJndJe, H....I; ''I"" Qub,. T.-.u"" 3; Tr<ICk [·2-3 Lynn A. Altloln. B.S.(Agr.) 11""'10 Hlah School Ridenbauoh floll.

W.rd HIl~.t Ale.ander. B.S.{1;d.l Moeoow HI",.. School Id" Dori. Allan, B.S.IEd.) Ma.oow HlQh SchcoI Spun; WA A Teth G.meI.

t:rn-t Wm;..,..... Andarwon. B.S.Wo•.)" H",II Sc::hool

(hal r...d.rielll. An.I....., B.8.(8u&.) Motu. HlQh School Boboo JunK>r CoIl«1e CoIteqe olldaho BeUI The", PI. Williem 0.... A ....... B.S,(E.I:.) WaUace Hl(lh School

PhI Gamma Dell<o: Hlqh Honoro 1·2, Idaho Enql.......,.. Willie ..... A.metro"" B.8.(8"••) Bend. 0""90" Lembda Chi Alpha; Inbar<:lo:le9"'le KnlQhto. Duk. 3; "]pM K"ppo Psi, Bl....


Mildrood Marian "-h, B.S.{Ed.) Boo.., H'Qh School

eou..;,. 01 Idaho 0.1'" Goom-; Af'9On'lIul 2,; 81_ Bu<:bI 2.J. Willia_ Hen..,. Aah. S.5.CD"") !lo:oiM HlQh School of Id.tho ....lpha Tau~; Pr.- Oub 2. ~ l 1; AtQC:O'>Ilut, He. . Ed,,.,. 3; 0..". ......, PubI....1lonI Ball 3.


Lou .. V. "'''9W1t, 8.B.(S ....) Le~ ,,,'" H'Qh School, Spok..".. W,..hlngton Dolta Tou 0..1"', Alpluo K"ppo Pal: MITIor ''I'' Oub, VI.,. I'r<IoAdent Goner"i Chairman ~ FroI,,;; 801;"9 [.2. 2: Executive Boord.


J.n. M. B.lou, B.A. Rupert HlQh School Kappo. KII""" G<!mma: Hlqhfll Hono.. 2-3; Alpha l.Ilmbda Della, P""I~nl 2, Spu..; C<'Irdlnlll Enqll.h Oub, P..... ld...13; Kappe Phi I; W ,A.A. J: CI.. f I; ArgOneul I· ; Gem oIlhe Mounl.elne 1·2; Panh..ll..nlc 3; Women'. IMl.. T....m 2; A.W.S" T......u....r J.


H ld Knowltan B.ll. B.S.(Avr.l M n HlQh Scho:>l Rlclenbeuqh Hall.

o.c.~·Hs.r~·8.(Bu.J ~""' Alphe ICappo PIli; Vande......., ",,-ul Orcula1>on

PhI Goo"""",


Charl.a C<>rt* BM.rd.... o .... B.S. B-.)

Pr*t Rl..... H>(Jh School Soqm.o Alphe £palon_

Phillp Ho ....r B.ndar. B.S.fTor.) l.Ilwl. "nd Clark tl,qh School, Spokane. W"ohlnqlOrl P"...dena lunlol- Colleqe llndl..y Hell; A_"le<! For...l..... Benny Bernard Ben... n. B,S.(Agr.) 51. Meri... H'Qh !'ochool T"u M..m Alaph A.SM E" W","",lInq 1; FooIboll I. Emilia Tried. ....nn. B.8.(Ed.) K,enu&h H"lh School F<><ne' H.. ll; :;pt..,••; W.A.A. R_U Alo..... n B.tu. B.8.(EdJ Soulhw>ck H>¢. School

Ray Do..-Id B"tlina, LL.B. Poc:a..alo HlQh School Un'_lf olldeho Soulhetn Branch Soqm.o Nu; Hlqh Honon 1-2; Al'QOMul J; Sophoonooe &s\e4booll Mio""9"1" J; Bench and 8er.



H __1 Blak., B.S.CEd,l 51. Anthon, Hoqh School Uni.....-.lty 01 U",h Hal'" fuoll; H1911 H...-. 2-3: K"ppo o.ll<l PI; Enqliah Club. Rob.rl BolllnQ'" B.S.(B\UI.) High School l.ewWon S!<Ile NormlOl Alph.. T"" 0neq4; V"nd.oJl. .n: A Coppell.. ChoIr; Unlverolly M.. I.



Aldrich Bowl••. 8.8.(&<1..) Gooding HI';I1i School Phi Gamma o..lto; Dr""",U". \.2-3; Curtoln.

Mary Gene S ...ddoc:lo, B,A. Lewidon 514.. NO<m<l1 H"yo H<oll: Enqlloh aut>.

Ch40-1.. T. S ...... II, 8.8.(1:<1., ~ Hoqh School Lewl.llon NonMl Idaho Club; FCII>lbooll 3; O"'..... tK;. 3;


a.- T_ _ 3,

Robert s....,n.ftl'idv-. 8.8.(MlnJ Allanta Hloh School

Cl .... nee Brown. B.S.(For.) Horned.o.le H\<;Ih School

DMro~Ti ~~hSc;~·(Ed.)

~l:"; IIlqh Honon ]: Spun, Presldomt; Cardinal K"y: Kop\><> DeI1<l PI; Arqor>IOU1; Gem oIlhe "'OU""',no; Blue Bud"t: V"rKI.. I.... Prelidenl: Von""'l"tt.., Ex&Cullvft BooT'(!, Sec.... lo'y; Ponholl....!". Del'" Delto

H.l"n Bue. B.A. Mooccw Hlqh School Phi Bet.. Koppe; Alph.. Lembd<l Della. Earl Bullod•• B.A. LowllllOn High School

Slq""" Nu; Inlercolleq..... Knlohlt; Scobbord end BI.ode: P..- Club: Enolloh Club; ATQOI'\4ul 1·2-3; Gem 01 Moun"" ..... $porto F.d>k:>t J; 'unlor 0.~ t Junior P........ 0"" ......",; Interfr"lemlly Counc:lJ 2..3.


Wilaon Bundy, ~ •. , (B.S.) All>". up""; Hogh Sr:hooI T"u Mem AIepb.; Hl<;lh H..-. 2; A4 Cub; Wedey FouncLlbon 3; A CtppolLo Olctr 3.

R-'n.1d Bu..... B.8. ~1IIUo H'9h ScbooI Phi Goo......... Del",. WULo.r-d Bu."", B.S.(B....) Boiae Hlqh Schoot Cdleqe 011.....1>0 1-2 Phi Del'" TJ-.: Int.rooI~.. K"'Ohls. Oa=-lI


d •. ,


Uy" Hoi Sprh>Q1

Mauri.,. Byrn•. B.S.(E.E.)

u .. lltoo Hlqh School Delt" T"u Del"'; DotS"",t Club; Id<tho Enqlnee. 2·3; AuocI"led Enqln""l'I; M"n""""I'I' Club; FooIb<lll Man"""". 3. Wilbur r. Caln ..n. B.8.(AlI">

M",ldlon Hlqh School Ondley H"II; A9 Club.

r.-l"-ll. B.A. M"""",,, HI9h School Chi AI""" PI; Inie.coILoqI,,'" Kniqhto; Sophomore Fro!Je, Ch"INMn 2, Jnfe'. Jr"fernlty Councll.


A:.CeruItI. S.8.lEd.l HoqhSchool

olohn Chohlloo. B.S.

eM.I_ Thorn. . ColU"•• B.A. kloho Phl 0.."""" 0.11<1; 0 - Vice Pr.ldenl 3; Argonl'UI ].2; Gem 01. I'" Moun·

14lnl ].2; hl_mper".....,... S"""k,,,,,, 3.

Mary VI"1l'lnl. Con\ldon. B.A. 601.. Hiq" School

Delt.o Gemme: A<qon"ul ].2; Blue Bucket 1·2; Gem o/lh. Mounl<lln. l.

Wlllla ... Tho....... Connollv. 8.8.(£.£.) B."i..,., HI..,h School lindley Holl.

a.ckford roodd........ Coon, B.S.(A.., •.) ".ulllond H19h School 0.11<11 Chi.

John WnN" Cooper, B.S.IEd.) GoodlfIQ H,qh School Footbloll 2..3-'1; "(" Cub

Clal.. M. Coppock, B.S.lEd.) Athol H>;!" Sc:h<d W.oh'nqIon SIooIe Coll.qio Hoys H.ll; HoghHl Honcn 3; Eno;Jhsh Oub; Treble Oel; W.A.A.; K.. pp" Phi: W..,. Found<ol>on. La"•• N.II Coppoc:lo, B.S. "lhoI Hoqh School Ho,. HoU; HlQh Honon 1. T.... OM bon;

1:,.""" P1u.

loan C••• ford. Jr., B.s. C.EJ ""-'ow Hoqh School PhJ 0.11. TheI<o- SiQ.... To,,: A_ _ ~ Enq,_ "-S.CK-


olano Crarnu. B.S.(tcI., Moioo::ow HM;lh School LIPPI Alplwo Thool.oo; WA A.

Loon.. S ........ e ...._. B.S.fEd.' ~I

.. .

Hooll School

O..ri".. M&Il1". C ........oe•• B.A. W _ H....h School Ha~


A"" CurtI.. B.S.CEd.1 Sondpu<ll' H....b School V... c...1 B.S. Bubl Hlqh School Sill"'" ChI.

JuU. P....U". 0 ....... B.A. lloi.. H'GIh School K..ppa It&ppa Gounm..; u..;,hah aut Panhelloenic; B...,

s..... CaplAJn.:

A W.S.

Joh." Pet... 0..:..... B.S. M-.;,w H....h School M" £at.ll.. 0.1.." .. , B.A. BoI... Hlllb School Oeillt Gamma; EnQIi.h Club 3; El'leoc>p<Il Club; Arll'onoull·2. H .....,ld Vlct... DeM....., B.8.{P.._Med.l Wollooo Hlqh School Lomb:lo Chi Alph...

0-..,... W. o-n., B.S.,&o:I.) Emmell HlOh School CoI~ <>l Idaho Beta Thet& PI; Sc:Jphomo,.. Foolbell ~ Gem <>llhe """'nle..... 3.

Ric....rd H.n.." Oi.....", B.S.(r....) Mllwouk... WlXlOnOIin

J ...... Ooyl•• B.S. Woll_ Hi<,lh School &lloon 1....,11100 Doll&rd. B.S.([:d.) Iloue H'GIh School K"ppa K"ppa GerDm.o..

Cyru& .loh..

o....w, B.s.


W"IJ.., WalJ.., HlQh School Wh.,~



Alice M.dori. Dunn, S.S,fSu•.) Oqden HlQh Sch.ool. Oqden. Ullth Weber JunlOl" forney Hall.

Col'- N. Oy••. B.S.fSu•. ) OroSe.llle High School

~~':3; r~1:;r;0~~~,/'~~:r~~ ~:=nf~;

Intercoll"lllole "nigh". Junlor

M.ri... &1....0. EMtbur". 8.8.(&0:1.) ~. d' Alene HlQh School

D.l", DalIlt DaIle.

M&Il1.. e H.Ioo.. E&etb......, B.S. &0:1.1 Coau. d' A.... H....h School LIppa J::.ppa Gemm.; W_A.A. 2-3; Glee aub 2; Gem 01 th& Mou.."",,,,, 3.

Av.... M....,.

Eid.... B.8.{Ed.)

St. T...... Academy. Iloue kLoho CoIIeqe 01 kLoho DalI& 0..........

r ••_

DdMp. B.S.{Ed.) 8<>0.. HlQh School Un'..........., oIldoho. Southern Branch Alpha Ct>l 0 - , H...,. Eoo"o.."", Club 1·2; W AA 1·2-3. RIO. T_m l.


Ann Lon. Elliott. B.A. ~.bu"l Hoql\ School forney Hftll.

Bo~=nll'O" I:ri__

H..;Ih School Lewl*ln Slalot Nonnol Alpha Tou Omeoc;,.

n. aA.lEd.)

Linn. Erlc"-on, B.S.le.E.} Poc:"lollo High School

Jon" Tho Spoka


" r.rq ..h .... !..L.B. W...lunqton

Hall Bench and &or: A~ut.

William Hall F....."_ton•• B.A. W.lI...". Hiqh School Phi Delta ThN. Rob40rt Finch, 8.8.(8 .....) Soda Spr'l~ HlQh School Alphoo T... Omooo<o.

Rich..-d Ma1cohn Tin ..I..... B.S. a .....l a- Hiqh Sd>ooI Siqnwo 0,,; Getn 01 the Mounlalno 2-3.


B•• t,I". Jon. B.S.(Ed.) Welter IlIOh School Koppo K.ppo G."""", W.A.A.; 11:,11. T""m,

Ko"nath Flt .....r.ld. B.S.{ra...) PIIOIe. W••hlnqton ld.o.ho aub; A-..:i.ted F.....kI....

"une Ol ....beth Ft.rnlnll. 8.8.(1"1.£<:.1 B.ok... Hoqh s.=.ool. Booh.-. ~ R. n.nn.... B.S.(Ed.j 801.- Hiqh School Della G.",,,,,,, Hiqllwt Honors 2; H,gh Hono<"f 1; Spu ..., Omi,_[ X:n" K"PI><' Delt.. PI; A"QO"out [·2·3; Gem ol Ih.. M<>unloin. 1·2-3; Ponhtlllenic AOK>CIo. lion 3; 0. ... s..c... tMY 3; Bluo Bude1 3. £,,~n.

C. 1""''''0'', B.S.{B"".)

McCall Hiqh S<.hool OIl; Me~' Club: Sh..


B-tboill Marwoqw 1-2-3.

Robert r ...,.. B.S.(I"o~.) lndi Union H>qh. School. Chi A!pha PI.



(,odj. Colol0<1110

r._I. B.S.(ed.)

Wo,..n Hk,1h. Sch.ool


Will.... w. B.A. Mount H.........n School Mount H«moon. M..-ch_ P!'Il ThMoo..

i..,1. D. r.,.e, B.$.(&d.l Emmell Hoqh. School Colleqe 01 ldoho. Be~ The\<I PI. Pe ..1 r .. lle~, B.8.IBusJ Spr_ 21 ..... 0N00n


M ••U.. C. O.lh~....h. B.S.(rorJ Thornton H>qh School Chi Alph<> PI; .0._01..:1 F...-rs; XI 51'1"'" PI.

Robert Bruce G.rdne•• Good,nq HlQh School









Cleon G_. B.S.lFor.) 51. Anlhony H'<;Ih School

Alph~ T~u 0""""'0.

Gertrude B.S.lMu•. Ed.J M...,.,w HllIh School Alpha PhI; HlCIh Honon I; Sloma Alptw, 101<0; Vond<llMn; K<.JlPI' 0.11" PI; K"JlPI' Pbl; o.J.Ih Teth GuneI; A c..ppelLo O>oir.

"trice Gibbe. B.8.(8....) MoecowHlQhScnool Alpha au 0-<0; Dr....l1ce 1·2 Cocilia Glbbe. B.8.(I;d.) Moocow HlQh School Alph<o Chi 0me0ge: Home Eo: Club.

M"rion. Glbeon, B.A. LewlltOn H!Qh School Ph! 8o!0; EngHlh Club; ArqcMUI 2.


Lou .. O_t., B.S.CE.E.) Shelley Hl<;Jh School Alplwo Tou Ome<,,<l. Kent O<><><leU. B.8. C.£J Salmon H-IQh Scnool Urn_ly oot kLoho. Southern a.onch

Idaho Oub; ASeE.

Eldene Go.... B.S.lEd.) Ernrne.Jl HiQh School KOPI>" Alph" Th&1", K"PI>" D~h" PI.

J."n Gr"h"",. B.A. Peck Hlqh School

Richard 0",,,,,u9h. B.A. Ncrlh Cenlrol H><,III SchcoL ~. Waat"'>Qkln Gonzaqa Unl...roIlT Uni.... roIly of W..... '1>Q1on Ph! Delt.!l TheIa; Hlqll H"",on 2; Symphony Or<::~,,_ J .... ph O ...r. B.S.lE.E.} PoUolch HI<;Ih School Unlvertlty M"n'o Club.

Ruth GrillJe. B.S.{Bua.l Twin F,,' I HI<lll School Un,vertlty oot Wyorn;n<; Forney HoU

Don Gro...r. B.S. B....) Reol>un;J HlQh Scnool

Way",a.. Guthrie. B.S.lAgr.) Emmell HlQh School

01"011.. Hah.., B.S.{B....) Twin Falla HlQh School Bato Tbeto PI.

W<><><Irow H"U. B.S.(Ed.) M...,.,w Hl<;Jh School Phi Delio Theto. Ruth Haner, B.A. Twin FoUl HI<;Ih School Delio Gamma; Spurt; Aloha Lembdo Delio; Th<oto SlQmo; £nQ~llh Club 1.2~1; W..lml....... Guild 1·2-3; Gem ol lhao Mounlal... 1.2-3; BI"" Buckel 1.2-3; ,a.rgcnaut ,.2-3; F""u.. EcLtor 2; W""",,,'o Editor 3.

F...d"ric:" H""'pf, B.S.W.....l Llnooln HlQh School Gerl,elti Haw lena, l..indIeJ HalL Helidl....", MlI>Or "I" Club: .o.-.c.eiad


SWlIllllOlnq 2.



r.liK M. Hardieon. B.S. 0.01.) Spoi""I...Id. loll


l1nl ....mly of Mont...u, ld8ho Club; S,gm8 G8mm8 F.p;lkm; A.ooc181od Mlno,,; fd~ho Mina.

MO"{llen Orlffin H.ep. B.S.(e.I:) Twin F811. High School K~pp<l


£1win Hec•• rt. B.S. Lo..... Derid. Hie.... B.S.'E<!..1 Bc>o. Hoqh School Afph.o T ~u 0 - .

H.l.n x.ono Hend,;"_n. B.S.(Ed.) Lewlolon High School H~rl


d_ W. Hernelon. B.A. Soolmo<l Hoqh Schon! Slgma Chi; Sc..bboord and B18de; Gem olille M ,unt8,na 1.2-3; Sl ..... a"c",l 2·3; Cjrcul~llon M~n_r 3; Argonaut l.

Roneld Bruce H ......,. B.S.(B"•.) Pect H;qh School Phi Giomma n.!~.

M&rlII...... £1laaheth HMb,.. B.S.IH.£C.1 0....,. Hoqh Sd>ooI



Hod O •• nt Newdole Hoqh Sc Club.

Un''''''l, M_'.

B.S. M I:.1

Ollbert Po... r H~.b ... m. B.S.(All'r.) Cu1dei'OC High Scl><>ol Ooroth, M..".... t Hohnho..... B.S.(H.£C.1 II_lion Hoqh Sck>cl For....., Hbll. W AA.: W _ r' Club; II<

E<:onoomoo:. Club

Edi.h. x.o"l_ Ho.... n. B.S.(Mu•. £d.) 'North Cenu81 H''LII 5<::I>0oI. Spohr>e. Wooh".qlon H.. ys H..II; EnQhah (..-'ub.

O_ovin. H.nn.h How....h. B.S.(H.£C.1 GI"nn. Ferry H><;III School PI &111 Phi; Phi Upoilon Omicron; W.A A.; G<>m oIth. Mount8inl; GI_Cl"b.


£I. .nor L.e Hoy•• B.8.(S"•. ) Lewl..... H,gll School

Gamme Ph, 8eI<o,; Idaho Oo.n; WAA. Will...... Wall_ "ucbon. B.S. Min.)

IbM H:qh Sc-hool Soqqwo Ott HJqh Honon \; "'-'aated lol,...... MllIOr""I" Clulx U"' ..... ty Pep Boond; V.... ty T..,rna 1·203; Gem 01 the MoIlnlll,,," 1.2; &ok<ltbaU I; "->ct<lted M.nen: GIM a"b.



Woodrow Koo-y "u<loon. B.S.{B"..) 51 Anlhony HlQh School getIo

n..- P;.

oIam_ A. Innia. LL.B. Coeu. d Alena HlQh School SoQ_ Nu. C,y<la Richard In.... an. B.S.{l;d.) EmmeU HlQh School &t~ Th"l~ P;; MInor 'T' aub; Foncln<;! 3.

Senha C. d""iLao". B.S./Bu".) G,~nqew,lle HlQh School o.lld De!1to 0.:1<>; In........ bonal R.,J."toono aub. Ralph W.ncIa11 d""iLao". B.S. -'9•. 1 Rupert H.qh School


Cn••I•• H.nry d.n..'" B.S. low~



w Willi..... du". B.S.(Ag •.}

H~ llon High School Alboon NOI""",I School o.lllo Chi. Aq aub: lnterlr~\ern,ly CounCIL Tr"",k 3-4; AQI'OnOIIDY Judq,nq T..m3.

M.arc:... Lalli"" 01......". B.S. ro•.) Idaho F~11o HlQh School L.DS. I.-Iu".

Roba.t C. d ...... n. a.8.{p... _Mad.) HlQh School T.u ....... Aleph; Idaho ClAn; M~'



a..olootlxoU l; T.""k I.

A.lnur E. donnoo". B ..... S!. Anlhony HI(,Ih School

&to Th"ld P;,

Clai. M. d.d....n. 8.S.(8ue.) Oadoon. Uldh Phi Go......... Dell<! Rodn..,. P. oIonnalo". B..... P.J"Olta HlQh School

. . . . 0..

Robart Cm.non "oiooo. B.S.Iro•.) M<.cow. Idaho Della Tau o.lla.

M...,- Lou. oIorda". B.S.(EcI.1 Do",,,,,,. Un..", Htqh School. Dow-na,.. C,lil"rr.. , Wh,UI.... HlQh School. Wh,ttler. c..hlornla G>mma Phi B<lld; Idoho Cion; Horne Economlca C1u1>; GI. . Club.

...Iri" W. " ....7". a.s. 8ua.) Glenna F"rry H'qh $.:hooI Delta 0,;.

d.rn.. Stanl.,. K ••1. B ..... Tw!n foil. H!\lh School Phi Gamma o..Ila; an.. Vice P,eojd'ml I.

Luellia Lora Kcll. B..... r&d.) F.d.n HlQh School Stwor....a" N....II Kelly. a.s. T..-m ""ito H"'Jh School.


dam •• Albut". Kay••• B.S.(........ ) Council HIOh School Senior Hol1.

Kathedna AhLVan Kim ....U. B.8.(&.1.) Lotwl••mel Clerk H!<;Ih School. SpoI::........ W".h'n<jlon

Goo....... PhJ Bela; Epiocopel Club; ArqOf'I<Oul 1-2; W A,A 1':2-3, e.." ot ll>e t-Iounl&no l: Tepo omd T _ I. R..l,o Em.NOn Kim_. B.S. C.!:.) TWIn Falla ".ah Sc:hooI Unr__ 1J cI Idaho. Soo,.lhe<n Br""""h Phi G<l"'..... o.lta; 11'1....'..11.....'- Luqhls.

T",i1. Allon Kln'Jhorn. B.S.(Ed.) idaho F.III H!(II> S~hooI HOJ' H..I.l

H .... h.1 VI".,.,,! KLo.-.., 8.5.,A..... I:.) r~ H,qh ScbooI Ibdenboouqh HeU. Elwin Muriclo Klelhe"••, B.S.(M.-I.)

OIlOlMJO. Ilhl'lCU Dun Kl.... pf.r. B.A.

Bol... H'<:III School Bello Thal.<> Pi

Aot,leI weld. B.S.(Ed.l c..1<o!do HIOIl Se-t,ool H..,. H.ll.

"_ph Walter L.dl.. B.8.IFo•.1 S-. 01, H>qh School Ridenb&"'l;Ih Hooll• .I.m_ M• .-Mll wi"lll. B.5.<Ed.J Moocow Hoqh School

Botca n..t.o

Pi,; An;JOI'WIul.

81'00.... Landon. 8.5.(8"•.) p"y."le HIOh Scl>ool 8e\<I Th"lo Pi.

E. Larvilli.... B.A. Soda $prinq. "'9h 5<:hool W-.nlnl" Colleqe Urn_I, 01 Idaho. SoutMn> Br"""" t::..""" 51<).....


bort Victor L&r.on. B.A. T ", r.lI. HlQh School AlP'>- Ta" Clmooooo; 81_ 1::"", raub: [n........ leqta.. I::noqhto 1-2: JuNO<" thin 3: Baou.rboolf 1·2,,:]' TrOoC~ I; u.,...,b_ Boo.rd 3; O ..""",,n lun.or W_k 3;

a... Vioe "'-de<ll 2.

C. LMU. La....,n. B.S.(Min.E.) Burley HIQh School Unlva...Hy 0/ Idaho. Southarn Branch Idaho Oub: A_aled Mina.... Viwl ... 0110<1 .... La....,n. B.S.IEd.) MoeoowH.ghSchool Daleth T.u. G,mel; I::"ppa Della Pi; Women'.

Marla-n WR"•. B.A. Rupert H>Qh Schocl

U"'......., 011""'1.0, Sout!wm Branch

Kappa I::al'l'"

&0_, Eng


K .......h A_Un La"ri , B.S.(M_.Ed.) Victor Hogh School L.D.S. [nlIhtut<o; Kal'l'" Della PI.

A"."] Ll1U ... La><ton. B.S.(Ed.) RUpol-,t High School Alpha Cho 0"""",,,.

wm""", Sh.""1cb x.-. B.A.

W-., Hlqh Scbc>o>l, Wa""nqton. DC

U"'....... ty cl Maryl.ancl

Phi Della n.ta; [n,..<:cil<oq>ate o.t:.ote.

H .. bart Allan I.o.l.b". B.A. Lewwon H.qh School Lttwl."'" s:ate Normal Phi Gamma Delta, 0.... Lamon. B.S.(Ch.m.) MO"COw HOllh School Beta Thata Pl .

.. .

r' a"b:


Kapp" Pt"

R?,",~Hl.ih~B.5.AliT." Al;:r. Epoolcl'l. p,.. Oub; Scahr>ood and Ill.ade, AJ"OOft<'~1 \.:1. Ad....· _"'1 ~ . " - n t flwo_ M b _ 1 In!wft.1em,ty eo.."Cil.


WiIl;'m CaI'OI Lin_I'. B.S-fS....)

KelloQQ HlQh School

50<.1...... "'.1.

Barb••• An ... Lippa, 8.5.(&<1.)

RUpeTt Hlqh School

Alph" Chi Qmoga, SpUrt; K"I'I'" PhI; Acqonaul 1-2-3. EJ!ch,m\l" &!il(>r 3, EnqHlh aub, AW.S. o,bln<lt BI". Bud", I, W.A,A.; Big Sisler 3; Gem oj 1M Mountaln. ].2·3.

I:l'--booth. O_no•• Loomla. B.8.{Ed.) Q,-aI,no H'9h School

Han-&f'd en-t•• L".... B.S. MM!, M-=ow H"lh School

"0- ""

"_ph "'am.. McF....d.... B.8. 8 .... i Ha.lfr, H"lh Sc:hool urdley !tel:

G_rve Robert Mcl'"....d.n. B.A. PI..m_ Hoqh School AI""" Tau 0 - ' D.I... Soq""" 111>0: AfQOMul, E:.d"",q", &l'1Or I. Inlerlra\er· n,t, Cou...,,] 2-3; ln~leql"'" Dooboole. Dorothy I:II. .beth MeK_, B.A. Boi_ Hi",h Schcw:>l

Boioe r"nlor Colleq" PI Bel" Phi' 1"1.,,,,,loon,,1 R"I"tlon. aub: W.A.A. John Phllip McKibbin, B.S. Iloi... H~h School Soq"", Ch" H"lh Honora 1-3; Inl<o=>lJeq...1e KnioQhts; Hell Dove.... M",or 'T' Club; Sw,mm,,'lQ 1-2; r ...."'.'" 0.",.,.. 0><0,.......... l.

Ed ...rd McPh.....n. S.S. S ...... > Po.! F.n. H.oqh School T... Ei-Ion



Donald M&ca.7. S.B.<E.C.1 W"llace Hoqh School Lo.mbda Chl Alpha.

l:rll/r"clo C..-ia.a<> Mal.l.anll. B.8.(S......1 P~nq" .. n~n Hoqh School, l..>nq~~, pt"l,pp",,, I,land.> V"n1u,~ Junior CoIIeqe, V.ntur". Call1ornl'' Coomopollt"" Club; ",lIplnc Qub; In1"'national hl,tton. Cluh.

Marrin M.lcolm Manhall. B.S. ror.' 8onno T...,.. Hoqh Sd>od. &:0>... T..... I-l.....n

R.7rROnd C7ri1 M..-.haII, B.S.rEd.] Idaho F"n. Hoqh School 2>donbeugl Hall Ron.ld Oil.., Martin, B.S.(Cd.) 51 M",l_ Hlgh School Dell, T"u Dell,,; Ba.ke1ball l. Wllli"m Town_nd M.rlln, B.S. Bel.. High School Bot.. /unK>r ColI_ Pht Della Theta.

. ..

R=H~b.~"" B.S.CH.u.) Del.. Del'" 0.1'.4; HoaMt ~ Oub: AI'll'C'CWUI SUH CMndl.r Maul. B.S.(I"or.l Huron. South 0..\_ RldenbBl>Qh H.U. Edwin W. Mayu, B.8.(S .....) KellOQO H,,,,I> School Siqm<l N..; P... Cub. B"""- Mo.-r 3; Enqboh a\ll~ Af'QO<WO\l1 1-2; Gem 01 the Moun .."", ].2; BI ... Buckel 3.

Hanry Merrell, B.S.


Roben Loon M;ddl•• on, B.S.(Ed.) H,qll School Coli"",,, at Ideho Wlloon'. Ccll_. $e,ottl,.. W ...hlnglon Alpha Te" Ome<,1e. Mabel Milia,.. B.S. MWI.EdJ I.e Hoqh ScbooI Loo SU.. Norm.ol Un,-.Iy 01 W.....nqbI

Cell_ Girl." Oub. Rob.rt C. Mil!.•• 8.8.(-'9•.) Jerome H'qh School Delt" Chi; M",<". ")" Oub; ,0.0 Oub; W,....,hng 2·3.

Albert Ah ••h ...... Mon""tt, B.A. Mooocow HlQh School Phi Gemme Del... Mary Ell.a.o.both Mon'lIomul', B.A. E<»n Rut.l Hoqh School U",~1y 01 R.dl.ondo. CahlornM.

H"yo Hall.


Mula..e Moo.., B.S.(Ed.) Rood"'l"<;1 Hiqh School Kapp" Alpha TI>et.o.

Boyd A. Moo.... B.A. Bot. HlQh Sr.hnoI Bcl8e Junior CoIIeqe

PhI Gemmoo 0..1\•• Al'QCfI'tut



01 tM Mounto".....

"elt." MolTO... B.S. ror.)

G,and forb Hlqh School. Grand. Foru. N<wth Oolota

S/qnM AU Bo""Q 2.;3.

G ..aldlne Emme Mo..... 8.8.(I'.d.) Iluhl HI"h School Albion Sl<Ite No"",,1 Color...... Sl~le fMC....... CoI~ Alph.o Ph, Enqhah Oub- U..' OrchMlr..; K.. pp"


Don R. Mordm.... 8.8.CA9"r.l Red>ur'Q Hoqh Sd>ooI R>"""h HaJJ. P.....on Rid... Mortlm.... 8.8.lE.E.) Rnburq Hlqh School RldenbllU4;lh H.ll. d_ Walter Mr... h ••• 8.S. Allr.) W...ctell H...,h School Merlin Leo Murdock. 8.S. AII".) Bl&ckloat H,qh ScbooI

Ridenl>B"""h H,dl. M.ry M ........t Murphy. 8.8.(8ue.) p..ylltl1e HlQh School Gam"", Ph! BeI<I. Spurs; Al'QOO\aut 1.2; G m 01 II>e Mounl<llnt J' A.W.S;



."a Myrlck. B.S.(H.Ec.) Omlor><>, Idoho

Hoy. Holl: Ar9O""u~ Gem 01

t"- MounllOl ....

M.,. N.,.I. S.S.{Su•.) !Awl.ton HoOh School

Alpho Tou 0""""'0: Gem 01 th$ Mount"lno 1. VI<'9I"la rr."clo. Nom•• B.S.(Ed.) Mullan H>qh School Forney Han. ~ t 3; AW.S. CabInet. Claud. Ed ..ard Nuv-nl. B.s. Min.) Wallace Hoqh School R>doo>boUQh Halb A.>cIeIed ) , 1 _ n.o Idoho


IMU,. Oborrn.,.ar. S.B.1Bu•.) Emmell HIOh School PI Beto Phi; HIOh Hono... I; 11,,1\ Div"l"I; Enqll.h aub: W.A.A.

Ern..1 Edrnund Oborbllll'l. B.S.(Mot.) Bol.. Htoh School $lqtno Goo"""" [poiSon; "-'cI.• ted M' .......; A.l M E.; Idaho M,....... BusI.Mo.......... 3. Mone Kathleen O·Connor. S.S. S ....) Moocow HlQh School ~ Phl 011 Th<o&a,

Alph,o 011

Jeck Pike 01l_r. B.S.(J"or.) San F,,,ncIoco. Calilomla SiO'''''' Alpho [palon; Aoooctol<>d Forool.......

1..00...1.0 Hal..y Orland. B.A. M.",..,.,... Hlqh School Phi o.lllO Theta; Deba~ 1·::1-3. M o _ 3; Arqonaul 1·::1·3 Gem 01 the Moun· llOino 1·::1 3. Olonn Orton. S.S.(Ed.) Mounta,n HOllIe Hoqh School

Lambdo Chi AlpM.

John Clelr 0 -.... S.s.{I:d.) Molod HlQh School rr.n.... M...,. Paino. B.S.m.Ec:.)

lAwloton HIO'h School PI Beto Phi: Hom<> Econ<>mlCl Oub: Phl Gam 01 the Mountoln. 3.


Omicron; Blu" Buck.,t 2:

Robort T. Palntar. B.A. IloIM HlQh School

Soq_ Chi; Hell 01....... Go... oIlhe Mounlo,,. ::I Af9C'\'Out 2-3: Sw,mnunq 2-3.

Thorn. . W. P"nt... S.S. S .....) Bouo HlQh School Delio a.~ Alpha ~ppo ..... Robort ThlOOdore Perkar. B.S.(Ed.) St. Anthon,. HIO'h School o.-Olf\<ltlCl 2.3; A Coppello Choir

Beto Thet., Pi:



Parkln_n. B.9.("'or.1

lerome Hiqh School Rldenho<><:lh H"n.

Lo.. I:l."or P _ . B.S.{S....) Le.... end a.rk H>qh Scl>ool. Spokm.. W..... ,nq!on r."PP" r._; W ..... A. IMU,. Lou p __,.. B.9.{I:d.) Tw,n F.,It. H!glo School Delto 000"''''''; I:nQI:oh aub: Tr-ebIe aet; Idol><> a"", Arqonaut 81 .... Buck.. t,

Ca.l_ M. P.rkln•. S.S.{Mln., Monlpell"r Hlqh School

Unl~ty olldoho. Southern Br.,,,,,h Idol><> Club: A-oc-l"ted M"",.-.; !loJ:lnq.


c.m.llla Plttljohn. s.s.rMu•.Ed.l

Cootlelord. Idol><>



Phi: Sp..,;s; V.,ndolfMtn: A Cappe!1a 0>01.-;

a". Tf............ 3' Von·

dol"l~ A W.S. Cabinet; lntem"II"",,1 Ralohon. aub.



,"m.a Loul.ol Pinnell. B.S.(8u•. ) PotI~ICh

HiO'h School

Forney Holi.


no.... th,.

Poll. B.8.CEd.l Pocco","" H>qh Sd>ooI U"'......IT 01 kIahc Southern Branch ron..,. Hall. Otlo AU..d Po_•• B.A. 801.. Hl<;Ih School Yell Klnq 3; iIol\y CommlllN. O"'i''''''n; Arqc>rUlul 2.3. Hn.] V. Pudl•• t!, B.S.lEd.) O<>TUton H...,h School. a .. ,kolon" W<Uh,nqlon LowiDon SCale Nor_] Ha,.. Hall: u..;.lLoh Oub.

Tho"'.... A. R..IHnlJ'lh.I.., B.S.lSu•. ) J".-u H!qh School. J" ......... AI".k" ALpn. T"" ScoLbor-d ,,00 Blade.


Duffy £d .... reI R..d. SS.(p...MMI.) T""" fool 1" HlQ/'l ScIood 8et<l Pi.


M.r{ju .... tt. T. Reinhart, B.S.{H.&<:.l

N".... Plymouth HIOIl. School Coll_ 01 Idaho

H.. y. Holl; Home Eo:.nomica Oub. K." I'red Rich.M.on, B..rb H>qh School Idooho Cub.

B.s. r .....l

Wallll... "unlo. Rieh. 8.S.[S ....)

Bledlool Hlqh School S'q"", Alph.o Epallon; Alpha K"ppo Psl.

Paul Ne_ton Rleh.a.on. B.8.(1'0•.) Mont,*- H'<;Ih Schcd Delt.e T... Della; ~Iood r".....I ' .

EaT. Riuh.I

Coeu. d' Bel" Thet.o PI;

B.S.ll'or.l H!9h School

-r Oub: Fooiboll 2-3: 2-3; R.O.T.C. Rlf. T_m.

Marjo.l" ElLzabeth Robbin•• B.A. 801.. Hlqh School Dell.!o Delt.e Dell.<>; Treble C.l F..nollsh Oub.

rON D. Roboo"-Oft. B.A. Ec.w.u H""h SchcoI W,lI._ Uru__ tr IdehoOub.

Y...d Robl.-.on. B.S.{Bua.) Nftmpa High School CoII_ol IdfthD Deltft Tft~ Dell.>; Hlqh HonD".1; Alph<l KftPP/ll Psi; Al'Qon~~t 1-2.3. Ci",~I~tlon M~_ 3; Gem 01 tM "lounla."" 2. A...l.>nl Edt"'" 3, InlerfrolernJly Coun·

cil 3,


I.on l.oR..., Rolle£oon, B.s. Ch.m.E.l Moooow H"iIh


Richard Ro.....n. B.s. Chom.E:J Itelloo<l H>qh School K~""" Sti.!""" Hl(lh Honoro l.

Dorothy M, R-..or. B.A. Glflnno forry H>qh School Alpha PhI; o..le1h Tllth Glmel: Cord"... l K"y; ''1'" W""",n; WA A; Enoll.ah Oub; A-S.UJ. E..""",h... Boord 3; A"QD""~t; G-l 01 !he Mounl<>.no; tli.... Budol. Vorl. C1.o R_. B.S. YorJ He./a H>(Ih School o.Jl<>


Wallace Coe~r

Ro~naa_lI. LL.B. d Alenft Hi(lh School.

0.,11<0; P.-- O~b, Gem of the Mount~\n•. OI'Q~nl"'lIon. Editor 2. Ao.x1ftlO Editor 3, lnllltTfe"letnlly Council 3. T ....... ~ ..... 3.



Cecil OoJ'don R ....... n, B.A. Tl'OJ H.oh School R094'r Winalow R..-II. B.S.(Yod AP<>leton. Wl"""""n

Tft~'K~PP/Il [potion

CUllan. dohn Ryon. B.A. B~hl High School o..lla T~~<o; InleroolleqJ"la Knights; DrftllMliCJ 2·3,



R - * Soo.,de n. B.5.(8.....) e..ut d A H""" School

Itlo""" K..ppo Gco_

"'_n S.ndlO<d. S..8.(Ed.} ltelloqq H.oqh School o.l14 Gemma; H.oll 01_ Aroonaull.2-.3; W.A A

M..... M. Sc:hnmu. B.A. Leww end Clerk HlO;lh School. Sp:U.... W-mnqlon

DooI'" Gamm.; H ~ Honan 1·2; $oqma Alplwo 1-.: AIptwo u.mbd<o o.tla; Cordlnal K.r: T..-bM CW; 81 ... Buclet.~.. Ed,... 3; 0-1.....,_ 2; Gem of ItM Noun..,... \·2-3.. Walte. ern... Sc:h_"f.ld. B.S.{A9T.1 & •.., H"Ih School Uni....l, Men". Oub. Wilbur 8ch......t.r. B.a.tAlJI".1 lU".. Townob,p H>qh School. 0. p!.,-. In....... U"'....tyof Ilh...,.. Della 0..; HlQh Honon 2.,]; AlpM Ze\.o; Aq Oub,; AqronooIlJ ll>dqlnQ TM'" J.

r.-.d Ell.. SlwIf't, B.s.(ror.l Mce..n Hlqh School SoQrna ChI. H.lln Jen. Sh.. h.n, B.S.(Ed.) 51. f • .-'I. &< ... [doh<> HlflI HIli; "'"90"""1. Donna M."'l..... Shnlden. B.S.(Ed.} lI.l"n" HIQh School, H"lenl. MonlaM

KopPl' K"""" <3<0",,,,,,, Ideho aon; H"n Di...,n. Honry 8hLlllnvton, B.5.(8u••) RuPert High School Ideha Club. Mu, Olin. Shorl, B.S.(H.Ec.)

801. tllQh School Alph" Phi; Phi Upoilon Omicron: Home Eeonom\co Oub; F.nQlllh W ,A. A,; At9O<I'Iu~ Gem oIlh<> MOUnl<oins: Blue Buck~.

a ..l~

K ....on Si\lurG Sk••r. B.S. s..ndPOlnt H,qh School

Sen'or H"n.

Edith M.o")' Sl....r. 8.S.(&d.) H".11orl HlQh School Alphco Phi; HiQ"-t Honon I, A1P,h" Lo"'bd<> Dell<>; C<>trli",,1 ".,; Spun; P"ntMllenlc: W.A.A.; Women·. "I· aub; Ar'QOI"I<>ut; Gem ol the Mounl<>JnO;

a_ I,

Thom. . J.m_ Smile,.. B.A. Bcmll Hlqh School

W..I"nqlorl 51<>10 Dotllol 0>1.


DoU91os Rieur<! Smith. B.S.(Min.) SoLoh. Wooh,nqton Lombdo 0>1 Alph.o; A.ocIotod N,........ Idol><> None<. Ed,1or 3.


Col~ G,rIo· a:l~


au TheIo.

Olad,.. Ellaohoth 8 m lth, B.8.(&d.) Twm f"llo H",h S<:hooI U........ ty olldol><>. Soulhorn Col~ Gtrlo· Oub; W.A,A. Loppe. Phi.


HoroW H....... Smith. B.S.(J:d.l Sondpcltnl H",h School Phi Go_ Dotll<>; Scobbord &rid l'lLIode. M...,. Diaaboth 8mlth, B.S.CEd.) IllocUOOI H'9h S<:hooI Un' "'ldoho, Soulhorn lIronc:h Alphco Ph, En!;llooh Oub; Gem "'tho Moun"',no; WA_A R _ Ch...a., 8moU .....I. B.8.,&d.)

W ..

H"t;.Sc~ Soq_ ppe AlpM •


.loft" Willl. SOm"'.... B.A. Spol.......


Bela Thet<l PI.

da...._ Wood ...... So..-...,,,, B.A. Nezpe,c:oo H"Ih School ~ma 0>1; s.:..bbord and Blade; lnieffrdlflmlty Council; Co-O>olrmon. lunlo< M,ser,

Marlo Soulhwo,th, B.S.{S ..... ) 0<1\1., IUlh School

Dell.> hu Del...

&arl Tran" ape".,.•. B.S.(Agr.) Jerome HiQh School Ridenl><Iuqh Holi.

R..-Il H. St••• , B.5.(Aqr.) Moddle4on H>qh Sd>ooI Colleqe cl Ide"" Del"" Chl. Ho._ M,..I sw-n.. 8.5.(E.&.) 51- M.o... H'9h ScbooI Tu Mem Aleph; s.,q...., Tou; [n-.,.,lloql.... "niqhto;: Al L£.: r........... H<Ud>ool 2; ~1Id Enou--o 1.3.

eo=1l ~~~....... B.S.(TorJ Del'"

O>i;~bbetd and Blade;





Ed..... Olann Stockton. B.S.(eham.) I.. rome H!<Ih School Ridenbauoh Holi.

V•• nut. C. Stok ••barry. B.8.18uo.) H....11On iural HIQh School U"I_1r oIldeho. Soulhern B'Meh Hayo Hoi; Phi Chi Theta; l<I<Oho 00'" W.A.A.

W.'-tu. B. StoIr.Mbe,.,..,.. B.S.(EdJ

H....lkln Rur.l Hoqh School U""',,.....1'1 oIldahQ. Southern Branch HaTl tloll; Idaho Oan; W,AA" £.r>Qh.h Oub. Robo<rt 1tOI......, Su...,}".". B.S. C.E.l Hlqh School PhI G<um- Del"'; ln~'" K:rnqhta. lunloo" I:niqhl,o ~1Id Enqi• .-..; A.5.C.£.; kLobo Enq_. A..iolant Buol.-~.


ROMrI. Welton Stuert. B.S. BUII.I Buhl H.oqh School Un'.....u'l 01 Idaho. Soutt-n Btench Alplwo Teu UIMQ<I. HONrI. HUM.t 8t-,He. B.S.Wor.} Pori "'rthur T-.chnle.. l ]rulHul... Port "'rthur. Onl<>rio. Cm..w. New York R4nqer School of Syr4Cu", Unl¥....Uy Dell<> T..u Dell<>; "'-..clolocl I'oroslo.-.; ldoho I'oreale. Viol.t Elisabeth Summ••. B.S.lBu••) Eden HIQh School Hoy. Holl. L. Bumm..... B.S.lBu•.} S.~poonl H><.Ih School Delto 0»; "'lplwo J::oppo P.l: " ••• Qub; &.boll 1·2.

Rl:,:;; :"..n:tMh'sl:i

PhI Delto Theto~rd onet BI..oe: '1" Oub; HeIJ 0. ........ CIaFootbell 1·2-3, Trock 3; Inlerlrolef"ruly Counol.


~t I;


n. B.8.(LI,J Colored<> W CoIle<,e. f'Nper,"",,", Sehool 0....-.. Colored<> Delto o.tloo o.lloo; W 'T' Oub; a.. Secreta.., 3.

M ...... n

0..01'\1" W. S.-leh.. r. B.S. B ....) St. "".. rIM H>qh School Delio r.. u Delio; Clo. Vi"" ~ ~ ... .....,..,1*1 Enq,.-..; Idaho Enql-...; ......otont Buol.- MOf\bQ'l'r.

Or.1 T.lbot. B.S.(M.E.} Molod HiQh School Ruth Emily Teylor. B.S.(Ed.) Sondpotnl High School Forney H..II. Robert And..... T.-,I..... B.SJror.1 o,hon Hoqh School. o,lton. OUo"'-o

Rociney R. TetI.... B.S. Aqr.l F,1oer Rur..1 HlClh SdIOOl Siqma Alplwo EpoUon.

Co... t ...... " • ..w:. T.,.land. B.S. Ed.) Geo-H!'.IhSchooi Forner Hall Da\elh Tcth G;m,.I; Enqhth Oub.

Oeorve R.

Th~n. B.S.(Ed.) LewlOton High School Wa.I,,~ton Stole CoI!_ Slgmo AlpI\Io Ep"'Ion, Football 3;



JOhn Graham Thorn... B.6.(Ed.1 ......Ion H>qh School Urn_IT clldaho. Sou~ Broondo Urn....... ~ ~ CoI,1c:om..o Alphe Tau . ~'-<:I F~ FDDlboII M a _ 3. V ........ Milford Thom_n. B.A. Pr-. Hlqh School Urn_.,. Men'. Oub.

Ra,.mond P. ThcwnMlI. B.8. ~Ioqq H>qh School Phi Del'" Thet.o.

dohn &lb•• t T_.... B.8. Abe<dMn H,qh School PhI Gom"", Delio. Ru C. Tolm.". B.S,(I:d.) Murtouqh HlQh School

L.O.S. Inot"u"".

W.,.I.nd A. Tonninlil. B.A. On""rlo HlQh School. Ontono. 0""'90" SlQ"'" Chi; Blue Key; P..- aub; Monoqen' aub; In""rfrolem'lT Council :I; Gam cl !he Moun""nI. Circul<>Uon M.._ 2. Buoi...- M........,..r. Blue Bucket. BuoI..- MOMqll' 3; F<:dl>o.lI M.._ 1-2. Junior M.. n_. 3.


0 .... d.""m. TownHnd, B.8.(ro•.)

Dudle,. G. Tuell••• B.8. AlJ".1 PI""" Hoqh School H.o.I~ A<J Oub.


Clarabelle Mari40 Tu.n••. B.8.(Ed.J Nezparoo. Hlqh School Del"" bal"" Oal"".

R.lph E. Tu.nld~. B.8,(I:d.l Weloer HiQh School CoII_ 01 [doho LIndley H..ll; PI K.. ppo. 001",; lnblrcol!eqi..... Debo..... R. LeV••1 Un.nd.r. 8.8.(AII") Burle, Hlqh School W..od""w Em••oon V.n r ...d.nb...g. B.S.(Mu •. I:d.) Coeur d' AI"ne Hlqh School

G.reldin. A"n. W.liln••• B.A. Pocat,,11o H>qh School Urn .......'y clld..ho, Southern Br.nch 0-110. Delio. Delio.; Enr.!lIoh Oub; A eo""""... Choir; G<-m 01 the MounlO,'" Lud_n W.ld••m. B.8.(Ed.l Suqo....s....... H>qh School F""""l' H.l\; Vendo....... 3. Barbara Weille•• B.A. Co.Id..... H>qh School

t~ Jeeppo Gerome; Eno:Jhoh Oub: Gem cl



Dr....... loco;

R.m. AMn. 8.8.(I:d.l Wet-. H>qh School Keppo AlpM TheI.o. Ruth Ann W.n:!. B.A. CAldwell Hiqh School Forney H.. II. No.....l duni ... W.rdl•. B.S.(AIiI',) Vlclor, [d.. ho d.". G ••••I W•••• B.S. SP''''''''T. Ideho Unlvenll, 01 [doho. Soulhern Sronch Hey. Hell; Hlqh Honoro :1·3; Coomopollton Ouh; Unl"""";], 3; W... le, Foundotlon. dud""" Woodring W.rk. B.S.(e.E.) Woo""'n HlQh School. W hlngton, D.C. Belo. Thelo. PI; HIq~ Ii I; Hi'lh Honoro 2; Phi F.\o< Skr""" Siq"", Teu. T,......u...r 3, A.S.C.£.; A-.cIeted U>g,nee.-.; Rille T.. m 1·3; Ge", 01 !he Moun"',,.. 1-2.


".m.. r. Wauon. B.s.(eMm.E.l P........ Hoqh School

Ptu. Ga~ Oel~ Tau; "-"led £nqt..-... U"' ........ ty Band; Gal thoo Mcunta \.2: Debe. lWill;..", W ". B.S. A.E.) Peck. kMho lGd.nbo"9h H...n. c...-man edith Wahl>, B.8.(Ed.1 W_H.oq!ISchocl F.,..,.., Hall; 1:.nQl.ldl Oub.

M . . R. Wahoor, LL.B.

Norlh Central H"lh School. SpoU.... W.otunqlOn

Soq..... Nu; Bench and Boor,

A"aU. Hild.-i Wain, B.A. Loo 1."9"1..... Coldorn!" Wh't..... " Colleqe. Wall. wan•. W••hlnqlon For....y H"II; Enqll.h QuI>; 0""11,,1.,,,

Hanry Alf...d WaUn••. 8.$.(1:.1:,) Twin Fall, High School

0 _...... Ferdinand Way.rmann, B.S.IFa•.) St. M"rI.. Hoqll School

Uncll., Halt Hiogh Honon::l; Idaho

Loow... nca Winton Whit_Ida, B.S.{Bu•. J 51 Mane. H""h School Unci...,. tUoll; Alph.o KaPIl'"


Han..,. Gr.,. Whi....". 8.8.(S .... 1 Boo- H"lh School Colleqe 01 ld..ho BeI.o TbelIII'I.

Homar D.....d WUl..""", B.S.lEd.} M.,]M Hi<;Ih School

Vlrvlnla Maria WilIi."'a. B.$.lt:tl.l Lew)."nd 04rk HiQh School. Spok".... W••hln<;lton FOO"....,. H.lI LooT.' Wl\lmo.... 8.5.(1.11"") 11".bun;I. Id.ho Rld"nb"uqh Hall; Alph8 Z/lt8; A<;I Club. N.,.l Avon Wllaon. B.A. K"II<>qg Hi<;lh School 5'<;1"'" Alph8 Epo,lon; Pre. Ouly. Al"QOMut 1·2-3; An}Or'><>ut AW8r<1 2; Junior W...k PublICIty Gam"",n,

Cromla Leland Wilaon. B.8.(8u•.) LtWldonHlQhSchool lAw....". S..... Normool Oal"" Ch~ AlpM Ka""", ~ H,qh Horoon 2 Donald M...-.hall Wilaon. B.S. BoiM H"lh School I ...... Wil.on. B.A. Cceur o' AIoone H""h Scl>ooI ......


H • ...,. rranc:ia W .... B.S. 0-1.)

Holl.,....,.,o. c..hlorn>a Paul W .... B.5.(Ed.) ~ . Uruon H'<;Ih Scl>ooI. P...,.... Cahtorn'" o...lI8a Juno ColJ_, Qn... no. Cahlorn", Lindley H"ll Fcdhall 2-3; Tracl: :;1·3 Edna s.lla Wood. B.A. Ba.. H,qh School Alpluo Phi; English Ouh; Ar<;IOnnuL

J. R. Woodruff. Jr.. B.S.(Min.} 801.. H!ljh School Phi 0"rnrn8 0&11<1; A.->cl"l&d NIMr•. daek Ell...n Wooda. B.S.(AIj •.} Ern"",U High School Rldanb4UQh H"II.! Olann Wood,. B.S.rP..·Med.) M81"" Township Hlqh Scflool, Pukrld(r, 0..11<1 ChI









Willla..... Mad.a.

Loul_ Pau"'" Mary Wlclo_

",onn Barlo



n.o 81... 1lueklM; nlr.",,,...l o.t>a.. Wl~ Dr..... uca.



••• Second year-Sophomores-the only change they recognize is in the new frosh-and do they look dumb! So think the sophomores. They have weathered the first year of humiliation, even though to hear them talk they put over plenty on those unsuspecting upperclassmen. The freshmen won't get away with anything this year-so say the sophomores. The sophomore year is a struggle for recognition. You see them "polishing" the editors and managers, for after alL they want to get ahead. By this time they know Blue Key chooses on a point system and sophomores stay up nights trying to calculate the points for this and its sister honorary. Sometimes they build their hopes too high and calculate their points wrong; their grades slip, and they slip unnoticed from the limelight. Sophomores-yes, but still green.

Marion. Olenn-Alph.o Pt,,; Spun; Sopbomoo.

SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ••• Sophomore Holly Day, coming eefore Christmas vacation, hurled the sophomore class into the campus spotlight in a big way_ Started only last year, this affair has become one of the leading events of the year. Sophomores wore holly and sold tickets to their dance to make the thing a success in spirit and finance. Robert Granville was general chairman of the celebration, which consisted of carol singing, an assembly, and the holly dance. A feature of the dance was the visit of Santa with nuts and candy for all. Sophomore class officers

" ...... P ••..,.

Marlone Glenn 1:"'7 Lou.S .... lth

for the year were: First semester, presi-

dent, Dean Green; vice president, Bill Madear; secretary, Louise Paulsen; and

treasurer, Mary Wickes; second semester, Andrew James, president; James Perry, vice president; Marjorie Glenn, secretary; and Emy Lou Smith, treasurer.

Rich.ard P lanl B

-o.!", Tu 0.11<0; " -

. - Ma~.



N1d"all-----G<unme Ph> Bel<o; Spun; AJ'QClO'Iaut Gem.



Roberl Abboll Kathryn Adams Howard Ahlskog Harvey Albrethsen Aleck AleXtlnder

Clinton Alsop

Juslin Ammer Roberl L. Anderson PIIU[ F. Anderson Joe Anderson lohn Anderson 101m E. Andrews

Helen Anson Kenneth Arnett James Atwood

Billye Jane Austin

Joseph August Dora B1lird

Frances Baird Ger<'lld Slevens Roberl Boker Rich/lrd Baker

Sarah Jane Baker

Robert Baldwin

Chesler Banks 101m Banks

lohn Barker M/:lrg/lrel BMlon

Thomas Bauch Charles Baylon

Edwardine Bechtol Ernest Beck

Ruth Bell Sherman Bellwood Donald Benedict M.,ry Bell Bennett

Marg/lrel Berlinger

Ellen Benson Helen Benson

Allison Berg Walter Belts DOmlld Berger

M/lxine Berger

Roberl Beverly

Paul Bevis Rudolph Beyersdorf Verll Lee Biggarl

Oren Bigham

Samuel Bjorkman Blythe Blllckmllll Marjorie BIlline Milton Blllilner Allron Blewett Glenn Bodily



Eliubeth Bodwell Mllthll Botes Philip Borup John Bowker MIlrY Mllrgllrel Brllxlon Ethel Briggs

W:llillm Brewer Delln BrOll;dh_d Floyd BrOlldhelld Helen Brodrecht Kllrl Bronson Beverly Brown

WlIller Brown Arlie BrY.:lnt J.:Imes Burkh.:lrd Mllrcell.:l Burns Ruth Burns Ger.:lldine Burri••

Dowe Byington Oscllr Csble George CsllllwllY Burtr.:lm Csllahan Eleanor Csllahan Victor Csmm

Evangeline Carlson Walfred Csrlson Cillrence Childs Elizabeth Childs Georgia Christensen John M. Christillnsen

Richllrd Clllrk Kathryn Clevelllnd Jeanette Clillord Fred Clubb Ernest Coon John Corless

John Crane Blaine Crawford Merdin Criddle Mllry Curtis John Cushing Edw.:Ird Dailey

Jack Dilly Homer David Gordon Davidson George Davis Doris Dawson Herbert Day

Darrell Dean Rodney Delln Jllmes DeCourcey Marjorie Dempsey Adrian DeWinter Lolli Dickinson

. ..

Virgil Dickinson Donald Dickson AlII! Diethelm Waller Dinnison Chesler Dissmore Peler Dodds

Clifton Combs Roberl Dudley Thomas Dunagan Jello Dunkle Everell Duvall Robert Eberl

Elmer Eddington Ralph Edin Ruth Eggert Nevil Eisinger

Dorothy Elliott Kathryn Emery

James English Paul Ennis Glen Erickson Vola-Claire Espe Wayne Eubanks Jerome Evans

Bernice Exleton Eileen Exlelon Wesley Fails Phyllis Fllirbairn Louise Faulkner Willard Faulkner

Norman Fehr

Leone Fergus Homer Fisher

Marjorie Flink Donald Ford Elodease Frazier

John Fritz Robert Galbreaith Perry Gamble Wendell Gannon Grace Gardner Wall"ce Gareis

lohn Gaskill Ethel Gehrke

Fred Gentry Charles Yel:lger Maclllline Gerry

Brandt Gessel

James Gibbs William Gigray ~wrence Gillelt Marjorie Glenn Lee Goodsell Robert Gr~nville



Winton Gr~y De~n Green Olg~ Greene Gordon Greenw~y J~mes Gridley L~Monte Gripton

M~rie H~~sch

Richard H~ll Samuel 1. H~ll Cl~rence Hallberg Floyd Hamm George H~ndy




B. Hansen Swen H<'Jnson Gwendolyn H~rrigan J~ck H~rris

Myrle Eileen


Dorothy Harrison John Hass~n Claude Hart Fr~nk Hassel Robert Haynes Harold Heady

Virginia Healy Roderic He~rn Frances Heath Helen Heiner Virginia Helm Minnie Henderson

John J. Hill Gordon Hillmlln Ada M~rcia Hoebel Edward Hokanson Melvin Hollinger Jewel Holle

Mark Howard Joseph Holzer Cleta Hudson Charles Hughes Elmer Hughes Lorr~ine Hulett

Ben Humphrey Carol Humphrey Delcie Humphreys Kenneth Hungerford Edward Iddings Betty Ingle

Gllil Ingle Ronald Ingle Verne Irvine Andrew James Keith Jacob Eugene Jay


Louise Jelinek

Evelyn Jenkins Freeman Jensen

Marcus Jensen M"rion lensen Florence Jeppesen

Helen Jewell NiM Mae Jewell Bauleh Johnson Howtlrd Johnson

MlIrqllrel Johnson Virginia lohnson

Lucille Johnston VeTil Johnston

Elm{l Jones Weller Kantola Fr<'lnk Kllpel

KlIlh/lryn Kal.zenmeyer

Florence Kelly Emerson Kennington

Max Kenworthy Rober! Keyes William Killinqsworlh Iohn Kingsbury

lohn Kinne

H,nold Kirkpatrick Virginia Kirtley

EliUlbelh Knight Joe Koll

Erich Korte

Mary EliUlbeth Kosttllek

Roy Krebs Shirley Krogh Roland lAme Lorenzo Lmter

Lillian Luson

Joseph Lotimore

Wendell Lawrence

J"ne Lee Ralph Lee Wi!lyne Lee

Fern Leighton

Boyd Leonard Elmer Lewis John Lewis Pill Lincoln Rolfe Lines Roy Long

lver Longeleig Jarvis Lowe

Helen Luke Harold Luom/l Lorraine McAlpine

Gladys McCdu]ey


Elizabeth McCarty George McConnell Irving McDonald Carroll McElroy Miriam McF!l1l James McFarlane

Veldora McFaul Mary McKinley Jack McKinney Charles Mclaughlin Barbdrd McNicoJl Kent McQueen

Warren MacGregor Shirley Mack Willidm Maclear John Manning Homer March Charles M<'lrshaII

Robert Mason Ellis Mathes Margaret Malles Lorene Mellinger Marguerite Miles. Ralph Miller

Elizabeth Minty Alva Mitchell Mary Mitchell Baroora Modler Elizabeth Moerder Esther Moncher

Clyde Montgomery Edna Moore Janice Moore Julia Moore Charles Morbeck Elmer Morgan

Robert Morley Louisd Morse Otto Mosley Elizabeth Mottern Frederick Mueller Paul Munninghofl

Fenoi Murdock Mary Louise Murdock Jack Murphy Frances Murtha Marshall Neill Alfred Nelson

Arthur Nelson Jean Nicholson Baylus Olsen Harold Olson Oscar Onstott George Oram


Noble Palmer Rich<'lrd P<'lris

Alyce Parker L:;u,llse P<'Iulsen

Anton Pllulson Mabel Pellrson

Raymond Pe.JIrson Gllrth Peck Arthur Pecko August Pene

James Perry

Virginia Peters

Lee Petersen

William Pence Jean Pettet Dewey Phillips James Phillips Floyd Picket!

Ronald Pierce Wayne Pitcher

Jerry Potts Paul Poulson Dean Prater John Pierce

Dorothy Reed Vivian Reed Lewis Rich

Rulon Ricb Edward Riley Eva Russell

Louis R<'lcine

Rowenll R/lmey

Frllnk Rand(lll Raymond Rllndall Paul Redmond Lawrence Robinson

M<'lrl: Robinson

Katherine Roos Robert Rorblld Henry Rosevear Ruth Runyon LauTa Runck

Albert Runser &1m Ry<!ln

Rupert Sllnborn William Sonders Janel Sanders o..,le Sanner

Robert s.,rles Lois Savage Robert Schiller Mary Schmitt Robert Schroeder Dale Schubert


Fred Scott Margaret Scott Yictor Sellers Harold Senften Mirland Severin Juslin Sle!e

Lorraine Smedley Emy Lou Smith Spokane Smith Woodrow Snyder Jack Soltmlln George Sommer

Donna MIlY South Mildred Southworth Ralph Radford Gordon Spiers Don Springer Stllnley Stallord

Thomlls Stafford Edgar Stanlon Glenn Stllrlin Mary Stevens Gerllld Stewart Jean Slewllrt

KdY Stoker Clarence Siokes Melissa Stone Warren Stone Dan Stover William Sturgill

Pellrl Summers Pllul Sutlon Dorothy Swendig Yernon Taggart Glenn Tarbox Paul Tllylor

Mllrgllret Teicher Chdrlotte Thompson Willllrd Thompson MargllTet Thornton Harry Tolford Louise Tomlinson

Keilh Tovey Robert Towne Albert Torelle Elvina Tulletl Conrlld Underdahl Jack Tllylor

Roberl Yerberkmoes Wilbur Vincent Harry Wakefield Agdll Willden Barbllra E. Walker Sllrllh Wlllker


Helen Wollen Dorothy W"lton WoSSermlln William WeiS$hllupt


Esther Wennecsten

Ernestine Wentworth Hilns Weller

Nicklaus Weller K<llthryn Wh",len Arthur White

p.,rthenll White

Osburn Whiteley Glen Whitesel MIITY Wickes

Clifford Wicl:.wo.'lret

lad: Wilcox Robert Willard Edris Willi4ms Helen Williams Frances Willillmson

Willsey Cllrl Wilson Dondld Wilson


K.:lrl Wilson

Ralph Wilson

Adelbert Winters Everett Wood Morlon Wood Marie Wr/!JY

Jomes Wright

Jonathon Wright Freda Wyss Clifton York R<'Iymond York

Don Zimmermon

Dolores Kenworthy Bruce Lee Kenneth Preston Roger Seaquist Alex Stirn

May SturoevlInt

Thomolls Taylor M4lin Wilding

Helen E. Wilson Paul Wright





Dick H"tchieon John Elde< Elizabeth Bothwell



••• The "special" brought a train load of them this year as usual-freshmensought after by the Greeks the first week and "sat on" from then on. The first year is becoming less hectic each year; some more progressive houses have done away with the paddle, the "I" Club is too busy to enforce traditions, and the sophomores too lazy to post edicts. Big sisters and big brothers have reduced the hazards of registration to a minus "zero." All a freshman must do is be· come acquainted with his new environ· ment and forget his high school daysboth are difficult. The girls must have an activity-yes, simply must, and some of the boys would be better olf il they had one. Two evils to be avoided the first year are love and the Blue Bucket-both are detrimental in more ways than one.

FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ••• Freshmen activities consisted of building the big lxmfire for the homecoming rally and staging the annual Fresh Glee in May. The bonfire this year was of gocx:i size and showed lots of work, with a minimum of 5to:eo materials of value. At the beginning of the year, Harold Raise, noted as a high schex>l athlete, was elected president with the aid of his fraternity "brothers-la-be." Dick (good-looking) Hutchison was elected vice president. John (I'm a big shot) Elder nominated himself for secretary, and was victorious. He defied custom and the politicians the second semester

C ••I Bu~t C.dy "ene H ......,.


Samuel Rich

and lost. Elizabeth Bothwell was treasurer. Sam Rich was second semester president. Carl Burt was vice president, Katherine Cady secretary, and Jane

Harvey was chosen treasurer.



Carl Burt


Robert Abbey He!en Abbo!l Jack Ad"mson Leon Addy Howard Adkins Daniel Aherin

Donllid Albin Robert A!el<!lnclerson

Faye Allen Je.,n Alison Eugene Alwlll Chester Anderson

Eerl Anderson Kenneth Anderson Dondld M. Andrews EliUlooth Arllm Leonllrd ArrinQ'lon Dorothy Ashby

Belly Ash Lavell Avery lohn Ayers Jean Baar Clarence &con Beverly &ker

John Baldwin Otlo Ba!lulh Helen &nbury Georgia BIlTSlow Virginia Barstow James Bean

DeLoy Beattie

Clyde Beacher Leo Beeler Doris Bennell Eber Bennett Ralph Bennett

LaM<'lrr Berrey Betty Birlew Harriette Bishop

SUMnno Black R<1Ilph Bl<'ll:e Elhe! Blevins

Milithew Boardman D/lvid Bodine Morris Bohman Pete Bonin EliUlbeth Bothwell Floyd Bowdish

Willi<'!ffi Boyd Ellyn Bradshaw Leslie Br"lIon George Bremer Otlo Brende

Irene STevick

OJ â&#x20AC;˘


Armond Brie~in Merle Britton Floyd Broo.dhead B."rbara Brodrecht Mary lane Brody Clifford Brown

Marqaret Brown S. Merqaret Brown Richllrd Brown Wallace Brown Ruth Browning Pllu!ine Brush

Mllrshllll Bue Edward Burke elld Bur! Eleanor Butler Ross BUller Melvin Bu!terfleld

KII!herine CIIdy Irene CIImmack Clayton CIImpbell Raymond CIImpbell Richllrd CIImpbe!l lames CIIples

Barbarll CIIrlquist Mllrgllret CIIrothen William CIIrter Louis Cates Jelln Chllndler Maxine Chapmlln Lloyd Chipmlln He!en Clough Elizabeth Coffin John Coleman David Consalus Ivan Corbridge

John Crosby Delberta Crowley Kenneth Crowser Chllrles Crowther Floyd Curtis Robert DIIggeti

â&#x20AC;˘ Edward DIIl:in Arthur Dalley Richard Darnell Eugene DIIvidson Homer DlIvies June Dllv!e~

C<'lrol Jean Davis Margaret Davis Mark Dayley Hazel Dean Marguerite DeKay Jean Denning


Fay Dennis Lei:lh Dinnison

Charles DeSpain K/llher;ne DeWinter

Gail Dickerson Enid Dickson

Ella Jane Dill"-Td George Dorsey Donald Dresser Jean Driscoll M/lxine Driscoll Robert Dunn

Verl<'l DUTlln!

Harold Durham Marian Dwight Altos Eddington John Elder George Elliott

Glen Elison

Dllvid Ellison Delbert Elvy Karl Emery EWing Irwin Norine Eubanks

Lloyd Evans MllrgMet Evons Richllrd Fischer

Fred Filzp1l1rick

Allred Flachtner Robert Forbes

Ellsworth Forem""n

Ralph Foster Ralph Fowler Jean Francis Cl",k Francisco Doris Frllnson

Liston Framslad R<'lchel Frevert

Keith Freseman

Valletta Fries Edwin Friesen Richard Fudge

lames Galloway Arthur Gannon Richerd Gardner Wilbur Garten Hesler Gentry Paul George

Marcella Geraghty Ida M<'IY Gillenwater RlIymond Givens

Lorraine Goodmon Gordon Goodsell Eleonora Grohom


George Green Forrest Gripton B.nb.-lrll Gwinn Somue! Hllll John Hommerlund Margil Hllnsen

Oliver Hllnze! Glenn Hllrding Mory H<'lrmer Ch'lrle3 H<'lrril I<'lne H<'lrvey Richord Ho~s:nger

Myrle Howk Calypso H<'lwley Normon Heikki1<'l Dtlvid Heller Aus!:n Helmelll Ange!ine He!mholz

Le,ter Hendrix Eugene Herron Morgoret He,by Hillord !-licks Albertll Hill Helen Hill

fli!lie L Hilli<'lrd Fronces Hobbs loRene Hodson Robert Hogge Dorothy Holden Joey Hollingsworth

Everet! Holt Ellen Mllrie Holm Nevil Homlln Clllrk Hoopes John Hoye Gemud Hoyt

Mllrlin HuH Edith Hunt Dorris Hutchinson Richllrd Hutchison MIIX HymllS Mllrion Isenberg

Howllrd J.!Insen Horold Jenkin. Arnold lensen EliMbeth Jensen Mllx Jensen Theris JenlOn

Elmo Jeppesen John Jones Cillude JohnlOn Eliline Johnson Elmer Johnson Morgllrel Johnson

... '"

Donald Johnslcn WlInda Kay

Leonard Kellogg Miriam Kenn,nd Bemell Kennim;Jlon Eamesl Kole

Herman Koppes

Fred Koto Frdnk: Kurdy Nicholas l.4frenz Joseph l.4mberl RichiUd l.4mberl

Linton Lang

Bonnie Lange

M<'lx l.4nhtlrn Wilbur Lukam Ber....eley Lauen Ann laRue

Ethel Latimore Margaret Latimore

Raymond l.lIvigne Dale Lawrence loe Le<'ldingh<'lm Lincoln Lee

George Lemp Mabel Lennon ]lI.mes Lewis

Phyllis Lewis llUlbeli Louis Ch"rles L'Herinon

Rich..,rd Link-hart Robert Linkhart Lois Lipps Janet Little Edwin Lloyd Florence Lovette

Ruth Lukens Hugh LuUropp Voillo Luul:konen George Lyons

Edgar McAlister

Chesler McArthur

Zelma McCarroll

Betty Lou McConnell Bertha MeGr"th Margaret McPherson lohn McVey Lester M"ckey

Mllrgarel M<'lcQu<'lid

Plluleen Maeser Ch,ules Mdill,ud Louise Mllrden Gerllid Mllchn Edwllrd Milson


J<'lmes M<'lson Reece M<'lyer Barry Merrill Don<'lld Metke P<'ltrick Metzg<'lr JuH<'l Milburn



Robert Miller D<'lvid Miller Frances Miller SIlmuel Miller Buckley Mills lohn Moyer

Bruce MItchel! Norma Mttchel! R<'lchel Mitchel! SIlr<'l MItchell Virginia Mitchell Mary Moore

Howard Monks Iris MOrl~路an P<'lul Morken Mabe! Morton W<'lyne Murdock Marqery Myers

Zelma Myers Or<'l! Ne<'Inng Annie Nelson Don<'lld Nelson M<'lTle Ne!son Melvin Nelson

Elmer Nesbitt Lewis Newcomb WilHam Newlon Alice Noble Frank O'Brien Audrey Oberg

CI<'lrence Olson Waller Olson WilIi<'lm Olson John Osqood D<'lvid Pace Howard Parish

Robert P<'lrker Ross P"'TSon Velma Pallon lames Pence Je<'Inne Perkins Barbara Peterson

Charles Peterson Wimrred Peterson Grover Phelps Fred Pickell Jo Pierson Robert Pills


Emmet Porter

Donald Potter Howard Potter Cloude Polls All,," Poole Ch<'lrlell Poulton

P"ul Price Rober! Putnam

Margaret Quinn Bl"ioe QUist Gordon Rlldlord Mllrie Raph<'lel

Irving Rauw

Phil Remalr.lull Jesse Rhodes Maxine Rice

Samuel Rich Fnlnce$ Rich(lrd~

Rdymo"d Richmond Jessie Ricks Ger"ld Ridgew,,-y Robert Ries Howard Risenmay foster Reberiton

Golden Robertson Helen Rogers Harold Roise Esther Roseve"r George Runyon James Ryan

Ellen Sampson Cedric Sanders Herbert Sanderson Ann Smead Reinhllrdt Schaefer Robert Schmitt

Charles Schuster Lysle Schwendimon Ellen Scott Paul Shafer Aleene Shields William Shrum

Ardis Simpson

Delbert Simpson FrllnUin Smith Gordon Smith

M<'lry Smith Raymond Smith

Robert Smith

Thomas Smith Edwin Snow Gilbert Snow Christine Sollman Gordon Sommer


Don.,ld Southworth Rul.,nd Sp"'rb Wllh.,m Speir p.,ul Spence Je.,nnetle Spencer Jean Spooner

O!.therine St. Clair Robert Stephan Emerson Stevens Jessie Stewart Harold Stichter Frances Stolle

Allred Stone Nels Stromberg Helen SullivIln Mllry Sullivlln Keith Sundberg Helen Ann Sulton

MIlrgllret Swayne Robert TIlylor Warren Tegan Doris Thompson Keith Thompson William Thomson

Fred Tileston Romlln Thune Jalln Thurston Howard Tolles Winifred Trude Ailene Trunnell

Robert Tucker Helen Turinsky Helen Turnbull Edwllrd Turner Jack Van Sise Belty Vellley

June Viel Dale Vining . Robert Vervaeke Esther Wagner Gwen Waldram Beth Waldrop

Irene Wallis Ralph Worner )u.,nita Worren William Washburn William Wolt Vincent Wells

Chorles Wendler Belly Wevley Horold Wennslrom Woyne West Chester Wesllol1 Melvin Westardahl

. ..

Elden Westerg/lrd Reo Westover &arton Wetzel

Ferne Whitcomb Arthur White Frank White

Bruce Williams Jack Williams Mary Jane Willi.,mson

Cl.,yton Wilson Edgar Wilson Ralph Wilson

Rich/lrd Wilson Vincenl Wilson Clifton Windl

Ancil Winger Roberl Wycoff Alice Wynn

10 Wyss W/lyne Yenni James Yoder

Russel! Yorgesen Lorita York Cl<'lr<'l Young

John Young Bern/lrd z"rnzow Theodora Zilt.(l Milo g.,wyer

100 â&#x20AC;˘


E. H. Myrick Alumni P ....ld.nt


"C..,'" H.g-.n, Alumni Sec ... t . .y .•nd ....,...t ••y U work ..ndlng out "P.p'" m.t.rl.l to th. gred•.

• •• At the annual alumni meeting held in Moscow last June at Commencement time, E. H. Myrick of Orofino was elected president of the Idaho Alumni Association. Cecil Hagen was elected secretary. During the last year the alumni all over the state have been very active. The organization of Vandal Booster clubs in practically all of the towns and cities in the state has been responsible for this activity. The clubs have as their avowed purpose the improvement of the University of Idaho's athletic standing, through encouraging the state's best athletes to attend the University and creating alumni interest in the University throughout the state.


Willl McC... Ho ......o I"9 Cn..;r



Th. Alu... ni c1.n.,.c1, ,H, ...ll,. In the O,m .

• • • Homecoming-when the alumni come from all parts of the state and nation to renew acquaintances and celebrate, it's a big day in Moscow. The alumni hold their meeting and discuss their business-but primarily it is a time for renewing friendships and making new ones. Homecoming this year was built around the southern idea in honor of our coaching staff from the south. William McCrea was appointed chairman of the event from Blue Key, the organization in charge of Homecoming each year.


Book III


Coach Ted Bank, newest member of the Pacific Coad family of coaches and Director of Physical Education at Idaho.


v 1;::::::Coach Percy Clapp, assistant football coach in charge of Intramural Sports and Physical Education.

••• Coach Ted Bank was chosen to head the Idaho athletics department to succeed Leo Calland this year. Bank comes from away down south in Louisiana where he was assistant coach at Tulane University. Formerly he worked under that famous Michigan coach, Fielding "Hurry-up" Yost. His initial season did not prove as successful as had been expected, but great expectations lie in the future with the coming of new men who will better understand his system than the men of this year who have been drilled so long in the Calland system. Percy Clapp, who was chosen Ba,nk's assistant, hails from Appleton, Wisconsin, where he was head football coach and chairman of the physical education department at Lawrence College. Clapp is a real leader of young men. He has the educational attitude toward athletics and has shown excellent cooperation since he arrived on the Idaho campus.

• 107

COACHES ••• Idaho has a complete new staff of coaches this year, with the exception of Rich Fox, Vandaf basketball mentor. Fox led the court men through many seasons, and has proved his ability in both his teams and personality. Bob Tessier hails from the same school as Head Coach Bank. He was coached at Tulane under Bank and Cox. He came here as assistant football coach and frosh basketball coach. Al Paddock came to Idaho as assistant football coach and frosh football coach. He was head coach and director of physical education at Southwest Mississippi Junior College. Mike Ryan, Idaho's new track coach and trainer, comes from Maine. He trained and coached the last four American Olympic teams and is him· self an Olympic star. Rich Fox Bob Tessie.. Mike Ryan

Al Paddock


MANAGERS ••• Louis Paskin was appointed senior football manager last spring by the executive board. He hails from South Bend, Indiana, and is a major in Business Administration. William Pauley was chosen senior basketball manager for the 1936 season. He is in the College of Engineering, majoring in chemical engineer-

ing. He comes from Boise, Idaho. The senior baseball manager for this year was Vincent Hunt from Buhl,

Idaho. He is a student in the school of Education. Franklin David, Moscow, was chosen senior track manager to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Robert Little. He is a student in pre-medics. The managers are chosen from the junior managers for ability and interest shown in the sJX)rts for which they turn


Louis Paskin William Pauley Vincent Hunt

Franklin David


-----,--_.1 ,I

King Otto Power

Duke Don Zimmerman Duke John Moats

THE KIN G AND HIS DUKES ••• Sauntering unnoticed along the Vandal rooting section between halves of the Homecoming football game, a Washington State College student suddenly snatched Yell Duke Don Zimmerman's megaphone and tore across the playing field toward the haven of the

W.S.C. rooters' section. Duke Zimmerman dashed madly in pursuit as soon as he sensed the calamity. Pouncing on the lanky snatcher's back before he could reach his Cougar cohorts, short-legged Zimmerman emerged from the melee with the remains of his megaphone to

receive the acclaim of all Idaho supp:>rters. Zimmerman, and the other Yell Duke. tow-headed little Johnny Moats, have l::>een of great assistance to Idaho's efficient yell king, Otto Power. who has performed loyally the task of directing athletic spirit in unified yelling.

A pep rally at the .tation as the team departs

110 •


Head Coach Ted Bank

Captain Bob McCue

of the 1935

VANDAL LEADERS ••• Coach Ted Bank proved his ability and drive by guiding the Idaho Vandals through a successful football season. In his first season as head coach Bank has built up powerful reserves, who should go far in conference competition next year. Big Bob McCue was voted captain as well as most inspirational player of the 1935 squad. McCue played an iron man season until an injury at the last of the season prevented him from finishing a record year.

112 •


W. Stanford.

L. I I

Clllifornill ..

4 4

U. C. L. A..



Oregon .. WlIsh. Stale. Wilshingion.

3 3

2 2

U. S. C..

3 2

3 3

Oregon Slate.



Id"ho . . . .


5 5

Monlan" .. ' .•



o o o o o o o I

o I

Pel. 800 800 800 600 600 500 400 400 167 000


BacIa Row: Wh_l.r. O. RIch. <>-,... Rltah.irn... I......". S ... ndbe,... H""Nd. Betta. Moo.... W...... TI\W Ro.. : "t e-I\ T.-!.r. KI"". I:ricaon. Th~n. K~. W.... B~o. Bo.1Io.r. Kn~ht. C1.pp. 8.nlo. s.oond Row: P or. Coo~r. H_r. R. S~UlJ7. Mee .... D. SPOO"'lJ)'. O.,oon. R'IIn.,.. rront Ro..: L. Ric:I\. D. O ....n. o.elln. M_n. M.... pift. L. O ....n. Ho..-....... Holrn_. W ...ll••r. R.n\.;'.


FOOTBALL SEASON ••• This year was the first year that Idaho played under the new system as introduced by Head Coach Ted Bank and his assistants at spring practice last year. The season was not very successful from the standpoint of wins and losses, yet it gave evidence of greater days to come. The coaches were handicapped by lack of experience on the part of the players in handling the new type of play. The first game of the season was with the Washington Huskies at Seattle and resulted in a 14·0 defeat for the Vandals. On the following Saturday the Vandals played. Gonzaga and went down to a one-point defeat. Gonzaga scored. on the opening kick-off and converted. the try for point. The final score was 7-6. The next week the football team was handed an unexpected. 7-0 defeat by Whitman in their appearance before the hometown crowd. Idaho won next frem Montana 14-7; lost to W.S.C. 6-0; and O.S.c. 13-0. They were defeated by Oregon 14-0; won from Nevada 26·6; and lost to V.C.L.A. 13-6.

I 13


R .... S""dbe"V Bob McCue No_",." I........"



W. .h1n,lon H

I 14.


Y.., tAft Tackle • Left End

1M .....1 lu It'.. I_

o 14

••• Idaho opened the football season with a 14-0 defeat from the Washington Huskies at Seattle. The first part of the ball game was entirely Idaho' 5, with the majority of the play being held on the Washington side of the midfield stripe. During the first period the Vandals worked the ball down to the 31-yard line on an exchange of punts. From there Devlin went down to the Washington 20. Sundberg bucked his way to the Huskies seven, and a line buck netted two more yards. On a fake line buck and a double lateral from Sundberg to Iverson to Devlin the ball was advanced to the one-yard line, where Devlin dropped the oval and Jimmy Cain brought the crowd to their feet with a 98yard run for a touchdown. This was called back. In the last minute of play during the first half, By Haines ran 47 yards for the first Husky touchdown. Rink Bond converted. The other Washington score was made on the second play of the fourth quarter, when Nowgroski, Washington fullback, broke away for a 31-yard run over left tackle.


6 7

••• A first play touchdown by the Gonzaga Bulldogs gave them a 7-10-6 victory over the Idaho Vandals in a non-conference game at Spokane, October 8. Tommy McNeese, fleet Gonzaga halfback, caught the starting kickoff, dodged toward the center of the field, and ran ninety yards for the Bulldog's lone touchdown of the game. Seconds later, Ray Olsen converted and Gonzaga led 7 to O. The Idaho offense rallied to drive the Gonzaga defense back with long gains time after time. only to be held for downs inside of the Bulldogs' tenyard line. It was in the final periocl that Ward plunged through from the six-inch line for the only Idaho touchdown, after dashing around end for 46· and 19-yard gains. Idaho's try for point failed, and the remainder of the game was played in midfield. The Vandals' drive that impressed the fans at Seattle seemed to be lacking against the Bulldogs, with Swede Ward and Willie Maxson being the outstanding Idaho backs. Idaho made 14 first downs to six for Gonzaga. The Bulldogs totaled 188 yards from scrimmage while the Vandals gained 320 yards.


...,n W.rd



d". Wh_I..

C.nt•• Ru. Hon..,...ta • Qu •• t •• b.d,

wuu. Mou<on "irUn, 1.1t .nd with G. Rich waiting lor. to nt..... tho ....,.c:l.....

• I I!


C. o.~lin _ RIght dohn Coop... • Laft Ou.<d O.n. B ••do • R1llht T&<:I<I.

L. O ....n plunging hill ..., th ...ugh 10

.top Oodd.<d ..hila h ....-" co"',, In £ro'" bohind.


26 6

••• In their first appearance in southern Idaho in the last three years. the Vandals defeated the University of Nevada by the score of 26-6. This was Coach Bank's first appearance before the south Idaho alumni, <!!nd he left a very favorable impression. The first score of the game was made by Theron Ward on a long run through right tackle. In the second quarter, Willie Maxson broke loose for 62 yards before he was hauled down on the Nevada 21-yard stripe. A few plays later Norm Iverson scored from the fiveyard line on an end around play. Louis Rich converted the try for point. Midway in the third quarter, Devlin ran the Idaho score up to 19 points with a 51-yard dash around end behind perfect interference. Sundberg's try for point was low. During the final quarter, Dayton put the ball in j:X>sition with a series of line bucks and finally scored standing up from the 28-yard line. He also made the try for point from placement. Idaho outplayed the Wolves throughout the game, making 15 first downs to their five.


o 14

••• A greatly improved Vandal ball club traveled to Eugene, October 18 to engage the strong University of Oregon Webfoots in a conference battle which was marked by the superior playing of the Idahoans in every department of the game except kicking and scoring. The Ducks took advantage of this superior punting and came out with the long end of a 14 to 0 score. Ross Sundberg was the lead· ing Idaho ground gainer with an average of 4.2 yards per try. It was Riordan's and Donnell's kicking that kept the Vandals in the hole. Oregon's boots averaged 48.3 yards to Idaho's 26.2 average on all kicks. Idaho drove the Ducks back time and again with a series of passing and running attacks, but the breaks were against them, for they were not able to get across the Duck's goal line. The Vandals gained 116 yards from scrimmage and 87 from their 10 completed passes for a total of 203 yards to Oregon's 132 yards from scrimmage and 37 yards from passes for a total of 169 yards. They made nine first downs to Oregon's six and completed 10 out of 17 passes.

0.0"'1<' Rick Rlokt End Stonloo P.ylooy Rloht Ou.reI. Willi. M ...... n • Rioht H.llb.elo

An 0N<lon bloclo Hon

n 0001. up in th • • it to t.·. punt.

• I I 7


14 7

••• In a fitting climax to the second annual Dad's Day at the University of Idaho, the Vandals registered their first win of the year with a 14-7 victory over the Montana Grizzlies. There was little action seen during the first hall of the game, with both teams seemingly content to punt on third down and wait for the breaks. However, the second half was decidedly different. The Montana team kicked over the Idaho goal line on the opening kick-oil and the ball was brought out to the Idaho 20-yard line. On the next play, Theron Ward shot through the right side of the Montana line and sailed 80 yards down the field to score standing up.

Ralph Sv*u'l1 0..."0......,, Lou.... Rich.

1 18 •

Co"tar Left Halfback Fullb..,k

During the fourth quarter, Sullivan, Montana captain, recovered Sundberg's fumble on the Idaho 22. A lew plays later, Szasch took the ball over from the one-yard line. In the last seconds of play Iverson recovered a Montana fumble on the one-yard line and Maxson carried the ball across. Rich and Sundberg converted roth tries for points, and Idaho finished with a conference win.

IDAHO 0 WASHINGTON STATE 6 ••• The gods of football. first sending a cold, drizzly Homecoming Day for the Vandals to contend with. added yet another handicap by handing the game to W.S.C. by a score of 6 to o. The Cougar's points came early in the first querter when the pass from center sailed over Swede Ward's head and then rolled into the Idaho end wne, where a Cougar player grounded it. The sparkling play 01 Ed Goddard, W.S.c. quarterback. enabled the Cougar team to stay Qut in front after the first quarter. It would be impossible to name any Vandal player as outstanding, every man on the team playing a bang-up game. Continuing their practice of

copping everything but the points, the Idahoans ran up a total of 196 yards from runs and passes to 140 for the Cougars. They passed three times for a total of 26 yards to 21 yards for the Cougars. The Vandals made eight first downs to seven for W.S.C. Babe Hollingberry's team excelled. in only one phase, that was punting. The Cougars kicked. eight times for an average 01 40.8 yards against 33.6 lor Idaho.



d .... M


Laon G


• _

RI\lht H.lIb.". Laft H.lIb.". Ri\lht End

"" Ward, wit'" Coopo~. Ho..-o_ ...........d Sundbarv . . in • .,f.... neoo • . . . . . . . ....0 ..... , acorin\l ........ t -Val... t W.S.C.

I 18


0 13

••• The Vandals journeyed to Corvallis on November 15 to meet the strong Oregon State Beavers. The Idaho team seemed to have a let-

down after the W.S.C. game, and as a result they came Qut on the short end of a I3-to-O score. Joe Gray was the sparkplug of the a.s.c. attack, and his shifty, clever funning kept Idaho on the defense for the greater part of the game. The first score of the game came in the first quarter when a Beaver punt was fumbled in V~ndal pay dirt, and the ball wound up in the arms of the half for an Orange touchdown. The Beavers' second tally came in the third quarter when Gray, behind excellent blocking, raced 68 yards to cross the Vandal goal line. Louis Rich, sophomore fullback, and Ralph Spaugy, center, played the most outstanding game for the Vandals. The Idaho aerial attack was the only department in which the Vandals were superior. Honsowetz passed all afternoon, completing 11 out of 19 tosses, but in spite of this, Idaho could get no closer than the Orange 30-yard stripe_


"Lefty" In men _ Left HeLfbeck , nervi.. Welk..r • Rillht R .. ttill _ Left Gu.. rd

Honeow.. t& en...chlnll ..t .. n O.S.C. b .. ll w.. rd eominll in l ..... £r'om the ......r.

p .. ckar. ··Sw.. d..·•


IDAHO U. C. 1. A.



••• In their last game of the 1935 season, the Idaho Vandals played a championship game to surprise the Los Angeles football fans by nearly upsetting the strong V.C.L.A. Bruins. The Van· daIs threatened in all quarters, but failed to score until the last few minutes of play, giving the Bruins victory by a 13-t0-6 tally. Idaho started the fireworks in the first quarter when Clarence Devlin swept through right tackle and raced 41 yards before a Bruin tackler hauled him down. In the second quarler, "Swed.e"Ward broke loose over tackle and ran 54 yards before being nailed. The V.C.L.A. eleven scored their first counter in this period. after a 58-yard drive. An aerial attack by both teams marked the second half. The Bruins passed to their second counler early in the fourth quarter. With less than three minutes to play, the Vandals scored their only touchdown when Holmes flipped a pass to Devlin, who drove 40 yards for a tally. In kicking alone was Ted Bank's tribe inferior. U.C.L.A. averaged 42 yards against 27 for Idaho. The performance of the Vandals in this game raised their conference stock considerably.

Walter Bett. c."ter Paul W;M Q"arterb • .,k CarlOaterho"t _ RIlIht G"ard

Coac.... BanlI. RJ'.... a"d Clapp lIh. the .t""i"l1 ele-" againat U.C.L.A. final inatruetiona within the .alla of tha R .... Bo.l at Puadena•


Coach Paddock giving the Vandal yearlings some pointe...




Idaho Frosh


Lewillton Normal

Idaho Frosh


W.S.C. Frollh

Coach Al Paddock

The Idaho Freshman team this year was one of the strongest teams they have had here in years. The men took readily to the new system of play that was intrcx::l.uced by Coach Ted Bank, and under the leadership of Al Paddock were able to turn in a very successful season. In the first game they played the frosh gave evidence of some very strong material for the varsity of next year when they downed Cheney Normal by a score of 7-0. The only score of the game came on a pass from Harold Roise to Tony Knapp, left end, who took the ball on the Cheney twenty-yard line and raced over for the touchdown. With the Cheney team all set to block a kick from placement, Raise called a line buck that was good for the point. The frosh lost the next game to Lewiston Normal by a score of 7-6. The Lewiston score was made on a well-executed pass from the center of the field. The frosh scored on straight football. The frosh outdowned the Normal eight to one. The frosh lost their last game of the season to W.S.C. frosh by a score of 19-0. The line held well, but they were unable to stop the fleet W.S.C. backs on end runs. •• e


- -

Idaho Frosh








.. I

{ ca i , .

I ' ,I



Coach Rich Fox

Captain Bill Kleiner

VANDAL LEADERS ••• Coach Rich Fox took the helm of the Vandal baseball team, and guided it through a season which was considered successful, as the Idaho squad won three games and lost the remainder of the games on their schedule by relatively close scores. Rich Fox has coached a number of Vandal baseball teams, and every year he has developed material of championship caliber, but there has always been a psychological element which falls upon the squad before their first game. This causes the Vandals to emerge at the end of the season at the bottom of the conference standings. Bill Kleiner, captain and center fielder of the Idaho squad, proved a valuable asset both as a player and a leader for the team. He played a consistent brand of ball, and could always be relied upon to garner his share of hits.



THE BASEBALL SEASON ••• With only three wins and thirteen defeats, the Idaho Vandals ended in last place in the Northern Division of the Conference. They were able to register wins over Washington State, Oregon State, and the University of Oregon, but were unable to place against the Huskies from the University of Washington. In the pre-season games the Vandal batsmen met with a little more success, managing to win consistently from the Lewiston Normal team. In the Whitman series during the spring vacation, Idaho dropped five straight games to the Missionaries from Walla Walla. In a return engagement at home the Vandals won a double header. Barney Anderson, senior catcher. was the most consistent slugger for the Vandals, with a .343 average.

Coach Fox. ". Steward, W. Hampton, B. Kleiner, B. And....on, L. Albee, B. Kahilorn.t.lI, R. Hanford, A. Cuoio. B. Black. H. Schodde, F. Newton, L. Naslund, M. Sh.pard, S. Surnrne.... J. Wheeler, W. Geraghty.




W. Geraghty slides in home "Moon" Shepard connects with the pill

••• Idaho opened the baseball conference season with the Washington State Cougars. The Vandals took it on the nose in the first two games of the series by scores of 20 to 10 in the first game and 6 to 2 in the second game. The Cougars bunch· ing their hils and the Vandals bunching their errors accounted lor the first loss. In the return game. Idaho kept W.S.c. at bay for a margin of four runs. The Vandals came through in the third game with a 7-to-0 victory. Bill Black allowed the Cougars only one hit during the game. In the final game of the series, W.S.C. won by a score olBtol.

Barney Andenon. catcher


"Lefty" Naslund. pitcher

Joe Wheeler, right field

IDAHo-o.S.C. SERIES ••• Coach Rich Fox's Vandal baseball nine emerged from their four-game series with Oregon State College boasting one win as against three losses. The Idaho nine dropped the first three games to the Beavers by scores of 5 to 4; 12 to 1; and 9 to 4. They came back in their last game and drove the Orangemen all over the field, finally taking the game by the overwhelming score of 12 to 1. In this last game, Naslund, Geraghty, and Anderson were particularly outstanding. They played. brilliant ball in the held and also managed to keep the Beavers worried by their consistent hitting. Idaho was unfortunate in the first part of the series. They got off to a bad start by dropping the first game, and it was not until the last game that they really hit their stride.


Idaho man gets ready to swing. A mighty Vandal smacks one in the 0.5.0. game. Kahilometes swings hard but misses.

Bill Kleiner, center field

Bill Kahilometes, left field

W. Geraghty, shortstop



Bill Katailom.t•• out at first against Oregon.

Naslund h ••ding lor the first .acker in the wama with the Wabfoob.

••• The Vandal baseball team did not do so well in their series with the Webfex>ls of the University of Oregon. They won only one out of the series. The Vandals lost the first game with Oregon by a score of 4-5, and were barely able to nose Qut the Webfoots in the second game by a score of 6-5. Naslund scored the winning run in the tenth inning.

The series with the Oregonians at Moscow was worse for the Vandals, and they lost both games played. The score on the first was 11-9, and 7-6 in the second.

AUred Cuoio, Hcond baH


Bill Black, pitcher

Henry Sehodde, .econd bas.

IDAHO -WASHINGTON SERIES ••• The Vandals met the Huskies in Seattle on May 6 and 7 for the first two games of a fourgame series. Although the Vandal nine showed up well most of the time, they had innings in which they didn't seem to click. These bad breaks cost them both games. The Huskies chalked up three more runs than the Vandals in each game, winning the two with scores of 5 to 2 and 10 to 7. The same streaked playing cost the Idaho nine the two games played on the home diamond on May 29 and 30, losing the first 8 to 5, and the second game 18 to 7. The psychological aspect seemed to figure strongly in this series. Once behind or on the bad end of the breaks, the Vandals could never forge to the front.

AndeMion gets a hit from the HUllkies. Schodde lIwings on one in the Washing-ton yame. Albee crossing third base in a Cougar tilt.

Las Albee, first ban

"Moon" Shepard, pitcher

Roy Hanford. catcher


OTegon Staters dribble down the floor . . . Up and at 'elT\-it'. the tip-olf-with the Idaho IT\an'. hand outTeaching hi. opponent'â&#x20AC;˘ . . . And it'. a bask.t for Washington but the Vandal. won.




Coach Rich FOI

Wally Geraghty

VANDAL LEADERS ••• Although Idaho could not be credited with a successful season in the 1936 basketball series, the Vandals were fighting all of the time. Coach Rich Fox, who has headed the basketball helm for a number of years, has developed teams which are a constant conference threat-tipping over the leaders on numerous occasions. Wally Geraghty has proved to be the most consistent man on the team in his three years of varsity competition. To "Wally" and his team-mates, students can toss a bouquet of admiration for the fighting attitude they have displayed. It was with deep regret that we saw Wally play his last game.

132 •

BASKETBALL SUMMARY ••• The Idaho Vandals finished their basketball season with two wins and fourleen defeats

chalked up against them. Idaho defeated the Washington State Cougars and the University of Washington Huskies for their tolal wins. Fans who saw this game with the Huskies claim that it was one of the best games ever witnessed on the home floor. After starting out with a bang in pre-conference games, the Vandals fell into a slump, and it wasn't until towards the middle of the season that they began to click. Four of the Vandal mainstays played their last season this year. They were Geraghty, Katsilometes, Fisher, and Iverson. These four men played practically every game this season, forming the nucleus around which the team was built. As a sign of appreciation, students gave these seniors a rousing ovation during the half

of their last varsity game.

Coach R. Fall, N. Iverson, M. Fisher, D. Johnaon, G. Doll, O. Cable, J. Peacock, W. Bohman, W. H.ll B. Larson, W. G.raqhty, W. Kauilomete., D. Stover, L. Petersen, J. McDermott, W. Kraemer, K. Roberuon




WASHINGTON SERIES ••• The third game in this series proved to be the most thrilling game that Idaho fans have seen on the Vandal court in many years. The Huskies came across the mountains without a loss on their record, and were confident of retaining that distinction. The Vandals, however, had a different opinion, and upset the championship.lxmnd Huskies to the tune of a 40-to-33 victory. Geraghty and Fisher took scoring honors for Idaho with 10 p:>ints each. Wagner was high for the Washingtonians with nine.



B. K.t.llom.t_ B. Le..... n

Th. H ....I.. ull. e 10,,", u.ot thet ri.... the bNIoet. and Uo In.


The Huskies came back in the second game of the home series to hand the con· quering Vandals a 52-to-38 defeat. Until the last nine minutes of this game the Idahoans looked as though they were going to give them another defeat. The Idaho defense snapped under the terrific strain of hard, fast playing for almost two games, and the Huskies piled up a 14-point lead. The two games at Seattle resulted in Idaho coming out on the short end of the score in both games.

OREGON STATE SERIES ••• Idaho was unable to win a single one of the four games played. with the Beavers from Corvallis this season. The Oregon State men won the series by scores of 31 to 24; 45 to 19; 22 to 21; and 33 10 22. The first game, played at Corvallis, was the conference opener for the Vandals. and they showed lack of development. The Idaho men were unable to get past the close guarding of the a.s.c. five and went down to defeat 31 to 24. The next night Idaho was unable either to hit the basket or to check the O.S.C. men. It was a very pcx:>r exhibition on the part of Idaho and they took it on the nose for a 4510-19 defeat. In the first game played at Moscow, it looked as though the Vandals had finally hit their stride as they pushed the Beavers to the limit in a close game. a.s.c. barely nosed out 22 to 21. Idaho lost because of inability to sink fouls. In the last game of the series a.s.c. again was victorious with a score of 33 to 22.

Nor",an lve.....n M. nahar D. Johnaon


Forward Guard Cantar




O.Doll W. Kram.r K. Robnto.on

W.$.C. tn-. to vet. o1."t 0" tho hoop--OOrDllht'9.........


••• Coach Rich Fox's Vandal five broke into the win column of the Pacific Coast Conference by defeating the W.S.C. Cougars 33 to 30 on the Pullman floor. After trailing 13 points at halftime the Idahoans came back in the second half to cop the lead and hold it until the final gun. The Vandals were particularly outstanding in their foul shCXJting, linding the hoop for 13 out of 19 tries. Geraghty was high point man of the game, collecting 12 p:>ints, 6 of which were foul shots. This game was marked by the come· back of Idaho, which was made possible by the brilliant playing of Iverson, Fisher, Johnson, Geraghty, and Katsilometes. In the last three games of their four-game series, the Cougars revenged themselves by defeating the Vandals in all of the three games. It seems that the Idaho team could not click into the form that was shown in the first game of the series. The Cougars downed Idaho on the W.S.c. floor and then defeated the Vandals twice on the home court by scores of 46 to 33, and 60 to 42.

OREGON SERIES • • • The Vandal basketball team had a very unsuccessful season as far as the Webfoots from Oregon were concerned. Idaho was unable to break through for a single win in the four games played. In the first game at Eugene the Idaho five was swamped by a last half drive by the Oregonians. The final score was 61 to 29 in favor of Oregon. Geraghty was high man for Idaho with 12 points. The next night the Webfoots barely eked Qut a win in a nip and tuck battle. The Van· daIs were in the lead five times, but were unable to hold the advantage. The final score was 45 to 41 in favor of the University of Oregon. In the last two conference games of the year, Idaho again lost to Oregon. The games, played at Moscow, were very rough. In both games Idaho was ahead most of the first half, but were snowed under in the second stanza. The first night, Idaho lost by a score of 41 to 31. The second game also went to Oregon with a score of 49 to 33.

W. H.ll W. Bohman D. Stonr


abo". to .hoot-Brown

Bomber in the fONV'''''''ncI .


Freshman Squad


••• The freshman basketball team made a fairly good showing this year under the capable coaching of AI Paddock. Although handicapped all through the season by the ineligibility of several of their best players the frosh made a fine showing. The coaching in the most part was to emphasize the system used at Idaho and to acquaint the men with the varsity type of play. There should be several fine men from this squad who will be on the varsity squad next year. The fresh quintet were able to win only one game from their traditional rivals, the Washington State Kittens. In the third game of the series, Ray Lavigne sank a foul shot during the overtime period to give the Babes a 46 to 45 win from the Kittens. In the first two games of the series the Babes failed to get started during the first half and were unable to oversome the lead built up by the Cougar Kittens. In their series with Lewiston Normal and with the Bulldogs from Gon· zaga; the Babes were able to break even. The frosh won the first game with Lewiston, but lost the second. After dropping the first game to the Bullpups 41 to 40, the fresh came back to win 52 to 33 in the game played at Moscow.



Coach Otto Anderson

Captain Alfred Berg

VANDAL LEADERS ••• Coach Otto Anderson lead the Vandal trackmen through a successful season; and although the Vandals won only one conference meet, Otto developed a number of outstanding trackmen. Anderson has had to work under a great handicap at Idaho, because of the fact that the University has no field house in which he could train his men during the early spring months. In spite of this fact, Otto produced track teams which were a constant threat to the larger schools on the coast. "Ap" Berg captained the 1935 team. He was an inspirational leader as well as an outstanding weight pusher. His consistent garnering of points was one of the main reasons why the Vandal track team was always considered a threat in the conference meets.


THE CINDER SUMMARY ••• In summing up the showing that Idaho made in the northern division of the Pacific Coast conference, we still can boast of winning our traditional meet from the Montana Grizzlies. The Vandals lost to Washington State College. Oregon State, and the conference meet. Even this meager showing had no bearing upon the coaching or the participants. Coach Otto Anderson did the best with what was available to him. The team, on the other hand, lost their points by hair-breadth margins. What Idaho needs is a field house. It is no cinch having to train for a meet in a cold building. Furthermore, when the weather does clear up there is not enough time to get into shape before entering competition. This year, Track Coach Mike Ryan has improved the training conditions by working Qut in the gymnasium, and we hope that Idaho can really go to town and show the conference gents that we are still on the map.

Coach And....on. C. Livin'iJ.ton. P. Ber'iJ, A. B.r'iJ, R. McC..... W. Sq ...anc., T. Ward, L. Parker, Mana'iJer D. Carn••. D. KHn'iJ.r, S. Brown, J. Kalb...., H. Bowl.r, J. L.Gor., J. Cro...., P. Wi••.




.. m


Vandals off to a flying start in the 220 against Oregon State. Ritzhei1T\er putting his whole body and soul into a jallelin toss.

Cy Adkins, high hurdles


• •• With a demonstration of general superiority, the Oregon State track team defeated Idaho's Vandals 85 1/2 to 45 1/2 in the first conference track meet of the season. Idaho started Qut with a bang, but the Beavers soon took the lead, which they never relinquished, Wilbur Kidder, Oregon State, was high scorer of the meet, garnering first in the low and high hurdles and the broad jump, a total of 15 points. For the Vandals "Swede" Ward was high point man with 10 points, which he copped in the lOG-yard dash and the 22G-yard dash. Ap Berg placed. first in the shot put and Earl Ritzheimer first in the discus. Other Vandals outstanding were O'Neill, McCue, and Beeman.

A. Ser<j, shot put

A. Berg soarinq the shot like a baseball


••• For the sixth consecutive year the Montana Grizzlies were forced to admit defeat a t the hands of the Vandal cinder artists in the conference meet at Missoula. With three firsts, three ties, and the majority of seconds and thirds, the Idahoans were able to stave off the Grizzly comeback in the relay. The most distinctive event of the meet was claimed by Paul Berg in the high jump. Paul cleared the bar at 5 feet 10 inches to tie with two Montana men. Other outstanding performers were Adkins in the high hurdles, Neely in the 440-yard dash, Ward in the lOO-yard sprint, and Brown and O'Neill in the distance races.

Ward in the air againet O.S.C.

S. Neely, middle di$tance


• •

Oregon Stater$ $urging" ahead in the hurdlu. Idaho man clearing bar.

T. Ward, $prints and broad jump



Ped"n, Montana flash, nosing out the fleet· footed Ward in the century at Missoula.

Brown of Idaho croBsing the finish line ahead of a Montana man. G. Orton runnin'l a close second.

• •• The Cougar track team stepped on the hard-lighting Vandal cindermen to the tune of 95 to 36 in a dual meet at Pullman. The Idaho team received a bad break when Jack Sharp, going strong at 12 feet 6 inches in the pole vault, cracked his knee on the pole and was unable to make a gcxx:l. funning start. Rodney Pearson took the only first in the two-mile run by coming in 125 yards ahead of the nearest W.S.C. man to win decisively. Bill O'Neill came in a few steps behind his man in the mile run. He was clocked at 4:27:3, which is just one second slower than the Idaho record. Stew Brown and Don Klinger turned in their best races of the season.



~" ;.--"",,-=,, '-

P. Berg, pole vault


E. Ritzheimer, javelin

Berg up and over the crossbar


••• Although noticeably out· classed. Idaho trackmen managed to capture 6 points in the Northern Division of the Pacific Coast track meet, which was enough to keep Montana at the bottom of the list. Washington State came through to win the meet with a total 01 50 points. Stew Neely, fast-stepping Idaho sprinter, ran second in roth the 100-yard dash and in the 440-yard run. Shoemaker of Oregon broke the conference record in the IOO-yard sprint by setting a time of 9.5 seconds. Sharp, of Idaho, accounted for the remaining Idaho points by tieing for first honors in the pole vault at 12 feet nine inches, for Idaho's only first place in the meet.

Vandals and O.S.C. off in the mile run

W. Dayton

McCue hurling the discus in the Oregon Stat. O.S.C. miler coming in ahead of the Vandal pack.

Bert Larson, hurdles


Allan Poole Captain

Ralph Blake Manager

FRESHMAN TRACK For the first time, a great deal of emphasis was placed on freshman track. Early in the fall Coach Mike Ryan called a meeting of freshmen men to eled a track captain and a manager. At this meeting, Allan Poole, Canadian games star and a possible Olympic prospect, was elected captain of the freshman track squad. Ralph Blake, although not a track man himself, was elected manager of freshman track because of his interest in the sport. Over a period of days in the fall while the weather still permitted, Coach Ryan conducted a series of interclass and freshman track meets. At these meets all freshmen interested in track were urged to turn out and compete, and considerable material was discovered which will aid in building varsity teams in the next year or so. Sexm after the start of the second semester, the freshmen turned out for track practices in the gymnasium and in Lewis Court. Several new events, including the hammer throw, were introduced. Freshman meets were arranged with Cheney Normal, Washington State College, and Gonzaga. Coach Ryan deserves a great deal of credit for the interest he has displayed in the freshman track squad, for it is only through this methcd. of getting everyone out and competing that Idaho track teams can be built up. The interclass indoor meets were very popular and without a doubt have become a tradition at Idaho and will be repeated with equal success next year.

e e e





Luke Purcell winning the Golden Gloves championship at Seattle by a knockout Louis Denton

Louis August, Coach

Joey August

••• Boxing, Idaho's only selfsupporting sport, under the able tutelage of Louis August, realized probably its greatest year at Idaho in 1935·36. Vandal boxers won all of the many major fight cards they competed in, including wins over W.S.c., Gonzaga, the Mara· lorna Club of Vancouver, B.C., and the Washington Athletic club of Seattle. Five west coast championsJoey August, Louie Denton, Luke Purcell, Paul George, and George Riddle-fought on the Vandal team this year.

August'e Boys and Managers, Best Vandal Publicity-Getters They Win Their Bouts!

I 48


••• Wrestling was Idaho's one inter-collegiate championship sport during the past year. Under the instruction of Earl Leatham, the student wrestling coach, and Percy Clapp, faculty director, the Vandal grapplers succeeded themselves to the title they won last yearthe Northwest Intercollegiate Wrestling Championship. Paul Jones, ace Idaho mat· man, won the 134-pound north· west championship. Harold Stoddard, Leslie Holmes, and Stonko Pavkov reached the finals.

Washington State and Idaho wrestlers

Glenn Brado

Coach Parcy Clapp

entangling allianc•• Stanko Pavkov

Idaho Grapple... take tilne out from Grunt and Groan practice for a "Gem" picture


GOLF ••• Golf at Idaho during 1935 wasn't on a par with former years. The Vandal golfers competed in five major meets, but failed to tally enough points in anyone to score a victory. Competing in the North Division Golf Tournament-which

A tense moment as a Washington State man putts Jack Cummock teeing off

Rodell eyes the cup on a long putt

included Idaho, Washington, Oregon, O.S.c., and W.S.C.Idaho walked away with fifth place honors. Although defeated three times by W.S.C. and once by O.S.c., Idaho's star, Jack Cummock, scored lowest in every contest.

C. Rodell, J. CummQck. L. Ensign, V. Werner, W. Budge, R. Morgan, C. Greathous.

I is 0

TENNIS ••• Tennis. under the leadership of Ray Sowder, had a .250 batting average at Idaho for the season of 1935. Of the



major meets in

which Idaho competed, only one, that with Montana, was scored under the victory column of the Vandal racketmen. Washington trounced the Idaho men early in the season, but later in the North Division tourney were pressed to defeat the Idaho Rust-Sowder combination 7 to 5. W.S.c. defeated Idaho fOUf matches of seven.

• Ray Sowder lobe one in the Pacific Northwest Illstches

Sowder backhand. againlt W.S.C.

R. Axtell, W. McCna, P. RUlt. H. Eldridge. R. Sowder. J.


Paul Rust serving

W. Martin. V. Irvine



Touch! A Duo of Idaho Foil_Wielde... in action Robert Harris Euqene Jay

••• Fencing, supervised by Douglas Cruikshank, proved moderately successful at Idaho during the 1936 season. Vandal swordsmen downed the Spokane Fencing Club. divided victories with W.S.C., and lost narrowly to the University of Washington. In the Minor Sports carnival at Seattle, Idaho placed second in fencing, with the University of Washington taking first. William Gigray, Robert Harris, Eugene Jay, and Wendell Lawrence constituted the Idaho squad_

Dougl. . Cruiuhank, Arthur P.t....on, Eug.n. Jay, Robert Harris

152 •


••• Swimming didn't afford Idaho victories or championships in 1936, but a team of efficiency was developed by

Swimming Coach Bob Tessier. Vandal swimmers engaged on a "home and home" basis with both W.S.C. and the University of Washington. On March 7, the team competed in the Minor Sports Carnival at Seattle. Everett Wood, Allesio Caparaso, Charles Aspray, Harvey

Hollinger, Fred Mueller, and DWight Cable were swimming

Vandal.wimm..... await the "bark" of the gun

Vernon Shook. Diving

Everett Woods, "Speed King"

regulars on the Idaho squad.

Vandal .wimmers shake off

for a picture

I! 3


.......Cross country squad on the starting- line Bill O'Neill

Cy Adkins

••• Cross-country was reintroduced into Idaho athletics this year by the University's new track coach, Mike Ryan. Defeating Whitman in their initial race, Vandal cross-countrymen later subdued W.S.C. 33 to 23, and placed second in the North Division races at Portland, being nosed out by Washington 35 to 22. Bill O'Neill, Idaho star, took first in all three meets and set a northwest record for the fourmile jaunt of 23 minutes and 9 seconds.

Coach Ryan, D. Kling-ler. W. O'Neill, C. Adkins, Manag-er David R. Lee, S. Neeley, T. Aim, W. Rantola




G. Thiessen, L. Green, J. Cooper, D. Johnson, S. Pavkov, B. Larson

Those who assisted in the run·off of the intramural tournaments were: Harvie Walker, Leslie Holmes, George Thiessen, Bert Larson, Wallace Geraghty, Donald Johnson, Merle Fisher, Roland Winter, Joseph Knap, John Cooper, Leon Green, George Willott, Kenneth Carberry, and Stonko Pavkov. These men acted as referees, timekeepers, and statisticians in the running of the intramural program for the year. Coach Percy Clapp was in charge of the entire program.

••• The managers who directed the intramural sports of the various group houses and halls on the campus were: Bernard Snow, Delta Tau Delta; Clarence Childs, Alpha Tau Omega; Earl Ritzheimer, Beta Theta Pi; Ralph Edin, Chi Alpha Pi; Rex laggard, Delta Chi; Dale Sanner, Kappa Sigma; Dewey Phillips, Lambda Chi Alpha; William Pauley, Phi Delta Theta; Robert Schiller, Phi Gamma Delta; John Crowe, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; William Hudson, Sigma Chi; Wayne Hill, Sigma Nu; Lee King, Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Intramural group managers


Lamba Chi Alpha Tracksters

156 •

••• Colorful tracksters of Laml:xia Chi Alpha ran up 34 points to capture the intra mural track championship for 1934-35. Alpha Tau Omega registered second with 26617 points. Ridenbaugh Hall took third with 21517 points, and the Phi Delts fourth with 16617 points. Don Johnson, Ridenbaugh Hall's oneman track team, ran off with individual honors by taking first in the discus throw and shattering Ap Berg's three-year-old university record in the shot-put with a toss of 41 feet, 9 inches.

GOLF ••• Intramural golf, played last spring on the Moscow course, was won by the driving team of Beta Theta Pi. A.T.O. scored second, and the Phi Delts third. Warren Russell, Beta, was individual low scorer with 45. Clyde Koontz, Delta Chi; James Gridley, A.T.a., and Cecil Greathouse, S.A.E., were tied with 47's. The Beta's championship team consisted of Warren Russell, Bill Gigray, Lawrence Baird, and Robert Brewer, whose long driving and accurate putting brought golfing honors to their group.

L. Baird, S. Bellwood, R. Brewer, W. Gigray


Cedric Sanders, Richard Paris, Jerry Hoyt, Charles Harris

••• Tennis competition was superhcial for Delta Tau Delta's flashy racquet men, who suffered not a single defeat during the marathon. The hnal match was played against Senior Hall. Phi Delta Theta took third after a hard playoff with Ridenbaugh Hall. A paramount battery in the Delt offensive was the Hoyt-Sanders combination, who demonstrated the way they play i(in "Sunny Cal." Harris and Paris furnished the_complementary victories for the Delts, which gave them victory points.

TOUCH-FOOTBALL ••• Spirited participation exhibited itself in the first university intramural sport for

1935·36-touch football. Beta Theta Pi, climaxing a final hectic week, won the football championship by defeating Ridenbaugh Hall 13 to 2. Delta Tau Delta qualified to play the Betas for the championship when they defeated. Ridenbaugh Hall in the semi-finals, but due to purported. use of ineligible men, the game was forfeited. to Ridenbaugh Hall. The Delts subsequently romped. over the T.M.A. to cinch third place.

J. Gauss, N. Palmer, J. Lukens, B. Landon, W. Kingsbury, G. Dean C. Inman, J. Fry, D. Lemon, J. Harris, L. Denton, R. Jump

• 151


C. Sanders, C. Schuster, M. Byrne, R. Blake G. Hoyt, J. Evans, E. Wood, R. Lang

Stars of the Delta Tau Delta were Everett Wood, Gerry Hoyt, Cedric Sanders, Bob Lang, Maurice Byrne, and Ralph Blake. Wood set an intramural record in the 50yard free style race, and Hoyt a record in the 50-yard back·stroke. The Lindley Hall regulars were Charles Aspray, Richard Trzuskowski, Allesio Caparaso, Dwight Cable, Matthews Boardman, Douglas Edwards, Floyd Wallis, Richard Campbell, Philip Bender, and William Boone. They hold the record in the 150yard medley relay race.

••• Swimming honors were divided between Delta Tau Delta and Lindley Hall. Two separate meets were held-one for "all-school" competitors and one for the regular intramural champions-the Delts winning the first and Lindley Hall the second. In each case one was the runner-up to the other. In the first match, the Delts beat Lindley Hall 29 to 21, but in the second the Hall boys retaliated to win 22 to 21. Both meets were of high calibre with several records being broken.

Lindley Hall Swimmers


A. Meneely, R. Johnson, A. Hall, R. Jenson, H. Kerr


••• Terminating a lengthy, double-elimination tournament, the Tau Mem Alephs proved themselves supreme in basketball when they beat Lindley Hall 27 to 12 in the championship game. The local men were undefeated throughout the season. As champions they garnered 300 points toward their intramural standing. Lindley Hall took second place, and the Fijis third. Johnson, Jenson, and Meneely were outstanding for the Tau Men Alephs, playing good basketball throughout the competition.

VOLLEYBALL ••• Volleyball artists of Tau Mem Ateph subdued a favored team of Sigma Nu's in the championship battle to win premier honors and chalk up 300 points. Third place honors went to Delta Tau Delta, who crushed Senior Hall in the semi-finals. All Stars named by coaches after the tournament were: Martin, Delta Tau Delta, spiker; Pearson, Senior Hall, spiker; Ed.dinglon, Ridenbaugh Hall, spiker; Meneely, T.M.A., passer; Hall, T.M.A., passer; Hudson, Sigma Chi, passer.

Intramural pitche... toss a few.

A. Men••ly, R. Johnson, A. Hall, B. P.tertlon, R. Janaon, F. Claypool

HORSESHOES ••• After much debate on the part of the intramural managers from the various groups, intramural horseshoes was retained as a sPJrt on the schedule, but with minor point rating only. The regular round robin type tournament was run between the leagues as existed in the other sports of the year. All of the matches were held in the city horseshoe courts. Many of the groups entered some first class pitchers and the barnyard golf contest created a lot of interest. Winners were undetermined as the Gem went to press.

IND 0OR TRACK ••• The first index>r inter-group track meet was held March 25 in the Memorial Gym and Lewis Court. These indoor meets are quite popular in the east, and this one drew a lot of comment at Idaho. This meet did not count in the intramural cup race but was participated in by most of the groups. Tau Mem Aleph won the meet, with the Phi Gams taking second honors and the Delts third. The milttary band played rousing numbers between events. This indcor meet will no doubt become a PJpular annual event.

A .hot of Id.ho'. first indoor inter-lraternity track lTleet.



Book IV



DEAN OF WOMEN ••• In her years of service as Dean of Women, Permeal J. French has made many true friends. With her graciousness and charming personality, she has acquired the love and admiration of all University of Idaho students, men and women alike. She is always truly welcomed as a guest be· cause of her cheerful nature and pleasing dis~ition.

Permeal J. French Dean of Women. Genial Friend and Advisor

The dean's chief interest is the welfare and happiness of the women of the Uni· versity. She is constantly finding a scheme through which Idaho students will surpass those of other universities, in both social and educational opportunities. More and more students each year are discovering what great enjoyment can be derived from their contacts with the Dean of Women, Permeal 1. French.

Dean French and her Seeretary. Gertrude Cromwell


ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS ••• The Associated Women Students is a self-governing group which works for

the benefit of the women students on the campus. Every woman student upon enter-

ing the University becomes a member of the A.W.S. Elections are held each spring. This year Dorothy Dole, an outstanding woman on the campus, is president. Other officers are: Mary Jane Pace, Vice-president; Catherine Bjornstad, secretary; Jane Baker,

treasurer; Louise Paulsen, yell queen; and Hazel Gentry, point supervisor. In addition to these officers, the A. W.S. governing bcx:ly is the A.W.S. Cabinet. The cabinet is composed of twelve repre· sentative women from the group houses, halls, and town associations. whose purpose is to deal with all women's problems.

The A.W.S. Cabinet in session

Dorothy Dole, A.W.S. President "The Women'. Choice-"

"Twas hardly room for the cameraman" Mary Jane Pace Vice President A. W.S.



Ethlyn O"N_I M.y Qu_n


L.ol.o O'M•• ChaIrman, Co-Ed P<oon

••• Campus Day is one of the most colorful and best·loved campus traditions. The afternoon ceremonies took place on MacLean Field last spring, against a background of pines. The procession, led by the May queen, Ethlyn O'Neal; maid of honor, Hazel Gentry, and page, Julie Davis, entered the stadium from the east side and marched to an improvised throne,

decked with flowers. Spurs presented the Maypole dance.

Mortar Board and Silver Lance. the seni.or organizations representing the highest honors attainable on the cam-


C..,wnln9 th. Ou..n A vlim_ of t .... Co.I:d Pn..n

pus, tapped the following new members: Mortar Board, Ruth Farley, Dorothy Preuss, Wilma Mitchell, Ruth Ferney, Dorothy Dole, and Hazel Gentry; Silver Lance, Cecil Greathouse. Hugh Eldridge, Theron Ward, Bill Wetherall, Frank Bevington, Maurice Malin, Russell Honsowetz, and John Aram. An alphabet motif was used at the Co-ed Prom, with all the well¡known initials from PDQ to NRA featured in the decorations. Ethel Gehrke was in charge of the affair, sponsored by the home economics department. The cup

for the best stunt was won by Delta Della Della.



From "Ad" Tower-Tennis Courts and Fraternity Row


WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASS 0CIATION ••• The black and white gym suits which symbolize the Women's Athletic Association are the outward signs of an organization which encourages gcx:x:l fellowship among women of the University who are interested in sports and athletics. Membership is obtained by earning 100 points according to the W.A.A. point system. Points are given for participation in the major sJX)rts: Basketball, speedball, volleyball, baseball, and rifle; and in the leisure time sports: tennis, swimming, hiking, skating, bicycling, horseshoes, and winter sports. The executive board was composed of: Ruth

Ruth E•• n.a W,A,A. P ..... d.nt

Evans, Dorothy Preuss, Jane Post, Mariette KaIbus, Lucille Nelson, Julia Moore, Margaret Rosebaugh, Evelyn Jenkins, Helen Williams, Betty Bandelin, Frances Murtha, Neva Eisinger, and Dorothy Hohnhorst.

The W.A.A. Ex..,utlve Soard


WOMEN'S "I" CLUB •• • White "I" sweaters are awarded to the outstanding members of W.A.A. when they have earned 1200 points. These women automatically

become members of the Women's "I" Club. This year they worked in cooperation with the Men's "I" Club in enforcing Homecoming traditions. The coveted silver and gold "I" blanket is the reward for the woman who earns 2000 points.

Gertrude Olesen, Ruth Evans, and Dorothy Williams received blankets this year.

The "I" Club is composed of: Dorothy Williams, president; Gertrude Olesen, vice-president; Dorothy Preuss, secretary and treasurer; and Ruth Evans, sergeant-at·arms; Marian Swanson, Edith Slatter, Dorothy Rosevear, Ruth Ferney, Dorothy Armstrong, Alma Almquist, Vivian Lar-

sen, Dorothy Hohnhorst, Josephine Mitchell, and Mariette Kalbus.

Th. "'" Wom.n


H.len Sullivan, crowned women'e tennitl champion.


. ·".'8"--;,,I"';;..I./A Ready (or the kick-off at a W. A. A. Speedball game.

••• Speedball is one of the major sports of W.A.A. At the beginning of the season 91 women turned out for the sport. All first team members received one hundred points and the winning team members received 25 points extra. Second teams received 50 points. The juniors won the speedball tournament, while the seniors were runners-up.

• •• Tennis is one of the most popular of women's sports. A "round robin" tournament was held in the fall. It was a single elimination tournament, with the last two winners meeting for the championship. Helen Sullivan was the winner of this match with Helen Parmley as runner-up.



Batter up and we bet it went over the gym.

Th. jump lilt c:.nt.l"-not but III (Orowd.



••• Basketball, which is a major sp:>rt, was a great success this year. Approximately llS women turned out for the sport. The inter-class championship was won by the freshmen women. The second teams were classified from A to G. In this tournament, team A was the winner.

• •• Emphasis was shifted to playing, not winning, in women's baseball this year, with the change in the point system. Members of the winning team receive only the one hundred p:>ints given to every other member of a first team, and no bonus. Much interest was taken in the class tournament played off in May, with an improvement in the quality of play.


I 73

Parthena White, Gladys Smith-cham.pion "barnyard golfers."

Senior "Volleyballen"-they had more "push."

••• Volleyball was the instigator of great interest this year. It was the most successful season ever experienced. One hundred and eight women turned out at the first call in the fall. The winning team of the tourney, the seniors, was composed. of the following: Dorothy Williams, Margaret Rosebaugh, Gertrude Olesen, Dorothy Preuss, and Ruth Evans.

••• Horseshoes holds a certain lure for even the most sophisticated Vandal miss, as was proved by the interest shown in the annual tournament last fall. The competition was divided into two leagues, the final pitching duel being won by Parthena White and Gladys Smith.


17 • •

Not for R. O. T. C.-but for fun- these women blaze away.

A couple from "Tapa & Terps."

••• Dancing in its various forms is one of the most active means of recreation in which the women participate. Miss J. Wirt teaches classes in the dance in its various forms. A great variety is available, from tap to ballet and interpretative. "Taps and Terps" is presented each year.

••• Rifle develops accuracy and nerves, both desirable in the modern woman. Two days a week were set off at the rifle range for the use of women out for rifle. Ida Mae Gillenwater, Edwardine Bechtol, Patricia Espe, and Mary Louise Iddings all blazed perfect scores during the season. In the sixth match of a six-match rifle season, the sophomore team won the title.


17 S

Book V




_ _ £G

l-~ llluslnUon 00Il rt",y E.::Julreo





REGISTRATION TO GRADUATION • • • Even before All'istration, Coach Ted Bank is on the job showing the

Vandals how . . . So that they can taka pokes in the face like this . . . Mar'iJarat Pence as Number 2290 to register, sets a new hiqh at Idaho ... Thelin_ that never ends-for two days Oe.n Kostal8k welcomeB Prof. McGill to Idaho . . . Signinq them up in the library . . So Campus Life will carry you informally throu'ij'h the year 1935-36 from registration to graduation.

a a a Bob Granvilla and Marjorie Blaine rec.ive their qroup prizea for tha moat Dad. back ... Adrian Ndaon qoea into a huddla with Bopp and the "Mika" and qivea Id.ho a a.l••'s sent six here . . . Nalaon aqain-and Cook, ha just had to qet into a picture . . . Our Pep Band qet. qanerous and "qives" us a tune ... The football haroa.' Dads have their day and come in for a bit of qlory . . . And to make it perfect •••nap of the big qame with the Grizzliea-becauae wa won a conference game.

FOR 188





• • • A power-house play givu the Vandale yardaqa throuqh the Whitman line . . . The Pap Band gata vaneroue and dish•• out eome of it. few gridiron numbers . . . Holmas aaye thing. are in the palm of his hand-at least a piqekin . . . Sweda Ward maan. busi-


ne..-that Missionary ehall not PaM . . . "I" Club, and do they lay them on-how'. about it, Arm,? . . . Rue. Honeowetz'. quick kick b caught by the quick lerul of the cameraman . . . A King and Duke in action a I. Homscorning.


• • • Two Southern gentlemen, Ted Brasch and Glenn Butler-Yowssh . "Oils" well, say these frosh as they prepare Ii little for the fire "Privy," why so high? .. Fiji's win the cup with a close shave for the cougar The Delte' colored boys roll a winner for Idaho The University Band parades in uniforms new. . The fire burns high. . Frosh fire in the makinq ... Beta big, bad cougar doesn't do so well . . . The Knights pack them in at their mixer ... The fire again.


• • • Capitalistic Delta Gamma drafts winninq idea · . . Pia fo' Idaho, qet it? . . . D.G. and Fiji win cups · .. Harvey·thickest-beard-Nelson, Ed-tricky-whiskeu· Russell, and Wayne-there-ain't-Yenni win the beard contest . . . Wasn't it a shirt-tale victory, Thetas? . . . W.S.C. horns in and takes one from Idaho . . . U. of I. Band buutsinto blue Parked cars! Yeah, we know! · .. Oh, ah, get him Wilson and Bopp claim winninq CUpll from McCrea. Who ill she?



• • • Arqonauts qo throughout the state, and it's the job of Fred Robinson and his staff to qet them out Hugh Eldridqe, Arqonaut editor, 'tis said he was thinkinq up an "aditor's note". What looks like a smoke staek is part of a monotype machine whieh turns out the type for the Gem; it makes mistakes, too . . An Arqonaut reporter typinq her weekly assignmant The Gem at the enqravers-the big camera has foeusad on you.

PI RLICA I 0 190 •





• • • Wintry manti•• eloak the campus, an I tank study in shade and shadow. . Cathedral·lik. in it. snowy dre.., the Ad Building- at a naw an",l• . . . Yeti, we had anow-the roof i. visible in this snap of the Women', Gymnuium ... A little wata.. in zero ""••the: ean make. work of beauty out of our old water tank . . . Mo... anow, from. diffe..ent anllie . . . And atill

more anow up the Ad walk.




o WE



• • • With the snow comes fun and plenty of it . He had Olympic ••pir_tion., but they took a fall . The Delts and the Sig Chi, £i.qht it out and we say the Delts won, even if Burt lost hi, cords . . . Dudley embarrened, "1 fa' down" . . . You fiqure it out, one'. a Beta Snow man a la Phi Gam . . . Entanqling alliance. when Jim Phillips and the Gamma Phi, snow fight ... The Kappa', man-too bad he'. rather "cold",


• •• But 1I0me like it in.ide .. Sivma NUll ehoo.e a formal dinner dane• . . . The L.D.S. boys spend their time .tudyinV and they vet reaults ... Thetas and VUlllllh with their traditional "Oujie" board . . . Kappllll 'lather round the radio-maybe someone will dedicate a number . . . D.lta Gammllll read. rest, and writeDuffy look. on . . . Chi Alphs think it's Warmer intlid. with a bowl of chili and hot "chocs" Sivma Nus-a radio-no hot "chocs" Hunter and Sandford choose the Bucket.





i1'.l'''i! I~ ': ,: ~-


• • • The way the new infirmary will look

when finally completed-some place . . view of Moscow from the "hill".


. Camera

catches Shirley unawares 88 she "thumbs" her

way down Sixth street . . . Tri·Delts sit by the . This is the official picture of the hoycott on Kenworthy's Nu·Art .. Dick Paris and his Paris Knights. . The cameraman was just in time for dinner, hut the Gamma Phi. didn't ask him. . Gentry and Hoffman, lucky Hoffman . . . "I'm tops," says Lloyd Evans, Delt window washer. . Mrs. Scott, Kappa housemother, and one of her girb-by the fire .. Mr. Magician Winter transforms the "I" tank Senior Prexy Bruno:ell says crops will be good thi. year . Alpha Phi study table-on the hooks. Elaine I ... Vincent snd Argonauters . . . W.A.A. Evans takes her morning e;l[er· eise . . . Riley just "hacks" to leave . . . Editor Malin in silhouette. fire


19 S

• • • Lights out-not y.t but soon; D.G. 's Allin. King spends that last minute . . . Goss and Murphy, Gsraghty and Wic:ks, together, together, always together . . . MlU'g'aret Brodric:ht and Gene Conklin-building bungalows? . . . Nesting is a pastime of this petite c:ouple, Audrey and Art . . . Speaking of pastime., Jay Kevern and Spokane Smith ..em startled, but not tho.e in the baekground-thi. was a seoop on Hawkeye . . . Margy Wyeoff and Wayne Hill.

T 196 •








II • Junior W••k with II real parade and all the trimmings, even if eaneored ... Is colle'Ole but .. blarney

atone? . . . 'Tie a bar room IIcene . . . Dalh and Siva washed their floet ... A view of the parade and iudge. etand . Sigma N\la '01'0 floriat? .. Pi Phi' and piVII . Kappas and Gamma Phis cooperate and win . "Tub-be" II clean Junior Week, the men'. winner . More music ... Some r ••l dirt ... Poli.hing the apple

... Ireland-heaven, it', a free state.


• • • Manager Bruce Bowler think., work itI a .hake· up . . . Olympic prospects Poole and O'Neill use the O ...gonian as wind·b....k ... Art Bramson, art di...ctor for the 1936 Gem, sketches a few for Editor Malin at Seattle . . . Big shots aren't we Gen. Johnson, Lloyd Evans, and Carl Burt? . . . "Publicity, I love it," says Burt as he rolls a peanut across the Ad Building steps . . . Yes, even a yell king studies now and then . . . A crowd assembles to hear Gen. Johnson Rhodes Scholar Shull Arms involved in physics A real event, making room for the new infirmary.

CA 198


EZ • • • The Pi Phis, IT\usic:al and nice, chattinq and voeali.inq . . . Barbara Gedde., lola Grover, Aurral

Ladon, and Isabel Lewis much in evidence as th" Alpha Chi. 'lather 'round ... A sorority room interior, ye. th" Thet•• believe in "i'lna, too . . . Chamberlin, Echternac:h. and Dol. roll back the cove... and come out in their ni'lht 90...n. to welcome the teem from Nevad• . . . Wileon and Mattes, "posey" Pi Phis . . .

"ta the dog ....I?....k Doris Dawson, Ruth Eo-qart, and Veldo... McFaul.



• • • Mortar Board and Silver Lance lead the May Day procession, the Big Shots, ta-da! ... A Pepsodent smile from the queen. pole is wound..

Dreues blow in the breeze and the The royal group in their glory.

Ah-he, the queen again and her ladies-in-waitingnice ladiea .. Mortar Board prellentll the chosen fsw who are to carryon ... Silver Lance "ditto" ... Lucky few . . . Another event of the year pesses-it wes a good vacation anyway.

MAY 200




• • • Pr••ident Neale and General Chrisman . . . Ernest K. Lindley of New York Time. fame addre.... the qraduate•... A l ..t look at the dan of '35, for the laat time ... Another peek at the procession ... President Neale and two famous Idaho alumni, Walker R. Younq and Ernest K. Lindley.. The procession Cro!!ses the campus . . . Harley Smith receives the "sheep-ekin." . . . And the Cl.... of 1935 qoea down in history.



D •



• • • Bill Brawe.. and hi. better half stroll down the walk thoroughly wrapped up in each other . . . Joe Carr, LaRellll Stephens, Cliff York, Lincoln Lee, and

Boyd Leonard-collegiate room and coll.viate literature? . . . Earl and Maxine give the camera a break right on Main Street phere a Ie Mexico

Reef Gibbs gatherinq atmoeKrumm •• and Flenner. they

were too late for "together" . . . Playinq soldier, but

....e're plenty Q'ood-.e'N Sc:abbard and BI.des.

s z0 2



- Editor



Editor-in-Chief of the Gem of 'he Mountains this year was Maurice Malin. Beginning work early in the summer, Maury had The Gem well under way by the beginning of school. With the assistance of his staff, he has succeeded in making this year's yearbook one of the best in the history of the schooL Besides holding one of the highest editorial positions at the University of Idaho, Maurice is well known in other activities. He is a member of Delta Tau Delta, social fraternity; Alpha Kappa Psi, national business fraternity; Blue Key, national upper-c1assmen's service fraternity; and Silver Lance, local honorary for senior men.

Maurice Malin. Editor Wallace Rounsaven, Associate

Firat pages off the pre.. at Syms- York Company are qiven the final OK by Walt Irvine of the engravers and Maury Malin, editor.




A •• istant

Financial problems of the Gem of the Mountains and all business matters concerning the publication were successfully handled by Frank Bevington. In this capacity, Frank formed all financial plans and took care of the distribution of the yearl::xx>k. More Gems were sold

this year than ever before. Active in other departments of the University, Frank is National King of the Intercollegiate Knights. He is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, national business fraternity; Blue Key, national upperclassmen's service fraternity; Silver Lance, local honorary for senior men; and Delta Tau Delta. social fraternity. Wayland Tonning who assisted Frank, was forced to leave school and Richard Paris was appointed. to the position.

Frank Bevington Buaina.. Manag6r

. Wayland Tanning Busine.s Menager


The business st.H: Man.ger Frank Bevington, and e ..utenU C.rl Burt, Rich.rd Paris, and Dinni.on. convene to plan their aale. campaign.


THE GEM STAFF and Service Awards

Fred Robinson, Jean Dunkle, Margaret Barton, Jack McKinney. Naru:y Chamberlin. Esther Flenner, Earl Bulloc::k. Margaret Echternach, Marion Johnson.

• • • The Gem staff was organized this year along materially different divisions. Fred Robinson, Jean Dunkle, and Margaret Barton were named assistant editors to form an advisory editorial board, giving representation in every class. The Gem was also divided into six separate books with an editor in charge of each. Under these editors: Jack McKinney, Nancy Chamberlin, Earl Bullock, Esther Flenner, Margaret Echternach, and Marion Johnson, work proceeded at a record-setting pace. The business staff effectively backed up the editorial staff by selling a record number of copies at an early closing date. Two years ago the idea was conceived whereby all students working three years on either of the Gem staffs would receive as an award a copy of the book at the close of the third and fourth school years. The purpose was to encourage staff members to work more than two years, thus giving future Gems the benefit of their experience. These awards were resumed this year, with all three-year workers and the outstanding sophomore and freshman receiving complimentary books.

Winn.,.. of Gem Serviel Award.

208 I

THE IDAHO BLUE BUCKET James Crawford. major in journalism and leader in advanced military, took upon his shoulders the thankle.. job of editing the Blue Bucket . . . h. tried and progreued.

Wayland Tanning . . . to 'Jat ad. and sell The Bucket was hi. duty-a tough assignment .

• • • Something humorous and original in the Idaho Blue Bucket this year was the aim of the editor, James Crawford. The first issue slightly startled the campus and resulted in considerable comment and a "fat" increase in sales. Outstanding issues of the 1935-1936 series were the Homecoming, "SquirreL" and "Conglomeration" numbers. Marie Schneider was associate editor for the year. Wayland Tanning annexed the business managership to his long line of managerial p:>sitions and cooperated with the editor by putting a Bucket in every student's hands-he even talked the women into reading it. An efficient group of students assisted the editor and manager in their efforts. Marie Schneider

Ruth HaUer

Dorothy Rosevear

Erma Lewis

John Barker

Pat Mebvar

e 207



Editor Managinq Editor

Unbiased and free from prejudice has

been the Idaho Argonaut, under Hugh Eldridge, who by virtue of his wide journalistic experience has been able to make noticeable improvement in the paper. He improved the front page make-up by using a new headline series and a new page heading, giving free use of the columns of the paper to student opinion,

although arousing some ire with "editor's notes," and instilled more life with new campus columns. Eldridge is a member of Blue Key, honor society; Silver Lance, senior honorary;

the Press Club, and Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

Hugh Eldridge. Editor Ddwain Vincent. Managing


Hugh Eldridge. Ddw3in Vine.nt, and Phil Hiaring "making up"

The Argonaut in the pNl•• room of The Star-Mirror.

a08 •


- Business Manager Aniltant Business Manager

With machine-like efficiency the business of the Argonaut has been handled during the past year by Bruce Bowler. This same efficiency has been shown in the groups to which he belongs, and is no doubt due to his business-like attitude. Under his management increased advertising contracts were received with obvi-

ous benefits. He exhibited executive ability in organizing a large staff, allowing more students to work on the paper with-

Bruce Bowler BUBinesa Manaqer

out sacrificing efficiency. He is a member of Blue Key, honor

society; the Press Club, and Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.

Ray Lincoln, as assistant business man· ager, handled the advertising work and served as general understudy to Bowler.

Ray Lincoln AniBtant BUBinen Manager

A typical Monday or ThurBday afternoon in The Arg-onaut office ... woe to a Gem fRan who'B looking for a chair or typewriter . . . they're all bUBy-plenty.


Phil Hiaring, Bill Ash, Barbara Mockler

Mary K. Riley.


Bill Pauley, Ruth Haller, Maxine Berll'er Erma Lewis, Earl Bullock.

and Service Awards ••• With the increased enrollment this year, the editors were swarmed under with applications for staff positions. As a result, the work was so divided that one group worked one issuing day while the second group worked the other day. Editorial staff editorships were held by Phil Hiaring, night editor; Bill Ash, news editor; Barbara Mockler, day editor; Mary K. Riley, copy desk editor; Bill Pauley, sports editor; Ruth Haller, women, and Maxine Berger, society. Earl Bullock and Erma Lewis were assistant copy desk editors, and Avon Wilson, Mary Curtis, Ed Riley, and Dolores Kenworthy served as special writers. Business staff leaders were Fred Robinson and Dwight Barton, circulation managers; George Davis, advertising; George Sommer, collections, and Everett Holt, secretary. Argonaut pins as service awards were given at the close of the first semester to all members of the staff who had served for five consecutive semesters on the Argonaut. The purpose of this award is similar to that of the Gem awards, and the pin is the service grant as authorized by the A.S.U.I. executive board and constitution.

2 I 0


Elton Leitner was elected editor. in. chief of The Idaho Engineer at the annual enqinears' election lest year. Like past editon. Elton endeavored to make The Engineer of greater interest to the readen. the engineers.

Doug-las Guy . . . As business manager, his problem· was to make income equal expenditurellprofit is an impossibility.

• • • The Idaho Engineer allows subdued literary talent, a rarity in the College of Engineering, to reach print in the form of technical and scientific articles. Elton Leitner was chosen to edit the magazine and Douglas Guy fell heir to the managerial duties. Associate editors were Joe Pimentel, William Arms, Milam Bottinelli, William Pauley, Frank Sawyer, and Grace Fenton. Robert Strachan, assistant business manager; Albert Torelle, circulation manager; and assistants Paul Morken, George Davis, James Yoder, Linton Lang, Charles Harris, and Bruce Williams helped in managing. Joe Pimentel

William Arms

Milam Bottinelli

Bill Pauley

Robert Strachen

Albert Torelle

2I I


Hazel Gentry, honor student and super-activity woman, edited the Idaho Handbook for 1935-36. Limited by budgets and ideas, hoth almost traditions. she published a "Frosh Bible" which, though not radically different or even unusual, served its purpose well. Cromie Wilson was assistant editor.

• • • The handbook is published and presented at the beginning of each fall semester to the incoming freshmen by the Associated Students. This has proved a great aid to the new students by acting as their guide. The handbook contains valuable information on the student government and campus affairs, activities and athletics, the constitution of the University of Idaho and the by·laws, as well as the traditions, songs, and yells of the school. It also contains the campus rulings of the A.S.U.I. This publication for the year of 1935-1936 was edited by Hazel Gentry with both Doris McDermott and Cromie Wilson acting as associate editors. A staff was chosen to assist the editor. D. McDermott

21:>' •

M. Kenworthy

L. Savage

L. Gaby

B. Mockler

M. Stearns


Douglas Smith, junior in the Sehool of Mines, edited the miner's publication this year. The magazine was of interest to mining students and graduates primarily. Ernest Oberbillig was business manager.

• • • Each school seems to feel it necessary to print a magazine, and the miners are no exception. The Idaho Miner is the newest addition to campus publication, being run off the press for the first time in 1932, and at irregular intervals since. Douglas Smith burned the midnight oil, not a carbide lamp, as editor of The Miner. Ernest Oberbillig and Richard Courtney acted as managers. Claude Nugent, Bob Anderson, and Alfred Nugent served in upper bracket editorial positions, while Dick Fudge, Robert Vervaeke, Felix Hardison, and Edgar McAlister aided the editorial staff. Business assistants were Donald Metke, Sam Barton, Allan Poole, and John Jones. c.


R. Anderson

A. Nugent

R. Fudge

.:J . .:Jones

D. Metke


The 'Jardens, Campus drive, spacious lawns, and the Sc:ienc:e Hall


AR • •• The forensics program for this year has been marked by several new trends in policy. A successful attempt has been made to give more students an opportunity to participate, the program has been balanced between campus debates, tournaments, and luncheon group tours, and the scope of activities has been extended by including oratorical and extemporaneous speaking contests in the campus schedule. Senator James P. Pope this year sp::msored an oratorical contest on the campus, and donated fifty dollars for prizes. It has been many years since oratory has been engaged. in on this campus, and all thanks are due Senator Pope in aiding its revival. The first activity of the year was a tour of luncheon groups in northern Idaho, taken by Lewis Orland and Robert McFadden. The team had seven engagements in five cities. In December the varsity debate squad

entered the annual triangular tournament held in Pullman. Those entering were Lewis Orland, William Lee, Homer Williams, Russel Fryer, Clifford Dobler, Arthur Johnson, Robert McFadden, Louis Racine, Loyd Bar· ronett, Ralph Turnidge, Robert Mason, and Ralph Baker. Orland and Lee won lwo de· bates, and Barronett and Turnidge won one. On January 29 Orland and Lee debated a learn Irom the College of 51. Thomas, of St. Paul. Minnesota. This year, for the first time, the University was represented. at the Linfield College tournament in McMinville, Oregon, February 18 to 21. Eighty-six teams from coast schools were entered.. Orland and Lee won four out of six debates, and Barronett and Turnidge won three out of six. Turnidge was also in the finals in extemporaneous speaking. Early in April, Orland and Lee went to the Pacific Forensic League Tournament in

Loyd Barronnett

William Lee

2: I 6 •

o Los Angeles. The tournament, one of the largest and most important in the West, included contests in oratory. debate, and extemJX)raneou5 and after-dinner speak. ing.

Idaho was represented in the Women's Triangular tournament, held on December 7, by Lorraine Hulett, Virginia Peters, Josephine Mitchell, and Gwendolyn Harrigan. The tournament was held in Walla Walla. Women from Washington State College, Whitman, and Idaho participated. The Idaho wom-

en were in a total of eight debates. Sixteen teams were entered in the Inland Empire Junior College tournament held at Gonzaga University in January. Those participating were Louis Racine, Ralph Baker, Robert Stephen, Milo Sawyer, Robert Mason, Clifford Dobler, Leonard Arrington, Melvin Butterfield, John Young, and Joe Carr.

A. E. Whitehead, debate coach Lewis Orland, student debate manager

Idaho won a total of seven out of twelve debates. Virginia Peters Ralph Turnidge

Gwendolyn Harri'iil an



INTRAM URAL DEBATE ••• In the women's division of extemPJraneous speaking, Jean Perkins, Kappa Kappa Gamma, won first place, while Helen Clough

An addition was made to intramural forensics this year in the form of extemPJraneous speaking, and the response to the new activ-

of Kappa Alpha Theta and Sarah Mitchell of Alpha Phi lied for second place. There were

ity was excellent. Delta Sigma Rho, national

eight entrants.

Women's intramural debate was won by

Kappa Alpha Theta, represented by Mar· garet Rosebaugh and Helen Clough. In the finals they opposed Kappa Kappa Gamma, represented by Jean Perkins and Helen Sullivan. The question debated was: "Resolved,

That the ASUI Should Maintain a Student Book Store." Last year Kappa Kappa Gamma won the new cup presented by Delta Sigma Rho, national debate honorary.

Helen Clough, Margaret Ro.ebaugh

2 II


forensic fraternity, donated. the cups, and the contests for the two divisions were held simultaneously on February 26. Winner in the men's division was Charles Collins, Phi Gamma Delta, with Nels Stromberg, Kappa Sigma, in second place. There were seven entrants. In men's intramural debate, Sigma Chi, represented by Jack McKinney and John Barker, scored over Kappa Sigma by a two to one vote. Kappa Sigma was represented by Eugene Bowman and Woodrow Pierce.

Jack McKinney, John Barker


JUDGING TEAMS The University Farm

••• A valuable part of the practical training given the advanced students of the various fields of agriculture is their participation in, and particularly their preparation for, the judging contests at the Pacific International Livestock Exposition in Portland. The best have been selected and have represented Idaho well, winning many trophies in the past, while competing with picked teams from Montana, Washington State, Oregon State, and Utah State. Idaho and "winners" in judging competition have become practically synonymous. The teams were coached this year by C. W. Hickman, D. L. Feurt, D. R. Theophilus, and H.~W. Hulbert. Rooney Hansen was their manager.

De TOlley, H. Ball, D. Petersen, B. Ba"ter, F. Burstedt

White Leghorns $trut their stuff.

Horses getting lined up for judging.

220 •

JUDGING TEAMS Don Mortimer . . . Vaughn Hintze . . . D. L. Fourt Glen Beck ... Arnold Poulsen

••• Boyd Baxter, DeVere Tovey, Don Peterson, Frank Burstedt, Harold Ball, and Joe Acuff were selected from the advanced students in Animal Husbandry to judge the stock in this class. They placed fourth, the same as last year. The other teams competing were Washington State, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Oregon State. The team was coached by C. W. Hickman. The dairy husbandry team was composed of Glenn Beck, Arnold Poulsen, Vaughn Hintze, and Don Mortimer. Out of 4800 points, this team placed only three-tenths of a point below Oregon State, the winners. The teams competing were Oregon State, Idaho, Washington State, Montana, and British Columbia. This team was coached by D. L. Fourt.

Ralph Samson, Wayne Stambaugh, Jack Woods, Rodney Hansen, H. W. Hulbert

Little International Parade

Preparing beef animals for Little International


JUDGING TEAMS Robert Walker ... D. R. Theophilua ... Ed Spencer .John Ellerson . . . Lyle Maughan

••• Those judging dairy products were John Ellerson, Lyle Maughan, Robert Walker, and Edward Spencer. They placed second among five teams. Their coach was D. R. Theophilus. Utah State, Idaho, Oregon State, Washington State, and Montana were the teams competing. Jack Woods, Wayne Stambaugh, Ralph Samson, Rooney Hansen made the agronomy team. They were coached by H. W. Hulbert. They placed second among the three teams competing. The other teams were Montana and Oregon State. Another event in which the teams participate is the annual Little International Show held each year by \lAg" students.

Lining up the lambs for the big show

.-- -



Holstein dairy cattle looking their best

Jersey dairy cattle in prime shape for the judging




Fred C. Blanchard

Theodore Prichard

• • • Fred C. Blanchard, director of dramatics, is a tireless worker for the advancement of the theater on the campus. The widespread interest in dramatics at Idaho may be directly attributed to his efforts and ability. Mr. Blanchard's working day is not the prosaic eight to four 0' clock affair; rather he works every night during rehearsals of a show-overseeing stage sets, adapting his ambitions to obsolete equipment, and polishing up amateur acting. Technical director for dramatic productions-that's Theodore Prichard. Kept plenty busy with his duties as head of the department of art and architecture, "Ted" assumes the duties of designing long-remembered stage settings as an expression of his interest in dramatics. Not an "arty" person, he is equally effective with hammer or brush.


Dorothy Dole ae Elizabeth

LILIES OF THE FIELD ••• Lilies of the Field was an amusing drama concerning two sisters, Elizabeth (Dorothy Dole) and Catherine (Helen Wilson) in search of a husband. They made a pact stating all is fair in the contest as long as one does not copy the other's method. How they played the game of love in a London setting at their grandmother's home, furnished an amusing comedy with plenty of witty remarks and tight situations. Burnell Baker and Ethylyn O'Neal were convincing as the puzzled parents of the two girls, while Dorothy Pierce as the grandmother captured her share of the attention by her witty remarks. The play ended with Aldrich Bowler and Barnaby Haddon succumbing to the charms of the scheming females.

The Meeting-'Tis a break for Elizabeth The Ending-Catherine 11.110 qet. her man



So-you want to pick a fight, eh?

And they lived happily-

••• On November 1 and 2, The Drunkard staggered on the stage to sweep the students off their feet with its "mellerdrammer" effects. The hero had gusto, the villain had a black moustache, and the audience had tomatoes and cabbages. Never did a crowd of University students express its overwrought sympathy by such violent actions. Countless vegetables sailed through the air every time the long whiskers of the villain were seen curling around the edge of the wings. After stumbling through five hectic acts spiced with thrills and heartrending scenes, the play ended happily with a touching scene, with the company singing .'Home Sweet Home"

brate the hero' 5 redemption. Ah, he..

226 •


proud b••uty!

to cele-




The Star of the Bhow~DoJ'othy DoleHello, HeUo--There seems to be somethinq wronq here-at least a murder !-Detectives Tracy and Brasch decide the "Ten Minute Alibi" is on the level.

••• A fascinating mystery hinging around a clock and how a change in time of ten minutes gave the murderer a water-tight alibi and his freedom-that's "Ten Minute Alibi," which kept the audience tense and interested until the final role of the curtain. Dorothy Dole, in the only feminine role, seemed to fill each and every situation in just

the right manner. As the victim of the scheming of Phillip Sevilla, Glen Starlin, she turned in an excellent performance. Grant Ambrose as Colin Derwent, the true lover who murders Sevilla to save his lady, did a fine bit of acting in what was the most difficult part. Sir Miles Standing, who just did his best to help out everyone, was acted by Eugene Ryan. George Gram, Don Tracy, and Ted Brasch completed the cast.




The Prolollue-Lilliom surrounded by earnival


Alline KingJulie, hi. loyal wife


Andy Jame. the Hungarian "touvh," "Lilliom"


••• Franz Molnar's "Lilliom" was one of the most ambitious praduc· hons ever attempted by the university dramatics department. It is very rarely that amateurs aspire to portrayal of the classics, and "LilIiom" is truly in the category. "Lilliom" is the poignant story of an Hungarian "tough:' played by Andy James as his best role. whose rough exterior could never permit his aesthetic soul to express itself. The finest thing in his life was his love for his loyal wile, Julie, played by Alline King. Only after Lilham dies does Julie forget her shame enough to tell him that she cares for him. Ald· rich Bowler did the finest character part of his college drama career as Ficsur, the degenerate figure from




folk demonetrates his "barking" ability

the underworld of BudaJ)est whose "get rich quick" scheme sends LiJhom to suicidal death. "Lilliom" is a legend in seven scenes and a prologue. It is the story of a bully and wife-beater whose life comes to a tragic end because of inability to conquer the forces of love, imagination, and temptation at

work in his defiant personality. Other members of the cast were

Helen P. Wilson, Barbara Walker, Erma Lewis, Arlene Blackwell, Bob Parker, Wayne Harper, Courtney Stevens, Kenneth Lauritzen, Milo

Sawyer, Tom Burnham, Don Tracy, Lewis Gaby, Charles Marshall, John Barker, Glen Starlin, George Oram, Eugene Ryan, Bob Granville, and Gordon Barnett. Two moods-Romance ... Temptation



The Engineering' Building' and Ridenbaugh Hall-two old-timers


OL • •• Group scholarship awards were of a repeat nature this year, with ooth Kappa Alpha Theta and the L.D.S. Institute repeating their previous habit of topping all other groups in scholastic rating. These two groups have permanent possession of these awards: the Mary McClintock Upham women's award and the Burton L French men's trophy, and again have a first hold on the new awards offered by the same donors this year.

• To Shull Arms, student of physics, goes the highest honor this year-a Rhodes scholarship. In competition with ten other applicants from the Northwest, Shull was awarded this signal honor at the examinations held in Spokane in December. • The Alpha Kappa Psi medallion was awarded to Maurice Malin this year. The

Maurice Malin

Shull Arms

232 •

business fraternity makes this award to the senior man in the School of Business Administration who has achieved the highest scholastic average during his sophomore and junior years.

• The Phi Chi Theta key, awarded each year to the woman in the School of Business who had the highest scholastic average for her junior year, was won by Hazel Gentry. To her many other achievements Hazel has added a 6.00 average and the Phi Chi Theta key. • John M. Rosa received the medal awarded by Sigma Tau, national honorary engineering fraternity. This medal is awarded each fall to the man who the year before made the highest grades among freshmen in the Col· lege of Engineering and School of Mines.


o o s • The Alpha Zeta cup was awarded this year to Wayne A. Lee. The cup is awarded each year by the national honorary agricultural fraternity to the sophomore who achieved the highest scholastic average in the College of Agriculture during his freshman year. • The name of Jonathon Wright has been engraved upon the freshman Xi Sigma Pi plaque which has been maintained in the Administration Building since 1922. The name of the student in each class who has attained the highest scholastic average for the year is engraved upon the plaque.

Kappa. Alpha Theta, Women's scholarship winners

L.D.S. Institute, Men's "Brain-trust"

John Wright

Wayne Lee


Lookinq down Enqineerinq


Archie Jones

THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT ••• The Music Department has undergone a great many changes in the past year. They are fortunate enough to have obtained Mr. Archie Jones, University of Nebraska and University of Minnesota, as head of the department. Mr. Jones is director of the Vandaleers and the A Cappella Choir. Other new members of the staff are Mr. Hall Macklin, University of Illinois, and Miss Velma Gildemeister, Chicago Musical University, piano instructor; Mr. Donald McGill, Oberlin College, voice instructor and director of the chorus. Mr. Robert Lyons came to the University last year as director of the Military Band. Mr. Carl Claus, Miss Bernice Bernard, and Miss Marian Little are the other members of the staff. C. Claus


M. Little

R. Lyon

B. Bernard

H. Macklin

V. Gildemeister

D. McGill

The University Symphony


UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY The University Symphony Orchestra, an accomplished organization of sixty well-trained musicians under the able leadership of Professor Carl Claus, has done much to add to the prestige of the music c.epartrr.ent. Professor Claus came to Idaho fourteen years ago and in that time has cone admirable work in building this noted group to its present high standard. He spent the summer of 1932 studying advanced conducting and musical literature in Salsburg, one of the greatest music centers of Germany. Special training for violins and violas with him, for the 'cellos and basses with Miss Miriam Little, and for the wind instruments with Mr. Robert Lyon, members of the music department faculty who can also play with this group, has done a great deal in making it of highest quality and standards. The symphony presents two formal concerts during the year, one each semester. They also appear on the Commencement program at the end of each year. The music lovers of the University and Moscow are alforded a great deal of pleasure by these concerts. â&#x20AC;˘



Carl Claua, Dinctor

W, Boyd. O. B ••to", W. H.mpto". O. KU"III••. R. Bol1l"I1." A. To ...II., P. Ru.t. J. Wl'ight, J. Bu.i<_ W. 0101'\1....0". O. a.h ...., 10. W.ld •• m. A. W.ld.". H. Clough. 10. Tomll"...". M. Be1'\l." M. Qul.t, 10. d. Cor".U, d. K..".y, O. a.own. G. Bu.d•• r, P.ttljoh". 10, P.ul.."


Dorothy Brown, President

238 •

••• The Vandaleers, a mixed chorus selected from the Qutstanding voices on the campus, have made much progress under the direction of Mr, Archie Jones. The Vandaleers are selected from the Idaho students who have talent, good scholastic averages, and strong characters. They have made a place for themselves on the Idaho campus and have received many compliments on their excellent programs, In April the group traveled to south Idaho, where concerts were given in the various towns, including Weiser, Burley, Rexburg, and others. Various trips to Spokane included programs presented to the Spokane Chamber of Commerce and programs over the radio broadcasting stations. Officers are: Dorothy Brown, president; Fay Pettijohn, secretary, and James Wright, manager. Members are Gertrude Gehrke, LuDeen Waldram, Agda Walden, Helen Clough, Louise Tomlinson, Maxine Berger, Margaret Quist, Lorna Jane Cornell, Jessie Keeney, Geraldine Burris, Bill Boyd, Dwight Barton, Wayne Hampton, Donald Klingler, Bob Bollinger, AI Torelle, Paul Rust, James Burkhard, Bill Jorgensen, Larry Robinson; accompanist, Delsa Crowley.

THE UNIVERSITY BAND ••• Not just the old military band in a lot of snappy new uniforms, but an altogether new organization, is the University

of Idaho Band. This band under the direction of Robert B. Lyon has become one of the most proficient and talented musical groups on the campus. The new uniforms in Annapolis style plus the vastly improved musical ability of the group is responsible for the greater popularity of this group. Playing everything from a bit of the modern to symphonic classics or a martial tune, the band participated in a variety of activities during the year. The first appearance was at Homecoming, when the band paraded at the annual football classic and was a pleasant surprise to the l::x:>osters for a large univer· sity band. The band also gave two concerts during the year, presenting a varied program with old classics and new to suit the tastes of every music lover. The band also made a trip to Lewiston, where lhey played at the Lewiston Normal auditorium. Last but not least, the group provided military rhythm for

Robert B. Lyon, Director

the R.O.T.C. drills and inspection-and did they get the beat! The group is organized with officers and a board of directors, who handle all business affairs.

The New University Bend



Robert Seymour, Leader

••• Almost as vital to the athletic contests in which the Vandals participate as the players themselves is the Idaho Pep Band. As a tempo to which the fighting spirit of the Vandals and their supporters is keyed, this organization has won for itself the position of the outstanding college band in the Northwest. This year marked the fifteenth milestone in the successful career of this organization, the founding year being 1921. It is the official musical representative of the ASUI and the "Idaho lights" spirit. Under the leadership of Rober! Seymour, the band improved noticeably, although a great portion of the personnel were new members. The annual Pep Band Show was new and different and showed great originality in its musical interpretation of a year at college. Members of the band are: Trumpets, Paul Ennis, Richard Baker, Junior Potts. Gerald Ridgeway; clarinets, Bill Hudson, Clayton Spear, Ray Pearson, Sam Ryan, Otto Mosely, Fred Pickell; trombones, James McFarland, Dick Swingler, Jonathon Wright; horns, Robert Thompson, Al Blair, Charles Radford; drums, Winston Goss, Glenn Whitesel; bass, Charles Tiller; baritone, James McFarlane. A. Blair, C. Radford, W. Go.., G. Whitesel, C. Tiller, J. McFarlane, J. Wright, J. McFarland, R. Saymour R. Paa...on. W. Hucbon, C. Spaer, S. Ryan, C. Di..more, O. Mosaly, G. Ridgsway, J. Potts, R. Baksr, P. Ennia


The New University A CeppeUe Choir

ACAPPELLA CHOIR A Cappella Choir, the newest and most outstanding musical group of its type on the campus, was organized last fall under the inspiring leadership of Professor Archie N. Jones. The members were selected through competitive try-outs which assured procuring the best voices available. The members of this group are: Sopranos, Ethel Gehrke, Lorna Jane Cornell, Gertrude Gehrke, Vola-Claire Espe, Georgia Christensen, Thelma Mott, Helen Abbott, Helen Clough, Margaret Quist, Eleanora Gra· ham, Mary Moore, Sara Mitchell, Marian Dwight, Margaret Brown, Ann La Rue, Jeanne Perkins, June Viel, Myrle Hawk, Catherine Cleveland; altos, Mary Smith, Betty Bandelin, Margaret Minty, Nina Mae Jewell, Elvina Tullett, Zelma McCarroll, Jean Baer, Ida May Gillenwater, Katherine Cady, Geraldine Wagner, Dorothy Brown, Gladys McCauley, Irene Wallis; tenors, Rex Tolman, Bill Boyd, Brandt Gessel, Wilson Bundy, Dick Maxwell, Eugene Ryan, Bob Bollinger, Kent Matney; basses, Archie C. Towne, Miro Mihelich, Ralph Blake, James Burkhard, Lewis Folsom, F. M. Smith, Cedric Sanders, C.ement O'Connor, Keith Tovey, Bob Harris, Dean Fluharty. •


Archie Jones, Di"ctor


Ii 4 I

The newe.t member of the honorary family, Phi Mu Epsilon, local music fraternity for men ... The string quartet, two faculty, Carl Claus and Miriam Little, and two students, Karl Wil_ son and Verne Wilson Treble Clef, women's musical club.




Brigadier General E. R. Chrisman

First drill in the sprinv.

COMMANDANT OF CADETS One of the most respected and loved persons on the Idaho campus is Brigadier General Edward R. Chrisman. In tribute to his untiring efforts in service to the University, a group of alumni presented a large protrait of the General to the school. On the campus the high regard in which he is held is attested by the fact that he has been made an honorary member of Blue Key. He has served on the Discipline Committee, and it is largely through his efforts that the Scabbard and Blade chapter was installed at Idaho. General Chrisman has spent practically his entire life closely connected with the University. When only six years out of West Point he came to Idaho as a lieutenant. At that time the institution was only five years old. During the Spanish-American War he went into active service in Cuba, but returned to Idaho at the end of the war to resume his duties with the military department. Active duty called once more, this time in South Dakota, Alaska, New Jersey, and the Panama Canal Zone. At the end of the World War he was in command of military forces in Puerto Rico. He returned to Idaho in 1919, and has remained here since. Under his guidance the military department has reached a point of efficiency comparable with any University Reserve Corps in the West. A constant upward trend is maintained by consistently rating high in the annual inspection. General Chrisman was permanently retired from the army four years ago after fifty-four years of service, but he maintains his interest in the school. He has seen this institution grow from a mere "mite" to one of over two thousand enrollment; a military department with a few cadet students to a regiment. The school is a part of him, and he is very much a part of the school. He is at present a member of the Academic Council of the University, and a very interested friend of the military department, to which he still lends his prestige and counsel. e â&#x20AC;˘


2: 4 4


-More of the same.

Lieut. Col. Rufus S. Bratton Captain Hart Captain Norman Major Sutherland

MILITARY PERSONNEL ••• Lieutenant Colonel Rufus S. Bratton is the newly appointed. commandant of the military department. He comes f,rom Vancouver Barracks, Washington, where he has been commander of the First Battalion of the Seventh Infantry during the past two years. During his army career he spent six years jn Japan, where he was graduated. from the Imperial Japanese Staff College and served as an attache to the American embassy. The instructor in charge of the Junior Military students is Major Sutherland. He was transferred from Fort Missoula, Montana, to replace Major O'Connell. He comes from Mississippi, and is a graduate of Mississippi State College. Idaho is his second R.O.T.C. detail, the other being Oklahoma A. and M. College. Captain Norman is the new sophomore instructor. In addition he is coach of the rifle team, replacing Major Hale, who has retired.. Outside of the military department, his interests run afield in hunting and fishing. The instruction of all freshman cadets comes under the duties of Captain Hart. He also coaches the women's rifle team. Captain Hart has spent seven years at Idaho, last year receiving his promotion to captain. The supply room is under the able direction of First Sergeant Lanie Wr:xxJ..s. He issues the uniforms and cleans and repairs the rifles. Guns are no work for him, as they are his hobby. A large amount of clerical work is necessary in carrying on the business of the military department. This is handled. by Sergeant F. Barnum. Sergeant Barnum saw action in Cuba in 1924, and holds a captain's commission in the Reserve Corps. Robert B. Lyon is director of the military band and an assistant professor of music. He has developed an excellent band, which ranked very high at inspection, and also is highly praised as a concert organization.

1I 4!l

Sergeent Wood. Sergeant Barnum Bandmaster Lyon The band stops to play

CADET OFFICERS FI RST SEMESTER REGIMENTAL STAFF Colonel Robert L. Spence. Comm"nding Regiment Lieutenant Colore] John R. KUJdy, Executive Ollicer Captain William 1. O'Neill, Regiment,,] Adjutont

FIRST BATTALION Major George O. Rich, Comm"nding &Ittalion Company A

CoJpt Rich"rd W. Adell lsi Lieul. Wynne R. Hill 1st Lieu!. William S. McCrea 1st Lieul. Leslie G. Holmes

Company B

CaJ:!. frank C. Beving10n 1st Lieul. Rector H. J"gg"rd lsi Lieut. Donald A. Peterson 2nd Lieut. Alvin W. Joslyn

Company C

Cap!. Robert M. Krummes lsi Lieu'. Vincent f. Hunt lsi Lieul. John F. Luken. 2nd Lieu!. Cyrus W. Drew

Company D

Capt. Albert G. Blair 1st Lieut. Kenneth D. Robertson lsi Lieut. Howllrd W. $coli

SECOND BATTALION Major Uoyd I. floyd, Commanding Battalion Company E

Company F

Capt. Theron W. Ward Capt. Alfred H. Giese 1st Lieu!. William H. GaU" 1st Lieut. O"vid W. EVl!m. 2nd Lieul. WHli"m 1. Morrow

Company G

Capt. 1. R. Woodrull, Jr. 1st Lieu!. Charles G. Nelson

Company H

Capt. Charles C. Be"rdmore 1st Lieu!. Erling N. Lande

THIRD BATTALION Mlljor fred A. SkiM, Comm"nding BaU.,lion Company I

Capt. James W. Crllwlord 1st Lieu!. Milurice E. Byrne 1st Lieut. Reuben W. Htlger 2nd Lieut. felill M. H"rdison

2 48


Company K

Cap'. Glenn B. Owen 1st UeuL J"mes W. Perry 1st Lieu!. Louis V. August 2nd lieu'. Elbert E. Inm,,"

Company L

Copt. Kenneth E. Johnson lsi Lieu!. Bern"rd M. Peterson 2nd Lieu~. Tom A. Redlingshllier

Company M

Clip!. Russell E. Honsowetz 1st Lieut. J"mes A. Moore 1st Lieut. Donald H. Spaugy

More drill

Th. bandlboy. have to "drill s.nd toot"

at ease!


REGIMENTAL STAFF Colonel George D. Rich. Commanding Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Theron Word. Executive Ollicer Captain Willi<'lm 1. O'Neill, Regimental Adjutant

FIRST BATTALION Maior RusS'!'lI E. HonlOwell., Commandin9 B<'lllalion Company A

C1p1. James W. Perry lsi lieu!. Wayne R. Hill Itt Lieu!. William S. McCrea

Company B

C1pt. Fr<'lnk C. Bevington hi Lieu!. Rector Jagqard lst l.ieu!. Feliz Hllrdison

Company C

C1pt. Robert H. Krumm.. lst Lieut. Vincenl F. Hunl lst Lieut. John F. Lukens

Company D

C1pl. Albert G. B."lr ht Lieu!. Kenneth C. Robertson

SECOND BATTALION M<'ljor Alfred E. Giese, Comm<'lnding &1I<'llion Company E

C1p!. Don A. Peterson 1st Lieu!. Leslie R. Holmes ht Lieu!. Alvin W. Joslyn

Company F

CliP!. Willillm H. Gauss lsi Lieu!. David W. Evttnl 2nd Lieu!. Cyrus J. Drew

Company G

Capt. 1. R. Woodrull, Jr. 1st Lieu!. Chttrles G. Nelson 1st Lieu!. How<'lrd E. Scott

Company H

C1p!. Chllrles C. Beardmore ht Lieu!. Erlinq N. wnde

THIRD BATTALION Mlljor Rich<'lrd W. Axtell, Commllnding Battalion Company I

C<'lp!. J<'lmes W. Cr<'lwlord h~ Lieu!. M<'lurice E. Byrn" 2nd Lieu!. Elberl E. Inman

Company K

Capt. Glenn B. Owen lst Lieu!. Reuben W. Hllger hi Lieut. W;\!illm J. Morrow

Company L

CllP!. Kenneth E. Johnson 1st Lieu!. BerMrd M. Peterson lsi Lieu!. Tom A. Redllngsh",fer

Company M

C1pt ~mllid H SP<'luqy 1st Lie'~t. JlImes A. Moore



A • •• Winning roth national outdoor and indoor intercollegiate rifle championships in the same year, is a feat no team other than the University Rifle team, coached by Captain William A. Hale, has been able to do. As a result of this superior marksmanship the Idaho R.O.T.C. rifle team received the trophy presented in May for winning the national intercollegiate indoor match, firing against the five highest ranking teams in each of the nine army corps areas in the United States. The Doughboy of the West trophy was won by the same team two years ago at the Fort George Wright R.O.T.C. camp. This trophy is presented annually by the Ninth Corps headquarters to the highest ranking team in the West. Idaho's winning score turned out


to be the highest score in the United States last year, among several hundred units represented. at summer training camps. Members of the team who fired in the national indoor match in order of standing were: John Crowe, Robert Moser, Lewis Ensign, Ralph Morgan, Robert Ames, Merle Bowler, Donald Ridings, Donald Burnett, Harold Kaeser, and Mack McFarland. To these men the University of Idaho owes its first national championship. Other schools claim them in football and other sports. For the recognition brought to the University by their performance, The Gem of The Mountains has ded.icated these two pages to last year's University R.O.T.C. rifle team-true national champions.

Robert Moser Ralph Morg: an John Crowe



s Championship trophies won by the Idaho R.O.T.e. rifl. team IMt; the national

trophy and the Doughboy of the West trophy Major Hale, coach of the national Champion•

• • • For five years Major W. A. Hale has been military instructor and rifle team coach at the University of Idaho. In this time under his able coaching, the excellence of their marksmanship has developed to such a point that the university rifle team won the National Intercollegiate R.O.T.C. rifle championship last year. This past year, Major Hale was retired Irom active duty. He is now established as a business man in Moscow, and is an active Kiwanian. He has as his hobby the raising of prize-winning setters. Donald Ridinq. Merle Bowler


G.0"1. Rich. Theron Ward. William O'Neill. Ro.. Sundbe"l' Richard Aztell, Ruasell Honsowet:, Alfred Giese

CADET OFFICERS ••• Cadet officers for the second semester were chosen soon after the arrival of Lieutenant Colonel Rufus Bratton, who assumed command of the Idaho R.O.T.e. uni!. George Rich, a member of Scabbard and Blade and known by all as a star of the gridiron, was named Cadet Colonel. Theron Ward, student body president, Scabbard and Blade, and fleet halfback, was appointed Lieutenant Colonel. William O'Neill was reappointed regimental adjutant, being the only field officer to hold the same position for two semesters. Ross Sundberg, as a junior standout in advanced military, became regimental sergeant major, the highest junior appointment. Richard Axtell, Russell Honsowetz, and Alfred Giese drew the remaining field appointments, receiving the commanding battalion positions of major.


Senior Cadet Officers

Junior Cadet OBiceMi





Behold-the Biggest on the C.rnpu.


Jo Betty Wicke., Wanace Geraghty, Marjorie Gibson, r;nd George Br... nzell chat .. the ball begins

SENIOR BALL ••• The annual Senior Ball was held December 7 at the Blue Bucket, with the Blue Bucket orchestra furnishing the music. Wallace Geraghty was general chairman of the Ball. The theme of the dance was "the cocktail hour," with the leading night clubs of New York being represented in a skyline which covered the walls. President and Mrs. Neale were guests of honor, as were the members of the Board of Regents.

"Spinsters" and Date. on ann...a! "spree"



• • • The women pay, just for a day, at the Spinsters' Skip. This annual dance was held on Washington's birthday, and for this one event the women dug down and paid all expenses. The Skip is sponsored each year by Mortar Board, and is one of the few traditional dances left on the campus. Wilma Mitchell was chairman of the affair, which featured Washington's hatchets in programs and motive. The Skip was held at the Blue Bucket Inn.

"It was crowded"-and this group liked the lounge at the Inter-Fraternity Formal.

INTER-FRATERNITY ••• The Interfraternity Council doesn't have a whole lot to do during the year, but when they throw a dance they do a fine job. The Interfraternity Council Formal was one of the high spots of the social year. The event was held at the Kappa Sigma house March 7, music by A. C. Whittaker's orchestra. Programs were of metal and contained the names of all the council members. The various fraternity crests served as the theme for the decorations. • • • "Step right up and buy a hot dog," shouted Harvie Walker at the annual "I" Club Carnival held in the Memorial Gymnasium March 28. And it was a real carnival with all the noise, lemonade, concessions and contests. A feature of the "I" Club Carnival was the crowning of the "I" Queen who had been chosen by the members, but whose identity had remained a secret until the dance. Alline King was crowned "I" Queen.

Did you enjoy your "hot dog"?


• a"


Robert Krummes and Esther Flenner talk it over at the Prom

••• The Junior From, the most outstanding social event of the Junior Week, was held Friday evening, March 20. at the Blue Bucket. The hall was decorated in true Irish style, with a false ceiling constructed in which cut-out shamrocks let the indirect lighting shine through. The walls were covered with silhouettes of Irish figures. The Blue Bucket orchestra, clad in white suits with green lapels, furnished the music. Programs were of gold metal with a green cut-out shamrock. Robert Krummes was general chairman of the From, and under his direction the affair was a huge success.

Just before the Prom got under way


THE JUNIOR CABARET ••• With the Irish still holding sway, the Junior Cabaret was held Saturday, March 21, in the Blue Bucket. Beth the upstairs and the downstairs were crowded for the gala occasion. Charles Collins and his orchestra played down stairs, while Paul Ennis and his band furnished rhythm for the crowd up stairs. The decorations carried out the general Irish theme of the week.

Paper hats and noisemakers and balloons added to the real cabaret atmosphere, and everyone had a hilarious time. Jack Dyer was chairman of the affair and put in lots of work to make it a success.

Bert Larson and Donna May South think it', a lot of fun

Th. Cabaret wa. in full swayin this COrner


Book VI




OFFICERS Pnl.ld.nt Vi P..-Id.nt 8ec: t • ."

.Mft'V"... t Bl'Odrech

Rulh Fernel Doris











B. o.dd•. B. M_Idoo.., R. r ......,.. E. SI.tte..

M. ol'oh..-on. D. B ..... n. D. P._h. I:. n.nn... M. B ....,ht. ol'. Wic._ B. Looml•• c. Lmm d. S , J. D ...... G. Ho••rth. H. Oent."

Ruth F••".,. Do.~ P._h



OITICCRS Pn.idant Vi<>o P..-idant '-~













H. Cook, R. Mcradden, J. Luk..... R. Ony. R. Se... dn. r. C .."pb4011, J. Plmantal, C. Koonta. M. Malin, r. Robln.on K. McDanIel. J. Dyer, W. Armatronll. C. o.YlIn, R. Sundb...'II' E, Bopp, W. Ro.. n.o..... U. R. Lincoln. O. RIch. J. H ..ndon W. So........". T. Ward, E. 8,,11...,10., L. King, S. Ryan

Maurice Malin, I:.u! Bullock



SENIORS H..-l Gentry H ' " M<IIdoon J..n Imn Mal'QOreI Ou..t Morle1le Kolbul E1Mnor Sleworl 8o.nl_ WIl«>n

,JUNIORS Gootvlno Howorlh Fron""", Poin.. E1wobooth MeK_ li..len Porml.. y Botty Oberm.. ye. Fey Pettijohn lu.... Ouoyle

SOPHOMORES ""'IT 1ol8l'QOreI Brown


F..., LelQhlon B.rl>Ara IolcNlCdl /Cathryn Oe~ Mal'QO_ Ma_ DI:>nrl>1' E1.bott Betty Moclern Phy!ha Faith."rn I:brolh1' Reed Emy Lou Sorulh

rRJ:SHMCN Ma< Bo.ton Julio Milburn Ellyn B.odohaw Ann Sn'I<><I<I Mn<QM"t Brown Christine SoItm"n EllUl beth CoIfln I_Ie St"wort Heale. Gent.y Betty V&/lley Eleonora GraMm June V,,,I Oa.a Younq

M. Bulon. E. Brad.hew. M. B.aslon. B. B.own, M. B.own, K. Clevaland, E. Coffin D. Elliott. P. ralrb.i.n. H., E. O ••h.m. O. How••lh.,J. Irvin M. K.lbu•• r. wlqh.on. E. MeK_. B. McNicoll. H. M.d.on. M. M.tte•• J. Milbu.n M. Mo.lon. B. Mott••n. E. Obe.meye•• r. Pelna. H., r. Pettijohn J. Oue1'I•• M. O .... t. D. R_d, A. Sm• ..:!. E. L. Sml.h C. Soltm.n. E. SI.wert. iI. S ......., E. V.aJ..1' B. WI!eon, C. Yo..nll. J. Vi.l

ro..ncIed '8$7_Monmou.h CoIl..,.. JcLaho Alph. Chepl...-F.b"".....,. 38. I~ Colon Wine Red end SIl...r BI ..e no_r-Wln. Carn.llon



FACULTY 0..." I. G. EJdndqe SENIORS " - It AcuU L.ourenc:e Baird Roberl Tucker Welle"" Brown lohn Cerpenler Roy lump Loulo Denton Doneld H--eh

John Luken. I1.x-t Seymour Ceyton Speer Gelen W,III. Richard A~lell Berl,e," Wood l..of-en !:J"", Edmond Tu........ H»(Ih E1dndQoo



-.-Do." Noble Pelmer leek Frye Roy Grey Arlhur John-. BrooU London Robert Parker Eerl Ril%hei r

"""' .......

Jucbon Werk la",. Lelr'H;l Oyd<t In'Mn Denn Lemon I,,-ph Gnu.. Or"l And....... John



SMrmnn flellwood

"hrland s.-" W,lllem G,qrey G-xve Sommer John Kinqobury Howerd SI=-r Jeck Murphy leek Only Weller lohnoon rRESHMEN

J.ct Ade_ Edd>. Burke

F""""'k Plcl:..ll

Gonbl Sc-....-

Oh__ H..... Jack Hartlo John Jon.

Robert S\epMn All..-d Slene W,lh"",


Will!em Wahoo ...

Howerd Perl.h Roberl Beker II.,... Pe,...,,," GeorQe I),..... y J.,. HoIll"",.w","'"


Ad........" O. And....... A. A.he... R. hlen. L. &ird. R. 80010." S. BooUwood. W. Brown. E. Bu ••• , ... Carpon •••, ... Del,.. O. o..n. L. Donton. H. Dleta. G. Do...,. H. Eldridge, L. & ....11''', <J. FrYe, W. 019....,.. R. Gr.,., D. Ha....,h, d., O. H.,,_I d. H.rria, oJ. Holllnpworth. W. Hud..,n, C. Inman. A. oIo"....,n. ". Jon_, R. Jump, L. King d. KlngOlbury d. Laing. B. '-"'ndon. O. Loomon, d. Luken•• ". Muon. J. Murphy, N. P.h..... r H. Parl.h. R. Park•• , R. P ......n •. F. Pickell. D. R..... E. Rltahelmar, M. Soon...", R.


O. Sommer. O. A. So",mn. d. Sonunn. C. Spe••. H. a_T. R. Stephen. A. Stone. W. Tho...-" R. Tuclll.... , 1:. Turnu, iI. W...II. W. W..hburn. G. Will... B. Wood. oJ. 0 ..._

r ....ndtod 1839 Mleml,. Oamme Chepte_S.ptemboor 19, 1914 Co1o...-Bh.lI Pink and SIo., Blue nowar--R_




SENIORS Ah.,. Acull N<lr>c'f Ch.. mberlin Dorothy 0:>1.. E1""nor Ec:htern""h

M<>tQ<'ret Echtemoch OoTOthy H"=el M""9reth" Kjoonea K..thryn Lone

JUNIORS ...... &ket

........w l4o..... n




E1J.on Dallard Max".. E4album EmJI., GaOlO<llqnoll


""""" "'"""'" Barbor..".


M"f'O<'ret Berlll>qef V,rq,,,,,, Heal., Evelyn lenuno


Sh,,1ey Kl"Oqh


lulla WinIfred Moore R"th R""JOI' Lon"moo,. M. h Walu..






EU...l»lh Bolhwell K,,'hen C>dy Barba Gwinn Ann R.... Norm.o ),IlIe.....

I... nne Perkin, Elkm Soompoon

K"thenr>e 51. CIo" F.onc- StoIl<o

H..... SUU,..... Ma".Sulhvan

A. A<:uff, J. Balo." M. s..linqu, B. Bothw.ll, L. B.etton, K. e..t,., B. Carlq",., N. Chernboo.lin, J. O. .loo, D. Dol•• E. Dollard, M. &a.tburn, E. £Clltonnac:h. M. £Chtern&ch B. Flail... E. 0."",,,111"., B. Gwinn. V. H ••ly, E. " ... klne, S. K""9h. K. Loon. A. LooRu•• M. wR .... M, l.o.. no... H. Luke. N. Mltch.Il, J. Moo,.... L. P••",,_ J. P .... ln., R. RunyOI\, E. Sa"',,",o", R. Sand......... D. Sheridan, L. S",.,lley. K. St. F. Stolle, H, S"lllwen, M. S"lllwen, M. Tho.nton B. Welker, S. Welker, M. Willee,.

Founded I870--Mon",outh CoIIevBet. Keppe Chept...-Febl'U"" 26, 1916 CoIo....-D••k end Light Blu. now• ..-neur_d._ll.e

2 fl6


Sl:N'IORS f.4nklm DeY><! Cortloond HortIttop WlIboatn F_1henIon. Morrio O'Don".l1 Wan- Gor"Qhty Wdbam M.o.rtm It......" N41l

Wllbam Pauley Dcrwold 51>-....,.,

G,U:-! St. 0."





Iwon Cr.>oford. It.

a..rence De-ohn Wilfred Fry R>clMrd G..-........,h Woodrow HoU W,U",mt-

Raymond N"NlChob

Lew.. 0rI4nd Ed.Gtd Polto Ralph Spa....,., Ii.'_ SundNn:;J Raymond n-nh,11 Robert Willi.....


Don.Ud BotJ'Q8r

Ed ...rd HoLon.oan Gerold Hon.owelZ

K....mll 81M

"-PI> Crompton H<>m« o..rid RobMt Dudley Tom Ellia John GukiJl Walle""" G<I,..,1a

Vom [rvine Iol>n K'n....' W,lIlam Kea ...... Wendell Lewl. Ri"....rd MHwall Oulnn Puhl


Earl Ande...", Rey LevlQn. Del" Lew..."""" Devld Bodin" Welle"" Brown Peh1d Me1ZQer Me",hell Bue M,II.r W,lIerd Brush Cherleo Noloon Don N.I""" Ch<Orl_ Crowlher Homer Deviel"""" Oloon Williem Fohrer".eld a..ude Pont Sem Hell Irvlnq Reuw l.d Hammerlun<! S!<Inley.:5!<1I/ord Kellh Sundbu...,

E. And........, D.

C. Crowthar. W. J"fT. W.O


r. D_"<I,

D. Bodl..... W. Brown, M. Bu•. W. au....., I. H. o.ri<l. H. O.riM. C. o..Un. R. Dudl.,.. W. r_tIuo...ton.

a_lUll. W. Onaqh.,.. M. 0

R. O

nou9h, S. HaU


W. H.U H.",mul"nd. E. Holo.-......... O. Ho..-"'''', V,Inri.roe. R. W. x0.1.00 .,.. W. Martin. P. Matsvu, D. Mill.r. D. Nel.on. C. Northrop, .O'SM" C. OJ.o", L. 0.4.. <1. W. Paul.,.. C. Po.... I. R....., S. Stafford K. Sundbe.,.. R. Sundberv. R. Thon\hlll. H. Tim•• n. R. Will;.. ........ Broan....

r ........"



INk. Alp.... C CoI_ ~ n


l Unl......,.


d Aa.... Whit. Carnation





.6ettT Bandelm

&...-l lo4all8On

MaC}' Helot

Ire... Perrott

Mary Lou_ ldd",,'P Dotothy Pre... MMQ"ret Ro.oob<ough


Er"", t..wl.

Anne Srende J....... Cr<!mer

Ehzobollh Looml,

Ann Curti,

M.. rq ...."1e Man",",

Eldene ~ JHn G,e""'", Coc;]j. H"ney Dordhy I.-'""':

Ileulah Mc.::we <;,roI Jeen S<omm Kethleen Somm Elle_ Wallen


SOPHOMORES M"IT Bell Beonnett a_beth Bodwell MaIM. Boleo Dori, n......,.. Ruth EQqert

MaI"(JUeli'" M,Ioeo Lou~


""""9"..t Scott I..." Stew"rt Mell_Stone

Dorothy W ..llQn

rRESHM&N VlfQtnle M,l<:hell Me". Jane Brody M""9"re1 Carolhen M"l1<i Raphael H aou.;,h ,,'-"- Shleidl HorI Helen Ann Sutton Moo..,. J.n. WI1h.o...,., P"\1Ieen~

B. Sand.Un, M. B. s.nnett, B. Bodwell. M. Bol... A. S,..nd., M. J. Brody, H. Clou",h M. C • ...,th.... J. C •• m ••. A. Curti•. D. O"...eon, N. Eubenlu. R. £o\lut. E. 0 ..... d, O •• ham. M, H"i.t, C. H".ley, M. L. Iddln\la, D. Lenf.. t, E. lAw;., B. Looml. P. M_r, M. Menion, E. Melu.on, V. Meraul. M. MU.., V. Mitchell, B. Moo .... I. Purott. L. PauL-no D. P , M. Raph•• l, P. a .... b.ugh. C. J. Sam.m, K. Sam m M. Seott, A, Shi.lcb,,J. St.w t, M. Sto"•. H. A. Sutton E. W.h..... R. W..h ..... D. W.lton. M. ,J. WilIi.maon

rounded llnO-D.P.uw U,t1 ...... t, Bot. Thu. M., IS, lno COlo....-B1&c• •nd Oold nOW1l.........BI..,• •nd.Oold'

268 •



Dr Geoooqe....,..,. M,ller Jubn A. Ba:-kw,1h


How"rd GoId.mllh 1.-.1.. J..a-.

Shull Anna

Earl Bopp n..::-. Bu"",,,,


R.<pnakl Sumo Lt ......,. rrlOdJ

Glenn Ow-. Edqoor Rent,....



AmI_ WdU~m A",.. Dwlqht Barlon

Dougl". Guy Rorwold H_y


R..hol:l_ Halbert Le r.... Bord Mertln Du...... n:! Merhn l:...,ncIh Rober1eon H.rold Smith Rabon Slr""h.n

"""""" Bow_ ........ AIdn<:h

..... 0 . O><oriea Celli"" Ge Conkhn O>~rl



I....... W.ban

Merle Fimer



rr_Buche....n Gotdon o..vldoon P"ul fuller Rodenc H.... rn /.-ph HoIDr a.."Jee~

-_ ....

""" .....


R.olpi> B<oker

And..... Ie_

P.ul lolorl..., Gerth Pecl W.II."", ROIJ ..... ~I\

Robert Schllle. 1'homa. Stallard GI...,n SUlrhn

P.ul T.,1or

WIllen:! n.o......., Albert T<>noDe TI", V.ughn W,lbur V,,,,,,,,,,t 'eel W11..,x


Robert 1: _ R.olpi> l.-


Barry lolernll

'"' -,

Gereld I/>dqewe,


O. A",br_. J. And....on. S. A ........ W. A.",., R. S.loar. D. Barlon, A. e........ n. E. Bopp A. Bo",l-.., B. Bowln. T. Burnha"" R. Burna, J. Clo ...... C. ColUna. E. Conklin,

O.O..ld.o" O. O•• u., C. O;"mo.... M. F;o.I\••, P. Full••. D. OUf' R. H....... R. H.....1'. C. Holt J. Hoi C. dad,...n, A. dam... F. "a",..,n, J. K. . . R. Kh"'" J. Koli. R. Krumm_ H. Loor.b L. t.."'l. R. Lee. G. 1.)00 P. Morken. B. Manln. B. M.rrlll, A. Monnett B. Moo O. 0-". O. Pock, E. , G. Rid_a,. K. Roboo.uon. W. Rou .......U. R. SchUler H. Smith.. T. Stafford. O. Slarlln. R. Str_.....n. P. Taylor. R. Thom_n. W. Th.omp. _n, R. Thune

E. Elliott, A. To...U•• J. W.....". <I. Wi!eO'l. J. Woodrufl. T. Vaughan, W. Vineoonl, P. Pat.NOn

Found..l 1848-.1.«....on Coil..... Mu Iota Chaptar-M.",," 11. lUI COlo........ Roy.. PU"l'I.







S&NIORS Chacloll<> Ahlqulal LorM IMe Cornell Je~n Boorner Ruth ferney Geraldine Mo....

JUNIORS Qot'-!. . 8Jomoled Alyoe Par.... H.. rr>et Dunhoom Domth'!' ~. ~

Gehrke Ma'l'Short ElIzabeth Houston Ed>th SlaM. M,nnl. McCurry lola.., El,...belh Smith Edna Bell Wood



............ ...... ..

Bill". Ja... A.-n ....a..... Ilootqoer

MarjOO1e Ellen Glenn Elaabeth Mlntr ~MlntT

Merr Lou. . Murdoch

FRE$HM&N H..1Qfl 8<lnbury

Su... nn~ Bl~ck P~uh.... Brlld>

MMqMel Loothnore Zelm~ McCorroll Sa... M"rQ<'lrel M,tchell

Ahoe N~ E.t ..... R........r


.... ..... H,U ,....... Hoawon

• ...,0-.


..... Turnbull E1Iasbeth W.ldl"OP

C. Ahlq,,~t. B. A ...Un. H. Banb ....,. M. &.v-r. K. Bj ..rnllt.d. S. BI",,". J. Boom.r P. B h. J. Cliff.. rd. L. Corn.n. H. Du..h.m. N. Eleln9"'r. R. I".r".,.. J. I"r.ncb V. FrI !:. O. M. Gl.nn. E. H ..".t.. n. N. H .. m.n. H. Hill E. 01."""". E. d.. hroaon. M. LooUmo.... Z. Mee.r....ll. M. Mee",...,. E. Mh",.. H. MInt'!' S. Mtt"h.U. G. Mo M. Murd""h. A. Nobl., A. P D. R E. ROd••• r E. Scott. M. Sh E. M. Smith H. Turnbull. E. W.ldrop. E. Wood

I"....nded lm-S,....""u. . Unl....... t.,. Bet. Zoot. Chapt• .-.I"... 12, 1928 COlo......... Sil d Bord...... now...-I"o...,.t'm t. LiI,_ .. I_th._V.IIa,.

2 70





Or. I. Wesley Banon FrtOd C. Blanc:berd

r ,ani;

Slanlon Ronald 0 Du S.uU Hall Mod1an

SENIORS Wallet &u_.~ iloJd &nor rr<mk BuI"Oloodt 0=Ie0 Cerbon

HonIoan I...... 0.:..-, i0oi"",",

W,lliam 5&.... RicMrd $k>rdI ~"Hom. Wolk... Burton Y""""9




Euqene F.-.non

Herndon WilHam Hud....


Jobn "'..."

WllUom MOITOw Robe11 Polnler

I'm Shaler

Woodrow Sore........ 'ack McKibbin 11:". .11 T~ W..ylond Tannin<;! Rodne'r Johnoton

SOPHOMORES John &oTkor VOl< Glenn Erlckoon

HMv"rd Luk~ CharI... McLaUQhlin fred. Mueller

'Hehard Finkl.... 10m... Parry Richard Gudrnundoen Gordon Smith Ed,l. Willi em.


0t10 BTende

J"..- c..pl_

Geo'V" Lemp

SlIm Miller Glenn Drol..., Philip llem<>kl,," Rlchbrd B.:her Paul 8M!... Fred Fi!zp<llrick VI....,..,L W"I'Keith F. . .num Anhu. Whlle R..yD><>nd G"'..... Rlchord Wl'-'o Den Zimmennon

Found..... Iass-Mia...1 Unl........,

0 .......... Ct. Chopto..-MaJ'Ch 15. 1924 Colo..

Oh.. and Old Gold

n ....r--Whi •• R _

.. 111


SI:NIORS N.o"9"rel Brodrechl

I..oto De_ loliidnod flholl: Ryth F"rIoty ~""n G."h<un


Hotbeld Eileen (-.-IT 8ettT M,. p".-w. P.non. ~.,. I:::' RIley


O>"rmlon O>lld. Kolh&rl... Klmbooll Morl<>ri..


El.... nor HOyl Mnry L. JOrdM

MOl'QorM Myrp"y

Kolherln.. Schuenenhelm Jo Betty Wick...

SOPHOMORES V.l'QlnIa Helm Vl"""_ Kutley Ehubeth KlUQht Mo.,. Dtubeth J:c.liolet Mlri<Im McFaU u..- Mel.1<.....,.. Janet Sanden SpoU... s..uth Bem,.,. Kathryn W""'1en u..... Er.leton Ma.,. Wid. Ma"9"rM WyOOll

Dora 80ird Franc- B<urd 5.t,ah """" BIOk... H...... BrocIfed\t Ruth Burna 9Mnor c..u...h.on florabMh auld. lMn Dunk~ Er.1aIon

FRESHMEN 8orbo,a Brodrecht c...oll_n 0..91. H_I o...n lMn Drbooll lola.'... Drucoll

Morl"n DwI<Jht Moreel'o Geraqhty I.... Harv.y M,tIam KenMrd lMn Spooner Betty W • ..Jey

O. B.I..d. F. B.ird. S. B.1>.,. B. B.odreeht. H. B.od....,ht. M. B,od....,ht. R. Bu.n•. E. C.ll.h"n C. Child., E. Child•. L. 0 ...1_. C. D.ri•. H. D. .n • .I. D.nnlng. E. Oill.rd . .I, D.l<lcoll M. 01"1..,011 . .I. Dunkl", M. Dwight. M. Elliott. B. I:..l"ton. E. &-1.lon. R. F •• I.,.. M.O"••ght,. M. Oll»on. M. O •• h ..... B. H"tfi.ld. V. H.I .... D. Hold"n, d. H .....,.. B. Ho.lon. E. Hort M. L, Jord.n. M. K.nnanl. E. K.nnad,.. K. Ki... ball, V. Kirtl",.. B. Knlllht. M. K ...t.lak M. McFall. L. M.llin\l'*" B. Mb. M. Murph,.. P. P ......... M. Riley d. Sand.... K."lm. S. Smith, d. Spoon••. B. W... la,. K. Wh.l"n. J. Wick_. M. W\ek_

Foundad 1874-8,.."".... Uni_reitr XI• ..-N_mba, 22,1909 Colo.. Buff "nd Brown now• ..-Pinlr. Ca.n.tion

272 •



Lew!. C. Cody Art o..Ylet.on

Art Sowder


Alber! Blal. Homer Budqe

Jon. " ...l!'-.:>n Wlntcn

Do" a.... Jo>me-.

0-.. """

.... Wt-Ier

dUNIORS Oren AI,......

""''- " - " W,U_1lI.ooc:l Leland HI99\....... J._H4tI>.pIon

..- ....... ~1' 01,"," P."l R.dmond Wolk.. Rlch

Rc.coe s-.I'.....i




Doneld T,acy AYOn W,Ieon

M..l"Ohall Neill

SOPHOMORI:S Joh"&,,k.. fr.."ct. !l<>otly ,0.,10.. Bry.. ,,1 W .. II... Di""loo"

RoI»rt a..rt )oh"H.._" Lewl. Rich R..lpll WHoon



Ilorulld Alht" Robert Daqqett Gene Dovidoon Fra"k Fuller f.ank H...el Hilloon:l Hick..


Em_Uoyd _ EdlOj" Samuel Rich GoootQe Ru"yon R.m....n:lt Sch.oeIer Robort Smith W,lham SturQ1U

W....... T_n

.....rt>n Hull



D. Albin. O . .uu.on. J. Ban... H. Bud.,., C. Beardm...... W. Black. A. Blai, A. Bry... t. D. Clo",o"",, d. Crowe. R. D_t1, E. 0.11..,.. E. Oaridoon, W. Dlnnl..." R. c..rt. ". Hampton. ". r. " _ I , M. E. He,..,.,,,. H. Ukla. C. HIlKI'h....". M. Hull. W. don_. R. Llneol.. , E:. Lloyd. d. M"",rdo., M. N.m 01. Oll_., K.", E. Porter, P. R..Imond. O. Rlc:h. L. Rich, S. Rich W. Riel.. O. Runyon, C. Sand..... W. S<t.nd.... R. Sch••I.., R. Smith. R. 8",~Un.lal P. 8iM""" W. Stu"'II'ill, R. T<09on, W. T<09on, O. Tht-n. D. Trocy A. Wlt.on. R. Wllaon, E. Wibon. P. Wrivht



rounded 18S6-Unl"Nlt)' of AI.boma Ideho Alpha Chapter

N .._mber 1, 1919

Colon-Purple and Gold rlo....--Vlolet

• 11S



..., .....


LuelIoo Nebon Mo.., Ellen Brown V,vl<On Hoyer Mftr., O'Neil Morjori.. Collo ... M0"90""1 Honr"hon 00IU Por-h 8<llty p.",..... y Alii"" Klr>g He)"n P. Wlloon

ilUNIORS t-l,ldreci Ad1 Mor1' Vir<;llnl<> Conqdon


""- <>ow.,



Ell.... FI6nne. G<l,1 fliend Ru,h Hal~

loon """"""'


Sl",i..., t-leek

Ma"'l"ntI P8>C ..

H....... E. W1l-.


J.... n Altoon 8<lUy Alh

l..on &<or AQn... Eiden

ldo. M".,G,II.. n..."I...

Morlon l ... nbuT<,! Jo"", UlU" Ru,h Luk"nl Ardll Sim~ I....n Thunlon

iI. Albon, E. Alh, M. A"h, iI. B•••. B. Booth, M. B.own M. Colllno. M. Con\ldon, D. Cro..loy. M. Dolono. A. Eld.n. E. n.nn. . I. Om.n...t ••. R. H.ll••• M. Hon.oh.n. D. H ...tchLn ...n. M. h.nborg. A. King iI. Llttl•. R. L......"", S. M.e". Z. M.yen. L. N.loon. M. O·N.ll V. N01'." D. P._h. B. P.......,. V. RINd. iI. Soon!ord, M. Schneid•• A. 8Im_n. iI. Thu..ton. H. E. Wiloon. H. P. Wibon

Founded 11174 Lotwio School, M~lppl Hu • ..-Spot.rnbo. 18. 1911 Colo.. B....nze. Pin" ••nd BI". no.........c....rn Whlto R_

274 •



DMn JoloIn kkli"9" AUen5.I..Do.on John A ~."""

SENIORS Fronk Btlvl1\Q1on Georqe Brun...11

I..... H"n""'h John Haya

11:01,0,1 Mauri.,. Molin WIIII"rn "'Urn""


Bernard Snow





l-=k ICInnoo

W .......l!.aw..en<»

Jeen N.chobon ik:h<ln;! Parts Paul Poul.,., Donald Wll.,., F<>land Wlnl<>r Everett Wood


H. AhloJo..., .... ''''Q'Wlt, l.. Auvuat. J. A,...... r. D.rington, R. B , W. 8 ........ O. Brun_ll. C. Burt. M. D,. O., J. D.Co"...,.,.. J. E n L. E".na L. Goff"ol'. P. Oambla. P. 0 _ J. Hannah, C. H .. rt'loo, J. H • .,., d. Hill O. H07" B. Hurnph J'. R. Hulchioon. E. Iddi,,!". R. dol"•• 1.. K.ll"",~. J. Kinne R. Loong. J. Latlm W. 1.00......""•• O. M"Conna I.". McFuland. M. Molin, R. MorUn J. Nlcholaon. R. P W. Plttm .... , P. Po"l..,n, P. Rlch.l_n, F. Robin....... C. S."d••• C. Sch""ts.., B. Snow. E. Snow. D. Southworlh. M. Southw••th. H. Styff., O. 8",1.1.0, D. Thom... B. Willie ...... D. Wllaon. C. Wood. C. Underdahl, J. Yoder

Toundood 18S8 Coll_ Dolt. Mu Ch.pter-M.y :, 1931 Colo ...-Purple. White, .nd Oold rlower-P.nsy




a......nlce &rMrd

Miriam UIII" I\Ilon Reier"""






.... "ea-


Barbo,,, U...,. &rba,e Mockl.,

SOPHOMORES Marjorie Slalne Adlo "lord.. Hoebel M.o,., Genoo Braddock JeW<fll HoI"Marj<:>oW o-,~ ~ K.,lI, r,.....- ~ Clwo.1otle Thomp«ln ~ F.ancw WllI.._

FRESHMEN Beverly Boler June o..vl_

.... u_

M"r, H"nn..,

J_Rlcl. Allee Wynn

Betty Lou

Bonnie Lonoe [..,hell !.oul.


Theodora ZIll<.,.

B. a.u.••, M. Blaine. J. Da.n.. M. 0. _ . F. C1d....lll"'. B. Gedd_ B. Oih., C. Olbboo, C. Goodwin. I. 01'0 , M. ".-eh. A. "_IMI i. Holt., F. K.U,. B. '-"Il"'. O. t..... n, A. La......... I. Lou" 8. Lip!», L. Lip C. McConnell, B. Moekl.r, M. O·CO.",,,• .,. Ric. ., L. Rle C. Thom_n. M. Ti.... r. Willi• ....-n. A. W''''''' T. Zilk.

Found..!. 1885_D"P.u.. U"I_..lo, AlpM Rho Ch.p•• II. 19:W Colo.. Sc•• la. and Oli ... 0 " R... c..-...Uon and 8 11....

no..... aHI




Wliliom H. pm"","

lohn M Raeder

JUNIORS W,lll..... AU. Robert IloIhnqer Roberl F"'ch


Bert la.-. lInK» LM Marshall



lout. Goet~ Roberl McFadden Don.. ld H.... t. M.." N""'l Loren Hid.. Robert SI",," WIlli..", Slu<W,..,ker


n.-nor. Ahn

Robert Bakhrin C1a1'enOe o.lldo Homa-r Fl..... Wenda'l G ..nnon Winton Gr..y I........ Gridley

C1a1'enOe H..IlI-.;l Gordon Htlh.... n



W"r- M.. rlJu,.,.., W... . - M,[1er

Cord M<;fl..,.,.

Georqoe Or.. m Auqu1I Pene P.. lrick Probot W,III..m Ru....., lack Soh""'n K-..etl". T.. ylor Je_ Wnqhl John Wnqhl

RII,.....,...:! Yort

l'RESHMEN H.. rold Aikin. lohn Baldwin Rlch.. rd o.....e11 Arthur G<lnnon Ewtnq [rwln

Chan.. M ..,n..rd

~ H.owoomb

1....- Pence P.. ul Prl"" Roberl Pul""m Wllll"m Shrum Erne....... S!evenI H.. rold S>;ch.....

WIl'..... W .. 11 W..,....W. .

H. Adkln•. W. A.h, R. A.hbrook. R. Bald",ln, R. 80lli"v." W. Charrlngton. C. Child., H. Cook C. Crowl.,.. J. D.17. R. Darnell, B. &rik..,n, D. E ....... D. W. Era ..., R. n"",h, H. rloon... W. £'"""nne•. A. O.""on. W. Oannon. G. O~on. C. OM. L. 0 ....... W.'. d. Ol"ldl.,. C. Ham•• tV, D. Mania. L. Hic.... O. Hill, E. Irwin, B. x......-n. B. I.e. .1. McCabe W. Macle.r. H. Nav-ol... C. ~man;l, c. M.~. J. C. MeE1roJ. R. Mcr..:!.d.... D. MeK_ E. M,.... D. Mien_I. R. Midd,",'on. M. N_l. O. 0. , J. Paneoo. O. Pan_, P. PrIce R. Putnam. T. Roodlinl/O'h.I... , oJ, R",ablo., A. W. R , W. S ............ E. S ........., H. Stich.... R. J. Solt ... an. d. Thorn ... D. Vln«"., W. WUI. W. W .... ". Wl"Ight, d. W. WrlOht, R. York.

round.d 186S-Virvlnla Milita,..,. l""til"l. Delu Tau Ch&pta..-Ma,. 38. 1125 Colorw-A....... and Gold n,,_ _Whlte TN R _







Locll~ McG.ftth Evft Oben:;l Bftm..ra Schmidt Dorothy W'lh .....


P"tridft F.. pe Rulh Eu"" Mftrion Jo/l..-..


N<!<rjon. W, . . .

JUNIORS Dorolhy Brown Aileen Groome Berthft Iftck.oon Mftrj<>rle Robbinl

Marian Swanton

Clftrftb.n. Turner G.rald,ne W<>qn.r Amhftr Woll


Vo&.<::IaJ... Eopo Vlrq.n... John->n

V.f'Qlnwo "-'J:..theri ... Roo.

rra".,.. Mu.lha Ed.... M<lO:nO Gl..o,.. Mce.uw,

Lou_ TOIl>lonoon Wentworth H.1en W,lliftma


FRESHMI:N M.."""teI Brown

V...1<l Durant

Ma""".... c.._


Ga,1 Dld..-.

lootof9OtY M,...,.

D. B ....wn. M. B....wn. M. D..... O. Dlclo....on. V. Dur.nt. M. Ea.tburn P. Eel"'. V. Eel"'. R. Er...... A. G..-me. B. J"".....n. M. A. Johneon M. John n, V. Johneon. J. K_ney. O. McCaul.y. L. McGrath. M. Mey<o.. E. Moo r. Murth., E. Ob.o~, V. P.t M. Robbine. K. Rooe B. Schmidt. M. Sweneon. L. Tomlln n. C. Turne•• O. W.llner. E. Wentworth D. H., M. WU..on. A. Woll

rounded 1888-Boeton Unl..,..;!y Th... T.u Ch.pte_M.y. 1929 Colo.. SII..... Gold .• nd Blu. f"lower-P .. ney

a18 •


rACULTY Chari... C. Hart

SeNIORS A!bert P. A",,*-, Ge,.1d F<o;IIe



~T"...­ A.C WIu... t ...

"""""' .......

Henry Seh"",,,*,



Jack DTer Dwight Holf""," AllredGI_

Kfrilh NcD,,,,,,,1 Rlchoord ~n

WUllam D. T"ylor

SOPHOMORES John Ile<ory Walle< Iloot!II ~c.<JlMl_

He"- C>.tmmoc::t

0..-_ r-tle FOQIoo

Walter L.a'9'1J~ J,ore M"upu'l Jo.epI> Men"'l Paul M.umI"'QhoIl


Merl:. I/oh.....

o..nG.-. loNon"" GripCCln

""" '""'-

~nH.... p

Gerald SNo.. ar< Stoker

Erich Korte

Roberl Verbertmon




I.... n Brill"l..



r...... Gr'plOn Melrin NelooooI

GoOoo '""""" MIlo 50.....,..,.


Jack Van


Wap'" Y«>nl

W. Betta. A. Brittain. R. Carpenter, L. Chip",_, J. Cu",rnod., C. ~ .....o ..... J. O)r•• O. FOlIIle. R. ForbM.". O.uowey. A. 0 ' - . D. G ....n. r. Oripton. L. Grlpton M. H_p, D. Ho&"'.", D . .Ioh........ C. Korte. W. La."i1l1 K. McO&ftl.el,

M. :~':~~W~l>'L:.':..R. Pi..-. O. bdlord. M. Robl D. s.nn_. M. H. Schlevel. E. Sp.onoor. O. St N. S.rom.benr. W. T.,.lor. G. Tu........ , R. V••t.-k..._


R. Roman. C. Ruuell

rt, K. at...._

". Ven 81M, A. Wl-lt....., W. Yenn.l

Founded 1869-Unl,.....lty o( VIt9lnla Oamma Theta Chapte....-April 28, 1905 Colore_Scarlet. Whit•• end O ... n no.....-Lil,..o(.th••VaUe,.




SENIORS M,lam Ilott",.. lli Cl.. nn CouQhlan Wayn.. Hamplon W",yne lUll Arnold loll,..".. Kennell> lundbef9 W,lh..... MCC....

EUQ'!Ine s..undo... Ho..ard Sootl

Frank T,lu. Wilham Tuoon Walter Ward Theron Ward Ma. Weber

JUNIORS Eatl BulJod.

W.lh.. m L.irv!M, f:d..",rd """,yet Ivan Rolleloon

W,_GO. l ..",. Innl

SOPHOMORES iK:.... rd 8<lk6t 1",.-. ""cF""I",,.. Fred Clubb Lou,. Roc:i,.. A<!nan 0. W,nter Robert Retherioo<I P",ul Enn,. Edw.. rd itley Way"", Eubllnh Henry~. 20bett G<""Yllko Arch.. Tow... ~ H.. nd, 20bett To ... Kennetl> Hur>Qerlord Glen Wh,_1 Albert Wh,l..

.... -


Kennetl> Ander-.



...., .....



H"rdd Ji.'cue

"*'-' """'"'"""

Keolh Tbca.pocn R<otph W",rr_


itchoord H"II R,chard Lambert

k>Im W,ll....... 0..,...". W'1oon V'noMIl W.loon

K. And• ..,.... C. Boocon, R. Ball..r. ". a....n, D. BiatUn... M. Bonln.lIl, O. B.-m.r De Wh,t..r. P. Dodd•. D. n - r P. Ennle. W. EulH.n .... W. 0""". R. O .... n,,\I1•. R. H .. ll. W. H.m"ton, O. H .. nd,. W. Hill. K, Hun\l..rord, oJ. Inni•. A. oJohnaon. C. L·H.rt.... n. R. I.e.",.,.... W. Lin....y K. Lundbe...... E. M.y••. W. MeC oJ. Mer. .t.n •. oJ. Phl\li~. L. R.ein•. H. Rol_ E. RiI.y. I. Roll.leon. H. R r, H. Sand.reon. R. Schroeder, K. Tl>om~n. r. Titu. R. Towne, W. Tueon. R. W.rn.r, T. W.rd. W. W.rd. M. Weber. A. Whit.. O. Whit_I, oJ. WHII.m•. C. Wil.oon. V. Wll.oon. R. Wycoff

1:. BuUoell, r. Clubb. O. Cou9h"'n. ", C<Oeb,.. A.

r",unded IB9$-Vlrvlnl. Mill •• ,,? Instit"te Del•• O",lcron Chapt• ..-M.,. 22. leiS Colore-Blectr.. Whl'e.•nd Oold R_




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R. Ahboll. "' "'. O. Bi,h.",. T. Be".. h. R. B ...... n, W. Cart.r. B. Coon ... Cooper. K. C _ r , ... C hing. D. Dlleon. R. Oardn.r. W. Gu••n. C. H.rt E. Hothn.n, R. A n ..... "'.flrI... A......Jyn. C. Koon..... B. wM..... E. Leitn.r. E. M" A. Ml."h..n, H. Monloe. D. P ...... T. Peint••. R. P ... J. Pim.nt.l. W. Pit"h••. O. PrI..... V. ROM. W. Sc:hroed.r. R. 51..... O. SI."d."h.. C. St••• n •• O. S n •. T. Smll.y. S. Surnm.... , V. Tagga••. J. Taylo. V. Thompaon, J. T y, C. wnoon. o. Woody


Fo"nd.,;l18llO-Corn..U Uni_ml,. Id..ho Ch.ap..._N_rn!>oor e, Ur.W CoIo...-B"a end R.,;I •• Carnelion



rACULTY pro!....... 1. H"90 John...... o...n Dw;qht S. Jelfe... Don R. Th.>ph>h... ~W""'Sh"ll

$&NIORS Kenn<Hh Goollnq Br"C<t Grove. W.y H.rper R 11 Horwowetz


Roben Morr!. WIII18m O"Nelli Geo"l'" Klein VIr"..,11 S,pIe

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Henc:hell Swonn

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C. And on. C. Baylon. E. Back. J. Cola",an, C. Combo. R. Dunn B. Oroy R. Honoo... t., M. J.,,"n, M. E. "alUlan. L. King. E. Kl.lhau.r R. La",•• M. Lanham. C. McPh• .....,n. R. MOlTia W. O'N.iIl. r. Randall. 9. Ryan. R. R..-ll R. 9c:h",itt. V. Sipl". O. S",laat E:. Tu ..." •. M. W_.ardahl

roundad 1899 UUnoia W..lay"n Unlya ••\Iy Alpha 0.."" Ch"p'ar-----.l"nua." \. 1928 Colo.... Ch"lTT and 0 ••,. n_r-Rad ea.rnatlon

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'''''''''"-' Will",,,, Taylor

rounded lllO&-Bo.ton Unl........ ,. Es-llon Oomma'un••. 1927 Colo... P.o.-ple. 0 ....". and Gold now...--Viol••




I"ACULTY Or. R. D. R>-Il Or. A C.

Stanley R. nail


SI:NIORS WUoon F. Bow Elwyn Mol"OOC

Em<>ry RIc. Royn<>, 5ovo,1no Robert Wolkoc


Fred Compball Iv.... Campbell

Eiwm Hecke<t

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ECn<II1 Coon Alt.-.d Day Ralph [d'n


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Wtlliam Newlon

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R. 1". R. D. C. 1".

Abba,., D. Ah.rin. D. And....... R. Bonn.H. W. Bo•• C. Campball Campbooll. I. Campboll. E. Coon. E. Dakin, H. D.,.. c. o.spaln Edln. R. 1"....,.. M. O.lbc.lth. R. Oalbraith. S. Hall. E. H_k.rt ,John.ton, I. I.on.,..t.I\1. R. M....n. R. M.y••. E. W. N.wlon P.t......n. R. Pitta. R. R.ndall. d. Rhod ••• R. s.y.rin •• D. Sp.ln.,..r TU..ton. H. Tolford. R. Walkie. C. W.ndl••. C.

I"oundl<i llil3l-Uni.....II,. of IdAho Colo..._CrI...-n. Whit•• and Purplo no••.--syringa





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SENIORS Bernioo r...v, loto,.., I...... P..,.

Ahoo Bol"....n Eclllh Il<own

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Oorlo McDermon Mary MonlQomery

Qaramae 8owl" o..vlna Cmnmock

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r. All.... M. Aram, B. Birl..., B. BI.., , A. BI..,.._", H. Bl.el.., A. Bo .. M. Bradd ...... , E. B",-, E. Brown. A. B ..,.. , d. Burria, E. Butl.r, I. Ca ..,.. C. Coppoc". L. Coppoc". E. CarJ.on. D, Cu ........... , T. &rica-n. I. n ....r. D. rr..rwon R. r........., O. O..-.ln..., M. 0."'7, P. Hal<o, M. H.._n, M. Hanaon. M. H........r M. Hania. O. H.rrig.n. C. H..wl..,.. r. Heat". H. H .....r. A. H.I o1a. H. H.nrilaeen r. Hobbe. E. Hol ..... E. Horton. C. ",,<leo.., O. Inlll., M. 01 L. 01.11.... r. ".p_n. N. M. doh.....n. L. "ohneton


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Lou,,, Coppock Mary Nlt<::MII Vlrvlnl" o"uqherty Eolher Moneller Madell... Gerry lYQla Parkin-. M"'9"re1 He..... Dfl"iedoo ~nlICkrl G....... H0rri<l<'n

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Fr_Kobbo Ellen Moo... HoI",

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V. John.ton. K. K.t.."Tn...,.••. T. Kln1horn. A. L ..... c1. B. t..• ..,.. J. 10M. E. McCarty D. McO'.......... M. McKinley. F. MUJ..o•• M. Milc:n..U, W. Mitchell. C. Monch.... M.Mo"lgom• ..,. L. Myrick. A. 0"-..,. M. P.~. H. M. R"nhart. H. Rove... L. R .. nck L. 800.._ . H. ShNa-n, M. s.,h ....ltt. I. Sp-n~•• D. So.. th. M. s..__. v. Stok~....,. W. Sto.~....,.. P. S.. mm.... V. S.. m ....... D. S••ndlg. M. T.lch••. A. Tronn.U. E. T .. E. W~n•• , A. Wald.n. B.••. H. W.U.n. O. W .... .I. W......n. E. W.n.....t ... r. Whltcomh. M. W ••". r. W,...• .I. W,...



OrTlCERS Vlrqt..... Norrie . Dorothy Armsll'OI'>q I...... WU-. Vlrqlnla W,llla ....

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S£NIORS AI"", Almqul.t Helen llndonm<ln E1ve Andel"OOl1 Merqe~1 Metthe ... IXlrolhy Ar.... trorq l.-phlne Mitchell D:lnne F.e",. Eva HI... Helen Fe......... l.uc'lle C9""" Hel.n ~ G""l.. Mildred Hi_ "'_ Ptoot A~ Inqle Dorolhy Reque l.uoc:la Johnoon Helen Schoenh.alo Manon Jon. Jeenetle Wt.E.lIIet Wohllelb


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A. A~~i~:~~II~nd• ....,n:D. Arnul...,nll. R. Bell. F. Belhrn.nn. H. Bi.hap.

R. Browning. M.l:.rleon. O. Chri'''n..n. E. C_.... O. C...,wl.y. V. Crowl.,.. M.o.K.y L. Din"""n. A. Dunn. D. I:.rn... L. Cliott. F. Erle n. H. F M. nina M. Gind.r. R. OrilJll'l. M. H.wa. B. HIlIl..-d. M. Hh" D. Hohnh . A. Ini:,le. B. In,le. M. iI H. iI.well. B. .loft....... L. ilo .....n. M . .Ion... F. K b.. L. Le...,.. 1:. Le.irno.... P. Lewia

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V"ldor" Mer.. .,1 Shelley 01..,.,

M"rjorIe Flink

Betty Ingle

I.m.. Pinnell

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eonstance T...,l"nd

HeJe.n Jewell

Frt>d" W,.

Coraline Beck

'-t. I/ad>el. ).lJ!"hell

Her\ene Bod>op

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Ruth Brownu"l

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OFFICERS P .....d.nt VI.,. P .....d.nt s..,..tary

Leon N...... u ~w"rt


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S&NIORS EHII AlroI" C.ul Buell Allred Cuolo Ad<>m Czeh"lowlkl Don Howe

Alden Melltl<>n Spence. 1'1"1"",, Con"ld Porter Edo... Sch"ulelberqe. s..""l $Il..... be.... W,lll.. m K..1si""'- L.<:><- S1r"wn V"v,l r-ia Wllh"m Trude l.-r".

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Loull M..nn Paul

E1~erl Toe~1

Dudl"y Tucker l1:elph TurnldQ.. Wl11lam Wetheran Ge->"...e Weyer"",n Loo ........... Whlt.idot W~

C. S. d. A. E. A.

Adldn•. E. Alrol., C. AII"p. d. Baldwin, P. lander. R, Beverly BJo.k ...... n, M. Boe.rdrnen. P. Bonin. F. Bowdlah. W. B.own, C. Buell O. Calla.. ay. W. C.ln ..n, R. Ce.rnpball. W. Connolly, D. Con..l". Cu ..i.. , D. Deana. M. Dryd.n. J. Eldar. W. r.lloo, d. r.rquh.r r n, E. rri_n, r. H .... pl. J. H.y_, R. H.yn_, N. HelkkU. H.I L. H.ndri.lo. D. H".k.y. L. K.ll09l1


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r. Koto. V. l.uu••o...... R. NcC .... J. M"r..:ldan, J. MeV.,., L. M..,k.,. H. March.. W. Mm... O. N-I.,.. L. Nad_u, A. Hakon, H. Ol.en ". P'ioorQO, D. Porter. R. Radford. R. a...~ E. Sc:hauf.lI.a'V"'r. R. s.."ultlt W. Snrder. E. L. St....., A. Stirn. R. Ta,lor. E. T _ D. T"""r, R. T"n\I• • W. Truda. L. W u, O. W_rrn.... G. Wey<trrnann r. Whit. L. Wh.ll-.J,d., C. Wi~... P. W C. Y _ r

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orrlCERS P~ul

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JUNIORS Lynn Ailken H.. rokI Ball RoT.. l Cordon ICend4l1 John D*-, Marl,n G.olbra,lh Den G,..,...... W.J1OWIn GUIIuie


Ow>Qht Henley

a.... Hunl RobM1 Jonn.on 1....- K.reo

o..rid Maul Re. McDowell Anq... MeLone 0.:.. Morn_ ~ R . _..... Merl,n Mutdock.

o.ude M<>qent

H"rold P..,.k;".,., F...:! Re-.-n ~ R,tbnq Ea.l Spenc:.M

£dqo., StocUon H"""",,,l Xl..... V...I Un"ndtw )<»&ph l.adl.. W,lIlam Wataon ....1 U""h.. n leRoy Will"""" Raymond M",."hl1 Tom Wlloon Wood.

Paul And......n

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Marlin Oalhra.lth


SOPHOMORES Rudolph Be",ndorl Rodney De.on

Rot,.,rt KerLor<ln J.."....,n Elmer Lowl.

AHoo Edd",glon Elm." EdchnqlCn

Fol\Ol Murdock

L, A. Gillette

Arnold PoullO"l


lolIn Price


Donald John..".,

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FRE:SHM[;N Lowell A...",.,

1<1",. NlJIon

C'1O Bal."th

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w,n...... Holbert

W"fTO<' M"rdocl

Rob.r1 Pe,u.Arthu'~


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1:. I.o.."', R. M.nh.u. L. Maughan. D. Maul. D. Mortirnu. P. Mortimar

F. A. E. L. S.

Mu..doc". M. Murdock. W. Murdoclo., A. Nucroont, C. Nucroont. L. N Par•• R., H. Parki........ A. Po ......". F. R. . m..-n, L. Seh SP't...,.r, W. S'ambau9h, E. Stoc"'on. D. To..." K. To• .,. l1nandar. D. Vining. W. Wabon. L. Willln" .. Woodnoff, J. Wood.

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Don C Curtlo T.,.Ior


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Glenn 80<111., Brllndta-l

Kent M«loRobert J. Mo.Iey Lut. Pu,",*l

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Gilt:-! Snow

T«.- Butler [OM Corbrldqe

Fo....! Thompoon R..lph Wiloon

Berkley ........... Jr.

Ancil Wlnqer

Ru_" Yorv-n

1.. Aninlton. M. Bee•• o. BocIil.,. R. But"'•• I. Co.bridlJ'O. O. Ch.prn.n B. 0-.1.. Ooocl..U. R. H n. M. H .... ry. M. oI.....n. W. J"h...... n


W. JO""l"n.."" R. KIln", B. 1.. K. L.uriuen. B. Lilj."Cf"bt. K. MeQu..n O. M ••Ioo7. R. Mo."'.,. W. A. Sch_ndirn.n. O. Sno.. C. TlI1bot. C. T • .,Io•• R. Tolrn.... R. yo.".......n R. Wi1llon. A. WlnO"r

28 . . .


ornCERS P_d.",

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Vice PT-id.nt

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s..:...ta..,..T..-"... SENIORS

A ...ol Erld-on 0.0,1... Lumpkin VerneldoG....... Lo....., McCreqooPblhp Hionnq Horold 1bJ.y

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SOPHOMORES HOrYey Alb",!h....

John Le.... ,.

Donald 8fmedlcl Roberl John Cor'--

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Mark Howard Roneld Ino;Ile Fronk " .. pel

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Kennelh ur\Qlond

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Wilbur L.orkom

Geoorqo Elliott


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D. Ikn..tic:t. J. Corl-. 1". CurUa. E. DU9811. G. £Iliott, A. Erie....... O. Ooocl-II. P. Kl&rI"9, G. H~". C. H _ _. M. " _..... R. 1"111. K.pol, W. """'".... rn. L. t - , A. IA., B. Looon.rd. J. Lew,. D. x....... J. l.o. ., C. Lurnpkin. E. d. Mill••• E. 1010"'." r. PIc•• tt, H. Rn.,.. W. Seh.,.,nl.ld, D. SonIth, H. Watt••, N. W.ltn O. Whlt.l". K. Wil_n, C. York. d. Young





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Kay Ad<uno

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[do Allen

Dorolhy "ohh, s"rah lana !l<Ik.,. Georgi" Bartlow Vlrqlnla &rotow

Edward' .... khtol Ruth Bevt. M,,1ho Boleo

"'''''9.,,'eI McQuaid Marlan MacQu"ld

Lor,alne MeAlp",.. Berth<> McGralh !.<ouro McG,alh Lucille Mill. Nonno MItchell

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Brcdy Brown



I"meC...... M...,. C.. rn. Fa, Dwmn'. K,,'h,yn DeWinter


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M"boll P.",roon Golden Robe'loon

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Eath", R..........

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Lou~F"ulk .... Doris FUll G.-=-Gard.... Dorothy Han

Oor*-Ha,... Do:m:lchr Holl CA-rol Humphrey Ire.... Jon..M"iam Kennard Mary E. KOII"I"k

Labs"v_ Marq.arel Scott

£. L.orett.o S-th .-S-lh looto". Moon Saul!> Mlldm Southworth Hel.n TunnU.y Fta..... W"k.Ioeld P"rthen<l WhIte Zoe WillI......,.,

H. Abbott. K. Adam•• I. A11"n. D. Aahw..,.. O. S tow, v., E. e.chtol R. ~. M. 801_ M. Brod,. M. C""On. J. Cra ." M. Curtis. K. o.Wint41. <I. DrioocoU. M. O.....U. L. r."lla..... D. Holt. C. H"mph"7. D. H"mphrep. I. <loh..... n M. Kannani. M. Koatalalt., V. I..uaon. L. McAlpina. B. McO.ath. M. MaeQ".id I. MOl"IJan. N. MitchaU. A. N.t-n. M. N.t-n. A. NoMa O. Ol-n. B. Patarwon. <I, Piarwon, t:, R _ _ , L. Sa•• va M. Smith. M. St"rd••ant, H. T"r1na!o7



OITICERS p,..o.\d.nt. Vice p ...ld.nt



My,l $l.... m. Benny Beneon


T ......u ...r.



SI:NIORS Edwin Atwood Newell OI"ndlo, Flo,.d C"rpool Jol,n Hall

R,,_" John""n Harry Ke.r Erie " I _ I , O. Herold Nel.....

a.m.",-.... JUNIORS

Benny Benacm Wl\.oon Bundy


HotmI'In r.h. Eo,l Flelqer lem... Glhm 8Dyd Ha.t.nd

Mox ICI"", Robert Klrlpolrlck

Alfred Moneely Cleo MIII.r Ralph E. '.MI".

""- """"'" FRESHMEN

Che.l<>r 8<ln1.

Re. Flu ....rI, Wesloy I..olhen

E. At.ood. J. Atwood, C. BanD, B. a.rwon. W. Blind,. N. Chand1or. r. Cla~I. N. r.h•. J. Olbb.••. Hall R. R. oIoh....:. .., J. K.IT, A. M .....l,


E. Men_I,.. B. Pet<o..-n R. S.nbo.....

rlord Claypool

My.1 S'•••no

.. 297



Edw"rd Brown Frederld Goenne Rodney H"noen

I"y McDowell H"rvey Neloon c"rlOsterhoul J1"lph $<Imoon

GOOJ'9'I H"rvoy &11"',1 lAr>de

Ru....ll Smah


V"U<,Ih"n TlppoolJl I"ck Tovey Eldom McConnell lohn Wells J• ..,. Wel!a

Don Lyle

-,_ 0-_ olUNIORS



Herman 0. ........ W.I_ EdeIblute

R..-li f..,.... feh~

................. W,,'- M.""","


Cone. Perhns It. f. i>c:h<orcbon


L. Add". ol . ... nd.....n. ol . ... nd A. "'I...nder. ol. Bow..... C. 8Mchu. O. Beattioo M. Blattn••. P. Borup. T. B h. M. Britton. O. BroacI.h_d. K. B.........n • E. B.... wn L. B. C ••wlord. A. 0.11.,. H. .... P. £llldg•• K. rlt .....ereld. K. Good.ll r. O_nn•• C. H-.gMorn. R. H.n_n. r. H.rd;"'n. G. H .....,. M. Ho.lllnlr"', C. Hugn. ol. Hun •••• M. H,m"". E. ol.,. T. ol...... n. E. Joyce. B. K.nnlng'on E. K.nning'on. E. Land•• R. Lln.h •••• R. Lin.h..... ol. Lambe•• L. Lan •••• L. Lanen. R. t -






1<»5. Andenon

Rot-l N. Andenon Gerold Boorlon

,,>do ....... Merle Brit'.on Korl BI'OnIOn Lou.. Ca* Holll. C\emeont


Arthu< F. o.lley Wol_ {);.,""

bc:k Dono.on

Wendell Eo..Glenn Ell..,., Le.o1. Foloom

LJ. F""",,,lad

F....-H..I.....-. Don Hondy Joe H.. rrell Vernon Hyoll Mu Hy"",. Horold Iv""",,, Th"ri. jenMn Allred Johnoon DeIM"r K.... ,\

W. t - , P. Lh.""ln. R. 1.1..... E. M_ft, L. Maaon. r. M.ttn....... E. McConnell I. McDonald. d. McDo....lI. B. MUl•• C. Mont,,, ...,,..,.. W. MrachU. H. H.laon. E. NMbltt W. 01.0... O. o...toU. C. o..arho"t. C. P ...ILl ...., D. Pouoor. D. P ..aUr. H. Ri-nrna"

K. Rleh..-d.on. R. RiehM"'''!.' R. Ric:1os. R. RM.. D. Rob...uon. F. Rob-.rUon, R. s....-n W. ShUU",to... r. Smith. R. Smith. E. Smith. T. Smith. O. Spi.... T. Taylor, V. Ti...... too, H. W".6el<l. W. W.._h... p., d. W"lls J. C. w.n•. E. W.t""V,,r<l. B. W"..._

.. aa9

• • •






Campus thorouqhfare . . . Down the walk to Scienee and Morrill


PHI BETA KAPPA Founded at William and Mary College December 5, 1776

Alpha Chapter of Idaho Installed June 5. 1926 OFFICERS P ....ident Vic. P ••sident


Secretary , pro 'ern T .....u •••.

s."•• t.~·




ARTHUR SYLVESTER HOWE (Willl,." P. KLU:;; (Ohln St"l. 1924)


MMY, 1911)


WILLIAM CARR BANKS (W"ohtn<Jlon, 1926)

JOHN ANTON KQSTAtEK (Wlooon'in, 19)7)

ELMER FREDERlCK BETH (Wiooorulin. (927) FREDERIC CORSE CHURCH (Cor""n. 19(9) JAY GLOVER ELDRIDGE (Yble. (896) RAU'H HUNTER FAI1MRR (Oberlin. 1916) LOUISE BLAU HAMMAR (W".hir><;llon. 192:»)

GEORGE M:lI1EY MlttElI Un:lian •. 1892) ALFRED H PADDOCK lTul8na. 1934) ARTHUR L. SCHADE (HMVMd. 1934) EUGENE TAYLOR (o.,P8UW 1907) ROBERT R. WILLARD (W8.hinqlon 1932)


fWARREN TRUITT (McKendretl 1878)



'''' "'" "'"











"'" ''''''




















'''''' ''''' ''''''


















*No," ......Ident In MO/ICOw


SIGMA XI Idaho Chapter

orFiCERS ,EUGENE TAYLOR lESSE BUCHANAN E. C. JAHN W. E. SHULL Vi.,., p ...ldent s.., t."Y T _u..~





















DR. H. S. OWEl<lS




2. P. [Yt1RBAL








01/:. W. E. SHUU.






























BLUE KEY National Upperclassmen'" Honorary Fraternity

oJ. Luk..... r. S..ln9<on. d. Dy•• , T. Ward. G. Rich. E. BoPP. D. Vin_ COIn', W. Wethar.ll M. M.II", W. " ......U·on9. d. CN>wa. W. MCC..... H. Coo... L. rri..,h. B. Bo.l..

OfTlCERS Prwld.nt VICOI P..-Idanl



••• Blue Key is a national upperclassmen's honorary fraternity, formed nationally in 1924 and appearing on the Idaho campus in 1925. Membership is chosen from upperclassmen who are outstanding in leadership, campus activities, scholarship, and personality. The organization is dedicated to the principles of service and includes in its activities functions of service to the university administration and to the student l:xx:ly.


Hugh Eldridge ........ wrence Frisch Russell Honsowelz

Bruce Bowler

Normo!n Iverson

Ddwllin Vincenl

Howard Cook

Bert i..clrson

John Crowe

John Lukens

lock Dyer

Maurice Malin

Theron Word William Wetherall Bert Wood,s

Willi(lm Armstrong


William McCrea George Rich W<'lyland Tonning

Frank Bevington Earl Bopp

, . _. &or! 8oDI> ..' Howard

WilHam McCreo

.. M""rI". M"lln

CARDINAL KEY National UpparclssBwomen's Service Honorary

B. Sand.lin, J. Baku, E. Echtarnach. A. King. V. Noy.., M. Schneid..,

orTICERS P ....ld.nt. Vi.,. P"t. s..~


tal'Y u ...r ..

,Ruth Ferney

Ruth Even.

,Ruth Ferl"y !lelty Goodwin


R. Evan•• D. a'own, E. Stawarl, W. Mitchell. J. P.,.t, M. J. Pace, E. Flann.. M. C • E. Kenn..!)', E. Slatt. ., D. McO••rnoU. R. r ..lay, R. rarney, K. Bjornatad, D. RoM.....


• • • Cardinal Key, national upperclasswornen's service honorary, was installed on the Idaho campus January 20, 1934. This organization is a sister organization to Blue Key and functions with it in service for the University and the Student Body. Membership is chosen from upperclasswomen who are outstanding in leadership, campus activities, scholarship. and personality. The motto of the organization is "Serving I Live."


hme Bilker Belly Bandelin Kathryn Bjornstad Dorothy Brown Mildred Corson Dorothy Dole Eleonor Echternoch Rulh Evans

Ruth Farley Ruth Ferney Esther Flenner Belly Goodwin Eileen Kennedy Alline King Erma Lewis Doris McDermott Wilmo Mitchell

Vivion Noyer Mary Jane Pace Jone Post Mdry K. Riley Dorothy Rosevear Morie Schneider Edith Sllluer Elellnor Stewart


INTERCOLLEGIATE KNIGHTS·. National Honorary S.rvice Orqanization


Snow. R. p... a.r. W. 1-. C. Buri. M. Rohirwon. J. o.coUTC'e,.. H. McQuood•• S. &.1.1 R. o ••"riU., W. Pitch••• c. phooll. E. Calain. O. Starlin. H. C V. W.II•• O. £1\iott R. DH.n. B. 0_1. J. P • ....,.. J. Boo"I., W. M.d..... E. Holt. D. P..,.. R. P..-n8. I. Lang.t_'III. W. Bo,..!. r. W.rn.. E. Llo,..!, O. Roodlord. W. Msc:OTeOlor. C. C.rn.ll R. Susc:h.n. B. R. Or.,.. W. £'. D.rin'lllton. J. o,..r. C. Koonts



••• The Intercollegiate Knight organization was founded at the University of Washington. The Idaho chapter, known as the Ball and Chain Chapter, was installed on the campus in 1922. This fraternity is a national honorary service organization for freshman and sophomore men. The purpose of the group is general sponsorship of functions and the arrangement for all functions of the associated students.

MEMBERS Chester Anderson Rolph Boker John Bonks Shermlln Bellwood Willillm Boyd Cod Burt Cloyton Compbell Edword Dokin Rich!lrd Dllrnell

306 •

Homer O<'lvies Rodney Deon Jllmes De Courcey George Elliott Brandt Gessel Robert Grllnville Rich!lrd Hill! Everelt Holt Wayne Lee

Edwin Uoyd Iver Longeteig Warren MacGregor Williom Moclear Henry McQu!lde David Pace Roberl Parker Ross Parsons J!lmes Perry

Wayne Pitcher Gordon Radford Fran!:' Rondall Mor!:. Robinson Herbert &mderson Gilbert Snow Glenn Starlin Floyd Wallis Vincent Wells

THE SPURS National Honorary Service OT9ani'l'ation for Underc:l8uwomen

OFTICERS P ...ld."I• . VI.,. P.-Id.nt

s.c..t • ..,.

T .....u .... &:IlIor

Mir'om McFoll

, Helen Luke

Lillian u.noon M....-jorle Glenn


L. La... on. L. s.Y&IJe. M. McKlnl.,. M. Olenn, V. R.... , r. Wlll~rn...n, M. MeFeU. B. "lUtI", D. Walton. M. M.tt_. E. Wentworth E. nann•• , M. J.....n, M. Pan.,., A. W.lden, M. " M. Thornlon. H. Luke, L. PAuL-no K. R_. E. S",ith

MO"9"ret Mol!.

. .. A'l'!o WaJ,.n

••• The Spur organization is an honorary service organization which is "at your service" in every activity in which the student body participates. Its functions include anything which will further the interests of the students and of the University. The honorary is for sophomore women and was founded at Montana State College in 1920. The Idaho chapter, or Idaho Spurs, was installed on the campus in 1924.

MEMBERS Billye Jane Austin Marie H...asch

Miriam McFall Mory McKinley Louise Poulsen

Milrion Jensen

Marqllre! Pence

Lillian Larson Helen Luke

Katherine ROOII

Emy Lou Smith Spokane Smith Margaret Thornton Agda Walden Dorothy Walton Ernestine Wen worth

M.!Irgllret Mattes

Lois SavlIQe

Frances Willillffison

MlIrjorie Glenn

Vlvilln Reed


SIGMA TAU Nation,,1 Honorary Enqineering Fraternity

W. &d.lbhu., R. Morria. d. 0 ...... J. Mil!.... D. H • ...,h. Prof...... d. HUIIO


N. Chandl•• , J. Wauon. J. Wulr.. I. C ..... ford. Jr .• r. K.y... D. Hoff· ......n, P..,f_r D.rid_n A. 8c:h........ L. Yl"looch. Prol....... Ga"•• , M. St..rne, Prof_r H"lI, S. Kelly. O_n lun C. Prol• ...,. TOr{le"M"



Vice P"1 Hletorl." . S-.... u ....


••• Sigma Tau is a national honorary engineering fraternity. Rho Chapter at Idaho, established in 1922, is affiliated with the national, which was established in 1904 at the University of Nebraska. Its purpose is to recognize scholarship and professional attainment in engineering. Members are chosen on the basis of ~cholarship, practicality, and sociability from the junior and senior classes in the engineering and mines school.


Newell Ch!lndler Ivon Cr.,wlord, Jr. John Crowe Walter Edelblule

James Miller Robert Morri,

Gr",ni Hodgson

K",rsien Stallt

U1wrence Frisch

Sherman Kelly Aleck Ketchen

Joe Gauss

FCdn\: Keyes

Horace Stearns James Watson Sam Woodruff Judson Work

Donald H"'asch

30' •

John A. Hall Dwight HoUmon

L.owrence "Moeh _ .J........ Mill••

. Don..ld H.... och .John Cro...

XI SIGMA PI National Honorary Forestry Fraternity

F. O.,.,nna, C. Brown, Dr. Erlich. 0 •. dohn. Prof. B40cralt. A. Sowder, V. Gould. J. McCarthy, M. Oalbraith, R. Pianon, L. L ....."n C. C... loIon, O."n, R. Bickford. P. And• ....,n, O. Turner

orFiCERS f"" ..... tu,

A....., •••• F"....u Manall"

Sec:.... t.ry·r;.c.l Aqanl .

• • • Xi Sigma Pi is a national honorary forestry fraternity. The object of the organization is to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forest education; to work for the upbuilding of the profession of forestry, and to promote fraternal relations among workers engaged in forest activities. The fraternity was founded at the University of Washington in 1908, while Epsilon Chapter at Idaho was installed in 1920.

MEMBERS P<'lul L. Anderson

Rich,ud F. Bickford Charles G. Brown Marlin C. Galbraith Frederick W. Goenne

Virgil A. Gould Leslie L. Larson Joseph L. McCarthy Donald G. McKeever George T. Turner


ALPHA KAPPA PSI National Professional Coml1\erce Society

r. Robl ........ C. Northrop. R. "-.vllard, T. Paint••• J. Hannah. L. Whlte_


H. Rila,.. C. Koonh. W. Arm.trang. S. Summ..... D. Barton. L. "ulfua. r. U."'"gIO.. , M. M.ll.., R.....hbn>ol<, c. W;'-on, R. Soymou., W. Rich. L.O.8:n.,.

OITICERS P...,loiant VI.,. P....ld...<.

s.c: T



••• Alpha Kappa Psi is a national honorary for men in the School of Business Administration. The Alpha Kappa Chapter on the University of Idaho campus is the thirty-third chapter of this national professional commerce fraternity, and was installed. in 1923. The national was founded in 1904 at the New York University School of Commerce. The aim of the fraternity is general development of professional interest in business.

FACULTY De."n R.!Ilph H. Farmer

Elmer E. Davidson

Erwin Graue

Willard J. Wilde


Robert Ashbrook: Willitlm Arm.trong Loui. Augu.t Dwight 8<'lrton Frtlnk: BeVington EtIri C<'lrlKln Itlck: Dyer

3 I 0

Leontlrd Gaffney Jamell Hannah Rector JtlQgard Clyde Koontz Maurice Malin Cortland Northrop Thoma' Painter

Walhr Rich Harold Riley Fred Robinson Robert Seymour Stephen Summera Lawrence Wtllteside Cromi. WilKIn

PHI CHI THETA National Honorary for Women



P .... d.o.... Vice PT-Odent ~

o."t<7. J. l.....t.... 1:. Smith, V. Stoa-.b.rry. M.O ••a...... B.8chrnich A. Robl O. Durham. O. wr..n. M. O'Connor. L. Ric.... D. WII. I;"" , B. HatiHlld

D. Holt. H.

T .....u ...r

••• Phi Chi Theta is a national business honorary for women. It was founded nationally in 1924, and Pi Chapter at the University of Idaho was installed in 1926. The fraternity places a premium on scholarship, activities, and leadership, and each year awards a key to the woman in the School of Business who best meets these requirements. The fraternity also aims to create high ideals among all women who are to follow business careers.


Ora Durham Hazel Gentry Marian Grahllm Betty Hatfield

Dorothy Hoi!

'elln Irvin Grace L1rsen Belly Obermeyer Mon" O'Connor !..olInd<'l Ricks

Audrey Robinson &rwr<'l Schmidt Elv<'l Smith Vernell<'l Stokesberry Dorothy WiIli<'lms

3 I I

PHI ETA SIGMA Freshman National Scholastic Honorary

L. Enel",,,, C. King, J. Lambert. M. King. G. Cumml"",. M. Bl.U".c, K. MeO". .n. d. Sollman. C. Poulton, H. Watt.. E. Dokken. E. H •• I'(>'" P. M"nn, W. L . .k..-... , V. Luukkon..... G. Som_ mar, d. Wark. D. Elvy, R. P ......" •. d. Wri'lht. A. Pool•. H. Kirkpat_ rick. A. K_na d. Eld.r, A. H. Be.tti., J. McKln".y, W. Lee. W. R..... d. G. Eldridge. P. Taylor

OFFICERS p ••• ident Vice P .......d.nt Sec..hry_T..... " ..... Uppord... man Advio.. r

Jock McKinney Woyne ' -

Wllliom R.......

.Judoon WMk

••• Phi Eta Sigma is a national scholastic honorary for freshman and sophomore men. The local chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was installed on the University of Idaho campus in the fall of 1932. The avowed purpose of the organization is the recognition of superior scholarship among freshman men, and the rewarding of such ability. All freshman men are eligible for membership who make an average of 5.5 or better during their first semester. FACULTY MEMBERS

Prol A. H. Beattie Dean J. G. Eldridge

Faculty Advisor Honorary Faculty Member MEMBERS

Milton Blattner George Cummings Elmore Dokken Delbert Elvy John Elder Eugene Herron Kenneth Hill Wright Hilt Albert Kassens Charles King

3 I 2.

Max King Harold Kirkpatrick Linton Lang Joseph Lambert Wilbur Larkam Wayne Lee Richard Linkhart Voitto Luukkonen Jack McKinney Kent McQueen Paul Mann

Ross Parsons Allan Poole Paul Poulson Charles Poulton William Reese Jack Sollman Gordon Sommer Paul Taylor Hans Wetter John Wright

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA National Scholastic Honorary for Underclssswomen

E. A.hI.., J. Moo... , M. E. K_talelt. E. Gehrke. E. C.,lwn, M. C ....""

OrrICERS P._ld.nt. Viee P

s.c T

tuy .. u ...r ...



O. Harr;g"." L. •.

H. Wall.", B. E.l.ton, M. Swayne

.Julia Moo,," Ado Mo'Cio Hoebel . Loi. s"voqe

. MMY EH...i>eth K.,.u.lex

••• Alpha Lambda Delta, a national scholastic honorary for freshmen and sophomore women, aims to promote the highest in scholarship, womanliness, and honor. This organization was established on the Idaho campus in May of 1933. All women students are eligible who make an average of at least 5.5 for the first semester of the freshman year and participate in two campus activities. A tea is held at mid-semester for all women meeting this requirement.


Elizllbeth Ashlee EVllngeline Cllrlson Bernice Exlelon Ethel Gehrke M/l.fie HMsch Gwendolyn Hi:lfrigon

Ado Morcio Hoebel Mi:lry EliZdbeth Kosli:llek Julii:l Moore Lois Sovoge Mi:lrgi:lrel SWi:lyne Helen Wi:lllen


THE PRESS CLUB Local Journalism Honorary for Men


M. Malin. W. Roun...vall, W. MeC...... , B. Bowl..., W. Pauley, H. Eld_ ridge, D. Vince"t E. Bullock. R. Lincoln. E. M"ya... E. Bopp, J. Lukan•. W. ~h. J.8<0&"&"

OFrICERS Editor Mana'linQ" Editor Manallu New. Editor

••• The Press Club was organized on the Idaho campus shortly after the World War as a professional group for upperclassmen interested in journalism. The chief aim of the organization is to foster and attain a high standard of college journalism. Members are selected from journalism majors, members of The Argonaut or Gem of the Mountains staffs, or those who have served on the editorial staff of a recognized newspaper.


Albert Anderson Willi(lffi Ash Earl Bopp Bruce Bowler John Brosnan Earl Bullock


fames Crawford Hugh Eldridge Philip Hiaring Ray Lincoln John Lukens William McCrea Maurice Malin

Edward Mayer William Pauley Wallace Rounsavell Wayland Tonning Avon Wilson Ddwain Vincent

.. William Ash ..

Phllop Hiarlng .Edw<lrd May",

. William McC,,,,,

THETA SIGMA Loc:a1 dournalilm Honorary for Women


,.,..dent Vice

s.c... tary

T . -....... ~


Ruth W ..... , Marion ",oh....,n. EiI_" Ken"..!)', Elye And.....". I,...n"

Mary K.ll>ert.... Ill"", M'ldred


r"hu, Ru.h B...... Ruth Halle., Mild.....



Monon koh.,.,.,

••• Theta Sigma is a local journalism honorary for women. It was organized at Idaho in 1927 for the purpose of creating professional interest in journalism among women on the Idaho campus. Qualifications for membership are a major or a minor in journalism and at least three semester's work on The Argonaut. Sponsored. by Theta Sigma are activities intended to aid journalism on the campus and in high schools throughout the state.


E1vlI Anderson Rulh Bevis MIldred C,~n Irene Fisher

Rulh Holler Mllrion Johnson Eileen Kennedy

Ruth Ann Waed

Mary Katherine Riley

3 I !

SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON National Professional Mininq Society

d. WoolL.. E. O ....bllllg, d. M.'lIul.., L. Molr. r. H ....H_n. A. Park A. N"g.nt, V. H.rnm.n.nd. H. Thnk.n, C. N..pnt, R. R ...blo.

OITICERS P..-Id.nt VI.,. P.-.ld."t

s.en.'.I"J'.T.._u".. Hlootorian.

••• Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national professional mining fraternity. Its members are selected from the men of the junior and senior classes who are taking major work in mining, metallurgy, or geolCXJY. This fraternity has for its object the social, scholastic, and scientific advancement of its members. Existence as a national dates from 1915 at the University of Kansas. The Idaho Chapter was installed May 27, 1929.


Richard Courtney Felix HlIrdison Robert Humphreys

Earl I....eatham James M(lQuire

3 I6

1.&0 Moir Allred Nug-enl Claude Nugent Ernest OberbilliQ Austin P"rk':

10hn Ruebke Douql"s Smith Rich"rd Storch How<!Ird Tlmken John C. Well.

.Iohn C. Well. Robortt Hump/>....,.

-"''''''Earl LNIMm




Chanc.nor. . Oori,,"



L. N.laon, B. B_tor, O. s.c., R. X-. E. S ....wn. R. H ........ L. WilI_ mo... D. P .. R. Soo.....,n, N. Wo U., D. T_,.. D. Morlwr. r. RNrn..-n, A. $eh_n_ d.h....... H. P_l<l..-n





~~ct. J.

Woods. L. Al....... C. T.,I.....

r. ClAy_I.



••• Alpha Zeta is an honorary agricultural fraternity. Members are chosen from students who have completed three semesters of academic work in the College of Agriculture, and who have attained a satisfactory basis of scholarship and leadership. Its purp::>se is to promote higher scholarship, leadership, and cooperation among the students who are studying in the field of agriculture. The fraternity was founded. at Ohio State in 1897, the Idaho Chapter in 1920. FACULTY MEMBERS G. O. Boker W. M. Be(lson

E"rl Blodgett Wdyne Bever M. J. Buschlen Duane Daly Paul A. El:.e

Henry C. Hansen Charles W. Hungerford Dean E. J. Iddings Alellander Joss H. P. Magnusson Charles A. Michel. C. W. Hickman

Julius Nordby Walter H. Pierce A. O. Shaw Arthur M. Sowder Claude Wakeland G. W. Woodbury C. O. Younl;Jstrom


Lynn Aitken '-Boyd Bader GlennJ3eck MelVin Bed Edward Brown Floyd Claypool lay Conquest Rodney Hansen

Mark Hegsted Rex Lee Don Marley Lewis Nelson Harold Parkinson Don Petersen Frederick Rasmussen

Ralph Samson Wilbur Schroeder Alvin Schwendiman Curtis Taylor DeVere Tovey Horval Wardle leRoy Willmore Jack Wooc:is

3 I 7

SIGMA ALPHA IOTA National Honorary Music Fraternity

O. Gehrke. M. Schneid.r. W. Mltchen. D. Crowl.,.. L. d. Cornell, B. Ba"d.lI"

orrleERS P



u . .r



••• Sigma Alpha Iota is the oldest national strictly honorary musical fraternity. It was founded at the University of Michigan in 1904. The Sigma Zeta Chapter was installed at the University of Idaho in 1924. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote in every possible way the interest of its members and to further in any way p:>5sible the best interests of music in America and in the University. Members are elected from women specializing in music.


Betty &ndelin Lorna Jane Cornell Dele. Crowley Muybelle Fulton

3I 8

Gertrude Gehrke

Wilma Mitchell Marie Schneider

Eleanor Stewart Agda Wolden

KAPPA DELTA PI National Honorary Educational Fraternity



s.c T

S. oIoh.....n. M. R_baullh. 01. Wi..... V. t...... n. B. &ndaUn. K. .it_n


H. BIPe, W. Miten..ll. E. Brown. O. 0."r1o•• E. Slaltu, E. 0 _

Vie. Pr.mdant



• •• Kappa Delta Pi is a national honorary educational fraternity, maintaining the highest educational ideals and fostering fellowship, scholarship, and achievement in the field of education. The honorary is formed for the purpose of recDg" nizing outstanding service in the field of education and social service. The national was founded at the University of Illinois in 1911. The Idaho Chapter was installed in June, 1928.


Betty 8Ilndelin Hazel Blake Dorothy Brown

Gertrude Gehrke

Echth Brown

Sdm Johnson

l.ols Davies Esther Flenner Jerry Fogarty

Vivi<'ln 1.<'lrson Kenneth 1.<'luritzen Boyd M<'lrtin Wilm<'l Mitchell

Eldene Gove Helen Haynes

Dorothy Requ<'l Kenneth Rober!lIOn Margare! Roseba.uqh Edith Slatter Eleanor Stewart Harvie Jellnette Wines

3 I 9

THE CURTAIN Local Dramatics Fraternity

Olenn Starlin, <fohn B ~. And .. GeoJ'9'l 0.......... H.I." P. Wi....... , Alli_ Kint'. Dol., Orent A.....h..-



Loowle, no""th,



s.c t&r7 T r rae"I., Ad......

• • • The Curtain, local dramatic fraternity, is composed of members chosen for outstanding ability as actors, directors, or playwrights. The functions of the fraternity are directed towards furthering dramatic activity at the University of Idaho; towards the study of acting and play production; towards establishing on the campus certain ethics of the theater; towards encouraging, through its

alumni, the produetion of desirable amateur plays in Idaho.




Grant Ambrose

John &rker Etarl Bopp


Aldrich Bowler John Daly Dorothy Dole Andrew J",mes

Alline King Erma Lewis Glenn Starlin Helen P. Wilson

DELTA SIGMA RHO National FONnies Honorary

orTlC&RS P.-d.nt . Vioo .

• • • Delta Sigma Rho is a national forensic honorary. The Idaho Chapter was installed. in May, 1927, the national having been founded in Chicago in 1906. Membership is limited to those who possess greater than average forensic education, training, and experience, and who have participated in a speaking contest on behalf of the University. The organization includes in its functions the sp:msoring of all debate activities on the campus.

MEMBERS Erma Lewis

WilHam Lee

Lewis Orltmd

Robert McF<'ldden

John FMquhllf

3 Z I

PHI UPSILON OMICRON National Honorary for Women in Horne Economies

A. Woll, E. " ..... t .. n. M. Short. M. H.Qt, oJ. n.min, E. Willi...... L. MlLla, L. O'M • . ,•• O. Howarth. M. L. lcldin\l*. K. ScI".. Uenh.lm

OITICERS P.-.ldent Vice PT-Id.nt T ......... R_rdlnll' s.c......"

••• Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national professional home economics fraternity. It was established at the University of Minnesota in 1909 and was installed on the Idaho campus in 1918 as Zeta Chapter. The purpose of the organization is to aid its members morally, socially, and intellectually, and to advance and promote home economics as a profession. Membership is based up::m scholarship, professional attitude, personality, and leadership,

MEMBERS June flemIng Ethel Gehr.. . e M<'IfY Heist

Elizabeth Himes E1iUlhelh Houslon

322 •

Georgina Howarth Mllry Louise Iddings Lucille MIlls Lois O'Meara Frances Paine

Katherine Roes Katherine Schuettenhelm Mary Short Edwina Willi"ms Amber Woll

PHI ALPHA DELTA National Honorary Law Fraternity

OFnCERS Chid Ju.tica.. VI.,. Juatlca



, . Willi~m Tuoon ,Spencer Neloon


. _. __ . . Co.d Buell

T u , .. s.r\l••nl_at.Arm.a



H. Ad"i"•. M. Nam. G. St. Clair, B. HopkiNl, J. Wayne, R. R ..... R. P.t.... on. R. Armn.... "g. G. WIlHa, W. Furchnar O. Allieon, J. McCab., S. Nal..,,,, W. Ttleon. W. P ...... , G. Coughlan. Pendleton Ho....rd. C. Buell

Williem Furchner Willl<>m Pe"

••• Phi Alpha Delta is a national honorary professional law fraternity, founded at Northwestern University in 1902. James Kent Chapter was installed at the University of Idaho in 1914. The purpose of the fraternity is the promotion Qf high standards, leadership, and cooperation among the students and practitioners in the legal profession. Its membership is limited to students in accredited law schools whose work has been particularly outstanding.


Howard Adkins Oren Allison Robert Armstrong Carl Buell Glen Coughl4n Willi4m Furchner

Robert Kerr J4mes McCabe Robert Mullins M4rsh411 Neill Spencer Nelson

William Parr Robert H. Peterson Gilbert 51. Clair William Tuson J4meS W4yne Galen Nesbitt Willis


SCABBARD AND BLADE National Military Honorary Fraternity

C. Bullock, R. Lincoln. K. Robertaon. O. Ow.n, H. Slnlth. R. 0'&7 W. Morro_. T. R Unph.lar, R. Krumm.., G. Rich, A. Ql_. W. Hill, V. Hunt. E. In


J. P.r..,., Malor Sutherland. Gan. ehria....n, Col. Bratton. T. Ward. Capt. Hart, S9t. B.rnu .... R. Sundbool'9



Lie.,tenant . s..:ond Li.u._nant n .... Serv_nt

••• The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is a national military honorary, selecting its members from students of the University who have done outstanding work in the advanced. military course. "B" Company, Sixth Regiment of the national organization was installed on the Idaho campus in 1925. The national organization, consisting of seven regiments with seventy-nine companies, was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1901.

MEMBERS &lrl Bullod: Alfted Giese ROT Gray Wayne Hill Russell HonllOwett Vincent Hunt Elbert Inman


Robert Krummes Ray Lincoln William Morrow Glenn Owen 'ames Perry Thomas RedlinQshaler

GeorQe Rich Kenneth RooortllOn Harold Smith Woodrow Sorenson Robert Spence Ross Sundberg Theron Ward



, •. ,Vincent Hun!

R.._lI H.....,...I>: .Glfn'ltlOwen



THE "I" CL liB

E. RlIah.I"'••. M. rlah..... o. Owen, R. G ••y, L. Rich, S. P•• kow H. wan•••, O. Rich. B. Lo..-n. C. Ad";"., W. Ketall"m.t... R. McCua.



R. Sundb lII. J. W. Dayton


W. Bla"k. W. O'Nem. S. N_17. H. S ..ann.

OJTICERS VI.,. Prwldant 8ec: tIOry T .


_nl .• t.Arrru

••• The "I" Club is the organization of the group of men who have earned their "I" sweater for participation in major intercollegiate athletics. It acts as a medium of meeting for all athletes. They aid in keeping Idaho's athletics clean, building up the athletic activity of the University. Included in its activities are general functions of a service and social nature, and enforcement of Idaho's traditions.


Cyril Adkins Pllul Anderson Addison Beemlln Willillm BllIck Glenn Brlldo John Cooper Wendell DlIylon Clarence Devlin Merle Fisher W"ll"ce Ger"ghty Dean Green Leon Green Roy Grlly

328 •

Leslie Holmes Russell Honsowetz Elbert Inmlln Normlln Iverson Willillm KlIUlilometea Bert Lal'$On Willillm Maxson Robert McCue J"mes Moore Stewart Neely Frllncia Newlon Willillm O'Neill Carl Osterhout Glenn Owen

Stonko Pllvkov George Rich Lewis Rich Enrl Ritzheimer Norm"n Sather Donald Spaugy Ralph SpaUl;y Stephen Summe" Rosa Sundberg Herschell Swann Harvie W"lker Theron W"rd Joe Wheeler

. Merle FIahe1'


Wliliom O'Ne'll

Orrll Adkln.

.• Stonko P..kov


OFFICERS _Loul. Auquot ,RiehMd Axtell .. o..vld W. Ev"n.

P ...oid.nt .. Vice p".'d.nt s.cretary_ T... asuNor ..

Lou ... Aug".t, Earl Span"..., Luk. Pu",oU. Bm O'Nem, dohn Walla D.". Eva"., L....;. E"oilln, Dick A_teU, Hugh Eldridge. Bill Martin, clack C"onmoclr.

• • • The Minor "I" Club, which was organized two years ago, is composed of all men who have earned their letter in an authorized minor sport. It has as its special object the promotion of efficiency and cooperation in minor sports participation and to gain for minor sports the recognition that they are entitled to, but have not had because of lack of an organization.

MEMBERS Louis August

David W. Evans

Richard Axtell Frank Bevington Louis Denton Hugh Eldridge

Roy Hllnford

Lewis Ensign

William Hudson Clyde Inman ElIrl Lellthllm JlIck Cummock Willillm MlIrlin

John McKibbin Roy Miller Willillm Morrow ElIrl Spencer HlIrold Stoddllrd Vincent Wells



orTICERS . ... Ione Bo.ker

P..-idant .

..... Iohn aro.n..n

Vice PrMiclanl

s.c..I • ..,.

T .....u ...r Ma",w..hlp Chairman Pl'09r..... n

,Catherine BjomIlad .. Vlvlan NOf"r Erma lAwl. .. ThomaI. Burnam

••• The English Club, one of the first organizations on the campus, includes in its membership all the instructors, majors, and minors in the department, and also students who have distinguished themselves in composition, journalism, debate, or dramatics. Activities of the club are directed toward furthering interest in the study of English, and toward performing special services to the University and the student body in generaL


Helen Abbott Robert Abbott

Billye Jane Austin Jean Baar

Sorah lane Baker M<'lry Bell Bennett C,therine Bjornst.,d Marjorie Blaine

lohn Brosnan fAri Bullock MargoTe! C,rothers

Helen C10U9h

EIiUlbelh eo.,tes

328 •

Bess Cuddy Twila Kinghorn Marion Delana Bonnie Lange Marjorie Dempsey Margaret Latimore Verla Durant Erma lewis Donn.!! Eames Isabell Louis Helen Undeman Fern Erickson Olga Ew.sson Minnie McCurry Doris Franson Dr. G. M. Miller Ger.sldme Morse Ethel Gehrke M.!!rjorie Glenn PegQY Myrick Ad.!! Marcia Hoebel Ev.!! Nice Edith Horton Lucille Ogee Andrew James Velm.!! Patton Helen P. Wilson

Betty Peavey Maria Raphael Jessie Ricks Marjorie Robbins Dorothy Rosevear Eu~ene Ryan Margaret Scott M.sry Short Marqaret Thornton June Viel Ger4ldine W.sgner &rb.sra Walker Carmen Webb


OITICERS P ....ld.nt .. V!<:. PI"M!c1.nt. s.e... t.I"J'.T Honorary Chal



.Jc.eph Go.... .&1.. MOnNI, Prof. H. F. Go....

. n.

• • • The Associated Society of Mechanical Engineers is an organization composed of the students who are registered in the mechanical engineering branch of the engineering curriculum. Its purpose is to promote the arts and sciences connected with engineering and mechanical construction. It also makes provision for its members in every department of mechanical engineering to develop in specialized fields. MEMBERS

Clinton Alsop James Atwood Daniel Aherin Kenneth Arnett Albert Blair Wallace Brown Robert 8lI1d,)oiin Otlo Brende John Carlson John Crane Kenneth Crowser George Dorsey Robert Dunn Laurence Frisch

Joseph Gauss William Gausa James Gibbs James Grtdley John Grahllm Sidney Gregory Grant Hodgson Donald Hill William Jones Thorwald Johnson Bradley Joice William Kennedy Emerson Kennington Max King

Beryl Krueger Gerald Larson Herbert Larson James Larsen Viotto LuuHonen ErIe Meneely Elwyn Mercer Warren MacGregor Louis Mendenhall Barry Merrill Howard Monu hlmes Moore John Mortenson

Elmer Nesbitt George Newcomb Fremont Ogawa John Osgood Ross Parsons Wil!iam Pierce William Simon Dale Schubert Harold Senften Thomas Stalford Thomas Sanford Robert Smith Glen Wallace Chesler WesiJall



on-leERS Vic. Pc..;d.nt .. s.......t ...y ..T ......u ......

............. Aleck Ketchen ... Elton Leitner


••• The Idaho Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers was installed at the University of Idaho in 1926. It is affiliated with the American Society of Civil Engineering, founded in 1852 for the advancement of the engineering profession. Membership is composed of the students registered in civil engineering. The society maintains contact with the national organization and with practicing engineers.


lohn Banks Emile B.,chend Wilson Bow Newell B. Chandler Jose Corpuz lohn Crowe

Ivan C. Crawford Wendell Decker Linne Erickson

Gerald Fogle

330 •

Grace Fenlon Kent Goodell Morgan He<'lp Edw<'lrd Hok<'lnson Aleck Ketchen Fr<'lnk Keyes Elton Leitner Joe Latimore Keith McDa'niel

Ellis M<'lthes John Phinney Earl Smith Richard Stafford Robert Strachan P<'lul Sh<'ller H<'lrold Slichter Fred Tileston H<'lrry Talford William Trude

Edward Hok..noon



./a_ H. Miller Vin Pnoooid.nt

.W,U...... Ha"",k ...R. MJri s....m.

s.c...t...,._T....u ...r ..

• • • The American Institute of Electrical Engineers is a society comp:>sed of students registered in electrical engineering, though national membership is limited to members of the three upper classes. Activities of the organization are directed toward giving the student the proper perspective of engineering work by enabling him to become acquainted with the personnel and the problems of the profession.


Willi(lm Arms Edwin Alwood Elson Bllsom F<'lustlno B<'ICllbac

George Brunzell Roberl Ch4mbers WilIt"m Connolly lohn Crowe Adam CZOhlllowsli

HIlTfY Dele Wdller Edelblule

Charles McI..,ughlin Edger Sch4ufeiberQer

Joseph Greer

Kenneth Schubert

OoU9l06 Guy Louis G"rrison

Roscoe Smolinslr.l Herold Stodd/lrd

lohn HlIll Russell johnson Lorin McGreQor

Fred Slr.ine

LeRoy Tillotson Henry A. Wellner Adelbert Winters



OFFICERS Vioo P.-Ident

s.c......,._T....u . .,

••• The Associated Engineers is a club composed of the faculty and students of the College of Engineering. The organization attempts to fulfill its purpose of creating interest in engineering as a profession, and to make possible a broader understanding of all engineering activities, through engineering films, a prog'ram of lectures by prominent practical engineers, and other educational features which it sponsors.


Williom Arms John Ayeu Wilson Bow Wallace M. Brown Albert Blair Maurice Byrne

George Brunzell Robert Chambers IV/In Crowford, Jr. Kenneth Crowser


Doug!/IS Guy Dwight Holfman

Donald Hauch Ch(lrles Harris Wilham Hauck Sherman Kelly Aleck Ketchen Herschel Kllla. Ellon Leitner

Linton Lang Howord Monks Poul Morken Barry Merrill Donold Mockey Jome. Miller Jome, Moore Preston Mortimer John Osgood, Jr.




Joseph Pimentel Gerold Price Robert Strochon Myrl Steorns Albert Torelle Judson Work Bruce Wll\ioms Williom WotlKln lomes Wotson }drnes Yoder


MIller • W,l!idm A.-


orncERS Ea.l Leo\ Vice PJ-Id.nt

s.e... t • .,._T....aau. .r

Austin Park _Robert Andenon

••• The Associated Miners is an organization composed of students and faculty in the School of Mines. The organization provides a means by which the students may become better acquainted with each other, furthers the purpose of sponsoring interest in the school and the profession, and promotes features of education value. The association is affiliated with the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers.

MEMBERS H. A. Afshar Alvin Anderson Don<'lld Anderson Robert Anderson Henry Atkinson S. M. Barton James Be<'ln Vernon Berrey S<'lmuel Bid<'l 10hn Bleckm(ln Robert Brechenridge Williem Bucey Mersh<'lll Bue Ber! C<'lldwell Robert C<'lrpenter lohn Chris!i(lnsen

John Clouser George CO<'ltes Rich<'lrd Courtney A. W. Fehrenweld Richerd Fudge John Grieve Forest Gripton Frenk H<'lssel Carl Hogue Willi<'lm Hudson Freeman Jensen John Jones Robert Krummes Robert Lang Leslie Larson Frank laRue

!..eo Riem<'ln Earl Leatham Pal Lincoln Edg<'lr McAlister Jemes Maguire Homer March Don Metke Miro Mihelich John Miller !..eo Moir Robert Nau George Neff Allred Nugent Claude Nugent Ernest Oberbillig Austin Park

August Pene J<'lmes Pennington J<'lck Peret C<'lrlos Perkins Alfred Peterson Philip Peterson Allan Poole Oscar Pothier Kenneth Preston J<'lrvis Prichard John Ruehke Norman Sa.ther Ch.arles Schuster Doug!<'ls Smith Fr(lnkHn Smith Gordon Smith

Royal Sorenson Bruce Stoddllrd K.,y Stoker Did:. Storch Olin Slover Charles Tiller HowlIrd Timken Robert Robert Verv<'lelr.e

Shermll.n W(l ....eley lohn Well, Chfford Wickward Robert Williams Henry Wise J. R. Woodruff Fred Ydhraut



ornCERS P.-ld.nt Vic-o ~d.nt

s.e..ot....,..T........... R _•

• • • The Associated Foresters is an organization that includes in its membership all faculty and students of the School of Forestry. It has as its purpose the promotion of greater activity and interest within the school toward the profession of forestry. Sponsoring educational and social features in the School of Forestry and in the University is one of the active functions performed during the year. MEMBERS


r....-nck Am.nhoIlo H...-,A~

0 - ........

u - ........ '-'n Andenon


P."I L Andencn

Arthur "'nell

&n.t E ~ Ahla. How"rd A kO<,I


Rlch.. rd Auqer I"ek A.......n Ancil Baker a..rtr"m Baker Otto Ballulh Willi..... s"leman John Bettche' F,ancIO Beatty Harold Beh....... Pluhp B.xIer

RIchard Burr D.ll;JhlCoble GeorQe Coli.....


Richard Comd>e I

21c","rd 8&c1:ford Ralph Blak" Robert Blum Mall","w Board....n o..vld Bodl..... Will!. Boh"um Edw",d Book..r eh",l... Bolleh.., WIIU.. m Boone Howord Bowman Roy Bliqharn

J...... Boyd

Glenn B.-ado Jean Brlllain Merle Brl\il:ln Brown Brown

a....... a.........

334 "


Tr'O'JF~ KIOnl>eIh ltJiQoM.1d

'-~~ i._Co

Fred f'itzpetnck ........ FoqJ.oo Leon. F"'-o





...... -,.....

Franklin Carbon Sa...""l WHIIam Care.. Omll" Cary W"H.., c..... Loul. Cato.. lohn Chohll. J"~a,,ck

Robert C1emenb ~C\e¥el"nd Fred ubb P"".hlo Ca"'J>O<'lnonl

-...... - -Ja_Bennert W,lh"...


"""'''''''kenneth CT"wlord



Kerman o..uq"_0."",""" David Da'O'\. Cha'"," De &ekoor Don...ld OIcbon. R,ch.. rd OI",k"n Gllbe't Doll John DouQI... Woodrow Dou"" Mo....hall Dryden W.II"",n Duv.ll John~ Ralph n Oroo>qlao Edw.r<b Irwin E1li. Paul EIledqe Robert EncUort lM'Cmft E".M


ielph Fowler Robert F...y lohn Frill o"vld Ful_ Le.Ie, Fulton M"rlin G4lbr"lth


a-. Goo

Frecleri<:k G<>tnne W,lliam Gordon Jl:enneih Go.l'"", V'rqll Gould VernaldoG....,.. Gordon G.-.way ~G"'9"n


.... H...... F1oo7d

0-_ Hamm Har\ey Ham... Frecleri<:k Hampl Swen HaMOn Joe H",....l1 Rlch.. rd H"Mlnqer H"told Heady Samu..l H....n..y Au.Un H..l""'.... Lal.. nd Hloolnoon Wright HIli W........ How.rd

"""'Hro Roboor1.


Earl H,,_ I::ennetlt Hul>QOf'rlord




HOW4rdl_ ~


-_..... ~lph*-,

AIfNd Ioh...,.,

DorwIId Job..... Ho.ard Johnoon

Robert JoIce R<.y K<><:zma,..,k F,,,nk K"ml Lyl.. K"u fman P.ul K.. ullm"n Robe,t K""tI. K..nn..lh K..h..... J-mard I::elloqq Mu K""worthy Chari.. Klljar><:zyk Dale Jl:in""'....n Roboor1. Kltk""trIck Anthony !::nap Herman KoppM Erich K....

Paul Lafferty Lmn.oIh t-.:,land



Oillonl. L.,tI>en Joe !.Mdl""'","'" ,~


Vilho L.,hle ~ ,tLeon"rd R Lew!. Rolf.. Un... Edw.. rd Lawnlk WUllom Luc... H..roId Lu~

Ho"'" .......

'"" ...............

J.- M"chade ...."...

WIll_ M.llory

""'" ~""""


Ma...... n .....nhall

Gerald ..... rtm ""'I. Marttn


Vernon M<oJ1......... i1lchord t-IootIn Ft«I M.ttt.o. . 0,,'0'1<1 Maul Dden M..,........ a.o 104,11". o"vld Miller Ralph 104m.., W.. ' ....n Mm.., W"I1.., Mileh..l1 J.,..."h Mont..11 WillI"", Mort'Ow Dean MotM John Moye, Paul MUnnJflQhoIf a-.. McArthur DorwtJd McCarthy 20y McCrackan la_Mco...CarTOi McElroy B.ll MeK_

Donald N e e -


Leon Nadeau Arthu' Mel..,., Ha.-y Nelaon T"I~ N"t.on Ono Ne..,., Elno NuulUI" RelnoOS Horold l<bon Ollv., Booyl".OI.M"

0... Don...k1""""' Qreutt Samuel Ormo. Anion P..ulaon Arthu. Pecka





Will",... Taylor a",,,nee T"mplln lohn Thoma Lavelle Tho... ~

w.rtln "'""'-t

?::kl~~litLn Howard Potlet


o...n Pr.*


Don.old Ra~,11 Robert Raubach 1...~R"uw Rleh"rdK>n P"ul R!ch..loon Ch",!eo Rlddl" F..o,I Rltzh..lme, F..orl Robert.


Gan'l<Ol Robe,.,.,... Verle R.Kurt Ruhiach

la_Ryan Sam Ryan Dale Sanner Roboor1. Schiller Robert Sch.."tt VICIor Sel....

''"'' ""'"'

"""" .......

eou.....ySle...... Ain StI",

Cot...".SuQdcd I1obertS.........


Varnon T:;'l':r1

thoa>a Tay\or


How.. rd Tol ... Dan Town"""'" H",l"n Tulley Edw"rd Turnet V _ Underwood IMn Bualirk ~!eoWahl


Ray W.rd Waller Ward o.c...W_n Howerd Wal80n W=W.-t N IaWl Welle, Benon Webel ~W_"",nn

Howard Sh.o.w Sa ...1 Sllv..m.rv Geo~S...Uh R"...I SmUh £dwln Snow Woodrow Snyder Allred Somoo... ille P.uISs:,:: F,.nk penoer Ca.leton SptrlIWJ'

Joa. ..... ler Ca,l Wll..,., Doruold Wil..,., Lou!. Wliaon Robe'l WllllOll l'homa. WHaon Vi"""",1 Wi\aon amon Wlndl Roland Winter


Lyle Woody[, l"k,Jht Fred Yahr"uo

-"'- 000._ $pi:ir::'

Edqa. Stan"""

0 ..... - .

........ W...



OITICERS P'.,.,.&d."•.

Vic>o P..-id."t

s.c T

ary. u ...r.

• •• The Ag Club, which was organized. in 1914, is composed of the students enrolled in the College of Agriculture. The purpose of the club is to sponsor the activities of its college, to bring students together in friendship, and to stimulate interest in agricultural affairs. Among activities sponsored each year by the Ag Club are the Little International Livestock Show and the publication of The Idaho Agriculturist.




OITICERS Pr-id.nt Vice P t •• y.T.....u ....


. Wllll<lm 0'N.i1l •....• Vernon Shook

• • • The Hell Divers' Club is com[X>sed of members who have passed the senior life-saving tests of the American Red Cross. The club is the University of Idaho Chapter of the American Red Cross life-saving Corps, organized on the campus in October, 1930. The work of the organization includes the sponsoring of swimming activities, and in studying and practicing life-saving, first aid, and advanced swimming.


Dorothy Arrr.stfQng

Martin Huff

Edw<!Ird ABprdy Beverly

Florence Jeppesen

Olio Baltuth Belly Bandelin Matthew Board-mon

Eileen Kennedy Herbert Kroll Vlvion ~rson

William O'Neill Gertrude Olesen Belly Obermeyer Robert Painter Helen Peterson

Dale Lawrence

J<!Ine POlII

Dwight C,ble

Helen Luke

Irving Rauw

EliUlbelh Collin Robert Dudley

Lorin McGregor

Robert Schiller Paul Spence Vernon Shool: Spok"1n8 Smith Riche-rd Irene Wllwn

NevlI Eisinger

MlIrguerite Mlmion

HIITvey Hollinger

Fredelick Mueller Leona Myrick Fremont OQOW(I

Frederick H<!Imp!

Russell Honsowetz


John McKibbin

. ..•..•. .J...... P<>.t




Will...", Pauley !.oulf; P<iUln

VI.,. P......ud.nt.

s..: T

t • .,.


VIJ'I<»nI Hunt


rr4nLhn Oo¥\d

• •• The Athletic Managers' Association was organized in May, 1928. The purpose of this organization is to bring together all athletic managers into a working unit, so that they can assist each other during the seasons of the various sports, to facilitate the handling of games, and to aid the coaches and the graduate manager. Membership is composed of all the athletic managers from the three upper classes_

MEMBERS Earl Anderson Kenneth Anderson

lohn Barl:.e~ Donald Bis!line Otto Brende Mounce Byrne

James Caples Eugene Freen,,!!n

WHlred Fry Leonard G¢f1ney Clarence Hallberg Vmcent Hunt Robert Jensen

o.,le U1wrence Rex McDowell

Raymond McNichols Ptlul Morgon William P<'luley Louis Paskin Garth Pecl:. Fred Shaler Wtly!tlnd Tonnlng

Bud While




Th. Horn_ Ec:ono",lc. Club p.--ldent Vice P.-Idenl.

See T


u ...r


••• The Home Economics Club membership is composed of all women who are enrolled in the Home Economics deparhnent. It is affiliated with the American Home Economics Association, and is a member of the Idaho State Federation of Women's Clubs. This organization has a two-fold aim: to create interest in home economics, and to promote friendship among the students. It sponsors the Co·ed Prom and maintains a loan fund. MEMBERS Foye Allen Alma Almquist

Georgia Barstow Virt;linia Lee &rslow Ruth Bell Doris Bennell Frelda Bethmlln Harielte Bishop

Alice Bjork-lund Blythe Blackmlln Morjorie Blaine Irene Srevid: Rose Broemelinq Marie Brownlow Eleanor Buller Dorothy Chamberlain Dorothy Craven Virqin[(l Daugherty

Doris Dawson M(lrquerile De Koy Je(ln Denning Le h Ruth Dinnison Je n Dunkle Velmo Moe Eggers Doris Esm(ly Ch(lrloUe Fisher

338 •

June Fleming Ethel Gehrke Cecili(l Gibbs Pe(lrl Hale Rose Hall M.. . rgarel H(lnsen Mory Heist Albert(l Dee Hill Mildred Himes Fronces Hobbs Dorothy HohnhorBt Florence Horton E1iZ<.'lbeth Houston Georqll'l<.'l How.. . rth C,rol Humphrey M(lry Louise Iddings Betty Ingle Marion benburg Evelyn Jenkins Eliz.. . beth Jensen NiM M.. . e Jewell Beuloh Johnson Eloine Johnson Lucia Johnson J.. . net Little Helen Luke

Marg.. . ret M.. . tthews Roberta Matthews Margaret MocQuaid Belly Lou McCmnell Minnie Meyers Morguerile Miles Lucile Mills M<'lrgaret Miniy Edna Moore M<'lrgery Myers Leonll Myrick Alice Noble Melb<.'lOlsen Lois 0' Mear<'l Frllnces P<'llne Doris Pllp8sh Lydi<'l Pllrklnson 8<'lrb<.'lrll Peterson Dorothy Polt Dorothy Preuu June Qu.. . yle Margare! Quinn Helen Roqers Kotherine Roos J<'lnet &anders Ednll &awyer Freda Wyu

K.. . therine Schuettenhelm June Sellers Mllry Shorl Loreltll Smith Mildred Southworth Jelln Spooner Mllry Slevens Jessie Stew/lf! Mllry Sulliv.. . n Dorothy SwendiQ Emily Tllylor ConstllnC8 Teqlllnd Mllrgllret Teicher Charlotte Thompson Doris Thompson Mllry Thompson Helen Turinsky Mrs. M<'lrjorie W<'ltson Ernestine Wentworth Edwil'l<.'l WilIi<'ll'la Frllnces Williomson Zoe Willi8rnson M.. . rjorie Wilson Amber Wolf Esther Wohllillb Mllrgllre! Wycoll


OCTICJ:RS Chl.f ol V;.e. "'


U... s-...t•.,.

T .....u . .r

••• The Bench and Bar Association is a local organization, composed of all the students who are regularly enrolled in the College of Law. It has as its general purpose the creation and development among its members of an ethical and professional attitude which will be of value in their chosen fields. The Bench and Bar Association was organized on the Idaho campus in 1912.

MEMBERS First Year

Howard Ad ....ins Oren Alllton Robert Baker DoMld Bistline Glenn Couqhllln John Dilly

Robert Deacon, Jr. Joss

lewis Ensi<Jn John M. Hatlon Fred Horlacher

Huqh M",quire

Jllmes tnnls

W",llilce RounS<'lvell

Robert Mullins M<'lrsh4Jl Neill

Gilbert 51. Chllr R. H. Seeley John Sommer Gerald Slaud.llcher hlmes Wilyne Berlrll.m Wood

Second Year Elmer Beth Bruce Bowler Frederick R. Burke Lionel Campbell Ullilln Carlson John Farquhar

Thomas Felton KlIrl JeppellOn WHlIllm Pllrr Chllrle. ShllW Cillyton Spear Max Weber

Ralph Armstrong Allen H. Asher Clyde BoYlltl

Hilmer H. Budge Carl M. Buell

Willlllrn Wetherllll Willard J. Wilde Chllrles W. LellVY JamM McCabe ~ncer Nelson orris O'Donnell

Robert W. PelerllOn Willillm Renfrew Chllrles O. Scoggin Casady Tllylor Willillm L Tuson Galen N. WlIli.

Third Year

Dale M. Clemmons John Frederic Cromwell

William Furchner Wllrd C. Howard Robert Kerr



ornct:RS P"'d.n~

Vice Pt-id.nt T,.....u..-r C.pul n Faculty AdY\aor


Ethel Gehrke .. M• .,. S'-t .M,nnl. Hender.,.. .. M... I. Huqo John"'"

••• Kappa Phi is a club comp:>sed of university women who are members of the Methodist Church or who prefer that church. The organization was founded in 1916 at the University of Kansas. Tau, the local chapter, was installed in 1928. The aim of Kappa Phi is "Every Methodist woman in the University tooay a leader in the Church tomorrow."

••• Wesley Foundation is an organization of both men and women in the University of Idaho who have expressed their preference for the Methodist Church by doing active work for the church. These students are provided with both religious and social life. The activities of Wesley Foundation include dramatics, music, Bible study, and devotion. Dr. 1. E. Purdy, Moscow church pastor, is the sponsor of the club.

WESLEY FOUNDATION DI....,tor .. Ad.l.o.....

..... _.. .. .

Dr. I Ed,,,. Purdy

.,. HuqolohnlOrl,

OrrICf:RS P,...Jd_t ._. Vic. P ....Id.nt •

T_u.... ..

s.c......,. '/'

M_a..- Chair........ .

Mu.ic Ct>.lr.... n D....... - Ch&lnn... R.portar




Waldon Flint

. ... N.1Ion Jeffen

a.." Cc><><>ock LeVe.... COi>bell

_Glad" 5mJth



OFFICERS P..-tdenl VI.,. p ..o.Ident.

He,.,h..! KI"...


Secr.ul']'_T....." ...



. M"rvln AlleU B&n Hurnph..y

Wilton Bow


••• The Idaho Clan, a local organization started this year, was originally called the Second Generation Club. It is comIJOsed of students whose parents or grandparents attended the University of Idaho. The main objective of the club is to act as a connecting link between the students and old alumni, promoting contacts, reviving old friendships, and bringing back to the campus old traditions loved by students of the past. OITICCRS Mary EI.izabMh ~.k , .. Gorden R.r:llord Ma'9"__ Thornton

PO"Mldent ....

VI.,. P SK.. t • ..,.

MEMBERS Ch"rmlon Chlldo EIi...beth Chlldl EII .. beth COW"

-..... lean [)ennltIQ





V<Oria Ourant Herbert Edwam.


......... LMbot f<:qle


Ellen S4mpoon

001''''' Sh",ld<on !..orott" Smith J_IeSmilh Frankhn Smith

Ger.1d Slot.ert w_ _

V.melloo SIoboberr,

Helen Ann Sutkln Wa"J"..c Tharnlon IIJdIon Watt

Rlc:Nord WLIocn


• :s 4


Sundown and ahadow fallon the Campus . . . another day.







A""m'STMT'"" OI'I']()'A'J!. AI)Vt:ItTISING AG eLllII ,\GIlOl<OlolY JUIX'!SG T~.\I

A'.I'Il" elll OallWA AU'll" K..,.,... l'lll AJ.PIlA K ....... i'll, MEDAU.ION ALftlA I.AMBO" Dtl:LTA

A......... PH' . AIJHA

1'"" O ...~G..

AU'tU. 7........ A ..·..." AwIOS, A",IO.u. HVAaAoSOllY Juoc,,,... TIl..1O AI012I1;A.>I 1><ntnJT'E or ELECTOI""'L ESGIs~

AJo12"""S SoclK'n" or ClnL Esm ..._ AlIu"""s SoclK'n" or MI!IC....SIl'..L EsCls_ AIO&lI"""s SocIIM'Y or A<;:II.1CULTI'''''L E ....::Is>:i:IUI AlIlIOC'''Tt:'' ~;S<;:'SI':&lIlI A-:>ct.. n:t, FOIiIOllTl':II.'J. ASllO,:I..n:1I MISt:1lII ASllOl""TIW WOIOKS. ,\.S.U.1. A.W.S. C"H'NIn"

BASt:8"'.L a""Kt:T."LL B&.<ll1TlKII B&.'<CH ""0 a .. 1< BEY" TH....... '" Bill SI8TSlU BLUE KI:Y BoAIID Of' R&GL""Tl! BOJuSG


C..",""", f'1.Ac C ...""", I.lns C ....UI....... KEY Clll AU'tU. 1'1. C.SUF.JI P ..TH CI.ASSl:.'S ..• C••UN. GO"CHt:8' CO-ED Go,.L>:<'>: 0,. AGKICUI.TIlRE. COLL""K or ~:NmNK"''''SG. GOI.l.o:<:>: 01' I... w COLLI:G>: or Lt:TT"''''' .."0 Sl::IENC>: Go"..,>:s"" , COl"YI<'GIlT



CUIIT.. IN, Till:

D D....Y II ...........OIlY J\lD(:I"'" nc..", DI<JIlY PllIIDtICTB JUOCL'iG Tx.uI D......,.H TIlTH Cnua... D,_ DIu.... Of' FACtlLTT DlVo!<"or ",O"'EN


DIWICI.TlOt< DELT" C"I D1!:LT.. OKLY.. neLT" OEl.T.. C ..WW.. I).,...... SIG .... ItIlO DeLT" T ..u nBLTA O"......TIClI

··OKU"''''''''', Til>:....

" F




~"uosH1I...'" S ............LL

F'1ul8H...... Fu:o!HlI"'''' Flu::8HlI.... Fu:o!HlI"''''



" " "" '"'" '" ", roo '" m




'" "" "" "" '" '" ""

"""" '" '"" '" '" '" "" '" '" '""

GL.UIlI 0r'nct:Q ('01l.1TTIZlI ~"Ju<:eull"'''' H..sUIIOOt' F!\&SH...... Lau._.

'"" ""'" '"'" "" '"" "" "", 'M '"

107. 108

'" "" '" " '"" '" '" '" '" "" '"



C"""'A 1'111 Un.. GeM Or Til" J',lOU""A'NS.


110101: Ill'S HOSOll".UI;. HosOQ


I'cr n.."" l'Ill ALl'"'' DELTA llRT" K",'r"

'" "" ""' '" '" '"'" '""" """


1'", elll Tit"".. ,.,. 1'111 Cm TIl.:TA ""Y, "", 1)t:I.U T"F:TA

I'", ~:u 8m".. , "Ill G..M.... D"LTA 1'111 Mu .;l'9u.o"

269 212

'" 298, Z99

'" '" '" '"'"' '"' '"'" '" '" '" '" '" '" '" '"

10, Il




I', IlnA I'H' "'alD.:..~"T M. G. Nul.8 ''lI_ucS'!"'s M""""GII:

""_CWB O'u~_


Rln.II: nc..10 R'DIt.. .....UGH


" ,

~18, ~n

"" '"" "", " '"" '" '" '" '" '" "" """" "'""a " '""" '""'" "" "S" a ..... D& S<;HOOL or B""ISE:S8 Au. 'Sl>Y...TIOS, llcl<ooL or ~;1lt1C"TIO" Sl::KOOI. or ~'o""''''Y SCHOOL 01' M,se! Sl::IKI<CI: II .. Lt•. 8"s'ollll SKN'OH n"'.I•. SKN'OH C'.A!lll Orl'l(;ERl!, SI':NIOl< COWM,TTEES 81':N'OII 1.""'''El<ll S"NIOl< C",lt:T O ....ICEIUI SrolO .. AI.l'H" EI"llILOS SKiIO .. AU'H" lOT" SIllIO .. CHI Sill... C .... w.. EPSlLO.... Sill... Nu .• Sill." T ..u Sill... T ..u MI&IML. Sill"''' XI


3G,37 36.37

5".,__ ......'<CI:

SorHo"'Oll .... SOrwo"'OIlIl C ..... ·Or'nct:Q

78, 78, 79 78, 79

SoPttoJoOll. eo•• rnu;:s Sor!toMOlla LKA_. $rI... ....,. $It.P. ,",U

'" ","



K.."".. K.."".. K......... KA"".. K.........


'''' '" ''''

AU'".. THE'.... DEL.... 1', K......... C ....lI..•. I'HI

"" '"


L ...... ROA CHI AU'tU. L.o.1TP O"T S>-')Oo"Tl!. b"ST1TUTl!: uLlLlQ Of' TKIt FtIlU>""


"" '" '"

ZZ8,m 200.291


'" ""'.'


218, 249 ~,G.



'''' 247 "" 147 '"


N NU'ONAL CH.... rlO"."


STlus<: QU...Tt:T. , ST\!Dl';"", AillOl"IS'TRATIOS SW"""SG T

,,, '"

T .. u K.. rl'" ~;1'81LO" T .. u M>:" A'.>:PIl "T>:N·M'",UYE ALIII"" TIlNN'" Tun.. SIG"' ..... Tlr 0"" "'~, TllB"LIl Cu:r

'" '" '"'" '" '"




On:.... ISC SQ::nos




7.288, 289


". ",

Z08, Z09, ZIO


JU...IOIUI JuS.OII C ......"n JUNIOM C ..llRT O""ICENI. Jus.OII C ...... O""IlJEItlI. JUS10l< COLLKGK ..•• JUN.OR COWW'TTE"" JUS10R L"""f:l<lI JUN'O" 1'''"''''>:. JUNIOK I'KO" JU'lG'NG



"" n, ""'" ~

"".... l::cot;o."cll CuJ.

MAN..<:KKl!I M..s ..cF.l<lI' CLUR. loin QU""", MF."OKM" GV""'''-'!'UIO. M"",'8 ItlPLR T"..... MEN'. &ItO'.AIL~IllP MIl.IT ..KV Mn.tT.."v B.....1l MISOlI .. , .. CLU. M,sOIl SPQItTII MOllT... Bo.. KD Mll!IlC ;\1 ...: - . . MUIIIC PAl;ULTY

90,91 90.91



"I" CLU. ·'1" CLU. C.lJl.. .... .u. 10"HO AIlGO""11T I""HO BLUI: IIUCKEY I"..HO C ....S I""HO CLI'" 10..HO ~;SGISt:t:I< I""HO M,s..." I"M'O W""''':Y .'OU''''''T'ON INI"Wf:,,"H:I<T CHOUI'S IN Mt,MOlUAM INTEH':OU.o;(:MTI': K,,'cH"" 1.." ,,,r,,n>:HN'TV GOUSC'L INTR .. IOUIl.. L aMlKt:T""LL I"n,o.wu....'. n>:8..T>: INnlA.. ullA.L G .....~ 1.."TUWUIlA.L C<X.r "'.,....... ULU. II~HOI!>I 1.."TII.UlULU. M ...."..c _ Ih"TUlOll1I.... S ..'n... L"'C .• b •.,......ULU. 11'_ T1l..ocK 1.."TII.UlL....... TEssm Ih"TU.L....L TOUCHB.UL Ih"TU.ULU. bAcK .. 1.."TII.UlL....u. VOUZVB.UL.

I'ASII.:LLKSI(: All8O(;''''''ON



t1... Y1I HALl.

HI<I.L 0" ....

Ll"'DLIn" 1IALl.

'" '" '"'"" '"

"'" '""





(;".."u",.1': MM...(:t:II.



lUll. 205. 206

Gt:lO S':IWICt: "''''''111)11, COI.r GOVEIINOII C. IlKN Ross,







AU'll" ZI:T..




U...I'·KIllllTY B..." " Us,,·1:allITY U",,·-.-n- Sv...uo..-y o.:HIlSn.o'US" """ITT Of' 10.... 0. SounlI!llN S ....' i(;H



'" """ "" '" '" 179


WO.. >:N'S ATIl'.In"Ic>! WO">:N'" ATH'.f:T'C A8llOC,UION W.A.,\ .•'Xo;llT"'E BO"KD. WOW"N·. 1l.ulE8..1.1•••• WO>lr.N·8 IlAAKET8..LL .. WOW"N'.O ..sell... , WO>l&''''·'' 1I000000HoES WO>l.o:N'. "I" CLU. WOIlL"'·. RII'LI: T&.<l. WOllEN'. Sl::HUI..UllHlr Wo.a:s·. SrE:EDBAu... WO"'IIN·. TIt."~1ll WO.IIN·. "ouzv........ Walt5TUs<:


'" no "" '" '" m '" '" "" In '" m 173



XI 5K:", .. 1',

, 2,,9


"'" '"

V YEU. L&.._





108 Tuuw STIlEET


~loscow, 10,\'10


SIlEAF'F'EIt"S PE "S- PENCI LS-SK.R IP L.D.8. bo,.. h.a_ • bill tI t th.1r d..-.up d .....,. Ch. .1ia Di...o..d ".ught I.. the act ..• D.olta O d Dy•• in. thair the Bu,,".t ..• R... I........d • • night of It.•t l _ t It ... ad• • good plctu ....



A n Institution

as Old as the University


When D\nns' STOKE "a6 founded. there "a6 wrillen inlo ill! policies all infle~ible rule concerning Ihe reliabiljly of merchandise. "is 1101 too much to say that our present growlh ;s due entirely to the I)()!icy of nenr selling anythillg-ho\\c\'er small-that \\e Clm nol fully guarantee. 1\11(1 the most impressive phase of Ihe suc· cess Ihat has COIllC 10 liS lies nOl in ils Illaglliludc but ill lhe c\'er-growing lilllis· faction, so freely \'oiccd hy thousandil or our cllslolllers, ill Ihc reliahilily or their purchases.

34 e


'lToto Jlfini13ITCn3 to mITe ~cm of t~c

~~lel C/!llloscovu "A 1Jefler P/cu:e




ElllerW; II"

CLE \::\'- \TTIl \CTIVE n E \so," \IILI:: r'KICES

\l'c Caler 10 Sllulcnl Banqueu aud r':lrlic8

:11 lIlore lhan fifleen }'cars all of the 8CCllC8 Innl snapshots ill the L ni\Cfsity Ycar BOO~8 have IJecll lhc products of our Kodak OcparlmClll. W'e arc proud of our photographic contrilJutiOIl 10


the pres.ent \olllll1c.

We Fealure

S & W Canned


COl/sis/clltly the Resl



Try The /lome of HeUer Groceries

Petersen Bros. Market Meats




Samm's Furniture Store "The Home of the Genuine"

nIlOLES\L.E \"\1) ItET\IL

\IOSCOW, 11)1\ 110



'lo~f'O\\. IIHIIO




JERRY'S l'uo,"K2311



10 \110










All are IPeyerlweuser Products

DislrilJllled by

McClintock.Trunkey Comp<lny 5"OKANE, W,\SIlINC'I'ON


34 a

\1 anu(llclurcd 1,)

The Northwest

].J aper



Tluee V.ncla1 h ..nt&m.n with tha ",riW,. ~ d .. rin", • ...,.Hon . . . Charlaa CoUina. planlat. mua>cian. d.bat.r....traordln• ..,. • • . Booulah Moo 9&tII. Uttla kno_lad..... from th. Rhod.. ac:holar .•. Boon,. Goodwin doln", ... do,,·t kno__ h.t ••. ··S...... •• Gr• ., bau.- I.. tootl.., hia own ho .

Graduate or Undergraduate:-\Vherever you go, whatever you do, it always pays to shop at Penney's.

Remember-and save

by shopping at Penney's.

PENNEY'S J. C. PEi\j\ EY CO \-1 PAN). INC.


School Days •.

(Jrl! 11I/1fJ1I/j /11f'





life, (/"d ,here

sllOuM be


portrait to

marl.- tIle QCa.siQII-ulU/

to exc/uwge /(,;,11 classmate!!.

~tl'rn£r'£j ~tlloio Or

Midv<o. cam.p... ahOla: Th. !Iymn&a!um. . . . Th. Woman". campua blv .holll •.• Morrlll H ..U •.• A .hot 01 rO..... 7 H.I ....91. on tn. Ad Buildin, .











Among the host of employees of this Company who are daily engaged in the lllallY waks required for the operation of an electric service company, there is a single and all-important. motivc-Ser,.ice. Linemen. I)o\\cr station 0l)crators, patrolmen. executives, clerks-all arc concerned with the maintenance of the best I)05Sible electric service to all our customers all of the time.


.--3'0 ..


Th. An...

Best Wishes to Our Many Friends


• Master

in the

• All American

Intermountain Region


• Superior

• Javee • Letterman • Varsity

H&M Ribbon & Carbon Co. 90 I


\ VE.

SE \T'I'l.E. W \Sll.

623 S. w. 0


POlt......\ ...· l),



• Champion • Campus • Collegiate • Capital • Yell King

"Meet llIe at the

Owyhee" -is the ill\,ilalioll of collt'gialc 1,laho "hen \isiting in Boise.

Good plays, like good sweaters . . . LAST

II is the home of faultless hospitalily, f1awlc88 scrvicl', fillc rOIHls. ;11111 ('\'cry Illodern con\ ('Ilienee.

Owyhee Hotel


Olympia, Washington


No Job Is Too Large or Too Small For Us ...

The Review Publishing Company

Send your trunk borne

by Motor Freigbt lor SPEED ECONOMY

Complete Printing Service


Just pbone the













\losco\\. 11>\110






we cherish the H owphotographs that keep those memories forever before us.



"The New Studio-Near the Campus" TEN SALON HONORS



The NOl"thwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company Of' .\IILW\UKEf:

began business in 1858

It is


Illutual company in name lind


No stockholders.

Di\'idcllds ()a}'able 10 policyholders in 1936 535,<100.000.00

Assets $1,071,991,955.41

I rlsurance



Rolston S. Butterfield IlISTlIlCT ,\GENT

w..... u,. h.d .. Iittl. wlnt•• thlol ,.. . . . . . 1'1._ f...h",." do th.. qu...... thinp durin, rough _ _ . . . Jane H........,.·. -=hoolvlrl co ....pklolo.. ,eu

i\loscow, IIMIIO

.. anD..





The /-lome oj GOOfI Clothes for IUCtl


'Pam ell








L •


Looki"'iI do.." C.pllol Boul.....rd: o..vO" T ... U M.morl.1 S.ld",_th. C.pitol '" th. d;'t."c•.


Up the ".rnpu• • •110.: Th. Adrnlniat ••tlon BuIldIng, the Unt•• of le.rnlng .1 Ih. Unl .....lty .


• • • Progressive development of our state is the objective of Idaho's educacational and business institutions. Boise as the Capitol City, and the University of Idaho as the leading educational institution, are vital factors in this progress. Loyal cooperation between Boise and the University will bring honor and advantage to each and progress to our state; may the opportunity for service to our state be the guiding motive in our under· takings. • • • These pages, sponsored by the business men of Boise through the Retail Merchants Bureau of the Boise Chamber of Commerce, witness friendliness and cooperation between Boise and the University.

The C. M. Fassett Co., Inc. AltTHUIl





S.;IIV ..... C


,'\'I) RE\C":,\,TS

cln:\llcu.5 I'\"IIEX GI.ASSW,\IIE



Fill Eel..\ Y GOOIlS-\IICnOSCOI'ES-Il,\ L,\ NC£S PIIYSIC,I. ,\1'1'\11 \TUS

N. 207·11 WALL ST.




Dance Programs • When purchllsed from The Star J\ljrror "ill have distinction . . . E,,)}Crl "orL.. manship ... Indi,-idual designs for )our "hOll:'

•• Two Good Drug

• We arc sllCciali!Ots in c\ cry other I)"PC of printing as "ell.


• Sec Us rirsl.

The Star-Mirror



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all types of

service and the utmost in cOllrtesy.


Inland Motor Co. Th.... at th.i~ Runl." ball . . . £ •• O~"9 and Satty Horton . . . m to it at th. Hn can dane• . . . Colll"" and hI. gi.l. (1) play (0. d,. Co_ad



3'6 •


MOSCOW'S On.l)' Men.'s St.ore

'fIolowers./' FOR

P.-\RT1ES -




Ilome Grown, Fresh and Fragrant Our jlorctrJ by rcirt urr:iu, on/)' om: in loren.

Scott ':BroS., 'fIolarists liIorim GREE:-.'"HOLlSES: Jl7 :"0. Dolta Oamm. . in ..,Uoit,.. . ..tng and wl'lUng . . . W.A.A. atklat"ll"'tting


U"iurlil) jor z6 ),,,n. }.'LOWER SHOI'







~t"::~":;:0;'£ &';t :::-:~":~hi"~~~r(~°b.d::::~o~h::~I"u::;:~

Students' Headquarters On the Campus

Moscow, IDAHO





OWL DRUG STORE The Rtxall Slore


•• 1\10SCOW.IO\1I0


Prescriptions Phone '2167

Cor. 4th and ;\Iain i\IOSCOW




"l\loscow or vicinily, do nOl

fail lo palronize THIS BOOK IS



First Trust and Savings Bank C \PIT \1.. STOCl\:



~ ingstruft QIoft£r THE BLUE BUCKET


• Campus Social Cellter • IT




Manuftlctured. by




R. B.Ward Paint &Hardware Co. BLlLDEH"S II \ltOW.\HE






om... A..... npment

n""",d FilinK

Vi.ible C.rd .'ile, .;veryl.hing for the Th. om.,......d _m. found... of Phi Mu I:JMoilon formulat. p l _ on th. m h.ll " .. L.D.8. 00,.. and..,...1-. (? "". Two Th••_. Pa.....,tt and Matt _ _ n


358 •

121 Howard St., Spokane, Washington



"-boo)', ltoherl Jerome

,\bl>otl. lIelen Marie. Abbott, Robert A$II. ,\""IT. Alice Aculf, Joe nollin .. ,. Ada""'. Kathryn Maurine Adamn. Me,le Richard ,


92,296 80, 'lSI 40,266 40,265 80.296 40

,\dama, Thnmaa n......,11 60 ,\damw", Jack tlale 92,265 Addr. Leon CarL 92,298 Adkms. Cyril Lee. 59,60,142,151, 29(}, 323 Adki~.

lIoward Ern"'t.



AI.har. Hadji Aud; Khan Adelberl.

Ahh[ui.Jl. Charlotte Lou;".. Ahl.kog, Howard Ern.,.t... Ah,..,nhulz. Frederick William Airola, ~;nia John. ,\itkin. Lynn A. ,\1""". Leo. . . Albin. Dona'd I'aul




40.270 SO,275 , 40 40,290 Gr, 292, 317 125.129 92.2,",

,\II>"'lh....'", Harvey Martin. Ale><ander, ,\Ieek ,.

80,298 flleaander, Ward lIilb<>rt,.. 60 Alexand""","" Robert LaVerne 92 AIOOn. Jean >;t. Clair.... . 92, 274 Allen, ~-aye . _ 92.286 Allen, Ida Doris . 00,29G Allioon. O",n Cerald ·10. 273. 323 Aim. Th<>Odore Edwin 1M Almquist. Alma Sophia. 40.288 Alsop. ('linton ~;lliman 30,290 Alrola ••;ul:ene Ralph 92 ,\mb"""" Grant L.ewi. 60, 2G9. 320 Ammer. Chari"" Ju.tin 80 125,12G Anderson. Barney... Anderson, Ch""ter John 92. 28'l AnrleJ'8(}n. Earl Henninll'. 92, 267 AndCJ'8(}n, Elva Louise .10,288.315 Ande"",n, Ern""t William. .. 60 Andc"",,n, JO<1 Shaw... 80,298 Anderson. John Wet..h.... 80,269 Ando"",,n, Kenn,,~h Evan. 92, 280 Ande18<>n, Otto. . . 140 Ande"",n, Paul Forkner 80 Anderson, Paul Luther 40,292, 309 Ande"",n. ltobert Leonartl 80.213 And...,w, l)onald Mdvin 92, 284 Andr"""", John .:dwin . 80.298 And...,_.O",1 Frederick. GO, 265 Anson, Holon Andrea. 80 Aram, John Loren"", 40,281 Aram, Eli.... beth.. 92,286 Ar","" Henry Shull... 40,232.269 Atm., William Doan .. 60,211.269 Armsl-ronl:, Dorothy ~;rlna 40,288 ,\rmotronll', William. 60,263, 2S3. 3M, 306, 310 Atrnotronll'. Italph JOIIeph. 40,323 Amet!. Kenneth B. ... 80,283 Arnold, Oonald Cutler... . 40 ,\rrinl(ton. Leonard Jam"" 92,294 Aah, Betty... . ... ... 92.274 A.h, Mildred Marian... 60.274 A.h, William Henry. .. 00,210, 2n, 314 A.hbrook. Robert Lewi.. 40,217.310 A.hby, Dorothy .;"hom 92,296 A.her, Allen Hermann 40,265 A.hl"", ~;li....beth 313 A.lett, Marvin Jam"". 40 Atkina, Harold Frank 271 Atwood, ~;dwin Milo. 40,291 Atwood, Jam"" Palmer 80.291 ,\ugust, JOIIel'h.... . 80, 146,275 Augu.t, Lou", Vitus ,\""tin, llillye Jane. 80,270,307 Avery, Laven J...... 92.292 ,\"tell. niehard William 10, lW, 251, 265 Aye"" John Marlin. 9'l,275

Bawn. David Cla...,n"" Il.... r. Jean Hitehooek Baird. Dora Annette .


:::i;~: [~~';.,~":~~J'';'jn..

Ilauch, Thomas Jam"". lJaumlrarlner, Walter. Bader. Boyd Baylon. CharI"" Armand. Ilean. Jam.,. Hobert. Jr. Ilcardmore, Charles Curli,. B.,athe, Oe!..,y.. lleehtol. Edwardine I::velin Beck, Ern""t Peter..

80.281 41,271 11,271,317 80,282 92. 280 60,273 92.298 80,296 80.282 lleek,Glennllan~ .11,292,;117 B""k, Melvin 11,29.1,317 !.leek, Seymour M0lll:an. 41, 292 92.298 Beecher, Clyde Rolla. neeler, Leo 92 Beeman. Addi",n c""n 60.269 Bell. Huth Krinlrel .. 80,288 Bellwood. Sherman Jean. 80,157,265,306 Bender, l'hilip Homer 60,290 Benedict. o""ald Dwight. 80,295 lJennett, Dori. Madoline. 92 Ilennett. I::ber Fred 92 Bennett, Ralph.. 92, 2M Ilennctt. Mary uen 80,268 Ilenson, Benny Bernard 60.297 Ben..,n. I::llen Clarire 80 Ilen..,n, lIelen Eli~abeth 80 Berg. AI' . . . . ].]l). l41, 1.12 Berg, John Allison 80,283 Berj(, Paul.. . IH. 14,1 Bel¥"r. Muine 80.210,270.238 Berl(er, Donald !taymond... 80. 267 Berlinger. MargaretJosephine. 80.266 Berrey, LeMarr 92. 281 Uethmann, I::milie "ri,~la 50, 288 Betts. Itu...,lI Alon",n. 60 Iletts, Walter Bert 80,113, 121,279 Beverly, Robert Ed!!ar 80.290 Bevington, Frank Clark .. 31. 39•.lI. 205. 216. 30·1, 306,310 Bevi•. Paul Marshall Bevis, Ruth 1"",,, W, 296, 316 Beye",dor!, Rudolph Rlenhard 80, 292 (lick!o,..:!. Itichard ~'olsom 11, 309 Biggart, Vera Lo:.oe. Ilill'ham, Oren William .. 80.281 Birlew. Iletty Ceorlia Fran""". 92.286 Hiohop, Mariette E izabe~h 92,288 motHne, Har Donald .. 60,280 Bjorkman. Samuel . IlJorn.tad, Catherine Janet 61, 270, 305 Black, Su...nna. 92,270 Black, William Augu"t. 61,125,128,273 Blackman, Blythe Alml'da 184.286 Blackwell, Arlene Lucille 69.286 maine. Marjorie Huth. m Blair. Albert Garrison. 41,273,240 Blake, HazeL.. . 61, 286, ~l!l llIake, Ralph Davi•.... 92, 1·16, 158, 215 IllanchaT<!, Fred Clayson 22·1 Illattner, Milton H. 298,312 Blevin., .;thel Ca1"(lline Boartlman. Mathew Lo:.oeman 92, 290 Bodily, Glenn Leltoy. 29.1 Bodine, David I'hilip . 92,267 Bodwell, I'hilena .:h beth. 81.268 Bohman, Alice Viola 41,286 Bohman, Morri, l'et", .. Bohman. Willi. Austin 133,137 Bol"", Matha Irene 81,268,296 Bollin]l"er. Itobert Edg,... 61,238,277 llonin, I'ete John 92, 290 Boomer. I::velyn Jean 11.270 llooth, Betty Ann 11,27.l Bopp. l:arl Anthony ... 11, 283, 269. 304, 311 llorup, Phili(- Byron Pl,298 Bothwell, ElI.... beth Jane 00.92, 266 Bottinelli, Milam Francis. H. 211, 280 Bow. Wiioon .'rancis 11. 281 Bowdish, Floyd .:lIis 92. 200 Bowker. John l'aul 81,113.298 Bowler, Aldrich .:arnest 61, 269 Bowler, Martha B. Bowler, Merle. 2·t9 Bowl"" Bruce 61, 20ll, 269, ~04, 31·1 Boyd. William lIieko 92. 238. 283. 306 Bradd""k, Mary Gene. 61, 286 Brado, Glenn ~:ugene 12,113,116,149 Bradshaw.•;lIyn ... 9'l.264 Brasel., Chari"" Theodore 59,61,113,298 Bratton, l .... lie Sumter 92, 266 Bratton. Rulua Bruton, Mary Margaret 81, 2M B""'kenrldge, ltobert. Rremcr, George Allioon 92,280 Brende, Anna Ueatrice 61.268 Brende, Otto Bergman 92,271 Breviek, Irene Ena .. Bre"'er, !tobert Brewer, William Franklin 81, 275 Britl:~, .;thel. 81,286 Brittain, Armond Jean 93,279 Britton, Merle Rudolph 93.298 Broadhead, Dean A. 81.298 Broadhead, Floyd n. Ilrodrecht, Ilarbara Jean. 93, 272 Ilrodrechl, Hclen ~;li.... beth 81 272 Ilrodrechl, Marj(are~ May 12262,272 Ilrody, Mary Jane. 93,268, 296 Ilroo;:melinl(. It~ Mary 61.288 Bronson, Karl I..,wi. 81,298 Broanan, John Stapleton 267, ;III Brown, Beverly. 81,2GI Brown, ~;dwaT<! .. 12,270,317 Brown, Chari... Gilbert 12, 292. 309 Brown, Clarence Willianu. Brown, ClilfoT<! John

'" '"


" "


92,280 92,271 80, 272


41, 1~; Baker, Beverly Bomice. 92,276 !laker, Martha Jane.... 60,266 lJaker. !talph Arthur. 269 Baker, nichartl Chari"" 80,280, 2tO Baker. Itobert lIul(h 80,265 Baker, Jane. ... . . 80. 262. 212, ~J05 Baldwin, John nam""y 92,290 Baldwin, !tobert Hugh 80.277 Ball. lIarold Knowlton 00.292 llaltuth. Otto .. 92,292 Banhury, IId"n lJemi"" 92.270 lJandelin, Betty 37,11, 166.268,305.318.319 !lank, Theodore.. 28,107,112,113 lJanko, Ch""ter Louis. 80.291 Banko, John Vanery 60, 2n, 306 Ilarker, John Matthew. 78,80.207.271,320 Barn"", Aldou. Gilbert 41, 283 Barnum, Sergeant F. 2·16 Barronett, Fran""" Ballinger 41 Barronett. Loyd Clifton H.216 Ba..tow, Georgia Grace 92, 296 Ba..tow, Virginia I..,., 92. 296 Barton. Dwight Weldon. . 60,269,238,310 Barton, Marga...,t LaVerne 80.206,261 Basom, I::lson Ray • 11 Bateman, Winilred. 11

,,, "

'"" "


Brown, l)orothy Carolyn lIrown. t;dith Mario Brown, Margaret Rro",n, Mary Ellen Brown, IlichaT<! Wayne. Brown, Sarah Marj(a",t ... Brown, Wallace Bema"l. Brown, Walla""_ Mo...,n Rrown. Walter L"", Brown, William Jacoh. Rrowning, !tu~h Bru"",,h. Ada Belle.. Brunzel1 Geor~ M. Br""h, Pauline Reed IJryant, Jolin Arlie ..... Budge, Hamer Harold. BudKe, Walter.... Hue. Helen Bertha


Ilull""k, .:arl Hu""ell


Bundy, Wilson Woodrow Burgett. It....,maty ParQ Burke, Edward I::arl Burkhard, Jam"" nob<>r~ Rurnam. Thoma. Bond. Burn., t:rn""t Reo:inald. Burns. Marcella ~;thel. Burn., Ruth .:il""n Burn., Willard Hu...,ll Ilurrisa, Geraldine MaJ<ine. Burstedt. f'rank Poter. Burt, Carl Hobert .. Busll, Mary Louise. Butler, Eleanor .. Butler, It_ t;rin. Butterfield. Melvin .. Byinll'ton, Darrelll.uraine. Byington, Dowe lIenry Byrne, Maurice Edward.

59,61,238,262, 278.305 {2. 286. 319 n,278 42,271 93,281


.93,267 2G5 81,290


93. 288 ·12.286 36, 42, 25-1, 275 93. 270 81,213 '12.273 151


93, 267 12, 290. 323 61. 206,210.263.280, 31·1,323 61.291


9~1. 265 81. 290,23S 42, 26~ 61. 26~


81, 272 61,261 81. 238, 286 42,271 91. 93. 2C5. 276, 306

" "" "

93, 286 93,29.1

61. 15-8.


c Cable, Oscar Jacob Jon.... 81. 1;13. 275 Cady, Katherine J"an... . .. 91, 93. 266 Callahan, t;leannr Ardith 81,272 Callahan, ~'ranci. Burtram 81 Callahan, Michael Hyron 12 Calla....ay. GC<>rj(e n_ . 81, 290 Calnon, Wilbur Francia... 61,290 Camm. Vietor Nel""n Lincoln 81 Cammack, Irene... 93,286 Campbell, Clayton John. ~;I, 2S~. 306 Campbell, Fred William. 61,263,28·1 Campbell, Ivan Dc.'or....t .62,281 Campbell, Raymond '. 93 Campbell, Ri..hard l..,rne 93. 290 Capl.... Jam... WatU! 93, 271 Carbridll'e, Ivan.... 29·1 Cardon. Royal Dahlstrom 62,292 Carlqui.t, Ilarbara Janet... .. 93.266 Carlson, Charles l:dward Malcolm. 42,271. 309 Carloon, .;van~line Montgomery. 81,286,313 CarillOn. John Walr",,!. ... .. 81 Carlooon, Lillian Charlotte ... .. 42 Carloon, Marion Conatance 62. 288 Caroth""" Matll:'aret . 9"J, 268 Carpen~r, John Bartley. .42. 265 Carpenter. Robert Dickerson .. . 62, 279 Carson. Mildred Madeline ... 42, 296, 305, 313. 315 Carter. William.... 93,281 Calef!. Lou'" t;dmond 93. 298 Cerutti, Angelin . 62 Chamberlin, Nancy Bell. 12,206, 266 Chandler. Jean ... . 93 Chandler, Newen Ilradfortl. 12,297 Chapman. Howard ltobert. 43.294 Chapman, MaJ<in" 93 Cherrinj!ton, William CharI"" 13 277 CII,,"ter. Thomas Jame'.. > 6'J Childa, Charmion Helen 62 272 Child., Clarence Eugene. 81: 277 Ch!lda. l:li....beth Ilromley 81. 272 ChIpman, Lloyd George 93 219 Chohli•• John.... .. ' 6'l Ch";"man, .;. It. . 2-1-1 Christen""n, Geo1'1l:ia . 81 288 Cllr;"tian..,n, John Modell . 61 Chr)'lltal, Francis lIomer. . 62 Clapp, I'e",y.... . .. 107 113 119 Clark. RichaT<! Allan" . '81 Clauo, Carl... 237 Claypool,Floyd.. 43.159,297,317 Clemo,,", Dale Darrel 43 273 Cleveland. t:thel Kathryn 81' 2G.l Clilrord. Jeanette Ocan.. 81' 270 Clough, Helen ~:li.... beth. 93,268,238 Clou'er. John Fi.her 62 269 Cluhb, William .'red . 81: 280 Coa"', IIelen Elizabeth 62 288 9~; 261 Coffin, .;Ii....beth.... . Coleman. John Milton.. 93.282 COllin., Chari"" Thoma... 58 62 269 ' 13' 274 Collins, Marjorie Patricia ComJ;>s. Clifton llr""kcnridlle. 282 CondIe. John W... . . . 21 Congdon, Mary Virginia. 62 274 Conklin, Gene Louise . 62' 269 Connolly, William Thoma.. 62: 290 Conqu""t, Jay Walter ·13.292 317 Co""a\uo, Dav;,l CaJ'8(}n 93' 290 Cook. Boward l..oren. 13 263 277' 304 Coon, BeckloT<! Food,,;"';';'. " 62: 281

I..,... ...




Coooo. E..-t. no-Jore C_. John W.TfftI Coppocl<. Cw.-. M.u.Coppocl<. Lau... N.n Corbridre, Ivan L a ~ Cor. . John M.It~ c.....,n. I......n. J ..... Corpuz,J.... ;\loralooo C_hl.... G ....... A, C ... _ . M ~ J.... C ....... Joh.. nenford Crawford. BLam. I...... Ch.arlooo Crawford, Iv.... Charlooo, Jr. Crawfonl. J ....... William Crawford. J . _ Crkkll•• .\Ierdin ('1~d. C John Dup d CroWl!. John lIinckle-y Crowle-y. Ch.,l... I~mond Crowt.y. Delbert. .nd. Crowl.y. DeIM. Vivi.n Cro_•. Kenneth .~ ..,.,n" Crowlh."., Ch.rl... O.-.n Cruikllh.nk. Douglu Il.rton Crumb. Henry .:<1win Cruse. I...,nn Ilru_ls Curnminr.' George Hight Cumllloc , Davin. Maxine C .. mmock. Jaek Ch.rI.... Cuoi.o.A11~


C.. Ann Curtis. FIo)'d Clifford C ..rlis. M.rl: Ad. CUlhinC, Jo n Henry.

81. 28-4 62. 113, 116, 1M!. 281 62.21l6



" " "

81,295 !S8. 200, 318 43,280.323 62,268.296 81,298






93.280 43. 248, 273. 304 ~3. 277 lrJ. 288 6'2. 27~. 288. 318 93.281 93, 261

'"" '"" "

5.1. 286 43, 1M. 279 43,126,128.290



26!l. Z96 81,281


93.Z13 1 : 1 . II.obert Mu,,·dl. 1>&, • Ed_nl Lee. 81.273 l>akin. Edward ... 93. 28~. 306 1>&IIPy. Arth..r Frederic:k 1>&1)'. Jad< Aloia 81.265 271 Dalt. Joh.. UaaUlI 1>0.. y. VoaCarl 63.211 I>amcU. Rioohanl J . _ 93.277.106 1.... Jha. H...rnan CUnnin~ham ~. .u, 109. 15.l,:67 David, Fnonklin Con_uc toft l>avid, 110_. Jr. 81.261 l>avm-. E _ WalW 93.273 81, 269 l>avidaon. GonIoIl F>.mont 267.306 I>&vie, Ho...... E ....n 93.276 1>a...... J ...... Davia, LoiIo Ehli.... 43.272 93,272 I)....... C.rol J...n. 81,269 l>a ..... G--.-e Albert 1>&..... Juli.e' Pauli... 63.262.2611 l>av•• M.rpret J.-phine 93,278 l>a.....n. [)oris Het.n 81. 268 ~ l>a......n. G"'rre CI.n,.."", Day. J..-ome 81.284 Day. Herbert Alfred D.)·ley. Kend.n E.,I 63. 292 93,292 D.yl.y. M••k Y, 4a, lIa, 145 D.ylon. Wendell Leo 5.1,265 I:><:.n, (;"":;y:e W. 91,272 I"'an, lIa... ' . . . . . l),),an. Ro<lner' ... . 81.292. a06 D.r", I Dwighl. 81, 290 Decker, John Pete•. ~ 81.216.306 IN:Cou'''''r- Jam... Mon ..... 9a. 288 DeK.y. ]I, . ".. en",. I>.l.n•• M.non Eolelle, 63,274 1)",10. lI.rry Fr.n<:il. llelo. John Ja<:ob IleM ..., lI.rold Vidor 63.283 l)em~. M.rjorie Jean 81.276 93.212 Denninl. J...." ... [Jennia. Fay Bell. . 43. 1411.265 l:Htllotl. Louia Martind.1e 1>cSl:in. Cha:r1M C.mpbo-ll " 94.284 llev in. CI.",,,,,,, Wm., 69. 63. 113, 116.263,267 I)"Win_. Adrian Gerard 81.280 IleYllnW, Katberinoe Adriann. 9-1.296 94,278 1>1ckeraor1.. Gail I>idl:i_. Lola MM 1>Icl<i........ \.. '1 M.urice 1>Icboo>. Ooa~ F ...nklin l>idcaon. Enid ~ I>lerkca. ROobard UoeIIry OieIbel.m, Alia M .... INIa, Beauie 94.212 Oll\a.rd••;11. Jane 9-1.288 Olnniaon ......h Ruth 82. !OS. 27'3 Dinn""'. W.IW Leon Ol.more. Cb. . . lI.rry 63.240.2£9 Oloa....,..,. Chealer H...... 82.279 Dodd&, P.W F.bian Dot.. Dorolby Perkina 36. 38. ,II. 165. n5. 200.320 1>011. Gilbert Bu.hnell 133.136 [)(In.rd. Elle-n L ..cille 63.200 I)oraf,y. Geo....., Henry 91.265 63,283 IMyl•• J.m",", .... D..- Don.ld Adelbert, 91,280 63,271 Drew. yrtlll John I>rillCOll. M .~ine .... 91. 272. 296 9,1. 272, 296 Driscoll. Jean Ma'l{arel D.yden. Ma",hall Howard I>udley, ItolwJrt ~:rle 82.267 I>.. nllll'.n. Thom"" P.trkk D.. nh.m. H.rriet .'001<1 63,210 Dunkle. Je.n .;!eanor 82. 206. 212 l)unn. Alfred Ch.rI.... Dunn. Ali.... M.rjorie 63. 288 9,1. 28:! Dunn, Itoberl .:m...Pll D.... nl. V.".la Ilu.......ll 9~. 278 I)urh.m, H.rold Alderann Durh.m. 0 ... Lucille H.31l Duv.ll. E .......II Well ....n 8:!.~5

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"" "" ="

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Dqhl. Mari.n Fno_. 9-,1,27'% Ol'er, Jad; N.wlotl 69.63.263. 2<11. 3O~. 306




Ea-. l)onna C ......, EL.tbum. Maria.. }:_ _ 63,278 .::a.lbu", • .\lui... II","" E'-t. II.obert 82.273 EclIter1>acll ••:JNnor I.....;..,. 3"- ~4. 21;6. 304 Edll.HlIach. M.ry Marp..a. U. 266, 266 EddinKton. El ...... 1>.lIinl 82.292 9~. 292 Eddi~. Altoa Erli.., IJ)h J . _ 82.2l\.4 E~. R..tb l.(MIioe 82.268 63, 21~ Eiden. A\ . ... M.ry Eioinrer, ..v. Job..."" 82.270 Elder. Jobn .\Iillo.. 00. 9-1. ZOO. 312 63.276 .:Id....:lre. F...n""" LI. I~O. ZQ8, 265. 31~ Eldrid«'. ""~b W.II."" .:Idrid!r", J. ,10"'" 26.3L2 Eliooon. Glenn .;lIe"",n. John ~:llme. ~;lIiott, Lon. 64. 288 ~:l1iott. ~:dw ••d Gr"\Cory 269 ~~lIiott. Gcorge l",renZ<> 9.1, 295, 306 ~:lIioll. Jesaie Dorolhy 8'2.2GI .:lIiott. Mlld .....l Florine, H.272 ~;lIiooon. David 9~. 2S1 ~:lIiooon. Glen .:Ivy. Dle],.rt {'r.....fonl 9~. 312 .:mery. Karl Ilan.rd Emery, K.lhryn Lo.... .;nll:lilh J.m.,. Cyril 82.283 Ennil. P.ul 11)'n><' 82 2~0. 280 .;""iCn. I........ PI.nk 14. 151. 2~8. 265. 312 Erkldon. F...n V.'· 6-1. 182.288 Erkkaorl. GloMI lI 82. 2~1 Eri<:ldon. Unne &1.113 Eri<:kaon. Taimw. Io:&lb.". 64.286 Eri<:bon. Arv.1 I......... 64,295 Eribon. Bo)'d )::'inltOn 6-1.277 .;"';n.I':""nl Eo........triria 44.278 82.218 ~\'nla-el.i"" Eu b. Nori.... 9-1,268 Eubanb. W.:r- Tho...... .;...- . l>avid IJoy<! H.211 Eva.... David W.. le-y 44.21"7 E ........ M.rprfl Eva.... J...,.,.., 1M. 215 E'...... IJo)·d !U.215 Eva.... 4~, 11"0.278. 30G E .......... Milliroont l':..-n.Olp Eltle-toft. Ikfn'" Evelyn 8:!. m. 313 Eltlcton. t:ilcen 82,272

". '"


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.," " "

". '" " " ""

,. .'.h",nw.ld. Arlh .. r W. Fail., W..I"1 Alf...d .·.irb.Jrn. I' yl1ia M"'i ....Iey. n .. lh .... n""" F.rmer. lIel~n M.'l{u<'rite .'.rm",. Ralph lI .. nl'" F.M .. h.r. John Thorn •• , .'.ulkner.I...... i"'l F.ulkne•• WIII.rd }' Willi.m lI.n Feh •• Norm.n .:rlc Ferg.... Leone F........y. n .. th Finch. R.>bert ('Ie-a... n"" Finkle-~. M.lcolm •...,,-, Richanlll.rry Fio'-. I"'.... ...'-. HNt..... J.n., ."'-.J..... I I _ Fioboer. lime Cllnlotl Fi\qt'rald, KoMIlM'tb Fil...-ld. Oren A.


112.290 82,26-1 as. 41,272. 305 H.288

" "

6-1.290 82. 296 6~, 267 82, 113. 297


3S-.H. 262. 210. 305 64. 217 6-1.271 9~. 211 6.1.286,316 64. 266 82. 277 4~. 133. 13:" 269


. " "'

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... """

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F\cmi...., Ju.....;Iubeth F\enMr. Io:&tber Ilotein.

G, I......... Mom~ G.I!r~. Leonard illm... ~S. 276, 310 U,277 G:r.:.G~F., . G. bnoitb, ~ arlin C .. Gl. !.St. 309 G.lbrNith, II.obert BerT)' 82.28-1 G.u.o_y. J . _ William, Jr. 9-6.2<11 G.mtM.. Perry Clay 82. 215 O.n_. Arthur J. 9~. 211 Gan_, W.ndell 82.211 ...... o......... v. R.. tb 46, 286 ..... G...,. I.. be1 ...... Rioohard Bootb 9~. 283 ..... Roboerl S""'" 64.281 C • ..u, W.I~ •.:arl 82.!fi1 G• .."II. Soomuel Bond C.rt.n. Wilb..r V..,..nn 9~. 281 G.-col.-n•••:mily Ruth 6~, 200 Gaskill. John IAon.,d 82.261 Gedd"", B.rb.r. ~5, 262. 276 G<~. C1...n .;U,.r 66. 277 Cehrk•••~th.II'.uline. 82,210,313 Geh.k•• Ge.lrude Gr."" 66.270. 2a8. 318. al9 Gent.y. ~'~ Len.,d Gentry. IInel Flo.... n~e. 38. .16.212.232,262, 26~. all Gentry. lIe.le. Fa ..stina G<'()r~e. I·.ul 91.276 G"'.j(hly• .1.1."",11. M.,ie 91,272 C"".Jhly. W.ll."" Nor~",t ~6, 126, 127, 132, 133. 134. 2M, 267 G."..y, M.d.line M.rg."'t 82.286 G_.l. Ik.ndt 82. 294. 306 Clbba, 'k.tri"" Elt.n 65. 216 Gibba, (".."Iia M.rie 65,276 Cibba. J.rn8 1"... 1 82.297 Gibooon. M••jorie Dale 65. 2M. 212 CieR. Allred E. 45, 2M, 279. 324 Gffi:Y. Willi.m F...nk. J,. 82.167.265 Gi ,"",waW. Id. M.)· 94,214 Ollie-II. I..u....."" A.• J •. Gi........ M.rian b.be1 46, Z88 Ci_. Ra)'mond I>&'id 94.271 G ..... n. M.,jorie Ellen 78, 79, 82, 270, 307 Coni ..... Frederic:k William 45, %98. 309 G.-I1, Lou. P.ul 65,277 G........n. Pk>yd KlODt Good ....n. to...i.... G.,.,...II. Gordoon H........ 9-1.295 COO<lwoll. Lee Wilaoa 82. 29~ Goodwin. 8et.1{.; I.......... 46.276 Co., William , ...10Il 65.210.280 Gould. Virc\1 AdeI'-t Co..... EI<It-M .1.1 an. 65.258.319 G ...h.m, .;leanora '\n.-eline G ...ham. K.thryn J ... n 65. 268, 272 G ..b.m, M.rian EIo...., 45,264.311 Gr.nville. Ro'-t II.kbey 8:!. 280. 306 Gr.y, Itoy Ilrockw.y ,65,113,263.265.306.321 Gray. Winton S<:hoonm.k... 83.277 Creen. Ct'O....., H.rold 95. 271 Gr""n. I.-n ( Ila. 119. 166 Green. M~rril1,. ~~, 261 «r""ne. Olen l),e.n 18.83. 113, IL8, 279 Creene. 01.-. AIlOlOn 83 (;reeno.. ~h. nich.rd McDon.ld 66.261 (;r""nway. Gordon Harry 83 Grill", J"""ph IIUKh . 65 G,idley. J.mes ll .. nt;"Klon 83.277 (;ri~P. Hulh I",ne. 65.2SS Gripton. }'O,resl 91i.279 (;riplon. n.vid L.Monle 83.2111 (;rooIM. M.l."'t Ailee... 66.218 (;ro""•• Don ticQ, . 66.292 Grov.... 101. Marie 46. 276 (;ro,-. Ilru"" Vernon 45.282 G.. thrie. William Waym.n 65.292 (;:,t. J.mea DOllO\u C.rmichael. J •. 66.211.269 G nn. "-a...... lARue. 96. 2611


" " " ".= 64. 206. 262. 274. :SO:., 301 2a~.

.. ..." "

Flink. M••jorie .:leanor 82.288 Foprty. Jerry =:tfh Focle. J . _ C U.2Tt .'or'-. II.obert lI.n 9-1. :ra Ford, Jobn Ooooaid Fore. Orlando F.-rnan.•:n.worth I)wlll'hi 9-1. Z90 FoaW. 1l.Ir,b .:n.worlb, Jr. Fowler. Ra ph M.non Fn~. Rich.rd Anthony lOll. 121. 12S. 132. 133 F......... J".n H.rrlel 9~. ZiO F..n<iaco. CI.rk F...naon, l>oria .~Ivln. 9~. 286 Fru.ier.•:Iodeue A.nea. "reem.n. (,h.,IN .:... ~n. 64.271 F....""'I.d. ]Jllon }'",nch, Perm",,\ J. 26. lSI 9,1.271 """",m.n, Keith III.n F....vert, It.ehel .:li...lwJlh 94. 286 6~, 281 }'....y. nolwJrl 9,1.270 ~~:e~a:~~,:\~~,~~t 9~. 290 F.isch, lAw... n.... V.uRh.n Fril~, John l","'n.rd }'rnAl. Mr..1 Albert Fry. Wil....:l W.,hin.-IOn. II 64.267 ••').... l)nu.-I.. 64.265 }'ud.-.. Illch.rd Kennelb 9~. 213. 283 &I. 269 FU.ller. John ' .... I ""lion. M.y{],.Iw. ""rehner. \ im.m Iloward ~5. 277. 323

" " "

'"" "


llauch. 00aaId E.....' Itauch. M.... lIaced"...., Chealer Lee " _ . IWuben W. Il.h.n. Jobn Emil 11.100, C.ptain Itw. \'i"";nia I·...rl lI.n, Jobn ltall. Ch.r. Woodrow lI.n. Riclioard ChaBc 11.11. H.... Gladys 1Ia11, Samuel Junior 11.11. Soomuell>reoton. J,.

~:l:' St•.n~r.'::;l~r

45.265 83.276, 307


45, 113. 271 66. :ua



~. 46.1508, 169.291 66,133.137,267 83.280



'"" " '""

83.217 M..... . 11.1.... Samuel 'bmm••'loyd $coll ~ II •• ~ H~,bert lI.m .....r.nd. .....1 F.. ~\kin 9~, 267 nd. John Moody H.mpf. ~'~~rick .:ugene. 65,290 H.mplon, J.m.... '\11wJ"l 66.273 46. 12r,. 238, 280 1I.mJ,ton. Wayne Wendell lIan y. Geor,., 1I••mon 1l3. 280 Hanford. noy t:dwin 66. 12~. 129.283 Hann.h. J.m.... John , 46.276,310 Han ...h.n. M.'1I.....1 Lo~;'" 46. 214 n.n..,n. M.rg....t Blanch~ 8-3,2116 96.286 H.n""". M.l"J(it 4~, 298, 317 lI.naen. Itodney AII<'n 83. 29~ 1I......n. 1t....1 Mertin 8:1. 292 II ......... S....n 96, 266 H.nzel. Ol;"...r Cbarlc> lIardinl. Gt.nn 96.271 lI.nliaon, ."elu. M_ 00.29a 11.,._. Mary Edn. 95.286


lIarripn. Gwettd(llyn l:1iubooch II....... Cb.IM Erk Hatria, I)on Cole

II....... J ..d, [,., Hatria. MYTIe t;,1fta Harris, RoIl«t ..... i...

~" 152.2:


Hart. Captain Hart. L'.ud~

83,281 46, 298

H...·~)'. C""""e Or~ t:.lll lIa..,.,)', Jane Ann II ....", John .'red.".iek

m all " ." ... '""


H..-l. ~'r.. nk lI .....inger. Richard Wilto" Hatfield. Betty .. lI"u.k. William J.. rob. lI.wk, Mytle t:velyn. H ley. CalypllO

lIay Ue"''' Hayne', Robert ChaM!

83. 273

II....])'. VirVnia Mary

Heap, Morpn CrilII.n H.....,,~Wil.... Frs_ Elubeth. HoderC ••:1';11 Junior Hl'DlH. I)"rid M ..... Heildrlb.. Nonn&" Syl_ _

11ft...... II...... R"lh

" ..-'inc. Jwk Milton Heist. Mary .;~ Heller. o.vid Ouo. Jr.

83. 266 U,2:n



. " ."'

46. t7S. 311 95, Z90 83. !86 46.268.321

Helm. Vircinia C...,. 1Ie1 Auatin t:dward

Ancelin.. 1..0"_,

lIen~. ( ; _ Mil.. lIendonon, Minnie .:1....,,0. " .."dria, I_Ie. Henley, D .. l~ht 1,o"·cll. lIenrikeen, Helen lAve Hem)', MC'T<)lI Cole. Herndon, Joo" Herron. t;ullcne Il"rton

BaH)', ftonald lhu,,", M.rp~ t:llzabeth.

lI...hy. Ma,;e Thooodota .... Hiarin" Philip Cark!l<>n. HidB, [)avid ~ HicU. IliU.rd lIiui.... ~·rank M.r1in Hiqi.-n. Loland Cyril lIil1. Albert. OM Hill. Helen M~"'" Hill. Joh" J . ffill. W.y It. lIilliard. Bill.. Lou. . Hill,...", Gordo" Joh" lIi-. Mildred Lou. . Hintw. V.\Illh" 0.....1 llil>Ol. EmiliallO G.pui" .. HOb'-. FTa_C~I . . Ilodpcm. Granl O.kH HodlOll. 1...,ltrene lloebel. Ada M.rria . Ho"'m.n, Dwl,:ht S~r lIo"man. Edw.rd Co.rey ... Com rt I'orler . HOK><e, Hol...rt, , Hohnhorat. I)Qmlhy M"'ll".,.,t 1I0kan""n. ~;dwa,,1 Willi.m .. Holden. lx.rolhy t'.ye HnlH"Ie'". lIarvey C.rl H"llin,,,,, Melyln W.rren,. Hollins-worth. J""y Holm, Ellen M ...... HoI..-. ,"-I.. lI.rold Holt. Dorothy M.rie, Holt. Ey_n loUred Holte, J.-el Lorn.i.... Hola«. J.-ph Joh"



H - u . , G....1d Conrad .. H - - u , R-tl F..dward Hoopea. Ralph C\&rlI:. H _ . UeHyJ .....

83.27'2 95, Z90 95. 286



66.29Z 66, 286


66.271,263 95.273.312 66, 269

" M

. " .. '"."

46.2:08.210.295 66.2:77 95.273


'5.270 83.27:46,280.324 95,288 83.271

95. 2M 66, 295


83. 276. 313 66.279 ~7, 281 M

" "

66.288 83.261 95,272 83.2:98 95.265 9:-. 2M 41.113.119 11.m.311 95. 269. 3<l6 83,276 &'1.269 t~ 2'1'0

66.261 39,47. 113, II~ 251. 282 n,t95 ~1.27'2


H<>rto". Edilli Lou. . Houaton. t:liaab<>lh lI ......rd. M.rk Itowe, lIow.rd. I'e"dle""" lIow.rlh. G""rJin. H.nn.h lI,,)·e. John lIe"ry 1I0yt. G.rr.rd lI"yt. El.... n<>r I....... , . . . . Huhbard, lIow.,,1 Ch<!Ster llud!KIn. Cl~t. ChrloUe ... lIud""n, William W.llace .. lIu.aon. Woodrow K.y .. Hu". Ma.tin V.n Iluren 1IUl<"-. CharI.,. l..eol",," HUIIMs. Cl.ude t;lm... Hulett. Mary l.on.ine. lIumph"")', I",n Kinl Humph"")', C.rol Mae Humphre-r-, Il.elrie M.y Hu.,...-ford. C ...... William H,,"Prfoni. KeIl_h E _ lIu"t. ~:dith Macda-\HI HUIlt. V,llftfIt Frs"k Hu"ter, II• ....,. Hlirley. C.nli. K.thw.. H.......,..I>ous!.. HlIatea<l. Lu,~ hi«e Hu~hi........ nom Thelma Hu•.,.hm.., J . _ lI;"'h.rd Hymaa. M... Willia.



Iddinltll. Ed ..·.rd G<!OI1l:e.

Iddinp, Edward Jolon Iddinp. Ma~ Lou. . Inlle, Alrie ElNnor Inrk!. Betty Aloene Inrle. IAoni G.... Inlle. lIon.1d Jordan In"'.n. Clyde M"'h.rd Inman.•:n,.rt. E!IIa. Inni.. J.m.. AIeaa"d.... Irvin. t'non_ J.,.n Irvine. V...n Willi.m .. Irwin, Joee"h .:lYInl. Jr. "'enbul'll. Marlon Jenny. IYe....n, Norm.n I.l"yd

,46,272. 46, 292: 95. 288 95 286

83. 200 641.215

lIaY"'. John 1'_1 H""dr, Harold t'... nklin



83. 265

'on "arrDon. DoroIhy Rae


..... '"

83.117. 2N. 313 95.157.275


66. 2~6 66.270.322 83.295 25. 323 £6.262.2&1,322


95,157. 1M. 275 66, 212


8a. 286 66.210,271 67.265 95. 273

" "

83.298 83.275 83.296 83,296




109,324 67,298

.... m

67. !90


95,2:74 90.95.275 95. 298 83,275

, J."kaon. lJO'rlha t;llen J.cbon. (' Menill J..,kaon. It..lph Jacob. Keilh W.lTen Jan.rd. Rector " _ J • ..-.... nd .... Frank J.-.Murva lIowuc1 J _ . Ch..... Henry. Jay. ElIJ!!"" Arthur . . J,..n. W,llI.m ... nd.... Jel'I' o.Ichl S. Jell Allen Proetor Jeli R.- Lou. . J""Irl.., ~;,..,l)"l J""ki.... U.rold J..-, Ch.rleol F........,.n Je_. "'rnold Je , M.rcu. Ler"ren Je , Marlon l.ou_ Jc"""n. M.rk C •. Jenoen. M. . C •. Je"""n. R.lph Jen,en, I(oben .:Imer. Jen..,n, ~;lIubeth JenNln. Theri. Jenny, J. t', Jep_n. t'loren"" Jep_n. t;lmo, J~ll. lIek!" Loui8e J~II. Nin. Mae Joh_. Arnold Melvin. Joh ...n. Arthu. ElIlel




~1.26S,m ~1. 288

...". '"'"

83,295 67,265 120.324 67.280


83, IMI, 2:61


95.2:74 17, ll3. 114. 133, 135.271

67.278 67.269

... ,,,...

83.283 47,281.310 79 83. 228, 269. 320 67.286


83, 162. 2:98 67.281


.. =

. .. U, .."





" 61. " Sl, 288. 307 Sl,

2~ :!9~

8~. 282 95,282: ~7. 292 67, 1M, 159,297 95. 270 95. 298

."". . '".

31.47.280,319 67.2:65 95.210 Sl.288

Joh.-. Beul.h Mae Job.....n. C\a.ude COIdaf Joh_. l)oftald GlIat .. 47.279 Joh_, I)onald LeRoy 133. 13~ 156 Joh_••;1_ ~::d.-ard Joh_. Iloward F.l_ Joh_.I_ ,11. 288 Joh..-. Lut'la Lou. . . Joh_. M~m Ann .. Joh_. Marya.rel Lilly. Sl.218 Joh_. M.non, 315 47, 1M. U9. 2:71, 297 JOhnBOn, It_U n.y .. Sl. 218 JohnlOll. Virrini. Lee, 47,29,1 John..,n, Willi.m 1...... .. Sl, 286 John.ton, Ch..lott<. Lueile. %,281 John.lon. Ifflnold S.I""n John.ton, nOllney !'orter 61.271 John,lon. Vera M.rle. Sl, 287 Joiee, Donald Kelly Joiee. Robert .;menoon. 67,275 Jo""".... .-.:hle Nell" 236. 2011 Jo , t;lm. 1'10",n.... 95.21:1.265 Jo J"hn t:lmer J...-. M.rlolI Grace 48.288 J _ W1naton Irvillr. 48.273 Jordan. Marv Loui8e 6~. 180.212 J _ _ • William E.-t. 67.29-1.2:38 Joslyn. Alrin Wilfred .. 67.281 Joy.... ':d_rd Frs_. Jump, Roy William 48,265

" =" "


.. .

"'. '"


Kal_. Mariette SeOO... U.264 K.nlOla. W.II... Artb"r 84. 1M, 283 K.peI. ~'rank J ~ . 84, 29:K.-.._,AI'-1l1enry, 312 K.lallome...., Willi.m G~.. 12:5.127. 1:J3. 134 K.tzen"",~. l:... K.t>'.')·n 84.287 K.y. W.nda M.urine . 96 61,269 1'.,..1. J.m.. SI.nley, Jr.. K...,n,'y. J_Ie I.enore. 48.2311,278 Ken, Lucile l.or•.. , 67 KenOll"~, l"",n.rd nurr .. 96. 275. 290 84,276 Kelly, t'loren"" Genevieye Keny, Sh~rm.n Newell 67 Kenn.rd. Miri.m I_lie 96,272.297 KennedY. t:nocn ~8. 272, 305, 315 K""ninlton, IJernen Humrhrer-, 96.298 K.... nl"«lO"••;........,n lIumph~ 84 K""worthy. Dolo... 88 K.... wortby, Mu Ronald Sl. 211. 283 Ken, John Il.ny. ~8. 1508, m Ken. Hoben Marian. Jr. ~8. 294. 323 Ken, Thomaa Stone 24 K~... lIol_ 48. 113 Ke,-... J . _ Albtrt.. &8, 292 Ke,.-.. Hobert Medfor-d Sl.292 Khala""•• A. .d Mohammed (8 K.... hob. lIe1en 8eoJiab 48 Killinpworth.....,1liam C1)'de Sl Kimball. K.tMi.... Ah~il &8, 212 Ki"""" R.ealto t ; - . 68.269 Kin" Ch.rleoll),...rLu 312 Kinl. Alii.... 37,48. 228. 21~, 305. 320 Kin,. Ken"",lh l)ca" 113 Kinr, I.- Kiplinl 68, 263, 282 265 Ki"l{, Loren Thorn..


Killll. Mu Rand&ll 312 Ki"ll:hol"n. TwU. Af..SI,265 Ki....oory. John T'-dote Ki"ne. Jolu, E.-t;" Kin....., John Rankin Kirk~I""'k. IIlU"old D-wicht Sl.312 Klrt»y. \'irri"ia Mae 8~. 27'2 K ..... 11......,""1 Vi...,.,nt 68,292 ~;llYln M"""",,k KJe.iha GIl. 282 Kl~I Willi.... . 124,125.127 Klinl{ler, Ix.nald Tho",.. , 141. 1M. 238 Kloepfer, l)can Kni~ht, ~;lizabeth M.rie. 8'1.272 Knllht, J.m... llir.m Kole. ~:arn"lIt Corndiu•.. Koli. Joe t·r.neLs, Jr... 8~, 269 KoonlK, Clyde Edward 68.26:1.231, 306, 310 Kop~. !lerm.n Mieh.el Korte t;r;"'h SI,279 K..takk, Juhn Anton Koat.lel<. Mary J;lizabM.h SI. 272. 297. 3ii Kow, ~•...t T.lsuo 96.291 Kramer. William Shelby 1'J3. 136 K reW. Hoy Chester. Sl.283 Krlho, .~ Mary ", Kroch. Shirley Marr:Sl.266 K",m_ Hobert Matbiao 2:.6, !69. 32': Kurdy.Fra"kl.oWe Kurdy. John Ronald



Ladd, A_trid £\enore f.adle. J.-pb ......her Lar......., N"'hol.. Roi,,!.;.l Lain•. Jam... Ma..hall t.. ... berl, J.-ph IAon IAmberl, lU~h.r<l Stew.rt Lame. !tol.nd Clayl<>n t..nde, ~;rlin. Norman Landon, Brooko . ., Kalhryn Folmer Lang, Linton WiIIi.m Lan •. noberl &oll .

~~~:"':~o~i~ ~~.~;,

&8, 287 68. m


68.265 96,298,312 96.280 84 48.298 GIl,265 48.266 96.269 48, 1511.275

96, 2~ 84.298 68,2:79 96.295.312 48,275.311 96.2S-I .......... ....,-• • oo.uost. 68. 133, 13~. 145. 1S6, 251.2'17.306 '-->. C. Lea1>e &8, 309 '-->. '"-lie L.. 2:98 Lar.on, Lillian ",""line Sl.288. 307 La..... Viri.n Gladys &8, 296, 319 !A.Mue. Ann 96.266 !A.Mue. Maria" 68, 2:66 !A.1l........,. t;lhel AOJ'elia 96.288 !A.lirn<>re-, Joeeph Hoyle 84,2:75 !A..i........,. M.rpre-t, 96.270 !A.uritzen. Kennelh AuOlln 68, 294. 319 ! n.ym<>nd Peter 96.267 L.wrence, D.1e ClinK",.n 96,267 l..... "'n .... Wendell l>an,.re ll~. 275 1.,<lon, Aurrel Lilli.n 68.276 l....dinllham. Joe Eatl. . 96, .:.rl Gl"'...e, 48.29'J l..,... llru<:fl Iloy.1 88,277 ~:leanor 84,287 I.-.Ilcx 48,298.317 1.-. Lin"",ln Tolm.n 96.295 Lee, Omn E... ~8, 295 1.-. Ilalph Bry.nt ... 84. 1M. 269 Lee. W.yne AlIati" 84, 233. 299. 306, 312 1.-. William Shieldl 68.2:16.267.321 LeFeb"'. n.lbert Alieon 68,269 Leilhton ........ l>alLu Sl.26-I Leitaer, Elt"" M.)'mood ~9, 211, 281 Le-noon. t;mmett 0.... 68 265 L.emP. Tud<...271 69.268 LeGf..l. l><>rothy R.-II LeG_, M.hel AI.... 96.266 t-ani. 00* 84.295 1-"'. VI 11.......,n<.'tI ~9 I""..,.. "'riel "lee 49.287 LrwW. t;nn. 69.201.210,268. 305. 320, 321 Lewia. t;lmcr 84,293 1_ _• J.",... V."l{hn 96.295 I.....,;". John Ix.nly . 84. 29~ I.e..... I'hyllia MUlne 96. 181. 2811 I:llcri_n. ('h.rlea A]fon", 96.2:80 1..Iljenqui.l. llI.ine 69, 29~ Lin""ln, 1'.1 Arnold ll~. 299 Lln""ln. Iby William ... 69. 2Q9, 26.1. 273, 313, 32~ Lind. Itaymond W. 2:1 Lindem.n, IIrlen t~lizabet~ 49.2:89 l.lnda.y. William C.rroll, Jr.. 69,280 I";""". ltolre Olio 84. 299 Linkh.". lti~h.r<l Newton 96, 298 Unkha.l. Kobert Crit... 96.298,312 Lippa, Barbar. An..... 69. 276 Up,,", l..oia I"""", 96.2'1'6 Uttle. J.1le\. Marie 96,2N Lloyd. t;dwln Sandford 96.273.306 Lon" Roy Edpr SI I...... pteiz. I"",," Joh". J.. 84.284, 3<l6 Looiilia, Eliaaheth E....1IOI'1I ~. 1&8, 2m I....... babell An" 96.276 Luve-l~, no.-.:e- M.non 96 Jarria EaIlCl Sl.295 I......nik. Ed ...-ard Cheoltft'. 49 Lul<e, f1.rvard C ..... lCr 69.271 Luke. nek!" 84. 266. 301 I... ke John Friuhle 4!', 2:6.1. 265. 304. 314 lAOke , Itu.h ~;Iiaabeth 96.2:74 I... mpk,n, Charleol J"""ph ~9. 295 1A>ndburt:'. K""neth Gordon 49.280 Luoma. Itarold t;dmund. 84.283 Lanter, l.orenao La.-ilI",,,,••::dpr W.h... Larhm. WilOOr Laroo:n. G...... ~.' ~_~.J_r.





.. .


239, U6


", M~,\1illt""••:dr.r

McAlpin.., 1.......1....

96,281 81.296

~'r.n""" ..

Me,\tth\l,. Chest", ('1&1'(:11"". MeG.b<:, Jam... VIIllIl McCarron, "",1m. Naomi McCarly, .:I..."u. tCliubeth 1\I.,('&ul.,)', (;1&<1)'11 1\1.., McConnell, lIeuy Lou MCCon ....lI, G<'OIll" llurton McConndl, t:ldcn MCC ....... William S'-bourne.


49.271.323 96. 270 85. 281 84. 278 96,276 85.275 49, 299

.9. 103. 1M. 280. 304,314 M<:f' .... Ro~ l>a".....9. liZ. 113, IU, HI. 291 M.,(;urry. Minnie ~... 69,2:70 1\1"0.,,.... "<'ilh K".......,k 49.279. Zfi3 McOermoH, 1'_ Jams. 69, 133.277 Md)Hmott. s..le Dorio 69. 21l!, 2r.. 305 McDonald, 1m", 1.«0)'. Z99 }'le~J. Jay Cart 49, Z99 McElroy, Carroll Bernard 8$, 2:77 "lcFadden. Robert 69.216 :!fi3, zn, 321 McFadden. J.-ph Ja.... , 69,291 McFall. Miriam Stodotorl 79 85,2>2.307 McFarland, J F....klin 240,276 Md·.rl..... Ja Lto 35.210,280 McFaul, Veldora KatlK1ine 115.268 M<:(:rath, Ilertha

McGrath. l.aura McGrath, I.<>dle M.nie, MeK"". [)on.ld 011" MeK.,." Dornthy EIi... beth MeKe..,, Don.ld (111)&on McKibbin. Jnhn I'hilip MeKlnlpy. M.ry An'eanell". MeKlnne\. J.ek Whltwen McJ...".h in, CharLe. .:mn't.. McNieoll, D.rba.. Cl.l", MePhenon. Cl.rftlce .:d....rd MePhenon. M.".",t Ann. M ~ , U.... ry .'ord M~n. Kent !ole"..,.. John Willia",

96. 296

49 278 111.277 Gil, 2&1 411. aOIl GII,271 8$ 2~7. 307 20~. 271. 312 85.271 85. 264 69 96 306 &5. m. 312 96, %!II ~II.


Mil ...., Robert C1ydoo Millet. Robeo1 Warrftl Miller. S.m II. Millo. BueI<lopy .::.taon Millo. .:dith I.ud.IIe Millo. William I.ea~ Minty. M.rp.....t VlfJlinia Minty. Ma.y t;liubelh Miubell• .-\lwa Wrirht Miuh~ll. VifJlinia ~IiUh~ll, JoPephine Co.. Mit~hel1. MaMe l.vh~h .... Miuh~l1, Mary .:Ii.. beth Mil~h~ll, Norma I.... u...tla Milchell, nach,'1 Vivi.n Miuhe11, Sara Ma'1:~...t Milchell,lIru..., Miuhell. Wil",••;lmi..

Stanley &5.283.306 Madl, Mal'P"'1 SlIwy &5.274 Madl..,.. Don.1d 69. 283 MuJu,y. Lflolft' 96, %!II Maclear. Willi.", I.. \rid:: 78. &5 277.36fi MacQu.aid. M ......"'I ' 96. 296 M.dson. Helen Eliubeth 49. 26-1 M ......... p."l""n 96. 268 Maguire. IIUKh {"h.r1e., ... ~ll. 277 M.""ire. J.meot IIu,h M.31·1 Chari.. AUj:uoIUll 116,277 Mal.lanK, .;nKrado Carla%O 69 Molin, Mauri"., .:dK.r a9. 50.201. 2:12, 26'1. 276. aOl, 310, 31·1 Manion" M.t.ue.lte .;11en 69. 268 Mann, "aul . ~lanninf{. John Ellil Ma",h, lIo~ Parker n.291 Marden. l.ou,"" ~.o. 317 Marley. Don Carloa ),Ianoball. C"-r1oll Eimera &5,217 Marshall Marvin Mal<'<>Im M~ll. Kaymond Cyril 651.2ll2 Martin, Boyd A",'~,~ MOlt1in. Gft'1Ild lIurley Martin. Ronald Giles 6lI.!75 Martin. Willla", T.........,d 69.11\00.26'7 M arti_. t:arl Harlow ~ M_.E<l....... ", M...,... Ja_ "'Nne ~,'" Robert l:arl. ,", M.t.....;11.. Leroy 85,:z9S Gilbott Mitt.... Ma ret Mae M. 26-1. 307 Matth.ews. F Winil ..... ",,'" M.tthewa, Ma"a",1 Mallde MI. 289 Matlh..-. Itoherta V;olel 70.289 Mlt_n. ~:rmel Putl MI. 268 Maull'han, l,r1e IIly mond .. 60,292 Maul. Dlvld Ch.ndler .... Maupin, Jere W..hinrlon. 113. n9 MaJlAOn. Willis Sheldon 97.28,1 Mayer, fteeo<le 70. 280. 3U Ma)'er, Ed ..ard William Mellinrer. Marlha Lorene 86. 272 Men.... Y••:rle Newton MI. 297 70, IGS, 169, %!I7 Metu''''ly. All ..... Meroer. t;l"yn Jarvloo 97. 269 Merrill. B.rry M....m M-eeo-. J a _ F..nklin ».213. Z83 MMke. Don Ifam' M etq[at. hln.k lIenry fl. %07. 2fi7 70.277 Me>"_ Ed.... rd Michael. Dalop Charlton 1>0.277 70.217 Midd1eton. RobM1; Leon Milburn, Julia Vi,pnia fl. 264 Mi., Frank .:1I0Il ~ Milel. M.....,. Mamomle &5.2~ Millay, M.bel Millet. Clyde John ~ Millet.l>awid 97.267 Millet. Ralph Millet••·ran".,. I"'titia ~ Miller, J.mCOl H"nry 37. W. 29~ Mille•• Myrna Evan•.



. "

M...,... M.-...

.. ""




"" ""


'" '"



97. 271 97,299


70. %!II 70, 268. 270 &5.270 85.281



50.289 86, 287 97,266,297 97. 289 97,270


37.38. MI, 287. 305. 318.319 MiuheU. Woodrow Wi!!on W Mi•• Helly MI. 272 MOilli. Joh~ .:d"'~ 70. 110. 271 M""klH. n.rn-... "'alh9'n SS, 210. 212. 262. 276 Moerder, .;liubeth I"uh_ M~. Gilford 70.273 Molr. '-- 11"11>8. Jr. Moocher••::'ther {"at",>." SS 287 Monb, 1l000000rd Irvin. Jr. 97.281 Monnett. Albert .\bno"-"" Jr. 70. 269 MonlllO'MfY, Clyde A _ l ,", " , Monteo-.y. MIltY E\izabf'th 70.287 101 ......... Beulah Marlene 70.268 Moore. Boyd Allen 70.2Ol9 Moo",. Doney Cha..... 00.271 1'.1 :<10. ~Ia" 85.2'78 1'.1 , Jam.. AlbPrl. Moo",. Jani"., 85.289 Moo Juli. Winifred . . 86,266.313 Moo M.ry .;Iean". 97.289 Mnrbeck. Chari.... Thom"" 85, 28,1 MorKan, t:lmN Archie, 85, 295 MorK.u, lrill Alberl. 97,296 Morran, I'rudenee t'lorcn"" MO'1:.n. Hall'h 161, 248 Morken, I'aul Gilbert 97.269 Morley. Hobert Johann.-n 85.29,1 Morrio. ltobHl J • ....,. Morro... William John 70.271,324 MotW, Gft'1Ildine Emma. 70.270 M...... I..... 1oa Morti_, no.. 70.293 Morti_, Pn!alon Ricl<o 70. 293 Morton. Mabtl ",~ M.-.. Robert 0..1.0..0 ....


"' '" '"


" "'

~loo1ey, OliO

MacG~. W.rftn



MOll. Thel .... Nina Mottern. Eliubelh ADita Moyer. John lAne Mrachek. Walter Muelif.r. FI'f'<if1iclc Wllli.m, Jr. Mllnninrholf. hul Murd""k, Fenol R. Mlltd""k. M.ry Louhe Murd""k, Merlin I....... . Murd""k. Wayne t:ldon Murphy, John Tulllll Murphy, Mary M.l1taret Murtha.•'r.n""" l.udlle. Mye MarK,'ry .;Ihol. Mye 7..elma May Myrick. Claral.eona M)"rick. II. I;.



".. 291

"" '"

97.283 70,299 8.~. 271 &5. 279 85.293 85, 2~~


86, 266 70.272 8~, 278 97.218 97, 27~ 70.287



Na"""u, I"""n Randalph Nul"nd. Glopnn N"-"",M.G. N..-rlnr. Oral Silu

71.291 126 18.19 ~


U3.11>1 86. 27'. :t23

Neill. Mareall .\11en


N......\rthut WilIla", Jr• Nelooe. l:lon.ltld Otto Nelioon. H.rokI 0 Nelioon. n.rvey .'enlin.nd

~:::::. :~;t~~;ii:teth

Neloon. M.n., (·hrllli.... Neloon. Melvin Ir...;nll Neloon. Norm.n Talm.Ke Neloon, Itlldolph Victor,. NellOn, S\,:"n",'r Ware N""bltt, I.lm"r Kcnward . Newromb. l..owl. Elmer, Jr. Newlon, William Jnhn Newton, t'r.nM~ John. Nk-e. Eva l..eno... Nicholo. John R •• Nicholoon, Jean Clinton Noble. AI;"" Ma...",11 Noel, Mn Nonnan. C.p'.in Norrio. \'lmnla F..n... North...." Cortland Jenner NO)·er. \lmn N_t, .\11......; u _ Nu_l. CI.. lOde .:d....rd Nurmi. EdWin

o O·Rrien.•'",nk Melwin OTonnor, Mona Kathleen O'Mea... Ceell Lois . O'Neil, Ma.y M...a"'t .. O'Neill, Willia'" Ja"'.... Oherbillir. ~:ro...t .;dmllnd

"D' 97. Z9'6 '"'" 6\. 299


51,293 61. 2H. 317 97, 296 97.279






97.2SI ~I, 125 61, 289


8~, 27$ 97.270. Z9'6 iI.277


71.289 $1. 2fi7, 310 51. 27~. 305 $1 213 293.316 71,213,293,316

" 97.267 71. 27G. 311 61. 156,322 51.274 61. 164. 2~0, 282 71.213.316

01Mt1:. AI>d'9' M~t1e 01Mt1:••:va "oetoria Betly ... Op mont TOIlh;" One. 1 11e E~lyn 01dBOn, lIarold AIf..... O'->n••;11. O'->n, Gertrude Lorraine Oli~r, J"hn I'ike Olsen, lIarvey. Oloon. Claren".. M.rtin Oloon. Wallet O, ille. O1oon. William A . Onololt 00<:•• I.e". (';""r,e 11. Jr, Orland. H.l...y Lewis Orton, (ll"nn Oqood, ~''''''erkk It....-el1 Oqood. John {"level.nd. Jr. OaU..houl. {".tl .:d....rd 0 Glenn Ilr,ffl. Owen J"hn C alr

97.287 ~I. 278 71,26-1




51,296 71.273 SS.291

97. 267 97.299 97, 279 8S, 299 ~5, 277, :120 11, 217, 267. a21

" "" "

62,121,299 '


Patt. narid G _ 97.281.306 I'."... Mary Jane 62. 166. 287. 305 Paddoril, Alfred n.rbLn 108. 1!2. l:J8 I.. i_. M.ry F..neeo, 71.26-1 Painter, Robert T-' 71.271 I..in_. Tho",u Willi .. 71.281.310 Palin..... Noble .;u_. 86,265 PaPMl>. 1>orIs Mae 62. 262. 271 h .... Rkhard 1I•• land 79. 86. 1~7, 205,:n~ I'.ri~h. lIo....rd G ..ha'" 97.266 I'ark. ,\uotin. Jr. 52.293.316 I'.rker. AI)"ce Minnie 86.270 Parker, l!obert G.i1 97.293 I'.rker, ltobert Theodore 71, 266. 306 I'.rkln..,n. lI.rold l..",ler 71, 293. 317 I'arml"y. IIcl.n n"berta 2fe1 1'.... WiIli.m Lee .. 323 [,2,268 "arrott. I ... ne (0 . ."" I'."",n •• 1«-. Jr. 97, 261i, 306. 312 I'aokln, I..... ",. 1'.lton. "pima lIuth 97. 389 I"u'ey, William Nebon 62,109.210,211,267.314 l"ulaen.LouiBe 78. 86. 268. Z38. 307 I'au"on. Anion 11.·o'd I.....kov. Stonko Sidney 113.117. 149. 156 Peacock, Ju\oe Randall 1'_. Lola EIennr 71.266 1'......... .... 1'...-. l4)'1nOnd Wall..... 86.240 PNvey. Betly Lou. 71.2H P""'k. e.rth n.en.o.i. ,, Arthur Midlael Pent'e. 97.277 Pentt. "'lli.", Pentt, Ma'F'm ~; Pene. A"pl JOIlCph 86, 2~7 I'erkl.... {"arloa Munk 71.299 I'erkin.. Jeanne Anne 97,266 Perry. J.m... William 79.86. 271. 306, 32-1 I'e"",no, Pam"l. I'auline ~2. 272 Pel"",. Raymond Willi.m 71.281 I'ele.... Vlr,inl. l.oui... 86. 2l7. 27~ I'ole""'n, Arthur John 152 I'ele_m, Don Andrew. 62.3l7 1'~I....... n, IA'" lI.n. 86.1:1..1 I'elerson. CharlCOl 97.284 I'el"""n, Barba.. 91.296 C;2, I r,9, 297 I'el_n. Ilern.rd Miller I ' _ n , Kent F..nklin ~2. 273 I''''.....,n. I'hilip Renard I'et_, ltol>ert William pM...-. WinU..... Anna ~ PellM. Eli&abo-th J..-n PMtljohn. Fay Camilla :'9,71. 238. ~ Pbtl~. (Oro,", MOlt1in Phllh... l)ewey Frederiek Phnu~. J ....... A"'lin 86.280 l'bil~. t;lhe! Fern Pickell, Frederiet; Catlin ».266 Piotkett. f10yd J. llG.:z9S Pien>r. John Arthur 86.291 ~ . Ronald Woodrow llG.279 ~.Jo !n.296 Pi .....ntel. JOIleph .;dwin S2. 211. 263. Z81 PinMiI. Irma Loui!e. 71, 289 l"ilcher, H.rold 86,306l"ittm.n. W,Ili.m Nelson. Jr. ~2. 275 Pit ... Itoherlll~n. 97. 28-1 I'oll. I)omthy 72. 289 98,146,312 "oole. Allan Waller. I'orte•. Donald Burdett. 62,291 I'nrt<>r, Emmet Ben..,n 98.2n I'oal, (,2.289, 301i I'otte•• Don.ld Br.dford 118,299 I'ollet. 1I0ward l.indasy I'olta. Claude lIenry. Jr. 9~, 210, 267 l'OIta. Jetty 1'011...... Arnold Ern..t ", 1'011""'. Palllll..."",o 86.275 1'0II1ton. CharlM Edpr 98.312 I'ow-er. Ot«l All..... 72. HO . p ..ter.l.., ", I'tfIIIon. "'enneth lAMar p ....... Doroth\ Em"", .. ~2. US 1"";""'. Go:raid ~ onlque 1''';'''''. Paul Ed...rd 9!, 277 ~, Prich.rd. T ~ J.n 72,287 Puckelt, 11.....1 " ...... Put ...",. Robert F..nklin 98.277


'" " '" ... '""" "


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Quayle, June Queonel, Clinton Chest"'.



Quinn. MargaretJane. Qui.t. llIaine ,\aron Qui.t. Margaret Allene.


....... 98 52, 238. 264 R

.. ,. 86.280 Hadne. Loui. Frank, Jr... 98.279.306 Hadlord, George Cordon. nadford. IIalph Allen .. 87.291. 210 namey. Itowena Mae. .... 86 86.282 Handall. Frank 0\.... . nandall. Raymond I..,wia. . 86.2&1 . 98,268 Ha!,hael, Maria. 72.293.317 n""muMCn. ~'rederlek, Jr.. IIauw. Irving lIarold ..... 98.267 72,277,32.1 It<>dlinphafer. Thom"" Alexander .... 86, 213 Itromond. Paul Hnmer, .... .. 86. 26~ need, Dnrothy l",ne. ., .62. 265 Reed. DutTy .'dward. Jr. 86.274. 307 need, Vivian Meaea\. 29,1 R_. William George 72, 287 Itelnhart, MaClturette Turner. . .98.211 Itemakl.... Phil. Jr•.. Renfrew. Edgar .:arl . ... . M. 269 .. ..53, 289 lte<\ua, Dorothy 1nM. Rettig. Clarence .;verett. .. 113. \20 Ithooea, J _ I...,.,ker. . 98, 28~ ... 53 lti"". Emery lealie. . . . , 98,289 Hi"", Madne. Itieh. George David. .. 36, 53, 113, 117,250.263, 273.304.324 86, 1t3. 118.213 Rieh, Lewi. Nunemaker. .. 91, 98, 273 nieh. Samuel Jon"" .. .. 72,273,310 Hieh. Walker Junior. , . , .. 98.289 Riehard•. Fran""" Bethlne. . 72.299 niehard",n, Kenneth Fred. niehel",n. Paul Newton ... .12.215 . 98.299 Hiehmond. Haymond iAlO. , . . 98.276 nicks, JCS8ie Lonetta. nieks. l_nda 53.211.276 Itieks, Hulon A. ,. ,.... 86.299 ltid~eway, Cerald Wehlltcr. .98. 269. 240 .. , .. 249 . Itidl"lt'O, [)on.. . . . Ili.,.. IIobe't Ra",,,,,y . .98. 299 ... 113 llilney. Walter [Mulla•. .. 86. 280 !tiley. Edward Miehael. .. Hil"y. Harold Gold~hnrpc. 53.295.310 niley, Mary Katherine ... 53.210,272 . ,98, 299 m...nmay, Howard Leon Itltzhdmer. Earl .. , ..... , nobblna. Marjnrie F.lizabeth 72. 278 ....... 98,299 Hobertwn, POS1CT, 1t0bertM>n. ~'ord .. , .. ,. . .72.299 nobertwn. Garnet ,\delbert. . , __ , 98 Hoberl8On, Golden Katrina ..... nobert8<>n. Kenneth Campbell. 72, 133, 136. 269, 324 nobin",n, Audrey l.abelle , ,72.289,311 Hobin..,n, .'red .... , 72,206.263,275,310 Itobin""n, Lawren"" Herbert .. , ' . , ... 86 itobin""n, Mark AICltandor. 86.279.306 Itndell, Ch""ter .. ,.... ..,. 151 ll.M:e Helen Pauline. . ... ' .98.287 Hoi llarold .. , ., . ..90.98.280 ItollelllOn. [van Leltoy .72.280 Itnman, Riehard,.... .. .. 72.279 1100II. Katherine Keller, 86, 278, 307 H.-,C.Ben.,.. . . . ., .. , . 20 It~baull'h. Mary MaTltaret. 53,268,319 It"""vear, Dnwthy May. . II"""v""r, IOather l.oui"".. 98.270.296 It"""vear, Henry J"",,ph .86.280 H",,".VerleCleo .... , " ,.,.72.281 Iwuosavell, GeoTlte Wallace 58, 72, 204. 269. 2&1,314 Hudecn, Cecil Gordon. n 53,217,316 Ruebke, John L<>e Runek. Laura Ma'1taret. .86.287 86, 217 Itun...r, Albert William•. Itunyon, Georll'e Lowi. 98, 273 86, 266 Hunyon, Rnth .'liubeth ... Ruasell. Edward llaldridll'e, 53, 279 , , 86 Ituasell. Eva Mamie. 53, 289 Itu"""lI. I",i. Velma ... Hu_lI. Itoger Win.low. 72. 282 150,2311 Ruat. I'aul Jam..... Ityan, .~ugene John . n Ityan, Jam"" Thom . 108. 15~ Ity"n. Mike.. .,. . , . 13 Hyan. Marian Roberta Ryan. Sam Cee 86. 2\0. 263. 282 Itydholm. Bernice Maria. ~



Samm. Carol Jean. .' .,73, 268 Samm. Kathl""n .. .73.268. 262 Sampson, ~:llen Clai,..,. . .' , 98,266 Sam..,n. Italph Shlrle>:. ..5,1.299,311 Sanborn, Rupert A"'lll 86.291 Sande Crorle Edgar 98.151.158,275 Sande , Chari... t;ugene. 53,273 Sandero, Janet 86. 272 Sande..., William llerryman 86, 27;l Sand""",n. Herbert Stanley. 98, 280 Sande"",n. ft<I<8alea 73, 266 Sandford, Joan 73,274 Sanner. Dale Haymon. 86,279 Sari"", Itobert Walter 86. 291 Savage, Mary Loi•....,313 Sawyer. Frank Hyrum. ,'., 53 Sawy"r.Milo..... , .. .100.279 Sehael"•• I("inhardt H. ,. .98,273 Schaufelberg<>r, o.ear ~:dgar 53,291 S<:;hill"r, John 1t01><>rt.... .. 86. 269 Schl~el. Henry Edward. Jr. ,.53,279 SchmIdt, Barbara Loui!e.. 53.278.311 Schmitt, Mary I'1i%abeth 86.287 Schmitt, nobert Mikkel...n .. 98,282

Schneider, Marlo Magdalono

... 73, 2~075,2Ii~ 125.128 73, 295 53, 289 86,280

Schoode, Henry, . .. . Schoenfeld. Walter I'rn""t Schoenhnla. Helen l.ucllle. Schroeder, nobert Paul. Schroeder, Wilbur. n Schroeder. William . Schubert, Dale Leroy , Schubert, Kenneth Levi .. ~ Schuettenhelm, Katherine L.. 73. 212. 322 98.158,275 Schu.ter. Chari... Henry F. 73.29,1. 311 Schwendiman, Alva .. , .. 98,293 Schw"ndiman. I.y.le C.. Sentt. Ellen Marie .. 98, 2~~ Sentt. Gcorll'e F",,1. .' . Scott. Margaret Vitj[inia. 87, 2GB Sca'lui,t, HOlter Bertram. 88,291 Sell"ro. Victor Ormond . Senften, Harold Gilgan . 87.285,284 Scverin, Mirland Henry Severlne, Haynor Howard .. .501.263 Scymour. Robert Grimmer H. 2·10. 265, 310 Shafer. Fred ~;n;•. , , 73,211 Shafer, I'aul Wendel1. . 98,271 Shaw. William Howard Sheehan. Helen Jane 73,. 287 125,129 Shepard. M,. Sheridan, Donna Ma'll'aret. 73, 266 Shields, AI"ne Julia . . 98. 268 Shillington. Willard Henry. 73,299 ,~ Shook, V"rnon Phray.... Short, Mary Oliver . 73, 270 Shrum, William Franklin 98, 277 Simon, William t;dltar. 36. M. 271 Simpaon. Ardi. Marie. 90,98, 183,274 Simpson, Delbert, ' . Siple. Virgil Arthur 54, 282 Skaar. Karoten Sigurd . ... 5,1 Skina. Fred Arthur. Slatter, ~:dith Mary . 13.262,210,305,319 87.283 Slete. JU8tin Mellodew. Smead, Ann ~:Ii....beth .. 98,261 Smroley. Oebs. Lorraine, 87,266 Smiley. Thomas James. · .73, 281 Smi""t, Oanr Vern. 54. 282 ,. 295 Smith. Delbert Smith, l)nugl.. Richard. 73,213. 283 Smith, ~;ari 54.299 Smith, ~;lva,. " .. 73 79,87,264,307 Smith. t;my Lou. ,.,'. Smith, Franklin Ma..han. .... 98, 2~~ Smith. Gladya Eliubeth . Smith. Gordon Cyril. Jr.. · 98.271 Smith. lIarold Harria. 73, 269, 324 Smith, Raymond. .. 98. 299 Smith, Mary F,llzabeth .73, 210 Smilh, Mary Jean .. 98. 296 98, 213 Smith. nobert Warren. Smith, l~ny. , , , ..... Smith, ltu_1I Elmer. ... s.t Smith. Spokane Ramaey, . 87,272 98. 299 Smi~h. Thom.. William. Jr., It""""", Chari... .73, 273 Snow. Edwin Arnold 98.215 5,1,275 Snow, Elli. Bernard.,. Snnw. Gilbert Arnnld ... 5,' Snow. Roland VerI. Snyder, Woodrow . ... 87, 291 Snyd"r. 01>al Ali"" . 5-1. 289 98,26,1 Soltman, Chri.tine L lie. 87,277,312 Soltman. Donald Jack. Sommer. Geof'll'e Hu"""n, . 87,265 Sommer. Gordon Alexander. 98,265.312 Sommer, John Willi. 74.265 So",n",n. Woodrow. . 74.263.271 87,257.287 South. Donna Mal . Southworth, Dona d Jay. .99.215 H.275 Southworth. Mark . Southworth, Mildred nita. Sowder, Arthur Merrill 'OO Sowder. Ray ",. . Sparks. ltuland George SpaUIl:Y, Donald Hubert 113 Spaugy I(alph I'lmo 113. 118 Spear, bay ton Verne 54. 240. 265 SP"Cr, John Howard .. Speir. William JamC8,. Spence, Paul ~;dward. 99, 273 Spencer, Earl ~'rank . 74, 293 54.279 Spencer, .;dward Chari... Spcneer, Irene Hannah. 54.287 Spcneer. Jeanette" .. .. 99.289 Spie.... Cordnn Keith., .. .87.299 Spooner. Jean EIi....beth. .. 99.272 Springer, Don Edward 87,284 Siaffnrd, Stanley., .. .87.267 Stafford. Thom.. """,ly .87,269 54, 29;1 Stambau\h, Wal"' Stanton. edgar Villiam. HI 87.291 Stanton. Frank .. Stark. Ru....n Hunter 74. 281 87, 269, 306, 320 Starlin, Glenn.. .. Staudaeh"r, G"rald.,., .. 54,281 St. Clair. Catherine Odell 99, 266 St. Clair, Gilbert Cleney. 323 St. Clair, Cleney, .. ' . Stearns. florace Myrl 74,212 Stool, M ... A. A..... " Steiniger. Erieh Julius W.. Steinlller, Herbert Kurt ... M Stephan, nobert Wellington. .99,2% Stevens, Courtenay Emal 74.281 Steven•• Eme"",n. . . .. 99. 277 Stevens. Gerald Howard. · .80. 281 Stevens. Mary Jnne .. 87,287 Stewart. F.leanor Jane, .. .. 54. 2601 Stewart, Gerald Orndoff 87.279 Stewart, J_ie ~;liubeth 99. 264 Stewar~. J"an 87.268 Stichter, Harold . 99.277

'""' "'"' "

" "



'"'" ",



" ""

Stim. Alex, Jr.,.,.. . .88,291 St.ocktnn. t,dll:ar Glenn. ..74.293 StOOdard, Harold Taylor. ... 54 SlOker, Kay Luke,.. .81.279 Stok"". Claren"" Hnmer 81,283 SlOkeberry, Vernetta Cynthia. 74.287.311 Swk",berry, Waletta Ilertha .74.287 SlOne. !'ran"'" Claire.. 99, 266 Swne, Alfred Mur!'hy, 99.265 SlOne. Meli..a Chri.tina. 80,268 Swne, Warren... 87 Swreh. Oiek lIenry. 55.271 87,133.131 SlOver, Dan., .. ".. Strachan, Robert nam",y . 74.211, 269. 306 Strawn. I",ren Glenn. . .. 55,291 ..99. 219 Strombe'll'. Nel. .. Stuart, n.obert WellOn 74. 277 Sturdevant, l.ula May.. . 88, 296 .87,273 Sturgill, William V... "ltTe, Hohart Hilbert,. 74.275 Su livan, lIelen t'ord.. .99,266 Sullivan. Mary Alice. .99.266 Summer, Vinlet .:Iizabeth, 74.287 Summero, Stephen. '." 74,125.281, 310 Summe.., I'earl Mary l"'ui'''..... . 87,287 Sundberg, It_, ... 74. 113. 114,251,263,267.324 Sundberg. Keith Covington.. .90.99,267 Sutherland, Majnr. 245 87 SutlOn, Paul .... . Sutton. Helen Ann. .99,268 Swan",n, Marian... .. 59,74.218 Swayne. Ma~aret Jane.. 99,313 Sweet, M. lle 10..... .... .. ... 21 Swendig. l)oro~hv Kathl""n. .81.281 Swl.her, George William. ..74.275 T Taggart. Vernon David. Taloot, Oral. ... , ..... Tarbox, Glenn X .. Taylor, Curti. nay . Taylor. C"rwln Ceo-ge Taylor, Jack Woodrow Taylor, I'aul .'ranei., .. Taylor. Robert Andrew. Taylor. Hobert Kent. Taylor .;mily.. , . Taylor, Thnma. Alva Taylor, William Onnean. Togan, Hodney nupert Togan. Warren Alma .... TCltland. Con.tanee Jan,,,,,, T"leh"r, Margaret" ... Te..i"r. nobert Andrew. Thies8cn, Alana Pauline, Thi""""n, Geo'lte Roacoe .. Thomas, Donald Richard Thom"". JOhn Graham .. , . Thompson. Charlotte Loui . Thnmpaon. Dori~ Charlotte Thompson, Keith Vernon. Thnmpaon. Hobert Mark Thompaon. Vietor Milford Thomp<M>n. Willard [",ui•. Thom""n. William l.ngan Thorall. Verna Adeline , . Thnrnhill. Itaymond Perle . ThornlOn. Marga",t lIelen. Thune, Homan Carl. Thurston. Jean ..... , . . . Tierney, Richard Anthony. Tigert. IIu....1I • ,. • •••• Tile.wn, Fred Marlon.,. . Tiller, Charle. ~'rederick . TilIo(snn. I..,Roy Conrad .. Timken, Howard Woodrow Tippets. Vaughan. Tltu., Frank A. .. . Titu., Madorie L·lleri....n. Toe"", John Elbert Tolloro. lIarry Clark ... Toll.... Howard Warren. Tn!man. C., . Tomlin""n, Louiae, .. Tnnning. Wayland Avery Torelle. Albert Edward. Jr.. Tovey.1)evere Tovey, Keith Daniel. Towne. IIobert Jonn . Tnwn""nd, nan Jerome. Tracy, Dnnald ' . . Trev"y, Jam"" Bailey. Trude, William C., Jr... Trude. Winifred Malll:ery. Trunnell, Ailene Drueillia. Tueker. Ondley Grant .. Tucker, Itobert Clifton Tucker. Il.obert Le.t"r Tullett, ~:lvina Iluelah . Tulley. Maurice W"'I"r. . Tumelson. Floyd Orvil e. Helen Sonya .. TurnbUll, Helen t'lor<>n"" Turner. Clarabelle Marie Turner, .;dmond I•. , Jr. Turner, I'dward Lee Turner, George Thorn .... Tnrnidg<>. Ital!,h .:dwio Tu",n. Wiliiam L..

. .81. 281


. .. '81 55. 29·t. 311 ... 55 .87,281 87.269, ;l12


99.291 74. 289 88. 299 ...... 279 74. 273 99, 273 74.289 81,287 108,113 ... f>f>. 289 74,113.156.273 .... 55.215 .15,277

... ~g~;

99.280 ... 55,209 .15,281 81, 269 99, 265 55,289 75, 267 87.266.307 .. 99.269 ..9'J.274 .... 55 .75,271

'" '"

. . . . 99 55.267,316 . .. 55, 299 ... 55. 280 .55,216 15.291 .. .. 87. 2~~ 15.294 87,238,278 87.211,238.269 t>5,293, 317 .87.293 87, 280 , 15 15. 273 75, 281 M.291 .99,289 .99.281 75,291 .55.265




99.29G .99.270 .15.218 55.265 , 99. 282 55, 219. 309 .75,217.291 . .55. 280. 323

U Unander. 1.., Verl...... ., Underdahl. Cnnrad Hudolph

75, 293 .87.215

v .. 75 99.279

Van .'r<>denber\, Woodrow ~:menon. Van Si.." Jack rving . . . . . .


V."rh"..t Tim Mack

Vealey, uett)' ,1'......

Verberk_. '\.obert Lou.. V"" ltoberl Viel, June Vin""nt. [M, Wil~ Vincent. Wilbur Drole

";n["C. Dale

'" "


81,279 99, 264 f>:i, Z08. 277, 3(U

S7. 269, 314 99. Z93

w W _ . }:"I"",, Mary \\'qn«, G...-JdinC An... Wakefield. Mama" Waldfll, Ard_ Sopllie Waklnu... (;wea WaId,...,. LuOeen Waldrop, Eliuobeth


Walker. Bvt.ra AI.... Walker. BIUt.... Walm. HarYie Ellit W-.!ker. J . . - Kobert Walker, LMt« Carl. Jr. Walker. Sarah Vetlllble Wallo:n, lie,,", M~te WalJil" Plooyd C. W"I1"1reWaltft'a, Ella...... WallftW, Ke.... "100M

' ....ltorl. Oorotll.y G~

Ward. Ann Ward. Theron ",1111a", 141, Wanl. Walter Milan Ward .... N I ,I'll";'" W.~. ,1'


"'''mH. Italph t:lICftM! W.'n«, Victor




W"",*,,, J .... nit•• W..h.... m. Willia... W-..u.n,o..a.. Wauon, ,1' ..... FfO!deriek WaUo:>n. Wil1l.m IJenjamln Watt. Willi.m Linn W.)'<Ie. Ja_ Wade Webb. Carmen .::.Ilth Weber. Mu ltay Wein. Annelte HildfO!d Wel",h.upt. Wim.m Jon.than W...ln..... lIenry AlIfO!d Wella, J . _ I'ort Wella, John C.__ Wella, Vln...... l Wendler, Ch.rl......nk


87.238, :!S7, 307 99, 289 75,238.269 99, fiG no. 266 87.287 $6. 113. Ito, Z71 "' m 5$.291 81. US r.. 287, 313 306 99 i/;. US


88, 268, 307 76, W. 315 31. U. 39. " ' 113, 115. 1~3. 2;<.(1, 263. Z8G. 3(1.1, 324


W..... , J

99,287 75,278 87,299


76, 317 75.287 76, 2M, 312 99.280 1$1 99.2117 99, 2~ 88.291 16.269 ,6. ~ 99.271 3Z3 76, 28fl 76.280 16,289 88.299 76 66.299 66. ISO, 299. 316 99.271,306 9jl. ZSf

Wenn.....len ••::'ther M..... ret 88, 281 Wennlltrom. Harold 9jl Wentworth, .... C."py 88, 278. 301 "' t. Wayne William 99,217 W tetd.hl. Melvin Auctor 99,282 W""terz.rd, };Iden Dennin, 100.299 Westr.ll, Cheioter &ott 99,2S-l W...tov..... Reo Smith 100 Welh.enr.l!. William B_m 39.3Q..I Well...., 88, 29:;' 312 Wetter, Nickla... 88, 295 Wet,..,l. Barto.. OIlv.... 100.299 Wevley. Betty Louiae 272 We} n.., Fer<lin.nd 16,291 Wh M.ry K.thryn 88.272 Wheeler. Joe B.. rton 56, 113, 116, 123, 126 Whitaker. Arth..r Cb.rlM liolI,279 Whitcomb, F....... 100.281 White. Albert Hartman 88.280 White. Arlh.., Loyd 100.211 White. Fn..1t. Outer 100.291 White. ParthoMl. 88 Whiteley. Oabu", Ea,I 88, 29$ \VhiteDeM. A. E. 211 Whit.-!, G Marti.. Albi.. 2~0. 280 Whi~, La nce Wl"ton 76, 291, 310 WhiUo:>n. Henry G ..y 78 Wicl<eo. Jo Belly. ,(I.. 2$ol, 262, 27'! Wicl<eo. M.ry Gertrude 78.88,272 \rldi:... rd. C1i1l'ord .... Roy 88, 283 Wi"-. Jad< C....ter 269 \\11coJ<..... R?Y Clark llll "illd"',. Malin Telford 88 \\111iama, Bruce Incram 100.216 'Williams. Dorothy Clara 56.111,278. 3\1 W"tllo. !::dna. 88.211 \1;1110. Helen IAuore 88, 218 W"illiaml Homer David 78 \\11lia ..... John G.....rd 100.280 Williama. }::.I..-i... 56. 32Z Willo. ..... Kobert Andffton 76.261 \\ n~inla M.rie 78,289 Willo......,., ........ncea u..~tta 88, ln6, 307 \\11lia_, Mary 100.268 Willil. G..... N...bit 66, 323 Willmore, LeRoy, 76, 293, 317 \\111ac)'. Marian 88, 266 Wilann. Aaher B, 21 W'Ian.., Carl Clilrord 291 100.280 Wilann, Cl.ston R.I"h. Jr. Wilan.., Cromie L....nd 76,281,310 Wilann, l)on.1d M.rabal! 76 WiI.on. Don.ld WiIIi.m 88,216 Wilann. }:dpr FfO!dcrid' 100,273 Wilann. Helen 1:li... 88. 21~ Wilann. Helen P.uline 66, 214. 320





Wiloon, K.rl J.. . .. 88.295 Wibnn, M.rjorie Eleanor 66,218 Wi\ann, Nell... Be"' . 56.264 W,laon, Noel AViln . 76.213 Wi\ann, Ralph Coleman 100.213 Wilaon, Ral~ Tl>omaa 88. 29~ Wilaon, Richard Henry. 100.211 Wilaon, Vincent V...ce 100.280 Wilaon. I ",ne 76.289 Wi..dl. Clirton Wi..... J ....netle Ed. :;So 289. 319 Wi.. JCf. Andl 100,29-1 Wintfta. }'-:Ieri<:k Adelbert 88.283 Wiae, Henry F..nrio Wiae. Paul 76.121. 111.291 Wohll.ib, F..t ...... Mae Wolf, Alii ...... Irene 278. U2 Wood. Ardl Bervam 66,26S Wood. Edn. Belle 7(1.. 2'70 Wood. EVft''Cll fl.oherta 88.153.1$8. 276 Wood. Morton Alden Wooda" Lon;' 246 Woodruff. J. R .• Jr. 76, US Woodrulf. Salll A..... Woods. J""k El...... .8.293,317 Woody. ll ...... rd Glen.. 750 281 Worley, Clair I.)·....tte W..y, M.rie Madeline Ann;' "- .S< Wricht, J.m.. l.ewi8 82,271, Z88 Wriehl, J \\l\lo.m 88, 233, 2~0. 207. 312 Wrieht, Pa..1 Wilaon 1l8. !73 WyO!Olf. Robert 100.280 Wy.. n. Alite Julia 100.276 W)W. Fred. E1izabelh Wy..Jo .• 100. 2lt1

'" ... '""

. ...... . ... ""


V....,., Char_ C.........

82.291 100,279 100,21$ 100,294

Venni. Wayne KenlM'lll Voder,J G....... V~



Vork, Clifton G.o,'''' Vork. Lorita Vorlt. Raymond Sterli.., Vork, W.y..........oy Voun,. Cla.. Voun,. John Ra)"D'"

.1l8. ~~


100,26--1 100.29S

, zam.... w, lko-...rd t;ldon Zilk•• ~I.ry Throdora Ann Zimm....m.n. 1)0.. Rol.n"",.


100,216 88.110,211







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Frllnces Murtha

MlIrg1lret Brown

BlITOOTll Brodrecht



Jeanne Perkins

Margaret Collins, Typist Jessie Ricks, Typist


10 Betty Wickes

Helen Blmbury Esther Rosevear

Ann La Rue



Nancy Chamberlin, Editor Dorothy Reed Virginia Mitchell Margaret Latimore

Paul Taylor Kathryn Schueltenhelm

Helen Clough Lorene Mellinger


Book III VANDAL SPORTS Ellrl Bullock, Editor Lloyd Evans Joe Herndon Robert Granville Sam Johnson

Rich/lrd Paris, Circulation M/ln/lger Walter Dinnison, Circulation Manager Carl Burt, Assistant Circulation Manager

Book IV VANDAL MISSES Esther Flenner, Editor Marcella Geraghty Ruth Haller Dorothy Rosevear June Davies Book V ACTIVITIES Margaret Echternach, Editor Ruth Eggert Erma Lewis, Dramatics Wendell Lawrence Alline King James Yoder, Publications M/lrie Schneider, Music James McFarland Virginia Healy George Dean, Campus Life Dorothy Brown Hazel Dean, Honors Shull Arms Lester Walker, Jr. Paul Poulson, Milita.ry Edward Iddings Lewis Orland, Debate P"rnel" Persons, D/lnces Nels Stromberg Kent McQueen, Judging Jane Harvey SI. Cl/lir Book VI ORGANIZATIONS Marion Johnson, Editor Chester Dissmore, Greeks Margaret Brown Virginia Peters Ellen Scott Margaret Thornton Maxine Eastburn, Clubs Loren Hicks John Gaskill Margaret Berlinger, Honoraries Nina Mae Jewell, Independents Leona Myrick

CIRCULATION STAFF Bruce Williams Marie HMsch

Helen Sulliv/ln Susanna Black

ADVERTISING George Sommers, Manager Barbara Walker, Assistant Ben Humphrey Mary Short Edward Iddings Robert Painter Margaret Mattes Sam Rich ORGANIZATIONS Earl Bopp, Manager R/llph Baker SECRETARIAL STAFF Marjorie Glenn Marguerite Manion M/lrgllret Murphy

Ann Smead M/lrgaret Quinn Georgina Howarth Francis Paine

PUBLICITY Edith Sl/ltter

Ruth Lukens

Arthur Johnson


WESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY Engravers Seallle, W/lshington ART STAFF Arthur Bramson, Seattle Merlin Enabnit, Se/lllie


KINGSPORT PRESS Covers Kingsport, Tennessee

I N APPRECIATION ••• This, the last copy written for the 1936 Gem, is written as the "Yearbook of the Vandals" rapidly assumes its final form in the shop of Syms·York Company in Boise. It is with joy and regret that we see our job nearing completion. It has been a long year's work, the building of this book, yet during this period much has been pleasure mixed with the work. To our many helpers the editor and the manager owe a great deal-without their help, advice, and cooperation, much that had been conceived would never have been achieved. These have made it possible for us to finish what we hope will be rated an outstanding yearbook-both from a University and a national standpoint. To Fred Robinson, assistant editor; Jack McKinney, Administration; Earl Bullock, Sports; Esther Flenner, Vandal Misses; Margaret Echternach, Activities; and Marion Johnson, Organizations, the editor extends his sincere thanks for the manner in which each handled his individual Books, which, when assembled, are the Gem of the Mountains. Three freshmen deserve special note for the interest and high quality of the work which they displayed. They are Ellyn Bradshaw, James Yoder, and Lloyd Evans. The last two spent long hours in the office with the editor, and the first would have if possible. Ralph W. York and the personnel of the Syms-York Company, of Boise, receive the editor's and manager's sincere thanks. Without Ralph's aid, assistance, and never-tiring efforts such an undertaking as the 1936 Gem would have fallen short of its goal. The friendship of this firm has become one of our most cherished assets. Walt M. Irvine and the Western Engraving and Colortype Co., Seattle, have struggled with us from the beginning and have stuck

to the finish. Many of the ideas, innovations and features are Walt's, and their execution the result of Western's efficient staff. We hold in high esteem the friendships made at Western. Photographs-night or day--eall Charlie Dimond and he's there to see The Gem on hand at every event. Cooperation plus from Charlie-many thanks from the editor. Seventeen hundred photos handled efficiently and in record time by Hutchinson's Studio and Sterner's Studio. The editor's appreciation can not be expressed in words. To Ruth Evans and her Tri-Delt staff who supervised the mounting of these picturesa bouquet. For settling, free from politics, our Quest for Beauty, thanks to George Petty, for his trouble and interest. The business manager and his staff appreciate the support of Gem Advertisers and the Boise Chamber of Commerce for their inter· est in the University of Idaho. To Richard Paris, Walter Dinnison, and Carl Burt, the business manager extends his thanks for the work done in the sales campaign which resulted in a record sales totaL George Sommers, advertising manager, gave The Gem for '36 a financial boost by securing more advertising than the past few issues have carried. Earl Bopp executed the difficult job of organizations collections well. Marjorie Glenn handled all business staff secretarial work efficiently and promptly. To all members of both staffs, technical helpers, and the student l:xx:iy at large for its support, the Gem of the Mountains says: "Many thanks."

MAURfCE E. MALIN, Editor. FRANK C. BEVfNGTON, Business Manager. •




book of the times


book of the times