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he city of pearls has got what it takes to become the most preferred destination in our country. In 2000, when US President Bill Clinton visited Hyderabad and preferred this city over other cities in India because of the geographical advantage and a pool of very talented human resource, the writing Was on the wall, as he willy-nilly anointed Hyderabad as the new face of IT in India and sited the city on the global map. A brand new Hyderabad was born, bustling with IT activities. The city phased its second luck in 2006 when Clinton's successor George Bush Jr followed suit and emphasized on further development of IT and realty sector in the city.


HYDERABAD Over the past decade or so this historical 430-year-old city, that's strategically nestled in the centre of the country and which was more synonymous with pearls, Charminar and the Nizam's riches, met morphed into a youthful avatar with gleaming glass-fronted structures housing some of the big daddies of IT/ITeS industry which sprang up in Hi-tech city and allied areas. A host of top-notch R&D players like DuPont as well as leading academic and R&D institutions too trooped in giving the city the epithet of a global knowledge hub. The cosmopolitan culture and warmth by the residents of Hyderabad allured not only people from various states of the country but also from various other places in the world who came here to live and work. They were so mesmerized by the sheer etiquettes of this place and pleasant weather conditions, that they were compelled to stay here forever, such is the charisma of this city! The city still boasts of most affordable living spaces among all the metros in our country complimented by a very modest cost of living. With the advent of world class MNC's, be it top-class IT companies, Pharmaceutical firms or state-of-the art R&D centers, the city has flurry of quality jobs to offer. Government's arduous endeavors to address and solve various civic problems and the commitment to contemplate more development plans and execute them meticulously helped the city to march forward towards the pinnacle of excellence and crowned as one of the best cities of the world. There are endless opportunities waiting to get explored in this city and all the entire denizen's have an equal chance to carve their own destiny in this metropolis.

June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 09

COVER STORY The best place for a Conducive Business Environment It's not for nothing that the World Bank rated Hyderabad as the second best city in India for doing business in its Doing Business 2011 report. After all, the city boasts of the best airport in the world in the 5-15 million passenger category, the longest flyover in the country (PVNR Expressway) at 11.5 kms, robust IT infrastructure, affordable real estate, booming hospitality sector, sans language barriers. Of course, much before the IT boom swept Hyderabad off its feet, it was the stolid PSUs like BHEL, NMDC, HMT, BEL, IDPL and HAL that mushroomed in the late 50's and early 60's, giving the hitherto to this traditional city its first taste of standard industrialization and cosmopolitan culture, boosting local tax revenues in the bargain. The next shot in the arm for Hyderabad was the pharma sector that charted a rapid rise from the 70-80's onwards as local entrepreneurs like Late. Dr Anji Reddy founded what is now one of India's largest pharma players - Dr Reddy's Laboratories. Today, the city boasts of a host of pharma and biopharma players like Aurobindo Pharma,

Natco, Bharat Biotech, which in turn have attracted clinical research organizations to the city. Hyderabad is a hub of intellectual capital. No other city in India has so many R&D centres -- be they central PSUs, defence institutions or even private R&D centres. It is also strategically located in the navel of India far away from shores, insulating it from foreign invasion. Hyderabad's supremacy as a global bio-pharma hub was also reinforced recently when the International Pharmaceutical Federation (IPF) decided to bring its 71st world congress for the first time to India and chose Hyderabad as the venue. Today Hyderabad is one of the most important economic centres of India and has emerged as leading centre in the IT sector. It is now recognized for its booming IT and IT Enabled Services, Pharmaceuticals and Entertainment industries. Many call centers, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms, dealing with IT and other technological services were set up in the late 20th century making it one of the major regions for call center setups in India. This city is the foremost destination for Microsoft Development Centre in India. The growth of Hyderabad's economy is largely due to the software services. The city is sometime referred to as “Cyberabad� owing to the presence of large

numbers of IT Firms in the city. The Government of Andhra Pradesh gives highest priority to the industrial sector on account of the vital role it plays in balanced and sustainable economic growth. It plays a crucial role in the process of economic development by value addition, employment generation, equitable distribution of national income, regional dispersal of industries, and mobilization of capital, entrepreneur skills and contribution to exports.

Hyderabad - An outsourcing Heaven

Hyderabad, the capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is one of India's hottest outsourcing destinations. This growing information technology city is rightly nicknamed as Cyberabad, as it holds the seventh position among the world's top ten outsourcing destinations. This city is famous for healthcare, software testing, customer support, product development, financial services and ADM services. Hyderabad's low cost of living and its large number of educated resources have attracted several foreign investors. Hyderabad has grown as a stable outsourcing destination over the years. Today, a large number of software companies, BPOs, business firms and consulting firms have set up offices in Hyderabad, making it India's hitech city. As an outsourcer, you can easily find a vendor in Hyderabad for any service that you wish to outsource. The leading ITO service providers in Hyderabad are Wipro, Infosys, Mahindra, IBM, TCS, iGate, Accenture and Satyam. Several IT / ITES companies and BPO firms have setup branches in Hyderabad, giving rise to a township with stateoftheart facilities, referred to as HITECH city. Hyderabad has indeed become a hub of BPO firms, the famous BPO service providers being 24X7 Customer, EDS, Mahindra Satyam BPO, Deloitte and Sitel. Leading multinational corporations have made widespread digital infrastructure investments within the city, making Hyderabad a competitive outsourcing destination. The state of Andhra Pradesh produces the most number of engineers in India. Hyderabad has six state universities; two deemed universities and three central universities The World Bank that deliver skilled professionals year after year. is India's second largest provider of IT rated Hyderabad Hyderabad enabled services after the NCR region. as the second Hyderabad has gained the status of being a leading outsourcing destination for IT, ITES, ITO, BPO, best city in India pharmaceutical customer support and other backend for doing outsourcing processes, as it has a large talent pool. It has business in 2011 the largest number of highly educated professionals. Global companies, such as, Microsoft, AT&T, Deloitte, report. After all, HSBC, Bank of America and Novartis have set up offices the city boasts of in this city to use the skills of Hyderabad's expert Many outsourcers prefer Hyderabad, the best airport professionals. because of its robust infrastructure and government in the world in cooperation. Hyderabad has low labor costs, when to other Indian outsourcing locations, such as the 5-15 million compared Bangalore. The government of Hyderabad has passenger established business and operational friendly policies that offer incentives and infrastructure requirements to category, the the IT industry.

longest flyover in Why Hyderabad has what it takes Hyderabad's upcoming Metro Rail project, which is the country similar to the Delhi Metro, is expected to provide a boost (PVNR to real estate activity. The micro markets along the metro rail routes are expected to witness higher appreciation Expressway).

10 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June

compared to the other micro markets. The connectivity

COVER STORY professionals and business of the city's core to peripheral entrepreneurs. Many business locations will improve, and likely owners and industrialists have result in significant new project also preferred this city to launches along the corridor. establish their base for which Strikingly, while capital values they require productive may have dropped over the years, infrastructures meeting up with rentals in Hyderabad have their work requirements. With witnessed a steady increase. The more work zones, an yields from residential property in employment opportunity is all the prime residential locations rendered to several professionals have risen in the range of 3 percent coming from all across the nation to 5 percent, largely because of the freeze on new launches and The growth of Hyderabad's economy is largely and foreign locations as well. This factor has brought into increased end-user demand. A due to the software services. The city is the more need for higher yield and lower capital values sometime referred to as “Cyberabad” owing to consideration living spaces. This genuine need makes EMIs more affordable, the presence of large numbers of IT Firms in for living has been matched relative to renting out. In other perfectly by the realty companies. words, home-buying becomes more the city. The builders ensure to come forth lucrative. With perfect housing solutions for investors from all backgrounds. In relation to other cities, residential real estate in Hyderabad has They develop residential living spaces in diversified forms ranging one of the most attractive valuations: the weighted average capital from flats, apartments, villas, bungalows, townships and many other value is approximately Rs 2,980 per sq ft, against Rs 4,210 for formats. Real estate sector has made hefty contributions to the Real Chennai; Rs 3,800 for Bangalore; Rs 4,300 for Pune; and Rs 3,480 for Estate in Hyderabad. The rising upward trend of real estate sector in Kolkata. Hyderabad has caught the eye of several investors from all across the The main challenge for buyers will be to time their entry into the globe. Here the property is developed as per the latest prevailing market. Since stagnant capital values and increasing input cost have trends of the industry. The city enjoys hefty property investment squeezed developer's margins, you can drive a hard bargain with plans made by investors owing to several factors wherein one most developers looking to generate quick cash flows. important factor is the connectivity. Connectivity has alone made Analysts reckon that although the sentiment for realty in many investors to focus their attention on the property of this city to Hyderabad is downbeat, it will be well served by the city's enjoy higher returns in the future. commercial clout, its infrastructure and its growth drivers, Hyderabad is known to be a metropolitan city possessing a irrespective of the political outcome in Telangana. In any of the three population rate of around 6.8 million citizens. The city is known for its scenarios of Hyderabad becoming part of Andhra Pradesh, of growth and development as it is the major center for pearls and Hyderabad becoming part of Telangana or of Hyderabad becoming a diamonds trading business. This city serves as the capital of the union territory it would be to the benefit of politicians and the local Indian state Andhra Pradesh. Not only this, Hyderabad is known to be population to ride on the city's reliable economic structure. the largest city located in its state which has been consistently “In case the pessimistic macroeconomic scenario sustains, the undergoing a lot of development plan. It is popularly also reckoned as region may witness a price correction of 5 percent to 10 percent in the “City of Nawabs” as significance is given to all ancient tradition the short term. However, over the medium term, investments can and cultures till today. The rich architectural beauty of this still generate an annual return of 12 percent to 15 percent, in addition to continues to prevail which is explored by travelers from all across the rental income. Today, investing in Hyderabad makes sense primarily globe. There are several renowned tourist spots in this city which is on account of valuations. In the long run, Hyderabad can compete explored by visitors coming from almost every part of nation and with the hottest real estate markets in India. To summarise, the longforeign destinations as well. Not only this, Hyderabad is the main term opportunities overweigh the short-term risks, and the investor center for many leading businesses which has carved the attention of can be highly benefited. professionals. Many professionals have found it quite lucrative and Why invest in properties in Hyderabad? turning point in their profession to migrate in this city for better Hyderabad being the city of Nawabs along with rendering top employment. Be it education, business or any other sector, working working opportunities has carved the attention of several

June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 11

COVER STORY and educational opportunities of this city have been enjoyed by many. Hyderabad also enjoys strong connectivity with almost every part of nation by all modern modes of transportation. However, the city has been undergoing a lot of infrastructural transformations carried by the real estate companies. Today, the Property in Hyderabad has become lucrative enough to be invested by many potential seekers of property.

Property for sale in Hyderabad is soaring as the real estate market prices are relatively lower compared to other metros. Even though there are some persisting irritants like unsolved Telangana issue, the improved infrastructure and commercial growth help the city to overcome these problems and make the city as a hot investment destination. In addition, the growth of IT industries, banking and finance sectors are the driving forces to boost the sale of properties in Hyderabad. With the subsequent growth in the demand of real estate properties in the city and due to spectacular growth of IT and relevant companies, the builders in Hyderabad are thereby seen to be highly flourishing. With the property prices kept facing uncertainties about the potential rise and fall, the real estate Hyderabad is in a very good position. From the past one year the realty prices was low, but when the good times for property agents and brokers arrived, Telangana conflicts delayed them further. With the successful construction of banks and shopping arcades, corporate offices, as well as multiplexes, the low price of the real estate companies in Hyderabad is just Temporary and thence are soon expected to touch the skies., hence driving the builders in Hyderabad to construct more and more commercial buildings that can be observed everywhere in the city. Number of the companies like IVRCL, Tempus, NCC etc have thus put the city of Hyderabad on the world map. In terms of providing the end to end customized solutions these companies have become world class through innovative and ideated approaches. The real estate in Hyderabad has thus gained popularity in the certain areas of Ramachandrapuram, Tukkuguda, Alwal, Uppal Kalan, Serlingampally, Patancheru, Qutubullapur, Malkajgiri, Rajendranagar etc. According to Certain market experts the market for the real estate in Hyderabad is offering ideal opportunities to invest. Enormous good opportunities 12 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June

are available in residential as well as commercial properties. Overall this city is known to be the hub of several domestic and international companies, including number of reputed companies like Intel, Infosys, Hyundai,etc who have set up their base in this city for various good reasons. Hyderabad's upcoming Metro Rail project, which is similar to the Delhi Metro, is expected to provide a boost to real estate activity. The micro markets along the metro rail routes are expected to witness higher appreciation compared to the other micro markets. The connectivity of the city's core to peripheral locations will improve, and likely result in significant new project launches along the corridor. Strikingly, while capital values may have dropped over the years, rentals in Hyderabad have witnessed a steady increase. The yields from residential property in all the prime residential locations have risen in the range of 3 percent to 5 percent, largely because of the freeze on new launches and increased end-user The City of Pearls, demand. A higher yield and lower Hyderabad has been capital values makes EMIs more ranked the second affordable, relative to renting out. In most inexpensive city other words, home-buying becomes to live in India after more lucrative. In relation to other cities, residential real estate in Delhi, as it falls easy Hyderabad has one of the most on the pocket due to attractive valuations: the weighted average capital value is low house rents, approximately Rs 2,980 per sq ft, power costs and against Rs 4,210 for Chennai; Rs cheap food in the city. 3,800 for Bangalore; Rs 4,300 for Pune; and Rs 3,480 for Kolkata. The main challenge for buyers will be to time their entry into the market. Since stagnant capital values and increasing input cost have squeezed developer's margins, you can drive a hard bargain with developers looking to generate quick cash

flows. Analysts reckon that although the sentiment for realty in Hyderabad is downbeat, it will be well served by the city's commercial clout, its infrastructure and its growth drivers, irrespective of the political outcome in Telangana. In any of the three scenarios of

COVER STORY Hyderabad becoming part of Andhra Pradesh, of Hyderabad becoming part of Telangana or of Hyderabad becoming a union territory it would be to the benefit of politicians and the local population to ride on the city's reliable economic structure.

demand in residential properties. The presence of Biotech Park, educational institutions like BITS Pilani and NALSAR University are some of the factors that affirms to the realty activities. To sum up, increasing corporate footprint and the entry of global

Hot Spots If you are looking to buy a property in Hyderabad, areas like Attapur, Shaikpet, Nanakramguda, Madinaguda, Miyapur, Kukatpally, Chandanagar, Gachibowli, Gopanpally, Nallagandla, and Lingampally are good investment options. Besides these localities,

Well connectivity and good infrastructure are also other attributing factors that cause a trigger in the property market. Nagaram in the East, Nizampet in the West and Shankarapally and Shamshabad in the South have also witnessed great demands. In these localities, availability of land at low rates triggers real estate activities. The upcoming developments such as the construction of metro, massive retail activities and emerging international schools are some of the plus points. Areas like Hi-Tech city, Maheswaram and Srisailam Highway Roads, Kompally (Medchal Highway) and Boduppal see huge demand due to the establishment of software companies. Well connectivity and good infrastructure are also other attributing factors that cause a trigger in the property market. Like other metros, properties in Hyderabad peripheral areas are also gaining momentum because of the growth of ORR (outer ring road). Shairpet is one such suburb that has been witnessing the high

players such as Microsoft, Oracle and Bann Info have provided a fillip in the real estate scenario. Best infrastructure, good employment potential, the international airport, 30 radial roads and cosmopolitan lifestyle are the factors that push global investors to invest in Hyderabad. Since, already the prices were starting to soar, it is the right time to invest in properties in Hyderabad. In the given economic scenario and the state of affairs, investing in Hyderabad makes more sense primarily on account of valuation quotient compared to other metros/ tier I cities in our country. The values of the properties are still quite subdued inspite of robust growth which the city has seen in current years which necessarily mean that there is a very bright chance of appreciation in property prices. The political stability have contributed profoundly to the business environment in the state, also the government is very keen in building massive infrastructure projects which will further help in property price appreciation in years to come, hence making this city an ideal destination for the investors.


June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 13


REPORT CARD DESTINATION CYBERABAD PROPERTY FAIR offers a pan - India coverage of over 800,000 listings, showcasing the Indian real-estate market. currently records over 10 million page-views per month, and comes packed with a host of tools, never witnessed before by Real-Estate Industry including Location Map Service, Email Alerts, Exclusive developer Micro-Sites, Virtual Walkthroughs, Rent Zone, etc. Recently MagicBricks has conducted a Magic Expo entitled the event as Destination Cyberabad Property Fair on 4th and 5th of May 2013 from 10 am to 8 pm. Around 20 Builders and more than 80 projects are displayed, All the Premium & affordable residential & commercial Properties in and around of Gachibowli ,Hitech City, Madhapur, Appa Junction, Narsing, Manikonda, Tellapur, Nallagandla, Chandanagar, Miyapur, Kukatpally and many more happening areas are displayed were properties like villas, apartments & plots. The Shows platinum sponsors are Aparna constructions and Gold sponsors as Aditya constructions with a Banking partners by State Bank of Hyderabad. Associating in this property show were NCC Urban, Gauthami Developers, Sai Sree Developers, Sew Sukride Developers, BRC infra, Shanta Shriram, Survarna Bhuvi Developers and Suvarna Vihar Infra Projects. Initially the footfall of the show dint grab the interest of the visitor much as the day passed a moderate amount of visitors have glimpsed the latest affairs and deals. This show has tamed its grade and laid flat at its appearance. THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PROPERTY FAIR The Times of India brings the latest and top breaking news on politics and current affairs in India & around the World, Cricket, Sports, Business and Bollywood News and etc. A major step taken by Times of India to fight against corruption has changed the existing scenario. Celebrating 175 years with conquering run, Times of India has touched lives of many with its empowering tales and headlines. Of late Times group has organized 1 day realty expo at Bommarillu Function hall, Hyderabad on 4th May, 2013 which started from 10 am to 7 pm. The theme of this event was The Neighbourhood Property

Fair which showcased the residential and commercial properties across the city. The main participants of this expo were SMR Vinay, Safeway Infra, Giridhari Constructions, Janapriya, Landmark Builders, Modi Builders, Prajapati Developers and Vishal Projects. The show was predominantly publicized, using Times newspaper 14 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I June 2013


media and Times online portal. Adding cheeries on top they have conducted a small bicycle parade to advertise that particular event. With all this efforts the realty expo couldn't catch the eye of the visitors. The halls of the event stood silent and scanty leaving the participants tedium while waiting. And at the end of the day the property show has received a moderate response and average footfall.

EENADU PROPERTY SHOW Eenadu, one of the leading Telugu news papers in Andhra Pradesh th ranked 7 among the regional languages dailies with a Total Readership (TR) of 59, 06,000 according to Indian Readership Survey (IRS) Q1 2012. On May 18th and 19th, Eenadu has conducted their 6th property show at Imperial Gardens, Secunderabad which exclusively featured the latest and intriguing deals in and around the city. With an intention to showcase all the lucrative and affordable housing in the city, builders who participated in this show were Saket Constrution, SMR Holdings, Janapriya engineers syndicate, Manjeera, ARK Infra Developers, R.V Nirmaan, Armburg, Shantha Shriram, G.K Developers, Green Homes, Fortune Butterfly City, Shwetha Group, Subha Gruha projects, Mythri The Town, Swarna Vihar, Sri Sanjana Township, City Square, Corporations Bank, Indo Infra, Nature Avenue, Parivvar Constructions. And Aparna constructions have stood as platinum lead sponsors and ETV2 as media partner. The expos timing was from 10am to 8pm. Although the publicity of the city show was given at full throttle the show has bore a subsequent fair response. Footfall of the property show dint fly much colors on the first day but it has moderately increased on the second day. Well altogether the show received a mediocre response and yet to go further. Expecting more of this kind of property shows from Eenadu the Hyderabad denizens are looking forward for more remunerating results.


A PROLIFIC PUBLIC FIGURE Mr. G.R. Rao, popularly known as G.R., is a man of substance. With his humbleness and bountiful wisdom, he made everlasting relationships with many top notch central and state government officials. He is extremely popular in various elite circles, be it in political fraternity or highly placed technocrats and scientist. His magnetic charisma and serene persona have attracted many top level political, judicial, bureaucrats, industrialist, acclaimed sports persons and glittering Tollywood stars. His associations with these personalities have made him one of the most sort after individual in our city. A brilliant person, right from his childhood as he was the only student to have passed out in first class from American Baptist Missionary school way back in 1975 and the only proud recipient of National merits scholarship in his batch to pursue further studies (1976 - 1983). At an early age he realized the importance of academic prudence in shaping a brilliant career. He went on to continue his studies in Nagarjuna University where he has done his graduation in law. He was the only man who represented as captain in 80 quiz competetions. Popular person who represented the college and university in more than 80 quiz programmes as captain showing his profound acumen for current affairs and general knowledge. He has a very successful career chronicle by his side, worked His magnetic charisma and with Mr. P. Shivshankar, the then Minister for petroleum, energy serene persona have attracted and coal as the first PA to Minister, Government of India. He was many top level political, judicial, also the former state legal cell convener appointed by the then bureaucrats, industrialist, PCC precident Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy. He has close access with acclaimed sports persons and five chief ministers of Andhra Pradesh. In the field of judiciary, he glittering Tollywood stars. made a marked presence with his cutting edge analysis and diligent arguments. Later in his career he was more inclined to join politics as he believes that politicians play a larger role in serving the nation, even the Praja Rajyam Party floated by Dr. K. Chiranjeevi offered him a ticklet from Repalle assembly of Guntur dist, but in the last minute it was U turned . Being a strong supporter of Congress party, he had a close rapport with all opposition bigwigs. His vast knowledge and rich experience in various fields have made him a 'strategy guru' in multitude of disciplines, imparting immaculate advices to address the concerns prudently. He is in touch with various CMD's of public sector undertakings and scientific organizations. His valuable advices are taken into board by some big corporate houses. He is associated as a key strategy planner in a reputed corporation engaged in infrastructure projects. He floated many companies engaged in various activities, presently he is managing director of two private limited companies. We feel fortunate and honoured, that a person of his stature is inducted in our organization as a senior advisor, his valuable advises and suggestions will be immensely helpful for the company to follow and practice. His ways of reasoning and analysis will guide us to the path for becoming a top notch media company having a strong presence in domestic and global markets. June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 15

16 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I Jan 2013





21 22 23 June 2013 @ HITEX - HYDERABAD


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Emergency Exit F 12 F 58

21 22 23 June 2013

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6x8 48Sqm


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3x6 18 Sqm

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3x4 12 Sqm

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Total Entrance

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n today's real-estate scenario, where the price of the properties is going out of the roof, a single home loan seeker finds it extremely difficult to comply with the loan nitty-gritty's. However a joint home loan can be availed by such individual, enhancing the loan amount and tenure significantly.

Eligibility criteria always hitch one's life from applying for a home loan. Home loan eligibility is determined by various factors such as income, employment status, tenure and so on. Under such conditions there are chances that the amount of loan sanctioned may not be sufficient for the home you dream to buy. This is where the concept of joint home loans comes in handy. A joint home loan is a loan which is taken by more than one person. A joint home loan will not only help you to share your debt-burden but also allow you to get a higher loan as the income of co-borrowers will be considered. Did you know that a joint loan can be taken by as many as six co-applicants or coborrowers? The essential elements that one should know about joint home loans are: CO-BORROWERS A co-borrower is a person with whom you take the home loan jointly. This is different from co-owner, which means a person who has a share in the property. Usually banks insist co-owners to be coborrowers of the loan. In India, a home loan can have up to six coborrowers. But you cannot take a home loan jointly with your friend or colleague. Exceptions are Sisters, friends or unmarried couples living together are, generally, not allowed for such loans by banks. LOAN TENURE If the co-applicants of the joint home loan are spouses, the maximum loan tenure can be upto 20 years or 25 years, depending on the housing finance institution. However, if the co-applicants share a parent-child relationship or are siblings, the maximum term is restricted to 10 years in most cases. DOCUMENTATION A joint home loan requires both the applicants to furnish the necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) documents. This includes address proof, ID proof, income Proof and the bank statements of both the applicants, as well as the proof of coownership of the property. REPAYMENT Although the loan is taken by more than one person, the EMI payment will need to be made only by one of the borrowers. The payment can be made from a single or joint account of one of the borrowers. The borrowers can also choose to share the number of EMIs between them in the whole year. This means if one of the 20 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June

borrowers refuses to pay the loan, the other borrower is liable to pay it. WHY YOU SHOULD OPT FOR A JOINT LOAN? Ability to borrow a higher amount: - One important reason why you should opt for a joint home loan is to be eligible for a larger loan amount. For example, assume you would like to buy a property worth Rs 1 crore. The bank is ready to fund 80 per cent of this amount which is Rs 80 lakh. For this, your income should be sufficient to repay the EMI for an Rs 80 lakh loan. Suppose your income does not meet this requirement, you will be forced to look at a house which costs lesser. Tax Benefits: A more important reason for taking a joint home loan is to receive tax benefits. This is the reason that most working couples opt for a joint home loan, as the tax liability is reduced significantly at the family level. The Income Tax Act allows both principal repayment as well as interest repayment as eligible deductions from your income. Principal repayment falls under the ambit of Section 80C and interest repayment comes under Section 24 (b). So an individual can claim up to Rs 1 lakh on principal repayment and up to Rs 1.5 lakh on interest repayment in a financial year. However, if you opt for a joint loan for a self-occupied property with your spouse, whom is to be held in equal proportion, then both you and your spouse can claim a deduction on the principal and interest repaid separately from both your incomes, to the extent of your share in the loan. Let's understand this with an example: If you take a home loan in your single name, the maximum deduction you can claim is Rs 1 lakh on principal repayment and Rs 1.5 lakh on interest repayment. On the other hand, suppose you take a joint home loan. If the total principal repaid during the year is Rs 2.5 lakh and the total interest repaid during the year is Rs 4 lakh, you and your spouse can claim upto Rs 2 lakh on principal repayment (Rs 1 lakh each) and Rs 3 lakh on interest repayment (Rs 1.5 lakh each). Banks like HDFC and ICICI have launched this joint home loans scheme benefiting the borrower or mortgagers to pay interest rate for home loans will be fixed for three or five years and thereafter will attract floating rates. So a joint home loan results in more savings collectively. Thus, availing a joint home loan is certainly a lucrative financial option to buy a house as well as save maximum possible on income taxes.

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Rainbow Vistas is a joint venture by Ashoka Developers & Builders Ltd., (ADBL) and Cybercity Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. A young and dynamic company, Cybercity aims at achieving higher standards in construction project management engineering, marketing and customer relationship management. With a strong focus of purpose, the company is dedicated to creating iconic growth and outstanding value. ADBL is one name that's being reinforcing dreams, creating strong foundations and building trust. Over the last 20 years the Group has been synonymous with excellence in high-end residential and commercial developments at Hyderabad's most prestigious locations. ADBL has now diversified into Facilities Management, Construction & Development of IT parks. When the vibrancy of nature is merged with world-class amenities & conveniences to produce a premium housing project, what emanates is Rainbow Vistas @ Rock Garden. With a 2500 luxury apartments in 22 acre site, this property is a 20 storey high-rise complex with 1 lakh sq. Feet of recreational & leisure space. Like Rainbow Vistas this property too promises to be an owner's pride. "Rainbow Vistas" offers connectivity and accessibility that will save you a lot of time and effort. Set in an urban landscape near HiTech City, MMTS, "Rainbow Vistas" has proximity to top-notch companies, financial businesses and residential hubs. The network

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of non-congested roads just outside its gates will ensure a hassle free existence for the rest of your life. Experience the convenience of living at "Rainbow Vistas" and you will be closer to all that matters. Life is a celebration when your home is just minutes away from office, school, shopping, entertainment and neighborhood with ready conveniences. The project is located at a distance of 1.2 km. from NH-9, 1.5 km. from Kukatpally METRO Cash & Carry, 2 km. from JNTU & Kukatpally Raitu Bazaar, 4 km. from Cyber Towers Junction, Shilparamam & Apollo Hospital Kukatpally, and 6 km. from Gachibowli ORR Junction & Jubilee Hills. The entire building project is environment friendly and accredited by IGBC certification. Amenities =Round-the-clock shopping facility =Schools =Abundant water supply =Round-the-clock security system =Well planned car parking =High-rise compound wall with solar fencing =Centralized LPG gas system =Intercom =Passenger lifts and service lift =Power backup =Recycled water usage =Water softener plant =Provision for ATM =Wi-Fi enabled hot spots =Car wash area =Pharmacy =Travel desk =Utility payment office =Crèche and kindergarten =Grocery store =Strong room with safe deposit lockers =Business centre.



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BUILDING EVER LASTING RELATIONSHIPS Mr. T. Radha Krishna, the Managing Director of Saket Engineering is an evident pioneer in the field of construction in Hyderabad. He has a distinguished career adorned with accomplishments that spans beyond 23 years in civil and structural engineering. With his intense acumen for business he established Saket Engineers with unique and innovative designs which has taken his company to highest level of excellence. And he is also associated with several professional bodies like institution of Engineers, Association of consulting civil Engineers, Indian concrete Institute and Builders Association of India. In recognition of his varied, exemplary and committed services in the field of Civil Engineering, the department of Civil engineering conferred upon him the "ACCOMPLISHED ENGINEER AWARD 2010" on the Occasion of engineer's Day held in the M.V.S.R. Engineering College Campus at Nadergul, Hyderabad. His company Saket Engineers is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company which is the first to introduce the concept of integrated township and Gated Community in Hyderabad. One the company's ace project Saket Sriyam which is one of the A.P's Tallest residential twin towers comprising of 25 Floors, 3 Levels of parking, 400 apartments with world class amenities. With an advanced idea, Saket group has introduced retirement homes for old which is first of its kind in our city. In an exclusive interview with Mr. T. Radhakrishna, M.D. of Saket Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Which was conducted by the REB editorial team, he spoke very candidly about himself and his projects. Q: - Could you please tell us about yourself? A: - Well I hold a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering from Visvesvaraya college of Engineering, Bangalore University, specialized in Structural Engineering in the year 1980 with M/S.Continental Constructions LTD, New Delhi, and during this Stint I have also got an oppurtunity to get associated with Projects like Wadi Ghan Dam Project Libya, Maneri Bhali Project Uttar Pradesh, amongst other assignments. I have also trained with M/S.PITTS Engineering of Canada in Construction of Large Dams. Q: - Sir how did you start your career? A: - I have started my business career in year 1986, initially offering consultancy services in the field of Civil Engineering. Subsequently, I have started his flagship Company Saket Engineers Pvt.Ltd, which is presently involved in several prestigious projects in and around Hyderabad. Subsequently, I was also associated with M/S.Saravana Constructions Bangalore, in Constructing quarters, guest house, for a Defense establishment in Hyderabad. Q: - Sakets most notable construction? A: - Amongst notable constructions are Saket Township, an 1000 unit integrated Housing complex at Kapra, Saket Mithila, an elite gated community comprising of 101 aesthetically Designed Duplex villas, Saket Sriyam, A.P's Tallest residential twin

Mr. T. RADHAKRISHNA(Managing Director of SAKET Engineers Pvt. Ltd).

towers comprising of 25 Floors, 3 Levels of parking, 400 apartments with world class amenities, Saket Pranaam, a 10 floor active adult housing project. Saket Engineers under his leadership have also executed several industrial and housing projects Saket happens to be the first real estate company in AP to have achieved an ISO 9001-2000 Certification and were also awarded with the best promoters Award by APREDA. Q: - We believe that you have announced that it as a tallest building in the city? A: - Yes it was the very first tallest building as we announced few years back in terms of rate of occupancy. Now Yodha have come up with around 25 floors but it is still under construction. The best part of Saket Sriyam it is truly cosmopolitan. We have people form Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai people, almost from every part of the country. You know the first language in Saket Sriyam is Hindi. It is a huge success. Were it is an iconic structure. Q: - Do you have engineers from other place or from Saket Company? A: - We have engineers who are of Saket Group only. Engineering is purely on house. It is a part of latest competency and we use latest technology. You can judge that by seeing the building and we have consultancies also were if we require we consult them accordingly but everything is dealt by our engineers anyhow. And that's how we do it. We stand for landmark projects. Q: - This idea of retirement homes is it Hyderabad's first ever thought project? A: - YES, this project is one of its kind. The whole idea revolves around retirement homes. The construction is done accordingly. Q: - And how is the financial funding done by the Saket Group? A: - Most of our projects are self funded and banks are already there if we need we are funded by BSFL bank. The banks do come forward looking at the constructions which already are done. So that way there are no issues at all. Q: - And about your upcoming project Bhu- sattva? A: - We do have villas which are under constructions named Bhu-sattva. It is a gated community project. Which is spread around 70 acres of land and it is in intial stages. Q: - Saket Engineers is a huge arising site. How did you perceive in developing this land? A: - Well Saket has egress from the grass route level only. With a vision and June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 23

FOCUS expertise I took a chance to develop the under developed. And that's how he came up with the idea of “costume made township”. We had “150 acres” before and during the course of its development the deal was to buy the plot and ask us the way you want the constructions of his house to be and we gave him exactly the same. This is the unique part of it. We call it Saket Township Customized and Costume made defined form with all amenities in it.

Q: - And in this township do you provide the available resources and amenities? A: - It has got conveyance shops and medical stores and center, swimming pool, parks. But it is a worked out and picked up by all the residencies and it's a different world in itself. They wanted construction designed according to the convenience and they want marriage halls, they wanted near the pool which is in the ambit of Saket campus. And dispensary doctors available 24/7 are there in the township. And from these constructions a way of confidence has also built up. They have a school named “Billabong International High School” in it. Q: - Are there any new similar projects? A: - YES, inspired by the Saket Customized township, we did Mithila villas. This also has gathered huge appreciation. Even a cricketer stays there too. It's a life style villa with all the facilities in there and has various amenities. Q: - Retirement houses are again a new concept? Please tell something about that project? A : - Saket Pranaam Retirement houses. How we perceive retirement house is, people after a given age they like to live in kind of comfortable and secure location with all the availabilities nearby. And some want to live an “active Life”. Accordingly we structured the house with tennis court, swimming pools, park and other given facilities. School, medical, certified dietician giving sugar free, salt free diet, spice free. And this whole concept has emerged according to the need. We have provided all the important amenities. And the pricing is laid according to the area. It is around 2600/ sq.ft in C block. And car parking separately priced. And amenities like food and stuff they have a committee that takes care of that. Q: -Any other upcoming projects in the west part of Hyderabad? A: - We are looking into, see it is a very commercial company and

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we look into the market were half of the part of Hyderabad has Saket Construction. We should get that kind of place where it is huge and secure enough. When kids want to play or want to go on a walk it should be feasible enough too. We have signature villas which starts from 55 lakhs to 1.3 crore rupees with wonderful surroundings. It is easy to travel from Saket to any other place as it carries an advantage of being more feasible and approachable. Q: - How do you distinguish Saket from other construction companies or developers? A: - When you look at any project it is all in different shape. The location itself is in a different shape. If you see a site that we are developing you can differentiate the construction and connecting lake and the surrounding stretches around 70 to 75 acres. And the lake is adopted by us and we will maintain that. And adjacent to that there is 120 to 125 acres of thick forest which we will make sure that we maintain that accordingly. Which describes the whole place a different world or separate village altogether. And when you look into Sriyam it is a highway selling which will have every part of a cosmopolitan town compared to the other areas. We have different kind of IT township here. Which are 80% sold out and remaining 20% are still yet to be sold. And Saket is a brand for itself. Q: - What are the challenges that you have faced while constructing such a huge tower or building? A: - Yes, it was a task and with the support of all the trusted employees this project is successfully completed. We have a strong, reliable and adequate plan which is mainly focused on the needs of the public at large. That is what public needs. At the same time we wanted to introduce IT which is in the middle of talks. Q: - There are eco-friendly construction and green construction? Do you implement those elements in your construction? A: - Yes, we have a project named Bhu-Sattva which completely has eco-friendly components involved in it. And we have another project in Bangalore which also supports this type of construction. Q: - So is this the first time that you are moving out of the state and constructing? A: - Yes, it is the first time that we have gone out of the town and constructing. And Bangalore is extremely encouraging and almost 75% is sold out with a luxury products that starts from 1crore and above and celestial apartment which start from 85lakhs and above. And we wanted to show the public what Saket stands for in terms of construction, in terms of design and in terms of available local infrastructure. And that is a challenge too. Q: - What are the factors that contribute to pricing in Saket Engineering? A: - Pricing of any constructions are very moderate when compared to the facilities that we are providing. The Saket villas and apartments are class a part. They mainly focus on upper middle class families. We are focusing on villas and townships apart from what we are not focusing affordable housing that are others are targeting is for lower middle class families that is not our department because our expertise are not in that area but may be in future we may do if incase any schemes or help if offered by the Govt. But that is the large chunk of the whole pie. We rather focus on our specialization area, and the market is so huge that everyone wants a better quality. Q: - Saket has been into residential constructing area but are there any commercial projects too? A: - We are also getting into that commercial sector, we have one Pranaam that has commercial area in it and at Bangalore we have one which is ongoing which are yet to be marketed. But not a typical stand alone office premises. It is like a township which also has office premises.


An Exclusive Interview with Sri. J. SHYAMALA RAO, IAS


ater is much more than just a basic human need. It is an essential, irreplaceable element to ensuring the continuance of life. The water supply system in Hyderabad has gone through many phases. There had been a sea change in the water availability and sources scenario. This essential element has fallen short in the city purview. The Water Board which is constituted in 1989 under the provisions of The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Act, 1989 (Act No. 15 of 1989)(here in after referred to as WBA) with a mission “To provide its customers with a regular supply of wholesome water and a reliable service for the disposal of domestic sewage at reasonable costs� has dealt with these problems and taking measures to minimize the related problems. Ensuring the city water supply safety our city's new M.D of HMWSSB, Sri. J. Shyamala Rao, IAS has shared his views and plans on water management in Hyderabad in a candid interview with the REB team. Q: - Sir, as it is the summer time and complaints related to water supply and contaminations are rising day by day. What are your initial measures while dealing them? A: - Normally for the city of Hyderabad we need around 400mgd of water which are millions of gallons per day. But right now, we get around 340mgd of treated water through our water sources. We got 4 sources Osman Sagar & Himayath Sagar, Krishna, Manjeera and Singuru water sources. This summer from all the 3 sources we are experiencing shortage of water. Singuru's water available quantity is only 50% of water when compared to last year this month due to the catchment area of Maharashtra is falling short that reflected the same here. And now in Osman Sagar and Himayath Sagar there is huge water scarcity due to the reservoirs which are drying up. Hardly any quantity is there in those reservoirs. And in the given scenario within 15 to 20 days of time it might dry up completely. So now we will have a shortage of water of about 340mgd of water. Actually there are some areas which are depending mostly on Osman Sagar and Himayath Sagar water. To these areas's water are supplemented by Krishna River which comes from Nagarjuna Sagar. Now we are diverting and supplementing this water. We are ensuring that no division should face more than 10% shortage. But during summer there will be a lot of pressure on pipelines and break downs also will happen were all this will things cumulatively create problem. So long term solution is only by Krishna water. And phase 1 project has already started. Now both the schemes Krishna and Godavari (70% of the phase) will be completed in 2014.

Q: - Where is this Godavari scheme starting from? A: - There is a barrage at Allempally near Karimnagar. So when the barrage is completed we will have sufficient water supply.

Sri. J. Shyamala Rao M.D of HMWSSB

Q: - You are not relying on the catchment area of the Hyderabad? As you have said Sir that there are some areas which mainly rely upon Osman Sagar and Himayath Sagar reservoirs? A: - For planning purposes we don't consider them reliable because every alternative year we have problem of water shortage. This problem will continue till the mid of June till the time we get monsoon. Q: - How is the situation in Krishna barrage? A: - There is no problem in there. This time monsoon is expected to be normal so hopefully we will not have any water problem in reservoirs. Q: - Once this Godavari project is over are you expecting any change in the water supply? A: - we will take care of the water problem by 2017. Q: - And sir for the underground recharging of water are you doing any projects which will increase the underground water supply? A: - It doesn't fall in our jurisdiction. Rain water harvesting and ground water supply, the whole issue is taken by GHMC and CGWB. Actually for every new building we are insisting on rain water harvesting implementation and recycling. Q: -Actually there are some plans regarding water preservation and recycling? Is the water board coming up with any such projects? A: - Actually, our sources are clean we don't have problem or any contamination in them. Well talk about pollution Musi is one lake which is much polluted for which there are two phases which are working on it. One phase deals with the sewage entering into it will be treated, where GHMC has plans for the development of Musi River. And regarding our water supply schemes we have our treatment plants but from the sources we don't have any problem. Q: - But while supplying the water through those pipelines, there could be damages in them and contamination of water is quite a possible chance? A: - Yes, some times you will get problems of pollution actually in some areas where the lines are 50 to 60 year old, on the mean basis we will take care of those pipelines and those lines which are old and where there is a frequent water pollution problem. We will take up restoration of those pipelines and do it. Q: - Sir there are rumors that an increased amount of toxic chemicals are lying residue under the bed of Nagarjuna Sagar dam? A: - As far as our water supply is concerned we haven't June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 25

FOCUS found any contaminating chemicals or any metal contamination. Water is perfect after treatment. May be at some places may be there is some pollution because of the old lines may come up sometimes, but otherwise we haven't found any complaints in them so far.

Q: - Sir in Bangalore the scientist and authorities have warned that lands and water reservoirs have dried up? What is your say in this? A: - Excess of water should not be used and in future Hyderabad will not see any problem. Upto 2017 atleast we will have sufficient water available. Q: - Are there any phases work in Godavari schemes also? A: - We are planning but we are not immediately required. But our planning has been good and well executed. There are number of schemes coming up in network development also. Delta will be supporting us with 200crs worth of material. And sufficient funding is there. Then in Malkajgiri there we have water supply problem because of poor network. So there also we have world banking funding of around 340 crs. So the schemes are well planned and will be executed. So initial we will not have water problem, because it is a temporary phase we have added new areas in the city.

Q: - Sir are there any projects related to water conservation? A: - Yes, we have started SAVE WATER CAMPAIGN. Because now trend in the world is that you cannot consume more and more water and you have to use water at a moderate level. Actually we are asking people to go for recycling process. What ever is water available you have to use it judiciously. That is what we have been telling people. Don't think that water doesn't cost much. Though with strenuous efforts to save water campaigns and projects, there is still that problem prevailing in the city. The probability for the problem to solve is increased. There are new schemes which are in progress. Some people use heavy water for gardening and stuff. For gardening use bore water if not available take measures to recharge them. Ground water is also equally important. You can't use water which are brought from 100 kms and supplied to you. It's a luxury actually. The Govt Water Board is buying it at almost 40Rs and we are supplying at 10Rs. Its costing a lot to us. And we are cross subsidizing from industries and commercial. Revenue should be known to the people of the city that it is costing so much. Q: - Sir how do you see this water problem from 10 to 15 years down the line? A: - Fortunately our planning has been grouped so Godavari scheme has already started and almost completed. Even Krishna has also started and tie ups have also been completed. So these two projects mainly will be completed and in future Hyderabad city's water supply will be good. Next year definitely this will open.

Q: - You are not depending much on the rain? Is it because the rain cycle if disturbed there won’t be sufficient supply? A: - Yeah sources anyway are depending are upon rain. We should get rain because sources are reliable on rain. But the Krishna and Godavari projects are there with or without the rain.

Q: - Sir in general when can we expect the Polavaram Dam to complete? A: - we cannot say anything now. But Allempally barrage will be completed shortly. Q: - Are there any tariff price increase in future? A: - Tariff increase. No we are not planning now. Q: -Sir could you briefly say something about your self? A: - I have done electronics in telecommunication and industry management. I have worked as Collector in Vizag, Managing Director of AP Health & Medical Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation for about 10 years. I have been here for the last 6, 7 months. Q: - How is it working here? A: - I am happy as we are going a head and improving our performances for the revenue collection funds and water management. We are executing the top member of the company. Our average collection per month used to be 50 crs but now it 52-55crs and increasing. There are number of things that are involved. We have got some awards for our performance and all. We have taken IT award also for tanker management services. We have improved tanker management services and going much further. Yes its good working in here. Q: - Any message to the city denizens? A: - Use water judiciously because they are at limited resources.

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EVERY DROP COUNTS Water plays an important role in our lives and as the usable water on earth is depleting alarmingly. It is now time for us to take cognizance of this bare fact and use this precious commodity very judiciously. Our water supply is finite, which means that we do not have an endless supply. We only have the water that we have now. Ninety seven percent of all the water on the earth is salt water which is not suitable for drinking. Only three percent of all the water is fresh water, and only one percent is available for drinking water. The other two percent is locked in ice caps and glaciers. With all the people on Earth relying on such a small percentage of all the water on Earth, it only makes sense that we must preserve and conserve our water. We must not pollute our water because, if we consume the polluted water it leads to serious deceases which are hard to cure. Some people do not realize the importance of water, and they are continually polluting it. Only about ten percent of waste water is disposed of properly. We must learn to save water now for the future. The quality of our water is very important. Total demand on the nation's public water supply systems nearly tripled from 1950 to 1995. As potable water use has escalated, so has the need to collect and treat an increasing volume of wastewater. Recent water shortages across the India have served to remind states and water systems that water efficiency and reuse is important for ensuring reliable and efficient services to citizens. When water demand is inflated by wasteful water use and water loss, water systems and their customers spend more than necessary in capital and operating costs. Water efficiency and reuse also are important for meeting the environmental goals of many states and communities. The number of water efficiency programs has increased dramatically in the last 10

Ninety - seven percent of all the water on the earth is salt water which is not suitable for drinking. Only three percent of all the water is fresh water, and only one percent is available for drinking water. The other two percent is locked in ice caps and glaciers. years, and these programs are now found in almost every part of the India. But execution of these plans have marked inefficient. It is estimated that worldwide over 6 billion gallons of water is being lost every day through leaks in aging pipeline infrastructure. On average pure inspections have shown 1.1 leaks per mile of large diameter pipe in North America and 2.2 leaks per mile in Europe, England,

Middle East and Africa. The average volume of a leak is 40,000 gallons per day. On an initial phase it's every individual's duty to attend the call of nature and preserve the water bodies from drying up. Reasons behind water depletion or water scarcity: Population growth and Food production (Agriculture) Increasing construction/ infrastructure development Activities Massive urbanization and industrialization throughout the country Climatic change and variability- Depleting of natural resources due to changing climate conditions (Deforestation etc.) Lack of implementation of effective water management systems Climate change is altering patterns of weather and water around the world, causing shortages and droughts in some areas and floods in others. Few steps that will help to preserve water are: Use your washing machine only when it is filled to its total capacity. You can save about 4500 liters per month in this process. Besides saving water, this method is also helpful to save electricity. Avoid using a shower for bathing. Try using a bucket instead. This will help you save about 150-200 liters everyday. Turn off the tap while brushing and save more than 200 liters of water every month. Use sprinklers to water the plants provided you have a large garden. Use only one glass for drinking water. By using only one glass for drinking purpose you don't have to wash the other glasses and waste water. Whenever you waste water, just think about those millions of people who still struggle to save every drop of water for their survival. 1. Water efficiency saves money: - Although some water efficiency strategies require an initial capital investment, in the long run, conserving water can provide significant cost savings for water and wastewater systems. Water efficiency and reuse programs help June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 27

HUE & CRY systems avoid, downsize, and postpone expensive infrastructure projects, such as developing new source water supplies, building new treatment capacity, and expanding pumping and delivery infrastructure. When unneeded investments are avoided, systems have more resources for other critical needs. An effective way for water systems to realize significant savings is to reduce unaccounted-for water. This is water that is produced, but generates no revenue because it is lost before it gets to customers. By reducing the water lost from leaks and stolen by unauthorized connections (e.g., the tapping of hydrants), water systems can decrease their costs and minimize the amount of water they must produce and pump to meet demand. The first step in reducing unaccounted-for water is quantifying it by measuring the amount of water consumed by customers and the amount of water withdrawn from the source. These measurements require that the source and service connections be metered. Metering also allows a system to base its fees on actual customer use, which creates an incentive for customers to use water more efficiently. Water efficiency initiatives can produce greater long-run savings by extending the useful life of a system's infrastructure and lowering the cost of new investments. For instance, rather than build an oversized treatment plant, a water system may save money by building a smaller scale plant and offering incentives for customers to retrofit plumbing fixtures. The system benefits from increased treatment plant efficiency and reduced energy costs. 2.Water efficiency helps water supplies withstand droughts: In recent years, many communities' water supplies have been threatened by drought. Some systems have implemented m a n d a to r y wa te r e f f i c i e n c y measures to ensure they can provide sufficient quantities of safe drinking water. Although drought contingency plans are an important part of system planning, year-round water efficiency programs can help communities and systems plan for true consumer demands and reduce the need for more drastic policies during droughts. Improved water efficiency can significantly reduce withdrawals from ground and surface water supplies. Lower water demand may allow treatment facilities to produce high quality finished water at a lower cost during the periods of low raw water quality that often accompany a drought.

Reducing water waste and consumption decreases the need to impound streams and rivers, thus preserving aquatic systems as wildlife habitat. 3. Water efficiency helps protect the environment: - Reducing water waste and consumption decreases the need to impound streams and rivers, thus preserving aquatic systems as wildlife habitat. Efficiency helps sustain aquifers for future generations while reducing pollution from saltwater intrusion. Water efficiency can also reduce wastewater flows and energy consumption as well as reduce polluted runoff from excessive landscaping irrigation. We must save water today so that it will be available to us in the future. We need to think of future generations, people who will not 28 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June

have a sufficient supply of water unless we become more concerned with how we use our water today. There are many things that we can do to help preserve Washington's water. These are not things that are hard. All it takes is a little bit of extra effort, and soon it will be second nature. Save the water, it's all we've got! Some simple facts that every one should know is: 75% of the earth's surface is covered with water More than 97% of the earth's water is in its oceans About 2% of the available drinking water is frozen leaving only 1% for drinking The world's average rainfall is about 850 mm Water regulates the Earth's temperature. It also regulates the temperature of the human body, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, cushions joints, protects organs and tissues, and removes waste 60% - 75% of the adult human body is water - 82% of blood is water; 70% of the brain and 90% of the lungs are made up of water Blood in animals and sap in plants is composed mainly of water To cook 1 cup of rice you need 2 cups of water but to wash the pan in which it has been cooked you need 4-5 litres of water A dripping tap can waste up to 6 litres of water in a day More than half the creatures on the Earth are found under water Life on earth probably originated in water In the summer our bodies require about 2 litres of water daily. Here is the water content of some foods (approximate) - 95% in tomato, 91% in spinach, 91% in milk, 85% in apples and 80% in Potatoes 10% of the earth's surface is covered with ice There are more than one billion people particularly in North Africa and Western and South Asia, who lack access to a steady supply of clean water. The importance given to water in ancient India is reflected in several hymns of the Vedas and epics and narratives from other valuable works such as the Arthashastra of Kautilya. Access to water and sanitation, so crucial to human well-being and development, has now become a priority for the international Community. The unpleasant fact is that the most people remain careless and do not recognize the importance of water conservation. Huge campaigns are conducted every year by many government organizations and NGOs to spread awareness of the importance of water conservation. As citizens of this planet it is our individual responsibility to take an active role in water conservation. The simple tasks we perform every day like gardening, tending to laundry, washing our cars, etc. are opportunities for us to make a difference. Change begins with us, and if we lead by example, others are more likely to follow. We sincerely believe the consciousness of the planet is changing. And even though some statistics may appear grim, other stats reveal a growing awareness. There has actually been a decrease of water consumption in some areas due to more water efficient toilets and appliances. And this is due to companies meeting the demands of the public. Adopting an attitude of caring, and placing a premium on awareness is contagious. So preserve water for our safe future.


THEME BASED HOMES Theme based homes are catching the fancy of elite class and big time investors in India, with the required technology in place and reputed world class designers flocking in, the stage is all set for the builders to explore this new concept. Ever dreamt of spending your time among the quaint and mysterious landscapes of an English hamlet, or silently enjoying the mystical oriental charm of Bali, or living in sylvan surroundings amidst verdant greens and rolling hills, allowing winds to rustle your thoughts and flowers and butterflies cheering you to yet another world? Don't worry! You can turn your dreams into reality now that too while still in India or, better still, in your hometown! Fashion has crept-in in every aspect of our lives and so has in realty sector. As the residential realty sector booms in India, developers and builders are forming new selling strategies to stand out. Theme-based housing is a new marketing gimmick taken up by real estate players to keep up to the evolving tastes of customers. Developers are now cooperating with foreign interior designers, to give homes inspired by Spanish, Moroccan, Mediterranean and Greek look and interiors. Home buyers want their homes to be unique, something they can show off to their friends and family, something exclusive. There is a desire to own a home that has been designed to be a standalone, one of a kind, and that is where the concept of theme-based homes comes in.

This trend was brought-in by India's welltravelled property buyers. The home concepts suggested by them has set a new benchmark in Indian residential sector.

But then exclusivity comes at a price and you have to be able to make a distinction between a style statement and a value addition. In a competitive market where there are multiple players, real estate developers are going all out to put forth their market differentiator. This trend was brought-in by India's well-travelled property buyers. The home concepts suggested by them has set a new benchmark in Indian residential sector. Having a theme helps in creating differentiation in a market that has been loaded with monotonous launches of residential projects. This strategy mainly caters to a niche audience whose lifestyle aspirations are beyond that of clubhouses, swimming pools or health clubs. The takers of these houses are those who want to live their life at a king-size and those are into luxurious lifestyle and those who consider the house to be a reflection of their taste and lifestyle. The HNIs and expatriates have seen to be investing in these projects. Developers working on these projects are now concentrating on the Metros, where there is a concentration of working population from the corporate sector with larger disposable incomes. Developers are also coming up with variant themes other than cultural and geographically related themes. They are coming up with sport cities or IT centric projects exclusively for the sports enthusiasts and IT professionals. Sports cities are townships conceived and executed on a sports-centric theme and lifestyle concept. Experts believe that it helps both developer and end buyers as the project attracts like-minded people of same profession much quicker than what any other normal projects do. Developers are planning to extend the theme based projects to mid segment group now. They are planning to provide theme based exterior look to the mid-segment projects, thus adjusting it in the price bracket of mid segment group. More than the architecture, in built amenities and external looks, the positioning and theme of the project attract more buyers. At present lot of people from India are travelling abroad. Consumers are increasingly becoming aware about the western culture and the markets in developed countries. And since then, theme based projects stand out in the clutter, the builders June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 29

PROPERTY GYAN experiences imbued in the residential and developers realized that it is time to communicate something units, developers are coming up with different to their knowledgeable customers. However, the theme of more and more premium homes. the project should be in sync with the location. For example, Tata Affluent home buyers want their Housing is doing theme-based projects in Gurgaon, Talegaon, and home to reflect the financial and Lonavala. So the critical factor is that the theme has to go with the s o c i a l s t a n d i n g . A c c o rd i n g ly, location and the product that you are offering. Thus theme based premium and luxury segment in India projects are a way to differentiate our offerings. Theme based has seen unprecedented rise and projects are not always high-end. Generally when we do a theme growth and developers are pouring into cater to the increasing based project people have a perception that it is a high end product. demand. A premium home today no longer means only expensive Theme based projects are also for the middle income group. units which are centrally located, large and comfortable. Demand for Developing a theme based project does not cost more than any usual luxury homes in India is growing and the premium segment has project. Theme based development does not add to cost that much. It grown to a whole new dimension adorned with innovative modern may add to 5 or 10 per cent of the usual cost but not more. However, it works as a differentiator and gives much more value to the property. Owning a theme-based home, however, ensures Take, for example, Tuscan City, which has been designed around the that you remain in an exclusive bracket of home theme of Italy. The housing project, just launched by TDI owners with a unique product of your own. Infrastructure Ltd in TDI City in Kundli, boasts of bringing to India the technologies. They have become a lifestyle statement for the desiring look and feel of Italian lifestyle, known for its panache, design and affluent class. Luxury segment offers a range of homes to the target architecture. The whole project does not cost more than the usual buyer apartments, penthouses, villas, row houses/bungalows, etc. counterpart, which are built in normal traditional style. TDI claims They are usually laced with green spaces, parks or golf courses. international architects from the beautiful region of Tuscany in Italy In fact, faced with similar-looking projects as well as hit by have designed the township. Spread over 40 acre of land, the economic downturn, real estate developers have for some time township will offer plots, row houses, independent floors and villas, forayed into theme-based projects to differentiate product offerings and true to the Tuscan style, which will have classic fountains, water and bolster revenues streams. Themed residential projects make a lot bodies, cobbled pavements and central piazzas. Similarly, Bangaloreof sense from marketing perspective. Having a theme helps in based Vakil Housing Development Corporation's theme-based creating differentiation in a market that has been deluged with projects include Vakil Hamlet, Moghul Garden City, and Whispering launches of residential projects. The different trends include Woods. The speciality of all these projects is that they revolve around inspirations from Spanish villas to Greek houses from Mediterranean certain themes. For instance, Vakil Hamlet aims at capturing the to Moroccan. Each builder tries to be as exclusive as possible in mystery, romance and grandeur of medieval English lifestyles. It is a branding the project, the newer trend is to get famous foreign interior township, sculpted to the last detail, like an European fortress - right designers to design the interiors for giving it an edge. Famous from its impressive entrance arch, water walls with thematic murals, designers like Philippe Starck and Jade have already done their down to its exquisite layout and ornate design. Vakil's Garden City, on signature projects in India. A sport in general and golf, in particular, is the other hand, replicates the Shalimar Baug and aims at providing a recurring concept popular among India's more affluent the beauty of the well laid-out gardens, while its Whispering Woods homebuyers. Sports cities are townships conceived and executed on a project is a getaway from the hustle bustle of the urban metropolis, sports-centric theme and lifestyle concept. into a quiet rustic and fairy-tale setting. This marketing strategy helps cater to a niche audience that are Arrays of foreign interior designers are busy coordinating with no longer impressed by facilities such as clubhouses, swimming pools domestic builders to pack a designer punch. In a booming and or health clubs, but their lifestyle aspirations now go far beyon. The competitive Indian residential real estate market, builders are usual consumers are people who want to live life king-size, those adopting innovative selling strategies to stand out. Developers of who've known affluence and indulgence. There simplicities of residential projects are finding themselves contending with condominium living need to go beyond luxury homes. They should be increasingly evolved tastes among buyers. Theme-based housing is a reflection of their taste and lifestyle. The HNIs and large expat among the newest marketing mantra for the real estate players to communities are seen as large investors. The booming economies of attract customers. Theme-based houses are positioned to tap the our country have equally contributed to the thought process of this new Indian buyer, who wants a residential address that matches his changing lifestyle and concept along with the latest a s p i ra t i o n s . R a p i d ly technological advances which helped growing ‘high net-worth This strategy mainly caters to a niche audience to implement the innovative ideas into individuals’ (HNIs), practice. In our country this seems to whose lifestyle aspirations are beyond that of Increased aspirations and be the newest idea till now and the clubhouses, swimming pools or health clubs. changing lifestyle are the builders and developers are exploring factors behind luxury the various possibilities to develop the living being redefined in concept further. In today's time, India. Premium homes owning a theme-based home, however, boast of increasing ensures that you remain in an demand due to rising exclusive bracket of home owners with income level and affluent a unique product of your own. Theme lifestyle desired by young based homes concept will go to the professionals. As the next level in years to come and could buyers are increasingly be far cost effective in nature. demanding luxury living 30 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June


AESTHETIC LIVING SPACES Buying a new house implies a fresh beginning, marked by excitement and freedom of choice. This is especially true when it comes to decorating; your home will be a white artist's canvas, which you will have to imprint. Unlike homes built decades ago, most new flats and residences in some countries come with a little extra, developed to maximize the comfort of modern living. These units are usually more energy-efficient and interior design-wise, more practical. If you are planning on buying a new home soon, you can have a look at many helpful suggestions on Start Fresh. Without any further ado, let's have a look at some of the particular benefits:

Open Plan Living Space Newly constructed buildings have a layout that is significantly different than that of common houses built forty or fifty years ago. The open plan living and dining space is very popular nowadays, as it allows family and friends to talk and entertain within an airy, large social zone. No more curling near the small coffee table or fighting over limited seating when watching TV. A new modern house provides many options for seating in the generously-sized living room, most of which can be particularly comfortable and soothing. Another advantage of an open-plan layout- this time for families with children- is that parents can watch over their young ones, while cooking or working.

Higher Ceilings Modern buildings promote space and openness. The vertical dimension of a room can set a sophisticated tone for the entire residence. Buying a new house in today's real estate market often comes with having impressive walls to decorate. And what could be more appealing than letting your imagination loose and coming up with a perfect design for a house with royal interiors? There are many ways to benefit from this major “gift of space�. Make sure you allow as much natural light in as possible through tall windows partially covered in breezy curtains, find clever ways to mix storage ideas in the overall design and feel free to jazz up the place with color.

Artistic Living Rooms In today's modern age the impetus of good esthetic designs are realized more and more and the interiors, especially the living rooms are very artistically designed suiting to the personality and mannerism of the house owner. The colour schemes are sometimes very vibrant having a jazzy feel or sometimes mellowed down to a much somber look and feel. People generally use the living room the most, also guests are entertained in this area hence, the selection of each furniture is carefully done with a good colour scheme which enhances the overall ambience of the room. June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 31

HOME STYLE GYAN Larger Bathrooms High ceilings and extensive living zones are not the only special benefits of new homes. Another perk is having a large bathroom (almost twice the size of the common house in the 80s for example). Twin sinks, large bathtub for two, pebble decorations and plenty of storage space- all these subtly blended in a room meant to spoil the senses.

More Storage Space There is a major trend towards hiding day to day objects behind creative units which, in turn, can also be tucked away from sight. Recently built homes are equipped (or at least they should offer) many ingenious ways to constantly keep the house looking spotless. And with space not being an issue, storage can be “offered� to home users in many ways. Floor to ceiling closets in the bedrooms, cabinets that pop out of kitchen countertops, classy wooden drawers in the bathroom. All these were probably not a given decades back. And with the help of clever shelving and sliding doors, you can keep everything in perfect order and out of sight.

Fixtures and Fittings That's right, fixtures and fittings can make a big difference when it comes to designing a home. In a new place you can choose your own, go for items with warranty and dont have to worry about their short life span. All those rails, hooks and fastenings can add a great finishing touch to your home and just imagine what you can do with the lighting! When dealing with large interiors, you can use chandeliers, lamps or spotlights to enhance the space visually or in some cases, divide it spatially. Either way, you're in for some spectacular results.

The open plan living and dining space is very popular now a days, as it allows family and friends to talk and entertain within an airy, large social zone. Lavish Modular Kitchens To any homemaker if you throw a question, what is your desire? She would promptly reply "to have a modular kitchen". Yes this is the reason that modular kitchen companies are booming in the market. This is on trend and more and more people are going for modular kitchen, or remodeling their existing kitchen to give it a lavish look. Earlier modular kitchen was a fancy to showcase your extravagance, now it's a necessity. With housing flats price going on increasing, it is very much needed to have a kitchen that might be small in size but should be well planned so that you can find every item as and when needed. The modular kitchens are available in varieties of colour, style, with furniture that sets the entire attire of the kitchen and suits everyone's style. With so many options on hand it is indeed a tough job to select the one that would be best for you.

32 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June


THE ANDHRA PRADESH APARTMENTS (PROMOTION OF CONSTRUCTION AND OWNERSHIP) RULES, 1987 Real Estate Bulletin brings you the complete Law of A.P Apartments to have a better understanding of the Apartments / Mass Housing sector, as we sincerely believe knowledge is power and it's our endeavour to power you with your rights. We shall cover this whole act of A.P Apartments (Promotion of Construction and Ownership)Act, 1987 in regular parts every month. The same act is also available in our website in whole. 15 (e)Transformers (i)If transformers are housed in the building below the ground level it shall be necessarily in the first basement in separate fire resisting room of 4 hours of rating. The room shall necessarily be at the periphery of the basement, The entrance to the room shall be provided with a steel door of 2 hours fire rating kerb (sill)of a suitable height shall be provided at the entrance in order to prevent the flow of oil from ruptured transformer into other parts of the basement. The direct access to the transformer be housed in a separate room separated from the transformer bays by a fire resisting wall resistance not less than four hours. (ii)Transformers, if housed in basement shall be protected by an automatic high pressure water spray system (multifire system). (iii)In case the transformers house in the basement are totally segregated from the other areas of the basement by 4 hours fire resisting wall/walls with an access directly from outside it may be protected by carbon dioxide or B.C.F., fixed installation system. (iv)When housed at ground floor level it/they shall be cut off from the other portion of premises by fire resisting walls of 4 hours fire resistance. (v)They shall not be housed on upper floors. (vi)A tank of RCC construction of capacity capable of accommodating entire oil of the transformers shall be provided a lower level, collect the oil from the catch-pit in the case of emergency. The pipe connecting the catch-pit to the tank shall be of non-combustible construction shall be provided with flame arrester. (f) Air-conditioning (I) Escape routes like staircase, common corridors, lifts, lobbies etc., shall not be used as return air passage. (ii)The ducting shall be constructed of substantial guage metal in accordance with IS : 655-1963 Metal Air DUCTS (Revised). (iii)Wherever the ducts pass through fire walls or floors the opening around the ducts shall be sealed with fire resisting materials such as asbestos rope, vermiculite concrete glass wool etc. (iv)As far as possible metallic ducts shall be used even for the return air instead of space above the false ceiling. (v)The material used for insulating duct system (inside or outside ) shall be of noncombustible materials such as glass wool, sunglass with neoprene facing. (vi)Area more than 750 Sq. m. on individual floor shall be segregated by a fire wall and automatic fire dampers for isolation shall be provided where the ducts pass through fire walls. The fire dampers shall be capable of operating manually. (vii)Air ducts serving main floor areas, corridors etc., shall not pass through the staircase enclosure. (viii) The air handling units shall, as far as possible, be separated for each floor and air ducts for every floor shall be separated and in no way interconnected with the ducting of any other floor. (ix)If the air handling unit serves more than one floor, the recommendations given above shall be complied with, in additions to the condition given below. (x)Proper arrangement by way of automatic fire dampers working on smoke detectors for insolating all ducting at every floor from the main riser shall be made. (xi)When the automatic fire alarm operates the respective air handling units of the air conditioning system shall automatically be switched off. (xii)Automatic fire damper shall be provided at the inlet of the fresh air duct and the return air duct of each compartment on every floor. (xiii)Automatic fire dampers shall be arranged as to close by gravity in the direction of the air movement and to remain tightly closed upon operation a of smoke detector. (xiv)The air handling unit room shall not be used for storage of any combustible materials. (xvi)Inspection panels shall be provided in main trucking to facilitate the cleaning of ducts of accumulated duct and to obtain access for maintenance of fire dampers. (xvii)No combustible materials shall be fixed nearer than 15 cm. to any duct unless such duct is properly enclosed and protected with non-combustible material (glass wool or sunglass with neoprene facing enclosed and wrapped with aluminum shetting) at least 3.2 m. thick and which would not readily conduct heat.

(g)Boiler Room Provisions of Boiler Room shall conform to Indian Boiler Act. Further, the following additional aspects may be taken into account in the location of Boiler/Boiler Room. (i)The boilers shall not be allowed in sub-basement but may be allowed in the basement the escape routes. (ii)The boilers shall be installed in a fire resisting room of 4 hours fire resistance rating, and this room shall be situated on the periphery of the basement. Catch pits shall be provided at low level. (iii)Entry to this room shall be provided with composite door of 2 hours fire resistance. (iv)The boiler room shall be provided with fresh air inlets and smoke exhausts directly to the atmosphere. (v)The furnace oil tank for the Boiler if located in the adjoining room shall be separated by fire resisting wall of 4 hours rating. The entrance to this room shall be provided with double composite doors. A curb of suitable height shall be provided at the entrance in order to prevent the flow of oil into the boiler room in case of tank rupture. (vi)Foam in inlets shall be provided on the external walls of the building near the ground level to enable the fire services to use foam in case of fire.` (h)Provision of First Aid Fire Fighting Appliances (i) The first aid fire fighting equipment shall be provided on all floors including basement,s lift rooms, etc., In accordance with IS : 2217-1963 recommendations for providing First Aid Fire Fighting Arrangements in Public Buildings In Consultation with the Chief Fire Officer of the area. (ii)The Fire Fighting Appliance shall be distributed over the building accordance with IS : 2190-1971 Code of Practice selection installation and maintenance of portable first aid fire appliance. (I) Fixed Fire Fighting Installations Building above 15 M in height depending upon the occupancy use shall be protected by wet riser, wet riser-cum-down comer, automatic sprinkler installation, high pressure water spray or foam generating system etc., as per details given in Rule 4(b) to 14(f) and as indicated in Table in Annexure-I (See Fig.2 in Annexure-III) (j)Static Water storage Tank A satisfactory supply of water for the purpose of fire fighting shall always be available in the form of underground static storage tank with capacity specified in Appendix “A� for each building by the local fire Authority with arrangements of replenishment by grounds main or alternative source of supply at 1000 liters per minute. The static storage water supply required for the above mentioned purpose should entirely be accessible to the fire engines of the local Fire Service. Provision of suitable number of manholes shall be made available for inspection, repairs and inspection of suction house etc. The covering slab shall be able to withstand the vehicular load of 18 tons. The domestic suction tank connected to the static water storage tank shall have an over flow capable of discharging 2250 liters per minute to a visible drain point from which by separate conduits, the overflow shall be conveyed to a storm water drain. To prevent stagnation of water in the static water storage tank the suction tank of the domestic water supply shall be fed only through an over flow arrangement to maintain the level therein at a the minimum specified capacity (See Annexure-III) The static water storage tank shall be provided with a fire brigade collecting breaching with 4 Nos.63 mm dia (2 Nos. 63 mm dia. For pump with capacity of 1400 liters per minute) instantaneous male inlets arranged in a value box at a suitable point at a Street level and connected to the static tank by a suitable fixed pipe not less than 15 cm. dia to discharge water into the tank when required at a rate of 2250 liters per minute. (K) Automatic Sprinkers Automatic Sprinklers shall be installed:(I) In basement used as car parks, if the area exceeds 500 Sq.m. (ii)In multi-storeyed basement used as car parks, and for housing essential services ancillary to a particular occupancy. (iii)Any room or other compartment of a building exceeding 500 Sq.m. (iv)Departmental stores or stores or shops that totally exceed 750 Sq.m. (v)All non-domestic floor of mixed occupancy considered to constitute a hazard and not provided with staircases independent of the remainder of a building.

June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 33

THE LAW (vi)Godown and warehouses as considered necessary . (vii)On the floors of the buildings, other than apartment buildings if the height of the buildings exceeds 60 m. (viii)Dressing rooms, scenery docks, stage basement of theatres. (l)Automatic High Pressure Water Spray (Multifire) System This system shall be provided for protection of indoor transformers of a substation in a basement area. (m)Foam Generating System This system shall be provided for protection of boiler rooms with its ancillary storage of furnace oils in basement. (n ) Carbon-dioxide Fire Extinguishing System Fixed Co2 fire extinguishing installation shall be provided as per IS: 6382-1971 Code of Practice for design and installation of fixed Co2 fire extinguishing system premises where water or foam cannot be used for fire extinguishment because of the special nature of the contents of the building areas to be protected where possible BCF (Bromochlorouifluromethane) installation may be provided instead of Co2 installation. (o)House Deeping To eliminate fire hazards a good house deeping inside the building and outside the building shall be strictly maintained by the occupants and/or the owner of the building. (p)Fire Drills and Fire orders Fire notices/orders shall be prepared to fulfil the requirement of the fire fighting and evacuation from the building in the event of fire and other emergency.The occupants shall be made thoroughly conversant with their action in the event of the emergency by displayed fire notices at vantage points. Such notices should be displayed prominently in broad lettering. ANNEXURE-I (See Rule 15(9)(i)) Table I Fire Fighting Installations/Requirements The wet riser/wet riser-cum-down comers installations with capacity of water storage tanks and fire pumps shall conform to the requirements as specified in the following Table. Type of Type of the Sl. REQUIREMENTS Installation No Building/ Occupancy Water Supply Pump Capacity Under Terrace ground Tank Static Tank (1) 1 2

(2) (3) Nil Apartment building below 15m. in height Apartment buildings Wet riser-cum-down (a)Above 15m. but not comer with provision exceeding 24m. of fire service inlet only near ground level.

3 Non-apartment building (a)Industrial storage and Hazardous


Near the Under ground Static Tank (6) Nil

At the Terrace

(4) Nil

(5) Nil

(7) Nil


10,000 liters


100 litres per minute giving a pressure not less 2than 1.5 kg/ cm at the topmost hydrant.

50,000 Litres




(b)Education building 10,000 Nil Nil Wet riser-cum-down Nil liters above 15m. but not exceeding 24m. in height Note 1:- Any of the above categories may incorporate an automatic sprinkler/drencher system, if the risk is such that requires installation of such protective methods. Note 2:- Minimum of two hydrants shall be provided within the courtyard. Note 3:- Wet riser-cum down comer is an arrangement for fire fighting within the building by means of vertical rising mains not less than 10.00 cm. internal dia. With hydrant outlets and hose reel on each floor/landing connected to an overhead water storage tank for fire fighting purpose through a booster pump, gate value, and a non-return valve near the tankend a fire pump, gate and non-return valve, over the underground static tank. A fire service inlet at ground level fitted with a non-return valve shall also be provided to the rising main for charging it by services pump in case of failure of static fire pump over the ground static tanks. Note 4:- The performance of pumps specified above shall be at R.P.M not exceeding 2000. Note 5:- The above quantities of water shall be exclusively for fire fighting and shall not be utilized for domestic or other use. The layout of underground water static tank shall be as per sketch attached. Note 6:- A facility to boost up water pressure in the riser directly from the mobile pump shall also be provided to the wet riser system with a suitable fire service inlet (collecting breaching with 2 numbers of 63 mm. inlets for 10 cm. rising main and 4 number of 63 mm. inlets with check valves for 15 cm. dia. rising main) and a non-return valve and a gate valve. Note 7:- Hose Reel-Internal diameter of rubber hose for hose reel shall be minimum 19 mm. A shut-off branch with nozzle of 4.8 mm. size be provided. FORM-I Model Form of agreement to be entered into between Promoter and Purchaser of Flat This Agreement made at…………………. this……………….. day of……………… in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and………… between Shri……………son of …………… Shri………………….. Shri………………..and Shri…………………carrying on business…………… of…………………of…………… in partnership in the firm name and style of ………….. at Limited, a company registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 (VII of 1913) the Companies Act, 1956(1 of 1956) and having its registered office at of, hereinafter referred to as “The

34 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June

promoter” (which expression shall unless the context does not to admit include his heirs, executors and administrators/them, the survivors of survivor of them, the heirs, executors, and administrators of the last survivor, the partners 2 or partner for the time being of the said firm/ its successor and assignees) of the One part and Shri/Smt./Kum………………. Son/wife/daughter of………….. residing at……….. hereinafter referred to be “The Flat Purchaser” (which expression shall unless the context does not so admit include his/her heirs, executors an administrators) for the other part. Whereas the Promoter has by an Agreement Conveyance dated…………… day of………… 19……. and executed between……………… of the One part (hereinafter referred as “The Vendor) and the Promoter of the other part the Vendor has agreed with the Promoter for the absolute sale to the Promoter/sold absolutely to the Promoter an immovable property being piece or parcel of freehold land lying and being at…………….. in the Registration sub-district…………………..of ……………..admeasuring…………Sq.m or thereabouts more particularly described in the First Schedule hereunder written (hereinafter referred to as “the said land”)………….and whereas by and under a Lease/an Agreement for Lease Dated the day of.................19................made between.................. part (hereinafter referred to as “The Lessor”) and the Promoter of the other part, the Lessor agreed to grant unto the Promoter a lease in perpetuity/ for a term in 999 years in respect of an immovable property being piece or parcel of lease hold land being at……….. in the Registration Sub-District of……….. admeasuring…………Sq.meters of thereabouts more particularly described in the First Schedule hereunder written (hereinafter referred to as “the said land”) at a rent of Rs…………….per annum/month and on the terms and conditions contained in the said lease/Agreement for Lease. And whereas the Lease/Agreement for Lease is with the benefit and right to construct any new buildings if so permitted by the concerned local authority/ Urban Development Authority. And whereas by an agreement dated………….day of………..19…………./power of Attorney dated…………. executed between Shri………..(hereinafter referred to as “the Original Owner”) of the One Part and the Promoter of the other part(hereinafter referred as “the Development Agreement”) the Original Owner has appointed the Promoter at his agent to develop the piece or parcel of freehold land lying and being at in the Registration District of…………….admeasuring………. sq.mts. or thereabouts more particulars described in the First Schedule therein as well as in the First Schedule hereunder written (hereinafter referred to as “the said land”) and to construct there on buildings/in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the Development Agreement/Power of Attorney: And whereas as a result of the Urban Land (Ceiling & Regulation) Act, 1976, Central Act 33 of 1976 (hereinafter referred to as “the Ceiling Act”) which came into force in the State of Andhra Pradesh of the 17th February, 1976 Vendor/Lessor/Original Owner/Promoter were not entitled to hold any vacant land in excess of the ceiling limit except as otherwise provided in the Ceiling Act. And whereas the Vendor/Lessor/Original Owner/Promoter having been shown to be the owner of the said land in the Government and revenue records. The Vendor/Lessor/Original Owner/Promoter submitted to the Government of Andhra Pradesh (hereinafter referred to as “The Government” in the name of the Vendor/Lessor/Original Owner and/or Promoter on application under section 20 of the Ceiling Act for exempting the said land from the provisions of the Ceiling Act. And whereas by an order………… dated……………… (hereinafter referred to as “the said order”) the Government exempted, subject to the conditions stated in the said order, the said land from the provisions of the ceiling Act. And whereas the said order and as result of the Development Agreement the Promoter is entitled and enjoined upon to construct buildings on the said land in accordance with the said order. And where the Vendor/Lessor/Original Owner/Promotor having been shown to the owner of the said land in the Government and Revenue record, the vendor/ lessor/original owner/promoter submitted to the Government of Andhra P ra d e s h ( h e re a f te r re f fe re d to a s “ t h e G ove r n m e n t ” ) i n t h e n a m e o f Vendor/Lessor/Original Owner and Promotor on application under section 21 of the Ceiling Act for the purpose of developing the said land as stated in the application in accordance with the provisions of the Ceiling Act. Owner and Promotor on application under Section 21 and the guidelines framed by the Government in respect of Section 21 of Ceiling Act for the purpose of developing the said land as stated in the application in accordance with the provision of the Ceiling Act. And whereas by Order No………………. dated………………. (hereinafter refered to as “the said Order” the Competent Authority under the Ceiling Act permitted the Vendor/Lessor/ Original Owner and Promotor to continue the hold the said land for the construction of houses for weaker sections of the Society through the promoter cubject to the terms and conditions therein contained. And whereas per the said Order and as a result of the Development Agreement the Promoters are entitled and enjoined upon to construct building on said land in accordance with the said order. And whereas the Vendor/Lessor/Original Owner and Promoter being in possession of the said land building thereon will be demolishing/have demolished the old building and structures and constructing/ has constructing instead new multistoreyed building thereon. And whereas permission contemplated by the section 22 of the Ceiling Act for Development has been obtained by the Vendor/Lessor/Original Owner and Promotor on the condition, inter alia that the dwelling unit purchased / allotted in any of the aforesaid new multistoried building cosnrtucted on the said land shall not be sold/ transferred for a period of five years from the…………………. Day of……………………. and that every such sale/ transfers shall be registered with the sub-registrar within the period specified in the Registration Act, 1908 (Act No.16 of 1988)( hereinafter reffered to as “the registration Act”). And Whereas the Promoter has propsed to construct on the said land……….. new multistoreyed building to ground floor at still level and ………….. or more upper floors ( hereinafter reffered to as “ the said buildings”).

To Be Continued........


West Bengaluru - A paradise for Property Investors From a wild, untamed forest area in the mid-50 s to the mushrooming of residential localities and the establishment of the Peenya Industrial Area in the 1970s, Bangalore West is an attractive residential destination. Some of the early residential localities in the region are Rajajinagar, Basaveshwaranagar, Vijayanagar, Mahalakshmi Layout, and Nandini Layout. With the Metro project taking off and connectivity augmented further through the elevated road over Tumkur Road, more residential localities are opening up. Bengaluru west over the years, traces the emergence of new residential pockets in this region. This part of the city which was once an industrial town is steadily shedding its old image to transform into a modern micro-market. Industries have slowly relocated to other suburbs and the industrial town has receded to Peenya in the west, along Mysore Road in the south-west to the suburban Bidadi and along Tumkur Road to the northwest. Prominent areas in west Bangalore such as Rajajinagar, Malleswaram and Magadi Road have been traditional residential layouts. Over the years, these locations have emerged as prime residential areas of Bangalore and have been experiencing high demand due to lack of land parcels. The year 200607 saw many prominent developers venturing into these locations. Infrastructure project have played a significant role in opening up this belt for residential development and holds the key that unlocked realty fortunes for West Bangalore. Broadening of state highway to Mysore was the first boost which was being followed by the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises (NICE) corridor. NICE corridor improved connectivity with the far flung areas with the city. NICE has been formed by Kalyani Group of Companies and SAB International LTD with an objective to develop the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor. What holds the highest possibility for realty development in the west is, however, the two Metro links. As per the proposed plans for Bangalore Metro, in Phase I, the metro will touch Vijayanagar and in Phase II, it will connect Kengeri. It means that in both Phases, metro will connect the western parts with northern and eastern parts of the city and travel time will drastically come down. The Planned

Bengaluru west over the years, traces the emergence of new residential pockets in this region. This part of the city which was once an industrial town is steadily shedding its old image to transform into a modern micro-market. Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) will also enhance connectivity between West areas and other city parts. The PRR will connect Hosur Road up to Nelamangala. Moreover, development of integrated townships by Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA)

will include cluster towns located towards the western part of the city. As for infrastructure facilities in this part of Bangalore, many super specialty hospitals such as Lions, Vagus, Manipal Northside have come up, triggering a surge in demand from medical professionals. The social infrastructure, commercial and industrial development has led to better connectivity and seamless travel. The Yeshwanthpur railway station and the upcoming Metro line have spurred the development of this micro market and made it a much sought-after destination. Yeshwanthpur has almost become an extension of the traditional high-end residential neighbourhood of Malleswaram. Proximity to the Central Business District has catapulted Rajajinagar, Vijayanagar, Magadi Road and Tumkur Road into attractive residential opportunities.

Locations such as Mysore Road and Rajarajeshwari Nagar offer value for money with projects priced at a relatively lower level as compared to other locations in the city, the Metro connectivity is the major advantages of living in this belt. Western Bangalore is gearing up for its second IT zone along the Magadi Road area and the completion of Tumkur Road which is hailed as the western gateway to Bangalore. With the elevated track from Nelamangala to Yeshwantpur already completed, property values have started to rise and many branded players are now considering to launch projects in the area. The price escalation in the residential segment has been substantial in the last three to four years and it is believed that property prices will continue to increase as the quantity and quality of infrastructure will further improve. However there are certain concerns on the other hand which is the disparity between the developers expectations on the property and the cost of building their projects and in these areas, one can easily point out which among the many developers were successful with their launches in 2006 and 2007. In this regard, only those that targeted lower-middle and middle-income buyers outperformed developers who sold very large projects. Proximity to traditional trading hubs like Cottonpet and Chickpet, increasing retail and commercial activity, good social infrastructure, good connectivity to central areas of the city and upcoming Metro connectivity have provided the impetus for growth of these areas. Post 2009, with the western belt witnessing saturation in the traditional areas, Mysore Road and Rajarajeshwari Nagar have come up as new residential locations characterized by mid-range and affordable housing. Other driving factors for this cluster have been the development of SEZs, proximity to the Bidadi industrial region, presence of social infrastructure and connectivity enhancement via the NICE Ring Road. The western regions of Bangalore lie within 8-10 km from the CBD and with all required social infrastructure. Relocation of some large industries created opportunities for developers to build residential properties and support developments. Many prominent developments have been completed or are under construction. The June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 35

BENGALURU REPORT first integrated development project in Yeshwanthpur with premium housing, a luxury mall-cum-multiplex, a commercial centre, a five-star hotel, a multi-specialty hospital and school tapped the inherent demand in this micro-market. The neighbouring locations of Rajajinagar and Dr Rajkumar Road benefitted from this development and have witnessed a spurt in new residential projects. Several large developers are scouting for opportunities in this market for premium developments. Apart from residential development, several hotel and retail developments are underway to provide support to the upcoming residential and commercial developments. West Bangalore is witnessing an influx of luxury residential units as large business houses are looking for luxury living. Developers are coming up with luxury options in this part of the city. In North West Bangalore, capital values have increased from around Rs 4000 per sq ft to the range of Rs 6500 to Rs 12,000 per sq ft within a period of four years. Earlier areas such as Rajajinagar, Malleswaram and Magadi Road predominantly saw the construction of independent houses on plot sizes measuring 30Ă—40 feet and 60Ă—40 feet. However, given the scarcity of land, new developments that have been coming up are in the form of high-end residential apartments of 1,700-2,500 sqft with capital values ranging from Rs 6,500-10,500 per sqft. On the other hand, areas such as Mysore Road and Rajarajeshwari Nagar are witnessing new developments in the midrange segment with apartments of 800-1,100 sqft costing between Rs 2,800-3,800 per sqftAccording to a CBRE research, in Rajajinagar, an old residential area of west Bangalore with independent houses, capital values range between Rs 8,000-10,000 per sqft. Magadi Road has seen a few apartment projects launched by some prominent developers at values ranging between Rs 6,000-7,000 per sqft. Tumkur Road is witnessing quite a few mid-range projects with rates ranging between Rs 4,000-4,200 per sqft. Some of the benefits of living here are proximity to traditional trading hubs such as Cottonpet and Chickpet, accessibility to strong social infrastructure with proximity to schools, colleges, shopping and healthcare centres, good connectivity to the CBD and upcoming Metro rail connectivity. Locations such as Mysore Road and Rajarajeshwari Nagar offer value for money with projects priced at a relatively lower level as compared to other locations in the city, the Metro connectivity, proximity to the CBD and allied social infrastructure are the major

advantages of living in this belt. For investors, this is a 'sunrise market' and will offer significant growth opportunity.Yeshwanthpur and surrounding localities: Future Metro connectivity and easy travel to the international airport through the Outer Ring Road (ORR). Peenya and parts of Tumkur Road. The completion of the NICE Corridor, widening of Tumkur Road, and the signal-free expressway over Tumkur Road will fuel demand in the region. Magadi Road and parts of Mysore Road has improved connectivity through the NICE Ring Road. Prominent developers have already initiated residential developments here. In the long term, the market is likely to move towards self-

The price escalation in the residential segment has been substantial in the last three to four years and it is believed that property prices will continue to increase as the quantity and quality of infrastructure will further improve. contained township projects along the Tumkur Road towards the north-west, between Peenya and Nelamangala. The developers are evaluating land parcels between 50 to 70 acres for township projects. In the southwest, along Mysore Road up to Bidadi, developers are evaluating large land parcels between 50 acres to 300 acres. Land availability and comparatively affordable price range implies that the western part will feature as a bright spot in Bangalore luxury real estate. The emergence of recent residential pockets in this region. Bangalore west, that was once an industrial city, is steady shedding its previous image to remodel into a contemporary micro-market. Industries have slowly resettled to different suburbs and therefore the industrial city has receded to Peenya in the west, on Mysore Road within the south-west to theresidential district Bidadi and on Tumkur Road to the northwest. The transformation of Bangalore west over the years. Distinguished areas in west Bangalore like Malleswaram, Rajajinagar and Magadi Road are ancient residential layouts. Over the years, these locations have emerged as prime areas of residential real estate Bangalore and are experiencing high demand attributable to lack of real estate. The year 2006 to 07 saw several distinguished developers venturing into these locations. The Bangalore western regions lie inside 8 to 10 kilometre from the Central Business District and with all needed social growth. Migration of some giant industries created chances for real estate builders to construct residential properties and support the developments. Several distinguished developments are completed or are under construction, therefore the region also brings in hope of good returns for long term investors.






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36 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June


SAVE - 'SERENE VIZAG’ Save the land or savor the land has become the hot topic of Vizag city. On the face of it, Vizag is one of the greenest cities in the country, blessed as it is with an enviable 44% of estimated green cover. All thanks to its nearly 60,000 acres of green belt, which includes the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant campus, spread across the 550 square km (1.36 lakh acres) Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) limits. But dig a little deeper and one finds that in reality the city's green heritage is under grave threat. Experts warn that not only have several old trees, some as old as 150-odd years that adorned the Old Central Jail and old garden bungalows in Waltair, been chopped down to make way for modern high rises, many indigenous plant species are being replaced by foreign varieties. In the rural areas, many of the endemic and common species are fast losing their terrain due to the prevalent tribal practice of shifting cultivation. The result: some of the endemic species like Istema Venkateswaruli have become extinct and many others are on the verge of extinction. While the endemic species are those found only in a particular region, common species, though found in reasonable or large numbers in one particular place, are not exactly specific to that region. "There are 10 to 15 endemic species while there are around 1100 common Indian species. Of these, close to 30-40 species, mainly endemic ones, are now on the verge of extinction. Many of the species included in the endangered species are endemic to the higher climes of the district (over 300 meters). The only species endemic to Vizag -Istema Venkateswaruli -- was last sighted in the Hanumanthavaka hill range the early 1970's," said Dr M Tarakeswara Naidu of the Department of Botany at Andhra University. According to him, some of the common trees such as Terminalia Chembula, also known as Karaka Chettu in Telugu, that has anticancer properties, was once extremely popular in gardens and plantations but is now giving way to quick growing species such as Acacia mainly due to the green belt developers' fetish for quick growing species. Experts pointed out that despite plenty of data being available very little has been done to conserve the endemic and common species of Vizag, which is why it has become all the more important to build a gene pool bank for plants to ensure that both the endemic and common species of Vizag district can be preserved in large numbers. "The need to preserve the gene pool of common and endemic species of the region was first raised by Professors Bhairava Murthy and Professor J Venkateswarulu of AU's botany department way back

in the 1960s. The duo published their work titled Flora of Visakhapatnam in 1972, comprising research conducted over two decades. However, despite other books following this pioneering piece of work, not much has been done towards preserving the 30odd endemic species or even for that matter some of the common trees like even neem or the blue berry tree as many are being chopped down for the durability of the wood," said Professor E Uday Bhaskar Reddy of the Department of Environmental Studies at AU. Already concerned over the alarming rate at which local varieties are being replaced by ornamental foreign varieties, members of the scientific and academic community of Andhra University along with a few concerned members of civic society are now working towards this end.

Some of the endemic species like Istema Venkateswaruli have become extinct and many others are on the verge of extinction. Recently, Mother Earth Environment Consciousness Society (MECONS) launched a signature campaign to save a 125 year old Banyan in the Waltair Railway station campus in addition to other old trees. "Our focus is on saving old trees and preserving the gene pool of the endemic and common species by sensitising people," said Ravi Kanth Reddy of MECONS Vizag chapter. According to experts, all is not lost as some of the endangered species such as Istema Venkateswaruli and Phyllanthus Narayanaswami can still be regenerated in Vizag if they are sighted again. "Species such as Cyathea, a true wonder fern which has two-meter-long leaves that is found in the higher climes of Paderu and GK Veedhi but is vanishing due to Ganja cultivation, must be provided a home to grow in the region, where a number of campuses of state-run companies abound," said Prof Bhaskar Reddy. Experts called for policies to protect endemic and common species that are fast being replaced by foreign palms and decorative trees to ensure bio-diversity is maintained. "As there is no such policy, we must invite corporates, government institutions, willing individuals and NGOs to develop a gene pool of species common to the area, thereby maintaining the local ecology," said Prof Bhaskar Reddy, pointing out that the reduction in Palmyra trees in the city has led to a significant reduction in the number of birds such as woodpeckers. 2013 June I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 37


38 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June


June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 39



Land & Built up Rates S.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76

AREA Abids Amberpet Ameerpet Alwal Appa Junction Ashok Nagar AS Rao Nagar Attapur Bachupally Bandlaguda Banjara Hills Barkatpura Begumpet Bibi Nagar Boduppal Bollaram Bowenpally Chanda Nagar Chikkadpally DD Colony Dilsukhnagar East Maredpally ECIL Gachibowli Gajularamaram Ghatkesar Habsiguda Himayathnagar Hitech City Hyderguda Hydernagar Jubilee Hills Kachiguda Khairatabad Kokapet Kompally Kondapur Kothapet KPHB Kukatpally L B Nagar Lingampally Madhapur Madinaguda Malkajgiri Mallapur Manikonda Masab Tank Medchal Mehdipatnam Miyapur Motinagar Musheerabad Nagaram Nagole Nallagandla Nallakunta Nampally Nizampet Padmarao Nagar Panjagutta Patancheru Pragati Nagar Prasanthnagar Rajendra Nagar Ramanthapur RTC X Roads SR Nagar Sainikpuri Saket Sanath Nagar Santhosh Nagar Secunderabad Shadnagar Shaikpet Shamshabad

RESIDENTIAL (Rs/sqft) 3500 3000 3000 2200 2500 3800 2000 2000 2500 2000 5500 4000 3600 1550 2200 1500 2000 2600 3150 3000 2500 2500 2300 3000 2200 1580 2000 4200 3800 3100 3000 4900 2800 3850 2500 2100 3300 2100 2500 2500 2300 2500 4500 2400 1700 2000 2400 2000 2000 1400 2700 3000 1500 1700 2100 2900 2900 2600 2000 3000 3300 1500 2100 1700 2300 2000 2100 3700 1900 2300 4000 2000 2300 1100 2000 2300 -

3800 4000 5000 2500 3000 4500 2800 2500 3300 2500 7000 4800 4500 2500 3000 3000 3000 3600 4000 5000 3400 3000 2700 7500 2800 2100 3000 4800 4500 4000 3700 5700 5000 4500 3000 2500 3600 2600 4000 3000 2700 3500 7500 3200 2800 2700 3300 3500 2500 2000 4000 3500 3000 2600 3200 4000 4100 4000 2500 6000 4400 2900 3500 3300 3200 3000 3000 4500 2200 2800 4500 3000 4600 2500 3500 3900

COMMERCIAL (Rs/sqft) 4400 - 7500 2600 - 4000 3550 - 5000 2050 - 4550 3000 - 4500 4000 - 5000 3000 - 3500 3000 - 4100 3550 - 4650 3200 - 4500 6650 - 9500 4550 - 5050 5650 - 7200 2200 - 2700 3000 - 4500 2000 - 4000 4000 - 5200 3100 - 5000 5225 - 8550 4000 - 5500 4000 - 5700 5200 - 7300 3000 - 4000 4500 - 8000 2500 - 3000 3000 - 3600 4000 - 5000 4500 - 7500 6500 - 8000 3650 - 6800 2600 - 3800 7200 - 10000 3600 - 5200 4000 - 6800 2800 - 4000 3100 - 4500 3500 - 6100 3300 - 4300 3100 - 5600 3100 - 5600 3150 - 3650 3000 - 4500 4000 - 4500 3250 - 4500 3000 - 4500 2500 - 3500 2600 - 3100 3000 - 4000 2000 - 3500 4700 - 6000 3200 - 4550 3100 - 4200 5700 - 7400 2000 - 3300 2600 - 3700 3200 - 4200 3300 - 3900 3800 - 5700 2600 - 3800 3900 - 6200 7500 - 14600 2000 - 3200 3400 - 5300 3400 - 4700 2700 - 4200 3300 - 4700 4300 - 6700 4600 - 6500 2800 - 4500 2600 - 3600 4400 - 6200 3300 - 4900 3000 - 5000 1400 - 2600 2600 - 3700 3900 - 5300

RETAIL (Rs/sqft) 7125 - 11400 1750 - 3000 4000 - 5000 1550 - 2000 3000 - 3550 3000 - 6000 6000 - 7000 4430 - 4700 3800 - 4400 8100 - 15750 7070 - 8500 10000 - 12350 2800 - 3000 3300 - 4900 3500 - 5000 4500 - 6500 5000 - 6500 7500 - 10000 4000 - 6000 8550 - 11400 5450 - 6800 3500 - 6200 5000 - 8000 2200 - 2800 3000 - 4200 4000 - 5400 4500 - 8000 10000 - 13000 7100 - 8550 3000 - 3600 9900 - 12600 6000 - 8500 6500 - 7400 3100 - 4500 3500 - 5000 6500 - 8000 3150 - 3800 7050 - 8500 7500 - 9000 6200 - 8200 4500 - 6000 4700 - 7800 4000 - 6000 4000 - 6000 3000 - 4500 3000 - 4100 5500 - 6200 2000 - 4000 6150 - 8550 4300 - 5850 3200 - 5300 6500 - 9950 2600 - 4300 3000 - 4200 2700 - 4600 5300 - 6300 4800 - 8000 1800 - 3200 3300 - 7300 9400 - 15600 2300 - 3700 4400 - 6000 3900 - 5400 2900 - 4700 3400 - 4700 8800 - 11500 3300 - 6700 3700 - 4900 2900 - 4200 3400 - 7300 3100 - 6000 7400 - 9800 2300 - 2900 3200 - 4800 4400 - 6600



3200 - 4500 2000 - 4200 2300 - 5600 1600 - 2900 1950 - 2750 2100 - 3300 1500 - 2650 5500 - 10100 5500 - 7400 3230 - 4750 200 - 350 1000 - 2000 800 - 1200 2800 - 3800 2500 - 3400 4700 - 5500 3000 - 4500 3600 - 6050 4700 - 5250 2200 - 2900 3200 - 7000 1400 - 2200 250 - 500 3500 - 4500 5000 - 7000 3200 - 4500 2000 - 2500 4550 - 6000 2450 - 2800 2500 - 4000 1800 - 2800 1500 - 3500 3000 - 4200 2500 - 4100 3500 - 5000 3000 - 3800 2100 - 2600 2500 - 3200 3100 - 5500 2200 - 3300 2500 - 3500 1800 - 2000 3400 - 4500 4500 - 7000 2700 - 3800 2000 - 3700 4300 - 5200 1100 - 3100 1300 - 2500 1400 - 3600 2000 - 3200 3700 - 5900 1300 - 3100 2400 - 3900 3500 - 4700 200 - 1100 1300 - 3400 3600 - 4600 1600 - 3600 2300 - 3500 5900 - 7500 3200 - 5700 1100 - 2400 1100 - 2100 3200 - 5700 1700 - 3700 2600 - 4600 200 - 800 1600 - 2700 300 700

12000 4500 - 6000 4700 - 6800 3000 - 3500 2500 - 3650 3000 - 4400 3500 - 4000 7600 - 17100 6000 - 8000 4250 - 7700 300 - 600 2200 - 2500 1200 - 2800 5100 - 7000 3300 - 3900 4550 - 6650 4000 - 6000 5000 - 6650 9550 - 10500 3500 - 4500 5500 - 7500 1200 - 1500 400 - 750 4000 - 6000 9000 - 11000 5500 - 9000 2400 - 3000 6300 - 12600 3100 - 3500 6000 - 8000 2500 - 4000 2500 - 4100 4000 - 6000 7200 - 9000 8000 - 11000 4000 - 7000 2300 - 3100 4000 - 6000 8050 - 11400 6400 - 8500 3050 - 4500 1900 - 2500 4500 - 8600 5700 - 8500 4850 - 7600 2800 - 4000 5600 - 7600 2100 - 4500 1800 - 2800 3000 - 4300 2100 - 6700 5300 - 7200 1800 - 3300 3400 - 4500 9300 - 13500 700 - 1600 2400 - 4300 3800 - 7700 2900 - 4300 3000 - 3900 6900 - 8000 6500 - 8300 2300 - 3700 1300 - 2500 6300 - 8300 3800 - 6800 4600 - 11500 800 - 1700 2000 - 4000 1400 - 2200






77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86

Somajiguda Srinagar Colony Srisailam Highway Suchitra Tarnaka Tolichowki Trimulgherry Uppal Vidya Nagar West Maredpally

4500 - 5000 4400 - 5500 2300 - 3000 2200 - 3600 3000 - 3800 3800 - 6300 2000 - 3000 2000 - 2900 2400 - 5700 2500 - 3000

6700 - 8300 4400 - 6700 2600 - 3700 3300 - 5300 5400 - 6500 4300 - 6900 3900 - 5600 2900 - 4300 4400 - 7700 5300 - 7400

6700 5000 2300 3500 6400 6600 4400 7400 5800 6700 -

1100 - 2200 2400 - 3900 2400 - 3700 3100 - 4600 2400 - 3800 1000 - 1400 3300 - 4200 1600 - 2900 1700 - 3600 1700 - 2500 1900 - 3600 2200 - 3500 1000 - 1900 2700 - 4700 2700 - 4200 2400 - 3900 1900 - 2900 1500 - 2200 1400 - 2300 2400 - 3200 1400 - 2300 2900 - 4300 3700 - 4600 1800 - 4600 1400 - 1900 2700 - 3900 1700 - 3200

1600 - 2400 2700 - 4700 3400 - 4200 3900 - 5200 3300 - 4600 1000 - 3200 3800 - 5500 2400 - 3700 2800 - 4600 2400 - 3300 2900 - 4300 3200 - 4000 1900 - 2600 3900 - 6200 4100 - 6300 4400 - 5700 2700 - 4200 2000 - 3000 2900 - 4700 3100 - 4200 1800 - 2900 3300 - 4900 3500 - 4700 3800 - 4900 1800 - 2600 3300 - 4200 2600 - 4300

1700 - 2900 2400 - 3900 1800 - 4300 2500 - 3900 1900 - 5500 5500 - 9700 3300 - 6700 1500 - 5200 3500 - 5500 3500 - 7000 5000 - 9500 1900 - 3500 4500-11500 2000 - 3000 2100 - 5700 2700 - 3400 2200 - 2800 2000 - 4000 8000 -11000 5000 - 6500 2000 - 5000 2300 - 3000 2600 - 3700 1700 - 2200 7100 -10000 3500 - 7500 2500 - 4000 7500 -12000 1900 - 2300 15200 -16900 3000 - 6000 5000-10000 1700 - 2200 7000 - 9000 3400 -12000 3400 -12000 2200 - 3500 2400 - 4000 2900 - 4550 2600 - 5400

2400 - 4500 3400 - 4700 3300 - 5600 3400 - 4400 4100 - 6100 8900 -13900 5400 - 7200 5000 - 5500 4500 - 6000 5500 - 8000 7000-10000 3000 - 4200 4500 - 6400 2800 - 3400 5000 - 8500 3200 - 4500 3000 - 4200 3800 - 5400 7500 -14000 6000 - 9500 4500 - 5500 3500 - 4500 3500 - 5000 2000 - 4500 9000 -12500 4000 - 8500 3500 - 4500 8000 -14000 2400 - 3200 15950 -19000 5500 - 7800 7800 - 9400 2500 - 3500 3200 - 6900 5000 -10000 5000 -10000 3200 - 4200 3500 - 6000 4500 - 6200 5800 - 6500


RETAIL (Rs/sqft) 11900 7200 3200 6500 6900 8900 8200 9200 8700 8600



4200 - 5900 2700 - 3700 100 - 400 2200 - 3700 3000 - 4100 1700 - 2900 2500 - 3700 1700 - 2700 3900 - 5400 3500 - 3700

6300 - 12500 3600 - 5300 300 - 600 3600 - 5600 6500 - 8700 3700 - 6900 3400 - 5700 3400 - 5300 6700 - 10100 3600 - 4400

2300 - 3300 2900 - 4300 3900 - 5700 4400 - 5300 4700 - 6200 2700 - 3600 6300 - 7700 7800 - 12300 3300 - 5200 3300 - 4300 3400 - 4300 3500 - 4500 2700 - 3300 5100 - 6400 4900 - 6400 4900 - 6200 2800 - 3600 2800 - 3500 3900 - 6200 4200 - 5200 2400 - 3200 3700 - 6200 4100 - 5300 4400 - 5300 2100 - 3200 4100 - 4600 3400 - 4500

300 - 700 400 - 700 4300 - 5700 300 - 600 4300 - 5700 500 - 1700 5300 - 6300 700 - 1800 2400 - 3800 400 - 900 1100 - 1700 1800 - 2400 4400 - 5600 1000 - 1700 4900 - 5900 2900 - 4700 1700 - 2300 1500 - 2000 4800 - 6300 300 - 600 1700 - 2900 3900 - 4600 1200 - 2600 500 - 1200 250 - 400 1600 - 2300 1000 - 2000

450 - 800 700 - 1100 5400 - 6900 750 - 1100 5300 - 6900 800 - 2100 5800 - 12300 1600 - 2800 3300 - 5300 750 - 1300 1400 - 2800 2200 - 2800 4900 - 6200 1800 - 2700 5400 - 6200 4500 - 5200 2600 - 3200 2500 - 3200 8800 - 12400 400 - 1100 3200 - 4600 5300 - 6900 2900 - 5600 1100 - 1900 500 - 1100 2400 - 3200 1300 - 2800

3800 - 6200 4100 - 5200 4700 - 6200 4300 - 6500 5300 - 6800 13300- 15800 4800 - 7000 6000 - 6400 4800 - 6500 6000 - 9000 8550- 11400 4000 - 5800 6000 - 7400 3200 - 4000 6800 - 8500 4200 - 5600 4500 - 5800 5000 - 7000 12800 -14250 9000 - 11000 5000 - 6000 5000 - 6200 5700 - 6500 4000 - 6200 10450 -13300 5000 - 9000 4200 - 5000 11850 -15200 3000 - 4500 19500 - 24000 7000 - 9000 9500 - 11850 4200 - 6000 5500 - 7000 5500 - 11000 5500 - 11000 4000 - 4800 5400 - 7500 6450 - 7200 6200 - 8000

7400 -10500 2000 - 3000 1100 - 1600 3300 - 4600 4800 - 7600 13300-14400 2900 - 4500 3000 - 4200 1000 - 2500 5500- 10000 3000- 10000 2500 - 4000 7500 -11000 2500 - 3500 3000 - 6000 1500 - 2400 1600 - 2500 300 - 750 9200-12000 6800 - 8200 2800 - 3800 6500 - 8000 3000 - 5300 600 - 2500 9000 - 11500 4800 - 7500 2000 - 3200 9200 -15000 3500 - 5500 8000 -12000 800 - 2900 9500 -12500 4500 - 5200 3000 - 4500 4500 - 9000 4500 - 9000 4500 - 6000 3800 - 4500 2950 - 3750 3800 - 4600

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Achutapuram Anandapuram Akkayapelem Beach Road CBM Compound Duvvada Dwarakanagar Gajuwaka Jagadamba Junction Kurmannapalem Maddilapalem Madhurawada Maharanipeta Marripalem Murali Nagar Narsimhanagar HWY NAD Junction PM palem Pedawaltair Pendurthi Sheelanagar Seethammadhara Siripuram Simhachalam Thagarapuvalasa Visalakshinagar Yendada

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June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 47

48 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June












50 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June

June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 51

No property registration without OC in Hyderabad (GO 168), according to officials, the occupancy certificate has been made compulsory for structures irrespective of its size and plot area. The OC is issued by the municipal authority only if a building is built as per the sanctioned plan on plots over 100 square metres. It is also mandatory for getting water, sewerage and electricity connections. "If the registration department makes registrations for the permitted built-up area of buildings as per the sanctioned plan, most of the unauthorized constructions will be controlled. For this, the Registration Act needs to be amended by incorporating an appropriate clause in section 21," GHMC commissioner MT Krishna Babu said. Though the GHMC has been giving nearly












7,000 to 8,000 building permissions a year, only 600 to 700 building owners/ builders came forward to take occupancy certificate. The GHMC officials admit that deviations in major buildings that come up in a plot size of between 200 sq metres and 500 sq metres could be controlled with the mortgage rule, but they were not able to control structures which come up on plots below 200 sq metres, where the builders take G+1permission and raise additional floors. "Apart from these measures, a town planning tribunal is also being considered by the municipal administration and urban development (MA&UD) department to deal with cases pertaining to municipal town planning," the officials said.



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52 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June

Alko Trading Co. Shop No: 5-1-1013, New Pather Masjid, Gowliguda, Hyderabad-12. Tel : 040-24747909.

the sale values in the region. "A number of buses also ply from here which is yet another reason for the boost," said Kumar. So who are buying? As Padmarao Nagar is a Tamilcommunity dominated area, here mostly people from Chennai come and stay."Majority people buying apartments here hail from IT background or are businessmen from Chennai. The end-user, investor ratio here is 80: 20. The configurations that are in demand are 2 and 3 BHK apartments. "In Padmarao Nagar, one BHK accommodations are very less which are usually turned into studio apartments. But, there is a significant demand for 2 and 3 BHK apartments. There are 4 BHK configurations also but the demand is less," he added. Here, 2 BHK and 3 BHK are spread in 800-1200 square

Connectivity pushes sale values in Padmarao Nagar Hyderabad is witnessing a stable rise in terms of property values. Increase in sale values in multi-storey apartments inside the city of pearls is significantly increasing. One such area which is showing an upward trend in terms of sale values is Padmarao Nagar. Its strategic location and connectivity both have impacted the values here and according to the data available with, the sale values in multi-storey apartments have increased by 19 per cent. Confirms Sheshu Kumar from BR Property Consultants, "Its unique location and connectivity to both Secunderabad and Hyderabad has given a boost to property values here. Padmarao

Nagar is a connecting area between Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Also all basic amenities and facilities are available here which is giving the sale value a fillip here." Padmarao Nagar is just a kilometre away from Secunderabad Railway Station and the nearest MMTS station is Sitaphalmandi. Also, the area is calm and peaceful with lush green environment. "Here schools and colleges are also nearby. The airport is just 20 kilometres away and Padamrao Nagar also has the famous multi-specialty Gandhi Hospitaland a reknowned park as well. There are recreational centres also," added Kumar. Meanwhile, proximity to areas like Mushirabad, Naampally, etc has also increased C

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June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 53

with decent crowd. Better roads and verdant area dot Tellapur. "The sale values of multi-storey apartments in Tellapur have increased by 16-20 per cent. The area's proximity to HI Tech City, financial district in Gachibowli, BHEL, Techno City, etc are raised the sale graph. The real estate sector is doing well in this area," said Madhusudan Rao of LG Constructions. Besides, the area is just 20 kilometres away from the International Airport and the nearest metro station is situated in Ligampally is also in the vicinity. Other areas that are close to Tellapur are Usman Nagar, Kokapet, etc. As per the experts in the industry, Tellapur is becoming one of the sought after destinations. "Due to its location and proximity to IT companies, mostly IT professionals and NRI crowd buy property here.

feet and 1200-1300 square feet area. The sale values in these configurations start from Rs 3800-4300 per square feet, depending upon the builder and projects. Several projects have come up here by Gharonda Builders and ShantaShreeram Builders.

IT professionals eye Tellapur Those seeking a calm and peaceful residential space near their workplaces in HI TECH City or financial district should end their search at Tellapur in Hyderabad. Tellapur in Hyderabad is experiencing a significant rise in sale values in multi-storey apartment. Multiple factors have pushed the values and as per the data available the area is witnessing a hike in sale values by at least 16 per cent. The area is quite peaceful and C










People working in financial district in companies like ICICI, Infosys, Wipro, etc also come here to buy apartments. The end-user and investor ratio here stands at 80:20," added Rao. Here, there is less of one BHK (only five per cent) and 2 and 3 BHK apartments are in abundance and the demand is also very much high here. "Mostly 2 and 3 BHK are more in demand here. The 2 BHK in 1000-1300 square feet area is available for around Rs 30 lakhs whereas the 3 BHK accommodation In 1600-2200 square feet area is for Rs 45 lakhs," informed Rao.The 4 BHK configuration is less in demand as it is costly and is available for Rs 63 lakhs. Builders like Aliens Group and Aakriti Infra Projects are here which are developing the area in terms of residential property.




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Tiwn Cities

REAL ESTATE BULLETIN CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION EVERY MONTH Subscription: (Including Packaging & Postage) For one year Rs. 400/- (12 Monthly issues of Rs. 30/- each. Postage & Packaging Rs.140/- Total worth Rs. 500/-) “ Yes, I am interested. I accept the invitation offer. ” I am arranging by Cheques / DD / MO favouring “ A.Z. Amstar Media Pvt. Ltd ”. Hyderabad. Name(Block) :__________________________________________________________________

Circulation Agency

Adderss :________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Pincode :__________________________________Phone :______________________________ Date :______________________________________Profession :_________________________

Register Online

A.Z. AMSTAR MEDIA PVT. LTD #103B, 1st floor, Thomas Prabhu Relianc Complex, Himayatnagar, Hyd-29. Ph: 040-31000815, Cell: 901063802. 54 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June

enhance connectivity, but will also lead to availability of land parcels for development of real estate." The development of the ORR in the beginning of the past decade and the government's promotion of an IT corridor between Electronic City in the south and Whitefield in the east helped the emergence of the ORR-Sarjapur Road stretch as the new IT hub. Factors that improved its draw are the proximity of this sub-market to the city's core areas, better connectivity as well as proximity to the residential catchment areas and the IT workforce.

Bangalore East a premium residential hub Home to expansive British-style bungalows surrounded by acres of green until as recently as 15 years ago, Bangalore East has transformed into a self-sufficient region solely due to improved infrastructure. The cablestayed bridge at K R Puram, the Marathahalli bridge linking the east to the south and north via the Outer Ring Road (ORR), the widening of Varthur Road, and the over-bridge at Kadugodi have all served to push demand for residential options in the surrounding localities. Shrinivas Rao, CEO – Asia Pacific, Vestian Global Workplace Services, traces the transformation, "The completion of the signal-

free stretch of the ORR from the Silk Board junction up to Hebbal has helped working professionals living in HSR Layout, BTMMadivala, and Marathahalli. Subsequently, these regions have also witnessed rapid development in terms of residential and social infrastructure. The extension of the Metro line in Phase II, connecting Whitefield to Byappanahalli will directly connect the east with the central business district (CBD). Additionally, the Chennai-Bangalore Corridor proposed in the Union Budget 2013-14 will positively impact Bangalore East in the next 5-10 years. Completion of these projects will not only



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Yashas Engineering No. 19 & 20,Shantha Complex, Lady Curzon Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore-01. Tel: 9880090930.


GLASS A.D. Associates #16/17, Ramakrishna Nagar, 100 Feet Road Nagar, Bangalore-560078. Tel: 9986954131.


GRANITES, MARBLES Aditya Stones #17, Magadi Road, 2nd Main Road, Ranganathapura, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bglr-79. Tel: 9343718044. Ajay Marble No. 10, Anjanapura Post, Near Hanunam Temple, Ajjanahalli, Bangalore-562130. Tel: 9901823884, 8088224908.

HARDWARE, TOOLS Tejas Play #519, 100 Feet Road Ring, 5th Block, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore-560011. Tel: 080 - 26597627.


AAman Plywood & Furnitures Shop #No. 244, Jeddah Complex , Main Road Devarajeevana Halli, Bangalore-560045. Tel: 080 - 25465697, 9448017191.

PRE-FAB STRUCTURE TEXSHADE PREFABS Pvt. Ltd. No. 1, survey 61/1, Opp. NSP Electronics, Avalahalli, Virgo Nagar Post, Banglore-560049. Tel: 09739995565, 08028472606.

PUMPS Gears & Gear Drives No. 585 9th A Main, 1st Stage, Indira Nagar, Bangalore-560038. Tel: 080 - 25214271, 25281306.

READYMIX CONCRETE C.R. Revanna Gurusiddappa #79, O.K. Road, Rajipet, Bangalore City H.O, Bangalore -560002. Tel: 9243122987.


>>SS STEEL Balaji Traders #1, KVN Complex, I.C. Palya Main Road, Akshaya Nagar, Bangalore City H.O, Bglr-16. Tel: 9341261989.


Eshwar Infratech Pvt. Ltd. No. 86/2, Nafab Compound, Thubarohalli, Varthur Main Road Varthur, Bangalore-560066. Tel: 9535346464, 080 - 28525538.


Teraco Marketing Consortium No. 76, A Narayanapura Main Road, Near KR Puram Railway Station, Duravani Nagar, Banglore-560016. Tel: 65639788, 9880832043. Anurag Enterprises No. 82, near shaneshwara temple, Vastu Layout, Kudlu Village, Hosur Road, Bangalore-560068. Tel: 9845296668.

Solarizer - Reddy Solar Energy #2, Sri Sesha Sai, 6th Main, 1st Block Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore-560016. Tel: 9886999633.



M.R. Enterprises Spurthi Kalakendra Building, Near Johnson School, Sangollirayanna Road, Bomannahalli, Mangammana Palya, Bangalore-560068.Tel: 9731457540.

Promocamp Services India Pvt. Ltd 45-1, 5th cross, sri gandhada kavalu, industrial estate, hunumantha nagara, Sunkadakatti, Banglore: 560091. Tel: 9845075647.

Elements Kitchens Solutions Pvt. Ltd. No. 241, K.R. Road, Shastri Nagar, Beside Sarada Indian Oil Petrol Bunk, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore-560070. Tel: 9900269592, 26763031.




Rahul Enterprises #89/1, J.C. Road , Opp. SKC Complex, Next To SBH Bank, Bglr-02. Tel: 9740875554.

L.P.V. Paint Specialities Pvt. Ltd. Phase-1, 3rd Main,Peenya S.I., Near FFI Garments, Bglr-58. Tel: 9448483603.

Srinidhi Tarpaulins #48/1, Sri MMS Arcade, Near Hotel Mayuri, J.C. Road, Bglr-02. Tel: 9448080671.



AI Pipe Bending Works Gangondahalli Main Road, Opp. Govt Kannada School, Rajarajeswari Nagar, Bglr-39.Tel: 9902265261

G.L. Technologies #19, 2nd Floor, 1st Main, 2nd Stage, Opp.Vijaya Bank, West off Cord Road, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore -560086. Tel: 9379945369.

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June 2013 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 55

Concrete jungle eating into Visakhapatnam's green heritage make way for modern highrises, many indigenous plant species are being replaced by foreign varieties. In the rural areas, many of the endemic and common species are fast losing their terrain due to the prevalent tribal practice of shifting cultivation. Experts pointed out that despite plenty of data being available very little has been done to conserve the endemic and common species of Vizag, which is why it has become all the more important to build a gene pool bank for plants to ensure that both the endemic and common species of Vizag district can be preserved in large numbers.

On the face of it, Vizag is one of the greenest cities in the country, blessed as it is with an enviable 44% of estimated green cover. All thanks to its nearly 60,000 acres of green belt, which includes the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant campus, spread across the 550 square km (1.36 lakh acres) Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) limits. But dig a little deeper and one finds that in reality the city's green heritage is under grave threat. Experts warn that not only have several old trees, some as old as 150-odd years that adorned the Old Central Jail and old garden bungalows in Waltair, been chopped down to C










Aluminium Corner #27-32-13/1, 75 Feet Road, Vizag-530001. Tel: 9885169694. Aluminium Trading Co. #30-15-181, Saraswathi Junction Dabagardens, Vizag-530020. Tel: 0891- 2590421.

BRICKS Balaji Hydro Lifting & Hardware #27-32-98, 75 Feet Road, Opp. Madhuva Residency Hotel, Vizag-530001. Tel: 9440147162. Sri Datta Industries Plot No.7, Gurrampalem, Pendurthi, Sri Datta Industries, Vizag-530012. Tel: 9885222811, 0891 - 2758959, 0891 - 2763188.

CABLES, ELECTRICALS Hyderabad Agencies #49-25-1/2, Madhura Nagar, Near Municipal School, Visakhapatnam-16. Tel: 9885250600, 9885036660. Vinayak Agencies #49-18-16, Lalitha Nagar, Near Tondam Vinayak Temple ,Vizag-530016. Tel: 0891 - 2502358, 0891 - 2573512, 0891 - 6641809.

CEMENT DEALERS & MANUFACTURERS Collooru Brothers #28-14-15A, Suryabagh, Beside Rajkamal Theatre, Vizag-20. Tel: 9848114602, 0891 - 2561784. Sridevi Steel Traders 1st Floor Kancharapalem, Beside Parameshwari Theatre , Vizag-530008. Tel: 0891-2558890.

CERAMICS & SANITATION Sky Plast Surface Coatings #50-81-22/1, Main Road, Behind Central Bank, Seethammapeta Bazar, Vizag-16. Tel: 9848194594.

Visakha Traders #43-9-189, 2nd Floor Kolagatla Arcade,Subalakshmi Nagar Opp - Sri Kanya Theatre Maharanipet, Visakhapatnam-530016. Tel: 0891 - 2745434.

FLOOR CARPETS Sai Deep Floor Decors #10-50-47, Waltair Main Road, Near CDR Hospital, Ram Nagar, Vizag-530002. Tel: 9848120108. Studio Orion #10-50-24A, 1st Floor, Sravya Manor Siripuram, Visakhapatnam-530003. Tel: 0891-3241444.

FURNITURE A Liberty's Seating Systems Elluri Road Daba Gardens, Vizag-530020. Tel: 9849046231, Crm Enterprise #47-9-4, Punnami Complex, 3rd Lane, Dwaraka Nagar, Visakhapatnam-530016. Tel: 9848170069.

GLASS Multy Glass House #43-17-17, Near Yerukamamba Tmpl Dondaparthy, Visakhapatnam-530001. Tel: 9440032768. Om Glass N Ply Industries Pvt. Ltd. #50-92-35/3, Shantipuram, Near Vertex Interiors, Shankar Matam Main Road, Vizag-530016. Tel: 9440610051, 9440610052.

GRANITES, MARBLES Baba Marbles & Granites, #53-17-13/2,Near Automotive Company Maddilapalem, Vizag-530013.Tel: 9849228978. Marine Electronics & Navigation Systems Pvt. Ltd. #25-12-7/1, ground floor, Sri Dhanalakshmi Arcade, Godavari Street, Vizag-530001. Tel: 9848689328.



Kailash Hardware Corpn #27-32-47, 75 Feet Road, Near Dolphin Hotel, Vizag-530001. Tel: 9848198486, 2569079.

Hindustan Construction Chemical & Allied Products #47 Block E, Extension Autonagar, Opp. N.M.D.C. Ltd. Gajuwaka, Vizag-20. Tel:9848111680, 0891 - 2514243.

Vizag Steel & Hardware Suryabagh, Vizag-530020. Tel: 0891 - 5564687, 9949064689.


DOORS & WINDOWS Alpine Doors & Plywood #49-24-30/1, Ramakrishna Nagar, Dwarakanagar, Visakhapatnam-530016. Tel: 9849819191.

FABRICATIONS, GATE/GRILLS, ROLLING SHUTTERS Sri Krishna Modern Grills NH-5, Maddilapalem, Near Automotive Company, Vizag-530013. Tel: 9346689269.

A.N. Steel Traders Plot No. 172, I.D.A, D Block Chinagantyada, Visakhapatnam-530026. Tel: 0891 - 2508852. A.R. Steel Industries #F-26, D Block, IDA , Autonagar, Vizag-530012. Tel: 0891 - 2517030, Beekay Steel Industries Ltd. Plot No. 19-21, 24-26, E Block, Near Auto Nagar, Vizag-530012. Tel: 9989588025.

56 I Twin Cities REAL ESTATE BULLETIN I 2013 June

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has flouted the norms of the Rajiv Aawas Yojana in preparing detailed project reports (DPR) and identifying beneficiaries, alleged many residents of the 13 slums in the city that the GVMC officials visited, including Suryateja Nagar. The residents claimed that the officials concerned entered some benami names as beneficiaries of the centrally sponsored housing project, which aims at providing a house worth Rs 5 lakh to families living in slums.





Civic body in soup over housing project for slum dwellers

MATERIAL SUPPLY Rdc Concrete (I) Pvt. Ltd. #Plot No.98C, D-Block, Opp. Gajuvaka RTO Office, Auto nagar, Vizag-530012. Tel: 9989855249. Sree Ravi Enterprises #54-1-14/5, Main Road Isukathota, Vizag-530022. Tel: 0891 - 2788314.

MODULAR KITCHENS Arun Chaitanya Interiors & Contractors Near Kunchamamba Temple, Madhavadhara, Visakhapatnam-530007. Tel: 9959788777. CEC Projects Inc. #48-16-7/15, Flat No: 503, Asilametta Juction, Sri Sai Paradise, Sri Nagar, Vizag-16. Tel: 9246422899.

PAINTS Ali Hardware & Paint Stores #26/24-30, Velampeta, Near Head Post Office, Visakhapatnam-530001. Tel: 9440996478. Anjaneya Paints #48-14-63, Near Maruti Service Station, Ramatalkies Main Road Sri Nagar, Vizag-530016. Tel: 9160350152.

PIPES & FITTINGS Alka Pipe & Fittings Co #31-32-32, Ghantasala Road Dabagardens, Visakhapatnam-530020. Tel: 0891 - 2527782. Perfect Tube Centre Pvt. Ltd. #28-13-5/2, Suryabagh, Vizag-20. Tel: 9030724021.

PLYWOOD, TIMBERS N C L Inds Ltd. #50-48-13, P&T Colony, Sithamma Dhara, Visakhapatnam-530013. Tel:- 0891 - 2543533. Sri Laxmi Plywood & Hardware Gajuwaka Junction Kanthi Road, Vizag-530016. Tel: 0891 - 2768389.

PUMPS Leak Stop Expert Plot No. 86 & 87, B. Block Auto Nagar, Beside Blue Dart Office,Vizag-12. Tel: 0891 -2516099,9848192299. Phoenix Power Products #44/38/12/23, Akkayypalem, Near 80 Feet Road, Vizag-530016. Tel: 9848027047, 0891 - 2747225.

READYMIX CONCRETE Murali Krishna Enterprises #9-32-8, Pitapuram Colony, Vizag-03. Tel: 2573624.

SOLAR SYSTEM Solarium - Solar Shoppe #43-9-185, Subbalakshminagar, Opp. Sri Kanya Theater, Dondaparthi, Vizag-16. Tel: 9885364101.



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