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Establishing Professional Practice 04/03/13 Week 7 Module name: Timetable hours: Hours attended: Additional hours:

Design & Materials 450 minutes 90 minutes 3654 minutes

What I expect to achieve: I expect to have all my orthographic drawings, Sketch Up model and client presentation done so that I can hand in my work on Friday. What have I achieved? I managed to finish all my work as planned but my Sketch Up model didn’t go entirely well. It was a bit challenging to draw because it’s arc-shaped and I had two of them joined back to back like )(. They joined but not how I intended. Did I visit any galleries to further my knowledge? I did not visit any galleries this week instead I read issue 60 (online) of a magazine called OBJEKT© International. The magazine focused on a wide range of things from architecture, interiors, gardens, art, antiques and design. I enjoyed reading the magazine because it was rich and focused on a lot of my interest. What do I think/feel about my achievements? I am happy with my final outcome and I know that if I had given myself more time I could have improved my Sketch Up model. I am quite annoyed that when it came to summiting my project via blackboard, I was not able to probably because of technical difficulties. I am not that sure what happened but when it finally went through it was 18 minutes late, which is unfortunate because I worked really hard. What did I learn this week It always comes down to time management. I need to manage my time more efficiently so that I can make the most of what I learn and show my talents. What will I do next...? I will talk to my tutor to find out what the problem was with my blackboard and work towards my deadline after Easter for ‘Establishing professional practice’.

Find below images from OBJEKT© International.

Establishing Professional Practice 04/03/13 Issue 60: 2.5 hectares house designed by Guilhem Eustache. I really like the layout of the page, it’s clear and I can see the building from different perspectives.

While looking at photographs from previous issues, I came across this image in Issue 53. It’s so cool but I don’t know how practical it is because the man basically looks like he had to walk in that water to get in there. Imagine that at the Hive!

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