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Steel bench The concept The Hive in the Cliff is mainly known for its landslides over the years, therefore reducing the number of visitors. I intend to take a whole new dimension with weathering steel and Teak to capture the sculptural and gentle qualities. In doing so local residents and visitors alike will be encouraged to explore this environment and experience wildlife.

Weathering steel

Teak (hardwood)

The Visuals Top: The model Top right: Materials Bottom right: Perspective Left: Teak bench

The Design The steel bench is designed to be visually appealing and at the same time provide visitors with a place to sit. It is made from two high arc-shaped weathering steel joined together at the back and supported at the base with concrete. The Teak bench fits in place simply with two rods a few distances apart that are connected to the steel. Design & Materials by Esther Maganga

Client Presentation  

University work

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