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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Issue No. 9

Mcgregor continues to support the K of C Hall Page 13 ________________

Looking For A Good Home


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Essex Branch, 7 Talbot St. N., Essex

John R. Park Homestead carries on maple tradition

Gosfield North celebrates French culture Page 7 ________________ Thomas Canning looks to expand Page 9 ________________

essex to face Canadiens in GLJCHL finals Page 23 ________________


by Jennifer Cranston Visitors both young and old came out to the Homestead on Sunday to enjoy the Canadian tradition of Maple syrup and learn about the pioneer ways of making syrup, sugar, taffy and other maple treats. For almost 30 years the John R. Park Homestead has been celebrating the first tastes of spring with its Maple Festival. It is the only place in Essex County to experience the old ways of maple. Ò No matter how miserable the weather might be, you know spring is just around the corner,Ó said Museum Curator Janet Cobban. Volunteer pioneers demonstrated the process of

Eleven-year-old Ethan Sirola scoops up taffy with a popsicle stick as Community Events Coordinator Kris Ives makes maple taffy in the snow for visitors at John R. Park Homestead’s Maple Fest.

maple syrup from tree to kitchen. Visitors were even able to enjoy taffy made fresh in the snow. Ò This is one of the few years weÕ ve had real snow for the taffy,Ó said Cobban. The extra cold weather has made actually tapping trees a little difficult this year as conditions have to be just right for sap to run. Cobban explained that ideal conditions are a few degrees below 0 at night and a few above 0 during the day. The Homestead has had to rely on syrup from previous years for the festival. Cobban is hoping that a gradual spring will give them a few better

days for tapping the trees. Demonstrations will continue at the Homestead until the end of March. Attend one of the HomesteadÕ s popular Ò Maple March Break for FamiliesÓ Programs on Friday, March 7 and repeated on Tuesday March 11 and again on Friday March 14 at 1:30 p.m. sharp. Get hands-on in this fun and educational program for the whole family to enjoy. There is also an evening program on March 14. The Maple Moon is a candle light sugaring off party. Oxley Estate Winery is getting in on the action this year with a fundraising dinner for the Homestead on March 29. The Maple themed dinner requires advance ticket purchase. Call 519738-3264 for more information. For more information about events at the Homestead visit

2 I News

Essex Free Press


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Essex Town Council Notes for Monday, March 3 by Sylene Argent Essex Supports Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Essex Council moved to receive and support a recommendation to support the Healthy Kids Community Challenge by endorsing a joint application with Windsor and Essex County municipalities for funding to reduce the incidence of overweight and obese children. Essex Director of Community Services Doug Sweet noted the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care is implementing this

program. In the report to Council it notes that a year ago the Healthy Kids Panel released the Ò No Time to Wait (NTTW)Ó report surrounding the provinceÕ s goal to reduce childhood obesity by 20 percent. There were three strategies attached to the report, which included starting all kids on the path to health, changing the food environment, and creating healthy communities. The Healthy Kids Community Challenge was created in response to the report. In the report to Council from Community Services it states up to 30

communities in Ontario will receive up to $1.5 million over four years to establish an effective program. There are three themes in the program: adequate sleep, physical activity, and healthy eating. Sweet added that this would be a local collaboration with the Health Unit, all municipalities, school boards, and private companies. Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche is on the Heath Unit Board. He said having local partners support this program would enable the Health Unit to move forward and petition the province for funding to ensure the program comes to the Windsor-Essex County region.

Railway Station Lease renewed

Essex Council supported the recommendation to approve the bylaw renewing Heritage EssexÕ s lease for the Essex Railway Station for an additional five years. Heritage Essex operates this venue. Committee Minutes

Essex Council moved the Essex Mural CommitteeÕ s resolution that requests Town administration proceeds with the preparation and submission of a Trillium grant application for funding for the possible restoration of the silos. Council also moved the Communities in Bloom committee

Voice Of Inspiration

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” ~ Winston Churchill

minutes that requested Council support for the committeeÕ s decision to enter the non-evaluated provincial competition this year. Harrow Cenotaph

Councillor Bill Baker noted that last March Council was informed the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 338) wanted to develop a cenotaph in the Harrow Parkette. At that time, Council supported having Essex Administration identify potential spots inside the Harrow Parkette for the cenotaph. At the next Council meeting the committee behind the project will

come forward with site plans and talk about the fundraising campaign, he said.

Call for Spay/neuter voucher Councillor Sherry Bondy made a notice of motion. At the next Council meeting she wants to discuss having the possibility of passing the free-roaming cat spay/neuter vouchers at that point if Council is considering passing it in the 2014 budget. It takes around three weeks to process the vouchers. If Council wants to make the vouchers available to the community, it should be done before spring arrives, she said.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


News I 3

Essex Free Press

Local historians honoured for contributions

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Local historians Laurie Kowtiuk and Evelyn Couch Burns were awarded for their dedication to preserving and promoting local history at the Essex Council meeting on Monday. Erin Semande, a Researcher with the Ontario Heritage Trust, (pictured third from the left) and Council were pleased to forward the awards.

by Sylene Argent A special cake and coffee reception was held outside the Council Chambers at the Essex Civic Centre on Monday to celebrate two local historians, Evelyn Couch Burns and Laurie Kowtiuk. The local history enthusiasts were notified recently they would be honoured for their dedication to the preservation and promotion of local history through the Ontario Heritage TrustÕ s Ontario Heritage Community Recognition Awards program. The Essex Municipal Heritage

Committee forwarded the nominations last summer, which Council then endorsed before they were submitted to the Ontario Heritage Trust. Kowtiuk was awarded with the Heritage Community Recognition Award for her contributions to the Essex and Community Historical Research Society (ECHRS) where she has served as Vice President and currently serves as President. She is also a member of the Essex Municipal Heritage Committee. Kowtiuk said she has always had a love for history, even when

she was young. Growing up, her sisters would tell her she was born in the wrong century. Her love of heritage began when she started collecting antiques at the age of 15. The first antique item she bought was a Jacobean twist armchair. She noted it was the oldest and creepiest chair she had seen Ò and I fell in love.Ó Preserving and

researching history Ò is what IÕ ve been born to do,Ó she said. Burns and Kowtiuk recently co-authored the third edition of BurnÕ s local history book, Ò The Three Rs of Essex: Riches, Rags, Recovery.Ó Kowtiuk said that she looks up to Burns. Working on that book began an interest in local Continued on Page 9


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4 I Opinion

Essex Free Press

Editorial &Opinion


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spitting in the Wind ••• Comment Jennifer Cranston •••

What I learned from our Councillors Serving Essex and the surrounding communities since 1896.

Published Thursdays as an independent weekly newspaper, owned and operated by The Essex Voice Limited. Richard Parkinson, Shelley Beaudoin Ray Stanton - London Publishing Corp. OUR STAFF Sandy Kennedy / Andrew Beaudoin - Office Jessica Beaudoin - Graphic Design / Social Media Lana Garant - Graphic Design Greg Belchuk - Advertising Sales Manager Sylene Argent - News Reporter Jennifer Cranston - News Reporter Shelley Beaudoin - Graphic/Production Richard Parkinson - Editor


The Essex Free Press is an audited publication with controlled circulation of 10,000.


Delivery concerns can be addressed by contacting our office during regular office hours at 519-776-4268


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I recently completed a series on the inner workings of our Town Council in which I spoke to each member about their experience and opinion of what it means to be a councillor for the Town of Essex. I know that as a journalist I can only give my readers a small portion of what goes on in a council meeting. I work hard to make sure that portion covers the important points of interest, but leaves the drier less-interesting parts of the meeting on the editing room floor. Those nitty-gritty details still have to be attended to by our councilors and administration. Council meetings are only a small part of what our council does to serve this community. That’s what I learned…The sheer scope of what they deal with every day. Even though I’m often at the same ribbon cuttings, ground-

breakings, charity dinners and meetings with dignitaries, I didn’t truly grasp all that they do. Can you imagine having early morning phone calls from irate neighbours every time it snows? Or being held responsible every time someone’s yard or basement floods? I can’t imagine having to decide where someone can put their shed one minute and courting grants from higher levels of government the next. How do you bridge the gap between preserving the heritage and culture of a small town while doing everything in your power to encourage economic development and growth? What I learned is that it takes a special kind of commitment and dedication to sit on municipal council.

Later this year we will be asked to elect the next town council. Some of our current councillors are sure to return for another term; some may be replaced by new comers. Whoever we, as a community, chose to sit in those chambers, I ask that we all consider carefully before sending in our ballot. Chose someone who you believe will be best at the job. Some of you may even be considering running for a seat yourself. I would offer you similar advice. Understand the job you are applying for, and be prepared to go above and beyond every day.


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The Essex Free Press welcomes letters to the editor on topics of interest to our readers. Letters should be typed or neatly handwritten and present the issues as clearly as possible in 300 words or less. We reserve the right to edit for length, grammar, and legal considerations. All letters must contain the name, address, and daytime phone number of the writer for verification purposes. Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. if you have a legitimate concern and cannot sign your name to a letter, please contact the editor to discuss alternative means of handling the issue.


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Let’s Talk About... by Evelyn Couch Looking for a lamb? I think we better not have March come in like a lamb. Let’s get this icy time finished even though we would like it to start being spring right away. ThatÕ s another old adage about March coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion. In plain words, if we get warm weather right away we can expect colder temperatures later. According to newspaper reports people are not taking a chance on enduring any more frigid days and nights. Do many homes today in Essex have to worry about frozen pipes when temperatures go below 16 degrees? According to the records I found of the Maedel Beverages early days of operation, the owner made some money in winter by coating pipes with a tar mixture. Way back then people thought of Pop, as we call it, being a drink for summer time. So Charles Maedel coated and thawed pipes for a winter income. I have been wondering what has happened to the little birds. I saw a cardinal today and Bob said he heard a robin singing. I cannot imagine what it had to sing about. Obviously it wasn’t likely to find any worms.

The Essex Free Press

Office: 16 Centre St. Essex, Ontario Mail to: P.O. Box 115 Essex, Ontario N8M 2Y1

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See our website for more news, photos, and updates that did not make this weekÕ s print edition.

Judging by the number of squirrels stealing sunflower seeds from our feeders the cold weather has not done them any harm. I expect some of the places where they hid nuts last fall have been buried deeply but I think those saucy creatures forget where they stored their winter larder. Maybe that is not true because there was all the debris from a cracked walnut, including that black outer husk, along with other disgusting stuff squirrels leave, sitting at my front door the other day. There may be some advantage to having all that snow beside my neighbour having opportunity to do a good deed by shoveling our driveway clear. Seems to me there could have been an easier way! I believe it is an advantage too, for a successful winter wheat crop to have a good layer of snow that stays. It protects those tender wheat sprouts and provides nitrogen for them. When the snow freezes and thaws repeatedly the crop is damaged. Well this applies to another old adage. It is an ill wind that brings no one good luck. The ill wind of this heavy snow cover protected the wheat and many of our flowering plants.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Community I 5

Essex Free Press

Community rallies in support of EDHS teams Essex District High SchoolÕ s young athletes proved they had what it takes to excel on the court, in the pool and on the mat. The senior girlsÕ volleyball team, the senior boysÕ basketball team, and individual EDHS athletes in swimming and

wrestling each won the opportunity to represent their school and their community at the allOntario level. With the girlsÕ volleyball team bound for Thunderbay, the boysÕ basketball team set to travel to Perth, the

wrestlers to Brampton and the swimmers to Brantford the big question was how to raise the money needed to get all the athletes to the cities hosting the provincial tournaments. Especially since all of these tournaments were taking place this week.

In short, coaches and school staff were wondering if they could afford to go. An eleventh hour appeal and Herculean effort was made to get community support. And the community responded. Big time.

All three car dealerships Ð Countryside Dodge, Dave Hitchcock Chevrolet and Ken Knapp Ford Ð answered the call

as major sponsors as did Unifor Local 444. Countryside Dodge

Continued on Page 8



Don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day Dinner from pm

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Essex District High School’s Senior Girls Volleyball Team

Essex District High School’s Senior Boys Basketball Team


6 I News


Essex Free Press

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Open house meetings on Harrow and Essex CIP programs by Sylene Argent Last week, two community open house meetings were held to discuss Community Improvement Programs (CIPs) for the municipality. CIPs are commercial financial incentive programs. The first was held to discuss the existing Downtown Harrow Community Improvement Program at the Harrow Arena last Tuesday. The second event was held last Thursday inside the Shaheen Community Room at the Essex Centre Sports Complex to discuss possibilities for the upcoming Essex CIP initiative. Over the past year a few workshops were held to discuss the Essex Centre Streetscape Plan and the possible CIP initiative. Those meetings resulted in the CIP meeting on Wednesday. A draft plan has been formed, Town Policy Planner Jeff Watson said, which was designed to help business owners and landlords enhance their stores. This would

help in rejuvenating the downtown corridor. A map presented at the meeting indicated what is being suggested for the CIP boundary. This project area is proposed to stretch down Talbot Street from TSC to just past the Gosfield Townline/ Fairview Avenue area. It also includes a section down Victoria Avenue and goes north to include businesses in a cluster near where the railway tracks used to be. Watson explained there is possibility for the project area to be expanded in the future, but he warned that the bigger the area gets, the more diluted the system becomes. The Essex CIP is planned to be similar to the Harrow CIP plan, Watson said. The Essex CIP, he hopes, will be available for local businesses to take advantage of in the near future if Council approves funding for this initiative and eventually adopts the plan. Currently there is $75,000 set aside in the budget for

Voice Of Inspiration

Ò Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someoneÕ s day.Ó ~ Richelle E. Goodrich

the project, but Council is still going through budget deliberations. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing also needs to go through the document, as the Town needs to pre-consult with the ministry regarding CIP initiatives. The draft Essex CIP program plan will be available on the Town website soon, Watson noted, so the public can review it. Sean Kelly of Stempski, Kelly Associates, the organization that worked on the CIP and Essex Streetscape Plan projects, said CIPs provide the framework to encourage rehabilitation for commercial businesses. He noted that there would be plenty of time for feedback beyond the meeting last Thursday evening regarding the plan. Kelly explained there are six suggested leadership programs attached with the draft Essex Centre CIP project. Town staff and committees would perform the work in these programs, which provide benefit to the community. The six suggested leadership programs include a Community Improvement Advisory committee or review

panel that could review submissions for the CIP before they go to Council; an urban design guideline that could encourage new development and ensure fa• ade improvements have consistency; a marketing communications and promotion strategy that would develop the Essex Centre CIP website or newsletter; roadway improvements; open space improvement for playgrounds, parks, and trails; and signage improvement for gateways. There are seven suggested CIP financial incentive programs in the draft Essex Centre CIP, including grants for fa• ade improvement; tax increment equivalent for rehabilitation and redevelopment; parks levy equivalent grant program; outdoor cafŽ , patio, and commercial outdoor space grant program; conversion and re-

habilitation, and an architectural design service, which businesses could utilize for improvements for projects like fa• ade redevelopments. Watson hopes that by the end of April to send a report to Council that would include grants and programs for Council consideration. If Council endorses the initiative and later adopts and approves a bylaw for the CIP, there will be a 20-day period where the public can appeal the bylaw. If there were no appeals the bylaw would then be in place. He hopes the plan will be in place in June. Last TuesdayÕ s Harrow CIP meeting, Watson said, was laidback and gathered a few interested community members. Town staff shared details of the several municipal grant programs available through this initiative. Some of the community members at the meeting

suggested further expansion of the project boundary. The Harrow Centre CIP has undergone revisions already since its original inception. In December the revised Harrow Community Improvement Plan was implemented. It included two new incentive programs, the Tax Increment Equivalent Grant and the Development Charges Grant, and expanded the project area. During the Essex Council meeting on Monday, Council moved to receive the report Watson submitted and moved the Ò Appendix BÓ option in the report in moving forward. This option expanded the Harrow project area to take in the lands along County Road 20 to the Home Hardware area, to the Ferriss Road/County Road 20 intersection, and south along Erie Street.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Community I 7

Essex Free Press

Gosfield North celebrates French culture - Honours students for kindness

These Gosfield North Public School students made and sold bracelets to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. Students at Gosfield North Public School enjoyed the Bonhomme de Neige Carnival last Friday afternoon.

by Sylene Argent The crisp and cold weather last week helped set the stage for Gosfield North Public SchoolÕ s second annual Bonhomme de Neige Carnival last Friday afternoon. The winter carnival tradition at Gosfield North Public School is a program that French teachers Mme. Angela Harrison and Mme. Kim

Morin put together to help the entire student body celebrate winter like they do in Quebec. There were plenty of activities for the students to take part in at the Carnival, including French Limbo, towel skiing, a snowball toss, balancing acts, scooter races, and a balancing cups game. Other activities offered challenging obstacles for

the students to complete. The students were also treated to hot chocolate and donuts in the French CafŽ , which Harrison noted is always a big hit with the students. The Bonhomme de Neige mascot and his assistant were present to participate in the games and cheer the students on Continued on Page 10




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8 I Community

Essex Free Press

Community rallies in support of EDHS teams...

Ken Knapp Ford General Sales Manager James Knapp

Dave Hitchcock Chevrolet General Manager Jeff Smith

dealership owner Terry Rafih about the situation. Recognizing the importance of supporting local youth, Rafih thought it was important to ensure that EDHS athletes who worked so hard all season to excel in their respective sports should have the opportunity to compete at the next level. Bray said that Countryside wanted to help out. Rafih, Bray said, was happy to learn the EDHS athletes did so well and had qualified to compete in the OFSAA tournaments. Dave Hitchcock Chevrolet is located next to the high school, and General Manager Jeff Smith said the student athletes have certainly earned the right to represent Essex County. A lack of funding shouldn’t stop the students from competing when the community can help out, he said. The situation provided a great opportunity for the community to step up and support its top-notch athletes.

Voice Of


Ò Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness, the more original and creative our time will become.Ó General Manager Jason

Bray said he contacted

Hitchcock’s own children and family have had a legacy in sports, Smith said, so it is nice to support other youth so they can achieve their dreams. Being involved in sporting activities teaches youth many life lessons, Smith continued. Athletes have to rely on teammates and learn to put the team above themselves. Ken Knapp Ford’s General Sales Manager James Knapp said that with Essex being a small town it is important to lend-a-hand when schools or programs are in need of help. It is important, when situations like this are presented, for the community to come together and support each other, he said. It is good for youth to participate in sports and when they excel after putting so much time and effort into their activities it would be a shame if they were unable to participate at that top level, he added. Ken Knapp Ford, he said, is a big community partner because the dealership wants to be a part of the community. Dave Cassidy, Financial Secretary of Unifor Local 444, was pleased that the local could support the EDHS


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Continued from Page 5

athletes. “We’re always there for the community,” he said. “We are constantly donating any way we can – whether it be for youth sports, service organizations, etc. “We’re really involved in youth sports,” he continued. “If there’s an opportunity to help youth in our community we’re there.” Other community sponsors included Mold Corp, Bellaire Landscape, Fairview Carstar Ltd., Once Upon a Time Child Care Centre, Hyatt Lassaline LLP, Essex Foodland, Derek’s Mobile Wash, Setterington’s Fertilizer Service Ltd. and Cargill. Individuals made contributions as well. Joe Amicarelli, the head of EDHS’s Physical Education department, was thrilled with the support. “The community had really kicked in and

that’s awesome,” he said. “We can’t thank them enough.” He noted that previous fundraiser tools, primarily money from bingos, are no longer effective and it’s hard to fully fund school teams. That’s why community support is so crucial. “We are a community school and we support the community whenever we can,” he said, “and it’s great when the community steps up to the plate and supports us like this.” As a result of that community support, Essex’s young athletes are able to compete on the allOntario stage this week. And win or lose, they will do Essex proud. “It’s a great opportunity and a great experience for the kids to be able to compete at OFSAA,” Amicarelli said.

~ John OÕ Donohue

Countryside Dodge owner Terry Rafih


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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Community I 9

Essex Free Press

Thomas Canning looks to expand Historians honoured... by Sylene Argent Exciting news was announced recently that would help expand a longstanding tomato processing and canning plant in Maidstone. The Provincial Government announced it would forward a $3M grant to Thomas Canning so the local operation could build a new facility, expanding its current operation, which cans for the Utopia brand. This would eventually result in new hires. Co-owner Bill Thomas began investigating the potential of expansion and provincial funding to help with a business expansion following the Heinz closure announcement in November. For a while Thomas Canning has been working to build its

market presence abroad, which included exporting into the U.S., China, and Africa. Ò WeÕ ve reached the point in all three of those areas now where we are beginning to ship and weÕ re developing a brand there,Ó Thomas said. The $3M in provincial funding will help with costs associated to build a new facility, likely to be located adjacent to the existing facility. Thomas does not have all the details as of yet. Now a team will be created to plan the expansion project. He hopes that the new expansion would be up and running by 2015 and noted it would be a staged project. It was a pleasant surprise to learn Thomas Canning was successful in receiving the grant, he commented.

This will bring about other job opportunities as it pertains to construction to build the facility, supplies, and so on, he said. Ò It has been very nice for me because there has been a lot of contribution from the community and a lot of interest from the community,Ó Thomas said. Many people helped him make connections and helped in other ways as the plant began investigating this expansion opportunity. Ò ItÕ s been a real community effort to get it here.Ó Thomas Canning was established around 80 years ago by ThomasÕ s grandfather, William Thomas. Essex MPP Taras Natyshak said it is encouraging news when it is announced there will be an increase of processing in Ontario, especially in Essex County. He was happy to hear of the announcement in addition to the increased job numbers attached with this provincial support. Natyshak noted that in the past he has lobbied, at the federal and provincial levels, for a national food strategy with four key components: production, processing, protecting, and procurement. He hopes this is a turning point for food production.

history for Kowtiuk. When learning about first families in the area, she wanted to dig deeper to learn where it was they had come from before settling here. She thoroughly enjoyed working on the third edition of the book. Last week Burns traveled to Toronto and received the Lieutenant GovernorÕ s Ontario Heritage Award for Life Time Achievement at QueenÕ s Park. Erin Semande, a Researcher with the Ontario Heritage Trust, said this award is presented to those who have preserved, protected, and promoted heritage for 25 years or more. Ò [This is] no small achievement. This donation of time provided selflessly is priceless. And the entire Province has benefited from their dedication to heritage,Ó she said of those who received this lifetime achievement award. The love of history was something Burns acquired, she admitted. She had noticed as a reporter that there were a lot of interesting aspects to EssexÕ s history and there was little being done to record it. Local history, she said, is extremely unusual. She noted that former Town Treasurer Edwin Beaman gave her a lot of the information about EssexÕ s history, which led her to write the first edition of her book. Burns was grateful for the recognition and thanked Council and Town staff for ensuring the event was such a

memorable occasion. She added that she is grateful to have had the opportunity to work on town committees. Before presenting the pair with the awards during the regular Council meeting that followed the reception, Semade said, Ò Volunteers across this province work tirelessly to protect our heritage, understand it, and share its meaning. And the Ontario Heritage Trust is delighted to help communities celebrate those who have given their time, energy, and knowledge to this work.Ó Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche also presented certificates of

Continued from Page 3

recognition to Burns and Kowtiuk on behalf of Essex and Council. Ò We are very proud of the fact we have residents who honour our history here in Essex Centre,Ó he said. The Ontario Heritage Trust was established in 1967 as the ProvinceÕ s heritage agency entrusted with preserving, protecting, and promoting OntarioÕ s rich heritage for the benefit of future and present generations. Semade encourages those who wish to learn more about the Ontario Heritage Trust to like the organization on Facebook, follow it on Twitter, or visit its website.





Established in 1948 • OT 0046911 76 TALBOT ST. N.

Mar 19 *Maple Magic & More, Chambers Maple Farm, Coyles shopping lunch & dinner included $129.00 Apr 1-4 *Getttysburg & Pennsylvania Dutch Country, battlefield tour, Sight & Sound show “Moses”, Dutch apple dinner theatre, Strasburg Railway with lunch on board $759.00 Apr 17-20 Nashville & Memphis visits to Graceland, Loretta Lynn home, city tour, General Jackson Showboat $819.00 or Grand Ole Opry $799.00 May 6-7 *Holland Michigan, Tulip time, visit Veldheer gardens, eve meal & show, shopping & more $299.00 May 17-19 Chicago, River Cruise, Navy Pier, Willis (Sears) Tower, Tommy Gun’s, incl 2 dinners & 1 lunch $556.00 May 20 Essex United Church Trip, Petrolia, Church Basement Ladies,comedy/musical, 2 meals incl $139.00. Call for details. May 28 *Country Jukebox, Port Stanley, Picards shopping, lunch incl $125.00 June 8 Toronto Blue Jays baseball, Rogers Centre vs St Louis Cardinals, starts at $113.00 June 8 The Lion King, Toronto Princess of Wales theatre orch seats $223.00 More June & July trips available to Stratford, the Grand River, the Walter’s estate, call for brochures or visit our website for all the details on upcoming trips *indicates guaranteed departure. Pricing based on twin and includes taxes.


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10 I Community/Opinion

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Gosfield North celebrates French culture... as they took part in the many activities available. Their presence, she said, helped keep spirits up throughout the afternoon. The purpose of hosting the event, Harrison noted, is to promote the French language and culture in the school community. The Bonhomme de Neige Carnival held in Quebec is a French-Canadian cultural festivity that celebrates winter. The students love participating in Gosfield’s version of the Bonhomme de Neige Carnival,

truly look forward to this concert and enjoy listening as the students spread Christmas cheer. He presented a certificate to the school for this ongoing and important service. The representative was honoured and proud to say the students have been helping a lot of people that utilize the Downtown MissionÕ s services for the past decade. Music teacher Mrs. Dalley noted the students at Gosfield North also collect items such as food, mittens, scarves, hats, socks, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and other necessities to donate to the Downtown Mission, so the certificate was for the entire school. During the assembly, a group of students also presented $100 that will be forwarded to the Ronald McDonald House. They made and sold bracelets to raise these funds.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Voice Of Experience by Evelyn Couch

Continued from Page 7

Harrison noted. During an assembly later on Friday afternoon, the school celebrated a ten-year partnership with the Downtown Mission. A representative led the assembly who noted for the past decade that the Gosfield North Public School band has gone to the Downtown Mission in December to put on a special Christmas concert for those who utilize the organizationÕ s services. The Downtown MissionÕ s clients, the representative noted,


Walking in other shoes I am sure all of you have heard the adage about not judging another person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Since it is an aboriginal saying I know the footwear mentioned is moccasins. Because many of us tend to be quick to jump to conclusions I know that is a very wise adage. But even then, can we make the right judgment if we want to do that? Whatever the circumstances it is seldom that they are identical for two people. We cannot make a correct judgment. The necessity for me to use a walker has made me very conscious of this. I have often wondered why people are so willing to use one. Now I know there can be no choice. I wonder the user does not stand straight and tall rather than leaning over, and I know now there is a reason for that in some cases. But those are only insignificant examples.

I think of experiences such as death of a loved one and so many people say, Ò I know just how you feelÓ and go on to say why they think that. I believe that is impossible because circumstances of the loss are different and we each react differently. That is one time we have to be aware the person may not be a deep thinker but has great desire to offer comfort. But I think the adage had more concern of trying

to be more compassionate about peopleÕ s circumstances and actions. The idea is not to form a judgment until one has considerable experience with similar circumstances. After all, a mile is a long way to walk in moccasins, or shoes or anything else! In other words, be very sure you know the situation fully before you make a decision about someone else. As well, do we really need to make a decision anyway?

We are open and excited to be part of your neighbourhood

HARROW ANIMAL HOSPITAL Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Everyone Sat 9am-2pm p sto to welcome Closed Sundays it! by and vis

110 King St. W., Harrow


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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Recipe/Community I 11

Essex Free Press

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Sharing Hometown Recipes, Cooking Tips and Coupons By Janet Tharpe

Start Your Morning Right with Irish Soda Bread “I’m always asked to share this recipe!”


ose Mary Mogan’s Irish Soda Bread is so tasty you’re not going to just want to make this on St. Patrick’s Day! Perfect with a big smear of butter and a steaming cup of coffee, you’re friends will feel really lucky when you serve them this wonderful soda bread. See step-by-step photos of Rose Mary’s recipe plus thousands more from home cooks nationwide at: You’ll also find a meal planner, coupons and chances to Rose Mary Mogan win! Enjoy and remember, use “just a pinch”... Sauk Village, IL (Pop. 10,506)


Irish Soda Bread What You Need 2 c whole wheat flour 3 c all-purpose flour 2/3 c sugar 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp each baking soda, & salt 1/2 c cold butter, cut into pieces 2 large eggs, beaten, room temp 1 1/2 c buttermik 15 oz box raisins 1 large egg beaten with 1 tbsp milk 3 tbsp caraway seeds (opt) 1 1/2 c extra flour, for dusting 4 oz extra butter, for serving Directions • Preheat oven to 350F. • Pour raisins into bowl, cover with water and

microwave on high for 5 min. Set aside to cool, drain. • Spray baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray. Set aside. • Sift flours, sugar, salt, baking powder and baking soda in a large bowl. Pour into food processor with a metal blade. • Add the cold butter and pulse 8 to 12 times or until mixture resembles course crumbs. • Add the two beaten eggs and buttermilk. Process until dough comes together. • Dust work surface with the remaining 1 1/2 cups

of flour; turn out dough onto work surface. • Add plump raisins and caraway seeds. Knead with floured hands until raisins are incorporated. Divide the dough into two equal portions. Shape into two round breads. • Transfer to prepared baking pan. Brush loaves with egg wash. Cut an X in top of each loaf. • Bake for 45-50 min. or until top is golden brown. • Remove from oven and let cool on wire rack for 15 min. • Slice and serve warm with additional butter.

Submitted by: Rose Mary Mogan, Sauk Village, IL (Pop. 10,506) Brought to you by American Hometown Media


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submitted to EFP 7. What happens if the families. Our information Did you know that results are not normal? and support services have colon cancer is the Things to report to your been proven to decrease number two cancer killer doctor : anxiety and increase of men and women, yet Even if youÕ re getting peopleÕ s ability to cope it is 90% treatable when checked for colon cancer with cancer. If you know caught early? That is a regularly, you shouldnÕ t someone who is living staggering reality! So why ignore any changes to with colon cancer, either arenÕ t we, as individuals, your body. The following as a patient or caregiver doing more to catch colon symptoms may be caused be sure to tell them about cancer early? by colon cancer or by our free information and In Ontario, an estimated other less serious health support services. When 8,700 men and women problems. See your you want to know more were diagnosed with doctor if you have: about cancer, visit our colon cancer in 2013 and a) a change in bowel website www.cancer. approximately 3,350 men habits ca or call our tolland women died of the b) blood (either bright free, bilingual Cancer disease last year. Only red or very dark) in the Information Service at lung cancer claims more stool 1 888 939-3333. lives. c) diarrhea, constipation Any businesses, The Canadian Cancer or feeling that the organizations, services Society wants you to bowel does not empty clubs, groups or interested individuals are invited help us fight colon cancer completely this March during Colon d) stools that are to contact the Canadian Cancer Society WindsorCancer Awareness Month narrower than usual by speaking to your doctor e) general abdominal Essex County Community about the importance of discomfort (frequent gas Office at 519-254-5116 getting tested every two pains, bloating, fullness to request a Lunch and Learn presentation to years, once you turn 50. or cramps) Getting tested for colon f) unexplained weight learn more about cancer screening, available cancer, also known as loss services, progress being colon cancer screening, g) feeling very tired made, and volunteer means checking for h) vomiting colon cancer before you The Canadian Cancer opportunities. have symptoms. Getting Society cares about men checked can find colon and women living with cancer early or even colon cancer and their prevent it from happening in the first place. It could be as simple as doing a test in the privacy of your own home. Get the bottom line about colon cancer screening, visit WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 2014 • 7:00 PM Here are some questions to ask your doctor about AT THE ESSEX RECREATION COMPLEX colon cancer screening: – SHAHEEN ROOM 1. WhatÕ s my risk for ATTN: GENERAL MEMBERS: getting colon cancer? 2. What tests should I See EMHA Constitution for more details Non Members please submit $1.00 have to find cancer early for registration voting purposes and when should I have in them? 16 Centre St.,a sealed Essex envelope, with your name and drop it in the slot at the Executive Office. 3. How often should I If you do not submit your Loonie before the bet tested? deadline, you will not be allowed to vote 4. How is the test done? 5. Do Call I need to do EXECUTIVE NOMINATIONS: 519-776-4268 anything to prepare for 2nd Vice President the test? Director of Coaching Development 6. Who will explain the test results? Registrar





Please Recycle this paper

What’s black and white Submit Advance Nominations to the Secretary andBEFORE readMarch 12, 2014 all over? BEFORE March 12th Ice Time Co-ordinator Member Relations Equipment Manager Division Directors Player Development Assistant

Drop Off: At the EMHA Equipment Room Mail Slot Mail: EMHA Secretary PO Box 111, Essex, ON, N8M 2Y2

Coaching Applications now being accepted for 2014-2015 season. Deadline is March 30th, 2014. Apply online only at

12 I Community

Essex Free Press


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chili Cook-off supports Heart & Stroke Foundation Manager, said the event was well received. She estimated organizers were going to be able to forward at least $500 to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Hosting the chili cook-off was a way Seasons Amherstburg could give back to the community, Vandenham said. All of the participants were able to test each chili and vote for their favourite. Vandenham earned the bragging rights of having submitted the top tasting chili.

Heather Vandenham, Seasons Amherstburg’s Lifestyle Service Manager, organized a chili cook off that the residence and community were able to enjoy last Wednesday. The event proceeds will be forwarded to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

114 Talbot St. N., Essex 519

by Sylene Argent Although the winter weather was crisp last Wednesday, things were heating up inside Seasons Retirement Communities in Amherstburg as staff hosted a chili cook-off. Staff members were happy to submit six pots of chili for the event, and residents were able to purchase a bowl for lunch. The public was also encouraged to participate and order take-out. Event proceeds were forwarded to the Heart & Stroke Foundation in celebration of February as Heart Month. Heather Vandenham, Seasons AmherstburgÕ s Lifestyle Service


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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Community I 13

Essex Free Press

McGregor continues to support the K of C Hall

Laurie Bissonnette shows off the prize for the “hot potato” game at the Support the Hall event on Saturday night.

by Jennifer Cranston Cold, blowing snow couldnÕ t keep around 200 people from coming out to Ò Support the HallÓ last Saturday. A follow up event to last yearÕ s Ò Save the HallÓ event, this family dinner and games night was

part of on-going efforts to keep the Knights of Columbus Hall up and running. Proceeds from this yearÕ s event will go towards repairing a leaky roof and installing energy efficient lighting. Organizer Laura Belanger says outlook for

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm Saturday 8:30 - 5:00pm

the survival of the hall is bright and improving. The hall is booked with events almost every weekend in the coming months. Ò This year our calendar is filling up,” she said. Ò WeÕ re so excited that things are getting better.Ó Working hard to be creative, organizers included fun features like a mashed potato bar to the menu, and new games like the Ò marshmallow shooting range.Ó Belanger is very grateful to all the members of the community who came

out to support the hall and have fun with their friends and neighbours. She would also like to thank the businesses and individuals that sponsored the event and donated prizes. Upcoming community events at the K of C Hall include a chilifest, a bluegrass music festival, bingos and fish fries. Visit http://www. and download monthly bulletins for more details.

Brothers Gregory and Maurice Currie get whimsical with balloons at McGregor’s Support the Hall event on Saturday night.

14 I Sports/Community

Essex Free Press


Thursday, March 6, 2014

McCann named Ravens MVP Scott Woods Old Time Jubilee coming to Lakeshore by Jennifer Cranston Old time music enthusiasts should be dusting off their toe-tapping shoes in preparation for awardwinning fiddler, Scott WoodsÕ tribute to Don MesserÕ s Jubilee. He will appear at the Puce Sports & Leisure Centre on Apr. 3. Woods is a multiple Canadian Open & Grand Master Fiddle Champion and is known affectionately across the country as Ô The FlippinÕ FiddlerÕ . He earned his Essex Ravens president Glen Mills is pictured (left) with Super Bowl champion Luke nickname by performing flips and other tricks Willson and Varsity MVP Cody McCann. while playing the fiddle. He is no stranger to running back, and now this yearÕ s win over the by Fred Groves Essex County. The region Eight months after with the University of Denver Broncos. The has been appearing on his stepping off Raider Field Windsor Lancers, has the Seahawks drafted him in tour schedule since he for the last time, EDHS ability to both run the ball the fifth round out of Rice was a child competing at grad and now Essex and provide lead blocking. University. Willson, from festivals in Belle River. Ravens alumni Cody Guest speakers Luke LaSalle, recalled that it He says he is looking McCann was named the Willson and Pawel Kruba was not too long ago that forward to being in Essex local football clubÕ s Most highlighted the night, he was an Essex Raven. County again. According which capped off the 17th Valuable Player. Ò I sat in these chairs six to Woods this region has Saturday night in season for the Ravens. years ago and for the past a special love for his old Windsor, the Ontario Both gave inspirational four years people told me time style of music. Varsity Football League messages of their journey what I couldnÕ t do,Ó said Ò In certain regions club held its annual to professional football. Willson who admitted that across the country there awards banquet and it Willson is the first his road to the NFL was are little pockets of was a night to remember Essex Ravens alumni filled with roadblocks. enthusiasm for this style for not only McCann to win the Super Bowl, Ò If you can conceive it, of music. Essex County who was the MVP of the which he did recently believe it. Put the work in is one of them,Ó he said. Varsity team but for all the with the NFLÕ s Seattle and the sky is the limit,Ó Ò That enthusiasm that the others who received their Seahawks. he said. audience brings is what due accolades. Ò Coach Mills told me Kruba was the keeps bringing us back.Ó Ò Without question, our before I left that weÕ ve Canadian University This is not the first best football player,Ó said had a lot of people go football Defensive Player time Woods has paid Ravens head coach Glen away on scholarships and of the Year this past tribute to Don Messer. Mills of McCann. Ò He not one of them came back football season. He capped Many years ago he did plays the game the way and that I better not be the off his fifth year at Western a show called Memories itÕ s supposed to be played. first,” said Willson. in London with 38 tackles of Don MesserÕ s Jubilee, HeÕ s one of my favorites.Ó The rookie tight end and an interception from and people have been McCann, a powerful caught two passes in his middle linebacker asking him to do it again position. He has signed with the CFLÕ s Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It was a huge night for Permanent Hair Reduction and Skin Tightening the Ravens program as besides McCann, MVPÕ s were Jake Heydon, peewee; Brandon Leach, bantam; Chris Tannous, junior varsity. FROM THE SIDEFREE UNDERARM SSAVE AVE laser treatment when you LINESÉ On Saturday book your first lower leg Mills was elected as the treatment. OVFL commissioner. He announced that five EsSSAVE AVE FREE BIKINI sex Ravens alumni would treatment when you be inducted into the OVFL book your first full leg Hall of Fame - Brian treatment. Buckle, Oshiomogho Offer expires March 31st. With this Ad only Atogwe, Kyle Quinlan, Pawel Kruba and Daryl CALL DEBBIE EYRAUD CERTIFIED AESTHETICIAN & LASER TECHNICIAN 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Townsend.

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Scott Woods celebrates Don Messer legacy with Old Time Jubilee.

ever since. Ò This is a very anticipated show,Ó he said. Ò ItÕ s a smaller version of the previous show.Ó From 1958 to 1969 Don MesserÕ s Jubilee was one of the highest rated programs in the history of the CBC. There were even a few nights it beat Hockey Night in Canada for ratings. Ò Don Messer had a profound impact on Canadian culture,Ó

explained Woods. Ò HeÕ s one of those icons of our country.Ó Woods says this yearÕ s show brings us back to simpler days. Ò ItÕ s a throw-back to what makes us Canadian. ItÕ s honouring who we are and where we came from,Ó he said. For ticket information call 1-855-726-8896.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Community Hub/News I 15

Essex Free Press

Multi-layered good news from Uni-Fab St. Paul’s/ Trinity Anglican

The church office is closed until Wed., March 19. Essex Ministerial Lenten services continued with Deacon Gary Flewelling conducting the March 12 service at St. Paul’s at 12 noon. Lieut. Kristen Gray leads the service on March 19 at Brooker Baptist and Rev. Linda Blair is the leader for the Lenten service of March 26 at Holy Name of Jesus church. Our next pasta dinner is Friday, Mar. 7 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. The congregational council meeting is Tuesday, Mar. 18 at 7 p.m,. To honour our athletes our March thankyou bank donations go to Windsor Special Olympics,. There is a night out at Komedy Korner, Sat, March 29, at Place Concorde in support of the work of our congregation. This is for those 19 and over. Sandra Lypps has tickets.

Harrow United Church Submitted by Larry Anderson

We welcome you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am with Reverend Frank Staples. To view and listen to Rev. Staples’ inspiring weekly messages and to learn more about Harrow United Church, please visit us at: www. Our thanks to Greg Iler for his beautiful solo and our Senior Choir for their anthem last Sunday. Our Senior Choir rehearses each Wednesday at 7:30 pm and we welcome new members. For more information contact our church office. Our appreciation is extended to Cathy Woodiwiss for her preparation of the wonderful brunch held last Sunday to support the Kit Richardson Fund. Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all those who are sick and/or shut-in. If you know of someone that we could support, please call our church office at 519-738-4223. A “World Day of Prayer” service will be held at St. Anthony’s Church in Harrow on Friday, March 7 at 1 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Essex Retirees’ Social Club

Our new idea of a Quarter Auction on March 29th is being prepared. If you can help please let us know. All items will be new and some merchants have donated some nice items already. Registration forms for the Senior Games are available at the Centre and must be submitted before March 21st. Because some perfumes and colognes cause problems for some, the Seniors Centre is a fragrance free zone. Visitors to our congregate dinners can’t feel welcome when told they can’t sit in this seat or that because someone always sits there so please don’t save seats. We need a few more volunteers in the kitchen, especially on soup and sandwich Fridays. Thanks to Diane Fougere for the baking she has done for the congregate dinners. Join us for the regifting fun we have after the pot luck meal at noon, March 11th. The idea is to bring something you have been given, however beautiful or useful it may be, that is not useful for you. Bring it wrapped. Each one who brings one will have the chance to choose one. The fun comes when someone tries to take an article someone else has chosen Evelyn Vivier and Louise Perrault had the highest team score at our Pepper party with 538. Barb Jacobs and Carolyn Campbell were second with 501. Bob Burns and Virgery Cascadden had 486. Eleven teams played in the games that were convened by Floyd Cascadden. Donna Clarkson had high score at the Monthly Monday Night Pepper. Theresa Beaulieu took a close second with Patricia Holt

third and Audrey Ostrander fourth Hope to see every one the last Monday in March. Larry Lane had high score at Tuesday afternoon Pepper. Audrey Ostrander had most Peppers and Betty Fields had low score. Mary Lou Chibi was the Wednesday night winner. Don Ames had most Peppers and Betty Fields took low spot. Ruth Ann Hickey won high Bridge score and Annette was second.

Paquette News – St. Stephen’s/Church of the Redeemer submitted by Barb Mactier

Meat Pie Production continues. For orders, please contact Barb at 519-737-6619 or Join us for “Sunday Soup for the Soul” on Sun., March 16 at Church of the Redeemer, County Rd. 8 from 10:30 am-1:30 pm. Due to school Spring Break, please note these event date changes: Sprouts meets on March 6 from 10-11 a.m. at St. Stephen’s. St. Stephen’s Parish Council meets on March 18 at 7 p.m. Family Fun Night is on March 19 at 6 p.m. at St. Stephen’s. The Dessert Card Party at St. Stephen’s is on March 20 at 1 p.m. 20+ Group: Mark your calendars! We are going bowling on Saturday, March 29th at the Rose Bowl, from 7-9pm. Call Dawn at 519-9781252 by March 24th so she can reserve the lanes.

Woodslee United Church submitted by Sue Holman

Come join us for a joint Sunday Service with Belle River United Church at Woodslee at 11:15 am. Thank you to Brian Stocks who gave the message last week. This week Richard Dalton will give the message. The Door Greeters are Norm and Dorothy Knight. Following the Service there is a Joint Congregational Meeting to receive recommendation from the Search Committee re appointment of new minister. For Pastoral Concerns please contact Rev. Olav T. Kitchen of The Ruthven Pastoral Charge. March 7, World Day of Prayer, is at 11 am at Woodslee United Church. Thank you to St. John’s Church – Woodslee, Belle River United Church and St. Simon and St. Jude- Belle River who will join us in the Service. A light lunch will follow.

Maidstone Cross submitted by Wendy Pulleyblank

We welcome Fr. Moe Charbonneau to St. Mary’s Parish. Weekday Masses are now at 10 a.m. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Our Parish Mission Club will sell raffle tickets on three St. Patrick’s Day baskets at the back of the church for the next two weekends. Everyone is welcome to attend the Sandwich South Historical Society meeting on Thursday, March 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Fire Hall in Oldcastle with guest speaker Bob Fetherstone. Happy Birthday wishes go to Kaitlyn Collins. Please keep in your prayers Rosemary Hebert, Renee Damphouse, Adeline Jobin, Roy Deehan, Lucas Gerard, and their caregivers.

Essex Christian Reformed Church submitted by Beverley Van Huizen

We extend an invitation to you and your family to attend our Sunday morning worship service beginning at 10 am with Pastor Ken Brown leading us in worship on the Discipline of Prayer. Nursery supervision is provided. Do plan to stay afterwards for a time of fellowship with coffee or tea. GEMS & Cadets will take the week off for March Break. All are invited to check out our Continued on Page 20

by Jennifer Cranston Most of us take our abilities for granted, but imagine that you are confined to a wheelchair. What do you do when you have dropped you car keys on the sidewalk? What do you do when what you need is on a high shelf in the grocery store? Something as simple as meeting someone eyeto-eye could be impossible if they are standing, explained Uni-Fab President Abe Fehr. Fehr is hoping that a new power wheelchair will help solve some of these problems. “It will give a person more freedom. With a third axle, it can go over curbs and move someone into their van with the use of a lift device,” he said. This chair will also lower to allow people to pick things up off the ground, and rise to give people higher access. The chair will have similar controls to current chairs on the market with a few added features.

The goals are to make it easy to adapt to the new chair and to be able to market it at a price comparable to existing chairs. Fehr said that he is excited to be able to give people with disabilities more freedom. He is also excited by the opportunities this project will create for other members of the community. Uni-Fab has been working on the chair since September and hopes to have it on the market by early 2015. It will be the feature product of a new company called Able Motion. Able Motion is a venture Fehr is embarking on with his brother Jake. He says the new company will need new employees and that is good news for Leamington as the town tries to re-coup jobs lost by the closure of Heinz later this year. The third layer of good news created by this new product is a partnership with the new Biomedical Engineering Technology program at St. Clair Col-

lege. “Having the right research and testing done prior to going to the market is key when you’re launching a new product,” Fehr said. He noted the new program at St. Clair is a perfect fit. “Students will get to work on a ground floor project and get hands on experience,” said Fehr. Ò It is a great opportunity to put their academic training into practice and understand what the innovation and product development life cycle is all about.” The research funding has come from three separate agencies via the Voucher for Innovation and Productivity program including the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), as well as a financial commitment from Uni-Fab.

16 I Personals

Essex Free Press

From The Heart


Thursday, March 6, 2014

To place a personal notice, email your photo and content to or drop by our office at 16 Centre St., Essex. Personal notices must be received by Monday at 12:00 noon to appear in the Thursday edition. _________________________________________________________

In LovIng MeMory

Happy 80th Birthday

BARB GERARD ~March 11th~

Love, Wanda & Daryl, Dan & Muriel, Bev & Steve and your grandchildren


In Memory of John Sadler No farewell words were spoken, No time to say good-bye. You were gone before we knew it, And only God knows why. Our hearts still ache in sadness, And secret tears still flow. What it meant to lose you, No one will ever know.

- The Sadler Family



In Loving Memory of

Harold Russell



SUN., MARCH 23 • 10PM-3AM THURS., MARCH 28 • 9AM-3PM

- March 14, 2012 -

CTMHV (Heritage Village) Essex Retirees Social Club 32 Russell Street, 6155 Arner Townline Cty Rd 23, Kingsville Essex

Never Forgotten. - Audrey Russell and Family _________________________________________ ___________


Bill McCrone Advertising Works!

Pl 519-819-1805 Rec


November 29, 1940 - March 2, 2004

Bill, It’s hard to believe you left us ten years ago. It is very quiet Cand Today all lonely Speak without you. Keep on watching d n A ur it W over all of us. ehrtiOsing Adv


R SalesSandra ~ Your loving wife, & family ollee! H


Memorial verses available



Fran Garon

September 27th, 1947 - March 7th, 2004 We miss you in so many ways, We miss the things you used to say; And when old times we do recall, It’s then we miss you most of all. - Missing you. Hug from your Family. ______________________________________________________

In Loving Memory Clare Cowan - March 4, 1996 Lillian Huggard - March 9, 1997 Alma Langlois - March 16, 1997 Richard (Sonny) Thornton - March 16, 1998 Mary McLellan - March 17, 2002 Betty Thornton - March 24, 2002 Jack Huggard - September 14, 1975 - Always remembered, Jean Sexton and family, Barbara Cowan and family.

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available at _________________________________________________________

Memorial verses available

Memorial verses available

What’s Going On March 6-23 - ThE hOBBY aND arT OF MODEL raILrOaDING -Windsor Model railway club - at Gibson Gallery, 140 richmond, amhertsburg. Thurs.-Sun., 11am-5pm. March 7 - WOrLD DaY OF PraYEr at Trinity United church, 1005 road 2 West, Kingsville. “Streams in the Desert” written by the Women of Egypt. all welcome!

SWacKhaMEr, Bruce Edward - 87 years, born September 27, 1926, in Leamington, Ontario, passed March 7 - PaSTa DINNEr - at St. Paul’s anglican church, 92 St. Paul Street, Essex. away peacefully surrounded by his family on March 5:00-6:30pm. Memorial verses available at call 519-776-7711 for more details. 1, 2014 at Country Village Healthcare Centre. Bruce March 8 - UNITED EMPIrE LOYaLISTS’ aSSOcIaTION OF caNaDa - regular Meeting is survived by his loving wife, Josephine (Renaud) at St. Paul’s anglican church, 92 St. Paul St., Essex. 5-6:30pm. For info: 519-776-7711. Swackhamer, his 5 daughters, Carol Christie ( Bruce), March 9 - EUchrE carD ParTIES – a series of 5 euchre card parties will take place in Karen Upcott (Tom), Cathy Tofflemire (Chris), Connie the main hall of St. Joseph church, river canard. Doors at 1pm. Starts at 2pm. Ouimet ( John), and Christine Swackhamer (Jeff); 6 grandchildren, Jo-Ann, Melissa, black Jeffery, Robert, March 12 - “TaKE a BrEaK” – Please Women’s group 9:30-11:30pm at Essex Senior’s What’s and white Brian and Kyle; and 4 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by centre. This week’s topic “Fitness”. Recycle read his parents, Clarence Swackhamer and Mabel (Saxby). Survived byand one brother, Larry, all over? this March 14 - ThE GaIThEr VOcaL BaND at WFcU centre, at 7pm. Visit www.gaither. and predeceased by brother, Hugh, and sister, Josie. He previously worked at Maedel’s paper com for details. Beverages and Weston’s Ready Bake. March 15 - EchrS - at 2pm, Tim and Maggie McGuire will be speaking on the Bruce was resting at the Kennedy Funeral Home Ltd. (519-776-7378) 128 16 were Centre Street, Essex genealogy of their families. 18 Gordon, Essex. Talbot Street North, Essex on Monday from 2-5 and 7-9 p.m. On Tuesday friends invited to meet the family after 10 a.m. at Essex Gospel Community Church followed March 22 - PrO-LIFE YOUTh cONFErENcE - Leamington area right to Life at St. Please 519.776.4268 by the funeral service at 11 a.m. Interment followed at Greenlawn Memorial Gardens. John’s Parish hall. 8:30am - 3pm. 1782 Oriole Park Dr. Woodslee. For info: 519-325-0929. Recycle Donations may be made to the charity of your choice. You may send your condolences March 24 - GUaTEMaLa hOPE aND ThE ESSEx K OFpaper c hOSTING a FISh FrY – at holy this online at

Classified ads get results.


MErrITT, Florine Deborah - Passed away after aMemorial brief illness at Leamington District verses Memorial Hospital on February 27, 2014 in her 95th year. Formerly of Ruthven available (Gosfield South Township and Kingsville.) Florine is survived by 2 sisters-in-law Donna Merritt and Patricia Merritt, several nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Predeceased by her parents James Herbert Merritt (1951) and Ellen (Buchner) Merritt (1960); her 7 siblings Wilbert (Wig) Merritt (2000), Ferne Stephens (1992), Gerald (Bill) Merritt (1980), Kenneth Merritt (2003), Muriel Boggs (2011), James (Max) Merritt (2012), Bruce Merritt (1997); 3 nieces Lorie Harris (1989), Marion and Mary Boggs (1952); 3 nephews Tommy Merritt (1952), Dennisod Merritt ay (1974) and Kevin Slingerland (1996). all T Church; Florine was a member of CottamCUnited ak Cottam U.C.W.; The Kingsville-Gosfield e p S d n A ur South Heritage Society; The Kingsville Women’s Institute; Ruthven Rebekah Lodge With O ing s ti r e v Ad Loyalist. #178 and was also a United Empire Friends were received at the C. Stuart p les Re Sykes Funeral Home, 91 Division SSt.aG S.,rKingsville, on Sunday March 2, 2014. Funeral eg! Service was on Monday March 3, 2014. Interment in Greenhill Cemetery, Kingsville. Rev. Ken Gilliland and Rev. John Van Omme officiated. If desired, donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or Hospice of Windsor-Essex. Condolences Memorial verses may be left at

Name Parish hall from 4:30-7:00pm. Everyone is welcome.

What’s black and white and read all over?

March 27 - EchrS OPEN hOUSE from 1-7pm. 7 years incorporated. come celebrate with us, free cake and tea & coffee. 18 Gordon, Essex. March 29 - QUarTEr aUcTION – at 1pm at the Essex retirees Social club, 32 russell St., Essex. 519-776-6689. INcOME Tax cLINIc: Our annual income tax clinic is once again being offered at Essex community Services. Please call 519-776-4231 for eligibility, and drop off dates.

Please Recycle this paper

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Classifieds I 17

Essex Free Press


Placing a classified ad: classified ads can be obtained in person, by phone or fax from Monday to friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. There is a $1 surcharge on any classified billing under $15. We accept Visa | Mastercard | debit | cash | cheque. DeaDline is TuesDay by 10:00 am




_____________________ BINGO 1st & 3rd Fridays 7:15 P.M. 32 Russell St. - Retirees’ hall $ 500.00 JACKPOT 1-tf _____________________ 49Th ANNuAl IOde ANTIque & ART ShOw & SAle - Sat., March 15, 10am5pm & Sun., March 16, 11am-4pm at the leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex. Admission $5.00. leading Canadian dealers. handicapped accessible. Sponsored by Rt. hon. Sir winston Churchill Chapter IOde. 9-2t

Phone 519.776.4268



_____________________ BuyING COINS & SCRAP GOld. CASh $$$ IN. Sun. Mar. 23, heritage Village, Arner Townline, essex. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Thurs. April 3, unico Building, 37 Beech St., Kingsville. 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Cash for all coins, scrap gold $$$. All gold rings, chains (even broken gold jewellery), gold teeth, sterling, mint sets, musical instruments, etc. Also buying all costume jewellery. Top prices. we simply pay the most. house calls available. dan Jones B.A., B.ed. 519-819-1805. 9-2t

_____________________ eKBOFMA PReSeNTS The SPINNey BROTheRS - Sat., March 15 at 7pm. At McGregor K of C (9560 walker Road). Tickets $20 advance, $25 at the door. For info: 519-776-8716 or www. 9-2t*



_____________________ wANTed Farm land to Rent Cash or Share Crop Call Jeff Siefker (cell) 519-796-1240 or (home) 519-776-9501 1-tf

Fax: 519.776.4014


_____________________ wANTed productive land to buy, rent or sharecrop. Top prices paid. Call dennis today @ R. Rivest Farms ltd. 519-7966691. _____________________1-tf wANTed: Farmland to rent or share crop. Competitive rates. dent Farms. Call daryn: 519-818-4995. 3-tf _____________________

FOR REnt _____________________


The Job Service For People Aged 45 And Over Across Canada.

FOR REnt _____________________ STORe/OFFICe FOR ReNT in downtown essex. Just renovated and cleaned. Open Concept. 1450 square feet. $750+. Call Joy at 519-890-7794. 48-tfn _____________________ 2 BAy GARAGe FOR ReNT in downtown essex. Approx. 650 sq. ft. plus extra storage outside. $300/month + hydro. 1st & last required. For more information, call Joy 519-890-7794. 4-tfn _____________________

FOR ReNT: McGregor - 1 bdrm. apt. $675. utilities incl. Fridge & stove incl. Coin laundry in building. Please Ph: 519990-7464. 38-tf* _____________________

FOR ReNT: large 3 bedroom apartment for rent in the Cottam area. $700/month plus utilities. Available Jan. 1st. Please call 519-819-1039 and leave a message.

SeMI-deTAChed hOMe FOR ReNT: 3 bdrms, lg. kitchen, family, and living room, 2 full baths & more. 31 Stanley St. essex (Private Street). walking distance to schools & shopping. Call 519-9793830. 48-tfn

FOR ReNT: Very clean 2 bdrm., main floor apt. Very convenient for mature tenant. Fridge & stove incl. $800/m. 1st & l ast required. 2 26-350-1943.



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25th Annual HAVELOCK COUNTRY JAMBOREE - Alan Jackson, D i e r k s B e n t l y, J o s h T u r n e r, Kellie Pickler, The Maverics, Suzy Bogguss & Many Canada’s Largest Live Country Music & Camping Festival - AUG. 14-17, 2014, Over 25 Acts - BUY TICKETS 1-800-539-3353,



classified RaTes

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18 I Classifieds

Essex Free Press

Classifieds... _____________________

FOR RENT _____________________ HOUSE fOr rEnt: Available now. Comber area. 2 bedroom country home. no pets. Please call 519-798-1110 (after 6pm). ALSO - H.D. 10 foot blade for sale. _____________________


StOrE fOr rEnt: Downtown Essex. Lots of parking. for more info., call 226-3501943. _____________________9-tfn fOr rEnt: two bedroom, non-smoking, country home, near ruscom. no Pets. Phone 519-975-2369. 8-2t _____________________


_____________________ fOr SALE: 1 ACrE BUILDInG LOt at north talbot, near Manning. $154,900. Water is in and paid for. 45ft culvert to be installed at seller’s expence. Call Experienced realtor Carl Idzinski, real Choice realty. 519-817-8891. 49-tf _____________________ Buying or Selling a farm? Do you know the right questions and answers? farm Experienced realtor Carl Idzinski, real Choice realty. 519-817-8891. 1-tf _____________________ Houses & lots, Cottam _____________________


_____________________ ErrAnDS & HOUSEkEEPInG for SEnIOrS. Licensed and Police Clearanced. Call Julie’s Errands & Deliveries at 519-8186692 to discuss your needs. www. 49-6t* _____________________


HELP WANTED _____________________

HELP WANTED _____________________

DrIvErS WAntED - AZ or DZ. Clean record. Will train qualified applicants. fax resume to Quinlan Inc. 519-723-2336.

fOx GLEn GOLf CLUB - Looking for Starters/rangers for the upcoming 2014 season. Please apply in person! 8-2t _____________________ ACCEPtInG rESUMES for retail sales, service and construction positions for swimming pool and hot tub company. full and part time positions available. Please email resume to scott@waterbee. com, fax to 519-736-6798 or drop off at Waterbee Pools 2464 County road 20 Harrow. 9-1t* _____________________

“On tIME MOvErS” - Are you moving? need something picked up or delivered? Please call Larry or Dave today! 519736-7411 or 519-984-7412. 1-tf _____________________

WAntED ExPErIEnCED COOk at the Canadian transportation Museum. 30 hrs per week, days, evenings, weekends. Must be able to cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and buffets for up to 200. Prep work, cleaning, cash and other duties as required. Email to or fax to 519-776-8321. 9-1t

InCOME tAx -Confidential preparation of Personal, farm, and Senior returns. Pick up and delivery available. E-file or regular file. Over 30 years experience. Call tim Mousseau 519-975-2414 or toll free 1-855-975-2414. 4-12t* _____________________


HELP WAntED - Snow removal General Labourers Wanted. fax resume to 519723-2336. 7-tfn _____________________ HELP WAntED: Greenhouse and Packing line Labour. General greenhouse labour, duties include pruning, picking, planting and cleaning of greenhouse. Packing line labour, duties include inspecting, weighing and packing produce on assembly line. Lifting, bending and standing is required. Must be able to work all shifts. rural area. no public transportation available. rate of payminimum wage. to apply please email Or Mail to Domric International, PO Box 218, ruthven On n0P 2G0 6-14t*


HELP WANTED _______________________________________________

Thursday, March 6, 2014





SERvicES _____________________ InCOME tAx PrEPArAtIOn: Good rates on personal, rental and business returns. E-file or paper file. Call Jeannette Grass (519) 776-7090. 6-11t _____________________

HOME PEt CArE: veternary technician. 27 years experience. Will come to your home and do nail trims, baths, ear cleaning, anal glands, etc. at reasonable price. Call Lynn at 519-776-4277. 6-2t*



_____________________ CASH PAID for scrap cars and trucks. free removal. Please phone: 519-776-9237 or 519-791-5046. 1-tfn

fOr SALE: Semi-detached, 3 bdrm. on private street in Essex. 1 car garage, 3 bdrms, gas/air, 2 full baths, lg. living/ family rooms. A must see. Phone: 519979-3830. 48-tfn


AucTiON SALES _______________________________________________________________________ 2021 Division Road North Kingsville, Ontario N9Y 2Y9 (519) 733-2305

SEEKING DRAINAGE ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBERS The Council of The Corporation of the Town of Kingsville wishes to appoint 3 members of the community whose principal income is from farming to serve on the following advisory committee (the term of the appointment would conclude at the end of the present term of Council). COMMITTEE:

Drainage Advisory Committee


The Committee’s purpose is to provide recommendations to Council regarding steps that Council and/or Administration may take to reduce the impacts of agricultural drainage regulation on the Town’s farmers either by changing internal procedures or lobbying other levels of government.


The Committee shall: • review the relevant legislation, policies and protocols currently in place municipally, provincially and federally that regulate agricultural drainage • detail how such legislation, policies and protocols impact upon the ability of the Town’s farmers to farm • describe the changes to the legislation, policies and protocols that would best work to mitigate such impacts


Quarterly, likely during the day

Persons who wish to apply to serve on the Drainage Advisory Committee should submit a letter of interest, in writing, to the undersigned no later than March 17, 2014. The letter of interest must include a statement as to whether the applicant’s principal income is from farming. DATED at Kingsville, Ontario this 25th day of February, 2014. Ruth Orton-Pert, Director of Corporate Services/Clerk The Corporation of the Town of Kingsville 2021 ivision D oad Rorth N Kingsville, Ontario N9Y 2Y9

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Community/Sports I 19

Essex Free Press

St. John the Evangelist South County 14U Girls Holy Name News Accomplish Yearly Goal School news submitted to EFP It has been a fabulous February! This month, our school learned that our grade 3/4 class won the Ò Together WeÕ re BetterÓ contest sponsored by Community Living Ontario. The video they created on inclusion won a brand new Smart Board for our school. Great Job Wolverines! Our boyÕ s and girlÕ s basketball teams wrapped up their season, enjoying some victories and some very close games. As always, team members showed dedication to the sport and their team, and demonstrated sportsmanship with their competitors. Our bus patrols were

given the opportunity to attend the Windsor Spitfire hockey game on February 23rd. After the game, they were lucky enough to be able to skate with the team. How fun is that? Love was in the air as our Student Parliament had a successful school fundraiser by selling Candy Grams for ValentineÕ s Day. All money raised will be used to sponsor future Student Parliament events. Until next time..... way to go Wolverines!

Voice Of Inspiration

Ò You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.Ó

- John Bunyan




APRIL 11, 12, 13 30+, 40+, AND 19+OPEN





(Registration by March 17, 2014 Or $675 (after March 17)

If you love the game of hockey, then this tournament is for you! NEW PRIZES • NEW SEEDING SYSTEM Open Ice Time for practices available. For information contact 519-733-2123

Early with 2nd Medal

Submitted to EFP On Saturday, Feb. 22 at the OVA Hawkins Cup at Ste. AnneÕ s High School, the 14U South County White Bandits outlasted their opponents and upheld their #3 ranking by claiming the Bronze medal in tremendous Volleyball fashion. They began the day by defeating LVC, a pesky rival from London,18-25,25-14 and 15-7. The second match was much closer and even more thrilling against the Scorpions from Burlington as they eeked out the match 20-25, 25-14 and 1614. Before lunch, they deservedly earned top spot in their pool and headed graciously into the afternoon playoffs. In the afternoon, they faced the ever-difficult, cross-club rivals, South County Black, and won 25-18, 20-25 and narrowly 18-16 to drive themselves into the semifinals. In the semis, they faced #2 Predators Purple and could not defend

against their hefty attacks and adept defense to eventually lose 22-25 and 14-25. In the Bronze final they defeated Oakville Thunder Blue 25-15, 2628 and 15-5 concluding a very long day of nine hours of persistent play. The girls amassed an amazing 93% serving and came from behind numerous times with miraculous digs to show their true determination and outstanding GRIT in accomplishing their yearÕ s goal of getting two medals with three Continued on Page 23

By: Kaylee Drouillard and Reese Dendiuk Welcome back to another great week at the HawkÕ s Nest. The boys and girls basketball team had a great season. All players showed great commitment and sportsmanship for the game and made our school proud. Congratulations to the girls who won their tournament at Cardinal Carter High school. A special thank you to our coaches, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. McMillan, Mr. Schulert and Mr. Nadalin for your time, dedication and effort. Nineteen talented students participated in the Chess Challenge held last week at the Ciociaro Club. We would like to congratulate Michael T. in grade 6 who won a bronze medal at the competition. Congratulations to all our participants for their fine effort. We held our very own Holy Name Olympics Day last Friday. The day began with Opening Ceremonies where classes represented different countries from around the world. Using the original Olympic Torch from the Olympic games in Vancouver that was on loan to the school for the day, the games were officially declared open. The afternoon involved many Olympic activities for the students such as Team Skiing, Olympic Ring Toss, Snow Cone Relay and Ice Cube Challenge just to name a few. A wonderful and memorable time was had by all! A special thank you to all staff who were involved in organizing this great event. Sunday March 2 was a very special day for our grade 8 students as they received the Sacrament of Confirmation. May you treasure the gifts of the Holy Spirit you received and may they guide you in your journey as you continue to grow in your faith. We wish all our students and staff here at Holy Name a very safe, happy and relaxing March Break. Safe travels to everyone who is going away. Hopefully warmer temperatures will welcome us back when we return! GO HAWKS!

20 I Community Hub

Essex Free Press

Essex Christian Reformed Church submitted by Beverley van Huizen


Continued from Page 15 sponsorship by:

Fresh food. Friendly neighbours 191 Talbot St. S., Essex

519-776-4255 next Free Movie Event on Friday March 28th. Visit us online for service times and directions or just to listen to a sermon or two.

Brooker News

submitted by Ruth Newman You are invited to join us for 10 am Worship Service with Rev. Linda Hollingsworth. Sunday School is provided. Kid’s Club, Led by Rev. Linda Hollingsworth, meets every Tuesday at 3:30 pm. All elementary school aged children are invited. Lenten Service is on Wednesday, March 12 at St. Paul’s Anglican Church. A light lunch follows the service with freewill donations accepted. Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend. Set your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night. We celebrate our 138th Anniversary on Sunday, March 30, with Peter and Kathy Baker bringing the message. Our Anniversary Dinner is on Saturday, March 29, at 6 pm. Please keep those with health issues and those in the nursing homes in your thoughts and prayers.


We would like to extend an invitation to you and your family to attend our Sunday morning worship service beginning at 10:00 am as Pastor Ken Brown will lead us in worship on the Discipline of Prayer. Nursery supervision is provided. Do plan to stay afterwards for a time of fellowship with coffee or tea. GEMS & Cadets will be taking the week off for March Break. See you next week!! All are invited to check out our next Free Movie Event on Friday, March 28th. Visit us online for service times and directions or just to listen to a sermon or two.

Cozy Corners - Bethel-Maidstone United submitted by Bev Holland

Last Sunday, March 2, we welcomed Linda and John back. Her message was on “visions”. There is no U.C.W. meeting in March. This Sunday, March 9 is the beginning of our Lenten Journey. Communion will be observed. Soup & sandwiches will be served after service. Wednesday, March 12 is the second Noon Hour Lenten service. It’s at St. Paul’s Anglican Church with Deacon Gary Flewelling as guest speaker, speaking on “The Angry King.” A light lunch follows and a freewill donation is greatly appreciated. The third Noon Hour Lenten Service is on Wednesday, March 19, at Brooker Baptist Church. Lieut. Kristen Gray is speaking on “The Servant King”. A light lunch will follow and a freewill donation is greatly appreciated. Bethel Maidstone United Church wants to thank everyone who came out to the Roast Beef Dinner on March 1st and braved the weather. Thanks again! This week - March 9th - Lent I - Holy Communion. The door greeters are Connie and Cliff Campeau. Elder on duty is Jennifer Reeb and lock-up is Carson Krol. Linda’s message will be “It’s Tempting, Isn’t It?”.

Trinity Church News

We continue to pray for those in our prayer list, and parish chain of prayer. The Sanctuary lamp burns to the glory of God and in loving memory of Hilda and Verdun Layson given by Larry, Brenda & family. Happy birthday to Leslie Kistulinec. A big thank you to the young people who helped in the service; a job well done.


Join us for our journey through Lent during Wednesday services. next week at St. Paul’s at noon. Thank you bank donations in the month of March will be given to the Windsor Special Olympics. Join us Sundays at 9:15am.

Essex United Church

Lenten noon hour services continue on Wed., Mar. 12 at St. Paul’s Anglican, Essex, with Deacon Gary Flewelliong. The worship service will be led by Bill Gay on Sunday, March 9. The UCW bus trip to the Victoria Playhouse at Petrolia to see Church Basement Ladies is on May 20. See Wilma Fawdry for information. The Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre is on March 28 and 29. Help in the kitchen and pies are needed for that event.

Golden Years Golf Club

A strong field of 48 golfers produced a respectable 91 aces on last Thursday. Leading the ace parade, with five each, were Lloyd Honey, John Murphy, and Shirley Thiessen. Following close behind with four each were Floyd Johnson, Al Stockwell, and Art Sweet. The Low score for 9 holes, with 16, was shared by John Murphy and Barry Sweet. An 18 hole score of 34 was shared by Lloyd Honey, John Murphy, and Barry Sweet. Close on their heels with 36 were Gerrit Vriesen and Iggy Arner. 73 was good enough for Lloyd Honey and Gerrit Vriesen to claim low score for 36 holes. Team Aces took first place with 231 (Lloyd Honey, Herb Ascott, Gary Honey, Shirley Thiessen). Second place was captured by the team of Madeline Butler, Cam Keith, and Bill Ward. Third place was nailed down by team Kings (Cathy Dewhurst, Al Stockwell, Doug Vickery). Play resumes with tee off at 9:30 am on Thursday, March 6 at Colasanti’s

Salvation Army Essex Community Church News submitted by Carolyn Barnett

Join us on Tuesday for SA Connections, our community program that is geared to men, women, and preschoolers. Tuesday, March 11th will be a special March Break Potluck lunch and fellowship day. For this week only, please bring a salad, main dish or dessert item to share for lunch as we’ve given our kitchen help the week off. Drop in any time between 10 am and 1 p.m. to join the fun, make new friends and enjoy a delicious lunch! PLEASE NOTE: Messy Church will be cancelled for March Break so we will NOT be meeting on Thursday, March 13th. The next Messy Church will take place on Thursday, March 27th.



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Handyman for your Home

• Light Construction • Painting/Decorating • Home Maintenance • Minor Repairs • Exterior Washing • Basic Plumbing/Electrical • Window Washing

You don’t have to take time off work to fight a traffic ticket or summons. Free initial consultation. Evening & weekend appointments available. Tel: 519-564-7836 Fax: 519-738-4899 Website: Main Office: P.O. Box 1344, 2186 County Road 20 West, Harrow, ON NOR lGO Satellite Office: 1368 Ouellette Avenue, Suite 402, Windsor, ON. N8X 1J9


Scott Salmon


I Thursday, March 6, 2014






Registered Massage Therapist 106 Talbot Street, South Essex, ON

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The Essex Ministerial Association Noon Hour Lenten Services continue on Wednesday, March 12th at St.Paul’s Anglican church with Deacon Gary Flewelling giving leadership. This weeks theme will be “The Angry King.” The service starts at 12 noon and will25beCentre followed by a light lunch. St, Essex N8M 1N8 A free will offering will be accepted. Phone: 776-6522 776-7265 We invite you toFax: attend Family Worship every Sunday at __________________________________________ 11 a.m., led by Lt. Kristen Gray. you have prayer concerns, our “Friendly, personalIf service since 1975” Sunday Prayer meeting takes place from 10 to 10:30 a.m. and all are welcome. Tax Planning & Preparation Follow us on Facebook to find out what else is happening! Bookkeeping Services

G. L. Fraser & Associates, Inc.

Managerial Needs & Problems 4-H Heritage Club Cash Flow & Business Projections submitted by Joelle Goegebeur GST Consultants • Financial Planning Our second meeting was held on February 21st where Mason

Hillier started us off with the 4-H pledge so we could get down to business. The secretary’s report as well as the treasurer’s report was read and passed, so we moved on to discuss events that will GRAHAM SETTERINGTON McINTOSH be taking place in the next few& weeks. DRIEDGER HICKS LLP Members whoChartered expressed interest in learning the fife will be Accountants taking lessons on the Fridays after our meetings. The drumming Al W. McIntosh, CAApril as the weather and singing will begin in late March, early H.trips, Driedger, BisSc. CA permits. As for Paul our field Brantford a go; as for Kalamazoo, Tylerout Hicks, B B A,was CAreminded that it information wasR.passed and everyone

Heather L. MacPherson, BAcc CA Lindsay L. Rounding, BAcc, CA


P.O. Box 189, 49 Erie St. N., Leamington, Ontario N8H 3W2

Phone 519-326-2681 • Fax 519-326-8044 Margaret Da Silva Manager

180 Talbot Street South, Essex, ON N8M 1B6 519-776-6488


is not a 4-H outing and parents will be responsible for driving to and from the event. In order to be more prepared for our encampments, we brushed up on history that we had stored away in our archives for the Hudson’s Bay Company. For the next meeting on March 7th at 7:30pm, members are reminded to refresh themselves on the history of the Northwest Company. After business was taken care of, the meeting was adjourned and snacks of fruit and cookies were brought out.

Woodslee Friendship Club News

Don’t let the cold weather keep you away. Come and join us and you’ll get a warm welcome and a chance to get together with old friends and new. We may not have been to Sochi but we did honour our winners this week with yummy gold, silver and bronze medals. The winners were: Bernie Belleau,George Diesbourg, Veronica Granger, Ernie Lariviere, Jean Matalic, Dave McMurren, Joanne McMurren Pat Mullins, Elmer Quinlan, Flo Rivest, Cecile St. Denis, and George Sutherland. Cards will be played as usual throughout the March Break. For information, contact Fran McKim at 961-9532. See you there.

Holy Name of Jesus Church submitted by Therese Lecuyer

As we say thank and goodbye to Fr. Francis, we welcome Fr. Dave and Fr. Mike this coming weekend. The CWL meet on March 11, at 7 pm. The Executive meet at


6:30 pm. EDGE (Gr. 6, 7, & 8) meets on Wed., March 12, from 7-8:30 pm. The next K of C Fish Fry is on Friday, March 14, from 4:30-7 pm. There is a St. Patrick’s Family Potluck Party scheduled for Sat., March 22, at 6 pm in our Parish Hall. Bring your favourite dish, family, and friends. With the Municipal Election coming up this Fall we ask that Catholic Ratepayers protect and preserve Catholic education by ensuring that they are registered to vote as a Catholic Separate School supporter. May God Bless you all and have a great week.

Essex County Library

ESSEX LIBRARY - March Break 2014 - SAVING THE WORLD!?!? Wed., March 12, at 10am. Ages 4 - 6. until March 12th. - ZAP! KAPOW! POOF! Practice defeating villains & make your own Superhero mask on Wed., March 12 at 11:15 am. Ages 7 & up. HERO FOR A DAY! Be a hero for a day at the library. Super stories, games and craft on Thurs., March 13, at 10 am. Ages 4 - 6. SUPERHERO TRAINING CAMP! Calling all Superheroes! Come test your skills & powers at this Superhero Training Camp. There will be fun books, games & a craft on Thursday, March 13th at 11:15 am. Ages 7 & up. Register online or at the library until March 12 for any of these events. FAMILY STORYTIME , Wednesdays (April 2nd - May 21st) and Thursdays (April 3rd - May 22nd)at 11:00 am. Ages 19 months - 5 years old & caregiver. Register online or at the library. - BABY STORYTIME, Wednesdays (April 2nd May 21st)at 10:15 am. Ages 0-18 months & caregiver. Register online or at the library.


GRAHAM SETTERINGTON McINTOSH DRIEDGER & HICKS LLP Chartered Professional Accountants R. Tyler Hicks Heather L. MacPherson Lindsay L. Rounding Tim C. Driedger P.O. Box 189, 49 Erie St. N., Leamington, Ontario N8H 3W2 Phone 519-326-2681 • Fax 519-326-8044







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PRINTING Manager On Time Quality Printing • Fax Service • Business Cards • Letterhead • Envelopes • Flyers • Invoices 180 Talbot Street South, Essex, ON • Bulletins N8M 1B6 519-776-6488 • Binding • Colour Copies • Photocopying 361 TALBOT STREET NORTH • ESSEX, ONTARIO • N8M 2W3 PHONE (519) 776-6686 • FAX (519) 776-6808

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B. Comm., CA Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913

Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206 Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913

Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206

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I Thursday, March 6, 2014

His 1940 Chevy plowed through the mud!

1940 Chevrolet similar to the one purchased by Ted Okkerse over 50 years ago.

A hilarious story comes our way from Ted Okkerse, Publisher of the Pipestone Flyer in Wetaskawin, Alberta: “In 1961, at age 17, I bought a 1940 Chevy 4-door sedan for $40.00. When Dad and I got it home we parked it behind the garage, where I worked on it as time and money permitted (I was making 64 cents an hour). I loved that old car and spent many weekends sitting in it and listening to music on the radio. “One day before turning 18, I got my license and left Edmonton in the old girl for Prince George, B.C., 650 miles away, to find work. My father had decided to make the same trip in his 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 2-door coupe as I had a brother living at a lumber camp about 40 miles north of Prince George. I think Dad was just keeping an eye on me. “Third gear went out of my car less than 50 miles outside Edmonton. I had forgotten to check the oil in the tranny. As I looked for a place to turn around, I noticed a green car parked up ahead. It was my dad! He had stopped to help someone who had gone into a ditch. “When I explained my situation to Dad, he just laughed and said: ‘No problem. We’ll buy a rope and I’ll tow you to Prince George.’ (Note: these days that would be illegal). The ride was hair-raising, especially when we got up to 60 miles an hour. We arrived in one piece and my brother was there to greet us as it was spring break-up and, according to him, only his 1956 Pontiac wagon could make it through the huge mud holes between the highway and the camp 4 km into the bush. “All three of us jumped into the Pontiac and we proceeded into the first mud hole, where the heavy car sank up to the floorboards. We then slogged through the mud to Dad’s Olds, which sank even deeper than the Pontiac. The three of us then eyed the Chevy with its amazing ground clearance. “We jumped in. My brother hit the starter (located on the floor), the little six roared to life and with only first and second left in the gearbox, the old lady plowed through all the mud holes and rolled proudly into camp 4 km down the road, earning the respect of us three and all who witnessed our arrival in camp that day. “I eventually sold the car, but my first old Chevy still holds a lot of fond memories.” IÕ m always looking for more stories. Email billtsherk@ or write Bill Sherk, 25 John St., P.O. Box 255, Leamington, ON N8H 3W2. Everyone whose story is published in this column will receive a free autographed copy of my latest book: Ò Old Car Detective Favourite Stories, 1925 to 1965.Ó

Leamington Flyers forward Tony Spidalieri moves the puck in Sunday night’s Junior ‘B’ playoff game against visiting St. Mary’s.

Ravens close in on trip to finals by Fred Groves The Essex Ravens minor atoms took a huge step towards the OMHA finals on the weekend as they won a pair of semifinal games against Woolwich. Essex beat the host Wildcats 5-3 on Saturday and the following day won 5-2. Game three of the series goes Friday night in Essex at 7 p.m. Fans are asked to wear their orangeblack-and-white colours in support of the Ravens. • At the OFSAA ‘AA’ volleyball championship tournament in Thunder Bay, the 6th ranked Essex Red Raiders senior girls’ team got off to a great start on Monday the first day of the event. Essex beat the number one ranked E.S.C. Gisele-Lalonde 25-9, 25-16. They also beat Cayuga and E.S. L’Escale. • Meanwhile at the OFSAA ‘AA’ senior boys basketball championship in Perth, the Red Raiders came up short in their opening game on Monday to LaSalle. Despite a strong fourth quarter where Essex poured in 18 points, they were edged 56-55. • Essex native Trevor Wheaton won a pair of playoff games in net for the Leamington Flyers, including a shut out,

as they took a huge lead in their series against St. Mary’s. Wheaton, who played for the Essex 73’s last season, along with fellow puck-stopper Austyn Roudebush won the Junior ‘B’ award for best goals against average. • Harrow’s Colton Fretter, an Atlanta Thrashers draft pick, is now playing professional hockey in Austria for Klagenfurt AC. So far the forward is 1417-31 with 65 penalty minutes. There are seven Canadians on the roster. • Sophmore Kelsy Balkwill, running for the University of Miami, won her 400m heat at the ACC indoor championships. The EDHS grad was 10th in the preliminaries with a time of 55.48. • Justin Orton of Essex got into a recent game with the University of British Columbia last week as a pinch runner. He scored a run as the Thunderbirds beat Concordia 9-6. • Matt Puempel hit a hockey milestone last week as the Essex native notched his 20th goal, and added an assist as the Binghampton Senators came up short in a 4-2 AHL decision to Toronto. If you have anything for the sports roundup, please contact Fred Groves at

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Sports I 23

Essex Free Press

Essex to face Canadiens in GLJCHL finals by Fred Groves Here we go again. It will be the defending champions, the Essex 73Õ s, facing off against their long-time rivals, the Belle River Canadiens, for the Great Lakes Junior Ô CÕ Hockey League championship. History has been good to the 73Õ s who have won 17 league titles, seven of those in the last 10 years. Belle River has claimed the bragging rights 13 times and only twice in the last decade. On paper, the 73Õ s show that they are the favourite, winning all five regular season match-ups with the Habs, outscoring them 30-13. Ò ItÕ s two totally different teams. They are an older, experienced team and we are younger. We have brought up four midgets,Ó said Belle River coach Robb Serviss. The familiar foes faced off in Game One Tuesday in Essex with Game Two in Belle River Friday night, Saturday in Essex and Monday in Belle River. “We match up well. I think the first game will be huge for both teams. They are running on a lot of confidence,” said Essex coach Gil Langlois. Belle River, 23-15-2-0, during the regular season, has proven they are contenders by battling the Amherstburg Admirals to a seven-game series and then, trailing two games to none, won four straight over the Blenheim Blades. Ò When you play a lot of games, thatÕ s how you learn from your mistakes,Ó said Serviss. Essex, who finished first in the nine-team loop at

34-3-1-2, swept the Dresden Junior Kings and then the Wheatley Sharks. Between the pipes the 73Õ s have a solid combination in rookie Jake Kment who was the leagueÕ s top netminder and experienced Darien Ekblad who still has not lost a game for the 73Õ s which includes nine regular season and four post-season games. The Canadiens, thus far, have put their faith in Mitch Topliffe who has an 8-5 playoff record and a 2.45 GAA. Ò HeÕ s been solid in every series and heÕ s playing with a lot of confidence,” said Serviss. Since he took over behind the bench for GM Mark Seguin and the revolving door of players, including goalies, has stopped, the Canadiens seem to have

South County 14U Girls... tournaments yet to play. Leadership was clearly demonstrated by our prolific captains, Sophia Fallea (57-57 serving) and Andrea Lepage (46-49), both on the court and off the court. Kennedy Hargot sparkled again with a perfect service day (17 for 17) and enormous kills out of the middle. Emma Rothera rocked with perfect pushes in Power and Kaitlyn Mayers excelled with lightening attacks to score many unanswered points. Defensively our blocking blossomed the best so far this year from Madison Stoyanovich and Ayden Ryan. Mairi Jappy contributed extensively at the net by setting perfect high balls and quick attacks. Paulina

more confidence. Brandon Larocque leads the team offensively with 52 points during the regular season and 17 thus far in the playoffs. As indicated by their record, and 212 regular season goals, the 73Õ s pack an offensive punch. Two-time leading scorer Corey Beaulieu had 66 points during the regular season followed by line mates Daniel Slipchuk, 46 points and Alex Garon at 44 points. However, the eight post-season games have seen Jordan Ryan, Colin DeLaet and Daniel McIntyre put up some good numbers. Heading into the championship series, the 73Õ s have enjoyed a brief break that Langlois said is beneficial to his team. Ò It gives us an opportunity to heal and for the guys to get away from the rink for a while.Ó Essex is still without one of its top offensive guns Alex Garon, and big defenceman Dan Mainella due to injuries.

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Vasiliadis again showed her Ò nerves of steelÓ by serving flawlessly in crucial times. To date the girls have recorded a 58-60 record and have proudly accomplished 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th in the OVA tournaments this year. They are looking forward to two tournaments in March in Maumee and then the culminating OVAÕ s in April. Thanks again to our generous parents for all that they do to support, cheer, feed our girls and volunteer tirelessly for our team. Much appreciated, Coaches Tom & Pat.




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