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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Issue No. 12

Frigid Frolicking for good causes

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Looking For A Good Home

“George” See Page 5 for adoption info.

Representatives from the Leamington Women’s Hockey League called their team the “Dippy Chicks” and jumped in Lake Erie on Saturday to raise money for local charities. Top Photo: Friends and family of Daniel Ethier called themselves Daniel’s Warriors and raised about $4,000 before taking the icy plunge at the 14th Annual Polar Bear Dip to benefit ChildCan and ACCESS.

by Jennifer Cranston Around 150 motivated people splashed in the frigid waters of Lake Erie on Saturday at the 14th Annual Polar Bear Dip for ACCESS and ChildCan. The event takes place at Cedar Beach. This year it raised around $90,000. The actual Ò dipÓ was postponed from January when high winds made the event impossible. Ò We still had our dinner, dance and awards in January,Ó said Jenna Foley, Executive Director for Access (Access County Community Support

Services.) The dip on Saturday was followed by Chili and breadsticks at VernÕ s in Kingsville. Foley says the event wouldnÕ t be possible without the help of the Kingsville Dive Club. They break a large hole in the ice and keep it clear and safe for participants. During the dip they stand at the end of the run to congratulate and encourage dippers. Ò We have a lot of people who come out year after year to support two really great causes in our community and we appreciate the support,Ó said Foley. Dippers generally collect pledges and participate in teams. They each have their own reasons for braving the waters. Connie McLellan was jumping in the lake for the second time. She did it last year on her own simply because it was on her Ò To Do Before 50Ó list. This year she wanted to get a team together so she approached her co-workers at Royal Oak Long Term Care Facility in August. Together they raised over $2,000. Cara Weese was dipping with DanielÕ s Warriors. Daniel Ethier passed away from cancer last year. He was 14.

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2 I Community

Essex Free Press

Frigid Frolicking for good causes... Continued from Front Page

Last to dip in Lake Erie on Saturday were Josefin’s Crazy Canucks.


25 King Street West - Harrow

but he was unable to,Ó she explained. Friends and family came together and took the plunge in his honour. They raised about $4,000. Jacqueline Caralho, Jim Arbour and Michael Antenucci were part of JosefinÕ s Crazy Canucks. They were the last to dip. It was simply one of the two or three charity events they like to participate in each year. Childcan supports youth and their families dealing with childhood cancer in a variety of ways, including the providing of hospital parking passes, monthly parent support groups, bursary opportunities, and family events. ACCESS provides an array of programs and services to youth, adults, and families in need in Essex County. (Access is formerly known as the Youth and Family Resource Network).


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Citizen scientists trained to monitor marshes by Jennifer Cranston Caroline Biribauer is Outreach Coordinator for the Essex Region Conservation Authority and she is pleased with the response to the AuthorityÕ s call out for volunteers to monitor marshes in the region this year. Ò We are full at 30 and we have 20 on the waiting list,Ó she said at the training session on Saturday. Ò We had a really good response this year.Ó Bird Studies Canada (BSC), in partnership with Environment Canada and the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) monitors amphibians and birds at regional marshes every year and holds training sessions every two years. These volunteers also conduct habitat assessment once a year.

Caroline Biribauer begins training for Marsh Monitors on Saturday morning.

At the training session, volunteers learn how to listen to amphibians and identify them by sound. They also learn how to conduct bird surveys. These citizen scientists spend around 10 hours a year monitoring local

wetlands. The data is sent to Bird Studies Canada where it is used to determine regional trends in species and habitat.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Community I 3

Essex Free Press

EDHS continues with rebuild project

by Sylene Argent The excitement continues at Essex District High School as construction on the local secondary school through its rebuild project continues. Principal Tony Omar is excited by the process and is happy everything is basically on schedule, despite the rough winter. Construction has been ongoing since the beginning of the school year and accommodations have had to be made to ensure that student learning is uninterrupted. Phase one of the rebuild included the installment of the new section at the back of the facility. There is an overlap of the first phase and the second phase of the rebuild project as contractors continue to work on the building. Phase two began in February and includes the closing of the schoolÕ s tech wing and cafeteria area. The second phase of the school rebuild project should be completed in January 2015. Omar is expecting

to get access to the first phase area in mid-August so that section can be available for student use at the start of the new school year in the fall. Once the students and teachers move into the new portion, Omar said the demolition of the front of the facility would take place. That is when residents will really notice the rebuild project. The front portion of the school will be transformed into an arts wing. With the exception of the front gym area, the school will look a lot different than what everyone is used to seeing, he said. The new facility will be more accessible for students with special needs. Going from looking at the plan to seeing the new walls come up, the floorboards come in, and to watch as electricians hook up wiring has been an exciting experience for EDHSÕ s principal. Omar said he was pleased to actually see where his new office will be in the new



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administration area, which will also include the attendance office, main office, guidance area, and a meeting room, and scope out where the 17 classrooms and six science labs are being built as part of the first phase of the construction project. To help accommodate students during the rebuild project, Omar said the school is using classrooms at the Sun Parlour Junior Public School to accommodate some classes, including the grade nine Tech class. EDHS should gain access to the new tech wing in the second semester of next school year. Omar said the present courtyard would be replaced, although the new facility will have a courtyard with access

from the new library and STEPS program classroom. An arborist confirmed the greenery in the old courtyard would likely not be able to get transferred to the new courtyard. There are a few trees that have been dedicated in memory to past students, and those trees may be offered back to the family during that transition time. Though it is sad the current courtyard will have to be dismantled during the rebuild project, building the new courtyard could present a unique opportunity for some of the students who enjoy environmental studies to help design it when the time comes. The school has some funds set aside to do this project and may have a brick drive to raise additional funds. Omar said there is also a plan in place to salvage the stain glass window located above one of the schoolÕ s front entrances before the demolition of the front portion takes place. It is not known where the glass structure will be placed.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Live & Uncensored ••• Comment Richard Parkinson •••

So, it’s spring now? Serving Essex and the surrounding communities since 1896.

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Ò Global warmingÓ is gone; Ò climate changeÓ has replaced it. There were certainly no signs of Ò global warmingÓ this winter Ð a winter that, I might add, has yet to relinquish its hold on this region. Climate change though there was aplenty as we experienced one of the coldest winters weÕ ve had in decades. And snow? We’ve had lots of that. It was great news for the people who sell road salt. I never thought IÕ d see a run on the yellow bags, but I did this winter. The calendar says weÕ re into spring now, a new season. You

wouldnÕ t know it though with the flakes that kept falling this week. Living so close to icy Lake Erie, donÕ t expect spring to charge in any time soon (95 percent of the lake was covered in ice this winter). In fact, the experts are saying that all that lake ice could result in a cool summer. I remind you these are the same experts that were predicting a cold, harsh winter and a hot, harsh summer. Well, at least they got half of it right. I am sick and tired of the cold, the snow, and the so-called Ò polar vortex.Ó Enough already. Old man

winter needs to roll over and let spring take the throne. IÕ ve admitted in the past that I suffer a bit from the winter blues. This winter has been a mood crusher. Living in the southern most region of Canada should have a few benefits. Up until this year, one of those benefits was the mild winters. IÕ ve said it before and IÕ ll say it again, IÕ d be happy to never see a snow flake again. Ever!

Letter to the Editor I attended the Council Meeting held on March 17 at the Civic Centre. The room it was conducted in was quite spacious and the microphones were turned down so low that it was very hard to hear what was being said and I, as a senior, and possibly a few others were in the same boat. It was very hard to follow the agenda and I would like to recommend that this matter be taken care of before the next meeting. As luck would have it, the Mayor spoke up loudly enough so most of us could hear him clearly state that something had to be done about the feral cats. I think he said fourteen or so were being fed by a caring person who is perhaps trying to keep them alive over this cold hard winter we have just been through. Apparently the MayorÕ s coffee-drinking buddy happens to own property in that area and he said cats are doing their business, to put it politely, on his property and the Mayor wants to put a stop to this. The sooner, the better. Personally, I think that the Councillors should be more concerned about the taxpayers of the town who have been

forced to use the sidewalks in front of the businesses in the downtown area, especially where they are so uneven. What is it going to take to get them fixed, a lawsuit? From somebody who is badly hurt because of them, the snow piled up on the sidewalks, that you canÕ t get out of the passenger side of a car unless the driver pulls up to a very small patch that has been cleared out, in which case be it a man or woman driver, has to walk on the street to the next little cleared space. When I did it, I had to walk to the very next street to get to the sidewalk and considered myself lucky not to have been struck by a passing car. What I really want to know is why the Town is not enforcing their by-laws and holding the people responsible for getting the snow off the front of their businesses, just as the taxpayers are told they are responsible for the sidewalks in front of their properties to be cleared off. Evelyn Vivier Essex

Let’s Talk About... by Evelyn Couch Dealing With Trauma We have been reading in the news about the trauma those men returning from Afghanistan are experiencing. The reports tell of the need for the men to have emotional support as they try to adjust to civilian living again, and to deal with the horrors they have experienced. Thinking back to the end of World War II, there was great need for that then, depending on the conditions under which each man served. However, it was not available. I realize there is need for the family members, especially wives, to have emotional support in the ways to assist the soldier in that situation. One may sympathize but there is no way to fully understand. Of course I was in that situation when my husband returned. Even the ringing of the telephone two floors below our apartment would give him a jolt because it was like the action bells on the ship when the enemy

was sighted. And there was the problem of a job. It was mandatory that the same position was to be open for a returning veteran but the company made it clear they did not want to fire the man who held it, and to be hired but not wanted was not ideal. I became very aware of the emotional problems for World War II veterans when, as a reporter, I wanted to write a report of their experiences. Many refused to talk about them. One man, who did agree, broke down twice when he talked about them and finally said he could not go on. This was 50 years or more later. Others who did talk to me would say, Ò ThatÕ s enough. The rest is too terrible to be published.Ó Or words like that. But there was not the emotional support those men needed. We can only hope men returning now do get the support they need, not only emotionally, but for injuries that have changed their life. Our government has brought shame on itself for closing veterans’ offices.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Opinion I 5

Essex Free Press

Letter to the Editor


There is no escape. Not from OntarioÕ s high en- Liberal Party became clear a year later, when Pupatello ergy costs. We are constantly hearing about people was comfortably settled in her new corporate job with having trouble paying their hydro costs, seniors coping PricewaterhouseCoopers, as its director of business dewith high heating bills, businesses closing, and industry velopment and global markets. She was well distanced moving elsewhere. Electricity usually turns things on, from her old boss, Dalton McGunity, quite the escape PASS TIME IN LINE. but in Ontario it is best at turning off investment. artist himself. Besieged by scandal, McGuinty resigns But did you notice that former local MPP Sandra as premier, and suspends the legislature, stalling inquiPupatello has been named the new chair of Hydro OneÕ s ries into his election-eve cancellation of two gas-fired board of directors? electricity plants that cost Ontario taxpayers hundreds Rising energy costs will be a major challenge that of millions of dollars. He vanishes. Still demonstrating her own magic, Pupatello goes Pupatello will face. She says, Hydro One needs to be after the Liberal leadership. But she escapes the premier customer-driven. “We have to fix this.” I believe, if the legendary Harry Houdini was an hot seat by losing to Kathleen Wynne. Or was that part Ontarian today, he would be reluctant to mess with our of the illusion? Cut Down on Litter! Now, Pupatello promises to lead us through Onelectricity. But Pupatello has willingly entered this elecPlease recycle this newspaper tricfied labyrinth. Not to worry, she has proven to be an tario’s torturous energy maze. “We have to fix this.” extraordinary escape artist. Ironically, much to do with the rising energy costs Sandra’s first amazing escape came in 2011, when are connected to the Liberal’s flawed Green energy poli16member CENTREofST., ESSEX s cabiMcGuintyÕ the veteran Liberal MPP was OntarioÕ s minister of eco- cies. And as a long-time nomic development and trade, still tangled and chained net, Pupatello helped shape this policy that continues by the challenges left by the Great Recession. But she to raise the cost of energy. How can Sandra escape that emerged from those shackles with a smile, simply by connection? leaving politics. It all begs the question. What would Harry do? The brilliance of her disappearing act from the There is no escape.


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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Community I 7

Essex Free Press

Essex Public School students rock their socks

Essex Public School asked students to submit their own designs for our 2014 antibullying t-shirts. Students were encouraged to create a t-shirt graphic and message that would let everyone know that bullying is unacceptable at our school. Dozens of students shared their ideas and their entries were posted in our main hallway. The winning design was submitted by Cole L. (gr. 5A). His idea was chosen to be computer generated by our own Mrs. Hewitt. The result was terrific! Congratulations, Cole - Bullying is Cancelled @ EPS!



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sbmitted to EFP Esex Public School staff and students Ò rocked their socksÓ on March 21st. Rock Your Socks Day raised awareness about Down Syndrome. The event was also an opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful things about people with Down Syndrome while helping to advocate for individual rights, inclusion, and respect. We wore our craziest, funkiest and brightly coloured socks. The EPS Phoenix stood together in our short socks, long socks, mismatched socks and had a wonderful day!

Pictured above (left) is a colourful display of socks worn by EPS staff and students. Pictured above are Kindergarten friends celebrating World Down Syndrome Day by “rocking their socks!”

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8 I Community

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The Hawk’s Nest

Holy Name School News


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mayor for Meals

by Kaylee Drouillard and Reese Dendiuk Welcome back to another great week at the HawkÕ s Nest. We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable March Break. We welcome the season of Spring! We are finally able to start going outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. On March 21 the students enjoyed a NED presentation in the gym. NED stands for N-Never give up, E-Encourage others, D-Do your best. The NED presentation used humor, storytelling and

audience participation to encourage and inspire students to become Ò Champions at School and in Life.Ó It was a wonderful presentation that was enjoyed by all. We held our Parent Council Meeting on Monday, March 24. As always, we welcome all parents to come out and join our parent council committee and be part of this great group. Congratulations to all our student of the month winners for March. The theme for March was Volunteerism.

Fresh food. Friendly neighbours.



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Literacy hour takes place on Monday, March 31 at 1pm. We welcome parents and family members to come out and help us promote Literacy and Reading. Thank you for your time and commitment. Autism Awareness Day is on Wednesday, April 2. The theme is Ò Light It Up Blue.Ó Students are asked to wear the color blue this day and participate in many activities that center around Autism Awareness. Please mark Saturday, April 12 on your calendar as one of our own grade 6 students Kaidyn B. is organizing a Ò Walk for LifeÓ to promote organ and tissue donation. Your support is greatly appreciated. The event takes place from Essex to Windsor Regional Hospital Met Campus. Please check out our newsletter for registration information. If you are interested in purchasing a Holy Name Yearbook this year, all forms and money are due at the office no later than Friday, April 4. Thanks for another great week. Go Hawks!

Volunteers Rita Rocheleau (left) and Ruth Matthew (right) pose with Essex Mayor Ron McDermott before setting off to deliver Meals on Wheels to residents of Essex on Wednesday morning.

by Jennifer Cranston Once a year Mayor Ron McDermott joins the team at Meals on Wheels to deliver meals to homes in Essex. Ò IÕ d like to be able to do it more often,Ó he said. Ò But IÕ m not able to make the kind of commitment these volunteers make.Ó The program is run by the Community Support Centre of Essex County, which is based in Lakeshore.

Meals are delivered in Essex Centre on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. It takes a crew of about 48 dedicated volunteers to pull that off. This Meals on Wheels program serves Lakeshore, Tecumseh, Essex and Cottam and boasts a total of 220 volunteers program wide. McDermott says he does this once a year because he enjoys it and

because it highlights the importance of volunteering. Meals on Wheels is known for serving seniors, but their clients are far more varied. They include new mothers with babies who canÕ t get out and about, people recently discharged from hospital and others. Anyone interested in becoming involved with the program as a volunteer or a client can call 519-728-1435.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Community I 9

Essex Free Press

Heritage Essex learns importance of time in railway history

Train enthusiast Bob Mitchell shared the importance of time keeping at the Heritage Essex AGM last Wednesday afternoon.

by Sylene Argent Heritage Essex Inc. had its AGM at the Essex Railway Station last Wednesday evening. Railway enthusiast Bob Mitchell was the guest speaker for the evening. He explained the importance of time in relationship to train schedules before the use of the telegraph. Growing up in a railroad family Mitchell has shared many railroadrelated stories with the community in the past. His maternal grandfather had been a Canadian Pacific Station Agent for many years in Saskatchewan. His mother, aunt, and two uncles were born in the station in Saskatchewan in the stationÕ s upstairs residence where his grandparents lived. Ò IÕ ve got railroad blood in my veins,Ó he said. Mitchell grew up in Riverside, Ontario. When he was a child, polio was

a concern in the area. As a result, many were afraid to go off their property in the summer, he said. His mother though had a pass through the Canadian Pacific Railway, so every summer the family would head out of town on the Dominion and travel to Saskatchewan. Because of his family, Mitchell developed a love of trains. One of his very first books was a childrenÕ s book on trains. This helped him develop his interest in railways and learn about Ò steel wheels on steel rails.Ó When Mitchell gets the opportunity to come to Essex and visit the historic train station, he said he gets the Ò same old feeling I had in granddadÕ s station. Ò TheyÕ re all the same in a way,Ó he continued. Ò They all have the bay window. They all had a certain feeling about them, a certain smell about them.Ó

Mitchell talked about how scheduling was done on the railway before the use of the telegraph. Back then, the dispatcher printed out a timetable. Ò The key word here is time,Ó he said. Ò Every movement of trains on that piece of track whether it was ten miles long or one hundred miles long was controlled by the dispatcher putting out the time table.Ó If two trains were going opposite to each other the place they would meet was predetermined at a specific time. The timetable was an internal document for railroad employees. Every employee had to know what the time was. Everyone had a pocket watch to ensure they knew the correct time, almost to the second, so they would know where the trains should be. The pocket watch the train personnel used had to be Ò railroad quality.Ó These watches had to be open-faced. They had to have large, black numbers on a white ceramic background with black hands. And every fiveminute mark had to be marked in red around the circumference. They also had to have a minimum of 17 jewel barring functions to reduce friction. These railroad quality watches had to have a winder on the top that would charge the watch for at least 48 hours. Certain certified jewelers were the only people who were allowed to inspect these watches. The Chief Time Inspector was

responsible for keeping the clocks in the station on time. The railway station provided these watches to its employees. A little lever, located near the 2:00 mark on the watch, was pulled out and used to set the time. This function classified these watches as leverset watches. The watch inspector would set the time, place the lever back inside the watch, and tape over the lever to ensure an employee didnÕ t adjust it. Mitchell noted that when the telegraph came into use on the railroad in around the mid-1860s, communications would be received from the dispatcher by Morse Code. And the Essex station, for example, could communicate with the Comber or Windsor stations if there was a problem with the rail or if there was a bridge washout, or any other issues. Orders would be typed out by the telegrapher and handed to the passing engineer. As

the train would pass the station it would take the message from a hoop by slowing the locomotive down. The little paper containing the message were called Ò skinnies.Ó Mitchell believes this is where the term Ò get the skinnyÓ comes from. With the telegraph, there was more flexibility. They could add trains or change train times. This year Heritage Essex is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the historic station being open to the community. The group is in the process of planning celebratory events for the near future. Bill Gay of Heritage Essex noted that there was a

recent find in the station’s attic. While trying to remove a bird, a hand drawn pictorial map of the Gesto area from 18671887 was discovered. It was illustrated in 1961. Also, Heritage Essex was proud to show off two CN uniforms that Heritage EssexÕ s Program Manager Cheryl Skilton said are in perfect condition. These uniforms were donated by an individual who Gay and Skilton noted took a lot of pride in working for the railroad. Heritage Essex is currently trying to get display cases for the uniforms so they stay in good condition.

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Essex Medical Walk-In Clinic 186 Talbot St. South, Essex, ON, N8M 1B6 Phone: (519) 776-1559 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 1pm

10 I News


Essex Free Press

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Town Budget passed in principal Home &

that means an annual increase of $53 in Ward one and $60 in all other wards. This reflects the end of an extra levy in ward 1 for the Aquatic Centre. It will mean an increase of $802,000 in revenue. Administration and department heads will reduce overall operating expenses by one percent for additional revenue of $230,480. This is in addition to many other cuts and reductions. Projects like much needed work to Fairview Ave. and the Harbour will have to be postponed. Some money has been kept in reserve and plans are in place for these projects so that should federal or provincial grants become available Essex will be ready to apply and possibly move

ahead earlier than next decision. He stated that it year. always seems to be gravel Decisions on roads that are neglected the silos have been when times are tough, and postponed. The town will, they simply aren’t safe. It however be taking down was important to him that the dangerous metal work move forward to tar portion of the structure. and chip that road. The extra time is to allow There was money in the Mural Committee reserve for the Harbour to further fundraising that wouldn’t have been efforts. used for at least a year, Some work will be as more money would done on the Streetscape have to be saved for plan for Essex Centre in the intended project. It conjunction with the BIA. was agreed that about With BIA contributions $200,000 would be and money already set removed from that aside, $35,000 can be reserve to be used on the invested there with only a road. It was a condition $4,000 hit on the budget. that it is a priority next Some of the things year to replace the money. Councillors fought for Enough money included money for was left in this fund to baseball diamonds and participate in highercompletion of work to level government grants Concession 14. Both of should they become these projects had been available. cut from the budget. Administration and Councillor Randy Voakes council all agreed that was very disappointed the town’s traditional that over $30,000 had to time line for the budget be removed from planned process runs too late in work at the Essex the year. While other Diamonds. He asked towns in the region are that in addition to some putting things out for Sharing Hometown Recipes, Cooking Tips and Coupons minor upgrades planned, tender, Essex is still By Janet Tharpe some consideration be deliberating. CAO Russ Fool the Family with Meatloaf Mashed Potato Cupcakes given to fencing and Phillips stated that he and “Fun for drainage issues that are his team were working on the whole in need of immediate a plan that would see the family!” attention. He asked that budget process begin late $15,000 be found to be in the previous year so it used at all diamonds can be ready to go earlier in the municipality for in the applicable year. urgent issues. There was The budget in its ho said cupcakes are only for dessert? Cara Roe’s Meatloaf and Mashed $18,000 in reserve for entirety can be found at Potato Cupcakes is one dinner the whole family Harrow diamonds that TIME IN LINE. will enjoy. Kids are going love they can eat “cupcakes” for dinner. For added sneakiness, had not been allocated finely chop veggies and sneak them into the to a specific project as of meatloaf ... the kids will never know! yet. It was re-allocated to See step-by-step photos of Cara’s recipe plus thousands more from home cooks nationwide at: serve all diamonds in the Cara Roe town. You’ll also find a meal planner, coupons and Warsaw, IN (Pop. 13,559) chances to win! Enjoy and remember, use “just Deputy Mayor a pinch”... Richard Meloche felt - Janet off work to Cut putting Down on Litter! Meatloaf and Mashed Concession 14 was a bad Please recycle this newspaper Potato Cupcakes

by Jennifer Cranston After long months of hard work and being sent back to the drawing table several times, Town administration sent up a collective cheer when Council finally passed this year’s Municipal Budget. The budget was passed in principal on Monday night conditional upon a few requested changes. This year’s budget was a particularly difficult one as the to-do list was long and money is short. It was a long process of prioritizing and trimming and leaving no stone unturned in the search for needed funds. Taxes will go up 2.41 per cent in ward 1, 2.82 percent in wards 2 and 3, and 2.73 percent in ward 4. On an average home worth $155,000,


1s rize Grand P Value:




e 2 Plurei:z a nd



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Thursday, March 27, 2014


News I 11

Essex Free Press

Continued Essex Town Council Notes from March 17 Meeting

by Sylene Argent Joint and Several Liability Essex Council received a report from CAO Russ Phillips regarding Joint and Several Liability and will send a letter of support of proposed reforms to the Attorney General to indicate the communityÕ s support to amend the present legislation. The first line of the letter reads, Ò We support the governmentÕ s consideration and adoption of measures which limit the punishing impact of joint and several liability on municipalities.Ó Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche asked that the letter also be sent to all three Provincial Party Leaders and AMO as well. Remuneration and expenses paid for 2013 Council received the report that Essex Director of Corporate Services Donna Hunter prepared regarding a statement of remuneration and expenses paid in 2013. Councillor Bondy asked when the conference policy, which had been discussed at previous meetings to put a limit on funds spent on conferences, would be coming back for Council discussion. Hunter said the conference policy is a top priority and she is working on it. HCCIP Essex Council moved the recommendation to approve a bylaw to expand the project area

boundaries of the Harrow Community Improvement Plan and to adopt a revised implantation strategy in response to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. In the report to Council it notes this bylaw will set out the expanded project area. If there are no appeals, the revised plan will be in effect in midApril. ECCIP Essex Council moved to receive the report submitted to Council regarding the status of the draft Essex Centre Community Improvement Plan. In the report it noted there was a statutory public meeting for public review and comment on February 26 at the Essex Centre Sports Complex. The draft plan has been submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for pre-consultation. A formal response usually takes two to three months. While waiting for a response from Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the draft plan has been placed on the TownÕ s website in the Ò Community Improvement PlansÓ section for further public review. It is hoped to have this plan adopted in June. Town Planner Heather (Ross) Jablonski commented it had been discovered, after a meeting with a local merchant, that eligibility for the fa• ade improvement grant through this CIP program could be minimal as Essex Centre shops tend to be

taller and more narrow. The formula is 50 percent of construction costs up to a maximum of $12,000. But this is at a rate of $250 per linear meter per storey. Some buildings are narrow, and a building at 5 meters would receive only $1250, she noted. This eligibility could be restrictive for commercial property owners. Her recommendation, because the Town wants the money to get utilized by downtown merchants to help rejuvenate the downtown corridor through the future ECCIP, she recommended the formula be simply 50 percent of construction costs up to a maximum of $12,000. She added that if this is done for Essex, the same thing should be done for the Harrow CIP. Councillor Bill Baker also moved JablonskiÕ s resolution. Council carried this motion. Habitat Restoration Project Essex Council moved the recommendation that Council enter into a partnership with the Essex Region Conservation Authority for a habitat restoration project at the Essex Centre southwest and northeast lagoons. It was also recommended that Council provide direction for the Colchester Lagoons habitat restoration project. According to the report submitted to Council ERCA has proposed an opportunity for the Colchester Lagoons and

the Essex Centre based southwest and northeast lagoons. The Essex Centre LagoonsÕ proposed lands for reforestation are currently unused with no future use plans. The area for the proposed Colchester lagoon restoration is currently farmed and designated for future expansion of the treatment plant. An Environmental Assessment would be required to go ahead with the Colchester Lagoon project, the report noted. The report added ERCA would cover the cost associated with supplying and planting the trees and shrubs in each of the areas. The Town would have to provide maintenance. Councillor Bill Baker moved the recommendations, which Council supported, in reports one and two and further recommend that Council provide administration with direction to move forward with the habitat restoration project for the Colchester Lagoons based on the report about future expansion, and the admin work with ERCA and the Ministry of Natural Resources in selecting what part could be reforested. Contract extension with OPP Essex Council moved the recommendation to adopt the bylaw to authorize the execution of a revised amending

agreement for the Ontario Provincial PoliceÕ s policing service. In the report to Council it noted that at the January 13 Council meeting a bylaw was adopted to authorize the execution of an Amending Agreement for policing services by the Ontario Provincial Police. The total annual cost of this contract was $4,698,890, an increase of $622,544 from the prior yearÕ s contract. Since, the Municipal Policing Bureau of the

Ontario Provincial Police contacted the Town noting the OPP would provide contract costing to the Town based on the 2003 formula during the term of the Amending Agreement. As a result, costs for 2014 will have an increase of $383,455 from the prior year, but $239,089 less than what was contemplated in the former Amending Agreement.

K of C



Holy Name Council #3305

Friday, March 28, 2014

Serving locally Erie caught Lake Pickerel for 35 years!

Holy Name of Jesus Parish Hall 146 Talbot St. S., Essex Enter from Fairview Ave. Parking Lot 4:30 to 7:00 pm All meals served with: seasoned roast potatoes, hot and cold veggies, our amazing coleslaw, bun, tea or coffee, and dessert.

Proceeds support Essex Girl Guides

12 I Community

Essex Free Press


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hair donation to support cancer patients to think to put others above themselves. Through canned good drives and other fundraisers hosted though schools or other organizations, area youth learn how to not only think of others but follow through with a good

by Sylene Argent Parents, teachers, and other mentors constantly encourage youth to look for ways they can give back to the community or help those in need. These encouragements help youth become community-minded and

Royal Driving School promotes and teaches safe, responsible and defensive driving techniques. Learn to drive the right way, not the cheap way!!! • • • • • • • •

Ministry of Transportation approved course provider Recognized by the Greater Essex County Insurance Industry Certified and patient in car instructors Road test in 8 months In car training done in Windsor road test area Defensive driving lessons 10 yrs experience in the Drivers Education Industry 92% road test pass rate




April 5,6,12, 13

20 Hours of in class instruction 10 Hours of in car instruction 9:00 am - 2:30 pm 10 Hours of home-study (workbook component)





52 Talbot Street N., Essex 573 Notre Dame, Belle River

deed. Grade four Holy Name Catholic School student, Sarah Dunn, for the second time has cut her long hair in hopes another youth who is battling cancer will benefit from the donation and be able to wear a wig while undergoing treatment. Dunn will forward her hair donation to the Canadian Cancer Society. She, and her two brothers, first made a hair donation three years ago to support the same cause and received certificates of thanks. Dunn was only six-years old when she made that first donation. Though removing several inches of hair, after being used to long hair, can be a big change, Dunn said it was well worth it to help support another child. After forwarding both donations Dunn said she feels positive and hopes others will consider

doing the same. Cutting off her hair was a great way to raise awareness, Dunn noticed. Upon returning to school last week with much shorter hair she received a compliments from her school peers. She took advantage of that opportunity to tell them why she thinks it is important to donate hair to the Canadian Cancer Society and to encourage her friends to do the same. She noted three of her friends have already indicated they wanted to grow out their hair for the same cause. Many of her school peers had commented her donation was a nice gesture. Ò I feel encouraged and happy that someone will have hair now,Ó she said, adding she will likely grow out her hair to make another hair donation in the future. Sarah Dunn shows off the hair she had cut off and will donate to the Canadian Cancer Society.


Now Accepting Interact, Visa & MasterCard


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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sports I 13

Essex Free Press

EMHA Essex Peewee hockey teams finish season with championship titles

The Essex Tier 2 Peewee Championship Hockey team.

Pictured left: Essex Peewee, Tier 1 Championship Team: Matt DeRoy (G),Carter Tomkins, Jamie Hart (A), Matteo Mazzone, Darren Beneteau, Dustin Anderson (C), Mitchell Anderson, Ben Brimner, Shawn Marchand, Jordan Brimner, Connor Grant, Lucas Gregetz. Coaches Tom Robson, Derek Tomkins, Jim Robson, Marc Beaudet.

submitted to EFP Last weekend the Essex County Interlock Local League (ECILL) Peewee hockey held its championship games. The Essex Peewee Tier 1 and Tier 2 Division teams successfully captured championship titles. The Essex Peewee Tier 1 team (sponsored by SX Video & PC), defeated Tilbury 4-3 on

Saturday, March 22 in the semifinals, to move on to the championship. What an intense game! Jordan Brimner forced the game to overtime and a shootout by scoring a hat trick. Goalie Matt DeRoy stood tall in net to stop 2 of the 3 shooters, and shootout goals by Dustin Anderson and Darren Beneteau secured the win and a spot in the championship game.

After such an edge of your seat kinda game Saturday, Essex looked to come out strong Sunday and get an early lead. Lucas Gregetz opened the scoring with a long point shot 1:37 into the game. Essex got a second first period goal from Jordan Brimner, who found a loose puck by the net, and hit the twine with no hesitation. Hard work from all

the players continued to pay off in the second period, as Ben Brimner tipped another long shot by the goalie. Southpoint never gave up, and came on strong into the third period. Thanks to spot on play between the pipes by Matt Deroy, solid defence and a nice third period hat trick from Dustin Anderson, Essex cruised to a 6-1 win, and became the Tier 1

Champions! Way to go boys! In the ECILL Peewee Tier 2 Championship game, Essex 2 (sponsored by State Farm), successfully captured the championship title as well over the weekend. Scoring goals on the sucessful battle for the title were Andrew Lebouef, Pearson Boose, Carter Westwood, and

Connor Wuerch. The stellar defence from Dylan Schaafsma, and Dylan Couvillion added to the 4-2 victory over Tilbury. Congratulations to both teams on a great season.




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We offer: • Employment counselling • Wage incentives for employers • A variety of job search workshops

SECOND CAREER – Funding assistance for retraining to gain skills that are in demand YOUTH EMPLOYMENT FUND – Funding assistance with on-the-job training for youth and employers RESOURCE CENTRE – Free internet, faxing, and photocopying

20 Talbot Street S. Essex | 519.776.8711 | Employment Assessment Centre - your success starts here!

14 I Personals

Essex Free Press

From The Heart


Thursday, March 27, 2014

To place a personal notice, email your photo and content to or drop by our office at 16 Centre St., Essex. Personal notices must be received by Monday at 12:00 noon to appear in the Thursday edition. _________________________________________________________

50 Wedding Anniversary th

Jim and Greta Jubinville were married April 4, 1964. They have 2 sons, 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. They will celebrate with an Open House at the Viscount Estates Community Centre on Saturday, April 5th from 2-4p.m. Best wishes only.

Happy 80th Birthday To the sweetest lady on Centre Street

oBITUArIeS _________________________________________________________ de Jong, Mina - 87 years, passed away on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at Windsor Regional Hospital, Ouellette Campus. Beloved wife of the late Nick de Jong (2005). Dear mother of Mary and Tom Johnson, Aggie Halford (the late Chris), Martin and Vicky de Jong, Jake de Jong, Vera and Jerry Roberts, Ed and Tanya de Jong, David and Kim de Jong, Debra Klesh, Karen Freeman and Deane Clark. Loving Oma of 25 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren. Survived by her sister Mary and George Blokker and many siblings in Holland. Mina will be missed by many nieces, nephews, in-laws, friends and good friends at Erie Glen Manor. Visitation was held at the Reid Funeral Home & Reception Centre, 14 Russell Street, Leamington (519-326-2631) on Friday. Funeral Mass to celebrate Mina`s life was held at St. Joseph`s Church, 310 Sherk St., Leamington on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. Interment Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made by cheque to the Canadian Cancer Society. Friends may share memories at _________________________________________________________

MccalluM, alta Faye (nee White) - was born July 26, 1929 and passed away peacefully surrounded by her family on March 20, 2014 at the age of 84 years. Loving and cherished wife of Donald McCallum with whom she celebrated 65 years of marriage. Loving mother of the late David (2012) and Pauline McCallum, the late Virginia McCallum (1958), Cheryl and John Krabbenbos and Dianne and Barry Kemp. Adored Grandma of Julie and Jason Brooks, Danny and Kristen McCallum, Christine M c Ca l l u m , Tim and Stephanie McCallum, Christa and Frank Bos, Nicole and Jamie Bailey, Jenna and Brian Cowell, Stephanie Kemp and 9 great grandchildren. Dearest sister of Kathleen, Lietha, Mary, Utah and predeceased by 4 sisters and 4 brothers. Dear sister-in-law of Peggy, Ila, Archie and Richard and predeceased by 2 brothers-inlaw and a sister-in-law. Alta will also be remembered by many nieces and nephews. Many memories were made while baking with her grandchildren and she also had a passion for growing and nurturing her violets. The family would like to thank the many caregivers from C.C.A.C. for their support and care throughout the many years. Visitation was held at the Reid Funeral Home & Reception Centre, Essex (519-7764233). A Funeral Service to celebrate Alta’s life was held from the funeral home on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, with Linda Blair officiating. Interment Greenlawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Oldcastle. Memorial donations made to Heart & Stroke Foundation or the charity of choice would be appreciated. Family and friends are invited to share their words of comfort and remembrance at _________________________________________________________


In LovIng MeMory


In Loving Memory of

Karen Siverns Its been five years since I lost you. I miss and think of you everyday! ~ Love Brian ~ _________________________________________________________

In Loving Memory of

Cathy Hollinworth

1956-2013 Each time we look at your picture you seem to smile and say, don’t be sad but courage take and love each other for my sake. We, your family, miss you in the house where you used to be. We wanted so much to keep you, but God willed it not to be. Now you are in God’s keeping. You suffer no more pain. So dear God take care of her until we meet again.

Always remembered, especially this week on your birthday. ~ Love your family and friends. _________________________________________________________

In Loving Memory of a dear mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who left us two years ago.

June McCann April 24, 1926 - March 28, 2012

2 years have passed since that sad day, when one we loved was called away. God took her home - it was His will, within our hearts she liveth still. Lovingly remembered and missed by Judy, Sarah and Bob, Steph and Dane and Joey.

RaMSaY, Mary Margaret (nee Totten)- Passed away peacefully on March 20, 2014 at 79 years of age. Loving wife of Garth for almost 57 years. Dearest mother of Gary and wife Deb. Cherished grandma of Gavin and Eliza. Predeceased by her parents Dorothy and Fred Totten. Dear sister of Carol Kerr (late Ron), Edwin Totten (Barb), the late Paul Totten and sister-in-law of the late Barbara Garrant. Mary will also be remembered by many nieces and nephews. Mary was a registered nurse, class of 1956 from Grace Hospital. She also enjoyed singing in the Essex United Church Choir. In later years Mary worked part time as a proof reader at the Essex Free Press. A special thank you to the staff that showed compassion and care at Iler Lodge Nursing Home & Country Village. Visitation was held at the Reid Funeral Home & Reception Centre, Essex (519-776-4233). A Funeral Service to celebrate Mary’s life was held from the funeral home on Monday, March 24, 2014, with Linda Blair officiating. Interment to follow at Woodslee United Church Cemetery. As an expression of sympathy donations made to the Huntington’s Society or Essex United Church would be appreciated. Family and friends are invited to share their words of comfort and remembrance at www. _________________________________________________________

TYTgaT, Theresa Mary (nee Strong)- was born January 3, 1939 and passed peacefully on March 23, 2014 at 75 years of age. Theresa is now reunited with her husband of 53 years, George (2012). Adored mother of Sandra Kotow (Joe), Dan (Shelly), Cathy Tenbroeke (Ed) and Brian (Sherra). Cherished grandma of Crystal, Vicki, Kayla, Cassandra, Calvin, Liam, Drew, Dane, Jessie and Rick. Dearest sister of the late James Strong (late Jean), late Leonard Strong (late Alice), late Adrian Strong (Norma), Mary Heyd (late Leo), late Charles Strong (Cecile), late John Strong, (Annette), late Harry Strong (Margaret), Richard Strong (Nancy), Marcella DeCook (late Joe), Bernard Strong (Ursula), Henry Strong (Geraldine) and Pauline Strong. Dear sister-in-law of the late Harry Tytgat , Margaret Verscheuren (late Morris), the late Rachel Delaurier (Don), the late Andy Tytgat (Rose), Morris Tytgat (Terry), Elsie Chevrier (late Lawrence) and the late Roger Tytgat (Elaine). Theresa will also be remembered and missed by her nieces and nephews and many friends. Theresa was an avid gardener and for pleasure enjoyed many vacations with George and their family and friends. She was a faithful C.W.L. member for over 52 years. The family would like to thank Sandra Bauer from Windsor Regional Hospital for such dedication in assisting Theresa with placement at Malden Park, where the staff was so kind and compassionate. Theresa was such a fun loving lady and her family will greatly miss her. Visiting at the Reid Funeral Home & Reception Centre, 87 Maidstone Ave. E., Essex (519-776-4233) on Wednesday from 7-9 pm, Thursday 2-5 and 7-9 pm and on Friday, March 28, 2014 at Holy Name of Jesus Church, 146 Talbot Street South, Essex from 9:30 am until time of Mass of Christian Burial at 10:30 am. C.W.L. Prayers Thursday 3 pm. Parish prayers Thursday 7:00 pm. Interment Country Meadows Cemetery, Essex. If desired Memorial donations may be made to C.C.A.C. or Hospice. Family and friends are invited to share their words of comfort and remembrance at


In LovIng MeMory


In Loving Memory of

Gertrude Gaughan - April 7, 2013 -

It seems like yesterday, We gathered by your side. ...With heartfelt tears... we held your near And said our last “good-byes.” We didn’t want to let you go, But in our hearts, we knew, ...Our dear, beloved, loving Lord, Had other plans, for you. And now you’re sharing endless joy! What glory you must see! ...Forever with the ones you love, ...For all eternity! Although it’s been - a year since then, We’ve managed to “adjust,” ...In knowing that you’re looking down, And watching over us. We’ll hold you close, forever, Mom, - No matter where or when, ...And carry you, within our hearts, Until we meet again. ...Miss you Always ...Love you Forever. Your Family


Remembering Our Parents & Grandparents Click Clarence Wright - April 1st, 2012 Ann Wright - October 22nd, 1988 Wedding Anniversary - March 25th, 1950 As time slides by and life goes on, we cherish and thank you for the memories you gave, and in our hearts you will always stay. Love & hugs from all of us... Evelyn & Families Shirley and Clayton & Families Gord and Barb & Families

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Classifieds I 15

Essex Free Press


Placing a classified ad: classified ads can be submitted in person, by phone or fax or email from Monday to friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. There is a $1 surcharge on any classified billing under $15. We accept Visa | Mastercard | debit | cash | cheque. DeaDline is TuesDay by 10:00 am





FOR REnt _____________________ FOR RENT: Two bedroom, non-smoking, country home, near Ruscom. No Pets. Phone 519-975-2369. 13-2t* _____________________


_____________________ BINGO 1st & 3rd Fridays 7:15 P.M. 32 Russell St. - Retirees’ hall $ 500.00 JACKPOT 1-tf _____________________ FUNG LOY KOK TAOIST TAI CHI CLASSES: Fung Loy Kok Taoist Chi will hold classes Tuesdays (Starting April 1) 1:30-3:00 pm and Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, St. Paul’s Street, Essex. Improve your circulation and balance, increase your strength, and reduce stress while focusing on wellbeing of the body and mind through the practice of Taoist Tai Chi. For more information on classes available or to view a demo video online visit:, or call 519-2559744, or email:



_____________________ ARE YOU HURTING? - Lakeshore St. Andrew’s, 235 Amy Croft Dr. Tecumseh will be hosting a DVD seminar by Norman H. Wright “Recovering from Loss and Grief” Sat., April 26th 9am1pm. Lunch provided. Cost: $10 per. For info: or 519-9798082 12-3t _____________________ BLUEGRASS MOUNTAINEERS presented by EKBOFMA at Belle River K of C, Emeryville, on Saturday, April 5, 7pm. $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Opening band, “Stay Tuned”. Call 519776-6716 12-3t



HELP WAntED _______________________________________________

Phone 519.776.4268

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_____________________ WANTED Farm Land to Rent Cash or Share Crop Call Jeff Siefker (cell) 519-796-1240 or (home) 519-776-9501 1-tf _____________________ WANTED productive land to buy, rent or sharecrop. Top prices paid. Call Dennis today @ R. Rivest Farms Ltd. 519-7966691. 1-tf _____________________ WANTED: Farmland to rent or share crop. Competitive rates. Dent Farms. Call Daryn: 519-818-4995. 3-tf _____________________

FOR REnt _____________________ FOR RENT: McGregor OR Essex - 1 bdrm. apt. $675. Utilities incl. Fridge & stove incl. Coin laundry in building. Please Ph: 519-990-7464. 38-tf* _____________________ 2 BAY GARAGE FOR RENT in downtown Essex. Approx. 650 sq. ft. plus extra storage outside. $300/month + hydro. 1st & last required. For more information, call Joy 519-890-7794. 4-tfn _____________________ FOR RENT: Large 2 bedroom apartment for rent in the Cottam area. $650/month plus utilities. Available April 1st. Please call 519-819-1039 and leave a message. 10-tfn _____________________ Briarwood Apts, 26 Alice St. N., Essex. 1 large 2- 3 bdrm available, $1090 + hydro. 519-776-4016 to view. 11-2eow


Briarwood Apts, 26 Alice St. N., Essex. available large 2 bedroom $935; larger 2-3 bedroom, $1090; + hydro. tel. 519776-4016. 11-2eow

Essex Landscape Supply is a thriving and forward thinking business and we are currently seeking dedicated, dynamic and friendly people to join our team. Good plant knowledge is essential and excellent communication skills are a must. If providing top quality customer service in a great atmosphere is important to you, weʼd love to meet you. A positive attitude and a desire to learn is most important.

Please email us your inquiry to:

_____________________ HOUSE FOR RENT: Available now. Comber area. 2 bedroom country home. No pets. Please call 519-798-1110 (after 6pm). ALSO - H.D. 10 foot blade for sale. 6-tfn

classified RaTes

Word ads - 25 words or less ........................ $6.00 + HsT extra words .................................................... 20¢/word display classifieds ....................................... call for rates

FOR RENT: Large one bedroom upper apartment for rent in the Cottam area. Plenty of storage. $600/month utilities included. Call 519-819-1039 and leave a _____________________ message. 13-tfn STORE FOR RENT: Downtown Essex. Lots of parking. For more info., call 226-3501943. 9-tfn _____________________ FOR RENT: Very clean 2 bdrm., main floor apt. Very convenient for mature tenant. Fridge & stove incl. $800/m. 1st & l ast required. 2 26-350-1943. 9-tfn


REAL EstAtE _____________________ FOR SALE: 1 ACRE BUILDING LOT at North Talbot, near Manning. $154,900. Water is in and paid for. 45ft culvert to be installed at seller’s expence. Call Experienced Realtor Carl Idzinski, Real Choice Realty. 519-817-8891. 49-tf _____________________ Buying or Selling a farm? Do you know the right questions and answers? Farm Experienced Realtor Carl Idzinski, Real Choice Realty. 519-817-8891. 1-tf

_____________________ FOR SALE: A three bedroom Mobile Home in quiet setting, in Viscount Estates, Essex. Hardwood through most of home. Newly updated bathroom. Open concept kitchen and living room. Large two-tier, back deck onto spacious back yard. Suited for family or couple. Move-in ready Economical living at it’s best. Easy in and out of park by way of service road. Call 519-776-8299 or please leave message. 12-1t*


LEGAL nOtIcE _____________________ nOTice TO cRediTORs and OTHeRs All claims against the estate of William J. Waldon, late of the Town of Essex, in the County of Essex, who died on or about the 14th day of February, 2014, must be filed with the undersigned on or before the 18th day of April, 2014; thereafter, the undersigned will distribute the assets of the said estate having regard only to the claims then filed. DATED at Essex this 18th day of March, 2014. Lois Copley, Estate Trustee, by her Solicitors, HICKEY BYRNE, 14 Centre Street, Essex, Ontario, N8M 1N9. Attn: Joseph A. Byrne. 519-776-7349.


KC Properties (GP) Limited hereby gives notice to Douglas Handy that the house located at 195 Steven Court, Essex, Ontario, N8M 2A8, will be sold 60 days after the publication of this notice. Interested parties should contact KC Properties (GP) Limited in writing at 77 Bloor Street West, Suite 2000, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1M2





HELP WAntED _____________________

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HELP WAntED _____________________ DRIVERS WANTED - AZ or DZ. Clean record. Will train qualified applicants. Fax resume to Quinlan Inc. 519-723-2336. 17-tfn

_____________________ HEALTH CARE AIDE - Permanent parttime, shift work. Must be certified, plus CPR & police clearance. Remit resume by fax to 519-733-8552 or email to 10-1t

HELP WANTED: Greenhouse and Packing line Labour. General greenhouse labour, duties include pruning, picking, planting and cleaning of greenhouse. Packing line labour, duties include inspecting, weighing and packing produce on assembly line. Lifting, bending and standing is required. Must be able to work all shifts. Rural area. No public transportation available. Rate of payminimum wage. To apply please email Or Mail to Domric International, PO Box 218, Ruthven ON N0P 2G0 6-14t* _____________________ HELP WANTED - Roofer helpers wanted. Must have own vehicle. Will Train. Phone: 519-776-8340. 12-4t* Sell It! Find it! Rent It! Buy It! in The Classifieds






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APROX. 36 ACRES (Malden Rd. and County Rd. #8) $ 20,000 Vacant tiled land, water and gas available. 4 Buyer to confirm building permit. APROX. 48 ACRES $ 60,000 4 (Malden and County Rd. #8) Woodlot (18 acres), balance, tiled, water and gas available. Buyer to confirm building permit. Tim McGuire, Sales Representative Res. 519-723-4660 or Bus. 519-735-6015.

Thomas A. Lavin Realty Ltd., Brokerage _______________________________________________

AuctIOn sALE _______________________________________________

ESTATE Saturday, March 29th at 9:00 A.M. At the Community Center in Comber Quantity of Art including oil paintings by Hans Hofmann, Varley, John Sloan Gordon, M.F. Kousal, George Wolfe, etc.; Cir. 1840 Kentucky rifle; powder horns; unique Collectibles; Antique & Modern Furniture; Glassware, China, Sterling Silver; Coins & paper money; Jewellery; etc.

Viewing day of sale from 7:00 AM

Lacasse Auctions Inc.


Photos and full listing:

16 I Classifieds

Essex Free Press

Classifieds... _____________________


ServiceS _____________________

ServiceS _____________________

ERRANDS & HOUSEKEEPING for SENIORS. Licensed and Police Clearanced. Call Julie’s Errands & Deliveries at 519-8186692 to discuss your needs. www. 49-6t* _____________________

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What’s Going On


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aPrIl 2 - ShOOTEr’S PhOTOgraPhy clUb MEETINg – From 7pm - 10pm, at colasanti’s, in the Willow room. Please use west parking. For info:

CASH PAID for scrap cars and trucks. Free removal. Please phone: 519-776-9237 or 519-791-5046. 1-tfn

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What’s black and white INCOME TAX PREPARATION: Good read rates onand personal, rental and business returns. E-file or paper file. Call all over? Jeannette Grass (519) 776-7090.

this paper

Thursday, March 27, 2014





aPrIl 14- SPEcIal EdUcaTION EvENT – learn about the Individual Education Plan process & more. 6:45-8:45pm at Essex civic centre, room c. For info: 519-974-1008. aPrIl 15 - ESSEx blOOd dONOr clINIc at Essex legion, 1-7pm. Walk-Ins Welcome!


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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Community / Opinion I 17

Essex Free Press

The Voice Of Experience by Evelyn Couch


sponsorship by:

Visit us online for service times and directions or just to listen to a sermon or two.

Fresh food. Friendly neighbours 191 Talbot St. S., Essex

519-776-4255 Harrow United Church Submitted by Larry Anderson We welcome you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am with Reverend Frank Staples. Your presence is a blessing to us and we hope our church family will be a blessing to you. To view and listen to Rev. Staples’ inspiring weekly messages and to learn more about Harrow United Church, please visit us at: www. Cancelled postage stamps, Sanford’s tapes, old prescription glasses, pop can tabs and plastic milk bags are collected at Harrow United Church. These items are used to help various programs both locally and across Canada. Please check the Narthex at the entrance of the church for labelled boxes and containers for these items. Thank you for your ongoing support. Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all those who are sick and/or shut-in. If you know of someone that we could support, please call our church office at 519-738-4223. Paquette News Items for the spring newsletter are due by March 30th OR BEFORE. Joint Warden’s Meeting on April 1st at 7 p.m. at St. Stephen’s. Staff Meeting at 5 p.m. on April 3rd at St. Stephen’s. St. Stephen’s Parish Council on April 8th at 7 p.m. Cemetery Cleanup on April 12th at 10 a.m. Woodslee United Church submitted by Sue Holman Come join us for Sunday Service and Sunday School at 11:15 am. Thank you to Brian

Stocks who delivered the message last week. This week is a special service for Mission and Service. The service will talk about three area missions we support in the world. The door greeters will be Ed and Connie Reeb. This Sunday lunch is potluck so please bring your favorite dish. Come join us on Thursdays at 10 am for Coffee and Conversation. Wednesday, April 2nd Essex Ministerial Lenten Service at 12 noon, is at Bethel Maidstone United Church, with Rev. Aaron Thompson. Light luncheon following the service. Free will donation. Our website is www. Essex Christian Reformed Church submitted by Beverley Van Huizen We would like to extend an invitation to you and your family to attend our Sunday morning worship service beginning at 10am as Pastor Ken Brown will lead us in worship on the Discipline of Worship. Nursery supervision is provided. Do plan to stay afterwards for a time of fellowship with coffee or tea. GEMS & Cadets will be meeting on Monday evening from 6:30 – 8:00 pm. All are invited to our next Free Movie Event on Friday March 28th. Doors open at 6:00 pm. Movie begins at 6:30 pm sharp! We will be featuring the movie “FROZEN!” All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. A canned good donation is welcomed!

Cozy Corners Bethel-Maidstone United submitted by Bev Holland All are welcome to attend our Sunday worship service at 10:00 a.m. with Pastor Linda Blair. Sunday school is at 10:15 a.m. A nursery is available during the service. The Bethel-Maidstone Annual Meeting is on March 30 following service. April 1 is our 2pm nursing home service at Iler Lodge. Volunteers are always appreciated. The next noon hour Lenten Service is April 2, at Bethel-Maidstone United Church, with guest speaker Rev. Aaron Thompson. A light lunch follows with free will donations appreciated. The 18th Annual Spring Fling at Olinda Ruthven United Church is scheduled for April 16, at 2 pm. The Door Greeters next week are Rob Reeb and Niel Reeb. Elder on duty is Virginia Lauzon and lock up is Rob Reeb. Essex Community Services Essex Community Services - 7th Annual Indoor Golf Tournament Fundraiser, March 29 at “On the Green Indoor Golf”. You can support us by entering a foursome, sponsoring a hole, and/or by donating door prizes. All donations will be recognized. Contact ECS at 519-776-4231 or ecs@ for further information. Thank-you for your support! Salvation Army Essex Community Church News submitted by Carolyn Barnett Don’t forget Messy Church Thurs. March 27th. Come out at 6 p.m. for a family style dinner, followed by music, a Bible story , crafts and activities. Families with kids of all ages are welcome. The Essex Ministerial Continued on Page 20

- Memories As I watched the television scenes of soldiers being greeted by family when they returned from Afghanistan, poignant memories of the return of my sailor husband after World War II, brought tears to my eyes. I wonder how many other wives or family members are still living to experience those memories. When he left I knew it would be a long time before the war was over and he would be back, with the added fear he might not be back. Of course, I thought two years seemed like a long time. It was the actual arrival that came to mind so vividly. The longawaited telegram he sent to tell me when the train would arrive at the Woodstock station was delayed somehow and I had only minutes to be there. He had to go on to London to be discharged but the train would stop in Woodstock and he could get off for a minute to greet me. I was wild with joy. This was to be the moment I had waited for years to come. And I wanted our two little boys,

age 2 and 3, to be there for that moment. I had been telling them for weeks that Daddy would soon be home. All they knew about him was the picture I showed them every night as we said a prayer for him before I put them to bed. So that June morning I grabbed their wagon after wiping breakfast remains off two little faces, put the younger one at the back between the side racks, then warned the older one seated in front of him to hang on to the sides, and took off on the run. I had to go a block and a half to No. 2 highway (Dundas Street in Woodstock) cross it and rush two or three blocks to the CNR station to be there minutes before the train came in. The greeting could only be brief. Then he and the train went on and I went home to prepare for the real home coming that afternoon. That was 69 years ago but the memory is as real as if it were yesterday.

Golden Years Mini Golf

34 golfers managed a mere 49 aces on this day. Leading the ace parade with 5 was Ethel Ferguson followed by Bryon Walker with 4 and Pete Daudlin, Laurie Hylton, Cam Keith, Julia Kos and John Murphy with 3 each. Dropping 2 each were Barb Arner, Murray Hartford, Lloyd Honey, Lois Hudwagner, Tom Hyatt, Art Sweet, Doug Vickery, Steve Vigh and Bill Ward. Managing 1 each were Kathy Bradley, Madeline Butler, Fran Clifford, Tony Hudwagner, Shirley Thiessen, John Vlodarchyk and Gerrit Vriesen. Low score of 17 for 9 holes went to Julia Kos, Tom Hyatt, Laurie Hylton, John Murphy and Lloyd Honey. Following closely with 18 were Laurie Hylton(2), Tom Hyatt, Steve Vigh, Madeline Butler, Iggy Arner(2), Bill Ward, John Vlodarchyk, Art Sweet and Pete Daudlin. A respectable 35 for 18 holes was recorded by Laurie Hylton and Tom Hyatt. 37 went to John Murphy, Laurie Hylton, Iggy Arner, Bill Ward and Pete Daudlin while notching 38 was Murray Hartford and Lloyd Honey. An excellent score of 72 for 36 holes was carded by Laurie Hylton followed closely by Tom Hyatt with 74, Bill Ward with 76 and Pete Daudlin, Art Sweet, Julia Kos, Iggy Arner and Lloyd Honey with 78. 1st place bragging rights went to team Jacks with 238 [Art Sweet, Gerry Wilkinson, Pete Daudlin]. 2nd place with 239 was won by team 9 [Iggy Arner, Mary Anne Vickery, Bill Ward]. 3rd place with 242 was captured by team 5 [Doug Vickery, John Murphy, Lloyd Honey]. Play resumes with tee off at 9:30 on Thursday, March 27 at Colasanti’s.

18 I Sports

Essex Free Press


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Velocity Rage 12U Boys lose heart breaker submitted to EPF Last weekend had the Velocity Rage 12U Boys Volleyball Team competing at the London Sharks 12U Volleyball Tournament in London, Ontario. The team had come off a Tournament win in Cambridge on February 22nd and were looking to play well again last weekend. The Tournament had teams from across Ontario including: Sarnia, Leamington, Cambridge 2, Durham 2 and London 3 teams competing as part of a new Tournament Series for 12U Teams. Velocity started the day with a one and one split against the Twin Bridges Team from Sarnia with

the scores: 21/18, 15/21. The Boys continued to play well and picked up two straight against the Scorpions 12U Team from Cambridge with scores of: 21/14, 21/18. With their split in the first match Velocity ended up second in their pool and were set to take on the Nationally Ranked Club, Durham Attack. With the Playoff A and B Divisions being decided by their match against the Durham Attack, Velocity knew they would have to work hard as the game went back and forth with strong play made by both teams. With a very tight win by 2 format the Velocity Boys fought hard for a 30/28 win in the

first set. The second set saw the Durham Attack come out eager to even things up as they pushed for 25/21 victory over Velocity setting up for the very exciting 3rd and final set of the match. Both teams came out swinging and put on a great display of Volleyball action. Durham did ultimately go on to take the final set by a score of 15/10 moving the Velocity Boys into Division B for the remainder of the day. Velocity was able to regroup and remained undefeated in Division B Playoffs taking home 1st place Div. B when the day was over. The Velocity Boys have a busy schedule coming up as they head back to Cambridge on Saturday, April 5th to defend their title at the Provincial Tournament, Scorpions Cup. Velocity will then host teams

Pictured above is the Velocity Rage 12U Boys Team Photo: Left to Right, Back: Kyle Monpetite, Brayden Taves, Jack Maranette, Andrew Botham, Gene Dueck (Coach). Middle: Kannan Gale, Derek Bedal, Jacob Derksen, Blake Harnadek, Damon Proctor. Front: Koby Willie, and Leo Ortiz Cabrera.

from across Ontario on Saturday, April 12th at the Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex. Club Director Jim Konrad states this is a great time for Volleyball in this area, Ă’ We have been working hard to grow our

teams and ensure they are competitive. All of our teams are doing a great job and the fact that we are now hosting top level teams at a young age says a lot about where this club is headed,Ă“ Konrad said. Friends, families and

the public are welcome to come out and watch the action with matches taking place on both courts from 9:00am - 6:00pm on April 12th as teams from across Ontario attend the Velocity 12U Open.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sports I 19

Essex Free Press

Velocity 15U Girls bring home silver

Stuff Block by Robyn Maranette and Morgan DeMers against “Crank It” 17U from Michigan during the Michigan Elite Tournament where Velocity takes a Silver.

submitted to the EFP On Saturday, March 22nd the Velocity 17U Girls headed to Warren Michigan for the Michigan Elite 17/18U GirlÕ s Volleyball Tournament. Velocity came out of the gates in great shape by winning its first match against Charger Bushey (MI) 18U with scores of 25/18, 25/14 and following that up with a win against 17s Travel White (MI) with a three set victory: 20/25, 28/26, 15/8. The Velocity Girls

Pictured above: Velocity 17U Girls Team Photo: Left to Right, back row: Jim Konrad (Coach), Morgan DeMers, Tanisha Coghill, Sydney Klassen, Olivia Toews, Robyn Maranette. Front Row: Claire Stevenson, Lauren Tracey, and Shae Driedger.

were eyeing up first place in the pool until they met up with the host team, Michigan Elite 17 Green (MI). With the quick offensive and transition side of the game Velocity had trouble keeping up at first. Head Coach Jim Konrad described the match as an eye opener, “This being our first tournament of the season the Velocity Girls just had their eyes opened. It is a great lesson to play against teams that are

tight as a team and play a fast paced match,Ó said Konrad. Velocity lost the first set against MEVBA 4/25 and re-bounded in the second set to finish losing two straight to Michigan Elite with the final set score 19/25. Velocity re-grouped after their loss with a strong two set match win against Crank It 17U (MI) with scores of 25/11, 26/24. The day was led for Velocity by Morgan

DeMers (Comber) with 16 Kills, 4 aces, 3 blocks and 2 digs for the day. Other noted contributions were made by Claire Stevenson (Emeryville) with 33 assisted kills while setting and 8 kills on the day while attacking on offence. Shae Driedger (Wheatley), also contributed with a strong outing as Libero for the team with 21 digs on the day. Velocity 17U Girls finished the day with a silver and a strong showing overall for the first Tournament of the spring session Next up for the Velocity 17U Girls is a trip to Mount Morris, Michigan as they head to Arsenal Arena on Saturday, March 29th to face some of the toughest competition to date for the team.

20 I Community Hub

Essex Free Press

Continued from Page 17

Association Lenten Service on Wed. April 2 will be held at 12 noon at Bethel Maidstone United Church and led by Rev. Aaron Thompson. Lunch follows the service and a free will offering will be accepted. SA Connections is held from 10 -1 every Tuesday. Join us April 1 for fun, fellowship and a delicious free lunch. Everyone is welcome. Our Community Care monthly services at the local nursing homes take place at Iler on Wed. April 2nd at 10:30 a.m. and at Country Village on Thurs. April 3rd at 6:30 p.m. Our Sunday Prayer Meetings are held from 10- 10:30 a.m. before Family Worship at 11 a.m., which is led by Lt. Kristen Gray. For more information about our programs call the church office at 519- 776- 4628 or find us on Facebook. “Contentment is not getting what we want but being satisfied with what we have.� Bakerville News submitted by Evelyn Baker The Pleasant Valley Community Club held its Pepper party Tuesday evening with the lucky folks being Betty Fields, Eileen Ames, Mary Lou Chibi, Don Ames, Doug Fields, and Bob Ford. The Euchre lucky winners on Saturday evening were Eileen Ames, Josie Dresser, Evelyn Young, Don Ames, Keith Dresser, Ron Kettle,

and Ben Puglia. Door Prizes to Grant Beecom and Elaine Taylor. Come on out and join in for some great playing of cards with friends and neighbours. Everyone is welcome here. Thank you for all the phone calls I received the past few weeks to see if I was okay. The reason my column wasn’t in was that I had no card party results to report and the weather was horrible so I just stayed put and out of the weather. A few folks had birthdays so here we are for March: George Rawlins, Arn Palmer, Rita Cosgrove, JoAnne Diesbourg, Pat Merritt, Mike Campbell, Lynsey Nantais, Betty Patterson, Chris Stasko, Wayne Holt, and Brenda Miller. Hope you all enjoyed your day. Get well wishes to Aunt Irene Baker who spent a few days in the hospital but is now home and also to her sister Betty Scratch who is not well right now and to the many who have suffered with the flu bug recently. We are happy to report that Lynn and Lionel Corbeil are back home from Toronto where Lynn had a lung transplant and is doing quite well. Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine. Woodslee Friendship Club Everyone was “Irish� on Monday as we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. We started off with a singsong of Irish songs, accompanied by Gail Koziana at the piano and Fr. Moe Charbonneau on his guitar. Over 30 guests enjoyed a delicious Irish Stew Luncheon. There was lots of laughter and fun as we enjoyed our afternoon card party. The winners for the week were: Thomas Allison, Bernie Belleau, Roger Bellemore, Joan Broeders, Colleen Chevalier, Edna Chevalier, Marg Chevalier, George Diesbourg, Jean Matalik, Joanne McMurren, Pat Mullins, Bob Mullins, Elmer Quinlan, Shirley Quinlan, Flo Rivest,







I Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ruby Robertson, and Cecile St. Dennis. For information, call Fran McKim at 961-9532.

Brooker News submitted by Ruth Newman Our 138th Anniversary will be celebrated with a Church Supper this Saturday, March 29, at 6pm. The Cottam Chime Choir will provide entertainment. The celebrations continues on Sunday, March 30 at 10am with our guest speaker Peter Baker, who is with New Tribes Mission. Kid’s Club continues each Tuesday, at 3:30 pm, led by Rev. Linda Hollingsworth. All elementary aged children are invited. The flowers in the sanctuary last Sunday were in loving memory of Marian Newman. We extend our deepest sympathy to the Newman and Birch families on her passing. The noon hour Lenten Service on Wednesday, April 2 is at Bethel-Maidstone United Church with Rev. Aaron Thompson. A light lunch follows the service. Freewill donations accepted. The Bible Club banquet is on April 12 at Meadowbrook Fellowship. See Murray Newman for tickets. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers those with health needs and those in nursing homes.

Essex United Church Essex United Church is hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre on Friday and Saturday, March 28 and 29. Rev. Sharon Willis-Whitwell conducted our communion and regular service. Rev. Aaron Thompson will conduct the weekly Lenten service at Bethel Maidstone United church on Wed., April 2 at noon with a light lunch after the service. Everyone is


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54 Mill St. E. Kingsville, ON N9Y 1K7

Chris Warkentin

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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Community Hub I 21

Essex Free Press

welcome. To have prayers said leave a message at the church office, 519 776-5121. This is strictly confidential. St. Paul’s/Trinity Anglican Lenten service April 2 is at Bethel Maidstone United church with Rev. Aaron Thompson officiating. Light lunch after the service. Everyone is welcome. Easter flowers for the church can be donated by April 13. Come to sing together hymns for the Easter season at a music workshop at Trinity directed by Diana Dennis of Essex United, on April 5 at 10 a.m. to noon. Posters are available for our Holy Week services. Put some copies in your favourite haunts to let the community know about our amazing services. Maidstone Cross submitted by Wendy Pulleyblank Congratulations to the winners of the Irish Goodie Baskets: Judy Jobin, Rosemary Halford and Jim Markham. Thank you to everyone who supported our Parish Mission Group. Don’t forget to support and give generously to Share Lent on April 6th. The Cemetery Board asks that all winter decorations be removed from the graves by April 11th. There will be Cemetery Board meeting on Monday, March 31st at 6:30 p.m. The Lenten card parties are every Sunday at 7 p.m. in our hall. The winners from March 16th are for the ladies: 1st place Joan Lauzon, 2nd place Kristina Markham, 3rd place Judy Dufour and Lowest Tally Madonna Gemus. The winners for the men: 1st place L. Perrault, 2nd place Floyd Rauth, 3rd place Dan Mustac


and Lowest Tally Alex Quenneville. The winners from March 23rd are for the ladies: 1st place Sharon Maitre, 2nd place Marlene Vollans, 3rd place Joan Lauzon, lowest tally Colleen Chevalier and lone hands Marlene Vollans. The men: 1st place Fr. Larry Mousseau, 2nd place Ken McLean, 3rd place Dave McMurren, lowest tally Louie Tuma and lone hands Elmer Quinlan. Happy Birthday wishes to Jane Cloutier, Ruth Anne Fuerth, Tara Deehan, Mike Sauve, and Mike McGuire. Please keep in your prayers Renee Damphouse, Adeline Jobin, and Lucas Gerard and their caregivers. Holy Name of Jesus Church submitted by Therese Lecuyer Lenten Mission is from March 29-April 1 at St. John de Brebeuf Church, Kingsville with Fr. Mike Prieur. Family Pasta and Bingo Night is Sat., April 12, at 6pm in our hall. Tickets are available at the office. The CWL’s 80th Anniversary Banquet is Sat., April 26. Mass is at 5pm, followed by dinner in our hall. Advance tickets only available at the office. Please donate generously, on April 6, to this year’s Share Lent Campaign “One Human Family. Food for All” . LIFE TEEN is on March 30. Mass at 7pm and life night follows. COR is on April 4, 5, 6 this year. Applications are on the bulletin board. The next K of C Fish Fry is on Friday, March 28, from 4:30-7pm. We pray for the sick of our parish, and their caregivers. God Bless and have a great week.


Essex Retirees’ Social Club Local merchants and members have donated over 50 items for auction for our Quarter Auction this Saturday. In a Quarter Auction participants will purchase the number of paddles they’d like after viewing the items up for auction. Unlike a regular auction, where an item goes to a highest bidder, in Quarter Auctions participants raise a numbered paddle (or paddles) for each item. Their numbers are then placed into a pot with other bidder numbers and a winner is drawn. In addition, it costs a quarter per paddle for each $10 value of an item. So, if an item is worth $30, it would cost 75 cents per paddle on a bid. In addition to the auction, there will be a raffle, and food and refreshment available. Doors open at 11:00 a.m. Auction starts at 1:00 p.m.



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Brad Miehls

Ed Fuerth

B.A., CA

B. Comm., CA Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913


Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206

FINANCIAL PLANNING Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913

Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206


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Don Lassaline

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B. Acc., CA Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913

Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206 Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913

Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206

22 I Opinion/Sports

1968 Cadillac 4-door hardtop: ideal parade car

Eric Jensen of Simcoe, Ontario, is the proud owner of this immaculate 1968 Cadillac Sedan de Ville 4-door hardtop with a U.S. price when new of $5785.

Eric Jensen writes from Simcoe, Ontario: Ò Hi Bill: My most enjoyable car has been my 1968 Cadillac Sedan de Ville 4-door hardtop. It had always been my ambition to own a classic car. At last it came to pass through a wandering story. “An older couple had originally purchased this car in 1968. Sadly, they each died shortly after their trip to their Florida home. Apparently, the car was put in storage for a period of time, after which a young couple purchased the car. Later, the wife decided she preferred a different model for her own use. The husband put it up for sale and I purchased this dream in one day. “The car came with all the original documents, all the original sales advertisements, some family photos, and some Florida sand on the front carpet. This car has a 472 cubic inch engine (375 horsepower) which easily floats the car safely down the roadways. After 45 years, we have only 67,000 miles on the odometer, and the car has no problems or concerns. My youngest son is 46 years old and still being single drives it on every opportunity to any location. “During the summer and fall, our Shrine Club participates in local parades. I enjoy driving the car donned with our Club recognitions and Canadian flags. We enjoy the many smiles from the spectators and with the odd one calling out: Ô What is it?’ This helps to assist our ‘Hospitals for Children’ located thus far in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. We appreciate being part of this worthy enjoyment.Ó In the same year Eric Jensen’s car was built, General Motors was celebrating its 60th anniversary, having come into being in 1908 thanks to the work of flamboyant entrepreneur Billy Durant. At first, Buick and Oldsmobile were the main nameplates in the new company. Meanwhile, in that same year, Cadillac earned international recognition by winning the coveted Dewar Trophy in England by demonstrating its precision engineering with interchangeable parts. Three 1908 Cadillacs were shipped to England, disassembled with their parts scrambled, then reassembled and driven away, running just as well as when they rolled out of the factory. Billy Durant pulled Cadillac into the corporate structure the following year. The Cadillac Automobile Company started in 1902 and the car was named after the French explorer Le Sieur Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, who had first set foot on the future site of Detroit in 1701. IÕ m always looking for more stories. Email billtsherk@sympatico. ca or write Bill Sherk, 25 John St., P.O. Box 255, Leamington, ON N8H 3W2. Everyone whose story is published in this column will receive a free autographed copy of my Ò Old l a t e s t book: Car Detective Favourite Stories, 1925 to 1965.Ó

Essex Free Press


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Puempel named third star

by Fred Groves EssexÕ s Matt Puempel notched his 39th point of his AHL rookie year with the Binghampton Senators as he had an assist in a 6-5 win over Norfolk on Saturday. Earlier in the week, Puempel was named the third star of the game as he had the lone Sens goal in a 2-1 loss to Albany. • Good Luck to the Leamington Flyers in their Junior Ô BÕ Conference championship series with the Chatham Maroons. Game one goes Thursday in Leamington and Game three is in Leamington at 4:10 on Sunday. The Tony Piroski coached Flyers eliminated the London Nationals in five games including 2-1 and 6-1 victories last week. • Great news for horse harness racing fans in the area as the track at Leamington could see a lot of race dates this year. • The next meeting of the Essex Sports Wall of Excellence will be held Wednesday, April 9 at 7pm at the Barnett Room in the Essex Sports Complex. All are welcome. • Warmer weather means that the Essex District High School Red Raiders will soon be moving out to the baseball diamond, the soccer pitch and the track and field. The first WECSSAA Allcomers track and field meet is scheduled for April 17 at Sandwich S.S. • Essex Minor Hockey held its Annual General Meeting last week and Brian Diemer will return as president for the upcoming season. Coaching applications will be accepted up until April 13. • According to Stephen Jaska, head baseball coach with the Central Michigan Chippewas, MaidstoneÕ s Skylar Janisse, a pitcher, is no longer with the team. • The Essex County

Essex Ravens goalie Evan Harnadek turns away a shot during Sunday’s midget local league championship game against Tilbury.

Umpires Association will hold its annual meeting and clinic at the Essex Sports Complex on Saturday, March 30 at 10 a.m. For more information contact Wayne Ducharme at 519-726-0671. • Essex’s Aaron Langlois is breaking in slow with the Saginaw Valley Cardinals menÕ s baseball team. The freshman pitcher has 5.2 innings to his credit that includes allowing eight hits, six walks and six strikeouts. • Meanwhile in British Columbia, EDHS

grad Justin Orton went 1-for-3 and got a little time in at second base as the Thunderbirds beat Thompson Rivers 18-3 last Wednesday. • Skate Essex is holding a registration on Saturday from 11 am to 1 pm at the Essex Sports Complex. If you have anything for the sports roundup, please contact Fred Groves at grover45@

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sports I 23

Essex Free Press

Series with Dolphins being won on home ice

Essex’s Matthew Hebert (right) controls the puck over Dorchester captain Brady Verougstraete during Friday night’s game in Dorchester.

hostile environment in Dorchester, the Dolphins came from behind to win 6-5 in overtime. Game One, played in Essex last Tuesday was a huge 7-0 win for the 73’s but it came at a costly price as veteran defenceman Aaron Thibert was knocked out of the game with a suspected concussion. Friday, in front of 1,200 of their own loud fans,

by Fred Groves Home ice advantage and a little intimidation weighed heavy in the first three games of the OHA Schmalz Cup quarterfinal tilt. Saturday night in Essex saw the host 73’s win 4-2 over the Dorchester Dolphins to take a twogames-to-one lead in the best-of-seven Junior ‘C’ series. The night before in a

the Dolphins went after Essex blueliner Chad Hedrick and sent him to hospital by ambulance, again a suspected concussion. “They have certain tactics. Obviously they can’t play with us skillwise so they are going to do what they feel they have to do,” said Essex coach Gil Langlois after Friday night’s game. Game Four was played




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In last Tuesday night’s opener, rookie Phil Janikowski led the way with a hat trick with singles from Beaulieu, Tyler Scott, Daniel Slipchuk and Solecki. Matthew Hebert chipped in three assists. Essex goalie Darien Ekblad turned away 27 shots for the shutout. As far as this series being dominated by the home team, Langlois said, “Their record is good in their barn and our record is good in our barn.” FROM THE SIDELINES... Colin Lauzon has been called up to backup Ekblad...While Game three went last night in Dorchester, the series shifts back to Essex Friday night and if necessary, Game Six is Saturday in Dorchester.


Wednesday in Dorchester and the 73’s were expected to be without Thibert, Hedrick, Alex Garon and rookie goalie Jacob Kment who are all sidelined with injuries. “I’m certainly concerned about my players. It’s going to be taxing on the guys that are here,” said Langlois. Michael Popel led the 73’s Saturday night with a goal and an assist while captain Corey Beaulieu, Jordan Ryan and rookie Andy Gossman (with his first of the series) also connected. Friday night in Dorchester, the 73’s got a pair from Beaulieu and singles from Ryan, Dylan Solecki and Daniel McIntyre. Defenceman Matthew Rosati had a strong game with a beauty of a backhanded assist on McIntyre’s goal and he also broke up a late scoring attempt by the Dolphins. Ò We let the game get away from us,” said Solecki. “I don’t think we showed up. If we are consistent we will be

alright,” This series is being fought in the trenches and a lot of the battles are being won right in front of the net. Solecki, Beaulieu and Ryan are all paying the price for staking out a spot in front of the Dorchester net. “It does get frustrating, especially when nothing comes from it,” said Solecki. This has been a very physical series thus far and the 73’s converted 3-for-26 on the powerplay while the Dolphins were 2-for-20. As far as the rough stuff goes, Solecki realizes this is playoff hockey and the 73’s are going to have to take their lumps. “You have to expect something every game. We didn’t think it was going to be a cake walk by any means,” he said.

300 Maidstone Ave. W., Essex ON Store: 519-776-5224 Auto Service: 519-776-5942

Golf Season is Coming Soon. Get your game in shape at On the Green Indoor Golf 354 Croft Drive, Tecumseh (Lakeshore), ON.



24 I Sports

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, March 27, 2014

Essex Ravens Atom Minor hockey - Ontario finalists

Frank Matthys drops the puck with the Orillia Terriers team captain and Essex team captain, Jake Tetzlaff.

submitted to EFP Although they fell short in their bid for the OMHA Championship, we can all be very proud of our Atom Minor hockey team who had an outstanding season. Though all their accomplishments they represented Essex and EMHA with class and dignity. In getting to the finals the team swept the previous year OMHA champs, the Riverside Rangers, in three games. The Ravens moved onto the quarter finals taking out Niagara Falls in three games, as well. Bringing the Essex Ravens Atom Minor team to the semi finals where they would repeat their sweep by eliminating the Woolwich wildcats. In the OMHA Final series, the Essex

faced the Orillia Terriers. Unfortunately for a great season. Thank you to all the Essex came up short infront of a big friends and family who came out to the home crowd in game three. games to support the team. Congratulations to Nick Diniro, his Go Ravens. coaching staff, the parents and players

Essex Free Press - March 27, 2014  
Essex Free Press - March 27, 2014  

EFP - March 27th, 2014 issue