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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vol. 134

Issue No. 22

Waterfest educates and inspires for the 10th time

A LOOK INSIDE Tiny Feet Big Dreams Page 2 ________________ Cottam Yard Sale Provides Opportunity to Aid Good Causes Page 9 ________________ Double Anniversary Celebrations in Woodslee Page 11 ________________ Walk Supports Down Syndrome Association Page 17 ________________ Gymnastics Bar Set High Page 21 ________________ Janisse Receives Baseball Scholarship Page 23

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Zoey of Essex Public School learns about the connectivity of the ecosystem at Waterfest last Friday at the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village.

by Jennifer Cranston Close to 3,000 students from Windsor and Essex County were at the Canadian

water supply. Danielle BreaultStuebing of ERCA said that over the last 10 years 33,000 kids have attended

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Transportation Museum & Heritage Village last week learning the importance of conserving and protecting our clean

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the annual Waterfest. The purpose of the event is to help children learn about conservation and technology and develop healthy water attitudes. “We are so lucky here that we can turn on the tap and clean water comes out,” she said. Fun activities teach students how much water we use when showering and flushing the toilet. One station allowed kids to see exactly how much water they waste by not turning off the tap when they brush their teeth. Another was an obstacle course that showed how much work it was to obtain clean water in pioneer days. One exciting activity was called Eagle’s Nest. It demonstrated the connectivity of nature. Children were able to pretend they were eagles hunting for fish in the lake. Zoey is in grade three at EPS. She and her partner Grace dove head first into the wading pool that served as a lake to collect the most foam fish for a first place finish. Zoey said she learned something while getting drenched. “If we pollute the water and kill the fish, we will also be killing the eagles,” she said.

Volunteers from area high schools ran the activity stations. Over the years about 4,000 high school students have helped out at the event. The goal of the event is more than just giving kids an appreciation of clean water. It is to improve overall attitudes about a vital natural resource. “With the world’s awareness of the importance of clean water continuing to rise, the impact of the knowledge gained at this festival cannot be overstated,” BreaultStuebing said. She also wants kids to walk away with an understanding of their own importance. “Everyone makes a difference and everyone has a responsibility,” she said. The Essex Region Children’s Water Festival is organized by a committee of volunteers from various environmental agencies, CAW locals, school boards, municipalities and others. The committee works year round to raise the funds to host and bus all students to the festival.


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2 I Community

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tiny Feet Big Dreams changes fundraising format

Kaitynn Sokoloski has the NICU to thank for saving her when she was born about 15 weeks early. She is the inspiration behind Tiny Feet Big Dreams and it’s swim and gym fundraiser on June 23.

by Jennifer Cranston Cheryl Skilton and her daughter Devon Sokoloski were surprised four years ago when their little walk-a-thon raised $10,000. This year they are trying something new. The Tiny Feet Big Dreams Swim & Gym will take place on June 23 at the Essex Recreation Complex. It will include an hour of swimming and two hours of dancing and activities in the gym. Admission is $5 and tickets need to be purchased in advance to allow for proper staffing. They began the Tiny Feet Big Dreams charity to raise money for the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit at Windsor Regional Hospital. Sokoloski’s daughter Kaitynn was born at 25 weeks and

spent several months in the NICU in Windsor and in Michigan. Today Kaitynn is four and a half and is enjoying school. She is head and shoulders shorter than her classmates and she still receives speech therapy. She is extremely independent, more so than many of her peers. The only real lingering issues she has from her early birth are size and speech. Her birthday is Dec. 22. “When Santa comes I turn five,” she will proudly announce if you ask her about her birthday. Sokoloski explains that attending a French school is helping Kaitynn because the language is ‘softer’ than English and is easier for her pronunciation challenges. Her size has been known to present challenges for the little girl. When she began school she had been toilet trained for some time. It was disconcerting to her parents when she began having accidents at school. Everyone was very worried until they discovered that the toilets at school were too high for her. A stool solved that problem and Kaitynn carried on to do well in school. Over the years, Tiny Feet has donated Kangaroo Chairs, vein finders, penguin nutritional warmers and diaper scales to the NICU. This year they are hoping to donate some infant scales specially designed for extra small babies. These two woman have nothing but admiration and respect for the nurses that work in the NICU. “The nurses there are

a special kind of nurse,” said Sokoloski. She and Skilton and little Kaitynn are still recognized by the nurses in the NICU. Sokoloski explained that the nurses there are surrogate mothers for the infants in their care and there is a special bond created between the nurses, the babies and their families. Sokoloski said that the NICU is a place you don’t realize exists until you need it. The people there save the lives of the most vulnerable babies, and they deserve all the help they can get. The parents of these babies also deserve a great deal of support. “Those nurses need

things to make their job easier and those parents need things to make their lives easier,” she said. Skilton encourages everyone to plan a day of fun with their family at the Tiny Feet Swim and Gym. “Where else can you go with your whole family for a day of swimming and dancing and a pizza lunch all for $5 each?” she said. “The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the weather.” For tickets contact Cheryl Skilton at 519 8945698.

























Thursday, June 6, 2013


News I 3

Essex Free Press

Residents form group to initiate possible dog park

by Sylene Argent Last Tuesday, a group of committed community citizens gathered at the Essex Civic Centre to discuss the possibility to establish a dog park in the Town of Essex. While discussions are at the preliminary level, those in attendance were happy to meet with others that have a similar interest to discuss how to make their dream of having a dog park a reality. Casandra Finn was one of the meeting’s organizers. She explained the meeting was a way to get like-minded individuals in one room to think of ways area residents

could eventually approach Council with the idea of establishing a dog park, and to discover ways to fundraise for the initiative. With some fundraisers under their belt, the group members can then approach Council and ask what their next step could be in ensuring a dog park is a go. The group is looking for fresh ideas and more members. With the streetscape plans underway for Talbot Street, the dog park group may investigate the silo district to see if it would be a good spot to develop a dog park. The group also discussed a few underuti-

lized parks in the area as possibilities. To help spread word about the initiative, the group is planning to make itself visible during the Essex Fun Fest. They also plan to host a barbeque fundraiser this summer that residents can attend with their canine companions. The group is hoping to host the fundraiser at Sadlers’ Park. They are also hoping to partner with other community organizations. Another fundraising idea included the possibility of hosting a Halloween dog walk event. Some of the meet-

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ing attendees agreed that a dog park could attract visitors to the area who do not have such a facility in their own municipalities. A resident from Kingsville and another from Amherstburg attended the preliminary dog park meeting. Anyone wanting to get involved with the initiative is invited to attend the second dog park meeting on June 12 in Room B at the Essex Civic Centre at 6:30p.m. Search for “Essex Dog Park” on Facebook to view the group’s page.

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Town of Essex Council Notes by Sylene Argent Discussions on skate park relocation Essex resident Dave Cassidy approached Council on Monday evening to discuss the possibility of relocating the Skate Park. Cassidy has coached baseball for many years and now has a business near the skate park. In his opinion there is trouble in that area. Often, he sees beer bottles and other paraphernalia, which he finds bothersome. “There is a problem there,” he said. He would like to see the skate park relocated to beside the OPP station on municipal property, like he has seen done in other municipalities. He offered to start the move off with $5,000 seed money. The rest of the funds could be fundraised. Councillor Randy Voakes wondered if there is opportunity to exercise police presence. There could be some churches that might be interested in helping relocate the skate park. Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche said he didn’t want to paint the picture that the issues all surround skaters in that area. Councillor Sherry Bondy said Council should send a letter to the OPP asking for increased policing for that area. Council moved to have administration provide a report on possible relocation areas, estimated costs, and fundraising initiatives. A letter will also be sent to the OPP Operations for the request of more police presence and the enforcing of the Town’s no loitering bylaw. BIA to host new biker event Vivian Bennett and Debra Mellow of the Essex Centre BIA informed Council of a new event the BIA would host on August 17 called “Bikes N Buns.” The ‘buns’ in the title refers to anything that can be served on a bun, like hot dogs, hamburgers, and pulled pork. The event is an attempt to get more visitors to the area to do some shopping. It is not a bike show. They requested to use the grassy portion of the silo area for parking for the event, that would need to be cleaned up and a portion of the fence removed near the Train Station. Council motioned to allow the use of the grassy area and that the area be kept up. Administration will look at getting permission from the railway company to take the fence down, and put it back in place after the event, to allow easier access to the Essex Railway Station. Municipal Outdoor Smoking Bylaw Essex administration submitted a report to Council recommending a bylaw prohibiting smoking on seven municipally owned or leased properties, including recreational facilities, sports fields, playgrounds, parks and parkettes, trails (excluding roadside trails), the

beach at Colchester Harbour, and the Marina (excluding private boats) be drafted. In the report to Council, it indicates the Windsor Essex County Health Unit requested Essex consider a bylaw prohibiting smoking at outdoor municipal facilities. Council moved to postpone the consideration. Councillor Bondy noted before the bylaw is drafted, Council should seek public consultation. The issue, she added, could be contentious. Ontario Family Fishing Events Council moved the recommendation from the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters requesting Essex supports the declaration of July 6-14 as “Ontario Family Fishing Events.” The correspondence also requested that Council support the initiative to fish license-free for the nine days. Colchester Villagefest Chairperson of the Colchester Villagefest, Jim Oakley, sent a correspondence to Council requesting the consideration of the event, to take place from August 9-11, as significant. He also requested that Colchester Villagefest be notified Council has no objection to a liquor license being issued for the event.

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4 I Community

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

Community Living talks about the ‘R’ word

Mayors from around Essex County pose with Community Living dignitaries at the Annual Luncheon with the Mayors. Pictured are (back row, L-R) Tony DeSantis, CLEC Manager Community Relations, LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya, Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos, Amherstburg Mayor Wayne Hurst, Essex Mayor Ron McDermott, Leamington Mayor John Paterson, Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain, (front row, L-R) Nancy Wallace Gero, CLEC Executive Director, James Szpak, Tammy Hillman, Eva Penner, and Diane Bourbeau - President of the Board of Directors CLEC.

by Jennifer Cranston Last Wednesday Community Living Essex County sat down with community leaders at the 8th Annual Community Living Luncheon with the Mayors.

Each year CLEC hosts a luncheon with the County’s mayors and other community leaders. The event serves to build new relationships and partnerships in the community. It also allows members of Community Living and its partner organizations to keep the community apprised of their achievements and goals. Most importantly, it is a celebration of inclusion. New Day is a selfadvocacy group involving people with intellectual disabilities. They work to promote awareness of what it is like to live with intellectual disabilities. Eva Penner from New Day spoke about the mission to stamp out the “R” word. “The ‘R’ word we’re talking about is ‘retarded,’” she said. The reason why using the ‘R’ word is wrong is it is hurtful,” she said. “It makes us feel left out and bad about ourselves.” Penner pointed out that even when the word is used in jest or in reference to other things, it is never a compliment. “It means stupid, slow and different,” she said. Tammy Hillman is also from New Day. She told a story of her nieces calling things and situations “retarded.” It was part of their everyday speech. Hillman and her mother helped the young girls to understand how hurtful the word is. Once they understood they took the word out of their vocabulary. “I’m so proud of them because they no longer

use the word ‘retarded,’” said Hillman. New Day has been asked to do their presentation at community groups including Boy Scouts, Brownies and at Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital. Ensemble is also an affiliate group of Community Living. Its mission is to provide connections and supports for parents of children with disabilities. Michelle DiCarlo explained some of what these parents go through and how Ensemble helps. She said that one of the most profound emotions she felt when her son was diagnosed was isolation. She and her husband withdrew from family and friends and lived life on autopilot. It is too easy for parents to become stuck in this place of isolation. “That connection to someone who understands is like a lifeline when you’re drowning,” she said. Ensemble helps to keep parents connected and informed about events and workshops. They also help to educate students at the University of Windsor and St. Clair College. At the end of the event Executive Director Nancy Wallace-Gero said that Community Living is blessed by the wonderful leadership in Essex County. “Across the board we have mayors who support Community Living,” she said.

K of C



Holy Name Council #3305

Friday, June 14, 2013

Serving locally Erie caught Lake Pickerel for 34 years!

Holy Name of Jesus Parish Hall 146 Talbot St. S., Essex Enter from Fairview Ave. Parking Lot 4:30 to 7:00 pm

Last Fish Fry of the Season! Thanks for another successful year. Proceeds Support Local Charities

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Community I 5

Essex Free Press

Gosfield has sweet time at strawberry social

by Sylene Argent Students at Gosfield North Public School invited their families to participate in the school’s first Strawberry Social last Wednesday evening. The school gathering was not just an event where stu-

dents and families could socialize while enjoying the bounty of Essex County, but also an evening to appreciate the arts. Some of the Gosfield North Public School students took to the stage last Wednesday to show

off their dance moves and entertain the around 300 people who took part in the festivities. The students in the school’s jazz band were happy to show off the musical talents they obtained throughout the year. The band entertained event goers with cool tunes as they socialized, enjoyed a Rotary Club barbeque, and looked at the student art pieces on display. One of the drummers in the school’s jazz band was Jared Porter. He will graduate from the school this year, but is excited to start high school in the fall. Principal Dennis Edmondson said Porter has been a great musician for the school this past year. He has lent his musical talents on the guitar during school assemblies. A number of students at Gosfield North, Edmondson said, are talented. Although this is the first year the school has hosted a Strawberry Social, the school has traditionally hosted a year-end music review and evening of the arts event. School Council, however, wanted to involve more family in the event, so it sponsored the Strawberry Social. Edmondson said he wanted to hold a Strawberry Social for a number of years, and was happy the event was finally held for the students and families to enjoy. Also on Wednesday evening, the students were able to enjoy a book fair. Many of the students, Edmondson said, took advantage of the opportunity to purchase books for summer vacation. Edmondson commented that the Strawberry Social was a huge success. “It far passed my

Gosfield North Public School students enjoy the playground during the Strawberry Social last Wednesday evening.





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expectations,” he said. It was a relaxing evening and a nice way to start winding down the school year.

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6 I Opinion

Editorial & Opinion

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

Live & Uncensored ••• Comment Richard Parkinson •••

Yard sale is a reminder of what community is about

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I want to congratulate the community of Cottam on its annual community-wide yard sale. For me, it summed up what living in a tight knit little place is all about. I didn’t pick up any bargains this year but I really enjoyed the vibe. It seemed like the entire community embraced the spirit of the day – from businesses, to church groups, to volunteer organizations and inspirational individuals. The streets were packed, people were engaged, and there were lots of smiles to see. The community-wide yard sale illustrates that you don’t need to have a grandiose event that requires lots of seed money and months of

preparation and organization. All you need is a good idea and people willing to participate. I mean, how much simpler can you get than a yard sale? When you get 30 or 40 yard sales or more, all side-by-side or a few doors apart, you have an event. Especially when local businesses and organizations dive in and show their support. Not to mention all those great groups and individuals who used it all to raise some bucks for some good causes close to their hearts. As a spectator, who didn’t have to do any work but simply enjoy, I had a great time. I got lots of fresh air,

had a good walk, and connected with people I knew – and a few people I didn’t. For me, it was all positive. Sometimes it’s easy to think big, even when you live in a small town. And there are times when thinking big can work. But there are also times when the simplest of ideas are the best ideas. Cottam’s community-wide yard sale is one of those occasions. It’s awesome, I love it and I’ll be back next year to take it all in.

Letter To The Editor Plant thieves strike again To whom this concerns. I thought I had seen it all, but I was wrong. You are the lowest of life and you broke my heart again. One of my daughters gave me a hanging basket for Mother’s Day. We put it at the road. You came on private property and took it. After a lot of tears and heart ache one of my other daughters replaced it.

Then, on Tuesday morning, the second one was gone. I can’t believe it! We had one out there all last year and no one touched it. Now, to have someone steal two is unbelievable. Oh well, maybe you wanted something beautiful at your house. Barb Fuerth

Letter To The Editor Letter to the editor, Regarding the recent letter asking dog owners to help fund the cost of a dog park, so pets could run free. That brings several questions to mind. I presume the dog owners would feel they could let the dog manure stay wherever the animal dropped it. In time we would have a manure field. We all know that flies gather on any kind of decaying matter, including dog manure. We all know that flies carry filth and disease. One way or another some of them get into our homes. We all know how hard it is to catch a fly before it can crawl on our food. There would be some odour. What means would there be to keep a child from running into the park and stepping

in a pile of manure? Are we all going to help pay for the maintenance of such a park? What about the tax value of the land? I envision a section of land as a park with the clumps of taller grass where a dog manure pile had been left. Even if the rules were that dog owners pick up the manure, who would make certain that everyone did. That rule exists for the town but that does not ensure that I never have to clean some away from my front lawn. Am I being negative? I certainly am.

Evelyn Burns, Essex

Let’s Talk About... by Evelyn Couch - Sport awards continue Essex native Ed Philion is among the nine new members to be added to the Windsor/Essex County Sports Hall of Fame. The reception banquet will be held next October at the Caboto Club. He is the defensive line coach for the Toronto Argonauts. A quote from him in the Windsor Star says he is always bragging about how much athletic talent comes out of such a small area. Don’t we all brag about that? We should as we have reason to do so. Take a look at all those sports people pictured in the mural at the high school. As well, we have had so many sport teams, especially hockey, baseball, and skipping teams that have been top of their class in provincial competition. This is not the first honour to come to Philion. I had the privilege of interviewing him many years ago when he won an award. I think it had to do with football then. I

read that he played parts of two seasons with the Buffalo Bulls and eight years with the Montreal Alouettes where he was a four-time all-star and Grey Cup winner. The people of this town have so many reasons to be proud of the accomplishments of so many of our athletes. Don’t forget that Essex was the first town in the County of its size to have an arena. That was the one we dedicated as a memorial to the youth of our town who gave their lives for the cause of freedom during World Wars I and II. That brings me again to concern that will be forgotten. While the beautiful memorial at the cenotaph should make certain they are not forgotten I would like generations to come to be aware of what their comrade veterans did right after the end of the war to provide a memorial. Sometimes I ask myself why I care but I think you know the answer.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Opinion I 7

Essex Free Press

On “Solid Sales?” I’ve been on sick leave from work since March. I haven’t gone too far away from the four walls of my apartment owing to the two knee replacements I have recently had done. So, until my knees become stronger, I have had ample opportunity to lie on my couch and watch a little more television than usual (okay, a lot more than usual). The commercials catch my eye too, naturally. 1. Cheerios seems to have really pushed their advertising to the max this year. One commercial in particular originally began with this baby plunked down in his high chair while an actress (playing his mother) says, ‘Now it’s your turn’ as she shoves dry cereal into the baby’s mouth. First of all, dry cereal is yucky. But apparently Cheerios must have felt the same way about the actress because the next time this ad aired the mom was absent altogether while the same baby vacuums down mouthfuls of cereal – apparently with a microphone attached to his lips. For Pete’s sake, you can prac-

The Voice Of Experience by Evelyn Couch

by Melissa Middleton tically hear every single crunch and every saliva excretion that the little gaffer makes. Sorry, I do not want to hear saliva. 2. Wendy’s has employed its new spokesperson. She is a cute and spunky redhead (of course). However, whether she appears at a yard sale or a kids’ baseball game or whatever, you can’t help but notice that she is not a big woman. So I highly doubt that, in reality, she has ever scarfed down a Baconator. Personally I think she looks more like a salad/ sesame snap kind of girl, but I could be wrong. 3. Humira is just one more rheumatoid arthritis medicine on the market whose list of side effects sounds worse than the original problem. 4. Although the name of the appliance store escapes me (maybe it is ABC Appliance), I love the bald, mustached Gordy in their ad where they play the organ music. That guy just seems so likeable. I’d buy a dishwasher from him even if the only thing it did was massage my dishes rather than wash them. 5. Nightline Chat on

late night television portrays somebody’s idea of what is supposed to be an enticing, hot motorcycle momma who is paid to get your motor running. But, if you could really see who was on the other end of the line, you’d likely find a tired, middle-aged woman with five kids. By the way, she is also the same air duct cleaning telemarketer in the daytime, trying to make ends meet. 6. And who could forget good old Sam Bernstein, the lawyer. Sure, he has three children who are also lawyers and yet you never hear anything about Mrs. Bernstein. Kind of like, ‘Where’s Waldo?” I suspect that she too might have been a lawyer herself and maybe she got the house, the cars, and other assets while Sam got Mark, Richard, Beth and possibly Fido Bernstein. Yes, I can hear you now, telling me I am watching way too much TV. I think I better haul myself off this couch before I take root.

- A child’s daily life I have told you about climbing to the house rooftop; about peering into the cistern, climbing fences and trees, playing by the cold springs, running barefoot everywhere, or just staring at the clouds. And my readers tell me they remember similar experiences as a child. That tells me they were raised in the country, likely on a farm. Why do I think that? Because way back then, children in the city did not have the freedom of opportunity and it is not likely they played alone. In my memory that is the key to my wonderful life. I played alone most of the time. I think that is the best means of stimulant for imagination. No need to complain to Mother about being bored. Just think of something else to do. I think back to all of that childhood activity and realize I was always thinking of something to do, mainly as an adventure, In June we were still in our hot classrooms; likely memorizing, “What is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days…”

458 TALBOT RD. N., ESSEX, ON 519-776-5287

Young people - not just young people of today but also my children never had that wonderful summer poem instilled in their mind to bring back childhood memories. As I write, or rather, type this, I am sitting in the one-room school on a hot June day. The tall, unscreened windows are wide open in hope there will be a breeze now and then. I chase away a fly that landed on my desk while I hear another buzzing against the window glass as it tries to escape. Six or seven of a different grade

(we called it class) of my fellow pupils are standing in a line in front of the teacher’s desk as they are going through a lesson. I am reading one of the books from the library for the third or fourth time, when I should be studying for the exams that are to be written in a few days. The teacher dismisses that class and I look up at the big old clock with pendulum that is telling me it is almost time to go home. So I take the book back to the library and wish there were some new ones. Then I gather the books into my book sack that I need for my homework for tomorrow. Nostalgia! I can go back there for a few minutes anytime!

This Week’s Pet: “Jojo”

JoJo is a lovely two year old Boxer Mix that loves life. She is calm, affectionate, and friendly. Long walks are one of her favourite activities. She does well relaxing in her crate. Other dogs seem to be a problem for JoJo, therefore she will not be able to go to a home with any pets. Visit today to find out more about Jojo and if she is the right girl for you. This pet also comes with 6 weeks of pre-paid pet health insurance. For more information please visit or call 1-866-600-2445. Our organization offers 24PetWatch microchips, which include free registration into the 24PetWatch pet recovery service. Visit or call 1-866-597-2424. Visit the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society, 1375 Provincial Rd., Windsor. Phone: 519-966-5751. Hrs: Sat./ Sun./Mon./Tues. 11am-6pm, Wed./Thurs./Fri. 11am – 8pm.

8 I News

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lakeshore ready for outdoor smoking ban - Essex to consider similar bylaw by Sylene Argent Starting July 1, smokers in Lakeshore will no longer be able to smoke outdoors at certain public areas as a bylaw will prohibit smoking at municipally owned parks, playgrounds, sports

fields, and recreational facilities. Around 80 signs recognizing a nonsmoking area will be posted throughout the municipality. Town of Lakeshore Youth Council and Mayor

Tom Bain were happy to speak about the bylaw last Wednesday at Lakeview Park and showcase new signage supporting the bylaw. Members of the Lakeshore Youth Council - Kelsey Santarossa, Jenna Plowman, and Cory Cole - were on site to support the initiative. They approached Council about the idea last fall and were happy to receive Council’s Support.

At first, Santarossa said, there was a little negative buzz surrounding the bylaw, but she noted it just took a little time for the news of the adjustment to settle in. “For the most part, I think a lot of parents and families are happy with the changes to be made when the bylaw comes into effect,” she said. Members of the Lakeshore Youth Council

said the Windsor Essex County Health Unit asked them to spearhead the

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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Community I 9

Essex Free Press

Cottam Yard Sale provides opportunity to aid good causes

Alex’s Walking Warriors raised money for cancer research at the Cottam Yard Sale.

Taylor Blais (right) and her brother Tyler pose in front of Taylor’s fourth annual yard sale and barbeque for Autism.

by Jennifer Cranston On Saturday the village of Cottam was swarming with treasure hunters as hundreds of front yards and garages were filled with wares for sale. The community’s annual yard sale was in full swing. For 10-year-old Taylor Blais, her yard sale and barbeque was about more than getting rid of her old items and earning some pocket change. She has made it a tradition to use the event as a fundraiser for Autism. Her brother Tyler has Autism. “I felt like I needed to help with his Autism too,” she said. When she was six and her brother only four, she hosted her first yard sale for Autism in her hometown of Brampton. She raised about $20. Her aunt and uncle live in Cottam and they invited Taylor to have her fundraiser at their house. She and her family loaded up a rented truck and the tradition began. The event has grown

to include raffle prizes donated by local charities and a whole crew of helpers. Last year, Taylor raised about $1,500 for Autism charities. This year her goal is $2,000. Taylor wishes there was less judgment surrounding children like her brother. “People who are Autistic aren’t different. They just need a little help,” she said. This year the charities she is supporting are the ErinoakKids Foundation where her brother attends therapy and Autism Services Inc. of Windsor and Essex County. Another group making the most of the yard sale was Alex’s Walking Warriors. Alex Archer is eight years old and he is fighting his second bout with leukemia. The first time Alex had to undergo chemotherapy for leukemia he was three years old. The treatment lasted three and a half years. He had just over

a year cancer free when his parents Scott and Karen were told he had a relapse. Alex is full of energy and plays sports. “You’d never know he was sick,” said his father. Alex has just finished a month of chemotherapy in London, and will soon learn if he is once again in remission. If the treatment was successful he will have to undergo two more years of chemo. If it was not, he will have to undergo a bone marrow transplant. The Archer family has a connection to Taylor and her brother, as their youngest son Eric has Autism. Eric is five years old and is doing well as a student at Essex Public School. He receives therapy for social skills, behavior and communication. The money raised by Alex’s Walking Warriors at the yard sale will go to Relay for Life.

Friday, June 7 to Thursday, June 13, 2013


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10 I Community/News

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

Essex Rotary supports teen initiative Outdoor smoking ban... submitted to the EFP The Rotary Club of Essex is sponsoring two local students who belong to Teen Tuggers with a financial donation. Teen Tuggers is a non-profit youth volunteer group that plans to travel to South America this coming summer. The group consists of teens that are trying to make a difference, not only locally but also abroad. Their first trip abroad will be to Georgetown Guyana, South America where they will visit and work alongside children from two orphanages. They hope to make a difference by increasing selfsufficiency and empowerment as well as to learn about other cultures and ways of life. Teen Tuggers is always looking for teens eager to give back. For more information or for teens interested in participating, information is available at or - all teens welcome!

campaign. For the most part, they have received positive comments about the initiative. The group also recently made a presentation to Leamington Council regarding the issue. Bain said that he didn’t hear much negative feedback about the bylaw. “I think it is going to mean we are going to have a much healthier community,” he said. “We are trying to push ourselves as a community in motion and this is part of that whole picture; exercising more, eating healthy, and a big part of it is not smoking. Second hand smoke is very dangerous and we are trying to make sure our children are safe and out here able to use our parks, use our facilities, use our soccer fields and not have to worry about breathing in second hand smoke.” There are areas smokers can have their cigarettes, Bain said. “We are not trying to stop that. We are just designating these as areas where we are asking them not to smoke. And hopefully they will be able to police themselves and that they’ll police one another and keep this a nice, safe, clean-air spot for our children.” He added he was proud Lakeshore was the first municipality in the region to implement such a bylaw. Bain also wants to start spreading the word about the bylaw to ensure

facility users have the chance to be aware of the July 1 enforcement of the bylaw and make preparations. Municipal bylaw enforcement officers and police officers will enforce the new bylaw. If convicted of a first offence, the fine can range from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $300. At the Essex Council meeting on Monday, June 3 Essex administration submitted a report to Council recommending a bylaw be drafted prohibiting smoking on seven municipally owned

or leased properties, including recreational facilities, sports fields, playgrounds, parks and parkettes, trails (excluding roadside trails), the beach at Colchester Harbour, and the Marina (excluding private boats). Sherry Councillor Bondy proposed that before the bylaw is drafted, Council should seek public consultation. Council concurred and postponed action on the report. This would give residents and opportunity to provide input.

Voice Of Inspiration “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” -Robert A. Heinlein

Prescription Centre

Gregg Charlton - B.Sc. Phm


169 Talbot St. S., Essex Monday - Friday 9-6 Saturday 9-12


Good Stuff



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d We’ve Move our to everything re! to s x e s Es ) osed

(Tilbury is cl

Sale 7-8-9 June

• Clothing for Men, Women & Kids • Toys, books, furniture & household items • Too many things to list!

115 Talbot St. N., Essex (Side Door) 519-776-9600

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Community I 11

Essex Free Press

Millen Community centre and Woodslee Friendship Club celebrate anniversaries

by Jennifer Cranston Residents of Woodslee came together at the Millen Community Centre to remember their past and look forward to a new era. “This is amazing,” said Sheila (Stowe) McCann as she looked at photographs as old as 1939 and recognized her father as a boy. She was there with her family members - Uncle Walt Stowe, Judi Stowe and Tracy (Stowe) Ames. As they wandered through the memorabilia on display, they reminisced

about days gone by. They noticed how often their relatives appeared in the history of the community. “A lot of these pictures, we haven’t seen,” said Sheila. “We were blown away by this ourselves.” The Millen Community Centre was celebrating its 80th anniversary last Sunday. Dr. Stephen Foster Millen donated the land for a school. In the 1980s the community had outgrown the tiny school and it became a community centre. Walt’s uncle, Earl Stowe, was a founding

member of the Woodslee Friendship Club. The club happily moved into the new community centre then. That was 30 years ago and the club shared its 30th anniversary celebration with the centre. By spring of next year the Millen land will have undergone another transformation when the old school house is demolished and a new, larger building takes its place. In 1983 the Friendship Club of the day was excited to move into a

Woodslee United Church BBQ Rib Dinner 2616 Belle River Rd., South Woodslee SATURDAY, JUNE 15TH, 2013 4:00pm – 7:00pm Lift is available for easier accessibility.

MENU: Adults: $15 1/2 Slab Ribs, Baked Potato, Children (5-12): $6 Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Dessert, Coffee, Tea, Juice Under 5: FREE

Advanced Tickets Only Call:


new community centre rather than gathering in people’s homes. The Friendship Club is looking forward to the new building with hopes that it will allow them to expand their activities to some of the pastimes the club started such as shuffleboard and quilting. They also hope they will be able to expand on some newer activities like gardening and fitness. “There is a reason for everything and the reason this club is still here is a stamp of approval to all those who had the visions for the Millen Community Centre,” said Club President Donna Roubos. “And now we will be blessed with a brand new building shortly. We are so very blessed here in Woodslee and able to enjoy the old and look forward to the new.” An added bonus to the Millen Centre event

The Stowe family reminisces at the Millen Centre this past Sunday

was the presence of Dr. Millen’s old buggy. He used this buggy to travel throughout the region in

his duties and many still boast that he was the attending physician at their birth.

12 I Community

Essex Free Press

WECSSAA Soccer Finals Last Tuesday EDHS’s boys’ soccer team went to Kingsville for the WECSSAA finals. Essex was the ninth placed seed and had to battle hard to get there. Kingsville on the other

hand had a very strong season and placed top three following an easier road to the championship. The weather did not cooperate as hard rains wet the field and froze the muscles of the participants. Essex had a very slow

start in the beginning, letting Kingsville put away two easy goals. By the end of the first half, Essex was down 2-0 with very little momentum going their way. After some words were said by the coaches and captains Essex was pumped up for

the second half. Essex came out hard, but Kingsville managed to slip another goal past the goaltender. After this, Essex’s desperation switch flipped on. They battled even harder and fought back in an attempt to tie things up. Essex scored two and had the momentum to score a third. They sent countless balls towards the net, shooting more than they had all season, but things were not in their favour and the game ended with a score of 3-2 for Kingsville. Although it was the conclusion they hoped for, Essex still had a great playoff run, eliminating both the first and second place seeds. Essex District High School Talent Show Last week EDHS hosted its annual talent show.

Essex was not let down with the talent that presented itself this year as the musicians, jugglers and dancers practiced hard and got ready to perform in front of the school. There were many acts, including returning acts from previous years, such as the Collaboration, consisting of Chad Chevalier, Peter Stratil, Tyler Boissonneault and Jordan Hoekstra, laying down the true meaning of metal with their heavy technical style of play. Also, returning champs, Hailey Neels and Chris Drouillard, hit the crowd hard with their acoustic play. This year, with new judges, it was fair game for all the competitors. Some acts that stood out were The Collaboration playing an original called “The Foreseeing Eye,”

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hailey Neels and Chris Droillard playing an acoustic version of “If I Die Young,” and Vince Taylor’s original opera song, untitled. The show was held over two periods and at the end the school was surprised by two unknown acts the leadership class, who did a rap mash-up, and the “school’s rock band” consisting of Mr. Phinney, Mr. Loncke, Colin Ellis and Caleb Workman, that played “Sweet Home Alabama.” After the show was done, the judges took atally of their votes and for the second year in a row Hailey Neels and Chris Drouillard won.

Holy Name Hawk’s Nest by student reporters Alex Ducharme and Brookelyn Lucier

EDHS talent show participants put on a show last week at the high school.

Making your backyard



Attracting, trapping & killing biting insects 1 acre coverage Cordless No-tool assembly Propane tank not included




The last few weeks have been very exciting for Holy Name School. After Victoria Day we jumped right back into the routine and on May 22 had our Marion Mass at the Holy Name Church. Thank you to Mrs. Pope’s and Mr. Lamoureux’s classes for putting on the Mass. We would also like to thank Fr. Rob and Mrs. Bondy for helping us Honour Mary at Holy Name Church. On the 23rd, the JKs and SKs had their field trip to Ojibway Park and had a blast. The following day the gym was packed with Hawk Spirit. Students came to school wearing the school colours, red and blue, to the Student of the Month Assembly. Congratulations to all the good sports who won the Sportsmanship Award. The grade 3s and 6s had their EQAO testing in the mornings of May 28-June 5. We look forward to some positive provincial test results. The Talent Show auditions are going on during recess and the show will take place on Wednesday June 19 in the school gym. Good luck to all who are auditioning. The All-Star Band has practiced very hard after their performance at St.

Joseph’s High School. They are now getting ready for their performance at Canada’s Wonderland, on June the 18. Thank you to Mrs. Voros for taking her time to prepare them for the performance. Holy Name School will hold a Pasta Fundraiser on June 12 at Holy Name Church. The fundraiser is to help one of our families support and take care of a grade 8 student who is currently recovering from a serious illness. Please come out and support the family. Tickets are being sold in the Holy Name School office for $10

each. The dinner will take place from 5-7 p.m. There will also be a silent auction with many prizes to be won. Thank you to all who have bought tickets and made donations. Hope to see you there! The Track and Field Team practiced very hard for the Meet at the St. Denis Centre on June 3. We know all your hard work and practice will pay off. Go Hawks!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Personals I 13

Essex Free Press

From The Heart To place a personal notice, email your photo and content to or drop by our office at 16 Centre St., Essex. Personal notices must be received by Monday at 12:00 noon to appear in the Thursday edition. Ads submitted after that time will appear in the following week’s edition.

Happy 65 th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad





Love Granny & Grandpa Lecuyer, Uncle Ken & Sandy

______________________________________________ IN LOVING MEMORY ______________________________________________ In loving memory of a dear Husband, Father, and Grandfather.

William Hartley Some days, when things are really bad, I unlock the memories you left behind. When the time we shared is over, I lock them back away for the key is mine, and mine alone. With Love - Shirley and Family.

nnnnnnnnnn BROHMAN

In loving memory of our treasured Sons and Brothers


September 2, 1961-June 6, 2007

DON & ALTA MCCALLUM June 5, 2013 Love from your family

Happy 85 th Birthday June McPherson


July 23, 1954 - June 4, 1960

Along the road to yesterday that leads us straight to you, are the memories of the happy days together we once knew. And always, every day and evening, we seem to have a way of wandering back to meet you on the road to yesterday. Take all our tear drops, wrap them up in love, then ask the Lord to carry them to you in Heaven above. Missing you always - Love Mom, Connie, Brian, and family.

Happy 50 Anniversary th


GERALD AND IRIS PILLON Were married June 15, 1963 at St. John’s Church in North Woodslee. They have two children and four grandchildren. They will celebrate their Golden Anniversary on Saturday, June 15, 2013 at an Open House from 2:00 - 4:30 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 9560 Walker Road in McGregor.

______________________________________________ IN LOVING MEMORY ______________________________________________

In loving memory of a dear Wife.

Judy Bohnenschuh January 12, 1943 - June 12, 2011

Please forgive a silent tear; A constant wish that she was here. Others were taken, yes I know; But she was mine and I loved her so. Love Joe

nnnnnnnnnn In loving memory of a dear Mother.

Judy Bohnenschuh January 12, 1943 - June 12, 2011

You’re not forgotten, Mother Dear, nor ever shall you be. As long as life, and memory last, we will remember thee. No one knows the silent heartaches. Only those who have lost can tell of the grief that’s borne in silence for the one we loved so well. Love Tracy & Pete


Love Jeff, Steph, Katie, Scott, Michael, Emily, Mitchell, Gary and smiling down from above, Pam, Joann and Dunc

______________________________________________ OBITUARIES ______________________________________________ Burling, Cecilia Mary Peacefully and into the arms of Jesus, Cecilia passed away with her family by her side on May 31, 2013 at 98 years of age. Beloved wife of the late Addison Edwin (1971). Dear mother of Margaret and husband Joseph Lapain, Bill and Michelle Burling, Ed and Gloria Burling, Ann Burling, Anita Burling, and Mary Jean and husband Alan Ferriss. Treasured grandmother of 18 grandchildren, 36 greatgrandchildren, and one Great-great-grandchild. Dearest sister of Virginia Tapper and the late Mildred Jennings, Bertha Stamp and Alfred Everson. Also survived by many nieces and nephews. Cecilia was a devoted Catholic Lady. She was a longtime member of the Holy Name of Jesus Church and a lifetime member of the CWL. Cecilia was named the Citizen of the year - Essex in 2008. She was a longtime member of the Ladies Auxillary – R.C.L # 201 –Essex. Visitation was held at the Kennedy Funeral Home Ltd. (519-776-7378) 128 Talbot St. North, Essex. The funeral mass was celebrated at Holy Name of Jesus Church (146 Talbot St. S., Essex). Interment followed at Heavenly Rest Cemetery. Donations may be made to the charity of your choice. You may send your condolences on Cecilia’s Tribute Wall at _______________________________________________ Duncan, MaryAnne, age 75, died peacefully Saturday, May 25, 2013. She was born April 21, 1938 in Maidstone, Ontario to the late, Russell and Monica (Hayes) Collins. MaryAnne retired from Macy’s after 32 years of service. She greatly enjoyed spending time with family and friends. In addition to her parents, she is preceded in death by her husband, of 34 years, Gordon Duncan and siblings, Terry Collins, Dale Collins, and Maureen Chope. MaryAnne is survived by her loving children, Debbie (Jeff) Boester, Dane (Becky) Duncan, Christi (Mike) Marsh, and Dawn (Ted Gentry) Duncan; grandchildren, Kacie (Randy) Hopkins, Lauren Boester, Abbey Duncan, Scott Duncan, Nick Marsh, and Andrew Marsh; siblings, Trudy (Ron) Gravel and Leonard (Mary Ellen) Collins; and dear family and friends. Visitation was held Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at the SCHOEDINGER NORTH CHAPEL 5554 Karl Rd. Columbus 43229. Mass of Christian burial was held on Wednesday, May 29th at St. Matthias Catholic Church, 1582 Ferris Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43224. Interment Resurrection Cemetery. Contributions in MaryAnne’s memory may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Visit to share a favorite memory or photo of MaryAnne. _______________________________________________ Sellan, Krystal Vera (nee Phillips) Resident of Maidstone, passed away suddenly at the age of 58 on May 27, 2013. Loving wife of Bryan for 36 years. Loving sister to Bonnie L. Phillips-Smith and husband D. John Smith of Maidstone. Sister-in-law to James B. Sellan and Timothy Sellan of Windsor. Daughter of the late Gloria A. Rounding and Robert C. Phillips of Maidstone and daughter-in-law of the late Mario and Velma J. Sellan of Windsor. Our beloved Krystal is now entering the gates of heaven to dance with the angels and join her devoted parents. The visitation and funeral service was held at the Kennedy Funeral Home Ltd. (519-776-7378) 128 Talbot St. N, Essex on Thursday, May 30, 2013. Majors Smith and Flo Rowsell officiated. Interment to followed at Country Meadows Cemetery. In kindness memorial donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation would be appreciated. You may send your condolences on Krystal’s Tribute Wall at

What’s Going On JUNE 6 - UMEI Christian High School Strawberry Social from 6:30 - 8 pm. Fresh strawberries & ice cream. Open to the public. Admission by donation. june 7 - GARAGE & Bake Sale Fundraiser, from 8am-2pm at St. Joseph’s Church, River Canard. Rain or shine. JUNE 7 - Pasta dinner at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 92 St. Paul Street, Essex. Call 519-776-7711 for more details. JUNE 8 - Purple Martin Society Meeting at Orchardview Golf Club, 1357 Rd. 34 (Old #3), at 9:00 am. For more information call 519-738-3476. All are welcome. JUNE 8 - Kingsville-Essex Assoc. Band TRIVIA NIGHT & PASTA DINNER at Lakeside Park Pavilion. For registration or information call Sharon 519-839-5269. JUNE 8 - Essex Lions Club WHITE CANE DAY charitable collection of funds, used eyeglasses, and hearing aids at local businesses to assist the visually impaired. JUNE 9 - Annual McGregor Music FestivaL, from 12-10pm at Co-An Park, McGregor. Visit: JUNE 9 - FestivaL of cars show, at the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village 9am-3pm. Visit: or call 519-776-6909. JUNE 11 - LEARN ABOUT DEMENTIA AND HELP AVAILABLE: Held from 6-7:30 pm at the Essex Community Services.Contact Janice at 519-974-2220, ext. 231. JUNE 11 - Essex Retirees Pot Luck Luncheon with guest speaker, Philip Fynbo from Desjardins Financial Security, to follow at 1pm. Everyone Welcome. JUNE 12 - PASTA FUNDRAISER for Jarenes Basilio, 5-7pm at Holy Name Parish Hall. Contact Holy Name School for tickets/info. 519-776-7351. JUNE 14 - St. John The Evangelist Alumni & Friends DINNER & AUCTION at St. John’s Parish. Doors open 6pm. For more information, call at Paul 519-723-4810. JUNE 15 - STRAWBERRY SOCIAL DINNER at Comber St. Andrew United Church. Call Mark 519-687-3413, Betty Lou 519-687-2198, or Eleanor 519-687-6305. JUNE 15 - BBQ RIB DINNER at Woodslee United Church, 4-7pm. Phone for tickets (Advance Only) and information. 519-975-2461. JUNE 18 - Essex BLOOD DONOR CLINIC at the Essex Legion, from 1-7p.m. Call 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283) for more info. Walk-ins welcome. June 21 - An Evening of Music at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Essex. 7pm. Donations at door accepted. Call 519-776-7711 for details. JUNE 26 - ESSEX & DISTRICT HORT. SOC. MEETING at Essex Community Centre, at 7:30pm. Topic: Hidden Gardens of Praque. Margaret Dudley. JUNE 27 - Harrow BLOOD DONOR CLINIC at the Harrow Arena, from 12:30-7 p.m. Call 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283) for more info. Walk-ins welcome.

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Essex Lions Club WHITE CANE DAY: Saturday, June 8. Donations, used glasses, and hearing aids will be collected at local businesses to be used to assist the visually impaired.

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Public Notice - Pesticide Use WITHIN THE TOWN OF ESSEX The Town of Essex intends to control noxious weeds along the following rural roadsides: 3rd con, 4th con, 5th con, 6th con, 7th con, 8th con, 9th con, 10th con, 11th con, 12th con, 13th con, 14th con, Smith Road, Drummond Road, McLean Road, Ferris Road, McCormick Road, Johnson Road, Britton Road, Coulter Road, Trembley Road, Brush Road, Gesto Road, Mole Road, Batten Road, Walker Sideroad, Old Malden Road, Hyland Road, and Pinkerton Road Using a combination of the following pesticides:

Clearview Herbicide (Reg.#29752), Active Ingredients: Metsulfuron-Methyl and Aminopyralid (present as potassium salt). And/Or Escort Herbicide 60% Dry Flowable (Reg.#23005), Active ingredient: Metsulfuron-Methyl and Overdrive Herbicide (Reg.#30065), Active ingredients: Diflufenzopyr and Dicamba, under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada) Spraying will commence on June 10th, 2013 weather permitting, and conclude July 15th, 2013. For more information call collect: DeAngelo Brothers- 1-866-853-9333 OR Terry Brockman - Roads Superintendent Town of Essex 1-519-776-7336 (collect calls accepted)

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Tim McGuire, Sales Representative Res. 519-723-4660 or Bus. 519-735-6015.

Thomas A. Lavin Realty Ltd., Brokerage


Help Wanted


GENERAL LABOURER Property Management Company looking for a self employed handyman to: • Perform Maintenance on buildings & properties • Electrical work • Carpentry • Vehicle & Equipment Detailing • Minor Mechanical Services Part time / Full Time available

Apply with resume & references, to the attention of “B. Grossi” to: BOX G c/o P.O. BOX 115, ESSEX ON N8M 2Y1

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Classifieds / Sports I 15

Essex Free Press

Classifieds _____________________






For Sale: 2000 Chrysler Intrepid. E-tested. Several new parts, new tires, runs good. $1,600 o.b.o. Call 519-300-1964.

YARD SALE: 108 Langtry (near arena), Essex. Sat. & Sun., June 8 & 9, from 10am-4pm. Books, puzzles, material sewing and craft supplies, videos, baby cloths, plus size clothes, floral arrangements, greeting cards, perennials, tomato and pepper plants, and more. 22-1t* _____________________




_____________________ CASH PAID for scrap cars and trucks. Free removal. Please phone: 519-776-9237 or 519791-5046. 1-tfn _____________________


COMMUNITY-WIDE YARD SALE at Viscount Estates, 235 Victoria Ave., Essex. Saturday, June 15, starting at 8 am. 22-1t* _____________________

_____________________ IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Lucier Estates Annual Yard Sale. Saturday, June 8 and Sunday June 9, from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Rain or Shine. 22-1t* _____________________ HUGE YARD SALE in Woodslee. Sat. & Sun., June 8 & 9, at 2851 Cty. Rd. 27 (off Cty. Rd. 8). Lots of household items, appliances, furniture, clothing, baby items, and air conditioners. 22-1t*

Essex Rookie Baseball

submitted to the EFP Last Wednesday, May 29, the Essex Minor Baseball Rookie Travel team hosted Kingsville for Essex’s fourth game of the season. Essex got the bats going early with each player connecting with the ball. The boys had the most extra base hits of the season with Ajin V., Brysen D., Jake T., Braydin M. and Colin H. contributing in this category. They were able to bring across the maximum 7 runs in an inning for their first, fourth, and fifth innings. The team’s defense tightened up considerably against Kingsville with impressive pop fly outs by Tyler T and Luke W. This great team effort led the boys to victory with a final score of 25-7 for Essex. Essex is now 2-2 on the season. The boys have two upcoming practices with no scheduled games to prepare for their out-of-town tournament June 7-9 in Wyoming, Ontario. Best of luck boys at your tournament!


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16 I Ad Feature

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Community I 17

Essex Free Press

Walk supports Down Syndrome Association

by Sylene Argent Members of the Windsor-Essex Down Syndrome Association invited friends and family to participate in the organization’s annual 2km

Photo submitted to EFP Pictured above are the participants of the WindsorEssex Down Syndrome Walk –A-Thon, held in Essex on Sunday.






97 Reg.



• Controls white grubs, fungus gnats, onion maggots, • Packaged in100% bio-degradable potato cutworms and sod webworms and rice-based plastic • Nematodes are naturally-occurring microscopic • Covers 3,000 sq. ft. organisms present in soils, completely harmless to • Easy to apply non-target species • Treat when larvae are present and actively feeding; Sale runs until typically late April to mid June and early August June 15th, 2013 through October




HOURS: MON-FRI 8-8, SAT 8-6, SUN 9-5

walk-a-thon on Sunday afternoon. While the walka-thon has traditionally been held in Windsor, this year it was held in Essex because of its central location. participants Event enjoyed a few fun activities inside the Shaheen Community Room at the Essex Center Sports complex before lacing up and beginning the trek through Essex Centre. The event participants traveled from the arena to Talbot Street. They then proceeded to Laird Avenue before returning to the arena where they were treated to lunch and were able to participate in a dance. A clown was also on site, making colourful balloon animals. Leading up to the walk, the participants collected pledges for the association.

Windsor-Essex Down Syndrome Association Walk-a-Thon Coordinator Jen Wright said the money raised would go towards helping the association fund its services to its

clientele. The organization offers an array of services. Many are social activities, including bi-monthly dances for clients, yoga classes for teen girls, and drama classes for

members aged 10 and up. The association also offers new parents a package that includes information about community services. Books are also provided to teachers, and storybooks are presented to siblings to explain Down syndrome. The annual walk-athon, Wright said, is both an opportunity to fundraise and an opportunity to raise awareness about the organization and its services. The walk typically attracts around 150 supporters. Down Syndrome Awareness Week is recognized at the beginning of November.

18 I Community

Essex Free Press

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

Harrow United Church submitted by Larry Anderson Last Sunday, Leslie Balsillie as well as Tina Quiring and Jim Funk from the South Western Ontario Gleaners led us in worship. As well, we were pleased to have Matsponsored by: thew Broser play the piano and sing for us. Both the music and the messages from our services are available for viewing on our podcast at On Sunday, June 9th, John Scott will share his message with us at 10:30 a.m. Following the service, Elsie Fresh food. Friendly neighbours Ring, a wonderful and creative artist from our congregaBrooker News tion will be selling a number of her artwork pieces to sup191 Talbot St. S., Essex submitted by Ruth Newman port our HUC – Capitol Fund. We are grateful to Elsie. Join us this Sunday, June 9, for our Sunday School We are a welcoming congregation that has been and Church Family Picnic at Lakeside Park, Kingsville. “Praising and Singing for 209 Years”. We would love to Outside worship service at 11 am. followed by a picnic see you this Sunday! lunch and games. Bring salads and deserts to share and meat to barbeque. Essex Community Services On Tuesday, June 11, The Alzheimer Society of Kids club is every Tuesday at 3:30 pm. led by Rev Essex United Church News We learned about the training Jim Hatt is taking toWindsor-Essex County will hold an information event Linda Hollingsworth. for families and friends supporting someone with demen- Please keep those with health needs and those in ward lay ministry as he lead us in thinking of ways to serve our church and community. tia, at E.C.S., 345 Victoria Ave., Essex. An overview of nursing homes in your thoughts and prayers. There is a congregational meeting on June 9, at 12 dementia and of the help available is the topic of the preEssex Christian Reformed Church noon to select members who will serve on the Essex sentation. There is no charge to attend, but registration submitted by Beverley van Huizen United Church search committee for a minister. is required. Please call Janice at 519-974-2220, ext. 231, Join us Sunday June 2, at 10:00 am as Pastor Aaron For information on the UCW barbeque on June 28, for details or to register. Thompson will be leading our morning worship service. call Dorothy at 519-776-4016. Free Debt Fighter Workshop: Two free workshops are Nursery supervision is provided. The Essex United Church board committed $1,000 offered to the community on Wednesday June 19 at 10am and Thursday June 20 at 6pm. The workshops will be Synod delegates from across Canada and the US are toward our Scouts trip to the Canadian National Scouting held at E.C.S., 35 Victoria Ave, Essex. For more infor- gathering June 7-14 at Calvin College for the CRCNA’s Jamboree, in Calgary. We did not budget for this supannual Synod. Join the proceedings via live webcast, port and we felt the members would respond to an appeal mation or to RSVP, please call 519-776-4231. daily email updates, and more at to meet this comittment. The Scouts have been fundare in the works for a Fun-Fall Festival in our Plans raising already. Lately, they have been more involved in Salvation Army Essex Community Church church facilities. We are excited to invite the community our church activities and helped with our murder mys Join us for Family Worship every Sunday at 11 a.m. to see our building and programs we have to offer. There tery dinner and helped at Rotary, and Fun Fest Pancake with Lt. Kristen. We also have a prayer meeting from 10will be further notices over the summer months. Breakfast. As well, they have helped with work around 10:30 a.m. each Sunday morning. Come out on Tuesday mornings from 10 a.m. -1 Pre-sale tickets are available to see Keith & Kristyn the church and at GessTwood Camp. p.m.and join us for fun, food and fellowship at SA Con- Getty in Concert at Hamilton Place in October. More Essex Presbytery, which includes all County United nections! All are welcome to enjoy the activities and a details are available at Continued on Page 19

free lunch! Messy Church is finished for the summer. A thank you to our wonderful helpers who helped make this program a huge success in it’s first year. If you have boys or girls between the ages of 7 and 12 years, watch for upcoming news of our Summer Ball Hockey Program which will run on Tuesday evenings in July and August. Check out our church and our Thrift Store on Facebook. (Search: “Salvation Army Essex” and “Salvation Army Thrift Store Essex”)














(519) 945-7842 2552 Rossini Blvd. Windsor, Ont. N8W 4R3


LYLE HALL 776-6073





• Roofing • Siding • Replacement Doors & Windows • Full Bathroom Renovations • Garages • Decks • New Additions • Privacy Fences

PLUMBING Wayne Warkentin

54 Mill St. E. Kingsville, ON N9Y 1K7

Chris Warkentin

P. 519-733-5832 F. 519-733-6674

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Community I 19

Essex Free Press

and sympathies to Cheryl and Gord Edwards on the passing of Cheryl’s mother, Joy Osadchuk and to Ed and Gloria Burling on the passing of Ed’s mother, Cecilia. Please keep in your prayers Bob McCarthy, Rose Renaud, Fr. Matt George and Matthew Lemon. Churches, is relocating its Resource Centre to our church. It provides the church community with study programs, projector equipment, etc. If you would like to help with the move call Duane Horton at 519-776-8089. Paquette News - submitted by Barb Mactier St. Stephen’s /Church of the Redeemer Deanery Youth Walk-a-thon, in partnership with the school boards, is on Saturday, June 8th. Registration is at 8 a.m. at St. Stephen’s and the walk begins at 9 a.m. followed by fundraiser BBQ for Clay 2014 Proceeds from walk go to ‘Free the Children – We walk 4 Water” Homecoming will be a joint service at 10 a.m. at St. Stephen’s on June 9th. Rev. Paul will officiate at his first service after ordination – luncheon to follow. A Strawberry Social / Yard & Bake Sale is at Redeemer on Sat. June 15. The Church of the Redeemer presents “Our Daily Bread Cookbook” - Filled with fun recipes from our parishioners and friends. Call Pam or Amy at 519-7376850 x28, to get your copy Planning ahead -Vacation Bible School is July 8-12. Please contact Cynthia 519-972-9603 youth.committee@ if you are able to assist in any way. Maidstone Cross submitted by Wendy Pulleyblank The weather has been beautiful with sunny and cool days! Remember to plant extra vegetables to donate to our local food banks. St. Mary’s Cemetery Board is hosting its annual Decoration Day Mass on Sunday, June 9th at 9 am in the cemetery. Please bring your lawn chairs! Come and decorate the grave of your loved one. Celebrating a birthday is Vera Quinlan. Our prayers

Bakerville News submitted by Evelyn Baker 25For nextSt,weekend, Centre Essex N8Mwe 1N8have ordered ideal weather forPhone: the McGregor Music Festival on Sunday. All pro776-6522 Fax: 776-7265 __________________________________________ ceeds go to the Windsor Essex Cancer Centre in Windsor. service While you“Friendly, are at Copersonal An Park stop since over 1975” at the museum and see the tractor pulls going on that day Tax Planning & Preparation also. The PleasantBookkeeping Valley Community Club pepper party Services winners were: Charles Chevalier, Doug Fields, Thomas Managerial Needs & Problems Allison, Barb Jacobs, Mary Demars, Elaine Cash Flow & Business ProjectionsTaylor, and Josie Dresser. For regular cards on Saturday evening the GST Consultants • Financial Planning winners were: Yvette, Mary Stanley and George Sutherland. If you enjoy playing cards come on out on Tuesday and Saturday evening for 7 pm. start. The ladies serve a GRAHAM SETTERINGTON McINTOSH delicious lunch following the game. DRIEDGER & HICKS LLP Celebrating her 80th birthday, is Audrey Stanley. Chartered Accountants

G. L. Fraser & Associates, Inc.

Al Anglican W. McIntosh, CA St. Paul’s/ Trinity Driedger, Sc.youth CA service Sun There willPaul be aH. joint childrenBand R. Tyler Hicks, B B A, CA day, June 23 at 11 a.m. at St. Paul’s after the regular 8 Heather L. MacPherson, BAcc CA a.m. service. Fellowship and mini golf at Colasanti’s afLindsay L. Rounding, BAcc, CA ter worship. P.O. WeBox are encouraging young peopleOntario to joinN8H us 3W2 at St. 189, 49 Erie St. N., Leamington, Stephen’s Church for a 5 km walk along the Laurier Phone 519-326-2681 • Fax 519-326-8044 Trail. We need volunteers to assist with registration and supervision. A Deanery fundraising barbeque after the walk-a-thon. Notify Rev Chris if you are able to help. Margaret If you have any photos orDavideos Silva of events at either St. Paul’s or Trinity that couldManager be on our website please forward them to Webmaster Tim Hayes with names and notes explaining the event. Send to Thankyou donations for June, July and August will go to our Clothing Cupboard fund. Our pasta dinner is June 7 from 5 to 6:30 at St. Paul’s. 180 Talbot Street South, Essex, ON N8M 1B6




Mark your calendar for Wednesday, July 10 when we go to Rondeau Park for a fun day after worship on the lawn at Grace Church at 10 a.m. A day to spend in the beauty of God’s creation.

Holy Name of Jesus Church News submitted by Therese Lecuyer Celebrating birthays this week are my grand daughter Lily Grace and Heather Snyder. Mark Your Calenders: Appreciation Weekend is June 8/9. Vacation Bible School is from August 12-16. The Parish Picnic is Sunday, August 18. The Parish Golf Day is on Sunday, September 8, and Welcome Back Weekend is on September 28/29. K of C News Korner: General Meeting & Dinner/ Social- Thursday, June 6th Mass at 6 pm.; Meeting at 6:30 pm. in Meeting Room A; Social in Hall for wives, girlfriends and widows. Dinner to follow. God Bless you all and have a great week!

Woodslee Friendship Club Last week’s Euchre winners were: George Sutherland, Donna Roubos, Pat Mullins, Donna Eyraud, Audrey Stanley, Joanne McMurren, and LeRoy Davidson. Pepper winners: George Davison , George Diesbourg, and Joan Broeders. Our double celebration took place last weekend. Thank you to all our members who made it a successful event. Doc. Millen’s recorded history is a great tribute to Woodslee and we are grateful to him and his family for donating this property. We look forward to the upcoming changes planned for it. The Woodslee Canada Day celebration is on Monday, July 1st. The day begins with a parade. Dress up your pets for Canada Day and show them off. Parade entrants please contact Donna Roubos 519-975-2634. Join us at Millen Community Centre, 1925 South Middle Road in Woodslee. Contact Joanne for more info. on cards 519-975-2409.

Continued on Page 20


Mike Cowan Partner

180 Talbot Street South, Essex, ON N8M 1B6 519-776-6488


AUTO LOANS Craig Miller Staff Accountant


180 Talbot Street South, Essex, ON N8M 1B6 519-776-6488


Ted Nantais


On Time Quality Printing • Fax Service • Business Cards • Letterhead • Envelopes • Flyers • Invoices • Bulletins • Binding • Colour Copies • Photocopying 361 TALBOT STREET NORTH • ESSEX, ONTARIO • N8M 2W3 PHONE (519) 776-6686 • FAX (519) 776-6808

180 Talbot Street South, Essex, ON N8M 1B6 519-776-6488


20 I Community

Essex Free Press

Woodslee United Church submitted by Sue Holman All are welcome to our Sunday Service and Sunday School at 11:15 AM with Rev. Catherine Elsdon. On June 23, a coverting service will be held for Rev. Catherine Elsdon at 3pm, at Woodslee United Church. A potluck meal will follow the service. Door Greeters this Sunday are Shannon and Vicky Olson. Our BBQ Rib Dinner is on June 15. Contact Shannon at 519-975-2461 or any Steward member for tickets. Visit our Pie Booth at the Lakeshore Celebrations on July 1 at the Millen Centre. Cozy Corners - Bethel-Maidstone United submitted by Bev Holland All are welcome to attend our Sunday worship service at 10:00 am with Pastor Linda Blair. Last Sunday, we celebrated the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, welcoming Payton Dominato and Hunter Fenton into Gods Family. Saturday, June 8th is the Haiti walk-a-thon. A 5 km walk on the Chrysler Greenway starting at the Arner and ending at the Kingsville Golf Course with a BBQ lunch and fellowship at Linda and John Thorne’s. Sun., June 23rd is Recognition Sunday and the Church Family Picnic. All are welcome. On Sun., June 30th we will celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Next Sunday, June 9th, the Door Greeters are Lynda and Ron Fairhurst and Elder on Duty is Joanne Pierre. Lock Up is Gord Moore. If someone you know is ill or in the hospital and would like a visit from Pastor Linda, please call her at 519-712-9512 or the office at 519-723-2284.




Essex Retirees We are taking appointments for a free foot care session with students from St. Clair College on Tuesday, June 18, at 1 or 2 p.m. Call if you wish a little pampering for your feet. Join us for our Pot Luck luncheon at noon on Tuesday, June 11. Our Guest Speaker is Philip Fynbo, from Desjardins Financial Security. He will speak at 1 p.m. about the important issues of long term care, estate planing, and how you can save thousands of dollars. Fourteen guests joined our members for our special monthly Monday Night Pepper. Evelyn Vivier took high score, Lawrence Dobson was second highest, Eileen Gardiner was third. Floyd Cascadden took high score Tuesday afternoon and Larry Lane had most pepper, Estelle Spoors took low score. Shirley Stiers had high score and Doug Fields had low, but most peppers were won by Regina Garrod on Wednesday night. Ruth Ann Hickey was first and Margaret was second at Thursday night Bridge. Essex & District Horticultural Society The Essex and District Horticultural Society meets at The Essex Community Centre, 25 Gosfield Townline West, Essex (next to the Essex OPP Satellite Office and the Essex County Library) in the Superior Room at 7:30pm on the the 4th Wednesday of the month of January through June, September, and October. On June 26 - The Hidden Gardens of Prague with Margaret Dudley; September 25 - a possible road trip to Point Pelee National Park; October 23- Poisonous Plants with Sandy Ellenor. Find us on the Ontario Horticultural Association website by going directly to site.php/essex or phone a member: Lynn Imeson 519 839 4751.

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pathfinders support walk for water

by Sylene Argent Recognizing the importance of having access to clean water, the 4th Essex Pathfinders hosted a fundraising bake sale recently for the Free the Children’s WE Walk for Water initiative. Last Tuesday, the group announced it raised $225 for the initiative. The local Pathfinders were involved with the Mini WE Day held at Essex District High School last month as crowd pumpers. During the Mini WE Day, the participating youth audience was encouraged to take part in the upcoming WE Walk for Water initiative. Also wanting to find a way to further support WE Walk for Water, the group held the bake sale. The fundraising initiative was also one part of the girls earning their “Lending a Hand” module in the Pathfinder program. The Pathfinders plan to take part in the 5km WE Walk for Water walk-a-thon this Saturday. The girls are also collecting pledges for the walk. Pathfinders Jojo DeVries and Miranda Monahan said it felt good to raise funds for the initiative because it will help people get access to clean water. Pathfinder leader Kathi Poupard noted service to the environment and at the community or global level is an important role for Girl Guides to take on. Pathfinder Sydney Brouillard-Coyle strongly encouraged all students to participate in the WE Walk for Water event on June 8. It begins at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church. More information on the walk-a-thon can be found at





Tanya Adamovic, Sales Representative

Off/Pgr: (519) 972-1000 Cell: (519) 791-6211 “Exceeding your expectations in Customer Service”



Registered Massage Therapist 106 Talbot Street, South Essex, ON

Brad Miehls B.A., CA

Work#: 519-776-5151 or Cell#: 519-980-6089 Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913

Full Time Hours: Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri., 8am - 6pm Tuesdays, 8am - 7pm • Saturdays, 8am - 11am



Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206


GRAHAM SETTERINGTON McINTOSH DRIEDGER & HICKS LLP Chartered Professional Accountants R. Tyler Hicks Heather L. MacPherson Lindsay L. Rounding Tim C. Driedger P.O. Box 189, 49 Erie St. N., Leamington, Ontario N8H 3W2 Phone 519-326-2681 • Fax 519-326-8044

Don Lassaline B. Comm., CA Essex Office 14 Victoria Avenue Essex, Ontario N8M 1M3 Phone (519) 776-4869 Fax (519) 776-4913

Windsor Office 2510 Ouellette Ave., Ste. 203 Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 Phone (519) 966-4626 Fax (519) 966-9206

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Sports I 21

Essex Free Press

Local resident sets the bar high in gymnastics

Kaitlyn Ewing shows off the five gold medals she earned recently at the Forest City Gymnastics Club’s Emerald Cup challenge in London.

by Sylene Argent When grade six, St. Mary School student Kaitlyn Ewing started as a gymnast seven years ago,

it was all about having fun and learning about the intricacies of the graceful sport. What she didn’t know then was that

her love for gymnastics would turn into a real talent. On May 26, the local resident earned a top finish at the Forest City Gymnastics Club’s Emerald Cup challenge in London. After competing in an array of gymnastic events, the young, Essexbased contender earned five gold medals in the level-one invitational competition in the bars, beam, vault, and floor events. The twelve year old explained that out of a score of 12, she earned an 11.15, 10.6, 10.4, and a 10.8 respectively. She earned the fifth gold medal during the competition for being the best overall in her division. Her mother Cheryl was especially proud of her daughter’s accomplishments, as this was only her second competition. There will be no more competitions this season for Ewing, but she looks forward to next year and stepping it up a level. “We can’t say we are not proud of her,” Cheryl said oh behalf of her family.

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Ewing trains all year around. Currently, she puts in nine hours of training a week. Her favourite gymnastic event is bars. The biggest difference in practicing and competing, she said, is the nerves that come with being judged and also in having more space to perform when competing. When she practices she has to share space with fellow gymnasts. Ewing took a break from gymnastics for a while after breaking her arm while practicing a floor routine. When her arm healed, she headed back to the sport for recreational purposes, but as time passed, she got the urge again to complete. In the future, Ewing would like to be a gymnastics coach.

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Top-down fun in a 1963 Impala SS convertible

Mike Desbiens and his future wife Ginette alongside Mike’s metallic blue 1963 Impala SS convertible. Note the red-line tires that match the red stripe along the body and the topdown look of the car and driver.

Mike Desbiens was born in 1950 and grew up in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. The family car was a Nash. Around 1967, he moved to southwestern Ontario and bought his first car in Paincourt – a six cylinder 1958 Pontiac which had seen better days. By 1969, he was living in Leamington and started his 37-year career with the H. J. Heinz Company. By then, he was driving a metallic blue 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS (Super Sport) convertible with a 283 V8 under the hood and automatic transmission with a floor shift lever on the console. Mike dated his future wife Ginette in this car and they have many fond memories of top-down motoring all around the area. This convertible, like others of its era, had a large plastic rear window which could be unzipped and laid flat in the recessed package shelf behind the rear seat. What a treat to unzip the rear window on a hot day, put all the other windows down, leave the top up, enjoy the shade, and feel a refreshing summer breeze wafting through the car at 50 miles an hour! Mike purchased his previously owned convertible from Slater Motors in Leamington. It ran well, and the only real expense was the replacement of the original white top, which had collected a couple of tears and rips from the top going up and down, up and down, up and down… He took the car to a shop in nearby Tilbury for a new black top, and that’s what was on the car when he finally traded it for a 1970 Mustang fastback at a Ford dealer in nearby Chatham. That story is coming soon. Nineteen-sixty-three was a banner year for General Motors, especially the Chevrolet Division, which produced the widest range of cars ever offered in its history, starting with the compact Chevy II in three series, the rear-engined Chevy Corvair, the tiresquealing Chevy Corvette, and the full-sized series ranging upwards from Biscayne through Bel Air to the top-of-the-line Impala. A staggering range of engine choices were also available, starting with a four cylinder of 153 cubic inches (standard on the Chevy II), two six cylinder engines, and three V8s: the 283, 327, and 409. Mike was lucky that his ’63 Impala convertible had the 283. The small-block 327 and the big-block 409 wore out the rear tires much faster. I’m always looking for more stories. Email billtsherk@sympatico. ca or write Bill Sherk, 25 John St., P.O. Box 255, Leamington, ON N8H 3W2. Everyone whose story is published in this column will receive a free autographed copy of my latest book: “Old Car Detective Favourite Stories, 1925 to 1965.”

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by Fred Groves Congratulations this week to Essex native Ed Philion who will be inducted into the Windsor-Essex Sports Hall of Fame on Oct. 25. The former defensive tackle with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL is now the defensive line coach for the Toronto Argonauts. • Still with football, South Woodslee’s Kyle Quinlan is not going to be joining the Montreal Alouettes in training camp. According to media reports, the top CIS football player in the nation has opted to coach at McMaster where he helped the Maruaders win the Vanier Cup in 2011. The quarterback is a graduate of the Essex Ravens program. • Despite a gutsy comeback in bad weather, the EDHS Red Raiders fell short in their bid to capture the WECSSAA ‘AA’ boys soccer title. Last week they were beaten 3-2 by the host Kingsville Cavaliers. The Cavs had a 3-0 lead before Essex striker Deen Oozeer and midfielder Adam Zanier scored. • The track and field season came to a conclusion for EDHS grad Kelsey Balkwill who runs for the University of Miami. The freshman helped the Hurricanes to a 22nd place finish in the 4x100 relay at the NCAA East Preliminaries. • It’s off to Oshawa and the OFSAA track and field championships for several EDHS athletes. At the West Regionals held last week in Cambridge, senior sprinter Sierra Wolfe won the 400 m with a time of 57.02. In the junior girls division, Madeline McCloskey won the 100m with a clocking of 12.68 and she also won the javelin throw at 36.50 m. The senior relay team of Wolfe, McCloskey, Taylor Ross, and Tori Roovers were second in the 4x100 relay. • Essex’s Tyson Way had a pair of rbi’s as the Windsor Selects beat the Ontario Jays 17’s on the weekend. • Still with baseball, Essex has a busy week in the Essex County Senior

I Thursday, June 6, 2013

Essex 73’s hopefuls were on the ice last week at the rookie camp.

Baseball League as they traveled to Amherstburg on Wednesday and on Sunday at noon, will host Riverside at the Gaye Queen Memorial diamond. • The Tony Piroski owned and trained, ‘Just Crowned’ was first in the seventh race at Western Raceway on Friday with a time of 1:53.4 • Lots to do on Saturday as the Colchester Walleye fishing derby is on as well as the Essex 73’s annual golf tournament at Belleview and the Essex Ravens host their first home game of the season at Raider Field. If you have anything for the sports roundup, please contact Fred Groves at

Thursday, June 6, 2013


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Janisse receives baseball scholarship

by Fred Groves Patience and persistence has paid off for Maidstone’s Skylar Janisse. The hard throwing right-handed pitcher is heading to Division I Central Michigan University in the fall on a full athletic scholarship. “They followed me out of high school and came after me this year. In the last couple of years they have had four pitchers drafted,” said Janisse. For the past two years he has been throwing at the junior college level and just wrapped up a very successful year at Salt Lake (Utah) Community College where he had 39 strike outs over 35 innings, a 4-0 record, an impressive 2.06 ERA and five saves. “I keep trying to get better and stay consistent. I’ve been a reliever my last two years,” he said. In 2011, the New York Yankees drafted the Villanova High School

standout in the 34th round. Not satisfied with the deal the Yankees offered, he will be back in the draft that takes place in Cooperstown June 6-8. “When they drafted me they offered me a contract but we didn’t think it was enough. I was only 17 when I got drafted,” said Janisse. He will head to Central Michigan in mid-August to get ready for what is a split season in the NCAA. The Chippewas play several games in the fall and then take a break for a couple of months before starting up again in the spring. “It’s good to have a break and let the arm rest and to stay in shape,” he said. In regards to heading to Central Michigan, Janisse admits that it has been a dream of his ever since he was young to play for a Division I school. With a fastball that has been clocked at over 91 miles per hour, Janisse knows that if he wants to make it all the way to the pros, he is going to have to have a complete arsenal if he wants to fool hitters. “I use every one of my pitches effectively. It depends on the batter, I watch them in batting practice.” A two-time member of the National Youth team, the 6’4” Janisse is keeping his arm loose this summer by pitching for the Windsor Selects.

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From the sidelines Quinlan’s decision the right one by Fred Groves Like most people in Essex County who have followed his successful college football career the past couple of years, I was caught off guard when Kyle Quinlan announced he would not be joining the Montreal Alouettes for training camp. Caught off guard yes. Surprised, not really. Especially after I read the story by Hamilton Spectator’s Scott Radley. Kyle told the Spec sports writer that, in not so many words, he’s had enough. One of the best quarterbacks this country has ever seen at the college level, the South Woodslee native had decided not to play professional football. Reason number one is that after each season that he played for the McMaster Marauders, he was mentally drained. He also said it was tough to get motivated this spring doing workouts as he prepared for training camp. Second reason, and just as important for him, is that the he, a Creighton winner, if he beat out two pivots, was going to be a third string quarterback at best. No disrespect to the two guys ahead of him on the depth chart - veteran Anthony Calvillo and Josh Neiswander but standing on the sidelines and watching is not for Kyle. After all, you don’t take a prized race horse, lock him in the barn and whisper, ‘maybe’ in his ear. Kyle led the Marauders to two Vanier Cup appearances including the stunning Nov. 25, 2011 overtime win over LaVal Rouge et Or. Probably the best football game I have ever watched. From his days with Cardinal Carter High

School and his MVP days with the Essex Ravens, Kyle has been a leader and a superstar. All good athletes, especially the great ones, know when to hang them up and walk away with dignity. One of Kyle’s concerns, and this comes from being humble and unselfish, is what people are going to think of him now after he has made this life altering decision. I don’t think that is a concern for the people of Essex County Kyle.

With a trunk full of awards, including recently being named the top male athlete in Canadian college sports, he will settle in nicely as part of the Marauders’ coaching staff. Don’t be surprised if you see the ‘Great Canadian Hope’ move up the coaching ladder rather quickly. I am proud to say that in my desk I have two autographs. One from hockey player Matt Puempel and one from Kyle Quinlan that says, ‘Thanks for the Support.’

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I Thursday, June 6, 2013

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