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About Us We have two monthly publications; “Essex Central Magazine” & “Essex Central – The Loop Magazine”. Each magazine is free to the public and printed to a OPNOLUKNSVZZSHTPUH[LÄUPZO;OLTHNHaPULPZ)PU size, making it very handy for the public to pick up at all high street locations and keep in a handbag or pocket. We place a strong emphasis on readable local content as these are not business directories or booklets full of advertisers. We want the public to retain the magazine for longer periods when it comes through their door, or they pick one up at the train station, so with that in mind our content covers: Local News, What’s On, Health & Fitness, Charities, Food & Drink, Sport, Travel, Comedy, Fashion & Beauty, Competitions, Games and much more. In total we print 46,000 copies each month making us the largest magazine publisher within our area (we are also independently run). We cover in excess of 200 ZXRTYLHJOPUNV]LYWLVWSL]PH[OLOHYK copies and online impressions. We enjoy a very strong relationship with our advertisers, the vast majority of whom are repeat partners due to the ongoing business they receive from being in the magazine.

July 2014

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Collier Row


We cover a wide range of regular features to keep our readers entertained, such as: Local News, What’s On, Health & Fitness, Charities, Food & Drink, Sport, Travel,Comedy, Fashion & Beauty, Competitions, Games and much more.

Local News


Reader Comments

Fashion & Beauty

5 Essex Central Magazine | Media Pack

Features We design the magazine in such a way that you never turn more than one page without coming back to some editorial content. We take great pride in how we differ from other local magazines [OH[JHUILĂ„SSLK^P[OHK]LY[Z^LMLLS[OPZNYLH[S` dilutes the individual impact of each advertiser and also lessons the readable quality of the magazine MVY[OLW\ISPJ)`WSHJPUNHZ[YVUNLTWOHZPZVU original content we can ensure our magazines are retained by the public for much longer periods, which ultimately gives our chosen advertisers a better response.

Health &


6 Essex Central Magazine | Media Pack


Club Fo

g Gardenin

Online Marketing

We are very active online and promote our partners to thousands of friends and followers via our social media feeds. We also produce a digital version of the magazine each month which receives thousands of impressions on a regular basis. You can see our online presence below (each image has direct links to the websites):

7 Essex Central Magazine | Media Pack

Testimonials ¸>LHS^H`ZULLKTVYLJVWPLZ[OL`Å`V\[ and people love them!” Theydon Oak Pub

“We get the vast majority of our work from Essex Central – never take us out, we love it!” Domestic Bliss

“I get more business from your magazine than any other, and I’ve tried them all!” Something furniture

“We’ve been a regular advertiser in the Magazine from the start and this has made a positive increase to our business, a quality magazine! Kenneth More Theatre

“Make sure I’m in every issue! I get lots of jobs from your magazine, I’ve actually just come from VULPU)\JRO\YZ[/PSS¹ ,WWPUN9VVÄUN*V “It’s a great size, it’s got real content and not just fake tans and kitchen adverts. You’ve done great to make such a good magazine” Abbotts Travel “I got on at the station and lots of people had a copy, each magazine was falling open to reveal our centrefold advert which was very pleasing!” Oak Tree Schools

8 Essex Central Magazine | Media Pack

“I must get 60 or 70% of my work directly from your magazine each month, it’s reaching everyone I want” – Unique Blinds

“I know the distribution was great because our advert was in every house I went to!” Montagues Sales & Lettings More available on request...

Advertising Rates Front cover – unavailable The magazine shall not be seen an advertising booklet when it arrives through the letterbox! Essex Central is a magazine people will keep, read and refer to, which works best for our advertisers. Prices below are: Cost per monthly edition + vat. We also include a 10% discount if you reserve space in both publications.

Number of Editions

Single Edition

3 Editions

6 Editions (or more)

Premium Positions Centrefold




Double page spread








Inside front




Inside back




Full page




Half page




Quarter page




Standard Positions

9 Essex Central Magazine | Media Pack

Images should be at least 300 DPI and we accept TVZ[[`WLZVMHK]LY[PTHNLÄSLZTVZ[JVTTVUS`! JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS, INDD (InDesign) or PSD (Photoshop) If you require assistance making an advert then we JHUHSZVOLSWI\[^L^PSSULLKZ\MÄJPLU[UV[PJLHUK pictures/copy submitted 21 days prior to distribution unless otherwise agreed.

Double Page



Double page spread Including 3mm bleed





Half page Horizontal



Half page Vertical



Quarter page



(Without bleed ad size will be 240 x 336mm)

Full page Including 3mm bleed (Without bleed ad size will be 240 x 168mm)

Full Page

Bleed (3mm)

10 Essex Central Magazine | Media Pack

Half Page Horizontal

Quarter Page

Please note: Adverts MUST be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to print and be of ºWYPU[YLHK`»ZWLJPÄJH[PVU\USLZZV[OLY^PZLHNYLLK

Advert Size

Half Page Vertical

Advert Sizes

Distribution We also provide various distribution services for our JSPLU[Z0M`V\^PZO[VWYVTV[LSLHÅL[ZÅ`LYZVYTLU\Z across the local areas that we cover. Our standard rates are £40 per thousand if it goes with the magazine, or £60 per thousand without the magazine. These rates can be lowered depending on volume and frequency though. Please get in touch to discuss further. Ongar

North Weald



Theydon Bois


Buckhurst Hill

Chigwell Grange Hill




South Woodford Barkingside

Snaresbrook Newbury Park Wanstead

Ilford Gants Hill

11 Essex Central Magazine | Media Pack

We have a very reliable team (they have to be, we trust them with our magazine!) and can offer street maps tailored to your needs.

Contact Us We are happy to visit your premises for interviews and photographs.


For all advertisement queries please contact: Or If you have any further questions please contact: Call us on: 01279 319 318

12 Essex Central Magazine | Media Pack

@EssexCentralMag To view our online issues click on the image below:

Essex central & the loop media pack  
Essex central & the loop media pack