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CCLG Partecipation Srl - Yacht Partecipation srl - CCLG Sud Tecnoimpianti srl


Linari e Giunchi srl

participating company

participating company

participating holding


20,00% 97,25% CCLG Energy SpA Production of solar plants and micro wind turbines

50% Leoni Energy srl Solar energy production


24,00% SISA srl

planning and production of plants

Software and automation development

operative and group services subholding

60% Perdasdefogu srl

75,00% Albe Solari 2 srl

Solar energy production

Solar energy production 31%

Elsy Srl

Albe Solari srl

Electric naval plants

Solar energy production


85,00% SOLE Nuove Energie srl Production and plant engineering

41,00% Ecobio srl Production of biomasses and alternative energies


(inc. % of total revenue)


(inc. % of total revenue)

32.812 2.649 8,0%




35 years of history

4 plants

250 employees

3600 customers

30 MW of photovoltaic power generation installed in Italy

10.000 boats electrically equipped

35 service point in 11 countries worldwide

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chairman of the board of directors - Enzo Cortesi Vice Chairman - Massimo Giunchi Board of statutory auditors: Chairman Stefano Sgarzani - Auditors Alessandro Mengozzi, Donatella Buratti Chief executive - Claudio Sgarbi Administrative manager - Davide Armuzzi Commercial manager - Andrea Cappelli Purchase manager - Flaviano Rasi Research and development manager - Luca Cortesi Human resources manager - Giovanna Lelli Communications manager - Chiara Cortesi Quality and safety manager - Gianfranco Garzaniti Civil-industrial plant design division Manager - Massimo Giunchi Technical office manager - Daniele Cantarelli Nautical division Manager - Alessandro Casadei Technical and commercial manager - Marcello Molinari Technical manager - Alan Piscaglia Manager for international system automation service - Luca Venturini

CCLG Energy S.p.A. - Renewable division Manager - Luciano Linari Technical office manager - Enrico Corzani

Elsy S.r.l. Operative manager - Alberto Castagna

Sole Nuove Energie S.r.l. Operative managers - Felice Paredi, Alberto Castagna Technical manager - Giacomo Paredi

CCLG Sud Tecnoimpianti S.r.l. Commercial agent - Giuseppe Fontana

CCLG group has, over time, opened a number of companies located throughout

One Group


Currently in Italy the group consists of: - CCLG SpA: the historic ForlĂŹ-based company with over 35 years of experience in electrical, civil, industrial and nautical plants, building automation and alternative energies. - CCLG Energy SpA: also located in ForlĂŹ, this company specializes in the planning and installation of renewable energy plants (wind, photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass, cogeneration and composting) including a revolutionary vertical rotation wind microturbine (international patent). - Sole Nuove Energie srl: this renewable energy and pleasure boating company is located in La Spezia. - Elsy srl: based in Ancona, this company is specialized in the creation of onboard plants for mega yachts and ships. - CCLG Sud Tecnoimpianti srl : The Taranto-based renewable energy company. - Sisa srl, This company, located in Faenza, plans and develops IT solutions and systems for the automation of industrial processes and plants, for automatic machines and building/home automation.

Abroad, the group includes: - CCLG Marocco, the Casablanca-based startup for technological innovation and the development of state of the art plant engineering and renewable energy projects. - Haoyun Electrical Co. Ltd, located in Zhuhai City; plant engineering and nautical automation dealer for the Chinese market. - Shenzhen Yanming Trading Co. Ltd, located in Shenzhen; plant engineering and nautical automation dealer for the Chinese market.


In total, the group consists of approximately 250 members of staff (including managers, administrative clerks, technicians, engineers and installers), over 50 vehicles (including cars, trucks, trucks equipped with crane arms and mobile platforms) as well as state of the art equipment to guarantee the highest quality for each project. In terms of types of products and services, CCLG Group is characterized by a range of features which sets it apart in the world of electrical plant installation including: - the supply of products/services characterized by an excellent level of technical functionality combined with a special finishing touch deriving from the group’s experience in the field of high class pleasure boating; - in-house development of a high level of knowledge in the field of electronics through which the company creates building/home automation products congenial to the optimal management of all plant functionalities, energy saving through the activation a remote control system and the guarantee of plant energy efficiency as well as active and passive safety; - the development over the years of services for the running of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical plants through winning tenders at health care facilities and hospitals located in the province of ForlÏ-Cesena. - aside from periodic plant maintenance, upon request the company is able to provide its clients with a rapid response service, which guarantees the availability of a technician 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Divisions

Civil and Industrial Electrical Plants The original division: from the very first civil or small scale electrical plants, today the group has grown to become a qualified reference for the planning and creation of even complex plant systems in high technology plant systems. CCLG group, aside from planning and execution, also carries out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of plants and implements public and street lighting, lighting engineering solutions as well as the installation of break-in and fire alarms in various fields of application.


Home/Building automation CCLG group proposes technologically advanced systems for the integration of civil and industrial electrical and electronic plants whose popularity can be attributed to immediacy and simplicity of use. They are usually managed from touch screen monitors (or an external PC, cell phone or palmtop organizer) for checks, programming and the monitoring of all domestic or industrial systems. The most popular fields of application include heating, air conditioning, lighting, the opening and closing of doors, windows and shutters, turning electrical home appliances on or off (home use) and complete security management.

Boating CCLG group is also important in the nautical field, where its core business is the onboard electrical plant, in every shape and form. Indeed, not only does the group plan and create on-board electrical plants, but also electrical and control panels, dashboards, pre-wired panels and electrical plants. The company’s building automation experience has been successfully applied in the nautical field, with the creation of gi8, a naval automation system for the management and monitoring of navigation. Through one or more gi8 touch screen stations, it is possible to manage commands, functions, services, scenarios and alarms, guaranteeing the highest level of safety in navigation. Its high level of reliability means that it has come to be valued throughout the most important national and international shipyards. The Service Office provides Customer Care 24 hours a day 365 days a year. CCLG also carries out naval refitting and seasonal maintenance. A tightly-knit network of 40 service points throughout the world ensures immediate assistance, support and the timely supply of spare parts.

Renewable Energies CCLG Energy has dedicated years of in-depth study to the development of the most appropriate solutions for the production of alternative energy, recognizing this strategy as


the key to successfully reconciling environmental conservation with energy needs.

Photovoltaic Initially, the group invested in photovoltaic energy and set up a highly qualified technical office with a team of installers and plant experts who regularly attend training courses, in order to guarantee a highly professional service. The group carries out planning and inspections (in order to ascertain feasibility and the most appropriate solutions in terms of plant type), research to identify the most appropriate materials for an optimal and efficient installation, installation with special vehicles which ensure that above-ground level work Is carried out in total compliance with safety regulations, bureaucratic management for state subsidy requests, installation, testing, assistance and maintenance. Remote assistance is used to guarantee maintenance and is managed via a web portal which clients can access once provided with a username and password. It is possible to access real time plant production data as well as history, with a complete range of parameters for reference: in the case of faults, the client and technical staff receive a warning via e-mail or sms, and are guaranteed maintenance within 24 hours.

Micro-wind CCLG group has invested considerably in a revolutionary project: a wind micro-generator with an extremely low environmental impact which can be installed even in urban areas. An important, innovative feature is that turbine rotation is parallel to the floor, thus enabling the generator to make the most out of even moderate winds. This product is under patent and its commercialization began in 2013.

Biogas and Composting CCLG group has always been active in the research and development of new technologies and opportunities. Recently, the group has invested in the study and creation of


biogas and composting plants for fertilizer production, in conjunction with Eutec srl. This collaboration, alongside the planning and construction of power plants fuelled by renewable sources, means that CCLG is able to provide support at every step of the energy supply chain: from environmental impact assessment or the creation of a business plan, to the supply, treatment and storage of combustibles. CCLG supplies cogeneration plants for the conversion of biogas derived energy, guaranteeing the best performance and reliability. Farmers become energy producers upon installing biogas production and composting plants. A composting system produces organic fertilizer of an extremely high agronomic, environmental and economic value. Microbe degradation technology of organic substances (sea weeds, industrial, animal and vegetable waste) enable the use of these primary materials in the production of biogas in a cogeneration plant which produces electricity and heat.


In its constant pursuit of absolute quality, CCLG group (through CCLG SpA) has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 (3rd January 2005) Quality Certification which guarantees the qualitative optimization of the entire production process, SOA (società organismi attestazione-Italian society of attesting bodies) Certification (19th January 2005) for public procurement and the subsequent execution of works and SOA OG9 Class V Certification, which certifies the group’s ability to manage the execution of works on behalf of public entities.

It is not through standard solutions that CCLG group reaches excellence in its services;

Professionalism and Full Customer Satisfaction

indeed, every project is customized, based on client requirements, in order to provide effective and competent solutions. CCLG’s main aim is client satisfaction and this is why every activity, from the simplest to the most complex of industrial plants, is managed with the utmost professionalism, from planning through to installation, characterized by a thorough analysis of existing problems and contexts.


Training, Research and Environmental Conservation

CCLG group is renowned for its important training and research activities aimed at increasing the professionalism of its technicians, with the objective of providing advanced solutions also in terms of technological innovation. The company’s mission is also to safeguard and improve quality of life. Each of the group’s projects are implemented not only in full compliance of safety regulations (indispensable both for clients and staff alike) but are also characterized by the intelligent use of energy in order to finish projects within scheduled times, save energy and ensure environmental compatibility and provide a tangible improvement in quality of life.


CCLG has carried out projects for important companies and businesses in the industrial, nautical and service industry sectors; here are some of the most important ones: Querzoli - Forlì Electrical plants new site (45,000 m2 indoors) Dorelan - Forlì Electrical plants new site (30,000 m2 indoors) Palazzo Talenti Framonti - Forlì Electrical plants S.G.M. Distribuzione s.p.a. - Forlì Electrical plants MarcoPolo Expert “Punta di Ferro” Shopping Center, Forlì (3,500 m2 indoors) ACMAR Soc. Coop. a r.l. Electrical plants at premises for the University Diploma in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering in Forlì Acquedotto di Romagna Plants in reservoirs and basins in the Province of Forlì A.L.I. s.r.l. Electrical plants and maintenance at the Rimini School Institute Archivio di Stato - (State Archive) Forlì and Rimini Electrical plant and maintenance contracts Banca di Forlì Credito Cooperativo scrl Installation and upgrading of electrical plants at the site and in branches throughout the Province of Forlì 10

Banca d’Italia - Forlì branch Ordinary maintenance contract for electrical plants Banca Xelion Financial Studio - Forlì Electrical plants del Pardo Shipyard - Forlì Electrical and nautical plants Carnevali Shipyard - Ravenna Electrical and nautical plants as well as maintenance, Marina di Ravenna Della Pasqua Shipyard - Ravenna Electrical and nautical plants as well as maintenance, Marina di Ravenna Villa Verde multi-specialization private healthcare facility - Reggio Emilia Implementation of lighting, power and special plants Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì Installation of new and upgrading of existing electrical plants in various branches throughout the Province of Forlì IRST (The Scientific Institute of Romagna for the Study and Treatment of Cancer) Expansion and renovation of the former hospital in Meldola, now the premises of IRST Morgagni Pierantoni Hospital - Forlì Maintenance and electrical plants Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi - Forlì Electrical plants at the Monte di Pietà credit institution Hera - Forlì Tender for the management of public lighting Forlì Cathedral Lighting plant for the “Cignani” Chapel Municipality of Dovadola (FC) Electrical plants in state schools Municipality of Forlì Public lighting plants and maintenance Municipality of Forlì - I.CO.R. 80 s.r.l. Installation of electrical plants at the n.1 Secondary School, Via Orceoli- Forlì Municipality of Rocca San Casciano (FC) Cinema Jolly electrical plant Commercianti indipendenti associati New dry products warehouse 11

Credito Italiano Upgrading of electronic plants at Forlì offices Diesse Arredamenti - Forlì Electrical plants, Ethernet wiring and maintenance E-bus autolinee bus hire - Forlì Electrical plants, Ethernet network wiring and maintenance Enel s.p.a. Internal electrical fittings for mt/bt booths Ferretti s.p.a. - Forlì - Cattolica Electrical plants, Ethernet network wiring and maintenance contract Ferretti s.p.a. - S. Giovanni in Marignano Electrical, nautical plants and maintenance contract Fiat Engineering - Turin Lighting and motorization of glass roof of the Lingotto service area Fiera di Forlì s.p.a. (Forlì trade fair) Assistance and maintenance for trade fairs Giuliani Infissi soc. coop. r.l. - Forlì Electrical, special plants and maintenance of 3 industrial depots Grand Hotel Terme - Jolly Hotel - Castrocaro Terme Hotel electrical plants in Castrocaro Terme I.A.L. Emilia Romagna Regional school for catering and tourism Electrical plants, Ethernet network wiring and maintenance at Forlì and Cesenatico sites I.N.P.S. Forlì (Italian Social Security Agency) Electrical plant in archive and maintenance contracts IN.TU.R s.r.l. - Castrocaro Terme (FC) Electrical and special plants in the “Hotel Rosa del Deserto”, Castrocaro Terme Istituto Tecnico Industriale - Forlì Transformer cabin - technical plants for laboratories Lialsport s.p.a. - Forlì Electrical plants and fume detection in a 5,000 m2 building Nadias s.r.l. - Ser.In.Ar. Forlì Electrical plant works for the renovation of the former premises of Nadias s.r.l. University of Bologna, Forlì Electrical plants at sites in Forlì and Cesena and maintenance


University of Bologna, Forlì Pallareti pavilion of ex Morgagni Hospital- electrical plants for technical offices Prefecture of Forlì and Cesena Electrical and special plants and maintenance RE.AL. s.p.a. - Reggio Emilia Plants in data elaboration central offices. Vegetable preparation center, sealed air conditioning systems in refrigeration and production cells. Plants in Sidis supermarkets throughout the region Resin Sistem s.r.l. - Forlì Electrical plants and maintenance contract Rintal s.p.a. - Forlì Electrical plants and maintenance of 6,000 m2 building. Romagna Acque Societa delle Fonti s.p.a - Forlì Installation of new electrical cabin Salsubium s.p.a. - Castrocaro Terme (FC) Electrical and special plants in spa center, Castrocaro Terme Bishop’s Seminary Forlì-Bertinoro Normal and special electrical plants in the House of Charity premises Ser.In.Ar. Forlì - Cesena Electrical plants at premises of the University of Bologna S.G.M. Distribuzione s.p.a. - Forlì Electrical and special plants in a 14,000 m2 building Roir Roverella Orphanages and United Institutes of Cesena Completion of electrical plants, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in own building Soles s.p.a. - Forlì Electrical plants for the water network of various municipalities throughout the country Water lifting plants, low power electrical plants, plants for the detection of obstacles in reservoirs and tanks throughout the country Private Care Home San Lorenzino s.p.a. Cesena Maintenance of electrical, water and mechanical plants Spezia Luxury Yacht Service s.p.a. - La Spezia Planning and installation of electrical and special plants Tecnesa s.r.l. Electrical plants in Forlì plant of 3,000 m2 Bishop’s Seminary, Forlì 20 kw photovoltaic plant 13

CCLG Plant 100 kw photovoltaic plant Formula Servizi soc. Coop. r.l. 20 kw photovoltaic plant “Casamia” Retirement home 20 kw photovoltaic plant Dr. Norberto Ferretti Refurbishment of electrical and home automation plants of the private residence of Dr. Norberto Ferretti, president of Ferretti Yachts spa. Municipality of Cesena - Bonci Theatre Lighting and scenery plant managed by home automation system Albe Solari (Lecce) 1 Mw onsite photovoltaic plant Perdasdefogu (OG) 1 Mw onsite photovoltaic plant Forlì trade fair 500 kWp photovoltaic plant Meccanica Nova - Bologna 650 kWp photovoltaic plant Trafilerie Industriali s.p.a. - Treviso 1.2 Mw photovoltaic plant AM Teknostampi - Treviso 470 kWp photovoltaic plant Committee against world hunger 20 kW Forlì Gramellini 400 kW Forlì Acer 215 kW Forlì Corofar 38 kW Forlì Querzoli 1.5 MegaW Forlì Dorelan 1 MegaW Forlì 14

Sapori di Romagna 500 kW Forlì Gran Frutta Zani 870 kW Faenza Cora Roma e Ravenna 250 kW Riviera Horses 480 kW Cattolica Leoni Energy 1 MegaW Forlì Albe Solari 2 1 MegaW Specchia Cartaria Forlivese 200 kW Forlì Arlam 200 kW Forlì Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì 18 kW Forlì Nova system 57 kW Forlì Cartesio 20 kW Forlì RTS Ravaioli 98 kW Forlì Tonelli Ecology 200 kW Forlì Sacim 385 kW Cesena Municipality of Galeata 1 MegaW – Galeata Nuova Sider 121 Kw - Forlì Further and more detailed information regarding the activities and structure of CCLG can be found on our website 15

Photovoltaic Plants

Meccanica Sbarzaglia - Faenza 50 kW photovoltaic plant (2007)

CNA (National Confederation of artisan and small and medium-sized enterprises) - ForlĂŹ photovoltaic plant- 20 kW (2006)


Photovoltaic Plants

Specchia - Lecce 1 MW photovoltaic plant (2007)

Fiera di ForlĂŹ - ForlĂŹ 500 kWp photovoltaic plant (2009)


Photovoltaic Plants

Trafilerie Industriali SpA - Treviso 933 kWp photovoltaic plant (2008) Warehouses 4-12-14-15

Officina Presentati - Ravenna 50 kWp photovoltaic plant


Photovoltaic Plants

Agriturismo Sant’Apollinare - Pieve Santo Stefano 20 kWp photovoltaic plant (2008)

Civile abitazione - ForlĂŹ 3 kWp photovoltaic plant



Windesign Vertical axis wind micro-turbine for the production of energy even with light winds, without noise and vibration.



Windesign - some examples of potential installations


Biogas and composting plants

Goro Biogas plant - 2013

ForlĂŹ Biogas plant - 2013


Artistic lighting

Municipality of ForlĂŹ Piazza Saffi lighting - 2006

Municipality of Cesena - Bonci Theatre Lighting plant - 2007


Artistic lighting

Artistic lighting, archeological sites, places of worship Syracuse (Sicily, Italy) - Greek theatre

Artistic lighting, archeological sites, places of worship Agrigento (Sicily, Italy) - Temple of Concordia


Building automation Home automation

Castrocaro Spas - Castrocaro Terme Electrical and home automation plants Grand Hotel Terme, Pavilion, Wellness Center 2004

Private residence - Bologna Home automation plant in country house


Building automation Home automation

Private residence - ForlĂŹ Home automation plant in private residence

Private residence - Cesena Home automation plant in private residence



Dashboards, Bridges, Control Panels and Electrical plants

Dashboards, Bridges, Control Panels and Electrical plants



Dashboards, Bridges, Control Panels and Electrical plants

Dashboards, Bridges, Control Panels and Electrical plants


Nautical Automation

Gi8 Some examples of screens





La Spezia 5

Faenza 4 ForlĂŹ

E-mail: 3 1

2 7



E-mail: 4


Taranto 6


E-mail: 6




A well-connected network of service points at your assistance, wherever you are 1 Lavagna - Liguria 2 Ventimiglia - Liguria 3 Andora (SV) - Liguria 4 La Spezia - Liguria 5 Imperia - Liguria 6 Aprilia Marittima - F. V. Giulia 7 Meolo (VE) - Veneto 8 Marina di Ravenna - Emilia-Romagna 9 Chieti - Abruzzo 10 Civitavecchia (Roma) - Lazio 11 Latina - Lazio 12 Porto Ercole (GR) - Toscana 13 Viareggio - Toscana 14 Portoferraio (LI) - Isola d’Elba Toscana

15 Salerno - Campania 16 Sorrento - Campania 17 Capri - Campania 18 Brindisi - Puglia 19 Porto Torres - Sardegna 20 Olbia- Sardegna 21 Messina - Sicilia 22 Palermo - Sicilia 23 Catania - Sicilia 24 Trapani - Sicilia 25 Ragusa - Sicilia 26 Monaco - France 27 St. Florent - France 28 Barcelona - Spain

29 Mallorca - Spain 30 Malaga - Spain 31 Dbayeh - Lebanon 32 Pula, Split - Croatia 33 Novigrad - Croatia 34 Pireus - Greece 35 Istanbul - Turkey 36 Sveti Vlas - Bulgary 37 Dubai - United Arab Emirates 38 Fort Lauderdale - Florida (USA) 39 Zhuhai - Cina 40 San Paolo - Brasile



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