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Vol II, 2022

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Vol II, 2022

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Finding Peace (Amidst the Chaos) A Soulflower Deep Dive with Red Clover

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An interview with Jerry Sargeant, founder of Star Magic Healing

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Women Who Gather Under the Light of the Moon Sisterhood, Full Moon Gatherings, and Rituals to Empower Your Life

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Vol II, 2022


Finding Peace (Amidst the Chaos) A Soulflower Deep Dive with Red Clover By Lisa Estabrook


ABOUT RED CLOVER—TRANQUILITY I can’t adequately express how hard it has been to write this moon cycle Deep Dive with Red Clover. The chaos that I am seeing and feeling all around in the external world is equally felt within me. I also know that the chaos showing up around me exists because of the chaos within me. And so here I am with a desperately unsettled feeling inside that things are spinning out of control. Although I know enough by now, i.e., through this too many times before, to recognize that the idea of control is really an illusion. This feeling of uncertainty, is more of an invitation and an indication that it is time to change, to expand, to grow further. The problem is, as always, that what that looks like is not clear. Red Clover’s deliciously sweet blossoms are made up of many tiny, tubular dark pink (not red at all) flowers, literally whirling like a tiny tornado around a singular central base. Looking closely at the flower reminds me of how easy it is to get pulled away from our center, our truth, by all the inherent chaos and confusion of human existence. There is no “spin” in Nature. Just the simple truth that growth and change is inevitable and constant. In fact, it is the very basis of the Universe.


Always flowing, always expanding, spiraling around and around to experience the next highest version of itself...and the next...and the next...bringing us right along with it.

THERE IS NO SEPARATION The spinning feeling, the uncertainty and chaos that we feel, is born from the belief that as humans we can somehow control the flow of life itself. Direct it to our will if we just adhere to the “right” spin, the “right” way to go about life. Humans do not like uncertainty! We like a plan—a nice comfortable, clear one. And we go out of our way to avoid pain and discomfort of any sort. Trying to fix what we perceive as external problems when in truth it is our own resistance to change (to growth) that is creating the problem in the first place. Growth is always uncomfortable. Red Clover reminds me that in order to find my truth, I first have to detach from everyone else’s. You cannot underestimate the power of your breath to create the spaciousness that is needed to experience your life from a higher perspective. Honestly, you don’t have to look too hard, or go too far these days to find yourself surrounded by a gazillion conflicting ideas, opinions, and expectations flying around—making even the most steady of us feel dizzy and off-balance especially when we allow that energy and information to dominate our daily experience. The more we engage, the more we attempt to control, fight or even make sense of what is happening the more we get pulled into the chaos. Eventually it becomes hard to differentiate what is our own experience and truth and what is someone else’s. So Red Clover asks us to disengage from what may be happening around us with the power of our breath

and to spiral into our centers where we can become fully present to what is actually happening. She asks us to find our “centers of truth” and create from, flow from that place. I take a closer look at Red Clover’s flower and each little tubular petal feels like a potential “rabbit hole” to me—a fear-based attachment that can pull me away from my peaceful center if I allow it. I REMEMBER TO BREATHE And with every breath I ask myself, where I am directing my energy? Am I being unconsciously pulled in a direction I do not desire or am I consciously choosing what I engage with?


Vol II, 2022


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5... This is perhaps the only thing we actually do have any control over at all—that is, how we choose to respond to what is happening. I remember to breathe. Again. How I choose to respond requires an enormous amount of self-honesty because what it boils down to is whether my choices are rooted in fear or come from my center of truth, which is always love. When I am not flowing with my center of truth I can feel it. And then, (and this is the hard part) I have to honor what I feel. Our bodies are so, so wise. They let us know right away what is aligned and resonant and equally what is not. Only the problem is that our minds—filled with fearbased programming, judgments, labels and ingrained beliefs—literally override the messages our bodies are trying to convey. FEAR: FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL I’m thinking about spin again, only now how the media and advertisers “spin” the truth to trigger and poke our deepest fears in order to control our behavior—to keep us searching outside of ourselves for the peace and tranquility we all desire. If we feel bad, we think something must be wrong, and usually that leads to blaming an external source for our pain. We immediately move into judgement. Red Clover gently supports us to remember how to feel everything and yet not attach to each feeling—to simply witness, observe, and allow everything we feel to move through us. It’s not easy.


Ah yes, this thing is happening right now and it doesn’t feel good, but in this next moment, or this one perhaps, we breathe back to center and move on through it all. Flow. To be in flow means you can move through your life without judgment, knowing everything you experience is for your own highest good, so that you can grow into the next highest version of yourself. Evolution. And that is what we are going through...individually... collectively. And all this feels really hard to express. But what I do know clearly is that if we want to find peace, if we are going to grow as a society, as a human race, we are going to have to let go of control, find our centers and let our hearts lead the way.

Red clover asks us to find our center amidst the spin. To be in the world but not of the world, and to remember that peace—Sanctuary—is always found within. Lisa Estabrook is an artist, wayshower, herbalist, and plant whisperer who has spent the last 30 years remembering how to create a meaningful, heart-led, healthy, and joyful life with plant spirits as her loving guides. The founder of the online Soulflower CommUNITY Garden, Lisa lives in Yarmouth, Maine.

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Vol II, 2022


An interview with Jerry Sargeant, founder of Star Magic Healing Activate Your Super-Human Potential—new book coming in August


You have lived an extraordinary life. At one time, your life was going on a negative path. Can you tell us how you managed to change your life around?

I started working for a criminal organization in my late teens until events took me on a different trajectory. I was asleep, traveling by taxi to Bucharest Airport in Romania with my ex-wife and children in the back. A loud crash woke me. Glass flew everywhere, and the cab swayed and skidded across the road. I remember thinking, we’re in a bad accident. Then the car came to a halt, and no other vehicles were on the road. I thought that was strange. Aalayah, my daughter, was under the driver’s seat (no seatbelts in the cab) and Laura and Josh’s mouths were full of glass. The taxi driver was in shock; there was a hole in the windscreen, blood on my face, but I wasn’t cut astoundingly. I got out of the taxi. Two women lay injured 30 meters from me; one of them had her ankles completely severed. I thought I saw a lump in the road through the haze, about a hundred meters away, which I thought was another body.


I walked past the two injured pedestrians, strangely drawn to what looked like a dead body. Something hovered above, which I can only describe as a mysterious translucent energy. I shook my head, trying to lose the image. But whatever it was, it remained above the body until it got nearer, then it slowly fizzled off into the ether. I was standing looking over the body of a woman with her legs wrapped around her head. I now know that the energy hovering above her was her soul. It was as if someone (the soul) had taken an old car (body) to the scrap heap. The soul no longer required the physical vessel that lay so damaged on the tarmac. The soul just left. I witnessed the connection and disconnection between body and soul. And in that extraordinary moment, I understood we are more than our physical bodies; we are atoms and molecules in continuous movement in time and space. We are energy. I looked up to the heavens and said thank you. The experience opened my world. Many things started to change internally, and new astonishing events unfolded.

The car crash was the start of it all. What else happened to you to put you on this path? Around the car crash, I met my first spiritual teacher, who worked for Scotland Yard’s secret psychic division. I learned how to remote view, access past lives, bring light from my body, travel, etc. I met shapeshifting reptilians in human form and encountered angels and fairies. But what amplified my life and brought Star Magic to Earth was when I got picked up by a spaceship and taken to Alpha Centauri. I met 200 Lyrans, beings from other planets, who shared the healing codes I call Star Magic. That changed everything. I spent nine months in Egyptian Mystery schools learning how to use these codes and bring Star Magic to this planet.

I knew I must share this work with others and booked a space at a mind, body, spirit festival. I offered people the chance to win one of three free healings with me. About 80 people put their names down on a list. I phoned them all and told them they had won so that I could practice. I worked with everyone, and the results were incredible, and I collected testimonials and set up the first Star Magic website. You work with people from all walks of life, helping them heal on all levels. Tell us about some of those healings.

How did you come across your ability to heal yourself and others?

There are so many. One that stands out is a lady punched in the face by her husband 20 years ago, and her face was cracked and dented. She had facial reconstruction surgery, but it did nothing. She came to my training in India. I worked on her for 10 minutes max, and when she came around, the hole in her face was gone—two years on, it is still perfect.

Sometime after the car crash, my ex-wife had a headache. What was unreal was that I could see it in her head. I saw a green energy, so I reached in and pulled it out. It sounds strange, and it was even more bizarre to do the first time, but her headache went away.

Another man, Mark, contacted me. Doctors told him he would have to have 10 feet of his colon removed. Tests showed he suffered from diverticulitis, peritonitis, and Ecoli, and had tumors in his intestine. I worked with him twice energetically and at a distance —after the second treatment, he woke

More and more experiences began to happen. Once I was given the healing codes by the Lyrans and was shown how to use them in the mystery schools, more people who needed healing appeared in my life.


Vol II, 2022


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9... up with a scar across his stomach, and he felt terrific. He returned to the doctor and had further tests, and everything had disappeared. The doctors canceled his surgery. What is Star Magic, and how does it work? A human being has a body and a brain. Both are like biological computers, downloading information from the quantum field. We are also souls residing in these physical bodies, and we are multidimensional. We exist in many spaces at the same time. Some of these experiences affect us negatively in this now space, this present-day reality. Adverse experiences are not necessarily harmful because there is an opportunity for growth within every situation. Traumatic experiences create a program within the body/biocomputer. Remember, we are bio-computers, and programs control the computers. Guilt, rejection, and anger (programs) stem from somewhere. What we do is find out where. We tap the quantum field and access the time-space coordinates of the trauma. Once we find out what happened, we change the data stream feeding the bio-computer, the body, and the brain so the human can no longer access that data stream/trauma. Everything is code, and we humans are mathematical equations. We are code. We disconnect the code/


information stream creating the physical, emotional, mental (all or some) symptoms and replace them with Star Magic Codes of Consciousness, and then the healing takes place. What is Star Magic Foundation, and what kind of work do you do? It’s a foundation to give back. We have taken teams to the Philippines to rebuild towns and villages and put permaculture projects in place after a big typhoon. We went to Cambodia to help children who had suffered from child trafficking. We also went into the jungle to help with sanitation at schools there. The Star Magic Foundation regularly donates to other local and international projects. We also help souls who want to come on our training courses or need healing and haven’t any money. There must be balance in everything. To find out more, go to Jerry’s second book, Activate Your Super-Human Potential: The Ulitmate 5D Toolkit, releases in August. To pre-order, click here.

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Women Who Gather Under the Light of the Moon

Sisterhood, Full Moon Gatherings, & Rituals to Empower Your Life By Mara Branscombe


Since the beginning of time, women have been gathering under the moon’s light to share stories and songs, attune to the rhythms of mother nature, and bring forth the power of the divine feminine. Something wildly sacred happens when women intentionally gather during the full or new moon cycles. As the moon is the ruler of the waters and water governs our emotions, we can physically attune to the waters inside our bodies and consciously create a container for our emotions to be harnessed in a healing way. We are naturally more intuitive, receptive, and creative during the full moon. When we create opportunities to gather with our sisters under the full moon’s light, we unearth a deeper listening to our present state and a call to action

to empower ourselves to live our most fulfilled life. I have early childhood memories of being awe-struck by the light of the full moon shimmering down on the lake and being attracted to its wild, radiant energy. It’s no wonder that I have been hosting moon gatherings for women for over 20 years now. And when I’m not gathering with others, I create a personal ritual to awaken and align with the forces of the moon. A beautiful vulnerability comes through our whole beings when we can directly and radically state what is currently moving through our emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental state. When we can share with a circle of women how we really feel and what is honestly


Vol II, 2022


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11... going on in our lives, we can begin to free ourselves from the charge of negativity or imbalance and begin to direct our feminine power towards light, love, and transformation. Here is a full moon ritual which can be done in a group or by yourself. Let it be a rough guide, use your intuition, have fun planning it out, gather your sisters, and celebrate the divine feminine that dwells inside of you and the moon. FULL MOON RITUAL Create An Altar This will be the center of your ritual. Let it reflect the season, and be free to place anything symbolic to you. A candle can represent fire and passion, a bowl of water or seashell with water to represent your emotional, fluid, and nourished self, any crystals to charge in a bowl of sea-salted water for cleansing away


old energies, items from nature to represent mother earth and anything else symbolic to you. Cleanse the Space Smudge the room with sage, sweetgrass, Palo Santo, essential oils, or incense to create sacred space and clear away unwanted energy. Make a herbal tea blend for nourishment while you welcome in the women’s circle and the light of the moon. Call In The Directions Face East and acknowledge the place of the rising sun and the visionary that dwells inside your heart. Face South and acknowledge the element of water, your physical healing, and your ability to release old ways of being. Face the West and honor the warrior-ess inside you, and Face North to call in your ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and be the carrier of Joy! Kneel to place your hands upon the earth or Pachamama, mother earth and her healing and life-giving ways, and stand tall with arms high to acknowledge your connection to the realm of spirit, stars, and grandmother moon for all of her wisdom.

Meditate Sit in silence and honor the divine feminine energy around the circle and within you. Attune to your current state, what you are ready to let go of, and what you are willing to invite into your life moving forward. Talking Stick Each woman has a turn to hold the talking stick or crystal to share, what she is ready to release, and what she is prepared to invite in. If you are alone, you can write this in your journal. As you speak and each woman listens, deeper accountability and visibility can harness your vision. Create Paint, write poetry, collage, make jewelry, bath salts, massage oils, herbal teas, etc. Creating together brings forth a grounding nature within, a feeling of connection, nourishment, and inspiration to your ritual.

Close Sacred Space Bring the circle of women back together to share gratitude and any insights or moments of awakening during the ritual. Seal the circle by holding hands, singing mantras, or taking three full breaths together. Blow out the candles. Mara Branscombe is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, mother, artist, ceremonialist, and spirit coach, who finds great joy in leading others along the path of selftransformation. She is passionate about weaving the art of mindfulness, self-care, mind-body practices, and earthbased rituals into her offerings. She lives in both Vancouver, Canada, and a cabin in the woods with her husband and two daughters.

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Vol II, 2022


Live Well.