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Liberating Yourself From Lyme Disease By Vir McCoy

6 Transformation of a Church: We are Spirit United Interfaith Church

8 The Spiritual Path Should Be Rated ‘R’ By Craig Kolavo

10 Vibrational Nutrition An excerpt from book By Candice Covington

13 America, America. By Betsy Whitfill

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Liberating Yourself From Lyme Disease By Vir McCoy


After the initial diagnosis for Lyme disease, I took doxycycline and thought that was it: Cured. Little did I know it was just the beginning.

I focused on my breathing and prayed. Lyme was jumbling my brain, I couldn’t think, but I could feel. If I can still feel and breathe, then I can and love and exist, I thought. I “felt” into my brain and asked, “What’s the

Six months later, I was hospitalized, receiving intravenous antibiotics because Lyme had developed into a kind of meningitis that was ravaging my body. As I lay in the hospital bed, I began to cry. I was in a state of utter despair. What in the hell was going on? Why was I sick again after taking antibiotics?

matter?” as if my brain were a baby. With all of the love and tender feelings I could muster, I “cradled” my brain and asked again: “What’s the matter? I love you, brain. What’s wrong?”


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A miracle happened. I had a vision. I saw a beautiful large oak tree in the woods, and up the side of the trunk, shelf mushrooms were spiraling up the tree toward the sky. I recognized two kinds from my work as a field biologist. They were reishi mushrooms, another was a turkey tail mushroom, and there was a third kind, but I would have to wait till I got out of the hospital to look it up. It was called Chaga. I need these, I thought. I researched the mushrooms and discovered reishi mushrooms were used as an immune booster for thousands of years by the Chinese. Turkey tail mushrooms are also immune boosters and are part of an anticancer drug currently being developed and tested called PSK. Chaga turned out to be another incredible immune booster (Stamets,1999).

INTUITIVE SCIENCE I began to hone my intuitive skills and practice the art of intuitive sensory perception inside my body. I noted what I was seeing, tasting, smelling, and hearing during motherly loving meditations. I had another breakthrough. While inward viewing, I saw cysts inside my body. Lyme can lie dormant for up to a year or more, and those cysts, nasty little “eggs,” were inside my brain. I saw rows of them like peas in a peapod. They were coated with a biofilm and with what looked like a pencil on top. I couldn’t understand what this image was. I worked with my sensory perception and realized my body was speaking to me symbolically. About a week after this vision, I wandered into the supplement section in Whole Foods Market. In the homeopathic aisle, I saw a little blue tube called “Graphites.” Graphites, I thought. That’s in pencils. Holy Moses! What do Graphites do exactly? According to the homeopathic pamphlet: “Graphites can dissolve toughened skin, scars, boils, and cysts.” Pencils over eggs! My intuition told me that graphites and similar homeopathic remedies are essential for dissolving Lyme cysts. Graphites became a crucial component of my healing.

and then back those notions up with science when possible. By utilizing my intuition, I am not invalidating science; I use both sets of “knowing” to collect information and facts. I would often be “shown” a remedy and then find the medical research that confirmed what I had intuited. This method helped me validate what I was seeing and sensing. In addition to many common antibiotics and herbs, I discovered several unusual medicines and techniques for Lyme that I had never heard of. I now offer them to help others as they have helped me. Vir McCoy is a teacher, healer, author, lecturer, musician, and ecologist who works both as a bodywork healer and as a field biologist and botanist focusing on endangered species. He lives in Los Angeles. Liberating Yourself from Lyme by Vir McCoy and Kara Zahl is published by Healing Arts Press. For more information, www.InnerTraditions.com.

After this, I started trusting the more profound wisdom that came through the senses and from a place deeper than my mind. I used the intuitive information I received and the science I researched to back up what I was intuiting to liberate myself from Lyme. I can intuit remedies

To learn more: www.InnerTraditions.com

Vol.I 2021


Transformation of a Church: We are Spirit United Interfaith


MISSION STATEMENT: To advance personal spiritual transformation and the evolution of planetary consciousness.

Transformation allows us to build on what makes us stronger as individuals and as a community. Transformation can be difficult, eye opening and painful. We as a community have been through many changes and have overcome many obstacles to grow into what we are called to do and become. The biggest obstacle was to reclaim ourselves as an interfaith church. The word church has a painful history for many and yet the word means “One Who is Called.” Are we not all being called to co-create a kinder more loving world? It has been a long arduous journey for Spirit United. Many may remember us in our location on Como Avenue in Minneapolis. Two years ago we were a community on the verge of closure. After many community meetings it was clear to leadership that Spirit United was a safe haven for many. Leadership came together and made the decision not to close the doors. It took great faith and trust to figure out how we move forward from there. Once that decision was made, a meeting was set up with Rev. Jan Skogstrom, the original co-creator of Spirit United. She was given the choice to keep it open or close Spirit United for good. After the blessing from spirit came through her 6 www.esswellness.com

in that meeting… Spirit United Interfaith Church was reborn. We left the location that we were at on Lexington Avenue in St. Paul and moved to a tent in the backyard of one of the ministers in September of 2018. As a community we began healing around language. We used words like God, Jesus and Church knowing that it would trigger emotion. Words have power when we give it to them. Fear of a word only makes it stronger. We talked openly as a community about what these words mean and how to soften their power. We replaced salaries with stipends and honorariums. In November 2018 a new minister was named. Rev. Pamela Marko became the new head minister on Nov. 11, 2018 which was also the day of our first service at the Harriet Alexander Nature Center. It’s a beautiful space in Roseville in the middle of the woods. From there we have stabilized ourselves financially. We have been able to provide powerful services with many different leaders and teachers. A small sample of our guest presenters, on the first Sunday of each month: Tom Bezek who shares Shin Rin Yo Ku (forest bathing). Stephanie McGovern shares beautiful original poetry, with music, images and opportunities for movement. Gina Kingsley Miranda, a Mayan Calendar Keeper and teacher. James Schattauer, musician who brings original music and inspiration. Cornelia Elsaesser, Founder and Healer at Holistic Gateway.

Rev. Pamela Marko, teacher, healer and reader, shares healing words of wisdom every second and fourth Sunday of the month. Drake Powe, experienced meditation leader calms and leads deep relaxation the third Sunday of the month. Adam Wolter, Astrologer, Musician and Universal Dances of Peace leader, shares every fifth Sunday of the month. Due to the global pandemic, Spirit United again transformed. We now hold some classes and all interactive Sunday services on Zoom every week. We will continue through and after the pandemic on Zoom. We are holding Sunday services with limited in-person reserved seating at Holistic Gateway. To attend in person, COVID safety precautions must be followed, masks worn, and reservations must be made in advance by emailing spiritunitededucation@gmail.com Spirit United Interfaith Church has reclaimed itself and opened a door to self-discovery through its guiding principles, co-created in 1999 by Rev. Jan Skogstrom and a group of women and families. GUIDING PRINCIPLES AND IDEALS At Spirit United: • We emphasize the unity of the spirit—one God in all. • We affirm the unifying principles of all faiths and spiritual paths; the beauty, value and significance of interfaith truths. • We affirm the principles of love-wisdom; the balance of divine masculine-feminine as the anchor point of our spirituality. • We honor Ancient Spirituality—the experience of God within—as has been illuminated through such traditions as Buddhism, Christianity, Kabbalah, Indigenous Wisdom and Sufism.

• We honor Ageless Wisdom—the teachings of the Great Ones through the ages. • We honor the richness of diversity among us in its many forms. • We provide guideposts rather than specific rules, and affirm individual conscience—the truth found in our own hearts—above dogma. • We affirm our role as partners with God/Goddess/ All that is, expecting greater spiritual maturity of ourselves as we evolve. • We honor our planet as a sentient being with whom we are in an interdependent relationship. • We recognize and support humanity’s participation, along with all Kingdoms, in an evolutionary process toward higher consciousness, synthesis and unity. • We affirm our role as world servers by supporting each individual’s path of spiritual awakening. If these guiding principles call to you… We welcome you to join us for a Sunday Service at 10:30 am via Zoom. Our website has the Zoom info on the home page. Please register for our e-newsletter on the website contact page to get weekly updates, Zoom links, upcoming speakers and events. Call 612-378-3602 or spiritunitededucation@gmail.com for limited reserved seating at Holistic Gateway, 11 Little Canada Road, Little Canada MN 55117

To learn more: www.spiritunited.com

Vol.I 2021


The Spiritual Path Should Be Rated By Craig Kolavo Intended for a mature audience. Contains strong language.


Although I’m not a religious guy, I have been a seeker on my spiritual path for decades. If I had any regrets, it would be why it took me so long to evolve on this journey. In hindsight, I now see how I was clinging to religious beliefs that were ingrained in my mind from childhood. As I’ve grown through self-discovery, it’s become very clear that I was misled as a child. For example, God is an old man with a flowing white beard sitting in a throne up in the clouds. OK, I know this sounds silly, but this ‘God-image’ I mention above is exactly what we were taught to believe as children. God was this father-like figure who was often angry and judgmental. He was watching over us like a hawk––keeping detailed notes for judgment day. Obviously, I can only speak of my own experience. However, since there are more than 2.3 billion Christians in the world, I’m guessing that I am not alone. I don’t really blame anyone. Maybe this ‘God in the image of man’ is necessary for kids? I’m a parent now. I understand how a little fear can be a good tool for control. But come on, we’re not children anymore! If we are looking for God, it’s time to stop looking up into the sky. Time to trade in the telescope for a

8 www.esswellness.com

microscope. If you are really looking for a Divine presence, it’s time to look within. I am now aware that God is my Life Force—the vibrating energy that animates every cell in my body. The word ‘animate’ is perfect for this definition. From the Latin anima and animat; “life, soul––instilled with Spirit.” This also reminds me of what Jesus taught, “Do you not know that you are a Temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells within you?” Corinthians 3:16. Wow, that says it all for me. In addition, this unconditional loving Energy that flows through you also flows through all of creation. This is what connects us all. By the way, these are not some New Age hocus-pocus ideas. This is actually an age-old message. The NY Times best-selling author Richard Rohr, who has also been a Catholic priest for the past 50 years, says “This message of self-discovery is what Jesus was trying to teach 2,000 years ago. Obviously, humanity wasn’t ready for this message, but maybe the time is now.” To put it in a nutshell, I believe at birth we are pulled from an invisible world of pure energy into the world of form. Even doctors say this unexplainable ‘spark of life’ appears sometime between 22-30 days after conception. It’s often called a ‘heartbeat’ even though the heart is not fully developed at this point. Anyway, fast forward several decades––when our bodies finally wear-out, this eternal part of ourselves

(Energy/Life Force/Spirit) returns to its Source. For those who prefer metaphors––if God was the Ocean, every newborn would get an eye-dropper full of this Ocean water at birth. When our bodies perish, this water evaporates and will return to the Ocean. How cool is that! If this is too woo-woo for you, maybe a little science might help build my case. Actually, science and technology have been catching up with what the ancient mystics have been teaching for thousands of years. Did you know that the human body is 99.9 percent empty space? I know, this sounds ridiculous! However, the study of particle physics (atoms, quarks, etc.) has proven this to be true. I love this metaphor, If the nucleus of an atom was the size of a peanut, the outer shell would be the size of a football stadium! That’s a lot of empty space! These atoms which make up all matter, have electrons zipping around inside, giving them the illusion of being solid. Think of a ceiling fan running at full speed. Since life cannot exist without this energy field, I refer to this as our Life Force. Humor me a little longer for one more scientific tidbit. The first law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change in form. Hence, the ‘eternal’ nature of the energy body. Again, when the physical body finally dies, we simply return to Source––our Creator. Science and spirituality can coexist after all ;). Did you notice there was no mention of making any side trips to heaven or hell? Okay––I’ve got good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good. THERE IS

NO HELL IN THE AFTERLIFE. What’s the bad news? We create our own ‘hell’ during this lifetime. This realization was a huge aha moment for me. I don’t really want to talk more science, but it does all boil down to cause and effect. All of life’s experiences are a direct reflection of our past thoughts and actions. I know this can be hard to swallow, especially when we are in the middle of a shit storm, but I have learned this to be true. One of the biggest challenges I had for accepting this ‘universal law’ was having the courage to take responsibility for my life––the good, the bad and the ugly! Yes, all of it––anxiety, fear, worry, accidents, illnesses, addictions, loss, failed relationships, etc. We will all experience some heaven and hell during this Game of Life. Even Jesus said, The Kingdom of Heaven is spread out upon the earth and men do not see it. With this new awareness, you become a conscious Player. No longer a victim of circumstance, you can now play an active role in bringing more joy into this world. When we discover and surrender to our Divine Nature, we will begin to create heaven on earth. The cool thing about the spiritual path is that it’s never too late to AWAKEN. We all have a Sleeping Giant that resides within, patiently waiting to be discovered. Craig Kolavo, author of ‘AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant.’

To learn more: www.AwesOmLife.com

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Vibrational Nutrition An excerpt from book By Candice Covington From Chapter 1: The Frequency of Food


ENERGETIC SIGNATURES OF MORE THAN 300 FOODS The natural world with its vast and wondrous array of forms and energies offers us a treasure trove of vibrational tools that we can use as antidotes for negative energy patterns and to support the cultivation of positive qualities. The vibration of each plant and animal can be understood as an energy pattern with a specific and unique structure or signature. When these energetic signatures resonate with our natural vibrational patterns, we can use them to fine-tune our own energetic bodies. Because we are vibrational beings in a constant state of flux, a significant key to our wellbeing and growth is the reinforcement of our desired energetic patterns. Food is an effective medium for holding matter at specific vibratory rates. SAMPLE FOOD ENTRIES: TOMATO Tomato, first and foremost, teaches togetherness in many forms. Be it a loving family, a robust community, the dance of relationship, passion, or even courtship, this fruit is about the heart. A part of this dynamic is the ability to be open to differences and new circumstances, and joyfully embrace them. BROCCOLI Broccoli offers the gift of achieving balance, helping 10 www.esswellness.com

one to be responsible and respond to the challenges placed before you. Fascinatingly, broccoli helps you choose your tasks with freedom and joy, so your “to-do list” comes from a place of service. Broccoli also helps you “get it right” and clear up loose ends that nag at you internally: taking care of promises unkept, duties unfulfilled, including those that matter to others. POTATO Potato dramatically increases future sight, telepathy, clairvoyance, and the ability to use these gifts for healing, often resulting in practical solutions for everyday problems. It also helps in assimilating and grounding into the earthly plane, allowing one to ultimately thrive. AVOCADO Avocado signifies positive touch. It harmonizes the body and mind by dissolving emotional tension and the negative influence of past pain that causes one to turn inward and harden against love offered. Offers shelter when feeling overwhelmed with emotion. Avocado allows the individual to become more vulnerable to others without fear and facilitates intimacy and healing through touch.

SAGE Sage is a master cleanser and purifier and can nullify all discordant energy. This does not mean it’s permanently removed (you still have to do your personal work to shift the cause of the disharmony or circumstance), but sage can offer refuge and hold space for you while you do so. BLACK BEANS Black beans bring wild unbridled energy and will energize any situation (good or bad). They are amplifiers. So when black bean calls to you remember to be attentive to your personal energy, environments, and intentions. A great deal of energy is available to you at this time; make sure it is going where you want it! ALMONDS Almonds help to arrest the fear of aging and make the passage of time sacred and not solely experienced through the physical body. They open one to the complex beauty of self and a strong inner vitality. EGG The egg contains “all that is possible,” full of promise and new life. It expresses the rebirth of nature, the fruitfulness of the earth and all creation. In many traditions the egg is a symbol for the whole universe, the “cosmic egg” containing a balance of male and female, light and dark, in the egg yolk and egg white. The golden orb of the yolk represents the divine masculine enfolded by the divine feminine, in perfect balance. RED SNAPPER Red snapper helps heal verbal aggression and hostility, supporting changing that behavior if you are the perpetrator or healing the energetic fall out of being on the receiving end.

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Patrice Connelly 651.222.8282 www.questfields.com

Essential Oils: Nature’s Living Energy Experience the remarkable therapeutic and medicinal powers of nature– from the undisputed “World Leader in Essential Oils.” Aromatherapy Stress-reducing Improve sleep Improve respiratory function Focus and clarity Eliminate airborne germs Reduce anxiety Enhance spirituality

contact Janet Becker 612-247-1198 jbc@cerzan.net www.ylscents.com/ janetbecker

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BEEF Beef brings the frequency that encourages the warmth and the spirit of the home and celebrating the people one chooses to have in their life. These connections remind us of who we are and bring us back to our roots, both culturally and personally, giving us a sense of continuity, of being a part of something greater than ourselves.

recipe WHOLE ROASTED GARLIC • Take as many heads of garlic as you would like and peel most of the paper off leaving the head intact with all the cloves connected.

GARLIC Garlic brings the energy of affirming the divine light that dwells in your core and using this inexhaustible source to warm your soul. In this light, you are protected from negative energy and malevolent forces, coupled with the ability to protect others. Garlic also offers the gift of respecting the freedom of those you love, teaching by example and holding space for others to find their way without pushing them along before they are ready.

• Trim about 1/4 inch off the top of the head of garlic to expose the tops of the garlic cloves.

Candice Covington is a certified aromatherapist, massage therapist, healing arts master, and energy worker. A former instructor at Ashmead College and former aroma­ therapist for the Chopra Center, she is the founder of Divine Archetypes, an essential oil and flower essence company, and the author of Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice. She lives on a farmette in Oregon City, Oregon. https://divinearchetypes.org/

• Remove from the oven. When cool enough to handle, squeeze the garlic from their coverings, smash the cloves to desired texture, and add olive oil to taste. A pinch of sea salt is optional.

Vibrational Nutrition by Candice Covington © 2021 Healing Arts Press. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

To learn more: www.InnerTraditions.com

12 www.esswellness.com

• Preheat your oven to 325 and place garlic in a small baking dish and drizzle the exposed tops with 1 to 2 teaspoons of olive oil. If needed make a ‘nest’ out of tinfoil to help keep the cloves upright. Sprinkle with herbs like rosemary or thyme for additional depth of flavor. Cover with tinfoil and bake for 35 to 40 minutes.

Narrative of Whole Roasted Garlic: Amplifies the divine light that dwells in your core, bringing warmth and receptivity, fostering the energy of inclusiveness and true caring. Respecting the freedom of those you love, teaching by example, and holding space for others to find their way without pushing them along before they are ready. You might serve this dish to hold space for someone when they are in an emotional or spiritual “growth spurt” to help them anchor their newly acquired understanding, allowing them to feel completely adored and nourished while in the process.

America, America. By Betsy Whitfill


America stands not at a crossroads, but in a wilderness, seemingly unable to see a path to her future. Years of political turmoil have stirred the people into wakefulness, but we are bewildered by

Pisces. At the beginning of each Age, a Teacher comes to show how to use the new energies most beneficially for humanity’s evolution of consciousness. In Palestine, the Teacher was Jesus, and the tradition which his followers started, Christianity, was signified by the emblem the two

the passions, the potential loss of all that we’ve relied on…our institutions, our religions, our leaders and even our neighbors. Locked down and fearful, we can’t assuage our emotional tensions, carefully stoked as they are by the constant streaming of sensational and partisan headlines. Calls for calm seem meaningless. Calls for unity…well.

fishes, the sign of the constellation Pisces. The energies of Pisces inspired the great civilization of the past two thousand years, during which time humanity apprehended the ideals which are intended to characterize institutions today: Freedom, Individuality, Justice, for example. The Age of Pisces has ended and we are now receiving the energies of the new Age of Aquarius, which energies are stimulating humanity to rebuild our institutions based on the ideals of Brotherhood and correct (just) human relationships so as to grow to the next level of consciousness—unity. Not to be confused with uniformity, that conscious sense of unity will enable humanity to experience oneness that will erase all awareness of the need for war, for exclusivity, for competition. In line with historic precedent, the Teacher for Aquarius, whose personal name is Maitreya (The Happy One) has come to show the way. His mission is to teach us how to ground those ideals apprehended in Pisces, and actually live them. We are now in the transition between these two Ages and as yet can only see with competitive eyes the distorted differences between them. If you cannot as yet understand how “energies” influence our lives, look at the economic/political condition of our world today. The

But lately there have been public references to the words of Abraham Lincoln in his various speeches at critical times in our history. In one of those speeches, commonly referred to as his “House Divided” speech given in 1858 as he accepted his party’s nomination to the Senate, he said, “If we could first know where we are and whither we are tending, we could then better know what to do and how to do it”. WHERE ARE WE? Consider the cosmology of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, most recently elucidated by the late Scottish artist and esotericist Benjamin Creme in his book The Great Approach. Every 2,150 years or so, our solar system slowly comes into alignment with one of the great constellations in the heavens, thereby receiving the energies transmitted through that constellation. We call this coming into the Age of whatever constellation is involved. For the past two thousand years, our system has been aligned with the constellation Pisces, so we have been living in the Age of

imbalances are extreme between rich and poor, powerful and subjugated, well-fed and starving. The very fact that CONTINUED PAGE 14...

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we recognize these imbalances is due to Aquarian energies saturating the minds of those who are open, especially the young. The battle is raging full out between those who are demanding justice, equality, freedom and those who fear the loss power of face and of all they have accumulated under the old rule “the end justifies the means.” Many are suffering under major stresses of inner conflict and not knowing what will happen tomorrow. WHITHER ARE WE TENDING? Despite stress, anxiety and pandemic, many everyday people are turning to a simpler lifestyle revolving around family and are realizing that not only do we need less commerce in our lives, but also that our relationships have become much more important to our happiness. We are learning about empathy and sharing. We are concerned about our planet. Slowly we are learning to trust in our humanity and to create ways and means to nurture the best in humanity. As families, as neighborhoods, we are “tending” upward, toward the Aquarian consciousness of brotherhood. But it is very early days, and the political/economic battles rage. WHAT SHALL WE DO? We cannot stop the surging energies of Aquarius. All we can do is to learn how to use them for the benefit of all, realizing that we are individuals yet we depend on others—for our safety, our comfort, our basic necessities and our joy. “Essential workers,” “first responders,” “delivery persons” are among those many who we cannot live without. We must trust others as others must trust us. Therefore, we must create trust in relationships. HOW SHALL WE DO IT? Realizing the existential requirement of trust is the basis on which humanity will survive. The only way to create that level of trust is to share resources with others. In families and many neighborhoods, sharing is already commonplace. 14 www.esswellness.com

If it is not now, it will soon become commonplace. On the wider horizon of international relationships, the job requires some guidance and help, since immense diversity comes into play and because correct relationships on that scale are even more critical to humanity’s survival. The World Teacher for Aquarius, Maitreya, has created a blueprint which, if we choose, will ensure that survival. It is based on the Principle of Sharing on a world scale. It will require goodwill, the spirit of cooperation, and a sense of humanity on a grand scale. Each nation would assess the resources it needs and those that it has in excess. That excess would be placed in a common pool of resources which any nation in need could access and use. Elegantly simple, His plan would enable every country to develop its capital within its own traditions and style. Starvation would end. War would end and we would be given technologies that have been perfected on other planets, such as the Technology of Light, a super solar technology that will fill all of our energy needs without pollution. We would rebuild our cities based on highly sophisticated knowledge of special energies, travel would become instantaneous, vibrant health would become the norm, and people would be free to develop their talents, and all fields of human endeavor would flourish beyond today’s comprehension. Our future survival requires us to choose to learn to live together in peace. Help is needed, and offered. For more info: www.share-international.us 1-800-860-8035; info-mw@share-international.us https://share-ecart.com/the-great-approach/

To learn more: www.share-international.us

Live Well.

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