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spring 2018



spring 2018

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6-8 MoxieQuest: What Is Your Courageous Adventure? By Jenny Peterson

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Hypnosis: The Ability of the Mind to Learn Through Suggestion By Cindy Locher

14-15 Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven By Annette Bruchu

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spring 2018


MoxieQuest: What Is Your Courageous Adventure? By Jenny Peterson “Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” —Herman Hesse


CHANGE CAN BE hard especially when life seems to be “good enough.” In the pursuit of becoming all that we are capable of, we can be faced with a decision to stay or go. To stay is safe and secure and as humans, we like that. To go is a risk and the outcomes are uncertain and we are less comfortable with this. Why rock the boat? We can continue doing what we are doing. Stay safe and certain. However we may find ourselves in the Henry David Thoreau quote of living a life of quiet desperation. Do you feel like life is calling you for more? Are you playing it safe? In order to grow, we must continue to challenge the “good enough.” We need to ask questions like: How could my life be even better? What more is out there for me? How can I fully live into my passions? We will never know how awesome life can be if we stay comfortable and do not take the opportunity to be courageous! “You can choose courage or you can choose comfort. You cannot have both.” —Dr. Brené Brown

Who we are is how we live, love, and lead. I want to be the person that strives to fulfill my dreams, desires, and purpose. This is often easier said than done because growth usually means discomfort. To step into something new can feel risky. We can feel emotionally exposed because there are no guarantees that the new situation will work out. This is what Brené’s research defines as vulnerability. Living into this work over the last four years, I have come to realize that vulnerability and courage are two sides of the same coin. Think of a time in your life when you were courageous. Were you also vulnerable? Now think of a time when you were vulnerable. I bet that took courage too. Many people think that vulnerability is a weakness and yet this is a myth. “Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity.” — Dr. Brené Brown

TO BE VULNERABLE IS TO BE OPEN AND FEEL EXPOSED Many people have been vulnerable in their lives and have been burned and so they say, “I’ll never do that again!” Then the armor goes up to protect and they are safe. The problem with this is that they are also alone. As humans, we are hard wired for love, connection, and belonging so being alone does not serve us well. This can lead to depression, anxiety, and CHOOSING COURAGE OVER COMFORT As a facilitator of Dr. Brené Brown’s Daring many other physical and psychological limitations. Greatly™ and Rising Strong™ curriculums, I find For vulnerability to feel good, we need to establish myself being challenged by her work in my own life. healthy boundaries – to consciously decide what is ok 6

and what is not ok. One of the cornerstone’s of Dr. Brown’s research is that we can be truly vulnerable when we share with others that have earned the right to hear our story. When we have trust and safety in a relationship then we can expose our deepest hopes and dreams and this kind of vulnerability feels good. So what’s holding you back from moving into your biggest, boldest self? For many it can be the emotions of fear and shame. The bad news is that these emotions will never go away. The good news is that we can learn to become shame resilient and hold fear and bravery at the same time. In doing this, we can address these emotions vs. stuffing them. E-motions = energy in motion. When we try to push emotions down it is like trying to hold a beach ball under water. We can only hold it for so long before it pops up. What would your world look and feel like if you embraced all of your emotions (even the ones that do not feel good)? What if you were able to harness the wisdom that your emotions are trying to convey? All of this and more is waiting for you at MoxieQuest! Jump into your life fully and explore what is out there for you. As your adventure coach, I will join you on your journey and assist you through the patches where you get stuck. Our work together is confidential and I will support and challenge to become your biggest, boldest self!

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Jenny Peterson, PhD, PCC, Adventure Coach, MoxieQuest. spring 2018


Hypnosis: The Ability of the Mind to Learn Through Suggestion By Cindy Locher


FOR AS LONG as I can remember (literally!) hypnosis has been part of my life. I consider myself fortunate to have grown up with hypnosis. My dad, a Master Social Worker, learned hypnosis as one of the tools he used to work with the “juvenile delinquents” at the correctional facility where he worked. (I’m not sure if that is the correct term any more!) When I was three, I was hypnotized to get over a fear of dentists because of a traumatic incident. As I grew up, I grew up with hypnosis as a common thing in my household. When I decided to study hypnosis professionally and start my own clinic in 2007 I didn’t fully realize the mixed reactions people have about hypnosis. Probably because my own experience was so positive and I never anticipated negatives, my business grew through the “great recession” and continues to grow to this day! WHAT IS HYPNOSIS, REALLY? People often think of hypnosis as being in a trance. But hypnosis is more than just a trance state experience—it is truly the ability of the mind to learn through suggestion. And when you think of it that


way you realize hypnosis is happening all the time. We are constantly learning new things, often by accepting suggestions from people around us or from some form of media—the internet, books, articles, movies. Most of the time the new things we learn add to our lives in a positive way; sometimes they don’t. And when they don’t, or when something we learned long ago no longer serves a good and useful purpose in our lives we often feel stuck—not understanding how to let go of that old learning and become who we now know we can be. I DE-HYPNOTIZE I often say that my job isn’t really to hypnotize people—it’s to dehypnotize them, so they can release those old learnings and create new learnings that are in keeping with how they want to be. What do I mean by dehypnotize? Any belief you hold that doesn’t allow you to be everything that you can and desire to be was accepted by your subconscious mind at some point in your life. Whether it’s a habit, or a self-concept or a way of viewing the world, your subconscious mind learned that by accepting suggestions from the people around you and events that happened to you throughout your life. And that

learning happened through the same suggestion-tolearning pathways that are used in hypnosis. So in a very real way, you’ve been hypnotized by life to accept limitations and pattens of behavior that you never actively chose. Using hypnosis we can replace those “accidental” learnings with intentional learnings. Hypnosis is the best tool for progressively stepping into your potential.

CLINICAL HYPNOSIS IS RELAXING AND ENJOYABLE You may have seen or heard about stage hypnosis shows, where people do silly things and even dance

around the room or sing like Elvis. Yes, that’s real hypnosis and actually fun. I’ve participated in stage shows many times, but in Clinical Hypnosis the experience of hypnosis is coupled with deep relaxation of the body and mind. In fact, I’ve heard so many REACH YOU GOALS THROUGH HYPNOSIS times from clients “that’s the most relaxed I’ve ever At ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center my colleague been.” Hypnosis will help you to release the stress and Jeff Bellis and I work every day to help people reach tension set point that you don’t even realize you have, their goals using hypnosis and NLP (Neurolinguistic helping your body relax more deeply and easily and Programming), a related modality for change. This also improving sleep, even when sleep isn’t the goal is truly a life-calling for me and I’m honored and being addressed. blessed to be able to help so many people tap into HYPNOSIS CREATES A STRONGER their own abilities to create change in their lives. Whether you’re looking to change a “bad” habit RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF such as smoking, release excess weight, let go of an There’s a saying in the hypnosis field, “All hypnosis old fear, phobia or anxiety, improve your sleep or is self-hypnosis.” And it’s true. As hypnotherapists your athletic or academic performance, we can help we are skilled in what takes a human mind into the you do that more easily than you’ve thought possible hypnotic state and we are trained to observe for signs that our client is in fact in hypnosis, however we are before. not in your mind. YOU are creating this amazing CONTINUED PAGE 10...

spring 2018


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9... state of mind that opens your faculties of creativity, inventiveness, forgiveness and self-understanding and love. The result of working with hypnosis is a greater appreciation for the incredible being that you are, which strengthens the most important relationship in your life—your relationship with YOU! HYPNOSIS IS SAFE AND EASY There are a lot of myths out there about hypnosis. If you choose to come visit us you’ll learn that there’s no way to get stuck in hypnosis and, since we aren’t in your heads (as I mention above), we can’t make you do anything that goes against your morals and values. Hypnosis is really easy to do, safe, enjoyable and most importantly, effective. INSPIRATIONAL STORIES “Just wanted to say ‘Thank you!’ The hypnosis really did work. For the most part I just read and did my crossword puzzles and even looked outside at the ocean. Crazy I tell ya! The flight back was ok but the


landing—not so much. We started to land, the tires were on the ground and all of a sudden we had to go back up. Second time we landed we did stay on the ground but we slid a bit because it was so slippery out! Before meeting with you I would have totally freaked out but I didn’t! Thank you very much!” —Tammy Schultz, Minneapolis, MN “I just wanted to send you a note on my hypnosis experience with you. First a little history on my battle with anxiety. It started around eight years ago when I thought I was having a heart attack and I went to the doctor and they did a stress test and decided it was just stress. So I was told to sell a couple of my businesses and get a hobby and I was also put on Paxil. This seemed to work for stopping the panic attacks but it did not solve the anxiety problem and I did not like the way I felt on the drugs. Whenever I tried to go off the meds I would start having anxiety and panic attacks again. I also had my thyroid checked and my testosterone which was low and that helped lesson the depression after the panic attacks. I went to see a counselor who explained how anxiety worked and told me it was all in my head and I also read a number of books and

ordered the Lucinda Basset (Midwest Anxiety Center) tapes off the infomercial. All of this helped reduce the frequency and severity of the attacks, but it was all still in my head and I didn’t have idea what I could do about that. So I called you to try hypnotherapy and I will have to say I was a skeptic but I agreed to follow whatever you told me to do to the letter to give it a fair chance. After the first session I had the feeling that I could not have a panic attack even when I was feeling stressed. The suggestions you gave me during hypnosis gave me some tools, and for the first time I had made changes ‘in my head’ even though I was not in a deep state of hypnosis until the fourth session. I had realized after trying to blame everything and everyone for my anxiety that I needed to take responsibility for it, but I just didn’t know how to change what was going on in my head. I want to thank you Cindy for doing what you do. You did in five sessions what I had been trying to do myself for over eight years. I will take the responsibility to keep up on the meditation and self-hypnosis, I plan on making it part of my lifestyle just like my exercise and healthy eating. Thank You.” —Daniel Erickson, Anoka, MN

HYPNOSIS OFFERS CHOICES We would love to see you at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center in Apple Valley, MN and we also know that seeing a hypnotherapist in person isn’t possible for every-one. Because of that we also offer distance sessions via Skype or Zoom and a library of hypnosis sessions is available at Not sure how to get started? Download the Hypno-sisFirst app on your Apple or Android device and enjoy several free pre-recorded sessions, then contact us directly to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals. Schedule your free consultation with Cindy Locher or Jeff Bellis today! Visit Call (952) 356-0010.

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17408 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN 55345 Kaaren Howe, DVM, MBA Leilani Hotaling, DVM, CVA, CVC, CCRP 952-473-1239 Amy Everly, DVM, CVA Preeya Patel, DVM

spring 2018


Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven By Annette Bruchu


AS WE LEARN to raise our vibration and connect to the divine realm in order to become more present with

our Guardian Angels, we are changing and growing. When we let our angels into our lives and hearts, our thoughts naturally become kinder and more positive. This shifts our energies. This book was written by Annette in a way to share with others the understanding and guidance of the Angels. As a teacher and mentor Annette seeks to empower others to develop their own intuitive and psychic gifts and to recognize the importance of Angel guidance in their lives.

Included within its pages are hundreds of practical exercises, meditations and simple visualizations, designed to assist readers every step of the way. It eases

readers into meditation techniques and teaches them how to raise their vibration. Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven offers guidance in understanding the different signs we get from our angels every single day. It offers solutions for different issues we encounter in our daily human lives, and discusses how we can call on our angels in times of trouble. Angels encourage a positive and hopeful mindset to ensure our newly formed connection with our angels is never lost. Finally, it offers a resource that readers can come back to again and again, by giving them exercises for different days of the week, months of the year, and NEW BOOK: ANGEL RELATIONSHIPS: even special milestones and various occasions. A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN Every single one of us is assigned a special angel The book begins by explaining the Guardian at birth. As such, they are also the perfect resource Angel relationship. Angel Relationships: A Match Made for anyone interested in further developing their in Heaven defines and explains the different psychic psychic abilities. By walking readers through the tools each and every one of us can utilize in order to divine angel relationships, this book also discusses the better connect with the angelic realm. different psychic gifts, and using our natural, angelic


connection, aids readers in the further development of these gifts. No matter a reader’s intention upon picking up Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven, everyone is provided with the tools and empowered with potential to bring in kinder and more polished energy to our world. Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven suggests to readers that by simply being themselves they have the ability to make the world a better place.

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spring 2018


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Spring 2018 Essential Wellness Magazine  

Holistic and spirituality publication

Spring 2018 Essential Wellness Magazine  

Holistic and spirituality publication