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4 Living in a sacred dimension By Dawn Morningstar

8 Oracle Tarot Deck —Collaboration of mother and son teachers The message: Everyone has access to higher wisdom

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By Laurie and Jake Wondra

12 Embodying Soul: The Choice To Live A Rich, Fulfilling Life By Keri Mangis

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Rewriting the Fool’s Journey By Tori Hartman

fall 2019


Living in a sacred dimension By Dawn Morningstar


FOR CENTURIES WOMEN have gathered to connect at a deep level and share knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. Over time, patriarchal forces ended many of these gatherings and instilled a deep-seated fear for women to come together and experience their wisdom. In the spirit of rekindling the flame of women’s power together, Living in a Sacred Dimension provides women with ritual, ceremony, and a deep understanding of the energy of the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions.  On Sunday, October 13, 2019, Annette Rugolo, Carole Hyder and I will be joining our respective areas of expertise to help participants have a better understanding of how they can recognize and activate the sacred dimension in their own lives. This is what a participant can expect during the course of the day: • A deep understanding of what dimensions are and how honoring them impacts your life • A profoundly simple yet powerful technique to make your best decisions using inner awareness and dowsing rods • A renewed awakening of your highest self and how to choose higher frequency ways of being • Tools to rise above drama and live with a deepened sense of the sacred—where your life is meaningful, rich and joy-filled • An activated crystal to awaken more of your spiritual gifts 4

• A powerful, personal process to raise the vibration of your home and other spaces • Nourishment of body, mind and spirit • Sacred community Annette Rugolo will teach you the technique of dowsing plus a simple method to transform negative energy in your home. The technique of dowsing has been used for thousands of years to find and create high energy places on earth. Living in these high energy places supported entire groups of people in reaching expanded levels of consciousness. These same techniques are now available to everyone to create an enlightened home that supports you and your family in living in a sacred dimension Dawn Morningstar will teach you an inner language to raise your vibrational energy and to live closer to the truth of who you are. Aligning daily life with the magnificence of the higher self is key to living in the sacred dimension. You will experience ascending the golden stairway to the Upper Room of your consciousness, affirming who you came to earth to be. As you learn the five ways humanity expresses its nature, you attain mastery of the dimensional shift among us. Carole Hyder will teach you the power of the built environment and how it can become your temple. Using your physical space, you will learn how to optimize its influence on you, your beliefs, and your behavior to bring about positive change. You will CONTINUED PAGE 6...

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CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4... discover the heaven-and-earth connection that you and your home share—the connection that enables you to live in the Sacred Dimension. In this time of change and awakening, it’s key to expand consciousness and understanding—and create your plan for meaningful action. Carole, Annette and I have another reason for combining and sharing our gifts at Living in a Sacred Dimension: collaboration. The three of us, who are dear friends, chose to come together and offer a new paradigm approach to teaching. Rather than going it alone all of the time, we appreciate the gifts that lie in coming together and supporting one another’s teachings and philosophies. Instead of the old paradigm, which is one of competition and domination, we chose to embrace the feminine principles of inclusion, cooperation and mutual support. Plus, our combined 75 years of teaching experience is a natural alignment. According to Gene Keys author, Richard Rudd, “Unity is efficiency.”


And unity is love. The three of us meet regularly to meditate and call in higher energies to bless this collaboration and guide us in all facets of its creation. We have had a wonderful time holding the energy of Living in a Sacred Dimension in a sacred way. We call forth those who feel the importance of this work at this time in the world to join us on Sunday, October 13 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. WHY DID CAROLE, ANNETTE AND I CHOOSE THE TOPIC OF SACRED DIMENSIONS? Humanity is in a time of great change and is awakening in many ways. This awakening is beaconing all humans to uncover hidden truths so that the holy and high frequencies of love, light, and beauty within become our natural way of being opening hearts and minds to higher levels of service and meaningful connection.

One hundred years from now, the human race will know that there was a group of awakened souls who gathered together in this and many other ways to usher in a new era of peace, love and prosperity for all. Living in a Sacred Dimension is a sweet and profound experience for those who resonate with the vibration of a new earth grounded in love. Let us gather together. Join with others who know they are here on earth by Divine choice and Divine appointment to live as high-vibrational beings who positively change the world for good. This is a day of soul connection, sacred community and magic—bridging ancient wisdom with modern transformational tools. Spend the day with like-hearted people, break bread together, receive fresh inspiration and begin to live at a higher dimension in all areas of your life. This is a day you won’t want to miss. You will leave Living in a Sacred Dimension

inspired, joy-filled and hopeful. It’s a day to form new meaningful connections with others on the path and remember why you are here on earth at this time. Each participant will be given a gift bag with specially chosen objects to be cherished. Oh, and there will be chocolate! Seating is limited, so register early. $128 before September 29. $138 after. Registration closes October 5.

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Oracle Tarot Deck—collaboration of mother and son teachers The message: Everyone has access to higher wisdom By Laurie and Jake Wondra


LAURIE WONDRA, A psychic medium/shaman, has known of her gifts of sensing energy and connecting with angels, guides, and those that have passed since a small child. She has a science background and used those skills and her intuition in corporate settings as an executive information technology leader for large global companies. Laurie’s true passion is delivering messages and teachings of the Universe to individuals, groups, or the public. Her son Jake Wondra has grown up “living” in the metaphysical world but is naturally gifted in working with animal spirits and talking in Light Language Codes.  He combines his education in graphic design, web development, and his artistic gifts with his passion for working with animals and people. He is also a teacher of the Messages of the Universe.   Jake and Laurie teach from the heart about tools and techniques that help us connect deeply to the energies of the Universe. Both use the full brain, or both right-side and left-side brain energy, and both believe we have access to messages and information from the Universe at all times. We often block these

our natural gifts to access information and messages that exist beyond us.   Historically, neither Laurie or Jake use cards when they do readings or energy work. Both can see, feel, hear, and sense energy and the messages of angels, guides, loved ones, animals, and astral beings.   As important as their work is when working with clients, they were both guided by spirit to create a new tool that allowed individuals to receive their own messages.   ORACLE DECK: A TOOL TO CONNECT PEOPLE TO THEIR SPIRIT GUIDES Laurie and Jake began a project two years ago that combined their spiritual gifts and skills and created a tool that helps people connect to spirit guides and use their messages to help us. Animal Kingdom Gods and Goddess Oracle Card Deck includes a 46 Oracle card deck, an easy to use illustrated 200-page reference book all in a beautifully designed box for easy storage. The Oracle deck contains 23 Gods and 23 Goddesses each accompanied by an animal spirit. Four cards are considered warning or shadow cards that are designed with the intent to alert you to those times in your life you need advanced knowledge of a situation, or

messages, miss their subtlety, don’t know how to interpret information, or we don’t believe there is truth in the information. There is an increased desire in humanness to learn additional skills and tap into



there is a sense of urgency the Universe is attempting to relay to you. All messages are comfortable and practical to understand and follow. This deck can be

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CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8... used by novice users or experts and may be used for a single card message or a spread such as past, present, and outcome. Directions for the use of the deck are included in the reference book. The words behind the cards came after the art was completed. The messages are from and are for the spirit and are designed to help guide you. This is important to both Jake and Laurie as we want people to connect to their animal spirits, and the helpers of the Universe.  

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that helps you get clear and understandable responses to your questions. They help you gain an understanding of past or present while creating deeper connections with the spirit animals and helpers of the Universe. We hope you enjoy this creation as much as we do. Gifted Shaman, psychic medium, Laurie Wondra, channels Archangels, Ascended Masters, helpers of the



WONDRAS’ GOAL IS TO HELP PEOPLE LEARN INDEPENDENCE IN GETTING MESSAGES Laurie and Jake want to help people learn about your independence and building your own spiritual connection to what is available. Having tools to help you trust in the messages that the Universe brings every

day. Sometimes we need confirmation, affirmation, or help to how we should proceed, sometimes we just need to know someone is there to help us. As humans, one of our biggest challenges is to understand the power of our internal guidance system and to trust those things beyond the obvious. As humans, we are always connected to the Divine energy, we never lose that; it just may feel off or diminished at times. Usually, during times of transformation or substantial change, we may seek clarity in decision making, or look for affirmation in our decisions. This Oracle deck provides a fresh tool

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Universe and people that have died. As a former Senior Executive Leader in Technology, Laurie brings real-life experience to her clients. Today she uses her gifts to deliver messages that help bring direction, clarity, and healing. She is the author of four books, a monthly newsletter, and Podcast. She speaks at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, is a regular guest on WCCO Radio, and has been highlighted on “The Science of Magic Canada” radio Show. Minnesota Business Magazine recognized her as an Inspiring Women in the article titled, “She Walks Between Worlds.” Laurie is profiled in several books. You can order

her at or 612.584.8673  Jake Wondra, or Jake “The Bear” Wondra, has grown up in the energetic/ spiritual world. Jake, since a young age, has been working with spirit animals, dream interpretation and light codes. It was only really after his high school years when he started to really hone in on these gifts and offer a unique skill set in the spiritual world. Jake also likes to make art and has crafted a way to embed specific energy from different sources into each piece of art. A form of art that he really enjoys doing is finding people’s spirit animal and then making a one of a kind print for them with them,

her books, the Oracle Deck, check out her podcast, sign up for her newsletter or see where she is holding Drumming, Sound healing or Channeling events. https://yourlifecore. com/ For private or group appointments, you may contact

depicted as a god or goddess with their animal. To learn more about Jake visit his website https://www.jakethebear. com/ or to purchase the Oracle deck or a custom print, contact him at or 612.839.7746.

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Embodying Soul: The choice to live a rich, fulfilling life By Keri Mangis

“Toughen up.” “Learn to take a joke.” “You’re oversensitive.” “Don’t take it so personally.” “Oooh, touchy are we?” “It’s not personal, it’s business.” “Can’t you let it go?” “C’mon, you’re fine.” “You need to grow a thicker skin.”


Most of us, and probably women in particular, have heard some, if not all, of the above statements. Is it any wonder we learn to hide our true selves? Disguise our emotions? Silence our inner knowing? In a culture that touts uniqueness and independence right up to the point that it threatens the status quo, is it surprising that we ignore the twisting restlessness that comes from within us, the part of us that could care less about “fitting in”—the part of us we call soul? Unless we consciously choose differently, most of us find ways to fit in as we are taught, with women adhering to what society tells them about what it means to be a woman, and men believing what they are told about what it means to be a man. Children are taught to obey authority, stay inside the lines, and go along to get along, habits that often last far


into adulthood, far into a time when these things are detrimental to not only themselves but a culture that hungers for challenge and change. The so-called real world—the world of rules, limits, and boundaries—has also taught us since we were children that if we want to find happiness, we must reject our turbulent inner world. So, we learn to fight against or submit entirely to our emotions— anger, fear, guilt, and shame particularly—and miss the opportunity to let these emotions be worthy, if imperfect, companions. And we discount the wisdom available from our souls, the highest voice of truth and integrity we will ever know and instead brush off this subtle guidance as nonsensical or impractical. We have been told that to stay safe, we must suppress the parts of ourselves that make us most unique, and instead rely on masks, roles, labels, titles, and duties to bring us joy. LIVING A WHOLE LIFE MEANS BEING DIFFERENT Living this way, neither wholly expressed in our outer lives nor wholly acknowledged in our inner lives, our sense of self-worth, personal power, and integrity are stripped away. Who could blame us for trying to keep our true self hidden? Living a whole life, one complete with CONTINUED PAGE 10...

“You say enlightenment would free you from the daily pains and frustrations of living, a ticket to a life not so depressing, complicated, and unfair. I say life is adventurous and mysterious, and embracing it wholly is the challenge with the greatest rewards. You believe the Earth Realm is an ugly, unjust place, where only pain and rejection await. But I say if we move on together, with Curiosa by our side, we will experience the beauty and joy of the Earth Realm, too. You keep reaching for enlightenment. I keep asking for embodiment. This is what I want. What is it that you want?” ~Serene Voyager (Keri’s soul)

Excerpt from Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness —A Memoir of New Beginnings Coming Spring, 2020

fall 2019


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13... CONTINUED FROM PAGE 12... Using a combination of both anti-bacterial and antiparasitic herbs emotions, while also our detoxifying the bodysouls, is an our spontaneous undomesticated integrative approach in ridding the and our ficklehealth human bodies,that is a assists life bound to stick body this pernicious In addition, out likeofa fiery red crayonailment. in a carton of mutedadjunctive blues. herbal medicine shown aid in But this safety leads has onlybeen to a life lived to on safely the surface, remedying as arthritis, damage devoid of trueinfections meaning,that joy,manifest or fulfillment. the central nervous weakening the heart. toYet, no matter howsystem long or we’ve deniedofour true

“Embodiment” means allowing our souls to be seen andneurotransmitters heard in the Earth Realm. It means being releases such as endorphins, serotonin unashamed to feel and More reasonably expresshospitals, the full and norepinephrine. and more spectrum of human emotions. It means beingprograms unafraid clinics and corporate employee wellness to in workacupuncture that most deeply satisfies us and areengage incorporating into their preventive serves the world. Thisas embodied is what our souls healthcare offerings a way to life address stress-related long for most of all. illnesses.

BOOSTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM LIFE IS ABOUT EVOLUTION AND GROWTH of acupuncture andthat herbal medicine has A combination It’s important to remember human life was been proven to be impactful building to never a requirement for our in souls. They immunity are not here prevent illness. Chinese areaccident. used for Our balancing, out of randomness. Thereherbs was no life is harmonizing and cleansing the body’s system. They not a mistake; it is most certainly not a punishment or treat test. a wide array our of health andagreed an accredited truest, most authentic self. Our souls are the part of us acan loyalty Rather, souls issues not only to take herbal consultant can detail how to use them as adjuncts Besides thebefore springtime ailments allergies and after Lyme on another human lifetime in another human skin, that existed this human lifeofand will exist to medications.  are of other areas yourtohealth where they it.Disease, They arewhat the part us that hasofaccess the divine said yes to this human life because they, like us, acupuncture can beknowledge, an invaluable realms and cosmic andaid? yet, still believed are on a journey of evolution and growth. Our souls PAINtoMANAGEMENT that this limited lifetime, this imperfect human body, chose be here, and now we must choose our souls. Pain is a significant distraction for aanyone! STRESS MANAGEMENT and yes, this fraught time in history, had particular To embody one’s soul begins with vow — a Pain vow medications caninner be expensive or addictive, often it, only Stress major cause of lost work hours, sick days to value forisitsa own growth. listen to our voice rather than discount to and lowered productivity in both home life and the addressing pain symptoms not the cause.   Today we workplace. But it doesn’t have to be a mainstay in are aware of the dangers of opioids and need to find your life!   Acupuncture is a holistic remedy that can safe alternative paths for pain  relief. Acupuncture balance both your emotional and physical well-being helps many pain conditions, from pulled muscles to so detrimental stress factors don’t diminish your daily headaches to backaches and more.  Pain symptoms can vitality. Scientific research shows that acupuncture be reduced in as few as six sessions.  Many types of pain selves, no matter how deeply we’ve invested in the Providing pain relief stimulation of life. the promises of the world, thereand is a way to a richer immune  system, is toawelcome, natural, That way begins with a acupuncture conscious choice complementary thatsouls. further assuages the ally with, and fullyapproach embody our healthBy challenges Lyme our Disease. “soul,” Iofmean essence, our core, our

Integrating the best of western and eastern medicine.

17408 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN 55345 Kaaren Howe, DVM, MBA Leilani Hotaling, DVM, CVA, CVC, CCRP 952-473-1239 Amy Everly, DVM, CVA Preeya Patel, DVM


explore, and step into our wholeness without favor for some aspects of ourselves over others, and ultimately, to remember that we are much more than an ego wrapped in human skin, but a human being held in the loving embrace of our souls. As we embody our souls and put voice and action behind our deepest longings, we try things we might not have ordinarily tried. We leave things we might not ordinarily have dared to walk away from. We find grace and light-heartedness in our difficult moments; we find depth in our routine ones. Our life becomes

you might see a brave visionary pioneering her own brand of spiritual revolution. She has studied and/ or taught yoga, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, energy work, aromatherapy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra, Christianity, and other spiritual teachings and healing modalities that have sparked her endless curiosity. She is currently a freelance writer/speaker whose work has appeared in Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project, The Sunlight Press, Grown and Flown, Rebelle Society, Literary Mama and more. Her first book, a memoir entitled Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness—A

an adventure, led with curiosity and courage rather Memoir of New Beginnings, will be published in the than drive and ambition. And we begin to feel our spring of 2020. lives as the rich, fulfilling adventures they were always destined to be. Keri Mangis, on the surface, might seem a gentle yet candid introvert. But peel back a layer and you’ll uncover an inquisitive explorer of the internal and external realms. Peel back yet another layer and

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Rewriting the Fool’s Journey By Tori Hartman


IN THE EARLIEST French and Italian tarot decks, the Fool is a hobo or vagabond—a young barefoot man dressed in rags and carrying a bundle of his belongings tied to a stick. He is stepping off a cliff into the unknown and wears a white rose on his lapel—the symbol of freedom. In traditional esoteric systems of interpretation, the Fool is the protagonist, one of the 22 Major Arcana cards who takes us through life’s mysteries and the main human archetypes—a path better known as The Fool’s Journey. The traditional tarot is male-centric, and it charts a life path that is about the rite of passage in which men find their meaning by doing. I wanted to create a deck that represents the essential woman’s journey and how women navigate life through relationships, feelings, and connection. THE CHAKRA WISDOM TAROT DECK REFLECTS HOW LIFE EVENTS CONNECT It is in response to the paradigm shift in the way societies perceive a woman’s value. At the core of this deck is the woman’s journey and therefore the Fool must be a stunningly beautiful woman in the prime of her emotional, mental, sexual, and physical life. Here the Fool swaps rags for a gorgeous red gown.


Rather than step into the unknown, she represents the connection women have with the “tree of life.” This tarot deck serves as a way for women to find themselves in any given moment—there is no singular or stand-alone events only the cycle and connections that make up a woman’s life. The imagery begins with the first chakra, the root chakra, and the DNA with which we all enter this life emerging from a union of ancestry. All women come to this world possessing beauty, elegance, and confidence. The Fool as the first chakra is the beginning of the journey, and always contains risk—the traditional card shows the Fool stepping off a cliffside. In the Chakra Wisdom Tarot, the risk is inherent. The danger is in being a woman. Her undeniable beauty makes her incredibly vulnerable; her confidence considered as a threat. We all want to be that woman, and we are, but some will resent her or say they don’t identify with her. So, she must hide herself preventing her from experiencing the fullness of who she is. The first seven cards represent the learning portion of the Fool’s journey, and we can look at this through the male/female paradox. For men, sexual experience is a rite of passage, but for a large percentage of women around the world, it can be shame-based. Most women experience a #Metoo moment that they never

discuss. It becomes a secret killing their ability to be fully expressed affecting their formative years. THE SEVEN BASIC LESSONS OF LIFE EXIST WITHIN OUR CHAKRAS In many ways, the Fool as the first card and as the red card has a visceral message for the reader announcing her arrival on the world stage. It is almost as if she is saying, “Here I am,” and because of the way she looks — an adult woman in her prime — we expect her to comprehend the world. In reality, there is nothing to indicate that she is ready for life and the challenges she will face as a woman. Contrast this with the vagabond fool who starts life with nothing and goes on to riches; we assume he knows nothing of the world before he steps off the cliff. Our female Fool is already trapped by expectation. The second portion of the Fool’s Journey depicts possible applications of the prior lessons she received from her mentors. When we look at the next card in the chakra it’s orange; this represents how the Fool is breaking away from her roots, she meets the magician and learns how to conjure and use her tools. Our Fool uses her prior experiences applying them to new events — she makes the connection. Consequently, she begins the journey from #MeToo

into the provocative nature of #What’sNext? The cards speak to the idea of chakra evolution and from what is happening externally to her to the notion of life events happening through her and because of her. The final seven cards of our Fool’s journey reflect her mastering and integrating what she has learned and what she has made meaning of. Now how she lives her life based on an entirely new story — she is rewriting the Fool’s journey. The missing link that we have all searched for is hidden in our chakras and unlocked through the Chakra Wisdom Tarot’s journey of the Fool. Tori Hartman is a professional intuitive. Following a near-death experience almost 20 years ago, Tori was visited by a spirit who told her a collection of brightly colored stories. These stories prompted her life-long fascination with color, the chakras and their power to transform and heal lives. Tori is based in Asheville, North Carolina.

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