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november 2010


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emotional healing


4 FROM THE EDITOR: Stop blaming, quit complaining: It’s bad for your health by LYNN S. LAFROTH 5 Stress flees breath by JUSTIN O’BRIEN, Ph.D. 6

Emotional stuckness needn’t be permanent! by JUDY STEELE


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november 2010


from the editor

by lynn s. lafroth

Stop blaming, quit complaining: It’s bad for your health


MOTIONAL HEALING is the featured topic this month. When we realize we need emotional healing it marks the start of taking responsibility for our lives—the beginning of maturity. Emotional immaturity is easily identified in people who blame others for their ills and/or play “the victim.” The way out of victimhood is taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life. “I’m always taken advantage of,” “I seem to get into accidents all the time!” “I don’t understand why I keep losing jobs,” “Why is this happening to me all the time?” These are statements victims make. Usually “poor me” and “I’m a loser” inferences go hand-in-hand with these types of questions and comments. Those of us in the field of wellness have heard it over and over: It’s not what happens to you; it’s how you handle it— it’s your attitude. COMPLAINING: ANOTHER VICTIM RESPONSE Since complaining is so deeply integrated in our responses to our daily lives, we don’t question that this too is a victim stance; it is automatic, seems secondnature. We become the central character in our own drama of victimhood. Complaining usual targets someone or something else to blame and creates a life script that says “life is difficult.” This can’t be healthy for us! If you truly want to dig out of the hole of being a victim, one needs to question the disempowerment that complaining and blaming creates.


EMOTIONAL HIGHS, SAME AS EMOTIONAL LOWS But wait a minute: It’s not only the emotional lows that we ascribe to outer circumstances, people, places, etc.; emotional highs are also attributed to that outside of ourselves. “He makes me so happy,” “When I get a good paying job, I’ll be free of worry,” “My new car gives me a sense of freedom and joy.” “Once I move to a new location, I’ll be happy again.” You get the new job, car, companion, or house and the honeymoon with whatever—that was supposed to make you happy—wears off and you’re back to the same old feeling of lack of fulfillment again, wondering what is wrong. Or worse, you begin the addiction cycle hoping that “more, larger, and different” will make everything better. Isn’t this what has happened to America? We’ve gotten caught up in the cycle of consumerism to make ourselves feel better, to fill full what is missing.

SPIRITUAL MATERIALISM Many of us in the field of healing and spirituality are often guilty as well, but of spiritual materialism, where we seek for freedom, enlightenment, and fulfillment from one spiritual path or another, only to find we’ve unconsciously set up another cycle of addiction for ourselves. We move from one path to another seeking something more, something deeper, something more profound: Nirvana. For others who attach to one school of thought, finding a “guru” or a particular teaching can be a trap into a false sense of security and freedom wherein you assign the joy (or other high emotion) you feel to the philosophy or the teacher. For a time, this might work, but eventually fulfillment that seems to come from someone or something outside of oneself falls flat or disappoints. EMOTIONAL HEALING NEEDED We need to heal ourselves emotionally, to grow up, and explore the unconscious patterns that keep us bound; our deepest desire is for freedom. Blaming and complaining are emotionally immature responses to life and so is addiction for more, better, and different in anything outside of ourselves. In this issue you’ll find some resources where you can release yourself from the self-created prison of dramas of emotional highs and emotional lows.

Lynn S. LaFroth is managing editor/copublisher of Essential Wellness magazine. She can be reached at

emotional healing

Stress flees breath by justin o’brien, ph.d


HETHER YOU are watching the exciting baseball playoffs, following the cinematic adventurers in “Lord of the Rings,” or enjoying those energetic moments on the dance floor, a part of you, beside your mind, sustains all those actions. Keeping pace with every moment that enthralls your attention is a living process. Without its dynamic presence neither thought nor feeling could engage your interest in life. More than food or liquid, we derive the major source of our physical life and prolong our mind’s immediate interest by the resource of breathing. How can anything as easy as breathing be so beneficial? Breath is the crucial factor that animates mind and body. Yoga reminds that the way we breathe, more than any other single physiological factor, promotes or demotes the energy of our well being. Thought processes, emotions, bodily behavior, and the very creativity of our imagination, are grounded in the impact of breathing. In a real sense, as you breathe so goes your well being. It is truly the barometer of your life. Daily stress continues to plague our society because proper breathing has become a lost art. According to the American Institute of Stress, stress-related disorders—diseases of modern civilization—are

the major factors responsible for our rapidly escalating healthcare costs. Job stress is the major adult problem. By not taking breathing seriously, one forfeits its potential benefits. The fact that breathing continues on its own without calling attention to itself does not imply that breathing is functioning for optimal physical and mental vitality. Too often, breath’s dark side shows up: Shallow, irregular breathing, rapid breathing, upper chest and mouth breathing will all keep you alive, but none of them will benefit you for long. These haphazard breath patterns invariably produce haphazard health. Often overlooked in the rush to prescription drugs is the restorative power of proper breathing. Your breath consolidates your feelings. The manner of your breathing sustains your current mood. Thus the key for transforming the constraints of stress into positive energy is learning how to shift your sense of battlefield conditions to proper breathing. It is quite simple but amazing; proper breathing and stressful feelings cannot survive together. One diminishes the other. This assertion can easily be verified. Human performance is not made for chronic upper chest breathing in contending with daily life or the demands of a career. Rather, deploying diaphragmatic breathing is the most beneficial type of breathing in

virtually all circumstances—dire or otherwise. It’s the most natural way to breathe without obfuscating the mind. It is also the way a baby innately breathes before it has learned to do otherwise. Biologically, emotionally, mentally, no finer expression of breathing exists. Sheldon Hendler, M.D., remarks: “Breathing is the first place, not the last, one should look when fatigue, disease, or other evidence of disordered energy presents itself.” Your deliberate use of diaphragmatic breathing—belly breathing, if you will— opens the royal road for energizing your body and mind and feeling good about yourself. The secret is out: Regulate your breathing and you manage the way you feel. Your metabolism is only a breath away. You are composed bodily and psychologically so that the management of your breath provides the leverage for changing the way you think, feel, and respond. The choice is always yours. Justin O’Brien, Ph.D., (Swami Jaidev) is a pioneer in the exploration of wellness, consciousness, and spirituality. An internationally renowned wellness expert, his book, The Wellness Tree, includes more information on breathing. He is a director and teacher at the Institute of the Himalayan Tradition ( in St. Paul, MN. Contact Dr. O’Brien or call to order the book at 651-645-6808.

november 2010


emotional healing

Emotional stuckness needn’t be permanent


EELING STUCK in some part of your life—or in your whole life? Maybe you’re just dissatisfied. That’s great because feeling dissatisfied can lead us to make a positive change. But what if you’re really feeling stuck? When we’re stuck, something in us keeps us feeling blocked, and our energy isn’t moving. The stuckness may affect our whole life, or just a part of it. If we’re feeling really stuck, we may call it depression, anger, resentment, boredom, or hopelessness. Those are states in which we’re stuck in an old experience, an old emotion, an old belief, or an old expectation about “life.” the “I Can’t” chant Yes, there are chemicals involved in

maintaining the negative emotional state, but I’d say that most of the time those chemicals aren’t what started it all. And although other chemicals may allay the symptoms, they’re not going to heal the problem because it’s at a different level. Maybe we’re not really depressed or hopeless, but we find we’re running into walls of anxiety and “I can’t.” “I’d like to be able to speak before groups of people, but I just can’t do it—I’m scared!” “Nobody in my family ever started a business or worked as a consultant, so I certainly can’t!” “I feel overwhelmed; I don’t know where to start and I’m stressed and anxious; I can’t deal with it all.” We can spend our lives stuck in our history and our old beliefs about ourselves (usually shaped by our history), or—if we’re willing, and with the assistance of inten-

by judy steele tion and energy-shifting techniques— we can release whatever we’re willing to release, and move into a better future. HOW TO REMOVE BLOCKS Let’s talk about emotional healing (or “blockage removal”), and how it can be brought about most efficiently and effectively. Where does illness live? Where do emotional blockages live? The answer is that those phenomena live in your energy field—even though the effects may be apparent in your body. Neuroscientist Candace Pert (Molecules of Emotion) says “Your body is [a manifestation of] your subconscious mind.” Where is your subconscious mind? In your energy field. Where do your emotions live? In your energy field. So where can they be changed? In your energy field—with focused intention and energyhealing techniques. There are whole systems of energy medicine that can be very effective for physical and emotional healing: these include Chinese medicine/acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences and others. Yoga, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi (and just breathing and moving) can also help greatly. In addition, there is a growing new field of very effective new techniques for emotional healing; these “energy psychology” techniques include the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)®, Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, Dynamind (from the Hawaiian wisdom tradition), and many others. The proof is in the pudding: when people’s lives get better, and they feel happier and more confident, you know something fundamental has shifted. Stuckness continued on page 28


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november 2010




SHOWGUIDE NOVEMBER 13 & 14, 2010 Saturday 10 am to 6 pm; Sunday 10 am to 5 pm HYATT REGENCY HOTEL, DOWNTOWN MINNEAPOLIS 1300 Nicollet Mall HOTEL ROOMS AVAILABLE @$109: ASK FOR EDGE LIFE ROOM BLOCK Admission: $7 For advance discounts: Visit Program details inside this issue 10–24

SPEAKERS & WORKSHOPS: SPECIAL KEYNOTE SPEAKERS SRI RAM KAA & KIRA RAA…......................................................10 SPECIAL KEYNOTE SPEAKER HELEN REDDY…..17 SATURDAY KEYNOTE SPEAKERS….....................11 SUNDAY KEYNOTE SPEAKERS…........................12 FREE SATURDAY WORKSHOPS….......................13–14 FREE SUNDAY WORKSHOPS…...........................15–16 EXHIBITORS: EXHIBITORS BY ALPHABET…...............................18–21 EXHIBITORS BY BOOTH NUMBER…....................22 EXHIBIT HALL MAP..............................................23

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Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa Gateway 2012: Decoding the Signs of our Times Friday, Nov. 12, 7-9pm

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2013 Mayan Sunrise: Humanity After 2012 Sat. Nov. 13, 3-5pm Regency Room $29

Pathways of Choice! Co-creating our World for 2013 and Beyond

The Mystical Couple of Our Time: Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa

Mon. Nov. 15

Sri Ram Kaa is a gifted psychotherapist, medical intuitive, and quantum healer. Kira Raa is widely accepted as the most profound Registration: 9am Archangelic Oracle of our time. Together they are internationally Workshop: 10am-4:30pm recognized Mystical teachers known for their profound visionary $99, Advance purchase discount: $79 accuracy (99%), integrity, and pure stream of Divine Connection. On the cutting edge of the Soul Evolution, they are considered the foremost authorities on 2012, Archangelic communications, SelfFree Expo admission with Ascension, and Atlantis. purchase of any event. Lake Nokomis Room

All Events Held at the Hyatt Regency, Minneapolis

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MAS!SAJADY,! Medical! Intuitive!

WHAT!I!DID!FOR!HALF!AN!HOUR!THAT!CHANGED!MY!LIFE!FOREVER! LAKE!NOKOMIS!ROOM! 9:30–10:15!a.m.! Cost:!V)/!967A;48:!B288!34W9::916!<1!8XY1!96<21!Z83A96@!:8::916!>9<Z!49:71;6<!71;Y16:!>12<Z! V*/!

! [1W8!A8326!>Z\!\1;!328!:<2;@@A96@?!&128!9WY12<36<A\-!:8<!96<1!W1<916!3!68>!Y32349@W!<1! 3<<237<!Z83A<Z-!>83A<Z!364!<Z8!A9B8!\1;!48:928?!088A!<Z8!7Z36@8:!96:<36<A\!3:!S!>12]!16!\1;?!%37Z! 9649594;3A!3<<86496@!>9AA!@8<!<1!8XY8298678!3!0(%%!)^.!W96;<8!Y82:163A!:8::916!>9<Z!W8?!S!>9AA! :Z328!Z1>!W\!6832!483<Z!8XY8298678:!73<3Y;A<84!W8!96<1!3778::96@!Z9@Z82!B28_;86798:!>Z828! W9237A8:!41!Z3YY86?! THE!RETURN!OF!INTUITION:!AWAKENING!PSYCHIC!GIFTS!IN!THE!SECOND!HALF!OF!LIFE! KATHRYN! 11:00!a.m.–12:30!p.m.! HARWIG! Cost:!$25! ! I!A9<<A8^]61>6-!>948:Y2834!YZ861W8616!1B!Y21B1;64!96<;9<958!3>3]8696@!177;2:!96!34;A<:j ;:;3AA\!321;64!<Z8!3@8!1B!P/?!FZ9:!<3A]!B83<;28:!<9Y:!B12!86Z36796@!\1;2!1>6!96<;9<916!364! 48<82W9696@!>Z8<Z82!\1;!328!3!Y32<!1B!<Z9:!W1W86<1;:!:Y929<;3A!W158W86<?!FZ8!(8<;26!1B! S6<;9<916!3BB92W:!<Z8!@9B<:!1B!3@96@-!8671;23@96@!<Z1:8!1582!3@8!P/!<1!287A39W!<Z892!1678^2858284! ! 21A8:j3:!8A482:!364!:3@8:jb\!Y3::96@!16!:Y929<;3A!>9:41W!<1!3!68>!@86823<916?! HELEN!REDDY! GLOBAL!TRANSFORMATION!AND!THE!SPRITUAL!LIFE! 1:00–2:30!p.m.! $35! ! h23WW\^I>324!>96696@!32<9:<!M8A86!(844\!d196:!;:!B12!3!49:7;::916!16!@A1b3A!<236:B12W3<916-! :8AB!3>32868::-!364!<Z8!;:8B;A68::!1B!Z\Y61<Z823Y\!96!Z83A96@!B21W!Y3:<!<1!Y28:86<?!(844\-!>Z1! 28<9284!B21W!Z82!W;:973A!732882-!9:!61>!3!7A96973A!Z\Y61<Z823Y9:<!96!E\468\-!I;:<23A93-!B1AA1>96@! Z82!73AA96@!3:!3!:Y929<;3A!<837Z82!>9<Z!<Z8!:3W8!W8::3@8!1B!:<286@<Z!:Z8!Z3:!:Z1>6!<Z21;@Z1;<! ! Z82!:96@96@!732882?!(844\!>9AA!<3]8!;:!<Z21;@Z!<Z8!d1;268\!Z82!1>6!:Y929<;3A!3>3]8696@:!3:! >8AA?! UFOS,!LOST!TIME,!AND!STAR!PEOPLE! KARLA!WESSEL! LAKE!NOKOMIS!ROOM! 2:00–2:50!p.m.! Cost:!$12! ! K32A3!9:!36!3;<Z12-!96<;9<958!283482-!Z83A82-!(89]9!&3:<82-!4283W!363A\:<-!:Z3W36-!364!369W3A! 71WW;6973<12?!EZ8!418:!283496@:-!A9B8!7137Z96@-!7A3::8:!364!:8W9632:!96!Z82!Z1W8!3<!0128:<! ! T3]8-!&"!364!3A:1!W36\!:Z1>:?!M82!7A3::8:!967A;48-!4283W:-!369W3A!71WW;6973<916-!G0#:-! :Z3W369:W-!36@8A:-!B39298:!364!8A58:-!328!<Z8\!283Ak! CAROLE!HYDER! CONVERSATIONS!WITH!YOUR!HOME:!GUIDANCE!&!INSPIRATION!BEYOND!FENG!SHUI! 3:"00–4:30!p.m.! Cost:!$23! ! '3:84!16!Z82!2851A;<91632\!68>!b11]!l[16582:3<916:!>9<Z!J1;2!M1W8l!3A16@!>9<Z!Z82!53:<! 086@!EZ;9!8XY8298678-![321A8!M\482!>9AA!Z8AY!\1;!49:71582!Z1>!8::86<93A!9<!9:!<1!716687<!<1!\1;2! Z1W8!96!12482!B12!\1;!<1!W3]8!@114!4879:916:!364!37Z9858!\1;2!4283W:?!FZ21;@Z!:<1298:!364! 8X8279:8:-!\1;!>9AA!49:71582!Z1>!<1!<3Y!96<1!<Z8!>3\:!<Z3<!\1;2!Z1;:8!12!3Y32<W86<!96BA;8678:! \1;?!! ! !

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emotional healing

by rose ann heisel

Ancient sword practices relieve stress


N ANCIENT and noble sword art called Haidong Gumdo is helping people keep active, reduce stress, and improve their mental concentration. Today, these old traditional battlefield sword strategies have the right dynamics for students looking for a totally new way to get a lowimpact cardio workout. This comprehensive system of sword mastery is fascinating to watch and learn, yet terrifying since its one purpose was to kill. From this realization students learn discipline and control of self, leaving their ego at the door. To balance out the rigorous sword cutting workouts, students rest through meditation which helps clear their minds. It’s like having a reset button. For that button to work students participate in deep abdominal breathing called dan-tien breathing. Students develop inner power by controlling their breathing cycle. Each cycle consists of an inhale, hold, and exhale, each time trying to improve on the length of time each breath is held for. Dan-tien practice creates a way of being in which you realize your full potential of becoming balanced, powerful,


yet simple and complete. By reining in on an empty state of mind, the calm builds awareness to your surroundings. Some experience the feeling of being one with the Universe. This is a powerful feeling of centeredness and well being. Meditation for some is like a “time out” and the chance to take a break from the chaos in your life. These practices behind Gumdo meditation offered a healthy diversion for a fellow student Austin Hummel to help him deal with the difficulties that come when a loved one is very ill. Austin tells me that his wife was suffering from Alzheimer’s Plus and said, “If it wasn’t for Gumdo and the ability to focus on a thing, the worries about my wife and the suffering she is going through are able to be purged for a little bit and it gave me relief. It is like going out and screaming at the world.” Other students felt it gave them something to look forward to and offered some meaning to their life. The true spirit of the sword is revealed by the way one thinks about the sword disciplines as you train. When doing forms, (series of sword movements defending against one or more attackers) you’re actually repeating form drills that Korean warriors found to be successful techniques to use in battle. The attitude you maintain during forms can give one an inside glimpse to the strong spirit and mindset of the true warrior.

Rose Ann Heisel teaches sword art: Haidong Gumdo.

Training is done in a group atmosphere and for some it becomes an individual and personal journey. What intrigued one person about Gumdo was told to me by Tammy Fiedler, “Women can perform sword forms just as well as a man. It is not gender specific. I enjoy feeling the power of holding a sword in my hands, and I wanted something new that I can do for the rest of my life.” The basic requirements are that you have two functioning hands with a thumb and index finger, two working legs, and be able to think, be responsible, and train diligently. For safety purposes all students start out using a wooden sword. The sword, once a weapon of death, is a bridge between the past and the present. It offers a new strategy for achieving victory over our daily stress, and leads us down a path towards improving our total well being. Rose Ann Heisel is a martial arts enthusiast, freelance writer with a passion for Gumdo. Contact her at

emotional healing

Healing anxiety, depression with MetAlign energy therapy


EPRESSION IS toxic, prevalent, and appears in a wide variety of ways. Often my clients make an appointment out of desperation, hoping that energy therapy can help when nothing else can! Fortunately, MetAlign Therapy, my science-based energy therapy is proven to treat the innermost core of the human being—where most levels of depressive and anxiety disorders begin— painlessly, safely, and without risk. A Certified MetAlign Practitioner can quickly test for a wide range of clinical markers for depression and or anxiety. levels of depression An early level of depression is perceived as being in a slump, life is a struggle and hard to handle. Relationships are often challenging; the perception is that life is about suffering and despair. A more advanced level of depression is a level where suffering is truly overwhelming and difficult; it becomes impossible to cope or handle one’s life. Usually individuals at this level have been compelled to get medical assistance in the form of medications. There is a sense of desperation, a deep desire to escape and death is perceived as the means to escape. “Why can’t I get a rapid, incurable disease so I can die?” “Why can’t I be in an auto accident and die instantly?” Others believe that “Suicide is my only escape.” Depression can manifest as other disorders such as agoraphobia. These people experience life as being terrifying and overwhelming. “I have to keep myself safe,” “I have to be

in my safe-place.” It may be limited to one’s neighborhood, one’s home, or even limited to one single room of one’s dwelling. For some, depression appears as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Depression often exists from early childhood and is so disturbing, disabling, the child or adolescent searches desperately for something with which they have some control in their disturbed and desperately chaotic life! anxiety disorder A high percentage of people with depression also have an underlying anxiety disorder. At random and erratic times, the depressive disorder flips and suddenly the person becomes anxious, agitated, distressed. The anxiety can range from a minimal, slightly distressed functioning to escalate to a full-blown panic attack. A panic attack is an overwhelming, intense experience, often requiring an emergency room visit. A depressive/anxiety disorder is not the same as a bipolar disorder. As the founder of MetAlign Therapy, I have learned that depression and anxiety are generally caused by an experience or trauma that impacts the emotions or feelings, but always at the deeper and more profound levels of the human condition— the innermost human psyche, the spiritbody. Unless the spirit-body or psyche is treated/healed, depression is not comprehensively healed. MetAlign Therapy employs advanced Reiki Master abilities along with applied kinesiology to treat and heal the human spirit-body. Due to the pervasiveness of any depressive/anxiety disorder, treatment requires two therapy sessions. In the

by lucille crow

initial session, between 40 to 65 percent of the disorder is healed; the second session reliably results in a full, 100 percent recovery. For some clients, an immediate, almost startling improvement is sensed at the completion of the initial session. For some, the initial response is more subtle and requires the second session to feel the remarkable improvement. The underlying cause of the depression must be treated—healed and resolved—or the disorder reappears over time. In the majority of clients, a total of three to four sessions provide comprehensive and long term recover from any level of depressive disorder.

Unless the spirit-body or psyche is treated/ healed, depression is not comprehensively healed.

For more information about MetAlign Therapy, and how to become a Certified MetAlign Therapy Practitioner, please visit or contact Lucille Crow: or 952-470-0244.

november 2010


Stuckness from page 6 Every day, using these kinds of techniques, I witness people’s energy blockages dissolving smoothly and easily. It feels miraculous to watch clients move forward with their lives as they release old beliefs and stuck emotional patterns. When our energy is flowing easily, our life is flowing easily! Judy Steele, MTP (Master of Transpersonal Psychology), is a life coach and counselor who uses energy medicine and energy psychology to assist her clients to make thechanges thy want in their lives. She has 30+ years of experience, and a wide range of life experiences to draw upon. See website for more: Office near 394 & 100 in St Louis Park; phone sessions available. 612-590-3193,


Dear Grace

Dear Grace, After having a miserable decade in my 20s, I am now almost 40, happily married, have great kids, a wonderful home life and I am happy. I have a somewhat fulfilling job. I appreciate everything good in my life and thank my angels, guides, God and the universe everyday for my wonderful life. However I feel there is a small piece of the puzzle missing, and I’m not sure what it is. Is there something I should be doing? Involved in something? Helping someone? Strengthening my own spirit or spiritual traits? Can you help? Thank you!—Maureen Dear Maureen, What your energy system is showing me is that your life purpose is pulling you to spread your “good vibrations.” Continue to notice those things that bring you joy and put more energy into them. This raises your vibration level, and gives others an opportunity to match your higher vibration. You would also benefit from visualizing more opening in your crown chakra (top of your head) and heart chakra (mid-chest), and inviting your Soul more deeply into your body. We are in a time of a heightened need for embodiment. At

times, we mistakenly invest a disproportionate amount of our energies in the spiritual realm, forgetting that we have chosen to be in the human experience at this time. Bringing our spiritual practices back into the physical creation is a more balanced approach. How to do this? By being kind to our feet, so key to our physical existence on earth. By spending time in nature. By enjoying the food we eat. By appreciating how the sunlight catches one of the flowers in the garden. By noticing the birdsong. Enjoy!—Grace

Dear Grace, When I am stressed out on a daily basis about things in my life, the stress manifests itself into a teeth clenching/ grinding problem for me. Do you have any suggestions on techniques I can use to redirect this stress out of me? Thank you!—Jane Dear Jane, At the base of your skull, the flow of your energy gets stuck. I am inviting that to release. If you invite it to do the same when you read this letter, you may feel a shift. Imagine that there is a little waterfall easily flowing in this area for at least three minutes.—Grace

BY JANET HOVDE Dear Grace: I think I might like to write a letter to “Dear Grace” but I’m not sure what is appropriate. Can you help me?— Kelly Dear Kelly: You could send me any letter you might send to typical advice columnist, knowing that your answer will be more of an energy perspective on your situation. You also may write in with requests for healing, requests for self-care suggestions related to your specific situation (describe it), or requests for helping to align your energy system to match your future goals and visions for yourself.— Grace Janet Hovde, MA, OTL, CHTP, is celebrating the 12th year of her healing practice, with appointments available in Roseville, MN & Hudson, WI. She enjoys watching her clients learn to care for their energy system and access their own inner wisdom. See website for her classes and fiber art: Email your Dear Grace question to 651-487-2744.

november 2010


calendar NOVEMBER Nov. 5 & 6

Practical Tantra: The Invincible Heart Workshop Dr. Nuernberger, a tantric mystic, will share his insights & practical tools that lead to spiritual insight, awakening, & allow us to live inside the Divine. Go to website for costs & times. Call IHT: 651-645-1291,

Nov. 13 & 14

Minneapolis Edge Life Holistic Expo Hyatt Regency, 1300 Nicollet Mall, Mpls. 125 exhibitors, 12 keynote speakers, 75 workshops. To exhibit in future expos, contact dee@ or 715-259-3047. For tickets: 877776-5244,

Nov. 14

Beginning Nov. 6

Helen Reddy Speaks at the Mpls Holistic Expo

Mondays & Tuesdays at 6 pm, or Saturdays, Nov. 6 & 20 at 9 am. Discover how you can have a rewarding career. CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School offers exciting programs for you to become a professional bodywork therapist. Call Shawn at 612-617-9090. Visit

On Global Transformation & the Spiritual Life. Retired as a world renowned singer, Reddy is now a clinical hypnotherapist & will speak about global transformation, self awareness, & the usefulness of hypnotherapy in healing. Reddy will also share the journey of her own spiritual awakenings. Sunday, 11/14, 1-2:30 pm, Hyatt Regency, Mpls. Order advance online tickets: $29, or $35 at the door. http://www.edgelife. net/Edge_Life_Expo_Mpls_10/speakers.html or call 877-776-5244.

Massage & Shiatsu Career Info Sessions

Nov. 7

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Workshop 10 am–5 pm. Massage Therapists! Discover how you can help clients by learning how to best assess Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, & provide relief through a variety of effective techniques. 6 CE hrs, NCBTMB. Register at 612-617-9090. Visit www.

Nov. 8

CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Meet & Greet 6 pm. Attend CenterPoint’s Meet & Greet to learn how you can have a rewarding career in Therapeutic Bodywork. CenterPoint offers excellence & choice in bodywork education! Meet CenterPoint’s founders, faculty, & students. Call for info & RSVP: 612-617-9090. Visit

Nov. 13

Shiatsu Basics Workshop 10 am–5 pm. Discover how simple & effective Shiatsu Therapy is for relieving headaches, backaches, & stiff necks. Learn the basics to share with family & friends, or to explore a new career. 6 hrs, $75. Register at 612-617-9090. Visit


Nov. 14 & Dec. 4

Healing Spa Day Reconnect your body, mind, heart, & spirit! Choose five rejuvenating 30-min services from acupuncture, massage, CST, ERT, chiropractic. Visit for a complete list. 1-4 pm. Cost $149. Call to pre-register at 952-697-3100. Arne Wellness Center, 12455 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka MN.

Nov. 16

Transmission of Light with Christine Day Join Christine Day as she channels a message for personal transformation & self- awakening. The pure energy of this transmission will help participants make a deeper connection into their heart & life purpose. 7 pm. Tickets $25. 651452-2895. Unity Church–Unitarian, Portland Ave at Grotto St., St. Paul.

Nov. 20

Do It Green! Green Gifts Fair Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis 10 am–5 pm. Free admission. Shop among 70+ local, eco-friendly artists & businesses, catch the low carbon cook-off, an eco fashion show, children’s

eco activities, & learn how to entertain green this holiday season.

Nov. 20

Peace is Possible, It Needs To Be Felt Video event introducing, Prem Rawatt, who speaks about the possibility of finding peace within. Free. 2 pm. Washburn Library, 5244 Lyndale Ave S., Mpls.


Your Legacy & Other Cosmic Possibilities Mike Foley will discuss how we can each move in the direction of our greatest desires & dreams. $30 or $25 pre-registered. 10 am–12:30 pm. Call IHT: 651-645-1291,

Dec. 11

Massage Basics Workshop 10 am–5 pm. Learn a variety of basic massage techniques for the head, neck, back, & legs. Great for stress reduction & relaxation. Take this workshop if you are considering a career in massage or enjoy working on family & friends. 6 hrs, $75. Register at 612-617-9090. Visit www.

JANUARY Jan. 22 & 23

Healthy Life Expo Minneapolis Convention Center. Hundreds of exhibitors, three stages of speakers, demonstrations & entertainment. This is the largest show of its kind, don’t miss the opportunity to exhibit or attend. See it all at: or for exhibitor information call 952-238-1700.

Jan. 28–Feb. 4

Caribbean Cruise with Hay House Join Hay House, the leader in inspirational publishing, for an exclusive I Can Do It! At Sea Caribbean cruise. Includes the Writers’ Workshop where one participant will be awarded a $10,000 advance! www.icandoitatsea. com or call 888-259-9191 ext. 1262 or 1239.


Twin Cities Psychic Symposium At the Earle Brown Heritage Center, Brooklyn

Center. 9:30–6. Over 80 vendors: intuitive readers, holistic healers, aura photos, unique gifts & more! Keynote speakers. Free Parking. Exhibitor information: Dee,, 715-259-3047. Tickets & FFI:

To list in calendar Print $1 per word: minimum of 25 words, maximum 50 words. Online; $15 for up to 100 words at www. with one image and link. Contact

Dee, 715.259.3047

Do It Green! Minnesota announces the Fifth Annual Green Gifts Fair

guide to green and sustainable living. The 2011 edition of Do It Green! Magazine will be available for sale at the Green Gifts Fair.

Shop for all of your green gifts in one place! Learn about ways to have a green holiday season! Kick off the holiday season with Do It Green! Minnesota’s 5th Annual Green Gifts Fair on Saturday, November 20th from 10am-5pm at the Midtown Global Market on Lake St. and 10th Ave. in Minneapolis. Shop among 70+ local, eco-friendly artists and businesses, catch the low carbon cook-off, an eco fashion show, children’s eco activities, and learn how to entertain green this holiday season. At the fair, pick up the new 2011 edition of Do It Green! Magazine. This is a free family fun event. Visit for more details. Estimated attendance is 5,000+.

Activities at Green Gifts Fair • 70+ local green retailers and vendors selling green, recycled, fair trade and local gifts • Launch of the 2011 Do It Green! Magazine themed “Then and Now” • Low Carbon Cook Off with local chefs and taste testing • Sew your own cloth gift bag with the American Sewing Guild • Learn out how to host green holiday gatherings • Eco holiday tree options display • Make a non-toxic cleaner to take home

2011 Do It Green! Magazine Launch The Green Gifts Fair event launches our new guidebook each year. The 2011 Do It Green! Magazine offers over 100 educational articles on living green and living simply, many resources, and a Do It Green! Directory. This guidebook features articles written by Minnesotans ranging from food, to transportation, to education. It is the perfect holiday gift for the ecologically minded. This guide is Minnesota’s only comprehensive community

For more information about our organization or for more details about the fair, please contact Ami Voeltz at ami@ or visit

Do It Green! Minnesota is a 100% volunteer-powered organization, the publisher of Do It Green! Magazine, the host of the Do It Green! Gifts Fair, Do It Green! Resource Center at the Midtown Global Market, and ongoing classes and workshops.

november 2010


Nov. 2010 Essential Wellness  

holistic publication about wellness & spirituality

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