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april 2011



april 2011

conscious eating 8-10 Healthful eating is just a Community-Supported Agriculture share away BY TOM VOGEL

18-19 Change your nutrition to change your weight and wellness BY DARLENE KVIST

11 Community-Supported Agriculture Directory

22-23 A weight-loss miracle you can have, too! BY DEBBIE JOHNSON

12-13 What you eat affects all levels of being—physically and spiritually BY KATE PEPPLER 14-15 Let’s redefine the term “comfort food” BY KRISTIN VOLK FUNK


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april 2011



april 2011



Healthful eating is just a Comm Supported Agriculture share a




season. Surely, though, few can compare

harvest. In return, he or she receives fresh

onset of spring,

to eating fresh produce, eggs, dairy and

product—delivered to a specific drop


meats direct from local farms. And that’s

site in the metro—throughout the grow-


just what Community-Supported Agri-

ing season. Each grower offers a different

for hea lthf u l

culture (CSA) offers. It’s a meeting point

package depending on their farm’s length

eating multiply exponentially. As the last

between the rural and the urban united by

of season, items offered, cost, and pick-up

dingy patch of snow melts into the ground,

a commitment to the local food economy.




fresh produce options suddenly become

BECOME A CSA MEMBER are uncovered and fired up as the smell of BY PURCHASING A SHARE cooked food wafts from restaurant patios, IN A FARM’S HARVEST

commitment to one farm and its success.

and in gardens all over the metro, seeds

For those unfamiliar with the

ing, as well as the risks. Often, the idea of

shoot into sprouts.

nuances of CSA, it basically works like

shared risk is part of what creates a sense

In short, there’s no shortage of ways

this: A customer becomes a member of

of community among CSA members, and

to eat well during Minnesota’s growing

a CSA by purchasing a share in a farm’s

between members and the farmers.

more sundry and colorful; backyard grills

What makes CSA unique is the

Buying a share of a farm’s harvest means taking on the potential rewards of farm-

Nationwide, as an increasing number

of people are discovering the better taste and nutritional benefits of local food, CSA is fast becoming a popular way for people to directly connect with local farmers. In 1990, the number of CSAs in the United States was estimated at 50; today, according to Local Harvest’s grassroots directory, there are more than 4,000 CSAs across the country. (


CSAs are not just becoming more

numerous, they’re also becoming more CONTINUED PAGE 8...




april 2011




newsletters with recipe ideas and helpful hints with each delivery. A few even mail holiday cards to their shareholders, including them among their family and friends.

What all of this demonstrates is that

supporting local agriculture is healthful on many levels. Not only does eating real food straight from the farm that produced it play a part in a healthy body, but it also contributes to a healthy community; one that emphasizes relationships and shared resources.

SEWARD CO-OP’S 10TH ANNUAL COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE FAIR diverse, with different options available on

shares for the meat lover, with options of

price, payment plans, and product. While

beef, pork, chicken, and eggs throughout

a typical share costs between $500 and

most of the year.

$700, a number of farmers are willing to

customize shares to meet pricing, quan-

in CSAs. While there is still a bounty

tity, and product needs. Several CSAs offer

of incredible produce-themed CSAs (as

“work shares,” wherein members receive a

Sleepy Root demonstrates), recent years

discount in return for working a certain

have seen an increase in CSAs featuring

number of hours on the farm.

local meats, cheese, bread, flowers, honey,

and even art.

A typical share provides a wide vari-

Sweet M’s represents a recent trend

p.m. Seward Co-op sponsors it annual CSA fair in the Seward Co-op parking lot at 2823 E Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis. More information at www.seward. coop/2011-csa-fair.

Local Harvest (www.localharvest.

org/csa) features a CSA locator based on ZIP or city.

Wilson College’s Robyn Van En

Center has volumes of information on CSA, from examination of CSA as a viable

ety of produce every week for four people

through Minnesota’s growing season (June

can be seen in the relationships that develop

through September). For example, for

after the shares are delivered. In addition

$550, a CSA from Sleepy Root, near How-

to the local food their CSAs provide, many

ard Lake, Minn., consists of a ¾-bushel box

farmers also work to connect members to

Tom Vogel is the Marketing/Member Services

of fruit and vegetables every week for 18

the farm and one another. Farms may host

Manager at Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli and

weeks. That’s basil through zucchini and

events, such as berry pickings and pot-

occasional freelance writer. He lives in Eagan,

most everything in between. Sweet M’s

lucks, or encourage members to visit the

Minn., with his wife and 4-year-old daughter.

Farm, in Becker, Minn., offers a variety of

farm for a tour. Other CSA farms include



Perhaps the greatest benefits of CSA

On Saturday, Apr. 16 from 11 a.m.–3

economic model to suggestions for choosing a perfect share.

CSA FARM DIRECTORY DRIFTLESS ORGANICS 50561 County Rd B Soldiers Grove, WI 54655


We offer every-week or every-other-week shares and SEVEN pick-up sites in the Twin Cities. Throughout the season, your CSA boxes will be full of those vegetable goodies that you can’t get enough of like sweetcorn, tomatoes and broccoli (plus much more!). We are excited to offer organic sunflower oil shares, organic grassfed beef and vegetable storage boxes just in time for the winter holidays. All of this, plus a newsletter with recipes and stories from the farm! For more information and to sign up, please visit our website.

Zimmerman MN 55398 Jim Lacey Owner / Farmer 763-389-5363 Our CSA runs 18 weeks from June through October full and half shares available. 120 varieties of natural and sustainably grown vegetables. Strawberries, blueberries and 14 varieties of apples included in your weekly member share. As add-ons try our Bread Share:18 varieties of sourdough breads different flavor each week—full and half shares available. And our Egg share: One dozen free range chicken eggs bi-weekly.


Ploughshare Farm is a certified organic farm located 18 miles north of Alexandria. Weekly deliveries to our CSA members include an array of garden staples, gourmet and specialty crops. As a family of six ourselves we keep in mind what families want to eat.

TREASURED HAVEN FARM 53407 Government Road Rush City, MN 55069 320-358-3581

Treasured Haven Farm offers a range of CSA Share sizes, prices, and options, including fruits, eggs, meats. Within an hour of the Twin Cities, the farm has many activities, including Cross Country Trail Running Races, and more.


CSAs or Community Supported Agriculture Farms provide a weekly delivery of sustainably grown produce to consumers during the growing season (approximately June to October). Those consumers, in turn, pay a subscription fee. But CSA consumers don’t so much “buy” food from particular farms as become “members” of those farms. CSA operations provide more than just food; they offer ways for eaters to become involved in the ecological and human community that supports the farm. For more info on CSA farms in this area click here.

april 2011



What you eat affects all levels of being—physically, spiritually




a body-mind-spirit approach to healing

plates. I cherished sending loving/healing

October 17, 2009,

and a rigorous healthy, healing , detoxi-

energy into my food and sharing meals

during a midnight

fication diet program, as well as hyper-

with friends who frequently exclaimed

trip to the bathroom,

thermia, and oxygenating the body to

that they thoroughly enjoyed the meals

I glimpsed in the

kill cancer cells. My guidance was clear:

I prepared and felt fabulous afterwards. I

mirror. My left breast nipple was some-

I was to go to Mexico for treatment; but

juiced vegetables and Granny apples, and

what inverted. I felt a tumor. It was huge—

my mind screamed, “Who the hell goes

made vegetable-disguised fruit smooth-

the size of an orange! How could it be sooo

to Tijuana to go alternatively without

ies daily. Friends said I glowed from the

big? I had a mammogram nine months and

first trying surgery-chemo-radiation?”

radiance generated by the healthy, whole,

a gynecology exam seven months before?

The treatment program was perfect for

organic foods I ate.


Diagnosis: I was informed that layers


of lymph nodes and possibly both breasts

surgery, I might never again lift more than


five to 10 pounds at a time nor raise my

I was instructed to adopt the Kel-

from the cancer, felt depressed, nor energy

arm above my shoulder.

ley Diet, a healing organic food program

depleted. How could I, with the healthy

Initially, while driving home from the

designed by a “terminally” ill dentist

food and healing attitude I maintained? I

hospital, I felt fortunate to live near noted

with pancreatic cancer. Dr. Kelley helped

believe that healing alternatively, especially

medical communities. Then, thoughts

thousands of people heal from cancer

through my new food lifestyle, saved my

swarmed: I might never again change a

before he died (not of cancer) some 30

life. It certainly saved my breasts, lymph

ceiling light bulb or lift heavy bags of gro-

years after being sent home to die. Dur-

nodes, and my ability to live the wonder-

ceries, or kitty litter.

ing the first few days of being on this deli-

ful, normal, fulfilling life I now gratefully

cious food, I felt healthier than I had felt



in years. I soon gained energy and began

losing weight—never feeling hungry, nor

the opportunity to consciously rethink

counting calories. Menus included mostly

what we believe, how we choose to feel

Once home, I called a friend. “Know

vegetables, some fruit, with a little beans,

emotionally, what/when/how much we

of any alternative options?” Together

ocean fish (primarily salmon), and whole

eat, and how we choose to value our lives.

we began emailing alternative-minded

grains, especially Ezekiel bread. Sixty-five

Cancer was a huge gift for me. Through

friends for alternative solutions. Online

percent of the food was raw. I enjoyed cre-

my startling, wake-up-call experience, I

we discovered http://www.Hope4Can-

ating recipes that satisfied my palate, were

choose to live, fully, from my heart, health-, a Mexico clinic that emphasized

easy to prepare, and beautiful to view on


would need to be removed, plus due to


In eight and one-half months all

tumors vanished. I never had physical pain

Every moment of every day we have



I have been tumor-free for seven

Then I cried, a lot. I grieved for the many

ing as well as speaking on healthful eating and

months and am eating selectively to stay

people maimed or who died needlessly by not

living. She performs Healthy Kitchen Make-

cancer-free, but more than that, because I

knowing that the food we eat directly impacts

overs to assist people in choosing to maintain

am observing that the foods I eat greatly

our overall health, mental well-being, and

a healthy diet by helping them realize what

impacts my physical well-being, allowing

quality of life—for better or worse!

is/isn’t healthy in their kitchen and replacing

me to grow exponentially more spiritual.

When I first was healed, I was elated.

with healthier, tasty options. 651-699-4099. Kate Peppler, M.A., does wellness life coach-

http://www.CancerFreeYou& april 2011



Let’s redefine the term “comfort food”


S A hypnotherapist who

association of eating these foods with emo-

belly fat, sluggishness, disease, cravings, and

understands the power

tional soothing gets locked in.

weight gain. In addition, we often feel guilty

of words and images to

soon after eating them. In other words, they

both heal and disable,

“comforted” when you have numbed or

cause discomfort, not comfort.



distracted your feeling state with junk food.

when I hear people

In this way, toxic food products become

cravings, begin by labeling products that

“positive” to your subconscious mind. And

cause you emotional or physical pain as

remember, it’s the subconscious mind that

“discomfort foods.” Likewise, label the


rules your behavior! No amount of will-

wholesome, nutritious foods that bring you

power or conscious thought to eat health-

physical ease (i.e. a slender, healthy body)

If you are struggling with food crav-

ily and to lose weight can compete with an

as your new “comfort foods.” Writing these

ings, remember that you have your own

established strong mental programming

foods in a list can be very helpful.

hypnotherapist in your head (called con-

that says eating junk makes you feel better

scious thought) that is constantly program-

(and is therefore “good for you”).

ming your inner mind with beliefs about

food. Every time you associate junk food

gram your subconscious mind by building

with emotional comfort, you are program-

new associations with food. In this way,

nique that will help you resist junk food.

ming your subconscious mind to urge you

you can take control of your cravings.

to reach for toxic products whenever you

that is on your “discomfort foods” list,

feel stressed, angry, frustrated, or lonely.

firmly and without hesitation say to your-

Layer after layer of such programming


forms a strong self-hypnotic suggestion

Let’s begin with some Webster’s Dic-

eating that product will cause physical

that, left unquestioned, is very difficult to

tionary definitions: “Comfort” is “a state

and emotional discomfort. Then, imagine

ignore and overcome.

of physical ease and freedom from pain

walking away from it, feeling proud and

All hypnotic suggestion, no mat-

or constraint.” “Comforts” are “things

happy. Consistently repeat this technique

ter how irrational, is viewed and accepted

that contribute to physical ease and well-

whenever you see those unhealthy prod-

as correct by the subconscious mind,

being.” “Discomfort” is “to feel uneasy,

ucts at home, work, and grocery stores.

especially when confirmed by repeated

worried, embarrassed or in pain.”

recorded past experiences that strengthen

Ask yourself: “Does eating junk food

programmed into your subconscious as

the suggestive thought and image. Every

give me a state of comfort or discomfort?”

“inedible,” they lose their power to tempt

time you eat sweet or greasy foods, your

Truth: Processed, sugary, and greasy

you. With practice, you will find the urge

mood becomes altered and a strong mental

foods cause joint and muscle inflammation,

to eat fattening food begin to diminish and


referring to junk food as “comfort food.”


You feel immediately, yet erroneously,

The good news is that you can repro-

If you are interested in letting go of

QUICK AND SIMPLE SELFHYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE Here is a mental reprogramming techWhenever you see a food product

self “I don’t eat that.” Remind yourself how

As junk foods become labeled and


disappear. In fact, many of my clients who

Enjoy how your new “comfort foods”

in April 2011). She has produced a series

use this technique tell me that the words “I

bring you ease and well-being and your

of hypnosis CDs and conducts group and

don’t eat that” now automatically pop into

“discomfort foods” lose their appeal and

individual hypnotherapy/counseling ses-

their mind whenever they see their “dis-


sions in her Roseville, MN office and in

comfort foods!” They report how easy it is

corporate settings. Her interactive website

to now happily walk away from the sweets

Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed., is the author of

is She can be

and greasy products that once seemed irre-

As Thin As You Think, The Keys to Unlock-

reached by email at Kristin@newhealthvi-


ing Your Weight Loss Power (to be published or by calling 651-644-6454. april 2011



april 2011



Change your nutrition to chang your weight and wellness


mal protein, vegetable carbohydrates and

weight is tough. It’s even


tougher for women.

For the past several years, I have read

processed carbs and sugars. Stop drink-

Like Oprah you may

almost all the current and past research

ing soda, start drinking water, plan your

have declared, “I am

about weight loss and metabolism and

meals, and sleep 8 to 9 hours per night.

never dieting again!” For 25 years, we have

attended seminars on these topics. Last

watched Oprah lose weight and regain it.

January when I decided to get serious

lose weight, and achieve wellness. The

Remember when she lost 64 pounds on

about losing weight, I knew I needed an

old theory of calories in and calories out

the liquid, 500-calorie Optifast diet and

eating plan that was simple, easy to follow,

for weight loss is an oversimplified plan

regained her weight within weeks? Over

based on real food and one that would sup-

based on the same old plan that repeatedly

and over, her trainer Bob Greene (not a

port my active lifestyle and work sched-

failed Oprah. The new science of weight

nutritionist) prescribed a low fat, low calo-

ule. I am happy to say that I lost over 40

loss addresses insulin resistance, adrenal

rie eating plan in combination with over-

pounds this past year, an average of ¾ of

stress, cravings, and eating real food to

exercising. Unfortunately, this harmful

a pound per week. You might say to your-

boost metabolism. Simply stated, change

plan robbed Oprah of her basic metabo-

self that ¾ of a pound a week is not fast

your nutrition to change your weight and

lism. Over 95 percent of people who fol-

enough for me, but we have a saying in our


lowed the traditional low fat, low calorie

Nutrition 4 Weight Loss class, “The slow

diets find themselves at their starting

easy pace wins the race.” In two years, ¾

Darlene Kvist, a licensed nutritionist and

weight or heavier a year later. Less is not

of a pound per week will add up to 80

Certified Nutrition Specialist, co-founded

more; less is just less: Less nutrients to sup-

pounds—without the fear of falling off the

Nutritional Weight & Wellness, based in

port health and less nutrients to support

plan and regaining all the weight back.

St. Paul, MN. Darlene has over 25 years

metabolism. Today Oprah may be won-

As Oprah has come to realize, weight

of experience as an educator, counselor, and

dering why it is so much harder for her to

can’t be reduced to one simple equation:

psycho-nutritional consultant. She currently

lose weight. Have you asked yourself that

eat less + exercise= weight loss. It may

serves on the Board of Dietetics and Nutri-

question? Perhaps you have done the low

work in a laboratory setting, but not in real

tion Practice for the State of Minnesota. Dar

fat, low calorie and over-exercising plan.

life. If it did, 67 percent of the population

also hosts “Dishing up Nutrition,” a popular

Now it is time to take back your body, heal

would not be overweight.

radio show that she developed, Saturdays

ET’S FACE it, being over-

your metabolism, restore your energy and balance your moods.

I invite you to take back your body,

on FM 107. She consults with the media


on nutrition regularly and has been quoted

about Nutritional Weight & Wellness, go to

A simple plan that will work for you

is to eat 5 to 6 times a day and include ani-


healthy fats each time you eat. Eliminate

in Time magazine. For more information



april 2011


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april 2011



A weight-loss miracle you can have, too!


FELT like a failure until I

I hated having to put mustard in my tuna

All told, I gained 40 pounds fasting

discovered a secret. It wasn’t

fish instead of mayonnaise. That jump-

and dieting over about 10 years. What was

what I ate, but what I imag-

started my brain; my pants were only tight

I to do?

ined. I gained 40 pounds diet-

because they had shrunk in the dryer! But

ing, lost it all using “Thinking

I still had weight-gain fear in my subcon-

Thin” techniques I developed, and kept it

scious mind. Little did I know, I was pro-


off over 25 years! If I can do it, so can you!

gramming myself for failure.

I decided I needed to love and accept

myself the way I was. Nothing else worked!



Once I did that, seeing myself as a Ruben-

me to realize that I could play a game with

a college boy!

myself. I could use all the techniques I used

pretty in my favorite skirt, my father walk-

Within a year we were engaged to

to be successful in sales and marketing—

ing behind me. But then Dad said some-

be married. But soon after, he broke up

my divine gift of imagination! Imagination

thing that I will never forget, “Gettin’ kind

with me. My self-esteem plummeted and

helped me soar to the top of every sales team

of broad across the beam, aren’t you kid?”

I started gaining weight.

I was on. Why not try it for my weight?

At age 14 I was feeling happy and

I was heartbroken! I loved Dad, so I

I was in high school and in love with

I started a diet, but I was always hun-

esque work of art, it took very little time for

I immediately started coming up

thought he might be right. I must be get-

gry. You know how diets work: They don’t.

with ideas of how I would get thin with

ting fat!

My metabolism started slowing down

my imagination and it worked magically!

Since Weight Watchers had worked

from yo-yo dieting, of course, and I gained



the weight back after each successive diet,


mom, I thought I would try it.

and more. Typical.


I’m just as heavy, but totally

ing part of all; I ate whatever I darn well pleased—ice cream, cookies! I just ate them in more moderate amounts.

into health foods. That should fix

it, right? Wrong! Everyone I knew

oils of all kind, and lots of salad dressing.

was fasting to “cleanse their body.” I


Here’s the most amazing, surpris-

And low-fat? Forget it. I love butter, Exercise? I feel like I want to get

hoped no one knew that secretly

out and move every day. Why? Because

I wanted to lose weight, but I

I’m constantly imagining my slim,

gained more weight after each fast.

strong image, so my subconscious is pro-


grammed for keeping me healthy. It’s

little tiny bowl was empty! Now I ask

the inspiring new documentary, “The In-

become such a habit, I just do it without

you, does that sound like someone who

ner Weigh”:

even realizing I do. In fact, while I am

has ever had a weight problem?

“The Inner Weigh” will premiere in Min-

writing this, I have been munching on

neapolis at Lake Harriet Spiritual Com-

one of my favorites, Cheetos. And guess

Debbie Johnson, best-selling author of Think

munity on Tues., Apr. 19 at 7 pm. 612-

what? I stopped munching before the

Yourself Thin is also one of the teachers on

922-4272. april 2011


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Fargo Civic Center, 207 4th St. N, Fargo, ND. 70+ vendors, ongoing workshops, keynote speakers. Holistic practitioners, intuitive readers, unique gifts & more. To exhibit: Dee: 715.259.3047 or Tickets click here.

Healthy Life Expo

Beginning Psychic Development Classes

Psychic phenomenon is one of excitement, wonder & fear of the unknown. Psychics in the Cities will help you learn to develop & recognize these powerful gifts. Whether you are a skeptic or believer, this course will enlighten you. Eight Wednesday evening classes. www.psychicsinthecities. com. 612-860-9196. APR. 8

The 5 Natural Elements: A Framework for Organizational Harmony

Carole Hyder & Julie Delene combine leadership training & Feng Shui principles. Learn to inspire leadership, improve productivity, & create team synergy. Friday, 8:30 – 12:00 noon. $129. To register: Normandale Community College, Bloomington, MN APR. 10

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Sunday, Noon - 5:00 p.m. Location: 7373 West 147th Street, Suite 108 in Apple Valley, MN. Come attend a workshop or sample mini-sessions & meet our practitioners. Details at

Midtown Global Market, 10 am–5 pm.12929 Chicago Ave, Mpls. Hundreds of exhibitors, on-going free seminars, demonstrations & entertainment. Don’t miss the opportunity to exhibit or attend! To exhibit or FFI: 952-238-1700

APR. 22

Earth Day & Grand Opening of

Visit this new holistic healing center in Circle Pines. It is the new location of Body Prayers Yoga & Massage Studios. 5-9 pm. Laughter yoga. Qigong. Biofeedback mini sessions. Labyrinth walk by pond. 301 Village Parkway, by clock tower behind Ace Hardware. Vendors call 763-413-0612. APR. 29-MAY 3

Advanced Hypnotherapy For Fertility

James Schwartz, author of The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, will be teaching two Advanced Hypnotherapy workshops & will also be available for private consultations for those who may struggle with fertility issues. These experiential workshops are open only to those with prior hypnotherapy experience. FFI:

ONGOING Meta Institute certifications

Meta Institute offers certifications in Therapeutic Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Reiki, NLP & Hypnosis. We also offer workshops in Tarot, Business Planning, Gamma & others. Individual, Couples, Family Coaching & Intuitive Readings available by appointment. State Licensed & bonded school. Contact us for Information at 952-831-6382,

To list in calendar: $20/listing for up to 50 words. Add same listing to our website events calendar for $10. Contact Dee, 715.259.3047

Located on the shores of Grindstone Lake, the Audubon Center’s 535 acres of beautifully varied landscapes provide the perfect setting for this all-inclusive holistic adventure. Spend this weekend with your friends or take the opportunity to get away by yourself, meet new people, and learn new skills. A mix of professionals in a variety of fields will provide an assortment of physical, mental, and spiritual activities to choose from. Celebrate spring with restored energy, confidence and creativity! Renew, relax and rediscover yourself! You’ll find our accommodations are perfect for a weekend of adventure, relaxation and renewal. Each spacious room sleeps 3-4 women on the lower bunks of bunk-style beds. The dorms are close to the dining hall and centrally located to all the weekend’s activities. Our food has a reputation of its own and has come to be known as some of the best in the area! We strive to provide healthy, wholesome, organic meals and our chef carefully plans and prepares each one with creativity and taste.

Renew Yourself: Mind, Body & Spirit ♦

Fascinating keynote speakers: Friday night—tbd Saturday night—Echo Bodine,

Fun and entertaining evenings Wide variety of classes and workshops

psychic, healer, author, media personality

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of classes and activities in the areas of: ♦ ♦ ♦

Adventure & Challenge Wellness & Nature Creative Expressions

Massage or reiki is included in the weekend

Register early—space is limited! For more info, call 888-404-7743 or visit

April 2011 Essential Wellness  

featuring eating consciously, good nutrition, healing

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