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Our body’s organs have a spiritual purpose in our lives BY EWALD KLIEGEL

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Feng Shui and the Sri Ha Po Tibetan Protection Mandala



Transformational Travel for Women to Mexico: Nov. 1-8, 2014

Circle Mind Body Medicine together with the Traveling Goddesses presents its First Annual Trip to Akumal, Mexico BY SHEILA BAUER


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Align your vibration with Mother Earth BY SUE SAMUDIO


Brennan Healing Science: Setting a high standard in Energy Healing for 30 years BY CAPRINA BROWN


Learning to Hug Trees


Our body’s organs have spiritual purpose in our


N LET Your Body Speak: The Essential Nature of Our Organs by Ewald Kliegel and illustrated by Anne Heng, we discover that our organs have an inherent knowledge of their role in our body and the spiritual aspect to their purpose in our lives. In the book Kliegel fully describes all organs. Here we “Blood” have chosen five. Experience the mystery of the body in a more order to provide the inner as well as the outer universe with intuitive way. energy and warmth. Where I am is life in all its BLOOD I am the grail of the life abundance, is the fountain of the energy and the liquid elixir that freely flowing joy, is love in all its flows through it. Continuously energy forms, is healing and salpulsing, my red life force flows vation in the stream of existence. through the nearly unending meander of the body. From the BRAIN fountain of my being I thus Is it not wonderful? Each of my replenish over and over again two halves contains its own world. a delta full of the finest vessels, While the left one is more devoted which reach even the most to the mind and logical thinking, distant corners of existence in the right one shines in the colors

of emotions and intuition. I organize the inner coordination of the organs and look after their relationship to the outside world. Thereby I secure the person’s survival on this planet and the opportunity for them to fill their life with experiences.

HEART Placed in the flow of life, my rhythm and my warming gush powerfully direct the fabric of body and soul into the most distant corners.



a lives


“Heart” february-march 2014



With sensitivity I register even the spiritual realm, I reduce everysmallest impulses and synchronize thing to what is truly important. the interplay of organs as far as and including the spiritual levels. My comprehensive wisdom dispels unclarity and imparts necessary answers from the realms of the feeling soul that follow a deep inner understanding. This opens new gates for love and creates room for undreamt-of realities to come into a person’s life. “Large Intestine”

LARGE INTESTINE My task consists in concentrating on the essential. This includes the physical aspects, the handling of emotions and, in a much wider sense, everything that has to do with the topics of value and possession. With my strength I focus energies, condense all material matter and enable basic values to radiate in full brilliance. Whether in the final phase of digestion or in the less visible aspects of the

LIVER I am the central organ of metabolism for body and soul. Whether nutrients, emotions or thoughts, through my way of operating I appropriate the environment for us. To do this I transform the absorbed nourishment into fuels and building materials, modify them and, if necessary, detoxify them. In equal measure I examine mental and spiritual impulses,


situations and encounters with regard to their coherence.

LUNGS From the first cry to the last breath my powerful wings follow the rhythm of life. My force has many names: Prana, breath, or chi. They are all an expression for the current of life energy that arises out of the inner self. This energy flow disperses in endless form through body and soul, in order to start anew with the next breath following its reunion with its source. At the cusps of these movements we connect the interior with the exterior world. These are exactly the moments in which we reveal the mystery of coming into existence and passing from it, this is where we bring the pulse of the universe into life and keep endowing the pendulum between self-preservation and surrender with a new impulse.


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Achieve harmony between your mouth and body

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Healing Arts Business Series

Are you a healer or spiritual teacher, but not sure how to bring your work to the world? This series will help you decide your first steps. • Making a Difference and Making an Income • Alternative Health Practice Laws and Business Models • Your Unique Value to Clients Series runs April 9-23, $129 series or $49/class Innovative Integrative Health and Wellness courses • 952-358-8343

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Tibetan Protection Mandala


S FAR back in history as there are records, talismans and amulets have been used in spiritual traditions to help focus thoughts that lead to intended results. A modern day example is imbuing everyday objects with intentions in the practice of Feng Shui. The ancient, holistic system of Feng Shui is based on the simple premise that we are affected by our surroundings, for better or worse. Evaluating the chi (life force energy) throughout your home or business helps to identify areas where energy may be blocked, stagnant, oppressive or too strong, all of


which can adversely affect the over-all health and well being of the occupants. The influence of the year, direction the building faces, birthdate, as well as a building’s shape, room placement, decor, and energy imprint of previous occupants contribute, for better or worse, to its vital environmental chi.

CREATE YOUR SPACE WITH INTENTION One way to affect positive change is to create your own personal talismans by charging everyday objects with intentions and placing them strategically in your space. A common example is the use of round, faceted crystals, a frequently

recommended Feng Shui “cure” and because of their refractive qualities, crystals keep positive energy moving while absorbing any negative energy. When items such as crystals, wind chimes, and mirrors are used as symbolic talismans, they multiply individual efforts by holding focus and intention. Some objects come to us with an existing history of spiritual and ritual symbolism. One such talisman is the Mandala. Mandalas are used for focusing attention, as a spiritual teaching tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation.


february-march 2014



“Sri Pa Ho” or Astrological Protection Mandala Shui Institute of the Midwest, a community resource for the art and science of Feng Shui, invites you to a special evening event at The Marsh. FSIM is sponsoring James Jay and his master class on the SRI PA HO TIBETAN Sri Pa Ho Tibetan Buddhist Mandala. BUDDHIST He will explore the history, MANDALA CLASS On April 22nd, the Feng background, and symbolic The ancient Tibetans manifested a beautiful way of crystallizing intention and harnessing the power of Feng Shui when they created the “Sri Pa Ho” or Astrological Protection Mandala.


meaning of this powerful Mandala and provide instruction on using it to reinforce good Feng Shui. He will also share its use as a beautiful protection from any negative influences. A native of California, James is considered to be among the world’s foremost experts on Feng Shui. A veteran China travel expert, James and his wife, Helen, sponsor a variety of educational training programs in China on topics including Traditional & Black Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui, Acupressure/Tui Na Massage, Cuisine of China, and Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine. Join FSIM and internationally known Feng Shui expert, James Jay, for a unique evening at The Marsh on Apr. 22 from 6-9 p.m. Space is limited.

To register click here.

Hinda Abrahamson is President, Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest.

Looking for a way to jumpstart your spiritual growth? Come join me, a sound healer and seeker of truth on a magical trip to England. Walk the path of thousands before you and illuminate your soul. Life is a journey; awaken your spirit while you walk upon the sacred soil of England.

MAGICAL & SACRED JOURNEY OF ENGLAND July 7-16: Sound Meditations at Stonehenge | Neolithic Structures, Stone Circles, Leylines Only 6 spaces available - 3/31 deadline $3100 double occupancy, airfare not included 651-269-7545 february-march 2014


Transformational Travel for Women to Mexico: November 1-8, 2014

Circle Mind Body Medicine together with the Traveling Goddesses presents its First Annual Trip to Akumal, Mexico


HE TRAVELING Goddesses offer opportunities for women to give themselves the gift of self-care through intentional travel that provides rest, physical and spiritual healing and self-discovery in a safe and supportive community.

MORE THAN A VACATION...NOT QUITE A RETREAT. Last October I had the amazing opportunity to travel with the owners of the Traveling Goddesses, Connie Delgado and Margo Hinnenkamp, to

Akumal, Mexico. As a selfproclaimed “newbie,” it was my first trip to Mexico and quickly the experience came to be one of the most relaxing, restful, and meaningful experiences of my life. Now we are partnering together to bring you the opportunity to join us!

AKUMAL KNOWN FOR BEAUTIFUL BEACHES Akumal is a small town between Playa del Carmen and Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. In the heart of the Riviera Maya just 37 km from Playa del Carmen and just one hour south of Cancun, Akumal

is one of the best places to visit in the Mexican Caribbean for its great variety of beautiful beaches and tourist services. Akumal in the Mayan language means “Land of Turtles” and it is still one of the favorite places for these marine animals to spawn. However, what makes Akumal charming and fascinating for tourists from around the world, is its spectacular bay with clear waters and underground rivers. Akumal is one of the most peaceful places in the Riviera Maya with one protected shallow bay with a secluded beach and a nearby reef. CONTINUED PAGE 22...,


february-march 2014



Sheila Bauer of Circle Mind Body Medicine and Mellisa Bechtold of Sinergia Synergy Yoga will offer an experience of rest, renewal, and self-care as never felt before through mindful meditation and yoga. Of course you may relax on the beach, snorkel with turtles, sip a margarita, nap in a hammock, or get a massage, too. The choice is always yours. Sheila teaches mindfulness meditation and the art of selfcare in her studio in Chaska and 22

for various groups throughout the Twin Cities Metro area. She was on the cover and featured in an article about transformation in the January issue of Savvy Magazine. Her philosophy of self-care through mindfulness and the model of self-care through transformational travel offered by Traveling Goddesses was a perfect fit. They will be collaborating on trips to the Yucatan yearly.

INFORMATION ABOUT TRIP November 1-8, 2014. Cost: $1,995; $600.00 Deposit required in order to reserve your spot. $200 non-refundable if cancelled For more information: Connie Delgado, Traveling Goddesses, 612-298-0205; Sheila Bauer, M.Ed., Circle Mind Body Medicine, 651248-0000,

Shamanism Training Program Healing the Wounded Spirit, Soul Retrieval,Recovery From Trauma, Space Clearing, Depossession Basic Animal Communication February 23, Isanti, MN Avatar Resurfacing速 March 1-2, Minneapolis Advanced Animal Communication March 29-30, Isanti, MN



Contact Mary Stoffel 763-444-8146

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Intuitive Development Program Private Healing Sessions Intuitive Readings

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Align your vibration with Mother Earth


HE BEACH Boys sing about “Good Vibrations.” People remark that someone is giving off a “good vibe” or a “bad vibe.” Some folks “go with the flow” and others “fight the current.” What exactly do all of these terms refer to? Loosely, they refer to the scientific fact that everything and everyone vibrates. Vibration varies object-toobject and person-to-person. Sound waves are carried by vibration, light waves vary with vibration, creating colors, and different parts of our bodies “feel” and function differently due to the rate at which they vibrate. Vibrational imbalance can create physical pain and disease. The vibration of Earth itself calibrates at approximately 24

(slightly fluctuating) 528 Hz. Scientific research, some done by NASA, has shown that the vibration of human DNA resonates with the Earth. This is not a coincidence. We come into resonance with whatever vibration we share space with for any length of time. Why don’t we feel it? Some of us do, to some degree. However, our bodies are equipped to perceive only a certain range of sound and vibration.

rate of your personal vibration. Exposure to negative people feels as if it “sucks the energy out of you”—because it does. No wonder that the thought of a long bath seems so appealing at the end of a high-vibrational day! Bringing our overall vibrational rate in line with that of Mother Earth by aligning our organs, muscle, bone, and tissues’ vibrational rates makes a dramatic difference in our feeling of well-being and peace.



Take note of the “negative” vibrations you encounter on a daily basis: Television, computers, vehicles, air conditioning, appliances, construction, etc. Even the sounds of neighborhood dogs barking, kids playing or folks chatting will change the

Our bodies are made up of between 60 to 75 percent water. Water is an excellent conduit for energy and vibration. Our bodies are easily able to come into resonance with a frequency when CONTINUED PAGE 26...


february-march 2014



applied by tuning fork to specific spots on the body during a session, as well as listening to pure tones/frequencies in proper combination. The bones and muscle tissue follow quickly and inherently. It’s a law of science. The result is a feeling of balance and health—harmony. Vibrational therapy may not provide a cure for all that ails you. But, staying in balance and keeping your body’s various vibrational levels healthy will most certainly help you avoid becoming ill or injured, and will also assist your body in healing itself more rapidly. Sue Samudio, M.Mt., is a Reiki Master Energy Worker who uses chakra balancing, Huna Reiki, Jin Shin techniques, and tuning fork techniques. These modalities are offered individually or in combination, tailored to specific needs. Individual and group classes are also available. Her practice is based at Body & Sol TanSpa, 2653 Louisiana Ave S, St. Louis Park, MN. 952-922-9229.


Essential Oils: Nature’s Living Energy Experience the remarkable therapeutic and medicinal powers of nature– from the undisputed “World Leader in Essential Oils.” Aromatherapy Stress-reducing Improve sleep Improve respiratory function Focus and clarity Eliminate airborne germs Reduce anxiety Enhance spirituality

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Brennan Healing Science

Setting a high standard in Energy Healing for 30 y


R E N N A N H E A L I N G Science (BHS) is a comprehensive hands-on healing system that directly organizes and restores an individual’s energy system to create optimum health in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. This system of healing was developed by Barbara Brennan: healer, channel, psychotherapist, NASA physicist, teacher and best-selling author. It is taught at one of the most respected colleges of energy healing in the world, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH). Before founding her school in 1982, Barbara was a practicing psychotherapist and healer in New York City for 15

years where she became highly regarded as one of the best spiritual healers in the western hemisphere. Her desire to train others fructified after the publication of her first book, Hands of Light, when hundreds of people wanted to become her students. Her school is now a global healing institute licensed by the state of Florida to grant a BS in Brennan Healing Science. Graduates are certified to to practice BHS and refer to themselves as Brennan Healing Science practitioners. What sets BHS apart from other energy healing modalities is the thoroughness and integrity of the training, which has a profound effect on the depth and success of the healing. Graduates are fluent in the


structure and function of the Human Energy Consciousness system which is intimately associated with physical and psycho/ spiritual health. They have completed 4 years of training including 900 hours of classroom instruction, 100 documented client sessions, development of high sense perception (the tool used for perceiving the client’s energy system and knowing how it is responding to the healer), training in psychodynamics as they directly relate to the patterns and phenomena perceived in the field, at least 72 hours of personal therapy, courses in ethics, professional practice, integrative care, channeling, a senior thesis and a case presentation to the faculty where students work with one



years client over time and explore all aspects of the healing process and client/healer relationship. In order to graduate, students must demonstrate the ability to perceive and effect change in all levels of the human energy field of a client in person and at a distance, pass theoretical and practicum examinations, demonstrate a high level of proficiency in technique and theory, and have maturity in their own psych/spiritual development. It is a program of deep personal transformation enabling practitioners to facilitate sessions with awareness, power and clarity rather than being clouded by personal issues. If you have a desire to heal, to gain deep personal awareness, and to transform your life into

a truer expression of who you truly are, I invite you to contact me or a practitioner in your area. A list of graduates can be found at

Caprina is a Brennan Healing Science practitioner in the Minneapolis area. She also offers distance sessions and invites you to contact her for a free 15 minute consultation.

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; Master Intuitive ; Healing Practitioner ; Energy Healer ; Ghost Buster ; Master Crystalogist ; Qi Gong Practitioner ; Aura Photos & Readings ; Intuitive Development Classes ; Past Life Regressions & Life’s Progressions Sessions HELPING YOU HEAL CENTER, 5898 Omaha Ave N, Ste 2, Oak Park Heights, MN 55082 651.247.0719



Contact Annette Bruchu for your private healing session

Integrating the best of western and eastern medicine.

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Learning to Hug Trees


OR YEARS, my spiritual teachers have suggested a simple yet profound exercise: Practice Tree Pose. Not the one practiced on a yoga mat in a comfortable room gazing out the window at a tree while balancing on one leg, but the original Tree Pose. In other words, their suggestion was to find a tree—then touch, smell, see, and listen. Wrap my arms around it. Spend time with it. And immerse myself in the teachings of a living master! Last week I finally tried it. I went for a walk in the woods, felt drawn to a tree, silently asked permission, and then wrapped my arms around it, resting my face against its great, powerful trunk. As I rested

there, I opened to the incred- EXPERIENCE THE NATURAL ible insight available through BALANCE BETWEEN STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY hugging trees! The tree stands strong and powerful yet it also bends, twists, WHAT IT REALLY MEANS and sways through life. In this TO GROUND Sense and follow the sacred dance of effort and surimmense root structure down render, the tree survives through to the center of the earth with all manners of circumstances. your mind’s eye and experience feeling truly grounded. From LET GO this deep support, reach up, Follow a tree through the spread wide and open to all pos- seasons and witness the grace of letting go. The tree does not sibilities! cling to its autumn leaves. It DRAW SUSTENANCE FROM willingly releases them to the THE EARTH earth for recycling. It doesn’t Let the tree teach you how try to hold on to a leaf it found to live off the earth—to draw especially beautiful or grew up the energy she wants to give attached to. It surrenders to the you in the form of life force, natural flow of birth and death. courage, strength, or wisdom. Then send down to her your BE VULNERABLE pain, sorrow, and losses to hold A tree stands, all winter long, and heal. naked and vulnerable for us to


witness. How many of us have


the courage to stand and be seen for who we are behind the safety of our masks, titles, experiences, and personality, and be truly, exquisitely, vulnerable? EXPRESS YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF

It’s silly to imagine trees comparing themselves to one another on the basis of looks, placement or leaf count! Each tree is a unique, unmatched expression of beauty, and none of them would want to be, or could be, anything other than what they are. I’m certain there are even more lessons waiting to be explored through trees, and also rivers, rocks, wind, and more. I hope to sit in turn with each of these living masters! So, have you hugged a tree today? Keri Mangis is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, spiritual teacher and healer in Minneapolis, MN who carries the intention to hold space for the highest level of healing each individual desires. 612-599-9668

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Live Well.


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