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reloj de los patrones

El Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II es el referente que eligen los profesionales de la vela de todo el mundo. Primer reloj dotado de un dispositivo programable de cuenta atrás con memoria mecánica. Indispensable en la salida de cualquier regata porque se programa fácil y rápidamente y, si es necesario, se puede volver a ajustar para marcar la cuenta atrás oficial de la regata. Diseñado originalmente pensando en cubrir las necesidades de los navegantes profesionales, el Yacht-Master II es un reloj de última generación pensado tanto para los apasionados de la vela como para sus profesionales. Visite y descubra más.

yacht-master ii

‘Brazil is where all the smart money is going in International property investment. It is a stable country with strong growth, low inflation and the potential to be one of the most affluent countries in the world’

“Brazil is the most irresistible of the BRICs” President – Bank of America

Spend your next ‘New Year’ in Brazil... your new house at Caponga Beach Village Resort

Caponga Beach village Resort is located 30 minutes south of the buzzing city of Fortaleza in the North-East of Brazil - the ‘Land of the Sun’, just a few degrees under the equator and enjoying year-round sunshine and hundreds of kilometres of the best beaches in the world. Plots from just 13.000€ with full planning, licenses, and infrastructure completed The daily flight from Lisbon to Fortaleza takes about 61/2 hours. view e-brochure at For further information contact Goldman Lee Associates, or call (+34) 699 024 610

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p l o t s


v i l l a s


d e v e l o p m e n t

Village Resort F ORTALEZA - B RAZIL

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Elegant corner townhouse in Cascada de Camojan Situated in a small, fully gated complex in one of the best areas on the Golden Mile. Built to very high standards, it has its own private garden. Roof terrace with kitchenette, barbecue, shower and pergola. Fabulous mountain views. Within a 5-minute drive to Marbella centre. Enclosed: 225m2, Garden: 185m2, Terraces: 43m2. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Price: €1,050,000. Ref 6536

Spacious apartment in a desirable location

Magnificent apartment in a gated community

Situated in a gated complex on the Golden Mile, with beautiful communal gardens, several pools and its own restaurant. Large southeast facing terrace enjoying partial sea and mountain views. All rooms have access to the terrace. A sunny apartment set in a mature and exclusive area! Enclosed: 134.5m2, Terrace: 67m2. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Price: €398,000. Ref 6522

Originally 2 separate ground floor apartments, these have been joined together to obtain one very large property. Overlooking the beautiful communal gardens of Monte Paraiso. All bedrooms have their own terraces. Built to high standards.

Covering Marbella’s Golden Mile with offices opposite the Marbella Club Hotel and at Puente Romano Hotel.

Enclosed: 303m2, Terraces: 72m2. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Price: €1,450,000. Ref 6471



Tel. +34 952 863 750 Fax. +34 952 822 111 Rentals Direct: +34 952 90 10 15 www. LEADING PROPERTY AGENTS OF SPAIN

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Whatever your resolve this New Year, most of us will be hoping for 2010 being an improvement on last year and, here on the Costa del Sol, this is looking likely to be the case. More and more people, spurred on by endless inclement weather, will become interested in relocating to the sunniest climate in southern Europe with a lifestyle to match. Properties for sale will gradually be bought up and visitors will start to return in ever increasing numbers. Traditionally a time for reflection and taking stock, a new year brings a fresh start with the expectation of a brighter future. Taking our cue from this, our January issue is full of thought-provoking material, guaranteed to make you take an inward look at things and also to lighten up. Leading off with Cosmetic Surgery in the new decade, read and be amazed about the world boom that is rapidly taking place in the industry as well as the bodily changes that are possible. We also profile F1’s newly-crowned Champion Jenson Button and talk with local teacher and author Caroline Ocaña and her heartwarming new book, El Río. Talking about transformations, take a look at how some of Marbella’s prestigious properties are being converted for the modern era, and as to how Valencia, Spain’s third largest city and until recently poor cousin to Madrid and Barcelona, has been reborn with its outstanding Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias amid many other improvements. There’s also top fashion from Hannibal Laguna, a spa treatment at the Gvadalpin, the Gvadalpin Byblos revisited, favourite holes at Los Naranjos Golf and Marks and Spencer, which has finally opened in Marbella!  We review two of the restaurants recently awarded in the Marbella Awards, El Lago, winner of International Restaurant and Ristorante Da Bruno, voted as the top Italian Restaurant for a fourth consecutive year. We also feature Martin Underwood, Head Chef at The Beach House, winner in the category of Beach Dining. Having put all this together and much else besides in record time, myself and the team are off to take a well-earned break and to rejuvenate, which will enable us to reassemble in the new year brimming with ideas for future editions of the magazine. Until then, Happy New Year!

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By Iain Blackwell Sean cuales sean nuestros respectivos propósitos para el año nuevo, la mayoría de nosotros esperamos que el 2010 sea mucho mejor que el año pasado en la Costa, y parece ser que así será. Mucha más gente, cansada de los climas fríos, piensa en venir a vivir a la tierra con más sol en el sur de Europa, y también les atrae nuestro estilo de vida. Más propiedades se pondrán a la venta y más gente nueva vendrá para nuestras orillas. Tradicionalmente, el año nuevo es un tiempo para reflexionar. Nos ofrece un comienzo nuevo, y la esperanza de un futuro mejor. Por lo tanto, esta edición de la revista está repleta de material para hacerte pensar y relajarte. Empezamos con un reportaje sobre la cirugía estética, un fenómeno que domina la industria de la estética. Son realmente increíbles los cambios que un cuerpo puede experimentar. También hablamos sobre el nuevo campeón de Fórmula 1, Jenson Button, y conocemos a la profesora y escritora de Marbella, Carolina Ocaña, y su emocionante libro, El Río. Hablando de las transformaciones, veremos cómo algunas de las propiedades más prestigiosas de Marbella se están convirtiendo y viajamos a Valencia, la tercera ciudad más grande de España, deslumbrada hasta hace poco por ciudades más grandes como Madrid y Barcelona. Valencia vive una nueva etapa con la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias y muchas más mejoras. Este mes, te traemos la moda de Hannibal Laguna, recibimos un tratamiento en el Gvadalpín Spa, hacemos una visita al Hotel Gvadalpín Byblos y jugamos al golf en Los Naranjos Golf. También vamos de compras en el nuevo Marks & Spencer en La Cañada. Cenamos en dos restaurantes, recientes ganadores de los Marbella Awards: El Lago, ganador del premio al Mejor Restaurante Internacional y Ristorante Da Bruno, Mejor Restaurante Italiano por cuarto año consecutivo. Aprendemos los secretos de Martin Underwood, Jefe de Cocina de The Beach House, ganador del premio al Mejor Restaurante de Playa. Después de tanto trabajo, el equipo de y yo tomaremos un merecido descanso para poder volver el año nuevo con nuevas ideas y el alma y cuerpo renovados. Hasta entonces, ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

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to Welcome Twenty-Ten What’s For Definite u Spain will be at the forefront of politics, having taken over the six-month cyclical Presidency of the Council

of the European Union on January 1st. u Valentine’s Day this year will premiere a movie of the same name featuring one of the largest all-star casts in cinema history. Watch out for Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, Patrick Dempsey, Queen Latifah and Shirley MacLaine, among many others, in this romantic LA love story. u Shanghai hosts World Expo 2010 from May 1 to October 30. u The 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa on June 11.

Wishful Thinking? u The European Union believes the tide of economic recession has turned and forecasts a mini-growth of 0.7 per cent this year and “sustainable recovery by 2011, the signal for governments to begin withdrawing the stimulus measures they rushed out at the height of the crisis.” However, unemployment will continue to rise and European banks are not out of the woods yet. u August 31 is the deadline for withdrawal of US combat troops from Iraq… we hope.

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers u The Chinese Year of the Tiger begins auspiciously on St. Valentine’s Day but is traditionally associated

with massive change and social upheaval. Personally and globally, it’s likely to be a volatile year best suited to those who thrive on unpredictabilty and can adapt.

The End Is Nigh u Experts reading between the doom-ridden lines of 16th century sage Nostradamus say that a comet

will wipe out Earth in the next two years. A more credible apocalyptic forecast comes from former KGB analyst, Igor Panarin. Professor Panarin has been saying for the last decade that 2010 will be the year mass immigration, economic decline and moral degradation triggers civil war in America, heralding the collapse of the dollar and the division of the United States into six territories, with Alaska reverting to Russian control. “Americans hope Barack Obama can work miracles,” he says. “But when spring comes, it will be clear that there are no miracles.” Report belinda beckett


At last, we can cast off 2009 with its credit crunch and economic squeeze that made us feel the pinch like badly-fitting shoes. The new century has reached double figures yet, with the ink barely dry on this fresh chapter in our history, controversy is raging over how to pronounce the new decade! David Crystal, author of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, predicts that we’ll all begin referring to the century as ’20-something‘ by 2011 because ‘two thousand and eleven’ is way too much of a mouthful. Next month’s Vancouver Winter Olympics is being officially referred to as The Twenty-Ten Olympics while the London Olympic Games Committee is so frantic about the semantics, it has copyright-protected both ’Two Thousand and Twelve’ and ’Twenty-Twelve’. Whatever you choose to call it, a new year is a time for fresh starts, a theme we explore in this month’s issue, but how will we fare in shiny new 2010? Here are some thoughts on the subject:

The Future And Beyond Predictions for 2010-2025, as forecast by The World Future Society whose magazine, The Futurist, has featured contributions from influential thinkers like Al Gore and Isaac Asimov: u Genetic enhancement will become ‘the new space race’, a multi-billion-dollar industry that extends far beyond beauty, enabling us to change our DNA to revitalise diseased organs, increase athletic ability and boost intelligence. (See our Cosmetic Surgery feature in this issue). u Water will be the new oil. As demand outstrips suppy, water desalination will become a power industry, creating enormous profit opportunities and bringing new life to arid regions. u Wi-Fi on steroids. WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) will cover entire countries with a high-speed wireless communications network. Its many applications will extend to cars, whose in-built computers will provide real-time weather and safety information, improved GPS and self-diagnostics. u Bioviolence. Emerging biotechnologies which can increase the lethality of bacteria and viruses or make them more resistant to antibiotics are becoming more accessible. In the wrong hands, they could be used to inflict damage far beyond the traditional battlefield, even affecting future generations. Happy New Year! n

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A place of quality, relaxation and enchantment. Blending luxury lifestyle and unparalleled value to create Estepona’s most attractive ownership opportunity. • Luxury lifestyle resort with breath-taking mountain & sea views • Up to 90% mortgages available on contemporary 2 or 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses* • Phase 1 now released • Show apartment now open • Award winning signature gardens and state-of-the-art facilities •  Preferential fees and tee-off times at the adjoining Estepona Golf Club

Be one of the first to discover the secret at: Or contact the Alcazaba Hills Resort Sales Team on Freephone: 0800 0921613 Tel: +34 952 93 76 93 Alcazaba Hills Resort, Ctra. de Cádiz km.150, Arroyo Vaquero 29680 Estepona, Málaga

* Subject to status

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REPORT marisa cutillas


9 [Genre] Science fiction animation [Director] Shane Acker (The Hangnail) [Voices] Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, Crispin Glover This science fiction adventure takes place in the near future. An invention known as The Great Machine creates and supplies energy to the armies of machines that have fought against, and put an end to, the human race. The world will soon come to an end but a small group of tiny beings created by a scientist will try to save the little that remains of civilisation. Within this small group, the being known only as Number 9 (voice of Elijah Wood) shows leadership abilities and qualities that will allow his species to survive and prosper. The other beings are Number 1 (a war veteran who has dominated the group until now); Number 2 (a generous but fragile inventor); Number 3 and Number 4 (erudite twins who communicate without words); Number 5 (an engineer); Number 6 (an eccentric artist who is tormented by visions); Number 7 (a courageous female warrior) and Number 8 (a muscle-bound, not very intelligent member of the pack). The creatures, who call themselves stitchpunks, will have to work long and hard to fight against the machines if life, as they know it, is to continue on Planet Earth.

The Greatest [Genre] Drama [Director] Shana Feste (Jonah) [Actors] Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon, Carey Mulligan, Johnny Simmons Bennett and Rose are two teenagers who have been next-door-neighbours since they were young children. Despite spending every day together, neither has the courage to tell of their undying love for the other. On the last day of high school, Bennett declares his love to Rose and they spend the most marvellous night of their lives together but, when Bennett returns home, he is fatally run over by a car. Bennett’s parents don’t know how they will survive the tragedy but see a light at the end of the tunnel when Rose turns up at their doorstep and tells them she is expecting Bennett’s child…

Chéri [Genre] Romance [Director] Stephen Frears (High Fidelity) [Actors] Michelle Pfeifer, Kathy Bates, Rupert Friend, Felicity Jones It is the early 20th century and Paris is the centre of the world. Artists, designers, actors, musicians and courtesans all flock to the European capital of culture and hedonism. Léa de Lonval (Michelle Pfeifer) is an ex-courtesan who has led a fantastic life, being kept by some of the richest men in France in her working days. One morning, she meets her friend, Madame Peloux (Kathy Bates) who, surprisingly, brings her young son Chéri (Rupert Friend) with her. Madame Peloux has great plans in mind for Chéri but first, she hopes that Léa will help convert him into a man. The latter accepts, and what starts off as a casual fling turns into a passionate love affair that lasts six years. Things go awry when Madame Peloux arranges Chéri’s marriage with the young daughter of another courtesan. Chéri and Léa try to prepare themselves mentally for their upcoming separation but soon realise that their feelings are far more profound than they ever dreamed possible.

Sherlock Holmes [Genre] Mystery [Director] Guy Ritchie (RocknRolla) [Actors] Robert Downey, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams Robert Downey gives life to the greatest detective in history, Sherlock Holmes, lending a new, more revealing perspective to the popular character. Jude Law plays Watson, the ex-soldier and doctor who is Holmes’ best friend and sidekick. In Guy Ritchie’s latest film, Holmes and Watson pool their intellectual resources to defeat a new nemesis and unravel a deadly plot that could destroy the country.


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DM-Diciembre09:Maquetación 1 23/11/09 08:37 Página 1

FRONT LINE GOLF POSITION, NUEVA ANDALUCIA Elegant property on front line golf position, built on a flat plot, and boasting a beautifully maintained garden and a large covered terrace with various sitting/dining areas. Ample dining room with open plan kitchen with breakfast area. Bedrooms on ground level ideal for elderly or handicapped. Master bedroom suite with dressing area and additional guest bedrooms on upper level all enjoy an ample terrace with fantastic coastal views. Staff quarters and room for additional living space. Laundry and storage rooms. Marble flooring throughout, a/c hot and cold, garage for 2 cars. DM2395 :: Bedrooms/ Dormitorios 6 :: Bathrooms/ Baños 6 :: Built / Construido 793 m² :: Plot 2840m² :: Price / Precio € 3,700,000

FRONT LINE GOLF PROPERTY, GUADALMINA Charming west facing villa conveniently facing the golf course. This one level villa is privately located and features a large living room with two fireplaces and separate dining area. The house was extended and the living space amounts now to 210sqm. Separate guest bedroom suite with independent access. Detached three-car carport and a one-car garage, central heating, double glazed aluminium windows and terracotta flooring.

QUALITY CONTEMPORARY DESIGN, LOS FLAMINGOS Located within Flamingos Golf & Country Club, a gated and fenced estate with two golf courses. Bedroom suite and a study or sixth bedroom on ground level. Drawing room with fireplace and separate dining room. Large room with a fireplace suitable for games room, staff accommodation and garage for two cars. Under floor heating throughout and pre-installation for a/c and Domotic system.

DM2307:: Bedrooms/ Dormitorios 3 :: Bathrooms/ Baños 3 :: Built / Construido 180 m² :: Plot/Parcela 993 m² :: Price / Precio € 650.000

DMD1207-02:: Bedrooms/ Dormitorios 5 :: Bathrooms/ Baños 5 :: Built / Construido 681 :: Plot/Parcela 1449 :: Price / Precio € 1.600.000

In Association with:


Av. Ricardo Soriano 72, B 1º. 29601 Marbella. Málaga. Spain. Tel.: +34 952 76 51 38 I I


REPORT marisa cutillas


Moon [Genre] Thriller [Director] Duncan Jones (Whistle) [Actors] Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott, Benedict Wong

Astronaut Sam Bell lives on the hidden side of the moon, completing his three-year contract with Lunar Industries, setting up a Helium mine whose energy is to be used on Earth. It’s a lonely task, made worse by the irreparable damage suffered by the satellite that is supposed to enable him to communicate with his wife Tess and daughter Eve, back home. Sam keeps busy by listening to old recorded messages from his family and talking to a computer called Gerty, which may be intelligent and ironic but cannot provide him with the human contact he craves. At the end of the three-year period, Sam is excited about being reunited with his family yet his health starts to suffer. He begins to get severe headaches and hallucinations and nearly has a fatal accident during a routine excursion on a lunar vehicle. One morning, he wakes up in his base without knowing how he got there and meets a younger version of himself who claims to be on the moon to complete the same contract as Sam. Sam begins to wonder whether he is a pawn in a game he doesn’t understand, and is determined to travel back to Earth, with or without the help of Lunar Industries.

Whatever Works [Genre] Comedy [Director] Woody Allen (Barcelona) [Actors] Evan Rachel Wood, Larry David, Patricia Clarkson, Ed Begley Jr. Woody Allen returns to his adored New York to tell the tale of Boris, a misanthrope whose only joy consists of insulting the kids who are unfortunate enough to be in his chess class, and annoying the few friends he has left with his endless ranting and raving about how society lacks courage. Boris, a former Professor at Columbia University and self-proclaimed genius who almost won a Nobel Prize in Quantum Mechanics, thinks he is the only one who understands the ultimate futility of all human aspiration and the dark chaos that surrounds the universe. But things weren’t always so bad. Boris was once an up-and-coming professor married to a beautiful wife and living in a luxurious apartment in Manhattan. All that changed one day when, following constant feelings of desolation, Boris jumped out of the window and unfortunately landed on an awning, earning his wife’s disrespect and an ensuing divorce. Boris is determined to live out what remains of his life as a grumpy old man until, one day, a young lass arrives on his doorstep after escaping from her home in the south and slowly finds her way into his heart. Their love affair may seem odd, preposterous even to his friends and family, but Boris is determined to create his own rules of happiness and to apply his new motto, ‘Whatever works’, to himself and his new love.

Obsessed [Genre] Romance [Director] Steve Shill (Dexter) [Actors] Beyonce Knowles, Idris Alba, Ali Larter You’ve got the perfect husband, the perfect child and the perfect house. What do you do when another woman wants what you have, to the point of obsession? Steve Shill’s new thriller tells the tale of Derek, a young executive, and his loving wife Sharon. At work, Derek meets Lisa, a new temp worker who tries to hit on him at the office Christmas party. When Derek tells her he isn’t interested, Lisa is determined to destroy his marriage. Derek is surprised when he finds that his wife Sharon is not as meek as she seems when it comes to fighting for what is rightfully hers.

Paris Je T’aime [Genre] Romantic Comedy [Director] Cedric Klapisch (In Transit) [Actors] Juliette Binoche, Romain Duris, Fabrice Luchini, Albert Dupontel Pierre, a professional dancer, discovers he is suffering from a heart condition and thinks he doesn’t have long to live. Confined to his solitary flat, he begins to take an interest in the many people he encounters day to day, and has never paid attention to before: people like the fruit sellers at the market place, a woman who buys bread at the bakery every day, a dancer, an architect, a homeless man, a University professor, a model and an illegal immigrant. Pierre may be unable to dance but, for once, he is content to sit back and watch Paris dancing for him, in the form of the many seemingly unimportant people who turn out to be crucial pieces in the puzzle of his life.


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129 VM



Page 1

G.I.P.E.: Miguel Tobar

VILLA MARKETING Established for 26 Years

Since 1983

GOLDEN MILE Ref. 9108 Delightful villa within a gated community with 24 hours security. Situated in the best area of Marbella with 4 bedrooms, spacious living area, wine cellar, play room and a large garage. Sea and mountain views. Price: Reduced from 1.950.000 to 1.450.000 Euros

FRONTLINE GOLF Ref. 9522 Charming villa set in a beautiful mature garden in the best area of Nueva Andalucia. Quiet area, south facing, large plot of 2.494m2, 5 bedrooms & bathrooms, study, large living area, dining room, beautiful large new kitchen, pool house with bar, double garage. Price: Reduced from 2.700.000 to 2.100.000 Euros

NUEVA ANDALUCIA Ref. 8913 Spacious villa situated frontline golf with lovely views, 4 spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, spacious lounge with separate reception areas, large kitchen and a garage. Price: Reduced from 1.475.000 to 999.000 Euros

NUEVA ANDALUCIA Ref. 7127 Brand new villa situated in a unique central position, within walking distance to shops, bus stop and Puerto Banús. Four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Large garage and large basement for games-room or gym. High quality finish Price: Reduced from 1.290.000 to 1.000.000 Euros

NUEVA ANDALUCIA Ref. 9598 Frontline golf apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms within a gated community. Situated in a peaceful area with magnificent golf views. The price of this property has been reduced for a quick sale. Price: Reduced from 320.000 to 215.000 Euros

NUEVA ANDALUCIA Ref. 8414 Centrally located villa within walking distance to shops and restaurants, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Spacious living - dining room leading stright out to covered terrace and pool area. Garage and basement. Price: Reduced from 890.000 to 690.000 Euros

Sales office: Casaño 10-B, Nueva Andalucía (Pass the Bullring, beside BBVA bank)

Tel: 952 810 695 Sales - Long & Short Term Rentals - Property Management



Rod Stewart [Soulbook] The premise is great, isn’t it? A legendary singer and timeless songs. What could go wrong? On this, his fifth album in as many years, Rod takes on some of the biggest soul and Motown tracks of all time; the ones we all know and love. However the right ingredients are just not producing the results we’d hoped for. With only a couple of faster tracks, including Jackie Wilson’s (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher and the O’Jays’ Love Train, the album relies heavily upon ballads. Wonderful, well-known songs like the Temptations’ Just My Imagination and Sam Cooke’s Wonderful World have been slowed down. Thankfully, there are some genuinely inspired cameos to lift proceedings. Jennifer Hudson’s soaring vocal takes Let It Be Me, way beyond what Rod could manage on his own; likewise for Stevie Wonder’s harmonica on My Cherie Amour; and Mary J. Blige’s emotional appearance on You Make Me Feel Brand New. The real shame is that we expect more from an iconic figure such as Rod Stewart. These are the very songs that inspired Rod to sing in the first place and, although he is respectful in his homage to them, he should have injected them with the passion that got under his skin all those years ago.

Biffy Clyro [Only Revolutions] For over ten years now, Biffy Clyro, a three-piece rock act from Scotland, has been making noise, albeit just under the radar, on the music scene. Using a blend of natural, native energy and Celtic work ethic, they’ve won themselves an ever-growing army thanks to galvanizing live performances and being playlisted on BBC Radio 1. Now financed and promoted by a major record label, this, their fifth album, could be the one that takes them to the mainstream. Although always trying to avoid the clichéd fads adpoted by most rock acts, Biffy Clyro stick doggedly to their creative whims which produce original, irresistible music. One of the catchiest guitar lines you’ll have heard in recent times is on Bubbles, and Captain is a stadium-ready, gutsy epic. Crowd pleasers these two may be but only time will tell if the public are ready to embrace musicians who refuse to change their sound to fit a pre-fabricated mould. But hey, they’ve got this far on their own. Why change now?

Leona Lewis [Echo] She is, without doubt, the biggest X Factor success story, and possibly the biggest success in British music of the last few years. That said, there is very little we know about Leona Lewis; she seems to be as shy with her music as she is in her interviews. Her tracks rarely give anything away about her as a human being. Instead, she sticks to formulaic pop songs with amazingly slick, melodramatic production that, through a series of key changes, build to an incredible climax. Pop music writers are clammering to give their songs to Leona as she could take any track to a stratospheric level with her mezzo-soprano range and enviable control. Happy, Can’t Breathe and Love Letter are highlights of the album as they pack an emotional punch that only Leona can deliver. Shame they’re not Leona’s own emotions though; we’d love to get to know the person behind some of the best moments in music in recent times. Sadly, she’s been homogenised to ensure her appeal is truly mass market.

Norah Jones [The Fall] This is not the Norah Jones that we remember. Lyrics about marijuana and masturbation on rock-lite tracks are not typically Norah-esque fair. What is still familiar, though, is Ms Jones’ distinctively, luxuriously plush voice – almost a young Joanna Lumley put to music. Since her last album three years ago, Norah has reached 30 and left her long-term partner, milestones in anyone’s life. Perhaps these two factors are catalysts for a change of direction? Her mentor on her new musical journey is producer/songwriter Jacquire King. Best-known for his work with Kings of Leon and Tom Waits, King has Norah experimenting with the underbelly of musical sounds, namely creaky basslines and scratchy keyboards. The rickety, unwashed tracks are refreshingly a world away from anything in her back catalogue and, indeed, anything we’ve heard this year.


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BOOK REVIEWS Belinda Beckett reviews the hottest New Year releases.

Age Erasers for Women by Editors of Women’s Health Why do some women slouch into middle age at 35 while others stay young, sexy and toned into their 50s and beyond? Women’s Health magazine has spent the last five years gaining a more factual understanding of the ageing process. From rejuvenating exercises and wrinklereducing superfoods to brainpower-boosting skills and the Seven Rules for Sexual Intimacy, this new book promises to share secrets based on cutting-edge science that will help you look and feel 10 years younger or more.

Under the Dome by Stephen King Stephen King’s return to supernatural horror is a page-turning thrill ride through our capacity for good and evil. When the small town of Chester’s Mill, Maine, is surrounded by an invisible force field (the Dome), the people inside must learn to survive. Planes crash into it, cars explode on impact with it and people in the neighbouring town are divided from their families by it. No one can fathom what it is, where it came from and when (or if) it will go away. King handles the huge cast of characters with his customary ruthlessness, forcing them to live (or die) with the consequences of their decisions.

SuperFreakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner The sequel to the best-selling Freakonomics, this follow-up is subtitled Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance. Four years in the making, it provides the answers to puzzling questions such as why chemotherapy is prescribed so often if it’s so ineffective, as well as some you never thought of asking, such as why doctors are so bad at washing their hands. The authors mix smart thinking with great storytelling, whether investigating a solution to global warming, explaining why the price of oral sex has fallen or portraying the world for what it really is – good, bad, ugly and, in the final analysis, super freaky.

Ford County by John Grisham If you enjoy Grisham you’ll love his first collection of short stories which takes us back to the setting of his first novel, A Time to Kill. Grisham writes fluently about life in the Deep South, often using the legal system as an instrument to illuminate a world of antebellum mansions, racism and small town Mississippi hypocrisy but this new collection introduces us to something new – his great sense of humour. Featuring a cast of characters you’ll never forget, his tales are hilarious, moving and always entertaining, making it clear why he is one of the best-selling writers of modern American fiction.

Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon by Mark Di Vincenzo Most of us know the optimum time to visit our local butcher in order to avoid little old ladies who buy one tenth of a kilo of everything, sliced and filleted. But oh for other fail-safes to save us time and frustration! With this book, subtitled A Guide to the Best Time to Buy This, Do That and Go There, you have the solutions. Apparently, there is a right and a wrong time to do everything, whether it’s having an operation, asking someone out on a date or making an offer on a house. A book that promises you’ll be more successful in everything you do, whether it’s getting more for your money, taking better care of your health or climbing the career ladder. It’s purely a matter of perfect timing!

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone Subtitled A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Saving the Planet, actress, activist and committed conservationist Alicia Silverstone shares the insights that encouraged her to swear off meat and dairy forever and adopt a plant-based diet, resulting in effortless weight loss, clearer skin, off-the-chart energy and smooth digestion. Whether your goal is to drop a few pounds, boost your energy and metabolism or simply save the world, Alicia provides the encouragement, information and tools to make that empowering transition.

Sol Searching by Keidi Keating A humorous take on a modern girl’s decision to change her life by moving to the Costa del Sol, this book started out as Keidi Keating’s personal diary as a fledgling British ex-pat in Andalucía, aged 23. Five years later, her story of the challenges, joys and frustrations of living in a foreign country has received the backing of independent publisher Native Spain, which describes it as “a bit like Bridget Jones in the sun!”. Keidi is Editor of The Sentinella magazine, a popular A5 publication distributed in her new home in the Axarquia, and this hilarious account of the characters and problems she comes across in her battle to realise her dreams will strike a chord with expats everywhere.


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129 SBCC



Page 1

SWISS MADE HOMES Privileged Living

… need we say more…

FOR SALE Luxury Villas in top locations in the best part of MARBELLA SIERRA BLANCA and SIERRA BLANCA COUNTRY CLUB Built to the highest standards and equipped with top of the range quality fittings, under floor heating and air-conditioning (hot/cold), beautiful landscaping, etc. Plots starting at 268.000 € Villas starting at 688.000 €

SWISS MADE HOMES 29602 Marbella SIERRA BLANCA and SIERRA BLANCA COUNTRY CLUB Tel.: (+34) 952 765 071 – Mobile: (+34) 699 234 266 – E-Mail: Mansions





his lunch hour, working girls around the world will be popping out of the office to make a deposit or withdrawal at their bank. Nothing unusual in that, you may think, except these are high street fat banks – clinics where they can have fat cells removed from their buttocks and thighs, stored in a deep freeze and reinjected on demand into their cheeks or lips to plump out lines and smooth wrinkles. They can be back at their desks within the hour. It may sound advanced but, with the lightening speed at which new techniques are being developed (we now have SmartLipo, which targets fat cells by laser, Vaser Lipo which uses ultrasound, and Zerona, non-invasive laser body sculpting), it will soon be passé. Futurists describe genetic enhancement as ‘the new space race’, tipped to become as big an industry this century as extra-terrestrial exploration was in the last. New techniques that go way beyond skin-deep beauty will enable us to reprogramme our DNA to rejuvenate organs in the body, increase athletic ability and even boost intelligence. “Humanity is ready to pursue biomedical and genetic enhancement”, says UCLA Professor Gregory Stock. “The money is already being invested.” Once the preserve of the rich and famous, today ordinary mortals are buying into the image business and booking in for a quick corporal fix has become as normal as going to the hairdressers. Cosmetic surgery used to be surrounded by fear and mistrust, fuelled by horror stories such as Jocelyn Wildenstein’s £2million cosmetic surgery odyssey. Afraid that her husband was losing interest in her and inspired by his love for cats, the American socialite began altering her face to make it more feline but her wind-tunnel looks earned her the nickname Bride of Wildenstein (and he left her anyway). Michael Jackson was another poor advertisement for the profession with his disfiguring facial surgery, the view being that if he couldn’t get it right with all his money, what hope had anyone else? But there has been a seismic shift in attitudes and today cosmetic surgery is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the healthcare industry (and Botox has entered the English language as a verb). Our obsession with the body beautiful has been fed by the air-brushed celebrity culture and the

plethora of personal makeover programmes on TV. And, with a constant influx of new designer procedures from the States (umbilicoplasty, labiaplasty, calf implants) come more options for patients and surgeons alike. Americans lead the field, spending almost $11.8 billion on over 10 million cosmetic procedures in 2008, a 162 percent increase since 1997. In Britain, demand has tripled since 2003, with liposuction, breast augmentation and tummy tucks among the most popular procedures, while the more extreme makeovers now available are positively eyebrow-raising: from toe-tucks to armpit Botox, and even designer vaginas, there’s no limit to the imagination when it comes to quick fixes under the syringe and scalpel. It’s not all about women. Male breast reduction procedures rose by 44 per cent last year while brow lifts, lipo, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, ear correction, face/neck lifts and hair transplants are other top guy ops of choice. Among both sexes, there has been massively increased demand for non-invasive procedures while gender reassignment surgery is a field on its own, involving multiple procedures where surgeons play God, changing vaginas into penises and vice versa. Before the credit crunch, banks estimated that £1.8 million was being spent daily on cosmetic surgery and over £5 million a year was being taken out in personal loans (averaging £6,500 per borrower) with one fifth of the borrowers being men. Even major healthcare providers like BUPA, which only dabbled in it, are now taking the business very seriously and have seen year-on-year growth of 25-30 per cent. A recent undercover investigation by Which? magazine revealed that people are being subjected to a hard-sell more akin to the double-glazing industry as clinics clamour for a share of the country’s £1 billion cosmetic surgery market. Cosmetic procedures are most common among 35-50 yearolds, followed by 51-64 year-olds and 19-34 year-olds, although some women in their eighties are opting for a ‘nip-tuck’ while Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Magazine reports that pre-wedding surgery is now as important a part of the bride’s nuptials (and, increasingly, the groom’s) as the ring.

Belinda Beckett looks at the brave new world of nip-tuck.


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However a survey by lifestyle business Saga cites wealthy over-50s as the big growth market, nicknamed Skiers (Spending the Kids Inheritance) for their tendency to enjoy their money now, rather than leaving it to their children. This segment fuelled the boom in retail and travel and is now doing the same for plastic surgery – more so in the current economic climate where younger people are putting their plans on the back burner. Their role models are the likes of Jane Fonda, Melanie Griffith, Debbie Harry and Sharon Osbourne who have all gone under the knife. Emma Soames, Editor of Saga Magazine, points to TV programmes such as 10 Years Younger for the rise in ‘silver surgery’. “Cosmetic surgery is not the taboo it might once have been and, for the over 50s, it is certainly an option.” Although the recession is blamed for a dip in demand for procedures in America, business in Britain is booming. “When you can’t buy a new car or move house and it is difficult to get credit, spending £300 on a

PLASTIC Botox treatment cheers people up,” says Dr. Lesley Reynolds, a specialist skincare adviser at the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic. “The Deka Smartlipo treatment, one of our most expensive procedures starting at £2,000, is an everyday event for us now while Fraxel Repair Facelifts, at £3,300, are not uncommon either.” She has also noted a “vast increase” in the number of men having treatment since the credit crunch hit. ‘”We’ve had men who have been made redundant coming in to ‘spruce’ themselves up, in the hope that they will look fresher and more relaxed at interviews, as well as those desperate to get themselves in shape just in case they lose their job and need to find a new one.” Britain, however, is not the cheapest place to get a makeover. Porcelain veneers for that ‘celebrity smile’, for example, are nothing to smile about when they can set you back up to £20,000. In consequence, more people are heading abroad to purchase their nip-tuck at a snip, giving rise to the sun, sea and silicone surgery phenomenon. Spain – Marbella in particular – has been a popular choice but eastern bloc countries like Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are the new bargain basements or, further afield, South Africa which is heavily marketing its ‘scalpel safaris’. There, a full face lift could cost as little as £3,000, compared to £9,000 back home, with a luxury hotel stay and game park safari thrown in. For Americans, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico are cut-price hotpots; for Asians it’s Korea; and for Middle Easterners, Jordan. Americans and Europeans are also prepared to try more exotic destinations like Thailand, Malaysia and India, where the cost of ops can be one-tenth of the price back home. While distance is the perfect cover-up for those looking for cosmetic secrecy, providing time to recover from bruising and the excuse of a holiday to explain a fresher appearance, there are risks. Says Barry Jones, former President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS):


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18/12/09 17:37:32

“Plastic surgeons in some countries do not have to carry professional indemnity insurance if something goes wrong. This means a person cannot claim legal compensation if treatment fails.” He also points out the difficulty in checking surgeons’ qualifications long distance, while in many countries there are no governing bodies checking standards at private clinics. Language barriers, lack of natural immunity to some countries’ infectious diseases, no access to medical records and the hazards of long distance travel soon after surgery are other considerations, while aftercare will always be a problem and now there are figures to prove it. Transform, the largest cosmetic surgeons in the UK, saw a 72 per cent increase in corrective surgery operations from 2007 to 2008, following holiday operations abroad. The most common were breast augmentations, tummy tucks and rhinoplasties. This is reaffirmed by BAAPS which reports a 33 per cent increase in corrective procedures amongst its surgeons over the last five years. No one country is to blame but over half the botched operations its surgeons repaired stemmed from Poland, 44 per cent from South Africa, 36 per cent from Belgium and a number from Hungary, Turkey, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Thailand and Malaysia. Cosmetic surgery does not come without risk – even established, non-invasive procedures. Dr. Sam Epstein, Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, recently condemned antiageing creams that contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), stripping the skin of its protective top layer and making it more prone to sun damage and toxins, as “probably the most dangerous


cosmetic products on the market,” adding that limonene, another ingredient commonly used, “is a well-documented carcinogen.” Admitting, “No surgery or procedure is 100 per cent risk free”, BAAPS surgeon Mark Henley stresses that timing is important. “Avoid surgery if you have recently experienced major life events such as moving house, changing job, losing a loved one or having children.” He also advises: “Don’t be talked into anything; make your own decisions. The real expert on your appearance and any concerns you may have is you. And always check your surgeon is a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, or equivalent.” (www.baaps. org) The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery predicts that the trend for cosmetic procedures will grow even stronger in the coming years, driven in America by greater awareness of the health risks of obesity and the number of patients seeking body contouring procedures after dramatic weight loss. However, he warned: “Consumers looking for a bargain will unfortunately lead to an increase in horror stories about discount injectables bought offshore and surgical procedures performed by poorly trained practitioners.” Omnia Vanita, that admonitory phrase so often accompanied by the illustration of a woman gazing into the mirror to see the figure of death smirking back at her, reminds us of the pointlessness of vanity in the light of our mortality, but it is clearly something we prefer to ignore. After all, it’s hard to show worry on a face with no lines – although the surgeon’s bill may produce a few.

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Gorgeous Getaways Google throws up a huge array of cosmetic surgery tour operators. Here are just three options: u Surgeon & Safari’s breast augmentation package in Cape Town

An at-a-glance look at some of the more weird and wonderful treatments crossing the Atlantic. DRACULA THERAPY The slang term for Stimulated Self Serum (or S3·) Therapy, the hottest news in anti-ageing being pioneered in Britain by French cosmetic doctors Daniel Sister and Cyrille Blum. Vials of your own blood are drawn, separated into red blood cells, clear serum and platelets and, after vitamins and amino acids have been added, the enriched serum is injected into your face. The treatment is said to stimulate DNA repair, heal scars and make wrinkled lacklustre skin look and feel younger naturally, without synthetic fillers of painful peels. DESIGNER VAGINAS: Procedures include remodelling the labia to make the vagina appear more attractive, and vaginal tightening. There’s even an operation available to restore a woman’s hymen, pioneered by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. David Matlock. Most women have it done before marriage but there’s also demand for recreational hymenoplasty to spice up your love life. TOE TUCKS: Cosmetic surgery to shorten toes is sold as a style solution for women who hate the way their feet look in strappy shoes. Surgeons use a saw to slice segments from bones in the three-hour op. Costing around £3,500, it can be months before a patient can walk properly. STILETTO SURGERY: When Christian Louboutin’s eight-inch stilettos hit the catwalks, shoe fetishists began demanding designer feet to match. In a procedure described as getting ‘pillows for the feet’, Botox is injected to plump up the balls of the feet and reduce pain so that high heels can be worn for longer. There’s also a procedure to narrow the feet for slimmer-fitting shoes. LIPOSUCTION FOR CANKLES: Thick calves and tree-trunk ankles can be slimmed and shaped in an operation that melts fat cells using a probe under the skin, leaving very little bruising and giving a smoother effect. ARMPIT BOTOX: Socially unacceptable sweat marks under the arms can be history with this procedure, costing around £500. Injections of Botox paralyse sweat glands for six-12 months. Also used for sweaty palms. EYELASH TRANSPLANTS: A procedure originally created for cancer patients, hairs from the head are implanted into the eyelid, trimmed and curled. The hair takes root and starts to grow into longer, lusher lashes. Performed under local anaesthetic, it costs at least £2,500. BUTTOCK IMPLANTS: With this procedure, you can have a butt like J-Lo. Costing more than £7,000, a surgical route to the perfect rear involves slicing open the buttocks and fitting silicone gel implants. In Latin America, where a curvaceous bottom is a big male turn-on, this op is more popular than breast implants. BOTOX BOOBS: Much used by celebs for special occasions (such as the Oscars), this involves injections of Botox in the pectoral muscles, which temporarily lifts breasts, improves posture, and optimises cleavage. MACROLANE PENISES: Macrolane gel by Q-Med, a dermal filler devised for body contouring and enhancing the breasts, is now being used instead of the patient’s own fat to increase penis girth. It takes 20 minutes under local anaesthetic, lasts 18 months and full sexual activity can be resumed in three weeks.

includes a consultation in London, a week’s recuperation at the famous five-star Mount Nelson Hotel and two days in an all-inclusive game park lodge with safaris and bush helicopter flights, from £3,152 p.p. If you don’t fancy bouncing around in the back of a Land Rover with your new DD breasts in the early stage of post-operative recovery, no worries. There’s also a wine safari.


u Body Beautiful’s Laser Vaginal Surgery holiday in Kuala Lumpur

includes a vaginoplasty and labiaplasty plus 10 nights in a five-star resort with breakfast, luxury transport and all the medical trimmings, including UK assessment and a free pack of anti-DVT Stockings. Hopefully you won’t meet Mr Right while you’re there because you won’t be in the mood for love! Price, £3,700.


u Beauty in Prague offers upper and lower eyelid surgery for

£1,539, including one-to-four nights in a clinic. Accommodation is self-catering. A ‘luxurious studio apartment in prestigious Prague Old Town’ with satellite TV, WiFi Internet and DVD player’ costs £55 per night. But would you want to be alone with your pain in Prague, unable to speak the lingo and forced to shop for your own dinner?


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Jenson Butt on




I’d just landed from a week’s training in Lanzarote and I was thinking: ‘S***, I’m fit!’ Just then I got the call from my manager, Richard Goddard, and thought: ‘S***! The phone just dropped out of my hand. Everyone was staring at me thinking: ‘What’s the matter with him?’” That was how Jenson Button heard the bombshell news that Honda was pulling out of Formula One, leaving the British racing driver and team mate Rubens Barrichello without wheels, just weeks before the start of the new Grand Prix season. It was unthinkable, at such an eleventh hour, that Button would be able to secure a drive at a top team and resurrect a career that was being described, at the time, as “mediocre”. Yet, less than a year and eight Grand Prix victories later, the 29-year-old was stepping up to the podium in Brazil to be crowned World Champion. His team, Brawn GP, also secured a ‘first’ in F1 history, winning the World Constructors’ Championship in its maiden season. It’s the stuff of fairytales and it will make a great movie – indeed, Button has already written the script: My Championship Year, published immediately following his victory, is flying off the book shelves. There were emotional scenes in Brazil between Jenson and his father, John, who has had a huge influence on his son’s career and has missed only one of his 171 Grand Prix races. “He was crying his eyes out and saying ‘I’m


World Champion’. That’s all he was saying. We were like babies,” recalls Button Senior. “Now, he goes down in history with all the other great names.” A dazed Jenson added: “This year has been better than most Hollywood movies. If you looked at everything that happened this season, you’d say it can’t be real; that it’s been exaggerated.” You can say that again. Nothing stands still in motor racing and, before the bubbles in his victory champagne had a chance to go flat, Button had signed a three-year deal to drive alongside Lewis Hamilton for McLaren, filling the gap created by former World Champion Kimi Raikkonen who will not race this coming season. The move ends Button’s nine year association with Brawn GP (formerly Honda) which will be renamed Mercedes GP for 2010 following the German car giant’s acquisition of a 75 per cent stake in the British-based team and the signing of German drivers Nico Rosberg and possibly Nick Heidfeld. Button’s move to McLaren potentially creates a dream team combining two of the hottest properties in motor sport. Hamilton won the 2008 driver’s title and McLaren is expected to have one of the fastest cars on the grid next season after finishing this year strongly. Racing pundits have not ruled out the possibility of friction between the two Brits in a team Hamilton has made his own. But Button, who will be on a salary of £6m compared to Hamilton’s £10m-plus, has voiced none of those fears: “I’ve followed the McLaren team ever since I was a small boy and it feels unbelievable to finally be a part of it. Lewis is a wonderfully gifted driver who has earned the respect of every Formula One driver. There’s plenty we can learn from each other.” Added Hamilton: “I already know Jenson, and we get on very well together. Although we’ll be pushing each other hard, I’m sure we’ll very quickly establish a great working relationship.” For the best part of a decade Button had been the nearly man of British motor racing with a career more chequered than a finishingline flag. Almost overnight, he went from close-to-zero to national hero, largely thanks to Ross Brawn, the strategist credited with being behind Michael Shumacher’s seven World Championship victories. Brawn, Team Principal

of Honda Racing, invested faith and a vast sum of money in Button by leading a management buyout. Suddenly finding himself in a highly competitive, Mercedes-engined car, Button did not disappoint his new sponsor, winning six of the first seven races of the 2009 season, equalling a record achieved by only two other drivers (Schumacher and Jim Clark). Then, at the Brazilian Grand Prix in October, he flew from 14th position on the grid to fifth, taking a sufficient points lead to secure the 2009 World Drivers’ Championship with one race to go. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November was a glorious climax, bringing him a third-place podium finish and a championship 95 points total. Barrichello finished the season in third place, with 77 points – a historic victory for Team Brawn GP in its debut year. Button, who turns 30 this month, was tipped for glory at 20 when he became the youngest British driver to race in Formula One although, in the early days, his father sometimes had to borrow petrol money to get them home from race meetings. But his track record was inconsistent – with 169 race starts before winning the ultimate prize, only Nigel Mansell holds the record for more (176) – and he became better known for his playboy lifestyle and string of affairs off the circuit, admitting in interviews that he would like to “try a threesome” and finds nothing sexier than “a good-looking girl in a fast car”. Now with a more settled love life, he dedicated his championship win to steady girlfriend, Japanese lingerie model Jessica Michibata, whose foot massages he has credited for his improved performance on the track. Jenson was obsessed with speed as a young boy growing up in Frome, Somerset with his three older sisters (his parents are divorced). His father, a well-known British Rallycross driver in the 1970s, bought him a go-kart when he was eight and he devoted so much time to racing, he passed only one GCSE. But by 11 he was well on track for sporting success, winning all 34 races of the 1991 British Cadet Kart Championship to take the title. Further triumphs followed and, in 1997, he became the youngest driver to take the European Super A Championship, also winning the Aryton Senna Memorial Cup which precipitated his move into motor racing.

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At 18, he won the British Formula Ford Championship with Haywood Racing and the annual McLaren Autosport BRDC Young Driver Award, a prize that included a test in a McLaren Formula One car the following year, where he first met Ross Brawn. When Brawn told him, “I hope to see you again”, Jenson replied, “You will see me again”. Entering Formula Three in 1999, he finished the season as top rookie driver. Then, a vacant race seat became available for 2000 at the F1 Williams team. Jenson tested and won it, finishing eighth in his first season. The following year, Button drove for Benetton which had just been purchased by Renault but his car, constantly under development, was never fast. Despite finishing seventh in 2002, he was replaced in 2003 by Renault’s Spanish test driver, Fernando Alonso (who went on to become 2005 and 2006 World Champion). Team Principal, Flavio Briatore, said he had sacked Button because there were “too many things in the background” distracting him from racing. Button joined the BAR team (British American Racing, later bought by Honda), first partnering Jacques Villeneuve, then ex-Ferrari driver Barrichello. Despite achieving his first career win at the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix, his performance over the next four years was lacklustre. His also-ran image as the Tim Henman of motor racing seemed permanent when fellow Brit Lewis Hamilton, five years his junior, came from nowhere to overtake him in every sense, snatching the 2008 F1 Championship for McLaren-Mercedes in his second season. Button’s Honda RA108 car was largely to blame, prompting ex-British World Champion Damon Hill to comment: If he’s serious, he has to get himself in a car that is a championship contender.” What a difference a year makes. Now, from facing an untimely end to his career, he joins a team that is destined to be a top audience-puller this season on a salary that will better fund his superstar lifestyle in Monaco (he also has homes in Britain and Bahrain) and his collection of classic cars. A party animal who is well-liked among the motor-racing crowd, away from the circuit he follows a rigorous daily programme of cardio-vascular and weights work-outs, and enjoys high-adrenalin mountain biking and body boarding. He has no F1 hero although he says: “I used to love the racing between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost and I liked James Hunt back in his day, but not necessarily for racing reasons.” Revving up for the new season in March, he says: “I want to be with a team that can challenge for victories and McLaren is one of the greats of world sport. You can’t help but be affected by this team’s phenomenal history.” Button will be following in the wheel tracks of a Who’s Who of Formula One – Emerson Fittipaldi, James Hunt, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Mika Hakkinen …It’s a hard act to follow but, win or lose, the prospect of two young Brits in the same car driving at speeds of up to 220mph will add an exciting new dimension to Formula One racing in the months to come. n

He’s got it all to prove again this season alongside Lewis Hamilton in an all-British line-up at McClaren; but Jenson Button can be proud of his 2009 F1 World Championship title with Brawn GP, a victory no bookie would have offered odds on at the start of last year. Belinda Beckett tracks the zero-to-hero career of the supercar superstar.

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CarolinaandOcaña the Eternal Cycle of Love Report Marisa CUTILLAS PHOTOGRAPHY KH PHOTOGRAPHY


t was a lazy Sunday morning when nursery school teacher Carolina Ocaña was flipping through the weekend magazine, El Semanal. There, she saw a set of photographs that would haunt her, speak to her soul and beckon her to a destiny she always knew was hers but which she had set aside, owing to the demands of work and family life. That destiny was to write the book El río, a trilogy and interconnected short novel in one, inviting readers from age one to 100 to submerge themselves in the river: that sought-after place, between life and death, where we can choose between what we have and what we always wanted; beneath its calming waters we can turn back the hands of time and fulfil the dreams we were meant to. The photographs were from Canadian photographer Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow Collection, featuring shots of people and animals in Tibet, India and Africa. Says Colbert, “In Ashes and Snow, I set out to explore the


relationship between man and animals from the inside out. In discovering the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I am working towards restoring the common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals.” Carolina Ocaña tells us that four particular photographs propelled her to write El río: “One was of a little boy, a Tibetan monk, bent over a sea shell. The second was of a girl asleep in the middle of a river, surrounded by elephants. Another was of an old lady embracing a lynx wrapped in a blanket. Lastly, there was a girl touching a leopard, her other hand placed over her heart. In El río, I sought to connect all those pictures through a story.” El río tells three tales: one unfolds in India, where young tea vendor Ashila (which means ‘something pure’) foregoes her true love, Danayanda (which means ‘he who dreams’), to marry a husband chosen by her father. Within the first tale, another is revealed: that of the manatee (a sea creature that mates for life and grows breasts to feed its young), lost in grief and guilt for its lost offspring. The second tale is set atop a mystic monastery in Tibet where a four-year-old orphan, training to become a monk, finds his solace in a seashell that communicates with him through song. Although he is only a little child, he knows he cannot live without the seashell and worries about its impending demise. Finally, Carolina takes us to the adventurous land of Africa where the young adolescent, Eiseb, finds a best friend and her true love in a protective leopard, Numba. Eiseb is determined to find a way that she and Numba can be united in body and spirit. When I read El río for the first time, I was surprised in many ways: it was both simple and profound, childlike yet thoughtful. Few readers will probably be able to close this 80pager, preferring (like me) to read it in one go.

The first story touched and intrigued me and, by the second, I discovered a river inside me in the form of tears, fretting for the seemingly unsolvable situation of the child in the tale. In many ways, El río is the perfect book to read to children at bed time, similar to classics such as Saint Exupéry’s The Little Prince or Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince. It is equally heartbreaking and emotive and, while little ones can connect to it at a superficial level, older readers will be intrigued by the questions it poses: Is love eternal? Do we believe in reincarnation? How do we reconcile being parents with being partners? How are we expected to fulfil the many duties espoused by family and society and not lose ourselves in the process? The publication of El río is a story in itself. Carolina took some 10 months to complete it, writing in what she calls, “rather challenging conditions”. She explains: “I’d be writing at home after work and my sons (aged eight and 11) would be interrupting me, asking me to help them out with their homework or to bring them cookies,” she laughs, adding, “Once the text was done, I printed out 10 copies on my home computer and gave them to friends as gifts.” The reaction was not what she expected, with friends insisting that she had to publish the story. “I approached various publishing houses but they told me they were currently not even accepting stories so I turned to Rerpo-fast printers and they published 100 copies.” In one month, the books were sold out, prompting her to publish 1,000 more copies (sold at FNAC and local bookshops). The photography to illustrate the story proved to be another challenge. Carolina, who had always dabbled in photography herself, set out to find models and various settings around Marbella which would evoke the mystery and wonder of far-off lands such as India. “Finding

essential marbella magazine

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16/12/09 15:56:30

“Love transcends time. It never grows old. Sometimes it fades and it seems like it has gone but this is only a phase in its eternity. As soon as it is reclaimed by a new heart, it spills over, growing like a little spring and eventually converting into a plentiful river. El río, Carolina Ocaña

the models was very difficult, especially for the Tibetan boy. I ended up finding him in a Chinese five-and-dime store. The parents of the previous boy I had found ended up revoking their permission for religious reasons. They were Christian and did not like the idea of their son dressing up as a monk.” Once photography and text were ready, she enlisted the help of graphic designer Alejandro Briz who took the task to heart and worked until four or five in the morning to complete the project. Since its publication, Carolina has presented El río at various schools around Marbella to children aged 13 to 15. At these workshops, the children read the book and answer the questions she poses to

them: questions such as which characters they most identify with, whether they believe in destiny, what happens after death and what the river symbolises. She is often surprised, she says, “by the sensitivity, curiosity and depth” of current day youth. “Many of them are highly evolved in the spiritual sense… they want to create, to do things… but many times the world discourages them from doing so.” Modern day trappings include the Internet and computer games. In Carolina’s own home, on weekends, one hour a week is set aside for reading. “We all bunch up on the sofa and read. I try to encourage their imagination and be with them to ensure that, when they’re on the Internet, they’re actually working.”

Nature is another big passion for Carolina, who admits to needing “to get away and be alone in a place where there are trees, or water.” She is worried about the current state of the planet: “This isn’t going to last,” she says, and she tells me that her new project is a longer novel on “how we are going to get out of this mess.” She explains: “Modern life doesn’t allow us to just ‘be’. We are running too fast, destroying our planet. We have only two options: either the world will implode and we will have to live in an entirely different way, or we can opt for a simpler life.” Carolina often dreams of “going off to live in a small house in the country, living off the land; a simpler life where we don’t need to work so hard because our needs aren’t so great.” I ask her why, if love is eternal, the divorce rate is so high. She answers: “Love is not the problem, this world is. It forces us to reconcile too many conflicting needs.” I also enquire whether she plans on sharing El río with Gregory Colbert and she replies, “I’d love to, but he’s so famous, I wonder what he’d think of my work”. Flattered and touched are two adjectives that come to mind. El río is a work of great significance, one that speaks of the ever-changing, malleable nature of love. Its conclusion is both jubilant and sad as we wonder whether we, like the characters, will ever find that river where we can be the people we have always wanted to be. What a joy it would be to submerge ourselves in its pure waters, to find our love condensed with the love of all creatures that are, and once were. In El río we discover that all we need is courage.

i El río is available at:

El Zoco bookshop Avda. Ricardo Soriano 22, local 3, esquina Valentuñana, Marbella. Tel: 952 828 800. Mata Edif. Castillo, 3, Old Town, by the horse fountain, Marbella.Tel: 952 770 144. Artúrica Avda. Puerta del Mar 11, Tel: 952 862 824. Directly from Carolina Ocaña at

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16/12/09 15:58:08

the trend PRODUCTS & IDEAS

The Latest Gadgets


The Mercedes SLS AMG





E129Intros.indd 1

18/12/09 11:53:15



Toshiba Cell Regza Toshiba recently unveiled its latest addition to the LCD television market: the new Cell Regza LCD TV, a 140 cm television that allows users to view five different screens at once and save up to 3 TB of files onto its internal hard drive. The Cell Regza, which costs almost twice as much as its market competitors, sets a new standard in resolution, brightness and colour contrast, allowing users to view poor quality and YouTube-type videos, refining them to high resolution. The Cell Regza’s special processor (similar to that used in Sony’s PS3 console) allows viewers to watch the last 26 hours of high definition video on eight different channels, making it the ultimate gadget for television addicts.



2 XtremeMac InCharge Duo Dual Charging Base for iPhone and iPod

InCharge is a rapid charging and syncing dock that charges nearly any combination of iPhone or iPod models simultaneously. It can charge two iPhone or iPods at once, twice as fast as a computer and its sleek design fits perfectly on any surface. The charger comes with a USB cable for syncing with a computer and contains a status indicator, so users can see how much time is left until their gadgets are fully charged.

3 SmartTech Smart Table for kids


SmartTech’s Smart Table must be the ultimate gadget for kids. It is the first multi-touch, multi-user interactive learning centre, providing children with a host of activities and games, encouraging them to collaborate and join in the fun. Kids can improve their reading, problem solving, counting, team work and visual spatial awareness skills, to name a few uses, thanks to the patented Digital Vision Touch system which enables multi-user, multi-touch functions. The Table contains a customised PC and a projection system that can be turned on with a single touch. Its screen reads simultaneous input from an unlimited number of fingers or pen tools and is ideal for small groups of children working together. Kids can customise their activities, choosing from a wide range of images and backgrounds to make them more appealing. The only downside to the Smart Table is the price: it costs a little under €6.000!


Asus Designo MS Monitor


3 4


If you like your computer to look as good as you, check out the Asus Designo MS monitor, only 1.6cm thick and containing a spherical base with Ergo-Fit technology which allows users to regulate the inclination of the panel with the touch of a finger. The screen measures an impressive 60cm and contains a Full HD 1080p panel with a 50.000:1 contrast, 2ms reaction time, HDMI port and the renowned Asus Splendid Video technology.



Papyre 5.1 Electronic Reader Sony and Amazon have yet to launch their readers in Spain making Papyre, a Spanish company, the top national seller. Its latest model is the Papyre 5.1, smaller in size than the Papyre 6.1 and more affordable. The good news is that the reader is now finer (1 cm thick) and shorter (15 cm long), weighing a mere 160 grams. It reads up to 9,000 pages with one full charge, boasting a 16 GB storage which encompasses many books at once. The Papyre 5.1 is also able to read text in a variety of formats, including PDF, Doc, FB2 and TXT.



6 LaCie Sound2 Speakers

La Cie’s stylish new speakers have been designed in conjunction with Cabasse, one of the most respected hi-fi sound system companies in the world. With their top acoustic engineering, the Sound2 Speakers represent a step up from previous generations of USB speakers, offering high quality sound at a reasonable price. The speakers feature a Class D Digital Amplifier, magnetic shielding, bass reflex system, and a 30W total peak system output. The Cabasse touch is present in the Wide Band Driver, which helps the speakers deliver a fantastic performance without breaking your budget. Sound2 comes with a built-in USB cable and dual power, which allows users to opt for USB cable use or a normal power supply for optimum sound.


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Report tony whitney photography courtesy of mercedes-benz





ercedes-Benz is making it very clear that its magnificent 2010 SLS AMG bears no relationship to the now-discontinued SLR McLaren supercar and is brand new in just about every possible way. Also, the SLS was developed and engineered by AMG itself, rather than MercedesBenz – a ‘first’ for the manufacturer’s famed tuning division, normally devoted to engine building. The SLS AMG won’t arrive until some time this spring and the price (with VAT) is anticipated to be in the 177.000€ range in Germany, though this may not be any kind of pointer to Spanish prices. What is clear is that the car will likely cost about half as much as its SLR McLaren predecessor and is thus another example of the people at Mercedes-Benz sharpening their pencils to meet the demands of prevailing markets – something they’ve been doing with great success right through the various product ranges. It’s no ‘cheapie’ by any stretch of the imagination but now the Stuttgart automaker’s supercar is highly competitive in its class and promises to be not that much more expensive than a ‘full house’ SL model. The SLS borrows all kinds of wonderful styling details from Mercedes-Benz sports cars of years gone by but, above all, its gullwing doors will dominate the thoughts of most people when they see one of these in the metal. They hark back to the truly memorable 300 SL of the mid-1950s – a car that even today is a breathtaking sight for anyone with the least interest in fine cars. Other reminders of the 300 SL are the wide radiator grille with its huge three-pointed star and the intakes on the hood and flanks. The SLR McLaren had what might be called ‘semi gullwing’ doors, hinged at the windshield pillar; but the SLS doors pivot from the central part of the roof, just like the fabled 300 SL. Gullwing doors are exceptionally difficult to engineer and that’s probably why so few cars have used them over the years. In practice, the doors work well. Even at their widest swing point, they don’t protrude that much, though I took the precaution of parallelparking my test car when I stopped for coffee, rather than park between two other vehicles and face the

embarrassment of being trapped. It’s a bit of a stretch to reach the door to pull it shut and this should be done before fastening the seatbelt. But enough of doors and let’s take a look at the SLS as a high performance ‘exoticar’. Power comes from a 6.3-litre V-8 with dry sump lubrication which develops 571-horsepower and 650Nm of torque. Obviously, this engine is an AMG development, and each unit is hand-assembled by one technician at the division’s plant in Affalterbach, Germany. The assembled engine is signed off by its builder and you’ll find the name of the AMG employee responsible on a small plate located on the engine cover. Although the SLS AMG powerplant doesn’t have the SLR McLaren’s 626-horsepower and is, in fact, less powerful in terms of straightforward horses than some SL variants, this doesn’t really show – probably thanks to the lightness of the SLS’s superbly-crafted aluminium spaceframe body structure. Even the drive shaft – which handles an awful lot of power – is a super-light carbon fibre tube. Give the SLS a little throttle and it roars in the most impressive way and there’s no doubt that there’s a very potent V-8 located in the front/mid position beneath the elegant bonnet. The SLS AMG will hit 100 km/h in a speedy 3.8seconds and the top speed (governed) is 317 km/ h. The claimed average fuel consumption of 13.2 litres/100 km is quite possibly a best in class. The SLS uses a transaxle system (gearbox at the rear) which contributes towards better weight distribution. The transmission is an AMG Speedshift DCT 7-speed ‘manumatic’ with four driving modes and, although there are the usual steering wheel paddles, I found that power was available so quickly whenever it was needed that being lazy and relying on the automatic mode was just fine. The car is much more driver-friendly than the SLR McLaren and is just as happy motoring around town as it is being unleashed with all its might on the track. The brakes especially are a big improvement on the SLR’s, which snatched and squealed with even the smoothest driver at the wheel. Made by Brembo for Mercedes-Benz, they can be ordered with carbon ceramic discs and these proved to be the best in this material I’d ever tried. Other safety features include up to eight air bags and a ‘suite’ of electronic stability and emergency braking aids. Suspension uses a fairly straightforward double wishbone arrangement which adds up to a sports car that certainly handles as well as it goes. Poor road surfaces do get broadcast to the driver fairly easily but the same can be said of most high-performance cars with seriously good handling. Climbing into the car is quite easy, despite the wide and fairly high sills (not as high as the monsters on the 300 SL, though!) and a little caution will avoid bumped heads on the door. It’s certainly possible to get a bruise or two but I’d guess that owner familiarity would take care of that problem in a matter of days. I never banged my head in three days around the car and I’m quite tall. The seats are exceptionally grippy and comfortable and, once strapped in, everything

essential marbella magazine

129Ca.indd 32

16/12/09 15:48:03

is very easy to reach. Although the layout is entirely new, there is some ‘cockpit commonality’ with other Mercedes models and I never had any trouble finding everything. Even the navigation system was easy to use without recourse to the owner’s manual. Stowage around the cabin is quite poor and there are few places to stash odds and ends. Part of this problem lies with the gullwing doors, which can’t have pockets because everything would fall out when you opened them. The boot is quite roomy for a car in this class and a couple would have no problem stowing soft bags for

a week-long road trip. Some models I tried boasted an absolute symphony of carbon fibre trim, which looked wonderful, but expect this option to carry a fairly daunting price. Thanks to its (expected) price, this car will be a far more familiar sight than the rare SLR McLaren. It’s a usable, drivable, supercar that melds impressively advanced technology with a heritage that very few automakers can approach. And it’d be worth buying one just to see the faces of your pals when you cruise up to the golf club and open those gullwing doors. n

ENGINE u 6.3-litre V-8 TRANSMISSION u 7-speed transaxle, auto/manual ACCELERATION u Zero to 100 km/h in approx. 3.8-secs TOP SPEED u Approx. 317 km/h I LIKED... u Great looks (love those doors!), exhilarating performance, superbly built and finished, wonderful heritage I DIDN’T LIKE... u Ride a little harsh on poor roads, could use more stowage space in the cockpit MARKET ALTERNATIVES u Lamborghini Murciélago, Aston Martin DBS, Ferrari 612, Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione etc. WHO DRIVES ONE? u People who want a truly attention-grabbing sports car combining modern technology with the excitement and classic looks of Mercedes’ golden years PRICE AND AVAILABILITY u Available this spring, price to be announced

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Does it matter if you’re Black or White?

Report victoria wood


i Victoria Wood is a member of the Terra

Sana Life Team.


hen it comes to modern day society there are few who have not yet succumbed to the glory that is the feast of information: the Internet. It is out there for us all and anyone can join in, there are no class, age, height, race or creed restrictions, it is not a corporation-owned company that is raking in millions from our consumerism (though of course it is open to them too). It is a Worldwide, open, discrimination-free phenomenon in which we all have the opportunity to invest. A planet covering company in which we all own equal shares, all of us may elect to be on the board and we can all work however many hours we please! So why do I bring up the question of black or white? Something far simpler than racial identity or cultural differences, I literally mean the colour on your screen! With so many millions of people utilizing the Internet every second of every day, surely environmental issues are going to be raised somewhere down the line? Ways in which we can use the Internet to solve the planet’s problems, raising awareness, advice on better eco-living, etc. are easily attainable. However I have come across a very simple energy saving tool which everybody can quite easily use with barely any affect on their regular lives. Have you heard of Blackle? Heap Media have created a home page for your Internet browser with a predominantly black screen – this uses less wattage than a predominantly white screen. All the user needs to do is set it as their default home page. Then whenever you log on to the Internet you are greeted with the notion that you are effectively saving energy, “Image displayed is primarily a function of the user’s colour settings and desktop graphics, as well as the colour and size of open application windows; a given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen.” Roberson et al, 2002 Therefore theoretically, if you decide to set your home page to Blackle, every time you log on you will be doing something positive for the environment. The designers are aware that the energy saved is not on a massive scale but it is still a saving and also comes with the message that you are acting positively and that every journey begins with a single step. Google Custom Search powers Blackle searches and so it has the backing of the most influential, popular and effective search engine in the world. “An all white web page uses about 74 watts to display, while an all black page uses only 59 watts. I thought I would do a little math and see what moving a high volume site to the black format could save. Take at look at Google, receiving about 200 million queries a day. Let’s assume each query is displayed for about 10 seconds; that means Google is running for about 550,000 hours every day. Assuming that users run Google in full screen mode, the shift

to a black background will save a total of 15 (74-59) watts. That turns into a global savings of 8.3 megawatt-hours per day, or about 3,000 megawatt-hours a year. Now take into account that about 25 per cent of the monitors in the world are CRTs, and at 10 cents a kilowatt-hour, that’s $75,000, a goodly amount of energy and dollars for changing a few colour codes.” Heap Media. If that was too many equations and sums for you to indulge in then take a look at the Blackle home page yourself (www.blackle. com) and you can see a running calculation of the total number of watt hours saved to the second by users all around the world. So why is there skepticism regarding this new way to save energy? “ – Saving energy one search at a time” is their motto, but there are arguments against this to say that there is doubt as to the significance of the energy savings that can be achieved and the cost in terms of readability of black web pages. Having searched on the Internet for studies claiming this to be a problem or with any scientific justification as to white font on black screen being somehow worse for us than the opposite, I found nothing concrete. There were merely personal preferences regarding the aesthetics and ergonomics of web designs; most people who argue against the inversion of colour are those who are simply used to and so prefer the traditional dark font on a light background. Anybody can change a habit especially if it is for a good purpose. In conclusion, I have to say that I agree with the people at Heap Media behind the Blackle idea and ask that if there is a small benefit, does it matter how small it is, especially if it is a persistent reminder to the user to continue to make small efforts to make positive changes in the world? To change your home page to Blackle simply log on to www. and click on the option and voila! You are an ambassador of the saving watt-hours crusade! n

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20/06/2008 18:12:40


A Beautiful Family Home in Las Brisas Golf


Décor News


Art news


Hannibal Laguna


Marks & Spencer in Marbella


Fashion News



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fatboy Bio fires - Limited numbers

show room models

show room models



amazing discounts starting on the 7th of January

spas up to

30% ®

HotSpot spa 9.175 € now 6.900 €.


furniture up to


Visit us and see the new HotSpring spa models with TV and iPod music system installed. • Polígono Industrial de San Pedro • Carril de Picaza no. 17 • 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara T: +34 952 927 811 • F: +34 952 927 812 • Monday – Friday 10-18 • Closed Saturday 126_aquapool.indd 1

18/12/09 14:29:20


Design for Modern


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18/12/09 11:45:26

Report belinda beckett photography courtesy of Sgraevencasa s.L.


A Med Deco house in Nueva Andalucía


ontemporary architecture is at a premium in Marbella where the rustic Andalusian style has dominated home design for decades. But, among the avenues of terracotta-roofed, honeycoloured villas that are an all-pervasive feature of Golf Valley, one house stands out from the crowd for it’s clean geometric lines, dazzling white façade and cutting-edge symmetry. This beautiful five-bedroom family home in Las Brisas Golf is a credit to Belgian development company Sgraevencasa S.L. and a shining example of what can be achieved with vision and technical skill, especially as the total transformation took just 18 months. Although many home owners have redecorated their interiors to reflect the current vogue for minimalism, few properties other than the very latest new-builds achieve the holistic, insideoutside look, as this house does with its clean, angular Med Deco architecture (an evolution of Art Deco, Mediterranean and Modern popular in that other famous holiday playground, Miami Beach, during the 1930s). Strong horizontal and vertical lines, flat multi-level roofs, copious use of plate

glass and long wood-decked terraces framed by steel ship rails are among the features that make this villa a head turner. Yet surprisingly, in the 1970s when it was first built, it looked no different from any of its neighbours. The original owners wouldn’t recognise it today! Although the design preserves the original walls and layout of the old house, it incorporates many striking new elements including ‘green’ solar roof panels which provide hot water for the house and swimming pool. For developers, to whom time is money, reforms are the way to go in Marbella at the moment as building from scratch can be fraught with difficulties and delays due to the continued absence of a ratified Town Plan. A stronger argument still is the lack of prime virgin locations. This villa presents the rare opportunity to buy a ‘brand new’ home with a premium address in an area which is already well-established, close to Puerto Banús and the schools and amenities of Nueva Andalucía and running through a green corridor of manicured golf fairways. And, if you like golf, you couldn’t find a better

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18/12/09 11:45:47

vantage point for miles around. The stunning master suite of the villa, contained within a new storey added on to the original house, command’s a birdie’s eye view of the second green and third tee of Las Brisas golf course. Yet, despite the open design of the villa and its proximity to the public fairways, the sun terraces are completely secluded from view at ground level. And, with Marbella’s landmark La Concha mountain framed in the windows at every turn, it’s an idyllic scenario. This is a lifestyle house where every modern convenience has been thought of. Once through the security gates, the owner can park in the car port (designed for three vehicles but large enough to take four) and enter their private world through a striking pivot-hinge gate of solid wengue oak, flanked by Adelpha and Bird of Paradise plants. The gate swings open to reveal a delightful secret garden, formally laid out in a grid design: rectangular and square borders planted with wispy festuca grass or filled with white pebbles, like a living chess board. Olive and orange trees and angular ficus add detail and texture.

En suite dreams

The statement view as you open the front door is one of this villa’s many wow factors. A straight slate-tiled hall leads to a huge plate glass window which frames the blue infinity swimming pool that seems to cascade over the edge of the garden with La Concha looming in the background. It’s an exercise in perfect artistic symmetry, extra-spectacular with a summer blue sky. The ground floor living areas take their cue from the hallway and lead off to left or right. Being open plan, with massive floorto-ceiling plate glass windows, these fluid inter-connecting rooms create a powerful impression of light and space while the simple, common sense layout is designed for complete convenience. Guests can turn right to take their seats in the living room, or left into the dining room. Either way, the hostess can join in the conversation while she cooks in the stylish kitchen or (if the topic is dull) enjoy tantalising views of the garden through a wall of glass. All the living spaces have direct access to the garden terrace through big sliding doors but, for complete privacy, Japanese-style

Las Brisas views


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18/12/09 11:46:08

Untitled-1 1

22/12/09 13:48:13

The open plan lounge and TV room

The magnificent Master Suite

Bathroom beautiful


shoji blinds that are opaque from the outside only can be slid across, admitting all the available natural light without anyone being able to see in. At some windows, dark-stained wooden Venetian blinds add a colonial nuance. Modern chefs will be seduced by the streamlined, purpose-built kitchen whose wengue oak units showcase expert joinery and the latest Gaggenau appliances. A Silestone-topped preparation island doubles as a breakfast bar when high chairs are added while, below, cunningly concealed storage cupboards spring open at a touch. The back wall of the kitchen is dominated by a triple stainless steel unit containing a fridge, wine cooler, freezer and ice machine. Next to this, a door leads into a handy utility room. The flooring is laid in cream marble tiles which are as functional as they are beautiful. In contrast, wengue parquet flooring is a feature in the dining room, creating another ambience entirely. The focal point of this room is the modern oak dining table, flanked by white leather chairs and crowned by a pair of contemporary glass bucket lamps which, like all the lighting (and much of the furniture) comes from Belgium, a country that has made an art of eye-catching illuminations. An imposing dresser in

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18/12/09 11:46:36

Cool pool

The streamlined kitchen

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18/12/09 11:47:05

Rooms have wall-to-wall windows


The villa, compete with furnishings, is offered for sale by DM Properties, Tel: 952 765 138


Floating oak and glass double vanity units

distressed paintwork adds an interesting old world contrast to the otherwise ultra-modern look of this space. Back across the hall, a contemporary open brickwork fireplace provides a warm welcome in the lounge. Alongside many modern notes (an Anglepoise-style standard lamp, a floating ceiling studded with Belgian quality design spotlights, sofas upholstered in raw linen and unframed canvasses in bold primary colours on the walls), the coffee table made from an old wooden door is an inspirational choice. The cosy connecting TV room boasts a flat wall-mounted screen, shiny red lacquered cabinets, chocolate brown sofas and lamps with metallic silver shades Only now do we come to a main door separating the ground floor living areas from the sleeping wing of the house. Here, and upstairs, the doors are extra wide and tall and all, including the built-in wardrobe doors, have concealed hinges so that they seem to be part of the wall, creating a seamless look. The ground floor of this wing contains three guest suites, each with their own terrace, linked by a neutral colour scheme but uniquely accessorised to give each an individual twist: faux fur throws and cushions in one suite, candy-striped velour in another, different styles of headboards and colours of rugs. Spacious open wet room showers, cutting-edge Hansgrohe fittings and floating oak and glass double vanity units are common themes in the

Gorgeous guest suite

luxurious cream marble bathrooms. A marble staircase with chrome ship rails leads up to the second level, enclosing a fourth guest suite and the spacious master suite, both with super-large wood-decked terraces and stunning golf course, mountain and sea views. Illuminated alcoves showcasing Indian stone busts either side of the door make a grand entrance to the master suite with its spacious His & Her dressing area (six double wardrobes)! In the bathroom, attention-grabbing points of interest include a funky free-standing spa bath tub and a rainforest shower concealed behind a slab of marble. On the other side of this marble half-wall, a double vanity unit and mirrored cabinet are suspended as if by magnetic force (as no screws or attachments are visible). The star attraction, however, is the master bedroom with its panoramic glass wall that slides open onto the vast terrace, encapsulating unrivalled views of the verdant landscape. The bed faces the window so it’s a great way to wake up in the morning. The monochrome colour theme is emphasised by black and white canvases, a dark oak Japanese console table and lamps with black shades. Outside in the large rear garden, a new retaining wall separates the villa’s private lawn from the public fairways while the salt water infinity swimming pool runs right to the edge. n

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18/12/09 11:47:54

fact box

Built size: 550m2 + terraces u Plot size: 2,000m2 u Master Suite and 4 guest suites u Guest washroom u Fitted kitchen with Gaggenau domestics u Underfloor heating u H/C Air-conditioning u Solar panels for the complete hot water supply and heating of the pool u Heated infinity-pool with salt-water installation u Video phone entry and alarm system u Alarm with infrared sensors and magnetic contacts u Pre-installation for a multi-room sound system u Satellite television u

Birdie’s eye view of Las Brisas Golf Course

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great design revisited New Year is a time for rebirth and renewal. Belinda Beckett looks at some design classics that have been stunningly updated for the new millennium.

2 1 1 2


Is it a bed, is it a sofa? The Ruf bed is both, the spatial and functional separation between living and sleeping overcome by neutralising the classic alignment of a bed with headboard and footboard. An upholstered, vertical corner frame enclosing the conventional mattress can be easily lifted by lock hinges, transforming the bed into a daytime relax island or sofa.

3 i

The Arrow is a new take on the hanger, made of powder-coated aluminium. In a precise horizontal position, the soft-edged hanger supports hefty loads but is just as useful for a newly-ironed shirt and a pair of trousers. If closed, there are still three hooks on which to hang various items. When not in use, Arrow will adorn the wall like an iconic graphic symbol.



The pouff is given a makeover with blobina, created with the latest techniques in mould-shaping flexible polyurethane and covered with a specially-designed fabric in surprising colours that typify the expressive force of its designer, Karim Rashid.


5 6

A reinvention of the personal lounge chair, Mychair is quirky and provocative, boldly underscoring the individuality of its owner, as its name suggests, with the ability to adapt to different interiors and lifestyles.


Great Balls of Wire rethinks the whole issue of keeping cables tidy – a ball that holds them in its ‘mouth’, seeming to smile at the user. Available in a variety of colours, it can swallow up to 1.5 metres of cable.

is a modern adaptation of the classic ottoman 4 OMEGA footstool. The focus of the manufacturer, Varangis Avepe of Greece, was to produce a design that could fit in numerous styles of domestic interiors by transforming into different shapes through the use of paper straw webbing upholstery and an aluminum plate frame. Thus it can be used as an omega-shaped multi-usage seat or a magic carpet that floats in the air.

i up is less painful with the Wake-up Light, gradually 8 Getting lighting-up the room like sunrise and following the natural rhythm of the body. Additionally, the user can choose from a diversity of alarms, from the noises of nature to gentle ambient sounds.



7The GJ Chair is a remake of the classic version created by the designer Grete Jalk in 1963, of which only around 300 copies were originally produced and few survive today. Made from teak and Oregon pine, Jalk’s design is reborn for the 21st century.



6 46



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••129 PAGINAS SUELTAS.indd 1

17/12/09 11:48:13


Report Marisa CUTILLAS

1 – Wilhelm Sasnal at the CAC The Centro de Art Contemporaneo de Málaga presents works created over the past 10 years by Wilhelm Sasnal, arguably the most significant Polish artist on the contemporary scene. His work, both pictorial and cinematographic, reveals a variety of styles, techniques and modes of representation. Sasnal works in a variety of genres, including drawing, comics, photography and painting, where abstract as well as figurative styles shine through. Sasnal defines himself as a ‘realist painter’, since all his works are inspired by personal experiences, the world of communication, images extracted from books or the Internet, and music… all encountered in his daily life. At the CAC, visitors can view over 20 paintings as well as The Ranch – a road movie shot on Super 8 and focusing on life in North America. Fernando Francés, Director of the CAC, is delighted to house Sasnal’s latest exhibition, “Sasnal is an artist who interprets his environment in a subjective, intimate manner. His works are charged with intelligence and they hide great complexity, despite their focus on seemingly inane aspects of daily life. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that his art connects so much with the public: the stories told on his canvasses are easily recognised by all of us, because they form part of our lives.”

i C/ Alemania s/n, Málaga. Tel: 952 120 055.



2 – Stephen Howes: Fine Art Agent For fine art from some of the best artists on the current scene, you don´t need to travel to London, Tokyo, Berlin or New York. It´s all a click away thanks to fine art agent, Stephen Howes. Stephen, an avid collector himself, realised that many sought after painters on the international market were not represented in their country of residence and in 1988 set about putting together a portfolio of the best. He started with such consecrated artists as Don Clarke, whose fine works of mystic beauty are found in collections all over the world and Rowland Fade, highly acclaimed for his innovative style and sometimes, dark humour, captured on canvas. To his many patrons, Rowland has recently added Tina Turner. Exciting new additions include Ursular Klinger, Jim Park, Liam Delaney, Luciano Nevani and Ellen Zaks. The common thread running through the disparate styles and techniques represented is modernist, with everything from realism to abstraction and digital art. Stephen has a comprehensive website where you may not only view works, but learn about the artists themselves who Stephen is proud to represent and pleased to call friends. Artists represented are: Don Clarke, Rowland Fade, Stuart Briggs, Michelle Lehmann, Liam Delaney, Jim Park, Jorge Nevani, Ursular Klinger, Lesley Haas, Juan Zafra and Luciana Nevani. Paintings by Rolf Harris and Gino Hollander are also on view.





3 – Tamara Cascado at COIMAR COIMAR dental clinic presents the latest works by local artist Tamara Cascado, a painter who seeks to express her unique way of perceiving every moment and space, through her art. Tamara, who indulges in etching, photography and design as well as painting, shines not only through her immense talent, but also through the enthusiasm and integration present in every object, image or home interior touched by her artist’s hand. In her exhibition at COIMAR, visitors will discover the passion with which she approaches all facets of artistic expression. The exhibition is on until January 14.

i C/ Estébañez Calderón, Edif. Nereida-Poseidon 6, Local 9, Marbella. Tel: 952 771 464.

4 – Fundación Fuerte and the Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo join forces The Fundación Fuerte, part of the Fuerte Hoteles Group, has signed an agreement with the Fundación Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo at an act attended by the Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz. Under the agreement, the Fuerte Hoteles Group will grant 50 free nights at its hotels to the Fundación Museo del Grabado, for use during the year 2010. The Museo del Grabado, in turn, has promised to promote the hotel chain in all its exhibitions and conferences and to donate at least one work of graphic art a year to the Fundación Fuerte. The Museo will also be responsible for selecting works to be exhibited at specific Fuerte Hotels throughout the year. The agreement is a fine instance of the meeting of business and cultural interests.


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Satin and lace


When it comes to capturing the very thing that makes us feel most like women, designers like Valentino and Dior spring to mind in Milan or London. Back in Spain, however, few quite manage to raise as big a stir as Hannibal Laguna, whose flirty, intricate dresses are the talk of the town every year at the Cibeles Fashion show. Laguna is known for knockout, highly elaborate garments which involve a great deal of hand-sewn artistry. This month, we bring you the very best from his Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 collection.


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Hannibal Laguna

n a m o W of a ezy

bre d n a t h g i r B

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17/12/09 13:37:54

Natural wonder


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17/12/09 13:38:13

Mauve madness

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17/12/09 13:38:27

Mauve madness 54

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Tiered sensation

ous Flirty and frivol

Sea inspirations

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17/12/09 13:40:25

Tulle temptation



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THECHIC BUSINESS Report belinda beckett photography kh Photography

i The store is open from 10am-10pm

España Style!

Marks & Spencer



ven-ready chicken Kiev, sexy bras for fuller figures, tights in four sizes: these are not just products, these are Marks & Spencer products, and now you can buy them on the doorstep! The cash tills have been ringing louder than Christmas bells since the first branch of every ex-pat’s favourite department store opened at La Cañada in mid-November, attracting 15,000-20,000 customers a week. This month’s January sales are expected to keep up that amazing momentum. The 13,000m2 one-floor store is managed by York Marbella SL, the franchise partner which has also operated the Gibraltar Marks & Spencer for 41 years. Of comparable size, the new store showcases the company’s most up-to-date design spec used in the latest UK stores, like Westfield in White City, with an eyecatching mezzanine glass window used for advertising and in-store displays. “What really said it all was when, in the first half an hour of the store opening, one customer came up, put her arms around me and said, ‘Thank you for coming back’!” commented Nick Batey, Manager of the Epsom branch of M&S who is on a three-month secondment to get the new store up and running. Its arrival has been greeted by shoppers like eager children awaiting Santa, especially as the closure of all the British-run M&S branches in

main cities like Barcelona, Seville and Madrid a decade ago was a bitter blow to those who had travelled far and wide to shop there. However, the comeback is defined by a very different and clear-cut policy to make this a store with a Spanish identity. As Nick puts it: “This is not Marks & Spencer UK in Spain, this is Marks & Spencer in Spain.” As such, every product has been carefully selected to fit the shopping habits of Costa del Sol customers and will be adapted as patterns start to emerge. All signage and point-of-sale advertising is in Spanish (the changing rooms are called probadores, as in any Spanish shop), there are size conversion charts, gift vouchers in Spanish, the management team is bilingual and all the 75 locally-employed sales staff are Spanish-speaking, while many speak English too. The store is also geared to react quickly to other differentials, such as climate; for example, thermal underwear was not ordered until late November due to Spain’s extended Indian summer. The easy-to-browse layout belies the fact that the shop carries 3,500 clothing and homeware lines and 450 food products. Laid out as mini-boutiques within the store, there are sections for lingerie, men’s and children’s clothing, accessories, gifts and homeware, while women will love perusing the brand’s top quality day and evening wear in a variety of ranges to suit all age groups and lifestyles, from top tier designer label Autograph and edgy Per Una to the Portfolio, Classic and new casual-trendy Indigo collections. Ready to react to market forces from day one, the company has already expanded its lingerie department to meet the unprecedented demand for the free bra-fitting service, provided by 15 qualified staff and unavailable in Spain until now. Maternity bras and the Angel range of starter bras for budding teenagers have been flying off the shelves. However, even the management is surprised at the way customers

have laid siege to the food section, which has seen cabinets denuded of frozen ready-meals on a daily basis (including Indian, Chinese and Italian dishes and Marks and Spencer’s famous chicken Kiev, the best seller by a long way). Mince pies, crackers, seasonal cards and Christmas puddings were also selling like hot cakes in the lead-up to the holiday season, prompting the company to order in frozen turkey joints to satisfy the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy. If demand continues, there are plans to expand this small section to offer many more frozen meals, wines, groceries and biscuits. Explaining the formidable logistics, Nick Batey says: “Every food product has to be labelled with cooking instructions and ingredients in Spanish as well as English so it’s a huge operation. Products are delivered weekly by road from the UK, a 1,800-mile journey which takes two or three days, meaning that chilled ready-meals have to be pre-frozen. These have all been blind-tasted by a testing panel months beforehand, to ensure they are up to quality standards.” Prices are monitored weekly to ensure they are realistically-based on currency fluctuations and, although customers will pay a little more for their goods than at stores in Britain, clearly they consider it’s worth it. As in all the 400 British M&S stores and 250 franchises worldwide, non-food products can be exchanged (with receipt) up to 35 days after purchase – one of the unique selling points that has made the company such a success. Last year, the brand celebrated 125 years in retailing since it was launched by traders Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in 1884 from a market stall in Leeds. Mayoress Angela Muñoz commented that the choice of La Cañada for the first store in Spain “will give Marbella the boost it needs, enabling it to be one of the first areas to pull itself out of the economic crisis.” n

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‘It’ Accessories for the

New Year


We all know that when it comes to what we wear, the final touch that makes an outfit a winner is always provided by cool accessories. This month, we bring you the must-have bags and shoes for the season.




3 i

Chanel Furla Hermès Mont Blanc Next

6 8

7 1 - Skinny belt by Next 2 - Diamond-studded pen by Mont Blanc 3 - Long buckle boots by Next 4 - Clutch bag by Chanel 5 - Crocodile skin sandals by Hermès 6 - Stiletto boots by Chanel 7 - Studded platform shoe by Next 8 - Leather bag by Furla


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4 2




i Elio Berhanyer Juanjo Oliva Miguel Palacio Hannibal Laguna Roberto Toretta


Short or long, simple or elaborate, nothing quite cuts it when elegance is de rigeur than a little black dress. Marisa Cutillas brings us some of the best of the season…


… u o Y t s Ju



1, 3 & 5 - Gown by Juanjo Oliva 2 - Dress by Roberto Torretta 4 & 6 - Gown by Elio Berhanyer 7 - Dress by Hannibal Laguna 8 - Dress by Kina Fernández 9 - Gown by Miguel Palacio

and Your Little Black Dress essential marbella magazine

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Beauty News


The Olive Treatment at the GvadalpĂ­n Spa


Health News


Scientific News & Research



The Future of Beauty

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Automated Retail Outlets

Every January, Beauty Editors look forward to discovering all the new creams, gadgets and treatments that are set to change the face of beauty as we know it. This month, Marisa Cutillas takes a look at the items that will be making us more gorgeous than ever in 2010.

Many top Marbella clubs already have these fancy machines dispensing everything from condoms to sewing kits and even shoes but a new company called Utique is taking it further, providing luxury beauty products from companies such as Lancôme, Bliss and Chantecaille. Imagine leaving your make-up at home and being invited to a last-minute party? With this little gizmo, you could purchase a complete make-up set (foundation, eye shadow, liner, etc.) on the spot, even after all the shops have closed. Utique currently has machines at the Fred Segal store in Santa Monica, California but we’re sure the trend will soon hit Mediterranean shores – after all, isn’t blusher more important than a spare pair of shoes?


The Future of Beauty

Multi-tasking products

Beautifying bedwear If you thought beautifying bed linen was a pipe dream, think again. The SkinGlow company has dreamed up new pillows, pillow covers, sheets and blankets made from copper oxide-plated fibres, designed to restore the skin. The fabric eliminates bacteria, fungus and microbes from the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines while you dream away. The pillow is composed of 85 per cent cotton and 15 per cent cupron polyester. It is machine washable.

i Long, lush lashes by Allergan Botox and silicone breast implant manufacturer, Allergan, has come out with a new, revolutionary compound that helps grow long, sexy eyelashes. The product, now approved by the FDA in the United Status, is being marketed under the name of Latisse and contains an ingredient called bimatoprost, which causes lashes to grow. If budget is an issue though, forget about this product since it retails at €240 for a two-month supply, the estimated time for noticeable improvement. In addition, your beautiful new lashes will last only as long as you keep applying the product.


Super-speedy flat iron If unruly curls and waves are an object of distress, invest in BaByliss’s new Pro Nano titanium flat iron, which emits negative ions and maximum far-infrared heat for fast straightening, without damaging the hair follicle. Thanks to its titanium plates, the iron heats up to 430º in just three seconds, making gorgeous styling a matter of minutes.


Lithe and lovely with T-38/40 Are you sticking to your diet and going regularly to the gym? If you find you’ve hit a plateau, you may enjoy a helping hand from T-38/40, a new range of products containing natural ingredients such as green tea, proteins, bitter orange and hydro-citric acid which aid in the absorption of carbohydrates and increase your sense of fullness. T-38/40 aptly demonstrates how natural extracts can go a long way towards making us more beautiful, and even slimmer, as part of a controlled dietary programme. All you need to do is take two capsules in the morning and two at night time. The metabolic effects can be increased by taking T38/40 powder as well, which aids in digestion, eliminating retained liquid and toxins and feeding your intestinal flora.


Colour-adjusting blusher Have you ever thought you looked perfect, only to be told by friends or co-workers that your blush is so heavy they wonder if you’re related to Ronald McDonald? If so, welcome to the age of ‘smart make-up’. This new technology is currently being used by a US company called Smashbox, which has created a foolproof blusher called O-glow. The blusher makes your cheeks blush naturally, thanks to its Berry-C complex which has micro-circulatory effects and keeps your cheeks rosy as a peach all day long. And we all know that nothing looks as good as natural colour.



Tired of carrying around a full make-up bag stocked with different items for your eyes, cheeks and lips? In comes multitasking make-up, such as three-in-one wands for the lips, cheeks, eyes and even the shoulders and neck. Try Nars’ Multiple, marketed as ‘the original, all-in-one, creamto-powder multi-purpose make-up stick’ for the eyes, cheeks and lips. There are 12 shades to choose from, all of which add warmth and light to the skin and lips. Rush Hour by Benefit is another multi-tasker, promising an ‘instant make-over for eyes, lips and cheeks’. Wet ‘n’ Wild’s 3-of-akind Twist-Up Stick and e.l.f.’s All Over Cover Stick are two products marketed to the younger crowd.


Concept fragrances Fragrance guru Susan Irvine predicts that the entire perfume industry will be turned inside out, with scent specialists opting for esoteric inspirations. For instance, what does a diamond smell like? A 5th century sandalwood fan in China? A raindrop?

Airbrushed make-up We all know that many of our favourite stars would be nothing without a little airbrushing on Photoshop but now we can beautify ourselves using the same technique, with Dinair’s long-lasting airbrush machine. Foundation glides on smoothly, covering skin in a fine but perfecting layer. It can be used for everything from hiding tattoos to giving yourself a fake tan. This is one worthy investment every girl should make!


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ic e Th Cho ’s le




Cosmetic Surgery

...our Breast Enlargement Surgery, prices now start from just:


Our Specialist Service includes:

• Breast Enlargement • Eye bag Removal

• FREE Consultations throughout Spain

• Genital Reshaping • Liposculpture

• Our Surgeons Speak Fluent English

• Ear Reshaping

• Tummy Tuck

• Up to 3 years free aftercare

• Breast Reduction

• Breast Uplift

• Face Lift • Nose Reshaping

• Fully Qualified Surgeons

• Chin Reshaping

• Brow Lift

Weight Loss Management From Europes Leading Weight Loss Surgery Provider

“I’ve finally achieved my goal thanks to Weight Loss Surgery - I’ve gone from a size 22 to a size 8 - and I feel fantastic!”

Faye Talbot, 6 stone in 18 months.

Gastric Band, our prices now start at just


For your local consultation call:

902 906 058

New Balloon (BIB) Programme Our unique balloon programme can help you succeed with your weight management • Non-Surgical Treatment • No Overnight Hospital Stay • Completely Reversible

Cosmetic Dentistry Improve your smile NOW FROM just


Our services encompass the full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments including; teeth cleaning, whitening and bleaching; high tech aesthetic

Winner 2009

Mills & Mills Medical are proud to be awarded ‘The People’s Choice’

Specialist Clinic Award

ceramic crowns and veneers; teeth contouring & straightening; and the most technologically advanced dental implants without the need for grafting.

“My new teeth changed everything” Laura White, Veneers patient * Subject to status. Terms and conditions apply

medical group


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Marshmallow Mask by Kenzo

Biodynamic breasts at the Instituto Médico Miramar If you’re thinking about having your breasts augmented or reshaped, you’re probably concerned about how natural and aesthetic the results will be. The good news is that advances in technology mean that natural, beautiful breasts are more within your reach than ever before. The Instituto Médico Miramar is now relying on the Biodynamic system, which involves an in-depth study prior to surgery so that the results obtained meet your expectations. The line of implants used, McGhan Natrelle, contains more than 500 variants of implants and expanders to correct the form and size of mammary glands, making it the widest matrix of sizes and styles in the world. Now, it is possible to choose the size, shape, volume and height of implant which most suits your figure and which you find most appealing.

Marshmallow Mask is Kenzo’s bewitching new way of feeding hungry skin with a host of essential ingredients that repair, moisturise, calm and regenerate. It contains cocoa butter (known for its moisturising and repairing abilities), camelina oil (which calms skin) and cotton butter (also known as ‘white gold’, owing to its regenerative, moisturising properties). Use Marshmallow Mask once a week and your skin will look and feel as youthful and alive as you do.

i Available at El Corte Inglés, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 909 990. Dr Kadir™ introduces Matrix Gold Mask


C/Córdoba 6, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel: 952 787 088.

Dr Kadir Matrix™ Gold Mask is a revolutionary 20-minute mask infused with active gold particles, designed to reduce pigmentation, anti-oxidise and even out skin tone. With lightening and brightening properties, the glamorous mask contains pomegranate extract and avocado oil combined with pure gold particles to turn back the clock without the burn of chemical peels. The mask heals and preserves the strength of skin, fights free radicals and inflammation and stimulates cell regeneration. It also reduces the appearance of age spots, hyper-pigmentation and fine lines, especially around the eyes and mouth. Its hydrolysed wheat protein has collagen-boosting properties that firm and tone skin, inhibiting stress factors and enabling active skin revitalisation. The mask should be applied onto clean skin and left for 20 minutes, avoiding the eye area. It can be removed by gently rubbing the skin and rinsing off.

i Available online at

Bvlgari presents the Merveilleuse line As we age, our skin has to face two important challenges: lack of nutrition and loss of elasticity and firmness. Skin becomes dry and uncomfortable, it grows thinner and wrinkles become emphasised. The beautiful plumpness of youth gradually diminishes. The Cosmetic Research Department of Bvlgari has initiated a new anti-age revolution which aims to provide nutrition, comfort and pleasure to skin, countering sagging, dullness and dehydration like never before. The Marveilleuse Line is composed of three new products which ‘re-train the skin to nourish itself’. The products contain a special formula called Nutri-Restore Complex, which produces ceramides with the same layered organisation that naturally-occurring ceramides in the skin have. This bio-mimetic action brings comfort and relief to dry skin. The complex also stimulates the natural production of ceramides, which ensure long-term comfort and protection. The products are made with ingredients like camelina oil (rich in Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids), macadamia oil and sahku butter. The line includes an intensive nourishing serum with a redefining sculpting effect, a firming and restoring nourishing cream and a nutritive firming eye contour cream.

i Available at El Corte Inglés, Puerto Banús.

Tel: 952 909 990.


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Report Marisa CUTILLAS photography kh Photography

Putting the ‘Oh!’ into the Olive Body Treatment



he olive has long been a symbol of life in Andalucía. A star player in Mediterranean cuisine, the picturesque protagonist of many a garden and rural landscape and subject of the works of many Andalusían artists, it is also revered for its moisturising, healing properties. As far back as ancient Greek times, oil extracted from olives was used in the bath and was known for its ability to cure skin conditions. Interestingly, I recall doing a pre-natal class before my son was born and being warned by the midwives of the harsh effects of commercial soaps and shampoos on baby’s skin. For a newborn baby, they recommended a few drops of extra virgin olive oil in the bath and no more. Free of petro-chemicals and mineral oils that block pores up, olive oil is rapidly absorbed by the skin where it can exert its anti-oxidant influence. Olives are rich in Vitamins A and E, minerals and an excellent emollient and anti-oxidant known as squalene which contains high levels of collagen and is naturally compatible with skin. Skin experts recommend olive oil to combat eczema, psoriasis and dry, cracked heels. It makes me very happy to see that in the beauty industry, fancy names and ingredients are increasingly being foregone in favour of simple, natural plant and flower extracts which never do more harm than the good they promise, unlike many commercial counterparts. The Gvadalpín Spa in Marbella is a great harbinger of things to come, and a staunch proponent of natural ingredients in its treatments. In the summer, many of our readers inquired about the cherry body treatment, featured in magazine. Now, with winter approaching, I traded in the fresh juiciness of cherries for the soothing benefits of olives. I discovered that, when it comes to a good body treatment, a three-pronged process is crucial: exfoliation, a body wrap and a massage that does as much good for the mind and soul as it does for the body. The olive body treatment began with beauty therapist Amina escorting me into the pleasantly subdued lighting of the treatment room, which she had decorated with beautiful olive branches and olives. I’ve been lucky enough to be treated by Amina in the past and, being a firm believer in the power of the human touch, a gentle voice and an inviting personality, I felt lucky to meet her once again. Amina has a maternal touch and presence that makes it very easy to disconnect from the world outside and focus on peace of mind. Her friendliness and seasoned technique alone are a winning combination that makes the Gvadalpín Spa a firm favourite for many assiduous clients. Amina began the treatment by asking me to lie back while she exfoliated my entire body (neck,

The Gvadalpín Spa chest, abdomen, legs and arms) with a rough but not scratchy exfoliant made of crushed olive seeds. I then turned over so she could work on my neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet. After a really good exfoliation you feel squeaky clean, especially after you shower off and run your hand across your newly smooth skin, free of dead skin cells which impede proper hydration. In the second phase of the treatment, Amina applied an olive body solution to both the front and back of my body and wrapped up me up in a bio-degradable film, which she kept on for 20 minutes to allow the olive extracts to work their magic. “Usually, after 20 minutes, most of my clients fall asleep and it pains me to ask them to get up and shower!” says Amina. I must admit to having been in a state between trance and deep sleep when she reappeared, removing the film and asking me to shower off. An amazing massage followed, with a hot, lightly scented olive oil which Amina drizzled onto my back, and rubbed in with profound, rhythmic strokes that very much made me feel like a baby receiving its first massage. She calmed and soothed all the tension and pain in all the crucial areas, from the neck to the abdomen, thighs, feet, hands and even fingers. She forgave me for sulking as the treatment came to an end, for nothing this good should last any less than forever. The Olive Body Treatment, also available as a facial at the Guadalpín Spa, is very much the ‘it’ treatment this winter… warm, soothing and very relaxing, it’s just what the doctor ordered after what, for many, will be an action-packed Christmas. I cannot stress enough to our readers that they should have this treatment at the end of their working day or, better still, on a day off. Expect to end in a very relaxed, almost dazed state… this is the stuff dreams are made of. n


Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 899 405.

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Report Marisa CUTILLAS

Eat to stay sharp Do you have a big challenge coming up soon at work or with your studies? If so, pay attention to new research being published by Dr. Fernando Gómez Pinilla of UCLA’s neuro-surgery department. According to the study, foods that enhance memory and mental performance include grilled salmon, spinach, corn, walnuts, blueberries and green tea. Salmon and walnuts are rich in lifesaving Omega-3s; corn and spinach are rich in anti-oxidants, including Vitamin C and flavonoids and should be taken when memory cells need activation.

Fat burner drinks now at El Corte Inglés Fat burner is a green tea-based drink offering a healthy alternative to sugar- based carbonated energy and sports drinks. It contains L-Carnitine, a natural ingredient which helps the body burn fat by transforming it into energy. L-Carnitine also increases energy and stamina during exercise, helping turn fat into lean muscle. It is invaluable for heart health, helping to prevent heart disease and keep bad cholesterol down. Each bottle of Fat Burner is fortified with 100 per cent of the daily recommended dosage of Vitamin C and Various B-group vitamins, making it an excellent anti-oxidant and ally to the immune system. It contains only 0.9 calories per 100 ml.

i El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 909 990. New natural anti-oxidant for coloured and treated hair by Kiehl’s We’re great fans of all things natural at , so we’re delighted to announce a new, anti-oxidant range of hair products containing no sulphates, silicones or parabens and a high percentage of natural oils and vitamins. The range consists of a sunflower colour preserving shampoo, a conditioner and Deep Recovery Pack for damaged hair. The products contain sunflower oil, apricot seed and Vitamins B3, B5 and B6, which repair damaged hair, help hair colour last longer, moisturise deeply and soften dry hair.

i Available at El Corte Inglés, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 909 990.

Acai: The Number One Super Food After researching on, writing about and consuming lots of blueberries, I pretty much thought nothing was more potent in terms of antioxidant power than ‘the blue wonder’, so it comes as a lovely surprise to find an even more nutritious food: the Acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee), a high-energy berry grown in Brazilian rainforests. With a taste reminiscent of berries and chocolate, it contains 10 times more anti-oxidants than red grapes and up to 30 times more anthocyanins (a powerful antioxidant) than red wine. The dark purple berry contains mono-unsaturated fats, fibre and phytosterols (which lower cholesterol), making it an ideal fruit to include in your daily diet. It is considered a nearly perfect essential amino acid complex containing trace minerals, which help muscles contract and regenerate.

i Available at good health shops.


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Untitled-1 1

15/12/09 12:56:06



Report belinda beckett

How Resolute Are You? Whatever your resolutions for 2010, resolve to develop a strategy to make it happen – or expect failure, research shows. According to John O’Neill, Director of Addiction Services at Houston’s Menninger Clinic, “The process of thinking about change is critical to developing actual change.” Statistics show that 45 per cent of us make New Year Resolutions but only eight per cent achieve them and one in four people have failed on every resolution, year in, year out. The most popular resolutions relate to self-improvement, followed by weight, money and relationships. The less happy people are, the more likely they are to make resolutions. “We often resolve to change something that we truly have no intention of changing,” says O’Neill. “This can be counterproductive and provide a sense of failure. It is important to consider what we need to do to change and evaluate how we will do it.” A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research supports O’Neill’s theory. Researchers found that when people predict that they will do a socially good deed, such as recycling, the chances of them actually doing the good deed increases. “A clear benefit of the self-fulfilling prophecy technique is its simplicity: a question, followed by a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, elicits behavioral change,” the journal reported. Here are O’ Neill’s five key rules to help you keep your resolutions: u Develop a strategy by outlining a process of change that is simple and realistic. u Keep resolutions to a minimum and tackle one major change at a time. u Develop accountability partners. For example, if your goal is to exercise more, hire a trainer. u Appreciate the changes you are attempting and reward yourself throughout the process. u Many resolutions centre on things we do to help us cope with stress, such as smoking, drinking or overeating. When we change the behaviours, we need a new plan to manage stress. Of course, you might resolve not to make any resolutions at all this year. And maybe you’d be right. Another study reveals that people who achieve their resolutions every year are NO happier than those who don’t make any, or fail to achieve them!

Ig Nobel Prizes Honour Silly Science Designers of a bra that turns into gas masks for two, and a team who found that cows produce more milk when they are given names were among the winners of the 19th annual Ig Nobel prizes, launched to honour achievements that “first make people laugh and then make them think”. The awards are presented every winter by genuine Nobel laureates at Harvard University, USA. Past awards have been given for the discovery of homosexual necrophilia in the Mallard duck and the invention of digital rectal massage as a cure for hiccups. Veterinary Medicine Prize winners Dr Catherine Douglas and Peter Rowlinson from the Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Department of Newcastle University discovered that cows with names were more prolific milk-producers during research into improving dairy cow welfare and the ‘humananimal relationship’.

Dr Douglas dedicated the award to “Purslane, Wendy and Tina – the nicest cows I have ever known”. Dr Elena Bodnar and two fellow researchers from Chicago received the Public Health Prize for the bra that, in an emergency, can be converted into two gas masks. She demonstrated her invention and gave one to each of the Nobel laureates as a gift. Among the other winners were: u Peace: Stephan Bolliger and team from the University of Bern, Switzerland, for determining whether it is better to be smashed over the head with a full bottle of beer or an empty bottle. u Biology: Fumiaki Taguchi and team of Kitasato University Graduate School of Medical Sciences in Sagamihara, Japan, for demonstrating that kitchen refuse can be reduced more than 90 per cent in mass by using bacteria extracted from the faeces of giant pandas. u Physics: Katherine Whitcome of the University of Cincinnati, Daniel Lieberman of Harvard University and Liza J. Shapiro of the University of Texas for analytically determining why pregnant women do not tip over. u Chemistry: Javier Morales and team of Universidad Nacional Autonoma in Mexico, for creating diamonds from tequila. u Literature: Ireland’s police service, for writing and presenting more than 50 traffic tickets to the most frequent driving offender in the country – Prawo Jazdy – whose name in Polish means ‘Driving Licence’!

Blue Monday Stand by for what scientists say is the unhappiest day of the year – Blue Monday – which falls on January 25th this year. It was first defined by Cliff Arnall, formerly of Cardiff University, as the symbolic time in January when people suffer from a series of combined depressive effects such as worries over Christmas bills, failed resolutions, the long, dark winter and that Monday morning feeling, expressed as the equation: W + (D-d)] x TQ M x Na Key: weather (W), date (D) debt (d), time since Christmas (T), time since failing our new year’s resolutions (Q), low motivational levels (M) and the feeling of a need to take action (Na). How to get over it? Martin Hird, a senior lecturer in mental health and psychological therapies at Leeds Metropolitan University recommends three mood enhancers: exercise, taking a proper lunch break and eating a balanced meal with plenty of water. So cheer up!


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“I got fixed teeth within 24 hours without bonegrafting” Heather was not happy with her illfitting full denture. Implantologists told her she needed bonegrafting.

Because I’ve always had problems with my teeth, I have been wearing a denture for a very long time. It often came loose or made a rattling noise, even though I had it adjusted again and again. That was so embarrassing. Laughing, eating, talking: it all became a nightmare and I hardly went out anymore. My dentist explained to me that my jawbone had atrophied over time. I went to see four different specialists on dental implants, but was told that implants wouldn’t be possible without bonegrafting. I was really afraid to have that done, because of the pain and the possible complications. Also they told me the whole process of bonegrafting, placing the implants and making the bridge would last up to one year.

But then I heard from a friend about Agave Clinic in Marbella. They told me that implants were possible for any patient, without bonegrafting, in only one surgical procedure, regardless of how little jawbone was left. Then, the bridges would be placed only 24 hours later! In the lower jaw, normal dental implants are placed, yet in the upper jaw so-called “zygomatic implants” are used. These unique 4–5 cm long implants are anchored in the upper jawbone and in the very dense cheekbones.

The day after the surgery the bridges were screwed onto the implants. At first I couldn’t believe that was really all. And I had virtually no pain. They even let me bite an apple immediately after having placed the bridges. For many years I hadn’t been able to do that. It is really exciting what modern medical technology can do today! I’m very pleased with my new teeth and would recommend Agave Clinic for dental implants. They are very professional and such a nice team!

X-rays and plaster casts of my jaw were made and a short time later it was time for the operation. Four zygomatic implants were placed in my upper jaw and six normal ones in my lower jaw. They were inserted under general anesthesia. At the end of the day I was able to leave hospital.

Heather is enjoying life again with her implant-borne teeth, that were placed the day after surgery without bonegrafting.

w w w. a g a v e c l i n i c . c o m +34-952.864.191 International Centre for Advanced Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery


Av. Severo Ochoa, 24. Marbella (next to the USP hospital). Email:

Zygomatic implants Essential 3_en.indd 1

13/12/09 19:06



ENTERPRISE © KH Photography

Report Marisa Cutillas

Guarnieri presents the new Veritas BMW RS III The Grupo Guarnieri installations in San Pedro were abuzz with car fanatics and members of the press eager to check out the new Veritas BMW RS III, a sleek, explosive sports car featuring a five-litre V10 engine, a top speed of over 347 km/hr and 500 hp, which propels the car from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 3.2 seconds. The Veritas RS III resurrects the magic of Germany’s first-ever Formula One racing car, paying homage to its ancestor in its design while incorporating state-of-the-art technology to create a unique driving masterpiece. Every Veritas RS III is hand-made on site in Nürburgring, Germany, and with only 30 models on the market, each car is certainly a personal caprice for its owner.

i San Pedro de Alcántara, Ctra. de Ronda-San Pedro, Marbella. Tel: 951 775 575. Business and Careers Show 2010 The Business and Careers Show 2010 will showcase a full range of business support services and products at the Estepona Palacio de Congresos from January 29 to 31. Aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs on the Costa del Sol, the event will bring together companies from a host of different sectors, from IT and design to sales and marketing, finance, insurance, law, the environment and more. With the aim of providing an arena for businesses to generate new contacts and customers, the event will also showcase franchises, distributorships and new business opportunities, recruitment and employment opportunities, professional development, training and careers advice.

i A similar event will take place at the Sol Andalusi Health and Spa

Resort on March 12 to 14. If you are an existing or a budding entrepreneur and you’d like to join the Business and Careers Show, contact Marleen Gosselin on Tel: 952 904 830/ 650 460 664.


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Les Roches takes the hospitality sector to new heights Les Roches International Hotel Management School has had plenty of cause to celebrate lately, following an elegant dinner to mark the graduation of the Class of 2009 and the announcement that 14 students from the school have been admitted to the Eta Sigma Delta fraternity, which honours students whose academic results, work experience and values have taken them to a rare level of excellence. The students were: Richelle Cruz, Alexander Murcia, Liliana Shkepu, Jevgenia Orlova, Rachel Rens, Nabila Latif, Sebastian Martínez, Pia Ametsbichler, Suzan Zangana, Mia Forsell, Joanna Moldovan, Jerica Cruz Manansala, George Totari and Lilya Semykina. The awards ceremony was presided over by Hassan Djeebet, Professor of Les Roches Marbella, and Rüdiger Hollweg, General Director of the Kempinski Hotel Bahía Estepona and Honorary Member of Eta Sigma Delta. The school is also proud to announce that one of its pupils, Mercedes Morales, won the prize for the Best Young Sommelier in Andalucía. At the age of 22, Mercedes beat 60 other students from different provinces in Andalucía at the 10th Feria de Vino y Denominación de Origen, held at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congreses of Torremolinos.

i Urbanización Lomas de Río Verde, Carretera de Istán, kilometre 1, Marbella. Tel: 952 764 467. Boutique Hotel in Casares offers luxury in Nature The recent opening of Hotel Hermitage, Casares, marks the advent of a whole new concept in boutique hotels. The first in a series of three hotels planned to embody the same idea of Luxury in Nature, the new hotel offers sophistication alongside 21st century creature comforts in an unspoiled corner of blissful Andalusían countryside. Boasting views across wooded countryside to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar and Morocco’s Atlas mountains beyond, the hotel offers visitors a taste of rustic charm with all the style and service expected of a modern boutique establishment. Built with respect for the environment, the hotel occupies three buildings designed around existing trees, and boasts an ample swimming pool, elegant rustic salons, a restaurant with exquisite views, a bijou bodega and adjacent meeting room. There are 15 stylish suites and rooms with a view featuring sumptuous beds with luxurious © Gary Edwards monogrammed linen. Five of the suites have their own romantic fireplace while many rooms lead directly onto a small private garden. Flat screen TVs, quality furniture and elegant bathrooms add extra comfort and luxury, as do the special terraces enjoyed by all rooms. Nature lovers will delight in the many activities on offer, including hiking, horse riding and mountain biking. In addition, the beach is just 12 kilometres away while Finca Cortesín golf course is even closer, at four kilometres distance.

i Paraje de Celima s/n, Ctra. de Casares, Casares. Tel: 952 895 639. essential marbella magazine

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Luxury MB Race Events whizz through Ronda and Ascari Race Resort Luxury MB Race Events has already organised a successful race weekend with an Ascari race day, a high-speed boat trip from Puerto Banús and a glittering evening event at Roberto’s in the Hotel Puente Romano. Recently, the event company invited car enthusiasts to another fantastic two-day happening, involving a rally route from Málaga to Ronda and a track day at the Ascari circuit in high-speed luxury cars by marques such as Lotus and BMW. The weekend, which included lunch and a high-speed passenger ride, ended with dinner at James Hewitt’s Polo House and dancing until sunrise at the Hotel Puente Romano’s Suite.

i If a weekend of high speed velocity and socialising with fellow car enthusiasts is your scene, contact Luxury MB Race Events on Tel: 652 466 227.

Palacete Thebussem inaugurated by Mayor of Medina Sidonia Saturday 5th December 2009 was the Day of Open Patios (Día de los Patios Abiertos), so it was an appropriate moment for the Mayor of Medina Sidonia, Don Francisco Carrera Castillo, to inaugurate Palacete Thebussem in the presence of dignitaries from the Patronato Provincial de Turismo and honoured guests. This historic building dates from 1846 and has been lovingly restored over a period of two years. Standing in a street that bears the name of the illustrious writer Mariano Pardo de Figueroa, alias Doctor Thebussem, this large property now contains five apartments, each of over 130m2. Named Musa, Hidalgo, Toro, Tierra and Mirador, each living space has its own unique character. The developers have cleverly designed the interiors to reflect the building’s past, while quality touches such as acoustic insulation between each floor, underfloor heating and air-conditioning and a centralised satellite TV system offer the best of contemporary creature comforts.

Elle Morgan holds ‘It’ Girl competition What makes a man or woman truly beautiful? Is it just a pretty face and a slim figure? Elle Morgan, owner of the trendy Laguna Village clothing boutique of the same name, thinks that beauty is a heady mix of good looks and a top personality and the designer set out to prove it with the recent ‘It’ Girl competition, held at Estepona Palacio de Ferias y Congresos, with all proceeds going to Cudeca and Breast Cancer Awareness. The hard work began three months ago with a photographer on site at Elle Morgan’s Laguna Village boutique taking pictures of potential ‘it’ girls. Contestants had to fill out a questionnaire, so they could be judged on their personality, as well as their looks. Congratulations to winner Hayley O’Brien, who has undoubtedly got what it takes to make it in the fashion world. She won an ‘Alter Ego Portfolio Package’ by photographer CJ Hadlow, a cover on new CD release Love2Lounge, dinner for two at Suite at the Hotel Puente Romano, and many more prizes.

i C.C. Laguna Village, Estepona. Tel: 647 869 831.

i C/ Doctor Thebussem, 6, Medina Sidonia. Tel: 956 410 808.

The Osborne bull shines in the new Toro watch


The Toro watch is arguably the most ‘Spanish’ of all new watches on the market, featuring what for many is symbolic of Spain itself: the Osborne bull, born and bred exclusively on Spanish shores. The new watch, called the Steel Bravo, is set to revolutionise the market with a tunnel-shaped box and leather bands from the legendary town of Ubrique. The Japanese Miyota movement guarantees absolute precision and turns this watch into a luxury must-have item for all lovers of sport and bullfighting. The final version, extra large and with all the details Toro is known for, was selected from among 1,300 final designs, drafted to define a new line of watches that would marry elegance with affordability. Retailing from just €175, the Toro watch is certainly the ideal choice for the man who has everything, but who always loves to feel a little special.

Are you single? Do you like to have fun but find it difficult to meet other single people? Marbella Singles Club is a new, free members club exclusively for single people living in or around Marbella. If you like clubbing, enjoy pub crawls, daytime activities like hiking and the odd crazy night away to places like Tarifa and Granada, then this is for you. To register, go to the website or email your contact details. Once the club has enough members, the first event will be announced.

i C/ Aristoteles 11, Madrid. Tel: 91 403 2362.

i /

Marbella Singles Club: Meet fun-loving single people living in and around Marbella

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Decoración Andalusi: for exclusive handmade architectural items Stylish new décor shop, Decoración Andalusi, was officially launched in San Pedro de Alcántara with a cocktail party attended by real estate and design professionals, members of the press and potential clients. The company specialises in designing and distributing exclusive, hand-made architectural elements, furniture and décor of the highest quality. Custom-made designs cover a wide range of items, including general furniture, frames, doors, arches, coffered ceilings, lighting and railings. Many of the pieces are made from cedar, a durable hardwood, while other exclusive forged-metal designs are made using fire and an anvil, each piece hammered into shape by hand, leaving plenty of room for imagination. The company’s collections of doors are examples of quality and style, and can be customised to the taste of the client. Gerardo Scheutz, Founder of Decoración Andalusi, told the press, “Our philosophy is to restore and promote the Andalusí arts and crafts tradition, offering designs catered to each individual client and featuring unique work produced by artisan hands.”

i Avda. Principe de Asturias, 9C, San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella. Tel: 952 927 604.

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Velaqua: The World’s first floating bicycle

Double Tourbillon ‘Technique’ by Greubel wins prestigious prize

Velaqua is a new, floating aquatic bicycle that is ideal for exercise, rehabilitation, relaxation and wellness. The bicycle has no pedals, cannot sink or capsize and is ideal for those with reduced mobility and the aged. The bike is meant for use with a specific exercise programme which strengthens muscles, improves cardio-respiratory resistance and leads to greater coordination and balance. There are four different models to choose between, from bicycles for the swimming pool to motor-powered models for use in the sea or on lakes. Originally created for functional and cardiovascular rehabilitation in pools, Velaqua is now being marketed as a fun, safe way for users aged nine and above to get fit while they’re having fun. The bicycle weighs only 12 kg, making it easy to transport. It’s also easy to clean, requiring only rinsing with water at the end of the summer season. Velaqua won the gold medal for Best Invention at the Salon des Inventions 2007 in Geneva.

The Double Tourbillon ‘Technique’ watch, designed by Greubel Forsey, recently won the Best Complicated Watch prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie, held recently in Geneva. The highly-contested prize was awarded in the wake of another victory for the brand with its Quadruple Tourbillon watch, which took home the title of Best Complicated Watch at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie Asia 2009, held in Singapore last September. The Technique was developed and assembled in the brand’s ateliers, located in La Chaux-de-Fonds. A true embodiment of elegance and design, it boasts the Double Tourbillon 30°, the first invention of watch makers Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey. Its originality lies in its four co-axial barrels which provide a 120-hour power reserve.


i Marbella Time Club. Hotel Marbella Club, Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe s/n, Marbella. Tel: 951 317 315.

New HotSpring Spas at Aquapool Spas The new spas from HotSpring Spa, USA, have just arrived at Aquapool Spa in San Pedro. Stylish new features include soft curves, an artificial waterfall lighting system and spa pillows for the neck. There is also a new music system, with pop-up speakers and a built-in amplifier. The system can be linked to your personal iPod and controlled from your house, or in the spa. The ultimate in luxury is provided by a waterproof television which invites you to sit back, relax and be entertained. The new spa models can now be seen, heard and experienced at the Aquapool Spa showroom in San Pedro de Alcántara.

i Poligono Industrial de San Pedro, Carril de Picaza no. 17, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel: 952 927 811.

Burns weekend at the Hotel Tamisa Golf The Hotel Tamisa Golf is set to bring all the magic of Scotland to the shores of Marbella, with a Burns event taking place on January 23, 24 and 25. A Scottish Piper will delight the audience during a four-course gala dinner, and there will be a formal address by Scottish Toastmaster, Dee McMath. Haggis and whiskey will be plentiful during the event and after dinner, Damaris Novias and Novios will present a stunning collection of authentic Scottish kilts and accessories, brought to Spain from The Kilt Centre in Hamilton. In addition to tartans, visitors will delight in a plethora of shirts, shoes, socks and kilt pins, all of which can be bought or hired. Finally, there will a Celtic dance performance by dancers from Ireland and Scotland, who are guaranteed to bring all the best from the homeland to this special event.

i Camino Viejo de Coín, Las Lagunas, Mijas Costa.

Propertyconnectdirect. com: Changing the way you sell your home in Spain If you wish to sell your home directly without resorting to an agent but still need to reach as broad an audience as possible, the happening new website, may be just what you need to clinch a deal. Interestingly, the rapid growth of the Internet over the past five years has completely changed the way people buy and sell property all over the world, with around 90 per cent of all buyers starting their search online. The new website allows owners to advertise on the site for a minimal fee of €150, which includes a guaranteed advert on, the largest overseas property advertising portal, receiving at least 20,000 hits on Spanish properties per week. Conversely, if you are a purchaser looking to buy you can deal with owners directly, making the process simpler, speedier and more affordable.


Tel: 952 585 988.


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Gibraltar grabs Miss World title The champagne corks flew and the crowds cheered in Gibraltar following the announcement that local girl, Kianae Aldorino, was the new Miss World 2009. The competition, held in South Africa, was tough, with 112 beauties from all over the world competing for the crown. Kianae, a 22-year-old human resources clerk was overwhelmed, saying, “Thank you South Africa, this is the most wonderful moment of my life. The ceremony was broadcast to an estimated one billion viewers around the world.


A charitable Christmas on the Costa del Sol In keeping with its commitment to charitable causes, the Costa del Sol rose to the occasion last Christmas with a series of events whose profits were all targeted at people in need. The Westin La Quinta kicked off the giving season with its traditional Christmas lunch for ASPANDEM, the association dedicated to helping those with disabilities. The Hotel Gvadalpín also put on its glad rags for Cudeca at a gala event and raffle, featuring a performance by World Ballroom Dancing Champion Lia Mullins. Another well-attended event was the Christmas lunch at the Marbella Golf and Country Club, organised to raise funds for Málaga orphanage Ciudad de los Niños, which this year is taking part in the Wish List Programme. In this programme, children make a wish for the present of their dreams and the Fund does its best to turn their dreams into reality. During the lunch, which raised €7.500, a raffle was held, with many local businesses and restaurants donating gifts and services. One hotly-contested item was a T-shirt signed by the Manchester United 2009 football team, complete with a certificate of authenticity, donated by Smart Spray Car Repairs. Christmas was also a busy time for the Concordia Marbella Association, which fight AIDS and helps sufferers of the disease and their families. The Association was granted an audience with the Queen of Spain, an avid fundraiser herself who is always willing to lend a helping hand for a worthy cause.

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Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3 Built 185 m2 Terraces 44 m2

price on application

CALAHONDA, MIJAS-COSTA Well constructed duplex penthouse with panoramic views to the Mediterranean and Gibraltar. Bright and spacious living room with open-plan kitchen and nice terrace. Downstairs bedroom with en-suite bathroom and guest toilet. Two further bedrooms upstairs share a bathroom with jet bath and large exterior terrace. All windows have been replaced with quality double glazed turn & tilt fittings and all bathrooms are tastefully retiled as are the terraces. Marble floors throughout, A/C Hot & Cold, Satellite TV, Alarm. The community enjoys lovely gardens featuring a large swimming pool with children’s pool and an indoor heated pool for the exclusive use of the community residents.


could be your property Call: 952 766 344 to reserve this space


T (+34) 607 501 897


Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Built 434 m2 Plot 2,400 m2

â‚Ź 1,400,000

LOS CIPRESES Superb villa with panoramic African views across the Mediterranean. Recently constructed with modern architecture and contemporary styling, set in its own enclosed landscaped grounds. An outstanding feature is the sumptuous Jacuzzi with south facing glass curtain doors that can be fully opened to enjoy year round sunshine. The property is set on two levels with a reception area, lavish living room, dining room and fully fitted kitchen with top of the range appliances. The bedrooms are all en-suite and the master suite has dressing rooms and a spacious private terrace. A/C hot & cold throughout, underfloor heating, satellite TV, swimming pool, automatic irrigation, 2 car garage, remote accessible alarm and automation system.

127_LPL.indd 2


YOUR NAME OR YOUR AGENT T >> your contact details >> your email >> your web address

i 26/10/09 14:18:57


Bedrooms 6

Bathrooms 7+1

Built 1.576 m2

Terrace 467 m2

Price POA

EXCEPTIONAL VILLA IN MARBELLA HILL CLUB Situated in one of the best locations in Marbella, the house enjoys spectacular views over the town of Marbella, Puerto Banus and the sea. Constructed and finished to the highest standards, the main floor consists of a large living room, dining room, bedroom suite with living room, office, a further bedroom suite, kitchen, and staff apartment. The first floor consists of the master bedroom suite, with its own dressing room and a 40 m2 bathroom plus a further 2 guest suites. Terraces from almost every room. Downstairs there is a large living room with a bodega and an exquisite wine-celler, a gym, 3 car garage and storage rooms. A very large plot with unobstructed views, driveway and courtyard (additional parking for 4-6 cars), ample garden areas with grass, pool, ponds and tropical vegetation. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY, as sold under market value!

Plot 9.900 m2

Flat Area 4.500 m2

Possibility Built Area: 1.500 m2

T (+34) 952 90 42 44 T (+34) 686 940 306


Price POA

PLOT SOLD WITH PROJECT IN LA ZAGALETA COUNTRY CLUB Situated in one of the most beautiful residential areas in Europe, bordering with the Ronda mountains to the North, only a few kilometres from Marbella and 60 km from Målaga´s airport. La Zagaleta Golf and Country Club is one of the most prestigious residential areas in Europe offering total security, top quality installations and facilities, 2 private golf courses, tennis courts, members restaurant and much more. Prime location for a south west facing plot, sold with license and substantial infrastructural works done. This is the last individual plot with these characteristics and value! A project of 6 bedrooms luxury villa designed to your liking. 9.900sqm plot with a 4.500 sqm flat area. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR A GREAT INVESTMENT.

129_LPL.indd 1

Marbella estates s.L.

Marbella estates s.L.

T (+34) 952 90 42 44 T (+34) 686 940 306

i 18/12/09 17:06:47



Out of control and out of pocket

Regular overseas payments

A Report michael campbell


For more information on how Moneycorp can help get you more currency than from your bank, Tel: 951 319 700. Always quote Magazine.


s the pound continues to weaken against the euro, this is a difficult time for people receiving an income from the UK when living in Spain. It is especially tough for those receiving pensions or making mortgage payments. This article examines some of the issues regarding the transfer of funds abroad from the UK and what, if anything, can be done to safeguard the amount you receive each month – or better still, increase it. When your UK pension is paid directly to Spain, the chances are that your pension provider will transfer your sterling via a third party. It is the third party that makes the conversion from sterling into euros and, more often than not, this will be a bank. As banks do not specialise in foreign exchange, their transfer fees are usually high and their exchange rates relatively poor. In many cases, the rate they offer is 2-3% less than could be achieved elsewhere. Rates are only available at the time of transfer, with no option to lock into better rates when sterling is strong against other currencies. In addition, processing charges (the deductions banks make for handling the transaction) can be as much as £18 per payment. The only saving grace is

that some pension providers negotiate a lower fee for transferring the funds abroad. The situation is often worse if your pension is paid in sterling to an account in the UK and you arrange your transfers directly with the bank. In addition to poor exchange rates and receipt charges, the average cost for transferring your currency is £25 per payment and, again, there is no option to lock into favourable rates. Crucially, the majority of banks do not have an automated process for regular payments, therefore you are expected to arrange your transfers every month via telephone and internet banking. And, even if the bank does offer some form of regular payment service, it tends to lack the sophistication of other services on the market.

What are the alternatives Currency specialists, offer you a comprehensive, cost-effective way of making your regular international payments. Leading foreign exchange specialists understand the needs of people making regular currency payments – which is why the Regular Payment Plan has been tailored for transactions like pension transfers and mortgage payments. A Regular Payment Plan will help save you time and money and offers better rates than a bank, as well as fixed and variable plan options. Customers can lock into favourable exchange rates for a set period of time, giving them peace of mind that the amount of foreign currency arriving in their overseas account will stay the same each time. The process is fully automated, so every month you can relax in the knowledge that your transfers are taken care of. Moneycorp recently invested over £1.3m in making its payment processing system the best in the industry. It is geared towards processing regular payments as efficiently as possible, using the very latest technology. Features include automated Direct Debit so, if your pension is paid into your UK sterling account, a currency specialist can automatically debit funds on the day you choose and make your transfer. If your pension is paid directly by a pension provider, currency specialists can receive the money from them and make the transfer. Regular Payment Plans are flexible enough to accommodate your chosen payment schedule, with frequencies ranging from weekly to annual. Using a foreign exchange and international payments specialist to take care of all your payments to and from Spain can help. Their experts make the process quick, easy and highly cost-effective. n

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Gran Hotel GvadalpĂ­n Byblos


Los Naranjos Golf




E129Intros.indd 4

17/12/09 14:11:28



Report belinda beckett photography courtesy of turis valencia


ucking into a fragrant plate of paella is on every tourist’s ‘to do’ list wherever they are in Spain but undoubtedly the best place to try it is Valencia, the home of this ubiquitous rice recipe. Traditionally cooked outdoors in the giant paellera pans that gave the dish its name, there’s nothing to beat the combination of rice and saffron gently simmered in stock with tender meat, succulent shellfish or (in high-end restaurants) luxurious lobster and rare razor clams. However the dish we know and love today is a far cry from its humble origins and even the most adventurous gourmets would shudder at the thought of eating it as it was originally prepared. Back in 18th century rural Valencia when times were hard, the main ingredient had whiskers and a long pink tail and could be found in plentiful supply, scavenging around the banks of Lake Albufera: the rata marial, or marsh rat. The strange diet of the peasant farmers of Albufera, 15 kilometres outside the city and a key rice-growing area, was immortalized in Vicente Blasco Ibáñez’s novel, Cañas y Barro, and is well-catalogued today at Valencia’s Museum of Rice, where you can read how snails and eels were added to the mix long before seafood got a look in. You can even eat the dish in situ, in the ‘paella pueblo’ of El Palmar at one of the numerous restaurants cashing in on tourists’ relentless search for the authentic flavours of Spain. However, it may be a relief to know that marsh rat is no longer on the menu although no doubt they continue to


make tasty morsels for the wildlife that roams this region of paddy fields, now a protected nature reserve and an important breeding colony for water birds. The history of its famous dish has become a modern parable for Valencia, a hitherto industrial city that has been refined and reinvented in much the same way as its paella. Not much more than a decade ago, Spain’s third largest city was well under the traveller’s radar and quite outclassed by her ‘big sisters’, Madrid and Barcelona. However, a concentrated programme of urban development has converted down-atheel barrios into hip enclaves, a Metro system has reduced congestion and pollution in the once traffic-choked centre and cutting-edge new architecture graces the Valenciano skyline alongside buildings preserved from the city’s Golden Age (the 15th and 16th centuries), when it was a strategic trading port. Not only does it have a beautiful Old Quarter sequestered within historic walls but also the pretty tree-shaded plazas found in Sevilla, traces of the Moorish history Granada is famous for, the contemporary feel of Barcelona, the tumultuous movida of Madrid and, with one of the world’s best city beaches on its doorstep, an identity all of its own. The Pope visited in 2006 and, in 2007, it was the first European city to stage the Americas Cup, an event which bequeathed it a spanking new marina and a beautiful new waterfront. In 2008, another landmark year, it hosted the World Indoor Athletics Championships and, for the first

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L’Hemisfèric fronting The Museo de les Ciéncies


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Station façade

time, Formula One racing. The Valencia Grand Prix, the second F1 street race in Europe after Monte Carlo, is now an annual fixture. The publicity value of such iconic imagery being beamed to billions across the world is without price. From 2009, the city also became one of the host venues for the prestigious Men’s 500 ATP Tennis Tournament. Valencia’s regeneration dates back to 1957 when the Turia River burst its banks, flooding the city to a level of five metres in parts. The decision to drain and reroute the Turia and convert the old riverbed into a picturesque park, rather than the originally-planned motorway, marked a turning point in Valencia’s fortunes from which it has never looked back. Jardín del Turia is a supreme example of urban renewal, an eight-kilometre green corridor animated by bikers and joggers, embellished with footpaths, landscaped gardens, a stadium and glass concert hall and crossed by bridges of diverse architectural styles. This sylvan scene meanders through the city, cleverly connecting once-isolated neighbourhoods near the port and business centre. Inspired town planning has seen the restoration of landmarks like the old Serrano and Quart Towers of the medieval city, the San Miguel de los Reyes monastery which contains a specialised library, Malvarrosa beach with its smart four-kilometre paseo and the entire Barrio del Carmen Quarter,

Calatrava’s futuristic bridge, known locally as la Peineta (the comb)


a funky new district which has seen extensive renovation, the gutted buildings retaining their old façades and bohemian appeal. In Calle de Caballeros, the wooden doors of the houses still have their original knockers, placed high up for the convenience of gentlemen riders. However, no project has put Valencia so firmly on the tourist map as the Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències (City of Arts and Sciences), the vast, futuristic entertainment complex designed by world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava (currently putting the finishing touches to the transport terminal for New York’s new World Trade Center). Local politicians hoped that this swooping collection of white, organically-contoured museums and theatres would do for Valencia what Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim did for Bilbao, and they have, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world. Walk with penguins, discover the planets through riddles and poems, see the earth from the air or get inside the structure of DNA – these are just a few of the amazing attractions. A 350,000m2 complex dividing city centre from sea on the banks of the Turia, the buildings are a truly spectacular feat of architectural engineering, designed on an aquatic theme reflected in the repeated concrete wave crests, use of reflective materials and real water features. L’Hemisfèric, containing a planetarium, laser show theatre and Imax cinema

where visitors can experience everything from moon walking to piloting a jet fighter, was the first building to open in 1998. Rising from the river like a giant sleepy eye, it has become the emblem of Valencia’s reawakening. The Museo de les Ciénces Principe Felipe, resembling the skeleton of a giant aquatic dinosaur, exhibits the wonders of 21st century science and technology in a hands-on way; L’Umbracle is a panoramic garden built over a mega underground car park; L’Oceanogràfic is the world’s second-largest aquarium, an undersea city designed around a series of lagoons representing the oceans and home to the world’s most representative collection of marine fauna and flora, including killer whales; and, last to be unveiled, the Palau de les Arts, a 2,500-seater open-air auditorium hosting world class operas, plays and concerts. One of the key attractions of any European city is its historic heart and Valencia boasts a rich legacy, inherited from Visigoths, Romans, Moors and Christians. Full of genuine snapshots of the past, the compact Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an insane maze of old Arabic streets in which it is impossible not to get lost; but accept your fate and you will be rewarded with surprising finds. Two massive gates through which the body of El Cid was led from the city on horseback are virtually all that remain of the ancient walls but

The landmark Serrano and Quart Towers

Valencia is the home of paella

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Arial view of the riverside park and futuristic City of Arts and Sciences

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Valencia’s world-famous oranges

Rooftop-high satirical effigies mark the Fiesta de las Fallas

the distinctive feature of Valencian architecture, its elaborate Baroque façades, are much in evidence and nowhere more splendidly than at the Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas, with its incredible alabaster doorway; and the cathedral, a hotchpotch of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque extravagance. Cathedral visitors flock to view the dark Goya canvases but their Holy Grail is a gold and agate chalice said to be the one used by Christ at the Last Supper. The view from the cathedral roof over the city, with its many blue-domed churches, is also not to be missed. Other highlights are the Museu de Belles Artes for works by Bosch, El Greco, Velázquez and more Goyas – one of Spain’s greatest collections attracting a mere fraction of El Prado’s crowds; IVAM, Spain’s first modern art museum; and the National Ceramics Museum, a stunning visual homage to this ancient Moorish tradition. The Art Deco Mercat Central in the old quarter houses one of Spain’s largest markets beneath towering iron and stained glass domes resembling a Victorian railway station. Visiting it is an introductory field trip through Valencia’s lush huerta, the fertile orchards and agricultural land surrounding the city that are among the most productive in Europe, and still irrigated by systems devised by the Moors. Along with stalls piled high with Valencia oranges and countless other varieties of fruit and vegetables there are others devoted to jamón Ibérico, local cheeses, sausages, wild mushrooms and shoals of seafood. Across the street is another of the city’s highlights, the Lonja de la Seda (the old Silk Exchange), an exquisite example of Gothic architecture dating from 1482. Delicate curved pillars in the shape of palm trees support the vaulted ceiling of the entrance hall while Gothic and Arabic arches look onto a shady courtyard of orange trees. Shopping is as good, here, as in Madrid or Barcelona. Clustered around Calle Poeta Querol are scores of luxury retailers like Hermès, Santa Maria Novella, Loewe and Valencia’s own top

fashion designer, Francis Montesinos. Every street seems to boast its horchatería selling the milky tiger nut drink that is a local speciality, often served with a farton, an amusingly-named traditional pastry. For something with extra kick, try a jug of Agua de Valencia, not as innocuous as it sounds as it’s a cocktail of vodka, champagne and freshly-squeezed orange juice. For atmospheric dining, try La Pepica, famous for paella. Everyone else in Spain has, including King Juan Carlos, bullfighter Manolete and Ernest Hemingway, who wrote, in The Dangerous Summer, “Dinner at Pepica’s was wonderful. It was a big, clean, open-air place and everything was cooked in plain sight. You could pick out what you wanted to have grilled or broiled and the seafood and rice dishes were the best on the beach.” Photos of illustrious guests cover the blue-painted walls of this popular eatery, founded in 1890, whose reputation for good food, combined with its great beachfront location, make for a memorable experience. For the Americas Cup, Valencia added significantly to its stock of stylish hotels, among them the Hospes Palau de la Mar whose contemporary interior occupies an adjoining pair of elegant 19th-century mansions and makes an impressive place to lay your head. Before that, head for the Barrio del Carmen or the trendy bars of the new university district. In Valencia, there’s always an excuse for a party and, throughout the year, there’s invariably a Moors and Christians festival going on somewhere. But the most celebrated party is the curious Fiesta de las Fallas in March. Falla comes from the word for torch and the festival has its origins in the 13th century, when the Carpenters Guild burned their left-over wood and prepared for the new business year. This simple rite of spring has developed into an extraordinary ritual bonfire celebration that makes Britain’s Guy Fawkes Night look like a damp squib. For a week, normal life ceases as each barrio erupts in a riotous street party watched

Monteolivete Bridge

over by its own towering falla – magnificent papier maché effigies that take months to create and minutes to go up in flames. Many of them are rooftop height, turning Valencia into a surreal toy town. Invariably, they are irreverent caricatures of historical figures, politicians, celebs, sportsmen and anyone else considered a target for satire. One year, a 50 foot statue of Stephen Spielberg could be seen peering into the top window of an office block, while the long, carrot-shaped nose of a giant Pinocchio seemed in danger of altering the time on the cathedral clock. The climax to the fiesta is the Nit de Foc (Night of Fire) on March 19 when, on the stroke of midnight, the first falla is strung with firecrackers and torched. If you miss this spectacle, the Fallas Museum gives a great overview of the proceedings. Valencia is the firework manufacturing capital of Europe, a fact flaunted by the Town Hall which sends thousands of euros-worth up in smoke during its many fiestas – the Feria de Julio with its bullfights, concerts and Battle of the Flowers, the September fireworks competition at the riverbed park, and at many other times of year. However, fuegos artificiales are no longer Valencia’s main claim to fame. This city offers cultural fireworks every day of the year.

i Further information, City of Arts and Sciences,

The Congress Palace

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50.000 POTENTIAL CLIENTS Det norske månedsmagasinet på Costa del Sol



La revista danesa de la Costa del Sol · Det danske magasin på Costa del Sol


Kasper Nielsen



Februari 2009



En dag med

Kasper Nielsen er køkkenchef på den nye danskejede restaurant Roca Tranquila, som åbnede sommeren 2008 i Torreblanca. Han har været med fra starten af projektet, siden 2005, hvor han rejste frem og tilbage, mens byggeri og planlægning foregik, samtidig med at han kombinerede det med sin deltagelse på det danske kokkelandshold.






Somontano VOXPOP








På kryss og tvers gjennom Andalucía Du kan ikke ha unngått å se dem, de mange veiskiltene her i Andalucía-regionen som forteller at her gikk de gamle historiske veiene, ”Rutas”. Men vet du hvilke historier som skjuler seg bak de gamle og ofte arabiskklingende navnene?

Seve Ballesteros


· Interviews · Nyheder · Bolig · Finans · Udflugter · Sport · Fakta · Kultur· Spansk Stil · Politik · Mode · Helse ...og meget mere...





The most cost-effective gateway to the Scandinavian market on the Costa del Sol. The editorial backbone of our publications is made up of current events, news, reviews, politics and finance, while other sections cover in-depth and topical information on subjects that concern readers living in Spain. We also offer refreshing and interesting features on health, food and wine, sport, travel and décor, designed for the many Scandinavian-speaking residents and visitors to southern Spain.

Contact our team to learn more how to get in contact with the Scandinavians on the Costa del Sol With 18 years of experience on the Costa del Sol, Norrbom Marketing has the necessary knowledge about marketing locally as well as nationally, which is essential to provide our clients with the best tools to obtain the very best results. We are delighted to share our knowledge.

CENTRO IDEA • Ctra. de Mijas Km. 3,6 • 29650 Mijas Tlf. (+34) 95 258 15 53 • Fax. (+34) 95 258 03 29 e-mail:



The Hotel Gvadalpín Byblos

and the melodies of silence sports personalities, including Robert De Niro, Gerard Depardieu, the Rolling Stones, the French football team and ex Spanish President, José María Aznar. Yet for Jorge Patón, Public Relations Director of the Hotel, no star shone more brightly than Lady Diana, as the future Princess was then known. That was 20 years ago, when Jorge had just started working at the hotel, as a receptionist. He’ll never forget her visit. He says, “Once, she came to the desk to change pounds to pesetas and I got so nervous I just blocked up. She looked at me with the kindest expression, as if to say, ‘don’t worry, you’re alright’ and throughout her stay, she was sweet, humble and gracious. She had come to the coast for a relaxing holiday but as soon as the press caught on to the fact that she was here, she had to leave,” he recalls, showing me the Presidential Suite, where Lady Diana once slept on its canopy bed. The Suite is impressive indeed, cosy and rustic with floral motifs gracing the beds, curtains and floors. Its ample terrace overlooks the golf courses, while its living room invites one to nestle on the sofa and catch up on some reading. The bathroom is ample and inviting, with a separate bath and shower and plenty of space to indulge in bath time rituals. Another recommendable room choice is the Junior Suite, with its 360º view over the outdoor swimming pools (there are two, one of which bears a stunning large-scale mosaic featuring the abduction of Europa by Zeus, which is also the company logo).

The Hotel Gvadalpín Byblos is home to one of only three La Prairie Art of Beauty spas in Spain (the other two are in Tarragona and Santander, respectively). Staff members are trained by La Prairie from Switzerland, and La Prairie products are used in all the treatments. The choice of massages and facials is vast and includes seaweed wraps, pressotherapy, the Dinamic circulation treatment and an underwater massage. Visitors can also unwind at one of three pools, or within the steaming hot Turkish bath or sauna. After working up an appetite, nothing is more appealing than a hearty buffet lunch on the inviting terrace of the Restaurante La Fuente, or an à la carte Mediterranean-style dinner. Those who prefer to relax after a session of pampering can opt to sit on the minimalist, Zen patio close to the spa where, says Jorge, some clients have claimed that ‘the silence can be heard’. This patio has also been used for weddings, cocktail parties and special events, its simple enchantment being a joy to the senses of sight and sound. Those who head to the hotel for a bit of business as well as golf will find plenty of room for conferences, with the largest business hall boasting floods of natural light and a magnificent golfing panorama. For a more intimate affair the Salón Chimenea, with its winding stone steps and fireplace and view over the pool, is a cosy nook in which to do business, host a romantic dinner or get together with friends. For Jorge Patón and most of the staff at the Hotel Gvadalpín Byblos, 20 years have gone by in a flash, with little of the essence of this singular oasis having changed. “Sometimes, walking through the Arabian patios, all you can hear are the birds, the wind and nothing else,” says Jorge, adding, “In this way we have managed to stay true to our original aim: to make the hotel a place to relax, play golf, enjoy great food and find peace”.

Report marisa cutillas photography courtesy of the hotel gvadalpín byblos


ome hotels are havens for partygoers: those for whom proximity to top nightspots and the active city centre are a must. Other hotels are meant for beach lovers: those who can think of nothing better than gazing out at the tranquil blue of the sea. Still others, like the five-star Grand Luxury Hotel Gvadalpín Byblos, are a paradise for golfers and those who seek harmony, beauty and peace. Ensconced between two 18-hole golf courses (Los Olivos and Los Lagos), with tee one to both greens a mere 50 metre walk away, this hotel is the very definition of a golf getaway, yet it is also the ideal choice for those who really need to unwind. With a graceful marriage of Arab, Andalusian and Roman architecture, it boasts striking touches such as a plethora of antique pieces obtained from an old monastery in both common areas and rooms. Antique wooden trunks, high-back wooden chairs, 18th century wardrobes and cabinets somehow blend in perfectly with colourful Arab mosaics, Andalusian patios and fountains whose waters sing melodies of past and present. The central patio invites one to sit and meditate on its beauty, inhaling the Andalusian perfumes of jasmine and orange blossom. The reception area is place of wonder, featuring glass-encased torero outfits and luxury boutiques nearby. With its golfing facilities, 144 rooms and La Prairie Art of Beauty and Spa Centre, the Hotel Gvadalpín Byblos has been a second home to some of the world’s biggest stars, politicians and

i Urb Mijas Golf, Mijas Costa, Málaga. Tel: 952 473 050.

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report and photography paul brazell Acosta


i los naranjos Golf Club

Nueva Andalucía, Marbella. Tel: 952 815 206. Paul Brazell Acosta Professional events photographer PRO FOR A DAY™ “Feel like a pro, and keep the memory forever.” Tel: 669 694 848.

Los Naranjos Golf Club W orld famous golf course architect Robert Trent Jones Sr. considered it one of his finest European designs and it is indeed a true Championship course. Measuring 6,500 meters from the professional tees, it features wide fairways, strategically placed hazards and large undulating greens. Suitable for all levels of players, this year Los Naranjos Golf Club celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary, a considerable age for a golf course on the Costa del Sol. During these three decades the course has established itself as one of the top courses in Spain as well as one of the most popular.

HOLE 3 The Valley

HOLE 10 The Bend Par 4, handicap 5, 379m from yellow tee This is a Long Par 4 with a green sloping from right to left after a narrow entrance. You need to aim your tee-shot to the left side of the fairway and your second shot to the right of the flag. Be careful with the bunkers on both sides of the fairway (beautiful villas on the right side as well, so make sure you do not know the owner if your ball slices right!). If you do land in one of the bunkers, it is very difficult to place your next shot due to the angles. Once on the green, you will find a ridge in the middle sloping towards the back of the green. Difficult, but not impossible, two-putt to par the hole.

Par 4, handicap 10, 327m from yellow tee I love this hole! It is pretty much a straightforward Par 4, but beware of the large green-side bunker! You need to take a long tee-shot and give it all you’ve got if you want to reach the green in two. Just in case you don’t make it in two and you need to approach, make sure you take an extra club in order to clear the enormous bunker which crosses the front of the green. You will need to clear this if you want to two-putt for a par, that is if you are lucky. But be careful, you also have two large bunkers at the back. Be happy with a bogie. I usually am, as are 36 per cent of players who play this course! (according to the FGA, Federación Andaluza de Golf).


HOLE 18 Home Par 5, handicap 3, 504m from yellow tee This has to be the one of the most famous finishing holes on the Costa del Sol. It is a long par 5, but the views of the clubhouse with La Concha mountain behind make up for it. Plus, the name of the hole says it all, and for some reason an ice cold beer at the clubhouse pops into mind on this last hole! Pros and low handicappers will try to reach in two, but lets not kid ourselves, try and reach in three and two-putt for a well deserved par on this hole. Careful, we run into our famous friend the ‘water magnet’ on this hole on the left and in front of the green, so try and aim for the back of the green on your third shot, which slopes towards you and has a safety zone to help your ball bounce back onto the green, or allow for a nice chip onto it. When putting, keep in mind a trick a friend gave me and has been working for me lately: When putting towards the mountain, give it an extra ‘push’, when putting towards the sea, let the ball roll on its own! Try it, I hope it works for you as well! n

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“ . . . u n “ . . . a





w o r l d - c l a ss

c a te g o r í a

m u n di a l ”

desti n a tio n

t h e V O L V O Wo r l d


Crta. de Casares s/n • 29690 Casares - Málaga


r eso r t ”


GPS: N 36º - 23´- 49”

W 5º - 13´- 30”

reservations +34 952 93 78 83 reservas

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the gourmet


El Lago


Da Bruno A Casa


Food News


Chef’s Profile: Martin Underwood of The Beach House


Organic Sherry of Montilla Moriles





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17/12/09 14:11:50

Fi n e T h a i C u i s i n e


952 818 392

Open Every Evening for Dinner Ctra. de Cรกdiz Km. 175 PUERTO BANรšS (Behind The Shell Petrol Station) Marbella

Puente Romano, Fase 2, Marbella. Open Daily for Dinner from 8:00pm Serving Marbella in a Select Atmosphere for 27 years.

tel: 952 777 893 or 952 775 500

TAI PAN Chinese Cuisine - Polynesian Bar

Exquisite Royal Thai Cuisine



E128_oriental.indd 1

Tel: 952 770 550 Open Mon-Sat. C.C. Marbellamar, L-3A. Marbella.

Happy New Year to All!

t h e a rt of

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Bringing the Best of Andalucía to the World


El Lago Report marisa cutillas photography kh photography


t the recent Marbella Awards 2009, the category of International Restaurant was a hotly-contested prize. When one considers that Marbella is, per capita, a town with an impressive number of Michelin stars to its name, it takes an element of magic to be considered the best. El Lago’s victory was testimony to that magic, which is brewed daily in the pots and cauldrons of Diego del Río, Head Chef of El Lago, an unabashed foody who rests less on his Michelin star than on cooking methods cherished for centuries. At El Lago, produce and technique are the star players in a series of dishes whose tenderness, freshness and flavour will simply have your mouth watering. El Lago, ensconced within the beautiful pine forests of Elviria and overlooking the nine-hole golf course and tranquil lake of Greenlife Golf Marbella, is the product of the hard work, imagination and solid teamwork promulgated by restaurant Director, Paco García (graduate of the prestigious La Consula school in 1994), and his team. Most of the staff are La Consula graduates, with members such as young Maître d’, María Aguilar, taking home second prize in a recent competition for young Andalusían sommeliers. Perhaps what most stands out about this team is the effort being made to raise Andalucía’s stakes when it comes to competing against regional gastronomic stalwarts such as the País Vasco or Catalunya. The focus is decidely Andalusían, from the wine list which contains hidden gems from areas such as Cádiz, Granada and Huelva, right through to the breads and cheeses. The bread, for instance, made by an artisan baker from Alhaurín, takes two days to rise (rather than two hours), resulting in a spongy, soft temptation that melts in the mouth like butter. The cheeses, meanwhile, are also made using timehonoured methods, with the milk heated at a low 36 ºC so the particular flavours are kept intact. The same respect for tradition is visible in the surprising creativity of Diego del Río, winner of a Castaño de Plata from his native village, Pujerra, alongside Manolo Jiménez, Head Coach of Sevilla F.C., and former Transport Minister Magdalena Álvarez. The jovial chef admits to being “in fear of pressure cookers” – not so much, we suspect, because

of their famed volatility but because of a greater fear of anything cooked ‘too fast’. Diego prefers methods such as vacuum cooking, in which produce is cooked at low pressure and low temperatures (around 90ºC) for various hours, ensuring tenderness and original flavour since food is effectively cooked in its own juices. He pays homage to Andalucía in each of his dishes, sometimes with a bow, sometimes with a playful wink, presenting beautiful creative treasures which capture the smells, essences and tastes he knew as a child. On my recent visit to El Lago, my companion and I began our meal with a house favourite: the escabeche chicken mille-feuille with foie, layered with apple and topped with a paper fine, crisp layer of caramel. It was surprisingly light, the chicken and apple adding a touch of freshness and texture to a French classic. For our main course we enjoyed the undisputed star of the meal: the octopus served over a bed of roasted potato crème with truffles. The octopus, which was vacuum cooked, bore a tenderness and flavour that were difficult to describe. Its fresh, savoury tenderness, doused with the finesse of the smoky, truffleflavoured potato crème, was irresistible. This dish is Diego’s tribute to the Malagueño tradition known as the verbena where, after a night of celebration, partygoers take to barbecuing fish and seafood at odd hours, such as four or five in the morning. The homage comes in the form of Diego’s use of smoked oil and truffles to imitate the characteristic smoky flavour of any good barbecue. Next up was the amazingly tender pork carrillada in a sweet wine sauce served over creamy potatoes, once again revealing the unbeatable tenderness and flavours resulting from Diego’s slow, elaborate cooking method. For dessert we indulged our passion for chocolate with a sinful 70 per cent (dark chocolate) cake, served over a fine-as-air white chocolate soup and topped with a spoonful of milk chocolate ice-cream. El Lago opens both at lunch time (featuring a lighter, snack-type menu) and at dinner for Diego’s Michelin-starred magic. The restaurant, which is just about to celebrate its tenth anniversary, has proven how bravery and vision always have their just reward. Paco García’s lofty aim of converting Andalucía into a gastronomic region worth travelling to is a step closer every day, with dishes which are both traditional and personal, simple yet surprising, familiar yet leaving a marked memory, and a yearning in our hearts.

i Urb. Elviria Hills, Avda. Las Cumbres s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 832 371.

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17/12/09 11:15:47


Continuing a Great Family Tradition



or lovers of fine Italian cuisine, the Da Bruno restaurant group needs no introduction. The family business founded on the coast more than 15 years ago by Bruno Filippone and his wife Giuseppina has set the standard for delicious dishes reflecting the rich Mediterranean produce of their homeland. And you don’t need to take my word for it. For the fourth year running, the group has won the Italian Restaurant category in the Magazine Awards, voted for by thousands of readers. The story began years ago in Abruzzo where Bruno still has happy memories of his mother cooking for an extended family of 18. Continuing that culinary tradition, Bruno studied catering in Germany and Switzerland before opening his first restaurant in the Black Forest and it seemed like destiny when he met his future wife, Giuseppina, who was running a restaurant nearby. In 1994 they moved to Marbella and Pasta Da Bruno became one of the first authentic Italian restaurants on the coast. Over the next decade they opened four more – a mini empire stretching from San Pedro to Cabopino. Now the history of this successful family restaurant chain continues with the next generation, namely Giuseppina’s son Giancarlo Paparusso who has taken over the running of Da Bruno A Casa with his wife Alexandra. When you learn that this couple were also brought together through the love of Italian cuisine (Alexandra’s parents were regular Da Bruno customers) you can see that this is another partnership made in heaven! That Giancarlo is at the helm of Da Bruno A Casa is particularly apt, since it was he who had the idea to open it as a takeaway nine years ago, when it was just one tiny locale. “It became so popular that people wanted to stay and eat there – one couple even brought in their own chairs – but at that time there wasn’t the space!” says Giancarlo, who today oversees a stylish sit-down restaurant with 60 covers inside and 60 more on the terrace, busy even in winter thanks to cosy heat lamps. Ideally placed on the Golden Mile with plenty of parking out front, it’s a popular venue lunch times and evenings. Diners flock to enjoy home-made cuisine at family-friendly prices and an ambience that’s both soothing and relaxed (all Da Bruno restaurants are laid out according to the laws of Feng Shui while the signature green and yellow colour scheme has its origins in Buddhism). Stunning red crystal chandeliers, green tablecloths and pristine white crockery reflect the colours of the Italian flag. With a menu featuring 163 starters and main courses, not including the children’s menu, desserts and weekly specials, running such an operation is a demanding job. Giancarlo and Alexandra have been busy since they took over in 2008 (and not before Giancarlo had served a four-year apprenticeship with the group), assembling a dream team of chefs from top establishments in Italy, finessing dishes and introducing induction cooking to speed up turn-around. Increased sales last year are proof that their innovations are bearing fruit, especially so in an economic downturn. One clear advantage over other Italian restaurants is that some 20 varieties of fresh pasta,

Report belinda beckett photography kh photography

Da Bruno A Casa hand-made at the central kitchens based at Da Bruno Sul Mare, are delivered daily to all the restaurants in the group, including gnocchi, tortellini and plump pumpkin-filled ravioli. But perfect pasta is only one reason why Da Bruno has so many repeat customers, including some 7,000 already signed up to the Da Bruno loyalty card discount scheme. The extensive menu includes many signature dishes: an Italian version of gambas pil pil (prepared with special herbs and a rich tomato sauce), a vast array of meat, fish and seafood dishes including suckling pig and lamb, solomillo cooked five different ways, juicy langoustines, luxurious carabineros and many more delicacies. Already familiar with Da Bruno’s famous pastas (our office is almost next door) we were interested to see what else Alexandra and Giancarlo would recommend and we weren’t disappointed. We began with tender foie-gras mit-cuit, served with honey-caramelised apple, the sweet and tart flavours contrasting beautifully with the richness of the foie. For mains, I sampled a mouth-watering solomillo stroganoff. The sauce bore just the right amount of piquancy while the accompanying risotto blanco was creamy and rich as the Italians do so well (rather than the bland, dry grains that so often accompany this dish). My colleague tucked into Fettuccini Costa Esmeralda: fine pasta cooked with saffron, choc full of king prawns, mussels and scallops. This generous

portion smelled and looked so delicious that the lady on the adjoining table ordered it too. We finished on a high note with a chocolate fondant dessert which, with its fluffy sponge casing and molten chocolate middle, would have won any TV Master Chef contest hands down. With great food, an excellent quality/price ratio and a warm welcome, it’s easy to see why Marbella’s dining cognoscenti continue to vote with their feet by beating a path to Da Bruno. And, with the next generation in place to build on the traditions of a name synonymous with fine Italian dining (Bruno’s daughter Marcella is running Da Bruno A San Pedro), this successful family business is well on course to becoming a dynasty! n


Marbella Mar, Local 1, Tel: 952 857 521. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Average price, three-course meal plus wine, €35-40.

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© Kh Photography

Dining Himalayan style at the MC Café The MC Café, famed for its creative international cuisine and cool ambience, has incorporated a new cooking style into its kitchens, featuring fresh meat, fish and seafood cooked over a bed of Himalayan salt. The beds, known as ‘salt plates’, are composed of pink Himalayan salt which is known for its health benefits and unique flavour. They conduct heat beautifully and lend foods a depth of flavour which is not found in normal table salt. The plates can be used in the grill or oven, or served chilled with sushi and other cold appetisers. They are ecological and naturally anti-microbial, and can be re-used just by scrubbing the surface with a brush. The new cooking method is as great an excuse as any for a fantastic meal at the MC Café and is an ideal way to enjoy healthy, low-fat cuisine which is nevertheless extremely tasty.

i Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 822 211. for all your gourmet cooking needs Those who are passionate about cuisine often find it difficult to find gourmet cooking equipment; specialist pots, pans and utensils that are necessary to make a perfect dish or dessert. New online store, Cuisine Paradiso, puts an end to all those aimless visits to shopping centres and cooking stores, with a wide selection of specialist items for the most fervent of foodies. Items include steel oval pans (perfect for fish, chicken and duck), specially themed moulds for the holidays, bread-making machines, crystal jars and cutlery and cooking utensils of all kinds.

i If creativity and perfectionism are qualities you pursue in your cooking, click onto

First wine-tasting open event at Casa Pablo Popular Marbella wine shop Casa Pablo recently held a well-attended wine tasting event, inviting members of the press and clients to try wines from many of Spain’s top regions. A wide range of wines were sampled from some of Spain’s top bodegas, including Bodega Joaquín Fernández, Enrique Mendoza Viticultor, As Laxas Bodegas, Mar de Frades and Alvear. Guests were delighted to chat with the owners and glean important information on different grape varieties, aromas and flavours. The event was a great way to bring Spain’s wines to the people, and its success has inspired the founders of Casa Pablo, Pablo García and Carlos Cecilla, to plan many more tasting extravaganzas.

i Avda. Ramón Gómez de la Serna 2, Marbella.

Tel: 952 770 024.

Ecological dining at Fuerte Hoteles The Fuerte Hoteles Group is proud to announce that all its hotels now have an ecological garden featuring a host of healthy vegetables, including beans, leeks, broccoli, radish, lettuce and herbs such as rosemary, thyme and basil. The idea is to provide healthy, home-grown produce to diners at the hotel’s restaurants, and to invite hotel guests to tours of the garden where they can learn how to grow and maintain a similar green space at home. Children are welcome and are invited to plant vegetables or hand-pick the items they wish to savour in their meal. Joaquín Pineda, Director of Quality and Sustainable Development of Fuerte Hoteles, told the press: “Gardening is not only a creative and gratifying pursuit, it also allows clients to contribute to the creation and maintenance of a type of agriculture that is respectful to the environment.”



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John Lennon

Touched by the hand of


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

Martin Underwood



of The Beach House


t’s funny how we are expected to choose, at the tender age of 16 or 17, a career that is meant to keep us happy and fulfilled for the rest of our lives. At that age it would be safe to say that most of us are clueless when it comes to predicting our tastes and passions 10 or 20 years down the track and we can only hope that the career of our dreams finds us in a lucky twist of fate. For Martin Underwood, it was very much a chance turn of events that resulted in him becoming Head Chef of The Beach House, the chic seaside venue voted Best Beach Dining restaurant at the recently celebrated Marbella Awards. Martin, famed for his talent at whipping up creative dishes that bring the best of all worlds to the shores of the lovely Elviria beaches, had everything but cuisine on his mind when, in his teens, he dreamed of piloting fighter planes in the RAF. As luck would have it, Martin was too young for admittance into the force, so he decided to accept a part-time job washing pots and pans at a local restaurant. The job wasn’t at just any restaurant, however, but at the four-star Norfolk Royal Hotel in Bournemouth, where the busy pace of the chefs, the irresistible flavours and presentation of the dishes and the scintillating aromas flowing in the kitchen, sparked an interest in fine cuisine. This experience propelled him to study an intense three-year course in which technique was married to his passion for food and what can only be described as innate talent. He probably never dreamed he would one day live enviable experiences such as working in the kitchens of Gary Rhodes, or winning two silver medals at the South of England Awards, which he received for creating recipes on the spot using specific ingredients selected by the judges and relying on his nerves of steel to ‘get it right’ in the midst of such pressure. Spain was another unsuspected choice for the handsome thirty-something chef, who is now a happy resident of Coín, where he relishes in the rural life with his girlfriend and seven dogs. “Ours is an ever-growing family,” he laughs. Martin, who originally hailed from a seaside town, knew his destiny was overseas, but the choice of Marbella was very much luck of the draw. “I practically took a map and put a pin on Marbella,” he jokes. That was a decade ago and oddly enough, his first job was with Lucy, who, alongside her husband Guy, founded The Beach House 10 years


ago. Martin honed his craft in the kitchens of renowned restaurants such as Tikitano and Chez Michel, only to come full circle and return to The Beach House, which is arguably the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Marbella. With its wooden decked terrace practically touching the sea and the soft, lush sand inviting you for a stroll after your meal, few places are quite as ideal for a romantic evening or even a family meal. When I asked Martin what he attributed The Beach House’s great success to, he answered, “We never rest on our laurels. We’re always looking at how we can improve and every year, around November, we close for a month and experiment with recipes, carry out renovations and do a thorough clean-down. When we open again in December, it’s almost like coming to a new restaurant.” This year, work was carried out on the reception area and the chiringuito, while in past years, hard work was put into installing crystal doors in the terrace area, for cosy evenings indoors when the weather outside isn’t ideal. Even on the coldest nights of winter, it is still possible to gaze at the moonlit sea and to watch the sun go down after a fabulous lunch. Innovation is a key ingredient in any restaurant that has enjoyed success for as many years as The Beach House, but the proof of the pudding is undoubtedly the food. Martin’s menu includes classics such as caesar salad in a parmesan basket,

prawn tempura and crunchy Asian salad, fantastic fish and chips, fillets, sirloins, a killer seabass and the famous Beach House burger, said to be the best in town. Martin’s cuisine is based on creative interpretations of traditional recipes, where fresh Mediterranean ingredients are married to irresistible Oriental herbs and spices. At lunch time, diners flock in for the Light Bite menu, featuring healthy dishes such as salads, wraps and carpaccios. Sunday lunch is a big day at The Beach House, with a lavish Sunday roast making us feel like we were back home, on a very sunny day. Sushi is also served fresh every day, a big hit among regulars in the long days of summer. Martin may have traveled far and wide for life to ‘happen to him,’ but now, with the prestige of heading the kitchens of one of Marbella’s most frequented restaurants, and the stability of life in the campo, he probably couldn’t have dreamed it up better himself. And for foodies like me, who are proud of Marbella’s ability to attract the very best from the world of hospitality to our shores, it’s nothing but a win-win situation. n

i Urb. Coto de los Dolores, Carril

del Relojero, Elviria, Marbella. Tel: 952 839 459.

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i Bodegas Robles wines

(there is a white and a red table wine too) are for sale at El Corte Inglés/Hipercor, Carrefour, Eroski, and specialist organic food shops such as Marbella’s Bio Natura, (Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, Edif. Berrocal, Marbella. Tel: 952 900 401).




The Organic Sherries


he title of this piece is deliberately misleading. Wines from the Cinderella sherry region of Montilla-Moriles have always been made and sold in the shadow of big brother Jerez, just down the road, but they really deserve more attention. On checking back, I found I had not written about them for nearly a decade which is clearly an oversight – above all since, in those ten years, an awful lot has been happening in the region. Many years ago these wines were known as the Sherries of Córdoba, and until 1933 when the regulatory body tightened up the rules, a large amount of the wine was sold to bodegas in Jerez – but those were the days when people drank a lot more sherry than they do today and Montilla boosted production when mixed with Jerez. Now Montilla wines have to stand on their own feet, and although there is scarcely a bar that does not have a wine box labelled Fino de Montilla on the counter, the long struggle to get their premium products into the discerning drinker’s comfort zone has been slow. But you underestimate the wines at your peril. They were sold on their own merit for as long as they have been produced; (amphorae containing the wine have been excavated in Italy, and a small bin of Montilla sold in the 1960s at the Ashburnham House sale in England had lain in its cellar since 1875.) The Pedro Ximénez (PX) grape is indigenous throughout the region and is best known for producing sweet, sticky wines the colour of treacle and with enough alcohol to make you sit down and take notice. Although new grape varieties such as Baladí and Torrontés are now also used, the growers have learnt to make dry and fruity white wines from the PX and Moscatel grapes, in the same way as the Palomino sherry grape of the Jerez region is now used to make light table wines. The initial stages of winemaking are standard: the grapes are pressed, fermented in stainless steel tanks, then tasted to decide whether they should be used to make white table wine or introduced into the solera of tiers of barrels to age into finos, amontillados or olorosos. Readers familiar with the classic solera system do not need reminding that there is no such thing as vintage sherry, much less bottles bearing the year of the vintage, as the function of the solera (which can consist of as many as four tiers of barrels piled one upon the other) is to introduce young wine at the top and transfer it down gradually, year by year. By the time the wine is removed from the lowest tier for bottling it has mysteriously taken on the characteristics of the solera as a whole which, in many cases, can be several centuries old. This is known as the sherry miracle, and is unique in the world of wine production. So, when I heard about an organic fino from Montilla, I was sceptical. A solera and organic wine amounts to an oxymoron as, by default, there will always be wine in the solera that is centuries old and therefore non-organic, however much new wine were to be introduced. So the only way to find out was to drive up to Montilla and pay a visit to the

Report aj Linn

family-owned and run Robles bodega. The bodega was founded in 1927 by the present owner’s father and Francisco Robles Carbonero and his children are now at the helm. The decision was made to go organic in 1999 and in 2000 they produced the first organic Blanco Joven and Pale Cream, of which 80 per cent went for export. The first organic Pedro Ximénez ever produced in Spain was bottled in 2002 and by 2007 they were producing 300,000 bottles of organic wine. In 2008, Robles produced the first Spanish organic sherry wine vinegar. In 2006, Bodegas Robles was awarded the prize for the best organic producer in Spain by the Environment Ministry and, in 2009, its fino was selected for the wine list of restaurant El Bulli. Its organic range, Piedra Luenga, is now exported to most winedrinking countries. The prizes its wines have won internationally run to pages and include Bacchus de Oro and International Wine Challenge awards. Although it has been a long hard road, the investment in time and money has borne fruit. There have been two important influencing factors that have helped the project along, the first being a formal collaboration programme with the University of Cordoba, the second being an informal arrangement with Bodegas Schatz, the first organic winery of Ronda. The first thing that would surprise anyone visiting the Robles vineyards is a sensation of abandonment. You can hardly see where the weeds end and the vines begin and I am wondering how many vineyards I have seen in this state in the past and assumed to be ex-vineyards when they were, in fact, organic. Because this is the whole idea. Whereas conventional wisdom dictates that to deal with pests and diseases, you should drench the vines with pesticides, with organic wine growing the principal is simple logic: let the pests eat what they want, so long as it is not the grapes; hence the riot of colour that proliferates between the rows of vines, ranging from clover to poppies, plus a wide variety of shrubs and small trees thrown in for very good measure. The theory is so simple that you wonder why all wine producers don’t let their vineyards return to nature. Robles’s conversion to organic resulted in a 15 per cent increase in production and a 20 per cent increase in the ambient humidity of the vineyards, an important factor in an area where rainfall is low. The rabbits no longer eat the vines; rather, they thrive on the shrubs and although there was a plague of snails this year, not one was found on a vine. The birds eat the snails so do not bother with the grapes while soil erosion in heavy rains is a thing of the past, as the carpet of ‘weeds’ in the vineyard holds the earth in place. And the wines do really taste better for being organic. So, the next time you see that familiar sight in wine regions – a tractor wending its way between rows of vines with long sprayers shooting out toxic pesticide over the grapes – make a conscious decision to only buy organic wines in the future. You will be doing everyone a favour. Oh, and that little matter of organic fino. Yes, they did actually drain the solera to the last drop and started filling it up with exclusively organic wine – so it really is organic fino ‘sherry’. n

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New Year’s Eve Menu Welcome drink and Canapés ∞∞∞∞∞∞ Smoked Salmon with grated eggs ∞∞∞∞∞∞ Soup of Carabineros (Red King Size Prawns) ∞∞∞∞∞∞ Sirloin Steak “A la Riojana” with New Year’s garnish or Fillet of Sole in Champagne with New Year’s garnish ∞∞∞∞∞∞ Crepe with warm fruit R E S TA U R A N T E

El Rancho del Puerto Baby Lamb - Suckling Pig - Meat on Stone

Tel. 952 816 252 P U E RT O B A N Ú S

White wine: Tierra Buena Rosé Vino: Nuviana Red wine: Coto de Hayas Reserva

Glass of Cava and “Lucky Grapes” Party Novelties, Ambient Music Dinner will be served from 9pm

Price: 96€ incl. Wine and 76€ excl. Wine (excl. VAT) 30% discount for children up to 12 years

F i n e D i n i n g i n t h e P o Rt



Grill del Puerto

Salsa Marinera

Chateaubriand - Meat on Stone

Fish & Seafood

Tel. 952 811 686 P U E RT O B A N Ú S

Tel. 952 816 940 P U E RT O B A N Ú S


18/12/09 18:40:14


Per head for a three-course meal with wine


Under €25


€25 – €40

Open seven days a week from noon till late. Puerto Banús, Tel: 952 813 625, Puerto Marina, Benalmádena. Tel: 952 563 673

€40 – €60 €60 plus


El Carnicero 2 Open every day for lunch and dinner. Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 176, Marbella. Tel: 952 867 599

El Coto Open daily for both lunch and dinner. Ctra. de Ronda (El Madroñal), San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel: 952 786 688

Valderrama Restaurant

El Gaucho Open daily for dinner from 7.30pm. Galerías Paniagua. Sotogrande. Tel: 956 795 528

TGI Friday’s

Open Tuesday to Saturday for dinner only and on Sunday for Buffet Lunch. Apartado 1, Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 132.2 Sotogrande, Cádiz. Tel: 956 791 200

Open from 12pm to 12am. Avda. Muelle de Ribera, locales 4-5, Marina Banús, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 815 993

Red Pepper


Open from 1pm-4pm and from 7pm to 12am. Ctra. de Cádiz, km.176, 29600, Marbella. Tel: 952 765 533



Estepona. Tel: 952 886 307

Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner and Sunday for brunch. Urb. Alzambra, Edif. Vasari, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 929 020

Tony Roma’s

ARGENTINEAN B.Ayres Open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday. CN340, km.178, Marbella. Tel: 952 863 922


Open every day for lunch and dinner. Avda. Antonio Belón, 22, Marbella. Tel: 952 765 683.


Open from 9am Monday to Saturday and Sunday from 11am for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 818 861




Buenos Aires South Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. C/ Virgen del Pilar, 6, Marbella. Tel: 952 779 297

Open daily for both lunch and dinner. Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 812 148

GRILLS Asador Criollo Grill Open nightly for dinner. CN340-A7, km. 166, Cancelada, El Saladillo. Tel: 952 784 463

Asador guadalmina Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Urb. Guadalmina Alta, C.C. Guadalmina, Local 3, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel: 952 883 003

El Carnicero Open daily for both lunch and dinner. Pueblo Viejo Cancelada. Between San Pedro &

Open for lunch and dinner every day. Muelle Benabola 4, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 816 252

Grill del puerto Open for lunch and dinner every day. Muelle Ribera 47H, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 811 686

MARBELLA CLUB GRILL Open every night for dinner. Marbella Club Hotel. Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 822 211

Old Town Grill Open Monday to Saturday for dinner and Sunday for lunch. C/ San Lázaro, 3, Pza. Victoria, Marbella. Tel: 952 867 306

puente romano beach club Open every day for lunch. CN 340, km 177, Marbella. Tel: 952 820 900

Restaurante Rancho






el rancho del puerto


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iNGS LISTINGS LISTings Open daily for lunch and dinner. Ctra. Cádiz, exit Las Chapas. Tel: 952 831 922

Tango Open daily for dinner except Tuesdays. Puerto Banús (opp. the car park). Tel: 952 812 358

INDIAN indian dreams Open every day for lunch and dinner. Avda. Duque de Ahumada, Paseo Marítimo 9, Marbella. Tel: 952 820 096

Jaipur purple

Taj Mahal Open daily for lunch and dinner. Private parking available. Ctra. Cádiz, km 179 (behind Venta los Pacos). Tel: 952 857 670/ 629 244 659

INTERNATIONAL al bacar Open Friday for dinner and Saturday and Sunday for lunch and dinner. El Castillo de Monda s/n, Monda. Tel: 952 457 142


Open daily for dinner except Tuesday. C.C. Costasol, local 3, Estepona. Tel: 952 888 353

Open Thursday to Monday for dinner. At the Kempinski Hotel Bahía Estepona. CN 340, km. 159, Estepona. Tel: 952 809 500

Little India


Open daily for dinner from 7pm. Conj. Buenavista, L 2122, Avda. de España, Calahonda. Tel: 952 931 829

Open for dinner from Monday to Saturday from 8.00pm. Calle del Pilar 3, Benahavís. Tel: 952 856 026



Open daily for dinner. 57, Duquesa de Arcos (Sabinillas seafront). Tel: 952 897 358

Open every day except Sunday for lunch and dinner. C/ Mediterráneo, Edif. Mediterráneo, 1 (next to Marisquería Santiago), Marbella. Tel: 952 777 334

Mughal village Open Monday to Saturday from 6pm for dinner. Urb. Torrenueva, Mijas Costa. Tel: 902 463 426

Mumtaz Open daily for both lunch and dinner. Casa No.7, P. Banús. Tel: 952 812 090

safFron Open from 7 pm ‘til late night every day. Parque de Elviria, local 7-9, Las Chapas (take second exit, after Hotel Don Carlos), Marbella. Tel: 952 830 146

auld dubliner Open every day for lunch and dinner. C.C. Diana Park, Marbella. Tel: 952 886 338

baboo lounge and restaurant Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Winter season: closed Sunday and Monday nights. Ctra. Arroyo de la Miel, s/n, Benalmádena. Tel: 902 102 675

beach club restaurante grill Open every day for lunch. Hotel Fuerte, Castillo de

San Luis s/n and Hotel Fuerte Miramar Spa, Plaza José Luque Manzano s/n, Marbella. Tel: 902 343 410

beach house Open daily for lunch and dinner. Urb. Coto de los Doles, Carril del Relojero, Elviria, Marbella. Tel: 952 839 458

boulevard Open for dinner from 8pm. Avda. La Fontanilla, esquina Paseo Marítimo, Marbella. Tel: 952 860 583

Brunings Open for dinner Monday to Saturday from 7 pm. Las Palmeras 19, San Pedro Alcántara. Tel: 952 786 156

Bubbles Open Tuesday to Sunday for dinner and drinks from 7.30 pm. Plaza Antonio Banderas, Puerto Banús. Tel: 606 070 979

Calima Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. Hotel Meliá Don Pepe, C/ José Meliá, s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 764 252

Casanis Open every day from 6pm except Sundays. C/ Ancha, 8, Marbella. Tel: 952 900 450

cerrado del águila Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Urb. Cerrado del Águila, Camino del Acevedo, s/n, Mijas Costa. Tel: 951 773 521

Chic brunch & café Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banús, local 22, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 929 411

cortijo fain Open every day for lunch and dinner. Ctra. de Algar, km. 3, Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz. Tel: 956 704 131

Deli-icious Open from 9am to 6pm. C/ Califa, Edif. La Maestranza, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 907 876

Don Leone Open every night for dinner. Puerto Banús, Marbella. Tel: 952 811 716

Don MIGUEL Open for lunch from 1-4pm and dinner from 7-11pm Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Monday. C/ Ortega y Gasset 87, Marbella House, Marbella. Tel: 952 858 603

Don Quijote Open every evening for dinner (7pm-12am. Flamenco show on Sundays. Urb. El Rosario, km. 188, Marbella. Tel: 952 834 748

el bistro lounge de pan y mermelada Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Urb. Marbella Real, Local 16, Marbella. Tel: 952 829 308

El Bolero Open every night for dinner from 8-11pm. The San Roque Club, CN 340, km. 127, Cádiz. Tel: 956 613 030

El Corzo Open daily for dinner. Hotel Los Monteros, Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 187. Tel: 952 771 700

el fogón de elías Open Wednesday to Monday for lunch and dinner. Bloque 7-8, Centro Diana CN 340, km 168.5, Estepona.

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iN Tel: 952 884 977 Open Tuesday to Sunday for dinner. Urb. Elviria Hills. Avda. Las Cumbres s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 832 371


Finca Besaya

Open for breakfast every day. At the Kempinski Hotel Bahía Resort. CN 340, km 159, Estepona. Tel: 952 809 500

Open daily for lunch and dinner. Urb. Rio Verde Alto, s/n. Tel: 952 861 382


Open daily for lunch from 1-4pm, Wednesday to Sunday. Ctra. de Casares, km. 10. Tel: 952 895 120

Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner and on Sunday for lunch only. Ctra. Ronda, km. 46, Urb. Las Medranas, local 4, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel: 951 275 750

Finca las brasas

La cabaña del mar

La Terraza

Open daily for lunch and dinner. Ctra. Fuengirola-Mijas, between CN-340 and highway. Tel: 952 580 513

Open every day for lunch and for dinner from Monday to Saturday. Kempinski Hotel Bahía Estepona CN 340, km 159, Playa El Padrón, Estepona. Tel: 952 809 500

Open daily for dinner. La Cala Resort, La Cala de Mijas, Mijas. Tel: 952 669 000


Open every day for lunch and dinner. At the Kempinski Hotel Bahía Estepona. CN 340, km 159, Estepona. Tel: 952 809 500

Open daily for lunch and dinner. Closed from January 4. CN 340, km 199, Urb. Torrenueva, Mijas Costa. Tel:952 587 550

EL OLIVO Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner and Sunday for lunch. At Marbella Golf & Country Club. CN 340, km. 188, Marbella. Tel: 952 830 500

El Patio de los Perfumes Open daily for dinner. C/Aduar 1, Casco antiguo, Marbella. Tel: 952 828 650

El Relicario Open from Mon. to Sat. for dinner. C/La Concha 11, El Ingenio, San Pedro Alcántara. Tel: 952 788 686

El Restaurante del Casino Open every day for dinner from 8pm-4am. Hotel Andalucía Plaza s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 814 000

El rincón de gVadalpín Open for lunch Friday to Sunday and dinner Tuesday to Saturday. Closed Monday. C/ Edgar Neville, s/n, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella. Tel: 952 929 001




Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner and on Sundays for lunch. Cortijo Los Canos, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, CN-340, km. 132, Sotogrande, Cádiz. Tel: 956 695 114 / 619 694 484

El lago

Finca El Forjador

Galeria San Pedro Open from 11am until midnight. Closed Sundays. Avda Las Palmeras 15, San Pedro Alcántara. Tel: 952 780 927


Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner and on Sunday for lunch. The coffee shop opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. Urb. El Rosario, Club de Tenis el Casco, Marbella. Tel: 952 831 989

LA biznaga

Open for breakfast and lunch until 8pm. Closed Sunday. Flamingo Golf Club, Cancelada, Benahavís. Tel: 951 318 815

Open Tuesday to Sunday for dinner from 7pm. Closed Monday. Local 1A. Puerto de Cabopino. Tel: 952 837 483

La Esencia

Herrero del Puerto

la fonda de marbella

Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Casas de Campos, 1, Málaga. Tel: 952 122 075

Open every night for dinner. C/ Los Caballeros, 4-6, Old Town, Marbella. Tel: 952 903 288

hotel marbella club buffet

La Hacienda

Open every day for lunch. Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 822 211

Open for lunch and dinner Wednesday to Sunday. Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 193, Hacienda Las Chapas, Marbella. Tel: 952 831 267 / 831 116

Hotel LoRcrimar Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. CN 340, km. 173, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 906 105

Open Tuesday to Sunday for dinner. Hotel Incosol, Urb. Golf Rio Real, s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 831 303

Hotel Villa Padierna & Flamingos Golf Club, Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 166 (Cancelada exit), Benahavís. Tel: 952 889 150

La Menorah Open from 1-3.30pm and 8-11.30pm. Closed Mondays. Arena Beach, Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 151.2, Estepona. Tel: 952 792 734

La Terraza Open everyday lunch and dinner. Golf Hotel Guadalmina, Marbella. Tel: 952 882 211

La veranda lobby bar

La Verandah Open week days for dinner at 7:30pm and weekends for lunch and dinner, closed Tuesdays. Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 136. Playa Guadiaro, Torre-guadiaro, Cádiz. Tel: 956 615 998

Lee’s bistro Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and every night for dinner. C.C. Guadalmina, Local 8, Edif. Barclays, Marbella. Tel: 952 928 610

lime & co

La Loggia

Open everyday for lunch and dinner. Conjunto Marbellamar 1, Marbella. Tel: 952 774 534

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.

los bandidos

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iNGS LISTINGS LISTings Open every night for dinner. Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús.Tel: 952 815 915

magna café Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. C/ Calderón de la Barca, s/n. Tel: 952 929 578

Mc café Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Marbella Club Hotel. Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n. Tel: 952 822 211

Messina Open for dinner Monday to Saturday. Avda. Severo Ochoa, 12, Marbella. Tel: 952 864 895

messina puerto banús Open every day for lunch and dinner except for Sunday. C/Ramón Areces, Complejo Marina Banús. Tel: 952 815 840

Ogilvy & Mailer Open everyday for lunch and dinner, except Tuesday and Sunday evenings. Los Naranjos Country Club, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 815 398

oyarbide Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner and on Sunday for lunch. C/ Acera de la Marina 4, Marbella. Tel: 952 772 461

passion café Open for lunch and dinner every day. C.C. La Colonia, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel: 952 781 583

polo house Open daily for dinner from 7pm and Sunday Lunch, with club/dancing. CN 340, Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe 11, Marbella. Tel: 952 900 380

Miraflores Golf Restaurant

polynesian’s restaurant & cocktail bar

Open daily for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 199. Urb. Riviera Golf. Tel: 952 931 941

Open every night for dinner. Urb. La Alcazaba, CN340, km 175, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 816 100


Relais de Paris

Open every day for lunch and dinner. Closed Tuesdays. Avda. Litoral s/n, Estepona. Tel: 951 273 994

Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. Paseo marítimo Benabola, s/n. Tel: 952 819 078


roca tranquila

Open Tuesday to Sunday for dinner and Sunday brunch. Urb. Alzambra, Edif. Vasari, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 929 020

Open every day for lunch and dinner except Monday. Urb. Torreblanca de Sol, C/ Tortola, Fuengirola. Tel: 952 196 067



Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. C/ Moncayo 12, Fuengirola. Tel: 952 460 232 / 648 502 822

Open every day for lunch and dinner except Sunday. C/ Granada, 44, Málaga. Tel: 952 227 486

Salsa marinera

Open for lunch and dinner every day. Muelle Ribera 50H, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 816 940

Wednesdays. Arena Beach, Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 151, Estepona. Tel: 952 796 320



Open Thursday to Saturday for dinner. Hotel Finca Cortesín. Crta. Casares s/n, Casares, Málaga. Tel: 952 937 800

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. CN 340, km.168, Benamara, Estepona. Tel: 952 883 259


Open Monday to Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nueva Andalucía next to the Casino. Tel: 952 906 205. Golden Mile, Marbella. Tel: 952 777 480. Terra Sana Express@ ILounge. Avda Antonio Belón, 1, Marbella. Tel: 952 901 274. Marina Banús, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 817 977. C.C. Los Arcos, Elviria. Tel: 952 833 250. C.C. Laguna Village, Estepona. Tel: 951 901 050

Open every day for lunch and dinner. At Sentidos en Río Real Hotel. Urb. Río Real s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 765 732

shiraz Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. Puerto Deportivo, Local 15, Marbella. Tel: 952 778 334

Skina Open for dinner Monday to Saturday. C/ Aduar 12, Old Town, Marbella. Tel: 952 765 277

Small world café Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. C.C. Le Village, local 15, Ctra. Istán km. 1, Marbella. Tel: 952 771 046

Starz Open Monday to Saturday for breakfast and lunch. Centro Plaza, kiosko 3, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella. Tel: 952 816 313

SUi-to Dinner and afterwards dance to music by resident DJ. Thursday to Saturday. Hotel Puente Romano, Marbella. Tel: 952 820 900

Swing Open from 12-4pm and 7.30pm until midnight. Closed

Terra Sana

The Clubhouse Bar & Brasserie Open Tuesday to Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Urb. Los Naranjos de Marbella, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 908 844

The far isle Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner except Tuesday. Edif. Lubina Sol, Riviera Exit, CN 340, km. 198, Marbella. Tel: 952 935 039

The orange tree Open every evening from 6:30 pm-11 pm. Plaza General Chinchilla 1, Plaza de los Naranjos, Marbella. Tel: 952 924 613.

Tikitano Beach Restaurant Re-opens 15th December, Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. Guadalmansa, Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 164, Estepona. Tel: 952 792 820

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iN trocadero playa Open every day for lunch and dinner. Playa Santa Petronilla, km 178, Marbella. Tel: 610 704 144






Al Dente


Amore e Fantasía

Marco dallis

Open every day for lunch and dinner from 7pm onwards. Muelle Benabola, Casa 5A, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 813 464

Open daily for dinner. Avda. Fontanilla, Marbella. Tel: 952 776 776

Aretusa Open daily for dinner. Front line P. Banús. Tel: 952 812 898

Open every day for lunch and dinner. Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 907 037, Puerto Marina, Benalmádena. Tel: 952 446 460


Pizza Marzano

Open for dinner from Monday to Saturday 7pm until midnight. Avda. de la Constitución, corner C/ Andalucía, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel: 952 782 293

Open every day for lunch and dinner. C/ Ramón Areces, local 7, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 810 448

Casa Nostra

Pizzeria Picasso

Open daily for both lunch and dinner. C/Camilo José Cela 12, Marbella. Tel: 952 861 108

Open daily from 12 noon. Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 813 669

Da Bruno

portofino laguna village

Open all day. Pasta Da Bruno: Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 27, Marbella. Tel: 952 860 348 – closed on Sunday. Da Bruno Cabopino: CN-340 Km. 194,7. Tel: 952 831 918. Da Bruno a Casa: Marbella Mar, Local 1, Marbella. Tel: 952 857 521 – closed on Sunday.Da Bruno A San Pedro: Avda. del Mar, local 1E,San Pedro. Tel: 952 786 860 – closed on Monday. Da Bruno Sul Mare: Edif. Skol, Paseo Marítimo, Marbella. Tel: 952 903 318/19

Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. C.C. Laguna Village, Estepona. Tel: 952 808 035


Dalli’s Pasta Factory Open daily for dinner. Second Line Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 815 871/952 818 623

Da Paolo


Open everyday for lunch and dinner. Muelle Ribera, casa G-H, local 43, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 816 453

De Medici Open Monday to Saturday for dinner. Urb. El Pilar, C.C. Benapilar, Estepona. Tel: 952 884 687

gold restaurant Open every day from 10am to 12 am. Complejo Benabola 13, Beach Side, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 929 055

la brisa Open every night for dinner except for Wednesday and Thursday nights. Kempinski Hotel Bahía Estepona. CN 340, km. 159, Estepona. Tel: 952 809 500


Luna Rossa Open daily for both lunch and dinner, closed on Sundays. Paseo Marítimo Benabola, local 12, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 810 543

Open 7 days a week for dinner. Closed on Mondays. Urb. Jardines del Puerto, local 12, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 906 181

Open every night for dinner. C.C. Cristamar, Avda. Julio Iglesias, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 906 608


Ristorante Roberto Open daily for dinner. Beach Club, Hotel Puente Romano, CN-340, km 177.5, Marbella. Tel: 952 820 900

Rosmarino della Piazza Open Sunday to Friday for lunch and dinner and Saturday for dinner. C.C. Pinares de Elviria, s/n, Elviria, Marbella. Tel: 952 850 148

terraza dual Open every day for lunch and dinner. C.C. Marbellamar s/n, Marbella. Tel: 952 925 250

saleto Open Monday to Saturday for dinner. Avda. del Prado, Via 1, local 2, Aloha Golf, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 818 112

Villa Tiberio Open Monday to Saturday for dinner. Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 178, Marbella. Tel: 952 771 799

zafferano Open every night for dinner except Sunday. C/Gloria II, 11, Casco Antiguo, Marbella. Tel: 952 863 125

lebanese marrush

la pappardella di estepona

Open every day for lunch and dinner. Complejo Cine Gran Marbella, Marbella. Tel: 952 814 819

Open every day for lunch and dinner from 1pm to midnight. Puerto Deportivo de Estepona. Tel: 952 802 144

Asia Food

LA pappardella sul mare Open every day for lunch and dinner. C.C. Laguna Village, Estepona. Tel: 952 807 354

Leonardo da vinci


Open daily from 7pm. Galerías Paniagua, Sotogrande, Cádiz. Tel: 956 795 924

Oriental Open daily for lunch and dinner. Centro Comercial, Pinares de Elviria, Marbella. Tel: 952 850 060

Asiatico Zen

Open every night for dinner. Urb. Doña Lola, Local 21-22, Calahonda, Mijas Costa. Tel: 952 934 667

Open every day for lunch and dinner except Tuesday lunch. C/Lirios s/n, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 817 691


Dragón de Oro

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iNGS LISTINGS LISTings Open every day from 12.30-4pm and 7pm until midnight. Closed Monday lunchtime. Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 141, Urb. Hacienda Guadalupe, Manilva. Tel: 952 890 956

Kaede Open everyday for lunch and dinner. At the Hotel Westin La Quinta. Urb. La Quinta, s/n, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 762 059

Kaiden Sushi

Open daily for lunch and dinner except for Tuesday lunch. CN 340, km 197, Calahonda. Tel: 952 939 017

Thai Gallery Open seven days a week for dinner from 8pm. CN340, km.175, Edif. Rimesa, Bajos, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 818 392

Wok Away Open every day for lunch and dinner. Avda. Julio Iglesias, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 907 304

Open daily for lunch and dinner. Centro Com. Guadalmina Alta, Guadalmina 4, local 2, lower floor, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel: 952 896 508

Wok Buffet

Kama Kura

Wok Wang

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 8-11pm. The San Roque Club, Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 127, San Roque, Cádiz. Tel: 956 613 030

Open every day for lunch and dinner. C/ Camilo José Cela, C.C. Plaza del Mar, planta 0, local 1, Marbella. Tel: 952 925 478



Open every day for lunch and dinner. C.C. Pino Golf, Don Carlos, Local 1, Elviria, Marbella. Tel: 952 830 365 / 658 646 829

Open every night for dinner. Hotel Torrequebrada, Benalmádena Costa. Tel: 952 441 414.

Naga Open daily for lunch and dinner. Locales 18-21, C.C. Cristamar, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 815 319

Osaka Open every day 13:30-16:00 & 19:30-24:00. CN-340, km. 166 (Benavista). C.C. Costa del Sol. Tel: 952 885 751

Open every day for lunch and dinner. Urb. El Pilar, 22, Estepona. Tel: 952 887 092

SCANDINAVIAN Skandies Open Tuesday to Sunday from 7pm to 11pm. Closed Mondays. Avda. Antonio Belón, 26 (behind the lighthouse), Marbella. Tel: 952 776 323


Parlez moi d’amour

Asador Santiago

Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. Closed Mondays. C.C. Laguna Village, Estepona. Tel: 672 730 126

Open daily for lunch and dinner. Paseo Marítimo, 5, Marbella. Tel: 952 770 078

RestaurantE asiático Bangkok

Open daily for both lunch and dinner. Playas del Duque, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 811 077

Open daily for lunch and dinner. P. de las Orquideas, C/ Iris, 11B, Edif. Excelsior no. 1, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 813 603

Sakura Open every day for lunch and dinner. Avda. Jardines del Puerto, L.5, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 817 536



El Barlovento Open from 11am-4pm and 7.30-11pm every day except Mondays. Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande, Cádiz. Tel: 956 790 370

Restaurante La Marina

Open daily for lunch and dinner. C.C. Costa del Sol, upper level. CN-340, km. 166 (Estepona). Tel: 952 888 710

Open every day from 1-4.30pm and 8pm until midnight. Paseo Marítimo s/n, La Atunara, La Linea de la Concepción, Campo de Gibraltar. Tel: 956 171 531

shangai express

La Torre

Open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday. At the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Urb. Benamara, Avda. Dos Hermanas, CN 340, km. 168, Estepona. Tel: 951 055 531

Open daily for lunch and dinner. Muelle de Honor, Club de Mar, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 811 561

Sukho Thai

Open daily for lunch and dinner. Plaza de la Victoria, Old Town, Marbella. Tel: 952 765 170

Open for dinner from Monday to Saturday. Centro Comercial Marbellamar. Tel: 952 770 550

Marisquería La Pesquera

Sushi des artistes

RestaurantE Eddy & Marisa’s

Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. CN 340, km 178.5, Marbella. Easy parking. Tel: 952 857 403

Open for breakfast and lunch from 9am - 6pm.Urb. Coral Beach, The Golden Mile, Marbella. Tel: 952 824 534

Sushi Katsura

Restaurante El bote

Open for lunch from Monday to Friday and for dinner from Monday to Saturday. C/Ramón Gómez de la Serna, 5, Marbella. Tel: 952 863 193

Open every day for lunch and dinner. Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, Fuengirola. Tel: 952 660 084

Tai Pan Open seven days a week for dinner. H. Puente Romano, Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 177, Marbella. Tel: 952 777 893


SNACKS & Brasseries Megabowl and Sports Bar Open seven days a week from midday until late. C.C. La Cañada, 1ª planta, Marbella. Tel: 902 232 999 essential marbella magazine

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Almenara Golf

Open every day for lunch and dinner. Plaza de la Iglesia, 5, Old Town, Marbella. Tel: 952 858 069

Open for dinner from Monday to Sunday. Hotel Villa Padierna & Flamingos Golf Club. Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 166 (Cancelada exit), Benahavís. Tel: 952 889 150

Casa de la era

Mesón el adobe

Open every evening for dinner. Ctra. de Ojén, km 0.5, Marbella. Tel: 952 770 625

Open daily for lunch and dinner except Tuesdays. Avda. La Fontanilla, Edif. Balmoral, Bajo 3, Marbella. Tel. 600 003 144

18 holes. Tel: 952 907 085.

GOLF guide


Casa Fernando


Open from Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Avda. del Mediterráneo s/n, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel: 952 853 344

Hacienda Open from 1-4.30pm and 7.30 -11pm. Closed on Sunday afternoons and Mondays. Urb. La Alcaidesa, La Linea de la Concepción. Tel: 956 582 700


Tragabuches Open from Tuesday to Sunday for both lunch and dinner. C/José Aparacio,1, Ronda (pedestrian street between bullring and Parador). Tel: 952 190 291


27 holes, Par 72. Tel: 956 582 027.

Aloha Golf Club

Atalaya Golf 18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 952 882 812.

Cabopino Golf 18 holes, Par 70. Tel: 952 850 282

Cerrado del águila 18 holes, Par 71. Tel: 951 703 355

Club de Golf La Cañada 18 holes, Par 71. Tel: 956 794 100

Casino Nueva Andalucía

El Paraiso Club de Golf

Hotel Andalucía Plaza, Km153. N. Andalucía T: 952 814 000

18 holes, Par 71. Tel: 952 883 835

Casino San Roque CN340, Km124, San Roque T:956 780 100

18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 952 937 605.

la moraga

Casino Torrequebrada

Finca cortesín golf club

Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. C/ Ramón Areces s/n, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 817 448

CN340, Km220, Benalmádena T: 952 446 000

18 holes, Par 72, Tel: 952 937 883.

La Taberna del Alabardero

Alcaidesa Links

Open everyday for lunch and dinner except Monday. San Pedro Playa, Urb. Castiglone. Tel: 952 785 138. Also at Ctra. de Ronda, km. 167, San Pedro. Tel: 952 786 265

18 holes, Par 71. Tel: 956 791 0400.

La Meridiana Open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Mondays. Camino de la Cruz, Marbella. Tel: 952 776 190



La Veranda



Estepona Golf

Flamingos Golf Club 18 holes, Par. Tel: 952 889 157.

Golf Río Real

Alhaurín Golf

18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 952 756 733

18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 952 595 970.

Golf Torrequebrada

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iNGS LISTINGS LISTings 18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 952 442 742

Miraflores Golf

Guadalmina Golf

18 holes, Par 71. Tel: 952 931 960

36 holes, Par 72. Tel: 952 883 375

Monte Mayor Golf & Country Club


54 holes, Pars 71, 72 and 73. Tel: 952 669 033.

18 holes. Tel: 952 113 088


Parador Málaga del Golf

Ramón y Cajal 21. Marbella. Tel: 952 773 804

La Dama de Noche

18 holes. Tel: 952 381 255


9 holes, Par 70. Tel: 952 818 150

Real Club de Golf Las Brisas

Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 817 074

La Duquesa Golf & Country Club

18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 952 810 875

Cerrado del águila

18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 952 890 425

Real Club de Golf Sotogrande

Mijas Costa, Málaga. Tel: 951 773 523

La Quinta Golf

18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 956 785 014


27 holes, Par 72.Tel: 952 762 390

San Roque Club 18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 956 613 030

Tennis /paddle classes. Calahonda. Tel: 952 939 595

La Reserva Sotogrande

Santa Clara Golf


18 holes. Tel: 956 695 209

18 holes. Tel: 952 850 111

La Zagaleta Golf & Country Club

Santa Maria Golf & Country Club

Amapolas, s/n Nueva Andalucía. T el: 952 817 916

18 holes. Members only. Tel: 952 695 209

18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 952 831 036


Lauro Golf 18 holes

Sotogrande Club de Golf

Alhaurín de la Torre. Tel: 952 412 767

18 holes. Tel: 956 785 012

Trav. Huerta de los Cristales, Marbella. Tel: 952 828 217

Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club



18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 956 791 200

Atalaya Park Hotel, Marbella. Tel: 609 571 920

La Cala Golf Resort

18 holes, Par 71. Tel: 952 784 600

Los Naranjos Golf Club

Urb. Riviera del Sol, Mijas-Costa. Tel: 952 934 477 Av. El Fuerte s/n. Marbella. Tel: 952 861 624

HOTEL PUENTE ROMANO CN340, Km77,5. Marbella. Tel: 952 820 900

Marbella Club Golf Resort


18 holes, Par 73. Tel: 952 113 239



Marbella Golf & Country Club

C.C. Alhamar, CN-340 km 197. Tel: 952 934 684

Monda. Tel: 952 112 161

18 holes. Tel: 952 830 500



Mijas Golf

Barquilla 1. Marbella. Tel: 952 776 240

Km171.5. San Pedro Alcántara.Tel: 952 788 315

36 holes, Par 70. Tel: 952 476 843



18 holes, Par 72. Tel: 952 815 206

MANOLO SANTANA RACQUETS CLUB Ctra. de Istán, Km2. Marbella. Tel: 952 778 580

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18/12/09 17:56:05


Avda. Picasso 27. San Pedro. Tel: 952 782 801

Urb. La Quinta s/n. Marbella. Tel: 952 762 000

Tel: 952 442 840

02 CENTRO WELLNESS Plaza del Mar. Marbella. Tel: 952 900 420

Incosol Hotel Medical Spa

Paseo Marítimo. Marbella. Tel: 952 820 944


Urb. Golf Rio Real s/n. Marbella. Tel: 952 828 500

Hotel Riu Rincón Andaluz

Kempinski Hotel bahía estepona

Hotel Selenza


CN340, Km159. Estepona. Tel: 952 809 500

CN340, Km165, Estepona. Tel: 952 899 499

Marbella Tel: 952 761 475, Elviria. Tel: 952 834 835

Las Dunas Beach Hotel & Spa

H10 Andalucía Plaza

CN340, Km163,5. Estepona. Tel: 952 794 345


Los Monteros

CN340 Km 174. Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 812 000

Tai Chi & yoga. Pasaje Estrecho, Estepona. Tel: 952 923 055

CN340, Km187. Marbella. Tel: 952 771 700

NH almenara golf


Marbella Club Hotel

NH Marbella

Ctra. Mijas, 1.5km. Fuengirola. Tel: 952 461 648

CN340, Km180. Marbella. Tel: 952 822 211

NH Alanda Hotel & Spa

C/ Conde Rudi, s/n. CN340, Km178. Marbella. Tel: 952 763 200


CN340, Km176,6. Marbella. Tel: 952 899 600


C.C. Alhamar. Calahonda. Tel: 952 934 684

Villa Padierna


CN340, Km166, Exit Cancelada. Benahavís. Tel: 952 889 150

C/ Jerez 1, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel: 952 853 040



Urb. Parcelas del Golf, Aloha Gardens, N.Andalucía. Tel: 952 818 357

CN340, Km 168,5. Estepona. Tel: 952 888 212

CN340, Km173. N. Andalucía. Tel: 952 811 517

C/ Almenara s/n, Sotogrande. Tel: 956 582 000

Parador de Ronda Plaza de España, s/n. Ronda. Tel: 952 877 500


AGH Estepona


Cristamar, Pto. Banús. Tel: 952 905 082

Vitality studio

CN340, Km 166.5, Estepona. Tel: 952 889 040

CN340, Km185, Urb. Golf Rio Real s/n. Marbella. Tel: 952 765 732

C.C. Le Village, Marbella. Tel: 952 902 362

Alanda Carib Playa

Sunset Beach Club

CN340, Km 194. Tel: 952 902 537

Alanda Club Marbella

Avda. del Sol, 5. Benalmádena Costa. Tel: 952 579 400


CN340 Km192. Marbella. Tel: 952 902 537

Tamisa Golf Hotel

Almenara Golf Hotel & Spa

Amanhavís Hotel & Restaurant

Avda. Almenara s/n. Sotogrande. Tel: 956 582 000

C/ Pilar 3. Benahavís. Tel: 952 856 026

Camino Viejo de Coín. Km 3.3. Mijas Golf. Tel: 952 585 988

Coral Beach

CN340, Km168,5. Estepona. Tel: 952 889 000


Golden Mile. Marbella. Tel: 952 824 500

barceló golf

Gran Hotel Elba & Thalasso Spa

Avda. Rotary International, s/n, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 817 353

Urb. Arena Beach. Estepona. Tel: 952 794 308

C/ de Granadillas, s/n. Urb. Guadalmina Alta, Marbella. Tel: 952 889 099

Gran hotel gvadalpín Marbella

Beatriz Palace & Spa

Bulevar del Príncipe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, Marbella. Tel: 952 899 400

CN340, Km207. Fuengirola. Tel: 952 922 000

Aztec Country Club

Benabola Apart Hotel

Gran hotel gvadalpín puerto banús

Benabola. Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 815 000

Urb. Riviera del Sol, Mijas-Costa. Tel: 952 934 477

CALEDONIA GOLF Aparthotel & spa

Club deL Sol

Arroyo El Rodeo, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella. Tel: 952 899 700

CN340, km 165, Cancelada exit. Estepona. Tel: 952 889 999

Tennis/paddle classes. Calahonda. Tel: 952 939 595

Gran Hotel Playabella

El Oceano Beach Hotel

Club de tenis don carlos

Urb. Costalita. Estepona. Tel: 952 880 868

Gran Meliá Don Pepe

CN340, Km199. Miraflores Playa. Tel: 952 587 550

Hotel Don Carlos, CN340, km 192. Tel: 952 831 739

José Meliá s/n. Marbella. Tel: 952 770 300

Golf Hotel Guadalmina

Club Internacional de Tennis

hotel byblos andaluz

Guadalmina Baja. Marbella. Tel: 952 882 211

Ctra. Cádiz, km 173. Marbella. Tel: 952 813 341

Mijas Golf, Marbella. Tel: 952 667 691

Gran Hotel Benahavis

Club Madroñal

Hotel Don Carlos

Huerta de Rufino, Benahavís. Tel: 902 504 862

Benahavís. Tel: 617 647 223

CN340, Km192. Marbella. Tel: 952 831 140

HM gran hotel costa del sol

Club Nueva Alcántara

Hotel El Paraíso

La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa. Tel: 952 587 710

San Pedro Alcántara. Tel: 952 788 315

CN340, Km167. Estepona. Tel: 952 883 000

Hotel El Fuerte

Lew Hoads Tennis Club

Hotel La Cala Golf

Ctra. de Mijas, Km 3,5. Mijas. Tel: 952 474 858

La Cala de Mijas Tel: 952 669 000

Avda. El Fuerte, s/n. Marbella. Tel: 952 861 500. Spa & Beauty Miramar. Tel: 952 920 000

Hotel Puente Romano

Hotel Fuerte Miramar Spa

CN340, Km179. Marbella. Tel: 952 820 900

Pl. José Luque Manzano. Marbella. Tel: 952 768 400. Spa & Beauty Miramar. Tel: 952 768 410

Ctra. de Istán, Km2. Marbella. Tel: 952 778 580

Hotel Torrequebrada Avda. del Sol s/n, Benalmádena Costa. Tel: 952 446 000


Hotel Princess Playa

Atalaya Park Hotel


Manolo Santana Racquets Club

Miraflores Tennis Club

Hotel Marbella Playa

Urb. Miraflores, Km199. Calahonda. Tel: 952 932 006

Hotel Triton

CN340, Km189. Marbella. Tel: 952 831 345

Puente Romano Hotel

Avda. Antonio Machado, 29.Benalmádena Costa. Tel: 952 443 240

Hotel Meliá Marbella

Marbella. Tel: 952 820 900

CN340, Km175. Pto. Banús. Tel: 952 810 500

Tenis El Casco

Hotel Westin La Quinta Golf Resort

Hotel Playa Bonita

El Rosario. Marbella. Tel: 952 837 651

CN340, Km217. Benalmádena Costa.

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18/12/09 17:56:17


he Puente Romano Tennis & Fitness Club was opened in 1979 with tennis legend Bjorn Borg first managing the Club, followed by the famous Spanish professional and former Wimbledon Champion Manolo Santana. The Tennis Club has hosted numerous International tennis tournaments with the likes of Boris Becker, John McEnroe, Serena Williams, Pat Cash, Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario and Jelena Jankovic. There are ten courts in total; eight clay courts and two hard courts that are watered and swept ready to play every hour. The center court has a seating capacity of approximately 2.500, which apart from tennis events has also been the location of choice for many International Stars to perform in Marbella including George Benson, Dionne Warwick, Gloria Stefan, Lionel Richie, Liza Minnelli, Simply Red and José Carreras to mention only a few. The Tennis Club employs five tennis professionals and two paddle professionals who give classes for all levels: from beginners to advanced as well as to children. In 2007, the Puente Romano Tennis Club was proudly voted Europe’s third best tennis resort by ACE Magazine (11/07). The Tennis Club has also recently inaugurated the Win Tennis Academy, a High Competition School, with special competition programmes, physical training programmes and coaches accompanying players to tournaments. The stunning views from the Clubhouse Bar and Terrace make this a favourite spot for those wishing to relax and enjoy a snack or refreshment. The Pro Shop offers exclusive brands such as Ralph Lauren Tennis, Sergio Tacchini and Dicorpo fitness gear. Within the exclusive Tennis Club complex you will find: u a state-of-the-art air-conditioned

Fitness Center with TechnoGym equipment u an aerobics class-room u a Pilates studio u a spinning studio u separate male and female saunas and steam rooms. u Fully renovated changing rooms. u Recently renovated massage rooms. u T.V. A full range of classes including aerobics, yoga and spinning are offered to members and hotel residents. Personal trainer sessions are also available at the Fitness Center on request. Aimed at improving personal fitness, clients receive in-depth instruction and knowledge on Puente Romano Tennis & Fitness Club how to use which equipment correctly and what Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/nor: it does to your body. Massages are also available, P.O. Box 204. 29602 Marbella – Málaga, Spain offered by a qualified chiropractor and sports massage therapist. Phone Hotel: +34 952 82 09 00 The Tennis Club actively welcomes new Direct line: +34 952 82 61 03 members – please come along to see our Fax : +34 952 82 33 62 facilities and meet our friendly team!



129PR.indd 113

When the Tennis Club opened, the first important event hosted in the Hotel was the wedding of the tennis legend Bjorn Borg and Mariana Simionescu in 1980. u In 1988, the Puente Romano Tennis Club was host to the Davis Cup quarter final between Spain and Mexico, which Spain won. u Wimbledon Champion Manolo Santana became the second Manager of the Puente Romano Tennis Club in 1983 and remained there until 1998. u In 1992, the Center Court of the Tennis Club, one of the most spectacular open-air tennis arenas in the South of Spain, became the venue for the first of its summer concerts starring Montserrat Caballé. u In 1996, the Club was host to the ATP Grand Prix, organized by Emilio Sánchez-Vicario and Sergio Casal. u In 2000, the Australian Davis Cup Team stayed and trained in the Resort before participating at the Davis Cup in Barcelona. u Between 2004 and 2007, the Puente Romano was the host of the annual Nations Senior Cup, which attracted tennis superstars such as John McEnroe, Boris Becker, Emilio Sánchez Vicario, Mats Wilander, Jim Curier, Thomas Muster, Yannick Noah and many others. u In April 2009, the Puente Romano was host to the Andalucia Tennis Experience, an international WTA Tour Event with star players such as Serena Williams, Amelie Mauresmo, Anabel Medina and Nicole Vaidisova. The final saw Serbian star Jelena Jankovic beat the Spaniard Carla Suarez and was watched by a capacity crowd of 2,500 people. u In July 2009, the Puente Romano Tennis Club was the official training base for the Spanish and German Davis Cup team. u In Summer 2009, Manolo Santana once again took over the helm of the Tennis Club. u

Puente Romano Tennis & Fitness Club

Did you know?

113 18/12/09 17:59:30


Congo Come face to face with the world’s largest spider and visit a real rainforest. Inside Tivoli World. Tel: 952 575 697 Crocodile Park Pose with the offspring of the half-tonne adult crocodiles. Open 10am-6pm. C/ Cuba, 14, Torremolinos. Tel: 952 051 782 El Refugio del Burrito Visit this donkey sanctuary just 40 minutes north of Málaga. Open 11am7pm. Fuente de Piedra, Málaga. Tel: 952 735 513 Fuengirola Zoo Go to mysterious Madagascar, Africa and the Far East. Open 10am-6pm. C/ Camilo José Cela, 6. Tel: 952 666 301 Funny Beach Kids paradise with go-karts, trampolines, mini-motorbikes, mechanic bull. Open daily. East side of Marbella. Tel: 952 823 359

Ice Skating Rink and Indoor Swimming Pool New sports centre with public ice skating, inAFA Marbella – Football Academy Football


street markets

Academy for boys and girls of all ages, just opposite La Cañada in Marbella. Training is on Mondays and Wednesdays. Call Craig on 609310409 for more info. Born to be Wild Jeep and dolphin Eco-tours for the whole family. Open 9am-8pm. Blue Dolphin Beach Club, Estepona Beach. Tel: 639 720 246 Cable Ski Marbella Water ski cable system and pool. Open 11am-9pm (closed Mondays). Urb. Las Medranas, San Pedro. Tel: 952 785 579

Aloha College Ages 3-18. Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 814 133

Angela’s School Ages 6-14. Marbella. Tel: 952 823 042

Calahonda International College Ages 3-18. Tel: 952 930 080

Calpe School Ages 3–8. San Pedro. Tel: 952 786 029

Childrens placE Bilingual nursery

Ages 3–20. Elviria. Tel: 952 831 058/9

Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra

Fiona Jones School of Dance

Ages 3-16. Marbella. Tel: 952 770 077

Ages 9–14. Manolo Santana Racquets Club. Fuengirola. Tel: 610 764 439

Hijas de María Auxiliadora Ages 3-12. Marbella. Tel: 952 771 396

III language schools

Colegio Alborán

San Pedro. Tel: 952 778 492 Marbella. Tel: 952 822 191 Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 908 558 Estepona. Tel: 952 794 059

Ages 3-18. Ricmar. Tel: 952 839 645

Inlingua Language School

Colegio Alemán

All ages. Marbella. T: 952 774 942

Ages 3-18. Elviria. Tel: 952 831 417

the InteRnational SCHOOL of ESTEPONA Ages 2-12.

Atalaya, Estepona. Tel: 952 928 444

Colegio Las Chapas Ages 5–18, girls school. Elviria. Tel: 952 831 616

Colegio San José Guadalmina Tel: 952 883 858 Estepona. Tel: 952 800 148 Dolphin Nursery Ages 6 months-5 years. San Pedro. Tel: 952 799 563 Ecos College Ages 1–18. Elviria. Tel: 952 831 027

English InteRnational College


door pool, children’s pool. Avda. García Lorca, Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena. Tel: 952 577 050 Jayne Melville Performing Arts Courses at all levels: ballet, tap, jazz/modern, hip-hop/street, drama, mime and singing. London Studio Centre. Tel: 952 906 865 Karting Club Málaga Go-kart circuit for kids and adults who feel a need for speed. Open 10am-midnight. Ctra. De Coin, Mijas Costa. Tel: 952 581 704 Natura Aventura Theme Park Rock climbing wall, pot holing, kayaks, quads, archery, paintball etc.

Estepona. Tel: 952 884 789

C/ Santa Beatriz, San Pedro. Tel: 902 011 077 Original Dolphin Safari Watch, touch and swim with dolphins. Open 10am-5pm. Marina Bay, Gibraltar. Tel: 9567 71 914 Paint & Fun Ceramic Café Ceramic painting studio closed Mondays. Apt for all ages. C/ García Morato 8, El Ingenio, San Pedro. Tel: 952 783 884 Parque Acuático Mijas Thrills and spills to be had in this family friendly water park. Open daily from 10am. Fuengirola by-pass. Tel: 952 460 404 Plaza Mayor Family entertainment with multiscreen cinema, bars, restaurants, bowling alley and kids play area. Málaga. Tel: 952 247 580 Saturday Club Ages 6 to 12, tennis, martial arts, skating, aerobics, dance and ball games. Open 9.30am-2pm. Route 66, Fuengirola. Tel: 952 448 713 Sealife Centre See 2 metre long sharks. Touch pools and walk-though glass tunnel. Open daily 10am-6pm. Benálmadena Port. Tel: 952 560 150 Selwo Adventure Park Over 2,000 animals, 4x4 tours, plus adventure activities. Open 10am-9pm. CN340 Km 162.5, Estepona. Tel: 902 190 482 Selwo Marina Dolphins, exotic birds, penguins and virtual reality shows. Open 10am-6pm. Parque de la Paloma, Benalmádena. Tel: 902 190 482 Steam Train Ride Enjoy a steam train ride crossing the Andalusian mountains with a scenic trip from

street markets

San Roque to Ronda. Tel: 952 931 186 Swim Bebé Swim Swimming classes for under 4’s and AquaNatal classes for mums-to-be. Tel: 617 520 588 / 609 474 038 Swim Squad Swimming lessons and Pool Parties. Professionally run by fully ASA qualified swimming teachers and lifesaving staff. Child protection approved. Tel: 697 714 905 Teleférico Benalmádena Cable car to top of Calamorro mountain, falconry, trekking and horseriding. Arroyo de la Miel. Open 10am-6pm. Tel: 902 190 482 Tennis Camp Tennis lessons for kids from 4 years on, with professional coaches. Open 10am-1pm. Club del Sol, Calahonda. Tel: 952 939 595 The Music Factory Music, dance and drama academy in Mijas Costa. First class free. Hip hop, ballet, tap, modern, yoga and freestyle. Tel: 952 582 077 The Swimming School (Marbella) Professionally run Learn to Swim ASA swimming courses for children aged 4-12. Tel: 657 581 961 Tivoli World Biggest amusement park on the Costa del Sol. Open daily from 1pm. Avda. de Tivoli, Benalmádena. Tel: 952 577 016 Trenecito de Marbella Take a relaxing way to view the main sights of Marbella. Daily 10am-1pm. Paseo Maritimo. Tel: 639 765 981

Avda. Juan Carlos II, 9am2:30 pm

Las Chapas

Thursday Alhaurín El Grande


Performing Arts Academy

Monday Marbella

Ages 3-18. Marbella. Tel: 952 906 865

Fairground (Avda. de Juan Alameda), 9am-2:30pm

By the Guardia Civil Offfices, City Centre, 9am-1pm

Saturday Maro

Peter Pan School


Vélez Málaga

Ages 0-3. Bilingual nursery. San Pedro. Tel: 952 782 051 Benalmádena. Tel: 952 562 103

Monda. C/ Los Huertos, 8am-2:30pm

Close to the Nerja Caves, 9am-1pm


Opposite the Guardia Civil Offices, City Centre, 9am-1pm

Saint George’s School

C/ Chaparil, 9am-1pm

Torre del Mar

C/ Urbano Pineda, 9am1pm

Ages 2-8. San Pedro. Tel: 952 786 606


Avda. Europa, 9am-1pm

La Cala



Recinto Ferial, 9am-1pm

St. Javier’s International School


Opposite the Guardia Civil Offices, City Centre. 9am-1pm

Mijas Costa


Near bullring, 9am-1pm

El Calvario, near Town Hall, 9am-1pm

Nueva Andalucía

Ages 1-7. Marbella. Tel: 952 823 457

Stagecoach Theatre Arts School

Recinto Ferial (close to the CN340, on the same side as the bullring), 9am-2:30pm


La Víbora, 9am-2pm Calypso, 9am-2pm


Las Lagunas, 9am-2pm

Puerto Banús

International School OF Sotogrande

Ages 4-16. Tel: 952 900 453

Alhaurín de la Torre. Avda. del Limón, 9am-2pm

Sunny View School

Benalmádena Costa

Ages 2–18. Sotogrande. Tel: 956 795 902

Ages 2–18. Torremolinos. Tel: 952 383 164 Swans Ages 3–12. Marbella Tel: 952 773 248

(Second hand items) Recinto Ferial, 10am-2pm

By the sports pavilion, in the Divina Pastora district, 9am-2pm

La Cala


Recinto Ferial, 9am-2:30pm

Recinto Ferial, 9am-1pm


TLC Tutorial College


Ages 13-18. Calahonda. Tel: 952 933 249

Calypso, 9am-2pm

Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga.Plaza de la Iglesia, 9am-1pm




wendy kindergarten

At the entrance to the town, 9am-2pm

In the area between Tivoli World and the Plaza San Pedro, 9am-1pm

Puerto Deportivo, 9am-1pm

Laude San pedro international college Ages 2–18. San Pedro. Tel: 952 799 900

Mayfair Academy Ages 4-18. Atalaya Park, Estepona. Tel: 952 784 923

Ages 4 months - 5 years. Marbella. Tel: 952 772 910


San Pedro

Next to the bullring. Park near CN340 and walk upwards, 9am-1pm

Sunday Fuengirola.

Next to Rosaleda football stadium, 9am-2pm

Sotogrande At the Marina, 9am-1pm

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Raw diet for dogs? Dry kibble is the most popular choice for dog food these days, yet many commercial brands are packed with preservatives and carcinogens that do our pooches more harm than good. The latest trend taking American pet lovers by storm is the raw food diet, featuring fresh, natural, uncooked food, alive with all the enzymes necessary for proper digestion. Positive effects of a raw food diet include: u No tartar build-up u A shiny and lustrous coat and less allergic reactions u Less chronic diarrhoea and improved stool volume and odour u A leaner body u A stronger immune system u A longer life for your pet In the US, there are companies such as BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), which prepare special raw foods for dogs, yet these brands are close to impossible to find in Spain. To prepare the food yourself, log onto www.doggiesparadise. com/rawdiet.shtml and find out why the extra effort is worth it!

“People use you and pretend they don’t, while dogs use you in complete honesty because they have no choice, and they have not an ounce of deceit in their soul, nor selfconsciousness, about any of this.” Roger Caras, A Dog Is Listening Report Marisa Cutillas

Dogs and cats with OCD Does your dog constantly chase its tail or your cat groom itself excessively, suck on wool all day or nibble its fur until it causes a wound? We’ve always deemed occasional licking, chewing, and running after light beams or shadows normal, but when these actions become so repetitive they interfere with your pet’s physical or mental well-being, they could be suffering from the same condition that affects so many humans: OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Veterinarians are unsure whether pets indulge in these behaviours because of genetic components, learned anxiety or because, as some suspect, endorphins are released in the brain when they carry out these activities. Others feel that conflict situations caused by owners can be to blame. For instance, if you are calling your dog in an angry tone, the dog grows confused as to which course of action it should take: it wants to approach you but can see that you’re angry, so it indulges in an obsessive-compulsive activity instead. Lack of exercise and socialising with other dogs can also be a problem, with dog behaviour expert, Cesar Millan, reminding us that all dogs need a minimum one hour walk a day. Some breeds are also more prone to suffering from OCD, including herding breeds such as the Begian Malinois and the Border Collie, which can often be seen chasing lights and shadows. German shepherds and bull terriers, on the other hand, are famed for their persistent tail chasing. Spinal and neurological conditions can also trigger repetitive behaviours, owing to discomfort in an animal’s limbs. If your pet is displaying strange, repetitive behaviours, take it to your vet to rule out a medical condition. If you get the all-clear, consult a behavioural specialist who will assess the pet’s environment and social relationships, possible causes of anxiety, and exercise and nutritional habits. It’s never too late to start a programme that will help the pet deal better with the circumstances that are causing it to be anxious.

Teaching your dog to swim Many people assume that dogs are natural swimmers; after all, isn’t the term ‘doggy paddle’ used describe the way all dogs instinctively react when placed in the water? Surprisingly, many dogs can’t swim at all, especially particular breeds such as bulldogs, basset hounds, dachshunds, pugs, corgis, Scottish and Boston terriers and greyhounds. There are also dogs, like the Maltese, which shouldn’t be introduced to water owing to their susceptibility to rheumatism, arthritis and chills. If your vet gives you the okay for your dog to indulge in water sports, you may want to give it a few lessons. After all, you never know when those swimming skills may come in handy. During lesson time, take them to a quiet wading area where noise and little children won’t stress them. Use encouragement, such as treats, to entice them into the water instead of throwing them in. Buy them a life vest and support their midsection and hindquarters until they start to paddle. Show them how to get out of the water and don’t ever leave them unsupervised.

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17/12/09 11:16:56

WHAT’S ON IN january uuWHAT’S ON IN january uuWHAT’S ON IN january uuWHAT’S ON IN january uuWHAT’S on IN january





Monthly on different days AMERICAN CLUB – COSTA DEL SOL The American Club Costa del Sol’s chapters meet monthly for lunches, excursions, sports and social events for members and guests. Further information, For the American International Club Nerja, http:// AMIGOS DE LA CULTURA – COSTA DEL SOL One of the oldest cultural clubs in Marbella meets at different times/places for lunches, lectures and the best tickets to concerts, ballet, theatre, opera etc. Further information, Tel: 669 445 809 /

holidays, entry €1. Further information, Tel: 952 060 215.

information / Tel: 952 787 364.

Every Saturday and Sunday

cocktail party at Magna Café, Magna Marbella Golf. Further information, www.culturamarbella. org/

KID’S CAMP – MARBELLA Aloha Gardens Multi-Sports Club weekend camp for 4-14 year-olds, 10.30am-1pm. Activities include tennis, football, cricket, basketball, hockey, handball, paddle tennis. Further information, Tel: 952 814 086.

Every Wednesday BRIDGE CLUB – CASARES COSTA Duplicate Bridge Club meets 7pm at the Centro Comercial, Urb. Marina de Casares. Partners found for single players. Further information, Tel: 952 893 633/

TOASTMASTERS CLUB – MARBELLA Weekly meeting of this public speaking organisation, 7.30pm at Aloha Gardens, Nueva Andalucía, above Café El Jardin. Further information,

Saturday & Sunday, January 2, 3

Every Thursday

MUSICAL STORIES – MARBELLA Cuenta Cuentos Musical, with festive and classic stories and live classical music, an enchanting activities hour for children at the Black Box Theatre, Saturday at 5.30pm and Sunday at 12 noon. Entry €8 per child (parents free). Further information, Tel: 952 779 172/

CINE CLUB – ESTEPONA Top films shown weekly in Spanish or original soundtrack, Padre Manuel Cultural Centre, 9pm. Entry €3. Further information, Tel: 952 802 002/

EXHIBITION – FUENGIROLA Impressionist paintings by Gerardo González Martínez, weekdays at the Sala de Exposiciones, Los Boliches Tenencia de Alcaldía. Inauguration on the 13th at 8.30pm. Further information, www.

Friday January 8

Friday January 15

DANCE – FUENGIROLA Performance of classical Spanish dancing, flamenco jondo, verdiales and other traditional styles by the Municipal Dance Group, 8.30pm, Casa de la Cultura. Further information,

LECTURE ON GREENLAND – FUENGIROLA Illustrated talk on a 2009 Spanish expedition to Greenland given by José Manuel García Aguilar, Doctor of Geological Science Cum Laude from the University of Granada, Casa de la Cultura, 9pm. Further information,

Until January 5

Saturday January 2-5

CHRISTMAS BAZAAR – MARBELLA Horizonte Charity Christmas Bazaar in the basement of Edif. Pata-Pata (behind Cafeteria Marbella), Avda. Ricardo Soriano, with gifts and goodies on sale to raise funds for needy people. Further information,

CHRISTMAS MUSICAL – FUENGIROLA The Wizard of Oz, Salon Variétes Theatre, nightly at 8pm, Sunday at 7pm with matinee on 4th. Box office, Tel: 952 474 542, open Monday-Friday from 10.30am-1.30pm and 7-8pm. Further information,

Until January 8

Every first Sunday of the month

EXHIBITION – FUENGIROLA Paintings by Pedro Escalona, Casa de la Cultura. Further information,

OPEN DAY – MIJAS PAD animal shelter, Cerros del Aguila, welcomes visitors from 12-3pm. Further information, Tel: 952 486 084/

Until January 10

Tuesday January 12 LOTTERY DRAW – ESTEPONA Estepona Businesses Association grand lottery draw for a total prize pot of €6.000, screened on Televisión Estepona at 10pm. NADFAS TALK – LOS BOLICHES Illustrated NADFAS talk, An Introduction to the Zarzuela by The Reverend James Taylor, St.

CHRISTMAS EXHIBITION – MARBELLA Christmas Engravings, a seasonal exhibition at the Museo de Grabado, Marbella Old Town, Monday and Saturday from 9am-2pm, Tuesday to Friday from 9am-9pm. Further information, Tel: 952 765 741.

CONCERT – MARBELLA Música con Encanto concert: La Voz Humana: El Lied, with tenor Miguel Bernal and pianist Emilio González Sanz, 8.30pm, Vasari Centre, tickets €25 from Fnac La Cañada. Further information, Tel: 689 000 944/

Every third Tuesday of the month FLORAL ART CLUB – ESTEPONA Meets from 3-5pm at Benavista Country Club, visitors welcome. Further information, Tel: 952 890 352/

Until January 24 Tuesday January 5 THREE KINGS PARADES – THROUGHOUT SPAIN Three Kings parades through cities, towns and villages with sweets for the children on the eve of Epiphany. Further information on routes and times from local Tourist Offices.

Until January 31

Wednesday January 6

EXHIBITION – MARBELLA The graphic art of Silvia Pagliano, Museo de Grabado, Marbella Old Town, Monday and Saturday from 9am-2pm, Tuesday to Friday from 9am-9pm. Further information, Tel: 952 765 741.


EXHIBITION – MÁLAGA Fuego de estrellas, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Spanish artist Öscar Domínguez at Picasso’s Birthplace Museum, Plaza de la Merced, open Monday to Sunday, 9:30am-8pm except

Saturday January 16

REGATTA – MARBELLA III Grand Prix Costa del Sol yacht races start midday noon on Saturday, 11.30am on Sunday from Marbella Port, organised by the Club Marítimo de Marbella. Further information, www.gpcostasol. es

EXHIBITION – MARBELLA José Manuel Perdiguero retrospective, 1949-2009, Cortijo Miraflores Cultural Centre, Monday to Friday, 9am-2.30pm and 5-9.30pm, entry free. Further information, Tel: 952 902 714.

Until February 7

Wednesday January 13-29

Saturday-Sunday, January 16, 17

Until January 15

EXHIBITION – MÁLAGA Avant-garde Pathways at the Picasso Museum showcases the work of the late multi-talented Swiss artist, designer, dancer and university Professor Sophie Taeuber-Arp, from classical avantgarde movements to her visual works and research on geometric abstraction. Further information,

Every Wednesday from January 13

Every third Wednesday of the month Andrews Church Hall, 10.30am.

Every second Tuesday of the month JAZZ APPRECIATION SOCIETY – MARBELLA Meets 8.30pm at Magna Café, Magna Marbella Golf, with food and refreshments. Further

LUNCH – MARBELLA The American Club of Marbella meets at a different local restaurant, with an occasional guest speaker, 12.30pm. New friends welcome. Further information, Tel: 952 862 770.

Monday January 11 NADFAS LECTURE – FUENGIROLA Wonder Workers and the Art of Magic, by Bertie Pearce, 4.30pm, Salon Variètes Theatre. For information on other social events or membership, contact Pauline, Tel: 952 382 713.

Every first Wednesday of the month CULTURE & COCKTAIL – MARBELLA The Asociación de Arte y Cultura Marbella monthly

essential marbella magazine

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17/12/09 15:50:44

Congresos, featuring business in many sectors (IT, design, sales and marketing, finance, insurance, etc.) along with new business and employment opportunities, professional development, training and careers advice. Further information from Marleen Gosselin, Tel: 952 904 830.

Shantala Shivalingappa

Every last Thursday of the month

Thursday January 21 SCHUBERT FILM – MARBELLA Schubertiade, a film by Chloé Perlemuter with French pianists Christian Ivaldi and Jean Claude Pennetier recreating Schubert’s four-handed piano pieces. Starts 8pm at the Manolo Santana Racquets Club, Ctra. de Istán, entry €5. Further information/bookings, Tel: 689 000 944. CONCERT – FUENGIROLA Classical woodwind musicians, Trio Arnold from Málaga, perform a programme of works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Bizet, Holst and others, on oboe, clarinet and flute, 8.30pm, Casa de la Cultura. Further information,

Centro Deportivo Indoor Sports Centre. Further information, Tel: 952 802 444.

Friday January 22-March 24 EXHIBITION – FUENGIROLA A journey through the USA in 20 photographs taken during 2008 by Málaga-trained photographer Hanna Quevedo, Collective Image Gallery, Puebla Lucía. Inauguration, 8.30pm. Further information,

Saturday January 23-25

TENNIS & NETWORKING – MARBELLA Organised by The American Club of the Costa del Sol (Marbella Chapter) at the Don Carlos Hotel and Tennis Club,10am-2 pm. Entry, €25, includes court time, buffet lunch and drinks. Further information, Tel: 675 094 494/ LUNCH – MARBELLA Organised by the British Association of Marbella at a local restaurant. Also weekly coffee mornings at Da Paolo’s Cafe (above Pavarotti´s), Ricardo Soriano, 11am-12.30pm. Further information, Tel: 952 825 191/ 647 773 130.

Every last Friday of the month BUSINESS LUNCH – MARBELLA Marbella Business Institute monthly luncheon at a different restaurant in the area. Non-members welcome with advance notice. Further information, Tel: 952 773 500.

burns weekend – mijas costa Hosted by the Hotel Tamisa Golf including a Burns Night dinner with Scottish piper, haggis, Celtic dancers and kilts and Scottish fashion for sale from The Kilt Centre. Further information, Tel: 952 585 988 /

Monday January 25-29 EGYPTOLOGY CONFERENCE – FUENGIROLA Egipto: La Vida… y la Muerte, presented by a group of Egyptologists focusing on the lives and deaths of the Nile Valley people, with nightly lectures at the Casa de la Cultura from 8.30pm and a photographic exhibition by José Ángel Ciordia Hortigüela. Further information, www.fuengirola. org


In the Cervantes Theatre: Saturday, Sunday, January 2, 3: New Year concert by the Strauss Festival Orchestra with Strauss polkas, waltzes, marches and gallops, 8.30pm. Monday, Tuesday, January 4, 5: The Russian Army of St. Petersburg Choir, Ballet and Orchestra present a costumed spectacular of Russian music and dance, 8.30pm. Friday & Saturday, January 8, 9: Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra concert with works by Mozart, Poulenc, Dukas and Britten, Friday 8.30pm, Saturday 8pm. Friday-Monday, January 15-18: Saturday Night Fever the musical, with songs by the Bee Gees, 9pm Friday and Monday; 6.30pm and 10pm Saturday; 5pm and 8pm Sunday.

In the Sala Gades: Saturday, Sunday, January 2, 3: Sol y Luna, presented by Lavi and Bel, for children aged 4 to 7, Saturday at 6.30pm, Sunday at 12 noon. 16, 17 January: Theatre, Sin Honra no hay Amistad, 8pm. January 23, 24: Indian ballet dancer Shantala Shivalingappa, 8pm.

January 29-31 BUSINESS & CAREERS SHOW 2010 – ESTEPONA Networking and careers event for professionals, entrepreneurs and job seekers at the Palacio de

In the Alameda Theatre:

Friday January 22 CHILDREN’S THEATRE – FUENGIROLA Teatro Mijas present Pasillo de Comedias to showcase types of comedy: the black humour of the Álvarez Quintero brothers in El Cuartito de Hora and Ganas de Reñir, and the acid wit of D. Ferjerman and M. Boland in Detrás de la Puerta, Casa de la Cultura, 8.30pm. Further information,

Friday-Sunday, January 22-24 PÁDEL TOURNAMENT – ESTEPONA II Circuito Municipal de Pádel Tournament in five categories, held at the Carmen and Cancelada Sports Centres, the Hotel H-10 and the new

COFFEE MORNING – ESTEPONA ADANA animal rescue charity coffee morning at Plaza Manilva (outside Longman’s Bookshop) 11am-2pm. Kennels open 10am-5pm MondayFriday and 10am-2pm Saturday, Sunday and fiestas. Further information, Tel: 952 797 405/ 606 274 206/

Saturday, Sunday, January 2, 3: Comedy theatre, Desnudos en Central Park, Saturday at 6pm and 9pm, Sunday at 5pm and 7.30pm. Wednesday January 6: Nutcracker, by the Moscow Ballet, 5pm and 8pm.

In the Palacio de Deportes: Friday January 29: El Barrio in concert, 10pm. Ticket sales from the relevant box office/ Tel: 902 360 295/ and other outlets. Further general information, Tel: 952 224 109/ www.teatrocervantes. com

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STforARS January ARIES [21 MAR - 20 APR] Career and professional matters are in strong focus this month, but they are not always easy. While you have the opportunity to truly shine professionally, blockages can come from both outside and within. You are not as sure of yourself and uncharacteristically second-guessing your decisions these days. Rules and plans seem to be changing. Roadblocks and delays don’t help, but are mostly cleared up by mid-month, when you have a chance to start fresh. Continue to expect tests and hold off on major career decisions for now. You end January with friendlier energy.

TAURUS [21 APR - 20 MAY]

LEO [23 JUL - 22 AUG] More rethinking of your strategies when it comes to personal plans is in order this month. Others might not be understanding you right now, and you experience delays and frustrations that force you to go over your plans and refine them. You are also learning to be more humble and patient. However, work matters improve significantly by mid-January, although you still have to deal with some power struggles at work, and a partnership feels stronger. As well, finances are likely to improve this year starting in January.

VIRGO [23 AUG - 22 SEP]

Challenges this month revolve around home, finances, and personal energy levels. A partner is facing problems that ricochet back to you. However, opportunities to break the routine and to get away are likely to arise now and in the coming months. Family tensions and possible home repairs cannot be escaped, but a change of scene can help your overall mood. Some of you will be relocating, although it’s better to do so after March. Finances improve from mid-month, and you are feeling more independent. New friendships are opening up for you.

A new beginning or a surge in your romantic life is experienced from the 13-18, although you’ll still need to iron out your differences in values. A romance or creative project moves forward mid-month. For some of you, a child gets a lucky break or is in better humour. Saturn reminds you to save and cut back, and your body gives you a strong message to rest. Doors open up for you in love and business partnerships this year, starting now. Work is strong and rewarding from the 20th.

GEMINI [21 MAY - 21 JUN]

LIBRA [23 SEP - 23 OCT]

You can expect 2010 to be a banner year for your career, with doors opening up for you and strong support from others. Late January brings a taste of that exciting energy. Until then, you have to face some tricky misunderstandings, delays, and miscommunications. Most of these (the more challenging ones) clear up by mid-month, but you are likely to deal with mechanical breakdowns and communication problems, especially with friends, until mid-March. Finances are also touchy this month, with most issues finding resolution in the third week of January.

2010 will bring its share of responsibilities to you, but nothing you can’t handle. More confidence is with you at work in January. You will need to be careful, however, that you don’t take on too much. Friends might be difficult or hard to find when you need. By mid-March, you will derive a plan to change this. Mid-January brings a need to take charge on the home front and more pleasing circumstances surrounding your home and family. From the 18th, a more sociable and lighthearted spirit grabs hold.

CANCER [22 JUN - 22 JUL] The holiday season was colourful for you, and you start out the New Year facing some challenges with those close to you. However, by mid-month, you will be rediscovering the joys of partnership, as well as a newfound urge to explore and expand your horizons. Meeting new people and learning about the world around you are healthy escapes. Personal finances need closer attention in January. Domestic responsibilities are heavy now and this year, and power struggles are likely as you attempt to bring more order to your home life.


Annie Heese is the founder of astrology website,, a site featuring articles, love sign compatibility reports, predictions, the gen on famous people and their star signs, and general information for astrology buffs.

SCORPIO [24 OCT - 21 NOV] Career demands are heavy this month. Some decisions or plans may be on hold and projects need to be redone. While you have excellent ideas for projects now, mull them over until a better time for launching them. This year, making money can actually be pleasurable, whether it’s because you are liking what you do more, or monetising a favorite pastime or hobby. Entertainment and leisure opportunities open up for you this year, starting in January. Your romantic life picks up speed, you’re feeling more creative, and your interests expand.

SAGITTARIUS [22 NOV - 21 DEC] As adventurous as you are, January pulls you closer to home and family. This is a trend that continues much of the year – family and domestic activities bring joy and increase. Challenges with friends are likely to crop up now and through 2010. This has you questioning who is a true friend… and who isn’t. While it may not feel great initially, you’ll be strengthening true friendships this year. Some delays occur with travel, education, and possibly in-laws. January is strong for money matters, with a windfall, gift, or bonus likely.

CAPRICORN [22 DEC - 19 JAN] January is a personally important month for you – a time for reinventing yourself. While there are more career pressures to deal with, you have very strong powers of attraction and can form a beneficial friendship this month. A year of learning and improving your skills is in store, as well as increased charm in your manner and the way you express your ideas. Gifts, pay increases, or other bonuses are likely this month. However, financial challenges are probable when it comes to debts, alimony, or a partner’s income.

AQUARIUS [20 JAN - 19 FEB] Until the 18th, life is quiet as it should be. It’s time to catch up on your sleep, pay more attention to your dreams and intuition, and deal with some endings that need your attention. While the New Year may not start with a bang for you, from the 18-20 and forward, others pay close attention. You are more magnetic and personally popular. Some surprises are in store at work this month. Now and over the next few months, your bank account may increase, but so could your urge to splurge!

PISCES [20 FEB - 20 MAR] Barriers have been coming down for you in the past years. With jovial Jupiter moving into your sign this month (and staying there much of 2010), you’ll be enjoying a lucky streak. Your confidence and optimism increase. Career and professional matters will soar this year, although now and until March, backtracking in your work and other frustrations may be in store. Some financial tensions are likely, coming from others draining your resources. Hold on to your money. January is excellent for making new beneficial friendships and connections.

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