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Cover Image: Legendary angler Aileen Michael with her 11.6kg winning snap from the Sportsmans Choice Fishing Comp 3




fish dumping and their protection of the commercial fishing fleet? For months

now we’ve heard of how the Ministry was

working to protect and grow our fisheries, but on the other hand, they have been

found to be grossly mishandling the very fisheries they’re tasked with protecting. In Nathan Guy’s (Minister of Primary

Industries) own words (from a leaked

email): “We estimate that if we found the golden bullet to stop discarding,

we would probably put over half of the

inshore fleet out of business overnight.”


MPI has not just missed the obvious

stocks have little desire to see equity

illegal activities undertaken by

and sustainability on the water.

the commercial fleet they were to oversee, they’ve become complicit in the ongoing, systematic, sustained depletion of our fish stocks, particularly inshore or ‘shared’ species.

The Quota Management System is under the microscope, and it’s not looking pretty. We need strong leadership at MPI who can operate in a manner that does

The phrase ‘industry capture’ has been

not allow wealthy quota holders

used more recently and appears to have

to sway their decision makers.

been coined in this case by Dr Geoff Simmons at the fisheries symposium in may this year. Captured. It’s a simple term, and I think it sums up the situation pretty well.

To get that kind of change a real enquiry is required, not a limp wristed form of lip service, a Commission of Enquiry - a hands on, get the dirt kind of analysis by individuals not open to political or

Those in positions of power in MPI

financial lobbying. The fish in Aotearoa’s

appear to, despite their desire to affect

waters are the property of the people,

positive change on the fishery, have

not just to line the pockets of oligarch

been fed so much bullsh*t by the commercial lobby that they’ve begun to believe it themselves. It’s money that’s driving the demise of our fisheries, not recreational anglers. We do what we do for fun and to feed our families. Our healthy recreational fishery sustains over 8000 jobs in New Zealand and those recreation fisherpeople spend over a $1billion in pursuit of fish. We spend money on fishing, not earn it. Those whose interests lie in the increased value of their shares in fish

‘fish-lords’ that we call quota holders. Please head to LeagaSea - as a minimum follow them on Facebook. Summer and the game season are just around the corner. If you want to reduce stress and get ahead of the rest get your game gear into your local tackle store now for a check up and greased ready for the new season. The water’s already 17.4deg off Cape Brett the beaks and fin’s can’t be far away!

Derrick 5


Plan B Parengarenga plays hardball BY Orson Waldock


A rare calm patch at first light.

Beaven pulling in a healthy king

IT’S A RARE OCCASION I get the chance to leave the family at home and chase fish in far-flung corners of the country. Unfortunately for me, in the days leading up to the long-planned trip to the far north, the weather forecast was rapidly turning nasty. 20 knots seemed workable a few days out before the forecast hit 30 knots plus the day before our planned departure. My state of mind was in severe danger of getting just as

most northerly harbour. We had a pretty competent 4.5m tinnie in tow with the intent of getting out and exploring the many harbour channels, seagrass flats and mangrove edges chasing snapper and big trevally. We arrived in pitch darkness after navigating a handful of horses and cows free roaming on the main drag of ‘downtown’ Te Hapua. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, dawn broke without the promise of better weather.

unstable as the impending weather. The plan was to head north on a

ir stomach Armies march on the

Thursday evening with a couple of mates making the long trip to the top of the North Island to fish for a couple of days. We were heading to the isolated community of Te Hapua on the northern shores of the fabled Parengarenga Harbour, New Zealand’s 7


Getting thro ugh work ba ck at the


tidal flows adding to our woes. We shallows out of the r e p p a Nice sn

stuck it out, sheltering in behind a decent sized sand bar and managed, between rain and the wind to up a few

It was still massively snotty with

nice snapper. It was pretty clear though

plenty of wind and a steady supply

that something had to give, two days

of heavy squalls coming in from the west. That being said we decided that the weather was more uncomfortable than unsafe and launched ‘Reel Keen’ heading out to look for a bit of shelter and hopefully a few fish.

of this was not going to make a trip to remember. We needed another plan. We retreated to the warmth of the batch and tried to figure out what Plan B might be. A quick trawl around our friend Google Earth identified low tide 4wd access around a bit of the

It was pretty hard going with shelter in

coast which then opens up a stretch

short supply and wind against cranking

of seagrass flats and provided some

Queue at the boat ramp


Some of the whitest sand in NZ

shelter from the worst of the wind. So

down some driftwood, lashing the

apparently that was the plan, expend

burley bag to it and driving it into

all my brownie points, shell out a

the mud in a foot or so of water. We

bunch of cash and drive six hours

fished both sides of the tide but found

through the rain to go fishing on the

the incoming more productive as the

mud flats... let’s hope there are some

fish moved back onto the flats to feed

fish about!

on crabs and the like.

Fishing the flats was an entirely new

Effectively standing in the burley

experience and a huge amount of fun.

trail, we were surrounded by baitfish,

First port of call was to get a burly

and it wasn’t long before bigger fish

trail running which required hunting

started showing interest. With rods

rly trail Standing in the be

The frostbite and plenty of ice sorted ou t the fish 9

Tim getting into from fresh snapper of the wharf


We had mor e than enough fish to go hom e


so this guy w ent back

Two of these guys came up. Both resident in the bottom of the wharf

topping out and six to seven foot we were not able to cast huge distances and with all probability picking up fish in no more than a single metres depth. Nothing truly huge (at least by Northland standards) turned up but plenty of snapper in the six to eight pound range and a decent king, which on light gear and in very shallow water was a huge amount of fun. We took another trip back to the flats the next day to refine our methods. Setting up a tackle station further above the incoming tide, stuffing our pockets with bags of pre-cut baits to reduce the trips back up the beach

to re-bait and when the weather did close, back in again retreating to the wagon for a feed. In terms of getting out on the water and chasing the trophy trevally we were after, the trip failed miserably. But regarding adapting to our fickle winter weather and hatching a new plan of attack, it was a real success. Funny that banter on the trip back was less about missed opportunities and reflecting on the average weather but more about how we might further refine our approach to fishing the flats with an eye to nabbing that trophy fish in a foot or two of water...ď Ź

When the bad weather cam through it was heavy but cleared just as quick 11




MPI needs to be overhauled following damning report

THE HERON REPORT into why the

is supposed to be around protecting our

Ministry for Primary Industries did not

fisheries for all New Zealand, yet time

prosecute fish dumping paints a picture

and again MPI finds excuses to defend

of incompetence.

bad behaviour.

The Report, which follows revelations

“Learning that officials decided not to

that the Ministry for Primary Industries

prosecute because they were afraid of

(MPI) has filmed fishing boats engaging

looking stupid is another blow to the

in illegal activity over a period of

confidence we have in the Ministry and

several years, says the decision not to

its operations. The Minister deserves

prosecute was ‘flawed’ and the result

better, and the people of New Zealand

of poor internal communications and a

deserve better.

desire to avoid ‘embarrassment’.”

LegaSea calls for a change - nothing

LegaSea spokesman Scott Macindoe

less than a Commission of Inquiry

says New Zealand deserves better.

into the capture of this Ministry by

“I feel for the Minister who is charged

industry will suffice.

with overseeing New Zealand’s

“We believe a better structure has

fisheries yet has to take his advice

to be introduced than the Quota

from an organisation that is too close to the industry it allegedly manages. A Ministry that sweeps illegal activity under the carpet.” Macindoe says the role of the Ministry


Management System which has been touted as world-class but is built on the assumption that MPI was a competent steward for our fisheries. Instead, we are plagued with an industry rife

with charges of slavery, dumping,

of doubling primary produce exports

misreporting and political interference,

is incompatible with managing a

and a Ministry that simply refuses to

wild, publicly-owned resource like

acknowledge the degree to which it has

fish in the public interest. If MPI

CUSTOMER ROD & REEL LTD PUBLISHING was serious about doubling the26/11/15 been captured.” SALES REP BRAEDEN.SAUL PUBLICATION FISH AND GAME NZ value of our fish exportsSECTION it would ADVERTISING DESIGNER Unknown RUN OF BOOK LegaSeaPROOF calls on the Minister to PROOFED 21/10/2015 6:59:38 a.m. SIZE 19X14 look to the recreational market address the situation with to ADaIDview 6937434AA FAX 5543 where each fish is worth ten to taking management of our fisheries PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE ALTERATIONS twenty times theTHAT valueANY of the off MPI entirely. MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEADLINE. same fish caught by an industrial

“Clearly MPI is the wrong agency to

trawler. Instead, MPI continues

manage inshore fisheries. Its target

to defend the indefensible.”

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Hard Days Rewards Seem

Sweeter In search of silver bullets BY Derrick Paull



To be a trout fisher takes resilience,

trout fisherman. That was it. Like ‘you

dedication and no small amount of

like trout’ was somehow an indictment

narcissism. One does not trout fish for

on my character. And to him, I suppose

the trout to feel better about itself.

it was. I’ll freely admit that standing

So, in real life, I spend far too much time

waist deep in barely liquid water,

behind a desk and far too few minutes

whipping a 9ft graphite pole through

on the water or beside it. One of the

the air while trying to land a 5mm piece

beauties of chasing trout is the ability

of synthetic chaff wrapped around

to partake with limited time and around

a hook into the sight window of an

‘normal’ life activities.

introduced pest darting around swiftly

I have had the opportunity in previous

moving, bouldery stream hardly sounds

roles to pass great trout streams

normal, does it?

regularly, and I’ve partaken in their 15



spoils in half hour or hour snapshots, but sometimes that’s just not enough.

‘normal’ and the hine at double normal flow, but what the hey? Let’s do it!

Earlier this year I set three whole days aside solely for chasing the rainbows heading up the Taupo streams on their annual spawning runs. This is a time when they’ll often feed hard and fight even harder.

We started off upstream near the winter cut-off. The water was cold and the air colder at a degree or two above scratch. I’d invested in some new Redington waders, and they were the difference between an hour or a day on the water. Ye gods, it was cold!

As the date drew nearer, the rain fell harder and harder. While a bit of fresh water to flush the streams and invite the trout into the streams is welcome, the sheer volume that fell filled the streams and rivers, making them virtually unfishable, virtually. Sadly I only had a set window so the call was made to hit the water anyway and do what we could in the conditions. And what conditions they were. The Tongariro was about a meter above

This was my first shot at Czech nymphing, and it took some time to adjust to the lack of an indicator and no need to cast the fly, so much as ‘lob’ it upstream. The results were hard to judge as the water was moving so fast and I struggled a little to find the bottom. I watched Brenton’s techniques and emulated his methods, remembering the tips I’d read (right here in NZFisher!) from Chris and Markus 17


of Rod & Reel I slowly got the hang

On one occasion, with what happened

of things and began targeting the

to be my best fish, I found a hole

shallower and slower water on the

immediately behind a log that slowed

inside of bends and hard against banks.

the water and provided a nice lie for fish.

After what felt like an eternity, I got a

I struck the bite hard and wrenched it

touch. Or I thought it was a touch, but

towards the mainstream. At first, the

on the next drift I hit the nudge and

fish was compliant, but after about 30

came up solid on a nice (albeit spent)

seconds it put its heart to the task and

jack. While Czech nymphing offers a

stole 50m of line in seconds and began

new technique for hooking the fish,

leaping down-stream.

once you’re hooked up, the fight on fly

I had two choices: watch it disappear

gear is still awesome.

downstream or jump in and chase. Now,

I managed a few more on day one, but

I’m not the type to throw abandon to the

it was a quiet day in comparison to last

wind, but it was a good fish! The decision

year. Day two started slow and very

was not a wise one, with the water racing

wet. We started further downstream

and significantly deeper than usual I was

and sought fish in the quieter holes and

quickly out of my depth and being rushed

backwaters that were created by the

downstream along with my fish.

extra flow (and were largely areas that

Fighting and keeping my tip up while

are normally above the waterline). These

stumbling, fumbling and drifting was not

spots had a lot of snags, and despite many easy, but the slack water at the next bend attempts, I lost some fish to the trees so gave me an opportunity to get purchase I began immediately dragging them into

and drag myself and shortly later, a 50cm,

the current which had its complications.

prime for the table, hen ashore... 



21ST JANUARY 2017 Heaviest Snapper 1st, 2nd & 3rd Heaviest Kingfish 1st, 2nd & 3rd Heaviest Trevally 1st, 2nd & 3rd $500 Average Weight Snapper


Get your entries in before 20th November 2016 and you go into the draw to win UFO MINI COOKER Valued at $525

sponsored by

and a $50 voucher sponsored by Coromandel Fish & Dive

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$40 Entry Fee 19



of Winter BY Michael Walkley


DURING THE COLDER MONTHS more and more of the ghostly shapes move in close to our reefs, these slow-moving ambush predators mount up in numbers to feed in these cold, rich currents that move past our shores the become less of a bycatch and as I’ve found can be targeted using simple methods with great success. The humble John Dory is an illusive fish to many, but there are ways of maximising your odds in these cooler times and secure a good feed of them. During winter they seem to hang on the sand nearby the reefs

targeting them on soft bait, some may say it’s been luck, but there’s got to be something to all this, could it be the action or is it simply that the fish is there and hungry?

and go a lot paler in colour. We know

Much like soft baiting for snapper I cast

these fish are ambush predators and

forward using just enough weight to get

can change their colour to match their

me to the bottom, searching the whole


water column. But instead of casting

Dropping your hook at the edges of reefs where they fall off to sand flats seems to be key. Align your drift with the contour lines of the sea bed to start targeting these beautiful creatures.

blindly I’m targeting these weed edges, using my side scanner I’m finding likely looking terrain and working my lure along these edges. The action is very slowed down; I use quite an erratic action when soft baiting for snapper but when I’m

For many years the only way to target

looking for John Dory everything is at half

these slow moving shadows has been

pace, long pause and wind in the slack

with live bait. This method has been

then one long lift and repeat.

tried and tested, and most do it with a ledger rig style with a decent weight on the bottom and a branch off it with a good size circle hook and a live jack mackerel swimming half a metre off the bottom. It works, but where’s the fun? Now I’ve since been experimenting with

I tend to be using larger soft baits up around the 7” mark and in 20m of water around 1/2oz of weight, it might be luck it might be something else, but it seems to work and why wouldn’t it. Hopefully, this weather clears, and I can keep putting this theory to the test.  21


Get Your Prop Right The gentle art of power vs spin BY Darren Parsons


could be doing serious damage to your

and then you need to change your

engine. With this in mind, NZFisher

engine oil, fill up your trailer tyres or

thought we would do a bit of research

get your car serviced by a mechanic.

to outline the basics when it comes to

Furthermore, if you drive off road, then

boat propellers.

you might need to change to a tyre that is more suited to that type of use. But how often do we think about whether your boat has the correct propeller for the way you use it, or whether your prop is not performing because it’s worn down or has taken a ding? Propellers are a crucial piece of kit -

The two key words when it comes to props are diameter and pitch. Diameter being the straight line distance across the circle made by the propellers blades. As a general rule, slower boats have larger props, but as engine power increases, so should propeller diameter.

they’re the bit that makes your boat go

Pitch, however, is the distance

forward. if you have the wrong prop for

the boat moves forward with one

your engine or type of use, not only will

complete revolution of the propeller

you suffer from reduced performance

not accounting for slippage, which is

and decreased fuel efficiency, but you

usually about 20%.


A lower pitched prop will spin through

Other than pitch and diameter, you

the water easier, allowing the engine

may also want to consider what your

to rev up quickly, providing better

prop is made from. Stainless steel can

acceleration (known as ‘hole shot’).

be much more expensive, but is much

Conversely, a higher pitch prop won’t

more durable, and flex’s less, which can

have the same acceleration, but will

potentially add two to three knots to

usually provide better top end speed

your top end speed.

and cruise speed efficiency. As a result,

A downside to a stainless prop can

there is no one propeller to rule them

stem, ironically, from this increased

all, it’s about balance and compromise,

strength, however. Hitting a rock with

and knowing the type of boat usage

a stainless prop can transfer the impact

that is essential to your needs.

up into the engine, causing potentially

If your pitch is too low, your top speed

costly internal damage compared to a

will be reduced, your fuel efficiency will be reduced, and over revving at the top end can damage your engine. If

cheap sacrificial aluminium prop. So if you are operating in shallow rocky areas where you expect to hit the odd rock, it

your pitch is too high or your propeller

may pay to stick to aluminium.

too large, your engine will struggle,

If you are buying a new boat, the dealer

potentially leading to damage, and your

should ask about how you intend to

slow speed manoeuvring will suffer

use it, and take that into account with

from a sideways pull.

the engine size and hull design and

weight to select an appropriate prop. But how do you know if you have the wrong prop, or even worse, that you are running a damaged propeller? If you are too slow to get on the plane, and can’t get to within 100 to 200 revs per minute of the manufacturer’s recommendation for wide open throttle for your engine, then you are likely to need a prop with a lower pitch. Alternatively, if your engine over revs without reaching what you expect should be top speed, then you may need a prop with a higher pitch. If your engine has excessive vibration or ventilation (when the engine over


revs due to drawing down air from the water’s surface), then your prop may be damaged and need replacing. So what should you do if any of these situations is occurring? The best thing to do is visit your local marine dealer or prop specialist. However, if you are a DIY fan, you could start by looking here. You will need to know your engine type and its horsepower rating, your boat’s weight and hull style, and the diameter and pitch that your propeller currently has. Running a wide open throttle test to see if you achieve recommended revs for your engine is also worthwhile.

Potentially most significant, however, is knowing how you plan to use your boat, and running your tests under those conditions. For example, if you are likely to be heavily loaded (with dive gear for example), then you may want a slightly lower pitched prop. Alternatively, if you are going to be doing a lot of trolling lures, you may want the efficiency that a higher pitch prop provides. If you have questions, we recommend you speak to your local marine service technician; many will allow you to trial a prop before committing and it’s worthwhile talking to them for advice before investing. ď Ź




Day Trips to Ranfurly Banks 1 hour from Hicks Bay









Entrepreneur Hooks Finalist



Press release on behalf of


operate a motorised wheelchair. Bryce

rod and being on a boat out at sea can

also had an attitude change. He realised

be a bit tricky, but for Bryce Dinneen

that the one thing he could control in

fishing has been a lifesaver. The

life was his mindset and that he needed

Tauranga man founded ‘Wish4Fish’,

to create a positive environment.

a charitable trust that raises money

“You get dealt blows, but you have

to charter fishing boats so people living with a disability, like him, can enjoy the rush of catching a fish.

to bounce back and realise how lucky you are,” Bryce says. He has set up the Wish4Fish office in his home, with

It’s been incredibly successful,

the help of some trusted volunteers.

with lots of charters already and a

The funds they raise go to chartering

200-person dinner at Auckland’s

boats out of Tauranga and Coromandel

Alexandra Park a couple of months ago

and hopefully soon out of Auckland.

raising $20,000 to fund even more.

“We use a couple of boats that we can

Now Wish4Fish has also seen

access through the back and by using

Bryce, 38, selected as a finalist in

a small ramp,” Bryce says. “Some of

the Entrepreneur category of the

us can’t hold fishing rods, but the rod

2016 Attitude Awards. The national

sits in a bracket, and by using electric

awards celebrate the excellence

reels, we can fish for snapper, kingies,

and achievements of Kiwis with

kahawai – anything we can catch for

disability and chronic health.

the thrill of it and being out at sea.

Bryce’s story is one that many young

We are currently looking for a couple

people may just relate to. He was at

of accessible boats in Auckland,

a mate’s ‘Stag Do’ in Wellington in

with skippers who get the spirit

2007. He dived into the water down at

of Wish4Fish. Our long-term plan

Wellington’s waterfront. It was shallow.

is to raise enough money to build

Bryce broke several vertebrae – and

our own user-friendly boat, and go

was paralysed from the neck down.

from port to port so more people

After almost a year at the Burwood

like me can get out to fish.”

Spinal Unit in Christchurch, he regained

More than anything, Bryce loves the

enough movement in his right arm to

magic moments like when one of his 27


This year’s finalists have an impressive list of achievements and ACC is delighted to acknowledge New Zealanders who live life to the fullest, achieve their goals and are role models in our communities guests, who was mostly non-verbal

of nominations we had to just 24

due to a stroke, at the end of the trip

finalists, across the eight categories.

looked at him and whispered, ‘Thank

Now I’m looking forward to getting to

you’. It meant the world to him.

know the finalists as we travel around

Bryce will find out if he has won

the country filming with them and

an Attitude Award at a black-tie

sharing their stories. Thank you to

gala on November 29 at Auckland’s

our fantastic family of sponsors who

ASB Showgrounds. There are eight

have allowed us to once again shine a

categories in the 2016 Attitude Awards,

light on some great Kiwis living with

with some new awards this year:

disabilities doing some great things.”

Youth Spirit, Making a Difference,

Dan encourages everyone to visit

Emerging Athlete, Sporting Spirit, in early November

Spirit of Attitude, Artistic Achievement,

to see short films of the finalists and

Entrepreneur and Employer Award.

to vote for the person most deserving

The overall winner of the Attitude ACC

of the ‘People’s Choice Award’.

Supreme Award is selected from the

The Attitude Entrepreneur Award

category winners, and a People’s Choice

is one of the new awards for 2016

winner and Hall of Fame inductee

and is sponsored by Westpac. Sue

are also announced at the awards.

Foley, Director Corporate Affairs

Dan Buckingham, Chair of the Attitude

says Westpac is incredibly proud

Trust, says: “Once again I take my

to support the Attitude Awards

hat off to the judges for managing

and the Entrepreneur category.

to narrow down the record number

“This category recognises truly


inspirational businessmen and women

the ninth year, as well as sponsor

who epitomise our Kiwi values - a

of the Supreme Award and the

can-do attitude, the tenacity and

Employer Award categories.

passion to reach for their goals and

“The Attitude Awards are important

the ability to think outside the square to achieve success,” she says.

because they remind us that everyone benefits when we all

The Accident Compensation

look at what we can do, rather

Corporation (ACC) returns as the

than what we can’t,” Mr Pickering

principal sponsor of the 2016 Attitude

said. “This year’s finalists have an

Awards. Other sponsors supporting

impressive list of achievements and

the awards are Lion Foundation,

ACC is delighted to acknowledge

Drake Medox, Barfoot & Thompson,

New Zealanders who live life to the

Ministry of Health, KPMG, Manawanui

fullest, achieve their goals and are

InCharge, Ricoh, HealthCare NZ,

role models in our communities.”

Air New Zealand and NZ on Air.

For tickets to the Attitude Awards gala

ACC Chief Executive Scott Pickering

evening on November 29 contact Terri

says ACC is proud to be the principal

Cavanagh at terri@attitudeawards.

sponsor of the Attitude Awards for

org or phone 09 378 1565. 

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Uh oh!

How not to land a fish BY Neil Wagener

IF IT HASN’T HAPPENED to you yet, it almost certainly will one day. You’re fighting a fish, it’s getting close to the surface, you lift the tip, forget about the rod and lunge with the net or gaff and nek minute - two piece rod! And often a lost fish.

You can see Orson had the rod almost vertical as the fish came near. The added pressure of the fish dropping in the swell ‘point loaded’ the rod, causing it to break. From Facebook, here’s some advice to avoid snapping your rod through point loading:

It’s singularly the most gutting thing that can happen - losing a great fish AND breaking your rod, all in one hit. In the ‘old days’ before graphite or high-carbon rods high sticking was not a problem, fibreglass was just so forgiving you could get away with nearly anything.

“So what’s the best advice to avoid this? (as you fight the fish) Hold rod out more horizontal with a bit less line out (rod in wrist more) and maybe loosen drag off? I watch my own footage and see myself high stick it a bit with the rush of adrenaline and eyes focused on fish.”

So, what is high sticking? Check this video of unlucky angler Orson Waldock losing a good fish to a mind-blank moment as he dealt with not only an XXL snapper but horrid sea conditions in his yak.

And from Daiwa Australia, here’s a really helpful video on the dynamics and issues with graphite rods, plus some tips on avoiding an unwanted two piece rod! ! Click here to watch. 


frewza f18 hardtop


inc gst

Package Price includes Paint, trailer & 100hP honda outboard

Ph: 03 214 1021 - 193 bond st, invercargill




Alex Simpson & a mean Hauraki Puka - YUM!

> Azar with a 22kg Bluenose from deep off Mangonui


Pics >

Brady Cole & a lit up King!



> Brady Cole with a snapper so pink it culd be an Aussie!


Dwayne Ata with a solid 20lb+ snap from ‘East of Kawau’

James Hoseason with a ‘schooly’ 21.5lber off the Manukau Bar



Thomas Tuala with a nice puka Caught Hapuka 5km out from Bayswater, Napier



Joshua Slater successful after Snooping snapper up northland on the Yak

Tim struggling under a hefty Far North Bass

Zane Cundy with a solid red from the rocks



Johan Willemen witha 25lb Northland red from the bricks, topped the 20lber he got an hour earlier!



Travis Godden with a decent snap taken on a jig! 35


Crayfish Numbers Reach Record Lows


CRAYFISH (ROCK LOBSTER) NUMBERS have dropped to record lows in marine reserves at Leigh and Tawharanui. At this month’s Hauraki Gulf Forum meeting members expressed concern about the results of a recent University of Auckland survey. Dr Nick Shears, a University of Auckland marine biologist at the Leigh Marine Laboratory, says crayfish numbers inside the two reserves are down a further 25 percent from 2014.

sized reserves at Tawharanui and Hahei – would need to be extended from the current 800 metres to three kilometres offshore,” says Dr Shears. Hauraki Gulf Forum Chairman John Tregidga said he expected the Sea Change Tai Timu Tai Pari marine spatial plan, due at the end of this year, to address marine reserves and fisheries management issues in an integrated manner.

Asked for comment by the Forum, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) says it is aware of on-going concerns Earlier this year scientists found crayfish about numbers of rock lobster in the numbers inside Goat Island reserve were CRA2 area. It says the MPI reduced the lower than when it was established in 1975 and less than a quarter of their peak commercial catch limit in 2014 and the fishing industry has voluntarily in the 1990s. made further reductions to commercial Numbers outside the reserves are also the catches this year. lowest they have been since monitoring MPI will review catch limits for April 2017 began in the 1990s and are estimated to assess whether the numbers of rock to be now less than five percent of the lobsters have increased following the natural, unfished level. reductions in catch. MPI says they will Dr Shears attributes the decline in the carry out a full scientific assessment of reserves to sustained fishing pressure on the fisheries management area next year their boundaries, as well the state of the which will form the basis for a further broader ‘CRA2’ fisheries management and comprehensive management review area (the Hauraki Gulf and Bay of Plenty). scheduled for 2017/18. He says the offshore boundaries of the MPI will also be engaging with local reserves should be extended. communities on the issues and potential “To more effectively protect crayfish long term solutions to inform the and other resident animals within their 2017/18 full review and to ensure this home ranges, the offshore boundary of important fishery is managed at a level the Goat Island reserve – and similarthat provides benefits to all users.  37

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