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July 2018

Winter Fishing

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Cover Photo Zac Wildenberg’s experience fishing Lake Tekapo






s I sat contemplating this

‘embracers’, and have braved the

editorial, the thought ‘Winter

weather or made the most of the

Blues’ crossed my mind. It’s

weather windows, you will no doubt

the time of year some fishers may

have been rewarded with great winter

start to feel a bit glum due to lack

fishing. We’ve been getting snapper for

of fishing, and in general, lack of

the table and freezer, gurnard galore,

sunshine and warm temperatures.

kingies, hapuku, trophy canal trout,

In my view, there are two ways to

salmon… you know how it goes.

approach winter; try and get through

At the time Derrick asked if I would

it hoping for the quick arrival of

like to write this editorial, neither he

warm summer or embrace all that

nor I knew it would be my last editorial

it has to offer. The beauty of frosty

and possibly the last contribution to

mornings, as the sun glistens off the

NZ Fisher Magazine. After four years

ice on your windscreen and the frozen

of involvement with the magazine,

grass crunches beneath your feet. Or

from first helping to manage their

the crispness of the air against your

social media, to writing articles and

face as you hurtle at speed towards

more recently guest editing, I’ve

spot x in your cabin-less boat, only

thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Meeting

to check when you stop that your

some wonderful people and learning so

nose is still attached to your face

much along the way. It’s a bittersweet

as it is now numb from the cold.

feeling writing this editorial, as I put

It’s an opportunity to adjust your

away my ‘NZ Fisher’ pen to focus on

fishing techniques to account for

other interests. A huge thank you to

the different fish behaviour, target

everyone who has so willingly written

different species, and appreciate ‘the

and sent photos when I’ve asked for

warmer and easier’ days of summer

them, sometimes with very short

fishing. If you’ve been one of the

notice! And thank you to Derrick


for his trust to hand over the reins

Also in this issue, New Zealand show’s

at times. I shall continue to follow

off its stunning winter scenery which

the magazine with great interest!

lures self-proclaimed fishing nut,

But I don’t want this editorial to be as glum as the wintry weather. The only blues should be the southern bluefin tuna! Once again, these magnificent

Zac Wildenberg. Zac embraced New Zealand’s winter fishery and you can read about his experience of fishing Lake Tekapo while on holiday here.

fish were kind enough to come through

Derrick takes us for a spin in his

close enough so those of us with trailer

2018 Frewza F18 HT, and see how

boats can get out and chase them. And

he’s kitted it out to be not only the

chasing rather than catching them

perfect boat for his needs but also

seems to be more of what happened

a whole lot of bang for his buck.

this year than last, you can read more

We get underwater with Anthony

in my article about the quieter run

Hafoka at Danger Rock, check out what

(some might call it an amble) this year.

was hanging around the rock face and

As you may have heard, Fisheries New

swimming in range of his speargun!

Zealand sought feedback on proposed

We also celebrate the last and first

changes to the sustainability measures

marlin of the season. What a surprise

and other management controls for

to hear of a marlin caught out of

selected fish stocks. The southern

Waihau Bay in the middle of winter!

bluefin tuna were among this, and

Very appropriately, the last was landed

their proposals in their survey created

on the last day of the 2017/18 season,

healthy discussion amongst fishers. It’s

only to be followed by the first marlin

something to seriously consider for the

of the 2018/19 season a few days

future, and hopefully, you were able to

later. It feels quite odd to be covering

make a submission or complete their

game fishing in the middle of winter!

online survey. It’s also time, as Legasea

But like I said, if you embrace winter

puts it, to take time out for tarakihi. A

fishing, just look what can happen.

management review is underway, and you are able to have your say now. Read more about this in the Legasea update.

Tight lines!

Naomi 5


What the Hell is Happening to Our Fisheries? Do Fisheries NZ really know what they’re managing at all? BY Derrick Paull


oes anyone really know what is

scale quota holders then have a much

happening at Fisheries NZ (formerly

greater ability and desire to leverage

a part of MPI)? It’s a pretty simple

their wealth and weight to influence the

question, and there’s a very complicated

decision makers within the managing

answer if you can dig deep enough.

ministry, presently Fisheries NZ.

If you’re reading NZ Fisher, it’s a fair

Now, I hear the alarm bells that you’re

assumption that you like fishing and

reading the words of a conspiracy

will be concerned that once again, our

theorist, but the ongoing releases of

fisheries are under severe threat and

(then) MPI’s reports clearly documenting

quite frankly, no one is doing anything

systematic flaunting of fisheries laws

useful. The Quota Management System

(discarding fish, illegal activities,

(QMS) is often lauded as world-leading

misreporting catch, misreporting of

and the saviour of shared fisheries in

sea-bird and marine mammal deaths and

NZ. Sadly, the system has flaws that

more) cannot be ignored. (See here for

have allowed large tranches of quota to

the details) Why would MPI turn a blind

accumulate in the hands of a few (both

eye to these willful and likely criminal

companies and individuals). These large-

acts? I can’t believe the decision-makers


in NZ Fisheries head office are willing

(Annual Catch Entitlement) it delivers

participants in the sustained depletion

each year. If quota holders really gave a

of our fisheries, but they’re not seen to

damn, we’d have seen CRA2 closed years

be halting it either.

ago, tarakihi and snapper in the Bay

Recent reports, first leaked then released

of Plenty wouldn’t be trawled for, and

by MPI themselves, point to wholesale

bluenose would still be plentiful. But

cover-ups by MPI officials, but again, why

instead, these are three fisheries where

would these officials want to cover up

quota holders and their mighty highly

the very things they spend their careers

paid lobby have pushed the boundaries,

managing? The saying goes that money

manipulated the numbers and thrashed

is the root of all evil. Our fisheries are

SHARED fisheries - the ones where we

built on an enormous pile of money, and

share with the fishery with them.

the evil is starting to stink. Now, I’m not

And who stands between this bulldozer

going to suggest this money ever makes

and the fish? Our Ministry, MPI and the

its way to MPI managers pockets, this

recent godchild, Fisheries NZ. Sadly I’m

money perverts in its own ways - through

yet to see an action from this ministry

the insidious paid lobby and constant

that leads me to believe that there’s any

denial by the industry that there’s ever

intent left to do right by the fisheries.

anything wrong.

The worst part is that there’s some

Many blame the fishers, the ones on

puppet show called the Fisheries NZ

the boats doing the hard yards, but the

Recreational Fishing initiative with

vast majority of reccies know the guys

the purpose of solving the problem

on the boats are there doing their job

of poor communication between the

and loving the ocean. Our problem is the

recreational fishing public and the

bean counting, money-grabbing quota

Ministry. Problem is, they’ve failed to

holders who will push good men to do

grasp the art of communicating. The

bad things in the never-ending race for

general public doesn’t understand

more fish and more money.

Ministry speak and the Ministry team

Holding quota in New Zealand isn’t

seem unable to translate their talk

about the fish, it’s about the tradable

into everyday language that is easily

value of a person’s quota and how many

understood and engaged with by the

dollars can be wrung out of the ACE

general public. 7

// FISHERIES MANAGEMENT - THE DARK SIDE Case in point would be the recently

recently leaked letter from Andrew

released Tarakihi Sustainability Review

Talley of Talley’s Group to Minister Stuart

Consultation Process (a mouthful

Nash regarding cameras on commercial

in itself!). This is possibly one of the

fishing vessels.

most important and meaningful

In his letter, Talley says the

reviews since the SNA1 review, and the

Government is “jumping to a heavy-

Ministry has barely whispered to the

handed solution without actually

public that there’s a review underway.

understanding the cause”. The letter

If you’re not on their mailing list or

further stated that discarding of fish

Facebook page you’d be none the

would “continue to happen, cameras

wiser that anything was happening -

or no cameras, while the current policy

thank goodness LegaSea are running a

settings remain unchanged.” Talley

public campaign! Couple this with the

acknowledged the letter and stood

commercial industry once again refusing

by his concerns, “[cameras] don’t

to accept the science that shows a

recognise or address in any way why

decimated fishery (87% reduction on

we are catching too many small fish,

virgin biomass is the current estimate)

why the bycatch of a particular species

and we’re once again in the position of

is so unavoidable or for example,

fighting both the commercial sector but

why fishers are discarding species at

also the Ministry.

sea that landed are worth significant

Yes, I’m disappointed that once again

money.” (Credit: Seafood NZ)

we’re in the same position we’ve

For a member of Seafood NZ who’s new

been in before, with another strong


fishery driven into the ground. All the

Talley’s are brave for confronting

while, we see the Ministry with the

the issue, but by no means are they

responsibility to manage our fisheries

suggesting a solution, just the same old

standing as a spectator on the sidelines

same old ‘please don’t look too closely’.

as moneyed up quota holders push their weight around.

So, what’s really happening in Fisheries NZ? The answer is a lot. Sadly though,

A recent example of the perceived

what’s happening there isn’t what we

arrogance of the quota holders is a

need to write about, it’s what isn’t. 

8 9


Fishing on Tour

Zac Wildenberg’s experience fishing Lake Tekapo BY Clancy Harrip



ake Tekapo, set in the inland South

farm-bred salmon, making the entire

Island of New Zealand is known for

region a prime fishing spot. And for a

many things; it’s stunning scenery,

self-proclaimed fishing nut on a two-

snow tipped mountains, the eye catching

week New Zealand holiday, it was an

blue of the lake itself, and of course,

opportunity that couldn’t be passed up.

it’s salmon. Connected to Lake Tekapo

Having originally had no plans to fish

through man-made canals is Mount Cook

and not knowing if I could bring gear

Alpine Salmon, a salmon fish farm.

home to Australia, I stayed minimalistic

Home of the High Country Salmon farm,

in my approach and got the bare basic

Lake Tekapo and its surrounding canals

amount of gear whilst attempting to

contain rumours and reports of escaped

cater to all types of freshwater fish. 11


My success rates rested on one rod,

fog that refused to lift, it soon became

one reel and one packet of lures. I was

clear that hooking a salmon wouldn’t be

the perfect combination of hopelessly

a problem, keeping one hooked would

delusional and hopeful dreamer.

prove to be the real challenge.

And so I began.

The salmon were there all right and as

Armed with a Abu Garcia Veritas 2 to

the sun dipped lower in the horizon,

4kg rod matched with a 2000 Promax,

the fish jumped higher, and with

6lbs line, a 24-hour New Zealand fishing

them, my determination. After half-

permit, and a tight travelling schedule;

an-hour of casting hard and fast, I

time was ticking. Guided by the helpful

flicked her upstream, and that was

advice of a Lake Tekapo local and with

it… I was on, and there is nothing

an hour of daylight left I headed to

in my history of fishing in Australia

the channel for the fish of a lifetime.

that quite compares to the instant

Despite the harsh winter chill and eerie

and furious fight that I’d begun.


As I bent down he finally bit through the line and made a last-second Adrenaline was skyrocketing and my heart was beating a mile a minute as

attempt to best me. He leapt away to the cold water of freedom.

I began the longest and toughest fish

But I’d come too far and gotten

fight of my career. Minutes passed

too close to let him win. The frigid

and my fear grew.

temperature of the water was the last

This salmon wasn’t interested in fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine, and as I caught glimpses of his enormous

thing on my mind as I plunged my foot into the water barring him from escape, and finally, he was mine.

size and watched the rod bend

Measuring right on 100cm and

unnaturally I was terrified that he

weighing an estimated 10kg, I had the

would work through my line before I

catch of a lifetime and with it, a New

had a chance to claim him.

Zealand experience and memory that I

Time elapsed as I fought and a pattern

would treasure forever.

grew. The salmon would work its way

And that was it. After a well-fought

to the shore and then charge out to

catch and release, I left Lake Tekapo

the centre of the channel again. Each

with a soaking wet shoe, one less

time he would come tantalisingly

lure and big plans for the rest of my

closer and I began to work with him,

New Zealand trip which involved (you

rather than against him. Finally, after

guessed it) a great deal of fishing. 

ten minutes of fighting, I had him on

Instagram: @Zac_Wilderberg_Fishing

the bank and not a second too soon.

Email: 13


A Game Changer

A surprise catch to celebrate the end of the season BY Graham Beaufill



ast year during our trip to

and anchored up in the Bay, eager to get

Waihau Bay at the end of the

to sleep so we could get up as early as

2016/2017 season, I made a great

possible the next morning. We got up at

catch of a 100kg southern bluefin

5.30am and wasted no time powering

tuna. This year we headed back to

out to 1000 metres, intending on getting

Waihau Bay, simply intending to

in a full day’s fishing. However, it was a

repeat that. However, we had no idea

slow day, only around three tuna were

when setting out that this trip would

caught between the more than 200

be far greater than the last one.

boats trolling. We returned to the bay

Arriving in Waihau on Thursday night,

somewhat disheartened but knew we still

we launched the boat at about 10pm

had another shot at a fish tomorrow. 15


Saturday started well with John Lowry, my fishing mate, landing an albacore around 20kgs. This lifted our spirits and gave us a muchneeded confidence boost after the previous day’s lack of excitement.


We wanted to head back to where our success happened last year, hoping it would provide a repeat, so we trolled back in from the 2000 metre mark to last year’s mark at 1350 metres. Just before low tide, we passed over last year’s mark and continued heading for the 1000 metre line. After one mile, the short corner lure had a hit. In came a dorsal fin, and my brain only 15.8 degrees, it was very unusually cold to be seeing a fish like this I couldn’t believe my luck.

couldn’t comprehend it as a striped

We brought it to the boat for John to

marlin. In fact, because of it’s broken

grab the leader. It was John’s first time

bill, I mistook it for a shark and pulled

leadering a marlin, and he did a great

the lure in hopes that it would leave.

job. Typically, I’d tag a fish like this.

Luckily for us, the marlin was persistent

However, I knew no one would believe

and immediately jumped on to the

this story at this time of year, so we

rigger lure, nailing the RG2 in Evil,

brought it aboard. After a courtesy

and we were on again. The stripey

weigh by Waihau Bay Sport Fishing

greyhounded away from us at great

Club, we took it home, processed it and

speed, and it took us a moment to

smoked it for a feed to share between

shake off the disbelief of what had just

friends and family. It weighed in at

happened and to get geared up.

120kg, a nice catch especially for this

John spun the boat and cleared the

time of year. Possibly the last marlin

deck while I put the gear on, and

caught for the season too.

we started the fight. It was a tense

We went out with the hopes of

30-minute battle, my mind whirring

repeating last year’s story, trying to

with questions. At this time of the

catch a nice southern bluefin tuna

year, marlin are typically gone from our

on the edge of the season, however, I

waters, and with the ocean temperature

think we surpassed that. Perhaps next

at only 15.8 degrees, it was very

year will be just as good, a repeat of

unusually cold to be seeing a fish like

“unexpected game-changing, out there

this - I couldn’t believe my luck.

doing it fishing”.  17


My Frewza, My Favourite The best little beast this side of the Chatham Islands



love my boat. It’s not that it’s the

able sea boat and we nailed some bloody

greatest boat on the sea, but it’s

impressive fish, but it was the first of

close! I know I’m not alone in

the F18’s off the line and the refinement

loving my rig, it’s human nature to

was yet to be seen. On the water, we

love your boat. But my love for my

pushed this boat hard and there were

boat has got me thinking more about

areas to improve, but it was, at the time,

why we love our boats.

a revelation - a fast, seaworthy hardtop.

It’s hard to find a bloke or gal who

No more frozen, spray crusted faces,

owns a boat and when asked, won’t

trips took half the time and we had

give you a glowing review. We’re

space - so much space.

hard-wired to defend our purchasing

This time around, however, we knew

decisions and sometimes we’ll go

exactly what we wanted and there was no

beyond the truth to make sure we

need to take a punt. Brendan and Kirsten

convince others of the same.

at Frewza headquarters have been making

I think in some ways that sums up

F18’s for over three years now and

the first F18 Hardtop Frewza I bought.

they’ve listened hard to their customers,

After the buzz of the F16 - possibly the

made the changes to bring the F18HT out

greatest 16-foot boat of all time, the

from the ‘for the price’ shadow and to the

F18 was all hype for us. Yes, it was a very

forefront of trailerable hard-tops. 19


The 2018 Frewza F18 HT is a well refined,

by their removal is a no-brainer. We’ve

smartly balanced and extremely capable

now got the cockpit space of a boat one

six-metre trailer boat. Off the shelf,

metre longer and we’ve always got bins

they’re most fisher’s dreams, but with

on board if you really need a sit-down.

the mod’s we made, we genuinely think Smoke n Lures is close to the perfect boat for our needs. We’re in a unique position to have had an F18, and being able to upgrade so soon allowed us to both inherit the advancements and upgrades suggested by others before us, but also to nail the things we loved or could tweak.

The new F18’s have a larger, more ergonomically designed dash, allowing us to build in two sets of electronics. We made a big switch this year to two new brands, Garmin (GPS and shallow/ downscan) and Furuno (for everything else). This combo is a little unorthodox, mixing tried and true with cutting edge,

As standard, the F18 comes fitted out

but the mix has proved excellent with

with two front seats which were the very

both units surprising us with their ability,

first thing to go - the additional space

not only where we expected it, but

and, believe it or not, comfort, afforded

encroaching on each other’s territory.


We’ve picked up a good sign in 450m

and the lowest fuel consumption for

with the Garmin (600w GT52) and the

its size. While we were happy with

Furuno’s been impressive picking up

the BF100 on the last rig, the extra

individual gurnard hugging the bottom

35hp is immediately noticeable, and

on the Kaipara in just a few feet of water.

it is not just when you’d expect as

Above our head, the hardtop has proved

the hammers go down. For normal

the greatest asset of this rig - not

cruising, the extra horsepower means

surprisingly, but the Frewza team have

the boat doesn’t slow down each

both raised and lengthened the roof

time you hit a small chop or wave, it

without it impairing the fishing space. It’s

smooths the ride and both travel time

not only drier, but there’s a nicer balance

and comfort are improved. Best of

to the boat’s lines giving the impression

all, it uses the same or less full as we

of a true 6.0-metre vessel, not a hardtop

were experiencing with the BF100, at

whacked on a 5.5.

around 18-litres an hour cruising in

At the business end we’ve paired up

the Hauraki Gulf chop at 22 knots.

with Honda again and that was never

With this additional weight in the back,

in question, but with a slightly heavier

we were intent on keeping the balance

build (we’ve got a 5mm hull vs 4mm

right so the decision was made to house

and added some hefty hardware, see

our dual batteries in the forward ‘V’

below), we thought it prudent to add

where the anchor well would normally

a few more horses to the stable. The

be. This helps keep the nose down, gives

Honda BF135 is essentially a de-tuned

much better balance in the chop and

150HP with a big block, massive torque

free’s up a world of space in the transom. 21

// FISHING BOATS One thing I’ve seen people spend a small

have an “oh s**t” moment and end up

fortune on and still not be satisfied is

in real danger, the boat will stay above

bait-stations on trailer boats. There’s

the water. I’m prone to putting myself

still a need for one in these days of lure

in these positions more often than I’d

focussed fishing even if there’s less bait

publicly admit and that’s why I continue

being cut. We lacked a sturdy unit last

to stick with pontoon boats. The common

time and investigated a more substantial

misconception is that you need to

set-up with a drawer. I left the design in

sacrifice ride for that safety and I swear

Brendan’s hands and the outcome was

those who maintain that line have never

a military grade bench with articulated

been in a Frewza.

drawer runners filled with marine grade

I have had the pleasure of spending

ball-bearings. It’s like the Accurate of the

time on many different boats across the

bait board world and will probably outlast

years and there’s certainly better riding

humankind it’s so impressively built.

hulls - generally a lot heavier, more

Another very impressive piece of kit we

expensive ones, but in the sub-six metre

have this time around is the Lonestar

range and especially pontoon boats,

GX-2 winch that we sourced through

the new F18HT nails the important bits

Fusion Marine & Leisure in NZ. The

and ignores the unnecessary. You don’t

LoneStar winches are a like a piece of

grow up with Foveaux Strait as your

engineered art - beautiful and grunty in

playground and build a boat with poor

equal measure and a welcome addition

sea-handling. I assessed our previous

to the new build, not only for their

F18 in this video back in 2015 and it

rugged anchor pulling ability but also

covers off the key ‘every Frewza HT’

as a source of weight up-front, again

points you’ll enjoy with any F18HT.

driving the right balance to get the very

At rest, the wide, aggressive pontoon

best ride and comfort.

chines hold the boat steady in most slop

All the trimmings aside, the Frewza F18

and provide a stable platform to fish from.

HT is designed to go places that might

When underway, the hull pops up out of

prove to be rough, rugged, wet and wild

the water and the fine entry coupled with

and still bring you home safely. The

the planing strakes keep the hull stable

pontoon design means even if you do

and true, even in cross and following seas.


We’ve pushed the boat very hard

category is getting crowded but there’s

through big seas including some sizable

not a boat out there with the following

bar crossings and the hard top and

of the F18HT; despite a month or

Honda combo (plus a 1200g/hr bilge

more lead time and a delivery bill

pump!) has seen us stay dry and safe.

(Unless you’re in Southland), Frewza’s

Many manufacturers sell their hulls on

are in hot demand. Producing over

the ride, comfort and style - but they’re

150 boats a year, the business is in

fair-weather friends. When the going

growth mode and I’m sure you’ll be

gets tough, that’s when I want a Frewza

seeing more and more Frewza’s on

under my feet.

the water in the next few years.

The comment I hear all the time is

While I keep banging on about the price

-”Frewza’s are such a great boat for the

being irrelevant, there’s no getting away

price” and that’s most certainly true,

from the fact that the basic F18 HT and

but I have to stop people, it’s not about

Honda combo is still under $47,000

the price - these boats outperform

drive away - that’s a whole lotta boat for

regardless of the price. The 6m hardtop

the money. Get on it people. 


A Day of Firsts

‘First marlin of the season’ title stays in the North BY Felix Scheibmair


eaving Kerikeri before dawn on July 6, the mist was low, but the anticipation was high as we headed

The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect for the day

towards Whangaroa. The forecast was good, and we knew we were in for a great day on the water. Today’s plan was

At around the 500m mark, Vinnie

to target broadbill swordfish. Leaving

spotted some surface bait and, shortly

Whangaroa Harbour, we also left the

after, a fin. We spun around, and Mark

mist behind and were greeted by a

managed to get some lures on in

stunning morning; the weather was

record time. We dropped two out, the

perfect with only a little surface chop.

first was hit almost instantly and began

We ran out to our swordfish spots,

peeling off the line. The other lure was

which took about an hour. The day

hit as well but the fish wasn’t hooked.

was spent dropping for a sword.

In the hope that the second fish would

Unsuccessfully as it turns out; as

also hook up, we kept that lure out.

evening drew near and we accepted that

We had the second fish on and off

today wasn’t our day for a swordfish, we

around three times over the space of

decided to head back to the ramp. It was

maybe 15 minutes, all the while line

glass calm, and we ran in quickly.

was still peeling out from the first fish.


Absolutely stoked. First marlin for Felix, for the boat, and for the season! 25


The crew of Felix Scheibmair, Vinnie Pivac and Mark Sorensen


Felix had to wait until the following day to weigh the marlin

it was the first marlin of the season and by looking at it we knew it was big enough to be weighed in, we decided to keep it. We knew lots of people would enjoy some smoked marlin! With the marlin on board and after a bit of celebration, we headed back to Whangaroa. The weigh station at Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club By now we had a lot of line out on

was not active. We rang the Bay of

the fish on the first lure so decided to

Islands Swordfish Club where I am a

pull the second lure in and focus on

member, but no weighmaster could be

the first fish. I played it for another

found. We ended up leaving the fish

40 minutes or so. With a lazy jump

in a commercial chiller for the night

towards the end of the fight, the

and weighing it the next morning.

fish was soon brought to the boat.

Weighing in at 108kg, it was a

It was my first marlin, which I was

beautiful fish and it was appreciated

stoked with. It was also the first

on so many levels. It was my, the

marlin for the boat Chikwama - a

boats and the season’s first marlin

Southern Sports 745. As it turns out,

and it was a much-welcomed catch

is also the first marlin for the new

after an initially unsuccessful

2018/2019 season in New Zealand,

day. A day I’ll remember for a

which had only started on July 1. As

long time that’s for sure!  27


The New Catch ‘Stingaz’

What’s the catch? BY Neil Wagener



atch Fishing have bought us

swipers, but it’ll also help pick up

another great little product

the fish that are lazily mouthing your

with the ability to take an

bait rather than committing like a

average day and make it great. That’s

good hook up should be. Secondly,

not some throwaway comment, either

and probably more relevant, is the

- Stingaz can actually change your

shape and angle of the jighead. It’s

day, especially when the fishing’s

a new design that presents the head

tough and the bites are tentative.

and the soft bait in a way that looks

The obvious thing here is the stinger

more natural than we’ve ever seen -

hook in the soft bait tail - it’s

especially when the soft baits being

designed to pick up those pesky tail

worked across the bottom. 29


The look of the bait is like a small

years ago there hasn’t been much to

baitfish foraging on the bottom - it

write about, so we’re pleased to have

even sends up little puff of sediment

Stingaz to use and write about. We’re

each time it reconnects with the bottom. On the drop, Stingaz induce a natural rocking action that looks great and induces a bite without even needing you to twitch the bait.

looking forward to the new line of soft baits designed to run with Stingaz too - if the rumours are true, they’ll be outstanding!

Jig head development appeared to

Check out the Catch product

have stagnated after a burst of new

video here for a few more

models on the shelves five to eight

tips on using Stingaz. 


tenya jig head The Ultimate Jig Head • Rocking action on the drop • Second attachment point for additional assist hook or skirt • Angled hook keeps your bait working in the current when jig head is resting on the bottom • Angled hook also helps prevent snags on bottom structure • 3D acrylic eye with silver dot. • Super strong short shank 3/0 stainless steel hook • Coated with UV • Ideal for using with soft bait or cut bait Available in size 1/4 oz (7g), 3/8 oz (10.5g), 1/2 oz (14g), 5/8 oz (17.7g), 3/4 oz (21g), 1 oz (28g)



Also available in White Warrior and Orange Assassin 14g



28g 31


This Year’s Southern Bluefin Tuna Amble BY Naomi Peterson

Just a few of the boats lining up in the bay. Credit: Waihau Bay Sports Fishing Club


fter the phenomenal success by

only the locals who were upset.

recreational anglers last year in

This year however, the Waihau Bay

catching the prized southern

Sports Fishing Club was prepared,

bluefin tuna during their run in June/

and in the lead up to the southern

July, it was only a matter of time

bluefin season, gave clear indication

until the fish came through on their

of the expectations from the club’s

migration north this year, and anglers

perspective around these fish. It was

once again descended on Waihau Bay.

about this time last year I also wrote

Amongst last year’s success, the

of my experience in catching one of

actions of a few marred the experience

these magnificent fish, and while I’m

for the majority, and in doing so

not planning on heading down again

upset many of the local community.

this year, my experience was one to

And understandably so, and it wasn’t

last a lifetime.


An early bluefin tuna caught by Aaron at the end of April Credit: Aaron Smith

Roger Halliwell’s southern bluefin tuna caught off the Gisborne coast Credit: Mahia Boating & Fishing Club

Helen Horrick and her pending record southern bluefin tuna Credit: Nicky Wilson A very stoked Boyd Ingle with his 15kg albacore tuna Credit: Louise Ingle

A whopping 28kg albacore tuna for Boulder Credit: Carl Muir One of three released southern bluefin tuna for the boat Credit: Warren Knudsen 33


A massive 155kg southern bluefin tuna caught on 6th July Credit: Phillip Roycroft

I heard of the first recreationally caught

109kg southern bluefin tuna caught

bluefin for this year on April 27, which

out of Mahia, 35nm off Gisborne. As

seemed so early compared to the big

the cold water came up from Gisborne

run in June/July last year. Dave and

way, so did the fish. The full moon at

Aaron Smith had just returned from

the end of May would have had the

a few days targeting southern bluefin

fish more concentrated and feeding

tuna at ‘The Tims’, 70nm off the Napier

together, and running with the

coast at the 1500-2000 metre line.

southern bluefin there would have

While also catching 10-13kg albies, they

also been bigger Pacific bluefin.

had three southern bluefin tuna take the

The southern bluefin tuna are more

lures, and landed a 49.6kg fish. At that

active around the full moon, actively

time, the water temperature was around

feeding on the few days either side of

19.5 degrees. This would have been

the full moon. Although on the day of,

the first early run of fish, where the

the fish tend to go deeper and are more

smaller fish tend to come through first.

cautious. This was evident at the end of

News feeds went quiet for a while

June when around 200 boats inundated

until on the last day of May, Waihau

Waihau Bay and trolled the area, only to

Bay Sports Fishing Club member,

land three (I believe) fish between the

Roger Halliwell’s catch of a very nice

200 of them - not very good odds.


First southern bluefin tuna weighed in by a club member at Whitianga, caught at the Mercury Knoll Credit: Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club 35


Credit: Ben Carey

run to date as it did last year. We certainly haven’t seen the number of fish we did last year. Whether there’s just not as many fish as last year, or whether they’re further out and out of reach of many of us recreational fishers, we don’t quite know. It seems Leading up to the full moon though, there had been some great catches, including a pending women’s record for Helen Horrocks, caught on board the ADOS Addicted To Fishing boat, Lynda Randrup’s nice catch fishing on B Caus, and a triple hook-up on board Nathan Adams boat which saw one fish boated and two tagged and released.

to me that both scenarios are at play this year, with noticeably less fish caught, and a report from early July of them being out wide past the 2000 metre line and behind White Island. While that may be disappointing news, especially for those full of anticipation of repeating their catch from last year, or those hoping to catch their first bluefin, we have to understand that’s the nature of

From what I’ve observed though, the

fishing. We can’t control the fish and have

season hasn’t had the same plentiful

to take the good with the not so good.


At it’s busiest there were up to 185 boat trailers parked alongside the road and ramp on June 29th Credit: Lucas McIver

We now know what is possible, and if it’s

writing this, there’s still a chance that

not our time this year - maybe it will be

the next wave of bluefin could come

next year. After all, how many attempts do

through closer. They’ll be tracking up the

some of us put in to catch a marlin?

coast, hanging out in the cooler water

Early July following the full moon saw a good weather window and a few anglers again headed out, and while no bluefin were landed, some fairly hefty albacore tuna were caught. Including a massive 28kg for Graham McKenzie and a pending junior record 15kg model for Boyd Ingle. It’s not uncommon for the big albacore to be running with the southern bluefin.

around food sources. That’s where your ability to check, read and interpret SST (Sea Surface Temperature), current and chlorophyll charts comes into play. Look for areas of temperature breaks and current convergence, where the cooler and warmer currents meet. Use the chlorophyll charts to find plankton which every little baitfish eats, which in turn are eaten by the bigger fish. The plankton will be in areas of warmer water, and the

It seems the fish were moving north and

fish will often be in these areas of where

into the Western Bay of Plenty, as it was

the waters meet. It just depends if they’ll

only the next day a southern bluefin

come in close or head up further out.

tuna was weighed in at Whitianga by Adam Shelley. Caught at the Mercury Knolls on July 6, weighing 80kg, this was the first southern bluefin tuna weighed in at Whitianga by a club member. On

And if you are thinking of chasing southern bluefin tuna, this year or next, the Waihau Sports Fishing Club have some excellent information on the southern bluefin tuna fish

the same day a massive record pending

care - best school of practice. While

155kg fish was also caught out from

most of us are pretty sensible

Waihau by Phillip Roycroft.

anglers, it’s still worth the time

But not all hope is lost. At the time of

to read it and be prepared.  37


Time Out for Tarakihi Legacy Update


arakihi is a mealtime favourite

What’s the issue?

for people who fish and those

1. 50 years of trawling, wastage and

who buy it retail because it is

dumping has taken its toll on our

notoriously good for cooking when

fisheries and environment. Over

fresh. Things are about to change

time our tarakihi population on the

between Otago and Northland.

east coast has dropped by 83%.

The main stocks on New Zealand’s east coast are severely depleted so substantial cuts to commercial catches are required to rebuild the fishery within a reasonable time frame. The

2. 95% of the tarakihi catch is either taken or dies as a result of industrial fishing methods. 3. There are concerns about the

Minister of Fisheries, Stuart Nash needs

bycatch of protected species and the

to know we care, and that we support

environmental impacts in this fishery.

him in making a bold decision to restore

4. LegaSea knows it will be hard for the

abundance. LegaSea is giving you some

Minister to make a bold decision

easy tools to show you care. Take Time

to restore abundance without solid

Out for Tarakihi here.

public support.


What’s the solution?

are proposed from October 2018 because

1. The Minister must put the fish first and recreational catch has declined in most areas as the stocks have been fished down. ensure the stocks are rebuilt within 10 years. This requires a substantial

The allowance for mortality caused by

reduction in commercial catch levels to

commercial bulk harvesting methods but

restore tarakihi abundance.

not included in landed catch adds up to more than the total recreational allowance

2. Ban trawling from inshore nursery areas to protect small

proposed, so reducing the wastage

fish and the environment.

attributable to commercial fishing will do

3. Better manage all fisheries to provide

more to grow the fishery for everyone.

for the social, economic and cultural

LegaSea is concerned that all Kiwis are

wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

paying the price for this ongoing wastage

4. People power. Together we can stand up for abundance and show we care. LegaSea has made it easy to take Time Out for

both on the water and at the shop when excessive commercial fishing (responsible for more than 90% of fish harvested) and years of knowingly wasteful fishing

Tarakihi here

practices are responsible for the decline. Minister of Fisheries Stuart Nash is now

What about recreational fishing?

considering new catch limits for tarakihi.

The recreational catch of tarakihi

LegaSea want him to make a decision that

represents less than 5% of current harvest

has the best outcome for the fish, but he

so even if we stopped fishing tomorrow

will only make a precautionary decision if

there would be no measurable change in

he has public support.

abundance of the tarakihi stocks.

LegaSea is calling on all Kiwis to stand up for

New recreational harvest surveys are

the environment and health of our fisheries

underway now with results due out early

by asking the Minister to take Time Out for

next year. Significant cuts in the annual

Tarakihi. Take a moment to show you care.

tonnage allowed for recreational harvest

Visit 

LegaSea is a public outreach initiative of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. The Council has an experienced fisheries management, science, policy and legal team. On behalf of the Council LegaSea raises funds and provides public-friendly information about a variety of processes that are important to restoring abundance in our fisheries for future generations.

Call 0800 LEGASEA (534 273)

Subscribe at

Email us

Read more at 39


Nailing a King at Danger Rock

BY Anthony Hafoka



arlier this year, I took the family

didn’t see anything below them so swam

to Whangaruru for a holiday and

over to the rocks.

a bit of a hunt around the reefs

and offshore spots.

The fish were holding where the current was running onto the rocks -

After a morning of wakeboarding,

this was also where the vis was worst

kneeboarding and skiing, we shot out to

as the green bloom was being pushed

Danger Rock for a spear and line fish. My

up there. Spotted a few trevallies in

son and I went out to meet friends who

the baitfish schools but they were

had gone ahead. First up we jumped in

cagey and hard to line up in the gloom

the water, but my son was feeling a bit

below ten metres.

queasy. The water around the rocks was very green - particularly on the current facing side (but it was fishy). My son moved from being queasy to throwing up while in the water, so we jumped back in the boat, chatted briefly to the others, and then I dropped him back at the bach before flying back out to the rock (doesn’t take long at 45 knots...). Once I got back out there my friends who were line fishing pointed out the schools of fish moving through so I quickly tied a line to the back of

I was about to pull the pin and swim back to the boat but decided to give myself three more dives.

their boat and jumped in (saved me

I was about to pull the pin and swim

anchoring in 45m of water). It turns

back to the boat but decided to give

out the schools were mostly kahawai.

myself three more dives. On the first

The top ten metres of water wasn’t too

of these I dropped down the face of

bad on the vis front, but it was pretty

the rock to what felt like about 15

bad below, and you couldn’t see much

metres (but checking my watch later

past the end of the gun at 20 metres. I

it was only 12 metres - the bad vis was

dived the kahawai schools for a bit but

playing havoc with my estimations). 41


As I dropped, one of the trevallies

much pressure on it and lose the fish,

started to come in, and I watched it -

so I got over the top of it with the float

waiting for it to drift in for a clear shot.

line tight and looked back at my float to

Close to the end of my breath hold six

estimate the depth the fish was reefed.

or eight good size kingfish swam in. I

I figured it was at 20 metres or so.

figured they wouldn’t hang, so I took a

Next was the ‘swim down the line free

shot at the closest and headed for the

immersion style’, that is to pull on the

surface running my hand up the float

line a little and swim down. I got to the

line as I did so. I put a bit of pressure on

gun at 19 metres and put one hand on

the fish at the same time as I wanted to

the shooting line when the fish saw

get it away from the rocks. I had been

me and took off away from the rocks

diving down the face with less than a

and its crack. That was what I wanted

metre between me and the rocks when

so I headed back up while also putting

I took the shot.

pressure on the fish to swim it away

The bruiser of a fish had other ideas and

from the rocks.

headed deeper and towards the rocks.

The kingie didn’t want to leave the

My 30m float line has a bit of stretch

safety of the rocks, but I managed to

in it (plastic tube with dyneema in the

get it to deeper water (40m+) where I

middle to max out the stretch at around

knew I could let it tow me around for

20%), and I hoped my shot placement

a bit and wear itself out. As it did this

wasn’t too bad.

I gradually eased it to the surface, and

As I tried to play the fish, it didn’t do

the last part of the fight was pretty

the usual ‘swim in circles’ thing and

straightforward - a quick bear hug and

stayed in one place. I took up the slack

iki then swim back to my mate’s boat

and started to put more pressure on

for a chat before heading in.

it, but it still wasn’t moving - and it

The fish turned out to be around

had been a while - so I figured the fish

1.2m in length but was very

had reefed me. I didn’t want to put too

fat, juicy and delicious! 



Quentin with a lure caught Bay of Plenty Tarakihi

Travis Godden with his first Marlin a couple of months ago. Tagged and released

Lisa’s Tarakihi, caught on board Pursuit Fishing Charters at White Island

One of many blue marlin all caught on Nambas fishing charters, Vanuatu where Lisa Noble was recently a deckhand 43


Ben Cullen landed this and other terra’s in only 6m off Waihau Bay

A really good Tarakihi session off Makara one weekend for Lisa Noble, her Mum Gerry & step dad Mark

A nice Tarakihi on the spear for Rowan Virbickas

Ben with his first Tarakihi, caught near Karewa Island


Brett Rigby with a rare jig caught Tarakihi

Jon Christensen with 1 of 5 Marlin caught in the Tutukaka small boat tournament 2018 Lars Christensen with 1of 5 Marlin caught on Gametime in the Tutukaka small boat tournament 2018

Lisa Noble and her PB marlin, caught on board Nambas fishing charters, Vanuatu 45

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