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Silvana’s Book Silvana Abarza Andrea Pacios Adrián Quintero Pablo Ruiz Terrassa, 22/11/13

 Futbol Club Barcelona Futbol Club Barcelona or Barça is the national team of Catalonia. Knowed all around the world and winner of a lot of championships is nowadays a very important team of football.

 Donkey It’s a national symbol of Catalonia and it’s used as a sticker a lot of times. You can find it in so many cars. It’s also used for reclaim the nationalism of Catalonia.

 Mediterranean Catalonia is next to a big sea called Mediterranean. That’s the cause of the perfect warm weather and good foods like “paellas”.

 Castellers It’s a traditional catalan festival that consists in create human towers as much higher as it’s possible.

Silvana's book  
Silvana's book  

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