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Catalonia in four words Leah Zborowski’s book

Ricard Duran Jina Armengol Oscar Jiménez Leah Zborowski

Barcelona The Province of Barcelona is the second most populated province in Spain. It’s named after its capital, Barcelona, which combined with its urban areas makes up for most of the provinces’ population of about 5 million people.

Tarragona It’s a mediterranean city and one of the most important cities in Catalonia. It’s located in the south of Catalonia and the capital of the Tarragonès comarca. The capital city has 134.085 inhabitants.

Girona Girona is a city in the northeast of Catalonia, and the capital city of the province of Girona. The Onyar river, the bridges and the history of this city are the most representative of Girona and her province.

Lleida Lleida is a city in the west of Catalonia,and the capital city of the province of Lleida. The cathedral of Lleida is “La Seu Vella� and it is the best emblematic monument of this city. The province has inhabitants.


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