New Student Record 1992

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Dear Ne wcome rs to Salve: It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the Salve campus com m unity through th e 1992 New Student Record. We do want y ou to kno w one another in tru e fri endship and to win fri endly recognition from our fa culty , staff and returning students. Yo ur portrayal here togeth er take on special signif icance. Coming from varied locales and backgrounds, you now share a com m itment to our Salve goals and expec tations. Togeth er y ou will gain th e living experience of our int ellectual and moral values-of genuine growth in mind and spirit. In a f ew brief ye ars we expec t to see y ou pictured in th e S enior yearbook- but with a difference. Th ese int ervening ye ars spell out challe nge and opportunity. Th ey should bring you to th e threshold of self -conf ident maturity and professional compe tence. Th ey are years when y ou will have time to work toward being y our own best self and toward bringing f orth th e best in oth ers. Determine to make th e mo st of th ese preciou s years. Your collec tive portraits furth er underscore that you are not alon e in int ellectual, cultural, and spiritual ad venture which represents a Salve education. We want to share your j oy in learning, y our delight in solid achievem ent, and even y our problem s and perplexities. A ll of us-administrators, fa culty, staff and students-are pledged to help, to counsel, to encourage, to inspire, and to pray for one another. E m brace wholeheartedly that family spirit, and Salve offers in return th e opportunity for y ou to make th ese some of th e mo st m emorable and rewarding ye ars of y our li ves.

Sister Lucille M cKillop President

Welcome To Salve


Regina University


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Ochre Court North Hall South Hall Boathouse Marian Hall Angelus Hall McAuley Hall O'Hare Academic Center Gatehouse Wakehurst Library Resident Hall Ochre Lodge Founder's Hall Carey Mansion Cecilia Hall Breakers Apartments Watts-Sherman Residence Mercy Hall Athletic Office Greenhouse/Grounds Office Tobin Hall Miley Hall Seaview Hall Fairlawn Carriage House Carnlough Cottage Moore Hall Wetmore 206 Ruggles Narragansett Hall Narragansett I Narragansett II Conley Hall Munroe Center



The following buildings are student residences: Conley, Three Narragansetts, Miley, OchreLodge, Founders, Carey Mansion, Seaview, Breakers Apts., Watts Sherman, andResidenceHall A & B. The following buildings have classrooms and/or faculty offices: TObin Hall, South Hall, Angelus, Library, Cecilia Hall, Mercy Hall, Marian Hall, and McAuley.


The following buildings are multipurpose: Miley, Ochre Court, NorthHall, Boathouse, Gatehouse, Munroe Center, Wetmore. The foilowing buildings are faculty residences: MooreHall andCarnlough Cottage







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New Students 16

EMILY JEANNE ALLEN Middletown, RI Middlet own High Dram a , People Psychology STACEY ALLEY Bridgewat er , MA Brldqewat er-Raynharn Reg . H.S. Chee rlead ing, Horses Psychology MAGGIE AMES Hat chville , MA Falmouth H.S. Art , Craft s Fine Arts GRETCHEN ANDERSON Clinton, CT Mercy H.S. Basketb all, Photography Psychology RADLEY ANDERSON Bristol, RI Reading, T rave l ROBERT ANG ELICA Bridgewat er , NJ Bicycling, Golf DANIELLE ARDENSKI Avon, CT Art , Music MARCY ATK INS Leban on, NH Lacrosse, T ra vel MICHELLE BALDASSARI Morristown, NJ Dram a , Swimming LAURA BALDINI Concor d, MA Dram a , Hiking MEGAN BARBIERI Ches hire, CT Soccer , Swimming JESSICA BARNA North Bra nch, NJ Photograph y, Sk iing THEA BARTHA Sta te n Island , NY Art , Socce r KRISTEN BAYLIS Orlean s, MA Aerobics, Field Hockey JEANIE BENZ ENBERG Dar ien , CT Dan cing, Horses TABITHA BLACKSMITH North Smithfield, RI Langu ages, Tenn is CARRIE BONANNO Ver ona , NJ Music, Softb all SH ELAGH BOOTH West War eh am , MA Socc er , Volleyball MICHAEL BOTELHO Riverside, RI Skiing, Wat er Skiing BRANDY BROUGHAN Dixfield , ME Bicycling, Hiking ERIN BUCKL EY Glen Ellen, CA Skiing, Hiking JENNIFER BUSWEILER Bayport , NY Softb all, Surfing SHAWN BUTLER Portsmouth , RI Skiing, Tenn is ANDREA BUTOLA Scitua te, RI Volleyball, Horseb ack Riding

51. Andr ew' s School Und ecided Don Bosco Prep . Business Avon High Educati on Leban on H.S. Psychology

Morr istown H.S. Edu cat ion Th e Form a n School Psychology Chesh ire H.S. Nursing Gill 51. Bern ard 's Educ at ion

51. J oseph Hill Acad em y Educa tion Kent s Hill School Educ at ion Sa cred Heart Academ y Liber al Art s MI. St . Cha rles Academy Undecided

Verona H.S. Sociology Bishop Sta ng Scienc e E.P .h.s. Adm in. of Ju stice Dirigo H.S. Edu cati on

Ju stm -Slena H.S.

Nur sing Ba yport -Blue Point Nurs ing Portsmouth H.S. Business Mt. 51. Charl es Accounting


PHILIP CADDEN North Providen ce , RI Bas eball , Basketb all NICOLE CAESAR Lenox Da le , MA Crafts, Running CARRIE CAMPBELL Oak hu rst , NJ Aerobics, Cra fts REBECCA CAMPBELL Lunenburg, MA Animals, Hiking

Nort h Pr ovidence H.S . Political Scienc e Lenox Memorial Psychology 51. Rose H.S. Education Sa int Bern ards Undecid ed

ELIZABETH CARROLL Westf ord, MA Bicycling, People LIANE CARTER Nashu a , NH Chee rleadi ng, Da ncing KERRY CEURVELS Hanover , MA Basketball, Softball JODI CHUSMIR Cromwell, CT Horses, Softball MEGHAN CONNOLE Auburn , MA Danc ing, Aer obics TRACY COPPA Narr ag an sett, RI Softba ll, Ba sketb all SCOTT COULOMBE Lew iston, ME Hockey, Surfing KATHLEEN COYLE Ra msey, NJ Bicycling, Tennis

Westford Aca dem y Anthropology Academy of Notre Dam e Educatio n Notre Dam e Academ y Nurs ing Cr omwell H.S. Educa tion

Auburn H.S. Edu cat ion Narr ag an sett High Educ a tion Lewisto n H.S. Business Immacula te Hea rt Academy Education

JOHN CUNEO Hack ensack, NJ Skiing, Volleyba ll NAT CUSHING Middleborough, MA Football , Surfing CHRISTINE DANNEBERG Cha tham, NJ Scu ba Diving, Skiing KELLEY DE MERCHANT Nat ick, MA Horses, Volleyba ll GINA DE VIVO Willima ntic, CT Music, All Sports KELLY DILLON Narra gansett , RI Soccer, T enn is JASON DIONNE Nashu a , NH Choir, Travel SEAN DONAHUE New York, NY Hocke y, Scuba Diving KEITH DONATH Sta te n Islan d , NY Photography, Socce r CA THERINE DOWNS Newt on, NH Anima ls, Ba llet JASON DUNN Port smouth, RI Baseba ll, Football MARY JEAN ERCOLINO Asbur y, NJ Socce r, Stu dent Gov't.


Bergen Cath olic H.S . Business Middleborough H.S. Pre-La w Chat ha m H.S. Education Nati ck H.S. Nursing

51. Be rnard H.S. Educa tion Narr agansett High Business Na shu a Sr . H.S. French & S pa nish Hillcrest H.S . Computer Scie nce

Ralph Mc Kee English 51. Thomas Aqu ina s Unde cided Portsmouth High Crim inal Justice North Hunte rdo n Undec ide d

SHANNON ESTAVILLO Honolulu, HI Horses , Swimming

La Se rria Nur sing

GINGER FEARS Milford , CT Softba ll, Community Se rvice

For an H.S . Nurs ing

CARY FISCHER Ridgefield , CT Ph otogr aphy, Aerob ics

Ridgefield H.S . Medic al Tech .

DAVID FOITO Tr umbull , CT Camping, Computer s

Fai rfie ld Colleg e Pr ep . Nurs ing

BRANDI FRASER Essex, MA Dancing, Tr a ve l

Ham ilton -Wenham Social Work

KEVIN GAGNE Man ch est er , MA Basketball, Music

Manch est er H.S. Business

BRENDAN GALLAGHER Merid en , CT Baseb all, Ba sketb all

Ham den Hall Country Da y Liber al Art s

LISA GALUSHKO East Hav en , CT An imals , Danc ing

Ea st Hav en High Nur sing

TANYA GALUSHKO East Hav en , CT An imals , Dan cing

Ea st Ha ven H.S . Nursin g

KELLY GANNON Portl an d , CT Ph ot ography, Te nnis

Mercy H.S . Educ at ion

BENJAMIN GARVIN Newt own , CT Ph otogr aphy, Surfing

Newtown High Und ecided

JENNIFER GERMAINE Han son, MA Softb all, Volleyba ll

Whttman-Han son Nurs ing

CHRISTINA GIAMETTE Top sfield , MA Art , Horses

Mas conom et Regional H.S . Psycholog y

MARIANNE GIGLIO Lak e Ronk onk oma , NY Choir, Dan cing

Acad em y of St. J oseph Nur sing

ARLINE GIROUX North Pr oviden ce , RI Rea ding, Soft ball

St. Mar y's Aca dem y-Ba y View Ps ychology

HEATHER GMYREK Hatf ield, MA Ch eerl ead ing, Volleyba ll

Smith Academ y Bus iness

WENDY GOCKEL Han over , MA Stu dent Gov't. , Music

Not re Dam e Aca dem y Econom ics

COLLEEN GOODALE Middl et own , CT Music, Volleyba ll

Middlet own H.S . Edu cati on

LESLEY GRAY Mar bleh ead , MA Choir , T enn is

Marbl eh ead H.S . Educ at ion

KIMBERLY GREAVES Danbury, CT Drama , Music

Woost er Sch ool Political Scienc e

ROBERT GUILBEAULT Sm ithfield , RI Fishing , So cce r

Smithfield High Crim ina l Ju stic e

CAROLYN HALEY Duxbury, MA Scuba Diving, Ten nis

Singa po re Am er ican School Educ ati on

AMY HANLEY South Att leb or o, MA Horses, Runn ing

Bishop Feeha n Biology

JESSE HARDING Qu incy, MA Foot ball, Kar at e

Bost on Colleg e H.S . Psych ology


MARY HASTIE Barrington, RI Art , Da ncing

Barr ington H.S. Educati on

AMY HASTINGS Auburn , MA Aerobics, People

Auburn H.S. Educ ati on

JULIEANNE HEALY North Qu incy, MA Dram a , Music

Fontb onne Academy Nursin g

JENNIFER HENDRYX Newp ort , RI Read ing, Gar den ing

Rogers H.S . Educa tion

THOMAS HIGGINS Enfield , CT Fishing, Hockey

Enfield H.S. Politica l Sc ience

KATHERINE HISS Auburn , ME Art , Soccer

Hebron Academ y Art Educ ati on

BETH HUTCHINSON Wall, NJ People , Photography

St. Rose Psycho logy

ERIN JOHNSON Pawtucket , RI Horses, Swimming

St. Rapha el Acad em y Psychology

GINA JOHNSON Springfield, MA Art , Pia no

Cat hedra l Fine Arts

ALEXANDRA JOHNSTON West Bay Shore , NY Dan cing, Volleyba ll

Acad em y of St. J oseph Business

KERRI KELLEY Natick , MA Skiing, Socc er

Nat ick H.S . Education

PATRICK KENNEDY Branf ord , CT Music, Skiing

Branf ord H.S. History

ERIN KERWIN Seekonk , MA Cheerleadin g, Skiing

Bishop Feehan H.S . Nurs ing

BRIAN KESL Cornwall Bridge , CT Ba seball, Wrest ling

Hous a tonic Valley Reg. H.S. Nursing

JESSICA KILIAN Hillside , NJ Art , Golf

Mt. St. Mar y Academy Educ at ion

TAMMY KONOPASKE Terr yville , CT Runn ing, Volleyball

Terryvill e High Nursing

CHRISTINA LALIBERTE Warw ick, RI Aerobics, Gymnastics

Toll Gat e H.S . Educat ion

JENITH LARKIN Sp art a , NJ Basketb all, Hiking

Spa rta H.S. Educa tion

AMY LAVALLEE North Sm ithfield , RI Peop le , Sk iing

Mt. St. Charl es Acad em y Liber al Arts

BENTLEY LAYTiN St amf ord , CT Bas eball, Bask etball

Trinity Catholic Pr e路Med

NICOLE LEARY Whitman , MA Aerobics, Peop le

Whttrnan-Han son Liberal Arts

MARISA LEMBO Scotc h Plains, NJ Softba ll, Swimming

Imma culat a Psychology

MARTHA LIBBY West Ha rtford, CT Tennis, Art

Ha ll H.S. Libera l Arts

SONIA LIMA New Bedf ord , MA Cheerl eading , Swimming


Bishop Stang Pre-Law

BETHANY LUTY Pr eston, CT People , Student Gov't.

St. Bernard H.S . Hu ma nities

KIM MALVEY Graft on, MA Bask etb all, Dancing

Graft on H.S . Undecided

BETH MANCINI Notre Da me Academy Psychology

Sutton, MA Dan cing, Peop le


Bra nford , CT

KRISTEN路MARIA MARTIN Portland , ME Bowling, Danc ing

Ca the rine Mc Auley Nurs ing

TAMMY MARTITZ Barr ington , RI Cr ew , Swimm ing

Barr ington H.S. Liber a l Art s

JENNIFER MASSO Shelton, CT Crafts, Running

St. J oseph Psychology

JOHN MCCANN Matawan , NJ Bask etball, Surf ing

Ch ristian Broth er s Academ y Business

KATIE MC DERMOTT Gard en City, NY Cheerl eadi ng, Lacrosse MOLLY MC DONO UGH Maplew ood , NJ Lacros se , Tenn is

Gar den City H.S. Undecided Villa Wa lsh Academy Education

MARY路ANN MC KENNA Warw ick, RI Peop le, Tr a ve l

Pilgrim H.S. Socia l Work

MATHEW MC LARNON QUincy, MA Football, T ra ck

Archbishop Willia ms H.S. Undecided

KELLY MC MENAMAN Bricktown , NJ Bicycling, Skiing

St. Rose Edu ca tion

MEGAN MC NICHOL Bang or , ME Choir, Stu dent Gov 't.

John Bapst Mem oria l H.S. Psychology

CHRISTINE MELLO Swansea , MA Music, People

J oseph Ca se H.S. Health Car e Mgmt.

SARAH MENINNO Avon, MA Swimm ing, Travel

Fontb onn e Aca dem y Undecid ed

LAURA MICELI Hingham , MA Danc ing, Piano

Fontb onn e Acad em y Business

DANIELLE MIGNONE Torrington, CT Runn ing, Scienc e

Torr ingt on High Pr e-Med

MARY MILANESI Morr istown , NJ Skiing, Field Hockey

Mor ristown-Bear d Libera l Art s

MELISSA MORIN S pe ncer, MA Skiing, Socce r

St. Pet er -Ma rian H.S. Liberal Arts

JANE MURPHY Locust , NJ Art , Field Hock ey

Westover School Sociology

ROBERT MURPHY Westw ood , MA Bask etb all, Footb all

Westwood High Pre-La w

SANDRA MURPHY East Haven , CT Dancing, Music

Sac red Heart Acad emy Education

BILL MYERS Island Heights , NJ Tennis , Sailing

Monsignor Donovan H.S. History


MARCIA NAHLEY Danbury, CT Peop le , Science

Danbury H.S. Nurs ing

JILL NELSON Man chest er , NH Cheer leading, Dancing

Tr inity H.S. Education

BRIAN NEVIN Hingham, MA Football, Sk iing

Boston College H.S. Liberal Arts

RENEE NICHOLS Lak e Forest , IL Sk iing, Soccer

Lak e Forest H.S. Undecided

KIMBERLY O'BRIEN Foxb oro, MA Art, Bask etball

Foxboro H.S. Nursing

JENNIFER O'CONNELL Wat erf ord , CT Tennis, Field Hockey

Wat erf ord High Education

HEATHER O'CONNOR Merrimac, MA Cheerleading, Da ncing

Pentock et Regional H.S. Ad min. of Justice

MARYCARROLL O'CONNOR Bayonne , NJ Skiing , Tennis

Holy Famil y Academy Liberal Arts

CAROLYN ODELL Scituate , MA Sk iing, Swimm ing

Scituate H.S. Sc ienc e

NICOLE O'HAGEN Bishop George Ahr Pr e -Law

South Plainfield , NJ Deb ating, T enn is

KIMBERLY OLLERHEAD Needham , MA Dan cing, Lacrosse

Needham H.S. Nurs ing

THOMAS O'sHAUGHNESSEY Somerset , MA Bask etba ll, Hock ey

So me rse t H.S. Business

HEIDI OUSLER North And over , MA Sk iing, Volleyball

La wr enc e Academy Pre-Med

JENNIFER PACHECO O ak Bluffs, MA Horses, Tennis

Martha 's Vineyard Reg . H.S. Bus iness

AMELIA PASQUARELLO Arlington, MA Art , Dancing

Arlington H.S. Pr e-Law

SARAH PEARSON Simpellveld, Netherlands Aerobics, Art

AFCENT IntI. School Psychology

SAMANTHA PECK Woodbridge , VA Bicycling , Volleyball

Paul VI Fine Arts

HEIDI PELLETIER Auburn , NH Socc er , Track

Pinkerton Academy Social Work

KELLY PETERSON C lark , NJ Tr a ve l, Volleyba ll

Arthur L. J ohns on Reg ional Social Work

PATRICIA PEZZA Cr anston, RI Aerob ics , Sk iing

Ba y View Acad em y Education

MARIE PINETTE Lew iston , MA Art , Music

51. Dom inic Reg iona l H.S. Education

STEPHANIE PLONA Ch epachet , RI Sk iing, Volleyball

Ponaganset H.S. Bus iness

JOSH PLUE Danbury, CT Soccer

Danbury H.S. Bus iness

DENISE PORZIO Huntington , NY Crafts, Drama


Huntington H.S. Education

COURTNEY PRIAL Greenwich. CT Hockey. Lacrosse

Canterbury Sch ool Undecided

BETH ANNE RAFANELLI War wick. RI Softball , Tennis

Toll Gate H.S. Undec ided

AMY REDDING Grand Isla nd , NY Piano

Buffalo Academy Educati on

ALISON RENO Farm ington, CT Music, Swimming

Farm ington H.S. Education

KARYN RIALE Stamfor d , CT Animals. Crafts

Trinity Catholic H.S. Liberal Arts

ERIN RILEY Mar shfield, MA Running, Soccer

Notre Dame Academy Nursing

TIMOTHY ROCHELLE Groton, CT Baseball , Footb all

JENNIFER RODRIGUES Fall River , MA Aerobics, Animals

St. Bernar d H.S. Business BMC Durfee High Nursing

STEPHANIE ROY Westminster, MA Dra ma, Poetry

Oakmont Regiona l English

AMY RUGGIERO Glastonbury, CT Aerobics, Volleyball

Glastonbury H.S. Business

WARREN RUSH New Haven, CT Skiing, Track

Notre Dame Business

MAUREEN RYAN Sterling , MA Art , Debating

Wachusett Regional H.S. Anthropology

RENEE SAEDLO Simsbury, CT Aerobics, People

Simsbur y H.S. Education

VIOLA SANCHEZ Laredo, TX Rea ding, Travel

Ma rtin Management

DEBORAH SAUSER Wilton, CT Animals, Da ncing

Wilton H.S. Psychology

DAWN SCALISE Oak Beach , NY Socce r, Stu dent Gov't.

West Islip H.S . Liberal Arts

REBECCA SERIO Westerly, RI Dan cing, Art

St. Be rna rd H.S . Undecided

ERIN SHEEHAN Marshfield, MA Swimming. Wat e r Skiing

Notre Dame Academy Business

KRISTINA SIMONE Chepachet, RI Dancing , Skiing

La Salle Academy Education

BRADEN SMITH Morristown, NJ Baseball , Soccer

Gill St . Berna rd 's Business

JODI SMITH Natick , MA Hockey, People

Natick H.S. Education

KERI SMITH Needham, MA Skiing, Yearbook

Needham H.S. Science

ELIZABETH SMITHER Essex, MA Skiing, Field Hockey

Ha milton-Wenha m Regional Undecided

MELISSA SOLTESZ Redd ing, CT Skiing, Swimming

Joel Ba rlow H.S. Huma nities


LEE SOTO Hartford , CT Baseball, Football RUSSELL SPATARO Norwell , MA Skiing , Karate MARINA SPRY Medford , MA Art , Drama DEBORAH ST JOHN Trumbull, CT Socc er , Student Gov't . DANIELLE STORELLA Wakefield , MA Cheerleading, Yearbook EILEEN SWEENEY Rye, NY Horses, Surf ing MARINA TAJUELO Ridgefield, CT Softball, Martial Arts NATALIA TAVARES Azores , Portugal Languages, Swimming NICOLE THEIS Bernardsville, NJ Animals , Art CLARE THOMAS Old Greenwich , CT Drama, Softball KIMBERLY THOMPSON Brockton, MA Dancing , Drama JENNIFER TINNELL Y Malverne , NY Skiing, Yearbook MELINDA TRAINOR Haverhill, MA Student Gov't ., Travel WENDY TRAINOR Oakland, NJ Skiing, Tennis LISA TRASATTl Dalton, MA Softball , Volleyball ROBERT TWARDOWSKI Redding, CT Golf, Tennis

Nort hwest Catholic Psychology Boston College H.S. Liberal Art s Arlington Cath olic Liber a l Arts 51. Jos eph H.S . Education

Wak efield High Business Rye H.S . Liberal Arts Ridgefield H.S. lntl . Finance & Trade

Political Scienc e

Gill 51. Bernard's Fine Arts Miss Hall's Sch ool Education Brockt on H.S . Nursing Valley Str eam North Education

Haverhill High Nursing Indian Hills H.S . Business 51. J oseph's Psychology Jo el Barlow Undecided

KATHLEEN URDANICK East Catholic H.S . South Windsor, CT Nursing Cheerleading, Student Gov't , HEATHER VAITUKAITIS West Hartford, CT Hall H.S. Swimming , Water Skiing Education AMY VAVRINEC Allendale, NJ Northern Highland Reg. H.S. Anima ls, Choir Nursing MARIE VIGNATI Wethersfield , CT Wethersfield H.S. Dancing, Cheerleading Business TARLYNNE VINSON Pennington, NJ Horses, Lacrosse ANNE WALSH River Forest, IL Golf, Politics GLENN WETHERBEE Avon, CT Fishing, Hockey TYLER WOOD Newburyport, MA Basketball, Surfing


The Hun School Liberal Arts Oak Park & River Forest Pr e-Law Avon Old Farms School Business Holderness School Business

STACY ZACZYNSKI Enfield, CT Dancing, Hockey

Enfield Erm i H.S. Educ a tion

SOME OTHER NEW STUDENTS JEFFREY ANGELICO Bask etball, Skiing ALBERT ANTONUCCI Golf, Sk iing BRAD BAIER Anima ls, Fishing JASON BASTILLE Ba seba ll, Bask etb a ll DONALDSON BOORD Surfing. Weightlifting JILL BUZZANCA Art, Skiing

Middle Hadda m, CT Business Cedar Grove , NJ Scienc e Roseland , NJ Business Brighton, MA Political Scie nce Marion, MA Adm in. of Justice Warm inst er , PA Fine Arts

DAVID DI PIERO Footb all, Weightlifting

Red Bank , NJ Business


PEGGY FRANK Drama , Music

Simsbury, CT Fine Art s

KATHLEEN O'BRIEN Lacr osse , Skiing

Nashua , NH Nursing

THOMAS GALLAGHER Hockey , Wat er Skiing

Stamford, CT Business

JAMES STANTON Footb all, Weightlifting

Cr esskill, NJ Business

KELLY GATELY Lacrosse, Volleyball NICOLE HOEKENGA Horses , Skiing LAN KWIT Softba ll, Playing Pool

Plan dome , NY Undecided Hu ntington, CT Business New York City, NY Undecided

MEGHAN SULLIVAN Bask etb all, Read ing

Bronx, NY Th eatre

Springfi eld, MA Political Science

C.TAYLOR T enn is

North Kingstown , RI Adm in. of Justice

VANESSA VANNA Cheer lead ing, Skiing

New Providenc e , NJ Edu cat ion


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