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Ochre Court

New Dorm

The Most Reverend Louis E. Gelineau, Bishop of Providence

Munroe Center


Ve.aJt Newc.omeJL6 to Salve.: l.t -iA my glte.a.t ple.a..6Wl.e. to .i.lWl.Oduc.e. you to the. Salve. c.ampU6 c.ommunUy tJvr.ough the. '987 New S.tude.n:t Re.c.olLd . We. do unn:t you to ~now one. anothe.IL in .t!Lue. 61Lie.nd6hip and to win 61Lie.ndly ILe.c.ognition 6ILom OWl. 6ac.uUy, ~ta6 6 and ILe..tu!Lning ssudenr« .

Sister Lucille McKillop

YOWl. po!L.tlLayal he.ILe. toge.the.IL taku on ~pe.Ua1 ~igniMc.anc.e . Coming 6Mm valLie.d loc.alu and bac.kgILound6, you now ~ha!Le. a c.ommitment to OWl. Salve. go~ and Toge.the.IL you w.U£. gain the. living 06 OWl. in:te.£.£.e.c.ua1 and molLa1 valuu--0 6 ge.nuine. glLOwth in mind and ~pilLi.t. In a 6ew blLie.6 ye.aM we. e.xpe.c..t to He. you pic..tWte.d in the. Se.niOlL Ye.aJtbook--but wilh a Thue. in:te.ILve.ning ye.aM ~pe.£.£. OWl. c.ha1£.e.nge. and oppo!L.tunUy. The.y ~hou£.d blLing you to the. tJvr.uhold 06 ~el6-c.on6iden:t ma.tWtity and pIL06u~ional c.ompe.tenc.e. The.y aILe. ye.~ when you w.U£. have. time. to wOILk totmlLd bung qoun: own but ~ el6 and totmlLd blLinging 60lLth the but in otheJL6 . Ve.te.!Lmine. to make. the. mo~t 06 tnes« pILe.UOU6 ye.~. YOWl. c.o£.£.ec..tive. po~ 6U!Lthe.IL undeJL6c.olLe. tha.t you aILe. not alone. in the. in:te.£.£.e.c..tua£., c.u£..tuILa1, and ~p~ adve.n:tWte. whic.h ILe.pILUe.nU a Salve. e.duc.a.tion. In a .t!Lue. HMe. you have gaine.d a new 6ami£.y, OWl. c.ommunUy. We. unn:t to ~haILe. yoWl. joy in le.aJLning, qou». de.£.ight in Mlid, and eve.n yOWl. pILoble.m~ and pe.ILpie.x.U.i.u. All 06 U6--admin-iA.t!, 6ac.u£.ty, ~ta66 and ~.tude.nU--alLe. ple.dge.d to help, to C.OUMe.£., to, to iMpiILe, and to plLay 60IL one. anothe.IL . EmblLac.e. whole.he.a!Ltedly tha.t 6ami£.y ~pilLi.t, and Salve. 066eJL6 in ILe.tu!Ln t he. oppo!L.tunUy 60IL you to make. thue. ~ome. 06 t he. mo ~ t me.molLable. and IL~ding ye.~ 06 yOWl. livu .

~:/!~ ./L ~1dr S-iAte.IL LuU£.£.e. Mc.K..Ui.o p PILuide.n:t



Ribbon Cull ing- l路r: J ohn Rok, Dean of Stud ent s, Chr istoph er Kiern an , Vice President /Academic Dea n, Sister Consilii Reynolds, Director of Commuter Services , Ron Atkins, Direct or of Wakehurst Campus Cent er


Wakehurst Campus Cent er

The Dining Room

Th e International Room

l-r: Dean of Stud ents , John Rok, Direct or of Residence, Pegg y Hermeling, Assistant Director of Wakehurst Campus Cent er , J err i DiCamillo, Director of Wakehurst Campus Cent er , Ron Atkins


Dance Marathon


What's Going On


Halloween Dance


Flash Back Dance

Holly Ball

CEC Easter Egg Hunt

Come Back to the Five & Dime Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean

Spring Cotillion




Se curity Officer Mr. Frank Cooler

L----------------------------- r 8

O'Hare Academic Center

O 'Hare Academic Cent er

Stud en t Studying




BETH AIELLO Vernon , CT Basketball, Skiing CHRISTINA ALLEN Greenwich , CT Horses, Ten nis STEPHEN ALMEIDA Malden , MA Hockey , Softball MARCIE AMMON Tr umb ull, CT Horses, Swimming DEBORAH ANASTASIA Dedham , MA People, Skiing DUNREATH ANDERSON Pearl River , NY Dancing, Skiing SUSAN ANDERSON Fairfield, CT Drama, People VANESSA BARNESCHI Newington , CT Student Gov't., Volleyball

Rockville H.S. Educati on Convent of Sacr ed Heart Sociology Malden Catholic Pre-Law Tr umbull H.S. Nursing

Ursuline Aca demy Criminal Justice Pearl River H.S. Business Lauralton Ha ll Education St . Thomas Aquinas Education

KRISTINA BARTHOLOMEW Bethleh em , PA Bethleh em Catholic H.S. Soccer, Softball Nursing SANDRA BARTLETT Acton Boxborough Reg ional Acton , MA Nurs ing Debating, People ANNABELLA BARTON Pillsford Mendon Pillsford, NY Liberal Arts Running , Skiing MARY BARUFFALDI Winchest er Winchest er , MA Business Poetry, Skiing KELLY BATT Wilmington, DE Crafts, Horses BROOKS BEAULIEU Magnolia, MA Fishing, Skiing LISA BELL East Providenc e, RI Skiing, Softball JOHN BENTZ Westfield, NJ Baseball , Film NICOLE BERNABO Yorktown, NY Soccer , Travel MICHELLE BERUBE Methuen , MA Music, Piano DEBORAH BILODEAU Whitinsville, MA Horses, Skiing PATRICIA BLEDSOE Virginia Beach, VA Peopl e, Travel

Padua Acad emy Managem ent St. John 's Prep . Business East Providenc e Business Newark Acad emy Business

Lak eland H.S. Politica l Scie nce St . Mary's Lawrence Science Education Mount St. Charles Acad emy Psychology F.W. Cox H.S. Educati on

JOSEPH BOCCHINO Greenwich H.S. Greenwich , CT Business Art , Guitar KIMBERLY BOIANI Our Lad y of Fat ima H.S. Newp ort, RI Nursing Animals, People RICHARD BOLDRIGHINI Stamford Cath olic High Stamford, CT Business Golf, Hockey DEANN BONGIORNO Barrington H.S. Bar rington, IL Psychology Skiing, Travel


HERENIA BOONE Wareham, MA Runn ing, T ra ck SHARON BOUCHARD T ivert on, RI Dancing, Tr avel TARA BRABAZON Bellport, NY Skiing, Student Gov 't . THERESE BRADLEY Milford, CT Peop le , Running ROBERT BREAULT Pelham , NH Art, Footba ll DAWN BROWN Wa rwick, NY Music, Skiing LAURA BRUNI Portland, CT Dan cing, Tennis MAUREEN BURKE Flossmoor, IL Bas ketb all, Softball BETSY BURRELL Newport , RI Animals, Ca mping MARIA BUTICCHI Uncasville, CT Crafts , Pian o KAREN BYSTROWSKI Ormond Bea ch, FL Ballet, Drama DAWN CABLE Milford , CT

KEVIN CACCAVARO Clar em ont, NH Guitar , People JULIE CAFARELLA Wa reham , MA Music, Tennis LISA CAMPOPIANO Upp er Da rb y, PA Peo ple, Track AMY CAPITANIO Torrington, CT Pia no, Skiing

Wa re ha m H.S. Nursing T iverton High Pr e-Law Bellport H.S. Political Science Lauralt on Hall Nursing

Bishop Guert in H.S. Biology Jo hn S. Burk e Cath olic Educati on Mercy High Psychology Mar ion Ca tholic H.S. Ma nagem ent

Moses Brown Schoo l Liberal Arts 51. Bernard H.S. Libe ral Arts Seabreeze Senio r High

Pre-Law J osep h A. Foran Education

Stevens H.S. Journalism War eham H.S. Nursing Up pe r Da rby Sociology To rring ton H.S. Education

JENNIFER CAPOBIANCO Winchest er , MA Winchester H.S. Da ncing, Swimm ing Edu ca tion KOREN CAPPIELLO The Mar y Lou is Academy Flora l Park , NY Sociology Animals , People CARLEEN CAPPUCCIO South Kingstown H.S. Wak efield, RI Nursing Peopl e, T ra vel ERIN CAPUTO Beverly H.S. Bever ly, MA Business Da ncing, Gymn ast ics ROBERTA CARDELLO Medf ord , MA Dan cing, Skiing LISA CARUSO Weymout h, MA Dram a , Music CATHY CASTALDO War wick, NY Music, Skiing HEATHER CASTLINE Pe quannock, NJ Art , People


Matignon H.S. Nursing Notre Dam e Academy Nursing J ohn S . Burke Psychology Pequannock Township H.S. Accounting

SHERRI CATIZON E Villa Walsh Acad em y Suc casunna, NJ Undecided Drama , Vocal Ensembl e MICHELE CHARNO Trumbull, CT Trumbull H.S. Dat a Process ing Dan cing, Horses KATHLEEN CHEEVER Noble H.S. Lebanon , ME Dan cing, Running Libe ral Arts JON CHIRNSIDE North Kingstown , RI Nort h Kingstown Senior High Baseball, Sk iing Adm . of J ust ice ERICA CIANCIOLO Wolcott , CT Danc ing, People FELICIA ClARAMIT ARO Gloucester, MA Ballet, T ennis LINDA CLARK Worcester , MA Dra ma , Sc ulpt ure LAURAINE CLARKE Bet hel, CT Peopl e , Skiing JEANENE COLE Ba y Shore , NY Skiing, Swimmi ng CARA COLEMAN Walpole , MA People, Sk iing MICHELE COMPTON Chester, NJ Photography, Swimming DEBORAH CONCAUG H Westborough, MA Golf, Skiing SUSAN CONLAN Rocky Hill, CT Camping, Tennis MELISSA CONLEY East Greenwich, RI Drama, Dancing KAREN CONNELLY Waltham, MA Music, Swimming EDWIN CROOKS Shrewsbury, NJ Base ball, Horses CHRISTINE CROSBY Gre a t Fa lls, VA Art , Skiing CAROLYN CURTIN Chel msford, MA Swimmin g, Travel LISA-ANN DAGESSE Slatersville, RI Sk iing, Soccer PAUL DALEY Walpole, MA Camping, Hockey SUSAN DAMON Holden , MA Art , Hiking CAROLYN DAVIS Rive r Edge , NJ Dancing, Skiing TRACEY DAVIS Northbridge, MA Plano, Skiing BRETT DEBARBA Wolcott , CT Skiing, Tennis

Wolcott High Business Bishop Fenwick Undecided Bancroft Sch ool Educ allo n Immaculate H.S . Psyc hology

Academy of St . Joseph Business Walpole H.S . Business Mendham H.S. Accounting Westborough High Nursing

Rocky Hill H.S. Education laSalle Academy Educallon Wa ltha m H.S. Pre-La w Chr islla n Brothers Academy Econom ics

La ngley H.S. Psychology Lawrence Academy Educallon MI. 51. Charles Academy Pre-Law Walpole Senior H.S . Business

Wachusett Regional Psychology Immaculate Heart Academy Business Northbridge Jr-Sr High Psychology Wolcott H.S . Business


LAURA DEE Needham, MA Piano, Te nnis ARMAND DEFEO Prosp ect , CT Baseball, Computers FRANK DEFRUSCIO Cranston, RI Surfing , Poetry EMILY DEGIACOMO Hingham , MA Music, Runn ing EILEEN DEIGNAN Providence, RI Art , Skiing ELIZABETH DELEO Bristol, RI Ballet , Choir KIM DELFINO Bristol, CT Art , People LISA DELLAQUILA Smithtown, NY People , SWimming STEVEN DEMELIS Middletown, CT Tenn is, Travel JAMES DENONNA Colts Neck , NJ ROBERT DESLAURIERS Columbus, GA Baseball, Golf WILLIAM DESTEFANO Bridgeport, CT Baseball , Basketball LISA DIOGO Attleboro, MA Choir , Running JOHN DlRAFFAELE Bishop Hendricken, RI Baseball, Music MICHAEL DOHERTY Brooklyn, CT Skiing, Tennis SERGIO DOSOUTO Brentwood, NY Ches s, Computers JENNIFER DOWD West Hartford , CT Basketball, Wa te r Skiing ELIZABETH DOWDEN Mitchellville, MD Choir, Swimming MICHELLE DOYLE Barrington Hills, IL Film, Travel COLLEEN DRADDY Rye , NY Dancing , Lacrosse DINA DUBOIS Medfield, MS Choir, t10rses RENEE DUBRUL Medford Lakes, NJ Skiing, Socc er MARYBETH DUDA Jewett City, CT Animals, Photography AMY DUENKEL Clinton, CT Cheerlead ing, Yearbook


Needham Pr e-Law Sa cred Hear t H.S . Business Bishop He ndricken Business Hingham H.S . Education

La Sa lle Acad em y Pre-Law Bristol H.S. Educ ation Suff ield Academy Libera l Arts Sm ithtown H.S. East Social Work

Xavier Accounting Christian Brot hers Aca demy Undecided Parelli High Political Scie nce Notr e Dame Ca tholic Computer Scienc e

Bishop Feehan H.S. Business Bishop Hendricken Business Marianapol is Prep School Manag ement Ross H.S. Computer Scienc e

William H. Hall High Liberal Arts Queen Anne Sch ool Education Barringto H.S. Libera l Arts Rye H.S. Education

Med field High Pre-La w Shawn ee High Liberal Art s St Bernard Sociology Morgan H.S. Liberal Arts

LAURA DUFFY Park Ridge , NJ Dra ma , Choir

Park Ridge H .S. Adm . of Justice

CAROLYN DUNN West Chester, PA Skiing, Socc er

Unionville Psych ology

JEFFREY DUNPHY Old Lyme, CT People , Tennis

Lyme-Old Lyme High Business

MARK DUPHINEY Linco ln, RI Hockey, Music

Lincoln High Business

JULIE DUSSAULT Nort h Falmo uth , MA Skiing

Falmouth H.S . Business

PAUL DUTRA New Bedford, MA Golf, Skiing

Bishop Stang High Business

ROBERT EDWARDS Rockville , MD Dancing , Guitar

Rockville H.S. Nur sing

CATHERINEEGAN Wellesley, MA People , Travel

Marian H.S. Liberal Arts

SUSAN EGIZI Simsbu ry, CT Music, Soccer

Simsbury H.S. Education

LYNN ELBERY Sc ituate, MA Golf, Hockey

Scituate H.S . Education

MICHAEL EVANS Easton, CT Baseball, Rugby

Fairfield Pr ep Business

SUSAN FALES New Canaan, CT Art, Running

New Can aan H.S. Educ ation

MICHAEL FARINELLA Weth ersfield , CT Skiing, Ten nis

Wethersfield H.S. Busines s

EDWARD FARLEY Middleboro , MA Skiing, Track

Coyle and Cassid y H.S. Business

ERIN FARRELL Cumberland, RI Art, Photography ADEllSA FERREIRA New Bedford , MA Dra ma , People

Cumberland H.S . Fine Arts Bishop Sta ng Business

JEFF FIERRO Simsb ury , CT Art , Dra ma MARY BETH FITZGERALD Milton, MA Drama , Track

North West Catholic Liberal Arts Fontb onn e Acad emy Liberal Art s

JAMES FLAHERTY Milton, MA People, Readi ng

Milton H.S. Psychology

DIANE FLANAGAN Newport , RI Skiing, Travel

Rogers H.S . Managem ent

KRISTIN FLYNN Norwalk , CT Skiing, Soccer

路路' i

McMa ha n H.S . Liber al Art s

KATHLEEN FOLEY Dan bury, CT Skiing, Tra vel

Immac ulate H.S. Medical Tech

MAUREEN FOLEY Hingham , MA Skiing, Softball

Notr e Dam e Acad em y Business

MARC FOLINO North Adams, MA Base ball, Bicycling

Drury H.S . Edu cation


JENNIFER FORTIN Belmont , NH Dram a , Yearb ook

Belmont H.S Edu cat ion

LISA FOURNIER East Har tford High Nursing

East Hartford , CT Hockey, Music

CHRISTOPHER FRALEY Newburyport . MA Dra ma , Skiing

SI. Jo hn's Prep Nursing ,

ALEXIS FREEMAN Alber tus Magnus H.S . Educati on

Valley Cott ag e, NY Swimming, Te nnis

CHRISTY GAGNE Bishop Sta ng H.S. Business

New Bedford, MA Racqu etball, Tenn is

DEBORAH GIBBONS Westw ood H.S. Adm . of Ju stice

Weswood, MA Cheerleading, Skiing

KIMBERLY GILL Bishop Feehan Edu cat ion

Cumberland. RI Skiing, Tr avel

SYLVIA GODBEHERE SI. Ma ria Goretti Politica l Scienc e

Hagerstown. MD Skiing. Tenn is

KAREN GRABAUSKAS Auburn . MA Reading. Science

Holy Nam e Ce ntral Catholic Scien ce

KIMBERLYGRAVES Concord, NH Running, Tra ck

Concord High Accounti ng

DAWN GRELLO Narr agansett , RI Dancing, Dram a

Warw ick Vet eran 's Mem orial H.S Educ a tion

ERICA GRIGLEY Bran ford , CT Dram a , Poet ry

Branf ord H.S. Educat ion

CARRI GRILLI South Windsor . CT Dram a , Skiing

East Catholic H.S. Educat ion

MOIRA GROGAN T ru mbull, CT Bowling, Fishing

St. J oseph 's H.S. English

ALiSHA GROSS Park Ridge , NJ Art , Hocke y

Immac ulate Heart Academ y History

KEVIN GYDUS Shelton, CT Animals , Baseba ll

SI. Jo se ph Busines s

JENNIFER HAD A Stra tford , CT Photography, Track

Bunn ell Scienc e

JILL HALOBURDO Bolton, CT Art , Skiing

Bolton H.S. Edu ca tion

KATHLEEN HARE Pittsfield. MA Dancing. Skiing

SI. J oseph H.S. Accounting

LINDA HARINGA Monroe , CT Photography, T ra ck

Masuk Nurs ing

JULIE HARRIGAN Chicago,lL Dra ma. Tenn is

SI. Ignati us College Pr ep Liberal Arts

KRISTEN HARVEY Milton, MA Cheerlead ing, Music

Milton H.S. Music

ALLISON HAWLEY Smithfield , RI Bowling, Skiing

Sm ithfield H.S. Nurs ing

RANDY HEATLEY Newport, RI Fishing, Surf ing



CARA HEMMILA E. Sandwich, MA Peopl e, Racqu etball KAREN HERMSDORF Manchester, NH Dancing , Socc er TIMOTHY HEROLD Ellington, CT Golf, Skiing BRENDAN HICKEY Da rtmout h, MA Footba ll, Skiing MEGEN HIMES Huntingdon Valley , PA Horses , Skiing CHRISTINA HIQUERA Queens, NY Dancing , Volleyball ANNE HOELL Upton , MA Dancing, Softball BETH HOPKINS Madison, CT Choir, Swimming

Sandw ich H.S. Psych ology Memorial H.S. Libe ra l Arts Ellington High Computer Science Dartmo uth H.S. Administration of Justice

Gwynedd Mercy Acad emy Psych ology Cath edral H.S. Adm inistra tion of Justice Bancroft School Educati on Daniel Hand H.S. Education

THOMAS HORSEFIELD Marshfield , MA Marshfield High Baseball , Swimming Liberal Arts ERIN HUGHES Burnt Hills-Ballston Lak e H.S. Scot ia, NY Animals , Dancing Libera l Arts ELIZABETH HUHTANEN Windsor , CT Loomis Chaffee H.S. Peopl e, Tennis Liberal Arts TENA HUNTLEY Cutler , ME Washington Academy Politics, Tr a ve l Jo urnalism PAUL IANNUZZI Smithfield, RI Hockey , Soccer MICHELE ISBITSKI Chester, NJ People, Skiing VALERIE JACOVINO Litchfield, CT Horses , Tennis STEVEN JACQUES Trunbull , CT

NANCY JANIESCH Smithtown, NY Da ncing, Swimming ERIN JANUS Portsmouth, RI Poetry, Reading JENNIFER JOHNSON Lincoln, RI Music, Swimming KELLY JOHNSON Suffield, CT People, Swimming LAURIE JONES See konk, MA Skiing, Trac k KRISTEN KANE Centerville, MA Running, Skiing KAREN KARCHER Westwood, MA Art , Soccer JACK KAY AJAN Hyann is, MA Skiing, Tr avel

La Sa lle Academy Pre -Law Mendham Township High Education Notre Dame Aca demy Business St. Joseph Undecided

A.S . Caze novia College Education Bishop Connolly H.S. English Lincoln Sen ior H.S. Undecided Suffield H.S. Business

Bishop Feeh an H.S . Nursing Barnstable Education Westwood H.S. I Business Barnstable H.S . Business


LISA KELLY North Attleboro, MA Animals, Travel

Bishop Feeh an High Psychology


Immacula te H.S. Adm . of Ju stice

SUSAN KENT Sout h Graft on, MA Dancing, Music

Graft on High Edu ca tion

GINA KING West Hartf ord , CT Animals, Drama

Conard High Theatre-Drama

JENNIFER KNIGHT Baltimore, MD Lacrosse , Sailing

Se ton H.S. Pre-Law

JENNIFER KOGUT Woonsocket , RI Skiing, Softba ll

Woonsocket Sr. High Nursing

ZOLTAN KRASZNAI Trumbull, CT Soccer, Tennis

SI. J oseph H.S . Business

MARK KREITLER Monroe, CT Skiing, Soccer

SI. J oseph Undecided

WENDY KRUKOWSKI Southold, NY Animals, Piano

Southold High Nursing

LISA LABARBERA Eastch ester , NY Art, Skiing

The Ursuline School Educati on

KATHY LALLY Hunt ington, CT Horses, Skiing

Shelton High Educa llon

GINA LAMANNA Williamsburg , VA Choir, Tra vel

Walsingham Academy Business

JEANNE LANDRIGAN West Roxbury, MA Publications, Tenn is

Mount SI. J oseph 's Acad emy Nursing

JILL LANDRY Keen e, NH People, Soccer

Keen e H.S. Liberal Arts

LYNN LAREAU Pascoag , RI Choir, Skiing

Burrillville Sr. High Educati on

JEFF LARSEN Hopkinton, MA Skiing, Tennis

Hop kinton H.S. Da ta Processing

JENNIFER LEE Guilford , CT Stud ent Gov't , , Horses

Mercy H.S. Business

JOHANNA LETCH Stoneha m, MA Poet ry, Trav el

Wilbra ham & Monson Aca demy Psychology

CAROLINE LIEBER Southbury, CT Music, Skiing

Pomp er aug H.S. Political Scienc e

THERESA LITTLE Providence, RI Poetr y, Swimming

Classical H.S. Psychology

STEPHEN LOMBARDO Watert own, CT Baseb all, Swimming

Holy Cross H.S. Business

MARY LUCCARO Wat erown, CT Piano, Skiing

Holy Cross Educ ation

NANCY LURIE Brockton, MA Racqu etball, Swimming

Brockt on H.S. Criminal Ju stice

LISA LYNN Braintree, MA Animals, Trave l


Bra intree High Edu ca tion

CARLA MAHN Rockland , MA Animals, Science ILDIKO MAKOS Fairfield, CT Art, Dancing BETH MAL EIKO Norwood , MA Golf, Yearbook JUDY MALO Woonsocket, RI Lang uages, Tennis KRISTEN MARANDOLA Narragansett , RI Dancing , Running PETE MARINO Watertown, CT Golf, Track DANIELLE MARKHAM Trumbull, CT Skiing, Water Skiing PHILIP MARRONE Hunti ngton, NY Lacrosse, Travel MAUREEN MARTINACK Manchester , MA Horses, People LAURIE MASSON Holliston, MA Art, Horses JOHN MATHIEU East Freetown, MA Scuba Diving, Surfing KRYSTYN MAYER Durham, CT Art , Tennis MELISSA MCCABE South Orange, NJ People, Soccer JENNIFER MCCARTHY New Hartford , CT Poetry, Skiing JENNIFER MCCAULEY Bolton, MA Dancing , Tennis MARY MCCUSKER Wayland, MA Hockey, Music MAURA MCCUSKER Clinton , CT Cheerleading, Student Gov't. PATRICIA MCELHINNEY Pelham, NY Art, Hockey MATT MCPARTLIN Rota , Spain Football, Soccer HEATHER MCTYGUE Sandwich, MA Dancing, Jazz KEVIN MEADE Need ham , MA Golf, Tennis DAWN MEEHAN Cumberland, RI Dancing , Gymnastics INGRID MEISER Marshfield, MA Skiing, Tennis PAULA MERLINO North Prov idence, RI Music, People

Rockland H.S . Nursing Andrew Warde Liberal Arts Fontbonne Academy Political Science Woonsocket Se nior High Psycho logy

Prout Memorial Education Holy Cross H.S. Business Trumbull H.S. English Wa lt Whitman H.S. Engineering

Manchester H.S. Nursing Marian High Education Bishop Stang Business Coginchaug Communication Design

Oak Knoll School Special Education Northwestern Regional Psychology Nashoba Regional H.S. Journalism Wayland High Fine Arts

The Morgan School Education Pelham Memor ial Undecided David Glasgow Ferragut Pre -Law Sandwich H.S. Education

Needham H.S. Business St. Raphael Academy Business Marshfield H.S . Education La Salle Acad em y Music


LARA MONTEROSSO Bridgewater, NJ Horses, Tennis SUZANNE MONTZ West Haven, CT Photography, Volleyball MARNIE MOORE Lynn, MA Art, Hockey KAREN MORIARTY North Haven, CT Swimming, Tennis

Villa Walsh Acad emy Educati on West Haven High Adm . of Justic e SI. Ma ry's Regional H.S. Fine Arts North Haven H.S. Adm . of Justic e

SONJIA MURRAY Academy of the Holy Angels Apple Valley, MN Art, Debating Business NATALIE NARDONE Simsbury H.S. Simsbury , CT Business People, Skiing ALEXANDER NESSON Swampscott H.S. Swampscott, MA Football , Reading Business DEBORAH NICHOLSON Abington High Abington, MA Education Music, Poetry JULIE NICKERSON Topsfield , MA Softball , Travel BETSY NIEMCZYK Middletown, CT Bicycling, Photography SEAN OAKLEY Scarsdale, NY Bicycling, Tennis CRISTINE OBRIEN Canton, MA Music, Soccer KATHLEEN OBRIEN Lancaster, MA Art, Choir KATHLEEN OCONNELL Syaville , NY Skiing, Tennis DREW OELTMANN Franklin , TN Hockey, Music JENNIFER OGG East Sandwich, MA Tennis, Travel MICHELLE OLESEN Avon, CT People, Da ncing JANET OLSEN Holbrook, MA People, Skiing SUSAN ORDWAY Concord, NH Skiing, Soccer JOAN PAANANEN West Barnstable, MA Ballet , Dancing DAVID PALINKAS Northfield, CT Fishing, Skiing SANDY PAMPEL Lincoln, MA Drama, Lacrosse ALBERT PAOLOZZI Stratford, CT Basketball, Softball NANCY PAR ENTE Woodbridge, CT Drama, Skiing


Bishop Fenwick Managem ent Mercy H.S. Management lona Prep . Economics Canto n Info. Systems Science

Nashoba Regional Liberal Arts Academy of SI. J oseph Business Kimball Union Acad emy Mathematics Sandwich H.S. Humanitie s

Avon H.S. Undec ided Archb ishop Williams H.S. Business Concord H.S. Pre-Med Barnstable H.S. Theatre

Litchfield Business Lincoln-Sudbury R.H.S. Theater SI. Joseph Business Hopkins Education

NANCYLEE PARIS New Ve rnon, NJ La crosse, Tenn is KATHARINE PARK Ha rvard , MA Art, Drama JULIE PARKER Lakeville , MA Drama, Choir DAVID PATRIA South Windsor, CT Baseball, Running

ROB PAUL Uxbr idge , MA People , Skiing DENNIS PAVONE Shelton , CT Golf, T rack JAMES PEREIRA Fall River , MA Art , Sk iing KRISTINE PEREIRA Fall River, MA Choir, Dram a MICHELLE PERNA Stamford, CT Art , Poetr y JENNIER PERRY Dover , MA Sk iing, Tra vel LISA PERSSON Ba y Shore, NY Animals, Horses PAUL PICARAZZI Trumbull, CT Art , Wrestling

Acad em y of St. Elizab eth Liberal Arts Bromfield School Libe ral Arts Coyle & Cassidy H.S. Liberal Arts South Windsor H.S . Criminal Justice

Uxbridg e H.S. Liberal Arts 51. Jo sep h H.S. Business B.M.C. Durf ee H.S. Psychology Bishop Connolly ADJ

Sta mford Catholic High Psychology Dover-Sh erb orn H.S. English Bay Shor e High Nurs ing Trumbull H.S. Fine Arts

ELIZABETH PINTO Notr e Dam e Catholic H.S. Monroe, CT Pre-Law Swimming, T enn is JENNIFER PLACANICA Need ham H.S . Needh am , MA Psychology Art , Travel DAVID POLLETTA Wolcott H.S . Wolcott , CT Pre-Law Animals , Skiing DENISE POTTER Immaculat e Heart Academy Woodcliff La ke, NJ Liberal Arts Art , Reading MICHELE POTTER Branford, CT Gymnastics, Peop le BETH PRIORE Walp ole , MA Art , Bicycling D1NO PUlA Windsor Locks , CT Golf, Socc er LINDA PUZON E Bethany, CT Hiking, Read ing STUART RAFFERTY Wellesley, MA Hock ey , Peop le JULIANNE RANDALL Braintr ee, MA Dan cing, Travel JOSEPH REILLY Fall River , MA Sk iing, T rav el MATTHEW REILLY Brightwaters , NY Golf, Skiing

Branf ord H.S. Nurs ing Bishop Feehan H.S. Th eat er Windsor Locks H.S . Computer Science Amity Regional Busines s

Wellesley H.S . Business Bra intr ee H.S. Nursing Bishop Stang H.S. Political Scie nce La salle Military Academy Political Scie nce


JAMES REINWALD Trumbull , CT Lacrosse , Soccer

SI. Joseph's Business

SUSAN REMLIN Westport , CT Art, Skiing

Staples H.S. Liberal Arts

MICHELE REMPFER Huntington, CT Animals , Music

Milford Academy Medica l Technology

KATIE REPIE Johnstown, PA Golf, Reading

Westmont Hilltop Journalism

JUNE RICHARDSON Middletown, NJ People, Soccer

Mater Dei H.S . Education

LINDA RICHARDSON Allendale, NJ Soccer, Tennis

Northern Highlands Regional Liberal Arts

MARTINA RIPANTI Swansea, MA Led Zeppelin, Unique People

Case H.S. Undecided

MELISSA ROBERTS North Providence, RI Dancing, Travel

North Providence H .S. P re-Law

AILEEN ROCHELEAU Bilerica , MA Skiing, Travel AMY ROMAN Norwood , MA Ballet , Horses

Billerica Memorial H.S. Political Science Norwood H.S . Undecided

CINDY ROSTOLDER Dumont, WI Dancing , Sk iing

Academy of th e Holy Angels Psychology

KELLI RUBERA Windsor, CT Camping, Reading

Windsor H.S. Psychology

KAREN RULLI Bristol, CT People, Tennis

Bristol Centra l High Nursing

SCOTT RUSZCZYK Monroe , CT Camping, Fishing

Masuk H.S. Undecided

JENNIFER RYDER Hollis, NH Swimming , Travel

Hollis Area High J ournalism

WILLIAM SAMPSON Stoughton, MA Baseball, Skiing

Xaverian Broth ers H.S. Business

NATALIE SARGENT Middletow n, RI Animals, Swimming

Middletown H.S. Education

STACEY SAUNDERS Trumbull, CT Horses, People

Trumbull H.S. Undecided

SYLVIA SAVASTANO North Smithfield, RI Dancing, Soccer

Mount Saint Charles Academy Education

KAREN SCHMITT GUilford, CT People, Skiing

Guilford H.S. Business

CARA SCHOEN LEY Brookline , NH People , Skiing

Hollis Area H.S. Psychology

MARIA SCIRPO Natick , MA Skiing, Tennis

Marian H.S . Liberal Arts

JEAN SEIDEL Scituate, MA Music, Photography

Notr e Dame Academy Liberal Arts

KAREN SEMLER Hingham , MA Horses , Skiing


Hingham High Pre -Law

BETH SHANLEY Alba ny, NY Skiing, Travel BETH SHARKEY Ansonia , CT Sculpture , Volleyball SUZANNE SHEERAN North Dartmouth, MA Math , Travel KAREN SHEPARD Brockton, MA Reading, Travel

Acad emy of the Holy Nam es Business

ALYCIA SICIGNANO Durham , CT Soccer, Softball AMY SILVESTRI Beacon Falls, CT Music, Peopl e JENNIFER SKITGIS Woodbridge , CT Rea ding, Swimming STEPHAN SLOAN North Providence, RI Lacrosse , Skiing DENNIS SMALL Middlebury, CT Film, Football MELISSA SMITH Hingham, MA Baseball, Swimming MAUREEN SNEIDER New London , CT MELISSA SOLIZ Dallas , TX People, Skiing WENDY SPADA Brooklyn , CT Animals, Hors es STEPHANIE SPAGNOLIA Spring Lak e , NJ Art , Music CARLA SPINO Hamd en , CT Choir , Crafts MICHELLE STAVROS Danbury, CT Horses , Music ELIZABETH ST EELE Columbia , CT Music, Choir JANE ST EVENSON Guilford , CT Skiing, Tenn is JANET STOW E Hamden , CT Sk iing, Softball SHERSTINE STUART Narragansett , RI Dancing , People JOHN SULLIVAN Medfield , MA Hockey , People KATHRYN SULLIVAN Arlington , MA Photography, Swimming REID SWANSON Monroe , CT Football , Volleyb all JENNIFER TALBOT Barr ington , RI Music, Travel

Holy Cross Psychol ogy Dartmouth High Business Brockt on H.S . Educati on

Cog inchaug Computer Scienc e Holy Cross Psych ology Amity H.S. Accounting La Salle Academy Business

Pomperaug High English Hingham High Undecided 51. Bernard H.S. Education Ursu line Academy Hotel Manag em ent

Marianapolis Pr ep . Business WaIlH .S. Fine Arts Sacr ed Heart Academ y Nurs ing Immacul at e H.S. Pr e-Law

East Ca tholic Busines s The Hamm ona sset School Liberal Arts Hamden H.S. Medic al Techn ology Narragansett Educat ion

Medfield High Adm . of Juslice Malignon High History Masuk H.S. Pr e-Law Bar rington H.S. Journa lism


JOSH TALLMAN Fa irfield Prep Weston , CT Fine Arts Baseball, Football RONDA TANGUAY Cumb erland High Cumberland, RI Drama , Ten nis Education KATONGTHAO St. Mary's Aca demy Bay View Providence, RI Nursing Choir, Guitar DONNA THILBODEAU East Catholic H.S. Manchester, CT Cheerleading, Volleyba ll Business TRACY THISTLE Millis, MA Dancing, Volleyball SEAN THOMPSON Stamford, CT Fishing, Hockey KELLY THRAN Newark ,OH Drama, Film JAMES TOGHER Providenc, RI Skiing, Swimming PETER TRAHAN Danielson, CT Chess, Golf AMY TURNER South Hadley, MA Art, Racque tball TAMMY VITAGLIANO West Haven, CT Skiing, Year book ROBIN VITOLO West Haven , CT Dancing, Jazz KELLEY WALKER Greenwich, CT Choir, Drama MARIE WALSH Bra intree, MA People, Yea rbook PAUL WARGO Langhorne, PA Art , Drama JILL WASHAY New Milford, CT Skiing, Tenn is MARY WEGMAN East Sa ndwich, MA Basketba ll, Track SUSAN WEST Barkhamsted, CT Bicycling, Music MICHAEL WILKINSON Meriden , CT Basketball , Skiing MELISSA WINKLER Longmeadow, MA Skiing, Yearbook

Millis H.S. Specia l Ed. Stamfo rd Catholic High Business /Managem ent Newark Catholic J ournalism La Salle Aca de my Law Enforcement

Killingly H.S. Adm . of Justice South Hadl ey High Scienc e Sacred Heart Academy Business West Haven H.S. Pre -Law

Greenwich H.S . Psychology Fontbonne Academ y Education Neshamlny Fine Arts New Milford H.S. Undecid ed

Sandwich H.S. Education Northw estern Reg . #7 Psycholog y Xavier H.S . Criminal Justice Longmeadow High Chemistry

LYNN WOJCICKI Middletown , CT Mercy High Music, Poetry Educati on DAVID WOJINAR Acushnet , MA Bishop Stang Baseball, Fishing Education KIMBERLY WOOD Downingtown, PA Aca demy of Notre Da me De Na mur Dra ma, Horses Scie nce STEVEN WOODKA Ridgefield, CT Ridgefield H.S. Animals, Art Liber al Arts


HEIDI WORTHEN Winchester, MA Soccer, Softball

Winchest er H.S. Business

ELIZABETH WRIGHT Marshf ield, MA Debating, Poetry

Marshfiel d H.S. History

TRACY YAREMA Metamora , MI Skiing , Travel

Pontiac Catholic H.S . Liberal Arts

KRISTEN ZITER Brattleboro, VT Field Hockey, Tennis

Brattleboro Union H.S. Liber al Arts

EVAMARIE ZITO Wethersfield, CT Dancing, Soccer

South Catholic High Social Work


LISA ASHLEY Bicycling, Computers

JULIE BOYLE Skiing, Tenn is

JULIE BROWN Music, Sk iing


RALPH COSTANTINO Scuba Diving, Skiing

KATHLEEN COX Skiing, Tennis


MELISSA DALY Hockey, People

CHRISSY DENHUP Swimming, Tennis

KATHLEEN DOYLE Ballet, Sk iing

BETH EGAN Animals, Music


CAROL GALVIN Photography, Skiing

Brewster, MA Journalism Rochester, MA Computer Science Torrington, CT Nurs ing Medford , MA Nursing Swampscott, MA Libe ral Arts West War wick, RI Adm. of J ustice Be lle Ha rbor , NY Pr e-Law Marbl eh ead , MA Liber a l Arts Winth rop , MA Liberal Arts Stratford , CT Undecided Stowe, VT Psychology E. Greenbush, NY Adm. of Justice Milford , CT Undecided Manchester, CT Undecided Shelton, CT Business Norwood , NJ Fine Arts


Bay Shore, NY Business

Hockey, Bowling


ALISON GOODRICH Colorado Springs, CO


Drama, Music


Art , Dancing

Bridgewater, CT Theatre

Cho ir, Drama

Marshfield , MA Libe ral Arts

Skiing , Tennis




51. Louis, MO Business

Music, Peop le

KEVIN JACKSON Skiing, Surfing

CLAUDIA JOSEPH Peop le , Tr av el

ELIZABETH KELLER Peopl e , T enn is

PETER KERIN Bas ketb all, Tr a ck



Danc ing, Track



LISA MARTINELLI Skiing, Volleyball

JANIS MCCLINCH Peo ple, Skiing

Wat erbury, CT Undecided


Middletown , RI Enginee ring

Cr a fts, Skiing

Winnetk a , IL Psychology

Choir, Film


Sta mford , CT Social Work


Mont pelier, VT Special Ed.


Wood bur y, CT Psychology


Dar ien, CT Liberal Art s

Sherman, CT Pre-Law


Nor wich , CT Psych ology


Hudson, MA Psychology


Golf, Skiing


Trumbull, CT Liberal Arts


Wolcott , CT Pre-La w

Trinidad, West Indies Mat hema tics

Bra intree , MA Cr iminal Justice

Hor ses , Skiing

Burlingt on, CT Psychology Mar ion , MA Nursing

Dra ma , Horses

Pla infield, NJ Adm. of Justice

Choir , Soccer


Stamford, CT Business

Skiing , Tennis

AMY VEITCH People , Skiing

Old Saybrook, CT Liberal Arts

MARIALUISA VENEZIANO E. Hart ford , CT Gymnastics, Danc ing

Ma rlboro, NJ Liber al Arts


Cranston , RI Education


Dancing, Film Da ncing, Drama

Business Simsbury, CT Nurs ing Natick, MA Nursing

Trumball, CT Philosophy




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Bookstore Campus Info


Directory Assistance









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New Student Record 1987  

The New Student Record, or New Student Register, was distributed to the incoming class in order to introduce new students to each other. The...

New Student Record 1987  

The New Student Record, or New Student Register, was distributed to the incoming class in order to introduce new students to each other. The...