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Groundbreaking cer emonies for new dormit ory

Opening night of the new Megley Th eatr e


Groundbreaking ceremony

Sr. Lucille McKill..p PH .D. President

Dear Newcomers to Salve, It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the Salve campus community through the 1986 New Student Record.

We do want you to

know one another in true friendship and to win friendly recognition from our faculty, staff and returning students. Your portrayal here together takes on special significance.


from varied locales and backgrounds, you now share a commitment to our Salve goals and expectations.

Together you will gain the living experience

of our intellectual and moral values--of genuine growth in mind and spirit. In a few brief years we expect to see you pictured in the Senior Yearbook--but with a difference. challenge and opportunity.

These intervening years spell out

They should bring you to the threshold of

self-confident maturity and professional competence.

They are years when

you will have time to work toward being your own best self and toward bringing forth the best self in others.

Determine to make the most of

these precious years. Your collective portraits further underscore that you are not alone in the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual adventure which represents a Salve education. community.

In a true sense you have gained a new family, our campus

We want to share your joy in learning, your delight in solid

achievement, and even your problems and preplexities. All of us--administrators, faculty, staff and students--are pledged to help, to counsel, to encourage, to inspire, and to pray for one another. Embrace wholeheartedly that family spirit, and Salve offers in return the opportunity for you to make these some of the most memorable and rewarding years of your lives.

Sister Lucille McKillop President



'= So, the first few weeks are an intensive school of hard knocks. Days are spent

bouncin~ ~ t

between exhilarating moments of discovery and gloomy chasms of shattered expectations. The trick of surviving is to learn the ropes while maintaining your emotional equilibrium in the gusty winds of exploding myths.

SO WHAT DO YOU DO? Here are some suggestions. Some are rather philosophical, some are very practical. Don't ignore them just because they look simple. They really do help!

1. Realize that others are scared too. You are not odd or strange. Other freshmen don't know all the answers either. Being afraid is normal, and may be even helpful. It can motivate you to action. 2. Ask questions! If you don't know where or how or when, askl Ask your Resident Assistant, Resident Hall Director, a Counselor, or anyone else who might have the answer. Don't be discouraged if they don't know and send you to someone else. 3. Don't panic! Stay calm! You don't have to know everything immediately. Anyway, you learn more easily with a calm mind than with one that is panicked. 4. Eat properly. Now is not the time to alter your eating habits drastically or go on a diet. (You can do that later). Good nutrition is important. Stay off junk food. 5. Rest. Sleep plenty. Go gently. Don't rush around too much. 6. Reaff irm any beliefs in which you have faith. You don't have to throwaway everything and become an absolutely new person during the first month. Take it easy. Change slowly. 7. Work productively. Keep up with your assignments! Don't let things get too far ahead of you . Piled up work is a terrible burden. 8 . Expect your judgement to be a little bit clouded. Therefore: "Keep decision-making to a minimum. "Don't become too heavily involved for a while. "Watch out for people who push you into making decisions right away. "Learn the territory. Then decide. 9 . Get counseling! If things just get absolutely too big to handle, go to your R.A., Residence Hall Director, a Counselor, a Campus Minister , or a Professor. Don't be bottled up. Talk about it. They will be willing to help you . 10 . Smile a lot! Talk with people. Make friends. There are lots of interesting and different people here. Listen to them. Enjoy them.



Above all, TRUST YOURSELF. Have confidence in your own ability. All those coping skills you have been using all these years are still good. Use them. Even if the environment is strange, you already know how to make it. Listen to your own counsel. Trust yourself. :nd enjoy the trip!!!


JODY ABEL West brook , CT Da ncing , T ra vel

Westbrook H .S . Business

MELISSA ABLONDI Wilbraham, MA Ph otography, Tenn is

Minnechaug Reg . Art

KRISTEN AISSIS S mithfield, RI Ch eerl ead ing , S tude nt Gov't ,

Smithfield H.S . Ed uca tion

CHRISTIAN ALOIA Me riden , CT La nguages, Soc ce r

St . Pa ul Ca tho lic Bus iness

STEPHANIE ANGELINA Tor rington, CT Ma th, Volleyball

St . Pa ul Catholic Business

JODI ANTHONY Providence, RI Drama, Jazz

Classica l Pr e-La w

LISA ANTONELLI Ne w Bedford , MA Peopl e , Runn ing

N.B.H .S . Pre-Law

STACI ANTONIO Weth e rsfield , CT Ar t, Skiing

We ther sfield H .S . Fine Arts

CHRISTOPHER ANTOUS Da nbury, CT Bas e ba ll, Camping

Danbur y H .S . Business

THOMAS ARDITO New Ha ven , CT Football, Racqu etball

Notr e Dam e Busines s

MEG BEDNAR Woodb ridge , CT S kiing, Swi mming

Am ity Reg. Liber al Art s

STACEY BELLINO Glas tonbu ry , CT Gy mnastics, S kiing

Gla st onbury H.S . Business

MARK BENNETT Nort h Kingsto wn, RI Fishing , Football

Nort h Kingst own Law Enforc em ent

JANE BENTZ Westfield , NJ Music, People

O ak Knoll Sc hool

MICHAEL BERGERON Brooklyn , CT Bas eb all, Soccer

Killing ly H .S . C rimina l J ust ice

ANNE BERKERY Whip pa ny, NJ Choir , S kiing

Villa Walsh Acad . Edu cat ion

DEBRA BETHEL Cold S p ring Harbor , NY Swimming , Volle yball

Cold Spri ng Harbor Business


Mt. St. Mar y J ournalism

GAYLE BOZZUTO Nor thford, CT Music, Peop le

North Branf or d H .S. Nur sing

KATHLEEN BRADLEY Monte re y, MA Che erl eading, Dan cing

St. Jose p h Ce nt ra l H .S . Psychology

GERALYN BRINK Milford , CT Dram a , Running

Lauralt on Hall Nursing

DANIEL BROOKE Kent s Hill, ME Basket ba ll, La crosse

Ke nts Hill Sc hool Adm in. of J ustic e

JEFFREY BROWN Avon, CT Bicycling , Racque tba ll

Avon Libe ra l Art s

KIMBERLY BURKLE North Ha ven, CT Ballet , Peopl e


Nor th Ha ve n H .S . Business

JASON BURRELL Newport , RI MARY BUT LER Averill Park, NY Peopl e, Soccer JENNIFER BYRAM Framingham, MA Cheerl eading, Horses MICHELLE CALLAGY Pocass et, MA People , Student Gov't. CHRISTINE CAMERON S. Weymouth, MA Ballet , Dancing MARISA CAMMARATA Woodbridg e, CT Languages, Photogra phy JAMES CAPRARELLA Mansfield , MA Baseball, Hockey CHRISTOPHER CARNEY Brockton , MA Footba ll, Hunting PAUL CASERIA Milford, CT Art , Baseb all CHRISTINE CASTRO Attleboro, MA Camping, Pe ople SHELLEY CAVANAGH Smithfield, RI Debating, Politics KATHY CAVANAUGH Worcest er , MA Cheerlead ing, Skiing KATHRYN CENOTTI Bethany , CT Animals, Horses PETER CHILDS West Barn stabl e, MA Guitar , Music RICHARD CLANCY Hull, MA Football , Music MEGAN COFFEY Warr en , RI Horses, Music PAULA COFONI Westerly, RI Skiing, Soccer LISA COLEMAN Milton, MA Hockey, People SCOTT COLLETT Huntingt on, CT Fishing, Hiking TONYA COLVIN Narragansett , RI Horses, Skiing ROBERT CONLON Dedham , MA Music, Soccer RACHAEL COONEY W. Bridgewater, MA Animals, Poetry LORIANN CORRENTE North Scituate, RI Dancing, Horses MARY CROMBIE West Ha rtford , CT Poetr y, Soccer

Tabor Aca d. Averill Park H.S. Education Framing ham South H.S. Pre-Law Bourne H.S. Adm in. of Ju stice

Notr e Dame Acad . Amity Reg. Sociology Bishop Feehan H.S. Liberal Arts Brockton H.S. Libera l Arts

St . J oseph-Trumbull Liberal Arts Bishop Feehan H.S. Liberal Arts St. Mary Acad .v-Bay View Political Science St. Peter-Marian Liberal Arts

Amity Sr . H.S . Educa tion Barnstable H.S. Psychology T hayer Aca d. Liberal Arts St. Mary Acad . Liberal Arts

Westerly H.S. Sociology Milton H.S. Fine Arts St. Jos eph H.S. Business Narragansett H.S. Psychology

Dedham H.S. Business W. Bridgewa ter H.S. Education St. Mary's Acad . Northwest Catholic Education


ELAIN E CROWLEY Wallingford , CT Lyman Hall Dan cing, People Nursing CATHL EEN CUMMINGS Fram ingham , MA Framingha m South H.S . People, Skiing Libe ra l Arts CATHLEEN CUNNINGHAM Sau gus, MA Our La dy of Nazar eth Dram a, Music Business CLODAGH DALY Ver ona , NJ Verona H.S. Cheer leading, Golf Nursing DONNAMARIE D'ANGELICO Ellington , CT Dancing , Swimming GRACE DA SILVA Attleboro, MA Bicycling, Danc ing CHRISTOPHER DEL MONTE Morr is Pla ins, NJ Football , Hockey KELLY DE MENEZES Fall River , MA Skiing, St ude nt Gov't . JOSEPH DEMETER New Vern on, NJ Golf, Hockey PATRICIA DEMETER New Vern on, NJ Art , Pian o NICOLE DE PINTO Wat er bur y, CT Cheerl ead ing, Softball REBECCA DE SIMONE Cra nston, RI Dram a , Softball RUSSELL DETUZZI Huntington , CT Hockey, Skiing KRISTIN DEVANEY Manhas set, NY Chee rlea ding, Publ icati ons DAVID DE VITO Green wich, CT Fishing, Softball LIZABETH DlON Winooski, VT Dram a , Photography DENISE DOHERTY West Roxbury , MA Debating, Swimming ROSEMARY DOLIN Weth ersfield , CT People , Stu dent Gov't , ROSEMARY DONOVAN Weston, MA Basketball , Socce r JAMES DOOLEY Milton, MA Skiing, Surf ing LESLIE DORAN Newington , CT Animals, Peop le LISA DRZATA Burlington, CT Dram a , Scuba Diving LISA ACCONCIA Weston, MA Dancing, Trac k LAURIE DUNN Holyoke, MA Dancing, Skiing


East Catholic Nursing Attleboro H.S. Nursing Morristown H.S. Psychology Our La dy of Fa tima Med . Tech .

Madison Business Mad ison H.S . Communication Holy Cross Educ a tion 51. Mar y Acad . Nursing

St . J oseph H.S . St . Mary's H.S . English Greenwich H.S. Business Winoosk i H.S . Liberal Arts

Ursuline Aca d. Education South Catholic Humanities West on H.S. Pr e-Law Th ayer Acad . Liberal Art s

Newington H.S. Psychology 51. Paul Catholic H.S. Adm . of Justice West on H.S. Educatio n Holyoke H.S. Liberal Arts

S UZANNE DUNN Lincoln, RI People, Softball THEODORE ECKHART Newport , RI Photography, Swimming JOHN EHRHART Baltimore, MD People , Politics MOLLY ENGLISH Cheshire, CT Art , Gymnastics SHARON EUSTACE Peekskill, NY Cheerleading, Soccer CHRISTINA FERRANTE Wethersfield, CT Animals , Da ncing RENEE FERREIRA Bristol, RI Basketball, Student Gov't . MOLLY FISHER Kansas City , MO Cheerleading, Da ncing KATHY FITZGERALD New Bedford, MA Art, La nguages SHAUN FITZGERALD North Haven, CT People, Skiing ERIN FORBUSH North Adams, MA Photography, Student Gov't , TAMMY FORTIN North Adams, MA Art, Hiking LIL1 FRANCESCHINI Da nvers, MA Basketball, Cheerleading LYNN FRANCUCCI Derby , CT Art , Camping COLLEEN FRENCH Milford, CT Peo ple, Running MEGGIN FRENCH Waterbury, CT People , Politics

Lincoln H.S. Business Rogers H.S . Psychology Loch Raven Sr. H.S. Pre-La w Cheshire Acad. Liberal Arts

Franciscan H.S . Med. Tech. Wet hersfield H.S. Crimina l Ju stice Our Lady of Fatima H.S . Nursing Notre Dame de Slon Pre-Law

G.N .B. Reg . Voc. Huma nities Sac red Hea rt Acad . Psychology Drury Sr. H.S. Education Dru ry Sr. H.S. Anthropology

Dan vers H.S. Nursing Derby H.S. Accounting Laur a lton Hall Business Holy Cross Economics

KERRY FRYER East Greenwich, RI East Greenwich H.S. Cheerleading, Dancing Liberal Arts MARY BETH GAGNON Fall Rive r, MA Bishop Connolly Racqu et ball, SWimming Biology DENINE GALE South Easton , MA Coyle and Cassidy Mem. H.S. Cheerleading, Gymnastics JILL GAWARKIEWICZ South River, NJ South River H.S. Hockey, Peo ple Nursin g WENDY GEER Middletown , RI Drama, Photography ALAN GENETTI Hazleton, PA Golf, Skiing CHRISTINA GERACOULIS Wakefield, MA Basketball, Softball SUSAN GERNAT Trumbull, CT Animals , Bowling

Middletown H.S . Business Bishop Hafey Business Wakefield Education SI. Joseph H.S. Adm . of Justice


KIMBERLY G1ACCHI N. Providen ce , HI Peopl e, Photography

5 1. Mar y Acad . Business

JENNIFER GIGLIO East Hav en , CT Ballet , Cheerlead ing

Ea st Hav en H.S . Admin . of Justice

ELIZABETH G1LHULY Fa irfield , CT Danc ing, Sk iing

LauraIton Hall Business

MARY-THERESA GILL Winchester , MA Gymna stics, Horses

Winchester H.S . Nur sing

TRACY GIROUX Marlb oro, MA Bask etball, Socc er

Marlb oro H.S. Liber al Arts

HEATHER GLASS N. Kingstown , HI Photography, Heading

N. Kingstown H.S. Nursing

SARA GLOVER Malvern , P A Dram a , Skiing

Great Valley Liberal Arts

DEBORAH GOGLIA Barrington, HI Dan cing, Track

Barrington H .S. Account ing

MARK GOGUEN Cranston, HI Baseba ll, Bask etball

Cranston West Liberal Arts

MARY GORDY Nas sau Bay, TX Art, Jazz

Clear Cr eek H.S. Biology

SHERRIGOULART Wa lpole , MA Jaz z, Photogr aphy

Walp ole H.S. Managem ent

LAURA GRAFTON South Windsor , CT Animals, Art

South Windsor H.S. Business

PAMELA GREEN S. Weymouth , MA Art , Poetr y

Archbishop Williams Pr e-Law

FRANK GREGOR Hunt ingdon Valley, PA Golf, Studen t Gov't.

LaSall e Colleg e H.S.

MONA GUADAGNO Warwick, HI Dra ma , Guitar

Prout Mem orial English

ANNIE GUTIERREZ Brooklyn, CT Lan guages, Swimming

Killingly H.S. Educ a tion

DEBBIE GZIKOWSKI Fra mingham , MA Che erleadi ng, La crosse

SUSAN HAIGHT Cheshi re , CT Anima ls, La crosse

Framingham S. Business Ch eshir e H.S. Nursi ng

HEATHER HALEY Middletown, HI Art , Dra ma

Middlet own H.S. Educ ati on

WILLIAM HALL Lee , MA Music, Soccer

Lee H.S. Med . Tech .


Folsom H.S.

Animals, Gymna stics


WENDY HALVAJIAN Cran ston, HI Animals, Drama

51. Xavier Acad . Busines s

PATRICK HAND Portsm outh, HI Hockey , Soccer

Bishop Conn olly Business

THOMAS HANNON Windsor Locks , CT Hockey, Sk iing


Windsor Locks H.S. Add . of Justice

KIM HARDMAN Smithfi eld , RI Ballet , Che erleading

Smithfi eld H.S. Nursing

CATHERINE HASSAN Holyoke , MA Music, Running

Holyoke H.S. Psychology


SI. Paul Education

JULIE HIGGINBOTHAM J am est own , RI Animals, Music

Pro ut H.S. Pr e-Law

LORI JAKOB Westerl y, RI Basketball , Sk iing

West erl y H.S. Business

DEBORAH JONES Cranston , RI Dram a , Music

SI. Xavier Acad. Liberal Arts

KIM JONES Lak e Bluff, IL Gymnastics , Skiing

Lake Forest Business

THOMAS JUDD Wat ertown , CT Film, Reading

Holy Cross H.S. Fine Arts

COLLEEN KARCHER Sh elt on, CT Art , Photogr aphy

JENNIFER KEARNEY Newfane , VT Music, Skiing

Shelton H.S. Fine Arts Leland & Grey Journalism

JAMIE KELLER Groton , CT Skiing , Te nnis

Robert E. Fitch H.S. Psychology

KATHY KENNEDY Milton, MA Bask etball , Skiing

Fontb onn e Acad . Education

SUSAN KENNEDY Ford s, NJ Peopl e, Travel

Bishop Georg e Ahr Business

LUCY KINSLEY Middlet own, RI Music, Peopl e

Middletown H.S. Humanities

JENNIFER KIRBY Hingham , MA Horses , Softball

Hingham H.S . Liberal Arts

MICHELLE KRAUS Wat ertown , CT Drama, Sk iing

Notr e Dam e Acad . Business

MICHELE LABRECQUE N. Dighton, MA Animals , Ch eerl eading

Coyle and Cassidy Science

DARCY LAFLAMME Bristol, CT Dan cing , Running

SI. Paul Nursing

JOHN LA MALFA Portland, CT Bas eball , Basketball

Xav ier H.S. Business

KEVIN LAMARCA Warren , RI Bask etb all, Languages

Warren H.S. Liberal Arts

JENNIFER LANGENBERG Huntington Beach , CA Peopl e , Travel

Cornelia Conn elly Adm . of Justice

LISA LA VAULT Middletown , RI Horses , Racquetball

Middletown H.S. Nursing

JILL LEARY Holyoke , MA Art , Languages

Holyoke H.S. Education

NOELLE LEAVITT Newt on , MA Cheer leading, Choir

Newt on South Business


NANCY LE BLANC Walth am , MA Film, Horses

Walth am Liber al Art s

SUSAN LE CHASE Honeoye Falls, NY Skiing, Tenn is

Honeoye Falls Business

JON LE FEBVRE Nort h Adam s, MA Baseb all

Drury Sen ior H.S. Educ a tion

JENNIFER LETENDRE Gloucester , MA Skiing, Tra vel

Bishop Fen wick H.S. Business

KATHLEEN LEWIS Harw inton, CT Ca mp ing, Sk iing

Not re Dam e Acad . Business

MICHELE L1CURSI Stamf ord , CT Peopl e , Softb all

Sacr ed Heart Acad . Business

KRISTINA LOMANO Marshfield , MA Bask etb all, Racquetb all

Archbi shop Williams Nursing

MARIA LOMBARDI Stamf ord, CT Cheerleading , Skiing

Sa cr ed Heart Acad . Business

VALERIE LOMBARDI N. Providenc e , RI Ch eerleading , Dancin g

Bishop Keough Liber al Arts

LISA LO VUOLO Fram ingham , MA Cheerlead ing, Dancing

Framin gham North H.S . Nursing

JULIE LUDES Manch ester , CT Ballet , J azz

Manc hest er H.S. Business

JEANNE LYONS Milton, MA Dram a , Film

Milton H.S. Comm un ica tions

KARA MAC DONALD Cohass et , MA Peopl e, Tr av el

Cohas set H.S. Nur sing

GINA MACEDONIA Simsbur y, CT Dram a , Poetry

Northwest Catholic Liber al Arts

LEEJANA MACERA J ohn ston , RI Cheerleading , Dancing

Bay View Acad . Educa tion

VALERIE MADAFFARI Norwalk , CT Cheerleading, Drama

Central Catholic Managem ent

KIMBERLY MALONEY Wilbraham, MA Dram a , Music

Minnechaug Reg . Liber al Art s

ROBERT MANOOGIAN N. Providen ce , RI Golf, Hock ey

LaS alle Acad . Admin . of Justice

MATTHEW MARSEGLIA Portland , CT Golf, Photography

Xa vier H.S. Psych ology

DAVE MARSOCCI Nort h Scitua te, RI Fishing, Music

Mt. SI. Cha rles Aca d. Business

KIRA MARTELLI Pelham , NY Scub a Diving, Sk iing

Pelham Mem . H.S.

DEANA MARZOCCHI N. Providen ce , RI Art , Crafts

SI. Mar y's Acad . Business

COLLEEN MASTRANGELO New Vern on , NJ Skiing. Softball

Acad . of St. Eliza bet h Business

ROBERT MATTEAU Plainfield, CT Choir, Dancin g


St . Bern a rd 's H.S. Business

ROBERT MAY Shelton, CT Basketball, Photogra phy

SI. Jose ph 's Business

JULIA MC ALEER Berw yn , PA Music, People

Conestoga H.S. T heatre

ANNE MARIEMC ANDREWS Shaker Hts ., OH Music, Softball

Beaumont School for Girls Nursing

ANDREW MCCARTHY N. Scitu at e , MA Fishing, Golf

Thayer Acad. Liberal Arts

COLLEEN MCCAW Longwood , FL People , Volleyball

Bishop Moore Business

DANIELLE MC DUFFEE Trumbull , CT Horses, Music

51. Jo seph H.S. Business

KERI MCGEE N. Kingstown, RI Art, Runn ing

Prout Mem . H.S . Fine Arts

MICHELLE MCGLONE Brockt on, MA Music, Politics

Brockton H.S. Politica l Sc ience

SUZANNE MCGRATH Newport , RI Languages , Tr av el

Rogers H.S . Liberal Arts

MARIBETH MC HALE Newtown, CT People , Student Gov't ,

Immac ulat e Nurs ing

EILEEN MC NIFF Medf ield , MA Art , Dan cing

Liber al Art s

DIANE MC NULTY Hunt ington Bay, NY Art , Racqu etball

Huntington Bay Busines s

KITT MCVEY Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ People, Tr avel

Midla nd Park Edu cation

CATHY MEDVEY Sta mford, CT Skiing, Tenn is

Sac red Heart Acad . Liber al Arts

ELIZABETH MEENAN New City, NY Bicycling, Camping

Immaculate Hea rt Acad . Pre -Law

DIANE METIVIER T iverton, RI Music, Poetry

Tivert on H.S . Libe ra l Arts

ALICE MEYER N. Merr ick, NY Dram a , Swimming

51. Agnes Cath edral Busines s

JENNIFER MINCH Somer s, CT Pian o, Skiing

Som ers H.S. Pre-Law

JULIE MINTELL W. Ha rtford, CT Basketball, Horses

Northw est Catholic H.S. Psych ology

DEBORAH MINUTELLA Lloyd Ha rbor, NY Art , Peopl e

Cold Spring Harbor Libe ral Art s

HILARY MOORE Mad ison, CT Lacr osse , Photography

Dan iel Ha nd H.S. J ournalis m

CHRISTINE MOREY Andover, MA Dram a , Soccer

Andove r H.S. Business

VICTORIA MORRIS Guilford , CT Art, Skiing

Sac red Heart Aca d . Educatio n

KRISTEN MORTON West Hav en , CT Music, People

La uralton Ha ll Liberal Arts


JENNIFER MOTZEL Spring Lak e , NJ Skiing, Swimm ing

Red Bank Catholic

NOREEN MURPHY Worc est er, MA Running , Swimming

Notr e Dame Acad . Educati on

ANNE NICOL New Fairfield , CT Gymna stics, Lacrosse

Immacul at e Ps ychology

ELIZABETH NIGHTINGALE Tivert on, RI Languages, Tr a vel

Bishop Conn olly Psychology

BETH NOCERA Middlebury, CT Debating , Hors es

Sacred Heart H.S. Pr e-Med

CHRIS O'CONNOR Westw ood , MA Ballet , Dan cing

Westw ood H.S.

DAVID O'CONNOR Millwood , NY Sculpture, Skiing

Horace Greeley Fine Arts

JENNIFER O'DONNELL Bellingham , MA Choir, Volleyball

Bellingham Jr-Sr. H.S. English

KARA OERTEL Northfi eld, IL Film, Photography

Reg ina Dominic an Education

STEPHEN OLIVER Seekonk, MA Basketb all, Fishing

St . Raphae l Acad . Educ ati on

ROSALBA ONOFRIO Derb y, CT Langu ages , Music

Derby H.S . Hum an ities

MARGARET O'TOOLE Milton, MA Skiing, Swimming

Fontb onn e Acad . Nursing

MOLLY O'TOOLE Milton, MA Sk iing, T ennis

Milton H.S . Business

KRISTEN OUSLER N. And over , MA Cheerleading, Hockey

Lawr en ce Acad . Education

MARLENE PACHECO Tivert on, RI Languages, Reading

T ivert on

MARK PANAGAKIS Lynnfield , MA Skiing, Surfing

Austin Pr ep . Libera l Art s

LAURIANN PANTANI West Hav en , CT Bicycling, Horse s

SI. Mar y's H.S.

JANET PAPALIA N. And over , MA Bicycling, Student Gov't.

N. And over H,S. English

MAUREEN PATRICK Plea santville, NY Art, Bicycling

Pleas antville H.S. Liber al Art s


SI. J oseph Education

JOHN PEDRO Swampscott, MA Photography, Sk iing

Swampscott H,S .

MARY BETH PEDRO Middlet own, RI Pian o, Skiing

Middlet own H.S. Business

MONIQUE PENTA Weston, MA Art , Dan cing

Weston Business

LAUREN PERRY North Attleboro, MA Astrology, Photography


Bishop Feeh an H.S. Liberal Art s

CAROLYN PETERS Weston, MA Dan cing, Swimming KARA PICOZZI Lincoln, RI Cheer lead ing, Dancing JOHN PILLER New Fairfield , CT Politics, Skiing CYNDI PIZZI Ansonia , CT Drama , Music

West on H.S. Education Lincoln Jr. 路Sr. H.S . Pre-Law New Fairfield Liberal Arts Sac red Hea rt Acad . Nursing

MARLENE PONTE Fall River , MA Cheerleading, Dancing CHERYL PROMADES Barr ington, RI Cheerleading , Music

Bishop Connolly Barr ington H.S. Business

MARC PROTO Warr en , RI Accounting

MARY JANE PROVENCHER New Bedford , MA Golf, Horses JENNIF ER PRUKALSKI Danbury, CT Ballet , Bowling TARA RAFTER Y Th omp son, CT Dram a , Horses MARY RAYMOND Naugatu ck, CT Baseball, Choir CHRISTOPHER REALL Providence, RI Golf, Music ANNE REIDY Wyckoff, NJ Music, People DEIRDRE REILLY Lawrenceville, NJ People, Tr a vel MAURE EN REIL LY Westfield , NJ Dram a, Softba ll SUSAN RENAUD Lincoln, RI Swimming, Tenn is KRISTIN RHODES N. Easton, MA Swimming, Travel SALLY RIC E Manch ester , CT Film, People KAREN ROBERTS Newburyp ort , MA Math , Skiing PHILIP RODE Ca rmel, NY Racqu etb all, Skiing ALISON ROGERS Branford, CT People, Skiing MIKE ROGERS Medfield, MA Football, Racqu etb all KATHLEEN ROSE Oakhurst, NJ Skiing, Swimming JANELLE ROUSSEL Somerset, MA Jazz, Music

Bishop Stany H.S. Science

Danbury H.S. Nursing Mar ianapolis Prep. Psycho logy Notre Dam e Acad . Education Our Lady of Provide nce Business

Ramapo H.S. Libera l Arts Notr e Dame H.S. Nursing Rose lle Catholic Business Lincoln J r.路Sr . H.S. Education

Coylet Cassidy H.S. Nursing East Catholic Educati on Newburyport H.S. Pre路Law Archbish op St ep inac H.S. Business

Sacred Heart Acad . Psycho logy Medf ield H.S. Business Red Bank Catholic Business Somers et H.S. Adm . of Ju stice


JESSICA RYAN Hingham , MA RAYMOND SAJDAK Portland , CT Lacrosse , Skiing LEANN SALLEY Rehoboth, MA Choir, Horses PAULA SAMPALIS Joh nston, RI Photograph y, Poetr y JOY SAN SOUCI North Smith field , RI Ballet , Dancing BRIAN SCOTT Dedh am , MA Art, Music KATHRYN SEXTON Dar ien , CT MARGARET SHEEHAN Glens Falls, NY Basketb all, Golf

Hingham H.S. Liber al Art s Portl and H.S. Adm . of Ju stice Dighton-Rehoboth Reg . H.S. Psychology LaSa lle Acad . Edu ca tion

North Smithfield H.S. Busines s Dedha m H.S . Fine Arts Da rien H.S. St . Mar y's Acad . Liberal Art s

KATHLEEN SHEPARD Clinton, CT Th e Morgan School Music, St udent Gov 't. Business SANTO SILVA Ashaway, RI Char iho Reg . H.S . Bask etb all, Track Pre-Law JILLIAN SLAGLE West on, MA Weston H.S . Lacr osse , Studen t Gov't . J ourn alism JENNIFER SMITH Yorkt own Hts., NY Convent of the Sacred Heart Dancing, Music JOSEPH SOITO Orient , NY Football, Photography TRICIA SOJA New York Mills, NY Scub a Diving, Softball CAROLYN STACK Milton, MA Cheerlea ding, Dan cing KLE STONE Slat ersvi lle , RI Golf, Hockey SUSAN SWAIN West erly, RI Gymnastics, People GINA SYLVIA N. Scitaut e , RI People , Volleyball MICHAEL TERRA Raynham , MA Photography, Skiing EDWARD TESSMAN Plainville, CT Drama , Wat er Skiing LISA THELEN Avon, MN Horses, La nguages JENNIFER THOMAS Dayton,OH Guitar, Skiing FRANK TROIANO Enfield, CT Softball, Stud ent Gov't . SIOBHAN TROY Mar shfield, MA Debating, Golf


Me rcy H.S. Adm . of Ju stice Notr e Dam e Scie nce Not re Dame Aca d. Sociology North Smithfield Jr~t . H.S. Adm in. 0 J ustice

Westerl y H.S . Pre-Law Ponag an set Psychology Coyle an d Ca ssidy H.S . Business SI. Pau l Cath olic H.S. Cr iminal Justice

St . J ohn's Prep. In!' 1. Relati ons Archbishop Alter H.S. Education Suffield Acad . Pr e-Law Notr e Dam e Acad . Educa tion

LYNN VACCARELLA Fairfield, CT Music, Peo ple MELISSA VALENTE Hingham, MA Skiing, Travel LARISSA VARTELAS Huntington, CT Music, People CINDY VIENS S. Att leboro, MA Hiking, Skiing

Notr e Dam e H.S. Liber al Arts Notr e Dam e Acad . Libera l Arts SI. J oseph Libera l Arts Attleboro H.S. Nursing

LYNN VIERA N. Kingstown, RI Swimming, Water Skiing DEVIN WALSH Montcla ir, NJ People , Skiing ERIC WELlCZKO Rocky Hill, CT Chess, Ra cqu etba ll KRISTEN WHELAN Providence , RI Skiing, Travel

N. Kingstown H.S. Educa tion Essex Cath olic Business Rocky Hill H.S. Libera l Arts Cla ssical Humanities

MAUREEN WHELAN Cr esskill, NJ Acad . of the Holy Angels Ba sketba ll, Softba ll DIANE WOODWORTH Pea body, MA Peab od y Vetera ns Mem . H.S. Basketb all, Skiing Nursing SARA WYNN Raynham , MA Coy le Ca ssidy H.S. Skiing, Tr av el Psychology CHRISTINE ZELINSKI Seymour , CT Sey mour H.S. Horses, Skiing Scie nce


Ha dda m, CT North Kingstown, RI Admin.

JUTTA FARKELL Music, Swimming JOSEPH FASCIANO Racq uetba ll, Skiing

Foxboro, MA Nursing She lton, CT Computer Scienc e

CYNTHIA LYNCH Running , Ten nis

Dougla ston, NY Liber al Arts

DAWN MASLOW Dra ma , Film

Danbury, CT Eng. T heatre Fairfield , CT Education

CEANN E CASEY Peo p le, Poet ry

Westm inster , CA Philosoph y

JENNIFER FAY Languages, Music

Spring Lak e , NJ French


MARK CHARP ENTIER Football, Skiing

Jo hnston, RI Admi n. of J ust ice

LAURA FELICETLI Swimming, Tennis

Lindenhurst, NY Libera l Arts

PAMELA MEANY Hockey, Skiing

Sh ort Hills, NJ Education

NANCY MILLER Music, Tr avel

Bethesda, MD Fine Arts

MARY COLLINS Skiing, Stude nt Gov't .

Benn ington, VT Educ ati on

ACACIO FERREIRA J azz, Volleyball

SIOBHAN CRONIN Skiing, Swimming

Worcester, MA Liberal Arts

KATHRYN HANNON Dra ma , Running

Bra intree, MA Pr e-Law

LORRAINE MORRONE Astrology, Cheerleading

SUSAN KAMINSKY Dram a , Swimming

Burlington, CT Fine Arts

BRIDGET NESTER Art , Bicycling

North Ha ven, CT Ma thema tics

LISA NEWELL Dram a , People

Uxbridge, MA Admin. of Justice

DOREEN D E BELLIS Drama , Music KEVIN D ELAN EY Art , Footba ll MELISSA DE P EANO Gymna stics, People KAREN DI NAPOLI Lacrosse , Skiing LISA DONAHUE Dram a , Horses MARIA FAP P LANO MARY FARIA Reading, Tr av el

Coventry, RI Pre-Med

East Williston, NY Fine Arts Trumb ull, CT Nur sing Ches hire, CT Adm in. of J ustice Dover, MA Nursing


New Bedford , MA Liber al Arts

Fanw ood, NJ English Hingan um , CT Business Rumford, RI Social Work Wayla nd, MA Educati on

WILLIAM O'REILLY Math , Music KRIS PEDISICH Fishing, Running

Westerly, RI Journalis m

New por t, RI Educatio n Lak e Ronkonkoma , NY Sociology

MIA PEREZ Sc uba Diving, Swimming

Bed ford , NY Business

Nort h Have n, CT Nursing


New Bedf ord , MA Nursing

MIA PERRETTA Hockey, Walking

Coventry, RI S pe cial Ed.

Bristol, RI Nursing

LISA LOURENCO Skiing, Softball

Fall Rive r, MA Business


Fall River, MA Admin. of Justice


r CHRISTIAN PETRARCA Computers, Hockey

W.Greenwlch,RI Accounting

SCOTT REYNOLDS Running, Travel


Hun tington, NY Education


EVELYN PIERCE La nguages , People


Pro vide nce, RI Nursing Altoona, PA Libera l Arts

DARCY TOUPIN Gymnastics, Skiing

Spencer, MA


Atlanta, GA Nursing

AMY VITTERITO Gymnastics, Skiing

Westerly, RI Education

LISA PINTO Lac rosse , Racquetba ll

Madison, CT Liberal Arts

SUSAN SANTOLLI Pu blica tions, Skiing

Barrington, IL Business

LAUREN POWERS Horses , Music

Newt own, CT Social Work

MARIA SARMENTO Bicycling, Science

Fall River, MA Pre路Med

LORI ZEZULKA Animals, Choir

West Mystic, CT Liberal Arts

KRISTEN SCHROEDER Softba ll, Volleyball

Bra intree, MA Nursing


Gar den City, NY Libera l Arts



Weth er sfield , CT Liberal Arts

Horseheads, NY Managem ent

Woonsocket, RI Nursing Sa n Antonio, TX Med. Tec h.

KIM SHEEHAN Dram a, Photog rap hy

Ellingto n, CT Business

CHRISTINA WERLE Art, Cheerlead ing

West Hartford , CT Fine Arts

New Student Record 1986  

The New Student Record, or New Student Register, was distributed to the incoming class in order to introduce new students to each other. The...

New Student Record 1986  

The New Student Record, or New Student Register, was distributed to the incoming class in order to introduce new students to each other. The...