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The Shoe Story Shoes are the love of every fashion-o-holic. Men or women everyone likes a pair of comfortable shoes that oozes fashion and style. We have gathered some of the best Indian shoe designers, who are young, talented, make products that are purely ‘made in India’ and the best part of all, they are all budget friendly. We spoke to them about their journey, their product and what more to expect from their brands... So read on! - By Satpreet Kaur

Kanvas Kloset by Komal Panchal

Komal Panchal is a young, passionate designer with wacky, creative ideas for her brand and her products. She is a go-getter who is always searching for new ventures to embark upon. Her passion for design began at an early age. As a kid, you would find Komal painting her walls or helping friends with their drawings. She has sought her artistic side to express herself and beautifying spaces and everyday objects around her. Soon, this ingenious spark transformed into a surer, brighter flame to build a platform to showcase her art. Komal has graduated in 2014 from SNDT University with a Bachelors’ Degree in Fashion Designing. During the course, she has been integral in managing various events of designers like LWF, Indian Bridal Week, etc and brands such as Simya, RohanArora. Meanwhile, she has also designed for theatre and stage shows. Currently, she works as a freelance stylist for various TVCs and is also a freelance fashion illustrator. “Kanvas aims to nurture the art of hand-painting, encourage people to value handicraft and traditional techniques of intricate design and spread joy through the verve of colours.” Kanvas is an Indian brand, and proudly so. In tune with our mission, Kanvas creates products that celebrate Indian ethnic designs. The design is intricate, beautiful and inspired by diverse styles of art and painting in India. We have products inspired form art like Madhubani painting, geometrical patterns, Kalamkari , mandalas, and a lot of hand painting. Shop:


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