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The monthly newsletter from ERTICO - ITS Europe, the Intelligent Transport Systems and Services Network bringing intelligence into mobility Issue 12 - December 2010


Editorial Dear Readers,

ERTICO is very pleased to welcome as our new Partner IBM. Over the past year, IBM has been focused on building a ‘smarter planet’, as they believe a profound shift in management and governance towards far more collaborative approaches are required. In this edition, you can get an insight into the mindset, beliefs and future goals of Richard Weinstock, Solutions Sales Manager Intelligent Transportation Subject Matter Expert at IBM Czech Republic, and his expectations from our joint venture. Read our interview with Mr Weinstock here. ERTICO is further delighted to welcome ITS Ireland as a recently established National ITS Association. Formed in the latter part of 2010, ITS Ireland is an independent non-profit organisation with a broad base of membership drawn from the public, academic and private sectors. Our second interview for this month highlights the up-to-date achievements, vision and objectives of this new organisation, as perceived by ITS Ireland’s Chairman, David O’Keeffe, together with his view on future collaborations between ITS Ireland and ERTICO. Please click here to read this feature. Importantly, we would like to inform those of you who are considering submitting a paper for the 8th ITS European Congress and Exhibition in Lyon, France, from 6-9 June 2011, that the deadline for submission has been extended until 12 January 2011. We warmly encourage all of you interested in contributing with Technical/Scientific papers or Special Sessions to take note of this new deadline. I am also very pleased that the i-Mobility Network has launched a programme of webinars for 2011 – read about the December launch here. We warmly encourage you to participate in the webinars and benefit from the other services by joining the i-Mobility Network. We will be further expanding on the i-Mobility Network in 2011 and welcome your feedback! Finally, on behalf of ERTICO I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous, successful and fulfilling New Year 2011, and please make sure you watch our Christmas video here. I hope you enjoy reading this month’s edition of the i-Mobility newsletter. We will be back in January with more fresh news and stories from the ITS Community!


In Brief:

p6 The 5th Japan ITS Promotion Forum p7 i-Mobility Network webinars launched p12 Call for Papers: 18th World Congress on ITS, Orlando,16-20 October 2011

p8 Second Bilateral Meeting between ERTICO and ITS Russia p9 FOT-Net targets experts and stakeholders ... and much more

Interviews of the month: ERTICO - ITS Europe talks to Richard Weinstock from new Partner IBM, and David O’Keeffe, Chairman of ITS Ireland ERTICO - ITS Europe Blue Tower, Avenue Louise 326, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

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Interviews of the month ERTICO talks to Mr Richard Weinstock, Solutions Sales Manager and Intelligent Transportation Subject Matter Expert, IBM Czech Republic, a new ERTICO Partner ERTICO: Can you describe your activities in the ITS field? Richard Weinstock: I am proud to say that our IBM activities in the ITS field are simply improving Mobility for the 21st Century Transport - the movement of people and goods from point A to point B—is the life force of our economy. Cities could not exist if we didn’t have transportation systems to move people and goods in, out and around them. It has been a leading driver behind globalisation: shrinking distances, seeding the emergence of entire new economies and improving the quality of life for millions of people.

influenced by the transport industry: virtually every tangible good—food, clothing, medicine, vehicles and computers—has been transported into your world from somewhere else. Yet many of our transport systems are inadequate to serve the needs of the 21st century. By integrating technology and intelligence into the physical transportation infrastructure, we can improve capacity, enhance the traveller experience and make our transportation systems more efficient, safe, and secure. IBM’s main ITS solution offerings are Road User Charging (RUC), Integrated Fare Management (IFM), Transport Information Management (TIM) and cross ITS offerings.

It is a rare day that you won’t take some form of transport. A bus, train or car to work, a bike to school and plane for a business trip. And even if you don’t leave your home, your life is still

Over the past year and a half, IBM has been working with cities and nations around the world to improve many kinds of systems and make them smarter— with particular success in transportation. In doing so, we have learned that our transport system isn’t, in fact, a system. It’s a

About IBM

Data Centres

When you look at our history, you see that we have had a real and lasting impact on the world because of our unique character—our core values, our behaviour and our performance as IBM’ers.

Intelligence is what makes all of our systems smarter. IBM runs more remote data centres than anyone in the world and offers leading cloud computing capabilities. Research

Take a look back at the innovations, people and values that have defined IBM for nearly a century here.

For the 17th year in a row, IBM received more US patents than any other company. We invest $6 billion a year in research to make our world work better.

Mainframes IBM mainframes offer unprecedented power, scalability and availability while taking up less space and delivering significant reductions in energy usage. Services With over 175,000 professionals, IBM is the largest service provider in the world. With specialties such as analytics, we help our clients make their systems smarter. 2

Supercomputing One quarter of the 20 fastest supercomputers in the world are Blue Gene solutions. They are being used for research in nuclear power, climate modeling, human genome mapping, astronomy and brain studies.

Issue 12 - December 2010

collection of related industries, operating in close proximity to one another. ITS improves transportation safety and mobility and enhances productivity through the use of advanced communications technologies. ITS encompasses a broad range of wireless and wire line communications-based information and electronics technologies. When integrated into the transport system’s infrastructure, and in vehicles themselves, these technologies relieve congestion, improve safety and enhance productivity. In addition, IBM solutions are examples of ‘green solutions’ and are also an important part of the Government portfolio from that perspective as well. ERTICO: Why have you joined ERTICO? Richard Weinstock: Having said all that, nobody could do everything by himself in improving Mobility for the 21st Century! By exchanging information and learning from each other, working on European Standards, developments and deployment go much quicker. ITS normally brings people together that were not necessarily used working together. So it was a logical move to join ERTICO because as most of the ERTICO Partners coming together know and can deal with the complexity of ITS,

this brings a lot of value to everybody. Within this partnership we can exchange information, create new collaborations and partnerships with other experts. By learning from each other, developments go much quicker than doing it all alone. ERTICO: What are your expectations for this partnership? Richard Weinstock: As a Partner to ERTICO, it is easier to work on European standards that will ensure quicker deployment in the years to come. To get there, I believe all of the ERTICO Partners, and our peers across the transport ecosystem, must take a leadership role. The initiatives undertaken by ERTICO are promising. We must establish agreed-upon data standards for transportation. This is long overdue, but I am hopeful that it will soon be accomplished. However, it is essential that those standards be open. That’s the only way to interconnect processes and data sets across the whole system. On this, I believe ERTICO to be an active voice. ERTICO: Are there any projects, activities or sectors that you are particularly interested in? Richard Weinstock: All of the ITS related initiatives and, of course, eCall.



ERTICO talks to Mr David O’Keeffe, Chairman of ITS Ireland, on the organisation’s vision, objectives and up-to-date achievements in ITS ERTICO: Who is ITS Ireland? David O’Keeffe: Formed in the latter part of 2010, ITS Ireland is an independent non-profit organisation with a broad base of membership drawn from the public, academic and private sectors. We have a number of primary objectives including: • Raise the awareness and profile of ITS in Ireland and to promote an understanding of ITS issues and benefits. • Advise Government on policy matters associated with ITS implementation. • Advise and assist in the development of technical standards. • Encourage participation and liaison with relevant stakeholders from European countries and internationally so as to increase knowledge, skills and ideas. • Increase networking opportunities both nationally and internationally. • Promote research and educational activities. ERTICO: What has ITS Ireland achieved to date? David O’Keeffe: I feel that ITS Ireland has made substantial progress in our relative short existence. Our Executive Board and relevant members are working on a number of fronts to maximise membership benefits while also assisting government in the formulation of policy and strategy and the developing of standards. We have held or are currently organising a number of events to increase the profile and awareness of ITS in Ireland. Our significant achievements include: • Submitting a proposal to host the ERTICO ITS European Congress. This was a substantial effort requiring the garnishing of political support and extensive stakeholder


collaboration. Hosting a conference of this magnitude would provide a significant driver for the development and deployment of ITS products and services in Ireland. • Launching ITS Ireland was an outstanding achievement in this economic climate and a testament to many hours of hard work by all the founding members who volunteered their valuable time. We now have over 22 Corporate Members, 13 Government/NonProfit Members and 12 Individual Members and our membership base is continually growing. • Organising the 2010 conference and exhibition in Cork which was attended by over 150 delegates and deemed an outstanding success. We were fortunate to have Ministerial and European Commission speakers at the conference in addition to a number of high profile industry speakers. We are already busily preparing for our 2011 conference which will be held in Galway on 7 October. • Arranging quarterly technical seminars which are free for members to attend. Our first seminar is scheduled for February 2011 and we feel this is an essential strategy to increasing the general awareness and profile of ITS in Ireland. • Representation on a number of policy and working groups such as eSafety, representation on a government task force examining the implementation of EETS and an ITS Working Group taking forward the national obligations arising under the EU Directive. All of these activities are a testament to our firm commitment to become actively involved in the development of policy and strategy. ERTICO: What are your ambitions for ITS Ireland? David O’Keeffe: I have a number of ambitions but the primary ambition is that ITS Ireland would become a leading and respected organisation in fostering the development and deployment of ITS in Ireland. In accomplishing this, it is critical

Issue 12 - December 2010

that our members actively engage, influence and participate in ITS related policy and projects at a National and European level and to that end, I envisage that ITS Ireland will develop and issue a number of policy papers in the near future. Acceptance that ITS has a major role to play in managing and operating the transportation sector has been somewhat measured compared to other EU member states and while we have several leading examples of ITS deployments, there are numerous other ITS services for which there is little doubt that the appetite and market exists in Ireland. Lastly, I feel that Ireland can be an ideal test-bed for piloting innovative ITS technologies and given our broad public/private membership base, ITS Ireland is in the ideal position to foster and develop such opportunities. ERTICO: What are the key ITS deployments in Ireland that may be of interest in a European context? David O’Keeffe: There are a number of ITS deployments in Ireland that would be of significant interest in a European context and I’ll just focus on highlighting two of the more high profile initiatives. The M50 motorway is a ring road around Dublin and recently became the first European motorway to introduce Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) tolling for all vehicle classes. The barrier-free tolling system applies 5.8 GHz CEN Standard DSRC and video tolling as payment methods. The new system provides economic, environmental and safety benefits and provides a platform for future Network Demand Management. This system is being closely monitored by other EU countries who are contemplating the move to MLFF. The Irish Government has set an ambitious target for 10% of Ireland’s vehicles to be electric by 2020. To achieve this target, the Irish Government, ESB (Ireland’s largest electricity utility) and various other motor manufacturers including the Renault-Nissan Alliance have initiated a comprehensive partnership to position Ireland as a World leader in electric transport. This project involves the development of a nationwide electric car charging infrastructure by ESB, the supply of electric cars by the Renault-

Nissan Alliance from 2011, as well as Government policies and incentives that will support the widespread adoption of such vehicles. The ESB are currently in the process of rolling out 3,500 charge points nationwide by December 2011. The planned rollout includes 1,500 Public Charger points, 2,000 Home Charger points and in excess of 30 DC Fast Charger points. There will be at least one charging point for every town which has a population greater than 1,500. Also of interest is the fact that there are ongoing discussions with Northern Ireland for an All-Island Integrated Rollout of electric vehicle charging points. The intention is to reach agreement on the standardisation of Charging Points and crossborder roaming systems/currencies thereby leading to “Electric Highways” linking Cork, Dublin, Belfast and other cities. ITS has a major role to play in terms of supplying a number of systems to support the charging point infrastructure including communications, metering/billing, and infrastructure hardware. ERTICO: How can ERTICO best support ITS Ireland? David O’Keeffe: I feel ERTICO can provide support to ITS Ireland in a number of ways. Firstly, being a new organisation, we are keen to forge relationships at an international level and Ertico can greatly assist ITS Ireland in developing and forging relationships with ITS professionals from other member states. To this end, we have applied for membership to the ERTICO’s Network of ITS National Associations and we look forward to an active and meaningful participation. Additionally, ERTICO can assist ITS Ireland in promoting the profile of ITS in Ireland. One of the difficult aspects with deploying ITS is stating the business case and quantifying the anticipated benefits. Providing the forum for discussion and sharing of information with other like-minded associations can effectively assist with our efforts with increasing the general awareness of ITS in Ireland. Lastly, providing forums such as this interview enhances our reputation and for that we are grateful to ERTICO.



ITS Japan News: The 5th Japan ITS Promotion Forum ITS Japan, supported by ERTICO – ITS Europe, held its “5th Japan ITS Promotion Forum” on 24 and 25 November in Tokyo under the theme “New Generation of Sustainable Transport Systems under the National Strategic Plans”. The forum focused on the Smart City and the Next Generation Automobile utilising ITS. The event started with a keynote speech by Professor Hideaki Miyata, University of Tokyo, on the topic “Policy on Environmentally Sustainable City for the Future”, followed by Mr Akira Matsunaga, Counsellor of Cabinet Secretariat, and Mr Toshimichi Hanai of ITS Japan, who talked about ITS action plans. Afterwards, the five representatives from the ITS-related ministries had a panel discussion moderated by Mr Hajime Amano, President of ITS Japan.

ITS, as well as on upcoming ITS events. In this context, and on behalf of ERTICO – ITS Europe, Vincent Blervaque gave a presentation on current and future ERTICO Partnership activities, as well as presenting an overview on the latest developments in EC activities (e.g. ITS Action Plan, EC ITS Directive). In that respect, the forum gave an excellent opportunity to consolidate relations with ITS Stakeholders in Japan in view of strengthening the international cooperation between Europe and Asia-Pacific Region, and to harmonise efforts for successful deployment of ITS system and services in all regions.

The further focus of the forum were topics related to advanced technologies, welcoming experts on “Next Generation Vehicle Batteries” and “Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles”, as well as presenting an overview of the scope and project reports from the four model cities focused on “Smart Community with Area Energy Management”. On the second day, the programme commenced with a session on “Electric Cars and Road Transport Systems” highlighted by presentations and status reports on EV projects from the three local governments. The latter half of the day was devoted to the international arena. Following the first segment, “Review of the 17th ITS World Congress, Busan 2010”, we welcomed the four overseas guests, Ms Sheryl J. Wilkerson, President of Willow LLC, on behalf of ITS America; Mr Vincent Blervaque, Director of Development and Deployment, ERTICO - ITS Europe; Mr Xiaojing Wang, the Vice Chairman of ITS China; and Professor SK Jason Chang from ITS Taiwan. They each delivered presentations on the status quo of 6

(From left: Mr Hajime Amano, ITS Japan; Mr Xiaojing Wang, ITS China; Mr Vincent Blervaque, Director of Development and Deployment, ERTICO - ITS Europe; Ms Sheryl Wilkerson, Willow LLC - ITS America; Professor Jason Chang, ITS Taiwan) The participants were presented with the excellent opportunity to share information on ITS, both within and outside of Japan, and enjoyed the networking reception following the forum. The two-day event numbered an audience of about three hundred participants. This article has been brought to you as part of the cooperation between ERTICO and ITS Japan.

Issue 12 - December 2010

i-Mobility Network webinars launched This month ERTICO presented the first two in a series of webinars - a new i-Mobility Network initiative aiming to explore an ITS issue in depth.

The first webinar took place on Friday 10 December on the topic of “Bringing Research to Deployment: Urban energy efficiency pilots for commercial vehicles”, where the three speakers - Zeljko Jeftic (Project Coordinator FREILOT, ERTICO), Gert Blom (Strategic Advisor Mobility, City of Helmond) and David Rylander (ITS Specialist, Volvo) presented current results from the FREILOT pilot phase, presently ongoing, and introduced a newly started pilot project COSMO. They further discussed how ITS research can be turned into sustainable and successful ITS deployment. During the webinar, the participants were asked several questions. One of the outcomes is that a vast majority of the participants believe that the CIP (Competitiveness and Innovation Programme) initiated by the

European Commission is a good way to support deployment of new ITS solutions. The second webinar took place on Thursday 16 December on the topic “Road Safety Attributes Exchange: Public-private cooperation”. The webinar addressed the challenge of road safety in terms of the lack of real-time road safety information which could be used by road authorities and for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in Europe. One solution to this challenge has been tested by the ROSATTE project. Speakers Maxime Flament (Head of Sector - SafeMobility, ERTICO – ITS Europe), Stephen T’Siobbel (TomTom CPU) and Trond Hovland (ITS Norway) presented the ROSATTE project final results together with an introduction to the forthcoming ROSATTE forum activities. The webinar series will continue in January 2011 on the topic of “Cooperation needs on Field Operational Tests” – please check the webinar timetable regularly here. All webinars will be stored as part of the i-Mobility library, and may be accessed here.



Successful Second Bilateral Meeting between ERTICO and ITS Russia organised during the ROAD conference and exhibition in Moscow Following the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding on 08 September 2010 and the drawing of a joint cooperation roadmap providing a framework towards cooperation in the field of ITS, the Second Bilateral meeting was organised on 24 November in Moscow for ERTICO and ITS Russia partners. The meeting provided an opportunity for: • Exchange of knowledge and best-practices between Europe and Russia. Three priority areas were selected among the partnership: eCall/ERA GLONASS, Galileo/GLONASS ITS based applications, and Interoperability in terms of Road User Charging. • European and Russian partners to network with a view towards opening doors for new project developments between the two regions.

Participants agreed that closer cooperation is needed, and that a platform such as the one provided by the bilateral meetings facilitates such cooperation. Industry partners were particularly interested in sharing experiences and best practices. It was further stressed that closer cooperation at a political level between Europe and Russia would be welcome, as it would support the deployment of ITS in the two regions, something considered as crucial since there is an intensification and expansion of the transport corridors between Europe and Russia. Other conclusions included: eCall/ERA GLONASS • Need to share information about specifications for ERA GLONASS with European stakeholders • Need to share information regarding standardisation developed in Europe Galileo / GLONASS ITS based applications • Sharing information about what you can do with increased accuracy position • Insuring that both position systems are leveraged when developing ITS applications Interoperability in terms of Road User Charging

The meeting was attended by 50 participants from more than 30 companies which included ERTICO partners BMW, Cinterion Wireless Modules, Continental Automotive GmbH, DENSO, Egis Mobilité, Ericsson, Honda, IBM, innovITS, Kapsch, NAVTEQ, NXP Semiconductors, Peek Traffic, Toyota and VW. Russian stakeholders included: representatives of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, State company AvtoDor, NIS JSC, Russian Space Corporation, Professional Association in vehicle risk prevention, telematics systems manufacturers and road traffic management technologies developers Optima, Tolltec, security and safety systems for transport manufacturers and operators Caesar Satellite, and Mobile Positioning Systems. 8

• Interoperability will be a key factor in the future, especially since more and more fleets travel between the two regions • Importance of thinking ahead when implementing Road User Charging • Organisational issues are very difficult to solve • Establishing pilots between Europe and Russia for the Finland – St.Petersburg transport corridor. The Third Bilateral meeting will tentatively be organised during the ITS European Congress in Lyon, 6 - 9 June 2011. For more information, please contact ERTICO: Irina Silva or Rasmus Lindholm.

Issue 12 - December 2010

The ROAD Conference & Exhibition took place from 22 to 25 November in Moscow as part of the national strategic plan for the execution of the federal subprogramme “Roads”, which is one of the key elements of the federal target programme “Development of the transport system of Russia (2010-2015)”. The Conference facilitated exchanges in the field of ITS with the Russian ITS community. A full day was dedicated to ITS with a series of roundtables being organised. The outcomes will contribute to Russia’s national ITS strategy. ERTICO was present at the event and a presentation was given on “ITS Development and Development initiatives in Europe”. Participating in the Conference on ITS were Igor Levitin (Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation), Sergey Shishkaryov (Chairman of the Transport Committee of the State Duma) and Anatoly Chabunin (Head of the Federal Road Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation).

FOT-Net targets experts and stakeholders in a series of events More activities will start in 2011 on FOT methodology revision and WGs

The FOT community was invited to attend the events being organised by FOT-Net in cooperation with the EC-funded projects euroFOT, TeleFOT, PROLOGUE and DaCoTA. It was a unique opportunity to learn and discuss the latest FOT activities in Europe. The events gathered experts and stakeholders with the aim of sharing information, results and developments of trials. Cooperation between the different projects allowed to maximise the exposure of results, to enlarge the discussion and to foster further cooperation. On 30 November experts were invited to attend a Workshop on Near crashes. Field Operational Tests and Naturalistic Driving Studies are interested in near crashes or incidents to identify situations that are potentially dangerous and could have led

to an actual crash. However, projects struggle with finding a good operational definition of near crashes. This issue, together with other related questions, was tackled during the Workshop. FOTNet, DaCoTA and PROLOGUE projects joined forces to address the question of how we can define near crashes, how we can detect them and what the significance of near crashes is with regard to road safety. The outcomes of the workshop will be addressed by the FOT-Net Working Group on Events and Incident Definition due to start its activities mid-2011. The WG will be open to the FOT community of experts. The following day, 1 December, experts and interested stakeholders were invited to

participate in a seminar on Best practices using the FESTA methodology. During its targeted seminars FOT-Net has received a series of feedback on the FOT methodology (FESTA) from experts currently involved in FOTs. This feedback, 9

NEWSLETTER as well as best practices from the organisation of FOTs, were the target of the seminar. Finally, on 02 December, the 4th FOT-Net Stakeholders meeting provided an insight into the Pan-European FOTs, euroFOT, TeleFOT (currently on their second year of activities), and future activities on cooperative systems. PROLOGUE and DaCoTA were also invited to present their views

with regard to naturalistic driving. This edition of the Stakeholders meeting was organised in cooperation with the TeleFOT Second Stakeholders Forum providing an opportunity to raise awareness on the use of aftermarket and nomadic devices. All presentations and conclusions are available on the FOT-Net website. For more information, please click here.

FOT-Net: New activities FOT-Net has been in place for almost three years as the networking platform for stakeholders involved or interested in FOTs. The European Commission has just confirmed funding for another 3 years. While the focus so far was mainly on building up the FOT network and promoting the FESTA methodology, the next phase will explicitly address issues raised by the FOT network which need common European positions. FOT-Net aims to further develop the strategic networking of national, European and global FOTs. Throughout the next three years, the FOT Network will meet in six bi-annual FOT stakeholders meetings and three international FOT meetings. The FESTA methodology will be further refined, based on recent FOT experiences. Through three targeted meetings, FOT-Net will gather the relevant experts to revise and adapt the FESTA methodology for FOTs on ADAS, nomadic devices, cooperative systems, and naturalistic driving. In addition, FOT-Net will create five new expert working groups to clarify critical topics related to legal and ethical issues, data analysis, incident definition, impact assessment, and data sharing. The revised FESTA methodology will be promoted through six seminars. A new web-based inventory will be created of existing tools for data acquisition, database structure, and data analysis, to facilitate the set-up of new FOTs. Of course FOT-Net will continue to act as a multiplier, raising awareness for, and promoting your FOT activities, especially in terms of inter-activities support and outreach. Finally, FOT-Net will evaluate contributions of FOTs to policy goals and market deployment, using an improved methodology for stakeholders’ analysis. Want to join the activities? Disseminate your FOT in the FOT Wiki? Contact us by clicking here.

ERTICO Christmas video launched! To help you get into the Christmas spirit of festive celebrations, please click here for some inspiration! We hope this little tune will warm your heart and make your wishes come true. The ERTICO team 10

Issue 12 - December 2010

2nd P3ITS Workshop, 19 January 2011, Delft,NL “Understanding the legal aspects of Pre-Commercial Procurement for Intelligent Transport Systems” Objectives • Explain the legal aspects of PCP • Discuss the legal benefits • Present existing PCP models and programmes • Link PCP to the ITS requirements

procurers of ITS solutions, e.g. public purchasers, innovation agencies or procurement consultants. P3ITS is looking forward to opening a discussion based on the projects results and the experience of the audience. Where?

Why? P3ITS held its first workshop in 2010 to discuss what the ITS community would require to deploy different ITS applications / Services. At this occasion, PCP was briefly discussed. For this workshop, the P3ITS consortium will provide a deeper analysis of the PCP process, and link it to the ITS requirements defined previously.

The workshop will be hosted by: Connekt / ITS Netherlands Kuyverweg 6 2629 HT Delft, The Netherlands When? 19 January 2011, afternoon only. To register, please contact Valentina Casadei.

Who? The workshop is targeted at an audience of

For more information on P3ITS, please click here.

The workshop will be organised on the sidelines of the Technopolicy Network’s International Expert Meeting on “Innovation Procurement by SBIR and PCP”, in The Hague (NL) on the 20 & 21 January. More information is available here.

Mileage-related heavy vehicle charge – Switzerland (LSVA) Introduction of new “emotach” on-board unit Following the successful conclusion of the one-year pilot phase, the LSVA system operator will be replacing the existing first-generation units (Tripon), which have been in use for approximately ten years, with new on-board units (emotach) from 1 January 2011. As a result, all Tripon units currently in use will be

replaced with emotach units by the end of 2012. The switch will be carried out during a regular workshop visit. The system operator will cover the cost of the emotach unit as well as the work associated with the replacement. The new on-board units will be in use at least until 2021.

The system supplier is Siemens Solutions and Services AG in Zurich, with sub-supplier Continental in Villingen/ Schwenningen for the on-board unit. For further information, please click here.



Call for Papers and Special Session Proposals -18th World Congress on ITS, Orlando, 16-20 October 2011 We are happy to inform you that the Call for Papers and Special Session Interest submissions is now open for the above-mentioned Congress. We therefore invite you to have a closer look at the Call for Papers and Special Session Submission as follows:

18th ITS World Congress, Orlando, 16-20 October 2011 - Keep the economy moving

• For more information on the Call for Papers for Orlando please visit the Orlando ITS Congress website or click here to submit a Technical/Scientific Paper directly. • To submit a Special Session proposal, please complete the Special Interest proposal form for Orlando found here. For your convenience, a Call for Papers Orlando 2011 pdf can be accessed here. • Deadline: All submissions should be completed no later than 14 January 2011. Please note that the deadlines for Lyon and Orlando are quite similar so please plan your work in advance. Should you have any questions, please contact: Programme/General Enquiry Gabriella Axelsson

Technical & Scientific Papers Gabriella Axellson

Plenaries/Executive Sessions Delphine Soubies

Special Sessions Stéphanie Chaufton

ERTICO welcomes new staff! Murielle Withoeck joined ERTICO as Accountancy and Finance Assistant on 9 November 2010. She has fifteen years work experience as accountant. After six years working for a tax consulting company, Murielle established her own business dealing with customers from various companies, as well as independent businesses.


Issue 12 - December 2010

IntelliDrive USA: notice for a Full and Open competition The Federal Highway Administration issued a pre-solicitation notice for a full and open competition. The prospective Contractor team will work in collaboration with the Intelligent Transportation Systems IntelliDrive Safety Program to establish the Safety Pilot model deployment. This deployment is intended to be a real world multi-modal operating environment, supported by a diverse team of industry, public agencies, and academia. It is anticipated that the Contractor team will: • Identify and define a model deployment site and operating environment, along with partnering agencies and organisations • Install infrastructure components, equip 2,000-3,000 vehicles with “Here-I-Am” and aftermarket safety devices, arrange for the installation of Roadside Equipment Devices, conduct a system interoperability test, and resolve any interoperability problems • Coordinate and conduct testing of cooperative systems among vehicles of various types as

well as with the roadside infrastructure • Collect and archive data involving the model deployment operating environment. Provide the processed data to the John A. Volpe National Transportation Centre and assist them in administering surveys and conducting focus groups • Demonstrate applications that leverage the vehicle-based “Here-I-Am” data and infrastructure broadcasted data. Potential Offerors should be knowledgeable in wireless communication (especially Dedicated Short Range Communications at 5.9 GHz) and information technologies, and be experienced in the development and operation of complex, real world and test track vehicle testbeds, including data collection. Offerors should also be knowledgeable in vehicle-based safety systems. More information on the Research and Innovative Technology Administration’s IntelliDrive program is available here.

Time for greener moving In-Time goes public! Date: 25 January 2011 Venue: Vienna, Austria Save the date! Click here to register! Increased traffic in Europe’s cities has resulted in chronic congestion, causing delays and pollution. There is currently a real need for cities to come up with strategies to improve urban mobility and reduce energy consumption caused by transport. This can be achieved not only with optimised traffic management, but also with each traveller choosing an environmentally friendly way of travelling. So how can we ideally support citizens in their daily transport choices? The In-Time project focuses on the delivery of multimodal Real Time Traffic and Travel Information services for drivers and travellers in European cities. It bundles all transport mode information in one city and offers an easy-to-use service with real-time information for citizens. These services include not only time and mode specific information; they take also environmental aspects into account. Get informed about the new way of smarter and environmentally friendly travel and take the chance to join a live demonstration of In-Time! • When? 25 January 2011, 09:00-15:30 • Where? Techgate Vienna, Donau-City-Str. 1, 1220 Vienna, Austria 13


Austria discusses sustainable transport and traffic at ITS Austria Conference More than 200 participants joined this year’s ITS Austria Conference. AustriaTech, together with the Austria Economic Chamber (WKO), organised a oneday event for Austria’s telematics and traffic & transport community on 11 November 2010 in Vienna. The following issues were focused in the area of politics, industry and R&D: What must an intelligent transport and traffic system achieve nowadays and in future? In what circumstances do

single stakeholders need to work together towards a safer and more efficient transport and traffic system? The round table discussions showed in particular the different approaches and identified the need to take action. In addition to the conference program, the participants had the chance to get informed about current activities in the field of traffic telematics during face-to-face meetings with national operators, research institutes and industry partners. The organisers AustriaTech and WKO are planning to continue this kind of joint event in the near future. For more information, please click here.

ITS Vienna 2012: Schedule of the working group meetings AustriaTech has been awarded to host the World Congress for Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) in 2012. The Congress’ topic is “Smarter On The Way”. In preparation for the ITS Vienna 2012, five working groups - smart cargo, smart infrastructure, smart region, smart traveller, and smart vehicle, have been established. The aim of this open forum is to identify the main topics and applications, as well as to promote Austria and the host-region through effective demonstrations and presentations. The working groups will meet once a month. • 1 January 2011: 9.30-13:00 • 15 February 2011: 9:30-13:00


• • • • • • • • • •

18 March 2011: 9:30-13.00 29 April 2011: 9:30-13:00 17 May 2011: 9.30-13.00 16 June 2011: 9:30-13:00 19 July 2011: 9:30-13:00 16 August 2011: 9:30-13.00 23 September 2011: 9:30-13.00 18 October 2011: 9:30-13:00 18 November 2011: 9:30-13:00 13 December 2011: 9:30-13:00

If you want to participate in one of the five working groups, please register here. For more information, please contact Katharina Schueller.

Issue 12 - December 2010

SAVE THE DATE Seminar: Brazil-EU Cooperation on Sustainable Transport, Monday 11 April 2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil B.Bice and Viajeo are pleased to invite you to join a seminar on Brazil - EU cooperation on sustainable transport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Monday 11 April 2010. The seminar is supported by two EC funded FP7 projects, B.Bice and Viajeo. The seminar is aimed at sharing experiences and good practices of EU-Brazil cooperation in the sustainable transport sector and exploiting opportunities of cooperation. At the seminar, activities and achievements of EU-Brazil cooperation on sustainable transport will be presented, as well as good practice in EU-Brazil cooperation in technologies shared. Speakers will include some with many years of experience in the EU-Brazil cooperation. Participants will also discuss future opportunities and strategies. The seminar will also provide a networking opportunity for stakeholders from EU and Brazil. Key Note Speakers include: • Mr. Frédéric Sgarbi, DG Research, European Commission (confirmed) • Prof. Paulo Egler, coordinator of B.Bice and professor at Centre for Advanced Studies in Government and Public Administration (CEAG/UnB) Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (confirmed) • Mr. Gino Franco, Viajeo Sao Paulo test site leader and director of Innovation Unit, Mizar Automazione (confirmed) • Dr. Yanying Li, coordinator of Viajeo and project manager at ERTICO – ITS Europe (confirmed) • Ms. Irina Silva, coordinator of SIMBA II and project support manager at ERTICO – ITS Europe (confirmed) • Mr. Alessandro Santiago, Research and Manager from Network and Information Security at the Institute for Technological Research (IPT) (To be confirmed) The Brazilian Bureau for Enhancing the International Cooperation with the European Union (Project B.Bice) was created in 2005 with the intention to both promote and improve the cooperation between Brazil and the EU in Science, Technology and Innovation. B.Bice’s aims at improving Brazilian participation in the 7th Framework Programmes on Research and Development by dissemination of information related to the cooperation opportunities. The Viajeo project is a three year project, aiming at the development, implementation and demonstration of an open platform for traffic data collection and traveller information services. The open platform will be demonstrated in Athens, Sao Paulo, Beijing and Shanghai. In Sao Paulo, the Viajeo open platform will provide real-time traffic information for motorists. For further information, please click here.



ERTICO is recruiting! ERTICO – ITS Europe is a multi-sector, public/private partnership pursuing the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services. ITS is the integration of information and communications technology with transport infrastructure, vehicles and users in order to improve the transport system as a whole including issues related to road safety, traffic efficiency, environmental issues and system and infrastructure security. We are currently seeking to recruit a full-time (m/f) ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT for a challenging full-time position in an international environment. You will provide assistance to the Partnership Services department and to the Development & Deployment department. The selected candidate will have the following responsibilities: Partnership Services (70%): • Writing minutes of meetings; • Organising the logistics for the Partners events (Board, Strategy Committee, General Assembly, etc.); • Monitoring Partners’ activity levels through participation table and partner mapping; • Providing support with the preparation of documents and mailings; • Acting as a point of contact, responding to partner’s queries, sending out regular information; • Handling correspondence to Partners and potential Partners; • Maintaining the Partners’ database up to date; • Proofreading of documents, brochures. Development & Deployment (30%): • Providing necessary support to the Project Team in day-to-day administrative tasks: draft correspondence, collect, compile and distribute all data activities; • Organising meetings according to the project proposal agenda, including logistics, registration, taking minutes; • Filing and archiving all project documents (ISO management system); 16

• Assisting with logistics for events, conferences, workshops, demonstrations and Project and Forum meetings by collecting and compiling information, organising agendas, sending out invitation letters, taking registrations, preparing badges and nameplates, organising project dissemination material and stands;… The successful candidate will: • be a native level English speaker with excellent verbal and written skills (able to take minutes); proficiency in other European languages is an asset; • have good communication and relationship skills; • have minimum 2 years experience in an assistant role (operational and administrative tasks), preferably a membership-based organisation; • have excellent planning and organisational skills; • have excellent knowledge of MS office and other tools (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, internet); • have priority setting skills; • be efficient, flexible and stress resistant; • be a team player and able to work autonomously; • be enthusiastic and positive; • be in line with the ERTICO values. ERTICO offers a friendly, dynamic work environment with a chance to grow. Please send your application letter and resume to Géraldine Viérin, Human Resources Manager, For security reasons, please note that we cannot accept emails from services such as Yahoo!, Hotmail! Etc. In this case, please fax or post your application instead.

Issue 12 - December 2010



ITS (UK) announced 2011 National Award, London, UK 7 January 2011 (Closing date for nominations) Time for Greener Moving: In-Time goes public, Vienna, Austria 25 January 2011

ITU Call for Abstracts issued for The Fully Networked Car at Geneva Motor Show 2011, Switzerland 2-3 March 2011 GIFTS 2011:1st International ICST Conference on Green Intelligent Future Transport Systems, Athens,Greece 16-18 March 2011 Call for Papers! ISEP 2011:19th International Symposium on Electronics in Transport, Ljubljana, Slovenia 28-29 March 2011 Seminar: Brazil-EU Cooperation on Sustainable Transport, Sao Paolo, Brazil 11 April 2011 Save the Date! ITS Forum Berlin, Germany 18-19 May 2011 Participate in Intertraffic Istanbul 2011!, Turkey 25-27 May 2011 4th ITS Polish Congress, Warsaw, Poland 25-26 May 2011 MOSARIM workshop “Automotive Radar Interference Mitigation and Countermeasures”, Ispra, Italy 26 May 2011 Call for Papers! – 8th European Congress and Exhibition on ITS, Lyon, France 6-9 June 2011 Call for Papers! Future Network and Mobile Summit 2011, Warsaw, Poland 15-17 June 2011 Call for Papers! 1st International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety, Wuhan, China 30 June - 2 July 2011 ITS Japan: 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 ‘Smart Mobility City 2011’, Tokyo, Japan 2-11 December 2011 Transports Publics 2012: The European Mobility Exhibition, Paris, France 5-7 June 2012

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ERTICO Newsletter - December 2010  

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