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CityMove & CityLog

Issue 3 September 2011

The Newsletter Of Clean, Safe And Sustainable City Logistics


New concepts for sustainable city logistics

Dear Readers, 011 is decisive and very exciting for the CityLog and CityMove projects: it is the year when our solutions are developed. In these months, our engineering teams worked hard to define the last details and to start the implementations. Either in the workshops for adapting the vehicle features to the city logistic needs, or in the laboratories to write new software applications enabling more efficient mission management, all the partners are well committed to release reliable and effective systems. Of course, our proposals need to be validated. This is a job for other working groups, which are right now engaged in a number of meetings to plan and test - site by site- the deployment of different solutions according to precise use cases. Then, we will be ready for final step, in which the final users will have the chance to use and have a direct feeling of what we are doing to improve the city logistics. Enjoy your reading! Saverio Zuccotti (CityLog) and Gianfranco Burzio (CityMove)

In this Issue: • CityLog - preview of solutions page 1-2

ITS technologies are today a recommended practice for the city logistics improvement. Nevertheless, those systems cannot be considered as off-theshelf solutions that can be acquired and used according to a “plug & play” approach. his would be technically possible, but general purpose and mass market-oriented systems do not take into account the specific needs and operating constraints that the freightage involves. For this reason, the CityLog project is proposing a better exploitation of today’s technologies to improve the overall mission efficiency. The set of solutions we are developing includes:

• An optimised pre-trip planner, to organise the daily missions according to delivery paths that take into account the traffic peak profiles • A dynamic navigation system in which a remote server is able to correct the vehicle route in real time to avoid sudden traffic blocks • Digital maps enhanced with specific attributes for commercial vehicles, to make the navigation system Continued on next page

• CityMove - solutions under development ... page 3 • CityMove prototypes page 4 • Roadmap to a Single EuropeanTransport Area (White Paper) page 5 • “Smart Mobility Challenge 2011” Launched page 5 • Urban Freight logistics sessions at Lyon Congress page 6 • Report on the 8th European ITS Congress page 7 •

Issue 3 September 2011


CityMove & CityLog

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and the pre-trip planner aware of physical and legal access limitations • A last mile parcel tracking to inform recipients about imminent deliveries via SMS Even if each solution can work as an autonomous block, CityLog aims to demonstrate that a wider application and integration of these services will lead to significant benefits. Interoperable vehicles and modular BentoBox

he second relevant pillar for the CityLog action is the improvement of the vehicle configuration and the development of the BentoBox concept. More specifically, CityLog partners are setting up prototypes of a set of interoperable vehicles, basically composed of medium-heavy trucks

and smaller distribution vans that can share and transship new compact containers. The logistics model enabled by these solutions allows to carry several load units close to the city centre by just one high-capacity truck working as a “freight bus�, and then to ensure the final delivery using the vans.

The innovative load units have been designed to have extensible legs for easy transshipment operations, which means no cranes or complex actuators on the vehicles, no special equipments in the depots or in the public areas. The prototypes are based on a 16-ton Volvo truck and two 3.5 Iveco Daily vans.

A complementary approach is represented by the BentoBox, a sort of modular pack station with removable trolleys.

CityMove & CityLog

Issue 3 September 2011


CityMove aims at developing an innovative integrated vehicle solution fitting with the integrated city transport solution approach for a secure, flexible, reliable, clean, energy efficient and safe road transport of goods across European cities, having also a significant impact on reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement in terms of safety and security. Clean Strategy City Move project is developing solutions for: - innovative rigid truck to reduce the wear of the tires - a clean fridge unit to reduce CO2 emission - innovative hybrid powertrain linked to the body application - technologies for fuel economy and eco-compatibility in refrigerated goods delivery Fig. 1. Clean and flexible fridge unit

Fig. 2. Eutectic beam

Fig. 3. innovative hybrid powertrain linked to the body application

Safety City Move project is developing solutions for: - Predictive anti-rollover functionality for urban trucks - Pedestrian / vulnerable-user protection - Collision avoidance - driver assistance

Fig. 4. Vehicle prototype equipped for antirollover testing

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Issue 3 September 2011


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Fig. 5. Radar sensor for collision avoidance

Different prototypes are under development to demonstrate the benefits of the developed solutions. The prototypes are based on two 12-Ton IVECO medium trucks and a 16-ton Volvo truck.

Fig. 7. IVECO Prototype 1

Fig. 8. Volvo Prototype

CityMove & CityLog

CityMove & CityLog

Issue 3 September 2011


Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area - Towards a

competitive and resource efficient transport system White paper 2011 he European Commission adopted a roadmap of 40 concrete initiatives for the next decade to build a competitive transport system that will increase mobility, remove major barriers in key areas and fuel growth and employment. At the same time, the proposals will dramatically reduce Europe’s dependence on imported oil and cut carbon emissions in transport by 60% by 2050.

By 2050, key goals will include: • No more conventionally- fuelled cars in cities •

40% use of sustainable low carbon fuels in aviation; at least 40% cut in shipping emissions

A 50% shift of medium distance intercity passenger and freight journeys from road to rail and waterborne transport

• All of which will contribute to a 60% cut in transport emissions by the middle of the century

Vice-President of the European Commission Siim Kallas launches “Smart Mobility Challenge 2011” at the Lyon Congress iim Kallas, Vice-President of the Commission, responsible for Transport, presented an invitation at the “Transport Smart Mobility Solutions Conference” to industry and stakeholders, as well as to interested public and industry professionals, to submit concrete and workable planning tools aimed at overcoming the existent barriers in multimodal journey planning. The invitation was presented as the “Smart Mobility Challenge 2011”, and began by reinforcing efforts made by the Commission in the implementation of its ITS Action Plan, ITS Directive and TAP-TSI specifications for rail, initiatives addressing the ongoing challenges in European transport and mobility. In that context, Kallas highlighted the current status and ongoing industry challenges in the area of transport and mobility including: • An increasing oil price and persistent oil dependency • A deteriorating climate and local environment • Growing congestion and poorer accessibility

In his speech, Kallas further reinforced the importance of innovation as a way of accomplishing a transport system of the future and tackling the above challenges: “Transport and mobility are at a crossroads. In our Roadmap to a more competitive and resource efficient transport system we say clearly, that curbing mobility cannot be an option… We need to give convincing answers how to deal with multiple challenges”.

Smart Mobility In the minutes preceding the presentation of the challenge to the audience, Kallas once again highlighted the concept of “smart mobility”: “Smart mobility is about applying information and communication technology for transport need; information on all modes, in real-time; for everyone”. Importantly, however, he further highlighted the need to realise and subsequently address existing barriers in the context of European multimodal journey planning: “I see very good examples of multimodal travel information at the local, regional or national level. I see several customer portals on air travel. I also see positive developments, for example, the new Agency for multi-

modal information and ticketing of the French government or innovative private companies acting increasingly as independent mobility information brokers…But very few of these include a “European” or “crossborder”, end-to-end dimension. I cannot yet plan or book my journey through Europe – switching from air to rail or sea, to urban or road transport – in one single go and online”, he said. Important barriers to European multimodal planning include: • How to solve the dilemma of cooperation among competitors (e.g. on data sharing) • How to enhance data availability and data quality • How to improve the business case for a European solution Continued on next page

Issue 3 September 2011


CityMove & CityLog

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Smart Mobility Challenge 2011 Session SS06 URBAN FREIGHT LOGISTICS The Smart Mobility Challenge 2011 presents an innovative way of meeting the challenges of transport and mobility, specifically in the area of travel planning. On behalf of the Commission, Kallas invited industry and stakeholders to present to the public concrete and workable “European multimodal travel planning tools” as well as “new bright ideas” of how to make such tools become reality. Furthermore, he invited interested public, transport professionals, IT experts, travellers, daily transport users, to subsequently test the models and ideas presented, and cast a vote to elect the most promising and innovative solutions. Concretely, over the summer until 9 September 2011, planners, researchers, established companies or young start-ups were urged to send proposals to be implemented as planners to the Commission. A competent jury is to look at the “best ideas for future innovative planner”, and invite the winners of the Challenge to present their tools and ideas at the Commission’s stand during the next ITS World Congress in Vienna in October 2012. The Challenge can be accessed via where it is possible to click through some of the known national journey planners – the heart of the website is a European map with links to about 20 journey planners. In the context of this challenge, the Commission has already held a workshop on the subject in Brussels on 20 June 2011 to discuss the current status and vision towards a European Journey Planner.

The CityLog and CityMove projects participated in the 8th ITS European Congress held in Lyon in the session on urban freight logistics. round 35 participants had the opportunity to hear about several technologies and city experiences of urban freight logistics.

The FREILOT pilot presented by Zeljko Jeftic focussed on services that increase energy efficiency in goods and transport in European urban areas. In the four FREILOT pilot cities – Bilbao, Helmond, Krakow and Lyon – the FREILOT system, which gives a certain level of priority for trucks at junctions coupled with speed and acceleration limiters and eco-driving advice plus delivery space booking, is currently being piloted.

The session, moderated by Julius Menge, Berlin test site leader, examined the different ways of distributing freight inside urban areas by using ITS technologies, innovative vehicle features and clever energy efficiency services which could lead to low noise, low emissions, efficient operations and increased safety. The CityLog and CityMove projects, presented by Guillame Vernet and Gianfranco Burzio respectively, had the opportunity to describe progress made. The next phase will be the demonstration of the feasibility of a wide range of logistic-oriented info mobility services: optimised pre-trip planner, a new type of navigation system based on enhanced maps and a last mile parcel tracking service and the implementation of the CITYLOG scenarios in the specific context of each test site: Berlin, Lyon and the region of Piedmont (Torino). Other urban freight logistic oriented projects were presented. The results of the SMARTWAY project showed how cooperative applications such as access control (environmental zones) could be applied in the field of urban freight logistics.

Guillaume Vernet (back), Consultant - Volvo Technology, tests the FREILOT simulator at the ERTICO stand; Massimo Marciani (right), President - FIT Consulting, and Zeljko Jeftic (left), FREILOT Coordinator,

Massimo Marciani, President of FIT consulting, provided with the audience with an example of the successful experience in Parma demonstrating that efficient and integrated last mile freight and passenger transport is achievable.

CityMove & CityLog

Issue 3 September 2011


The 8th European Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services was held on 6-9 June 2011 in Lyon, France, with the theme “ITS for sustainable transport of persons and goods in urban regions”. The Congress was organised by ERTICO - ITS Europe with the active participation of Grand Lyon, the Rhône-Alpes Region, the Lyon Urban Truck and Bus Cluster, the French Ministry of Transport (MEDDTL), ITS France, French organisations active within ERTICO, the European Programme Committee and the French Organising Committee. Video recordings of the Opening Ceremony, Plenary Session, Congress Conclusions and Closing Plenary may be downloaded from the i-Mobility Network library. The full Congress Conclusions are also available as a written report. Facts and figures Congress delegates: 845 Participants: 1821 (46 countries) Exhibitors: 100+ (17 different countries) Journalists: 50+

Monday, 6 June - Opening ceremony The Congress opened with a ceremony hosted by TV presenter and journalist Melinda Crane and featured speeches from a number of highprofile guests. European Commissioner for Transport, Siim Kallas, spoke of the importance of ITS for the future development of a seamless, cooperative, multi-modal European transport network and

host cities for the European ITS Congresses in 2013 and 2014 were chosen. Dublin will host in 2013, and in 2014 Helsinki will be the host.

Tuesday, 7 June - Plenary session

TV presenter and journalist Melinda Crane at Opening Ceremony

emphasised the EU’s efforts through its 2011 White Paper on Transport and the ITS Action Plan and associated Directive. Gunter Zimmermeyer, Chairman of the Board of ERTICO, highlighted the unprecedented size of this year’s European Congress, paying tribute to organisers and hosts of the event as well as the many hundreds of participants attending from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds. Mayor of Lyon, Gerard Collomb, spoke of his pride at hosting the European ITS Congress and the positive effects it brings to the city, which is at the forefront of ITS development and deployment in its capacity as the largest transport hub in France Jean-Jack Queyranne, President of the Rhône-Alpes region, echoed these remarks and underlined the transport challenges that the region faces and meets through strong investment and high levels of innovation. Daniel Bursaux, speaking on behalf of the Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, outlined some of France’s most recent achievements in the development of multi-modal transport systems alongside the reduction of carbon emissions. He also congratulated the city of Bordeaux on its successful bid to host the European ITS Congress in 2015. Finally, it was announced that the

The following day started with the plenary session entitled “Strategies for successful implementation of ITS in cities and urban regions”. The round table introduced the vision of ITS innovation in the context of transport and discussed the ITS strategies that local authorities are most likely to prioritise when setting up multimodal mobility solutions. Likewise, the supply side of innovative transport systems and mobility services and close cooperation between ITS stakeholders were highlighted. Zoran Stančič, Deputy DirectorGeneral, DG INFSO, stressed the need for standardisation and harmonisation in order to achieve wide-spread and accepted ITS deployment. Senior Vice President of Xerox – ACS, Cees de Wijs, underlined the concept of “smart simplicity”: self service, ubiquitous, 24/7, reliable and variable pricing. He also called for greater efforts to ensure intellectual property is protected. Finally, he noted that in order for ITS to move forward, the “clocks” needed to be synchronised – the four-year election Continued on next page

Issue 3 September 2011


CityMove & CityLog

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cycle, the quarterly profit and the R&D clocks. Tobyn Hughes, Strategy Director, Nexus (the Tyne and Wear, UK, passenger transport executive body) gave an overview of the situation in his city. Noting that the UK has gone further than many countries in deregulating and opening up public transport, he said, “ITS helps overcome the lack of physical integration by providing the illusion of it”. Christian Rousseau, Transport Policy Director, Renault, highlighted the importance of connected and seamless navigation for ITS, using Renault’s venture with TomTom “Carminat” as an example. Brendan O’Brien, Head of Technical Services, Dublin City Council, stressed that in order to achieve sustainability, the citizen must be provided with data in a readily accessible and understandable manner. In this regard, he noted that data accumulated by the city (or other public body) should be a resource for all, enabling innovative services to be created. During the subsequent discussion, there was general agreement that the private sector is best placed to decide on how goals can best be met, while it was for the public authorities and politicians to determine those goals in line with policy needs.

Trucks and Lyon Urban Truck and Bus Chairman, Valery Cervantes, Public Affairs Director Irisbus Iveco and Vicechairman of Lyon Urban Truck and Bus. Fotis Karamitsos, Director, European Commission, DG MOVE, paid tribute to twenty years of ERTICO, an organisation which he played a significant role in founding and with which he has maintained close links over the decades. Ivan Hodac, Secretary General, ACEA, an ERTICO Partner, also celebrated the anniversary, highlighting the fruitful nature of the multi-sector partnership. As part of the celebrations, and keeping in mind the ERTICO mission to advance ITS deployment, ERTICO had, in conjunction with the Network of National ITS Associations and the Lyon European ITS Congress organising committee, organised the “Bringing Intelligence into Mobility” video competition. The purpose of the video competition was to promote the usage of videos to demonstrate the power of ITS to improve mobility, using a medium that would appeal to the public. Fifty videos were submitted, with a grand total of 3573 votes.

Wednesday, 8 June – Gala Dinner Rounding off Wednesday’s activities was the Gala dinner, with the financial support of RhôneAlpes Region, Orange Business Services and Logica. In addition to networking with old and new colleagues, guests had the opportunity to ride a simulator round an F1 endurance course; tutored wine tasting was available for those who wanted to relax, and a magician entertained the guests.

Thursday, 9 June - Congress conclusions Eight rapporteurs had spent the week participating in their specialist sessions and developing conclusions. The full report is available as part of the i-Mobility Network library here. Roger Pagny, Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing (France), spoke of the importance of achieving multimodality by providing users with multi-modal service and easy ticketing, and providing effective re-routing of travellers and public transport users.

Tuesday, 7 June – VIP and ERTICO 20 year dinner The VIP dinner was also the occasion of the ERTICO 20 year anniversary. Welcoming words were spoken by the organisers and hosts: Gunter Zimmermeyer, Chairman Supervisory Board, ERTICO, David Kimelfeld, ViceChairman of Grand Lyon responsible for Economic Development, Eric Poyeton, Renault

such, ERTICO will run another video competition for the 19th ITS World Congress, Vienna 22-26 October 2012. All submitted videos may be viewed on the i-Mobility Network website.

The three most popular videos were shown at the VIP dinner, and diners were invited to vote for the winner. 1. SPITS: ready-to-deploy ITS results 2. ITS World Congress 2009: Young Thoughts on Future Travel 3. Cinterion eTolling The winning video, ITS World Congress 2009: Young Thoughts on Future Travel, was shown at the closing ceremony of the European ITS Congress. ERTICO strongly supports the use of audiovisual tools to inform the public and transport stakeholders of the benefits of ITS; as

Jean-Christophe Beziat, Renault, identified and described the different axes through which ITS would accelerate the development of electromobility. Paul Kompfner, ERTICO, raised the question on the status of delivering cooperative mobility services, the coordination between road operators and mobile network operators, and the expectations placed upon delivering safe, efficient and green driving. He asked the question of which of the existing actors will be the likely future mobility service providers to

CityMove & CityLog

Issue 3 September 2011

penetrate the markets. Laurent Jacques, Volvo Technology, commented on the legal framework necessary to coordinate the implementation of ITS within Europe, and made a reference to the benefits brought about by recent legal instruments such as the ITS Directive and Action Plan in terms of speeding up market penetration for mature ITS systems. Richard Harris, Logica, spoke of the importance of governance and tackling of business issues by pointing out that without successful governance all we have are demonstrations and pilot trials. Effective leadership is needed in ensuring quick implementation of ITS technologies while addressing the challenges of revenue cost. Kees Wevers, NAVTEQ, focused on information and communication providers and users. He raised the challenge of achieving harmonisation in different countries, given the availability of data but also high demands for real information. Michael Sena, Michael Sena Consulting, pointed out the ITS solutions needed to satisfy certain goals in promoting sustainable transit in urban regions, including solutions being regional (not local), multimodal, clean and safe, accounting for complexity, and providing incentives to help change users’ behaviour in the long term. Eric Louette, Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing (France), focused on the logistical challenges of urban freight, taking into consideration that over 72% of the European population occupy urban areas thus becoming part of the framework for technological and organisational innovation.


Thursday, 9 June - Closing ceremony The closing ceremony was hosted by Hermann Meyer, ERTICO CEO. Shelley Row, Director ITS Joint Programme Office, US DOT, spoke of collaboration and the shared priorities of ITS communities worldwide, particularly given the perceived similarities of issues faced in Europe, the USA and Asia. DOT is committed to collaboration and learning from the excellent expertise and knowledge of European ITS specialists. Gunter Zimmermeyer, Chairman of the ERTICO Supervisory Board, said, “The 8th European ITS Congress and Exhibition is and will remain a showcase for the development and deployment of ITS not only in Europe… Lyon was indeed the meeting place for all ITS stakeholders we were wishing for”. Robert Madelin, Director-General, European Commission, DG INFSO, reiterated four recurrent aspects of the Congress sessions/presentations: reliable support from the political side; the role of the stakeholders; the role of regulators; and the need for a sustained financial effort. For TV Lyon Metropole’s report on the Lyon Congress, go to: watch?v=86a7-REFHIY

Issue 3 September 2011


CityMove & CityLog

CityLog participated at CeBIT event 2011. Hannover, Germany 2-3 March 2011 CeBIT is the digital industry’s biggest, most international event. Saverio Zuccotti (CRF) coordinator of CityLog project presented the achievements and next steps of the project.

18th ITS World Congress, Orlando, 16-20 October 2011 - Keep the economy moving Orlando, Florida For more information on the Call for Papers for Orlando please visit the Orlando ITS Congress website or click here to submit a Technical/Scientific Paper directly. For your convenience, please visit:

TRA 2012, Athens, 23-26 April 2012 - Sustainable mobility through innovation Athens, Greece The main theme for TRA 2012 in Athens is Sustainable mobility through innovation. The main objective of the TRA 2012 is to contribute to innovation in sustainable mobility for Europe, by bringing together all the stakeholders of the transport system. The TRA gives the opportunity to the road, rail and maritime sectors to address common challenges and share knowledge in order to deliver together a greener, safer and smarter transport system. In pursuing its objective of sustainable mobility for Europe, the TRA enhances the global competitiveness of the European Union, by promoting the three aspects of the knowledge triangle: Research - Education - Innovation. TRA 2012 will cover a wide spectrum of research and innovation activities. These will range from basic sciences to application oriented engineering and represent social, technical and economic aspects, as well as policy and standards. The TRA will also address demonstration activities. CityMove and CityLog projects will participate at the TRA event with technical papers and a dedicated Special Session.

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CityLog & CityMove Newsletter - September 2011  

CityLog & CityMove Newsletter - September 2011

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