Rob Miller & Mitch Gray RHT 2017

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Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas May 25th to 29th

Edition, Design and Photography

Eugenio Robleda E. Special thanks To Steve Berry from

Hemmings Motor News allowing us to use the information of his publication:

Baja Blacktop: Racing Mex 1

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]

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•> Bahía Concepción



The Baja: Two-Lane Blacktop Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is a 1,000 mile long stretch of beautiful coastal desert and mountains with a single main artery called Mex 1 that pingpongs back and forth between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, mingling long, wide-open stretches of road with endless curves through mountains and along pristine coastline known for beautiful beaches, deep-sea fishing, and ecological importance as a global birth site for multiple species of whales. For decades, the region has graciously hosted one of the largest off-road races in the world, The Baja 1000. The Rally is organized into four days, beginning in Ensenada and ending at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in Cabo San Lucas. Car classing closely follows the existing Mexican historic rallies (pre-1972 four-, six-, and eight-cylinders) with a new emphasis on modern car classes, a motorcycle class, and a touring class for street cars that want to follow the race route. Each day of the race includes between 100km and 400km of transit distance, and four to eight speed stages totalling over 500km of hot racecourse. The Mexican Federal Police facilitate the race, traveling with us and shutting down long stretches of highway to non-race traffic and allowing the racecars to run full-out. Additionally, the race includes service vehicles for the race cars, along with safety and race-control staff, all moving together with a common goal.

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]

The Teams Rob Miller and the student-built Mustang Joined by navigator Mitch Gray, Rob piloted the 1965 Mustang Shelby clone, which started life as a 1965. Built by Tony Whitworth, an instructor at The Carroll Shelby Automotive Technology Program, and 120 students, the racer was designed to compete in La Carrera Panamericana 2015, where it finished ninth in the Historic C class.

Chris Eberz and Cindy Nelson -The Studebaker The 1953 Studebaker Loewy coupe is a fixture of Mexican racing. In the current Panamericana rule set, the chassis selection was originally limited to 1965 and earlier, making the Lowey coupe the most aerodynamic choice available. It gladly accepts a big American Chevy V-8 and other hardboiled running gear needed to push these cars to 180mph and beyond. Chris’ car goes a bit beyond the standard ruleset and features a modified LS3 with a TH400. Epic.

Team Flogit: Kaming Ko and Stafford Galen -The Dodge Kam is a seasoned motorcycle racer from California and an experienced rally racer. Stafford Galen built their ‘64 Dart with a motor, a fourspeed manual, stock leaf springs in the rear, with a front end worked over by Hotrods to Hell Inc. This car was fast and skillfully crewed.

El Habanero -The Chevelle Reid Holzworth and Nick Hublou drove the 327 Chevelle SS four-speed, was a serious contender, and left double black lines on every possible piece of pavement in the Baja. It was maintained and crewed by Richard and Rafael of Apex Auto Works outside of Houston, Texas. “We often hit 160 mph. We’re going fast, and you just hope the course notes are correct for whatever is over the next crest” - El Hab Navigator Nick Hublou


Apple Farmer Racing. A Car Built by Robots

High-Speed Tourism: Doug and Brandon Guilliams of Louisiana - Focus ST

Richard Bailey grows apples and cherries in Royal City, Washington.

The Touring class in the race allows street cars to run the closed race

Usually seen piloting a ‘53 Studebaker and a ‘68 Volvo 122S in La Carrera

route after the race cars have passed. Their times don’t count in the race

Panamericana, Richard brought out his 2007 Subaru STI, with 12,000 race

outcomes, but the fun is real. Doug and his son joined the race in his

miles on the odometer, to compete in the Modern Four-Cylinder class.

son’s modified 2015 Ford Focus ST. After the finish line, they went on a fishing trip. They have the right idea.

“Reading course notes in a racecar at speed is as tough as you think it is. Dramamine helps” - Chad McKinney

A moving circus

Porfirio Gutierrez drove in the first day of the rally in his prepped Fox-

The race requires multiple support cars moving ahead of and behind

body Mustang. Porfirio was in the race for only one day, all the way to

the race. Slowly, and then quickly, the race wents down and across the

Cataviña as the destination, but had mechanical issues and only made

pensinsula, like a carnival setting up and breaking down along the way.

it to San Vicente. All agreed he drove the doors off of this car and was setting fast times before he was derailed. El Coyote won the unofficial

The race control cars scramble to stay ahead of the race and set up start

Spirit of Mexican Motorsports Award.

and finish checkpoints, timing, medical crew, and sweepers, all while keeping the schedule and rhythm of the race moving. Spot-judgments

Alfredo Mtz - The motorcycle class

are required by race organizers whether to continue or cancel speed

Surgeon, hunting guide, and all around solid dude, Alfredo Mtz, brought

stages based on road conditions and other logistics. This is a profes-

a support crew of friends and family to crew behind his bike for the race,

sional group of dedicated staff who, above-all, are concerned with the

and ran his Harley to the limit. The motorcycle class is very accessible

safety of locals and participants in what can be a chaotic and quickly

option for more people to participate in the Mexican tarmac rally.

changing environment.


•> Cataviñá

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]

•> Cuesta del Infierno

The Home Stretch La Paz to Cabo Sometimes Things Really Break.

Although El Hab lost a lot of time on day one due to a blown clutch. Chris’

In the final speed stage on the final day of the rally, Chris’s car holed the

Studebaker was the only casualty of the race. In La Carrera Panameri-

block spraying oil all over the belly pan and headers, which then ignited.

cana 30 percent attrition rates are typical - many on the first day - so it’s

Flames were inside the cabin and nearly consumed the car. Chris emp-

a testament to the route, the crews, and the drivers that we were within

tied two 5 lb cannisters of fire suppression and just barely managed

one speed stage of having a 100 percent finish rate.

to arrest the flames. Solid preparation and safety gear saved the car and protected the passengers. Sad to see a team and car of this caliber

The well-catered awards ceremony was fueled by Tequila and congrat-

sidelined at the end of the journey. We all look forward to seeing this

ulations. Apple Farmer Racing won overall in the modern Subaru, fol-

car again.

lowed closely by Kaming Ko in the Dodge Dart, Rob Miller in the Shelby

“Fire was coming into the cabin. We pulled over and used the

Mustang, Reid Holzworth in the ‘64 Chevelle SS (lost a day to a blown

whole in-car tank - I had to get out and spray under the car

clutch), and finally, former race champion Chris Ebers in the LS7 open-

to fully extinguish it. These things happen - we’re safe!”

class Studebaker with a mechanical failure that resulted in an overall

- Chris Ebers

DNF. Chris would have been much higher in the standings if he had

The Finish Line at Cabo San Lucas.

made it across the finish line.



Rally Histórico Transpeninsular 2017



Rob Miller

Mitch Gray

He began racing 115 mph shifter karts on road race courses at

He Heraced begangokarts racing when 115 mph chainsaw shifter karts engines on road were race the thing. courses Builtat

47 years old and won two regional championships with The

and 47 years ran dune oldbuggies. and wonRaced two motor regional cycles championships in cross country with and The

Southwest Regional Road Race Association.

hare Southwest and hound Regional races. Road BuiltRace andAssociation. raced formula vee’s vw’s and Corvair engines. Ran on the drag strip and got his 200 mph tick-

He is the chief promoter and one of the organizers of The Texas

etHeinisfuel. the chief He got promoter out of racing and one when of thethe organizers deep pocket of The people Texas

Lonestar Grand Prix - one of the largest kart street races in the

started Lonestar getting Grandinvolved. Prix - one of the largest kart street races in the

world. Racers from 18 states and 8 countries have participated

world. Racers from 18 states and 8 countries have participated

in the 100 mph kart street race in historic Lockhart, Texas. The

He in met the 100 andmph became kart good streetfriends race inwith historic Robert Lockhart, Miller and Texas. as they The

race is viewed in over 35 countries via live streaming internet

say racethe is rest viewed is history. in overThey 35 countries have a shop via live in which streaming they restore internet


and feed. build cars, boats and engines for same. His first real experience with rally racing was La Carrera Panamericana 2015.

His team also races a Porsche 944 in endurance races put on by

Needless His team to also sayraces it was a Porsche quiet an 944 experience. in endurance Co-piloting races put the on Rally by

The World Racing League.

Histórico The World Transpeninsular Racing League.was an even better experience.

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]



Rally Histórico Transpeninsular 2017


Day 1 Ensenada >> Cataviñá

•> Ensenada

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]



Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


Santo Tomรกs

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histórico Transpeninsular 2017


San Quintín

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]



Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


El Rosario

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]

Puente El Rosario


Rally Histórico Transpeninsular 2017


Day 2 Cataviñá >> Mulegé

•> Cataviñá

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]

Santa InĂŠs


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


Guerrero Negro

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally HistĂłrico Transpeninsular 2017


Santa RosalĂ­a

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]



Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histórico Transpeninsular 2017


Day 3 Mulegé >> La Paz

•> Bahía Concepción

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]

Bahía Concepción


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017



Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histórico Transpeninsular 2017


“El Cien”

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


โ ข> El Triunfo

Day 4 La Paz >> Cabo

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]

San Bartolo


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histórico Transpeninsular 2017


Cabo San José y Cabo San Lucas

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017

Cabo San Lucas

Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


Rally Histรณrico Transpeninsular 2017


Miller - Gray [Driver: Rob Miller]-[Codriver: Mitch Gray]


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