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“I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.� Le Corbusier.

erman รถzdemir portfolio, 2018.




Istanbul Technical University Urban Design Master’s degree 2010 – 2012

ADDRESS Şişli Merkez Mahallesi Sağdıç Sokak ŞİŞLİ-ISTANBUL E-MAIL MOBILE +90 539 452 88 39 WEB PERSONAL INFORMATION Dateof birth: 16.06.1986 Place of birth: İzmit / Turkey Martial Status: Single Personality: Creative, patient, comunicative, compatible Interests: Distance Running, Sketching, Travelling, Photography, Web design.


Istanbul Technical University Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture 2004 –2010 Istanbul Technical University Bachelor’s degree of Interior Architecture (Double Major Prog.) 2006 – 2011 Fachhochschule Köln Architecture Faculty Erasmus Exchange Programme 2007 – 2008 spring term INTERN TACA Construction LTD. «Construction of Harbiye Congress Center» 2009 Mert Eyiler Mimarlık Atölyesi Office 2007 2007




Şevki Pekin Architectural Office // Architect 2010 - 2011

Strong Conceptual Design Ability Architectural sketching, 3d modeling and representation ability

Epo Architectural Office // Architect 2011 - 2012


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Turkmall Real Estate Company // Architect, Conceptual Designer 2012 Sabri Paşayiğit Design Office // Conceptual Design Manager 2012 – 2018 COMPETITIONS & PRIZES

Turkish:Native English: Upper intermediate level (fluent in speaking) German: intermediate level Russian: Beginner level

Sketchbook Pro Sketch up Autocad Paint Shop Pro Jasc Software MS word, powerpoint, excell Adobe Photoshop Vray for sketch up 3dmax Adobe Indesign Adobe Dreamveawer Adobe Flash Adobe After effects

2011 Ytong Fair Stant Design Competition Honurable Mention Award 2010 Archiprix Graduation Project Competition Honurable Mention Award 2008 Housing Unit Design Student Competition 3rd Prize





RESIDENTIAL PROJECT IN ISTANBUL - BAHCELIEVLER The housing Project Located In Bahçelievler District of Istanbul has 1171 units and apr. 120.000 sq m. Concept aims to provide green public spaces and gardens to the users of the housing complex. Water element in design is used as an important component of the landscape providing a natural look and a better aura for the residents. Project has lots of shared communual functional spaces with its «fold home» concept and enables its users to benefit from the environment they live. Project designed for the NEF Real Estate Company during the working period of SPDO



Rendering by LIFANG



OFFICE PROJECT IN ISTANBUL Office Building Located near by the new financial district in Asian side of Istanbul. Inspired from the nearby crucial point of the highways where the vehicle circulation comes and splinters to all parts of the city. The function of that point has a role working as a heart which inhales the circulation and Pumps it to the veins (Street network) of the city. Form Inspired of the shape of a heart and it effected the concept of the building. Project Designed for the Artas Construction company during the working period in SPDO in 2016, Construction started in 2017



Rendering by WOX



RESIDENTIAL PROJECT IN ISTANBUL - UMRANIYE The housing project located in Umraniye District of Istanbul. Concept aims to provide a green living environment for the users. The water element in the landscape was arranged to create a close relationship with the buildings. Green terraces on upper floors have been designed to provide natural living spaces for the users of the apartments. Project designed for the Artas Construction Company during the working period of SPDO




Rendering by LIFANG



HOTEL PROJECT IN KAYSERI Hotel project stands in the city center of Kayseri/Turkey. With its unique form and contrast on its facade, it aims to attract visitors both for itself and for the developing Anatolian City of “Kayseri� Project designed for the Kuloglu Tourism Company during the working period of SPDO.

Rendering by WOX



SELÇUK CULTURAL CENTER Project mainly aimed to become a focus point for the surrounding public and recreational facilities. The axes coming from the surrounding routes are extended in the project site and the point where the axes join is considered as an urban meeting point and a square. In the building organisation, spaces with a large volume such as conference hall and foyer are located under the ground. The other spaces are gathered in a linear form parallel to one side of the site on the ground. In this way, it is aimed that the remaining area on the ground will be left for a green public space. Project designed for Selçuk Municipality Cultural Center Competition in 2016. Participated personally.







URBAN TRANSFORMATION PROJECT IN IZMIR Project designed as an urban transformation project on the site of an old and abondoned industrial settlement in İzmir. The location of the site is a very central point in today’s city of İzmir. Project aimed to develop that part of the city as a commercial, residential and cultural zone. A wide boulevard which connects the highway and the shoreside has been designed and high rise office, residence, hotel blocks have been placed alongside of that boulevard. On the other hand ground level has been arranged as a public space which enables both the residents and the visitors to use and share. Cultural buildings, green areas, F&B units are all placed along the boulevard to create a lively public open space. Project designed for the Emlak Konut Construction Company during the working period of SPDO


MIXED USE PROJECT IN ISTANBUL - MALTEPE The project is located in maltepe, one of the regions where istanbul is rapidly urbanized. The project has 2 multi storey residence blocks and one multi storey office block. On the ground level, there are commercial shops, f & b areas and social facilities. The project is aimed to be an important business and life center for the region. Project designed for the Oyak Construction Company for an invited competition and selected, during the working period of SPDO.



EXHIBITION AND CONGRESS CENTER DESIGN IN ISTANBUL - IKITELLI The project is located in the industrial zone of Istanbul. The project includes exhibition area for industrial products, congress and cultural center, office and management units and F&B units. The design is also intended to create a significant public open space for the region. Project designed for invited architectural competition in 2014. Awarded 3rd prize. during the working period of SPDO.




RESIDENTIAL PROJECT IN ISTANBUL - ATASEHIR Project designed in İstanbul on a very high valued land located in the central part of the asian side. Because of the high land values client’s construction site expectations required the project to be very dense. Also the limitations on the heights of the buildings was a big challange. In this project the main goal was to ease the dense character of the settlement. To achieve this visually, facade alternatives have been studied. Different forms and building facades have been tried. Here three alternatives for the design of blocks which are located very close to each other though their heights. Project designed for the Esta Construction Company during the working period of SPDO


RESIDENTIAL PROJECT IN ISTANBUL - NISANTASI Project designed in a “Nişantaşı” neighborhood where the high income groups live in Istanbul’s city center. Both residential and commercial functions. The building complex, which is predominantly occupied by the residential function, also houses social facilities and trade units that can serve nearby residents and residents of the settlement. Project, aimed creating a luxurious living environment for its residents as well as creating a green and natural living space by protecting existing trees in the area. Project designed for the Emlak Konut Construction Company during the working period of SPDO




EXTENSION PROJECT IN ANKARA - SARAÇHANE The project was designed as an extension in the city center of Ankara, in the historical Saraçhane residential settlement. The historical buildings on the site are preserved and a congress hotel is designed on unused vacant spaces between buildings. The project is designed with a principle of creating fragmented forms and semi-open spaces in order to create a compatible environment with the historical buildings. The forms were brought out as lean as possible, on the other hand, materials and textures were chosen to provide the luxury of a congress hotel that would grab important guests in the capital city. Project designed for the Emlak Konut Construction Company during the working period of SPDO


KONYA “ŞÜKRAN” NEIGHBORHOOD URBAN TRANSFORMATION PROJECT The project was carried out for the urban transformation of the “Şükran neighborhood” located at the center of the city of Konya. The neighborhood became a subordinate settlement area of the city and it was aimed to contribute to the development of the city center by urban transformation which will be organised by the municipality. The area is a historical settlement, ans includes buildings that belong to the architectural heritage of Ottoman and Selcuk periods. For this reason, the main goal of the project was to build a new center for the city with an approach that respects the historical buildings and emphasizes them and is compatible with the cultural structure of the city. In addition to commercial, cultural functions, residential areas have been proposed for temporary and permanent accommodation. The project aimed to bring a vibrant and safe public life that adds value to the city, with shopping, F&B areas, cultural centers, open green spaces. Project designed for the Konya Municipality during the working period of SPDO.






The project was carried out for the design competition of the municipal administration building in Van city center. In the project, fragmented masses inspired by the morphological settlement of the city. The masses connected to each other with large circulation areas which have large galleries in order to utilize natural daylight usage inside the building. The front area of the building has been left as a green park area that can be used for city events. The form of the building inspired by the mountain form, the predominant image in the background of the city. Project designed for Van ipekyolu municipal administration building competition in 2015 in collaboration with Ezgi Akarsu and Ayşın Okuldaş.




ABBASAÄžA URBAN TRANSFORMATION PROJECT The project is an urban transformation project on a fairly valuable land in Istanbul city center. The project, which is located on a sloping terrain, links the different levels together. The project, however, was intended to create a vibrant, dynamic public space for both itself and the surrounding area. This public axle linking different levels is entirely open to the public and enriched by commercial functions. The project is intended to become a new meeting point for the region. In the design of the project, an approach compatible with the traditional architectural style of the neighbourhood but with modern lines has been adopted. Project designed for the Emlak Konut Construction Company during the working period of SPDO




BAŞAKŞEHIR URBAN DESIGN PROJECT The project is an urban design project for “Başakşehir”, a new settlement area on the city periphery of Istanbul. The project area is designed as a residential area with its own commercial centers. The area in which all needed social amenities are included is designed on an area of four million square meters. In the project, the rugged terrain was the most important challenge, and all the settlement decisions are given in a form suitable for the topography. While the valleys in the area were left to the green area and recreational activities, the slopes of the hills around the valleys were considered as residential areas. The network formed by the valleys creates wide open green areas for the whole area, while settlement areas on the hills are connected to each other by a public upper road that aims to increase pedestran access. Project designed for the Oyak Construction Company during the working period of SPDO.



MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES CAMPUS IN ANKARA Project was an urban design project to create a campus for the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in the Turkish capital city Ankara. Project consist of administrative buildings, a congress center, museums, research laboratories, social facilities, F & B areas, a school, a kindergartens and recreational areas. Because the project is designed for the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the energy efficiency in the design is foregrounded. The settlement decisions were taken in such a way as to require minimum intervention on the topography, and the existing trees in the area were protected in great measure. The directions of the buildings are adjusted parallel to the north-south direction so as to use the daylight effectively. Passive energy saving systems like solar control, natural ventilation and so on have been considered in building designs. Project designed for the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources during the working period of SPDO.




Rendering by WOX



MIXED USE PROJECT IN ANKARA The project is designed as a residential and commercial mixed use area in Ankara. It is located on a very steep slope. In the middle of the project area a public square is planned which connects the different levels on north and south of the site. This square; equipped with commercial units, F & B areas, a mosque, a social center and open air spaces that allow social and recreational activities, while at the same time linking two neigbouring paralel streets on different levels. Project designed for the Emlak Konut Construction Company during the working period of SPDO


DESIGN OF AN OFFICE BUILDING Project aimed to provide open air spaces and public s paces both for the user and the visitors. A slot which divides the mass in to 2 parts, provides a vertical garden along the building from ground floor to the top. It carries the green from the ground level to the upper floors and helps to create more livable office enviment. Project has participated in the competition of ÂŤMIPIM future awardsÂť and had an important place in the competition press. Project designed for the Aksoylar Construction Company during the working period of SPDO


Rendering by WOX


HOTEL LOBBY DESIGN IN ISTANBUL Project; was produced for the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel built in the region where the name of “Piyalepaşa” was given from the historical sea captain of Istanbul. Interior design concept project is designed for , hotel lobby, waiting room reception hall and corridors of the hotel. In the project, forms and materials were inspired from the Ottoman captain who named the Piyalepaşa region and accordingly, inspired from the 17th century ottoman galleons, forms and materials are selected according to that concept. Project designed for the Hilton Garden Inn Piyalepaşa Hotel during the working period of SPDO.


Rendering by WOX


STEAKHOUSE DESIGN IN KAYSERI The project is designed for a first class restaurant in the city of Kayseri, which is developing commercially touristically. The restaurant is both for dining as well as for selling various meat products for the customers and visitors. A brutal design style have been applied for the interior concept by using steel constructive elements and wooden material has been preferred tfor the furnitures in order to give a feeling of warmth to the place. Also High volumes have been enriched using special design lighting elements. The project was completed and put into service in 2016. Project designed for Kemal Koçak (the owner of the restaurant) during the working period of SPDO.

Rendering by Emir Ĺžafak




MIXED USE PROJECT IN ISTANBUL BAYRAMPAĹžA The project is a mixed-use complex consisting of a shopping mall and residential blocks. It is located nearby an important urban axis which includes a tram line. The ground and first two floors are designed as a shopping mall which has both closed and open air shopping areas. An axis that divides the shopping mall in two parts also provides a public passage between the tram station and the residential settlements on the back side of the project area. The roof of the mall which has a wide area provides a green recreational open space for the residential blocks that are placed on top of the shopping mall. Project designed for the Toya Construction Company during the working period of SPDO




SHOPPING MALL PROJECT IN EDIRNE The project is located in the city of Edirne in Turkey. The land at the entrance of the city center is a welcoming place for the city’s visitors. The building, which was designed with a single corridor plan, was thought to be an important indoor shopping and meeting place for the city. In the interior, V-shaped cascading gallery spaces are planned. The circulation is shaped around these gallery voids. With this approach, maximum utilization has been made fromnatural illumination. Various facade alternatives have been studied for the project and modern design approaches and suggestions are presented. Project designed for the Eroglu Construction Company during the working period of SPDO




URBAN TRANSFORMATION PROJECT IN ISTANBUL BASIN EKSPRES REGION The project was proposed for the urban transformation of industrial settlements located in the western side of Istanbul. Parallel to one of the most important arteries of intra-urban transport in Istanbul, the area has gained momentum and has been decided to be transformed into residential and commercial settlements. The land stretches between the busy road and the stream bed parallel to it. High-rise residential blocks are proposed in the neighboring section of the area and lower density residential buildings and social facilities buildings are located in the neighboring parts of “Ayamama Creek� A green axis is formed in the center line of the land and it is planned to meet the recreational activities of this region. The social facilities of the urban area are considered to be water-related along the river. Also In the southern part of the land, a commercial center is formed around a square and park area. Project designed for the Eroglu Construction Company during the working period of SPDO






Rendering by WOX

The project is designed on an inclined terrain. The building is leaning to one side of the site and leaving a large open area. The open area is resolved at two different levels seperating sports use and other recreational uses. The building form is designed in a linear form and the circulation in the middle line divides the building form into two. Library volume is also expressed on the first floor in the form. Project designed for the Sinpas Construction Company during the working period of SPDO



SHOPPING MALL DESIGN IN ADANA The project designed in the city of Adana that locates in the southeastern part of Turkey. The shopping mall project located in the old industrialised area outside of city center and which is in a urban transformation process. Mall designed with a cyclical double corridor system. Wide void areas have been left in the center line of the circulation corridors to enable sunlight access to downstairs. At the entrance of the mall opened to the city center, open spaces are designed. F&B areas and cultural - entertainment spaces are considered in this part. Fluid lines are used in the design, the grooves are designed to create dynamic effects on the facade. These grooves, are planned as terrace gardens for rest and eating and drinking.



OFFICE BUILDING IN BASRA / IRAQ The project is designed for the central administration office of the Iraqi oil company in the “Basra” city of Iraq. It has been demanded that the project be an important symbol for the city as well as meeting the office function. From this, an office design was developed that reflects the cultural values and that suits climate conditions. The project is designed as two blocks of different sizes, symbolizing the mixing of the two important rivers that irrigated Iraqi lands in the city. Solar control elements on the southern façades of the high blocks have become an integral part of the design and a vertical fluid perception has been created. Project designed for the Sinpas Construction Company during the working period of SPDO


HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING IN ISTANBUL The high school building is projected on a very sloping terrain. For this reason, it has been the main objective to associate different levels within the building and to expose the program necessary for high school function according to that situation. The building is divided into two parallel parts and an open space is left between these two parts. The open area is graded independently of the natural slope, but it is also able to meet the upper and lower levels. Project designed for the Sinpas Construction Company during the working period of SPDO



OPEN CITY PLATFORM (GRADUATION PROJECT, ARCHIPRIX 2010 MENTION AWARDED) Open City Platform; is a project in a fairly valuable urban space in Istanbul’s Tepebaşı district of Beyoğlu. It is a project that evaluates and enhances the potential of this important point of the city, by lifting the disjunctive effect of Tarlabaşı Street, which divides Beyoğlu region into two parts. Project; aims to create a platform for art, performance, communication, research and living spacew that offers new opportunities for city and the citiziens. In this “life” platform; museums, mediatheque, performance center, open air performance areas, studios, etc., as well as spaces such as car park, a public square, meeting point, which can correspond to the needs of a city, are planned. Project designed as graduation project in 2009 in Istanbul Technical University.





IZMIT TRAIN STATION Project aims to create a connection between seaside and the city center which is isolated from the waterfront. Train station concept rethought as a public space and recreated as a park area combining the transportation facilities. Project designed in the architectural design studio VII lecture by Architect Ĺževki Pekin in 2009 in Istanbul Technical University.



ROWING CLUB NEARBY SAKARYA RIVER the project was laid out in a linear shape, parallel to the river line. The simple and linear form of construction provides a suitable platform for rowing organizations. Accomodation units are placed one floor torn from the floor against a flood risk in the river. Project designed in the architectural design studio II lecture by Prof. Dr. Ferhan YĂźrekli in 2006 in Istanbul Technical University.



MUNICIPAL COUNSELING AND COMPLAINTS CENTER & CHILDREN PROGRESS CENTER The project was carried out to organize a significant part of the historical building in the historical center of Bursa according to the changed functions. Ground Floor designed as municipal counseling and complaints center and the basement floor designed as children progress center. The project approach was to give the minimum intervention to the historical structure The wooden material is used intensively as a result of sedative effect. In the children’s progress center, measures were taken to ensure maximum use of sunlight in the basement floor. In general, white color was preferred and colored decorative elements were used on the white background. Project designed in the interior design studio III lecture by Prof. Dr. Emine Gorgul in Istanbul Technical University.




YTONG FAIR STANT (COMPETITION ENTRY MENTION AWARDED) Project is designed for a competition that is organized by Ytong firm in order to be constructed in the construction fair in Istanbul. Fair stand is special with its constructive character that emphasize the material and the corporate profile of the company “Ytong”. The Pure steel structure shows the product of Ytong and exhibit it visually clear on its function in the construction fair. The corporate colors are used with the emblems of the company.” Project designed personally for the competition of ytong fair stant design in 2011. Project awarded with honourable mention.


Images from the project designs that are not included in this portfolio; Residential Project in Ankara - Zirvekent.

Conferences and Exhibition Center in Istanbul - Ikitelli.

Highrise Residential Tower Design in Ankara - Buyukesat.

Residential Project in Istanbul.

Mixed Use Settlement Design in Istanbul.

Hospital Design in Istanbul.

Summer House Apartments Project in Yalova.

Hotel Design in Kayseri.

High School Design in Istanbul - Uskudar.

Urban Design Project in Balıkesir.

Sales Office Design in Istanbul.

Office Design in Iraq - Basra.

Residential and Commercial Complex in Istanbul - Zeytinburnu.

Residential Complex Design in Istanbul Beşiktaş.


Urban Design Project in Istanbul - Basaksehir.

Villa Settlement Design in Istanbul - Çekmeköy

Villa Settlement Design in Oman - Muscat

Mixed Use Settlement Project in Istanbul

Mixed Use Project in Istanbul.

Mixed Use Project in Ankara

Hotel Design in Istanbul - Şişli

Office Complex in Istanbul - Maltepe

Mosque Design in Istanbul - Bayrampaşa

Touristical Restaurant Design in Oman - Muscat

Residential Complex Design in Istanbul.

Urban Design Project in Istanbul - Halkalı.

Office Building Design in Istanbul - Ataşehir.

Shopping Mall Design in Adana.

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