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DoorCon: state-of-the-art solutions for door mechanisation and automation There are a lot of advantages for opening and closing doors automatically. It is more comfortable (for quick access approach) and it also improves access, access control and/or saves energy (exterior doors are never left open). ERIKS Aandrijftechniek is offering under the private brand DoorCon, a versatile components program, for any type of door; hinged or sliding automatically, remotely and/or semi automatic (activated manually) that opens and closes.

DoorCon swing drive door ES The automatic swing-door drive is a noiseless horizontal electromechanical door drive with spring return. The ES can be installed on both interior and exterior doors. A controller controls the door movements. The controller closes the door automatically after the set opening time. Any door movement is carefully monitored by encoders/ sensors. In the event of a power failure, the door closes automatically (because of internal spring return) and the drive will stop immediately if the motion is impeded. Opening the door manually remains possible even after installing the swing door drive, also with push & go. Optimum security is therefore guaranteed in all conditions.

Versatility ES door swings are available for single door and double doors, in both out-swing and in-swing design. It is possible to combine a in and out-swing arm in one automatic unit for double doors. The double-ES models are tailored to the door type and resulting in having an attractive unit with the door frame. The robust ES door automatic unit is also suitable for mounting on heavy doors and / or exterior doors exposed to drafts and / or windy conditions. This makes it ideal for automatic door applications in hotels, restaurants, shops, malls, offices, nursing and convalescent homes and homes for seniors and the disabled.

DoorCon sliding controller MDC3 The controller MDC3 and the control terminal KB300 are specifically designed for the electromechanical operation of sliding doors. They can be combined with different types of geared motors (with integrated encoder), control and security sensors (parameter programming separately, transformers, drive belts and pulleys. There are also battery backup power (UPS) in case of power failure. This ensures that ERIKS Aandrijftechniek has everything for mechanisation / automation of both standard and special doors, including hermetic and security doors, doors on ships (with inflatable seals), fire doors, (in) doors for trams, metros, trains and buses, etc.

Control and operation Besides various sensor inputs, the controller MDC3 has separate inputs (program) switches, manual operation for example through the gatehouse, activated via the fire alarm system, initialisation and/or an emergency stop. Configuration and parameter programming is via the menu driven software on the user terminal KB300. The KB300 can also be used as a program switch.

Accessories ERIKS Aandrijftechniek offers a number of accessories that makes the installation of the door automation units easier. The list of accessories includes operating terminals, motors, sensors, switches (also programmable), buttons, belts and pulleys, for example, transmitters/receivers for wireless control systems. ERIKS Aandrijftechniek is

not only an ideal partner for new construction, but also a specialist supplier of basic kits for retrofits to existing sliding and hinged doors. Professional dealer network DoorCon door automation and components are delivered by a professional international dealer network. All DoorCon dealers can offer specific know-how and an extensive component inventory, making them directly responsible to meet the needs and demands of their customers on regional level. ERIKS Aandrijftechniek supports its dealer network from Schoonhoven in design, consultancy, service and fast product delivery. Through an ongoing program ERIKS Aandrijftechniek ensures that the knowledge of their dealers is always up to date. Therefore the DoorCon solutions always meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, functionality, durability and regulations.

Total Package ERIKS Aandrijftechniek Schoonhoven is all round in (combined) rotating and linear power transmissions and provides both standard and high-level customised motion control, engineering and services. (Standard) components and systems are purchased at A brandsuppliers and are developed in-house. ERIKS Aandrijftechniek owns two private brands: Elmeq (rotary & linear components) and DoorCon (door automation). 'Fit for-use solutions are achieved by an experienced engineering department, with specific know-how in the areas of software development, electronics and mechanics. They have up-to-date knowledge in the application of current standards and guidelines, including the major European Machinery Directive.

DoorCon: state-of-the-art solutions for door mechanisation and automation  

There are a lot of advantages for opening and closing doors automatically. It is more comfortable (for quick access approach) and it also im...

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