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climate systems

Innovative customised air conditioning solutions

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innovative overall concept

The innovative climate systems from Erich Keller AG offers the highest indoor climate comfort with minimal energy consumption. It offers complete solutions for cooling, heating and ventilation of commercial buildings. This means that excellent solutions are always available for existing buildings as well as for contemporary construction projects. From concept to installation, everything from a single source.

1 Connector fan

The fan supplies the rooms with fresh air from the centrally ventilated corridor. Simple, silent and maintenance-free.

2 Rio-Therm B

The Rio-Therm peripheral convective air conditioner cools, heats and ventilates very quietly. It offers space for cable management.

3 Rio-Therm U

The underfloor convective air-conditioner cools, heats, ventilates and blends extremely discreetly into the architecture.

4 Rio-Therm V

The vertically integrated air conditioner cools, heats and ventilates.

5 Top-Cooler

The efficient high-performance cooling system for servers provides safe rack cooling and enables the use of waste heat, which reduces thermal energy requirements.

6 Cool-Rack

The cooled rack cabinet in the office or server room compensates for all the waste heat without effecting the room climate.

7 Cool-Top

The Cool-Top desk cooling system compensates for the heat of PCs and monitors directly at the workstation and can be used as a supporting room air-conditioning unit.

8 Flow

The Flow chiller is so efficient in combination that it generates 50 units of cooling with 1 unit of electricity.

20 °C 23 –27 °C 26 °C 24 –25 °C 23 –25 °C Rio-Therm
F Adiabatic Cooler Heat source low Summer Winter
Peripheral unit
Cooling data centre

connector fan ventilation through walls and doors

Connector fans form a ventilation concept that provides enclosed spaces with fresh air - for example from the corridor. The savings are threefold: firstly, through the economical fan, which is only active when the door is closed or when coupled to existing presence detectors. Secondly, by saving the person-dependent air volume in the respective free rooms. Thirdly, the use of horizontal ventilation ducts in and on the ceiling are no longer required.

Depending on the wall thickness, it is possible to work completely flush or with a protruding cover.

Connector fans extend the function of the door to a ventilation element. They are particularly suitable for living rooms and smaller business premises.

Both versions can also be used in combination.

1 Wall connector fan 2 Door connector fan 3 Wall and Door connector fan
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1 Adaptable to interior design

Rio-Therm can be adapted in shape and colour to the interior design of the building.

2 Cable duct included

The basic version consists of heat exchanger, recirculation fans, cable duct, piping and cladding.

3 Silent

The air movements are barely audible and tangible.

4 Vertical unit Rio-Therm V adapts optimally to the architectural conditions.

Increasingly better insulated buildings shorten the heating period to a few months per year. On the other hand, internal heat loads require that these buildings have to be cooled more and more. The air conditioning technology of Erich Keller AG is based on high-performance convectors which can be operated in summer and winter using the change-over principle. The low feed temperatures of 26 °C for heating and high feed temperature of 20 °C for cooling increase the energy efficiency of heat generation and enable adiabatic cooling without compression cooling.

– Heating, cooling (and ventilation) with minimum energy consumption

– The heating and cooling capacity can be regulated individually

– The air movements are barely audible and perceptible

– For year-round heating/cooling

– Adaptable for optimal room integration

– The optimum solution for various installation situations: as a peripheral unit, recessed in the raised floor or standing as a column

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rio-therm conditioning unit for heating, cooling and ventilation

cool-rack cooled rack cabinets

Rack cabinets with an integrated air-water cooling system that emit neither heat nor disturbing noise. Suitable for outputs of up to 20 kW. A Cool-Rack can be positioned directly in the office or in a separate server room due to its silent operation. Front and rear service doors assure very good accessibility to the IT components.


1 Cool-Rack

The PUE value of Cool-Rack in the Enterprise Lab at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is less than 1.1.

2 Combined Cool-Racks

Five cool racks with 10 kW power each in the server room of a commercial building.

3 Single Cool-Rack

Cool racks can also be set up individually in the office or separate rooms.

4 Different power capacities

Cool-Racks are available with 5 kW, 10 kW and 20 kW cooling capacity.

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top-cooler cooling above rack cabinets

Rack-independent air-water cooling units, which are placed above the rack units, completely compensate for the waste heat of the IT components. The high-performance coolers specially developed for this application achieve maximum performance even at high supply temperatures. Integrated into the overall system, the server waste heat can be used, which massively reduces the primary energy requirement for heat generation.


1 Highly efficient server room cooling

Top-Cooler can also be used to eliminate or utilise heat loads from technical rooms, for example from UPS units, rectifiers, PV systems or audio-video equipment.

2 Combine Top Cooler as desired

A Top Cooler is equal to the width of a double rack. It can be installed in 5 kW, 10 kW or 20 kW cooling capacity versions.

3 Also for small server rooms

Top Coolers provide cooling even in small server rooms.

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cool-top the in-desk cooling system

The integrated Cool-Top cooling system is built into the desk and enables draught-free air conditioning of trading floors and control rooms with high heat loads. Cool-Top works very quietly and can be operated with high flow temperatures. The result is a healthy and pleasant indoor climate at a constant temperature. Cool-Top has proven itself thousands of times over worldwide. Awarded with the ‚Prix eta‘ innovation prize by the Swiss electricity industry.

1 Comfort in the atrium

The Cool-Top cooling system built into the centre of the table guarantees a pleasant microclimate at each workstation.

2 Cool-Top 25 B t B Cool-top for workplaces in the back-to-back arrangement.

3 Cool-Top 15

The Cool-Top 15 in-desk cooling system with a maximum cooling capacity of 1500 watts is based on the same functional principle as Cool-Top 25.

2 3

flow adiabatic cooler efficient chiller

Flow is a recooler based on the principle of water evaporation. City water or rainwater is sprayed onto its pipes. This produces evaporative cooling. Flow provides the necessary cooling energy without a compression chiller. It is precisely matched to the requirements of Rio-Therm, Cool-Top, Cool-Rack and Top-Cooler.

1 Flow in a rooftop centre

Flow operates continuously, even in the low output range. This is why there is no need for large cold accumulators.

2 Cooled with city water

Outside air flows through and passes the integrated heat exchanger. Water is sprayed onto its pipes as needed. This produces evaporative cooling. Flow then works as an evaporative cooler.

3 Fully automatic control

With the control unit, the dry coolers can be monitored and controlled easily.

4 Chiller as recooling

Flow takes over the complete Air-conditioning refrigeration.

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