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The holiday home evolution: the new Second Prime-Home A new era of changes

José Ribes Bas

EREN Director

We live in an era in times of change – technological, geopolitical and also in terms of consumer trends. Naturally, all these factors are interrelated, as we saw in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, when the lockdown experiences produced profound changes in the way people work, consume and how they now view lifestyle decisions and prioritise quality of life more than ever. For decades people have been focused on work and consuming, but recent experiences have made us focus on, and appreciate, quality over quantity – with luxury and wellbeing now increasingly expressed as quality time spent with friends, playing sport, relaxing and enjoying life. In some ways it’s a desire to return to an age when the pace of life was gentler, and a combination of all this is what drives many homebuyers nowadays. EREN (the European Real Estate Network) is an international organisation, so through our member agents we’re in a very good position to gather information about the latest trends in the luxury real estate market we specialise in. This past year perhaps more than ever these trends have been clearly noticeable, and moving in often new directions altogether. One example of this is the rise of an, up to now, isolated phenomenon – the Second Prime Home. Where in the past there has always been a clear division between fulltime residences and second or holiday homes, now we see the evolution of the latter into a ‘second residence’ that its owners use not just for short holiday stays, but live in and work from, for extended parts of the year. Other trends include a focus on more spacious properties, a move away from crowded urban areas towards residential and country ones, a preference for terraces and ideally gardens, proximity to natural green zones, views, homeworking, gym and entertainment facilities, as well as concierge services, and a continued preference for modern styles and comforts. This, combined with an increasing focus on quality of life has led many to stop postponing lifestyle decisions, and as a result 2021 saw a surge in the demand for homes in beauty spots such as coastal resort areas, country clubs and even rural zones. Whatever real estate was before 2021, now it is once again above all a home and conduit for your ideal lifestyle. You can read more about these trends in the first article of this Villae International edition, starting on page 4. Also visit our section Europe first-hand articles about the Mediterranean Isles and Kitzbühel, and our latest examples of international cooperation on page 90.

Welcome to the 17th edition of Villae International, as always dedicated to up to date information, international homes of distinction, the pursuit of the good things in life and a dedication to ethics, service and professionalism – the founding principles of EREN.

José Ribes Bas. Director




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SECOND PRIME-HOME From the classic primary residence and holiday house via Covid lockdowns and modern technology to remote working and extended ‘workations’, a new residential property usage has been born – the Second Prime Home.

A perfect hideaway villa within the beauty of the Costa Smeralda, Sardinia



There was a time when it was rather simple, or simply defined. One had a main residence, usually in the suburbs or downtown area of a major business-orientated city, perhaps a little weekend getaway in the country, and little by little, more and more people also acquired holiday homes in warm and sunny climes. This process really began to take off in the 1960s and 1970s, but came of age by the turn of the century, when Europeans, North Americans and Middle Easterners alike sought to find their own private oasis of tropical or Mediterranean summer bliss.


Such summer holiday homes – be they villas, bungalows or apartments by the sea – were also used from autumn to spring for golf holidays, or among more mature owners for more extended winter ‘hibernation’ stays, away from the cold climes of the North. Gradually, these stays grew longer, until more and more retired people traded in the cities and towns of their home countries for the sunny coastal resort areas of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and also the USA and even such locations as the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia and Dubai.


From holiday to home Over time, they were joined by people who built new lives and also livelihoods in such locations, but just recently the evolution of the second home has taken another decisive turn. Modern means of telecommunications, the transfer of work files and the ease of travel had already begun to create a new kind of buyer keen on longer stays or even fulltime relocation to beautiful sunny coastal spots. More and more younger families were searching for more than the conventional holiday apartment or classic villa, and demanding the kind of amenities designed for longer-term living.

Fully appointed modern apartments and compact villas with home automation luxuries, open-plan indoor and outdoor space, storage facilities as well as high levels of year-round comfort became increasingly in demand, spurring a whole new direction in the design, fitting and development of what had since transitioned from a ‘holiday home’ into a ‘second home’. The Covid-19 pandemic that erupted in 2020 and since enveloped people in sporadic lockdowns not only sped up the adoption of remote communication tools, but also had a profound psychological impact.

Buyers are looking for larger villas for year-round living Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece



Mediterranean quality of life is what many buyers seek Jávea, Costa Blanca, Spain

To Second Prime The experience of the confinement made a lot of people take stock, and review such elements of their lives as work and living conditions. There has been a discernible move away from crowded downtown areas back to the more spacious suburbs and even the open nature of the countryside, but also a reasserted move towards second and also permanent homes in seaside destinations such as the Mediterranean shorelines of Europe. All, and especially the latter, are lifestyle-driven trends, made easier by the rapidly expanding adoption of remote communication tools and remote working methods.


Where once everyone had to report for duty in large corporate offices, that custom is now on the wane. It won’t disappear altogether, by any means, but modern forms of communication and remote working make it possible for many of today’s professionals to make their contribution from their home offices or head to co-working spaces round the corner from their houses. This has facilitated a move back to the gardens and low-density living of the suburbs, but also made it possible to spend large periods of time working while travelling and/or moving to a distant but well-connected lifestyle location in the sun.


A top-down trend As with most lifestyle trends, spending extended periods of time in one home to the point where it actually becomes your ‘second prime residence’ is something that the most sophisticated homeowners have been doing for some time already, and as a result the Second Prime Home has been around for a while now. It’s just that it’s catching on among a growing number of people and spreading across the income groups, and in so doing is affecting the design of a new generation of what used to be holiday apartments and villas. The result is increasingly modern and well-facilitated properties with more space, greenery and work areas.

“Switzerland, especially the German-speaking part, is an important traditional source of investors in second homes – and now second prime residences – in the Mediterranean region.”

Marianne Walde Walde & Partner Immobilien AG Zürich, SWITZERLAND

And so is born the Second Prime Home, and along with it a more fluid concept of residence and holiday home, where families increasingly divide their time between two or more properties in different parts of a country, continent or indeed the world.





GREEK ISLANDS by Yannis Ploumis

Ploumis Sotiropoulos Real Estate, Athens, Greece.

Can you summarise the market in your area in 2021? The market in Greece was pretty stagnant during the first five months of 2021 because of Covid and the quarantines imposed. However, from May 2021 onwards, sales surged and prices began to rise rapidly - up by more than 100% by the end of the year. How do you see things developing in 2022? The new year started with a large increase in sales, and despite the war in Ukraine there has been ongoing interest in Greek properties. What kind of buyers are coming to your area? Our buyers currently largely consist of Greeks, Greeks from abroad, UK citizens, Egyptians, Arabs, Swiss and other EU citizens. What kind of real estate and lifestyle are they looking for? People are mostly looking for vacation homes, longer-term homes in Athens and smaller apartments for investment purposes and Golden Visas. Has the market changed a lot over the past few years? Greece left the financial crisis in 2019 and since then the real estate market has recovered almost fully and is now booming, even with Covid and the war in Ukraine. You can say that, in spite of everything, it is in a healthy state.




ELECTRIC VS. HYDROGEN As the world stands on the threshold of a new industrial revolution – an era of great technological and infrastructural/ societal transition – is electricity really the solution or are there other, more viable options?

The hype is everywhere, from Elon Musk’s Tesla being the celebrated darling of the stock markets to environmental tech start-ups acquiring billion-dollar valuations even before they reach the stage of IPO, but are all these unicorns and promises of a clean, ‘green’ new future really all they are made out to be, or is the path to sustainable energy and mobility still littered with obstacles?


Hybrids come in chargeable and non-plugin versions



Cars of the future look a little different

ELECTRIC VERSUS HYDROGEN The level of hype and urgency portrayed by media, investors and now also government officials feels very contemporary, something of the past few years, but the debate about alternative, sustainable energy sources has been raging on since at least the 1980s, if not before. For all the wasted talk and lost opportunities of bygone decades, though, it seems that now there really is a sense of urgency to transition away from fossil fuels – but as over 70% of our energy supply still comes from this source and renewable energies such as wind and solar power still struggle to make up the difference, just how close are we to a solution? At the moment, much of the focus of hope (and investment), for mobility at least, is set upon electricity, though hydrogen, which has also been researched for decades now, refuses to be defeated just yet. Which of these two energy sources will provide the ultimate solution for the world’s needs, or will it take a combination of both to keep us moving?



ELECTRIC With electric vehicles (EVs) all the rage right now and major car manufacturers swapping over wholesale in the coming years, the days of the combustion engine seem all but numbered. Within this fast-growing market, there are some distinct categories, notably non-plugin hybrids, plugin hybrids and full-electric cars. Non-plugin hybrids currently make up the bulk of EV sales, followed by plugin hybrids and full-electric cars. The problem with the latter centres upon concerns about limited driving range, accompanied by the fact that if you drive too fast or in hilly terrain, the batteries have a tendency to run dry quickly. This accounts for the relative lack of commercial success, and limited range remains a problem to be solved in the coming years.

Hybrids, on the other hand, seem to be a more sensible transition from over a century of dependency of combustion engines, and this sector can already draw on around 30 years of experience and development, especially on the part of Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi. Reliability factors are less of an issue here, also because one can always fall back on a petrol engine that (in the case of a non-plugin hybrid) backs up the electric motor. This remains the preferred option among hybrid buyers, although plugin hybrids are also gaining ground. As of yet, their popularity suffers from the lack of sufficient supply of recharging points, an infrastructure that will be growing exponentially in the coming years at fuel stations, carparks and also in the garages and driveways of private homes. Once this infrastructure is sufficiently in place, the plugin hybrid will be in a position to properly challenge its non-plugin equivalent.

Tesla has driven the electric car revolution





Although electric vehicles are a lot more in the news than hydrogen ones, large technology leaders such as BMW have invested decades and billions in this particular solution. Quite apart from unanswered questions about how the energy in those electric batteries is generated and how we are soon to dispose of (recycle?) hundreds of millions of used up batteries, there are other issues that keep hydrogen in play.

While efforts are being made to speed up electric charging and range, hydrogen cars are about as quick to fill up as a normal petrol or diesel vehicle, and have about the same driving range on a full tank. The only snag is, since hydrogen cars are selling in just miniscule numbers, the supporting refuelling infrastructure is still hugely limited, and currently well below that of electric recharging stations. Another result of the small volume of sales is a very high sales price for hydrogen cars, while running costs are also higher, so it seems that while hydrogen as a technology may have been the ideal form of ‘hybrid’ transition from fossil fuels to sustainable ones, it will lose out to EVs due to having missed out on economies of scale.

One key difference between the two technologies is that EVs use an electric battery, effectively making them a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), while hydrogen vehicles use a fuel cell and are designated a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). They don’t need plugin charging as the recharging is also done not from the energy released from breaking but through a chemical reaction, with tanks where hydrogen and oxygen are mixed to provide the driving force. The electricity produced is stored in the batteries and the water is released through the exhaust pipe.

While this points to EVs as the likely winner in the hydrogen vs. electric battle, this in itself doesn’t do much to answer nagging questions about the efficacy and true environmental credentials of electric vehicles, and whether electric really is the best option for the coming energy revolution.

Park and charge



“Which of these two energy sources will provide the ultimate solution for the world’s needs, or will it take a combination of both to keep us moving?”

The fuel cell of a Toyota hydrogen engine

“It will be interesting to see which of these technologies wins out, but one thing is for sure, there are big infrastructural changes coming and they will change the urban landscape.”

Philipp Peter WETAG Consulting SA Canton Ticino, SWITZERLAND





Beyond even the most luxurious car and builds your personal dream VILLÆ 20



r brands in the world, ARES designs m completely made to measure.

The Ares Panther ProgettoUno inspired by the classic De Tomaso Pantera VILLÆ 21


We are all familiar with those desirable, seductive supercars and limousines built to blend performance, luxury and status, but even they are relatively ‘off the shelf’. Naturally the colour, interior, tuning and detailing of such a car can be adjusted to suit your preference, but at the end of the day you’re still buying an existing design produced in series. Today, a growing number of top-end buyers want the exclusivity and uniqueness of a limited series or even entirely bespoke car – something not seen in the automotive market for many a decade. It is a process given added impetus by the fact that the products of luxury car manufacturers have become increasingly accessible to the mass market. To own something truly unique has a little more effect these days, and it is this exclusivity that a new generation of buyers is looking for. Fortunately there is a new generation of bespoke carmakers that do just that – create made-to-measure dream cars around their clients’ visions of perfection. “It’s a collaborative, creative process in which the design journey is as much fun as finally receiving your very own production car,” says Dany Bahar, co-founder and CEO of ARES, the Italian coachbuilder that is revolutionising the concept of what a luxury car is all about.


“Ares is not only a fine example of Italian design, but also the kind of one-off, bespoke creations that are increasingly characterising the luxury market.”

Marco Argentieri COFIM Verona, ITALY


Develop your dream car within an inspiring environment

The Ares Italia factory in Modena, also the home of Maserati and Lamborghini



CREATING YOUR OWN CAR In other fields of the luxury market, buyers have far greater freedom to give shape to their dreams, be it through the building of a private home, the commissioning of artwork or jewellery, tailored fashion or the construction of your own yacht, but until now it did not extend to cars. In changing this, ARES is challenging the realms of possibilities open to lovers of all things automotive and taking the upper car segment into new levels of exclusivity. In reality, building cars this way is actually a tradition that goes back to the early days of the automotive industry, when wealthy owners bought the chassis (mechanical platform) of their choice and had renowned coachbuilders such as Vanden Plas, Mulliner, Vignale and Figoni et

Falaschi create one-off bodies complete with exquisitely handcrafted interiors. In this way, the vehicles in question ranged from private limousines and hunting cars to outlandish vehicles of the kind crafted by Saoutchik or more recently Zagato – now worth millions at auction. “To design a car out of series production is to create something unique and special,” says Dany, who with co-founder and Chairman Waleed Al Ghafari has revived the classic coach building tradition in a modern era. Indeed, many of the clients who commission their very own car from this boutique manufacturer are car enthusiasts and collectors.

“It’s a collaborative, creative process in which the design journey is as much fun as finally receiving your very own production car”



Ares designs new and retro-inspired cars and motorbikes

HOW IT WORKS The production takes place at the state-of-the-art factory in Modena – heart of Italian sports car manufacture – but the private bespoke cars are configured at boutique studios in locations such as Milan, Kitzbühel, St. Moritz, Zürich, Porto Cervo, Miami, Munich, Modena, Dubai and Marbella. “The process begins by exploring exactly what the client has in mind, their personal vision of automotive perfection. This could be a retro-modern version of their favourite classic car or something completely new, and once we have a clear picture we develop a pre-study that ultimately leads to the selection of the so-called ‘donor car’ – the chassis, technological platform and engine upon which the new car is built – and then proceed with creating one-off bodywork design that is the embodiment of everything you love about motoring. In other words, your perfect car!”

Though hand-built by master craftsmen and fitted with the finest materials of your choice, ARES cars also come with the latest technology, comfort, performance and safety – regardless of whether you order a 1950s-style sports car or an ultramodern one. You will see the whole process begin to take shape before your eyes, first with advanced graphics and VR technology, and ultimately ‘in the flesh’. For not so much more than a ‘standard’ limousine or super sports car, you can own a bespoke limited series creation or indeed the car you have always dreamed of – your very own creation of motoring perfection!



SPAIN’S PARADORES Spain’s Paradores provide the ideal melange of culture, tradition, luxury, comfort and service. What’s more, there’s a fantastic choice of diverse options across the length and breadth of the country.

The Parador is in many ways a brilliant concept that suits luxury travel to a tee. Why build a cold, soulless structure if you can have your customers feel like royal guests of old, at home in the finest buildings and monuments of the land? In Europe and Asia, in particular, there is a wealth of beautiful, imposing and intriguing edifices of this kind in a myriad of styles, sizes, configurations and locations – and each has its own unique history, its stories and its pedigree. This is what makes such a ‘hotel’ so much more interesting than even the most beautiful and opulent modern venue, for the latter has it all to do still in terms of ambience and character, and as the product of a purely commercial motive will struggle to imbue itself with the same rich tapestry of fascination. For this reason, the Paradores de Turismo de España rank among the country’s finest luxury establishments—and offer the ideal way to discover Spain in style. First founded in 1928 by King Alfonso XIII, the organisation’s original purpose was to promote tourism in Spain, and the inaugural property within its now ample product range was the Gredos in the historic town of Ávila. You can either choose to be in the heart of a city’s classical quarter or opt for a country hotel in the midst of a former hunting estate, the choice really is quite bewildering, and the architectural diversity even encompasses some modern buildings in iconic locations.


The Parador de Cuenca quite possibly the best way to experience this amazing town



“Why build a cold, soulless structure if you can have your customers feel like royal guests of old, at home in the finest buildings and monuments of the land?”

TAKE YOUR PICK OF SPAIN There are paradores in the green hills of Galicia and AsturiasCantabria, in the Pyrenean Mountains, on Mediterranean shores all the way from Catalunya and Barcelona down via Valencia and the Balearic Islands to the historic jewels of Andalucía, such as Málaga, Seville, Córdoba, Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera and of course Granada. In fact, there is actually a parador within the Alhambra complex, which means you stay within one of its palaces, surrounded by the mesmerising gardens, fountains and water features of the Generalife.

Parador de Aiguablava


In a country as rich in history, tradition and architecture as Spain, your choice of experiences and historic settings is bewildering and indeed bewitching. From the Canary Islands to the plains of La Mancha, where Don Quijote’s windmills still stand, and the proud castles and fortresses of Castile, the variety of landscapes also changes from arid and imposing to green and cosseting – with everything in between. If Spain is a natural and human tapestry, then the paradores are the ultimate way through which to explore it.


Mediterranean idyll alongside a Catalan bay, Parador de Aiguablava

Parador de Cruz de Tejeda – a great way to experience the Canary Islands



The Parador de Jaén towers over the city



Segovia, Cuenca, Ronda, Toledo, Aranjuez and Monserrat are just some of the many treasures to behold, experience and stay at, and even if you are an experienced visitor of this country and even its paradores, you will still find so much more to marvel at in city palaces, coastal fortresses, mountain castles and aristocratic country estates or remote convents. Wake up in the middle of a winery, atop a windswept cliff overlooking Galicia’s Atlantic shoreline or within a mysterious wooded mountain range in one of Europe’s last remaining wildernesses. Spain’s paradores offer the pick of the best!

The bar of the Parador de Plasencia, Castille

The historic style and comfort of the Parador de Cuenca VILLÆ 31


Booking a parador means staying in historic style

Medieval charm in Cardona, within a short drive of Barcelona



“The Paradores of Spain symbolise the wealth of gorgeous historic and country properties that can be found in the country’s highly diverse geographical regions.”

María del Mar Bas Rimontgó Jávea, SPAIN

The more modern but extremely scenic Parador de Cádiz, Andalucía






Inmobiliaria Rimontgò, Jávea, Spain.

Could you summarise the market in your area in 2021? The best ever – the market reaction has exceeded all expectations. Sales have increased to levels not seen for a very long time. The post-covid reaction from buyers was so strong that it isn’t an exaggeration to call 2021 a historic year, surpassing even the years before 2008. How do you see things developing in 2022? Things are uncertain, because of the current situation in the world. There is still a lot of interest from buyers, but no accurate forecasts could be made right now. What kind of buyers are coming to your area? Mostly international buyers with high purchasing power who are looking for a second home, as well as those seeking a ‘Second Prime-Home’ where they can spend most of the year, while working and living in a beautiful, safe and lifestyle-focused environment. The nationalities that stand out the most are German, Scandinavian, French and British, above all. What kind of properties and lifestyle are they looking for? As a result of the pandemic, buyers prioritise healthy living conditions and properties with outdoor living space, with quality materials and amenities. The demand for such homes in the luxury segment has risen significantly and there has also been a related rise in sales of country properties. Many buyers also prefer modern homes, primarily in exclusive areas, first line to the sea or to golf courses and other green zones. Besides contemporary style and amenities they also wish for the latest technology and comfort, and there has been a noticeable drop in interest in more urban areas with focus now on gardens and facilities such as workspaces, home gyms, etc. Some people even ask for an orchard area in which to grow their own fruit, vegetables, herbs and sometimes even olive oil and wine. Has the market changed a lot over the past few years? The luxury market continues to gather importance and more recently there has also been a rise in demand for country properties and attractive working farms. This region offers both in good measure.


Colourful quality Bohemian crystal



A WORLD OF CRYSTAL AND PORCELAIN Akin in many ways to the world of jewellery, those of crystal and porcelain belong to a realm of art, craftsmanship and traditions that stretch back into antiquity, forming a continuum with the past through luxury brands that continue to thrive today.

Of the two, adding lead to glass to create crystal is the older art, having emerged around 3,500 years ago in Mesopotamia, while the firing kilns of China first separated mere pottery from porcelain around the beginning of the modern year count. For this reason, porcelain is also

referred to as ‘fine bone china’, for by the time it reached Europe, the Middle East and Far East had already taken this form of artistry to a high point of perfection. Ever since, makers of porcelain and ‘lead glass’ have been inspired to new heights of creativity, quality and skill.



CRYSTAL Mesopotamia is regarded as the cradle of an industry that is almost four millennia old, and the oldest known fragment of crystal found here was dated to 1,400 BCE. It later also spread to China, India, Europe and eventually across the globe, but today the most revered names in the creation of fine quality crystalware are almost exclusively European, many of them known around the world. One of the oldest of these is the Compagnie des Cristalleries de Sant Louis, known as Sain Louis and now owned by Hermès. Founded in 1586, Saint Louis worked by royal commission and lead crystal production in Europe, laying the foundations for other renowned French crystal makers such as Christofle, Lalique and Baccarat. Where René Lalique became famous for his Art Nouveau-inspired glass jewellery and decorative creations, Christofle and Baccarat create

Lalique embodies the elegance of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods


some of the most exquisite tableware in the world. This is also true of Val Saint Lambert, a luxury manufacturer from Belgium that was founded by a French master craftsman at Napoleon’s initiative. You see, the great general and statesman had an eye for business as well, and customers of this purveyor of beautiful coloured glass have been grateful ever since. But it isn’t France alone that has a reputation for fine quality crystal, as perhaps the oldest of all manufacturers of crystalware is Bohemia, an institution in the field since the Middle Ages. Its characteristic designs spawned other great names, such as Swarovski of Austria – the largest of all crystal producers – Waterford from Ireland and Atlantis from Portugal, each known for its unique signature style.


Atlantis, a quality brand from Portugal

“It is in noble products of this kind that one sees why the European patrimony, from luxury products to beautiful country and city homes, is so uniquely rich and appealing.”

Eva Marschall Marschall Immobilien Vienna, AUSTRIA

The flowing Art Nouveau styles of Baccarat



Sèvres, one of the luxury porcelain brands from France

Beautiful creations from Lladró


Elegance and refined workma


“…makers of porcelain and ‘lead glass’ have been inspired to new heights of creativity, quality and skill”

anship from Limoges, France

PORCELAIN When the first Portuguese and Dutch merchants brought back precious fine bone China, it was the blue-and-white style using a cobalt oxide that was copied and later adapted by these European countries to lay the foundations for their own gorgeous blue-white porcelain. In the case of the Dutch, it became famous in its own right as ‘Delft Blue’, though Portugal’s Vistalegre brand continues to be one of the finest in the world today. It ranks among the likes of Wedgwood and Royal Copenhagen, the British and Danish blue-white interpretations of the Chinese original, as well as famous German brands Villeroy & Boch and Meissen, the latter being the first hard-paste china made in Europe. Their delicate figurines compare with the iconic style of Lladró, a company from the Comunitat Valenciana in Spain who’s characteristically flowing designs are instantly recognisable. Asprey is another hallowed name in this refined field, but as with crystal the French have the bulk of the top names to their credit, including the likes of Limoges, Sèvres (originally founded as Vincennes Porcelaine), Christofle and Hermès, but some of the leading producers of an artistic, creative world in which finely crafted crystal and porcelain pieces of the utmost beauty add style and function to modern homes just as they did to chateaux and country estates centuries ago. Long may this tradition of quality continue to thrive!



INVESTING IN WINERIES Wine is a world unto itself, and though investing in a winery can be highly rewarding both financially and personally, it is different enough from buying conventional real estate assets to warrant working with experienced specialists.


Vineyards in the rolling Austrian hills



A Galluran winery, Sardinia

“Vineyards are real trophy assets, but they can also have excellent investment potential, so are hotly in demand” As a pan-European, indeed international organisation that brings together a prime collection of top agencies, EREN is about so much more than the selling of homes alone. Within its ranks are specialists of various kinds, from legal and financial aspects to resort development, complex purchasing structures, land acquisition, finding properties of historic value, (re)development projects and commercial, retail and leisure property. Included in this broad range are also golf courses, hotels and wineries, each a specialist field in its own right. Within EREN, the wine estate specialists are naturally mostly found in wine-producing countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Austria, and we include their insights in this article.



“Our most important wine estates are located in the renowned region of Gallura – Costa Smeralda, northern Sardinia, a unique, highly desirable destination in the heart of the Western Mediterranean. It is a land historically devoted to producing excellent wine and food, with a mild micro climate and a terroir characterised by ideal paedogenetic substrate conditions. In other words, a unique place where the rural scenery and ancient traditions are the foundations of wonderful wines.” In Gallura, and all around Sardinia, the typical Mediterranean scrub alternates with vineyards both near the sea and in hill country. “A peculiarity of our Gallura wines is the strong territorial

characterisation, where the soil, the climate and the purifying Mistral wind that blows throughout the year under direct influence of the sea produce highly localised conditions and wines rich with the unique aromas of Mediterranean shrub and sea.” In Sardinia there is a remarkable viticultural biodiversity that covers the island with distinct local varieties, noted among which are Cannonau, Vermentino, Nuragus and Carignano, produced on local farms and rustic country estates within gorgeous Sardinian scenery. Giancarlo knows both the subject matter and its related real estate market well, and is experienced at advising buyers in this most sensory of investments.

Giancarlo Bracco Immobilsarda Sardinia, ITALY

Vineyard in Sardinia


Classic wine country in Austria


“Austria may not be as well known for its viticultural traditions as are France, Italy or Spain, but its winemaking dates back to Roman times and is very well-established, producing excellent white and red wines in denominated regions. The best-known white wine region in Austria is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wachau in Lower Austria, which stretches for 35 kilometres along the Danube. Here there are around 1,344 hectares of vineyards where the internationally known ‘Grüner Veltliner’ is produced.” Terroir is of great importance for the quality and value of a wine, as can be seen in the case of the Wachau, where a special microclimate, soil composition as well as the cultivation of vines on terraces results in exceptional wines. “The interest in acquiring wine estates in regions such as this has been consistent for a long time now, and we advise buyers and investors on all the practicalities involved, though supply is very limited.”

Peter Marschall Marschall Immobilien Vienna, AUSTRIA

Glorious Austrian scenery



How does an investor make a vineyard a profitable business? “These days, the route to success is through quality production and also excellent marketing,” says Peter Marschall. “Vineyards are real trophy assets,” adds Giancarlo Bracco, “but they can also have excellent investment potential, so are hotly in demand, especially among Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern buyers. Moreover, the authorities provide support for this sector in Sardinia, yet when investing in a winery the most important consideration is the location – firstly the quality of the terroir, but also if the winery has an established name or has to create a brand. Knowing about the niche in which to slot helps to define the output, with a minimum of one million bottles per year a required critical mass, and nowadays sustainable production and organic certification also greatly add value.”


Sunset in the vineyards


Having developed a very specialised business niche "Vineyards and Wineries" in the main wine-producing countries of Europe and South America, it has led us to have global international expertise of this sector to advise investors interested in diversifying their wine production to different wine regions around the world. The dream of a Winery in Patagonia, a Château in Bordeaux, a Quinta in the Douro and a Masía by the Mediterranean is an easy cross over deal now.

Puri Mancebo Rimontgó Valencia, SPAIN

Cellar DOC Rioja





The barrels



Hectares of vineyard

“The reasons for investing in a winery are diverse, however, we have observed the following main trends: some people want a change in their lifestyle for a breath of fresh air that will bring a new routine; others seek the benefits that can be earned from winemaking; some people will fully enjoy managing a small winery, while others will request large-volume wineries to expand their existing wine business. At Rimontgó we have experience selecting the most appropriate properties depending on our clients’ requirements. We have wineries that cater to any preferences in Spain, Portugal, South of France, Chile and Argentina”. Puri Mancebo Rimontgó Valencia, SPAIN



CLASSIC CAR AUCTIONS As ‘rolling’ works of art, classic cars have long fascinated those in a position to own and collect them. Paraded and shown off at refined events such as the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on the shores of Lake Como, Pebble Beach (California) and other international concours d’elegance, such vehicles are not generally bought at dealerships, but more typically at specialist auctions. Peter Haynes of RM Sotheby’s, the classic car division of the famous auction house, explains how.


American opulence at its best, the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz



Once just a folly of pleasure – the desire to own beautiful, enjoyable things – classic car collecting has followed in the footsteps of fine art to also become a highly lucrative form of investment that can provide excellent returns for those who understand its dynamics. “Like any market, demand and values will vary over time, as the tastes of successive generations change,” says Peter Haynes, PR & Marketing Director of RM Sotheby’s, “but the global market for collector cars is both large and growing. It has become an important business that has seen a truly impressive increase in transactions and prices over the past decade.”


His division of Sotheby’s specialises exclusively in the sale of classic vehicles and related collectibles, and runs many of its auctions parallel to events such as the concours d’elegance of Pebble Beach, Amelia Beach or Villa d’Este, or indeed the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. “They are gatherings that attract affluent car collectors, and the auctions themselves are typically two-day events consisting of a preview day and a sale day.”


“Classic cars are a delight and a pleasure for many affluent collectors, but they have also been performing very well as investment assets in recent years.”

Ueli Schnorff WETAG Consulting SA Canton Ticino, SWITZERLAND

Detail from the Art Deco era – 1933 Cadillac V12 All Weather Phaeton



“…but the global market for collector cars is both large and growing. It has become an important business that has seen a truly impressive increase in transactions and prices over the past decade.”

AN INVESTMENT BUILT ON PASSION Though returns can be impressive, Peter Haynes and his team encourage buyers to acquire classic cars first and foremost out of a love of these objets d’art, and not primarily from an ROI perspective. He explains that “genuine love of cars is what makes the market stable, whereas pure investment brings speculators into it and produces periods of unsustainable price inflation.” In spite of this danger, which can affect virtually every kind of asset class, the history of the classic car market shows that these are in fact very stable assets, making this a fun and rewarding one to be active in.

A treat for lovers of classic cars


In keeping with the origins of most of the cars being traded, the main market has always been North America and Europe, though Asia has long been important too. “The heritage of classic cars is mainly European and American, and while you may think that most buyers now come from the Middle East and China, there is a good geographical spread, with the traditional markets still very strong too. At our auctions, it is quite normal to see bidders from more than 40 countries represented, so it is a truly global market with its roots in Europe and North America. That said, the greatest growth continues to come from Asia and the Middle East.”


NEW TRENDS Peter Haynes confirms that Covid has certainly produced a challenge for an event-based industry such as classic car sales. “As with other sectors, it forced the market to evolve, and the adoption of new technologies and move online was accelerated. RM Sotheby’s adapted quickly and we were able to perform well over the past two years, despite the challenges.” Now that live events are back alongside online ones, and greater confidence in the economy has returned, the sector feels buoyant as it looks towards a strong 2022. Other new trends include the increasing geographical spread of buyers, selling venues and events, as well as the way in which people will choose to buy collectible cars. “There will also undoubtedly be evolutions in tastes and preferences, as we’ve seen in previous decades, while other developments include the acceptance of cryptocurrency and NFTs as a form of payment, but as we’re speaking about an industry with a certain nostalgic essence, the appeal of the classical elegance of both the concours d’elegance and the beautiful works of engineering themselves will remain as strong as ever.”

The market for classic cars has grown a lot, offering fun and good investments



One of the few places to find classic cars, such as this 1933 Auburn Twelve Salon Pheaton





It seems that tech is all around us these days – in news about scientific developments, new gadgets and also the huge investment flowing into start-ups, some of which are becoming ‘unicorns’ – privatelyheld companies worth $1 billion or more. Is this the dawning of a new technological era?

The end of the nineties brought the Internet, a revolutionary new technology and resource that sparked a ‘.com’ investment frenzy, which boiled over in the early 2000s with the .doc crash. The online world has since come to dominate things and changed the way we learn, interact and work, and it has been added to by all manner of apps (applications), which along with online businesses such as Amazon and Google have grown astronomically from obscure little start-ups to huge new corporations.


Now, as one of them, Facebook, has recently announced a name change to Meta Platforms, we ponder the next stage in this New Machine Age, and a new era of technological development that is bringing next-generation development in AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), AI (artificial intelligence) and just about smart-everything with it. Sensors providing machinery with up to the second information are now as common as lightbulbs once were, and they form the basis for everything from smart (information-interactive) cities to AI machinery and autonomous driving.

The Metaverse is the next evolution of the Internet




A NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION? Traditionally, small business financing was provided by banks and big finance played out on the stock exchange, but that landscape has been changing over the past years. Banks no longer lend money to small businesses – they limit themselves to mortgages, consumerbased loans and for the rest facilitate big corporations with the means to expand and conquer. You know, Big Oil, Big Pharma, etc. Smaller businesses are increasingly left out at sea, but if you’re a fresh new start-up, especially with a tech angle, venture capitalists and private ‘angel’ investors are now lining up.

Smart Cities are interconnected ‘intelligent’ networks


The reason for this is elementary – in recent years a high proportion of such (especially tech-based) start-ups have produced fantastic returns, offering excellent ROI through several funding rounds right up to IPO (stock listing) and/or Unicorn status. This has driven more and more fund-based money to invest in the next Salesforce or Uber, and while it occasionally causes a tech-based bubble, many predict that we’re really just at the beginning, and countries as diverse as the USA, Germany, China and India alone will be adding many dozens of new Unicorns in the coming years.


“Technology is changing the world and driving economies, and when you look at investment flows this is confirmed. In commercial, economic and investment terms, this is the future.”

Maurizio Pezzetta La Commerciale Rome, ITALY



“AI (artificial intelligence) is at the heart of much new development over the coming years and decades”

WHICH ARE THE HOT TECH SECTORS “Most of the many identified tech sectors are great potential performers,” says Cristian Iosif, founder and CEO of Tech Intel Global, an online platform that follows funding rounds and collects and presents market information about pre-IPO tech investment opportunities. “But our exhaustive data resources show that right now FinTech (financial technology) is very hot as it provides the systems that are revolutionising payment systems. AI is at the heart of much new development over the coming years and decades, so it too is tops, along with next-generation mobility, ‘green’ energy and overall automated management systems, which include the Smart Cities now under development.” But the opportunities, both for entrepreneurs and investors, are very broad, and include anything from the educational and medical fields to military, industrial, entertainment and retail technology. Until now, investment in start-ups has been dominated by wealthy private investors and Venture Capital funds, with very high step-in sums required, but just recently such opportunities have started to be broken down into smaller chunks that allow you to participate with as little as €5,000 or €10,000, creating an environment that provides higherrisk, higher-return possibilities away from the stock markets and indeed cryptocurrency, which through its own FinTech characteristics is however closely related to this tech-savvy new world we are about to enter.

AR and VR can help speed up complex design projects







VIENNA by Peter Marschall

Marschall Immobilien, Vienna & Kitzbühel, Austria.

Can you summarise the market in your area in 2021? It was a very, very good year. Sales increased greatly, and with them prices rose by around 1015%. There was high demand from local buyers, and travel is opening up and easier again so the international buyers are also coming back. How do you see things developing in 2022? On the one hand investors will continue to be interested because of rising inflation, for which property is an excellent option, but on the other hand we don’t know what is going to happen with the war in Ukraine and how it will influence our lives and economy. What kind of buyers are coming to your area? Local buyers as well as people from Germany, Switzerland and Eastern Europe primarily. They are looking for quality homes in good locations, and fortunately we can supply that. What kind of real estate and lifestyle are they looking for? Above all elegant apartments and modern penthouses in the city centre of Vienna, or villas in the green neighbourhoods. International clients value Vienna because of its quality of life, historic beauty and the high standard of services and cultural offering. Has the market changed a lot over the past few years? Yes, since the beginning of the Covid pandemic in 2020 up to now the market has changed. Demand has risen dramatically, and along with it prices. Another trend is that buyers are looking for larger properties with gardens and/or terraces, and a safe haven for their money. Above all, however, it is quality and quality of life they seek.



NEW DEVELOPMENTS Property agents don’t only work with private vendors and buyers, some specialised ones also have expertise in assisting investors and developers in the process of creating and marketing projects. FGP Swiss & Alps does this for promoters of luxury niche homes in Switzerland and the French Alps.


Guermerés Exclusive Lodge, our project in Grimentz



As Senior Executive Officer of the CI Group and CEO of FGP Swiss & Alps, Geneva-based Quentin Epiney leads a team specialised in working closely with private and boutique developers of luxury homes within his geographical market area. “This also includes projects created by the Comptoir Immobilier Group, and a good example of this is Guernerés Exclusive Lodge at Grimentz in the Valais" says Quentin. Other projects include luxurious homes right by the lake, such as the exclusive Domaine des Princes in Geneva's prestigious Cologny district as well as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Lavaux vineyards. New ones underway in the French mountain areas of Meribel.

What makes a new development successful “The approach has to be holistic, but fundamental is the location, as it has to offer refinement, privacy, security, quality of life, views and also be close to all relevant facilities. Space and greenery, both of the property itself and its surroundings, are also important, and while things such as build quality and a high standard of amenities and finish are seen as a given, so is professional service throughout. From interior design to concierge management, it all has to be flawless. While efficient, in this segment the service also has to be personal.”

“To Quentin’s clients, design has become increasingly important over the years”

Quentin Epiney, FGP Swiss & Alps - Groupe Comptoir Immobilier


New trends To Quentin’s clients, design has become increasingly important over the years. He works with trusted partners in architecture, interior design and landscaping to ensure that all expectations are met. While tastes vary greatly, the trend has moved a little away from the starker minimalism of recent times to a warmer, more eclectic form of contemporary refinement and elegance that fits in well with more traditional homes. “The Bozeen Agency created the styles for the Guernerés Exclusive Lodge


Luxury modern chalet living in Grimentz, one of our own projects

project in Grimentz, using fine quality materials specially selected by the designer. They include reclaimed wood, natural stone and metal – all carefully considered to provide a contemporary vision of an authentic Alpine home of refinement.” He reports that market activity is currently high, a trend that represents continuity from last year’s record transactions in the luxury segment. “Switzerland has been

even more in demand since the Covid crisis, because of its amenities and stability, but also because of the quality of life it offers. This is particularly true of the areas in Switzerland and adjacent parts of France that we cover, and here the property type that is most sought after is exactly that of luxury modern villa and apartment developments in top locations. For quality projects of this kind there is always demand.”


Luxury modern home overlooking the sea Puzol, Valencia, SPAIN More info on page 68


Europe’s Finest Real Estate


Unique villa with breathtaking views in noble district, Vienna, AUSTRIA This modern villa under construction is surrounded by the vineyards of Vienna Living area 432 m², spacious garden and terraces, swimming pool, modern architecture, concierge & security service. Price upon request. Ref. MI-2253


Property section. Austria

Grand Kinsky – Imperial Living, Vienna, AUSTRIA Impressive luxury penthouse with a stunning view onto the St.Stephan’s Cathedral Living space 329 m², rooftop terrace with pool, in-house wine cellar and gym, garage. Price upon request. Ref: MI-1925

Exclusive penthouse with city view in premium location, Vienna, AUSTRIA A living experience characterised by an abundance of light, space and greenery Living space 147 m², sensational all-round view, highest standard of design and finishing, garage. Price upon request. Ref: MI-2410

Marschall Real Estate +43 1 533 20 30


Aegean Seaflowers, Mykonos Magical sunsets on a secluded shore Mykonos, Cyclades, GREECE. Directly on the sea facing sacred Delos Island, two beautiful villas measuring in total 485 m² with 9 bedrooms, large reception areas and two swimming pools on land of 4.055 m². Only a short distance from Mykonos Town and Ornos village, the two houses may be used together as one large residence or independently for two families. They are furnished and available for immediate use. 9 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, interior: 485 m², land: 4.055 m2 Price: € 3.755.000


Property section. Greece

La Fenice, Kea Contemporary luxury with panoramic views Kea, Cyclades, GREECE. In a highly desirable location with amazing views over rolling hillsides to the port of Korissia and out to sea, this majestic fully-furnished 7-bedroom villa is the epitome of refinement. The 770 m² interior features oak and limestone floors, high wood-beamed ceilings, and sun-filled areas with large picture windows. Mature gardens surround the swimming pool and terraces. There is a caretaker's apartment and an adjacent land plot with building permit is also available. 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, interior: 770 m², land: 7.858 m² Price: €3.500.000



Villa Gritti Renaissance period East province of Verona, ITALY. Real estate complex of over 6000 m². Main villa with right and left wings rustic buildings, restaurants, apartments and church. Wonderful area with streams and parkland. Price: €2.500.000 Ref. MA1770

Historical Villa Between Mantova and Verona, ITALY. With XV siecle Giulio Romano frescoes, 2600 m² of villa, rustics, b&b. Partially renovated with garden and pool. Price: €1.350.000 Ref. MA1724


Property section. Italy

Penthouse Sirmione City Centre Lake Garda - Brescia, ITALY.

Home with garden in residence Sirmione Lake Garda, ITALY.

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, terraces, 200 m² Price: €1.290.000 Ref. IA0107

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 160 m² Price: €570.000 Ref. IA0127

Luxury independent house Lake Garda - Verona, ITALY. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 520 m² Price: €1.670.000 Ref. MD0093

Cofim Immobiliare VR +39 030 337 79 72


Villa IL GABBIANO Top waterfront location Piccolo Romazzino - Cala di Volpe Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, ITALY. Waterfront villa with direct sea access situated in the most prestigious location and neighborhood in Costa Smeralda. Lovely sea views over the bay and the coastline. Designed by Arch. Luigi Vietti, lush Mediterranean garden, swimming pool, over 500m2. mt impressive interiors, 5 beds, beautiful living and dining areas, staff quarters. Just minutes from Cala di Volpe Hotel, Pevero Golf Club and Porto Cervo Marina. Price upon request. Ref. RMZ1703V


Property section. Italy

Villa CAPRERA Pieds dans l’eau villa, Baja Sardinia Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, ITALY. Waterfront position with direct beach access, spectacular sea views. Recently refurbished, 5 beds, 4 baths, comfortable outdoor living spaces and terraces ideal for entertaining. Stunning infinity pool, garden bordering the sea, great privacy, convenient location few steps from Baja Sardinia Beach, secluded bays of the Archipelago Islands and Porto Cervo’ exclusive amenities. Price upon request. Ref: CSM2118B Villa JOY Waterfront private peninsula. Unique location in the Marine Protected Reserve of Tavolara – Capo Coda Cavallo. Gallura - Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, ITALY. Private 1,9 ha. gated peninsula, 3 pieds dans l’eau villas. Bespoke amenities and services. Private dock, two beaches, heliport land, seawater pool, tennis courts, 9 beds, 7 baths, large exquisitely crafted interiors, perfect as a grand family home. Utmost privacy and seclusion. Minutes from Olbia International Airport and Costa Smeralda. Price upon request. Ref: PSP1734V Immobilsarda Srl +39 0789 909000


Wonderful Hamlet for sale in Ronciglione. Ronciglione, Viterbo, ITALY Residence plunged into history and composed by an agreeable and reserved hamlet consisting of three buildings dated back to XVII century and masterfully restored with a sophisticated design, surrounded by land. This property represents the opportunity to live surrounded by silence and greenery to relax in and to unwind of the rhythm and stress of the city. It offers also the opportunity to welcome you into an ecologic property, but also full of history made of rare and authentic interiors. Buildings: 580 m2, other surfaces: 221 m2, land: 5.000 m² Price Upon Request. Ref. LC400


Property section. Italy

Prestigious penthouse for sale on the Aventine Hill. Rome, ITALY In the exclusive residence called "Domus Aventino" with security service 24/7, we propose the sale of a prestigious penthouse with panoramic view of the Aventine hill. Living in this residence allows people to have useful and comfortable amenities, such as a room where you can schedule meetings and events and a private gym where you can enjoy your free time. 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room House: 150 m2, terrace: 25 m² Price Upon Request. Ref. LC406

Exclusive Apartment in Campo de’ Fiori. Rome, ITALY In a Neo-Renaissance historical noble building, we propose the sale of an exclusive apartment on the second floor with view of Campo de' Fiori and Piazza Farnese. The precious wooden coffered ceilings are higher than 4 meters. Thanks to the apartment plan, it is possible to divide it into two properties. Living room, dining Room, live-in kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms House: 180 m2, balcony Price Upon Request. Ref. LC408

La Commerciale Srl (+39) 06 3200 613


Luxury modern home overlooking the sea This extraordinary contemporary house in Los Monasterios, Puzol benefits from an idyllic setting overlooking the sea and the surrounding scenery. Puzol, Valencia, SPAIN. Exclusive architectural design enjoying a dominant position. Fabulous living spaces and the very best in comforts including a gym and swimming pool. Finest qualities throughout and bespoke technology. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, built: 691 m2, plot 1.192 m2 Price: €3.600.000. Ref: RMGV4281


Property section. Spain

Majestic Living in Costa Blanca Distinctive design and Mediterranean features overlooking Jávea’s Bay moments away to the Port. Jávea, Costa Blanca, SPAIN. Glorious villa bathed in natural light boasting delightful views with an elegant interior design and contemporary fittings. Inviting living areas with large proportions rooms. Of additional benefit are the lift, panoramic terraces, BBQ and outdoor lounge. The views are a must. Easy access to the beach. 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, built: 243 m2, plot: 935 m2 Price: €2.400.000. Ref: RMG6398

Rimontgó +34 963 504 444


Chalets Saanen Exceptional domain, panoramic view on Gstaad Gstaad, Swiss Alps, SWITZERLAND. The domain of 6 hectares includes two luxurious chalets, the first one is a «renovated farmhouse» and the other one is a more traditional chalet. This green setting will delight lovers of nature and animals. Built in 2007, the main chalet has a surface area of 400 m2 and the second one of 150 m2. This site is exceptional thanks to its location, size and exclusivity. It enjoys a panoramic view on Gstaad and the Bernese Alps. Price on request. Ref: 34385


Property section. Switzerland

FGP SWISS & ALPS +41(0) 22 319 89 15


Invest in tradition – Hotel Chesa Grischuna, Klosters Mountain resort hotel with chalet and staff house Klosters, SWITZERLAND. The Hotel Chesa Grischuna will catch your eye with its traditional architectural style and artistic façade murals. The hotel itself, built in 1938, is a listed building, while the adjacent chalet and staff house offer various options for expansion, renovation or refurbishment. Perfectly located in the town-centre, this property is a unique opportunity for investors, developers and entrepreneurs who want to combine tradition and innovation in this famous resort town in the enchanting Graubünden mountains. Sales price: CHF 10,000,000. Ref: L10.763


Property section. Switzerland

Exclusive villa with lake views - Uetikon am See, Zürich, SWITZERLAND. 5 bedrs, 5 bathrs House: 300 m2, land: 4275 m2. Rent CHF 13,000/month Ref: 20.68.360

Modern lakeside villa - Buochs, Nidwalden, SWITZERLAND. 7 bedrs, 5 bathrs House: 440 m2, land 1385 m2. Price CHF 6m–8m. Ref: 60.68.470

Walde Immobilien AG +41 44 396 60 60


Exceptional life by the lake with nature on your doorstep Montagnola, Lake Lugano, Ticino, SWITZERLAND 6 bedrs. 7 bathrs, house: 440 m2, land: 4.637 m2. Price: CHF 14.000.000. Ref: 88438


Property section. Switzerland

New, comfort & very spacious terrace in central location, close to the lake promenade Ascona, Lake Maggiore, Ticino, SWITZERLAND. 4 bedrs, 4 bathrs, house: 250 m2, terrace: 210 m2 Price: CHF 5.660.000. Ref: LOC1110-9

Historic, immaculate luxury villa Curio, Lake Lugano, Ticino, SWITZERLAND. 5 bedrs, 5 bathrs, house: 670 m2, land: 7.245 m2 Price: CHF 9.950.000. Ref: 88657

Living elegantly on two floors Lugano, Lake Lugano, Ticino, SWITZERLAND.

Stunning property with privacy in an amazing location Mendrisio, Ticino, SWITZERLAND.

5 bedrs, 5 bathrs, house: 500 m2 Price: CHF 8.250.000. Ref: LUG1048

9 bedrs, 5 bathrs, house: 645 m2, land: 11.000 m2 Price: Upon request. Ref: 88475

Wetag Consulting +41 (0)91 601 04 40


Successful international cooperation “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more”. Dr. J.E. Salk

The productive cooperation between members of EREN continues to grow, and this implies not only an increase in cross-border transactions but also the ability to offer an ever-improving service to our international clients. A signature benefit of working with an EREN member firm is the expertise and high quality of service each member gives its clients, while working cooperatively with the highest degrees of trust and accountability. Here is a sample of case studies from the past few months.



Vienna, Austria.

Successful cooperation between Austria and Switzerland Thanks to our international network and the close cooperation between our European partners, we were successfully instructed with the sale of a Viennese investment property through the mediation of WALDE Immobilien in Zurich. Our real estate portfolio also includes an exceptional home in western Austria. Due to its proximity to Switzerland, its successful international promotion draws on the combined marketing strength of the EREN network, and the specific local knowledge and contacts of WALDE Immobilien. This level of global reach and local specialisation enables us to provide both broad and also highly focused exposure for luxury properties within their specific target audiences, which we reach to great effect.



Successful cooperation between Austria and Spain In collaboration with Mr. Ribes Bas, CEO of our Spanish partner Rimontgó, we were able to offer a selection of Spanish hotels to an Austrian investor group. Here too, local knowledge partnered with international cooperation resulted in presentations of first-class options in Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona.

Barcelona, Spain.

Successful cooperation between Spain and Portugal A local success story becomes an International success story. Massachusetts, Valencia, El Perollonet and Lisbon are beautiful coastal locations, so why not enjoy them all? Ted and Tanya had already purchased property with Rimontgó ten years ago; an apartment in the city of Valencia that has been their family home since, where their three children have grown up enjoying the local quality of life, the mild climate, Mediterranean cuisine and their favourite sports: football and cycling. Though Valencia is a coastal city, many here own a beachside second home in the neighbouring region, and Ted and Tanya decided to look for one to similarly spend the summer months in. However, thanks to the area’s mild winter climate, it became their primary residence, even before Covid introduced this way of life across Europe.



Rimontgò was their chosen agent for both properties, but when the family decided to broaden its investment horizon, it naturally turned to the Valencia-based agency, even though the properties sought were in Portugal – as they were well aware of the firm’s vast international network. In addition, the Rimontgò team had become close friends of Ted, Tanya and their family, often supporting them with practical advice too. Commissioned to find a fabulous investment property in Portugal, they contacted Silfiducia, their EREN colleagues on the ground and came up with an impressive portfolio not only of wonderful homes, but also comprehensive background information that also included details about the American School in Lisbon. The family, originally from Massachusetts in the USA, were delighted to see how efficient a Valencia-based agency could be in finding them a property in Portugal, and this is of course thanks to the close working relationships established within EREN. All the above would, of course, have never been possible without the professionalism and dedication of Marta Silveira Catemario di Quadri, partner at Silfiducia and active member of EREN – supported by the mutual trust and smooth cooperation between our members when referring and collaborating on cross-border projects.

Lisboa, Portugal.



AUSTRIA MARSCHALL REAL ESTATE. Vienna A modern, dynamic company that combines its technical know-how and knowledge of the local property market with a customerorientated service. Providing a key brokerage and surveying service to private buyers and investors, embassies, trusts and foundations, the firm offers a portfolio of upmarket residential properties, commercial real estate and industrial premises. Währinger Straße 2-4 1090 Wien – Austria Tel: +43-1-533 20 30 Fax: +43-1-533 20 30 30


IMMOBILSARDA. Sardinia-Costa Smeralda-Porto Cervo. Since 1974, Property Finder and leading high-end real estate specialist in Sardinia – Costa Smeralda. Providing brokerage and surveying services as well as project management , market research and valuations. As developer, promoter and consultant, Immobilsarda guarantees an invaluable local knowledge, an extensive portfolio of high quality properties for sale and rent, seafront villas and estates, luxury golf resort projects, sustainable developments. Via Nazionale 28. 07028 Santa Teresa di Gallura - Italy Tel: +39-0789-754500 Fax: +39-0789-754371 Vicolo degli Archi, 1 07020 Porto Cervo - (OT) - Italy Tel. +39-0789-909000 Fax. + 39-0789-909022

PLOUMIS SOTIROPOULOS. Athens. Ploumis Sotiropoulos is a full-service real estate brokerage founded in 1924 and offering a wide range of property in the greater Athens area and in selected other areas around Greece.

Piazzetta Mare 07020 Porto Rafael – (OT) - Italy Tel. +39.0789.700381

6 Panepistimiou, 10671 Athens, Greece +30 210 3643112

LA COMMERCIALE. Rome This property specialist for Rome and the surrounding province of Lazio is a leading brokerage, accredited by the Chamber of Commerce to operate with the Real Estate Stock Exchange of Rome, and entrusted with the sale of luxury city properties, large historical country estates and commercial real estate.

ITALY COFIM. Verona Founded in 1978. Cofim is a leading property firm that specializes in both sales and rentals of residential and commercial properties in the Veneto Region and Lake Garda. Its staff provides to multilingual clients quality service from the very beginning of the sale/rental process over offering a smart marketing plan. Cofim's goal is to satisfy clients offering them an extensive portfolio of properties, from apartments to high-end villas and a wise knowledge of the local territory. Via Brescia,8. 25019 Sirmione - Brescia +39 – 030 – 337 79 72 Stradone Porta Palio, 16/A. 37122 Verona - Italy Tel: +39 – 045 – 800 11 99

Lungotevere dei Mellini 44. 00193 Rome - Italy Tel: +39 06 3200613. Fax: +39 06 3218100

PORTUGAL SILFIDUCIA REAL ESTATE. Lisbon. Founded in 1981, SILFIDUCIA is one of the longest established real estate agencies in the market. Our experienced teams cover commercial and residential property, combining innovation with traditional values to provide clients with the highest level of customer service. We provide agency, as well as customised real estate solutions including investment consultancy, development and market research. SILFIDUCIA is part of Grupo SIL, a leading real estate business with more than 60 years of knowledge and perspective of the real estate market. Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 6 - 5th floor 1050 - 121 Lisbon, PORTUGAL Tel: +351 213 555 555 •



SPAIN RIMONTGÓ. Valencia, Jávea Specialising in Valencia and northern Costa Blanca regions, Rimontgó is a wellestablished family business that has been building, marketing and selling quality villas and apartments since 1959. Rimontgó’s multilingual team offers a full range of residential and commercial property services, ensuring the company’s success in a vibrant region of Spain.

WALDE IMMOBILIEN AG Zollikon, Baden, Lucerne, Sursee, Thalwil, Uster, Zurich Walde & Partner Immobilien are the leading independent real estate agents for prime, exclusive properties in the Germanspeaking region of Switzerland. Founded in 1985, Walde & Partner operates with a staff of 60 at its seven offices in and around Lake Zurich and Lucerne. The Brand Walde & Partner Immobilien stands for quality, professionalism and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Avenida de Lepanto, 1 03730 Jávea (Alicante) - Spain Tel. +34 965 791 035 Fax. +34 965 795 129

Alte Landstrasse 107 CH-8702 Zollikon - Switzerland Tel. +41 44 396 60 60 Fax. +41 44 396 60 90

Po. Amanecer, bl 9, local 10 03730 Jávea (Alicante) - Spain Tel. +34 966 470 983 Fax. + 34 966 470 983

Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, 62 46005 Valencia - Spain Tel.+34 963 504 444 Fax. +34 963 504 445 Pº de La Castellana, 18, 7 28046 Madrid -Spain Tel.: +34 667 635 774

SWITZERLAND FGP SWISS & ALPS. Geneva. With origins dating back to 1825, COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER is a leading real estate Group in French-speaking Switzerland. Based in Geneva, the company also operates agencies in the Cantons of Vaud and Valais, employing today more than 320 professionals and active in residential, commercial, and luxury real estate with its Prestige division CI EXCLUSIVE PROPERTIES. This family structure carries strong values with a focus on Service, Performance, Ethics and Sustainable development. Cours de Rive 7, 1203 Geneva. Switzerland Tel:+41(0) 22 319 89 15

WETAG CONSULTING IMMOBILIARE SA. Canton Ticino, Switzerland A leading specialist in high-end real estate in the Ticino region of Switzerland since 1973, Wetag offers a broad range of customized real estate and personal solutions. These include the purchase and sale of residential property, assistance with residence permit applications and also with guidance regarding tax-related or legal issues. Via Antonio Ciseri, 13A 6601 Locarno - Switzerland Tel: +41-91-601 04 40 Fax: +41-91-751 96 38 Via Beato Berno, 10 CH-6612 Ascona - Switzerland Tel: +41-91-791 29 20 Riva Antonio Caccia, 3 CH-6900 Lugano - Switzerland Tel: +41-91-601 04 50

UK EREN HEAD OFFICE London 52 Brook Street London W1K 5DS - United Kingdom


It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

Aristotle Socrates Onassis 1906 - 1975




EREN HEAD OFFICE 52 Brook Street London W1K 5DS - United Kingdom