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“Show me your horse and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Old English Proverb

There are unchangeable truths that anchor our lives, as expressed in the proverb above. It is, unequivocally, the riders, owners, trainers and caregivers that make this magnificent animal at the center of our lives what it is. The more love, knowledgeable care and proper training you give, the better a horse will be.

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But change is the force that drives our lives forward. Each new issue of Equestrian


Almanac is it’s own journey, and with this one we are enthusiastically embracing change,

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with a fresh new look and an exciting new format. We proudly present our Spring 2018 issue, with the hope that you will find it a helpful guide and an enjoyable read. We send sincere thanks to our readers, advertisers, and production team, who make this book come alive.

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Beauty in Motion by Pam Maley

Beauty in Motion

can mean many things, and is often applied to a perfectly synchronized equestrian pair, but the

four equestrian women profiled in this piece define the genre of one whose beauty can often be captured in athletic motion. Though certainly different, they are bound by similarities. All are deeply passionate about their sport and have loved horses from a very young age; and all are startlingly beautiful and naturally elegant, on or off the horse. Meet show jumpers Charlotte Casiraghi and Jessica Springsteen, eventer Zara Tindall, MBE, and dressage champion Laura Graves.

Charlotte Casiraghi - Show Jumping Student of philosophy, publisher, author, mother and equestrian, Charlotte Casiraghi, granddaughter of Princess Grace of Monaco, is ninth in line to the throne. Her beauty is legendary, and her best beauty tip is fresh air, which she gathers in abundance as an equestrian. She started riding at a very young age, and now rides two to three horses almost every day when she’s not working or traveling. Her participation in nearly every phase of the 2009-2015 Global Champions Tours (GCT), with horses Troy and Tintero, firmly established her show jumping credentials. In 2012, she made her debut as the new face of Gucci in an elaborate advertising campaign that celebrated her passion for the sport. Her family has had a long relationship with the house of Gucci, and the company designs an exclusive range for Caroline to wear in competitions. After a very busy show jumping season in 2015, Charlotte has stayed close to home the last two years, competing primarily in events in and around Monaco, and managing her stable of horses under the direction of her trainer, Thierry Rozier. Her grace and elegance draws photographers wherever she travels, whether to fashion shows, art exhibits, or equestrian events. It was she who originated the concept of the GCT ‘Pro-Am Cup,’ which debuted in GCT Monaco, and remains a staple of that event. The relay is made up of teams consisting of a professional and an amateur who ride the course, often in costume, and compete in the name of a charity of their choosing. Charlotte always rides for a cause founded by Princess Grace, A.M.A.D.E.(Association Mondiale des Amis de l’Enfance), which translates as World Association of Children’s Friend. In 2014, Charlotte partnered with internationally ranked show jumper Edwina Tops-Alexander, also a Gucci ambassador, in the class. The pair earned the top spot on the podium, and the first-place prize, with the trophy presented by Charlotte’s mother, Princess Caroline. So popular has this Pro-Am concept of raising money for charity in costume become, that major show jumping events around the world have adopted this crowd-pleasing event.

Jessica Springsteen - Show Jumping Like her fellow competitor, Charlotte Casiraghi, Jessica Springsteen is

competition; but she was also convinced that her horses were truly

an ambassador for Gucci and an elite, high-profile show jumper. But

happy there.

the similarities don’t end there. Elegant and beautiful, Springsteen, like Casiraghi, is famous for much more than her last name.

She returns in the winter to Wellington, for the Winter Equestrian Festival, and this year she debuted a new grand prix horse, RMF Zecilie,

In 2008, at the age of 17, she got the attention of the show jumping

bringing her string to a total of eight. Now, at 26, having had valuable

world when she won the ASPCA Maclay National Championship in a

learning time at Stal Tops, she’s spending her time in Wellington with

ride-off that showcased her particularly bold riding style. In the years

a focus on venturing out on her own.

following, she moved steadily upward in the show jumping rankings with an amazing stable of horses and the influence of her coach in those formative years, gold medal Olympian Laura Kraut.

She’s ready to become more independent, and to establish her own program here at home. Though she will still spend three or four months in Europe, she plans to compete

Following her graduation from

more in the U.S., with the goal of

Duke University in 2014, Jessica

riding for her country again. As with

had her sights set on Europe,

all elite show jumpers, her packed

and moved her horses to Jan

schedule will always include travel.

Tops’ stunning facility in Holland,

She’s already committed to a

where she worked with Jan’s

new Global Champions League

wife, Edwina Tops-Alexander. For

team for the 2018 season. But her

Jessica, the move was a good

American fans will be delighted to

one, not just because she was

know that she plans to bring her

learning so much from her new

exquisite style to more shows on

trainer and was close to great

this side of the pond!

Zara Tindall, MBE

Zara Tindall, MBE - Three-Day Eventing A talented and decorated three-day eventer, Zara Tindall, daughter of Great Britain’s Princess Margaret and Mark Phillips, is one of only three riders to have held both world and European eventing titles simultaneously. In that same year, 2006, she was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year by the British public; and in 2007, her grandmother Queen Elizabeth appointed her a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for her contributions to equestrianism. In 2012, she found herself living her Olympic dream as she won a silver medal before a home crowd at the London games. And in 2014, she and her top horse High Kingdom, earned another silver with the British Eventing Team at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy. She collaborated with renowned jewelry designer John Caleija on a jewelry collection called “Unbridled Elegance,” and Zara is a shining example of the theme behind the collection, which reflects her deep love of the sport, and her innate gentility and grace. With a string of eight horses that live with her family on her farm in the Cotswalds, she maintains a full competition schedule every year. In April 2017 she traveled to the U.S. to place third in the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event in Lexington aboard her Olympic horse High Kingdom. Eventing has always been a way of life for Zara. As a small girl, she ran around the field with dogs and horses while her mom Princess Anne and her dad Mark Phillips were competing. She inherited the natural talent of her father, one of the most versatile horsemen of his day, and the courage and calmness under pressure of her mother. Now married to rugby champion Mike Tindall, she is mom to fouryear-old Mia, who runs around the field, perfectly at home, just like her mother did. The Tindalls have announced that they will welcome their second child in the summer of 2018, so her competition schedule will be put on hold for a while. Certainly Zara will be back in the saddle, exhibiting her grace under pressure, and her unquestionable style in 2019 and beyond.

Laura Graves - Dressage In this most elegant of sports, where horses dance, Laura Graves and Verdades rise to that level of elegance, forming a picture in the ring of exquisite grace and beauty. The pair entered International Grand Prix competition in 2014, earning a surprise second place at the American Dressage Championships, a tenth at the CHIO Aachen 5*, and a fifth at the World Equestrian Games. 2015 brought a fourth in the FEI World Cup Finals, and team gold and individual silver at the Pan American Games. And in 2016, the dream of a lifetime: a team bronze and individual fourth at the Olympics in Rio. People began asking where this sudden sensation had come from. But nothing could be further from the truth. Growing up in Vermont, she and her sisters fell in love with two ponies that were boarding at their farm. They persuaded their parents to buy the ponies, but the sacrifice meant the family had to trade their washing machine and dryer for the four-legged additions. As Laura’s natural talent became apparent, her family began to search for a young horse that she could train. Buying an older, experienced horse wasn’t in the budget. In 2002, they purchased a six-month-old weanling named Verdades from Holland. From the tape they reviewed, he seemed well-balanced, and his price was within their budget. They realized, as he grew, that he was strong and difficult to ride. In 2009, he threw Laura, resulting in a broken back. Discouraged, she decided to pursue her cosmetology career, sell the horse and give up on the dream. But prospective buyers couldn’t master the willful horse, and Laura began to reconsider her Olympic dream. As difficult as Verdades was, when things were right, he was absolutely amazing. She knew she had a talented horse that she could never afford to buy ‘all made up’. Deciding to jump back in, Laura moved to Florida, to a stable where she could work in exchange for lessons. And by doing so, the victories followed. It has been a long journey; the two champions have grown up together, and earned their place on the world stage.


SHORE TO SHORE AND COAST TO COAST As a young entrepreneur and horseman Neil Jones established Neil Jones Equestrian in the mid-90s. Based in Belgium, he specialized in matching European mounts with riders around the world and did so consistently with a number of repeat clients. Even with strong interest from the American market, Jones had visited the United States only twice: in 2000 for the World Cup in Las Vegas, and again in 2005 for the HITS Desert Circuit in Indio, CA.

NEIL JONES EQUESTRIAN by Pam Maley and Jackie McFarland



A consummate ‘matchmaker,’ Jones has a long-standing reputation for success as a premier supplier of top show horses. Always thinking of business expansion, the idea of bringing his expertise and string of horses to America seemed worth a try, and in 2015 he made the concept a reality. Kicking off the American tour in Wellington at the 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival, he and the horses stayed for several months and did so again in 2016. Then in 2016 and 2017 he took his string of sale horses from the East Coast to the West Coast, adding a California circuit to the schedule. With the business now firmly established on American soil, this year Neil Jones Equestrian USA had horses on both coasts during the winter season.

This winter we had 12 to 15 horses in Wellington, and 10 at HITS Coachella. Now that WEF is over, all the horses are in California, where we will be in full operation from April through November, showing throughout California, and possibly as far north as Thunderbird in Langley, B.C, “Jones explained. “With two great up and coming riders, Natasha Traurig and Carly Anthony, things are running quite well. I am able to run the business and travel back and forth without worry.

Photo: McCool

Photo: Sara Jorgensen

Not only has his client base grown, the model allows buyers to see the 20+ horses compete and then try them much closer to home. Before establishing a physical presence in the U.S., his business model was to send videos to America or bring American buyers to Europe. “This process is still going on,” Jones pointed out. “We still have horses in Europe and I take buyers there to shop.” Keeping his location in Belgium, Jones has a well-established base and talented riders to work with young horses in Europe, and then brings them here when they are ready to compete. By investing in their training, shipping to the U.S. and showing expenses, the process can get pricey, but, he says, it’s much better for the buyers. Prospective buyers can watch the horses in the ring for weeks at a time, and under varied conditions; and they can try them. They can use their own vets. “It’s about making everything comfortable, easy to do,” says Jones. “We’ve just added an American to our group of riders in Europe, to help prepare the horses specifically for the American market.”

In addition to his own horses, he has other people’s horses on consignment to sell, a service that he’s now able to offer. And with Neil Jones Equestrian USA established, European dealers, formerly his competitors, are now sending videos of horses for him to help sell.

“I’m always trying to find and sell better horses. Repeat business is the key, so providing a quality horse, and making the client feel happy and comfortable is my goal. If a horse doesn’t work out, I’m not in Europe – I’m here, so I can make it right. My greatest pleasure is watching the horses sell and then win; people like to buy a winner!”

SEE BLU E With a quarter century of experience, Neil Jones Equestrian USA and Neil Jones Equestrian Europe, sees blue in your future. Let us find your perfect match.

Neil Jones +1 (561) 762-3089 | @njeqinc



Natasha Traurig +1 (760) 271-9005 | @natasha.traurig EQSOL AD DESIGN



Carly Anthony +1 (425) 765-2601 | @carly.anthony.16





by Jackie McFarland and Pam Maley


lympian Will Simpson has a plan. The anchorman on the 2008

enough for me.” Each of his horses now has its own saddle, and Simpson

US Equestrian Show Jumping Team whose clear round clinched

has two that he uses for catch rides – all County saddles.

the Gold in Beijing, is bringing along a new string of young horses he

County Saddlery, based in England, has resisted the trend toward less

found and purchased in Europe last summer. Considering his record of

expensive synthetic fills, continuing to use pure wool flock. They constantly re-adjust the fit to

developing raw talent into show jumping stars, the possibilities of seeing his name in lights once again is plausible. Although Simpson has all the

“They saw me at a show and they thought the saddle I was using didn’t have a proper fit. They wanted to make a saddle for me...”

potential, with his decades of

accommodate changes in the horse’s back due to weight gain or loss, changes in musculature, etc. Using MSA fitters (saddle fitters that have earned their certification

experience he knows well all the daily details required for each horse to

from the Master Saddlers Association), Simpson’s saddles are checked and

feel like a champion. A partnership with the team at County Saddlery is

re-fitted monthly.

an essential part of the plan.

We asked if he feels that the County saddles have helped in training.

We asked how the partnership came about. “They found me,” he said.

“I’ve definitely noticed a difference,” he commented. “When the saddle

“They saw me at a show and they thought the saddle I was using didn’t

fits exactly right, it’s more secure. I can go looser on the girth because

have a proper fit. They wanted to make a saddle for me. Skeptical, I

it fits so well. As the shape of the horse’s back changes, the saddle

asked if I would be able to feel an immediate difference. The answer

changes. There’s forever a perfect fit, resulting in better performance,

was ‘yes,’ and I tried it – and the horse went much better. That was proof

less soreness, less recovery time.”

Training out of Royal Oaks Farm, with

do it; and then you feel the improvement.”

Delaney Flynn as his assistant, and student

With another Olympic Games as his goal,

Ben Ebling, Simpson caters his show

Simpson takes each day, each competition

schedule to meet the needs of their horses .

in stride. No stranger to the winners circle,

“Nine-year-old Chacco P is the head of my

he sees all the potential in Chacco P, and is

string,” he tells us. “There are a few 7- and

focused on developing that connection that

8-year-olds that are looking nice, but we are

can conquer all the questions asked on a

taking our time with them, so they aren’t on

challenging track.

the radar yet.”

“He has all the scope, is very careful, very

Immediately after Chacco P’s arrival from

brave, and sound. But he wants to go a little

Europe late last summer, County Saddlery

too fast, so I’m working on settling him

delivered a custom built saddle, and it has

down a bit.”

been adjusted several times. “Chacco’s

With a saddle he knows sits right on each

gotten a bit broader. He’s gained over 150 pounds and added a lot of

horse, Simpson’s specialty of putting the pieces of each horse’s puzzle

muscle. That makes a difference in the top line,” he explained. “They

together so they fit without force is increasingly more attainable. Having

can take wool out, put more in, or put it in different places on the

seen what he is capable of, we look forward to the results.

saddle. That fine tuning isn’t something you think you need, until you


SIMPSON Olympic Team Gold Medalist

County has the Solution. Just ask Will.*

Solution® by County

Enter To Win A FREE County Saddle!

Enter online NOW at NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. See website for complete rules, limitations and contest details.

Specializing in Sales, Leasing & Training Located at the Beautiful Edesa Ranch in Rancho Santa Fe, California


Custis Ferguson 805.895.3529 Facebook: Custis-Ferguson Instagram: custis_ferguson

California appellate courts recognize that horseback riding is a dangerous sporting activity. The courts routinely confirm that an obvious risk of horseback riding is a rider falling off the horse. In California a party may be relieved of liability to an injured party where there is an express assumption of risk. (This legal doctrine was recently discussed in great detail in the equine fact case Eriksson v. Nunnink (20 I 5) 233 Cal.App.4th 708.) In effect, an express assumption of risk negates a duty of care by the other party. In other words, if a trainer or an owner of a horse obtains a proper written waiver from a rider (and in the absence of gross negligence or recklessness by the trainer or owner) the law will find that no duty of care existed between the owner or trainer and the injured rider.

In short, California has a policy that will allow for persons to engage in an inherently dangerous sport involving horses and will relieve another party of liability based on simple negligence provided there is no gross negligence or reckless conduct by the party training the horse or providing the horse to the rider. This policy is a balancing of rights and responsibilities between the parties given the fact that people want to participate in activities involving horses. Moreover, California will also deny recovery to an injured rider where there is a primary assumption of risk. This means that if the rider understood the risk inherent to horseback riding and voluntarily participated nonetheless in riding a horse, the law may also bar a recovery to the rider. Given all of the above, it is very important for a trainer or an owner of a horse (including board and care facilities) to understand the law as it relates to activities involving horses. It is always best for a written waiver to be used in any activity involving horseback riding if a person or a business wishes to limit liability. On the other hand, a rider should understand the limits of liability against a provider of a horse or a horse trainer before a rider voluntarily assumes the risk of injury by riding a horse.

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“Winning is a State of Mind.� Mickie Sage Inc. Show Stables trains beginners to experienced competitors and has a commitment to excellence in the foundations


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of horsemanship and traditional training with a lifetime of experience. Along with developing the rider, we specialize in training and competing horses in the show ring with a proven record both inside and outside of the show ring. We are dedicated to helping riders and horse owners reach their goals. We are a full Service and Care training program which offers Hunter and Jumper Training, Showing, and Sales at Lucky Jack Farm in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Lucky Jack Farm is located is located on a stunning 15-acre site in the heart of beautiful Rancho Santa Fe, California offering a state of the art private horse facility with a country club setting and beautiful grass paddocks. The facility is managed by the highly qualified staff and service of the Mickie Sage Inc. Show Stables. Mickie Sage is a USHJA certified trainer


that has shown and coached at some of the most prestigious horse shows in the country including FEI World Cup Qualifiers, USHJA Hunter Derby Finals, USHJA Pree-green incentive finals, U.S. Pony Finals, and various medal finals.

“Just jump the jump!”


Born into a non-equestrian family, Hansen started riding when he was 10 years old at the Flintridge Riding Club in La Canada, California. He trained under the legendary Jimmy Williams, turning professional in the 1970’s at the Rancho Riding Club. Hansen is the recipient of many prestigious equestrian awards, including the CPHA Lifetime Achievement Award, American Horse Shows Association Hertz Rider of the Year, the Johnny-Walker/AGA Rider of the Year, and Hall of Fame Rider. Hansen now trains and sells the nation’s top Hunter/Jumper horses at his stables in Rancho Santa Fe. In the last five years, Hansen’s students have been crowned champion in numerous Hunter/Jumper divisions as well as qualified for regional and national medal finals. Hansen said confidence is the most important thing he tries to instill in his students.


16332 Via de Santa Fe Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 P: 619.540.2622




“Positive forward riding” Stone Ridge farm is located at Fairbanks Riding Club in Rancho Santa Fe. Penny and Mary train all levels from beginners to seasoned competitors. They offer a full-service hunter/jumper/equitation training program along with full-service care.

STONE RIDGE FARM Penny Wahler and Mary Cohen 16567A Circa Del Norte Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. 92067

The focus is on individual training sessions for each client and horse to maximize success in learning at home and in competing in the show ring. They have trained winners on a local and national level in all three disciplines. Penny and Mary are both “R” USEF licensed judges in hunters equitation and

Penny 831.566.4466 Mary 760.519.5824

jumpers. Fairbanks riding club is located 15 minutes from Del Mar horse park in the

heart of Rancho Santa Fe. The pristine facility has new all weather footing, miles of trails, and beautifully maintained stabling. A pleasant and fun atmosphere to come and enjoy your horse.


“Use the Entire Ring!� Westwood Show Jumping Stables is located at The Rancho Riding Club in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe. Philip Cillis is originally from British Columbia and has been a professional horse trainer for over 30 years. He worked with Show Jumping Hall of Fame inductee Hap Hansen for the majority of his career before opening his own stable 10 years ago.


16924 Rambla de las Flores Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 P: 619.540.6392

Philip has trained champions in both the Hunter and Jumper divisions, as well as produced many top Junior and Amateur riders. He is a seasoned Grand Prix rider and has represented the U.S.A. on the Nations Cup Team.








OCEANCREST FARMS Alicia Saxton 760.809.3781 Alysia Lynch-Sherad 760.846.8466

“Dedicated to the Hunter/Jumper Art” For the last twelve years Oceancrest Farms has cultivated riders from the very beginning stages to winning on the national “A” circuit. We create a fun atmosphere that is goal oriented and believe that a solid foundation is the key to long term growth and success. Experience the amenities of either of our two first class facilities in Rancho Santa Fe or coastal Encinitas. Whether you have a horse of your own or are

looking to just get started, Oceancrest Farms can provide you with the experience you are looking for.

“Create a good corner, get a good jump.” Joie Gatlin-Morley Abey Show Jumping, Inc.’s mission is two-fold. Although we aim to train and teach our students to be competitive at the top levels of show jumping competition, we also find it essential to instill and nurture a genuine love and respect for our horses and the sport of show jumping. Under the expert guidance of Joie Gatlin and Morley Abey, students and horses have earned national championships and top ribbons in every ring. Joie has competed in numerous



31000 Avenida Siega San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 Joie: 949.412.7654 | Morley: 949.306.2779 |

World Cup finals, competed successfully in North America and Europe and has represented the USA in Nation Cup competitions. Morley has seen his students qualify and win at Indoors and medal finals, as well as win gold medals at the Young Rider Championships.




“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution...” HUNTOVER Huntover

29 Bay Mare Rd. Bell Canyon, Ca. 91307 3211 Wildflower Valley Dr. Encinitas, Ca 92024 P: 818.414.0278

Huntover provides hunter, jumper, and equitation programs designed for the competitive pony, junior, or amateur rider. With locations in both Los Angeles and San Diego, our business is renowned for it’s level of commitment to developing the connection between horse and rider. Mark Bone is a skilled trainer, “R” judge, and clinician who thrives on helping his students reach their individual goals. With assistants Korie Sullada, Laura Santana, and Scott Taylor, Mark oversees training at Los Angeles’ Bell Canyon Equestrian Center and San Diego’s

Wildflower Farm. Please call for a tour of our facilities and see how Huntover can help you achieve your goals.


“Believe in yourself and trust your horse.� Guillermo Obligado, originally from Argentina, has owned and operated Woodgrove Farm for over 20 years. During his last year in school, Obligado decided to leave law school and move to the United States in pursuit of his passion for horses. In 2004, Obligado attended the Olympic Games in Athens as a reserve rider for


16255 Via de la Valle Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

P: 760.815.0731

Argentina and represented Argentina in the 2006 World Equestrian Games. He has also placed second in the Barcelona Grand Prix and won five stars at the Spruce Meadows Masters.




“Make your come backs stronger than your setbacks” Sarah Cillie was born in South Africa and grew up with a passion for riding. She started competing at the age of five. Sarah enjoyed a successful show jumping career in South


Africa. At the age of eighteen, Sarah moved to the states and her path changed, but her passion for horses did not. She switched from jumpers to race horses and worked

Horse and Rider Trainer Serving San Diego & Surrounding Areas

for many of America’s top thoroughbred trainers, spending five years on the east

P: 310.497.3446

She had the opportunity to ride incredible horses and enjoy winning America’s elite

coast and the mid-west. Sarah then moved to California and worked for Bob Baffert.

races from the Kentucky Derby to the Breeders Cup. After 10 years on the race track Sarah went back to the show arena. Today, Sarah rides and trains for a few different barns as a show-jumper and still loves the thrill of competition.

“Make your come backs “Expertise with riders and horses stronger than your setbacks” at every level of competition.” Team McAllister offers quality instruction for riders of various ages and levels. Whatever your goals, our experienced team is highly skilled in teaching the fundamentals of horsemanship and hunter/jumper riding in a fun yet effective way. We offer weekly lessons, along with private or semi-private training sessions and clinics at our home base in Sun Valley, CA. We also run a comprehensive horse training business, producing


TEAM McALLISTER Steve & Jenni McAllister 9841 La Tuna Canyon Road Los Angeles, CA 91352

P: 919.306.1261

and selling quality show horses. Steve and Jenni are available for advisory or consulting opportunities such as coaching at horse shows, teaching at client’s barns and giving clinics across the country.




“Quality. Dedication. Results.” Welcome to Jasmin Stair Stables, located at the stunning Fortuna Del Charro property; a boutique style program dedicated to the junior and amateur rider, set

JASMIN STAIR STABLES Fortuna Del Charro Farms 6845 Via Del Charro Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

P: 619.992.0689

on park-like grounds with elite amenities nestled in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe. Focusing on a warm, positive, tight-knit atmosphere for the show horse and rider with emphasis on fundamentals, confidence, & unparalleled care of the equine athlete, “The Fortunate Rider” is the perfect place for both horse and rider to thrive at the county & ‘A’ circuit levels. With an intimate feel, unparalleled attention to detail, and top tier amenities - including

a competition style ring with premier footing, 16 fully matted stalls with individual fly systems and fans, grass turnouts, covered equine treadmill, social gathering spaces including viewing decks and bbq cabanas, and friendly staff on site 24/7 - Fortuna Del Charro offers a unique environment for horses and riders to meet and exceed their goals. Offering a full service hunter/jumper program, sales, and leases.

“Make your “Discover the come Beautybacks and stronger than your setbacks” Excellence of Wildflower Farm.”


Set on a stunning, private property just minutes from the coast in beautiful Encinitas, California is Wildflower Farm; a world class equestrian center home to six unique hunter/jumper and dressage training programs. Wildflower trainers offer proven excellence in training, lessons, and equine care at an incomparable location, where elite show quality facilities shine against the serene wooded paths, winding creeks, and pristine barns. With 24/7 on site staff, a competition scale hunter/jumper arena with all weather footing, brand new premier dressage court, newly renovated barns, multiple turnout and equine exercise options, access to trails, and a team dedicated to cultivating an inviting, caring, and quality environment, Wildflower Farm is a unique top tier facility right in your backyard.


3211 Wildflower Valley Dr. Encinitas, CA 92024 P: 858.759.6349

At Wildflower Farm, there is a program and trainer perfect to help each horse and rider achieve their goals, from county show to Olympic level. WFF is home to dressage trainers Olympic medalist Guenter Seidel, and Michelle Reilly and to hunter/jumper trainers Mark Bone & Scott Taylor, Rose Carver, Jill Painter Richardson, and Wendy Thompson.




“Remember why you do this.” MICKEY HAYDEN Hayden Show Jumping & Riding School

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Mickey Hayden, Head Trainer at Hayden Show Jumping & Riding School, has over 30 years experience developing champions. He is known for his honesty, integrity, ability to motivate, and eye for horses. In 2013, he was honored with the PCHA Mark Mullen Horsemanship Award for his dedication and contribution to the sport. Lane Clarke joined HSJ in 2002 and won his first Grand Prix in 2003 at age 17. In 2009 and 2010, he was ranked among the top ten West Coast riders in the FEI World Cup standings. In 2014, Lane received the CPHA Special Achievement Award

“You’re only as good as your last ride” BRUNO DINIZ DAS NEVES 2683 Via de la Valle, Suite G 234 Del Mar, CA 92014

Bruno Diniz Das Neves began his riding career in Portugal, before moving to work and show in Holland, Germany, Belgium, England, Mexico and the United States. Bruno has competed regularly at prestigious International

P: 760.539.6922

shows, both as an individual and for the equestrian team of Portugal. After spending so many years training and riding horses, Bruno has developed a

sharp eye for identifying and developing talent in horses.


“Think forward – nothing has ever been accomplished by moving backward.” Born and raised on a farm in Germany, Christine Traurig began riding before she could walk. She attended the National Riding School at Hoya, eventually riding and training for the Hanoverian Elite Auction in Verden. In 1982, she moved to the United States with her former husband, Bernie, to assist with his import and sales business. With her long-time partner Etienne, Traurig was selected to represent the United States Dressage Team at the Sydney Olympics, and attended the German National Championships for young horses on Limited Edition, placing in the fi nal top eight each year. Traurig has been operating her business from Albert Curt in Rancho Santa Fe, CA since 2005.


16003 Via de Santa Fe Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 P: 760.310.3599

“Breeding Just the Best.” Tish Quirk offers a full-service breeding, foaling, development, and training program in Rancho Santa Fe. Tish and her husband, John, published HORSES magazine with subscriptions in 50 states and 39 countries. Their European imports include numerous amateur and junior Hunter/Jumpers that represented the U.S.A. internationally, as well as “Best of Luck”, the foundation of the current breeding program. John drew on their European friendships and experiences to bring the World Cup Finals of Show jumping to Del Mar in 1992 and then Las Vegas. It will be returning to Las Vegas once again in 2015. Tish and John were inducted into the Spruce Meadows Hall of Fame in 2006. More recently, Tish received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the CPHA, and has been Leading Handler at both the International Hunter Furturity and the Sallie B.Wheeler/USEF National Breeding Championship. Her stallions, “Just The Best,” and “More

TISH QUIRK Horse Rider

Horse and Rider Trainer Serving San Diego & Surrounding Areas

P: 760.207.4887

Than Luck,” have earned the Leading Sire award three times and her young horses have been named Best Young Horse twice and are consistent champions. From conception to champion for 30 years sums up her current role.





by Pam Maley

rowing up in an equestrian family, as many things in life, can be both bane and blessing. Being a child of professionals means total immersion in the sport not just from birth, but often while in the womb. Naturally then, horses become a way of life. At some point a child becomes aware that the people who are “mom” and “dad” to him/her, have committed their career, and often that means all of their waking hours, to equestrian sport. It can facilitate a career path, if you choose it; but it also sets the bar high. Meet Alyce and Amélie Bittar, Chris Fellers, Natasha Traurig, and Sophie Simpson, five engaging and dedicated NextGen Equestrians who shared some insights about growing up with equestrian parentage.

Alyce Bittar


Alyce, daughter of Georges Bittar, who has competed at the international level, riding for Lebanon, for 35 years. Under the tutelage of her father, she skipped the hunter and equitation pony phase, and went straight to show jumping. She is definitely one to watch! In January, she was chosen to participate in the inaugural USHJA Gold Star Clinic West. Alyce was on Rich Fellers’ (father of Chris) first-place team. Equestrian Almanac asked them when they fell in love with it, and about their careers. I fell in love with the art and sport of riding from the beginning. I have always had a special connection with my horses and the more I develop this skill, the more I love riding and caring for them. Yes, I hope to build on what I already know, and learn from others to build my future career as an equestrian athlete and trainer. Earliest memory of being with your parents at the barn? My earliest memory of being at the barn was when I was 2 years old and my father held me in front of him on his Grand Prix horse as we jumped over obstacles. This distinct memory allowed me to feel the horse and the jump from a very young age, and at that moment, I realized that I wanted to devote my life to learning and mastering all I could about the horse, and to cultivating that feeling between horse and rider. Acknowledging that it isn’t always easy being taught by your parents, we asked each to share the best thing their parents had done to help them with their riding, and a piece of advice that they were given, that shaped them as equestrians. The most important thing my father instilled in our riding and horsemanship experience is enthusiasm and love for the sport, and communication with our horses by constantly checking in to make sure they are in good health and feeling their best. He always says to “think smarter, not harder.” This has helped me find simplicity and efficiency not only in my riding and competing, but also around the barn and when it comes to the basics.

Amélie Bittar


Amélie daughter of Georges Bittar, who has competed at the international level, riding for Lebanon, for 35 years. No stranger to being the youngest rider in the field, her and her sister are definitely the ones to watch! In January,she was chosen to participate in the inaugural USHJA Gold Star Clinic West, Amélie was part of the second-place team of Will Simpson (father of Sophie and Ty). Equestrian Almanac asked them when they fell in love with it, and about their careers. When I was about two years old I was afraid of horses, but that was before I realized how amazing they are by about age four. I am in love with these beautiful animals because I have learned so much and have bonded with all of my horses over the years. Every year my love and compassion for them has grown. I never want to stop riding because if I did, a part of my life would be missing; so, yes of course I want this to be my career when I am older; but I have to finish school and college first because my education is also very important to me. Earliest memory of being with your parents at the barn? My earliest memory of being at the barn with my Dad was when he would put me in front of him while he was riding.. Acknowledging that it isn’t always easy being taught by your parents, we asked each to share the best thing their parents had done to help them with their riding, and a piece of advice that they were given, that shaped them as equestrians. The best thing my Dad has done for me is help me become knowledgeable in all aspects of taking care of our horses. This has created the bonds I share with each horse as well as mutual respect. I attribute my success to my Dad’s knowledge of horsemanship, riding style and support. My Dad continuously advises me always to put our horses first. I respect what we have, and see how fortunate we are to have this amazing sport in our lives.

Chris Fellers


Chris is an assistant trainer at the family business, Rich Fellers Stables, where he works alongside his parents, Rich and Shelley, who need no introduction to the show jumping world. While earning a degree in finance at Linfield College, graduating in 2014, Chris logged in successful placings in the Amateur Jumper and Open Divisions, and he continues to compete today. Equestrian Almanac asked them when they fell in love with it, and about their careers. When I was young I spent nearly every day at the barn with my parents. I always enjoyed the horses but I didn’t have much of an interest in doing it myself. I wanted to do the “normal” kid things, so I spent my time playing sports and going to school. Right before I left for college, I started thinking that if I never gave the horses a try I would regret it one day. My timing wasn’t great, but college was within driving distance of the barn, so I made it work. Once I got going there was never any question that I wanted to be a part of the sport. But my parents really pushed me to pursue a degree and then decide. So I finished my bachelor’s degree in finance, and although I really enjoyed it, I knew that I wanted to work with horses. Earliest memory of being with your parents at the barn? It’s hard to say; before I was old enough to go to school I spent the majority of my days at the barn. The barn was just a part of everyday life. Acknowledging that it isn’t always easy being taught by your parents, we asked each to share the best thing their parents had done to help them with their riding, and a piece of advice that they were given, that shaped them as equestrians. I think the most important thing they’ve done for my riding is their continued reminders that this sport is a process, and as a rider you are always a student of the sport. You have to keep learning and you can’t get discouraged when things get tough. My parents have always been strong advocates of “horse first” training. Their horses are never pushed past their limits, overworked, or put in positions where they don’t have a fair chance to succeed. They have instilled in me the belief that a happy and healthy horse is always the best teammate. Treat them like your family and always look out for their well-being and you will have a much more fulfilling career.

Natasha Traurig


With another surname that is part of equestrian lore, Natasha grew up spending her days at the barn, absorbing lessons of horsemanship. In 2014, she graduated from the University of California San Diego, while riding professionally through those years. She has recently joined the Neil Jones Equestrian USA team, managing the West Coast division, showcasing NJE horses, and building her own business: Traurig Tradition. Equestrian Almanac asked them when they fell in love with it, and about their careers. I have been crazy about horses since I was very young. I mean, crazy! Even as a kid, I would spend all day in the barn waiting for my parents to finish working; the longer the day just meant I could ride, groom, or play with my pony longer. I remember designing what my barn would look like, at 11 years old, and making little business cards for myself that stated “Pony Jumper Rider” and offered my services to ride naughty ponies! I guess I’ve been thinking of this since I was a kid. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to follow the path of my parents and make this my profession. I turned “professional” at 18, after I graduated high school, and though I took a step back from my career while in college, I always seemed to find myself staying in the saddle. I suppose I feel more comfortable in the irons than on my own two feet! Earliest memory of being with your parents at the barn? There are quite a few! And many of them involve a pony named Star and her antics. When I was even younger, I was obsessed with brushing the horses with my mom – and no one can get a horse shinier or healthier looking than my mom can! Acknowledging that it isn’t always easy being taught by your parents, we asked each to share the best thing their parents had done to help them with their riding, and a piece of advice that they were given, that shaped them as equestrians. There have been times where it was not easy, of course. However, I truly appreciated the ability to not only learn from them in the ring, but to be able to go back home and discuss horsemanship matters with them at the dinner table. My parents did not just teach me how to ride; they educated me on how to be a horseman and have a well-rounded foundation of knowledge both in the saddle and in the stable.

Sophie Simpson


Sophie, daughter of equestrian superstars Will Simpson and Nicole Shahinian Simpson, has been in love with horses from the time she was capable of conscious thought. Now on her own, Sophie sometimes finds herself in the interesting position of competing with her father, to his great pride. She has started her own business, with partner Sean Leckie, in San Juan Capistrano. Equestrian Almanac asked them when they fell in love with it, and about their careers. I’ve been in love with horses for as long as I can remember. My first pony, Cocheese, was an appaloosa off the slaughter truck. I spent hours with Cocheese, leading him around the farm, learning to ride, and just spending time in the barn and around him. He was the reason for my early love for the horse. My love for the sport came when I started to show. I had the two best children’s jumpers any little girl could have in “NZ Sneaky Feeling” and “Cirka Z”. (Cirka Z was a horse my mom went to World Cup Finals on.) Together, my parents taught me to go fast and win. But they also taught me that when I made a mistake and fell off, or lost, to get back on and try again. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Ever since I was little, I knew this was going to be my career. Today, I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather do. Being born into the show jumping world and falling in love with horses at such an early age, there was one vision and it was to be a professional in this sport. Earliest memory of being with your parents at the barn? I remember all three of us (Ty wasn’t born yet) standing there watching Cocheese, arriving at El Campeon Farms after being saved from slaughter all skin and bones, walk off the big semi truck that had no other horses on it. I remember looking up at him thinking he was so big, when in reality he was the size of a small pony. It was love at first sight. Acknowledging that it isn’t always easy being taught by your parents, we asked each to share the best thing their parents had done to help them with their riding, and a piece of advice that they were given, that shaped them as equestrians. I am so fortunate to have had both parents, at the top of the sport, help me with my riding. I could never thank them enough for teaching me to “Work with, not against.” It’s advice, but almost more a philosophy that both my parents teach and live by.

. . . and your goals for the future? ALYCE: My immediate goals are to ride and compete at the NAJYRC competition on my horse Lara Croft and to explore riding in the 1.50m competitions. My future goals are to one day be part of the US Equestrian team and compete all over the world as a US rider.

AMÉLIE: My goals for the future are to continue to advance to jump higher classes, compete at the Grand Prix level, and travel around the world representing the United States with amazing professional riders.

CHRIS: I have lots of short term and long term goals, but plan to put in the hard work to see how far I can go. It takes an incredible amount of work and a little luck to get to the top of any sport, but first you have to be willing to commit to the process. When I’m finished, I want to be able to say I gave the sport and my career 100% effort, and I want to be able to help other young riders do the same.

NATASHA: Currently, my focus is in the grand prix ring and getting more miles riding bigger tracks. Working for Neil Jones Equestrian has been an incredible opportunity that allows me to do that, while managing a barn and representing sale horses. In the future, I would like to expand my training business and take on students, as I love to teach. It would also be fun to work with young horses again. I enjoy developing young horses and hope to build those opportunities in the years to come.

SOPHIE: Representing my country at the highest level of the sport is a goal for the future. I think every girl’s dream is to go to the Olympics, but that is definitely on the list. After watching my parents go to World Cup Finals, World Equestrian Games, and Olympics representing our country, it has driven me to achieve those goals! Equestrian Almanac thanks each of these young athletes for taking the time to talk to us, and we commend them and their parents for their hard work. Keep an eye out for these equestrian stars as they continue to rise!





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by Pam Maley

“When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large and liquid eye, the question of where you want to be has been answered.” Author Unknown

Classic Equine Equipment is accustomed to building dreams. In a testimonial on their website, a happy customer said, “If I could envision it, they would build it.” Ken Wegner, the West Region Sales Manager, notes that this process differs, of course, with each customer. Some already have a very clear picture of what they want, and have accumulated photos from past experience, or from websites. Others have some basic ideas, or they like different styles, but haven’t settled on anything.

“Animals, horses take a lot of time and caring. Our clients spend many hours in and around their barns,” says Wegner. “They want our equipment to provide a safe haven for their horses and offer a peaceful, tranquil environment for themselves.” “We take the time to listen to the client’s ideas and goals for the project, to learn what’s important to them. If we can better understand early on what they want to accomplish, we are able to effectively provide them with a solution that meets their requirements and their budget.” Once those needs are mutually understood, the process of developing the look begins, and is translated into drawings for customer review and approval. Everyone, he says, has a different idea of what a dream barn should be, and Classic Equine has a deep well of experience to help translate that vision into reality. “The idea,” he explains, “is to plan a tailored project that truly creates that safe, peaceful, functional and beautiful barn; one that the client already imagined, or maybe didn’t think was possible.” But when all is said and done, safety is the primary goal of every project.

Their products have been evolving since 1991, always with

safety at top of mind. Asked about his personal connection to horses, Wegner says, “My equine experience began as a youngster when I won a pony at the California State Fair when I was 10. I’ve always loved horses, even after being thrown to the ground hundreds of times trying to ride my new pony.” Now, that’s a story every horse lover can identify with!






Redwood Hollow Cottages Redwood Hollow vacation rentals is located in the village of La Jolla. The neighborhood is quiet, an exclusive getaway. We are located 400 feet from access to “Whispering Sands Beach� which is a sandy beach interspersed with rocky coves for you to enjoy. We are four blocks from the center of La Jolla with its many restaurants, art galleries and famous beaches. R E D WO O D H O L LOW- L A J O L L A . C O M

Redwood Hollow

256 Prospect Street La Jolla, Ca 92037


Beach + Barn...

EQUESTRIAN LIFESTYLE AT ITS FINEST • Platform Viewing Decks, Lighted Arenas

• 120’ x 294’ Cow Horse Arena

• New corral fencing and footing

• Top-of-the-Line 4-Horse Exerciser

• Dedicated Trailer Parking Lot

• 100’ Cutting/Working Round Pen


14875 Mina de Oro Road Poway, CA 92064


...Best of Both Worlds



In 2007, the exponential growth and popularity of the horse show industry began to shine a light on the importance of footing in equestrian arenas. Research had been done in the decades prior, but the studies were exclusive to racetracks. FEI WHITE PAPER That year, the FEI financed a project to study competition surfaces, which produced a white paper (technical documentation) still available on their website. As awareness was raised in the equestrian community, pressure was placed on horse show managers to improve the footing. From 2012-2015, the North American Riders Group (NARG) began a yearly ranking of the top 25 shows on the continent. Top-level riders ranked the shows on a list of factors, the most important of which was footing. This sought-after ranking hastened the pace of improvement, as venues competed with each other for top billing. Historically, grass has been the footing of choice, but because it isn’t feasible for all climates, mixtures of sand, dirt, and synthetic materials have come into use. But whatever the surface, the construction of a uniform, level base, and an adequate drainage system are essential.

MARTIN COLLINS USA EQUINE FOOTING “Martin Collins invented the first synthetic surface around 40 years ago in the UK, and we are a global equine footing company with FEI approved riding surfaces. We take great pride in our customer care follow-up program, and in the U.S. we work with a series of contractors who run their own business, and are approved by us to install our footings,” says CEO Glynnie Walford. The base that they recommend was designed by Collins specifically for use with synthetic surfaces. Both Collins and Walford are experienced equestrians, which is an important point. Arena builders can be talented at construction, but those who are experienced horsemen and women can bring another depth of knowledge to the project, with an intimate grasp of the way that a horse moves, the causes and signs of soreness in the feet and legs, and the physiological effect of hoof concussion. In 2010, Martin Collins, LLC, opened its offices in the US; and for the American market, they have two footings: their CLOPF® fiber which is rototilled into the sand to mimic a root structure, and requires an irrigation system; and their MC Ecotrack® wax coated footing which does not. They also make a machine called the Arena Master to keep the surface level and groomed, not ‘dragged.’ “We work on a vertical, free draining base where surface water penetrates through the footing and underlying membrane, down through a stone drainage blanket, into a series of drains; and these take the surface water away from the ring via outfalls at the lowest point of the arena,” Walford explains. “We basically construct ‘out of the ground’ rather than into it via a cut and fill preparation.”

SUBTERRANEAN IRRIGATION SYSTEM About eight years ago, a system that had been used successfully in Europe made its way to the U.S. It’s a subterranean irrigation system that ensures proper drainage, but also offers consistent and even water delivery. A watertight basin under the surface holds a moisture exchange system connected to sensors that operate a pump to regulate the water level, ensuring optimum and even moisture conditions from below. The system is computerized for above-ground control.

Eddie Sepul, at his Edal Ranch in Rancho Santa Fe, engaged Martin Collins USA and their approved contractor, Equestrian Footings and Services, to install two large rings with the Risohorse ebb and flow irrigation system and Martin Collins CLOPF® footing. “In a drought state like California, that system is the only way to water conservatively. It uses 10 times less water than topically irrigated rings,” says owner Harold Bruce, who is currently installing the same system in four large rings at the Florida Horse Park in Ocala.

As with all things equestrian, it circles back to the beautiful animal that stands at the center. The choice of arena footing is driven by concern for the orthopedic health of the horse, and the safety of both horse and rider. Beyond that, the right footing helps the horse achieve peak performance; and conserving water helps our world survive.


“ Combining quality with innovation to bring you long lasting equipment resulting in much faster, efficient, easier performance for work.” I built the first Bronco Hi-Dump 26 years ago for my wife for use at her horse facility. It has been used every single day, 7 days a week, and it is still in use to this day. The Taylor-Dunn cart itself was 8 years old when I bought it to make the High-Dump. The Bronco Hi-Dump was designed to drive through corral gates to easily load manure, haul it, and then dump it directly into a dumpster, speeding up the process and making the job a lot easier. It’s also used for feeding, ranch maintenance, etc.

Dumps into a 52” high dumpster

Dump bed has lowered side for easier loading with a muck bucket or between corral rails for those corrals you can’t drive into

Fits into a 30” doorway or gate

Very tight turning radius of 75”

Can tow a trailer up to 4,250 lbs.

Racks for carrying feed bags, shaving bales, etc...

Runs silent & produces zero emissions


13758 Willow Rd. Lakeside, CA 92040 619.818.4337 | 619.922.4362






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(BLT GRADING) 7711 Camino Serrano Escondido, CA 92029 P: 760.809.5805

Kissing Spine



Dr. Kent Allen

It’s hard to go to work with an aching back – we all know how that makes us feel. And it’s no different for the horses we love. It can make us feel grouchy and want to misbehave or yell at someone – or just to run away, or refuse to move. In years past, a horse’s manifestation of back pain was often misread as a behavioral issue, but in the last two decades, as the veterinary community has become more aware of this type of pain and its causes, they have gotten better at identifying and treating it. One of the causes of back pain, particularly in sport horses, called Kissing Spine, is not quite as loving as it sounds, but it can be treated with some loving care. Fairly new on the horizon, it can be difficult to diagnose. Have you ever been told by your doctor that you are suffering from degenerative disease of the spine? Now veterinarians are able to tell us that about our horses – it just has a sexier name.

One of the foremost authorities on this condition is Dr. Kent Allen of Middleburg, Virginia, and Equestrian Almanac reached out to him and his team of five veterinarians to learn more about it. In 1996, Dr. Allen sold his equine practice in Arizona, and opened Virginia Equine Imaging, the first privately owned and operated equine diagnostic imaging specialty clinic in the world, catering to the equine athlete in a way that had never been done before. Among his many accolades, Dr. Allen was the head veterinarian at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta; and the DVM coordinator of the World Equestrian Games in 2010, managing a team of 200 veterinarians. He currently serves as Chairman of the USEF Veterinary Drug, and Medications Committees, and on the FEI Veterinary and List committees. One of the things we love about our cherished equine friends is that they try very hard to please us. Even with a lameness, they will limp, but they will bravely carry on. Back pain is one of the few things that can make them say “no.” They may buck, show an aversion to being saddled, refuse to jump, or exhibit avoidance behavior in any number of ways. If this becomes a pattern, and there are no signs of lameness, it may be a signal to have the vet perform a spinal examination, starting with a palpation of the spine, the results of which might indicate the need for an x-ray. Because the musculature of the horse’s back is so dense, the portable x-ray machines aren’t adequate. But this disease must be diagnosed radiographically; palpation alone is not sufficient as a diagnostic tool. Horses with a response to palpation should be radiographed with a high power generator, in the clinic.

UNDERSTANDING KISSING SPINE Kissing Spine is described as an impingement of the spinous processes (protusions that are part of the vertebrae), in particular, the Dorsal Spinous Processes (DSP’s); that is, the ones that project upward. Every vertebra from the withers to the haunches has a DSP, but usually the ones that are involved in Kissing Spine Disease are those under the saddle.

The good news is that Kissing Spine can be managed. There are a lot of show horses competing because the problem is being successfully managed by their trainers and veterinarians. And the treatments are many; shock wave therapy, mesotherapy (multiple intradermal–in the skin– injections made over the back, croup, and withers), corticosteroid

injections, platelet-rich

plasma injections, therapeutic exercise, or saddle fitting changes are all effective procedures. [See our article “Will Simpson Speaks Saddles” on page 24 about fitting saddles] But in the case of Kissing Spine, as in so many things, knowledge is power. Early diagnosis and awareness are the best first steps.

Our thanks to Virginia Equine Imaging for the information and the photos in this article.

Dr. Kent Allen Virgina Equine Imaging


“Live Life Without a Hitch!” Dr. Bek Jarzombek is the owner of Giddy Up Chiropractic, an equestrian rider, and Doctor of Chiropractic for horses and riders. The combination of Bek being a rider and chiropractor gives her work an elite level of expertise. Chiropractic ensures that nervous system health of the horse and rider are maximized to 100% capacity. This includes the brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves which give neurological instructions to all other systems in the body. Because of these principles,


Horse and Rider Chiropractor Serving San Diego & Surrounding Areas P: 757.408.7177

Dr. Bek’s work is known in the equestrian and horse racing industries for amplifying athletic performance, preventing injuries, and speeding up recovery time for two-legged and four-legged members of the team.





317 N. El Camino Real, Ste. 407 Encinitas, CA 92024 P: 858.539.6111

“I am a competitive dressage rider with fibromyalgia and hand paralysis. I walk out of treatments pain free and with full range of motion. You and your horse have got to try it out, it is amazing!” -Stephanie Snyder John Thorp founded the Thorp Institute to showcase the Electro-Equiscope® technology and its extremely effective benefits. The ElectroEquiscope® is a cutting-edge device that works on the body’s cellular level to remove impedance in the tissue. This helps to detoxify, expedite healing, increase high performance, and eliminate inflammation to be pain free electrically. The treatment is noninvasive, drug free, and painless. The Electro-Equiscope® has huge benefits for horses, as well as humans. World class horse trainers across multiple


disciplines trust the Electro-Equiscope® to keep their equine athletes in peak condition. It also helps them recover quickly if injured. Besides offering treatments in their Encinitas office, the Thorp Institute also provides…


“Combining the art of classical horsemanship


with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology to provide balanced veterinary care for horse and rider.”


Dr. Mark Silverman’s Sporthorse Veterinary Services, premier equine veterinary

Sporthorse Veterinary Services

practice located in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, offers a unique combination of ambulatory

7103 Via Del Charror Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

service and clinic facilities. Dr. Silverman received his veterinary degree from Virginia-

P: 760.798.4850

Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994. Today he joins the art of classical horsemanship, cutting-edge therapeutics and the latest technological advancements to provide a well thought-out approach aimed to prepare the equine

athlete for the rigors of performance.

Dr. Silverman utilizes a wide array of diagnostic and treatment modalities including digital x-ray and ultrasound, shock wave therapy, acupuncture, IRAP, Tildren, and regenerative laser therapy Our progressive practice serves northern San Diego County and southern Orange and Riverside Counties. Sporthorse Veterinary Services seeks to set the standard for equine veterinary care, helping both the horse and rider achieve their greatest potential. We maintain a balanced therapeutic approach, never losing site of the welfare of the horse in the pursuit of performance excellence.



“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

– Albert Einstein.


P.O. Box 1750 Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

P: 858.759.2775

In our practice we emphasize wellness and preventative healthcare to achieve optimal performance for the equine athlete. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of lameness, although our primary concern is the comfort and wellbeing of our patients. At ABJ, we pride ourselves in our teamwork and superior customer service. We believe that a healthy horse begins with you, and therefore emphasize the importance of client education and proper husbandry. We are committed to excellence and dedicated to

you and your horse. We strive to make this evident in our superior care, accessible staff, and advanced practices.







Equine Surgical Services, Inc.

Helen Woodward Equine Hospital

4211 Holly Lane Bonsall, CA 92003 P: 760.726.4566

Seaside Veterinary Care Dr. Sue Redpath, DVM

6525 Helen Woodward Way Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 P: 858.756.8809

6461 El Apajo Road Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Emergency: 858.756.4117 x8 P: 858.756.4117 x325

P.O Box 983 Cardiff, CA 92007 P: 760.632.9444





P: 858.461.4408

James Carr Jr. Quality Horseshoeing

Joel Gonzalez Farrier Services

P: 760.579.8667

, P: 760.803.9180

, P: 760.594.7624



Darren Shaffer Farrier

Benjamin Ferrier Services

P: 760.533.3257

P: 760.453.1618


12010 Camino Del Mar Del Mar, CA 92014 P: 858.755.2677





A book review by Pam Maley and Chloe McFarland What better surroundings for Marguerite Henry to live out her days, than the beautiful equestrian community of Rancho Santa Fe, California? A horse lover among horse lovers, she was in harmony with her fellow residents.

Marguerite Henry – Biography Marguerite (Breithaupt) Henry (1902–1997) grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Passionate about reading and writing from a young age, Henry sold her first story to a magazine at age 11. In 1923, she married Sidney Crocker Henry and the couple moved to the picturesque countryside of Wayne, Illinois where they began collecting the menagerie of animals that would serve as inspiration for many of her children’s books. Intrigued with the stories of the wild ponies on the island of Chincoteague, Henry spent a summer living there to research her story, the true story of Paul and Maureen Beebe, grandchildren of a hard-working but poor pony trader. It was from him that she bought Misty as a foal, and took her home to be the model for her story. Published in 1947, Misty of Chincoteague won the Newbery Honor, has had more than twenty hard-cover printings, and is part of the childhood of every horse-crazy young adolescent.

Meet Chloe Chloe McFarland is a bright 11-year-old who has been an avid reader since she can remember. Her parents own EqSol, an equestrian marketing firm based in Lexington, Kentucky. Though she enjoys horses and is a veteran observer of plenty of horse events, her real love is dance. She divides her time between being a fifth-grader in the gifted and talented program at her school, dance team and competition, and cherishes any extra hours with her friends and her chocolate lab Hershey Kiss. Her innate kindness, generosity, and sunny demeanor prompted one of her young friends to say that “she’s the nicest person I know.” I can’t think of a better compliment. We asked her to read and give us her thoughts on Misty of Chincoteague:

Book Review I enjoyed reading Misty of Chincoteague. It had an old-fashioned feel, was imaginative and an exciting book. Because I love to draw, I also liked the black and white illustrations that helped to tell the story. The whole book was very descriptive and made me feel like I was actually one of the characters. Even though it was written in 1947, the author tells an amazing story worth reading. There was a mixture of sad, happy and exciting parts. I think that it was sad because at Pony Penning Day there was a bad thunderstorm, and the only ponies that had a safe shelter were a mare and her foal. No other horses were in a safe place. The race between Black Comet, Firefly and Phantom was exciting, and the author did a good job of building anticipation.


One of the imaginative parts was about a mare called Phantom. At the end of the story, Maureen, one of the main characters, said, “Guess she was just a Phantom after all,” because when she was set free all that was left were a few strands of her tail when she galloped away. Another reason why it was imaginative was because the leader of the herd, a stallion called The Pied Piper, was said to blow a horn or so called “trumpet” when he whinnied for his family (or herd). Known as a “killer,” the stallion was dangerous and could, or would, hurt anyone or anything that threatened his mares and foals. A sign of a protective parent! A good book is timeless, and Misty of Chincoteague stands the test of time. Enjoy!



The Longines timepiece, and the signature navy blue of the Longines banner have become a familiar and welcome backdrop to the most exciting and prestigious equestrian competitions around the world. A seamless union, the Swiss watch brand’s deepest roots trace back to the timing of hoof beats in the most elegant of equestrian sports. Founded in 1832 in St. Imier, Switzerland, it was originally a trading company that bought watch parts and assembled them, essentially ‘at home.’ In 1866, the first factory was built in a location called Es Longines (“long meadows”), and the company adopted its official name. A year later, the owner Francillon decided to sign his watches not with his own name, but with the company name, and to add a trademark – the winged hourglass that identifies Longines to this day, well over a century later. The trademark was also engraved on the balance-cock of the movements, to authenticate the watches and prevent counterfeits.

Timing is everything, and when two horses set out at a dead run to determine which is fastest, there is no more critical element. In 1878, Longines entered the horseracing world with a pocket chronograph that was engraved on the back with a jockey and horse. It was a huge step forward: a timepiece that could measure intervals of time to the nearest second, with just the push of a button. Over the years, Longines has established a solid, long-term relationship with the world of sports. Still based in Saint-Imier, Longines has generations of experience as the official timekeeper of world championships and as a partner of international sporting federations. Since 1926 Longines has partnered with the FEI, and the watchmaker and equestrian sports have grown together, sharing not only a common history, but the same values of elegance, performance, and tradition. Longines partners with equestrian events worldwide. Here in North America the essential timing and elegance of Longines is a part of show jumping’s Longines FEI North American League, which hosts 14 events in Mexico, Canada and the United States; as well the first two stops, Mexico City and Miami, of the Longines Global Champions Tour which then travels to several other continents throughout the year.


















1916 develop oval & rectangular calibres 1967 self-winding calibre 1878 Universal Exhibition Philadelphia, PA

Partners with FEI NATIONS CUP™





“We believe in Beauty and Elegance.� H.KLES BRIDAL COUTURE Cielo Village

18029 Calle Ambiente Suite 508 Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 P: 858.442.2323

At H.KLES Bridal Couture, we believe in creating a beautiful and unique experience for our brides. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and we are privileged to be part f the special occasion. H.KLES offers a private and fully individual atmosphere catered to the bride, her family and wedding party. We specialize in holding your hand to help select a unique,

elegant dress that will exceed the standards and tastes of any discerning bride. H.KLES believes in beauty and elegance, let us help you find your dream dress.

“We make Customer Service Ourwhat Priority.” “Find out the customer wants and needs, then let them have it.”



Equ Lifestyle Boutique was founded in 2010. They offer luxury equestrian clothing, lifestyle wear, and horse products. No stranger to the equestrian world, owner and


active equestrian Monica Ward, knows the importance of always staying on top of the latest and greatest equestrian styles.

Monica works closely with European and American Designers to better the quality and

2683 Via de la Valle, Suite G704 Del Mar, CA 92014 P: 619.851.4301

relevance of their products. Monica also offers custom, semi-custom, and off-the-rack hunt coats. It will be obvious when you step foot in her boutique that Monica takes customer service to another level and she always puts her customers first.

Alessandro Albanese Weekend Bag / Suitcover



“If you have a horse, then you have to come to Mary’s” MARY’S TACK & FEED Mary’s Tack & Feed

3675 Via de la Valle Del Mar, CA 92014

P: 858.755.2015

Mary’s Tack and Feed was started in 1963 in Del Mar by Mary Hammond. The current owner - Mike Mosley -purchased the store in 1976 and built a large wooden building that has become the landmark across the street from the little tack store known as Mary’s Moving it over 30 years ago, allowed Mary’s to continue to grow and improve.

Mary’s is presently 12,000 square feet packed with products to outfit riders, horses, dogs, and cat lovers... even chicken owners!




“Reminiscent of days gone by.” Family-owned and operated, Red Tracton’s is an east-coast style steak house and

RED TRACTON’S Red Tracton’s

550 Via de la Valle Soalan Beach, CA 92075 P: 858.755.6600

supper club located across from the Del Mar Racetrack. Red Tracton’s has been in its present location in Solana Beach for over 25 years, with other locations on La Cinega and Encino. Winner of three prestigious Critic Choice Awards for “San Diego’s Finest Steak House”, Red Tracton’s is also considered the number one place to be (and be seen) after the races.For more than 55 years, Red Tracton’s Restaurants have been synonymous with excellence. Guests have the option to dine in the main dining

room, enjoy live entertainment in the piano bar or lounge in the newly renovated “Triple Crown Room.”

LET'S GET SOCIAL! Whether it’s cute puppies, fun trail rides or victory ribbons, we want to celebrate you. Please send us your pictures and videos and tag on every step of your journey.




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Nilforusahn Equisport Events Congratulations Michelle Parker

Grab Your Bracelet &

Come Lounge with


See YOU at the Riders Lounge 2 01 8


Showpark Summer Festival July 18th - 20th Del Mar International Horse Show Oct 17th - 21st HITS Sunshine Series Nov 7th - 11th Blenheim Equisports Las Vegas National Champsionships Nov 13th - 18th

Carriage Couture Horse-Drawn Rides Rides PrivatePrivate Horse DrawnCarriage Carriage

COMING SOON To Rancho Santa Fe




By Pam Maley and Jackie McFarland First published in Punch (a British weekly magazine of humor and satire) over seventy years ago, Norman Thelwell’s (1923-2004) cartoons and drawings spanned many subjects, but he became most famous for his more than 25 books on Pony Club girls and their ponies. His comic genius is timeless. Bridging generations, the delightful cartoon books that have brought chuckles to horse lovers, young and old, for decades are experiencing an American revival. The Thelwell estate recently authorized an agent in the U.S. to publish the books, and to distribute Thelwell products, such as belts and boot socks. I was among the first to put in an advance order for the books. Since receiving them, I have laughed again at the bright humor and the pencil drawings of freckled girls being bounced along on their recalcitrant spherical ponies. Ponies of a certain shape and temper became known as ‘Thelwells.’” (The Telegraph, February 21, 2004).

Images © The Estate of Norman Thelwell and reproduced by permission of Karen Addison Associates, agent for the estate


Thelwell Bio Born in Birkenhead, England, Norman Thelwell was never without his sketchbooks even through his service in World War II. His long career with Punch began as a country cartoonist, with funny drawings of all animals. Then this happened... Quoting Thelwell through his website: “One day I did a pony drawing and it was like striking a sensitive nerve. The response was instantaneous. People telephoned the editor and asked for more. Suddenly I had fan mail. So the editor told me to do a two-page spread on ponies. I was appalled. I thought I’d already squeezed the subject dry. I looked at the white drawing block and wondered what on earth to do. In the end I dreamed up some more horsey ideas and people went into raptures.” And so the ‘Thelwell’ was born. 2016 marked the 60th anniversary of his first book, Angels on Horseback, and on that occasion, his son David Thelwell remarked, “My father would be delighted to know that it has now lasted 60 years. The enthusiasm for his gentle humor about the countryside and for poking fun at the foibles of the human race (and their horses) seems undiminished.” For Thelwell products:






5300 Grand Del Mar Court San Diego, CA 92130 P: Reservatins: 855.314.2030

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

1540 Camino Del Mar Del Mar, CA 92014 P: 858.259.1515

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

5921 Valencia Circle Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Reservations: 866.233.6708 P: 858.756.1123

5951 Linea Del Cielo Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Reservations: 800.843.4661 P: 858.756.1131





Market Restaurant + Bar

16089 San Dieguito Rd Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091 P: 858.771.1313

1660 Coast Blvd Del Mar, CA 92014 P: 858.755.2002

1555 Camino del Mar Del Mar, CA 92014 P: 858.792.0476

3702 Via del la Valle Del Mar, CA 92014 P: 858.523.0007





16905 Avenida De Acacias Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091 P: 858.759.0747

3435 Del Mar Heights Rd Unit 300 San Diego, CA 92130 P: 858.350.7506

749 Genevive St Solana Beach, CA 92075 P: 858.755.5292

3263 Camino del Mar Del Mar, CA 92014 P: 858.481.1166


Save the Date!

Temecula Valley National Horse Show I: April 18 – 22, 2018 Temecula Valley National Horse Show II: May 23 – 27, 2018 Temecula Valley National Horse Show III: May 30 – June 3, 2018

Nilforushan Equisport Events, owned by Ali and Francie Nilforushan, produces world-class events that make California a major show jumping destination for riders from all over the world with the introduction of the first Temecula Valley National Horse Show at the expansive Galway Downs in Temecula Valley, California. USEF Premier Rated


Classes for All Levels


Grand Prix Show Jumping


Thoroughbreds and Young Horses Show Free

Make sure to mark your calendars to attend the newest and freshest horse show circuits in southern California!


More than simply a horse show, the upcoming Temecula Valley National Horse Show series will blend the best that equestrian sport and entertainment has to offer. In addition to the affordable competition options, the three-week circuit will feature high-profile concerts, evening films and fine dining to create a destination horse show of the highest order. With performers such as Skye Dee Miles, Malik Pointer Tru Collins and Aaron Turner as headliners, the Temecula Valley National Horse Shows are slated to be the prime locales for crowds beyond just equestrians.

Skye Dee Miles

Malik Pointer

Tru Collins

Enjoy the luxurious and elegant VIP Club with unparalleled views of the exciting events in the Grand Prix Arena. From your private table you will enjoy a truly unique dining experience presented by the renowned and award winning “By the Way Catering�. In addition, a full service open bar, complete with a broad selection of signature cocktails and world class wines from the Temecula Valley will be offered. Each table includes seating for 8.

Aaron Turner

© ESI Photography





MD BARN MASTER SILVER SPONSORS Absorbine | Adena | All-In Removal | Aurelio's Pizza | Electronic Vet | EquiFit | Equis Boutique | Evil Horse Brewing Co. | Griffin Ranch | Horseflight | King Miller & Associates | Mona's Embroidey & Engraving | Neue Schule | Nicker Nickels | Perfect Products | Showcase Properties of Central Florida | Stal Hendrix | Take2 | Tri-Eagle Sales BRONZE SPONSORS AAA Executive Limousine & Towncar Service | Aden Brook | Farm Credit of Florida | Hodges Badge Company, Inc, | NJK Show Jumpers, Inc. | Parma Company | Trilogy at Ocala Preserve HITS produces 56 weeks of USEF-rated shows around the country each year in Thermal, CA; Ocala, FL; Tucson, AZ; Culpeper, VA; Chicago, IL; Saugerties, NY. For information on Sponsorship Opportunities with HITS, please contact Chris Mayone at:

BLENHEIM 2018 SHOW SCHEDULE Blenheim Spring Classic I March 21 – 25, 2018 $25,000 Grand Prix Blenheim Spring Classic II FEI CSI-3* March 27 – 31, 2018 USHJA National Hunter Derby Zone 10 NAJYRC Selection Trials Blenheim Spring Classic III April 4 – 8, 2018 $40,000 Grand Prix WCHR Week

Blenheim Spring Classic IV April 11 – 15, 2018 $25,000 Grand Prix $50,000 Grand Prix USHJA Intl. Hunter Derby Showpark Spring Festival April 26 – 29, 2018 Showpark Ranch & Coast Classic May 8 – 13, 2018 $25,000 Grand Prix $60,000 Grand Prix USHJA Intl. Hunter Derby WCHR Week

June Jamboree at Blenheim May 31 – June 3, 2018 Blenheim June Classic I June 6 – 10, 2018 $25,000 Grand Prix $30,000 Grand Prix WCHR Week & USHJA/WCHR Spectacular Blenheim June Classic II June 13 – 17, 2018 $30,000 Grand Prix USHJA International Hunter Derby USHJA Pony Hunter Derby


Blenheim June Classic III June 20 – 24, 2018 $30,000 Grand Prix Whitethorne Equitation Challenge USHJA National Hunter Derby USHJA Pony Hunter Derby West Coast Pony Hunter Challenge Blenheim Red, White & Blue Classic June 27 – July 1, 2018 $30,000 Grand Prix USHJA Pony Hunter Derby Showpark Summer Festival July 18 – 22, 2018 $25,000 & $30,000 Grand Prix


#THEPLACETOBE USEF Junior Hunter National Championships & USHJA Hunterdon Equitation Cup, West at the Del Mar Horse Park July 23 – 24, 2018 Showpark Racing Festival FEI CSI-2* July 25 – 29, 2018 USHJA National Hunter Derby Showpark August Festival August 1 – 5, 2018 $25,000 Grand Prix Blenheim Summer Classic August 15 – 19, 2018 $30,000 Grand Prix CPHA Medal Finals USHJA National Hunter Derby

FOR DEVELOPING HORSES & RIDERS... and so much more

Showpark Summer Classic August 22 – 26, 2018 $25,000 & $50,000 Grand Prix CPHA Foundation Finals Showpark All Seasons Summer Classic August 29 – September 2, 2018 $50,000 Grand Prix Sallie B. Wheeler USEF National Hunter Breeding Championships Blenheim Fall Tournament September 12 – 16, 2018 $30,000 Grand Prix ASPCA Maclay Regionals CPHA Green Hunter 3’ & 3’3” Incentive Finals BES Young Hunter Championships

International Jumping Festival Blenheim September 19 – 23, 2018 $30,000 Grand Prix USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Final, West USHJA Green Hunter 3’, 3’3”, 3’6”, & 3’9” Incentive SW Regional Championships Young Jumper Champs., West Y.J. Futurity – 4 yr old Regionals North American League West Coast Hunter & Jumper Finals

The Las Vegas National CSI4*-W and Aon/USHJA National Championships November 13 – 18, 2018 Longines FEI World Cup ™ Jumping Las Vegas Markel Grand Prix Series Final WCE Medal Final Show Jumping Hall of Fame Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Final, West





“Experience, Integrity, and Passion equals Results.” Bing’s is highly regarded in Equine Law with a life-long attachment to the horse industry from his Lexington, Kentucky equine roots. Bing also has extensive experience in personal injury, business transactional, litigation matters, wills, estate management, and is certified in family law. Since 1998, Bing has passionately handled personal injury cases, business and equine affairs of people, literally from overseas royalty to local impoverished, at a large firm level with a personal touch. With a unique depth and breadth of experience, Bing has

BING BUSH Law Offices of Bing I. Bush, Jr.

1330 Camino Del Mar Del Mar, CA 92014

P: 858.259.7540

acted as an arbitrator or mediator in many cases helping others to avoid litigation by helping each side evaluate their case, likely scenarios and advisability of resolution through settlement.

Steve Games Real Estate Visionary Have a conversation with Steve Games, CEO of Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty, and you immediately sense two things: You are in the presence of a force of nature, and a person who, with good reason, has a deep love of his surroundings. On June 6th, Pacific Sotheby’s will celebrate its sixth anniversary, and in the five short years since it opened, it has risen to number one in sales in San Diego. Why June 6th? “Because on D-Day, June 6th, 1942 my father hit the beach in Normandy. If he could help save the world on the beaches of Normandy,” explains Games, “we could start a new realty company on the beaches of San Diego.”

Stephen Games, CEO & Managing Partner

Games is no newcomer to the real estate industry. Having grown up in the San Diego area, he served eight years in Vietnam, and returned home justifiably proud of his service, and determined to find a career path quickly. He got his real estate license in 1975, and since that day, under that license, he has amassed enough sales to be the leading broker in California, and possibly the United States. “The ability to live and own the American dream in California,” he tells us, “is the best thing a person can have, next to family.”

In 1984, the Olympics were held in Los Angeles, and Games met with the Olympic Equestrian Committee, as they were deciding where to build the Three-Day-Event course. Prince Philip of England, FEI President, was in attendance. After seeing San Diego County, he decided that he wanted the best event horses in the world to be ridden in what he considered absolutely the best place for horses: the San Dieguito River Valley. The golf course of the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club was converted into an extraordinarily beautiful Cross-Country course. People make huge sacrifices to live in California, where property is known to be expensive. “My answer,” says Games, “is that it should be. It is simply magnificent.” The beautiful triangle that Games and his partners at Pacific Sotheby’s represent, from San Diego-Orange County and east to the Desert truly represents the best that Southern California has to offer for the Equestrian and their family. From private equestrian estates to every type of horse facility anyone could want- including the elegant Del Mar Race Track, it is literally possible to enjoy anything from a Broadway play, world-class fishing, snow skiing just two hours away, surfing on historic breaks, playing legendary courses, go sailing, send your children to schools that are among the best in the United States, watch the sun rise in the desert, and set on the Pacific Ocean on the same day – truly the personification of ‘surf meets turf.” – and it will (nearly always) be a gorgeous day, whatever day it is!

“I’ve worked hard in my life so that I can live anywhere on earth. I chose heaven on earth: San Diego” Steve Games


Hacienda Del Corazon

“Wall Street Journal Home of the Day and 2018 San Diego Film Festival Oscar Party venue!� This authentic Spanish colonial estate built in Rancho Santa Fe offers true California living featuring 15,000 sq. ft under roof with indoor/outdoor living space ideal for entertaining. A true compound including an 1,800-sf ft saloon, full commercial bar, stage, movie theater, wine cellar, motor coach garage plus two oversized 3 car garages and a 1-bedroom guest casita with living room and kitchenette. The outdoor space will not disappoint with pool and elevated spa, outdoor BBQ area, 4 stall horse barn and riding area. This impeccable

single-story home is environmentally conscious with drought tolerant landscaping and solar panels.

Jenna Daley DRE#01262893


Andrea Gilbert DRE#01453644


Criss Crozier




Exquisite Equestrian Estate

“Stunning Masterpiece with Horse Facilities” The ultimate in luxury living, this magnificent Covenant manor is a masterpiece incorporating elegance, warmth and beauty with modern living and timeless grace. Filled with exquisite architectural details and tasteful refinements, featuring state-of-the-art horse facilities located directly on the Rancho Santa Fe trails, exquisite public and private living spaces, 7 oversized bedroom suites, fitness facility, “secret hidden” wine cellar, resort size pool with waterfall/slide/grotto, an oversized pool house with kitchen, 2-bedroom detached guest house with kitchen, bocce ball, gardens, numerous verandas and patios. Brand new solar system installed to serve entire residence. A true masterpiece rarely available.

Mary Raser DRE#01495025


Eric Iantorno DRE#01256501



Ultimate Gentleman’s Ranch Trinity Ranch

“Views, Green Pastures and Private Gate to the amazing Ranch Santa Fe Trails”


Trinity Ranch is the ultimate gentleman’s ranch and family compound within the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe. The storybook gated entrance to the Classic Spanish Colonial home features 4-Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths and a Two Bedroom/2Bath Carriage Style Guest House with elevator atop the 4 car garage. Sweeping views, equestrian heaven with three green pastures, charming two-stall barn with living quarters, round pen, new jumping arena with excellent footing, miniature horse pens and private gate directly onto the Rancho Santa Fe trail system. Gorgeous landscaping, resort style pool, rare west side location only minutes from Roger Rowe School. This timeless architecture makes this beauty, built in 1980 a dream come true for a family to make it their own. Horses, dogs and friends will love this beautiful ranch resort.

Brett Dickinson

Roblee Valentine


Executive Director, Equestrian Division Associate Broker | DRE #01915178




5 Acre Residential Lot The Groves of Rancho Santa Fe

“Build Your Dream Estate�


Design the house of your dreams, making your vision a reality with new state of the art building materials in the prestigious gated community of The Groves. This 5 acre view lot holds amazing views of wildlife with a year round flowing creek, and a peek ocean view. Beautiful long driveway that can be gated, it combines both privacy and peacefulness. A near perfect sanctuary minutes from The Bridges world class country club, the village of Rancho Santa Fe and Roger Rowe School. This is one of the last large lots available in the 92067 area.

Carolyn Russo

Luxury Real Estate Advisor DRE #01956939 858.336.2412


Exceptional 40+ Acre Private Estate

“An Entertainer’s Dream” Exceptional 40+ acre private estate with impeccable design. Elegance, adventure and privacy await in this newly remodeled estate perched above The Heritage. Property features flawless interior/exterior design, stunning craftsmanship and ideal flow. Endless panoramic views from picture windows and expansive sliding glass doors. An entertainer’s dream with full gym and spa, beautiful home theatre, game room and wine cellar. Exceptional backyard with sport court, baseball cages, stunning pool, waterfall, loggia stone patio and outdoor kitchen. Equestrian amenities include stylish barn with 4 horse stalls, groom’s quarters and riding pen. Spend boundless days and nights in paradise in your private compound.

Brett Dickinson DRE#01714678


Eric Iantorno DRE#01256501



Private Mountiantop Mansion 14 Acre Dream Ranch

“Breathtaking Views in Rainbow�

Private Offering, please call Carolyn for pricing.

This gorgeous gated estate sits on top of the world. Fourteen acres of solitude, natural beauty and breathtaking views. This private mansion is ideal for entertaining, corporate retreat, or business. Elegance abounds in this 7,000 square foot, four-bedroom/four-bath owners residence with an additional 1,900 square foot three-bedroom/three-bath guest house. Parklike grounds, including a half-acre spring fed pond, volleyball court, helicopter pad and 20 car garage with hydraulic lift. Gourmet kitchen featured in Ultimate Home Magazine 2010 and delightful interiors with beautiful Spanish tile and stone, granite and iron work. This ultimate getaway is located only 10 minutes from Interstate 15 and 45 minutes from the John Wayne Airport.

Carolyn Russo

Luxury Real Estate Advisor DRE #01956939 858.336.2412


Private Ranch Equestrian Community

Old West Ranch Gateway to a Great American Lifestyle

Be one of the fortunate few to call Old West Ranch Home

WrangleR 55.28 Acres $795,000

PalOminO 68.78 Acres $895,000

buckskin 108.29 Acres $1,110,000

traiLs end 101.19 Acres $1,250 ,000

Country estates Rainbow Road

If you dream of a private equestrian community built on the foundation of history, beauty, and family, then Old West Ranch is the place for you.

Old West Ranch Making your Dream a Reality The charming city of Ramona, rich with history has a

A modern city that has retained all of its charm and flavor

new partner in town, Old West Ranch.

from early California and its heritage that people cherish

Located in the foothills, just far enough from the city

so deeply. The streets are named after past community

to enjoy all that San Diego has to offer on pristine

leaders, and the town is famous for the best thoroughbred

land and an abundance of wide open space. Over 320

farms in California, including the legendary Golden Eagle

acres are graced with white rail fencing, providing

Farm. Nature truly brings peace and serenity, the beautiful

forty foot easements to enjoying hiking and trail

weather, tranquil environment, and small town feel are just

riding around the entire perimeter. Each ranch has its

a few of the reasons why Ramona is perfect for Old West

own private gate with stone pillars.

Ranch. First four lot reservations will include two years of complimentary golf and riding club membership.

Roblee Valentine

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty Executive Director, Equestrian Division Associate Broker | DRE #01915178 858.437.4778


Magnificent Design Breathtaking Views Where living space and nature become one.

“Magnificent Design with Breathtaking Views”

Offered at $24,980,000

Boasting stunning panoramic city and canyon views, this exceptional Bel-Air property is architecturally approved and permits pulled for just over 31,000 square foot estate on over two plus acres of land. Situated in the prestigious lower Bel-Air, this promontory is surrounded by and adjacent to some of the most luxurious homes in the world. Designer Derek Wolf, a protégé of Paul McLean and with work published in Architectural Digest, has created an unparalleled living experience that takes advantage of the California lifestyle by blurring the line between inside and out, creating a home. Amenities are many but include a Bar/Club, Theater, a state-of-the-art Wellness Spa, an under waterfall Jacuzzi, golf simulator, game room, bowling alley, wine/cigar room and a 9-car garage. With two gates, one guard gated for guests, this world-class lot is the ultimate in privacy and security.

Andrea Gilbert DRE#01453644


Carol Dotson DRE #01513004



La Tuna Canyon Equestrian Ranch

Offered at $1,695,000

“Step back in time into a historic California Ranch in the heart of Los Angeles�

Quintessential California Ranch, Two Residences, almost 4 Acres, 18 stalls, turnouts and competition Jumping arena for World Cup sensation, Jenny Mc Allister. Upon entering the gates you can see why this special ranch is so rare with almost all usable acreage, family compound, training facility, beautiful mountain views, easy freeway access, not a lot of land this close to everything available anymore. The main residence is true California Cowboy Charm with room to roam and great income potential.

Roblee Valentine

Executive Director, Equestrian Division Associate Broker | DRE #01915178 858.437.4778

Lake Arrowhead Pailsades Lakefront Storybook Vintage Private Paradise

“Storybook Vintage Private Paradise” European magnificence with impressive lake views, privacy and exquisite finishes by the meticulous owner with remarkable

Roblee Valentine

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty Executive Director, Equestrian Division Associate Broker | DRE #01915178 Buyers Representative 858.437.4778

vision. Cozy European chalet with 3 stunning bedrooms and baths, easy access to parking pad and private single slip deep water boat dock. Spacious viewing deck, inspired chef’s kitchen with all Wolf appliances, outdoor entertaining granite lounge. Just 113 miles from Rancho Santa Fe, you can escape to your own lake front paradise to check in with yourself, your friends and family and leave the everyday details the moment you enter.

Offered at $1,850,000

Lakefront Family Compound Rich with Hollywood History

“Lakeside entertaining paridise.” Stunning Lake front masterpiece, the impressive main residence includes 7 family suites, elegant great room with massive fireplace imported from France, expansive lake views, radiant heating, chef’s dream kitchen, all season family room with glass ceiling and upstairs playroom adjacent to 6 bed Bunk Room, complete with fire pole for a quick midnight snack. Music room, tennis court catering building and Four Bedroom guest house. Beach, 2 private boat docks with 4 slips. The ultimate reward for your hard work to share with family and friends!

Offered at $14,250,000

Roblee Valentine

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty Executive Director, Equestrian Division Associate Broker | DRE #01915178 Buyers Representative 858.437.4778


Breathtaking Tomiyasu Lane

Half Acre To 50 Acre Ranches And Estates

“It’s all about our foundation.” Sitting in the Shadows of the Famous Las Vegas Strip, is a quiet and unique lane, known not only for its Residents, and their contributions to the Las Vegas Strip, But for the wildlife and peacefulness, that is Tomiyasu Lane. Ranches and Estates, ½ acre to 50 acre! Developed by some of the Premier Contractors in the Las Vegas Valley! These prestigious contractors are not only known for developing these famous communities, but for being on the forefront of the development of our famous Las Vegas Strip! My Home, and focus, when I am away from the Surf, for the past 48 years!

Elisa Carothers

Synergy Sotheby’s International Realty Nevada RE License #19428 702.378.4060


Rancharrah Reimagined

A Rich Legacy Takes Shape Every great place starts with imagining what is possible. In 1937, casino magnate Bill Harrah arrived in Reno and changed its landscape forever. The perfect place to call home – Rancharrah a place close enough to the action yet its own private oasis, surrounded by pristine natural beauty, warmth, style and casual elegance. Here, among the towering trees and stunning views and lakes, From intimate gatherings to lavish parties, the biggest names in entertainment were frequent guests at Rancharrah.

Continue the Legacy Enter the gates at Rancharrah and life changes. The landscaping is lush. The grass is actually greener on the other side – and life is too. Quite simply the finest private residential community property in Reno, Rancharrah is ideally located among the exquisite ranches of southwest Reno and centrally located to shopping, restaurants, business centers and the airport. Integrating the beautiful grounds and the history of the Harrah Estate into an exclusive private community of 600 homes with great architecture that respects the heritage while providing the most complete and vast array of amenities found in the market today. Upscale retail center with restaurants, shops and office space. A true oasis in the heart of Reno. The Magnificent Harrah Mansion will be the social and recreational centerpiece for Rancharrah focused on fun, family and living life well.


A picturesque drive over the Evans Creek bridge reveals a breathtakingly beautiful private and serene 20-acre setting, ideally located within walking distance to The Club and The Village. Making this Equestrian Village an amazing amenity and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The 52,000-square foot climate controlled boarding and training center, turnouts, feed, mechanical out buildings, room for many additional stalls, and arenas for all riding disciplines with access to the 56-acre Bartley Ranch Regional Park trails. Ensuring Rancharrah Equestrian Village will be regarded as one of the finest private Equestrian Clubs and Venue in the world. Private Offering, please call for more information.

Roblee Valentine

Executive Director, Equestrian Division Associate Broker | DRE #01915178 858.437.4778


Owls Roost Farms Palm Beach Point 4481 Garden Point Trail, Wellington, FL 33414

“Rare, Equestrian Haven for Horse Lovers” Largest farm available on stunning Palm Beach Point, gated equestrian compound in the heart of Wellington, minutes from Winter Equestrian Festival, Global Dressage Festival and International Polo Club. Five separate lots, two paved roads, entire perimeter with three rail fence, many possibilities for both equestrian and investor. Eleven oversized paddocks, 5-acre exercise track bordered by a grass jump field, pond and 90’ diameter round pen. 10 stall barn includes two tack rooms, tongue & groove ceilings, multiple wash stalls and media room overlooking the riding arena with mirrors and paddocks. Owners Residence with Four-bedrooms and five bathrooms complete with a viewing and media room. Separate Twobedroom, two bath Guest Quarters with full kitchen and farm views. High bay 4-car garage with a lounge, gym, dog room, air-conditioned feed & hay storage and half bath. Separate jump, tractor, equipment and storage plus an additional pole barn. Equipped with Aqua Soft reverse osmosis water system, propane powered generator for the main building and stables. Privacy at an incredible value.

David Welles, P.A.

Sotheby’s International Realty Nevada RE License #19428



Grand Prix Village Sunset West Farm

14878 Grand Prix Village Drive ~ Wellington, FL 33414

“First Class Equestrian Paradise”

Offered at $8,995,000

Sunset West Farm, a spectacular equestrian facility featuring a twenty-six stall stable, 3 bedroom staff apartment, six paddocks, an all-weather ring and a five-horse walker. Gated entrance welcomes you with ample parking. The stable is finished with the finest building materials, includes two tack rooms, two feed rooms, two laundry rooms, four grooming/ wash stalls, a lounge with private full bath, office and powder bath. 12’ x 12’ stalls include 3/4’’’ rubber mats, sliding stall doors, arched exterior windows, and Oasis paddle fans. Tongue and groove v-joint pine and showcase a large chandelier at the center of the stable and two smaller chandeliers in the aisles. Hurricane proof roll-up doors, colonial shutters fly spray system. Separate two-story building includes garage second floor three bedroom, two and one-half baths and full kitchen. 135’ x 220’ all weather jump ring is finished with Martin-Collins footing, six paddocks with three-rail wood fencing and full automatic sprinkler system and six water cannons covering the jump ring.

Thomas Baldwin


Equestrian Sotheby’s International Realty 561.714.3098


Kilteelagh House

“Escape To Your Beautiful Lakehouse Admist Timeless Luxury” This astonishing 1863 Victorian Jewel is a timeless beauty designed with a sophisticated touch. Greeted by a meandering tree-lined avenue, this 15,000 Square Foot Mansion was just lovingly restored and rests amoungst 25 lush hectares of incredible views and the eastern shore of Lough Derg. You are welcomed by two high ceiling reception rooms in the elegant main entrance hall, with an inviting dining room, marble fireplace, and an exquisite drawing room that overlooks the glorious gardens. Besides the 5 beautiful bedrooms that include either marble or cast-iron fireplaces, there’s also a self-contained one-bed apartment with its own fitness, pool, and table tennis room. You will also find incredible features in the basement, including a Jacuzzi, sauna, and an airing room… There’s also a courtyard stable, pastures, garage, and a boat house fit for any cruiser, and you can actually sail to France!

“The constant cycle of wild flowers, the summer evening light, the bird song when we wake, the dinner parties, making hay in the city, galloping around the land on the horses... the memories our family will cherish forever.” currenet owner

Next door to the charming sailing village of Dromineer, there are numerous water activities such as fishing, sailing, boating and kayaking, and watering holes (pubs) such as the Whiskey Still and the Thatched Cottage are not to be missed. Conveniently and centrally located in County Tipperary you are well located for day trips to renowned golf resorts, Cliffs of Moher, Dromoland Castle, charming Adair Village, Portumna Castle, Gary Kennedy, Limerick and Dublin. Although this Victorian estate is the perfect escape for peace and quiet, it is conveniently located near three beautiful villages in just a matter of minutes. Step back into time, leave your cares behind and live in the land of yester-year.

Offered at €6,000,000

Roblee Valentine

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty Executive Director, Equestrian Division Associate Broker | DRE #01915178 858.437.4778


Perfect Tropical Retreat Estate with 26 Waterfront Guest Suites

“Elite, Incredible Private Paradise” This celebrity owned compound on the island of Antigua is an immaculate hilltop estate adorned by a beautiful exotic beach and is in the vicinity of other notable estates owned by Oprah Winfrey, Giorgio Armani, and Eric Clapton. The main estate has 6 bedrooms and the guest villas along the waterfront beneath contain a combined total of 26 guest suites. This compounds estate is one of unrivaled quality and has been designed with every attention to detail, making it the perfect tropical retreat for the sailing aficionado or anyone who wants a tropical retreat that is the epitome of privacy and elegance. Named as one of the top Billionaire playgrounds by Forbes magazine, Antigua is home to numerous celebrities, captains of industry and a favorite of numerous elite travelers. The island, a 9-by-12-mile speck of hills with a jagged coastline, claims famous residents and visitors and is known for multimillionaire manors like the Mellon estate at the exclusive Mill Reef Club. Antigua is one of the Leeward Islands located in the West Indies, and is the main island of the country of Antigua and Barbuda. The capital of Antigua is St. John’s, which is situated in the northwest and has a deep harbor, making it ideal for large watercraft. English Harbour on the southeastern coast is famed for its protected shelter and along with the neighboring village of Falmouth is internationally famous as a yachting and sailing destination. Antigua Sailing Week and Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta are two of the regions most reputable sailing competitions with hundreds of yachts from around the world competing each year.

Carol Dotson

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty DRE #01513004 310.927.4107

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