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EPTANOVA has been a leader in offering advanced finishing solutions, aimed at a variety of industrial sectors, through a network of Market Companies throughout the world.

Our Business Brands - EPTAINKS, EPTACOAT, EPTATECH and EPTAINKS DIGITAL - develop products and applications in the sectors of industrial printing inks (screen printing and pad printing), coating and paints, advanced materials technology and digital printing.

We provide our customers with a complete range of innovative products and quality services, designed and engineered to offer a tailor-made solution and meet every need.

EPTAINKS designs, develops, manufactures and supplies valuable inks for different technological applications, such as  screen printing, pad printing, sublimation printing, off-set printing, transfer printing and rotogravure

With our premium brands –  Manoukian Argon, Kfg and Visprox, we have settled relevant milestones in the printing industry history. In particular our Manoukian Argon  screen printing inks  are reliable partners since the ‘40s.

EPTAINKS products portfolio is worldwide recognized for its superior quality and durable performances, including a wide formulation technologies range both for  graphic printing  and  textile printing on Fabrics: water-based inks, plastisol, silicone, plastisol PVC free, UV and solvent based inks, sublimation and photo-emulsions for screen making.

The value propositions cover all needs in demanding industries like Fashion, Signage, Packaging, Habitat, Security, Mobility, Leisure and High Tech about pigments, colours, materials and tools for screen printing, pad printing and sublimation processes, with applications on fabrics, paper, plastics, metals, wood, glass and other substrates.

The focus on reference industries is constantly leading us towards an expansion of our business in the international markets: our network now includes local organizations in Italy, India, Bangladesh, China, Spain, France, Finland, Russia, Brazil and USA.

The ability to listen to our Clients and drive innovation through their industrial processes has been rewarded in over 100 countries, with long term and win-to-win partnerships.

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Solvent based inks

Solvent-based inks ensure greater detail definition and resistance to chemical, mechanical and external agents.

UV inks

UV inks allow high productivity thanks to their polymerization process, print stability and waste reduction.


Several series of solvent and UV inks fall within the parameters established by the European Community for safety and environment protection. The RoHS directive imposes restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment; the EN 71-3 standard contains the requisites necessary to avoid the migration of certain chemical elements, potentially harmful, into the materials used in toys production.

Thanks to these compliances, the inks can be used for screen printing of objects and games that are touched and handled by the child, without any danger to their health.

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Solvent based inks

Printing substrates

INKS FINISHING ABS Acrylic Anodized aluminum Cardboard Extruded PVC Adhesive polyester Corrugated cardboard Corrugate Glass Paper PET PET-G HDPE PE banner PVC banner Policarbonate Polyester PE & PP (containers) PE & PP (sheets) Polystyrene Rigid PVC Tyvek Electrostatic PVC Self-adhesive PVC Jacron PVC coated fabric PU coated fabric Stainless steel Metal Pre-coated metal Coil-coated metal Wood Nylon & PE fabric ACRILUX 48.000 GL • • • • CARBOGLOSS 26.000 GL • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • LDI for glass GL • LDI for plastic GL • METALINK 94..000 MET • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • SERINK 10-15 GL • SERIPOXY 90.000* GL • • • • • • • • • • • • TEXYLON 58.000 MA • • • • • TEXYLON 59.000 GL • • • • • THERMOPLUS 49.000 GL • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • VINILFLAT 38.000 MA • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • recommended suitable * see TDS
5 Graphic printing

Features Substrate - Fabrics Industrial application

Solvent based vinyl ink with glossy finishing. Paper, cardboard, PVC, PES, PC, PET-G

CARBOGLOSS 26.000 a series of inks for... VINILFLAT 38.000 a series of inks for...

Printing of membrane keyboards, stickers and sheets in PC and PET-G for the realization of bike helmets.

Features Substrate - Fabrics Industrial application

Solvent based vinyl ink with matt finishing. Paper, cardboard, PVC, ABS, PES, plastic materials and wood

Graphic printing of advertising, POP, displays and stickers. It can be used for printing labels, truck tarpaulins and decorations on wood.

Solvent-based inks
TDS TDS Certifications Certifications Graphic printing 6

94.000 a series of inks for...

Features Substrate - Fabrics Industrial application

Solvent based vinyl ink with metal effect. Paper, cardboard, PVC, ABS, PES, PMMA, metal and wood

Graphic printing of advertising, POP, displays and stickers. Graphics on pre-varnished metal and wood

ACRILUX 48.000 a series of inks for...

Features Substrate - Fabrics Industrial application

Acrylic solvent based ink with glossy finishing PS It is used as a binder in the in-molding process for the realization of bike helmets

Solvent-based inks
Certifications TDS TDS 7 Graphic printing


a series of inks for...

Features Substrate - Fabrics Industrial application

Thermoformable vinyl-acrylic ink with glossy finishing.

Paper, cardboard, PVC, PMMA, PC, difficult printing substrates and plastic materials

Printing of PC and PMMA plates for thermoforming, realization of graphics for advertising and POP

TDS Solvent-based inks Graphic printing 8

TEXYLON 59.000 a series of inks for...

Features Substrate - Fabrics Industrial application

Solvent based ink with glossy finishing. Nylon, Tyvek (TNT), waterproofed fabrics, polyurethane coated.

Paper for decals

Printing of fabrics for garments, bags and technical items

TEXYLON 58.000 a series of inks for...

Features Substrate - Fabrics Industrial application

Polyurethane ink with semi-gloss finishing. Nylon, Tyvek, PU, waterproofed fabrics.

Paper for decals.

Printing of dark, coarse weave and very absorbent fabrics such as bags and clothing in Nylon and Tyvek, waterproofed fabrics

Solvent-based inks TDS TDS Certifications Certifications
Solvent-based inks 9 Graphic printing
100.835 ABS Acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate Cellulose acetate Cellulose Wood Epoxy resins High density polyethylene Low density polyethylene Melamine formaldehyde Pre-varnished metal Stainless steel Metals Polyamide PES PE PC PET PET-G Phenolic resins Polymethylmethacrylate Treated PP/OPP PU PVC PS Styrene-Acrylonitrile Glass UV TECH 105.000 • • • • • • • 2 • 2 • • • • • • 2 • • • UV FLEX 124.000 • • • • 2 • • •
Graphic printing 10
1 With 10% of Adhesion Promoter
2 With 5% of Adhesion Promoter
Printing substrates

UV FLEX 124.000 a series of inks for...

Features Substrate - Fabrics Industrial application

Ultraviolet ink with glossy finishing.

Paper, PVC, banners, PES (stabilized), vinyl supports, PE, PP

Sports equipment, automotive, labels and Visuals.

Process printing of vinyl supports and banners for outdoor.

UV TECH 105.000 a series of inks for...

Features Substrate - Fabrics Industrial application

Ultraviolet curing ink with glossy finishing.

Paper, PVC, PET, PS, ABS, PES, PC, PMMA, pre-treated metal, PE and PP with adhesion promoter

Labels, appliances, promotional, sports equipment, furniture, helmets, toys and visual

UV inks Certifications TDS TDS
11 Graphic printing

Quality policy

The EPTAINKS Quality Management System is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2022 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2022 standard.

Our every activity, in fact, adheres to the rules and guidelines developed for the series ISO 90001 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure business processes, products manufacturing and services providing towards the maximum customer satisfaction.

The continuous search for quality reflects in all our processes, activities, products and services: we are aware of the importance of every single detail and we work together with our partners to achieve more ambitious and prestigious goals every day.



EPTANOVA has always been focused on research and development of new products and applicative solutions.

Our talent for innovation allows us to transfer our experience in the business units – printing inks, functional coating and innovative technological solutions – adapting and improving products and processes to market trends and new technologies. Our researchers’ and experts’ international network are able to provide a qualified and practical support to every customers’ request, accompanying them in the innovative and technological processes of their business.

With our extensive technical and specialist knowledge – combined with an emphasis on sustainable development – we ensure high quality and durability solutions, satisfying the market and the consumer needs.

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Technical support

We guarantee a constant technical support, able to solve any doubt or request in a fast, efficient and customized way.

Our product specialists have a large experience and knowledge in the fields of textile industrial printing. Their presence is an absolute value for our company, able to guarantee a high quality technical service for any type of product and application technology by organizing many meetings, training courses - on request also individual - and tests (more than 500 per year) dedicated to customers and distributors, treating technical topics and specific aspects of the different products, technological processes and industrial areas. Our headquarter in Luisago is also equipped with a training center of over 750 square meters, equipped of industrial machines for textile and graphic printing processes.

13 Graphic printing

Digital presence



Code of ethics

In order to align its control system to the requirements outlined by the Legislative Decree N. 231/2001 and to further strengthen its systems of governance EPTAINKS S.P.A. has decided to start a special project with the objective of ensuring that the existing prevention and management risk systems comply with the provisions of the Legislative Decree N. 231/2001, with the principles already rooted in the governance culture of EPTAINKS and with the direction indicated by the Guidelines of Confindustria

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QUALITY SOLIDARITY Values 15 Graphic printing


Via A. De Gasperi, 3

22070 Luisago (CO), Italy

P. +39 031 9090111

Fax +39 031 920505


Via A. De Gasperi, 1

22070 Luisago (CO), Italy

P. +39 031 9090111

Fax +39 031 920505

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