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DNA sequencing diagnoses diseases Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a sensing system for use in rapid, low-cost DNA sequencing, making the prediction and diagnosis of disease more efficient, and individualised treatment more affordable. Developed by EPSRCfunded Dr Ulrich Keyser of the University’s Cavendish Laboratory, together with PhD student Nick Bell and other colleagues, the technology, which has the potential to revolutionise DNA sequencing, has been licensed for development and commercialisation to UKbased company Oxford Nanopore which is developing portable, lowcost DNA analysis sequencing devices. The company has recently completed a series of agreements with leading academic research institutions including University of Illinois, Stanford University, Boston University, University of Cambridge and University of Southampton. Oxford Nanopore has raised total funds of £105.4m in seven rounds of private funding and was valued at $2bn in 2012. Further information:

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DNA sequencing diagnoses diseases