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Mr.  and Mrs. William H.  Armstrong III Mr.  and Mrs. Frank A.  Black III Mr. Sung Kwon Chung and Ms.  Aeri Kim Mr.  and Mrs. Mark M. Conger Mr.  and Mrs. Richard A. Drucker Mr.  and Mrs. Daniel P. Falken Mr.  and Mrs.  Thomas C. Farnsworth III Mr.  and Mrs. Scott C. Goodman ’78 Mr.  and Mrs. Mark M. Gordon Mr.  and Mrs. Horace A. Gray IV Dr.  and Mrs. Everett R. Hollister Mr. Charles Holt and Mrs. Christina Maher Holt Mr.  and Mrs. David A. Jones Mr. Charles A. McLendon, Jr. Mr.  and Mrs. Mark W. Mealy Dr.  and Mrs. Randolph V   . Merrick Mr.  and Mrs.  Bailey W. Patrick ’79 Mr.  and Mrs. C. Stephen Shaw Mr.  and Mrs. Howard W. Smith III ’76 Mr.  and Mrs. Nelson P. Smith ’69 Mr.  and Mrs. Stephen R. Strawsburg Mr.  and Mrs. Wiley A. Wasden III Mr. Edward I. Weisiger, Jr. Mr. Donaldson G. Williams ’80 Mr. and Mrs.  B. Robert Williamson, Jr. Mr.  and Mrs. Dennis C. Winans


Mr.  and Mrs.  Thompson S.  Baker II Dr.  and Mrs. Scott B.  Boyd Mr.  and Mrs. Robert L. Huffines Mr. Charles David Hyman and Ms. Janet Healy Mr.  and Mrs. John R. McNichols Mr.  and Mrs. Peter M. Page, Jr. Mr.  and Mrs. John N. Richardson, Jr. Mr.  and Mrs. Hugh B. Sanderford, Jr. Mr. Douglas R. Sandor and Ms. Julia Lee Sandor * Deceased

Mr. William E. Sanford Mr.  and Mrs. Christopher B. Sarofim Mr.  and Mrs. Phillip S.  Thomas, Jr. ’81 Mr.  and Mrs.  Thomas R. V   andeventer ’74 Mr. Edward I. Weisiger, Jr. THE HIGH LIST

Mr.  and Mrs. Quint M.  Barefoot Mr.  and Mrs. Samuel Bobbitt Dixon Mr.  and Mrs. W. H. DuBose Mr.  and Mrs. James F. Horan Mr.  and Mrs. Richard Thomas Horan, Jr. Dr.  and Mrs. Stephen R. Richard, Sr. Mr.  and Mrs. Robert W. Winston III THE 1839 SOCIETY

Mr.  and Mrs. David W.  Bryant Mr.  Irwin G.  Burton III Mr.  and Mrs. Roger P. Griswold, Jr. Dr.  and Mrs. Walker Lyerly IV ’80 THE PENDLETON CLUB

Mr.  and Mrs. Michael K.  Alford Mr.  and Mrs. Edward D.  Beach Mr.  and Mrs. John S.  Bickley, Jr. Mr.  and Mrs. John R. Collett Mr.  and Mrs. Henry W. Dewing, Sr. Dr. Homer Faidas and Dr.  Anna Faidas Ms. Julie S. Festervan Mr.  and Mrs. Michael R. Graney Dr.  and Mrs.  Bruce A. Hedman Mr.  Ted and Dr. Janine Hopkins Mr.  and Mrs. Walter B. Hurley, Jr. Mr. David Lawson Dr.  Yeung Wook Lee and Dr. Jungim Amy Yun Ambassador and Mrs. Kenneth Merten Mr.  and Mrs. Joseph Charles Montz Mr.  and Mrs. Phillip Reynolds III Mr.  and Mrs.  B. Walter Taylor Mr.  and Mrs.  Burchell R. Walker Mrs. Elizabeth B. Weisiger Mr. David Wright Mr.  and Mrs. Richard Zyontz


Dr.  and Mrs. Robert H. Carter Mr. James Harrell Chesson ’79 Mr. Eugene Chow and Ms.  Telly Tai Chi Mr.  and Mrs. William S. Fralin Dr.  and Mrs. R. Eric Hart ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Matheny Mrs.  Ann Bacot McGehee Mr.  Thomas H. Morsch, Jr. Mr. Robert L. Myers III Mrs. Rosalie B. Myers Mr.  and Mrs. John F. Shackelford III Mr.  and Mrs. G. Craig Stewart III ’70 Mr. Robert G.  Thomas Mr.  and Mrs. Russell P. Wilson Mr. John M.  Yarnall THE HONOR ROLL

Mr.  and Mrs. Michael A.  Alto Col.  and Mrs. David E.  Anderson Mr. James M.  Beasley Mrs. Kathleen K. Chesson Mr.  and Mrs. Cornelius E. Colley Mr.  and Mrs.  Allen J. Earp Mr.  and Mrs. Peter G. Glubiak Mr.  and Mrs. John O. Goddin, Sr. ’77 Mr.  and Mrs. Joseph A. Halm Mr.  and Mrs. Dennis R. Harper Mr. Juan A. Hickman and Major Sonja Poitier-Hickman Mr.  and Mrs.  Trent S. Kerns Mr. Charles M. Leonard and Dr. Jean Brown Leonard Mr.  and Mrs.  Brendan J. Miney Ms. Page Robinson Ms. Holley S. Sanford Mr. Mark L. Stewart and Mrs. Sarah W. Stewart Ms. Nancy A. Stratford Mr.  and Mrs. C. J. S.  Thomas III ’79 Mrs. Laura R. Wright LOYALTY GIFTS

Ms. Rachel Adebiyi Mr. Michael Hoke McGehee Mr.  and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Streed Rev.  and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Ugoretz

Profile for Episcopal High School

2011-12 EHS Annual Report  

2011-12 EHS Annual Report

2011-12 EHS Annual Report  

2011-12 EHS Annual Report