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Through the tender mercy of our God, with which the Dayspring from on high has visited us.

Luke 1:78




Official groundbreaking on December 11

DaySpring welcomes first guests

Diocese acquires original 76 acres along the Manatee River generously donated by the Hall family



Curry Hall built in honor of Mac and Chris Curry

Dear Friends, Welcome to DaySpring! This treasure in the life of the Diocese of Southwest Florida is a beautiful piece of protected “Old Florida� with modern meeting amenities. We consider it a Sacred Place and enjoy sharing it with people of different faiths and backgrounds. The hospitality we offer is built upon the sense of Christian mission we have expressed in five essential purposes for serving God here at DaySpring. We seek to build and maintain programs and practices for Leadership, Transformation, Spiritual Strength, Congregational Vitality, while maintaining a historical continuity of being a Sacred Place. I believe you will find these five essential purposes evidenced throughout the pages of this catalog. In this time of uncertainty, we invite you to be a part of our programs, whether in person or virtually. In these pages, you will not only learn more about out offerings and facilities, but you will see all the ways that our 97-acre campus can be a safe place for your retreat, operating as current CDC guidelines instruct and as they continue to evolve in the year to come. We celebrate the breadth of programs brought to DaySpring from community organizations near and far. Please plan to participate and make a difference in our world. I deeply appreciate the great work that has been envisioned and empowered in past generations and today. DaySpring remains an inspiring place of spiritual growth, strength, and new relationships. Come, discover... The Rt. Rev. Dabney T. Smith Fifth Bishop, Diocese of Southwest Florida


1985-1994 first



DaySpring purchases 17 acres, bringing our total to 93 acres

Dedication of Curry Hall and Cabins 1-6

St. Thomas Chapel transported to DaySpring from Safety Harbor


Pavilion A constructed




DaySpring plays a vital role in the mission and ministry of the Diocese of Southwest Florida. DaySpring’s mission is “to be a sacred place in the heart of our diocesan community that exists to enrich and empower all people in Christ.” We feel the best way to do that is through our ministry of hospitality. DaySpring is open to all persons who are seeking spiritual renewal and personal growth, regardless of denominational affiliation. Jesus says in Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”


Executive Director Mike Riviera builds the Outdoor Chapel


Additional meeting rooms and dormitories built at Bishop Haynes Lodge


Welcome to DaySpring! Our campus offers guests an unparalleled opportunity to experience peace, tranquility, and stunning natural beauty; it is a sacred place where spirits are renewed, refreshed and made ready to re-enter the world. DaySpring is a place for all seasons and for all people. DaySpring has pivoted in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, implementing changes with a focus on safety at every level. Sanitizing methods have been upgraded, our dining hall has transitioned from buffet to cafeteria-style, and tables have been arranged to maintain social distancing during meals. We are in the process of moving the Ropes Course to a new wooded area, and are also in the midst of establishing a Spring of Support in front of Curry Hall with modern fountains and fresh landscaping to recognize the individuals who have so generously donated to DaySpring over the years. DaySpring is currently partnering with groups and organizations throughout the community to allow them to experience our environmental oasis in this season of uncertainty. Our campus provides protection for habitats of gopher tortoises and other wildlife and secures a multitude of live oak, palms and other vegetation along the Manatee River for a truly “Old Florida” experience. Our ministry of hospitality extends to people of all ages and all faiths. Whether your group is large or small, we have the perfect place for you. Come enjoy and be safe at DaySpring’s exceptional campus for your next retreat, conference, camp, or other special event. Carla Odell, Executive Director

2000 1990-94

Completion and dedication of the youth cabins

Director’s House, Retreat House, and Pool House added


“New Pavilion” modular building is assembled as a temporary solution to handle large groups




A bold vision has become reality at DaySpring. With the completion of the first phase of our 10-year Master Plan in 2017, we now work, pray and transform lives in our new spaces. Gatherings of diocesan and community groups take place in the spacious, state-of-the-art facilities of the 12,500 square-foot Program Center - an impressive and flexible space that accommodates 300-400 people over three rooms. Large group events have expanded options with the ability to utilize the two classrooms for breakout sessions. The nearby historic Tripp Pavilion, which accommodates 150 people, has been completely renovated to the same specifications of the Program Center, with a permanently installed AV system and 20 foot projection screen. The entire Program Center and Pool and surrounding facilities comprising the Youth Sector take on a vibrant and energetic life for the six weeks of DaySpring Summer Camp, as youth and counselors enjoy the coordinated spaces of indoor recreation, pool, sports courts, fire pits, sleeping cabins, ropes courses and waterfront. Phases Two and Three of our 10-year Master Plan will see premium adult lodging and a second large Meeting and Worship Center added to the campus.


Labyrinth built by DaySpring staff, thanks to a gift by the Episcopal Church Women


DaySpring Development Committee unveils 10-year Strategic Master Plan


Dedication of Diocesan House on September 12, Office of the Bishop moves to DaySpring


Our new Adult Lodges will be two-story structures, tucked back against the wooded backdrop. Each building will have 18 bedrooms, increasing the number of potential sleeping areas by nearly 60% while enhancing comfort within the space. These upgraded lodges will enable DaySpring to host expanded overnight offerings for adults and create a beautiful, comfortable environment to engage national leaders. The Meeting and Worship Center will be a 15,000 square-foot facility with a total table seating capacity of 300 people and will immediately be recognized as the jewel of our property. A large chancel will overlook our wooded forest and the Manatee River, with south-facing windows to provide optimal light. The flexibility of this new space will optimize the use of the overall conference center and significantly increase our ability to host multiple large groups at one time. Adult Lodges   The  proposed  Adult  Lodges  will  be  located  in  the  area  presently  occupied  by  Cabins  1-­‐4.     These  buildings  will  be  two  story  structures,  tucked  back  against  the  wooded  backdrop.     Each  building  will  have  18  bedrooms,  each  bedroom  with  2  queen  size  beds  and  private   baths.    Each  lodge  will  have  a  large  lounge  area  for  community  gathering  and  outdoor   patios/decks.     Replacing  Cabins  1-­‐4  with  these  two  lodges  will  increase  the  total  amount  of  adult  beds   from  76  beds  (many  singles)  to  108  beds.    Note:    in  the  future,  cabins  5  and  6  could  be   replaced  with  a  third  new  lodge  which  would  also  allow  for  expansion,  if  demand  is   necessary.        









10-year Master Plan approved by Manatee County

Dedication of new pool and Program Center on February 26 p.14


Phase 1 groundbreaking, March 1 for Program Center & Pool Complex





Plans are currently underway for the new “Spring of Support” donor recognition fountain and gathering area, centrally located on the DaySpring campus, which will honor those who have supported DaySpring’s future.









4 7



7 2 6




STATE-OF-THE-ART POOL & GROUNDS IMPROVEMENTS Just outside the Program Center is our state-of-the-art pool, which contains a zero-entry, handicap-accessible shaded area for lounging and marked lane lines for relay events. Our youth programs benefit from new basketball and volleyball courts, a “ga-ga pit” play court area, and a fire pit surrounding an open lawn. The four youth cabins, which sleep a total of 128 guests, round out the perimeter of the Youth Sector. This space is intentionally designed for activity-based group events like summer camps, school retreats, and traveling sports teams.


PROGRAM CENTER 2017 marked the opening of our Program Center and Pool facilities, completing the master plan vision for the Youth Sector. The 12,500 square-foot Program Center includes a Multipurpose Room which accommodates up to 300 guests; the two adjacent classrooms seat up to 50 per room. These rooms have interconnecting audio-visual equipment for coordinated events.




VISITING OUR CAMPUS The health and safety of our guests has always been a priority, but never has it been more critical to maintain a high level of sanitation throughout our campus than at this moment. DaySpring staff have worked tirelessly to create safety standards which keep our guests and staff safe during their time on our property, all while maintaining the same sense of serenity and peace DaySpring is known for. Throughout our campus, you’ll notice frequent, thorough sanitation of countertops, keys, office supplies and high touch items and areas with UV-C wands and/or sanitizing cleanser. Masks are worn by staff at all times, and each member of our team will carry hand sanitizer to use as they move about the campus. To maximize safety, we have created touchless, self-driven access to all of our forms and booklets, as well as commonly requested supplies like mobile phone canoe bags and wristbands. At DaySpring, our goal is simple: we want you to feel safe in our environment so you can take full advantage of your time here.


Let us take care of the rest.


MEETING ROOMS Expect frequent sanitation of high-touch surfaces and items like office supplies, TVs, remotes, thermostats and light switches in all of our meeting rooms. Common surfaces, including chairs, tables and counters will all be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between groups, and our staff will make cleansers, sanitizing agents, and other supplies available for use during all scheduled meetings and events.




SPORTS & OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Our campus offers a wide array of activities for all ages. All sports-related equipment and canoes are disinfected and sanitized after each use, and gloves will be provided for ropes courses as needed. Ropes course-specific equipment such as helmets and harnesses will be thoroughly sanitized after each use. Chairs around our campfire and gathering areas are appropriately spaced to maintain and encourage social distancing as you relax and enjoy some downtime throughout your visit. For groups staying on campus who plan to use our equipment, DaySpring staff will work with group leaders and facilitators on a sanitization plan and best practices for repeated equipment use during your stay.


LODGING & ACCOMMODATIONS Spotlessly clean cabins and lodges have always been a top priority at DaySpring: when you stay with us, rest easy knowing we continue to maintain the same high standard for immaculate linens, comforters and bedding as we have in the past. We have increased sanitization efforts of all high touch surfaces in each of our guest cabins and lodges, including light switches, tv’s, remotes, and lamps. Distanced sleeping arrangements are available for private vs. semiprivate stays so that a safe level of distance is maintained for all guests. Our youth cabins have ample space to accommodate a variety of distancing needs for larger groups. Designated staff will educate group leaders and organizers on best practices for monitoring common spaces and high-touch areas and provide all supplies critical to maintaining a clean and healthy environment throughout your visit.




3 93 15 17 21 23 15 25 29 37 43 47 49 51 2

GET OUTSIDE UNPLUG, UNWIND & ENJOY Groups and individuals staying at DaySpring take advantage of the many activities found on our 97-acre woodland campus. Traditional sports-related areas abound, but resting among those are plentiful areas of tranqulity; quiet, meditative spaces designed to lift the spirit and heal the soul at a time when anxiety can feel like a constant weight.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS To the west of the Outdoor Chapel situated along our wetlands are the outdoor Stations of the Cross, where visitors can pray and reflect on Christ’s sacrifice for all of us.

LABYRINTH To the north side of St. Thomas Chapel is our Episcopal Church Women Labyrinth and Memorial Garden, a peaceful place for meditation and prayer. Steady your breath, gentle your mind, and open your heart as you move about this sacred space. Studies have shown that walking a labyrinth in meditation can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, triggering a relaxation response throughout your body that can have ongoing benefits long after your meditation concludes.


CANOPY WALK Refocus and refresh with a walk among our peaceful treetops inside the woodland Canopy Walk. The walk contains a short aerial bridge easily accessible via a stairway, and is a great break from the action of the day.

ST. THOMAS CHAPEL This historic carpenter gothic chapel, once located in Safety Harbor, is now a centerpiece for DaySpring. The Diocese of Southwest Florida holds regular services there throughout the year. Visiting groups may use the chapel for small gatherings appropriate to the setting, or as a place of quiet individual reflection. St. Thomas Chapel is located adjacent to the Labyrinth, and the two areas are often used to assist people in their personal journey of meditation and healing.


GET OUTSIDE OUTDOOR CHAPEL In temperate weather, visitors hold services in our Outdoor Chapel. The stained glass windows are from the original Church of the Holy Spirit, Safety Harbor, built in 1914.

FIRE PIT We have a large fire pit located among the youth cabins and sports courts to use year round for campfires, s’mores, and singing. Benches surrounding the fire pit create a cozy atmosphere; the perfect environment to close out any retreat or camp experience.

MANATEE RIVER OVERLOOK Enjoy the view from our dock overlooking the Manatee River, with benches for contemplation and prayer, all situated under a Chickee-style thatched roof, a housing style used by the Seminole Indian Tribe.



Located outside the Program Center is our state-of-the-art pool, which contains a zero-entry, shaded area for lounging, as well as marked lane lines for relay events. The pool has an ADA-compliant access ramp to provide a secondary means of entry for individuals with disabilities.

CANOES & WATERFRONT DaySpring has a full set of Old Town canoes and kayaks, with instructors available by request. Please call ahead to reserve and ensure all equipment is ready for use.

PRACTICE FIELD & SPORTS COURTS DaySpring hosts a wide variety of activities on the practice field, which is used for archery, marching band camps, and everything in between. Additionally, we have newly renovated basketball and sand volleyball courts conveniently located between the youth cabins and pool area.


GET OUTSIDE LOW ROPES CHALLENGE COURSE At first glance, our low ropes course seems like nothing more than a series of rope swings, balancing wires, and elevated platforms. With the addition of a trained facilitator, however, each element becomes a powerful abstract metaphor for real-world challenges which can only be solved by a team working together.

TREE CLIMBING A technical program using a series of knot styles. Students gain confidence as they tie their way to the top.


HIGH ROPES COURSE High ropes are situated in trees and posts between 25 and 40 feet above the ground. As participants ascend to these elements, they often perceive some level of danger and separation from other participants on the ground. These feelings make our high ropes course particularly useful for fostering confidence and self esteem in participants. Each high ropes course is composed of a series of elements which pose a unique set of challenges to those who attempt the journey, and pride of accomplishment once those obstacles are overcome.


PARTNER PROGRAMS FACILITATING OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Many of our outdoor offerings can be enjoyed by groups on their own; however, activities like the high and low ropes courses, tree climbing, canoeing and kayaking require trained facilitation due to safety requirements and equipment logistics. Contact DaySpring for details about facilitation and reserve a time for your group by calling 941-776-1018.

NATURE’S CLASSROOM Nature's Classroom Institute is an environmental education program, offering a fully customized, highly engaging multi-day experience that has direct positive impact on classroom, community and academic performance. Our multi-disciplined, degreed educators integrate lessons with the curriculum of visiting schools in order to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. The goals of Nature's Classroom Montessori are to foster independence and to support children in moving toward a mastery of self and the environment.

DaySpring fits all our needs as an environmental education program. We love the location of peaceful wilderness, tucked away just minutes from I-75. We continue to grow as an organization thanks to DaySpring.

Britta Wood, Education Director-FL, Nature’s Classroom


COMMON GROUND The mission of Common Ground Adventures is to provide meaningful experiences that build relationships, promote personal growth and lead to individual accomplishment. Our wide variety of team building workshops are crafted to develop group unity and range from half-day low impact courses to four-day intensive programs. We believe that life’s deepest, longest-lasting lessons can only be learned through personal and collective experience. All of our programs embrace this philosophy with their focus on experiential learning.

Common Ground has had a strong partnership with DaySpring since 2000, both in managing their ropes course and providing programming for clients who visit the conference center. DaySpring provides a wonderful challenge and ropes course which offers quality adventure-based programming. It is a model that has been duplicated at other facilities throughout the state, and is a special place for Common Ground.

Mark Lindsay, Founder & Director, Common Ground


PARTNER PROGRAMS PATHFINDER Founded in 1993, Pathfinder Outdoor Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to building personal, social and environmental responsibility through the power of shared experience. We offer experiential educational programs that develop leadership, increase self-confidence, and enhance communication through trust and team building activities. Canoeing, high ropes, and outdoor living skills are just a few of the fun, outdoor activities participants can do, working together to gain new skills in problem-solving, resolving conflict, listening, observing, and working effectively in a group.


Pathfinder has partnered with DaySpring for over a decade to provide adventures to groups of all ages. The sense of community created by the staff and the pride they take in their work has fostered this mutually beneficial relationship. We look forward to many more years of collaboration.


Amy Durand, Co-Director, Pathfinder


dayspringfla.org/partner-programs 11

SUPPORTING OUR COMMUNITY DaySpring is proud to be the chosen home of a variety of national human services programs, many of which have been visiting us for over a decade. The examples below illustrate the broad range of community impact that our campus has driven through the years.

CAMP NO LIMITS | 9 YEARS ON CAMPUS We return to DaySpring’s beautiful facility year after year because it works so well for our needs. We love the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful grounds. It’s an empowering weekend for everyone involved.

No Limits Foundation is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) providing camps for children with limb loss and differences. The camp aims to provide education, mentorship, and support to these children and their families. Camp No Limits fosters a welcoming and supportive community in the hopes of helping all those who attend the camp.

Mary Leighton OTR/L Founder, Executive Director & Occupational Therapist


PARTNER PROGRAMS CAMP MARIPOSA | 9 YEARS ON CAMPUS Camp Mariposa is a national addiction prevention and mentoring program for youth who have been impacted by substance abuse in their families. Camp Mariposa is offered free of charge to all families. Children ages 9-17 attend transformational weekend camps multiple times a year. Campers participate in fun traditional camp activities combined with education and support exercises led by mental health professionals and trained mentors. Camp Mariposa provides a safe, fun and supportive environment critical to help break the cycle of addiction.

With the patience and support of every staff member at DaySpring our youth participants are learning the value of other-mindedness by waiting turns in the buffet line, going back for seconds vs. food waste, and bussing their own plates. They are also learning about caring for their environment, teamwork and overcoming fears through tree-climbing, canoeing, and the ropes course. It was an easy choice for JFCS to launch our teen program at DaySpring due to the relationships built over the years. We appreciate all you do and are grateful for your kindness to us.

Jeanette Altman, Program Coordinator, JFCS Mariposa


CAMP LIVING SPRINGS | 18 YEARS ON CAMPUS Camp Living Springs is a weekend adult cancer retreat offered at no cost to participants. The camp provides adult cancer survivors with an opportunity to get away from their day-to-day obligations and share experiences with other cancer survivors. Camp Living Springs' mission is to promote camaraderie, relaxation and shared experiences while nurturing the spirit of those touched by cancer.


In 2019 Morton Plant Hospital Volunteer Resources and Volunteers hosted their 21st adult cancer survivor celebration retreat. DaySpring is the perfect location and partner for our event. Our campers along with our volunteer staff feel as if we're treated as if no one else exists. Our spirits are renewed on the river and the beautiful grounds. Our campers feel that by coming to Camp Living Springs at your facility is like going on a cruise without ever leaving the dock.



Vicki Pikal CDVS Manager, Volunteer Resources

COMMUNITY RESILIENCE TEAM RUBICON | 1st YEAR ON CAMPUS Team Rubicon serves communities by mobilizing veterans to continue their service, leveraging their skills and experience to help people prepare, respond, and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises. Through continued service, they seek to provide veterans with three things they lose after leaving the military: a purpose, gained through disaster relief; community, built by serving with others; and identity, from recognizing the impact one individual can make. Coupled with leadership development and other opportunities, Team Rubicon looks to help veterans transition from military to civilian life. By pairing the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions, Team Rubicon aims to provide the greatest service and impact possible.

DaySpring Episcopal Conference Center was super accommodating. We were able to restore some of their trails and make it safer for those visiting. I am ecstatic to welcome 12 new sawyers to the SouthBEAST! One of our students was deployed to AmberJack the next day. Perfect way to celebrate Go Day!

Gabriel Quinones-Medina, Regional Chainsaw Instructor (RCI) and City Coordinator, FL




It is an ancient symbol of wholeness and healing which combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a purposeful path. The labyrinth represents the journey to our own center and back into the world, renewed. Use it to let go of stress and anxiety; to cope with grief, struggle or loss; for healing of relationships; for healing of you.



RELEASE | Enter the labyrinth at the starting point and follow the

path where it leads you. As you walk, feel yourself letting go of all stray thoughts and distractions, opening your heart and mind as you move gradually towards the center.


RECEIVE | Once in the center, give yourself time to linger. This is your place of meditation and prayer; a space to find clarity, insight or illumination. Be open to receive all there is to find.

RETURN | As you leave, conciously follow the same path out as you did in. This is part of your spiritual journey; the final surrender as healing forces take over.

Each time you walk the labyrinth, you become more empowered- both spiritually and emotionally - to follow the path chosen for you.



“The Theology of Christian Living” In a series of four talks, Bishop Dabney Smith will reflect on Advent. In addition to the four teaching sessions, the day will include break time to walk the DaySpring campus. Bring comfortable shoes, a notebook, and a Bible. Lunch at DaySpring’s Curry Hall will be available for $10. For more information or to register, please contact merfourth@episcopalswfl.org.

WORSHIP AT DAYSPRING ST. THOMAS CHAPEL | Open daily from 9-5; evenings by request DAYSPRING LABYRINTH | OUTDOOR CHAPEL | STATIONS OF THE CROSS | Open daily from dawn to dusk CHAPEL USE FOR GROUPS | Please reserve at the Front Desk


PERSONAL RETREAT TIMES During personal retreat days, visitors may use worship spaces at DaySpring for self-guided personal reflection. For the safety and security of all of our guests, we ask that visitors check in at the DaySpring office upon arrival and sign out upon completion of their retreat.

THE LENTEN SEASON | February 17 - April 3 HOLY WEEK | March 28 - April 3 ADVENT | November 28 - December 24


A SACRED SPACE ST. THOMAS CHAPEL WORSHIP St Thomas Chapel is a special place used for various programs of our DaySpring guests, and is available by reservation. Each month, clergy from across the Diocese of Southwest Florida are invited to the chapel to preach and celebrate a Holy Eucharist at 11 a.m. with a lunch at Curry Hall to follow. Groups, congregations and individuals are always welcome to visit and make it an outing; please email reservations@dayspringfla.org to schedule your visit.

SAVE THE DATE ASH WEDNESDAY | FEBRUARY 17 For 2021, Ash Wednesday services will be held at the chapel with imposition of ashes from Bishop Smith. All are invited to attend and no registration is required.


PARRISH EPISCOPAL CHURCH DaySpring is the site of the newest Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Southwest Florida. The Parrish Episcopal Church meets at St. Thomas Chapel. Visit parrishepiscopalchurch.org for more details.




Jan 6

The Rev. Ann M. Dieterle | St. Thomas, St. Petersburg

Feb 3

The Rev. Dr. Robert Baker | Christ Church, Bradenton

Mar 3 The Rev. Dr. Steve Clifton | St. James House of Prayer, Tampa Apr 7

The Rev. Jim Teets | St. Mary’s, Dade City

May 5 The Rev. Edward F.P. Gibbons | St. Monica’s, Naples SUMMER BREAK

Sept 1 The Rev. Lennel V. Anderson III | St. George’s, Bradenton Oct 6

The Rev. Alissa Anderson | St. Peter’s, Plant City

Nov 3

The Rev. Joe Hudson | Church of the Good Shepherd, Venice

Dec 1

The Rev. David Wyly | St. John the Divine, Sun City Center


SPIRITUAL STRENGTH ADULT FORMATION & RENEWAL EDUCATION FOR MINISTRY | MENTOR TRAINING Do you feel a call to lay ministry? Become an Education for Ministry mentor! EfM is a four-year adult education program with groups meeting throughout the Diocese. During this training, you will discover whether you are called to be an EfM mentor and gain the knowledge and skills you need to successfully mentor an EfM group. Attendees must have a working knowledge of the Bible, church history, and theology. Both sessions are open to anyone wishing to gain a deeper knowledge of theological reflection or further explore their ministry call.


MAY 13-15

contact mgoodwill@episcopalswfl.org for details

RECOVERY MINISTRIES For all people working a 12-Step Recovery Program. If you or someone you love are interested, please contact Alfred Boettjer at (321) 508-3797 for more information. January 22-24 | May 21-23 | October 22-24


“A Short Course in Christian Living”, a weekend opportunity to grow in faith and in spirituality. De Colores, Spanish for “The Colors”, signifies being in God’s grace. Find out more at cursilloswfl.org

#145 | February 18-21

#146 | April 15-18 21

#147 | October 21-24

VOCATION DAY Those interested in pursuing a ministry opportunity may attend an evening seminar and dinner hosted by the Commission on Ministry. This is an informal, conversational time of prayer and guidance about discerning God’s call toward any ministry in The Episcopal Church.

Tuesday, November 9



Local Formation for Deacons & Priests

The mission of the School for Ministry is to equip and serve those in the Diocese of Southwest Florida who are discerning a call to ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church. The Diocese is a member of the Iona Collaborative, a cooperative project directed by the Seminary of the Southwest that includes almost 30 Episcopal dioceses across the country. The Iona Collaborative provides high-quality theological education for the formation of priests and deacons in local diocesan settings, educating a new generation of leaders who for various reasons cannot attend a residential seminary. The School offers a rigorous yet accessible educational program that combines online content developed by the Seminary faculty with faceto-face class sessions facilitated by volunteer experts from our Diocese. Classes meet at DaySpring on Saturdays and may be supplemented by Zoom sessions led by local or outside guest facilitators. Video content is also available to our diocesan congregations through The School for Ministry for use in parish-based adult Christian formation programs.



Yolanda Harper is a the founder and director of Harper Therapy, and a licensed clinical social worker specializing in trauma, post traumatic growth, and healing relationships from the impact of trauma. “My most meaningful work is to bear witness to people’s stories of struggle, strife, grit, and growth. I believe we can connect more deeply with others when we are truly connected to ourselves. I hope to see us restore some balance in our lives and remember the importance of being imperfectly human. Like yours, my life has not been easy. Wounded healers are the fiercest Hope-Holders, and that is the sacred space I offer to you — that of hope and possibility.” Harper received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of South Florida. She is a Master Accelerated Resolution Therapist and Certified Trainer for the therapy. She is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator™ and uses Brené Brown’s 20 years of research on shame, resiliency, vulnerability, and connection so people can wrap our common experiences into words that make sense. The Daring Way™ is a retreat based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown. Retreat participants will learn how to show up, be seen and live brave in the challenging arenas of life. In this workshop we will learn about how to understand shame and move through it towards wholeheartedness. Through experiential learning, we will explore key components of Dr. Brené Brown’s research regarding shame, vulnerability and wholehearted living. *Due to the nature of the work we will do, this will be an alcohol free environment.


HOSPITALITY SERIES | November 19-20 Retreat Guide: Mimi Weaver “Who Are We Becoming? Healing Through Prayer, Hospitality, Racial Justice, & Spiritual Formation” Richmond Hill was founded in 1987 as an ecumenical Christian fellowship and residential community who serve as stewards of an urban retreat center within the setting of a historic monastery. Their mission is to seek God’s healing of Metropolitan Richmond through prayer, hospitality, racial reconciliation and spiritual development, and their story of community is an inspiring one. Throughout the weekend, residents of Richmond Hill will share stories of life in this racially diverse, integrated, interdenominational community, including how they have worked for healing in the Richmond Metropolitan area as well as in their own lives, assisting us as we work toward becoming Beloved Community. Our retreat leader is Mimi Weaver, of Grace Moves. Mimi is a certified coach and spiritual director. She served on the staff of Richmond Hill for 7 years, has been a retreat leader there for the past 10 years, and also serves on the faculty for the RUAH School of Spiritual Guidance. Mimi “has a passion for helping you discover who you really are and how to use your gifts in a way that is both life-giving for you and enriching for others.”

RATES Commuter On-site semi-private occupancy On-site private occupancy



6 meals & 2 nights’ lodging

3 meals & 1 night’s lodging

$100 $200 $300

$50 $100 $150

Rates include conference fees and materials. Limited on-site lodging; please register early!




RACIAL RECONCILIATION SERIES Catherine Meeks, PhD “Where are We Now, & Where do We Go From Here?”

Catherine Meeks, PhD, is Executive Director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing. Prior to the center’s opening she chaired its precursor, Beloved Community: Commission for Dismantling Racism for the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. A sought-after teacher and workshop leader, Catherine brings four decades of experience to the work of dismantling racism in Atlanta. The core of her work has been with people who have been marginalized because of economic status, race, gender or physical ability as they pursue liberation, justice and access to resources that can help lead them to health, wellness and a more abundant life. This work grows out of her understanding of her call to the vocation of teacher as well as her realization that all of humanity is one family which God desires to unite.



CREATION CARE SERIES | January 16 The Dr. Matthew Sleeth “How to Serve God & Save the Planet” A former emergency room physician, Dr. Matthew Sleeth felt like he was straightening deck chairs on the Titanic saving a patient at a time while the whole ship (Earth) was going down. Together with his wife and two children, he began to bring his lifestyle in line with his values, cutting back on their fossil fuel by two thirds and electricity use by nine tenths. Following a new calling, Dr. Sleeth resigned from his position as chief of the medical staff and director of the ER to teach, preach, and write about faith and the environment throughout the country. Dr. Sleeth is a graduate of George Washington University School of Medicine and has two post-doctoral fellowships. He is the author of Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action (Zondervan, April 2007) and 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life (Tyndale, 2012). His latest book is Reforesting Faith: What Trees Teach Us About the Nature of God and His Love for Us (Waterbrook, 2019).

ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE: DAYSPRING ACCOMMODATIONS Too much for one day? Want to share the experience with a group?  Let us create a sacred space for you at DaySpring in advance of or following any of our one-day speaker series events. Individuals and small groups are invited to book accommodations directly with DaySpring Reservations. Arrive the night before for socializing or stay the night after for reflection on the beautiful DaySpring property.

CONTACT DAYSPRING RESERVATIONS AT 888-314-5744 or 941-776-1018 26


Latino Ministry in the 21st Century

A bilingual event hosted by the Diocesan Hispanic-Latino Committee of the Diocese of Southwest Florida. Nuestra tercera conferencia anual del Ministerio Hispano Latino es un recurso para la espiritualidad y el compañerismo en el idioma español. Tendrás la oportunidad de aprender de varios de nuestros líderes y de escuchar música y adoración inspiradores. Esperamos que esta conferencia se llene rápidamente, ¡así que regístrese temprano! No hay ningún costo por la conferencia. Our fourth annual Latino Hispanic Ministry Conference is an opportunity to experience spirituality and fellowship in the Spanish language. We will hear from various leaders, and we will experience Latino cuisine and music. There is no charge for the conference.

SALT & LIGHT Saturday, September 11 27




Seeking God Together: Prayerfully Guiding the Church Br. David Vryhof, SSJE

Clergy and vestry members are charged with the responsibility of guiding the church in its quest to discern and fulfill God’s call. How can we listen together for God’s voice? How can we together discern the movements of God’s Spirit in our discussions and decision-making? How will we make wise and godly choices together – as leaders, and with our congregations – as we follow Jesus on the Way? This workshop will introduce principles and practices of spiritual direction in group settings, and will help us learn to listen to God, to one another, and to our deepest and truest selves. Br. David Vryhof, SSJE is an Episcopal priest and a Brother in the Society of Saint John the Evangelist, the oldest religious order for men in the Anglican Communion. Founded in 1866, the Society has for over 150 years offered the ministries of teaching and preaching, of leading retreats and workshops, and of offering hospitality.


TRANSFORMATION DAYSPRING SUMMER CAMP Our campers participate in a Christian program designed to deepen their faith and strengthen their friendships through a variety of activities. Campers learn team-building skills and are challenged on our ropes courses, enjoy canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding on the Manatee River, and get a chance to just be themselves playing games and creating arts and crafts. Come experience God’s love through great music, worship and food this summer! Six sessions are planned for 2021: for the latest updates and more details, head to





June 8-11 | SESSION 1 | HALF SESSION ELEMENTARY CAMP Half-session elementary camp is designed for rising 3rd to 5th grade students to get a brief taste of the camp experience. From waterfront fun to tree climbing, arts & crafts to games, the spirit of this half week shines with new friends and new experiences. June 13-18 | SESSION 2 | HIGH SCHOOL CAMP High School Camp is about community and fun, with personal and spiritual growth as teens take their individual perspectives and experiences to the next level on the ropes course, waterfront, and with each other. June 20-25 | SESSION 3 | MIDDLE SCHOOL CAMP Middle School Camp is always wild and energetic, packed with hilariously challenging team games, music, friendship and Christian formation. June 27- July 2 | SESSION 4 | HIGH SCHOOL MISSION CAMP Engaging the community and experiencing evangelism while interacting with the world, Mission Camp provides wonderful tools for developing young leaders’ call to care for the world around them. July 11-16 | SESSION 5 | FULL ELEMENTARY CAMP Elementary Camp is packed with fun, games, community-building and music enhancing formation as rising 3rd-5th grade students squeeze every bit of fun out of their summer. July 18-23 | SESSION 6 | MIDDLE SCHOOL MISSION CAMP Building a foundation for service and outreach, Middle School Mission Camp students take part in all the fun of traditional camp activities while engaging in outreach and experiencing the beauty of serving those in need. 30

TRANSFORMATION ONE SESSION...OR TWO? All of our camp sessions are mindfully scheduled to give campers the opportunity to enjoy a week during each month of the summer. One week of fun isn’t enough for many of our campers, who often register for a second session to reunite with friends and deepen their experience. Don’t miss out! Register for multiple sessions before summer camp season begins.

SUMMER CAMP SNEAK PEEK Visit DaySpring for our Summer Camp Sneak Peek! Bring your family and friends to meet our counselors, tour our renovated cabins, enjoy the DaySpring campus, and fellowship over lunch in Curry Hall. Camp staff will be on hand to guide tours and talk to parents about each of our programs, and as always, past campers are welcome. Enjoy a morning of canoeing, kayaking or paddleboarding from 10 am to noon, lunch at 12:30, and an afternoon swim in the pool or games on the lawn.

SATURDAY, MARCH 13 9:30 am to 3 pm 31



OUR SUMMER CAMP COUNSELORS DaySpring Summer Camp draws college-age leaders from around the Southeast. Former campers themselves from a number of Episcopal Camps throughout the region, these young adults are current and active leaders in their colleges and home communities. 32

TRANSFORMATION YOUTH FORMATION NEW BEGINNINGS The New Beginnings weekend retreat is designed to respond to the unique spiritual and social challenges facing youth in grades 6 through 8. Created together by adults and young people, this program encourages participants to express their feelings within an atmosphere of openness and zero judgement and results in growth in their love for God, themselves, and those around them.

#69 | March 5-7 #70 | October 8-10



Happening is a spiritual and transformative experience for high school students in grades 9 to 12. This weekend retreat helps participants navigate through the tough questions of faith which many high school students struggle with in their daily lives. Students come away from the weekend with a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationship with God, and how to share that faith with others in their community. During a Happening weekend, participants experience the love of God through music, talks, prayer, and worship. Led by fellow high school students, they are encouraged to ask questions, verbalize internal struggles, and build a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. An integral part of the weekend is when participants realize how much we are all loved by God and how close we can become as a Christian community in such a short period of time.

#82 | March 19-21 #83 | November 5-7



VOCARE Vocare is a form of the Latin word meaning "to call." The Vocare weekend is a renewal weekend for young adults, ages 19 to 30. At this time they face many serious decisions which set the direction for much of their adult life. The focus of the weekend is "Let Yourself Hear Christ's Call." Its aim is to help young adults understand their vocation through the teachings of Jesus Christ. The weekend includes a variety of open discussions on topics such as:

Identity What ls A Christian? Reconciliation Response to Christ Spiritual Journey

Community Vocation Empowerment Tomorrow

Vocare came into existence in September 1980 when a number of Happening graduates met in Dallas, Texas, to plan the first Vocare weekend. The colleges and universities in Southwest Florida are full of young adults discerning their calls and searching for Christian community, and we strive to meet them where they are with this unique weekend experience.

NEW FOR 2021! November 12–14


SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES DaySpring is your ideal partner for one-time or seasonal programs for schools and universities. Our approach is all inclusive, and adaptable to different types of approaches and events. Our staff will help you build your program to customize your stay, ensuring you reserve the right accommodations and facilities for your group so you can relax and enjoy your event. Our all-inclusive overnight rate covers lodging, meals, a meeting space of your choice, and includes full use of the pool, canoes/ kayaks, and sports/activity areas. Dayspring hosts sports-related groups on our campus throughout the year of all ages and sizes, including: GRADES K - 12 | Our elementary and secondary school-age groups utilize our facilities partners that assist students with a variety of environmental programs and team-building exercises, according to age group and needs. High school bands use our practice field for pre-season training, with basketball and volleyball courts just steps away from our housing. UNIVERSITY CAMPS | Florida universities hold a wide range of student events on our campus each year. Our facilities include lecture rooms for large and small groups, and our outdoor ropes courses and tree climbing are used for team building activities. TEACHER & ADMINISTRATION TRAINING | Hosting a school administration event is a breeze with our modern conference rooms, ideal for teacher training. Our fully wired facilities can host every size and type of class or seminar. MILITARY CAMPS | JROTC groups utilize our field for rifle corps exercises. With three meals a day, bunkbeds in our dorms, and field exercises, youths get a taste of basic training, but with a little touch of resort thrown in thanks to our pool and outdoor facilities. COLLEGE TRAINING CAMPS | Southwest Florida is a haven for team sports training, hosting groups from around the nation all year long. Our piece of the Manatee River has been used by Ivy League rowing teams, who stay overnight in our bunk bed style lodging, enjoying meals and rest at our campus.


LEADERSHIP TARGETED ADULT PROGRAMS DEACONS’ ANNUAL MEETING | February 27 Equipping the Deacon for the Work of Ministry An annual event focusing on the practical aspects of the diaconate. All deacons, regardless of canonical residence, are welcome to attend this day of fellowship, story-sharing, and professional development.



The Very Rev. Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, dean and president of Seminary of the Southwest, will lead our fall retreat for clergy. The focus of Dean Kittredge’s leadership is the formation of Christian leaders in community for the vitality of the church. She believes that critical engagement with scripture, tradition, and context, energized by imagination, and grounded in prayer is the center of formation for mission.

In the wider church, Dean Kittredge is a respected scholar and preacher who teaches and leads retreats on the vital intersection of scripture, spirituality, and preaching for Christian leaders. In her role as dean and president, she continues to form students at Seminary of the Southwest in creative and faithful approaches to biblical studies, early Christian history, Greek reading, and the embodied practice of liturgical leadership.

SEPTEMBER 27-29 37

COLLEGE OF PRESBYTERS March 2 Featured Topic: Spiritual Direction The College of Presbyters is our annual gathering for active Episcopal priests within the diocese of Southwest Florida. It is a day to step out of their parishes, hear from Bishop Dabney Smith and a speaker, and spend time together. The 2021 gathering will focus on spiritual direction. Spiritual direction can be a priest’s best friend; deep listening and discernment can enhance the life of a congregation and its leaders. Together, we will explore the beneifts of spiritual direction for priests, and the ways in which to make spiritual direction for the priest a regular part of one’s rule of life. The gathering will include worship and lunch.

RETIRED CLERGY & SPOUSES LUNCHEON | March 3 The Rev. Steven Peay will address the retired clergy and spouses of the diocese in this day of fellowship and conversation.

To register for all Targeted Adult Programs, contact Marilyn Erfourth at

merfourth@episcopalswfl.org 38

LEADERSHIP CLERGY SPOUSE ASSOCIATION WEEKEND The Annual Clergy Spouse Gathering & Retreat, which began in 1980, continues to thrive as a weekend retreat at DaySpring. The Gathering & Retreat is designed to provide opportunities for spouses of clergy who are active, retired, or widowed to connect and engage with each other. This well attended event is planned by committee members who strive to offer a wide variety of event topics, speakers, and activities. The weekend activities include time for fellowship, FEBRUARY 5 – 7 enrichment, worship, as well as time for rest and relaxation.


EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN The Episcopal Church Women meet each year for their annual gathering at DaySpring.

Thursday, November 11 DAUGHTERS OF THE KING A gathering of Episcopal women committed to a life-long program of prayer, service and evangelism. Chapters gather at DaySpring each year for support from like-minded women.

March 13 | October 30

DIOCESAN HOUSE VISITS The staff of the diocese serves 78 congregations and 12 schools in Southwest Florida. We are open 9 am to 4:30 pm daily, and welcome visitors to come to the Diocesan House and consult with Diocesan staff on parish development, finance, communications, youth ministry, clergy deployment, and myriad other topics. Please come by and say hello! We welcome and encourage our parishes to plan DaySpring Outings, which can include lunch, a walk around the campus, and a visit to the Diocesan House. Group leaders, please call ahead for lunch reservations at DaySpring and to ensure staff is available at Diocesan House for tours.


LEADERSHIP TARGETED LAY LEADER PROGRAMS BENEFITS & BUDGETING Budgets are an absolute necessity for a church to be successful in managing its financial resources, and employee payroll and benefits are a church’s largest budget items. Come for an update on 2021 employee benefits offered by CPG and the role they play in budgeting.


Learn about best practices for preparing both the parochial report and the audit report. These reports use the same year-end financial information, so why not knock out both reporting requirements early in the year? Come get tips on these two important reports.


A day of fellowship and learning for users of the ACS church bookkeeping system, including People Suite, Financial Suite, Realm Connect, and Realm Accounting. Our day is led by a certified ACS trainer.

PR & AUDITS | January 26 REALM | May 25 To register for all Targeted Lay Leader Programs, contact Marilyn Erfourth at

merfourth@episcopalswfl.org 41

WORD OUT CONFERENCE Each year the Word Out conference assists congregations in marketing and communications. For 2021, the diocese is offering a variety of practical training classes in all aspects of communications led by lay staff and lay leadership from our parishes. Classes are offered in 50 minute sessions in two tracks. We will offer a session on Google and Google Analytics; email basics from Mailchimp and Constant Contact; weekly bulletins and worship liturgy basics; direct mail and brochures and social media, including apps such as Canva that can ease the burden of creating graphics and promotions.


STEWARDSHIP WORKSHOP Led by Canon for Stewardship the Rev. Chris Gray, the annual stewardship workshop assists parishes in their annual giving campaigns. For 2021, Davey Gerhard, Executive Director of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) will be our speaker. In addition, local congregations will visit the success stories of previous stewardship plans from previous years. Open to all in the diocese.

AUGUST 28 42

MEETING ROOMS PROGRAM CENTER MULTIPURPOSE ROOM This versatile hall is in the 12,500 square foot Program Center, dedicated in 2017. It includes a raised stage, premium sound system, two 80-inch Smart TVs, LCD projector with stage-size screen, kitchenette, and commercial refrigerator. The room can be configured in multiple ways with a maximum capacity of 300 and a distanced capacity of 130. For breaks, the multipurpose room is flanked on both sides by covered porches with comfortable Adirondack chairs and ceiling fans.

CHAUNCEY BROWN LIBRARY Our library is located at the east end of Curry Hall. The library ambience sets the tone for this recently renovated space which includes Smart TV and boardroom seating for 12 or a distanced capacity of 4, making it an excellent space for small retreats and meetings.

TRIPP PAVILION B Located just behind Pavilion A, Pavilion B is a classroom with a capacity of 35 and a distanced capacity of 15. Newly renovated, it includes a premium sound system and a 70-inch Smart TV.


DAYSPRING MEETING ROOMS DaySpring has a wide variety of meeting rooms and spaces. Our largest meeting rooms, located in the Program Center and Tripp Pavilion, can be set in several styles. Our individual Youth Cabins, Adult Cabins, Pool House and Retreat House each offer small common areas. All rooms have Wi-Fi accessibility and coffee service.

TRIPP PAVILION A The Tripp Pavilion, located in the woods near Curry Hall, is newly renovated. It seats up to 150 with a reduced capacity of 66 guests, or can be used as an open space. The renovation includes a ceiling mounted remote LCD projector, premium sound system with multiple microphones and lavaliers.



Program Center Classrooms A and B, part of our new Program Center, include Smart TVs and audio equipment. Each classroom has a maximum capacity of 50 and a distanced capacity of 28.

BISHOP HAYNES MEETING ROOM This classroom is located near Curry Hall at the center of DaySpring. Bright windows overlook the expansive deck and wide eaves provide covered walks to the nearby Lounge and Curry Hall dining room. Accommodates up to 50 guests, or a distanced capacity of 28.


OUTDOOR PAVILION Located at the center of our youth area and adjacent to the pool, basketball court and youth cabins is this shaded pavilion with picnic tables. A wonderful location for large picnics and gatherings.

NEW MEETING ROOM Located in the north quarter of the DaySpring campus near our Pool and Retreat Houses, the New Meeting Room seats up to 50 guests, with a distanced capacity of 24. The room is equipped with a premium sound system; video conferencing available by request.

UPPER ROOM This classroom is at the highest point in DaySpring and overlooks the scenic central pond. This meeting space can accommodate up to 25 guests, with a distanced capacity of 14.


LODGING OPTIONS ADULT CABINS Each of our 6 adult cabins are situated close to Curry Hall and have four bedrooms which sleep 4 to 8 guests. Five of our cabins have two twin beds per room with a private bathroom for each. The newly remodeled Cabin 6 has four bedrooms, each equipped with a queen bed and a private bathroom. All of our cabins have spacious, comfortably furnished common areas ideal for reading, conversation, or small group meetings. One bathroom per cabin is handicappedaccessible, and all cabins are connected to Curry Hall Dining Room via a well-lit paved sidewalk.

HALL HOUSE This rustic riverside cottage is part of the original DaySpring property and has two bedrooms which sleep 2 to 4 guests. It is located on the Cove overlooking the Manatee River. A screened-in porch welcomes you with cozy rocking chairs, a wood-paneled living room, and a stone fireplace gives the Hall House a quintessential Florida feel.

POOL HOUSE The Pool House started life as a residential home, and has been transformed into a large lodging area with 6 bedrooms which sleep 6 to 17 guests. The house contains an airy open loft and 4 full bathrooms.


RETREAT HOUSE The Retreat House is a spacious two-story building with a view of our breathtaking DaySpring tree canopy, as well as 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and can sleep 10 to 22 guests. Two common areas within allow for small group meetings, programs, or quiet, peaceful relaxation.

YOUTH CABINS Our 4 youth cabins (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are situated in a tranquil wooded area adjacent to our Program Center, new pool, sports courts, fire pit area, and plentiful green space. Each cabin sleeps 16 per side and has a central common area with abundant seating. The four cabins accommodate a total of 128 guests.

DORMITORIES Our 6 dormitories are located in the center of the DaySpring campus and connected to Curry Hall dining room and the Bishop Haynes lounge area, which offers Wi-Fi access, television, and a reading room for all guests. Each of our dormitories sleep 12 guests on bunk beds. 48

RATES & RESERVATIONS CALL FOR ACCOMMODATIONS DaySpring offers guest houses, cabins, youth cabins and dormitories for housing during events. Meals are included. Contact DaySpring Reservations at 941-776-1018 (x258) or reservations@dayspringfla.org to plan your event.

REGISTER FOR EVENTS For more information about any of the events listed within, please contact Marilyn Erfourth in the Diocesan office. She can be reached via phone at 941-556-0315 or via email at merfourth@episcopalswfl.org.



PRIVATE ROOM (Includes towels and linens) SEMI-PRIVATE ROOM (Includes towels and linens) YOUTH CABINS* (bunk beds) DORMITORIES* (bunk beds) *towels and linens may be provided at additional cost

$133 $97 $68 $63

Room rates are per night and include three meals in the Curry Hall Dining Room.


LODGING AMENITIES The room rates for overnight guests include lodging, 3 meals per day (dinner on the day of arrival through lunch on the day of departure), and use of the meeting facilities. Bed linens and towels are provided to guests in our adult cabins and residential guest houses. Groups staying in our youth cabins and dormitories should bring their own linens and towels. Linen sets are available at a rate of $7/set with advanced notice. Rooms are available for check-in after 3 pm daily. Quiet hours are observed nightly from 11 pm to 7 am.

DINING & CATERING Curry Hall is a spacious dining facility which overlooks a tranquil pond. It offers inside and outside dining on a screened-in porch, perfect for temperate days and evenings. All meals are included with overnight accommodations. Meals are served cafeteria style. We are happy to accommodate any special dietary needs; please notify us of any restrictions prior to your arrival so we can discuss options and plan accordingly. For guests not staying overnight, rates for meals are as follows.


THANK YOU Coastal Calligraphers • Colored Pencil Society • CrossStitchers Anonymous • Embroiderers Guild of America • Friends All Stitchin’ Together (FAST) • Ginger Nipper Scrapbookers • Manatee Mosaics & More • Scrap ‘n Roll • Stampin’ Divas • SunStitchers Needlework • Safety Harbor Scrapbookers • Sunshine State Decorative Artists • Women Contemporary Artists • Women Who Do Lunch Bunch • Camp Quilt-A-Lotta • Friendship Knot Quilters Guild • Grateful Threads • Imperial Wilderness Quilters • Keystone Quilters • Night Owl Whooters • Piecemakers Quilt Guild • Quiltmore • Quilting Friends • Quilters Workshop of Tampa Bay • Plantation Pleaters • Sandpiper Cottage Quilt Guild • Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild • Scrap Happy Quilters • Southwest Florida Quilt Guild • Studio Art Quilt Associates • Suncoast Quilting Circle • Sunset Pointe Quilters • Winnie Miale Quilters •11th Step Retreat • ASAP Youth Retreat • Awaken 2 Yoga • B.E.S.S Sisters • Bethel Family Enrichment Center • Camino de Vida • Faith Community Nursing • First Step of Sarasota • Footprints Beachside Recovery • Garden of the Heart Yoga • Gay Men’s Chorus of Tampa Bay • General Electric Leaders Workshop • Iglesia Palabra de Fe • Integrated Health Care Systems • Karen’s Exercise Group Colony Cover • Land o’Lakes Writers • Leadership Manatee • Lighthouse of Manasota: Transition Teen Program • Matt Talbot Men & Women • Meadows Family Dentistry Training • Memory Disorders Center at St. Anthony’s Hospital • Mount Zion Human Services Inc. and Youth Rise • Namaste Retreat • National Creditors Bar Association • ROL Publications • Oscar Miro-Quesada - Sojourn to Source • Sarasota Hope House • Sarasota Leadership • Solihten Institute • St. Petersburg Gnostic Association • Tampa Area Romance Novelists • Team Rubicon • The Gathering Leadership Retreat • Tribe Recovery Corporation • Wheel of Conscious Creation • Women’s Empowerment Seminar • Arlington Belmont Rowing Team • Belmont Hill Rowing Team • The Bridge Church Kids • Camp Crystal Clear • Camp Living Springs - Morton Plant Hospital • Camp No Limits • Common Ground • Florida Southern College Volleyball • Frameworks - Teens In Action • GEMS Girls Club Camp • Harvard - Radcliffe Women’s Rowing Teams • Hulse Grounding Camp • Jewish Family & Children’s Services - Camp Mariposa • Pathfinders • Sozo Missions • Suncoast Baptist Youth Summer Camp • University of Pennsylvania Men’s Rowing Team • Wellspring Church Youth





Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority • Academy of the Holy Name • Braden River Choral Boosters Association • Bloomingdale High School JROTC • Cambridge Christian School • Clearwater Central Catholic High • Community Christian School • Eckerd College • Educational Consultants Consortium Inc • Florida Gulf Coast University • IACCA Educational Seminar • IMG Baseball • Islamic Schools League of America • Jesuit High School • Leadership Academy - Sarasota County Schools • Nature’s Academy - King’s Academy • Nature’s Classroom Institute • Northside Christian School Band Camp • Out of Doors Academy • Tampa Preparatory School • Pinecrest School • Pine View Peace Jam • St. Leo University • Scout Troop #146 • Southeastern University @ Grace Church • University of Florida IFAS Extension • USF Tampa • USF St. Petersburg • University of Tampa • V-Sculls Rowing Academy


We love it here! Thank you so much for welcoming us with open arms and for accommodating all our needs and requests and changes with a smile and a great attitude.  You took great care of us when traffic on the road and on the water made us late for a meal!  We also enjoyed the chance to meet and chat with some of the other guests.  It’s such a treat to cross paths with people from different walks of life.  And everyone was having a lovely time! Miriam, Harvard-Radcliffe Womens Rowing Team

1st Alliance Church • Ambassadors of Christ • Bayside Community Church • Church of God • Church of the Palm Stephen Ministries • Christ the King Catholic Church • Clearwater Women’s Community Bible Study • Clergy Voyagers Institute • Covenant Life Church • Faith United Church of Christ • First Baptist Church of Bradenton • First United Methodist Church • Florida - Bahamas Luthern Synod • Florida District Unitarian Universalists Assn • GCJFCS Woman 2 Woman • Get Ready My Soul • Grace Methodist Church • Greater Bethel MBC Deacons • Gulf Cost Community Church • Harvest United Methodist Church • Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church • Interim Ministry Network • Jesus Church Women’s Retreat • Jesus the Worker Church • Ladies of Lifespring Church • Lakeland Vineyard Band of Brothers • Lakeview Community Church • Lehigh SDA Youth • Maranatha Church Youth • Mission Family Youth • Morning Light Ministries International • Naples United Church of Christ • North Port Community U.C.C. • Oasis Church Women’s Retreat


THANK YOU Pass-a-Grille Community Church - WAVE • Pastors’ Prayer Summit • Peace River Presbyterian Women • River Run Church • Roser Community Church Sarasota Baptist Chuch • Sarasota House of Prayer • Sojourner Presbyterian Church • Sun City Center United Methodist Church • St. Edwards Catholic Church IGNITE • St. Jude Catholic Church Youth • St. Paul Catholic Chuch • St. Petersburg Presbyterian Church Women • Suncoast Baptist Church Youth • Suncoast Community Church • Suncoast Emmaus Men & Women • Suncoast Youth for Christ Staff • Temple B’Nai Israel • Trinity Lutheran Church Confirmation • Truth of Life Ministries • Unity Southshore • West Bradenton Baptist Church Women Altar Guild Annual Meeting • Woodland Community Church • Calvary Episcopal Church • Christ Episcopal Church • Church of the Good Shepherd, Venice • Church of the Holy Spirit, Safety Harbor • Cursillo • Clergy Spouse Association • Daughters of the King • ECW • Grace Episcopal Church • Icon Workshop • Interim Ministries Network • St. George’s Episcopal Church Prayer Group • St. John’s Tampa Women’s Retreat • St. John’s Episcopal Church WV Journey To Adulthood • St. Mark’s Venice Lenten Retreat • St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School Tampa 8th Grade • St. Mary’s Bonita Springs • St. Mary’s Tampa Women’s Retreat • St. Michael & All Angels Women’s Retreat • St. Michael & All Angels Men’s Retreat • St. Monica’s J2A • Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross • Trinity by the Cove Women’s Retreat • St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Senior Wisdom Retreat • Church of the Good Shepherd, Venice • Church of the Redeemer, Sarasota • St. Andrew’s, Tampa • St. Boniface, Siesta Key • St. John the Divine, Sun City Center • St. Michael & All Angels, Sanibel • St. Peter’s, Plant City • St. Mark’s Youth Group, Palm Beach Gardens • St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School, Coral Gables



CREATE YOUR OWN PROGRAM This catalog is designed to be a comprehensive look at our 2021 calendar, rather than a complete portrayal of all the things we have happening at the DaySpring campus. Ask us how we can provide a unique experience for your organization or church group, your family, or just yourself. Reserve a date for a retreat, strategic planning session, camp, or personal quiet day of reflection. Let us create a space for you at DaySpring, our Sacred Place.



OR 53



A CONTINUING VISION FOR THE EPISCOPAL CENTER In 1979, the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida recognized the need for a place where guests from all over the world could congregate and worship in a tranquil, transformative environment. DaySpring found an idyllic home in 76 acres of “Old Florida� property along the north bank of the Manatee River, donated by the Hall family. Even then we knew that it would be the people of DaySpring who gave meaning and purpose to this sacred space. Today, a large number of the users of DaySpring are community organizations or groups not affiliated with the Diocese. This provides a solid, sustainable financial base and is one of the reasons DaySpring is uniquely successful as a camp and conference center. Our impact on our community, near and far, is visible and cherished. The continuing vision for DaySpring brings new opportunities, especially for adult programs. The new Phase 2 Adult Lodges are within our reach. With generous and thoughtful leaders throughout our diocese, we are articulating the plans to make these accommodations a reality. As we live into this new era for DaySpring, we celebrate and invite your commitment and voice to our ongoing legacy here.


dayspringfla.org/giving 54



We are 50 minutes from Tampa International/TPA and 30 minutes from Sarasota/SRQ.


Minutes from the mouth of Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway, DaySpring is located near the Ellenton exit of I-75, near Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Bradenton and less than two hours from Orlando. Take the Ellenton 301 North exit and we are 1.8 miles north on Route 301. Find out more about Bradenton and the Gulf Islands region at bradentongulfislands.com 55


The DaySpring campus offers 97 acres of quiet, Old Florida charm with trails, waterfront activities, a new Program Center and pool area. DaySpring’s boat launch at Red Fish Point sits 14 miles from the mouth of the Manatee River at Marker 17, with about 3-5 feet of water, while the 15-20 foot deep channel just outside The Cove can accommodate larger vessels. Additionally, The Cove is home to mullet, redfish, and the occasional manatee and dolphin.


Diocese of Southwest Florida 8005 25th St. East Parrish, FL 34219

DIOCESE (941) 556-0315 or episcopalswfl.org DAYSPRING (941) 776-1018 or dayspringfla.org

Non. Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Manasota, FL Permit No. 946

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2021 DaySpring Catalog  

2021 DaySpring Catalog  


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